Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Yes, I'm Okay


The question was asked in comments if I’m doing okay.  The answer is yes.  Better than expected.  My internal cancer check just came back clean.  Now I’m waiting to see the doctors for the external cancer.  Otherwise, I’m just getting old and worn out. 

I want to keep writing and at least finish the last story I started, but somehow I just haven’t been able to.  The novels I write under my own name have come to a halt as well, although I did write a three-book superhero story (with a body-switch problem you would all probably be interested in) that I have yet to be able to release.  A few years ago, I was turning out stories and releasing them within a few months.  I’ve been working over a year on these three books and have yet to get them release ready.  It’s just become hard for me for some reason.

Thank you for thinking of me.  I think of all of you as well, and wish each and every one of you nothing but the best.  And who knows, hopefully I can pull my head out of where it’s stuck and get it back on track and start writing again.  Love to you all!


Friday, November 3, 2023

Under Her Thumb - 7


Under Her Thumb – 7

By Karen Singer


An hour ago, she was buying breakfast for one of her snitches.  She did that occasionally, even when they didn’t have anything for her.  Her snitch today said he didn’t have anything, but during the course of their meal, he mentioned that he had heard a vague rumor that Jimmy the Reaper was back in town.  That had certainly caught her attention.  Her snitch hadn’t even known there was a bounty out on the Reaper.  A big one.  His information though was sketchy at best.  Third hand.  Still, now she was sitting here in her car watching the Reaper’s former girlfriend’s house, in hopes Jimmy might make an appearance.  For the amount of that reward, it was worth her time and effort, no matter how vague the tip.

With nothing better to do, she scrolled through her latest texts on her cellphone.  One from yesterday popped up immediately.  Not business.  Not her usual kind of business anyway.  She briefly read through the short exchange again.  Nice pics.  Are you ready for me yet?  She had texted back yesterday that no, she wasn’t ready yet.  She still had a long way to go.  That had ended that exchange.  She deleted the conversation.

But that short series of texts brought back the day she had yesterday with Josie…Josie now instead of Jozy.  Had he realized she was gradually changing his name?  Not that it mattered that much to her.  She didn’t care in the least what he might think about it.  Since she was sitting doing pretty much nothing, she sent Josie a short text.  I need pictures of your stocking tops or pantyhose in the next five minutes!

With that done, she sat back and relaxed, watching the dingy little house up the street.  It took six minutes before her phone signaled a text message coming through.  The extra minute didn’t matter to her, only the picture that was attached.  The top of his pantyhose.  That surprised her a bit.  But wearing them was his choice…as long as he was wearing them.  The picture was proof.  He sent back another text.  Good boy.

As she watched the house up the street, her mind briefly thought about her next step for Josie.  She would wait until next weekend to handle it.  Saturday.  If she wasn’t preoccupied with finding another slimebag and collecting the reward.  If she was busy, then Josie would just have to wait.

In the meantime, she intended on going easier on him this week.  Sort of.  But she had a feeling that over the course of the entire week he would start to realize just how much she now had him under her thumb.  Of course, she also had to wonder if he was bright enough to realize that at all.  Getting him to do almost anything had been remarkably easy.  The mark of a true submissive, whether he realized that or not.


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---


She had sat down the street from that little house for the entire day, and now evening was setting in and she was still there.  Patience and perseverance.  That’s how the game was played.  It was the only way to find what you wanted sometimes.  She checked her watch and figured Josie had to be home by now.  She sent him a text.  Have you had your bath yet and shaved your legs?

She was almost surprised when the answering text came back so quickly.  Not yet.  I just got home.

She texted back.  Good.  Start sending me pictures.  I want pictures of you pouring whatever you want to use into your bath water.  I want pictures of you shaving your legs in the bath.  I want pictures of you putting skin lotion on your legs and I want pictures of you in either the stockings or pantyhose before you put our pants on.  And finally, I want pictures of you wearing a pair of your heels!  Have you eaten yet?

His text message came back.  No.  I stopped in and got a hamburger to go.  I’ll eat it as fast as I can.

She texted back.  No!  Eat it later.  You can send me pictures of that too.  Now get busy with your bath!  Pictures Josie.  I need pictures!

While she waited, she noticed the car coming up the street from the other direction.  The car turned into the driveway of the house she had been watching and a woman got out.  Jimmy the Reaper’s girlfriend!  She saw the woman looking briefly all around before she headed quickly into the side door of her home.  That one little action was by far the most interesting thing she could have seen.  That brief look all around told her that most likely Jimmy was inside that house.  Her time sitting and waiting was not for nothing.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough proof for her to bust in there and try and capture him.  She was going to have to sit and wait.  Maybe all night.  Maybe tomorrow too.  But eventually she would find further proof of what she needed.

Her phone dinged a text coming in.  She saw Josie pouring liquid from the bottle of bath stuff.  Lovely.  She studied the picture for a few moments before continuing to watch the house up the street.  Five minutes later, she got another picture from Josie showing a razor shaving his legs.  She looked at that picture for quite a while.  But glancing up from the picture showed her another car entering the driveway.  The man who got out caught all her attention.  One of Jimmy’s best friends, and he was carrying three pizza boxes.  Too much pizza for just the girlfriend and him.  She watched until the friend went into the house, then went back to staring at the lovely picture of the razor against Josie’s leg.

Ten minutes later, she got another picture of Josie, this time showing a blob of skin lotion on his bare leg.  A few minutes later, she got one showing the pantyhose on his legs again.  She figured they were the same pantyhose he had worn all day, but she didn’t care at all about that.  Finally, she got a picture that showed the bottom of his pants just above the black patent high heels she had made him buy the day before.  Perfect!

She quickly sent him another text.  Lovely pictures.  Now, before you eat your dinner, wet your pants.  I want a picture of your uneaten burger in front of your nasty pee-soaked pants.

It was a few minutes before that picture came through, but when it did, she nearly laughed.  This had been the best way possible to spend her time on a boring stakeout.  She sent him another text.  Enjoy your dinner.  Let me know when you’re done.

It wasn’t too long before she got a text from him letting her know he had finished eating. 

