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The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 8 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 8 of 8)

As Chad walked slowly up and down the rows of shoes, he didn’t really know what he was looking for, or if he really cared. He had plenty of shoes… but he liked shoes. Especially heels. Mel was looking at a pair of wild leopard print pumps and had told him to just go searching for whatever he liked. So… he was looking. The problem was, he liked everything he saw.
He came to the spot where a few weeks ago his diaper had leaked so badly that it had puddled on the floor. It made him think about his diaper now. It was certainly starting to feel awfully wet. But how long had it been now since Mel had put it on him? How long was left till it had to be leaking? He was fairly sure that he still had a little while to go, but he couldn’t have too much longer. But since he wasn’t wearing his watch today he had no way of knowing. In fact, the only jewelry he had on were the pink studs he had put in his ears earlier this morning.
He suddenly realized he was peeing again. Geez. There had been no warning again that he was going to do it. And again, he hadn’t realized it till it was already happening. He had to get with it! It would be no good at all if he didn’t even know when it was happening. He hadn’t even had anything to drink now in a while – not since they had left her apartment. Not knowing he was peeing wasn’t going to help him win this bet!
He realized too that his state of mind was such that it wouldn’t help him at all either. He was so upset over what Mel had done, that he barely cared – about anything. But how could he feel anything but depressed right now? All he could think about was Robin telling everybody else and what would happen on Monday. No matter what, it wouldn’t be good – that much he knew for a fact. Basically, the thought scared him… more than a little.
“Find anything?” Mel asked as she walked up.
Chad just shrugged again. “Not really,” he replied dully. He noticed that she was now holding a closed shoe box in her hands. Was she really going to wear those wild shoes? He didn’t think he had that much courage. What would they go with?
Mel was starting to get fed up with his depressed attitude. Yes, she knew he was depressed. Yes, she agreed that he probably should be depressed. And yes, she knew it was all her fault. But he needed to get with it a little more than he had been. She had been trying to be nice to him. He had shown a few signs of life, but they were very few. She was beginning to tire of his whole not caring attitude. “Can’t you even try to act a little better?” she asked, her voice containing more than a hint of the anger she was starting to feel. “Show some enthusiasm?”
Chad didn’t know what to say. He knew he wasn’t behaving… properly. But to tell the truth, he just didn’t feel like it. It was hard to feel enthusiastic about much when your whole life was in the process of being ruined. Not to mention that the very person who had caused the problem in the first place was the one who was asking the question – Mel. But what was he supposed to say to her? Finally he sighed. “I’m trying,” was all he was able to get out. And saying it in his sissy voice was somewhat difficult.
“Well try harder!” Mel replied. She tried to smile again as she looked down the rack of shoes. “Hey, now that pair would go great with your new dress!”
“But I’ve got shoes that will work,” Chad protested.
“So? I thought you liked new shoes.”
“I do but…” But the truth was, that he did like them. He shrugged again. “I guess I do like them,” he replied sheepishly.
Mel wasn’t sure if he was starting to come around or not. “So what do you think about those?” she asked as she pointed the pair out again.
The shoes were a pair of black patent sandals with a high, thin, elegant heel. The straps on top of the toes were decorated with black patent bows. Chad realized that they were really nice – and would go very well with not only his dress but the new clutch bag as well. “They would go well,” he agreed as he picked one up to look at it.
“Go find a salesman and get him to bring you some to try on.”
It was as if her words were there to make his decisions for him. Instead of answering, he simply turned and went in search of someone to help him.
Mel watched him turn and leave. His attitude was starting to get under her skin more and more. He was trying, but not hard enough. She had tried being nice to him, but maybe what he needed was some additional – prodding – of a different sort.
Chad found a saleswoman fairly easily – for once. He had dealt with this one in the past and he was sure she recognized him. She didn’t even bat an eye as she looked at the shoe he wanted and went in search of a box. She was back fairly quickly with it and just handed it to him. Chad carried the box back to Mel before trying them on. They fit perfectly. He was quick to notice though that the heel was about as high as on his pink patent heels, only styled to look a bit thinner. He took a few steps in them, then just nodded toward Mel. “They’re good,” he said with little enthusiasm.
“They look great!” Mel declared, watching him carefully. No facial reaction. It was time to get more forceful! “Show me your diaper!” she ordered quickly.
Chad was so startled by her sudden command that he couldn’t react right away. Her sudden command on top of his depression and non-caring attitude caused him to totally freeze up and just stare at her in surprise.
Mel saw the total shock on his face. It was the most emotion he had shown since they had left the house earlier. Finally, she was reaching him. She put a determined angry look on her face and repeated her command more forcefully. “Show me your diaper! Now!”
It still took Chad a moment to react. The angry look on Mel’s face seemed to be the final push he needed to force him into motion. Fear of reprisal if he didn’t react quickly seemed to reach his subconscious. Without giving any other thought to where they were or who might be around, he reached down and grabbed his skirt and quickly pulled it up as high as he could, showing off how soaking wet his diaper was.
The sudden shocked gasp from another woman customer turned Mel’s head. She hadn’t bothered to speak softly at all when she gave Chad his command. Now her loud voice had attracted the attention of several other customers who were quickly coming over to see what was going on. Oh well, it was too late now. Besides, she was more concerned with snapping Chad out of his fog and getting him back on the straight and narrow again. She took the time to notice that his diaper was getting awfully wet – but it wasn’t leaking yet.
Chad stood there with his skirt pulled up high. The sudden little scream from one of the other customers actually scared him a little – especially because it let him know that they were no longer alone. And Mel was now just making him stand there – fully on display! Talk about humiliating!
Mel noticed that nobody seemed to be complaining – yet. They were all probably too shocked. There were about four or five other people around – that she could see. Well, since nobody was voicing any arguments yet… “Sissy! Turn around slowly and show everybody how wet you are!”
Chad wanted to die! He couldn’t believe she would do such a thing! But she just had! Since everybody could already somewhat see him, there was no use trying to argue or not do it – as if he had a choice anyway. He slowly began turning around, feeling his face getting redder and redder the further he went. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. But then, hadn’t she made him do something similar in the grocery store once? By the time he was back to facing Mel again, he noticed there was a hint of tears in his eyes from the humiliation.
“Okay Sissy. You can drop your skirt now.”
Chad pulled his skirt back down, but pulling it down gave him nothing to hide behind anymore – as if it really mattered. Now there was nothing in the way of him seeing how many people were around. More than he wanted, that was for sure! He didn’t want to look at any of them so he stared at the floor.
“Your time is running out to get that thing leaking,” Mel told him, making no pretense to lower her voice. “You better get busy.”
Chad barely nodded as he continued to stare at the floor.
“Answer me properly!”
Chad was horrified again. Why had she suddenly gotten so angry? Hating doing it in front of the people, he dropped a curtsey and said in his sissy voice, “I’m still trying, Mistress.” He heard only a tiny chuckle from one or two. The rest of the people were still trying to figure out what was going on – not to mention trying to figure out what they should be thinking about it.
Mel knew it was time to get out of there, but he was finally starting to react more normally now. Maybe she should have been more forceful all along. Another little idea slipped into her brain. It was nasty, but… “Sissy! Since it took you so long to show me your diaper… and I had to tell you twice... take your skirt off!”
Chad looked up from the floor to stare at Mel in horror. Take his skirt off? Here? Now?
“You heard me. Take it off! Right now!” Seeing him hesitate, she added, “Get it off now or you’ll be even sorrier later!”
His face full of shock and shame, he couldn’t tear his eyes off of Mel as he slowly started removing his skirt, not just lifting it up to show everybody the diaper he was wearing under it, but removing it completely, putting his soaked diaper fully on display. The bright red top he was wearing only covered the very top of his diaper. Everybody could clearly see the entire thing now.
Mel reached out and took his skirt from him so he would have nothing to hide behind. As she did so, she noticed that it looked like he was no longer thinking about his problems from earlier. He now had other things to worry about instead. Good! She was making progress with him. “Now get those shoes off quickly and put your other ones back on. We need to get you home soon. You need another baby bottle to drink!”
Chad heard a few more sounds of astonishment from a few of the people still watching them. He sat down and did his best to change back to his old shoes quickly. He just wanted out of there! And then a miserable thought crept into his brain. The lousy suppository she had put up inside of him earlier hadn’t done anything yet, which meant that it was probably due to explode fairly soon. He was just glad it hadn’t already! He had even more of a reason to hurry now. Could he make it home before it did? He truly hoped so!
Chad had to carry his shoe box and his new clutch purse all the way back through the store to the checkout counters where the previous saleswoman had left their dresses for them. As they walked through what seemed like the entire store, he was very aware of his diaper being on display… it was really all he could think about! The things he held in his hands did nothing to cover or hide it. If he held them down in front of him, as he did most of the time, then the back was still on display – and he doubted that the shoe box really hid much anyway.
There were two checkout counters operating when they got there. Chad saw where their dresses were hung up and followed Mel, joining the short line there. He kept looking around as they waited, looking to see how many people were looking at him. Some! Most of whom kept staring at him totally shocked. In fact, it seemed like the only person who wasn’t staring at him was Mel, who was currently in front of him and was ignoring him.
Finally it was their turn to pay. Chad put his things on the counter along with the box that Mel had. Mel still had his skirt draped over her arm as she told the woman that the dresses hanging up were for them too.
The woman got the dresses and rang up the sale on them, then on the two boxes of shoes and Chad’s clutch purse. Then she noticed the skirt still draped over Mel’s arm. “How about that?” she asked.
“Oh, not this,” Mel told her. “This is hers,” she said, glancing back at Sissy. “She lost it a few minutes ago.”
The saleswoman glanced back at sissy and for the first time noticed what he was wearing under his red top. Partially hidden behind the counter, she hadn’t noticed before. Her mouth dropped open and her eyes went wide in surprise. She stared for a moment before trying to collect herself and finished ringing up the sale.
Mel paid for everything and grabbed the dresses to carry, leaving everything else for Chad. As Chad picked up the bag with the shoes and his purse, he was very much aware that everyone was still looking at him. Why couldn’t Mel have let him carry the dresses? Then he would at least have something to help hide his diaper… well, partially anyway. It was hard to cover it all the way around, but even partially would help in this case. He was so glad to get back into her car again and out of sight!
Chad got lucky – sort of. The suppository didn’t hit him till he had gotten out of her car back at the apartment project and he had started to climb the stairs. With one arm holding up all the new dresses and his other arm carrying the large bag full of the other things they had bought, he had one foot on one step and his other foot on the step above, when he suddenly felt his insides erupting. He couldn’t move. He didn’t dare move. His exposed diaper was soaked to the point where it was almost leaking, and now it was filling to overflowing from the back too. Yuck!
Mel had gone ahead of him up the stairs, leaving him to carry everything up for her. As she reached her door, she noticed that he had stopped on the stairs and wasn’t moving. She looked over the balcony and saw the expression on his face… and a tiny bit of movement in the back of his still diaper. She laughed as she walked closer to see him better as he continued to mess himself uncontrollably right there on the stairs in front of her.
Chad felt a tiny bit of a tickle suddenly creeping down one leg, then another one from his other leg. The added mess in his diaper had forced him to start leaking. By the time he was finished messing himself, he was seriously leaking! And all Mel did was to look down at him from up above and laugh! Once it was over – he hoped – he finally chanced moving again, but very slowly and carefully. He didn’t want any of the mess in his diaper to escape. Very gingerly he made his way up the stairs, all the way to the top where Mel waited for him.
Mel was still laughing a bit, but the moment he got close to her she noticed something awful – the smell! With nothing but the one diaper on, there was nothing to hide the smell at all. “Pew!” she said. “You stink!”
Chad said nothing. What was there to say? Slowly, he began heading toward her apartment.
Mel walked alongside him for a moment till they reached his apartment. “Wait a minute,” she said as she grabbed her keys. She unlocked his door. “Go get cleaned up here,” she said as she grabbed the dresses and other things from him. “Then come back to my place when you’re ready. Wear your uniform. And don’t forget to phone me as you’re putting your next diaper on!”
Chad was actually glad. The best way to get cleaned up now was in the shower. And a fresh diaper was sounding awfully good!

