Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Blog Looks Awful!

For all the posting I do, one thing I almost never do is actually look at my blog.  And there’s no doubt that it looks very out of date and, for what I’m doing with it now, it’s very difficult to read. 

So in the future, if you see a new look, or two, or three, more likely more, it’s just me trying to find something that I think looks a little better.  I have no doubt it’s going to take some trial and error, and going through more than a few templates to find something I like a little better. 

And if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

I’ve never tried updating it before, I haven’t had the time or the interest.  So I’ve got to figure things out as to how everything works.  So if things look a bit strange, please be patient. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My “Original” List of Sissy Baby Ideas and Humiliations

Hello Wayback Machine friends.  Well, here we go again, setting the controls on the Wayback Machine for that time when the internet was young…and I was…younger than I am now.

If you’ll remember, last time the Wayback Machine let us visit my original list of Sissy Ideas and Humiliations.  And I guess in that light, it’s only fair that this time we let the machine show us the other side of the coin – My Sissy Baby Ideas and Humiliations.  As before, you’ll able to see where I had links to more extensive descriptions of ideas.  As with those same type of linked ideas from my Sissy Humiliations list, I’ll have to bring you the ones you’ll find below at another time.  For now though, we’ll let the Wayback Machine focus on just the main list. 

So here they are, just as they were many years ago when my site vanished.  My “original” list of Sissy Baby Ideas and Humiliations.



  1. When at home, always drink from a baby bottle.
  2. Always wear a bib when eating.
  3. When going out to eat, bring along a child's spill proof cup and pour your drink into it.  Make sure refills go directly into your kiddy cup.  Also bring along a baby spoon and eat your meal with it.  A bib is also a nice touch.
  4. When at home always be sucking on either your thumb, a pacifier, or a baby bottle.  When one comes out of your mouth, something else must go in.
  5. Learn to sleep while sucking on a pacifier.
  6. Always drink a baby bottle of formula before going to bed.
  7. If you need to lose some weight, eat nothing but baby food until you've reached your desired goal.
  8. During your diaper period (see diaper period rules) never use the toilet for anything.
  9. During your diaper period (see diaper period rules), get a long length of heavy-duty chain and a heavy-duty pad lock.  Chain your toilet closed and lock it.  Give the keys to someone else with instructions not to let you have the keys back until your period is over.  Better yet, have them lock your toilet up themselves with their lock.
  10. Cloth diapers underneath disposable diapers mean that baby will always be able to feel their wetness while the disposable diapers will help to absorb more pee.
  11. Strapping tape wrapped tightly around the waist on top of disposable diapers makes diaper changing a more than casual affair.
  12. Take baby to the mall wearing cloth diapers underneath a disposable one with plastic panties on top of them.  Wrap strapping tape tightly on top of the disposable diaper.  Wait until baby is absolutely bursting to pee.  Have him go into a public men's room and stand at a urinal.  Have him open his fly.  He must do everything he can to get his penis out through his fly so he can pee like a real man.  He must continue trying until he has completely finished soaking his diapers.
  13. Very gradually regress baby's language skills.  Start by making baby use one or two baby words in place of their related grown-up words.  Drill baby in the way they should be said and used.  Make sure baby is thoroughly used to using the new words in conversation before replacing one or two more words.  Make baby speak this way whenever not at work.  Grown-up words that have been replaced should be treated as "bad words" and baby should be punished every time they are used (possibly by washing baby's mouth out with soap or a thorough spanking).  Remember to go slow.  Babies learn to speak a few words at a time, and replacing only one or two words at a time, will prolong baby's humiliation.
  14. Make baby crawl.  Place five or six marbles inside Baby's shoes.  They may be a bit snug to get on, but once strapped on and the marbles "settle-in" the shoes should be plenty comfortable - UNLESS Baby tries to stand up.  Then Baby will quickly find himself back on his hands and knees again.
  15. The next time you punish your sissy sub try this.  Put him in diapers 24/7 for at least a week (longer would be better).  Make all use of a toilet off-limits to him.  Then make him thoroughly clean and "hand-polish" every toilet in the house - every day.  Perhaps a good car wax polish can be used to make sure that every inch of the toilet glows.  But after that he's not quite done yet.  Have him apply a generous amount of bright red lipstick to his lips, then make him place his lip prints on a pre-designated spot on the toilet or in the toilet (he can drain the water and polish the inside too).  Change the spot every day.  If you have guests over who use your toilet, they will probably notice the lip prints and ask about them.  Tell them why they are there and then offer to have your sub do their toilets every day too.  That way he will have more toilets to polish, worship, and be denied the use of, and you will have the benefit of having the cleanest toilets anywhere.
  16. Do you want your baby-sub to learn to wet his diapers in public, but he just gets too uptight to actually do it?  Start him off slow.  Diaper him and take him out to the movies where it's more "semi-private" and then try this for some further encouragement.  After the lights go out, stick a pacifier in his mouth for him to suck on during the movie.  It can serve as a reminder to him that he is there to learn to wet himself, not see the movie.  Afterwards, if he hasn't wet himself thoroughly during the movie, force him to leave the pacifier in his mouth to suck on as he leaves the theater.  That way everyone will be sure to see what a big baby he is.  The choice is his then, either learn to wet himself and hope nobody will be able to see his wet baby diapers under his clothes, or to know that everyone will surely see him sucking on his pacifier like a big baby when he leaves.
  17. Pavlov's Diaper
  18. Diaper Wetting Exercise 1 - Learning to Appreciate Wetting Your Diapers.
  19. Diaper Wetting Exercise 2 - Learning to Wet In Public