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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 14 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 14 Part 2 of 3

Marian picked up her desk phone and punched a few numbers.  “Hi Loretta, it’s Marian.”
“Hi Marian,” Loretta replied.  “What’s happening?”
“Well, we’ve kind of got an odd thing going on down here.  It seems that Phillip has decided to come out of the closet with being transgendered and is dressing a bit… differently.”  She saw Vivian look quickly back at her.  Vivian’s face was contorted in rage.  Marian didn’t care in the least.  She had fully expected that Vivian would be angry.  But in order to protect Phillip’s job now, both Loretta and Human Resources had to be made aware of Phillip’s new style of dress.
“He’s what?” Loretta exclaimed.  “I don’t believe it!”
“Well, you can come down here and talk to him for yourself if you like.  He’s right here – in living color!”
“Is he causing any problems down there?” Loretta asked.
“No, not really.  In fact, when he was telling everyone, I saw a few of them get up and actually hug him.  So no, there’s no problem.”
“Okay, I’m just a bit floored by this. I never expected it of him.  I’ll tell Samantha in HR and most likely we’ll be down later, just to confirm from him that he wants us to know he’s a bit… different.  You know that once he’s out like that, we can’t make an issue of it at all.”
Marian had been counting on just that.  “I know.  I just thought you should know.”
“Yes!  Thanks.  We’ll see you later this morning.”
Marian hung up her phone, noticing that Vivian was still looking angrily back at her.  She saw Phillip looking over at her too, as well as several others in the room nearby.  “I had to do that,” she said to Vivian, but loud enough that the others could hear it as well.  “Letting management know about things like that is part of my job.”  She had warned Phillip earlier that she would be doing it.  She saw him trying to hide his face just then.  Well, he’d get over it.
Vivian was still fuming, but after further reflection, she decided that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that Marian had gone ahead and told Loretta and HR about Phillip dressing differently now – now that Phillip had gone around and told everyone in the room that he wanted Marian to humiliate him.  Only because of that, HR knowing about it might be a good thing.  She wanted Marian to lose her job.  Not Phillip… yet.  That would come later.  With that thought in mind, she went back to searching for some way to get back at stupid Marian.

It was almost forty-five minutes later when Loretta entered their office, accompanied by a tall red-headed woman, Samantha, from Human Resources.  Loretta nodded at Marian and headed straight for Phillip. 
“I must say,” Loretta said, “this is a bit of a surprise.  Are you alright?”
Phillip could feel how red his face was getting.  “I’m… fine… I think,” Phillip replied.  Then he quickly added, “I don’t really want to lose my job.”
“Now that we know,” Samantha said, “you won’t lose it.  And if you need to, the ladies rest rooms are available to you now as well as the men’s rooms.  Whatever you feel comfortable with.”  Her eyes fell on Phillip’s doll that was propped up against the wall on the back of his desk.  “What an adorable doll,” she said.  “Since you’re redecorating your workspace with things like that now, then I’m guessing you’re more interested in changing more with your gender than just your clothes.  Good for you!”
Phillip didn’t know how to reply to that.  “Uh… thanks, I guess.” He replied.
“Well, we just needed to confirm for ourselves,” Samantha told him.  “And now that we know, you tell us if anybody gives you any trouble at all.  Anybody! As you know, that kind of harassment isn’t allowed in this company!”
The one single person Phillip wanted to tell her about, Vivian, was the one person he could never tell anyone about.  “Uh… thanks,” he said again.  A moment later, the two women left, and Phillip locked eyes with Marian.  What had he just done?  And how was it going to affect the rest of his life?

Marian had stayed in her seat ever since everyone had arrived.  She had seen how angry Vivian was, and she was silently very happy about it.  But the urge to moo was building in her again, and it was starting to get fairly strong.  There was no doubt that it wasn’t as bad here at work as it was everywhere else, but there was also no doubt that the urge to moo was in her, and it was getting stronger.  She would have to go somewhere and relieve the urge.  There was simply no other way.
Getting up from her desk as confidently and regally as she could, she walked towards the door, intending on heading… somewhere… anywhere where she wouldn’t be heard.
It was Beverly who was the first to notice… well, the first to say anything out loud.  “Marian!” she exclaimed.  “You’re all dressed up!”
Marian turned toward her with smile.  “Oh, just a little bit,” she replied.
“You look great!”
“Thanks,” Marian replied.
“Wow!  You do look good,” Ashley agreed. 
“Turn around so we can see,” Brittany asked.
Marian turned to the delight of the ladies behind her.
“Wow!” Courtney exclaimed.  “I would have never believed you could pull off wearing a skirt like that, but it looks great on you!  It all does! Very… sexy!”
“Thanks,” Marian replied again.  With a broad smile, she continued on towards the door.  Out of the corner of her eye, she had seen the look on Vivian’s face.  Priceless!

