Saturday, April 21, 2018

Over One Million

Hi everyone!  Okay, I admit it.  I wasn’t watching – when I should have been.  I mean, I was watching, but then I forgot.  I knew it was getting close a few months ago.  But nowhere near this close.  In fact I figured I still had some time, but evidently I was wrong.

So what happened?  Nothing.  Much.  Just that the stats for the All-Time Page Views for this blog went over one million.  That’s all.  Nothing earth shattering, but interesting to me.  I guess a milestone of some sort. 

I discovered this interesting fact early yesterday morning when I checked my blog.  I was so surprised that I took a picture of the stats for it. 

So to all my readers, a very big thank you from me for stopping in to visit.

In other news, there is no news.  I’m not writing any Karen Singer books right now, although I’ve got an idea in the back of my head that needs sorting out.  If you’re interested in my Kindle books, take a look at my book page on this blog.  The link is at the top somewhere.  And if you’re interested, buy a book and enjoy it.

Once again, thank you to all of you for visiting.  And a big special thanks to those that I know have been with me for many, many years. 

Have a great one.  Smile at someone.  And more importantly, look in the mirror and smile at yourself.  You deserve it!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Mister Mike - Chapter 21 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 21 – Part 1 of 2

     I woke up several times during the night.  Each time, my mind reminding me of what had happened.  Twice though, I woke up to pee into that massive diaper that now enclosed my locked up cock.  Each time I awoke, I rolled over on my stomach and tried to get some kind of sexual relief, but each time, it was like that little part of me down there wasn’t interested.  It wasn’t until early in the morning, when I was trying it again, that it started to get a little hard inside that plastic device, but that’s about all it did.  All feeling to it was now almost totally muted.  Was that why it wasn’t interested in responding?  Or was it simply that my mind knew what had happened and so my cock wasn’t bothering to try to do what it knew it couldn’t.  Either way, I was quickly becoming sexually frustrated.  I had humped that damn board last night, but now I was ready to get more relief the way I did nearly every morning and used to do almost every night.  But this time, that relief wasn’t going to come.  How long was Joanna going to keep me locked up in that thing?  I prayed it wouldn’t be long.
     Unable to get off, and unable to sleep, I got out of bed.  It was the weekend.  Saturday.  I could see the door to Ashley’s room, my old bedroom, was still closed.  But then I was guessing it would be.  As quietly as my locked on heels would allow, I went down the hall and peeked into the living room.  Joanna was still sleeping on the couch.  I went into the bathroom.  I couldn’t use the toilet, and since I already knew that Ashley wasn’t going to let me out of the diaper, I couldn’t take a shower either.  So I shaved and brushed my teeth.  That at least helped me feel a little better. 
     I went back to my room and laid on the bed.  I tried desperately to explore that chastity device with my hands through the massive padding of my diaper, but I couldn’t tell much about it at all.  From the tiny bit I had seen of it, I thought I had recognized what kind it was from pictures I had seen on the internet, but without closer examination, I couldn’t be sure.  I finally gave up.
     My eyes fell on the board leaning against the wall.  From where I was laying on the bed, I couldn’t see the hole in the bottom, but the lipstick marks on it where I’d had to kiss the thing last night were plain as day.  And surprisingly, they were all pretty much on top of each other.  But then with my cock stuck in that hole, my mouth couldn’t go far from where those kissing spots were.  Just looking at the thing though was major embarrassing.
     I finally closed my eyes and fell back asleep again, fantasizing about my cock being locked up, and fantasizing about being forced to make love to a piece of wood.  What fantasies?  It was all too real!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Breakfast was over and I was cleaning up the kitchen.  Of course I was still wearing the diaper Joanna had put on me last night.  I was also wearing a bra with those breast forms, my still locked on five inch heels, and I was again sucking on a pacifier.  But now I was also wearing that crazy French maid’s outfit over top of it all.  Let me tell you, there’s just something about that outfit that made me squirm with embarrassment just thinking about it.  But I already knew that that outfit was now my new daily uniform for whenever I was in the house.  I wasn’t sure if that was better than having my diaper fully on display or not.  The bottom of the diaper could still be seen under my skirt, but it was still a little less visible than before.  It was humiliating to dress like that, especially since my wet diaper was still always on display.  And trust me, that damn pacifier plugging up my mouth was terribly humiliating too.  Humiliating…and awfully demeaning.  Having to dress like that all the time can make you feel like you’ve been absolutely put in your place.  And I guess, I had been.
     Joanna came into the kitchen and started opening cupboard doors, looking through each one. 
      “What do you need?” I asked after pulling out that damn pacifier.  My eyes quickly took in the bag on the back of the counter that held her cookie jar – that I hadn’t even looked at yet.
      “I don’t know,” she replied.  She went back to looking through cupboards and I finished wiping down the counters.  Eventually she started going through the refrigerator.  And I remembered that most likely she and I would be going grocery shopping again.  I wasn’t looking forward to that.  She finally reached into the refrigerator and pulled out the large jar of mayonnaise.  She held it up and looked at it critically.  The jar was mostly empty, but there was still plenty of mayonnaise in the bottom of it.  She closed the refrigerator door and handed me the jar.  “Clean that out for me,” she told me.  “Nice and clean.  We’ll get more when we go shopping.”  She left me and headed out to the living room. 
