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Mercy Me - Chapter 1

Mercy Me
By Karen Singer

Chapter 1

     Mercy stopped her pickup truck just before turning into her driveway and stared at the house across the street.  It had been for sale for almost a year now, the previous owners having moved away long ago.  But now, today, she couldn’t help but notice the “Sold” notice stuck on the realtor’s sign on the front lawn.  She wondered how much the previous owners had finally brought the price down before it finally sold.  After all that time, it had to have been a lot.  Quite likely, they were taking a loss on the house.
     She knew there was nothing at all wrong with the house itself.  Nothing!  In fact, it was quite a nice house.  She had even been into it once.  No, the problem wasn’t with the house at all, it was with the neighborhood it was in.  In fact, the problem wasn’t with the neighborhood, the problem was with one particular neighbor.  Her!  She was the reason that house hadn’t sold for so long, and in truth, she didn’t care one fig!  She was going to live the way she wanted, and do what she wanted, and there was nothing that anyone could do about it…as long as she stayed on the right side of the law. 
     She had even seen a police car parked down the street a few times, just to “observe” what was going on at her house.  But in the end, there was nothing they could arrest her for, so the police cars had stayed parked a few houses away, and nothing had ever happened…except that the rest of the neighbors weren’t happy in the least.  Tough!  She was happy, and that’s all that mattered.
     She pulled her pickup truck into the driveway and parked it there.  She pressed the remote control clipped to her truck’s sun visor and her garage door started opening while she grabbed her lunch box and climbed out.  She entered her workshop that took up her entire two-car garage, her eyes glancing over all her tools and equipment as she walked through.  Before going into the kitchen, she pressed the remote attached to the wall and the garage door began closing after her.  It was Thursday evening.  Her four-day, twelve hour shifts working maintenance for the factory were done for the week.  She could relax and enjoy herself for the next three days.
     But enjoying herself, or even relaxing, wasn’t the same for her as it was for most other women.  In her bedroom, she changed out of her work clothes and into her workout clothes.  She went into one of her spare bedrooms where she had set up her gym and started lifting weights, trying to increase her muscle mass.
     As she worked, her thoughts turned to her coworkers at work.  She was the only woman on the crew.  In fact, there were very few female maintenance people in the business.  Perhaps in the entire country…or world.  It was a very male dominated occupation.  But she prided herself in not only keeping up with all the men, but doing better at the job than any of them.  Simply because she was a woman, she had always had to prove herself as being better than any of them, just to keep her job.  And she was better than them – in every way!  At least as far as she was concerned.  There were a few guys on the crew that she figured could probably out lift her and were stronger, but not many.  She could whip the butt of any of the others, and in truth, she’d really love half the chance to actually do it.  But some of those others had gotten raises and promotions sooner and faster than she had, even though she had more skills than they had.  She had been passed over, only because she was a woman, and they were men.  Men!  She hated every last one of them!
     From the weights, she moved onto the heavy bag where she started punching away.  As she worked, her thoughts turned to other things.  She needed to find some new gardeners.  Not just gardeners, but help.  Someone to cut her grass and keep the place looking good – inside as well as out.  Her last two had quit.  Not because of her, but because of life.  One had to move because his company had sent him to another office in another city to work, and her last one had lost his job and had to take a job that completely conflicted with her schedule.  Unfortunately, she had been lazy and too distracted by other things to go looking for anyone else to fill their places.  And filling their places wouldn’t be easy.  She smiled.  Finding and breaking in the new help though was always so much fun.  It was really about time she treated herself to that pleasure anyway.  There were one or two possibilities she had been looking at, and one in particular.  Perhaps it was time to look a little closer at him.