As soon as Chad had changed, Mel took him back to Sandy’s apartment where she had him get his highchair and diaper bag and carry them back to her apartment again. Then, all afternoon, she kept him as busy as possible with laundry and cleaning. She did her best to keep him extra busy, never letting him stop so he wouldn’t have a chance to think too much because she didn’t want him thinking about what she had done with Robin earlier.
Over an over again she ordered him to show her his diaper – not only because she wanted to drill it into him better, but it was another way to keep his mind occupied on other things. Sometimes he was quick enough, but more often he wasn’t. Since he really had no idea of how fast she wanted it done, she decided he needed a goal to strive for. She quickly decided on something that would be very difficult for him, but was also pretty much what she wanted all along. “Here’s how it’s going to work,” she told him. “From now on, when I tell you to show me your diaper, you’ve got exactly two seconds to get that skirt up high. Anything over two seconds is going to earn you an immediate punishment!” To emphasize her point, she grabbed her yardstick. “Show me your diaper!”
As quickly as he could, Chad grabbed his skirt and pulled it up.
“Not fast enough Sissy!” Mel came over and immediately slapped him on the leg with her stick. “I started counting as soon as I finished saying it, and I got to three before you got your skirt up. Next time, do better! Do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress,” Chad replied in his sissy voice. But suddenly Mel was back hitting him with her stick again!
“Curtsey when you say anything!” she ordered.
Fear was now the only thing that Chad was feeling. He curtseyed again as he repeated “Yes Mistress.” His eyes never once leaving the stick in her hand.
“That’s better,” Mel replied as she turned her back on him so he could get back to the laundry.
Chad grabbed his baby bottle and took another long drink – this time, more to calm his nerves than for the liquid it contained. She was getting really serious today! He was getting hit for almost no reason at all – frequently! The result was that he was constantly on edge, worrying about whatever she would demand next.
All afternoon and into the evening Mel kept her stick either nearby or actually in her hand, forcing him to start curtseying every time he opened his mouth. That part at least he seemed to pick up on quickly. And after a little while he was curtseying for no reason at all – which she loved! He had more difficulty though every time he had to raise his skirt to show his diaper. Two seconds wasn’t very much time, but she wanted him to get to where he wouldn’t be able to think about anything but doing it quickly – no matter what the situation. He was getting there, but the going was still slow. But since she wanted to make sure he had other things to occupy his mind than worrying about Robin, maybe that was a good thing.
One thing that he didn’t seem to have any more problem with today, was getting his diaper to leak on time. It was often very close, but she never had to punish him even once for it. Of course, she made sure he never stopped drinking his bottles either – which resulted in her realizing that she was going to have to make a lot more tea tomorrow. Well, that was no problem.
Later that evening, before she sent him home for the night. She removed his chastity device and cleaned it thoroughly. According to her schedule, she usually did that on Sunday night, but since they had dates for then she got it out of the way now. Then, before she pinned him into four huge cloth diapers for the night, she shoved another suppository up inside of him. She had faked it earlier and he had still messed himself uncontrollably later. The question that would be looming soon was… what would happen when she started leaving even more of them out. That situation was fast approaching.
With one more apology from her for what she had done with Robin earlier, she sent him home for the night. If he wanted to cry over it anymore, then he could do it there, before he fell asleep. Tomorrow would be another day. Another day when she would have to keep him busy again.
And tomorrow night… their date! She thought again about Ray and Derek. Both were unusually handsome. But there was something about Ray that turned her stomach a bit. She knew that it was just her reaction to what kind of man he really was. And then there was Derek. Sissy’s date – and friend. Seemingly the perfect man. Sissy didn’t want to be dating - or kissing – his friend. If he had to – which he really had no choice about – he’d rather be out with Ray for that. Ray wasn’t as close a friend to him like Derek was. Ray wouldn’t make him feel like he was violating their friendship. And her? She would rather be with Derek just because… well, just because he seemed so perfect.
They were both going with the wrong guy. The luck of the cards. Oh well. Darn!

Late that night… later than usual… Mel crept into his apartment like she always did. She peeked into his room. As usual, he was sound asleep. It was amazing how soundly the guy slept! Softly, she approached him and looked down on him. He was laying on his back this time. The pacifier in his mouth seemed so out of place somehow, yet she loved seeing it there. He always sucked on it now while he slept. She counted three empty baby bottles on the floor nearby. Just as there should be!
Quietly, she went out to his kitchen and left him his note for tomorrow. On a whim, she opened his refrigerator and grabbed one of the baby bottles full of her tea out of it. It was cool now, but not overly so. She went back to his bedroom. Did she dare try this? Why not?
She had to move the empty bottles out of her way so she could sit down on the floor next to him. Carefully, she reached over and pulled ever so slightly on his pacifier. It was firmly rooted in his mouth. She kept pulling till all of a sudden it popped out. He stirred unhappily and she saw his mouth moving to find it. His arm started moving now too to find the lost pacifier. Quickly she inserted the full baby bottle into his mouth and she actually felt him sucking the nipple in. His arm went back to where it was before and his face looked relaxed again. She almost giggled out loud. He was doing it again… drinking from a baby bottle while he was still asleep. Amazing!
He didn’t seem to drink as quickly in his sleep as he did when he was awake. She had to switch arms holding the bottle for him when she got tired. Last night, he had been laying on his side instead of his back so she could prop it up for him. But tonight was different. And tonight she was kind of getting a real kick out of doing this. She briefly wondered what he thought about it, but then she wasn’t sure he even realized what had happened last night. Would he realize it tomorrow morning when he saw the extra bottle?
When at last the bottle was empty, he still continued to suck on it, but she wasn’t the least surprised by that… the guy did suck on a pacifier all night. She held his pacifier ready in one hand while she pulled the bottle out of his mouth with the other. The moment the bottle was free, she inserted his pacifier again. He continued to sleep soundly. Whew!
She quietly got to her feet and left the empty bottle with the others. She checked to make sure the alarm on his clock was set for the time she wanted it to be and she also checked to make sure the volume control was turned all the way up.
She looked down on him one more time. She had done wrong today, very wrong. But that couldn’t be helped now. Somehow, she would have to fix things. She just didn’t know how yet. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. She envied him that. She didn’t sleep nearly as soundly every night as he did.
“Goodnight baby. Sleep tight.”