Now it was time for the screws.  She sent him a long text.  I don’t care what you do tonight, but I want your hand down inside your wet pants playing with yourself constantly.  Non-stop!  All night until you go to bed.  After you go to bed too if you like.  And don’t forget, whenever you have to pee, you pee in those disgusting pants.  Don’t you dare remove anything you’re wearing, including those pretty new heels.  I don’t have much to do tonight, so I’ve got you on my mind.  Just in case I decide to come over there and walk in on you, don’t let me catch you not wearing a pair of heels, and don’t let me catch you without your hand down inside your wet pants.  And Josie, just so you know, when I make little visits like that from time to time, I get angry if my instructions aren’t followed to the letter.  And don’t forget, you’ve still got two more consequences to account for.

She sent the text off and figured that would hold him for the rest of the night.  It would have to hold her too, but it did give her lots of lovely thoughts to think about while she sat there and waited for something to happen in the little house up the street.


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---


The following morning, she was more than a bit perturbed.  The night before, she had sat down the street from the girlfriend’s house until nearly three in the morning, but nobody had come out and nothing had happened.  She finally went home and went to bed.  This morning she was again sitting down the street from the little house, watching it.  The girlfriend’s car was gone now, and so was the car belonging to Jimmy’s best friend.  There was no movement at all from the little house.  She was tempted to go over there and break in just for a quick look, but she dared not.  In the daylight, with no evidence, it would be a clear case of breaking and entry.  Even the police couldn’t do that without a warrant.

She sent Josie another text asking for pictures of the top of his stockings again.  Ten minutes later she had the picture.  Stockings.  No garter belt.  Lovely!  She started her car and went home, but she would be back later to sit and do another stakeout on the house.


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---


It wasn’t until her third evening watching the little house that she got her first break.  The night before she had sent the same exact instructions to Josie asking for the same pictures.  She had done the same thing again tonight.  She would continue to do it every night for a while.  She wanted to do a surprise inspection at his apartment tonight, but she couldn’t leave her stakeout position.

It was eight o’clock and dark.  She saw the side door of the house open, and the girlfriend came out and headed for her car.  But before the girlfriend reached her car, she saw the door open again and the girlfriend looked back.  It was difficult to see in the dark, but she was almost sure she saw Jimmy stick his head out the door for a brief moment while he talked to his girlfriend.  But it was only a very brief moment and then the head was gone.  As she watched, the girlfriend got into her car and drove away.  Had it been Jimmy?  She thought so, but she wasn’t sure.  It had simply been too dark to tell.

She had two choices, go in there and find out if Jimmy was really there, or follow the girlfriend.  She decided to follow the girlfriend.  She started the car and drove off.  A few minutes later, she watched the girlfriend park her car in front of a supermarket.  She followed her into the store to see what she would buy.  Ice-cream, beer, and lots of snacks.  Nothing she could use, although it looked like a lot for just one person.  But then she had already seen someone stick their head out that door.  Someone she thought might be Jimmy the Reaper.

She bought a few extra snacks for her stakeout then went back to her car.  Since the supermarket wasn’t that far from Josie’s apartment, she decided to make a quick detour, heading for Josie’s apartment.

Once there, she went to his door and using her lockpicks, she quietly unlocked the door.  She pulled a COVID mask over her face.  When she was ready, she opened the door and barged in as fast as she could.  “Josie!  What are you doing?”

She saw the frightened look on his face.  She also saw that he was just sitting there on top of a sheet of plastic on his chair, watching TV without his hand down in his pants like she had told him he had to.  The smell of his pee-soaked pants was strong in his apartment as she walked up to him and slapped his face.  “Put that hand down in the front of your pants and start playing with yourself!” she ordered.

His hand went down, but he complained, “But I can’t do anything!  I can’t get hard!  And it’s starting to hurt!”

She stuck her face close to his face.  “That’s the point.  The next time I catch you without your hand down there playing with yourself, I’ll glue that hand to your cock and balls so you can’t remove it!  You’ll have no choice but to keep playing with it.”

The fright on his face was clear.  So was the movement of his hand trying to play with things inside his pants.  Movement that wasn’t going to let him get any real enjoyment out of the disgusting thing he was doing.  She took a moment to look him over more closely.  Everything now seemed to be perfect.  “Lovely Josie.  Lovely.  Now just stay like that for the rest of the night.  Maybe I’ll pop in later to make sure, maybe not.  I found you this time not doing what you were supposed to.”  She turned and said one last thing to him, “Ta-ta Josie.”

With that she left him and headed back to her stakeout.  She was sure she had seen Jimmy’s face sticking out that door.  She just wasn’t totally certain of it.


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---


Thursday night she was back again at her stakeout.  She just knew that Jimmy the Reaper was there in that house, and she was going to catch him and get that reward if it was the last thing she did.  She was quick to notice though that his girlfriend’s car wasn’t in the driveway yet.  Where was she?  Had Jimmy and her gone off somewhere while she wasn’t around?  The only thing she could do was sit there and watch…and wait.

As usual, she had gotten the picture of Josie’s stocking tops earlier that day, and once again the pictures of him in the bath shaving his legs and getting ready for an evening of wearing wet pants and playing with himself all night were starting to gradually come in.

Her attention on Josie’s pictures though was interrupted when she saw Jimmy’s girlfriend finally pull into the driveway.  She got out and opened the trunk of her car and started pulling grocery bags out.  She saw the side door of the house open, and a head stick out and look around.  Jimmy’s head!  She was sure of it this time.  After looking around quickly, Jimmy himself came out of the house to help carry the groceries inside.  She grabbed her sawed off shotgun and was about to go in and arrest Jimmy, when Jimmy’s best friend pulled into the driveway again.  Bad odds.  Jimmy she could probably take alone, but not the two of them.  Not with the reputation they had.

Once all the groceries had been unloaded and everyone disappeared into the house, she left as well.  She would come back later and check the situation.

Instead of going home, she headed for Josie’s apartment.  Since the last time she had made a surprise visit, Josie’s hand had not been where it belonged, before going to his apartment, she opened the trunk of her car and rifled through her bag of tools.  She pulled out a couple of small items and stuck them in the pocket of her jeans.  Only then did she head for his door.

As she had done before, she used her lockpicks to open the lock before pulling the covid mask over her face.  She opened his door as quietly as possible and snuck silently inside.  She heard the TV going again and found him in the same chair as last time.  And like last time, his hand wasn’t down inside his pants.  “Josy!” she yelled loudly.  She watched as he jumped so fast he nearly fell out of his chair.  He jumped up and turned around to see her.