     With her workout done, she took a shower and cleaned off, washing the sweat and dirt from the day off her body.  She dried her short hair with a towel, but did nothing else with it.  She donned a pair of shorts and a t-shirt without a bra underneath.  Leaving her feet bare, she went into the kitchen where she pulled some left-overs out of her refrigerator and heated them up.  When they were ready, she brought her dinner to the table where she opened her laptop and entered one of her favorite chat sites.  Now, were any of the people she was interested in, online yet?  Especially that one. 
     She spent a few minutes searching around, looking closely at the internet identities of the people entering comments.  She ate her dinner, barely noting what she was eating.  There!  There was the one she was the most interested in.  MH3516.  And better still, he was looking for her!  Perfect! 
     She typed a message to him, and a few minutes later, they were in a more private space where they could send messages back and forth.  They talked on-line for a few minutes, then she asked:  Would you be willing to meet in person?
     Absolutely.  I can’t wait.  MH3516 replied.  Where and when?
     Tonight? she asked.
     Mercy was pleased, and now anxious.  Do you know where the Burger King is on Highway 277?
     Of course, MH3516 replied.  I live only a few minutes from there.
     Better and better!  Be there at nine o’clock.  Sharp! she replied.  Stand outside by the door for at least fifteen minutes.  Then go inside and order yourself an extra-large size drink.  Take it to one of the tables and drink all of it.  When you’re done, pull the straw out of the drink and wait for me.  I’ll find you.  I’ll be watching you the entire time.  Is that clear?  I expect you to do everything I tell you to do – immediately, with no complaints.
     I’ll be there.  I can’t wait! he replied.
     But first, she added.  We need to set some ground rules.  I expect you to be wearing a pair of women’s panties under your pants.  You said before that you had some.
     I do, and I will, MH3516 replied.
     Good!  Also, so I know for sure that it’s you, I expect you to arrive with a bow in your hair – and keep it there!  Can you do that?
     I’m so sorry, MH3516 replied.  I don’t have a bow of any kind.
     Then get one!  Any little girl hair bow will do.  Just make sure it’s in your hair before you arrive and that it can’t be missed.  Understand?
     Yes Mistress.
     Good!  Remember, I’ll be there, and I’ll be watching you the entire time.  I will contact you – eventually.
     She closed the laptop.  The date was set.  She figured it should be interesting.  She grabbed her cellphone and called her sister.  “Donna…  I’ve got another one lined up for tonight.  I just wanted to warn you.”
      “Geez.  It’s been a long time for you now sis,” Donna replied.  “What time will you be here?”
      “A little before nine.”
      “Okay.  See you then.”
     It was on.  It was time for some new fun. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Michael Hammond was excited.  Finally, he was going to meet the dom of his dreams.  Finally, all his fantasies were going to come true!  He really didn’t know much at all about Cruel1215, but from everything he had read from her, she had to be fantastic!
     She wanted him to wear his panties.  Absolutely!  She wanted him to put a bow in his hair.  That part was more troubling.  A lot more troubling.  Totally humiliating.  And she wanted him to stand around and let everyone see him wearing the bow as they came in and out of the restaurant – before he even went inside.  But the fact that it was so humiliating, had him more excited than he had ever been. 
     He was very tempted to go and masturbate immediately, but he put it off, deciding to wait so he could enjoy meeting her more later.  He didn’t want to ruin anything too soon.  But he had to find – a girl’s hair bow.  Where the heck would he find something like that? 
     He got in his car and went shopping, not having a clue where to even start looking.  He found a drug store.  They had hair stuff in there.  Did they have hair bows?  He went in feeling totally embarrassed to be looking for something like that, yet all too excited too.  Soon, soon he would have to be wearing whatever bow he found – in public!  His excitement was almost more than he could stand.
     He finally found one in the section that had hair clips and hair pins.  It was a simple white bow with a clip on the back.  Not big at all, but to him, it screamed – embarrassing!  Almost cuming in his pants, he carried it quickly to the checkout counter.  He was totally embarrassed as the girl rang the purchase up, yet the girl didn’t blink an eye or say a word.  She handed him his change and he hurried out of the store with his purchase.  Now he just had to wait until nine o’clock…and he couldn’t wait!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