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The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

Before going back to Mel’s apartment, Chad washed his face and hands. He was a total mess from all the baby food that had coated him. His pillow was a total mess too since most of what was on his face was now transferred there. As he was drying his face, Mel walked in to his bathroom and handed him another baby bottle from the few that were still in his refrigerator – bottle number twelve for the day now. Was she trying to set a record or something?
Under her watchful eye, he removed the dress he was wearing. “What do you want me to wear,” he asked, finally speaking in his sissy voice. But even then, his voice was still full of the self–pity he felt.
But Mel was staring at him. She couldn’t get him dressed to go out yet. Not yet. She had forgotten something. She opened his closet door. “What do you want to wear?” she asked.
That was a bad question. Chad didn’t even want to think about all his men’s clothing that was now… who knew where. Certainly not in his apartment, that was for sure. “I don’t know,” he replied with no enthusiasm at all.
Mel started going through the clothes in his closet. Almost all skirts. He had a few pairs of slacks there but they wouldn’t be good for what was needed now. She briefly considered his zebra print dress, but decided against that too. Finally, she pulled a brightly patterned skirt out and looked at it. Just the thing! She chose a bright red top to go with it. She held them up for him to see. “Something colorful to brighten your mood,” she said lightly, trying to raise his spirits.
Chad looked at the outfit she had chosen for him and just shrugged. The way he felt just then, one thing was as good as another. He reached to take them from her, but she held onto them instead.
“We need to carry these back to my place. You can get dressed there.”
Chad just shrugged his shoulders again. He didn’t really care.
Mel could see that bringing him out of the funk he was in was going to be harder than she thought. Unfortunately, she completely understood why he felt that way and couldn’t blame him in the least. She tried to smile as she said, “Just grab your waist cincher and a bra to take with you and we’ll go back to my place.” While he was grabbing what he needed, she went back to his closet and grabbed a pair of strappy shoes for him to wear.
Chad pulled a fresh bra out of his cardboard dresser and found one of his waist cinchers. No girdle at least – which was both good and bad. It was good because he would be at least a little more comfortable. But it was also bad because it meant that she was going to keep him in only one diaper with a time limit to make it leak. He didn’t know how much over his latest limit he was now. He just hoped that Mel wouldn’t care for once.
“Drink some of your bottle,” Mel ordered before they left his apartment. “You need to keep peeing.”
Chad had felt himself peeing a few times since they had left Sandy’s apartment. But he had only barely noticed it. Other things had been more important and he peed so much now that there was no reason to take much more notice than he did. He put the bottle to his lips and took several long drinks before Mel was satisfied and led the way back to her place.
Mel went straight to her bedroom where she hung the clothes she had selected for him on the closet doorknob. She found the breast forms that needed to be glued back onto him and held them up. “Do I need to tie you up to do this?” she asked.
Chad stared at the breast forms. For some reason, they looked so much bigger in her hands today than usual. He could already feel the weight of them on his chest. He shook his head but didn’t answer any other way.
“Climb up on the bed then and let’s get this over with.”
Chad laid down on her bed while she coated the breasts with the glue and started it drying. It took a few minutes for it to get tacky enough, then she climbed up on top of him and carefully lined one of them up where she wanted it to go and pressed down on it, sealing it to him. “Hold this down while I do the other one,” she told him.
Chad put his hand on the breast that was once again glued to his chest and pushed down. The darn thing felt so damn real! He watched as Mel lined up the other one and pressed that into place as well. He automatically brought his other hand up to hold that in place too.
Mel smiled and climbed off of him. Hopefully the things would stay right where they were. They hadn’t failed yet! “Keep holding them and sit up,” she instructed as she found his bra.
A minute later, Chad slipped off of her bed, his bra now holding the newly glued breast forms in place to make sure the glue was completely dry and they wouldn’t fall off. As he took the first few steps away from her bed, he realized how normal it felt now to have them back again – more normal than without them. That thought sent a small shiver through his spine. And a small tingle elsewhere. He grabbed his waist cincher to start putting that on, but she stopped him before he even got started with it.
“Drink some more of your bottle,” she instructed. “You’re falling behind with it.”
Falling behind? He wasn’t exactly sure what she meant. Besides he had already finished more bottles today than usual. But he grabbed his bottle and took another long drink before he finally started fastening his waist cincher.
Mel went to her bathroom and grabbed another diaper for him while he was putting his waist cincher on. She brought it back to the bedroom and laid it out on the floor. Then she found one of the jars of suppositories she kept for him and set that out too. She saw him glance with disgust at the jar as he finished what he was doing. Good!
Baby bottle in hand, Chad laid down on the floor to get his diaper changed. He automatically put the bottle to his mouth as he felt her unfastening his diaper – that was very wet but hadn’t leaked yet. She had made no mention of it leaking – fortunately. He felt her grabbing his legs and pushing them up so she could get at his backside with her stupid suppository. Even today… even after what she had done to him earlier… even when he was feeling more depressed than he had ever felt in his life, she wouldn’t let him go without one. Damn her!
Mel shoved his legs up high and reached into the jar, but she only pretended to pull one of the suppositories out. Just as she only pretended to put it up inside of him. She could tell by watching him that he didn’t know the difference – which was just what she hoped. Finished, she gently let his legs back down and tightly fastened the fresh diaper around him. “There,” she said sounding somewhat satisfied. “You’re all set,” she glanced at the clock on her nightstand. “An hour and forty-five minutes, Sissy. Better keep drinking that thing.”
Chad didn’t have to be told. In fact, the moment she had said it, he felt himself releasing a tiny bit of pee. That seemed to be the way it was going with him today. A tiny bit at a time, but it happened every few minutes – as far as he knew. At times he had been too busy to notice it today. Instead of getting up to get dressed, he laid right where he was and sucked on the bottle for a few minutes. Fortunately, Mel didn’t seem to mind. And the bottle? Well, he was kind of enjoying sucking on it today. It felt good – despite Mel’s lousy tea that he was drinking from it.