Vivian wanted desperately to kill somebody.  Somebody by the name of Marian!  She had expected Marian to come off looking like a cheap tart, an old out of shape washed up hooker, but instead she had strutted past everyone looking like a queen!  How was it possible?  She was nothing but a stupid cow!  Couldn’t she get that one tiny thought through that pee sized brain of hers?
Absolutely seething inside, Vivian went back to her web browsing.  If Marian couldn’t figure out that she was nothing but a stupid, ugly cow, then she would have to do something more to convince her.  Something that would totally break Marian and show her what she really was.  Before she was done with her, Marian would only be fit for living in a barn!

Marian hurried through the halls – not too fast, her heels wouldn’t allow her to go too fast anyway, but as fast as she dared.  She had no other direction to go other than the ladies room, but she knew before she got there that it would be a bad idea.  With all the tile in that room, mooing would only echo all over the place.  No, she needed someplace else.  Someplace that would deaden the sound… and where no one else would be.  But her feet were still carrying her towards the ladies room... if for no other reason than she couldn’t think of anywhere else to go.  She couldn’t go downstairs and outside, she’d never make it.  But….  She mentally changed direction and went straight past the ladies room to the elevators just a short distance beyond.  Now if she could just get one quickly. 
As usual, there were no open elevators in sight when she pressed the button to call one.  She was just about to give up and try to make a mad dash for the stairs when a bell rang and one of them opened.  She hurried inside and desperately pressed the down button.   But it was an eternity of waiting until the door finally closed – all too slowly.  The moment the elevator started moving… she mooed.  Then because she could, she did it again.  She rode the elevator all the way down to the bottom floor, and all the way up again, mooing whenever she could, just to get it out of her system.  And once she was out of the elevator, since she was so close, she stopped in the ladies room for a few moments too.  The temptation to play with herself was almost overpowering, but she managed to get in and out of there quickly for a change.  By the time she got back to their office, she was very relieved – in more ways than one!
In the break room that morning, Marian fielded question after question about if Phillip really did ask her to keep him hypnotized and make him do so many outlandish things.  Marian confirmed most of it, but she corrected them on one thing, letting them know that what things Phillip had to do now, he wasn’t always hypnotized to do.  She was simply telling him to do them, and he did them.  Things like… his hair and the clothes he was wearing!  The women all found it unbelievable… yet every last one of them believed it.  Except for Vivian, who was forced to remain silent about the entire matter.

It wasn’t until well after lunch that Vivian hit upon the solution to her problem with Marian.  And when she found it, the idea completely stunned her.  It didn’t come to her in little pieces or a tiny bit at a time.  The whole solution was simply all there in one massive vision in front of her.  There were a few little tweaks she came up with after doing a bit of research, but the idea was so perfect, it nearly boggled her mind.  And if it boggled her mind, she could only imagine what it was going to do to stupid Marian! 
Opening her email program she sent Marian a quick note.
Marian’s eyes bulged when she read Vivian’s email.  Vivian wanted her credit card?  But having little choice or the pain would hit her, she got her card out of her purse and stuck it into a file folder.  Then she got up from her seat and carried the folder up to Vivian’s desk… as if she was passing on some work for Vivian to handle.  She glanced at Vivian’s computer while she was that close, but Vivian had closed her web browser so Marian had no idea what she wanted her credit card for.   Marian found herself too worried about her bank accounts to do any work at all for a little while.  What was Vivian buying?  Nothing good most likely.  But she saw Vivian picking up her card and entering in all the information carefully.  Something had been purchased!  But Vivian wasn’t giving her card back yet!  She was clicking her mouse and going somewhere else on the web instead.  More shopping?  Marian couldn’t tell.
The urge to moo started to hit her again, and like she had been doing all day, she got up and hurried to the elevators to relieve it.  As she passed Vivian’s desk, she tried to see what Vivian was doing, but the moment she had stood up, Vivian must have realized it, because her screen was blank – the monitor had been briefly turned off.  Marian couldn’t waste any more time there.  The elevators and a good long moo were calling. 
When she got back, she saw Vivian look up at her with something like triumph written all over her face.  That worried Marian like never before.  Her credit card was back on her desk, so Vivian was done with whatever she had been buying.  She knew that she had upset Vivian earlier… and she was still glad that she had done it.  But now she was very worried over how Vivian was going to get back at her for it.  Very… very… worried!