      “So they gave Harvey the raise instead of you?” Donna asked.
      “I could have killed someone I was so mad,” Mercy replied.  “Harvey can’t do half the electrical stuff I can, and he welds like a beginner!  But he got the raise and I didn’t!”
     Mercy and her sister were sitting at one of the tables in Burger King where Donna was the store owner and manager.  “Maybe you’ve been coming off as being too dominant again,” Donna suggested.  “Trying to push the others around too much.”
      “Nah!  I’ve been good.  They all treat me like just one of the guys now.  Management just doesn’t like it that I’m a woman, and that’s that!”
     Her eyes were pulled by a small, battered looking car pulling into one of the parking places closest to the door.  She checked her watch, five minutes before nine.  Still too early. 
      “So what are you going to do?” Donna asked.
      “What can I do?” Mercy replied.  “I’m stuck!  Till I can either show them how good I am, or until I actually do kill one of them…which is what I’d really like to do.”  Why wasn’t anyone getting out of that car?
      “I don’t know why you’re getting so upset about it,” Donna said.  “You make a ton of money already in that job.”
      “Maintenance pays good,” Mercy admitted, “but that has nothing at all to do with someone else getting a raise who doesn’t deserve it as much as I do.  I’ve got good reason to hit someone.”  Her eyes though never strayed from the inside of the car she was watching.  And inside the car, she now saw something that caught her attention.
      “Now don’t get…”
      “Wait!” Mercy interrupted her.  “I think he’s here.”  She watched as the guy in the car messed with his hair.  When he finally took his hands away, she could just see something white stuck on top of his head.  “That’s got to be him,” she said.  But she was perturbed.  She had clearly told him to show up with the bow already in his hair, yet she had just seen him putting it on, here in the parking lot.  So far, things weren’t looking good for him.  She kept watching, and still he wasn’t getting out of his car. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     At nine o’clock, Michael opened his car door and got out.  He was so nervous he almost couldn’t stand it.  Was she there?  Could she see him?  He had looked thought the windows at the people inside the store while he was still in the car.  He didn’t see any women sitting by themselves.  He stood near the door like she had told him and looked at the cars in the parking lot, but he didn’t see anyone waiting in one of the cars either.  She probably wasn’t even there yet.  Should he get back into his car and wait, or stand there like a total fool and wait for her to arrive.  But what if she showed up suddenly and didn’t see him there when he was supposed to be.  He decided his best course of action was to stand there with the bow in his hair, and wait, just like she had ordered. 
     Who was she?  What was her name?  What would she look like?  In his mind, he just knew she was someone beautiful.  Exotic.  Sexy!  Would she be wearing leather when they met?  Would she be wearing high spike heeled boots?  His mind was going into overdrive thinking about all of it.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

      “Little twerp, isn’t he,” Donna noted.
      “Yeah.  Real little!  Is he even out of grammar school yet?”
     Donna smirked at her sister.  “Maybe, but not by much,” she replied.
     The two of them continued to sit there and talk while they both kept half an eye on the stupid little guy out front with the bow in his hair.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Michael checked his watch – again.  Nine fifteen.  It was time – finally!  He hurried into the store, and like she had told him to do, ordered an extra-large drink.  His knees were shaking as the girl behind the counter stared strangely at the white bow in his hair.  Fortunately, she didn’t say anything about it, she just stared at it…too much.  And so did a few of the other workers behind the counter.  He took his cup and filled it with Coke, put a lid on it, stuck a straw in it, and carried it to one of the tables as far away from any of the other customers as he could get. 
     He told himself that being further away from anyone else would make it easier for him and his new mistress to talk.  Of course, what he was also thinking was that with that hair bow in his hair, he was hoping fewer people would notice him where he was sitting. 
     Not that there were that many people in the place.  There were only a few people sitting there.  He looked all around again, but didn’t see any sexy single women at all.  In fact, the only women he saw were the two older ones sitting at one of the tables, and one of them had a Burger King uniform on, making him think she might have been the store manager.  So no, whoever this new mistress was, she wasn’t there yet.  Was she even going to come?  He was beginning to doubt it.  She had sent him on a fool’s errand, and he, being a total fool, had fell for it. 
     Hoping that he was wrong, he sat there and drank the entire extra-large drink.  Then, just like he had been told to do, he pulled the straw out of the cup.  He’d give her five minutes.  Just five minutes, then he was going to leave.  He was so disappointed!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