The store that Mel took him to was the same one where he had bought most of his clothes – most of his new clothes that is – his female clothes. He and Mel walked side by side like old friends as they headed back to the dress section. Since they had left the house, he had said almost nothing and mostly listened to Mel’s light-hearted comments. He knew she was trying to bring him out of his depressed state, but it wasn’t working very well. How can you feel anything but depressed when your entire life was about to be over and everyone in the world was going to know your deepest, most horrid secrets?
“What kind of dresses do you think they’ll like?” Mel asked as they reached the dress section.”
“I don’t know,” Chad replied. “I never thought about it.”
“Well, do you think Ray would like me better in something really short or something really low cut? How about color, do you know if he’s partial to any in particular?”
Chad was surprised to realize that she was talking about a dress for her, not what he would be wearing for Derek. “If I know Ray, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing. You could be wearing… a plastic bag and he’d be interested.”
Mel giggled, but from what little she had seen of Ray so far, she knew he was right. “How about Derek? What do you think he’ll like?”
Derek! That was the problem. He had to go out on a date with his best friend. “Not what I wore to the poker game!”
Mel giggled again. “I don’t know. He might!”
“Can I help you find something?”
Mel turned around to see the saleswoman who had helped them so many times in the past. She smiled. “We have dates!”
The saleswoman looked shocked as she stared briefly at Sissy. But she recovered quickly. “I see. What did you have in mind?”
“I don’t know,” Mel replied. “Something really…” An image of Derek came to her mind instead of Ray. “Nice!” she finished. “For both of us.”
The saleswoman just nodded. “Shall we take care of your… maid first?”
Chad was surprised that she had referred to him that way. He wasn’t even wearing his maid’s uniform today… although he had in the past.
The saleswoman led them over to several other racks where she kept glancing back and forth between Sissy and the clothes. She pulled several dresses out and held them up asking each time what they thought about them. Mel seemed to like most of her suggestions and Chad wound up holding more and more dresses as they kept looking. Finally, the saleswoman decided that they had found enough. “Would you like to try some of those on now and see if any are good enough?” she suggested.
Chad carried half a dozen dresses into the changing room. He was going to be trying on dresses again – in the store. The thought didn’t bring as much humiliation to him as it used to. Maybe because of the depression he still felt. It felt more like he was only going through the motions as he took his clothes off and took the first dress off of the hanger. It was a bright sky blue dress with a full skirt and a fancy gathering right in the middle under the breasts with a blue and white rhinestone decoration on top of it. He slipped the dress on. The material felt somewhat thick, but at the same time, very soft and light. Once zipped, it felt very comfortable. He allowed himself to feel pleasure despite how depressed he still was. He looked at himself in the mirror in the changing room. What he saw, he liked - surprisingly. Maybe Mel would let him buy it if she decided on one of the other dresses instead. Plucking up his courage – less than he needed previous times, he stepped out to show them.
Mel and the saleswoman were chatting while they waited for him to come out. When he did finally show, they both stared at him with some surprise. The blue dress was fairly low cut, but the design didn’t seem to show any of his bra – so his breast forms wouldn’t be a problem. The gathering below his breasts was set off with a pretty rhinestone decoration that nicely accented the design as it tapered down to his slim waist. And the full knee-length skirt hid any evidence of the diapers he would be wearing underneath. But most of all… it looked good on him! Really good!
“Oh my!” the saleswoman exclaimed softly. “He’s certainly come a long way since you first started bringing him in. Hasn’t he.”
Mel nodded as she continued to take him in. “Don’t bother trying any more on,” she told him. “We’re buying that one!”
Chad was actually pleased. He liked the dress. It was… comfortable. But would Derek like him in it? He was shocked that he would even think such a thought!
Mel turned to the saleswoman. “We’ve got a real problem now, because I’m not leaving here till I have something that looks better than that!”
As quickly as Chad’s dress shopping was over with, Mel’s shopping seemed to drag on that much longer as she looked at dress after dress. Chad held several in his hands for her as they searched for others, only to have some of them taken away to be replaced by still more. Three times she went into the dressing rooms with a number of dresses, most of which she discarded as not good enough.
As he waited, Chad caught himself peeing several times – barely. Mostly, he was only just aware of it as he was finishing. He was still amazed that it could happen that way. Actually, he figured he was mostly catching himself doing it only because he wasn’t doing much of anything else – except waiting – and holding dresses.
Finally, Mel decided on three to take home with her. She would choose which one to wear for the date when the time came. The rest… well, she supposed she might be able to wear them to the office – maybe, but it was doubtful. They really weren’t the kind of thing to present a very professional image to clients – not her profession at least.
After Mel had selected her dresses, Chad hoped they would be going home, but Mel only looked at him with seeming surprise on her face. “We can’t go yet. You need a different purse to go with that dress. You can’t very well carry that thing with you tomorrow night!”
Chad looked down at his purse. He had been carrying it everywhere he went for quite a while now. It served his needs very well. But he supposed she was right that the dark red alligator pattern didn’t really go very well with his bright blue dress. While the saleswoman carried the dresses up to the registers to hold for them, they went in search of a new purse for him to carry.
Mel realized he was still mostly going through the motions with her. But he was responding – somewhat. She could tell that he at least liked the blue dress they had found for him, which was a good sign. It really was nice. She briefly wondered if it would fit her and if she could borrow it sometime. Then she realized that it was a stupid thought. She knew it would fit her… and if she wanted to wear it, then she could! He didn’t have any say in the matter at all – even now! But of course, for now, she needed to go a bit easier on him. The state his mind was in wasn’t the best, although she was beginning to tire of it.
Chad stared almost blankly at the colorful display of purses all around him. He was supposed to find one that would go with his dress for the date. But which one? He didn’t see any matching the sky blue color of his dress. The last time he had bought a purse, which was the only other time he had bought one, Mel had tried to get him to look at them and choose something practical. Well, he supposed he had a better idea now of what he needed. Something that would hold a lot of junk while still having some organization to it. He hated to think about it, but there was a lot of loose junk in his purse right now. Sometimes he had to fight past it to find anything. Of course, it was perfect for things like loose change. He grabbed one hanging on a hook and opened it to look inside. It was certainly big enough. In fact it was bigger than the one he was currently carrying. But did the brown leather go with his dress? Probably not. He put it back and continued to stare at the colorful display. But in his present state, picking something out was only barely interesting. He was having a hard time focusing on exactly what he would need.
Mel had seen him look at the larger purse – totally inappropriate for what was needed tomorrow night. The expression on his face still hadn’t changed much – it was mostly blank! She decided to step in and help. “Can I make a suggestion?” She saw him just shrug. Again, no real verbal response or even much of a sign that he cared. She had to break him out of it. He had shown signs of life, but very few. She walked further away from where they were to a shelf and picked up a black patent clutch purse. It looked perfect. “Here,” she said as she held it up for him. “This would go very well. What do you think?”
Chad took a closer look at the purse. A clutch actually, because there was no strap or handle of any kind. The black patent leather fabric was somehow pulled, creating wrinkles on the front that were gathered near one end. The top of the gathering was set off by a pretty white rhinestone decoration that looked like two leaves stuck back to back. It was… pretty. And he knew it would go very well with his dress. He took it from Mel for a closer look. It took him a moment to figure out how to open the thing. The clasp on top was very stiff but he finally got it. There were no compartments for organizing things inside and the whole thing seemed… small. “How am I supposed to fit my wallet in it?” he asked. “My cell phone too for that matter?” It’s awfully small.
“You don’t need your cell phone tomorrow night. Your wallet either. You can just throw your driver’s license and a little money in it. That and some makeup are all you’re going to need. And hopefully, just the makeup.”
Chad knew she was right. But would Derek actually pay for everything for him? He doubted it. Derek had no reason to. If he were a real woman – then maybe Derek would pay. In fact, he probably would! But not for him. Not for a… fake! But still, Mel was right. The clutch would go well with his dress, and who would know better about what was needed than a real woman. And there was no doubt that Mel was a real woman – real and a half! He nodded. “Okay,” he replied as he closed it and looked at the front again. It was kind of… pretty. And… very feminine. Something inside of him was pleased by that.
Mel noticed a spark of something in his eye as he looked at the clutch. A brief sign of life? She could only hope. “Good,” she said as she continued to watch him. “I think it’s pretty.”
Chad nodded. “Me too.” It was a bit hard to admit. “I like it.”
Mel smiled. Yes, he was definitely coming back to life. “Why don’t we go look at some shoes too,” she suggested.
Chad just shrugged. “Okay.” But there was a bit more life in his voice than before.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 6 of 8)

Robin turned into the apartment project where she knew Sissy lived. It was really out of the way from the grocery store but there was no way she was going to turn down a chance to find out a bit more about what was really going on with Sissy. She easily found the apartment Mel had told her – which turned out to be the exact apartment she had seen Sissy entering when she had followed him home a few weeks ago. That figured. She parked in a visitor’s parking space, but as soon as she turned her engine off, the baby woke up and started crying. Oh great! He had fallen asleep the minute she started driving – which he often did. The only problem was, he usually woke up like this the moment she stopped.
She got out of the car and opened the back door. His pacifier was on the floor. She picked it up, wiped it off and stuck it in his mouth. Fortunately, that was all he needed and he stopped crying. She unbuckled him from his baby seat and grabbing him and her purse, closed the car and headed up the stairs. Why did everyone who lived in an apartment have to live upstairs? She went directly to Mel’s apartment and rang her bell.
Mel was stirring yet another batch of tea when her doorbell chimed. This time she turned the heat off of the stove before it was finished. She approached her door and took a big breath. Her goal now was to stay calm and relaxed. Professional. That was it. She could handle the stupid tart if she just stayed… professional. She opened the door and got a big shock. There was a woman out there with a baby on her hip. “Yes?” she asked, because clearly it wasn’t the Robin woman she was expecting.
“Mel?” Robin asked.
“Yes, that’s me. What can I do for you?”
Robin was confused. “You called me. I’m Robin. We’re supposed to talk about Sissy…”
Mel’s jaw dropped wide open. She stared at Robin with disbelief. “You’re Robin?”
Mel just shook her head. Robin wasn’t the least bit what she expected. She wasn’t blonde. Instead, her hair was kind of a mousy brown. She wasn’t well built – in fact, she was kind of… dumpy. And she had a baby! “Is that… your baby?” she asked.
Robin was so confused. What was going on? “Uh… yeah,” she replied.
“So… you’re married?”
“Married? Of course! What the heck is going on? You called me!”
Mel forced herself to gather her wits quickly. “Oh! I’m so sorry. I just thought you were… someone else.” She stood back from the doorway. “Won’t you please come in?” This was Robin? As soon as Robin got inside, Mel stepped out onto the balcony and looked back and forth. Nobody else was out there. It must be Robin! She closed the door and led her into the living room.
“How old is your baby?” Mel asked, trying to keep the conversation light.
“Just a year,” Robin replied as she pulled him down from her hip to her lap as she sat on the couch.
“He’s beautiful,” Mel complimented.
“Thanks,” Robin replied, clearly pleased. “He is, isn’t he.” But she was ready to get down to business. “So what can you tell me about Sissy? Where is he… I mean… she?”
Mel didn’t know what to do. This was clearly not the woman she had imagined her to be. And she was married! And she had a baby! “Um… She’s over at a friend’s apartment right now.”
“So I guess you’re free to answer a few questions about… her… then?”
Mel shook her head. That was the problem. Was she free? Not really. But she had called the woman and asked her to come over for that very reason. “A few things… maybe.”
“Great! Anything!” Robin replied. “Like… Can you tell my why he’s doing this in the first place? I mean, that’s the one big thing. Nobody really knows. I get that he likes dressing that way but… well… He keeps saying that’s not the real reason. And every time I try to get him to explain anything, all he ever says is – it’s complicated! He’s driving me nuts!”
Mel actually smiled. “I have no doubt that he is.”
“So what’s really going on?”
Mel got up from her seat. Yeah. What’s really going on? The ten-thousand dollar question. And Chad’s biggest secret. Could she really tell this woman? She absolutely shouldn’t. Not at all! Still, she had made the mistake of inviting Robin here – to tell her just that! Like it or not, Operation Robin was about to start – well, maybe a toned down version of it anyway. Instead of replying, she went to her desk and retrieved her framed copy of the bet. She held it against her chest as she sat back down again. “I want you to know that I’m betraying a trust sharing this with you. I only say that because this is his one big secret. Because of that, I’m hesitant to really show it to you.”
“That? What is it?”
“You know how he said it’s complicated? Well, he wasn’t kidding. It really is complicated. More so than you can possibly imagine.”
Robin was taken aback a bit. Clearly this had to be something serious. “Okay. But I can’t help him if I don’t know what’s going on.”
Mel sighed. She really hated doing this. “You’re sure you want to know?”
Robin was getting frustrated. “That’s why I’m here!”
Mel nodded. She pulled the frame away from her chest and looked at it for a moment. “Please try to keep an open mind about this. Please!” she pleaded.
Robin just nodded. “Of course I will.” What was going on here?
Mel held out the framed contract toward Robin – the front side down where she couldn’t see it. “Can I hold your baby?” she asked as Robin took the picture.
Robin handed over her son and Mel held him in front of her, looking straight into his pretty little face. So cute. This was a real baby. She hugged him. He felt so soft, so tender. Not like Sissy. Not at all. This baby was totally helpless. Not like Sissy. She squeezed him again. So wonderful. Could Sissy ever feel like that? No. Never. Sissy wasn’t a real baby. This was a real baby. How could she ever think otherwise? But of course, she hadn’t ever thought that Sissy was a real baby. Sissy was her… plaything. Nothing more.
Robin slowly turned the frame over, actually afraid to look at what was on the other side. What she saw surprised her since she was expecting a picture, not a lengthy document with print so tiny she could hardly read it. She looked at the title, then up at Mel. “The Bet?”
Mel just nodded. “Read it. Because that’s what this is really all about.”
To say that Robin was surprised and shocked would be an understatement. A bet? It couldn’t be! She started to read the first few sentences and quickly got frustrated. “What’s with all these ‘where as’s’ and ‘party of the first part’ and “party of the second part’ junk? Why can’t you just put something down clearly where anyone can understand it?”
“I’m a lawyer,” Mel explained. Writing legal documents like that is what I do.
Robin looked up at her. “So this thing is legal?”
Mel shrugged. “Sort of.”

