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The Housekeeper - Chapter 48 Part 3 of 4

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 48 Part 3 of 4

While her mother went to work, Carol nudged Susan Wu and nodded toward the table further back in the room where her school books were.  Susan motioned to the guards and they silently left the area as Janice had suggested they should.  Once she and Carol were back by the table she asked.  “You don’t want to stay closer and watch?”
Carol shook her head.  “From this point on, it gets pretty boring.  And if you watch too closely, you’ll probably get dizzy.”
Carol nodded as she pulled up a chair at the other side of the table where she could still see her mother.  “Besides,” she said, “you’ve got two different cameras filming all this.  It’s probably better if you don’t pay too close attention.”
Susan looked back at Janice and her victim and saw the woman raising her arm, then lowering it again.  She looked back to Carol and saw her opening one of her school books.  “This is boring?” she asked.
“Trust me!” Carol replied as she opened her purse and extracted a pencil.
Susan pulled up a chair at the table next to Carol where she would be out of the way but could still watch.  Half an hour later, she was startled when Carol suddenly nudged her rather hard.  It took a moment for her to snap out of the bit of a stuper she had gone into.
“You alright?” Carol whispered.
“Fine now.  Thanks,” she replied.  Carol had been right.  It was fairly boring to watch, and the constant orders flying out of Janice’s mouth had somehow put her into a stupor.  It was hard to look away.  She couldn’t believe how fast Janice was giving the orders now… and how fast the Doctor was reacting to them.  But the one biggest thing she marveled at, was the fact that no matter what she said, no matter how fast things were going, Janice never once made a mistake.  She never once gave a command to move a limb in a direction that it couldn’t go!  She had no idea how Janice managed it.
She realized that Janice was now telling the Doctor far more than just commands to move her arms.  She was giving her almost hypnotic suggestions as well.  And then, with the Doctor finally sitting with her arms and legs all down, Janice stopped talking.  The Doctor’s face was totally blank as she stared straight ahead.  Susan got up from her seat so she could hear better.  She was suddenly nudged by Carol again.
“Here,” Carol whispered as she grabbed a thermos her mother had brought with her and poured some iced tea into a glass.  Take this to her.  I’m sure she needs it.”
Susan grabbed the glass of cold liquid.  She had no doubt that Janice probably needed the drink.  As quietly as she could she walked near Janice but stayed somewhat out of the way.  She was surprised to hear Janice talking with the Doctor about some kind of impenetrable wall.  And as Janice continued to tell the Doctor what she was somehow seeing in her mind, the Doctor was replying – as if the two were having a simple conversation.  But the Doctor’s face remained blank and empty.
Janice finished telling the doctor all about the impenetrable wall that she would always see whenever she stood up or sat down.  Before moving on to plant the suggestions that she would never be able to tell anyone what had happened to her, Janice noticed Susan standing off to the side with the glass of tea.  She backed away from the Doctor for a moment.  “That for me?” she whispered.
Susan just nodded and handed her the glass.  “Am I in the way here?” Susan asked.
“No,” Janice replied.  “You’re fine.  I’m just setting some protection controls now.”  She took a long drink from the glass before nodding her thanks to Susan for bringing it to her.  She took another drink and handed the glass back again.  “Can you get me my notebook from the table please?” Janice asked. 
Susan took the glass from her and nodded.  While Janice was again talking to the Doctor, Susan went to the table.  “You mother said she needs her notebook,” she said to Carol.
Carol quickly found it and passed it over to Susan.  Susan was tempted to quickly open it to read through it, but something stopped her.  “Can I look?” she asked Carol quietly.
“Go ahead,” Carol replied, “but it won’t do you much good.  Momma writes everything in code.”
“Code?” Susan asked as she opened the book and quickly thumbed through it.  She was shocked to see nothing but weird symbols on every page of the book.  Not even normal printed characters that could be read!  Talk about security!  Somewhat surprised by the code, she carried the book back to Janice.  It was only a minute before Janice finished talking with the Doctor and came back for her book.
“Thanks,” Janice whispered as she grabbed her notebook.  She opened it and thumbed through to where she had last written in it before heading back to the Doctor.  It was now time to set some controls in place that would change the Doctor’s life.  Controls that would allow the Doctor to do all the gambling she wanted.  But Janice had a feeling that the Doctor would quickly decide to put all her gambling behind her.