“Where does that hand belong?” she yelled.  His hand went straight back into his wet pants, and she saw the obvious motion of him playing with himself in there.  “This is two times in a row I’ve stopped by to inspect things and found the same damn problem.  You can’t seem to remember the simple instructions I gave you.  Pull that hand out and pull those wet pants down.  Now!”

The moment he had his wet pants down to his knees she moved in.  From her pocket she pulled a short length of thin steel chain.  She wrapped it tightly around the blue blob that was his cock and balls.  She grabbed his hand and pulled it down to the blue blob.  “Grab it!” she ordered sternly.  The moment his hand was around the plastic-coated cock and ball blob, she wrapped the chain tightly around his wrist as well.  From her pocket she pulled out a small combination lock.  Bringing the ends of the chain tightly together, she put the lock through the chain and closed it.  She backed away.  “Now try to pull your hand away,” she told him.

Joe did his best to pull his hand back from his cock and balls, but he couldn’t, and the way she had chained it there, his hand landed perfectly on top of it all and stayed right there.  He tugged a few times, but it was obvious that his hand wasn’t going anywhere.

“Perfect!” she said to herself as she moved in one more time.  She pulled his pants up for him, fastened them, and fastened his belt as tight as she could, further trapping his hand down inside his pants.

“Now,” she said.  “That hand will stay there until morning.  I’ll text you the combination early enough so that you can unfasten it and get ready for work.  With a smile and a small laugh, she said, “Ta-ta, Josie.  Enjoy yourself.”

From Josie’s apartment, she went and got herself some dinner and a few snacks.  Then she went back to her stakeout spot down the street from Jimmy the Reaper’s girlfriend’s house.  Hours later, she saw the friend get back in his car and leave, but there was no further sign of either Jimmy or his girlfriend.  Knowing it was too dangerous for her to break in on a man like Jimmy, she headed home for the night.

She knew Jimmy was in there.  She just had to figure out how she could get him out of that house in such a way that she could capture him.


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---


Early Friday morning she found herself back at her stakeout spot once again.  Early enough that she didn’t text Josie the combination to free his hand until after she had parked her car.  She watched as Jimmy’s girlfriend got into her car and left for work, but there was no sign of Jimmy.  An hour later, she texted Josie to send her the latest pictures of his stocking tops.  It was ten minutes before they came in, but she didn’t care about the few extra minutes.  Her mind was mostly on her problem of Jimmy the Reaper inside his girlfriend’s house, and how she was could manage to get at him.

She had been parked down the street from that house, watching it all week now.  She could be patient when she needed to, but her patience was running out.  She spent most of the morning thinking about the events that took place that she had seen from her stakeout position.  Shortly before lunch, a possible course of action came to her.  She started her car and took off.  No use sitting there right now.  She would come back later.

She returned to her stakeout position about half an hour before Jimmy’s girlfriend usually got home from work.  The minute she got there though, she texted Josie with a few new instructions to keep him busy for much of the evening.  His first new instruction was to go into a store somewhere on his way home from work and wet his pants in the store, sending pictures of course.  Then she wanted him to spend at least half an hour in the store and send another picture of his wet pants just before he left.  Then she wanted him to stop at a fast-food restaurant and go inside to order his meal, naturally with more pictures.  When he got home, it was back to his usual routine of bath, shaving his legs, moisturizer, hose, and heels.  But as soon as he was done, she wanted him to sit down and paint his fingernails.  And of course, she was demanding that he send her lots of lovely pictures.

Knowing that Josie was going to be busy for a while, she grabbed the few things she knew she was going to need before she got out of her car and headed carefully for the house she had been watching.  She prayed that it would be only Jimmy’s girlfriend that showed up.  If his best friend came, then she had no doubt that things could get really dicey, and she was worried about how bad it was going to be as it was.

Sawed off-shotgun in hand, she hid herself behind the corner of the house, just past the end of the driveway.  Now it was a waiting game.

The girlfriend’s car pulled into the driveway.  She waited and listened.  She heard her getting out of her car.  She heard her climbing the few steps up the back door, and she heard her opening the door.  She moved as fast as she could.  As the girlfriend was still opening the door, she ran up behind her and literally pushed her inside and down onto the floor.  She ran forward through the kitchen, noticing Jimmy the Reaper heading into the kitchen from the other direction.  Her shotgun was already up and ready.  “Drop to the floor!” she commanded.  Instead of dropping, Jimmy dodged to the side and dove behind the kitchen table.  She dropped to the floor herself and let loose with a blast of her shotgun under the table, but she wasn’t aiming at Jimmy, she aimed and hit the kitchen wall right next to him.  Her hands pumped the shotgun to load another cartridge in record time as she kept the gun trained right on Jimmy.

But then she was attacked from behind.  The damn girlfriend had jumped on her back.  She twisted and threw the girlfriend off and smacked her in the head with the butt of her gun.  But by that time, Jimmy himself was there.  She had a rule she tried to follow whenever possible.  You don’t mess around with perpetrators.  Any perpetrator!  You take them out fast and don’t give them a way to fight back or escape.  Unfortunately, this time, she had underestimated Jimmy’s girlfriend, which gave Jimmy the chance to fight back.

Lying on her back, she saw Jimmy’s big fist coming down toward her face.  She managed to deflect it with a swipe of her shotgun barrel.  Jimmy’s other hand came around and grabbed the barrel of her gun.  Still on the floor, on her back, she kicked with everything she had, right up into Jimmy’s groin.  The big man backed away in obvious pain.  She got to her knees and managed to swing the butt of her shotgun and hit his head.  He went down to the floor.  The girlfriend charged her again but this time she shoved the barrel of her gun right into the girl’s stomach.  She backed away and fell to the floor in agony.

Jimmy was starting to move back toward her again, but he was still on his knees and off balance.  Before he could grab her or her gun, she shoved the butt of her gun into his head one more time, knocking him back to the floor and nearly knocking him out.  Before he could recover, she was on him, pulling his arms behind his back.  She had him handcuffed in no time.  Then she went over to the girlfriend and used her second pair of handcuffs on her like she had planned on doing all along.  The perpetrator, and the accomplice who harbored the criminal.  She was going to get a very nice payday for this.

Before going outside to get her car, she grabbed a lamp from the living room table and used the electrical cord from it to tie Jimmy’s ankles together.  She used another one to tie the girlfriend’s ankles together.  Still praying that Jimmy’s friend wouldn’t show up, she ran back to her car and pulled it into the driveway.  Back inside the house, she moved the electrical cord bindings on both of their ankles to just above their knees, making it very difficult for either of them to walk.  She forced them to walk that way out to her car where she secured both of them safely in the back seat of her car.  She was gone a minute later.