As Chad climbed up into his highchair, he was very much aware of his sore stinging bottom as he slid back into the seat. But he had sat on his stinging bottom many times before so he did his best to ignore it as Sandy buckled him in place and then put the tray on top. He hated being buckled into the chair. Mel never did it, only Sandy. If anything happened, there was no way he could possibly get out of the chair.
Eating baby food for lunch was a given. He expected nothing less. What he hadn’t expected though was for Sandy to pile more of the colorful semi-liquid mush on his plastic plate than usual. At least it would be more to eat. He waited for her to bring him one of the tiny baby spoons to eat with, but she brought him another bottle to drink instead – by his count, number eleven for the day. He still waited for her to bring him a spoon, but she didn’t. Did she forget? And being confined to using just baby sounds, he couldn’t even ask her about it!
Sandy saw him just sitting in his chair staring back and forth between her and his plate of food. She knew what he was looking for and giggled. “Babies don’t always use utensils. Most of the time they use their fingers. Try it.”
Try it? Chad was aghast. Where did she keep coming up with these things? But he knew that he wasn’t getting out of his chair till the food was gone, and she wasn’t going to give him a chance to do anything else. Cautiously, he touched the food with his middle finger of his left hand. It wasn’t hot and it wasn’t cool. Room temperature. He stuck his fingers further into the pile of mush and tried to pick some of it up. His fingers were coated with it, but there was no way he could actually grab a bunch of it. This wasn’t going to be easy! He stuck his fingers into his mouth to lick them off. As he did so, he could feel the colorful food rubbing off of his fingers onto the outside of his mouth. Yuck! And there was going to be no way to avoid it.
“Try it with both hands,” Sandy coaxed.
Both hands? Ugh!

The more Robin read of the document, the less she believed it. “This can’t be for real!” she exclaimed before she got very far at all.
“Trust me, it is!”
“But…” She kept reading in total disbelief, getting more and more upset as she went on. “This isn’t real!” she muttered to herself over and over again. “This isn’t real!”
“I’m afraid it is real,” Mel replied softly while Robin was still reading.
“Incontinent? That’s so… stupid! And this… this… this bet thing… it says that he gets no rights at all. Basically, he becomes like your… your… slave!
Mel nodded. “Basically… yes.”
“But that’s… sick!” She was getting angry now. This was all wrong! It couldn’t be! It couldn’t be! She finally got to the bottom of the paper and stared closely. It was hard to see inside of the frame, but… was that a raised seal over top of the signatures? “What’s this at the bottom,” she asked, “where it looks like somebody stamped something on top of them?”
“We had it notarized when we signed it to show that we were serious.”
Robin looked at her with disbelief. “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe any of this! This is all wrong! This is so wrong!”
“But that’s what we’re doing. As you can see, both of us wanted it, both of us agreed.”
“It’s still all wrong! You can’t do something like this!”
“But we are doing it. And we’re both serious about it.” She pointed at the document. Actually, that contract is what it all started out as, but somewhere along the way it became something more. Something much more. For me at least. I’m pretty sure for him too.”
Robin shook her head and threw the framed document to the far end of the couch where it would be further away from her. She got up angrily and grabbed her baby, pulling him firmly out of Mel’s hands. “This is disgusting! It’s sick! You’re sick lady!”
Mel couldn’t fault the way that Robin felt, it was only what most people would think. Robin didn’t really understand. But this wasn’t the Robin that she thought would show up. It was time to do some damage control. “I know you think that and I can’t blame you, but I hope you’ll try to be at least somewhat understanding about this. This was Chad’s one big secret that he didn’t want anybody to know.”
“I can see why,” Robin replied haughtily. “And I wish to God you had never told me!”
Mel didn’t say so, but she was thinking the same thing.
Robin turned angrily and started toward the door, muttering “Sick, sick, sick!” But she suddenly stopped and turned. “Where is he? You said he was at a friend’s apartment. Where is he? I want to see him!”
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea right now,” Mel replied shaking her head.
“I don’t care what you think lady! I want to see him. I want to ask him myself if this is real or if you’re just a… just a… a sick bitch! I’m not going anywhere till I talk to him… personally! Now where is he?”
Mel was shocked that Robin would call her that. Unfortunately, she could see that Robin wasn’t going to leave till she actually got to talk to him. Shaking her head, she said, “There’s something else about him that you should know then.” She proceeded to tell an incredulous Robin all about his baby side and his relationship with Sandy – including all of the restrictions she placed on him when he was there.
“Sick! Sick! Sick!” Robin spat. “Now where the hell is he? I want to ask him about this myself!”
Mel knew that it wasn’t a good idea to take her to him. Unfortunately, there was now no way out of it. With grave misgivings, she grabbed her keys and led the way outside, past his apartment and up to Sandy and Cassie’s apartment. She paused before she knocked. But there was no backing out now.

