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Mister Mike - Chapter 40 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 40 – Part 2 of 2

     Ding dong!  The horrid sound of my doorbell ringing pulled me awake.  That sound was something I had lived in dread of for years.  I’m sure anyone with my inclinations would know very well what I’m talking about.  Someone was at the door to my home…my home where I was currently dressed like a disaster.  I didn’t dare move a muscle.  I barely breathed for fear someone would hear me and know I was home. 
     But of course, I wasn’t the only one home.  Joanna was heading for the front door. 
      “Is someone here?” Ashley’s sleepy voice whispered.
     I saw her holding her pacifier in her hand, but the muscles that controlled my voice were as tightly locked as the rest of the muscles in my body. 
      “Ugh!  I was sleeping so good,” she told me as she stuck her pacifier back in her mouth and rubbed her eyes.
     I heard voices, but couldn’t make out what was said.  And then Ashley spit her pacifier out again.  “Oh shit!” she exclaimed, fear very evident in her voice.  She seemed to be looking around for some place to run to, but not only was there no place easy to hide, she was tied to me.  Going anywhere was a major chore.  “Shit, shit, shit!” she exclaimed as she looked desperately around.
     The sound of the voices became louder. 
      “Shit!” Ashely exclaimed more vehemently.  “We’ve got to get out of here.  I can’t let her see me!”
     But it was too late.  Not just Joanna came into view, but so did Amanda and her boyfriend Jimmy. 
      “Ashley!  What’s that pacifier doing out of your mouth!  Do you want me to put the soap back in?”
     Ashley let out an eek of fear, and quickly stuck her pacifier back.  But Joanna never stopped.  She came right to our blanket and knelt down on top of it.  “I told you to leave that in your mouth.  No talking!”  She immediately grabbed the ribbons still hanging from Ashley’s pacifier, sat both of us up, and tied the ribbons behind her head so Ashley couldn’t get the pacifier out again.  A moment later, she was doing the same to me.  Well, at least I didn’t have to hold a conversation and try to explain anything to our guests…as if I would need to explain anything.
     I looked over at Ashley, she was sitting there staring in horror at her best friend Amanda.  I could only imagine how she felt. 
      “Remember what I said,” Joanna told her.  “You treat them like I told you.”  She walked away and we were left with Amanda and Jimmy staring down at us. 
     I could see Amanda taking in every inch of us…especially Ashley.  Ashley suddenly pounded her fist into the blanket.  There was a look of anger on her face, but there was little else she could do except sit there under her best friend’s scrutiny.  All of a sudden I felt Ashley trying to move around, but to where?  I was sitting there, and she was first moving this way, then that.  Moving for either of us required that we do it together. 
      “What the heck?” Amanda exclaimed.  “Are you two tied together?”
     Of course, there was no way either of us could reply.  But Ashley was still moving.  She finally wound up straddling my lap where she buried her head into my chest and wrapped her arms around me, holding tightly onto me.  She wasn’t moving from that position and I could hear her crying into my chest.
      “Hey Ash,” Amanda said.  “It’s alright.  Come on, it’s fine Ash.”
     But Ashley wasn’t coming out of her tiny place to hide for anything.  She didn’t want to face her friend in the condition she was stuck in. 
      “Ash,” Amanda said again as she knelt down in front of us.  She reached out and put a hand on Ashley’s shoulder.  “It’s alright.”  Ashley only cried harder. 
      “Your mom says I have to treat you like you’re really a baby,” she said softly.  “She said she doesn’t want you to think of yourself as anything else for the entire weekend.”
     I don’t know what kind if reply she was expecting, but I had no doubt Ashley didn’t plan on answering anything.  Neither did I for that matter.
      “Ash…please look at me.  Please?”
     Ashley’s arms that were wrapped around my body suddenly moved.  I felt her hands come up to my back, and grab hard, digging her nails into my flesh.  I would have screamed in pain if my voice wasn’t locked up so tight.  And that didn’t count that stupid oversized pacifier in my mouth.  I was guessing Ashley was angry again.
Ashley suddenly released her grip on my ripping flesh and turned her head quickly to face Amanda.  “Uuuuuhhh!” she screamed in rage at her best friend.
      “Ash!  It’s okay.  Okay?  It’s okay.”
      “Uuuuuhhh!” Ashley screamed at her again.  I had no doubt that Ashley just wanted her friend to go away. 
