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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 12 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 12 Part 1 of 3

Marian cried… and mooed… until late that night.  Phillip did his best to console her, but Marian was beyond that point.  And every time she tried to say anything to him, she mooed instead… which only sent her back into tears.  Phillip finally left her crying on the couch and carried Dolly to bed.  Since they had to be up early the next morning, he was smart enough to set his alarm clock.  He could still hear the occasional mooing from Marian out in the living room as he fell asleep.
Marian woke to the sound of a distant alarm clock.  She was naked and cold, lying on Phillip’s couch.  As she opened her eyes, the urge to moo hit her hard and she had no choice but to let it out.  It was all she could do to not cry again.  She wiggled her finger in her cunt again, which only made her want more!  She realized she must have fallen asleep with her hand still up inside her.  She forced herself to remove it.  Her feet felt like they were broken.  She had fallen asleep last night, naked except for her colorful high heeled shoes.  She hadn’t even taken them off.  And now she was paying the price for that.  She bent down to unstrap them… just to wiggle her toes and stretch her feet a bit, but the minute she touched the strap, her right arm seemed to explode into pain.  She quickly stopped trying to remove her shoes. 
She laid back on the couch again to try to wake up more and assess things.  She could hear Phillip now, going into the bathroom.  She needed to pee too – badly.  She would have to hold it and wait until he got out.  She finally got her brain functioning well enough to realize that getting dressed would be a very good idea.  She found her clothes… and mooed again before pulling them on, glad to no longer be naked – especially in front of Phillip.  Her blouse was stained and smelled badly from where Vivian had used it last night to wipe herself clean.  She had no choice but to put it on anyway.  She realized that she smelled pretty badly too.  She needed a good long shower.
She heard Phillip coming out of the bathroom.  She tried to ask if she could get in there, but what came out instead was another moo.  She wanted to hit something very badly.  Vivian wouldn’t be a bad choice to hit!  Phillip was only wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  His hair was still rumpled, but his lipstick was impeccable.  Unable to wait any longer, she went in and closed the door.  The minute she sat on the toilet and started peeing, she let out yet another moo.  It was getting very irritating!  She didn’t even realize what she was doing until she started wiggling her finger that had somehow found its way up inside her again.  Damn she was horny!  Despite herself, she continued to stroke herself for a few minutes.  It felt so good!  But she was getting nowhere doing it.  She finally got her hand out again and washed her hands.
Did she dare take a shower?  She decided she should ask Phillip about that.  Going back out of the bathroom, she found him pulling some jeans out of a drawer.  Instead of speaking, she grabbed his arm and pulled him into the bathroom.  She pointed at the tub and the shower nozzle. 
“You want to take a shower?” Phillip asked.
Marian nodded enthusiastically, then winced as she mooed again. 
Phillip couldn’t help himself.  He laughed.  “Sorry,” he replied.  “I know it has to be miserable.”  He saw Marian nod sadly.  “Yeah,” Phillip said, “get a shower if you want.  I guess you’re going to be living here from now on anyway.  But you better hurry.  We don’t have a lot of time.”
Marian nodded again and waited until he left the bathroom.  Her shower was as fast as she could make it.  Although she had to take time to stretch her feet and toes after being locked up in those shoes for so long, not to mention her hand somehow found its way up inside her again for a few moments.  But despite that, she only mooed twice before she finished and got dressed again.  The smelly blouse she was wearing seemed worse to her now. 
Phillip had been kind enough to pour her a bowl of cereal while she had been in the shower.  She gratefully ate it and mooed her appreciation… which made Phillip laugh again.  This time, Marian was able to laugh a little herself.  It was the best she could do.  A few minutes later, Phillip was following Marian out of the parking lot toward her townhouse… soon to be Vivian’s townhouse.  She wasn’t happy about that little problem at all!

Vivian was early… something that wasn’t normal for her, but she was so excited she simply couldn’t wait.  She was parked outside of Marian’s townhouse long before seven o’clock, but there was no sign of Marian and Phillip yet.  Damn!  She waited and fumed… and five minutes before seven, she saw them pulling in.  “About time!” she muttered as she got out of her car.  “Come on!” she called to them, trying to get them to hurry faster.  “I’ve got things to do today!”