Chad’s face was a total mess. As were his hands, his baby bottle, his bib, his highchair – everything! Once the baby food touched something, it seemed to magically transfer itself to everything else. He wasn’t getting much nourishment from what little found its way into his mouth, and he certainly wasn’t getting very full on it either. But the strange thing was that… he was kind of having fun. Playing with his food – like a baby! The thought sent chills down his spine. And so did the sound of someone at the door. Damn!
“I’ll get it,” Cassie offered as she left the kitchen. She opened the door and was shocked. “Oh!”
Robin too was shocked. She hadn’t expected Cassie to open the door. But she quickly realized that she shouldn’t have been surprised at all. “Where is he?” Robin demanded as she pushed her way past Cassie and into the apartment. She was minimally aware that it was a nicely decorated place. But her quest for Chad didn’t let her pay as much attention to that as she would have liked. She found the kitchen quickly. And she didn’t have to go any further. What she saw nearly buckled her knees. She gasped audibly. Chad! Or rather Sissy! It was hard to think of the idiot that she was looking at as the Chad she used to know.
Chad was shocked! More than shocked! The one person he never wanted to see him this way was standing right in front of him. “Robin!” he shouted. “What are you doing here?” He didn’t even think about using baby words or even sissy talk.
Robin ignored his question as she tried her best to take him in. He was covered in colorful… baby food! What a mess! There was a prominent pink bow on top of his head and it looked like he was wearing some kind of silly dress. She couldn’t see much of it though because of the messy bib tied around his neck and the highchair he was sitting in. Ankle socks with pink lace adorned his feet. And under the tray… she bent down so she could see better… under the tray... she could see that he was wearing… diapers! And obviously wet diapers at that! She had seen enough of them on her own baby to know the difference at a glance.
Chad turned to Mel horrified. “How could you?” he screamed angrily. But Mel didn’t reply. He started fighting with the highchair, trying to get himself out of it. But even with his arms free, the task was difficult. More so because he was so upset.
“Don’t bother getting up,” Robin said angrily, “I know you’re not supposed to talk or do anything a baby wouldn’t. And quite frankly, I don’t want to hear anything that would come out of your stupid mouth anyway! You disgust me! You pervert! You stupid… idiotic… pervert! Disgusting! How could you do such a stupid thing?” She turned quickly towards the door but stopped only long enough to look back at Mel. “I’m taking my baby, my ‘real’ baby, out of this place. You’re all sick, disgusting, twisted… perverts! Sick! Sick! Sick!” With that, she hurried out, not even bothering to close the door behind her.
Chad’s anguished angry scream rent the air as he fought with the tray on his highchair to get loose. “Let me out!” he shouted angrily. His chair was rocking back and forth as he fought to get loose.
“I’ll get it,” Sandy cried as she ran to him. “Calm down before you tip it over and hurt yourself!”
“I thought you weren’t going to do this?” Cassie asked Mel.
“I wasn’t,” Mel replied apologetically. “I just wanted to meet her.”
Together they watched Sandy trying to release a struggling angry Chad from his highchair. He was crying hysterically now and was clearly very agitated. He looked up at Mel as Sandy was removing his messy bib, a tiny bit of sanity seemed to return to his face. “How could you do this?” he demanded.
“I just wanted to meet her,” Mel explained again.
Chad felt Sandy loosening the belt holding him in place and he squirmed quickly out of the chair the moment he was free. He turned toward Sandy, but he didn’t know what to say. He turned towards Mel and Cassie, but he still didn’t know what to say… or do. He screamed his anguished frustrated scream again as the tears rolled down his face and his sobs filled the apartment. Mel ran to hold him, but he shrugged her off and ran for the still open door. He went straight through it to his own apartment. But he didn’t have a key. He couldn’t get in. Frustrated, he started pounding on his door with the palm of his hand as he sobbed uncontrollably.
Mel ran after him with Cassie and Sandy right on her heels. “Stop, you’ll hurt yourself!” she cried. She tried to hold him, but all he did was to stand there and sob and pound on his door, wanting to get in. Mel found the key to his apartment and pushed him aside far enough to unlock his door. She opened it and he almost stumbled as the door gave way in front of him. Still sobbing miserably, he ran straight to his blowup mattress and dropped down on top of it, burying his head in his pillow.
Mel waved Cassie and Sandy off and followed him inside. She closed the door behind her. She went into his room and sat down on the floor next to him. He was crying miserably. She felt so bad about what she had done, but there was little she could do about that now. Her main concern right then was him. She had done something she never should have done. She had hurt him badly and she had to fix it. But how? She leaned over and hugged his back, not knowing what else to do. “It will be alright,” she said soothingly. “It will be alright.”
It was a few minutes till he responded. “Why did you do it?” he asked again, his voice muffled by the pillow.
Her answer was the same, though she wished it wasn’t. “I just wanted to meet her,” she explained softly.
“And you had to bring her there?”
How could she answer? “Things went… too far. I went too far. I’m sorry.”
“She was a friend! ‘Was’ a friend!”
“I know. I’m sorry.”
“Yeah, sure!”
She didn’t know what to say. He was still crying with his head buried in his pillow. And the worst part was that she couldn’t blame him. She should never have done it. But what was done now couldn’t be undone. And the worst part was… that Robin had reacted like she thought she would… No! Not like she thought she would – worse! Her fault! Her fault! Her fault! She should never have done it.
She continued to hold him as he laid there, listening to him crying. Knowing that she was the cause of his anguish was killing her. He seemed to cry and ignore her for the longest time. But finally, his crying started to subside. But he didn’t roll over and he didn’t take his head out of his pillow for a very long time. And when he did move his head far enough to speak to her, it was like a momentous event. There wasn’t even a pretense of using his sissy voice when he spoke, and she wasn’t expecting him to.
“Why did you do it?” he asked yet again.
“I’m sorry,” she replied. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to meet her.”
“Because…” She was going to say that she just wanted to see what she was like. But that wasn’t the real answer. The real answer was hard to admit, let alone tell him. “Because… I was jealous.”
“Huh? Jealous? Of what?”
Of what was a good question. And the answer was just as hard to admit. “I was jealous of all the time she gets to spend with you that I can’t. I was jealous of all the things she does with you that I can’t. I was jealous… No, not ‘was’ jealous, I ‘am’ jealous of… everything! You share so much with her every day. You’re with her every day. And I can’t do that.”
“She works with me,” Chad replied a bit more firmly than he intended.
She nodded. “I know. That’s the problem. She’s there, and I’m not. It seems like every day you’re telling me that Robin did this with you and Robin did that. And… I was jealous. I began to think the worst possible things about her. Terrible things.”
“Terrible things? What do you mean – terrible things?”
Mel sat up and ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. “I don’t know! She was with you all the time and… I didn’t know what you thought about her and… I started to picture her as this… blond bimbo who was after you!” She had said it. She had actually said it. Admitted it to him!
“She just works with me!” he replied angrily. “That’s all there is to it! Besides, she’s married. She has a kid for heaven’s sake!”
“I know! But I didn’t know then! I didn’t find any of that out till today.”
“You could have asked me.”
“Asked you what? Besides, it’s just… I probably wouldn’t have believed you anyway.”
He grunted and turned his head away again.
“Women tend to do things like that sometimes.” No reaction, no movement. And she couldn’t blame him. She sat there next to him with her head in her hands, wishing over and over again that she had never done it. The seconds turned to minutes… a lot of minutes.
Chad finally turned back to her again. He was no longer crying but he felt just as miserable. “You know of course I probably won’t have a job come Monday.”
She looked up, glad to see that he was at least talking to her. “Yes you will. And if you don’t… then I’ll take care of you.” Which was exactly what she intended in her long-range plans anyway.
He grunted and turned away again for a minute, then turned back again. “A job is an important thing to a guy. Very important!”
She wanted to talk to him about what she intended for him for after she won the bet, but this clearly wasn’t the time. “I know. There are other jobs though. Other things you can do. Besides, she probably won’t tell anybody anyway.”
Chad stared at her in disbelief. “Robin? The biggest blabbermouth in the company? You’ve got to be kidding! I expect everybody will know an hour after she gets to work – if they don’t all know sooner! I’m finished there! I’m amazed that I haven’t been fired already for dressing the way I do.”
She could have told him that she had fixed things with the owner of the company, but she didn’t. “You’re still doing the work they need done, aren’t you?”
“Of course!”
“Then they have no reason to fire you.”
He shook his head. This time it would be different. This time, everybody would know all his stupid pathetic little habits. Habits that none of them would understand – let alone condone. “I’ll be fired by noon,” was all he said as he turned to burry his face in his pillow again.
“Then I’ll help you,” she told him. “I promise!”
He pulled his head back up again. “How?”
“I promise,” she repeated, though she herself wasn’t sure what she could do.
Chad felt nothing but self-pity for himself. Horrible self-pity. Why did he have to be the way he was? That was the real problem – himself, not Mel. Yes she had told his most intimate secret – to the biggest blabbermouth in the world! But if he hadn’t been the way he was in the first place, then it never would have happened. Period! His fault! All because of the way he was. Ugh!
The two of them stared at each other for a long time, neither of them knowing what to say next. But staring doesn’t last forever. It was Chad who bowed his head first. “So what do we do now?” he asked.
A good question. Mel had no other answer other than… “Just what we’ve been doing I guess. What’s the difference? We’ve still got this bet between us, and one way or another, I’m going to look after you. Job or no job, we still have to live. We still can live. And who knows, maybe it won’t be so bad after all. Maybe Robin won’t tell anybody.
Chad just rolled his eyes. “You don’t know her.”
“So what do we do?”
It was time to get him out of his present state of mind for a while. Time to get back to business. She tried her best to smile. “We get back to business!” She punched him playfully on the arm. “We have a date tomorrow night with a couple of hunks, and you need a new dress for it! Come on, that will make you feel much better. I’ll buy you a new dress for your date. In fact, I’ll buy myself one too.”
The date. Ugh! She would have to remind him about that. From one bad thing to another. And now she wanted to go… dress shopping. But something about that concept stirred something within him. Something that touched his innermost desires. It was all wrong – especially considering how depressed and angry he felt, but he actually smiled a bit despite that. It was all wrong to feel that way about going shopping for a dress, but he couldn’t help it. “You’re buying?”
The brief slight smile on his face brightened her heart. “You bet!”
He shook his head. Get back to business? Get back to doing everything they had been doing? Now? Now that she had ruined his life? No, now that his own little eccentricities had ruined his life – with her help. Could he do it? He wasn’t sure he felt like it… but what other option was there? She had said she would help him. She had said that no matter what she would take care of him – whatever that meant. Could he continue? His brain searched for alternatives. Other options. But it came up blank. There weren’t any. Business as usual? What choice did he have? Finally, he nodded his agreement. “I guess,” he replied flatly.
Mel was glad that he agreed, but she caught the tone of his voice – and she really couldn’t blame him. But if they were to get back to business as usual… and she was going to find any way to bring him out of his present mood, then she had to start moving things back in the right direction. “Good!” she replied as she started climbing to her feet. Now let’s get you another bottle to drink because you’re still not getting away from your deadline.”
Chad’s already sunken heart sunk even further. She just never gave up!
“And I’ve heard way more than enough of that horrid old male voice of yours! Sissy voice from now on. Sissy voice!”
Chad was too depressed to even smile – let alone respond in his sissy voice.