“Doctor Parker,” Janice said, “You’ve racked up an awful lot of gambling debts.  Haven’t you?”
“Yes,” came the wooden reply from the Doctor. 
“Debts that have placed you and your children in jeopardy,” Janice said.
The Doctor’s reply was slightly delayed, but again she said a simple, “Yes.”
“Doctor,” Janice said next, “do you love your children?”
“Yes!” Jessica replied quickly and firmly.
“And yet you continually ignore your kids and spend wild amounts of money that you don’t have, all to fill your need to gamble.”
This time, the Doctor made no reply.  “Doctor,” Janice said, “I find your lack of control and total disregard for your children to be nothing but reprehensible and childish!  You don’t seem to be able to find the moral conviction to stop this nonsense and your own children are suffering for it!  You haven’t even tried to get help to stop this problem!”
Again the Doctor made no reply, she just stared blankly ahead – as Janice expected her to.
“Therefore,” Janice said, “since you were so rude to me in your office and refused to even acknowledge that all your gambling debts were now owned by me…  And because you’ve ignored your duties as a mother and continually ignored your children, leaving them in the care of someone else while you so frivolously disregarded their welfare and squandered away your money…  And because your stupidity and inability to stop your gambling has given you a rather staggering amount of debt that you have no way of repaying…  I am sentencing you to the following punishment!”
It wasn’t much of a reaction, but Janice noted a change to the look on the Doctor’s face.  She looked more frightened now… or at least more concerned.
“Doctor,” Janice said, “since you’ve been behaving so childishly towards your life, I’m going to make you face that childishness head on!” 
Janice paused and moved around to the side of the woman in the chair and leaned down close to her ear.  “Doctor,” Janice said softly, “I want you to notice that right now you are feeling very relaxed.  Your whole body is very relaxed.  But even more so, you will now continue to relax your sphincter muscles.  You will continue to relax them, front and rear, until you can no longer hold your pee.  Since you must keep relaxing those muscles, you will have no way of holding your pee back.  Keep relaxing those muscles more and more.”  Janice had no trouble seeing the strong gush of pee come splashing out of the Doctor against the seat of the wooden chair.  The stream seemed to go everywhere from there.  “Keep relaxing those sphincter muscles!” Janice commanded.  “You may not tighten them again no matter how much you want to.”
The gushing pee slowed to a small trickle, then ended.  Obviously, the doctor should have taken advantage of the bucket earlier. 
“Very good, Doctor,” Janice said.  “Now that all those muscles in you are so relaxed, you’re going to keep them that way until I tell you when you can tighten them again.  As of now, it is completely impossible for you to tighten those sphincter muscles at all.  No matter how much you want to, you have no ability at all to tighten those muscles or control yourself.  As of right now, Doctor, you are completely incontinent.  You have no more ability to control your bladder or bowels than a tiny baby.  Do you understand?”
The doctor nodded.  “Yes,” she said woodenly.  But Janice noted the bit of forlornness in her voice.  Good!  
“Now Doctor,” Janice said, “since we’ve got that one part of you acting so babyishly, we’re going to let you experience some other babyish sensations as well.  Starting right now, Doctor, you have a very strong need to suck on something, so stick your thumb in your mouth and suck on it.”  She watched as the doctor did just that.  “Before you get home tonight, Doctor, you are going to buy yourself several pacifiers.  From now on, you will keep one near you at all times.  You will prefer the pacifiers over your thumb.  You will also buy yourself several baby bottles.  As long as you’re incontinent and acting so childishly, you will find that it will be impossible for you to drink out of anything but a baby bottle without spilling it.  No matter what, no matter where!  The only way you can drink anything at all as long as you are acting childishly, is from a baby bottle!
Janice backed away and moved in front of her again… well out of the way of where her pee had scattered.  “Now I’m sure Doctor, that since you’ve had two babies of your own, that you know pretty well how babies behave.  You know what they are capable of doing and what they can’t do.  You Doctor, as much as your situation will allow, are going to behave like a total baby until you’re allowed to act grown up again.  When you’re working, or when you absolutely must do things that only an adult can do, you will be able to do those things just fine.  You won’t be hindered very much at all by these restrictions, but at all other times, you will be bound by these restrictions and will only be able to do what a baby can do and nothing else. 