      “He just removed the straw,” Donna told her sister.  “He looks a bit disappointed.”
     Mercy smiled.  “Time to go rattle his ego.”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Michael was getting ready to leave, when the woman who had been sitting at that table with the store manager walked over to him and sat down.  He was more surprised by the woman’s size.  Big!  Not fat at all, but tall!  And…almost bulky.  He was totally shocked.  “You’re Cruel1215?” he asked.
      “You were expecting a Playboy bunny?”
      “Uh…not exactly.”
     She looked at the white bow in his longish stringy hair.  “You were supposed to arrive here, with that silly bow already in your hair.  Not put it in while you were sitting in the parking lot.”
     He was shocked again.  “You saw that?”
      “Of course I saw it…twerp!”
     He didn’t know what to do.  “Sorry, Mistress,” he apologized.  He held out his hand across the table.  “I’m…”
      “No!” she stopped him suddenly.  “I don’t want to know your name.  I don’t care what your name is.  I’ll call you whatever the hell I want.”
     His eyes were wide.  Damn!  She was nothing at all like he expected. 
      “So tell me,” she said.  “How old are you?  Are you even old enough to drive?”
     He was a bit offended.  “I’m twenty-four,” he replied.
     She shook her head.  “Damn you’re scrawny.”
     He was embarrassed.  “I’m…small,” he replied.
      “You think?  That much is obvious.  Did the other kids pick on you in school?”
     His embarrassment increased.  “Uh…yeah.”
     She nodded.  “I have no doubt.  And tell me, when they picked on you, did you like it?  Did it turn you on?”
     How could she know that?  “Uh…most of the time, no.  But…it kind of depended.”
      “On what?”
      “On who was doing it.”
      “The girls?”
      “Uh…yeah.  Kind of.”
     She nodded.  “So when the girls picked on you, it turned you on.”
      “So tell me twerp, what actual experience do you have with this stuff…beyond the girls picking on you when you were in school?”
      “Um…none really.”
      “And yet on the internet you said you wanted to be abused.  You wanted to be humiliated with no limits at all.  You wanted to be put in horrible torturous bondage for days on end.”
     He was more excited now.  “Yes!  That’s what I want.”
      “But you’ve got no actual experience with any of that at all?”
     She rolled her eyes.  He was so stupid.  So young.  So dumb!  “Did you wear the panties like I told you?”
     He brightened quickly.  “Yes!”
      “I want to see them.  Go to the men’s room and take them off.  And don’t pee while you’re there.  After that large drink you just finished, I’d rather see you suffer and hold it than be able to relieve yourself.”  When he didn’t move, she yelled, “Go!  I’m not going to wait all night.”
     Michael hurried toward the men’s room.  She was nothing at all like he expected.  She wasn’t beautiful and sexy at all.  She was just…big!  Imposing!  She was demanding though.  And scary too.  Absolutely dominating!  So maybe, this could kind of work out.  Maybe.
     Once in the stall, he removed his pants and removed the white lacy panties he was wearing…his pride and joy.  He had quickly snatched them up while going through Walmart one day and it took all his willpower to say nothing while the cashier rang up the sale…along with a lot of other things he had bought.  He had worn them a lot in the privacy of his apartment ever since.  He put his pants back on and stuffed the panties into his pocket and went back out.  “Where the hell are your panties?” Mercy asked as he sat down.
     He pulled them from his pocket, rolled into a ball and passed them across the table to her. 
      “They’re just panties,” she told him, amused by how embarrassed he seemed to be.  “They’re not radioactive.  At least they better not be.”  She spread them out so she could see them.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.  But twerps like him always went for the really lacy stuff.  She laid them out on the table right in front of him. 
      “So tell me,” she said.  What things turn you on the most?  What is it you’re looking for?”
      “I love…everything!” he replied.  “I get really turned on by all the really cool bondage pictures, especially the ones where the victims are trapped in some kind of cool device or machine.”
     A bondage freak.  That was good, she could definitely work with that.  “How about anything else?” she asked.  “You did have that pair of panties.”
      “Yeah!  And just wearing them drives me crazy like you wouldn’t believe!”
      “How about anything else then?  Any skirts?  Any shoes?  Makeup?”
     He shook his head.  “No.  I never got any.”
      “Why not?”
      “I…didn’t know what to get.”
      “You get anything that turns you on!”  Geez, the kid was green!  “Okay,” she said.  “So tell me.  What limits do you have?”
      “Limits!  What are you against?  What won’t you do?  I know you said in some of your posts that you don’t have any limits, but that means nothing.  So what limits do you really have?”
      “Uh…I’ll do anything.  Anything at all.”
     She shook her head.  “So if I tell you to stick your head in a noose and hang yourself until you’re dead, you’d do it?”