There were tears in Robin’s eyes as she pulled into her driveway, although she barely realized it. The baby had caught her mood and had cried all the way home – and she ignored him. All pretense of going grocery shopping had quickly gone out the window. She didn’t even want to contemplate trying to do anything “normal” right now. She was just too… angry! And bewildered! And… upset!
The pervert! The damn pervert! And she never knew! She never had a clue! Oh, okay, yes, she had gotten a kick out of his dressing like a woman thing – till now! She had actually enjoyed it. It was… interesting! And kind of funny. She even tried to help the stupid jerk!
Complicated? Damn right it was complicated!
All the way home, all she could see in front of her was him! Sitting in a stupid overgrown highchair! Covered in messy baby food! Dressed in silly clothes! And wet diapers! And all she could think about was that he had willingly… no not just willingly, it was more than that… he wanted things to be that way. He wanted that crazy bitch to rule his life and ruin him. How could he? Did he have any idea how wrong that was? Did he have any idea how… perverted he was?
For a bet! It was all for a stupid… idiotic… bet! How ridiculous! Totally ridiculous! And he liked doing those things? Stuff like that turned him on? Ridiculous! The damn demented pervert!
Ignoring the cries of her baby, she pulled him out of his seat and hurried into her house. The baby she simply handed over to her questioning husband without saying a word. Then she locked herself in their bedroom so she could figure things out. And the only explanation she gave to her worried husband… “Go away!”

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Next Week

Hi All,

I need to let you all know that my vacation is next week. But, there’s a good chance that I may not be going anywhere and will be able to keep posting the story as usual. But on the off chance you don’t see an update on Tuesday or Friday as usual, it’s only because we found something to do or somewhere to go. However, on the off chance that I will be gone, the section I will be posting in the morning is much longer than usual and should contain enough to keep you thinking for a while.

I will be going Saturday to pick my wife up again, so my play period ends Friday night. This time, I won’t be throwing all my stuff away. I have a plastic storage bin to protect it all and I’ll stash it way up in the attic somewhere. Probably someplace where even I will have trouble finding it. But… I’ll still have it.

I haven’t had a chance to look further into posting my audio recording out on Warp My Mind yet. I still plan to do it, but I’d like to resolve a few technical problems first. I’m not putting any time limit on myself for this, but like I said before, I’ll let you know what happens with it. I am really, really happy with the file I produced though. For me, it works better than I imagined it would – by a lot!

I don’t know if I’ll be writing again before I leave to get my wife – other than the story posting that is. I’d like to think that I will, but you never know. So stay happy everyone and think sexy thoughts!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

Hi All,

Yep! That’s me tonight. All dressed up with nowhere to go. Not that I really want to – sort of. It’s raining cats and dogs here tonight. But we do need the rain. We’re still over 10 inches in the hole for the year.

But tonight I’ve got my nice grey dress on again with the first pair of heels I bought, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

So anyway, to catch you all up…

I didn’t listen to either recording even one time last night – at all. I did stay in diapers though and of course you saw that I took some pictures of my shoes. Other than that, I was a bit busy with errands that had to be done.

I’ve been trying to listen to my No Control Mantra file at least every day when I get home from work and get diapered up (properly). But yesterday I didn’t have time, and when I went to bed, it was late and I didn’t want to take that much time either. And what a difference! All night long I was aware of every time I needed to pee. And it didn’t come out in lots of tiny little bits like it had been. It came out as a major wetting each time. The only good part was that I didn’t have to fully awake and get out of bed to handle it. Diapers are soooo nice!

Since I knew that my step-son was home this morning, I changed out of my night diapers as soon as I got up and put just one single one on – which I promptly wet before I even got out of the bathroom. While I was aware this morning that I was going to pee, I was doing it much easier than all night long. I barely had to think about it. But again, it’s nothing at all like it has been after listening to either my No Control recording, or both that and the Baby Girl file I’ve been using.

But tonight, I again listened to my No Control file about half an hour after getting diapered and the results are profound! While I’m currently aware that I’m going to pee – sort of, there is never even the slightest urge by my body to tighten those muscles and mostly I’m only aware of the pee running out of me. Wonderful!

It looks like I’ll be driving this weekend to pickup my wife again. So my play will be over with soon. I’m still trying to think up some other ideas to try, but nothing much has come to mind. Yet. I’ll let you know if and when something kicks in.

Alexis left a comment on my Mary Jane shoes saying that they were perfect to go with wearing diapers. I hadn’t thought of that before, but after looking at the picture again, I have to totally agree. Thanks Alexis.

And Dani asked if that was the highest heel I ever wear, saying that I have pretty nice legs and should consider higher heels. Actually, for the first time, I never bothered to measure the heels on either of the shoes I bought, till tonight. Both pair have three and a half inch heels. And no, they’re not the highest heels I ever wear – except on this play period. I remember that last time (when my wife had the camera) one pair of shoes had heels that were just barely under five inches. They were a bit hard to walk in, but I don’t think it was the height of the heel that was bothering me. I think it was something else about the construction of the shoes. Anyway, I had to get rid of them along with everything else as usual last time. Oh, this time I bought a plastic storage bin to put my stuff in and stash it way up in the attic.

And nice legs? Thank you! I don’t consider anything about my body as nice. Oh God how I wish I had a pretty feminine body! Even part of it!

Stay happy everyone. Find a reason to smile if you have to!