      “Ash, stop it!  This is doing neither of us any good!”
      “Uuuuuuhhh!”  Ashley started glaring angrily at Amanda.  I had already seen these angry glaring matches that Ashley could get involved in.  I would have peed just then to distract her, but oddly, I didn’t have to go.  Darn.
      “Ashley, stop it.  You’re being silly.”
      “Uuuhhh?”  Ashley looked at her friend with disbelief.
      “Stop it.  Now relax.”
     There was no reply from Ashley.  But I had no doubt relaxing was something she wasn’t planning on doing. 
     No words came out of Amanda’s mouth, but I saw her mouth the words, “I’m sorry Ash.  I’m sorry.”  She found her voice again.  “Now come out of there and play with me.”
      “Yeah, play.  Okay?  We can play.”
      “Uh?” Ashley said again.  I couldn’t believe it either.
      “Come on,” Amanda said.  “Maybe it will be fun.”
      “Yeah, fun.”
     The two of them stared at each other again, but I got no sense of the hostility of a few moments ago. 
      “Come on Ash,” Amanda said.  “What else do you have to do?”
     I saw Ashley roll not only her eyes, but her whole head.
      “Come on Ash,” Amanda tried again.  “We can play with the toys.”
     Ashley turned and looked at me, as if she was unsure what to do.  I tried to shrug.
      “You got something better to do?” Amanda asked, still trying.
     Once again Ashley rolled her eyes, and her head.  But she finally climbed off of me and sat next to me.
      “Geez.  You guys really are tied together.  Why is it pink where it goes between you?” she asked, referring to the pink tether between us.  I hope she wasn’t looking for an answer to that question.
     While Amanda looked around at the few toys on our blanket, Ashley and I sat and watched her.
      “Hey, what a cute tea set,” she exclaimed.
     Uh-oh.  The tea set.  I hope she wasn’t planning….
      “Hey, we can have a tea party.”
     …on having a tea party.  Oh goody.  I had never had a tea party in my life.  I guess that winning streak had to end sometime.  I looked briefly up at Jimmy, who just stood back out of the way.  He looked lost.  Trust me, I felt far more lost than he could ever be!
     While Amanda handed out tea cups and cakes, I saw Joanna walk over and tap Jimmy on the shoulder.  “Can I borrow you for a little while?”
     I had no doubt that Jimmy was glad to do anything to get him away from us.  The minute Jimmy and Joanna were down the hallway and out of sight, Amanda softly whispered, “I really am sorry, Ash.  I’m sorry for everything we did.  Really!”
     Ashley just looked at her for a moment, then nodded.  I didn’t know what they were talking about, but again I wondered if it had anything to do with me.
     Teeeeaaa party.  Some party.  There was nothing about it that I could actually associate with any kind of party I had ever been to.  But Amanda pretended to pour out tea for both of us.  We “ate” the plastic pieces of cake.  And Amanda carried on the entire conversation for us since our mouths were rather full…and not from plastic cake. 
     Somewhere in the middle of the tea party, Amanda dragged over that toy with the colorful shapes on the spindles.  For some unknown reason, Amanda’s attention was turned mainly to me.  She “encouraged” me to remove the plastic shapes from the spindles, then put them back.  “Michelle” got praised every time I did something right…so of course, due to the situation being so ridiculous, I somehow “managed” to make a lot of mistakes and put things in the wrong order.  For some unknown reason, Amanda’s chiding me over it brought a small giggle out of Ashley. 
     Joanna finally came back into the living room to check on us.  I realized she had been gone a long time.  She watched us “playing” for a few minutes, then headed into the kitchen.  It wasn’t until then that I started to wonder where Jimmy was.  What was he doing for her?  That part worried me. 
     Pour more invisible tea.  Eat the plastic cakes.  Play with the shapes, and spend way too much time cuddling and “loving” on those silly dolls.  Jimmy finally came back from the bedroom.  He talked briefly with Joanna, then went out the front door and left.  I saw Amanda look up at that, wondering where he was going.  He was back just five minutes later though where he disappeared back down the hallway.  Ten minutes later, he went back outside again.  What the heck was he doing?  He was back in the house right after that and disappeared into the kitchen with Joanna.  The two of them headed back down the hallway, then came back.  Okay, now I was worried about what those two were up to.  Um…what Joanna was up to, because whatever it was, it had been Joanna having him do it.  The two of them stayed hidden in the kitchen after that.
