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The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 1 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 1 of 8)

Her dreams were a mass of confused feelings. She was in her nice safe house where everything felt totally secure and relaxed. But over and over again she had to leave her house to go out and look for Sissy, who kept leaving for one reason after another.
Outside her house, everything was shrouded in dark shadows so that she could hardly see. She felt frightened in the dim light, but the need to find Sissy and bring him back drove her on. Over and over again she had to go out and search the dark places to find him, and once she did find him, she had to convince him to come home with her again. Home… back into her house where everything was safe and calm. But he never stayed home long at all. Something kept calling him out and before she knew it, he was gone again.
Eventually, she found herself searching for him at some kind of fancy party, an affair of some kind – which she finally realized was a wedding. All the people were dressed up fancy – except her. She felt very out of place among them. But where was Sissy? She knew he had to be there somewhere. People milled about everywhere. But they were all people she didn’t know. And then she stumbled upon the wedding itself. She thought for a moment that it was two women marrying each other, but when she looked closer, she saw that one of them was Sissy. Both of them were wearing long white wedding gowns. Sissy was in the middle of marrying Robin! No! It couldn’t happen! She wouldn’t let it happen!
She pleaded with him over and over again as he stood next to the blonde tart while the minister went on with the ceremony. But he refused to listen to her. Why? Did he hate her that much? What did Robin have that she didn’t – except an overly developed body! All he kept saying was that he had to do it. He had no choice. But she couldn’t get a clear reason as to why. And all the stupid blonde tramp did was to turn her head toward her and smirk as if to say, I beat you! I’ve got him and there’s nothing you can do about it.
Frantic, she pulled on Sissy’s wedding gown, trying to pull him away from her and the ceremony. Harder and harder she pulled… and she was moving him now. She pulled and pulled, dragging him further and further away from Robin. But she suddenly couldn’t move him anymore. She turned to see that Robin had grabbed his arm and was pulling him back. No! She fought harder, the tug of war over Sissy taking all her strength. She didn’t gain any ground, but she didn’t lose any either. She had to win! She had to win! She had to win!
The buzzing of her alarm reached through her dream. She clung tightly onto Sissy’s wedding gown, not daring to let go… all the while becoming more and more conscious of the fact that her alarm clock was buzzing. But the more the alarm buzzed, the more aware of it she became and the less aware of her dream she was. Till finally she woke up completely and the dream faded into only fragmented pieces. Whew! As she reached over to turn off her alarm, the last of the dream fragments faded into nothingness.
She pulled her covers back and sat up on the side of her bed and took a deep breath. What had she been dreaming about? Something involving Sissy and that’s all she could remember – except that it had upset her. It was a bit earlier than she wanted to get up for a Saturday, but she had things to do this morning. She got to her feet and headed for her kitchen – and her coffee pot.
As she watched the coffee dripping down, she was reminded of all the work she had done last night making tea. And afterwards, when she had gone to his apartment to leave a note, she had discovered that he had only the one baby bottle and no others in his refrigerator. She seriously doubted that he had refilled that one bottle multiple times. She had gone back to her own apartment where she had gathered up most of the bottles she had just made and took them to his apartment. She also had rewritten the note with new instructions for him.
Something in her nether-regions stirred with excitement as she remembered trying something with him while he was sleeping. She had carefully pulled the silly pacifier out of his mouth and stuck one of the new baby bottles of tea in its place. She had to prop the thing up on his pillow to get it to stay, but she had almost woke him up with her laughing when she realized that he was sucking on the thing – drinking from the bottle – while he was still sleeping! Now, remembering just that, she could no longer stifle the little laugh that escaped her. Suddenly, she felt better and happier than she had since she woke up.
Silly Sissy. He was so good for her spirits in so many ways! But continuing to think about him soon brought to mind her one biggest concern from yesterday. Her happy mood vanished as she thought about it. What was she going to do about Robin? Did she still want to go through with her plan for Operation Robin? Was it even possible to go through with the plan? She hadn’t been able to set things up properly with Robin yesterday. And most of all – was it the right thing to do?
Operation Robin would undoubtedly change things drastically – for everyone. Yet, she still wanted to do it, so there had to be something there that made it a good idea. The plan would definitely put Robin in her place and hopefully keep her away from Sissy – forever… or so she hoped anyway. With women like that you could never really tell. But was it really the right thing to do? The problem was that everything she knew about Robin was all in her mind. She had never really met the woman so she didn’t really know her at all. Yet, she still wanted to go through with the plan. Ugh! She just couldn’t make up her mind!
Her coffee had finished brewing and she poured her first cup of the day and headed to her living room to consider what she should do. What should she do about that stupid tramp Robin?