As she looked back through her rearview mirror, she thought she saw the friend’s car coming up the street behind her and pulling into the driveway.  That was close!  If he had been there, she would have probably had to really shoot someone.

The pictures Josie sent of him painting his fingernails, and one final one of his nails finished came in long before she was finished processing Jimmy and his girlfriend.  But right then, Josie was a very distant subject for her to think about.  She had just captured one of the most wanted men in the state.  One that was going to bring her perhaps the biggest reward she had ever earned.

When she was done with the process of turning them in, she had only one thing on her mind.  Celebrating!  But as she finally sat in her car and went through the pictures Josie had sent that evening, she decided something else.  Tomorrow was Saturday.  She would continue celebrating tomorrow by taking care of Josie’s second consequence.  It was about time now to start changing his life even more.  She knew he wasn’t going to like it, but that was too bad.  This was the plan all along.

With a few minutes of work on her cellphone, she forwarded most of the pictures that Josie had sent that evening off to someone else.  Someone who was very interested in what she was doing with him.  Someone who was waiting only for her to finish.


Monday, October 16, 2023

Brain Dead

Hi all.

 No I’m not dead (yet).  Although sometimes it feels like it.  I do have more heath issues than I can shake a stick at.  Actually, I’m not sure how healthy it would be for me to shake a stick anymore.  I’m still alive though.  Still trying.  Still fighting.  Still getting through life the best I can.  I just have more issues to deal with than I used to.  The latest now is skin cancer, my second type of cancer to deal with. 

I do still love to write and I’m trying to write.  But for the last few months it’s not going very well.  I’m happy about the days when I can get a single sentence or story thought put down on a page.  The days when I can put several sentences or maybe even a few paragraphs together are great ones.  The days when I somehow manage to churn through several pages of story like I used to in a matter of minutes or hours are truly days to celebrate. 

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is for me now to sometimes not be able to remember a simple common word.  That seems to happen to me once in a while now.  I go for days, sometimes an entire week before that single simple word suddenly pops back into my head.  Weird!  And frustrating.  Growing old is LOTS of fun, but at least I’m still alive.

I am writing something though, although it’s another book in my own name.  It’s a three book superhero story I started early in the year that I’m still not done with.  I got through book one as quicky as usual, and it turned out fantastic.  Book two went pretty well too.  But as soon as I got into book three, the finale to the whole thing, my head went into la-la land and nothing seems to be coming out of it.  I can’t publish any of it until I finish it and it’s going nowhere.

If I ever do finish it, maybe I can get back to writing and finishing some of the stories I started here.  We’ll see.  As usual, no promises about anything anymore.  I do think about all of you often though.  I just can’t seem to get my brain going anymore.

 Love to you all,


Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Under Her Thumb - ?

I’m purposely not keeping to any posting schedule anymore, but I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait extra long for the next installment of Under Her Thumb.  I read through my newest chapter and hated every bit of it, so I deleted the entire thing.  I’ll have to start from scratch on this chapter as soon as I find a new direction to take it.  Sorry. 

Monday, May 8, 2023

Under Her Thumb - 6


Under Her Thumb – 6

By Karen Singer



His body had a need.  A want.  A huge desire.  All of it amounting to a constant state of discomfort.

All he could remember of her visit the day before, was pain.  There was no question in his mind that today he would follow her wishes to the letter – no matter what!  Discomfort was better than pain any day.  Before yesterday, he hadn’t been worried in the least about her consequences.  They had been nothing but empty threats to try and get him to do what she wanted.  Now, he knew better.  Her consequences weren’t empty threats at all.  They were painfully real!

The blue plastic that coated his cock and balls wasn’t exactly uncomfortable.  In fact, if he was lucky, he could ignore it completely and not even feel it…for a while.  But he supposed it was still too new for him to ignore it that much.

The biggest problem with it was that it was tight!  Very tight.  He’d do anything to be able to loosen the entire thing up a bit.  But of course, that was impossible.

The other minor little problem he had with it, was peeing.  Oh, he could pee standing up with it just fine as long as he wasn’t wearing any pants, but since it was all one big blob where he couldn’t separate his cock from his balls, and his balls were a lot bigger than his cock in there, he couldn’t manage to get his cock out through the fly of his pants.  There was just no pulling any of it out and away from his body at all.  He was stuck either pulling his pants and underwear completely down to stand up and pee, or of course, do the same thing and sit.  Either way, he already knew that using a urinal at work, or anywhere else, was going to be out until he could get the damn thing off.  If it was even possible to get it off.  It wasn’t like there was any kind of lock on the thing.  It was all one piece.  Solid.  And it was attached…to him!

How long did she intend on making him wear the damn thing?  He was afraid to ask.  Almost.  That was one of the biggest questions he intended on asking her.  That is, if she allowed him to ask any questions at all today.

She was coming again today.  Two o’clock.  That thought would have delighted him to no end before yesterday.  But today, he was simply scared.  And that was despite the fact that she had told him that today would be nothing but fun.  Somehow, he doubted that very much.  Well, he had to admit, deep down, he was probably going to love it, and hate it at the same time.  Still, he was scared.

What would she make him do today?  He could only imagine.  In fact, if she did any of the things he was imagining, he would be in absolute heaven today.  Except that some of those things he was imagining might be outside of his apartment, and those things would be nothing but pure hell instead.  He could only hope he’d be staying home.  He already had nail polish.  He already had stockings.  What more could she want?

He had no doubt she would probably make him play with himself today…after he wet his pants.  Like always.  Play with himself, just to get the point across that he couldn’t play with himself.  Not and get any kind of real fun.

He squeezed with his hand around his cock once again.  He had been sitting there for a long time now with his hand down inside his pants, playing with himself.  Squeezing the damn thing.  It was a useless exercise, but he couldn’t seem to help himself.  The problem there was the same as with peeing.  He couldn’t separate his cock from his balls, and since she had shrunk his cock with the ice water before she put that plastic prison on him, his cock was still tiny inside there.  Squeezing his cock meant squeezing his balls at the same time.  And that was painful.  Still, he couldn’t seem to help himself.  He’d never let her know that of course.  But then, he was only doing it because he had a need.  A want.  A need for sexual releasee he couldn’t seem to get.