     Finally Joanna came out of the kitchen again and came over to us.  I really hoped we could stop “playing” now.  “Amanda,” she said.  “I’ve got to get the babies fed before we have our dinner.  Are you going to help or should I do it myself?”
      “Oh, I can help,” Amanda replied, sounding a bit too eager for my taste.  I saw Ashley look over at me with a worried look on her face.
     Joanna nodded.  “Very well.”  She turned to us.  “Come on babies.  Into the kitchen now.  It’s dinner time.”
     Something about this didn’t sound good to me.  Ashley looked at me with a worried expression on her face.  I’m sure my face reflected the same fear. 
     Amanda reached down and grabbed Ashley’s arm.  “Come on baby,” she said.  “Let’s get you to the table. 
     With a sigh of resignation, Ashley stood up, which meant that I had to stand up at the same time.  We got “dragged” into the kitchen since Amanda was holding Ashley’s hand all the way.  Joanna was waiting there for us and we got put into our usual side-by-side seats.
      “Here Amanda,” Joanna said as she tossed a couple of baby bibs to her.  “You can do the honors.”
     Amanda laughed when she saw the bibs.  She tied one around each of our necks.  “This is so much fun!” she declared.
     Who was she kidding?  Was she that demented?  And to think there were times when I had actually liked that girl.  I guess you never know.
      “Give us a hand, dear,” Joanna said to Amanda. 
     Amanda went over to see what Joanna needed.  “You’re kidding, right?”
      “Of course not.  What else do you expect them to eat?”
     Amanda’s delighted laugh wasn’t a good sound.  I had no doubt at all that I wasn’t going to enjoy this dinner at all.  The pressure from Ashley’s hand holding mine increased again.  Fortunately, she wasn’t trying to break it this time.
     Joanna, Amanda, and Jimmy, all came back to the table with their hands loaded with jars of baby food.  Lots of jars. 
      “You two keep your hands away from the table,” Joanna cautioned us.  “And when I untie those pacifiers from your mouths, you had better not make a sound…at least nothing intelligible anyway.  Got that?  One wrong grownup word and you both will be eating soap for the next couple of hours!”  She stopped and looked at us.  “In fact….” 
     She left the kitchen.  She was back a few minutes later and I saw her set those two bars of soap that had been in our mouths on the table.  The soap was still wrapped up in the scarves she had used earlier to hold them in.
     I saw Amanda staring wide-eyed at the soap and scarves.  “Really?” she asked.
      “Really!” Joanna confirmed.  “One wrong move from either of you,” she said to us, “and this is what you both get!”
     Ashley’s eyes were on the soap, and her hand was trying to crush mine again.  I had no doubt at all that Joanna would carry through with that threat at the least sign of trouble.  I quickly resigned myself to eat whatever baby food they stuck in front of me – silently! 
      “Do you want to feed Ashley or Michelle?” Joanna asked Amanda.
      “Feed them?”
      “Of course,” Joanna replied with a smile.
      “Uh…I’ll take Ashley.”
     Joanna nodded and pulled a chair over close to me.  She pulled half of the baby food jars close to her where she could reach them. 
      “Uh…mind if I watch TV or something?” Jimmy asked.  I had no doubt he wanted to bail, on this disturbing scene.  I absolutely couldn’t blame him.  I wanted to bail too.  I just didn’t have that option.
      “Sure.  Go ahead,” Joanna told him.  I noticed that Jimmy was quick to disappear.  Joanna turned her attention back to me…and all those jars of baby food.  And then I saw the tiny spoon in her hand.  Oh shit!  This was going to take forever!
     Joanna got up from her seat and worked her way behind us.  She untied Ashley’s gag…I mean pacifier.  “Now remember you two, no adult words, and no other sounds I wouldn’t want to hear.  If you say anything at all, it had better be something a baby might utter and nothing else.  Otherwise, just be good and eat your dinner for us.  Amanda has been so kind to come over and not only play with you two, but she’s helping to take care of you now as well.  So be good!”
     I had already gotten that point when she had brought out the soap.  I didn’t need a second reminder.