Marian pulled her key out of her purse and unlocked the door… and mooed before she could get the door open.  She had been fighting it, but the urge had simply gotten to be too much for her by then. 
Vivian smiled.  “This is going to be another one of the best days of my life!” she exclaimed before she pushed her way inside.
She started downstairs, poking her nose into things everywhere.  “Everything here stays!” she ordered.  Then she headed for the stairs and Marian’s bedroom.  She opened the first closet door and started grabbing what few clothes were in there.  She threw them in a pile on the floor.  “Empty these closets!  Everything goes!”  She headed straight for the closet doors at the other end of the room.  “And I want every pair of shoes in here except your new heels thrown in a trash dumpster somewhere.”  She smiled evilly at Marian, “You can’t wear any of them anymore anyway!” 
Vivian then went quickly all around the room.  “Empty the dresser, but everything else stays!” she ordered.  Then she went to the bathroom.  Most of Marian’s things she ordered to be removed except for a few toiletries that she wanted to try for herself.  She decided she wanted to keep everything in the guest bedroom.  She opened the door to the storage room… then closed it again.  She didn’t care about anything in there and didn’t want to bother messing with any of it.  It was a room she could just forget.
“That’s it!” she ordered.  “Now get started!  I’ll be back later to take you to my apartment.  If you finish before I get back, start cleaning this place from top to bottom!”  With that, she walked out.  She had shopping to do and she was sure that even stupid Marian could handle removing her clothes from her “old” home.
Marian stood in the middle of her “former” bedroom and stared at the things that Vivian had thrown on the floor.  Completely despondent, she sat on the bed and mooed her sorrow. 
Phillip sat next to her.  “I know this has to hurt.  I can’t imagine losing my home like this.”
Marian nodded, and mooed… purposely this time. 
“Just sit for a while,” Phillip offered.  “I’ll take care of it.”  He got up to start working, but he was suddenly stopped by Marian grabbing his arm.
“Mooo!” Marian said with a shake of her head.  She got up from the bed and went over to one of the closet doors and opened it.
“Are you sure you’re up for this?”
“Moooo,” Marian said again with a nod of her head.  The first thing she did though was to pull out a fresh blouse and swap it for the smelly one she was currently wearing.  Then she sat down on the floor and grabbed the red very high heeled shoes that she was allowed to wear.  As she sat there, she stared for a moment at all her other shoes, the ones that Vivian had banned her from wearing, the ones that Vivian had ordered be thrown into the dumpster.  Forcing herself to keep moving, she removed one of her colorful high heeled shoes.  She stretched her aching foot and massaged it a bit before fastening one of the red high heeled shoes on instead.  Then she did her other foot the same way.  The heel on the red shoes might be a bit higher, but they were actually more comfortable than the colorful heels she had worn all day yesterday.
Since she was still sitting on the floor, she crawled into the bottom of the closet and started pulling out all her old shoes.  She looked up at Phillip, who was just standing and watching her, and she mooed at him.  She noticed that the very slight urge that had been building in her to moo again, went completely away the moment she did it.  She had mooed, but Phillip didn’t have a clue what she wanted him to do.
Getting to her feet, she grabbed Phillip by the arm to get him to follow her.  She went downstairs and into her kitchen where she grabbed a box of trash bags. 
“Good idea!” Phillip said.  “We need something to put everything in.”
Marian mooed her agreement.
The two of them went back upstairs and Marian took a trash bag and started to put her pile of old shoes into it.  She got only one shoe into the bag and stopped.  She was throwing out a bunch of perfectly good shoes!  She was throwing out all the shoes that she really liked.  She was throwing out all the shoes she owned that were comfortable.  And she simply couldn’t bring herself to put another shoe into the trash bag for a few moments.  She sat there and stared at it instead. 
Phillip knelt down next to her.  “Here,” he said, “let me do this.  I’ll throw them out for you.  You start on one of the other closets.”