How long would he be stuck in the thing?

He glanced at the clock.  Almost two.  He pulled his hand out of his pants and hurried to the bathroom where he washed his hands so she wouldn’t smell anything from what he had been doing inside his pants.  His bathroom smelled a little like that bath junk she had told him to put in it.  So did he.  How long before that stuff wore off, so he didn’t smell like it anymore?  Hopefully, not too long.

He glanced down at his feet.  The red nail polish was clearly visible through his hose.  Stockings again today.  He had been tempted to try something different with the pantyhose instead, but he had decided to stick with the separate stockings.  The problem there was that he had to keep pulling them up once in a while.  Maybe the pantyhose would have been better…if they didn’t fall down like the stockings did.

The red nail polish on his fingers simply couldn’t be missed.  He still wasn’t used to seeing that red color flash around him every time he did anything at all with his hands…except stick them down inside his pants.

He was startled by the knock at his door.  He was expecting another phone call.  He was expecting to have to lie on the floor again before she came in.  He hurried to answer the door.  He opened it and….

“Well, hello there Jozy,” she said.

He was staring at her face…except, he couldn’t see her face.  She was wearing a pink wig and a COVID mask.  Why hadn’t she bothered to wear that yesterday?  He didn’t know what to call her.  Mistress?  But she had never said.  “Hello,” he replied and backed up to let her in.  As she came in, he could see the way she was looking him over.  Behind that mask, he couldn’t tell if she was smiling or not.  He just didn’t want to get punished.  After yesterday, he’d do almost anything to avoid that.

With the door closed behind her, he stood there while she walked all around him.  He couldn’t help but notice that unlike yesterday, today she was wearing a short dress, stockings, and high heels.  She had a large purse slung over her arm.  His eyes tried to follow her legs, but they soon disappeared as she walked around behind him.

He felt her head leaning over his shoulder so she could whisper in his ear.  “Have you had any fun since yesterday?” she asked.

“Fun?  I can’t!”

She laughed.  “How much have you tried?”

“Some,” he admitted.  He’d never tell her that there had been many times his hand had wound up down the front of his pants before he realized what he was doing.

“Did you try it wetting your pants too?”

“Once,” he admitted.

“Hm!” she said, sounding amused.  “Is it nice to be able to see the pretty red nail polish through your hose again?  Is it nice to see how pretty your legs are again?”

“Yes,” he admitted.  He was going to leave it at that, but he didn’t.  “It’s just that…”  But he stopped, not sure he should continue.

“It’s just what?” she asked.

No sense not telling her.  “It’s just that…I want to see my legs when I do it.  Or try to do it now, since I really can’t do it.  With my pants on, I can’t see my legs.  Just my feet.”

“Oh,” she replied as she continued to walk around him.  “Now that’s an interesting little problem.  One we’re going to have to look into a bit further.  Soon.  But not today,” she told him.  “In the meantime….”  She leaned in close to his ear and whispered.  “Do you have any short pants?  Try those.  Later, we’ll try to figure out something…better.”


She backed away.  “Who knows.  The shorts was just a suggestion.  I know how much you love wetting your pants.  I wonder if it will be better for you wearing long pants or short pants.  But that’s not on the menu for today.”

“Uh…what is?” he asked.

“Why Jozy.  What a question.  More things to make your legs look better of course.”



“Like what?”

Beneath her mask she was smiling evilly.  “We’ll just have to see.  Won’t we.”  She backed away from him a bit.  “Now…first things first,” she told him.  Go put your shoes on.  We’re going out.”


“Yes!  Of course.  I’ve got a fun day lined up for us, so no time to dawdle.  Shoes Jozy.  Let’s go.”

“But…I don’t want to go out?”

She slowly moved right into his face.  “Jozy.  Tell me honestly.  Do you really think what you want matters to me at all?  Or would you rather we did a repeat of yesterday instead.  And trust me, I’ve got lots of other fun games we can play like I did yesterday.  Not to mention, you’ve still got two more consequences we need to take care of.  Or did you want to make it three again?”

All Joe could think about was how horrible yesterday had been, and all the pain he had been forced to endure.  Not to mention, his cock and balls where now fixed in such a way that even peeing was a major hassle…let alone getting any pleasure down there.  “No!” he said quickly.

“Are you going to give me any trouble today then?” she asked.

He hung his head.  “No.  I just don’t want…any more pain.  Please!”

“Good answer,” she whispered.  “Shoes Jozy.  Get ready to go out with me.  And don’t be silly enough to think about covering up those lovely hose you’re wearing with socks.  That would be just stupid.”

He didn’t answer.  He headed for his bedroom and put his shoes on.  He grabbed his wallet, keys, and cellphone and stuck them in his pockets.  He was ready to go out…except he wasn’t.  He didn’t want to go out.  There was too much of a chance that if his pants rode up someone might notice the stockings he was wearing.  And that didn’t come close to his embarrassment over his red fingernails that he knew would be impossible to hide.  Like it or not, he was going out into public this way.  And like it or not, he just knew he would be facing a day of worse humiliation than just his fingernails.  At least, he expected that to be the case.

“Ready Jozy?” she asked as he came back from his bedroom.

He said nothing.  Together they headed for the door.  She opened it and walked out, but just before going through the door, Joe had another little problem.  He paused just a moment to grab his right pants leg, and the stocking underneath, and he pulled the stocking up before straightening his pants leg again.  Then he did the same with his other stocking under his other pants leg.

“What’s the matter Jozy?” she asked, already seeing the problem.  “Are your stockings falling down?”

“Yes,” he replied.  “Some of them stay up, but this pair seems to be worse than the others.”

“Not to worry, Jozy,” she told him.  “We’ll fix that problem today too.  Now come along.  And I think I’ll let you drive.”

Feeling foolish about being outside with his bright red fingernails, Joe led the way down to his car.  He felt better about being inside the protective environment of his car, but that did nothing to quell the trepidation over what might lie ahead.

She gave him directions, knowing exactly where she wanted to go.  Fifteen minutes later, Joe found himself driving through a large parking lot with a number of large stores bordering it.

“Park anywhere around here,” she told him.

He found a parking place as close to the stores as he could get, which wasn’t close enough for his comfort.

“Come along Jozy,” she said happily.  “I just know you’re going to love this.”