     I saw Ashley stretching her mouth as Joanna worked on untying my gag…I mean pacifier.  Finally mine was gone too.  Such a relief.  Joanna sat down, opened one of the jars of baby food, stuck that tiny spoon into it, and my torture…I mean dinner…began.  The only thing I’ll say about it, is that at least those jars of baby food tasted better than that baby cereal she had made for us earlier that morning.  There was one other good thing about it.  Since she was opening the jars right in front of us and then feeding us directly from them, I was sure that the food wasn’t “doctored” with anything else like our breakfast had been.  At least…I hoped it wasn’t.
     I sat quietly and accepted spoonful after spoonful of pureed mush.  Each spoonful not giving me enough to really swallow.  Some of the jars I was able to read the label to see what it was.  That actually helped me figure out what it was that I was trying to taste.  Some, where I couldn’t read the label, I could almost guess what it was.  And then there were others that I simply had no idea what she was shoving in my mouth at all. 
     Joanna sat quietly and fed me.  But Amanda was far more vocal in her treatment of Ashley.  Joanna had told her to treat us both like babies, and Amanda seemed to be eating the situation up.  Despite the fact that I saw Ashley opening her mouth to easily take every spoonful of food that Amanda was trying to feed her, Amanda was making all kinds of noises and saying all kinds of babyish encouraging things to keep her eating.  I almost felt for Ashley just then.  Almost.
     Oh how happy I was when dinner was over!  Except that I didn’t exactly feel like I had eaten much at all.  If Joanna was going to keep feeding us like that all weekend, I was going to lose some weight!  Joanna removed my bib for me and used it to wipe my face off while Amanda was still feeding Ashley and telling her what a good “baby” she was.  Yeah, there was no doubt at all that there was a hidden demented and cruel streak in Amanda. 
     Joanna waited until Ashley was done eating and Amanda had untied her bib.  “I’m going to leave those pacifiers out for a little while,” she said, “but remember, no adult sounds out of either of you.  Not even whispering between you!  Got that?”  She pointed to the soap.  “And I’ve got your punishment right there if I need it!”  Trust me, I got the point.  No sounds at all!  Even as lousy as that baby food had tasted, all of it was far, far better than the soap!
     Joanna got us up from the table.  “Back to your blanket,” she ordered.  “Since we don’t have a playpen for you two, that’s going to have to do.  I suggest you get used to it since you’ll be spending most of the rest of the weekend on that blanket.”
     Most of the weekend?  I almost couldn’t imagine that.  It was such a tiny place to be banished too.  And there were two of us that had to share that blanket.  But, there was one very good point about it, it sounded like we wouldn’t be leaving the house at all tomorrow.  Hooray!  For that much, I would gladly confine myself to the blanket on the floor.  At least it was soft.  I could have done without the kiddie toys taking up part of it, but I was more than willing to overlook them to just stay home!
     While Ashley and I sat ourselves down on the blanket again, Joanna turned the TV from the show that Jimmy had been watching, back to the infantile cartoons again.  Oh joy!  Stimulating and totally engrossing entertainment at its finest.  Jimmy left for the kitchen.  I guess he and Amanda were staying for dinner with Joanna.  They had simply fed the babies first. 
     Five minutes into the TV program that Ashley and I were “avidly” watching, both Joanna and Amanda came back – with baby bottles in their hands.  Ugh!  And worse, whatever was in the bottles was white.  I had no doubt it was more of that miserable baby formula.  Had Joanna spiked it with those darn pills to keep us peeing again?  Even as I wondered that, I felt my diaper filling with pee from Ashley.  Yeah, no doubt I’d be doing the same thing back to her very shortly. 
     With nothing better to do, we sat there like idiot babies drinking our bottles while we watched cartoons created from nothing more than geometric shapes, dance across the screen.  Everyone else was in the kitchen eating grownup food.  My stomach growled.  I wasn’t sure if it was from hunger, distress over what we had been forced to eat, from all the soap that had gone into it earlier, or from something that Joanna might have put in those bottles of formula we were drinking.  I couldn’t be sure about any of it.  I only knew my stomach wasn’t happy.  To relieve part of the problem, I went ahead and peed into Ashley’s diaper again.  Without even looking at me, her hand lashed out and punched me.  What a friend! 
     When my bottle was done, I tossed it off to the side.  It rolled off of the blanket.  I didn’t bother going after it.  Didn’t babies throw stuff out of their playpens and cribs all the time?  Let Joanna deal with it, I was too busy letting my brain be diminished down to the level of a toddler as I watched the simplistic shapes move across the TV screen.  Riveting! 