“However, Doctor, even when you are able to act mostly as an adult, such as when you’re working, you will still remain totally incontinent and you will still have an all too strong need for your pacifier.  You may remove and hide the pacifier while you’re working with clients, but between each client you will have to spend a few minutes sucking on it again before that need diminishes enough for you to remove it. At all other times, your need for that pacifier will be so strong that you will be unable to remove it from your mouth except for eating and drinking… and when you’re drinking, as you already know, you will still be sucking on something since you will be restricted to using baby bottles from now on.
Janice paused to let all that sink in.  “Now Doctor,” she finally said, “since you’re a woman, and I am a firm believer in supporting and helping other women, I’m going to be very lenient with you.  In fact, I’m already being very lenient with you in making this the major part of your punishment.  But since you must now follow my will over anything you may want to do instead, I am going to sentence you to only two full weeks of this behavior… for now!  But know this, every single time you do anything that your mind can even remotely consider some form of gambling, you will find yourself immediately forced right back into this punishment again, and every single time it will add an additional week to your punishment, and you will behave younger and younger and more and more helplessly.  Every single time!  If you can’t control your gambling, then you can’t control your bladder or acting like a total infant!  This is about as lenient a punishment that I can possible think of to incur on anyone at all.  It is only because you are a woman that I am being this lenient!”
Janice paused again.  She had one final thing to order her victim to do.  “Doctor,” she finally said, “there is one more thing that you will make sure of from now on.  I’m sure you remember the person who was with me in your office this past week.  His name is Roger Brinkley.  The new name he will soon be going by will be Candy Brinkley.  From now on, whether it is Roger or Candy, he will be treated by you and your staff like royalty!  Whenever he calls for an appointment, you will immediately work him in, in whatever way is the most convenient for him – not for the convenience of your staff!  You will give him the very best medical treatment you possibly can, but always with the goal in mind of moving him forward as quickly as possible towards being as complete a woman as modern medicine can make him – in every way possible.  And since you seem to be so convinced that he needs some kind of referral documentation, you yourself will see to it that he is furnished with whatever paperwork he needs for anything at all to do with his transition.”
Janice paused again for just a moment before continuing on.  “Doctor, since you owe me such an exorbitant amount of money, all of his fees will be taken care of by you.  That will include all of his medicine and drugs, further treatments, any and all operations, and all treatments from any other doctors.  Candy Brinkley will not have to pay one single penny at all for any part of his transition toward being a woman.  You will bare that entire expense on your own!”
Janice leaned in a little closer to her.  “Roger Brinkley is another person somewhat like yourself… someone that I’ve brainwashed completely.  But unlike yourself, I’ve done many sessions like this with him.  He is far more under my conditioning than you can ever conceive.  And I am being very lenient with him as well, because since he is a man and not a woman, by forcing him to turn himself into a woman, I am at least allowing him to remain human.”  She lowered her voice almost to a whisper.  “The majority of my victims don’t get that honor.”

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The Housekeeper - Chapter 48 Part 2 of 4

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 48 Part 2 of 4

Doctor Parker hurried out of her office after work, waved to a few members of her staff, and got into her car.  Moments later, she was quickly heading for the highways that would take her north toward the Cherokee Indian Reservation and the gambling casinos there.  She didn’t bother even phoning her kids who were again staying at her sister’s house until she was well out of the city.  And even then, the conversation with each of her kids was fairly short.  She was more interested in winning some money than anything else!  With her mind totally occupied on that, she never noticed the black van that had followed her ever since she left her office.
It wasn’t until she neared the reservation that she pulled off the road and stopped at a rather seedy looking strip mall and pulled into an empty parking space there.  She was a bit annoyed as she got out of her car to see a black van suddenly pull up and stop right behind her car.  The side door slid open and an oriental man poked his head out. 
“Doctor Parker?” the man asked as he got out of the van. 
She was a bit surprised that he would know her.  “Yes?” she asked uncertainly. 
Before she could even cry out, the man was on her, pressing a towel over her mouth so she couldn’t cry out as he tackled her to the ground.  Strong hands picked her up and quickly carried her into the van where the door was closed the moment they got inside.  The van was already moving back toward Atlanta before the side door was fully closed. 
It had all happened so fast that Jessica Parker had barely thought of kicking and screaming before she was safely into the van and they were moving again.  The entire abduction process had lasted less than ten seconds.  Before she knew it, her mouth was gagged and a black bag was pulled over her head.  Her wrists were taped behind her back, and her ankles were secured with more tape.  She never even had a chance to fight back.  Scared out of her wits, she struggled against her bonds on the floor of the van.  Her struggles did her no good at all.  The men were very good at keeping her subdued.