Joe wasn’t exactly too sure about that.  Fearing her wrath, he got out of the car and walked with her toward the stores ahead.  Once they reached the sidewalk, she veered to the right and led him directly into a large shoe store.

Joe’s first thought was not just his fingernails, but the darn stockings he was wearing.  His second thought was the realization that she was leading him away from the men’s shoes.  A minute later, he realized another thing.  She was looking at only very sexy high heels.  Very high heels!  He just knew she was going to want him to buy a pair.  He was just too afraid to actually say anything.

He saw her pointing toward a small bench.

“Sit,” Jozy.  “Take your shoes off.”

He couldn’t remain silent any longer.  “You want me to buy…heels?”

He saw her looking at him like he was crazy.  “Of course, Jozy.”  She moved closer to him.  “What is it we’re trying to do here Jozy?  Make your legs look better of course.  Look at my legs,” she said.

The truth was, he had been most looking at her legs…until they had walked into this store.  His eyes seemed to automatically find her legs again though.

“Don’t they look great in heels?”

He didn’t bother answering.

“Jozy!” she said sternly.  “I asked you if my legs look great when I wear heels.”

“Yes!” he replied quickly.  “Really good.”

“See,” she said, backing away a bit.  “And we want your legs to look just as good.  So Jozy, I ask you, what do we need to buy then?”

He knew the answer.  He didn’t want to say it, but she wasn’t exactly leaving him a way out.  “Heels.”

“Right!” she declared.  “So get those shoes off while I try to find something pretty to stick on your feet.”

Joe really hated his life just then.  And worse, that darn plastic encasing his cock and balls felt like it was squeezing them tighter than ever.  Hating doing it since he feared what she might do to him if he didn’t, he sat down and removed his shoes, completely revealing his socking covered feet and the red toenails that could be plainly seen through them.  It was…embarrassing!

Things didn’t get any better for him when he watched her searching among the boxes before she pulled one off the shelf.  She carried it over to him and handed it to him.

“Try those on,” she told him.

His plastic covered balls were aching like mad as he opened the lid on the box to reveal a pair of beige colored shoes with very high thin heels and two straps that would go over his foot and his ankle.  He didn’t want to touch them, even though part of him was dying to touch them and put them on.  But the embarrassing situation pretty much prevented him from feeling any of that fun, and that didn’t count the way the plastic in his pants prevented it as well.  Just touching the shoes felt shocking.

With her standing right over him, he dared not try and get out of it.  After yesterday, he knew he would have no choice but to do this…in public…with other people watching.  Damn his balls hurt just then.

He pulled one of the shoes from the box.  It took him a moment to get the straps out of the way.  He bent down and forced his foot into the shoe.  It immediately felt weird.  Putting his foot firmly on the floor he began putting his red nailed fingers to work buckling the straps, one over top of his foot, the other wrapping around his ankle.  The feel of the high heel preventing his foot from being flat wasn’t lost on him.  It was mostly what he was concentrating on as he buckled the shoe on.

“Do the other one too,” she told him.

“He grabbed the second shoe and repeated the process.  All too soon, both of his feet were stuck at an extreme odd angle against the floor.  He knew she was going to say it.  He just knew it!

“Beautiful!” she declared.  “Stand up and walk a bit.”

Yeah.  He had been exactly right.  He carefully stood up.  The shoes felt even stranger with his full weight balancing on them.  He chanced taking a careful step, then another one.  Manageable, but…weird.  Was anyone watching him…other than her?  Red fingernails.  Stockings, and now very high heels.  His eyes glanced around.  “Yeah.  A few people were watching.  Damn!  And there was nothing he could do about it.

“Lovely, Jozy,” she declared happily.  “Stay there a minute while I try to find something else.”

No!  She was prolonging his torture!  But he stood  there, not moving, looking down at her legs so he wouldn’t have to see how many people were watching his embarrassment.  She seemed to be taking her time as she looked over all the dressy women’s shoes.  He finally noticed her pulling another box from the shelf.

“Okay Jozy,” she said.  “Get those off and try these next.”

He sat back down and gratefully began unfastening the shoes he was wearing.  He still couldn’t get used to seeing the red nail polish on his fingers.  He carefully put the beige shoes back in the box and opened the next one.  No surprise, very high thin heels again.  This time in black patent leather.  No straps.  Without being told, one shoe found its way onto his foot, then the other.  He stood carefully.  For some reason, they felt even weirder than the first pair.

“Walk around a bit,” she prompted.

Again, he took a few careful steps.  Then he had to stand there as she once again went back to looking over the shoe selection.

One pair after another.  All kinds, all colors.  Some with sparkly jewels, some in different materials.  But all of them with high thin heels.  He was forced to change shoes, stand, then walk around a bit.  He was starting to get the feeling that she wasn’t going to make him buy any of them.  She just wanted to prolong his torture out in public by making him try so many pairs on.

He had noticed another little problem going on too, one that he was surprised she hadn’t noticed.  His stockings were falling down again and were starting to bunch up around his ankles.  The feeling of them doing that inside his pants had him wanting to pull them up in the worst way, but he’d never do that inside the store.  It was bad enough doing it at home when he was alone.

Finally, she had him try one of the previous pairs of shoes on again, then a different previous pair, gradually whittling the selection down from about a dozen pairs to two.  The first two that she had made him try on to begin with.

He was again wearing the beige pair with the straps when she finally said, “You know what Jozy.  I love both of them on you.  “Keep the beige pair you have on and put your old shoes in the box.  But let’s also get the black patent pair as well.  I know you’ll enjoy both pairs.”

Two pairs of heels!  And she was making him wear one pair out of the store!  He couldn’t believe it.  No, he could believe it.  He had been very much afraid she would do this to him.  Like it or not, he put his men’s shoes into the empty box, grabbed the box with the black patent pumps, and began the arduous trip tottering his way carefully through the store toward the checkout counter.  How many people were watching him?  From what he could see, more than a few.  He was so embarrassed, he could have wet himself…a real accident in his pants.  Fortunately, he kept it together at least that much.

Red fingernails flashing, he paid for his purchases, thankful that the girl at the checkout counter didn’t say one word about what he was doing, and soon he was tottering his way carefully out of the store with a large bag in his hands.  It was a huge relief for him to get out of there.  With home primarily on his mind, he was glad when she led the way directly toward his car.

“We’ll just drop that big bag off here Josie,” she told him, “and continue our shopping.”