     My bored stare…I mean my rapt fascination with the TV show was briefly interrupted when Joanna showed up and quickly shoved a pacifier in Ashley’s mouth, then my mouth.  It mostly caught me by surprise because it wasn’t the super big pacifier we had been sucking on all day.  This was one of the smaller ones made for real babies.  Much more comfortable!  But it still plugged our mouths!  Ugh! 
     Amanda was back a little while later to say goodbye.  With those pacifiers in, even as small as they were, neither Ashley nor I made a sound…or maybe it was the threat of the soap that kept us quiet.  Just before leaving, Amanda once again mouthed the words that she was sorry.  We watched from our blanket as she and Jimmy left.  The minute the door was closed behind them, I could almost feel the relief washing through Ashley.  But I had no doubt that Ash was even more worried about something than I was.  What would happen when Amanda told a few of her friends, and then they told more people, and so on?  Who in the entire world wouldn’t know about us soon?  That was a very troubling thought, I’m sure, for both of us.
     All evening long we stayed on that blanket watching kiddie TV while Joanna laid back on the couch and read a book.  Ashley peed into my diaper a few times, and I returned the favor a little while later by peeing into hers.  Each time I did, Ashley was kind enough to punch me in the arm or back or chest.  It didn’t matter, she simply lashed out and hit me, usually not bothering to even look at me. 
     One of the mindless shows ended and Joanna finally turned the TV off.  Now what?
      “Come on kids,” Joanna said.  “Time to get you two changed and into bed.”
     Bed!  Such a lovely word.  I was still so tired I couldn’t wait.  Even if I had to sleep connected to Ashley. 
      “Grab your dolls and let’s go.”
     Grab our dolls?  What for?  But I noticed Ashley picking up her doll as she prepared to get to her feet.  She pulled me off balance as I was trying to pick my doll up, which pulled her back down to her bottom again.  She didn’t mind though.  She punched me in the arm again.  I retrieved my doll, and this time we coordinated our efforts to get to our feet.  We followed Joanna back to the master bedroom where…huh?
     I looked around.  Something was different, and it didn’t take much to figure out what.  The nice big bed that was supposed to be living in that room was gone, and in its place was the new mattress, all made up with the pretty new sheets, and laying on the floor.  I turned to look into the master bedroom, but the door was closed.  Joanna had switched the beds around.  That was going to be great for me once Joanna left and I would be moving back there again.  Hooray!  But in the meantime, for tonight at least, it looked like Ashley and I were going to be stuck using the little mattress.  I heard Ashley make a very soft, but very frustrated sound behind her pacifier.  Like me, she wasn’t going to dare say anything else.
     In short order, Ashley and I were both changed (thankfully) and made to lie in the bed on the floor.  “I’ll be right back kids with your bottles,” Joanna told us. 
     Oh joy.  I couldn’t…  Oh shit!  My diaper was filling with pee again. I heard Ashley giggle a little.  She had done it to me again.  As soon as Joanna had finished getting me into a dry diaper, she had wet it again – on purpose!  I could just kill her! 
     Joanna was back a few minutes later with two bottles of formula for us.  She noticed my now wet diaper right away.  “Michelle!  You’ve wet yourself already?  I just put that diaper on you.  This is starting to become a habit with you young lady!”
     Yes, Ashley was giggling.  Funny, I couldn’t find any reason at all to giggle about it.
     Joanna pulled our small pacifiers out and handed each of us a bottle to drink.  “Finish those bottles and be good,” she told us.  “I’ll check on you in a little bit.”  Then she walked out.  We were alone.  Not that it mattered.  I dared not say anything for fear that Joanna would be standing right near the door just to listen for us. 
     Ashley and I laid side by side drinking our bottles like…well, you know.  It wasn’t until after I had been drinking a while that I started to wonder if Joanna had put that drug in our formula again to make us pee too much.  I looked down at my bottle.  Half gone.  Too late now.  Not that I could really do anything about it anyway.  I decided to try not to care about it while I finished drinking. 
     Just before my bottle ran out, I peed into Ashley’s diaper.  She was so pleased by it that she elbowed me as hard as she could.  Ouch!  With my bottle done, I tossed it aside onto the floor and closed my eyes.  Sleep.  Last night had been miserable…waking up far too often because I needed to pee, and then waking up even more often every time Ashley peed into my diaper.  It had been a nightmare.  What would tonight be like?  I had no doubt it would be even worse. 