At a slightly more leisurely pace, her car was backed out of the parking space by another oriental man.  Her car too headed back toward Atlanta.

Carol rolled her eyes at the prompting from the little Chinese photographer as he prepared to take yet another picture of her.  This was at least the fifth one!  And they were all just head shots for new ID pictures.  Once again she forced a smile to her face and the bright flash stung her eyes. 
“That was a lovely one,” Janice exclaimed. 
Carol was fairly certain that every picture they had taken of her was identical… with the exception of the photographer draping a silk scarf over her chest in the last two pictures to make them look like she was wearing a different outfit. 
“Is that all?” Janice asked.
The photographer bowed and in very poor English said, “Yes.  New ID’s be ready in a week.”
“Thank you,” Janice replied happily.
Carol thought about what was happening.  Her mother had arranged for them both to get fake IDs.  She was soon going to have to get used to going by the name of Carol Edgewater.  Carol Alison Edgewater!  Actually, she kind of liked the name.  Her attention was caught by Susan Wu walking over to them.  The exotic beauty of the woman she had just met struck her strongly.  She wasn’t sure what all the woman had to do with what was going on tonight, but it appeared to Carol that Susan was some kind of a major player in what was happening.
Her mother was going to do another of her brainwashing jobs again.  That was about all she knew.  And this time, instead of her mother having to abduct the victim herself, this woman Susan was taking care of that part for them.  The poor sap.  By the time her mother got through with him tonight, she had no doubt he would be reduced to not much more than a lump of Jell-O!
“She’s on her way now,” Susan said to Janice.  “They picked her up outside of one of the places she had gotten loans from before.”
Janice shook her head.  “She just won’t learn!  Well, after tonight, she’ll think twice about ever gambling again.  In fact, she’ll think twice about a lot of things!”
“She, Momma?” Carol asked.  “Are you doing a woman this time?”
“Yes dear,” Janice replied.
“Yes, I know.  But this woman needs to be taught some serious lessons.”  She smiled at her daughter.  “Don’t worry, since she’s a woman I’m not going to do much with her at all.  And this is the only session I plan on having with her.”

Jessica Parker did her best to calm her frazzled nerves.  She had no idea what was going on.  She had no idea who these men were.  She only knew that she had been abducted and was now completely at their mercy.  Every time she tried to kick and struggle too much one of them planted a rather large foot against her neck and pressed down until she stopped.  Her only option was to lay there and hope.  But she wasn’t sure what she should hope for.  To live of course.  She was guessing that the fact that they hadn’t killed her was in her favor.  Of course, she knew that they could always kill her later. 
The van turned again and she felt her body shift slightly across the vehicle floor.  It slowed down and turned again… and again.  And then it stopped.  She could hear the men talking, but she couldn’t understand a word of the language they spoke.  She had been kidnapped.  Why?  She didn’t have much money.  Even her ex-husband knew that!  Had he done this?  Had her ex-husband had her kidnapped?  He had to be after – her kids!  It was the only answer she could come up with. 
Strong rough hands suddenly picked her up and she realized they were taking her out of the van.  She got thrown over one of their shoulders and she was carried like a sack somewhere before she was set down on the floor.  She felt hard cold concrete under her. 
“Untie her and strip her naked,” Janice ordered.
Before Jessica could react, she felt several men going to work on her.  She felt a knife slit the tape that bound her hands and ankles.  The black bag was pulled off of her head, but the men pressed her flat down against the concrete as they began pulling off her clothes so she couldn’t see much.  She struggled madly against them, but they were too strong… and way too many.  All too quickly, she found herself completely naked. 
She now expected to get raped.  She realized she should have thought of that possibility earlier.  Well, the rape part was bad, but she knew she could survive it.  She suddenly felt one of the men reaching around her head and the tape sealing her mouth was brutally ripped off.  She cried out at the pain, even as she gulped in the fresh air.
“Keep holding her down firmly please,” Janice directed.  She turned to her daughter, “Carol, will you do the honors please?”
Carol smiled as she quickly moved over to where they were holding the woman down.  “Excuse me,” she said as she had to worm her way around one of the big Chinese men.  She fished the dog collar with the shock box on it around the woman’s neck and fastened it tightly.  Then she stood up.  “That’s got it, Momma,” she said as she returned to her mother’s side. 