He nearly died.  “Continue?”

“Of course,” she replied.  “How do those shoes feel?”

“Weird and uncomfortable.  They’re very hard to walk in.”

“You just need to get used to them,” she told him.  “Don’t worry, you’ll be getting lots of practice.  I guarantee it.  Like now.  More shopping.  And it’ll be for your legs too.”

“More for my legs?”

“Josie, Josie, Josie.  That’s what this is all about.  Remember?  Now while we’re here, pull your stockings up again.  They look terrible all bunched up at your ankles like that.  You really need to learn to keep after them better.  Remember, we’re trying to make your legs and feet look good.  Can’t have pesky little problems like that now, can we.”

Joe threw the large bag from the shoe store into the back seat of his car, then hoping he was hidden by the other cars, he began the arduous process of pulling his stockings up inside his pants.  Unfortunately, as long as the process took, it didn’t take him long enough.  Before he knew it, they were walking back toward all the stores lining the parking lot.

He was more than aware of the click, click, click sound his heels continually made against the pavement and sidewalk.  He was equally aware of all the people who were glancing down and looking at the kind of shoes he was wearing.  He wasn’t sure if he should be grateful that she wasn’t walking too fast for him to keep up, or if he would have preferred that she hurried so they could get out of there sooner.  But walking in those heels was just plain difficult!  Everything about it was nerve wracking!

He followed her in through another door.  A door to a large store.  He saw clothes all around him.  No, he wasn’t the least bit surprised when she led him toward all the women’s clothes.  Where else would she take him?  She seemed to look at clothes all over the place in there.  Slowly dragging him this way, then that way.  Prolonging his embarrassment by making it look like she was actually shopping.  She wasn’t going to make him buy some of those clothes she was looking at, would she?  But he knew better.  She very well might!

It was some time before Joe found himself following her through the lingerie section.  But that was where she seemed to become a woman on a mission.  She looked all around, but she didn’t seem happy.

“You can never find any help when you need it?” she complained.

Help from a salesperson was the last thing Joe wanted just then.  She kept looking though, and he kept following her around, glad that there weren’t too many people in that part of the store and his embarrassing shoes were mostly hidden by the racks of clothing all over the place.

“Oh!” she exclaimed.  “Here they are.  Who would have thought they’d put them over here?”

It took Joe a moment to figure out what she was looking at.  It took him another moment to figure out what they were.  The straps on them finally gave them away.  Garter belts!

“Okay Josie,” she said.  “Now let’s see what would look best on you.”

There, in the store, where anybody might see what she was doing, Joe had to stand there while she pulled garter belts off the racks and held them up against the front of his pants.  Once again he came close to wetting his pants for real.  Running away while wearing very high thin heels wasn’t going to work very well.  Not to mention, with two different straps keeping the things tied to his feet, he couldn’t just kick them off.  He had no choice but to stand there and let her do it.

“Which ones do you like best?” she asked as she held another garter belt up to him.

“Uh…I don’t know,” he replied.

“No opinion?” she asked, sounding surprised.  “Do you want me to pick for you?”

“Uh…please?” he said, just wanting to get the ordeal over with.

“Sure,” she told him, sounding happy.  “I think…this one, and…this one she finally decided as she held up the two most colorful and laciest ones the store had.  “They should be absolutely perfect for a sissy like you.”

Sissy?  He said nothing to that.

“Now pull your stockings up again,” she told him.  “Then we’ve got to pay for these.”

Joe once again pulled his stockings up.

“You know,” she said.  “If you had bothered to read the packages, you might have found stockings that were the stay up kind so they wouldn’t keep falling down like that.  At least they wouldn’t be so bad.  Those stockings you’re wearing were meant to be held up by garters.”  She held up the two lacy garter belts.  “Luckily, now you’ll have them, and you won’t ever have to worry about it again.  Ready?” she asked.

All he was ready for was to go home!

Click, click, click through the store, all the way to the front where the checkout counters were.  Pay for everything while putting his bright red nail polish on display, grateful that the checkout out girl couldn’t see the shoes he was wearing while she was behind that counter.  And one longing thought on his mind through the entire process.  Home!  Soon!  He hoped.

Once he held the bag of garter belts he had just bought, glad that the bag at least hid those from view, he expected her to lead him out of the store and toward the car.  Unfortunately, he soon realized she had other ideas.

“Where’s your ladies’ room?” she asked the girl who had rung up the sale.

The girl told her the rest rooms were all the way in the back of the store.

“Thank you,” she replied politely.  “Come along Josie,” she said as she headed back into the store.

Had she called him Josie instead of Jozy?  He wasn’t sure.  But he was sure that he wanted to scream as he once again followed her into the store.  Deep into the store.  Click, click, click.  Why did high heels have to be so noisy?  How many people were turning to look at him?  How much longer was this ordeal going to last?  He had no answers and if he didn’t want more pain in his life than he could handle, he had no choice but to keep following her around.

They found the restrooms and he waited while she headed straight for the ladies’ room.  But once she got the door open, she turned and said, “Coming?”

He was shocked.  “In there?”

“Josie, where else would a sissy like you go.  Now get your ass in here.  Now!”

It was the first time all day that she had used that commanding tone of voice on him.  After yesterday, there was no way he was going to disobey her.  And this time, he was almost sure of it.  She had called him Josie.  He thought anyway.  It was hard to tell, especially with that COVID mask she was wearing.  He followed her into the ladies’ room feeling more embarrassed than ever.  He did his best to look around inside.  So far, he didn’t notice anyone else in there.

She grabbed the bag from him containing the garter belts and opened the door to one of the stalls for him.

“Inside, Josie,” she ordered.  “And while you’re in there, if you have to pee…don’t!”

Full of trepidation, he walked into the women’s bathroom stall.

“Now get those pants off,” she ordered.  “See if you can do it without removing those pretty new heels you’re wearing.  If not, I guess you’ll just have to sit down and take them off first.”

Joe was a bit surprised to notice that she was going to stand there in the stall doorway, holding the door open, while she watched.  It took some tugging and more than a bit of work, but he finally managed to completely remove his pants without taking his shoes off.

“Good Josie,” she told him, seeming to be happy about it.