     I felt Ashley rolling over onto her side.  I stayed put.  A moment later, I almost hit the ceiling – literally.  She had stuck her wet tongue right into my ear.  Darn that girl!  And she was laughing about it!  Shit!  She could have given me a heart attack doing that.  As I was trying to recover my wits, I felt her snuggle up close to me to go to sleep.  Or was she just trying to get closer to me to hit me again in case I did anything to upset her.  More likely, that was the case. 
      “What good babies,” Joanna’s voice suddenly came as she walked into the room.  Ashley rolled over onto her back as she came in.  “Sit up kids,” she ordered.  With a bit of effort, we managed to get into a sitting position.  I wasn’t surprised in the least when Joanna stuck those big pacifiers back in our mouths again and tied them in place.  Hey, one good point about that.  Ashley couldn’t stick her wet tongue into my ear! 
     Joanna pulled the covers over us, then she kissed Ashley goodnight.  She came around to my side of the bed and did the same to me.  She picked up our discarded bottles from the floor and turned out the light.  “Goodnight kids,” she said.  “See you in the morning.”
     She walked out and Ashley and I were left alone in the mostly dark room.  Alone with oversized pacifiers tied into our mouths.  Alone, but tied closely together.  My thoughts turned to tomorrow.  I remembered Joanna saying we would be spending the day on that blanket.  After the day we had been through today, it sure sounded good to me.  Even if I was stuck with that big pacifier tied into my mouth.  I just hoped that I wouldn’t get anymore soap stuck in my mouth instead! 
     Tomorrow we would be staying home.  That thought alone was a big relief.  But how was I supposed to know that things tomorrow weren’t going to be quite what Joanna had said they would.  And because of it, all hell was going to break loose, and everything was going to change.

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Mister Mike - Chapter 40 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 40 – Part 1 of 2

     What’s that old song?  “On the road again…”  We were on the road again, but not for long.  No Joanna!  Don’t do that.  Don’t, don’t, don’t go there….  Uh-oh.  If I thought I had been screwed before, it was nothing like I knew things would be now.  Why did Joanna decide to stop here?  Why?  There wasn’t any place worse in the world for someone dressed like I was…well okay, Ashley too…than to have to go into the home improvement store.  It was without a doubt, the one single place I hated having to go the most when I was dressed in any kind of silly demeaning way whatsoever.  Which of course was pretty much always.  It was just that things that day were just a tiny bit worse than usual.  Maybe more than just a tiny bit. 
     Um…no, we weren’t given the choice to stay in the car.  Ashley however pretty much set the tone for how we both felt about it by acting like a two-year-old in the way she moved so reluctantly and with her shoulders so drooped like she could fall over at any moment. 
      “Stand up straight and behave children.  You wouldn’t want people to think you don’t know how to behave properly in public.”
     Ha!  Did Joanna really just say that?  I mean, just look at us!  Ashley looked at me and rolled her eyes.  She stood straighter, I didn’t bother.  I simply wanted to go anywhere but there.  And yes, we had just gotten out of the car and we were already gathering way too much attention – again.  Yeah, it had to be the balloons everybody was looking at.  Maybe they thought we were selling them or something. 
     I didn’t want to move at all, but dumb Ashley started following her mother the moment Joanna headed for the entrance.  And of course where Ashley went, I had no choice but to follow.  Maybe I should have turned and headed the other direction and made her follow along with me.  Yeah, that would have been a great idea.  Why didn’t I do it?  So there I was, dressed like the biggest sissy on earth, going into the most manly store on earth.  I could already feel my face blushing…and that darn cock cage shrinking again.  Why did it do that?
     Follow Joanna inside.  Check!  Suck our pacifiers.  Check!  Look like total idiots.  Check!  Gather too much attention.  Check and double check!  Was there a chance any of the other guys in the store liked my shoes with the big pink bows on them and wanted a pair just like them?  I seriously doubt it.  Oh well. 
     So where was Joanna heading this time?  Hardware.  Why?  I already had all the hardware I needed to finish the crib.  I already had everything I needed to finish the entire project.  In fact that entire project was almost done.  Just another day or two and I could carry it all into the house and put it together…not that I was looking forward to sleeping in a crib now.  It was just another woodworking project that I had been working on. 