     He was suddenly much more uncertain.  “Uh…no.  Of course not.”
     She shook her head.  “So you do have limits.”
      “Uh…I guess.”
      “You guess.”  She shook her head again and watched as he squirmed in his seat a little.  “Let me guess,” she said as she looked at him.  “You’ve got to pee.”
      “Uh…yeah.  After that large drink….”
     Mercy picked up the panties from the table.  She grabbed his empty cup and took the lid off.  She looked inside.  It was filled with too much ice.  She carried the cup to the trash can and dumped out the ice.  Then she brought it back to the table where she stuffed the panties down into the cup.  She handed it to him.  “Go to the men’s room and fill this cup with your pee.  And I mean fill it!  Don’t let any of it get into the toilet.  I want it all in that cup.”
     He gulped with wide eyes. 
      “Go!  Do it!  You’re the one who said he has no limits.”
     Frightened, he got up and carried the cup all the way into the restroom.  Would anyone else there know what he was doing?  Fortunately, there were even less people in the place now than there were before.  Once in the stall, he pulled his pants down and peed into the cup – fully afraid of what she was going to make him do.  The cup was more than big enough for him to pee into.  When he was done, his pee half-filled the cup.  Nervously, he carried it back out to her.
     Mercy took the cup from him and removed the lid.  Ugh!  It smelled.  Just like she expected it to.  There wasn’t as much in it as she would have liked, but it was a really big cup.  She put the lid back on, stuck the straw into it, and passed it over to him.  “Start drinking.”
     Michael’s hands shook as he grabbed the cup.  She really expected him to drink that?  Of course she did. 
      “I thought you said you had no limits…other than hanging yourself I guess,” Mercy said.  “Show me!”
     Michael had to work up the courage.  He put his lips over the straw and pulled some of the pee into his mouth.  Ugh!  Sickening!
      “Keep going!  Drink faster!”
     He pulled harder, taking a really big mouthful…and he swallowed.  Damn!  He was drinking his own pee – out in public! 
     She sat and watched him for a few minutes.  “So, you have no limits…I’m guessing…other than something that might kill you, or maim you for life.”
     He felt much more on solid ground with that.  “Absolutely.”
      “You’re sitting there drinking your own pee,” she said.  “What if it was mine?”
      “Uh…I’d drink it if you ordered me too.”
      “What if I peed right in your mouth?”
      “Uh…I guess.”
      “What if I took a shit right in your mouth?”
     He looked totally horrified. 
      “You’ve got limits.  You just think you don’t!  Keep drinking!  You’re not getting out of here until it’s done!”
     She frightened him.  He was sure about that. 
     He finally got down to where he was having trouble drinking any more as the straw was blocked by the panties in the bottom of the cup.  Mercy took the cup from him and removed the lid.  He had drank almost all of it.  All that he could get anyway.  She reached down into the cup.  “Open your mouth,” she ordered.
     He was shocked.
      “I said open your mouth, twerp.  Do it now, or don’t ever think about trying anything with me again!”
     Never?  This had been his one chance.  She was the first person he had ever tried to get to dominate him.  Did he want to continue?  She wasn’t anything like any of the other dom women on the internet seemed to be.
     She shook her head.  “Open your mouth, or get up from the table and leave.”
     He finally opened his mouth. 
     She pulled his pee dripping panties out of the cup, and stuffed them completely into his mouth.  “Close!” she ordered.
     Michael closed his mouth.  The pee was dripping down his throat and he was forced to swallow several times.
     Mercy leaned across the table.  “Listen up twerp.  You’re too young.  Too green.  Too stupid.  I suggest you go home to your mother and never think about doing anything like this again.  Now keep those panties in your mouth until you get home, and get the hell out of here!”
     Michael, panties still filling his mouth, got up from the table as fast as he could and ran for his car.  He was out of the parking lot in record time.  But now that he was gone, what was he supposed to do with the panties in his mouth.  He was halfway home before he removed them.
     Mercy had watched him hurrying away.  She had planned on turning him down all along.  She would see what would happen with him now on the internet.  The fresh green ones were always so much fun to break in.  And tonight had certainly been amusing. 
     Now she would see.  It would take a few more days, but she would see.  She had no doubt that given a week, probably less, that little twerp would be in her grip and she could have lots of fun with him – doing things with him that he never dreamed of!  And the little twerp was really going to be in for a surprise, because as far as Mercy was concerned, she was probably the most misnamed person ever.  As far as she knew, if there was one thing she was very well known for, it was NOT showing mercy!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Jenni …with an i – Book 1: Family Can Be Murder

