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The Bet - Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 4 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 4 of 6)

Cindy wasn’t exactly pouting, but she wasn’t all that happy either. Cassie had said that she couldn’t watch Sissy being changed again today. That had been a real treat yesterday! She still couldn’t believe what she had seen… the stupid guy had been drinking from a baby bottle! And then there was that plastic thing locked all around his male part so that he couldn’t use it. She remembered touching the thing and even pulling on it – and how it had hurt him. That was when Cassie had suggested that she leave. Next time, she promised herself, she’d just watch – maybe then Cassie wouldn’t chase her away. And today, she couldn’t go in at all! Was Cassie mad because she had hurt him?
She saw his car pulling into the parking lot and her excitement grew – despite the fact that she couldn’t watch today. What could she say to him? How could she tease him? She absolutely felt like she had to tease him somehow… But how?
Chad paused a second before opening the door to the gym. Yesterday had been horrible. And he was sure that today, when he felt so miserable, things would probably be even worse. Was Cassie going to let the receptionist watch – or help again? This time, was she going to let her see – everything? He certainly hoped not. If it wasn’t for the fact that he needed his diapers changed, and that Mel required him to have Cassie do it for him every day, he would have avoided the gym altogether. Plucking up his courage, he opened the door and went in.
“Hi Sissy!” the receptionist called excitedly.
Her excitement didn’t bode as a good sign to Sissy. He knew he was going to have to do it, so he didn’t even bother waiting. He dropped one of his sissy curtseys to her and said hello in his sissy voice.
“I just love seeing you do that everyday,” Cindy said. “It’s so sweet.” Then she leaned across the counter a bit. “Would you like me to feed you your bottle today?” She immediately went into a fit of giggles.
“No thank you,” Sissy replied. “Can you please get Cassie for me?”
Cindy desperately searched for some other way to tease him, but today the ideas just weren’t coming. And there was a bit of a look about him that told her something was a bit off with him today. With a look of frustration, she left him to search for Cassie. Chad was glad! He was also glad that Cassie hadn’t been very far away. A minute later, he was following her back to their usual room.
Is she going to be joining us again today?” Chad asked as he started to get undressed.
“Not unless you want her to,” Cassie replied. “Shall I get her?”
“No! Please!” Chad replied quickly. He was glad that they would be alone again. Yesterday had been – upsetting. And he was upset enough as it was.
“You seem…” Cassie searched for a word, “tired today.”
“I am. I got no sleep at all last night.”
“Was Mel that rough on you?”
“Not… exactly.”
“So how come?”
“Worries!” Chad finally replied.
Cassie could see that he didn’t seem to want to talk about it. “Well lay down on the floor and drink your bottle. Maybe it will help you relax a bit.” After she said it, she wasn’t quite sure how much relaxing he was actually going to get to do!
Chad put the bottle to his mouth and began nursing on it. Sucking on it did bring him some measure of comfort – as it often did. Why, he didn’t know – or care. He did his best to ignore the feelings of Cassie removing his soaked diapers and cleaning him up. Ignoring what she was doing was actually very easy, he didn’t hardly have to try anymore. It was what she did to his other side that he couldn’t ignore very well – nor did he really want to.
“Okay, roll over,” Cassie finally said.
Chad put his bottle down and rolled over onto his stomach.
“I see the redness is all gone today,” Cassie noted as she quickly wiped off his backside.
“Fortunately,” Chad mumbled. A moment later, he stiffened at the freezing cold feeling of the lotion as Cassie started wiping it onto him. The feeling of intense cold didn’t last very long, and soon gave way to intense pleasure instead. Ahhhh! Without being told to for once, he hiked his knees up under him, raising his backside up into the air, making it a better target for what he hoped Cassie might do to it.
“Anxious today, huh?” Cassie said as she saw him get into position. “I guess you want it then.”
Chad said nothing, he was too interested in the feeling of Cassie’s finger as it played with the opening to his asshole. Yes he wanted it! He wanted it very much!
Cassie watched him closely as she started pushing her finger into him, then pulling it out again… over and over again… further and further in. She stopped when he started pushing and pulling against her finger himself. She quickly got her ribbed toy and lubed it up, then set the tip of it up against him. Ever so gently, she pushed on it till it started to slip inside.
Chad was in ecstasy. He didn’t know why he liked this so much, but he did! He just wished that it could grant him the ultimate release he craved so much. But evidently that was impossible. Still, it was just about the best feeling he was capable of experiencing anymore. In and out. In and out. Feeling the little ribs of her toy going past the entrance to his anal opening, only to be followed quickly by the next one. Delicious. He began gently rocking back and forth. As tired as he was, he still found the energy to enjoy this most wonderful treat. Back and forth, back and forth. In and out, in and out. He wasn’t going slower or faster today. Everything was staying at this one steady pace, and he didn’t really care. It just felt good!
Cassie watched him carefully as she held the toy in place, letting him set the pace and intensity. He had been at it for quite a while now and was usually fucking himself desperately on it by this point, but today he was still going slowly. Perhaps it was because he was so tired. She let him go on for a while more before she stopped him and pulled it all the way out. “I’ve got to get back to work soon!” she declared as she saw his head turn back towards her. She saw him just nod his head a little – was that in despair?
She grabbed his jar of suppositories and opened the lid. “We can’t forget these little things,” she said brightly. But he wasn’t paying the least bit of attention to her – as far as she could see. Since it was Wednesday, one of the days when he wasn’t supposed to actually get one now, she only pretended to pull one of the pills out of the jar. He never knew the difference when she stuck her finger way up inside of him as if she were really putting it there. “Do these things still work?” she asked. She saw his head turn back towards her. She also saw the bit of annoyance on his face as he nodded. “Every day?” she asked.
He nodded again. “Every damn day!”

