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Satan's Daughter
By Karen Singer
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Book Description

“Evil was a world unto itself.  A difficult drowning pit of black slime that was impossible to climb out of.  I hadn’t fallen into that pit.  I had jumped with both feet.  Willingly.  Embracing it fully.  I didn’t know then that trifles like happiness and beauty would be lost to me.  I’d had no idea.  I only knew that evil was the best course for me, and I went.  Willingly.  Forever.”

Born into an enormously wealthy family where wealth can cover up almost anything, David was diagnosed as being transgendered when he was only three years old.  Due to his young age, his parents decided to wait a few years before doing anything about it.  When he was five, just before they were going to try letting him live as a girl to see how he’d do, the evil showed up, and all plans to let him live a different life changed. 
One horrible thing after another seemed to happen.  Before long, David wasn’t just labeled as bad, he was branded as evil.  But it wasn’t until he was nineteen that he decided to really go searching for all that evil within him.  It wasn’t until then that he decided to fully embrace that evil.  In doing so, he committed the most horrible act against his own family that he was able to conceive. 
Leaving home and all his family’s wealth behind, David wandered, waiting for the police to catch up with him.  When they didn’t, he finally decided to stop into a gender reassignment clinic to satisfy his curiosity, and wound up beginning a journey he should have started when he was just a small child.
There could be no forgiveness, but the wealth of the family he wanted nothing to do with ever again, refused to leave him alone.  Over and over again they tried to buy his love.  But not only did David not want their money, long ago he had learned that love was a silly concept that didn’t exist.
I invite you now to meet a VERY troubled young man.  The evil child.  His name is David – Satan’s daughter.

Victim Number Three
By Karen Singer

Published as a Kindle EBook on

This book is available in paperback version as well..

Book Description

Jillian Whitmore walked out of the club where she had been celebrating, only to get brutally beaten, shot, and left for dead.  But Jillian didn’t die – and that was just the start of her problems.  Because in reality, Jillian was actually Jake Whitmore, an Atlanta city police officer.  And the time he eagerly spent as Jillian was a secret he had done everything possible to hide from the rest of the officers on the force.  Now, not only does everyone know about his transgendered life, but Jake finds himself up against someone who is very determined to see him dead. 

In a heinous string of serial killings, Jake was supposed to be victim number three.  Now he finds himself in a race against time.  Find whoever was killing the transgendered women, find whoever was trying to kill him – and do it all before they actually did manage to kill him.

Or…before the fierce love of his own mother killed him first. 

By Karen Singer

Published as a Kindle EBook on

Book Description

For as long as he could remember, his father had always threatened him with the phrase, “I’ll burn you to a cinder, and then step on you and crush you out!”  And then one day when he was fourteen, his father tried to do just that.  He ran from the house in absolute agony, and he never went back.  Living on the streets of New York City, he learned to survive on his own.  Until two years later, six people were murdered right in front of him, two of them hookers that were his best friends.  And his life changed forever.

This book is full of action, suspense, and mystery – all wrapped around the smartest…and dumbest kid you’ve ever met.  This is a story about a kid who loves New York and loves his freedom to literally walk the entire island of Manhattan at will.  But he is a kid plagued with problems.  Problems that only grow worse as the story progresses.  Problems from too many people who suddenly want him dead.  And all that is on top of another little problem.  He was born with a birth defect.  He was a girl…with the wrong body.

The McComber Switch
By Karen Singer

Yes, the story that once graced the pages of this blog is now a Kindle EBook.  And it’s available as either the complete edition, or as a series of books. 