He watched as she dug through the bag, then pulled out one of the lacy garter belts.  A pink and white one.  She struggled a moment to remove the store tag from it, but it soon came off.  She handed it to him.  Joe didn’t need to be told that he was expected to put the thing on.  He turned it around, trying to figure out which was the front and which was the back.  He finally got it oriented the way he thought it had to go.  In those high heels, it was a bit difficult, but he carefully stepped into it and dragged it up his stocking covered legs.  It was a bit tight getting it over his hips, but eventually it was in place.

“Now,” she said.  “Can you figure out how to attach those stocking?”

Under that COVID mask she was wearing, he couldn’t see it, but he just knew she had to have an evil expression on her face.  It took some figuring out, but in the end, the process wasn’t that difficult.  What was difficult however, was attaching the garter straps to the back of his stockings.  But finally, it was all in place and his stockings were being held securely up with little chance of them falling down.

“Hold the door a minute,” she told him.

He reached out and grabbed the door to keep it open while she backed away from him.  Unfortunately, he saw her pull out her cell phone and aim it at him.  “No!” he tried to argue, but it was too late.  He heard her clicking away as she took several pictures.  When she seemed to be done, he watched as she spent a few moments doing something else on her phone before she finally put it away.

“Pants,” she said to him.  “Come on Josie.  I don’t want to spend all day in here.”

Joe went through the arduous process of trying to get his pants back on without removing his high heels.  Once he was ready, she made him thoroughly wash his hands before they left the ladies’ room.  Joe was very glad that nobody else had come in while he had been there.  He didn’t want to think about what he would have done if anyone had.

As soon as they got back into the main part of the store, although now at the very back of it, she stopped him.  “Okay Josie,” she said.  “I think it’s time.  “And you’ve been very good today, so go ahead.”

“Go ahead?” he asked.

“Yes.  You’ve earned your fun, so go ahead.  Wet yourself.”

He was flabbergasted.  “Now?”



“Of course.  Josie, don’t make me get angry.  And don’t forget, you’ve still got two consequences to go.  You really don’t want to make that three again.”

No, he didn’t!  Not for anything.  And he couldn’t imagine what she’d do to him for those other two consequences.  There had been a few times since he had left home when he might have accidently wet himself just from the shear embarrassment of the situation.  But now, she wanted him to wet his pants…for real!  In public!  And they were at the very back of a big store.  He would have to walk all the way through it just to get outside.  But would she let him go home after this?  He didn’t know.  He only knew that pain, bad pain, awaited him if he didn’t.

He immediately let go and flooded his pants.  It wasn’t difficult for him to do at all.  Not only did his incredible embarrassment make it easier, but all the practice he had gotten doing it for the last few weeks had made the process seem simple.  He could feel his warm pee gushing out around him, soaking his underwear, soaking the tops of his stockings, running down his stocking covered legs, extending the wet feeling downward, all the way down to his ankles.  Ick!

She went up to him and patted him on his cheek.  “Lovely Josie.  Just lovely.  Now stick your hand down inside and have your fun.”

His eyes bulged.  “Here?  Now?”

She laughed.  “Yes Josie.  Have at it.”

“But…I can’t.”

Her voice came back with a very threatening tone to it.  “You can if I say you can.”

“No,” he replied quickly.  “I mean…because of that…plastic.  I can’t.”

She laughed again.  “That doesn’t mean you can’t try.  And that’s exactly what I want you to do now.  Try.  Try, and keep trying until I say you can stop.  Now get to work Josie.  Have your fun.”

Not believing it, he looked around quickly to see if anyone was watching.  He didn’t see anyone.  He stuck his hand down inside his soaking wet pants and began fondling his plastic covered penis and balls.  He saw her backing up and taking pictures of him again, and afterwards she again spent a moment doing something else with her phone.  Finally, she put her phone away.  He pulled his hand out of his pants.

“Oh no Josie,” she told him.  “You leave that hand there.  And I better see you obviously playing with yourself whenever I look, or you’re going to regret it.  I want everyone to see you in your stinking pee-soaked pants, and I want them to see how perverted you are trying to get yourself off that way.  Now get busy!”

Not believing it, he again stuck his hand down inside his pants and began playing with himself.

“Wonderful Josie,” she told him.  “Just keep at it.  Now let’s go.”

Still playing inside his wet pants, he followed her as she slowly made her way to the front of the store.  He didn’t bother counting all the people who saw him.  He didn’t want to even think about that, even though he couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Fortunately, she led him all the way back to his car.

“Okay, Josie,” she told him.  “Hands out.  Time to go home.”

He gratefully pulled his hand out of his pants.  She got in the passenger side, and he got behind the wheel and drove them out of the parking lot.

“Now you know why I wanted to take your car today Josie,” she said.  “I certainly don’t want any of your wet pee in my car.  It stinks!  Really!” she said.  “I just don’t know what we’re going to do with you.  You insist on wetting your pants all the time and then playing with yourself.  One of these days Josie, we’re going to have to do something about that.  But I guess for now, we’ve got no choice but to let you have your little bit of fun.”

Joe of course, knew the truth of the matter, despite what she was saying.  It was nothing new from her either.  She had said it many times to him before.

Once back in his own parking lot in front of his apartment, she said, “Okay Josie, now don’t forget the rules.  You wear those stockings from now on.  All the time, except in the shower.  And I’ll be expecting pictures of them from you anytime I ask.  Now you can remove that nail polish from your fingers tomorrow morning, but not before then.  And I want you to send me a picture of them tomorrow morning before you remove it so I can see that you’re listening.  Your toenail polish stays on…permanently!  Don’t forget, after work, baths with some of that nice stuff for your skin.  Shave completely, and don’t forget the skin lotion afterwards.  And Josie, one other important thing now.  I want you wearing those shoes until you go to bed.  Send me a picture every hour until you go to bed tonight of you wearing those shoes.  And Josie, from now on, I want you wearing high heels whenever you’re home.  All the time whenever you’re home!”

She opened the car door and got out.  “One last thing Josie, I want your hand down inside your pants playing with yourself as much as possible from now on.  Since you’re already wet, I see no reason for you to remove those pants until you go to bed tonight, so you can enjoy doing it in your wet pants.  I’ll probably text you to ask for pictures later to make sure.  And you know what would be really lovely Josie?  If those pictures later show that your pants are a lot wetter than they are now.  Won’t that be fun?”  With that, she said just one last thing.  “Ta-ta Josie.  Enjoy!”

Joe sat in his car and watched while she got into her own car.  With a little wave of her hand, she was gone.