At the end of the day, Vivian grabbed her bag and headed out with everyone else… down the elevators and out into the lobby.  She saw Marian and Phillip walk off to the side where they usually waited a few minutes before going back upstairs.  This time, she joined them.
Marian got very worried the moment Vivian came over to wait for everyone else to leave with them.  She got even more worried when Vivian got on the elevator with them to go back upstairs.  She knew Vivian was mad at her, so asking why she was going back to the office with them didn’t even cross her mind.  She had a feeling that she was about to find out about whatever it was that Vivian had used her credit card for.

Heather had gotten nearly to her car when she felt the first tiny drop of rain fall from the sky.  The weather report had called for rain that night, and when she looked up, she saw nothing but very dark clouds overhead.  She had some shopping she had to get done that night before she went home… and she needed her umbrella – that was still upstairs at her desk!  Darn!  Turning around, she hurried back towards the building.  She didn’t see Marian, Phillip, and Vivian getting into an elevator just as she was getting back through the front doors.

Phillip was nearly shaking with worry by the time the elevator reached their floor.  Had he and Marian screwed things up that badly?  What would Mistress Vivian do to them now?  The fact that nobody had said a single word all the way up didn’t go unnoticed.  Mistress Vivian simply looked… determined!  The three of them headed back to their office in silence.  To Phillip, the entire atmosphere in the building simply contained a feeling of… dread!
The moment they got into the room, Vivian let loose.  “You two bozos think you can screw with me?  We’ll you’ve got another thing coming then!  I’m not about to let either of you upset everything I have planned one little bit!  Not one little bit!”  She looked at the two of them for a moment.  Marian sucks her thumb!” she said quickly, before turning to Phillip.  Phyllis sucks her thumb.”  That fast, both Phillip and Marian were standing in front of her, eyes closed, sucking their thumbs like infants… and totally under her hypnotic control.  “I’ll teach you to mess with me!” Vivian muttered.  “The both of you!”

Heather stopped short outside of the room.  She had expected their office to be empty and the lights off, but now she could clearly hear Vivian yelling at someone inside.  Cautiously, she poked her head through the doorway, and very soon brought it back out again.  Both Marian and Phillip were standing in front of Vivian with their eyes closed… and both of them were sucking their thumbs!  Since she had seen Phillip look exactly like that every time that Marian had hypnotized him, she could only conclude that both Phillip, and now Marian too, had been hypnotized by… Vivian!  Silently, she stood there just out of sight… and listened.