“So did you talk to him yet?” Gloria asked as they waited for their lunch to be delivered.
Mel shook her head. “Not yet. There was no time last night.”
“But do things seem to be any better between you two?”
“As far as I can see.”
“Mel, you still really need to sit down and talk with him… seriously!”
Mel sighed. “I know. It’s just not that easy! Are you still going to hypnotize him tomorrow night?”
“You’re changing the subject! But I was still planning on it.”
“Good! Because I’ve still got to know how long he’s holding back now. I’m seeing definite signs now of further lack of control.”
“So you’re winning?”
“I think so, but I’m just not sure! One minute I think I am, then… I just don’t know!”
Gloria nodded. “I guess I can ask that question again. No problem. So how did the poker game go last night?” For the first time since they sat down to lunch, Gloria saw Mel smile broadly.

Chad couldn’t really hear anything at all coming from Robin’s cubicle next door. He knew she was there though because he had seen her going in after lunch. He was fairly sure she was working, so he felt safe enough to open the spreadsheet where he kept his progress for the bet.
He scrolled down to today’s date. Twenty-three days to go now. Getting smaller – but still a long way. He went up to yesterday’s date to fill in how long he had held back. He stopped to think about that a bit. He had only managed to hold back for twelve minutes yesterday. An improvement over the day before, but it was still an improvement. But actually, it had been a few seconds more than twelve minutes. Should he include that as well? No, just to be fair, he filled in twelve minutes – one whole minute longer than the day before. He had really been hoping for better yesterday, but it just didn’t happen – unfortunately. Still, it was progress.
Before he closed the spreadsheet, he again glanced at the column of reasons why he wanted to win the bet. The first three items, self-respect, friends, and a life still rang all too true. But he stopped looking as he started reading the rest of it. All too quickly the images of the pictures that Sandy had done for redecorating his apartment came to mind – both pictures. Troubled and not wanting to think any more about it, he closed the spreadsheet and went back to work again.

Robin’s cell phone rang while she was finally getting some work done. She really didn’t mind the interruption though. Thinking that it was probably her husband calling she answered it without looking to see who was calling. “Hello?” she said as she was still looking at the work on her computer monitor.
“Hello. Is this Robin?”
Robin was a bit startled to hear an unfamiliar voice. “Yes,” she said tentatively. “Who is this?”
“Hi. I’m Mel… Sissy’s friend.”
“Mel?” Robin exclaimed excitedly.
In the cubicle next door, Chad suddenly looked up. A feeling of horror ran right through him as he desperately tried to listen for more.
“You don’t know how much I’ve been wanting to talk to you!” Robin continued.
Mel was more than sure of that. The damn woman probably wanted to fish for ideas to turn Sissy away from her! “I’m sure,” Mel replied nicely, but she said it as if she was in a hurry. “Unfortunately, I’ve only got a second before I have to be in court,” she lied. She was really sitting at her own desk in her own office. “Listen, I just wanted to follow up on something I asked Derek to do for me – or rather to pass along for me. That is about Sissy using her new voice all the time.”
“Don’t worry!” Robin replied. “He told me. And I guess I kind of agree with you. If Sissy doesn’t practice, then he’ll never get it right. And using his male voice isn’t going to help matters at all.”
Mel had heard what Robin said, but there was something else there that bothered her. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. “Um… Great Robin. Thanks. I’m glad you understand. So you’ll keep after him then? And maybe ask the others to do the same?”
“Yeah sure. We can do that. It’s probably the best way we can really help him with it.”
Mel scowled, more likely… help him right into her arms! And that was when the other little thing clicked for Mel that had just bothered her. “Um… Listen, Robin. There’s something else too that I’d like you to do for me. Would you try to refer to her in only the female sense all the time? Stop referring to her as a him. If she’s going to experience what it’s like to be a woman than I think that she should kind of get used to being referred to in that sense too.”
Robin thought about that for a moment. “I guess. I can try at least. I don’t think it will be that easy to do though since we’re all kind of used to him being – the other gender. You know?”
“Yeah, I know,” Mel agreed. “It’s not that easy, but I think it will help.”
“Hey Mel, while I’ve got you on the phone, can I ask you a question?”
That was exactly what Mel wanted to avoid right now. “Uh oh!” she replied quickly. They’re calling us back. I’ve got to go. I’ll call you later when I’ve got more time. Okay?”
“Uh… Okay,” Robin relied. But by the time she finished saying it, the line quickly went dead. Still… She had managed to make contact with Mel. She had actually talked to her. And next time, she was sure she could finally get some answers!
“Did I hear you say that was Mel?” Chad asked from the entrance to her cubicle. Worry and panic had pulled him away from his own desk to try to hear as much as possible – which was really nothing at all.
Robin hadn’t even known that he was standing there. “Yeah. Would you believe it, she actually called me!”
“What did she say?” Chad asked desperately.
“She said that we should all keep on your case about not using your male voice – like right now!” She actually giggled a bit. “You’ve got to stop talking like a man, Sissy. You’re never going to learn to speak better – or to even pass properly if you don’t!”
Chad just looked embarrassed and stared down at the floor. “Thanks,” he mumbled in his male voice as he turned away from her. He didn’t really want to contemplate having to talk in that silly voice all the time.
“Say it right!” Robin called after him.
He turned back to her. “Say what right?” he asked in his usual male voice.
“Everything!” Robin exclaimed.