Hi everyone.

I did it.  I finally started publishing my latest book – or rather, series of books, because there will eventually be three books in the series out there for you to read and enjoy.  Book 1 – is done (the paperback will be available soon).  Book 2 – is still in the edit phase.  And Book 3 – is more than three quarters written.  But for now, we have to start with Book 1 – Family Can Be Murder.

There’s murder…and then there’s murder.  And Jenni wasn’t prepared for any of it.  As a transgendered woman, Jenni knew that her entire family hated her because she was different.  But when she nearly tripped over the dead body of her grandfather, she just knew everyone was going to blame her for his death.  How could they not?  Especially since she had announced just a few hours earlier that she would kill him.  But finding the dead body of her grandfather turned out to be just the start of Jenni’s problems, because everything that came after that, was so much worse!

This overall story for the three books, has the unlikely title of “Jenni …with and i.”  It may sound like the worst and weirdest title in the world, and I totally agree with you, but the further you get into the story, the more you realize that maybe – it’s the perfect title for the story. 

Like Jenni herself, there is nothing at all simple about “Jenni …with an i.”  Just as Jenni herself is complex, the story is even more so.  Beautifully complex.  And I’m not just talking about the fact that Jenni is, of course, transgendered.  This is a Karen Singer book.  Of course the heroine of the story would be transgendered. 

But this storyline goes far beyond that.  So far beyond, that it takes three separate books to tell the story.  Book 1 of this Jenni series is called:  Family Can Be Murder.  Book 2 is called:  Daddy Came Calling.  And Book 3 is called:  Curl Up and Die. 

Jenni is a remarkable woman with…um…a bit of a temper at times.  A woman who just wants to be a woman.  A woman who unwittingly winds up in the strangest of circumstances and discovers that the world out there beyond her simple little life, is a bit bigger than she ever imagined.

Some would say that it all started with a simple phone call.  Or did it?  Some might argue that it started when a file was handed to someone else.  But others would argue that it all started long before any of that.  In any case, for our purposes, it all starts with Book 1 – Family Can Be Murder. 

I invite you now to meet Jenni.  I invite you to lose yourself in a little murder mystery.  I invite you to read Book 1 of Jenni …with an i – Family Can Be Murder.