“Marian… ‘Marian moos like a cow!’” Vivian commanded.
Marian let out a long loud moo as that trigger went into effect. 
Out in the hallway, Heather’s jaw simply dropped.
“Maybe not being able to do anything but moo for a while will remind you of exactly what you are – a stupid ugly cow!” Vivian ranted.  “Tell me Marian, what are you?”
“Moooo,” Marian replied, unable to say anything else.
“Good!” Vivian said.  “You can keep mooing like that all night.  I don’t want you to say a single recognizable word until someone who works here walks into this office tomorrow morning!  And every time you moo, I want you to think about ever trying to cross me again!  In fact, just to get that point across, I don’t want you to go ten seconds tonight without mooing!  I expect to see one very hoarse cow when I get to work tomorrow morning!” 
Vivian backed her voice down a bit.  “You think you can thwart me?  Well I’ve got something planned for you that will make sure you know exactly what you are… and exactly what you’ll always be – a stupid… ugly… cow!”
She turned her attention now to Phillip.  “And you, you good for nothing sissy twerp.  You told everyone that you like it?  That you actually like it?  Ha!  Fat chance!  But since you did say that you like it that much, then I’m sure you must be spending a lot of time playing with yourself over all this attention!  So Sissy Phyllis, here’s what you’re going to do.  As soon as you get home tonight, you’re going to spend two full hours, non-stop, masturbating.  No matter how sore you get, no matter how much you hurt, you will have no choice but to keep doing it. You’re going to try and try not just to play with yourself, but to actually get yourself off!  You’re going to do everything possible to bring yourself to an orgasm, over and over again!” 
Her voice softened slightly, which only added more menace to what she was saying.  “And now here’s the fun part for you.  I want you to find something.  Something hard and painful that you can hit yourself with.  The more painful the better!  And every single time that pathetic little worm in your pants even starts to get hard, you’re going hit it, and hit it as hard as you can until it gets all nice and soft and tiny again.  And then you’re going to start all over again trying to make it big!  And don’t bother going into the bathroom to do it, you may as well do it right out in the open where Mooing Marian can see you.  And you Marian,” she said once again addressing her other victim, “don’t you dare do anything at all to stop him.  I want you to watch and learn something!  Two full hours of punishment for the sissy!” 
Her voice went soft again as she got closer to Marian.  “And you just wait till you see what I’ve got coming to punish you with!” 
She turned back to Phillip again.  “I better see one very sore sissy in here tomorrow morning. One obviously very sore sissy… or you’re going to be doing it again… only longer!  Don’t either of you try to thwart me again!  Ever!  Now wake up!  Both of you!”  She was pleased to hear Marian immediately let out a long loud moo.

Out in the hallway, Heather was totally agog at what she had just heard… and seen.  She simply couldn’t believe it.  And then the minute she heard Marian moo like a cow, it nearly startled her to death!  She was so stunned by it all that she almost didn’t realize that Vivian would be leaving then.  She started to run back towards the elevator, but she didn’t take more than two steps before thinking better of that idea and quickly headed the other direction instead.  She squeezed herself into another office doorway as Vivian was coming out of the room.  But she needn’t have worried too much about Vivian seeing her, Vivian immediately turned and headed straight for the elevators with a very determined stride.
Heather cautiously watched Vivian going as she listened to the weird mooing sound coming from inside the office every few seconds.  Vivian was causing everything to happen in the office to Phillip… and she realized Marian too!  She wondered if Vivian had anything at all to do with the high heels and short skirts that Marian was wearing now.  She was betting that was the case.  Marian had nothing at all to do with Phillip’s problems.  It was all Vivian!
Expecting Marian and Phillip to leave now, she stood where she was and waited… and waited.  What was keeping them?  All she could hear was Marian’s constant mooing, which was beginning to sound more and more stressful.  Quietly, she went back to the office and poked her head in.  Both Marian and Phillip were hard at work at their desks again.  Why?  More of Vivian’s doing?  That was her only conclusion. 
She decided to forget about her umbrella.  She would probably forget about the shopping she needed to do too.  The only thing on her mind as she headed slowly for the elevators was, what was she supposed to do about Marian and Phillip… and Vivian!  Marian’s plaintive mooing seemed to haunt her all the way to the elevators.

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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 14 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 14 Part 1 of 3

“Moooo!”  Once again the forced urge brought Marian from partial waking to full consciousness… although she wasn’t the least bit happy about it.  Her foggy brain remembered hearing Phillips alarm clock again… but as she looked around, she could barely see anything.  It was still dark!  Closing her eyes again, she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.  Why had Phillip set his alarm for so early?  Despite trying to bury her head against the back of the sofa where she was sleeping, she heard him going into the bathroom.  She realized her own need to pee… which reminded her of pulling her panties down to do it… which triggered her insatiable need to masturbate again.  Lying more awake than asleep, there was no denying the urge.  And why should she?  Phillip would be in the bathroom for a while anyway.  What was to stop her?