     Not knowing what was going on, I turned the water on in the sink and began cleaning the large jar out.  The thing looked very much like a glass jar, except it was really plastic and lightweight.  Five minutes later, I had the thing clean and dry.  An empty jar.  But what the heck did Joanna need it for?  I screwed the lid back on it and went in search of her.  I found her in my bedroom, staring critically at that dumb board. 
      “Here it is,” I told her. 
     She took the jar and examined it critically.  “Thanks,” she said simply, then went back to staring at the board.  She stared a moment at the jar again, then back at the board.  “Mike,” she said, looking at the jar critically again.  “Would it be possible to cut a hole in the jar top…a little bigger than that hole in the board, and then attach the lid of this thing over top of that hole so that we can screw the jar to it?”
     It was fairly easy to picture what she wanted.  “Uh…yeah.  I’m sure I can.”
     She handed me the jar.  “Good.  Get busy.”  With that, she walked out.
     I carried everything out to my shop.  The hard part was cutting the hole in the metal lid.  I then glued it to the board and pounded a few small nails into it to help hold it in place.  The jar screwed easily back into the lid and was now attached to the board.  I was guessing her intent was to prevent having to clean up any more messes from my now locked up cock…if she ever unlocked me again. 
     I carried it all back to her in the house.  She examined it critically, then smiled.  “Bring it into the bedroom will you?”
Was she going to have me try it now?  I was certainly hopeful, but as it turned out, that wasn’t her intention at all.  Once in the bedroom, I leaned the board against the wall again…this time with that mayonnaise jar on full display. 
      “Mike,” she said.  “What I’m thinking of, is finding some way to hang the board from the ceiling, maybe with a piece of rope or something.  The only problem is, we have to make it so we can easily adjust the height.  Like maybe have the end of the rope tied to the wall over here, and then we can raise and lower it to wherever we need it.”
     I considered the problem.  Actually, there were several engineering problems that had to be considered, but none of them difficult.  “Uh…yeah, we can do that.  I can put a hole in the top of the board, attach a rope, then run it up through an eyebolt in the ceiling.  We can put a cleat of some sort over here on the wall and tie the end of it to it.  The only problem is that the board is heavy.  I’m going to need a really heavy eyebolt, and I’m also going to have to make sure it gets screwed into a ceiling joist so it doesn’t fall down.  To do that, I’m going to have to buy myself a stud finder to figure out where the ceiling joists are.”
      “A stud finder?”
      “You use it to kind of see through the walls to tell where the studs are.”
      “Well, I’m betting that if we use it on you, we certainly won’t find anything at all.  Look at you Michael.  A stud…you’re not!  Now come along, time to get you changed for shopping.  We can stop at the building supply store before we get groceries.”
     Ugh!  Out in public again.  But I knew it was coming.  Just not the part about going back to that building supply store.  The worst place in the world for someone like me.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     I was dressed exactly as I had been the night before, wearing my own clothes, but with my bulky wet diaper, my bra with the breast forms, and of course my still locked on shoes.  And yes, she did make me carry Ashley’s colorful purse again.  I should have argued with her about that.  I mean, that wasn’t part of our deal.  I was stuck in women’s shoes everywhere I went from now on, but there had been no mention of carrying a purse everywhere.  I think I was too afraid of her and what she might do to me if I did try to complain about it though.  So once again, that same all too colorful purse was either in my hands, or slung over my arm. 
     Once again, I followed Joanna into that building supply store.  I was all too aware of walking funny because of the heels on my feet…and the bulk of the diaper between my legs.  The clomp, clomp, clomp sound of my heels seemed to be all too loud just walking through the parking lot as we again headed for the lumber yard entrance.  That entrance was a good thing.  It wasn’t nearly as busy as the main entrance, and the tool and hardware sections of the store weren’t far from that entrance either.
      “Don’t forget,” Joanna said as we walked through those double doors, Ashley says you can’t leave here until you wet yourself again…inside the store.”
     That was news to me.  “Again?”
      “Why not?”
     I didn’t bother replying.  The tools were closest so I went there and looked through their stud finders.  Joanna had been right, dressed the way I was, there was no way I could possibly think of myself as a stud.  Fortunately, the tool I was after was looking for a different kind of stud.  One made of wood.  I only fucked wood…now.  It took a few minutes, but I made my selection, choosing a fairly good one.  If I was buying tools for myself, I wanted good ones. 
     From there we went to the hardware section and picked out a large eyebolt that I was sure could hold not only the weight of that board, but probably a horse as well.  We found some fairly thin but strong nylon rope a few aisles away.  But then we needed something to attach to the wall to tie the rope to.  That was much more difficult to find.  But after searching the hardware section far too long for my nerves, we finally decided on a large “U” shaped cabinet handle.  It would work about as well as anything else.