One moment there was blissful silence, the next, mind jarring rock music screamed loudly out of Chad’s pink clock radio, tearing him painfully from his blissful slumber. It took him a moment to collect his wits enough to realize what was going on. He started to roll toward the edge of his blowup mattress only to find that something odd was in his mouth and was getting in his way. Instead of his pacifier, he found a baby bottle there instead. Where had that come from? The last he remembered last night – and barely remembered at that – was grabbing his pacifier before rolling over to go to sleep. He grabbed the bottle, noting that it was mostly empty. He got to his knees on the floor, knocking several other bottles over in the process and finally turned off the mind numbing music. Whew! He hated being woken up like that every day. But sometimes he could be such a sound sleeper…
He stared at the bottle he had pulled from his mouth. There was only a little bit of liquid left in it – and it was Mel’s green tea! Last night when he came home, he discovered that he only had one bottle left in his refrigerator, so that was all he drank instead of his usual three bottles. Now, it looked like she had stuck a second bottle in his mouth while he was sleeping – and he had drank it – in his sleep! He glanced down at the bottles on the floor. Instead of just the one empty bottle from last night, there was another full bottle of tea too. Obviously, Mel had been busy last night.
He grabbed the second full bottle and climbed awkwardly to his feet. The simple task was made very difficult by the extreme bulk of all the diapers he was wearing. She had really layered the cloth diapers on him last night. That, combined with all the wetting he had done during the night, not to mention messing the diapers as well, made them really thick and bulky. Heavy too. The one odd thing that he noted was the absence of the breast forms that were usually glued to his chest. Though it was a relief to have them gone, if only just for a while, it also felt strange to not have them there.

He stumbled wide-leggedly out toward the kitchen to see if she had left him a note. She had said she would – she usually did - and the unexpected presence of the additional bottles led him to believe her note would be there as usual. And of course, it was.


Sorry, no day off today! We have too much to do!

I saw that you didn’t get enough bottles last night so I left you a few more. Make sure you finish the two I left you last night before you do anything else. Then start working on four more. I had better see a total of seven empty bottles when you get here this morning!

As usual, phone me the minute you put your one diaper on.

Wear just your one diaper and your pink patent shoes – and nothing else! Do your hair but don’t bother with makeup today.

Be here at eight-thirty sharp. Be ready to go out after breakfast!

Chad read through the note twice more. The entire thing was odd! First of all, this was Saturday – the one day when he usually had the morning off. Mostly off anyway. He did usually have to go shopping for whatever items he needed to get through the week. Did her note mean that he wouldn’t be going shopping for anything he needed – like diapers? She did say they had a lot to do, but he didn’t have a clue as to what that might mean. Something told him though that he might not want to find out!
Then there was the part about wearing just his one diaper and the pink patent heels and nothing else. That part scared him more than a bit – mostly because her note had also included the part about going out somewhere. That didn’t sound good at all! Did she really intend to take him somewhere dressed in just his diaper and heels? It sure sounded that way. And where did she intend on taking him? He was sure she hadn’t mentioned anything about it yesterday. So what did she have in mind today?
Puzzled by it all, he went to his refrigerator to grab four more bottles of tea and found half a dozen that hadn’t been there when he went to bed last night. Mel had been busy indeed! Four bottles for this morning plus one more from last night. That was five bottles he still had to drink before he went to her place at eight-thirty.
He suddenly realized he was peeing again. Ugh! No doubt by the time he finished the five bottles he would be peeing nonstop for the next two days. And then some! It was surprising how his body automatically went into its “don’t hold back” mode now. And it was surprising how much it seemed to prefer staying in that mode. His body was no longer always giving him any signs that he was going to pee, and sometimes now he wasn’t always realizing it when he was actually peeing. But with all the liquids that Mel kept making him drink, coupled with all the time he had to wear only one diaper with a very short time limit to make it leak, his body had no choice but to not hold back.
Bowing to the inevitable, he carried his bottles into his living room where he sat in his one and only chair and stared at the childish pictures on the wall that he had colored – while he went to work on his bottles.
Five bottles this morning instead of the usual three. It was going to be a long, long weekend!

Mel was in the middle of stirring his baby food breakfast when her phone rang. Sissy had already called her a little while earlier as he was putting on his diaper, so she didn’t know who else could possibly be calling her this early – on a Saturday. She picked up her phone and answered it. “Hello?”
“Hey Mel. It’s Sandy. I didn’t get you up, did I?”
“No, I was just fixing Sissy’s breakfast. What’s up?”
“Cassie and I just wanted to find out if you were still going through with your plan for Robin this morning. That’s all.”
That was still Mel’s big problem. She still didn’t know. “I’ve been thinking about that all morning,” she replied, “and I’m just not sure.”
“So what do we do?”
Mel considered things again. Since she didn’t know, maybe the best thing she could do was to do nothing… or at least put it off till she knew more. “Tell you what. Let’s call it off for now.”
“Okay, no problem. It’s probably for the best anyway. Since you’re not doing it, Cassie is going to go into work for a few hours. How about Sissy? Can I have him again like usual?”
“Yeah, I’ll bring him by later this morning and you can play with him all you like.”
That much made Sandy happy. Playing with Sissy was one thing she looked forward to all week. “Great! I’ll expect him later this morning then. Can I feed him lunch again?”
“Yeah, you better. I know he’d probably like something better to eat than baby food for a change, but he did get a good dinner last night so another meal of baby food won’t kill him. Although I’m sure by now that he’d rather be eating something with a bit more substance to it. You know what I mean?”
Sandy giggled. “I think so. You mean something he can actually chew.”
Mel laughed, “Yeah, something like that.”
Sandy giggled again. “Like you said, it won’t hurt him though.”
Mel smiled. “Not one little bit.”
“Oh, hey… I’m going to need his highchair again when he comes.”
“No problem. I’ll have him carry it over when I bring him.”
“Great Mel. I can’t wait!”

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