The moment Phillip got out of the shower, he redid his lipstick.  He had done it the first time only moments before he had gotten into the shower, but Vivian’s lipstick rules that she had stuck in his brain prevented him from having lips that were anything but perfect.  He figured he was getting pretty good at doing his lips now.  Almost an expert.  He glanced at his new hairdo – a girl’s hairdo for sure.  He certainly wasn’t perfect at doing anything to fix it or take care of it at all.  He’d have to ask Marian for her help later… if he could get her out of the bathroom in time.  It was one of the reasons he had set his alarm for so early today.  Between the way he had to dress for work and what Marian had to do, he figured they both needed the extra time.
Wrapping a towel around him, he left the bathroom.  The sun wasn’t even up yet, but he figured it would be soon.  “The bathroom’s all yours!” he called loudly.
“Okay… thanks!” Marian yelled back as she pulled her hand out of her panties.
“Try not to take all day again,” Phillip called.  “We still have to get to work!”
Marian made no reply… other than to moo.  Ugh!  Once in the bathroom, she was proud of herself for getting through with everything she needed to do fairly quickly.  Her hand only wound up where she shouldn’t be playing with herself for a few brief moments.  She thought anyway.  Time had this odd problem of flying when she was having fun.
Wearing just her robe and high heels, she headed into Phillip’s room where all her clothes were.  Phillip was standing next to his bed where Dolly was, dressed in only a pair of panties and nothing else.  He had one of his new bras in his hand and he looked rather frustrated.  “What’s happening?” she asked.
“I’m about ready to throw this stupid thing out the window!” Phillip complained.
“It doesn’t fit?” Marian asked, somewhat surprised.  “It should!”
“How should I know?” Phillip replied.  “I can’t get the stupid thing on!”
Oh!  “Here, let me help,” Marian offered as she took it from him.  She slipped it over his arms and over his shoulders and fastened it behind him.  She also took a moment to adjust the straps for him.  “There, all set,” she said. 
“Thanks,” he said sheepishly.  “I couldn’t get it myself.”
“I guess you don’t have much experience with those things,” Marian replied.
He looked at her with a rather sarcastic expression on his face.  “What do you think?”
“I’m guessing none at all?” she said with a small laugh.  But as she stood looking at the bra on his body, her eyes also took in the thin panties he was also wearing… and the bulge inside of them as well.  She said nothing about it, but she had the impression that the bra was turning him on… at least a little. Instead of getting her own clothes, she sat on his bed.  “Go ahead and finish dressing,” she said.  “I’ll just watch in case you have any more trouble.”
Wanting to get some pants on in front of her as soon as possible… mostly to hide the bit of excitement in his panties, he grabbed the red Capri pants that Vivian had told him he had to wear today.  As he pulled them on, he was aware of how strange they felt.  They not only fit differently than men’s pants, the legs were way too short!
“Um…” Marian said before he got any further.  “I think you better take them off and go shave your legs.  You can’t wear them with hairy legs showing.  They look awful that way!”
“They can’t look any worse than just the fact that I’m wearing them in the first place,” Phillip replied.
“Phillip…” Marian said sternly.  “Go shave your legs!  At least the bottoms of them from the knees down.  You can’t wear those pants with hairy legs!  Now go!”
Damn!  Now he had Marian giving him orders just like Vivian!  But he headed to the bathroom to do as she said.
While he was gone, Marian pulled out everything she was planning on wearing.  Her panties were a pair of comfortable old ones that she wore often, but her new bra pushed her boobs up in ways she wasn’t entirely comfortable with.  She had expected nothing less though.  She chose the black pantyhose only because she didn’t know if all her scrubbing in the tub last night removed the line that had been drawn across the back of her leg, marking the maximum length her skirts were allowed to be now.  By the time she got the hose on, she heard Phillip coming out of the bathroom.  She quickly pulled her robe over her again.  “That was quick,” she said as he came back into the room, now wearing the red pants – with obviously better looking legs.
“I only did the bottom of my legs where it won’t show,” Phillip replied.
“Good enough,” Marian said.  “You might want to start doing them every time you take a shower now.”
Phillip just nodded as he picked up the red and white striped top that Vivian had asked him to wear.  He pulled it over his head and down his body.  The top had a simple wide, round neckline and cap sleeves.  The problem with it was that the slightly stretchy material hugged his body closely, something he wasn’t at all used to. 
Marian watched Phillip closely.  She had no problem at all noticing the small bulges from his bra underneath his top.  She wondered if he knew they showed up that much.  The outfit didn’t look bad on him at all though.  As she sat on his bed watching, he slipped the low heeled red shoes on his feet, then he turned to face the mirror over top of his dresser.  “It looks good on you,” she said.
Phillip shook his head.  “It feels weird!” he replied.  “I don’t know what to do with my hair,” he added.  He turned around.  “Can you help me with it?”
Marian smiled.  “Gladly,” she replied.  She led him to the kitchen where she had him sit in one of the kitchen chairs.  Then she went to work on him with a brush from her purse.  She chose a rather bold hair bow for him that was white with red polka dots to go with his red and white outfit.  After helping him dress, and now doing his hair for him with the bow in it, she felt like a mother dressing her daughter... the daughter she never had.  She found it to be rather… nice.
“There,” she said when she had finished.  “Very pretty!”
Phillip just rolled his eyes. “Yeah right!” he muttered as he got out of his seat to fix himself some breakfast.
Marian watched him for a moment.  “I’m going to get dressed now,” she told him.  But he ignored her.
When Marian came back from the bedroom, fully dressed, she found him with his new purse open, putting his lipstick, mirror, and some tissues into it.  She could see his cell phone bulging the pocket on the outside.  “How’s it going?” she asked brightly.
Phillip looked up… and stopped dead.  His eyes took her in from head to toe.  He couldn’t help himself.  “Wow!” he exclaimed.  “You look great!”
Marian smiled and did a small pirouette so he could see all of her.  “Thanks,” she replied. “I think it came out rather well myself.”  Vivian may have thought she would look like nothing but trash in the high heels, too short skirts, and the revealing blouses, but Marian had been around a lot longer than Vivian had.  Plus, half a lifetime in quasi-show business had taught her a lot of things that Vivian would probably never know.  Basically, she could wear anything at all and make it look good!  All it took was the right… attitude!  A few good accessories didn’t hurt either.  The jacket she was wearing over her blouse went perfectly with her tiny skirt.  And her taupe shoes were another perfect accent.  She liked the outfit so much, she was wishing she had a better purse to match it all with.  Attitude!  That was the simple key.
“Do you still have my wallet?” Phillip asked.
“Sure,” Marian replied.  A few moments later, she watched Phillip transferring everything from his old men’s wallet to his new women’s wallet.  The wallet was the biggest thing he put into his purse. 
“Ready to go?” she asked.
“No,” Phillip replied as he headed for the door, grabbing his backpack to stuff Dolly in as he went out.
“Phillip,” she called, stopping him.  “Leave the backpack.  “It’s not going to do you any good anymore.”
Reluctantly, Phillip threw the pack aside.  With one hand holding Dolly, and the other holding his new purse, he walked out through his door to go to work.