      “That’s it,” I said as I turned to head for the checkout registers.
      “Have you wet yourself yet?” she asked.
     I stopped right there.  “Not yet,” I replied, disappointed and frustrated that she hadn’t forgotten – like I had.
      “Then we can’t leave until you do.”
     Ugh!  “Let me try,” I told her.
      “Wait a second,” she said as she quickly fished through her purse and pulled out her cell phone.  She stepped back, aimed it at me, and said, “Go ahead.”
     Double ugh!  It took a bit of concentration, but it happened, once again, right there in the middle of macho land. 
     Joann laughed.  “The look on your face when you do that is priceless!”
     Yeah, I’m sure she thought so.  Feeling sillier than ever, I did my best to look only down at the floor and ignore the looks from everyone around us.  It wasn’t easy.  I felt totally humiliated.  “I can’t tell you how awful I feel walking around like this…especially in here,” I mentioned to Joanna.
     She laughed a bit.  “Why Mike?”
      “Because it’s embarrassing!”
     She laughed again.  “I know,” she said.  “That’s exactly why I want you looking like that.”
      “But everyone is laughing at me.”
      “Of course!  Isn’t that what you want?”
      “You say you don’t, but I’m betting a major part of you really does.  Besides, it doesn’t matter.  I want everyone looking at you and laughing at you.  And to be honest, I can’t wait to make things even worse for you.”
     Worse?  I didn’t even want to think about that.  But Joanna had been right about too many things. Even in my present circumstances, I could see where she would want to do nothing but show off what a total fool I was.
     Once again I got looked over, and snickered at by the girl at the cash register as I had to open my purse to pay for the stud finder, but we finally got out of there again – without being thrown out.  Maybe getting thrown out of the store would have been better.  If they did, then the next time I had to go back there, Joanna and Ashley wouldn’t make me dress humiliatingly in any way at all. 
     We got back in the car and headed for the grocery store, the next part of my major humiliation for the day.  It was Saturday morning, shortly before noon, and already it was turning out to be a major humiliating weekend.  First last night, with too many things I didn’t want to contemplate, and now shopping in two different major places.  How was I managing to live through it?  Those elephant butterflies in my stomach were certainly alive and active.
     Grab the shopping cart, finally get the purse off my arm and put it in the child’s seat.  Follow Joanna.  Push the cart.  Gather the groceries for the week.  And cringe at all the incredulous stares I was getting from the other customers.  “Oh my God!” I heard one customer exclaim.  “He’s got diapers on under those pants.  Big ones!” I heard someone else say.  “He’s wearing women’s heels!” yet someone else said.  I couldn’t look.  I couldn’t look at any of them.  Meeting anyone eye to eye was out of the question.  All I could do was try to keep my gaze off the faces of everyone around me.  Mostly I looked down, either at the floor or the lower shelves, or at Joanna’s feet.  Aisle after aisle.  Not skipping any.  And moving very slowly at little more than a snail’s pace.   
     We were about three quarters of the way through the store when Joanna turned to me and asked, “Have you wet yourself in here yet?”
     I was shocked.  “No.  I did that in the other store.”
      “And it’s been quite a while now, so I see no reason why you can’t do it here as well.  Don’t worry,” she said with one of those mischievous smiles, “we’ll stay here until you do.  “Oh, and Michael, don’t forget to let me know before you do it so I can take pictures for Ashley again.”
     Pictures for Ashley.  Wet myself, out in public, in the middle of a store – again!  Talk about demeaning. 
     Two aisles later, we entered the section of the store that sold baby things.  Once again Joanna looked things over all too carefully.  Halfway through it, she turned to me.  “Mike,” she said.  “This would be the perfect place for you to wet that diaper again.” 
     Something in my body froze.  Did she have to say it so loudly?  I couldn’t help but look up and see several different customers looking at us…with very shocked looks on their faces. 
     Joanna opened her purse and pulled out her phone again.  “I think we’ll wait right here for a while until you’ve managed to do it.”  She smiled that wicked smile at me again.  “Don’t forget to let me know before you do.  I’ll just look at all this sweet baby stuff we can get for you sometime.”
     I know my face turned red.  She had purposely said it loud enough that I know the other customers had heard.  In fact, as I glanced nervously around, all the other customers were looking right at me. 
     Joanna looked around too.  “We’re all waiting Mike.  Can you do it for us now?  Or do we have to wait right here?”
     This wasn’t just Joanna who would be watching me.  She was asking me to wet myself right in front of total strangers.  “Um…I can try,” I said nervously. 
     Joanna had me move away from the cart, into the center of the aisle.  Then she aimed her cell phone camera at me again.  My eyes had no choice but to see everyone else looking at me too.  I forced myself to look shamefully back at the floor.  I concentrated, and once again I found it all too easy to let loose in my diaper.  I was getting way too much practice at it now. 
      “Priceless!” I heard Joanna exclaim after hearing the click of her camera. 
     I moved back behind the cart while she sent the pictures to Ashley.  As we moved slowly through the aisle.  Two of the customers who had watched it all were still standing right where they had been, still staring at me as if they couldn’t believe it.  Well, I didn’t blame them.  I couldn’t believe it either.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---