The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

Chad couldn’t stop crying. He could hardly see through the tears as he picked up one of the diapers from the floor and handed it to her so she could diaper him – which she did quickly.
“An hour and forty-five!” she told him. Nothing more needed to be said. “Now go get yourself another bottle. Hopefully, this time you’ll have better luck.”
Chad stumbled more than walked to her refrigerator to get another bottle. He was still sobbing and tears were still falling down his cheeks. The bottle that he grabbed was still fairly warm, but then most of them in there were going to be that way since she had just filled them. He carried it out of the kitchen to where all the diapers were still strewn all over the floor, planning on picking them up.
“Just leave them,” Mel ordered. “We may need them later.”
Chad fervently hoped they wouldn’t! He put the bottle to his lips. It was his ninth so far this morning, and the morning wasn’t nearly over with yet. He started to head toward the laundry to get some work done.
“Don’t bother,” she told him, stopping him in his tracks. “Take that bottle back to your corner till you finish it. Let me know when it’s done.”
Ugh! He actually sobbed harder. Slowly, through tear-filled eyes, he went back to his corner. Back to his perch… where he was forced to stand with his feet at an extreme angle and he couldn’t even move them… where the perch pressed him into the corner so that he couldn’t see anything at all… where he wasn’t allowed to move a muscle… where he was totally ignored… where he would be simply – out of the way.
Feeling totally sorry for himself, he sobbed yet again as he raised the bottle to his mouth and began sucking on it. He dared not make another move – not even a finger. She always knew if he did. The only thing he had to concentrate on was his bottle – and trying to pee – and feeling sorry for himself. All of which he was getting very good at… except peeing lately. Why wasn’t it happening? He couldn’t understand it. He couldn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be. Pee! Pee! Pee!
Mel was stirring more teabags in yet another batch of tea. It would take quite a few to fill all his bottles. She didn’t mind. She needed to think about things anyway.
“Mistress! I’ve finished,” Chad called from his perch in the corner.
She looked at the clock. He had finished that bottle fast. “Good,” she called back. “Get down from there now.” She left her task of making tea to look him over. All his crying had ruined the makeup job she had done on him. “Go wash your face,” she told him. “And hurry up about it!”
Chad hurried to the kitchen where he put is bottle on the counter. Then her hurried to the bathroom to wash his face. Ugh! It was a mess. Totally ruined. He had never even gotten a chance to see what Mel had done with his makeup earlier. It took him a few minutes to scrub everything off thoroughly, which actually made him feel better. If only he could start peeing again – that would make him feel much better. He didn’t know why he suddenly couldn’t. He concentrated on his diaper a bit. Strange though, it did feel like it was a bit wet – but it had to be his imagination!
As he came out of the bathroom, he heard Mel shout from the kitchen, “Put your dress back on again,”
Ugh! He wished there was a way he could simply lose the stupid thing. But it did make him feel horribly humiliated which he loved. He hated the thing… and he loved it! Just like so many other things in his life – now.
Mel turned the heat off of yet another pot of tea and came out of the kitchen. He was just finishing with his dress. She looked him over. The makeup job she had created earlier was gone, but otherwise he looked… silly! She smiled and laughed at him a bit. “Show me your diaper!”
Once again Chad was caught off guard, but he quickly grabbed the hem of his dress and pulled it high! Was she going to say anything because he wasn’t wet yet – even though it kind of felt like he might be?
Mel looked closely at his diaper. It did look a little wet already – which she was glad to see. Perfect in fact. “Okay, Sissy. Grab your highchair. It’s time to go see Sandy.”
Chad knew it was coming, but he wished it wasn’t. Still, at least she didn’t punish him.
As Chad was grabbing his highchair, Mel grabbed her cell phone and dialed Sandy’s number. “Are you ready for him?” she asked.
“It’s about time!” Sandy replied with a laugh. “I bought him a little something new today. I can’t wait to show you.”
“I’ll show you when you get here. Oh! And that other thing is still off?”
Mel thought about it. “Yeah. I guess so,” she replied dejectedly.
“Good. I’ll meet you at the door then.”
“Okay. See you in a minute.”
Mel grabbed his diaper bag while he carried the heavy highchair. She led him outside in his sissy baby dress and pink heels. He had to carry his highchair all the way down to Sandy’s apartment where she was already outside waiting on them. The task was made all that much more awkward because of the heels he was wearing. When he got there, he gratefully set the heavy chair down again.
Sandy looked at him. “You remember the rules?”
He nodded – it was safer and easier than worrying about having to curtsey before speaking. Besides, she didn’t want to hear him using anything but baby talk anyway.
“Good!” She replied. Because I’m going to be stricter about it today than ever!”
Chad wondered what that meant. She was always strict about it!
She looked him over carefully. “I’m so glad you sent him in that dress,” she said delightedly to Mel. “It’s by far my favorite.” She frowned when she got to his feet. “The shoes have to go though! What baby wears shoes like that?”
Mel just shrugged. “I kind of like them on him.”
“Take them off – now!” Sandy ordered.
Chad knelt down and unfastened his shoes and slipped them off of his feet.
“The socks can stay,” Sandy told him. “I like them.”
Chad left the socks alone. He grabbed his shoes and was about to stand up, but Sandy stopped him. “Just stay down there. You’re a baby again. Totally! No walking, no talking – other than baby sounds. You know the drill. Now crawl inside. Your toys are all set up on the blanket.”
Chad crawled into her apartment and headed toward the living room where she usually put the blanket. A baby again. Oh great! Yet at the same time, it kind of turned him on.
Sandy turned to Mel. “Want to help me lug this thing into the kitchen?”
“Sure,” Mel replied as she grabbed the back of it. Sandy grabbed the front and together they managed to get it through the door and all the way to the kitchen.
“So what did you get for him now?” Mel asked.
Sandy peeked around the corner to make sure that Chad was where he should be – and not where he could see anything. She went directly to her refrigerator and pulled something out of the freezer. She handed it to Mel.
Mel took what looked like a frozen piece of orange plastic from Sandy’s hand. “What is it?” she asked.
“A teething ring! Since he needs something to chew on, I figured this would be perfect. Just the thing for any baby. Now he can’t complain about eating only baby food and having nothing to chew.”
Mel burst out laughing. “I love it!” She handed it back to Sandy who returned the plastic ring to her freezer. “I’ve got to go. I’ve got another batch of tea cooking. Do me a favor, just make sure he gets plenty to drink.”
“No problem. In fact…” She reached into the refrigerator and brought out one of the bottles of baby formula she had already made up for him. “We can just give this to him now.”
“Great! I’ve got to go. See you later.”
As Mel walked out, Sandy carried the bottle into the living room where Sissy was laying down on the blanket on his side among all the toys strewn about. He was laying down instead of sitting in difference to his stinging backside. He was holding a block in one hand and a small stuffed bear in the other. She knelt down on the blanket with him and handed him his bottle. He dropped the toys and put the bottle directly into his mouth and started drinking. She giggled as she watched him for a moment. “I really do like that dress on you,” she said with another little giggle. “It’s so… perfect for you!”
She laid down on the blanket too, a more intimate position with him. “Even after all this time, I still can’t get over the fact that you actually like this stuff,” she said to him. “Mel says that you actually crave it – the humiliation of it all that is. I don’t really understand it, but I can’t help loving seeing you this way.”
She watched him for a few moments more before speaking again. “I want you to do something for me today. I want you to try to forget you’re an adult. Try to forget you were ever an adult. Try to forget everything except that you’re only a little baby again. You’ve got no cares in the world other than your next bottle or meal. Only think things a baby would think – a real baby. Think of yourself as a real baby today. And try to enjoy it. Take everything you’ve been practicing for the last few weeks and put it all together, and just be a baby again – completely. Try to do that… for me?”
Chad wondered if he dared answer, and decided against it, so he just looked at her as he continued to drink the lousy tasting formula in his bottle. Be a baby again? Could he really do it? Did he want to really do it? He thought about that. Maybe. Maybe it might be nice. Maybe it might be nice to totally forget about everything except the simplest little things in life. Maybe it might be nice to just relax and try to be a baby. Forget the worries. Forget the responsibilities. Forget everything! But could he do it? Could he really manage it? That was the question. He thought a few more minutes about it while he sucked on his bottle. What was the harm in trying? Maybe it would be nice to just relax and act… stupid? What would be the harm?
He closed his eyes and laid back with his bottle. What would be the harm? Maybe it would be nice. No cares. Let everybody else worry about things. Could he? What would be the harm? Yes, he would try it. Why not? In fact, it sounded kind of nice. What would be the harm?
Sandy watched him lay down with his bottle and close his eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she whispered. Then she got to her feet.

Mel poured the large batch of tea from her pot into a pitcher. The pitcher made it much easier to pour the tea into the individual bottles. When the pitcher was full, she set what was left of the batch in the pot back on the stove till she emptied her pitcher again. The task was mostly mindless, which was why she enjoyed doing it while she thought things through. Unfortunately, since leaving Sissy with Sandy, it reminded her once again of Robin and Operation Robin – which was now out of course.
But really… What should she do about the tart? The problem was, she didn’t really know Robin. She had never even met her. All she knew about her was from the things that Chad had told her. Operation Robin might be out, but would it hurt to actually try to meet her? Find out what she’s really like? Okay, she knew what Robin was really like, of that she had no doubt at all. She knew exactly what that stupid bimbo was like! But… did she really? She was making an awful lot of assumptions. Would it hurt to just… meet her?
She sighed and set her pitcher back on the counter. Almost in a fog, she found her cell phone and dialed Robin’s number. Maybe she wouldn’t answer…
“This is Mel.”
“Mel?” Robin was clearly surprised. “What’s up?”
That was the problem. What was she going to say? “Um… I was just thinking…” She grasped for anything she could use. “I know you said you had some questions about Sissy. I was wondering if…” Did she dare? “If…” She still wondered if she should do this.
“If what?” Robin asked.
Mel was sort of trapped now. She had to continue. “If… you would like to come over to my place and we can talk about her.”
The tart! “Yes, of course.”
“Well…” Here goes! “Now would be best. I’m home now and Sissy is out for a while.”
“Are you sure?”
“Definitely!” Actually, anything but definitely!
“I was just getting ready to do some grocery shopping, but I can stop by there first. Will that be okay?”
“Sounds great,” Mel replied, although she wasn’t really all that enthusiastic about it. Was she really doing this? She relayed where she lived and what apartment number.
“Great! See you in a few,” Robin replied.
Mel hung up her phone. Was she really doing this? Obviously. Still, what could it hurt to actually meet the woman. The hussy!

Cassie walked into their apartment from working a partial Saturday shift and saw Chad chewing on one of his baby toys. Ugh! How disgusting! But also so much like a real baby. It was almost frightening.
“Hi Cassie…” Sandy called, seeing her friend finally home.
“I see you’ve got your little playmate again,” Cassie noted.
“Of course. And he’s doing very well today.”
Cassie looked at Sissy again. Was he drooling? “Yeah. I think you can safely say that.” She stared at him for a few more moments. The silly dress did look kind of cute on him. But… It was missing something! “Hey, would you mind if I added something to his outfit?”
“Sure. What?”
Instead of answering, Cassie left the room for a minute. When she came back she went straight to Sissy and knelt down by him. Sandy couldn’t see what she was doing till she stood up again. Then she laughed. “I love it! It’s perfect!”
“I kind of like it myself,” Cassie replied with a big grin.
Sandy smiled. The big pink bow she had put in his hair on top of his head was the perfect accessory. Just perfect!