Since they were going to the same place, they rode in Marian’s car together.  Marian was mostly silent all the way to work, mostly because she was thinking about something.  Something serious.  As usual now, it was early enough that there was basically nobody around to see them when they arrived and headed up the elevators towards their office.  That was the only thing that Phillip was grateful for.
Once they got into the room, Marian set her purse down on her desk and stopped.  She thought again about what she had been considering in the car.  Knowing it was by far for the best, she turned to Phillip.  “Phillip,” she said.  He turned, and she simply crooked her finger at him to call him over.  She sat down as he got to her. 
“Yeah?” he asked.
Dressed the way he was, he looked more like a woman than a man… while still looking obviously like a man.  And in truth, he looked more like a child than a woman.  Especially holding that doll and with that hairdo he had now.  The bow in his hair didn’t help the effect either.  She remembered helping him dress that morning and helping him with his hair… as if he was a child. 
She wasn’t sure if she intended it or not, but her words seemed to come out as if she was talking to a child.  “Phillip,” she said, “I need you to be very brave today and do something for me.  This isn’t something that Vivian wants you to do, it’s something that I want you to do.  Do you think you can be brave?  Very, very brave?”
Phillip wasn’t sure what she was talking about. Warily, he replied, “I… guess so.” 
“Good,” Marian replied.  “Because this isn’t going to be easy for you.”  She told him what she wanted him to do… and his jaw dropped.

Vivian wasn’t usually early for work, but she was that day.  Not because she wanted to be, but only because she was excited about what she was going to see when she got there.  She didn’t want to be the first woman to arrive at work, so now she was sitting in her car, watching to see if she saw any of the other’s arriving. 
Her thoughts constantly stayed firmly locked on Sissy Phillip and Marian the cow.  She had no doubt that Phillip would do nothing but amaze everyone the moment they laid eyes on him… especially with what she had ordered to happen first thing today.  But even more than Phillip, Vivian thought about Marian – the stupid ugly cow!  With those ridiculous heels she was wearing and the way too short skirts and her huge udders on display, there was no way she could look like anything but a ridiculous tart – only out to attract men’s attention.  And as much as she should be really yearning for that attention by now, that kind of interaction with any man would only bring her nothing but pain. 