“Mooo,” Marian wailed sorrowfully.  She got to her feet and headed for another set of closet doors.  She opened the doors and looked back at Phillip.  He was putting the shoes into the bag one at a time.  His task was hampered greatly by the doll in his other hand.  He needed a way to be able to work… without having to hold that doll.  His backpack immediately came to mind, but that wasn’t here, and she didn’t own one.  But another idea flashed into her head.  She went over to him and mooed again, then grabbed his arm to get him to get up and follow her. 
She went downstairs to the kitchen again where she opened her “junk” drawer and started rooting around in it.  She found a ball of heavy dark green twine that she had gotten to tie up some of the plants out on her back patio.  She grabbed Phillip’s doll, but he was too afraid of what might happen if he let go of it.  She held up her hand to try to get him to be patient.  With him still holding the doll, she grabbed just the one arm of the doll and tied the string around the doll’s wrist.  She cut off a long length and then tied more string to the doll’s other wrist before cutting that off.  This time, Phillip had a better idea of what she was doing.  He pulled the doll behind his head with its arms wrapping his neck.  Marian grabbed the strings and crossed them over his chest, then she tied each string to one of his belt loops.  The doll was now fastened high on Phillip’s back where it would be out of his way.
“Thanks!” Phillip replied happily.  “This should work great!”
Marian mooed happily as a reply.
Five minutes later, Marian watched with regret as Phillip carried a trash bag of her shoes out of the bedroom, heading for the stairs and one of the dumpsters in the area.  She mooed mournfully behind him.
All too soon, they had a pile of loaded trash bags ready to take downstairs.  Marian carried one bag down the steps at a time while Phillip carried two.  Marian was counting herself lucky that she was able to do that much in the heels she was wearing.  All the bags were left just inside the door.  They would carry them all out to the car when everything from upstairs was finally down. 
Before they headed out to start packing the cars though, Marian went into the living room and opened one of the cabinets there.  She took out her laptop computer and the carrying case she had for it.  She loaded the computer into the case along with all of her computer related items from the cabinet.  As closely as Vivian had looked at things, she hadn’t bothered to actually open that cabinet so she hadn’t seen the computer.  And Marian figured that even if she had, she wouldn’t remember that it had been there. She moved some other things around to cover up the empty space where the computer had been.  Grabbing another trash bag, she put the computer stuff into it, just in case Vicious Vivian might come back early and would possibly see it.  Vivian wasn’t getting her computer!  She needed that computer and the things that were on it!  She grabbed a stack of her old personal photo albums as well and put those into the bag.  Vicious Vivian couldn’t have them either!  She was about to close the bag up when another thought hit her.  Going over to her DVD player, she turned the machine on and ejected the disk that was in it.  Then she turned the equipment off again.  She found the case for the DVD and put that in the bag with her computer.
With even more sadness than Marian had felt before, she and Phillip began the chore of loading the bags of her things into their cars.  Almost all of it went into the back seat of her car.  It was a very disappointing amount of stuff left from her life. 
Locking the door behind her.  Marian and Phillip headed back to Phillip’s apartment to unload everything.  And all too soon, they were both back at her townhouse again to start cleaning… and waiting for Vicious Vivian to finally show up.  And that’s when Marian realized how big a problem she was having with something else.  While they were there, she realized she needed to use the bathroom.  That part was no problem.  The problem occurred the moment she lowered her panties. There was just something about the act of exposing herself there that seemed to trigger her sexual needs more than a little.  She couldn’t help herself.  Once again her hand found its way into her vagina and her fingers started stroking.  She made a mess of her hand because she didn’t want to remove it while she peed.  It was only when she realized that all her stroking… while it felt amazingly good… wasn’t helping her situation, that she finally found the willpower to stop masturbating herself.  She was more sexually frustrated than ever by the time she washed her hands and got out of there. 
“Gee, are you okay?” Phillip asked.  “You were in there so long I thought you might have drowned or something.”
Red Faced, Marian mooed and nodded her head that she was just fine.  She was going to have to really watch herself!