     Joanna finally found what she was looking for.  Surprisingly, she didn’t lead us up and down every aisle of the store before she found them.  She had pretty much headed straight there.  But then she was now looking at something she had looked at in there once before, and I remembered she had almost bought one before.  So what on earth did she need with another…doorknob?
     I saw her finally select a box and grab it.  I didn’t see the box very closely, but from what little I saw, it looked like every other doorknob set I had in the house.  So did she want me to put a new doorknob on my new crib?  Hey!  With Joanna, anything was possible!
     I fully expected Joanna to take us on a slow leisurely tour of the entire monstrous store, but I was more than a bit relieved when she headed for the checkout counters instead.  I was more than happy to stand aside, while what felt like the entire world scrutinized me and Ashley far too closely, while Joanna waited to pay for her doorknob.  Or was it going to be my doorknob since I figured it would probably go somewhere on my crib.  Not that my crib had a door at all.  Maybe it would be a decoration to hang things from.  Yeah, that could work!  That happy thought was interrupted though when I suddenly felt Ashely peeing into my diaper.  Ugh!  Was she laughing at me? 
     Finally, bagged up doorknob in hand, Joanna led us back to the car.  Hooray.  Ashley and I got fastened into the back seat, and off we went again.  Where to this time, I had no idea.  I just wanted to go home.  So trust me, I was more than elated when Joanna actually headed home.  My relief was perhaps the most heartfelt I had ever been when we actually pulled into my driveway.  Um…it didn’t help seeing my neighbor across the street, Jack Thompson, out in front of his house working on his yard.  No, that didn’t help matters at all.  But at least we were home.  Hooray!  I think.
     Joanna got out of the car…and waved to Jack across the street, who stopped what he was doing and watched us.  Ugh!  Joanna opened the back car door and undid Ashley’s seatbelt, then mine.  “Okay.  We’re home,” she said.  As if I didn’t notice.  I just didn’t want to get out of the car with Jack over there watching me…I mean us.  But once again Ashley seemed to have other ideas, and I got “pulled” out of the car, like it or not.  Which I did, and I didn’t.  Was my face very red as I saw Jack now standing there staring at me…I mean us.  Huh!  That question was like asking if my diaper made my butt look too big.  Of course it did! 
     I thought Joanna was heading for the front door to let us in, but she stopped and opened the trunk instead.  “You two grab some bags.  We’ve got to get all this stuff in.”
     Was she purposely keeping us outside and on display as long as possible?  I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.  I grabbed a couple of grocery bags.  I immediately felt what I figured was a package of eggs inside.  Hey!  Joanna was treating us like toddlers.  Weren’t we too young to carry in something like eggs?  We might break them.  I was almost tempted to drop them just to make the point.  But I did need to eat during the next week. 
     With Ashley and me still holding hands, and a doll and balloon in the only free hand I had, just that one bag with the eggs in it was all I could manage.  Ashley too only grabbed one bag.  We turned and followed Joanna toward the front door.  Jack across the street was still standing there watching us.  When he saw me looking at him, he nastily flipped us the bird, then went back to his work.  What a nice neighbor.  But really, could I blame him?  I wasn’t sure.
     Ash and I carried our little load into the house.  Joanna had us set them on the kitchen counter.  “Leave your pretty dolls on the table kids,” she told us.  “Please keep holding hands like good children, and bring in everything else.”
     She had to be kidding!  Ashley looked at me and rolled her eyes.  I did not want to go back outside, especially with Jack still out there where he could watch us.  Ashley started to turn to leave, but I stayed rooted in spot.  Ashley was brought up short. 
      “Michelle!  Go bring the groceries in.  And everything else we bought too.  Go!  Or do you really like the flavor of that soap?”
     Um…soap or behave like the total idiot I was in front of Jack…who already knew what an idiot I was.  It only took me a second to decide in favor of displaying myself over and over again to Jack…and anybody else who happened to be driving past the house.  Yeah, I was definitely going to have to move when this was all over.  If it was ever all over.  Was it too soon to put the house up for sale?  I know my neighbors would all like that.
     Back out to the car we went.  Grab a few bags in our free hands, then back into the house.  Over and over again.  Continuously holding hands like children.  Continuously looking like a couple of big overgrown toddlers.  Were our fat wet diapers making us waddle like toddlers too?  As if it mattered. 