“Thank you dear,” Janice replied.
“You can let her go now,” she told the men.
The moment the huge goons got off of her, Jessica started to get to her feet to run.  But she never made it even to her feet before her neck and head exploded in pain.  She cried out in terror and alarm as she fell back to the floor and clutched the collar around her neck.
“Don’t… touch… the collar!” Janice instructed.
But Jessica wasn’t hearing her.  “She was quickly racked by more electric shocks from the collar and they didn’t stop.
“Don’t touch the collar!” Janice said more firmly.  “Don’t touch the collar.  The pain will only end when you stop touching the collar.
It was a few moments before Jessica could get that concept through her head, but the moment her hands stopped trying to unbuckle the collar around her neck, the pain ended.  She breathed a quick sigh of relief as her hands went back to her neck, just to rub the area… and her head erupted in the same horrible pain again. 
“Don’t touch the collar,” Janice said again.
This time, Jessica got the message much more quickly.  She rolled over on the floor and looked up at whoever had been talking to her, and was surprised to see the woman who had been in her office earlier in the week.  The one who had bought all her gambling markers.  “You!” she exclaimed.
“Yes, me,” Janice said simply.  “You pissed me off, Doctor Parker.  And you’re about to find out just how much I don’t like that.”
“What do you want?” Jessica asked.  “You know I don’t have much money.”
Janice laughed.  “You don’t have any money!  Yet you were stupid enough to try to get more from that loan shark and go gambling with it again!  You just don’t learn, do you?”
Jessica looked up at her for a moment.  “You know I don’t have any money, so what do you want?  To kill me?  Maim me?”
Janice smiled wickedly.  “Nothing quite so melodramatic I’m afraid.”
“So what is it that you want?  Why all this?”
“What I want from you Doctor Parker, is for you to sit in that chair over there.”
Jessica had to turn around.  She saw they were in a large warehouse of some sort with large boxes filling the other end of the gigantic space.  She saw another woman – oriental – along with a younger girl watching what was going on.  She also saw a couple of cameras mounted on tripods, both aimed at the area.  She had no idea where she was, except that she was guessing some kind of a warehouse somewhere.  There was nothing much else around except open concrete floor… and a single wooden chair… with a bucket next to it.  Odd. 
“Please sit in the chair,” Janice told her.
Jessica shook her head.  “I’m good.”  The moment she said it, the pain erupted again and she writhed on the floor at it as she tried to tear the collar loose from her neck again.
“Don’t touch the collar!” Janice ordered.
It was a moment before Jessica could get that thought through her head again and remove her hands from the collar.  And the moment she did, the pain ended again. 
“Now, sit in the chair!” Janice ordered.
Jessica looked up at Janice for a moment, and she saw her raise her hand with some kind of remote control in it.  She got the message and got to her feet.
“If you need to pee,” Janice said, “there’s a bucket for you to use.  Just go ahead.  Now might be a very good time for you to do it.”
Jessica looked around, especially at the large oversized goons who had kidnapped her.  “I’m good,” she muttered, even though under different circumstances she would have relished the chance to relieve herself.
“Then sit in the chair,” Janice commanded again.
She went over to the chair and sat down.  “Now,” Jessica started to say, but the moment she opened her mouth, she was hit by another electric shock.  A much smaller one than she had experienced before.
“I didn’t tell you to say anything at all,” Janice told her.  “We’ll get around to that later.  For now, I simply want you to stay silent, and do what I tell you.”
“What do you want?” Jessica demanded, fully expecting the pain.  She wasn’t disappointed as the major pain hit her once again.  But it stopped quickly since she didn’t put her hands anywhere near the collar on her neck.
“What I want,” Janice said, “Is for you to stand up now.”
Jessica was dumbfounded.  “But…”  Her neck erupted in the minor pain again.  Her hands flew to her neck and the pain changed to the bad pain.  She pulled her hands away and the pain ended.  She breathed a sigh of relief as she tried to recover. 
“Stand up!” Janice ordered.
Jessica finally stood.
“Sit down!” Janice ordered.
“But…”  She was again hit by the minor pain.  It didn’t end until she was sitting down.
“Stand up,” Janice ordered, holding the remote out again.
Jessica stood, watching Janice warily.
“Sit down!” Janice ordered and watched as the woman sat.  “You see, that’s all you have to do.  All you have to do is whatever I tell you to do.  Now let’s try it again, only faster.  “Stand up!”