The McComber Switch – Part 1 – Revenge of the Ducks

The McComber Switch – Part 2 – The Consequences of Conduct

The McComber Switch – Part 3 – From the Frying Pan to the Fire

The McComber Switch – Part 4 – Fame is a Four Letter Word

The McComber Switch – Complete Edition – All Four Parts in One


To the world, the story began with this:  “Welcome to northern Arkansas.  This is the story of a family that lives here.  It’s a story about courage and stress, love and hatred.  It’s a story about Four Musketeers.  A story about boys and men who love hunting more than life.  A story about an extended family that cares for each other with a passion that is almost furious.  Yet it is also a story about a family that is stressed to the limits with no conceivable way out.  And finally, this is the story of two young twins with the courage and determination to do what nobody wants them to do.”

To the world, that is the official way this story began.  The truth however was something far different! 

This is the story of an eleven year old boy and an eleven year old girl.  Twins!  One who refuses to do what he’s supposed to do, and one who refuses to stop doing what she’s not supposed to do.  And so the family, at their wits end, decide to enact a punishment that most would consider criminal.  A punishment that would literally put the twins through hell in order to change their minds and get them to see the light.  Yet it is a punishment of the twin’s own design.  One that the twins themselves asked for – in writing.  The boy would become the girl, and the girl would become the boy.  The twins just thought that nobody would ever go along with it.

Everyone hated the idea, but no one had a better plan for dealing with the problem.  Everyone was sure that the plan would work.  And everyone was wrong!

Baby Bobby
By Karen Singer

Published as a Kindle EBook on

Book Description

Baby Bobby is about Bobby, a high school sophomore who gets bullied by Brandy, a very cruel girl in the school, who beats him up and puts a diaper on him.  But the idea was put to Brandy by one of her friends to see if she could keep Bobby in diapers for the entire school year.  Could she do it?  Her friend didn’t think it would be possible, but Brandy believed otherwise.  But of course, once Brandy got started, she became more and more obsessed with dominating Bobby, and not just diapering him, but completely sissifying and feminizing him as well.

This is a story where the cruelty goes on and on throughout.  If you don’t like stories like that, then please don’t buy it.  But if you can get past that, then I truly believe you’ll enjoy this unique story.

The Winds of Chaos
By Karen Singer

 Published as a Kindle EBook on

Book Description
Mathew Montclair is an ex-Marine and a big hero in every sense of the word.  But all his life, Mat has felt wrong about himself and has tried to run from it.  He’s tried to hide his problem by becoming the exact opposite of the person he always felt he was on the inside – a woman.  Now, after being wounded in battle and gaining one of the worst cases of PTSD the doctors have seen in some time, he’s decided to leave the Marines and become the person he always thought he should be. 

His plans were to go home, see his family, then disappear so no one will have to put up with the strain and embarrassment of what he’s going to do.  But despite all of Mat’s best planning, things didn’t exactly work out the way he wanted.  Despite what he wanted to do with his life, destiny is something that simply won’t be denied.  Because Fate needed a hero.  And Fate chose Mat.

It may not be that way for you, but it is my hope, that somewhere along the line, you will get so caught up in the story that you will forget you are reading a transgender novel, and in the end, it will leave you absolutely breathless!  If not, then I still hope you enjoy it.

Should you read the story and at least feel it’s worth someone else taking the time to read, please leave a comment about it on Amazon so that others can gain from your experience.

Second Life, Second Chance
By Karen Singer

I chose Second Life, Second Chance as my first book to publish as Karen Singer, because it’s my favorite story.  End of story!  To me, I think that says a lot about it.

Book Description
Eighty-six year old Carl Lambert died in a nursing home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and somehow woke up in the drug wracked body of a fifteen year old boy in Portland, Oregon.  But for his entire long life, Carl Lambert had secretly held onto a dream, a yearning, and never told a single sole.  For as long as he could remember, Carl had always dreamed of what it would be like to be a girl. 

Now he suddenly found himself with a new life, a second life.  But since he had come back as a boy again, he wondered if maybe it was somebody’s idea of a joke.  If so, he didn’t get it.  But there were opportunities available now that didn’t exist during his past life.  So this was his second chance to get what he had always really wanted.  The only problem was, between his drug addiction and the attitudes stacked against him, he literally had mountains in his way.

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