     There were more bags of stuff to bring in than I thought there would be.  Joanna had evidently done a lot more grocery shopping than I figured.  Just for fun, I peed again into Ashley’s diaper about halfway though.  She nearly dropped the bag she was carrying.  I was very glad just then that she was carrying that bag.  From the look on her face I knew she was very tempted to hit me with it.  In fact, as soon as we dropped the bags on the counter, she did hit me.  Hey!  What was I supposed to do?  I had to go.  Blame Joanna…and whatever drug she had laced those last bottles with.  It wasn’t like Ashley wasn’t peeing way too much too.
     Finally the groceries were in.  Finally the car was closed and locked up.  Finally we were allowed to stay in the house.  Finally!  I really just wanted to collapse.  Once Joanna realized that we weren’t making any more trips out to the car, she stopped putting groceries away and headed into one of the bedrooms.  She came back a minute later with a big blanket that she spread out on the floor in the living room.  She pointed at it.  “Get yourselves on that blanket and stay there.  Don’t even think of moving off of it.”  She disappeared back into the kitchen again. 
     Ashley and I looked at each other, then resignedly moved over to the blanket, then onto it.  She started sitting down, which meant that I had to sit down.  Now what?  We sat there like that waiting.  Joanna came back a few minutes later with our dolls and the bag from the toy store.  She pulled each of the toys out of the bag, removed all the packaging from them, and set them down on the blanket.  Baby toys.  Just what I always wanted – not!
     Surprisingly, she untied the balloons from our hands and let them bounce on the ceiling.  “Be good kids,” she said before she walked off back to the kitchen again. 
     I wasn’t the least bit interested in playing with the toys.  I was sure that Ashley wasn’t either.  And I was bone weary tired.  I started laying down.  Ashley got the point and joined me.  The two of us laid like that, side by side, like the tether between us demanded we do. We looked at each other.  I could see how tired Ashley was.  I had no doubt she could see how weary I was.  Was it my imagination, or did Ashley actually look cute sucking on that pacifier?  Must have been the makeup job Joanna had done on her.  Did I look cute too?  I had no doubt that I didn’t.  I had no doubt at all that the only thing I looked, was dumb!  And stupid.  And…well, you get the point. 
     I closed my eyes and kept them closed.  Joanna was treating us like babies.  Didn’t babies need naps?  The next thing I remember, was being woken up by someone grabbing me and pulling that diaper cover off of my bottom.  I saw that Ashley was awake.  Had she fallen asleep too?  Little by little, Joanna undressed both of us down to just our diapers.  Even those crazy shoes got unlocked and removed.  I closed my eyes during most of it.  A few minutes later, Joanna started changing Ashley’s big diaper, then it was my turn.  A nice dry diaper.  Heaven.  Yeah, it was a big fat diaper, but it was still dry.  Less than ten seconds after Joanna had finished taping my nice dry diaper in place, I felt it filling with pee again.  Ashley!  I turned angrily to her.  She was laughing.
      “What’s so funny?” Joanna asked, seeing her daughter suddenly happy.  Then she looked down.  “Michelle!  Did you wet that diaper already?  I just now got it fastened on you!”  Ashley burst out in a total fit of laughter at that one.
     Joanna finished us off by slipping our cupcake onesies on us.  Since we were tied together at the waist, she could only pull them down like a shirt and couldn’t fasten them, but at least we were now covered from the waist up.  I had a feeling that Ashley appreciated that more than I did since her breasts were no long on display.
     Once we were dressed, Joanna left us alone again.  Wearing absolutely nothing but that onesie and a big and now wet diaper, I closed my eyes, hoping to continue my nap, but not for long.  Joanna was back with another baby bottle for each of us.  Apple juice this time.  Did she drug these bottles too?  Probably.  But I laid there like an idiot…I mean like a baby, and started drinking.  The apple juice tasted a lot better than anything else I had put in my mouth all day!  The strong taste of it actually helped a bit with the taste of the soap that was still there.  I had a feeling I’d still be tasting that soap a week from now. 
     With the bottle done, I actually grabbed my own pacifier and stuck it back in my mouth.  I closed my eyes with the intention of going back to sleep.  The tether between us pulled and I saw Ashley rolling over toward me onto her side.  She smiled as she stuck her own pacifier back in her mouth.  I peed into her diaper again.  The smile got wiped off her face and she hit me as hard as she could…before snuggling up close to me and putting her arm over top of me.  I put my arm over her, and fell asleep.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---