Marian watched the clock more and more often as she worked.  The ladies would be starting to come in very soon.  “Phillip,” she called.  “It’s time.”
Phillip collapsed a bit in front of his computer.  He wasn’t looking forward to this at all.  But this was something that Vivian had demanded of them last night.  And this wasn’t nearly as bad as what Marian had told him he had to do later.  Grabbing Dolly, he wheeled his chair over to Marian’s desk.  Even with nobody else in the room, he felt more exposed, more foolish dressed the way he was than when he was sitting at his desk in front of his computer.
“Give me your hand,” Marian said.  “And for heaven’s sake, try to enjoy this a bit.  It’s not the end of the world!” 
Phillip didn’t say it, but his only thought was that that was her opinion, not his.  He held out his right hand towards her and she took it and laid it flat on her desk.  She opened the bottle of red nail polish she had gotten the day before and started painting his nails.  Three fingernails later, she heard some of the women enter, although she didn’t look up from her task.
“Oh… my… God!” Ashley exclaimed when she saw what Marian was doing to Phillip.
“Geez!” Lisa exclaimed at almost the same time. 
Courtney was just plain speechless.
And while Vivian said nothing at all, she was grinning from ear to ear.  Before any of the others could react, she had her cell phone out again and started filming a video of Marian painting Phillip’s nails in the bright red color that seemed to match the very sissyish clothes he was wearing.
Marian looked up and was disturbed to see Vivian with her camera again, but she said nothing and just continued on with her task.  “Don’t move that hand,” she ordered Phillip when she had finished with the first hand.
“Gorgeous color!” Felicia noted as she looked on all too closely. 
Marian looked up again.  It appeared that most of the women were in the room now.  She turned her attention back to Phillip.  “Put Dolly in your lap and set your other hand on the desk now.”
Hesitantly, even knowing it was inevitable, Phillip did just that, and a moment later, Marian was putting the red polish on his other hand too… while all the women looked on and commented almost constantly.  He heard so many comments about his hair and the bow in it that he felt totally squeamish inside.  There were a lot of comments about the clothes he was wearing too.  But there were also a few comments that he was surprised to hear.  Most notably Heather and Ashley seemed to be opposed to the treatment he was getting.  If he had his hands free just then, he might have hugged them both!
“When is this going to stop?” Heather complained to Marian as she was working on Phillip’s last two nails.  “You can’t keep doing this to him.”
“It’ll stop,” Marian replied without looking up, “when it stops.”
“That’s not an answer!” Heather complained.  “It’s not right!”
Marin looked up and smiled at her.  “Just go with it Heather.  Just go with it.  Okay?”
Heather shook her head and headed for her desk.  It just wasn’t right!  She had a good mind to complain to someone.  Like someone in management somewhere!  In fact, as she booted up her computer, her thoughts ran exactly in that direction.  She had no doubt that Loretta would be very interested in hearing just what was going on in their office!  She looked at the time.  If it wasn’t so early, she would have gone up to Loretta’s office immediately!  She decided to give it half an hour because she wasn’t sure what time Loretta got into work and would be available to talk with.