Vivian was normally a very intense shopper, but this time she found herself very distracted.  Of course, she was almost as excited over that distraction as she was over the shopping she was doing – with more money to spend than normal since she didn’t have to worry about paying rent anymore.  Marian’s beautiful townhouse was now becoming hers… and that stupid cow Marian was now doomed to live with Sissy Phillip!  The two deserved each other for sure! 
Thinking about the distraction finally got the better of her.  Did they finish clearing out all of the cow’s stuff yet?  Were they cleaning the place now in preparation for them to move her stuff in yet?  She knew she could have simply phoned… Phillip – she wouldn’t be able to get anything out of the mooing cow!  But her excitement made her get into her car and head for the townhouse to see for herself how they were doing.
She pulled up in front of “her” new home and was happy to see both Phillip’s and Marian’s cars there.  She hurried inside and immediately heard a distant mooing.  She nearly laughed. She found the two upstairs, both cleaning the bathroom.  She noticed that Phillip had his doll tied around his neck.  The sight of it there instead of in his arms bothered her a bit, but she realized that Phillip needed to work… and there was no way she was going to allow him to not have that doll with him at all times!  From what she could see, the bathroom looked like they were pretty much done with it.  “Excellent!” she declared.  The look of hatred that Marian leveled at her was simply precious.  She hurried to the bedroom and checked the closets.  All completely empty.  Perfect!  “Okay you two… my old place now.  You’ve got to get all my stuff up here and put it away.  Let’s go!”  With that she hurried down the stairs and was a bit perturbed to have to wait because stupid Marian couldn’t get down the steps in the heels she was wearing as fast as she could, and Sissy Phyllis couldn’t get out of the house without refreshing his lipstick.  But they were situations that also delighted her.
Once everyone was in their cars, she led Marian and Phillip to her old shoebox apartment. 
Marian was simply shocked at Vivian’s place.  Especially her bedroom.  She couldn’t get over the extra clothing racks and how stuffed her closet and drawers were.  And there were piles and bags of clothes stacked all over the room that looked like they had never been put away somewhere.  Vivian had an incredible collection of clothing!
“None of the furniture or decorations go, but everything else has to be moved!” Vivian demanded.  “And I better not find even one scrap of my clothing still here when I check!”  She noticed her extra clothing racks.  “Take those racks too,” she decided.  “You can set them up in the guest bedroom.  Move the bed in there somewhere else.  I might as well make that room into another closet.”
Marian looked at the big clothing racks.  Even without the clothes, she didn’t know how they were going to fit them into their cars.  They were too big!  She let out a moo, not because she wanted to protest, but because the urge had again gotten too much for her to fight… which she wasn’t trying that hard to fight anymore.
Vivian dragged them quickly through her small living room and kitchen, pointing out the few things she wanted them to take… which turned out to be almost nothing.  “I expect my things to be hung up neatly when I get there later,” she told them.  “I want everything put away somewhere.  After that, you can continue cleaning until I get there.”  She handed Phillip the spare key to her apartment that she usually kept in her car so they could get in and out, and with a wave of dismissal, she left them to go back to her Saturday power shopping. 
Marian simply mooed after her… disgusted with the whole situation.
It was while they were packing things that Phillip inadvertently came across it.  “Look at this!” he exclaimed as he brought the eviction notice over for Marian to see.
Marian read it, and let out a very long moo.  Vivian not only wanted her townhouse, Vivian really needed a new place to live!
It took them three trips with both their cars loaded to the gills to get all of Vivian’s things over to the townhouse and get it all upstairs.  Fortunately, Phillip was able to easily figure out how to take the clothing racks apart so they presented no problem at all to move.  Then while Marian started hanging things up in the big closets of the townhouse, Phillip went out to get them both a late lunch.  Marian didn’t go because she had no way to say anything other than her cow mooing.  Ordering what she wanted would be impossible!  She went to the bathroom instead where she again spent a very long time.  There was just something about the act of pulling down her panties that triggered her sexual urge!


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