Marian blew lightly on Phillip’s nails to try to hurry the drying process.  “Don’t touch!” she ordered, “but you can go back to your desk now.”
With all ten fingers spread wide because he was afraid of messing up the nail polish, Phillip got up from his seat with Dolly carefully cradled under his arm.  He used his body to shove his chair back to his desk, where he sat and stared at his shiny red nails.  Nail polish!  Red nail polish!  It was almost worse than everything else he was wearing. 
He couldn’t help but stare at his nails.  They were so shiny!  All of them!  How was he supposed to know when they were dry?  How long did it take for nail polish to dry?  He decided he’d give it ten minutes.  Continuing to keep his fingers spread wide, he sat and watched his red nails… and the clock.  It was amazing how slowly the time passed.  And all he kept thinking about was his nails… and everything else he was wearing – to work!  He was really wishing just then that he had taken more time in the bathroom that morning to jerk himself off again.  What he had done last night wasn’t nearly enough.
With only one minute left on the amount of time he had planned on, he saw an email come in from Marian.  Cautious of his nails in case they might not be dry yet, he opened the email.  It contained only two words.  “It’s time.”
She had said to be brave.  She had said it would be hard.  But she had no idea how really hard it was for him.  Hoping his nails were now fully dry, he grabbed Dolly, and still sitting in his chair, shoved himself out into the wide aisle with his feet.  He carefully pushed himself backwards.  Heather’s desk was right behind his.
Heather was astonished to see Phillip pushing himself back towards her. 
“Can I talk to you a moment?” Phillip asked very quietly.
Still somewhat shocked to see him there… he could have just turned right around to talk to her… Heather said, “Sure.”
He leaned in closer.  This was the part that was going to be nearly impossible.  The part that Marian had said he absolutely had to do.  The part that would ultimately help them keep their jobs… both their jobs.  And it would be the start of getting back at Vivian as well.  “Don’t blame Marian so much for… me,” he whispered.  “Yeah, she’s got me doing things,” he said.  “All kinds of weird things now.  But it’s not only that she’s making me do them.  I’m doing them because… I want her to make me do them.  I want it.  I asked her to do it.”
Heather nearly fell out of her chair.  “You want her to make you dress like that?”
Phillip nodded.  His embarrassment over it was very evident.  “Just… please… don’t spread this around too much.  I’m going to tell the others now too.  But, well, as much as this kind of thing is nothing but a dream for me, it’s awfully embarrassing too.  Everyone here has already seen me doing weird things like… holding Dolly here and putting the lipstick on, so it’s not quite as bad here as it is other places.  But all the things she hypnotized me to do kind of… hit my… fantasies… sort of.  And I’m afraid I couldn’t resist.  I took a big chance and asked Marian to do these kinds of things to me.”
Heather was totally speechless.  She searched for something to say, and couldn’t come up with anything.
“Anyway,” Phillip said, “I just wanted you to know that.”  He started to push his chair away. 
“Wait!” Heather said quickly.  “I just can’t believe this.”
Phillip just shrugged.  “This is kind of unbelievable for me too.  But as much as I act like I hate it on the outside – and trust me, I really do!  There’s a part of me on the inside that absolutely loves it.”
Heather did her best to smile.  “Well… if you’re sure.”
Philip shrugged again.  “Some people are just that way.”  He started to push himself backwards again. 
“You know,” Heather said quickly.  “I really do like your hair.  It’s really pretty… for you that is.”
Phillip did his best to smile and mouth his thanks.  He pushed his chair toward the front of the room… to the desk right in front of his.  To Beverly’s desk.  He started all over again.  And as he did, he couldn’t help but think, that a small part of what he was telling them, was all too close to the truth.

“What’s he doing?” Vivian whispered back to Marian as she watched Phillip talking first to Heather, and now moving on to talk with Beverly next.
“I have no idea,” Marian replied.  “Why don’t you ask him?”
Vivian only leveled a nasty look in her direction as she watched Phillip slowly make his way around the room.  Three of the women actually hugged him before he left them.  What was he telling them?  The little sissy!
It seemed like hours before Phillip finally got to her desk.  “What the hell are you telling them all?” she demanded quietly. 
Just as quietly as he had spoken with all the others, Phillip replied.  “I told them that I really like all this and that I asked Marian to make me do it all.”
Vivian stared at him with her mouth wide open in shock.  “You didn’t!” she exclaimed.
Phillip just nodded and pushed his chair straight backwards to his own desk.  He had done it.  He had told everyone in the room that he was a true sissy… even though it had been at Marian’s orders.  He had only done it because Marian had said it would save their jobs and it would be a small way to get back at Vivian a little.  If it wasn’t for that, he would have never done it.  Especially since that one tiny part had been very, very close to the truth.  Especially because of that.
Vivian was furious!  She was trying to get Marian fired!  She had other plans for that stupid cow… plans that would demean the shit out of her!  Not to mention plans that would keep stupid Marian firmly in her grasp.  And now that stupid sissy had gone and told everybody that he wanted Marian to do it!  Well, since he had told everyone that he liked it that much, then she would make sure he got it – but good!  Him and that stupid cow Marian.  And it was Marian she blamed the most since it was Marian’s ass that was being protected the most by what he had done.  Which to her, meant that it had to be Marian’s idea in the first place!
Fuming, she started searching the web, not just for sale ads, but for ideas to punish them both!