Mel stared at the cell phone in her hand. Operation Robin had now started. The silly slut was soon going to get her due! She could just picture her with Sissy… bleached blonde, small tiny waist – probably a size zero… her hands all over Sissy’s ass as they wandered through the hallways of that building together. Oh how she hated her! Okay, maybe Robin wasn’t quite that bad, but it was fun to think of her like that.
She attempted to put Robin on the back burner of her mind and think about Sissy instead. Things sounded very good for him to now be denied the use of his male voice. And what’s more, something she hadn’t really thought about before, if all went well, he would also be denied the right to be referred to as a male too. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t exactly a female, but the point was, nobody would be referring to him as a male anymore either – she hoped.
One by one, she was slowly denying him all of his male traits, or rights, or… whatever.

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The Bet - Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 3 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 3 of 6)

Chad was just finishing up a small project when he noticed an email coming in – from Mel. Fearing what she might want now – while at the same time being grateful that she hadn’t called him on the phone – he opened it right away.


I just thought you’d like to see this so you can dream a bit. He is a hunk, isn’t he!

Just below that was a huge picture – the picture of him and Derek together after the poker game. He stared at the picture – horrified. And that feeling of dread and horror again rose up to an unbelievable level.
“Holly crap!” Robin’s voice exclaimed from the entrance to his cubicle.
Horrified, embarrassed, and panicked, Chad quickly closed the email.
“No! Don’t you dare!” Robin cried as she hurried up right behind him. “Open that thing back up again!”
“Uh… I’d rather not.”
“Like hell!” Robin exclaimed. “Here, give me that,” she said as she took the mouse right out of his hand. Finding the right email was easy since it was already highlighted. The picture loaded instantly. Robin stared, not believing what she was seeing.
Chad wanted to fall right through that hole in the floor that never seemed to appear.
“Geezez! I can’t believe it,” Robin said again. “No wonder you didn’t want to talk about what you were wearing! Whatever possessed you to dress like… that?”
Chad was just barely able to squeak out his answer. “It wasn’t my idea.”
“But you wore it! Didn’t you?”
Chad couldn’t really deny that. The proof was right in front of them.
“I can’t believe it!” Robin said once again as she stared at the picture. “So… did you enjoy it?”
“Um… not really.” Chad admitted. “It was very embarrassing.”
“I’m sure of that!” Robin replied. Then she quickly looked straight at him as something else occurred to her. “Wait a minute! I just got a call from Derek asking me to pass along a reminder for you to use your ‘girly’ voice as he put it.”
Chad was totally shocked! He couldn’t believe it! He desperately wanted to crawl under his desk and hide.
“So what’s that all about?” Robin asked – or demanded.
Chad just shook his head, totally panicked. He still couldn’t believe that Derek had called… Robin of all people! “I… can’t!”
Robin just looked at him for a second, and something clicked in her brain. “Hey, this isn’t by any chance that thing that you were so upset about a few days ago, is it? I seem to remember it was something that Mel wanted you to do.”
Chad’s eyes opened wide with further surprise. She had figured it out!
“So it is!” Robin declared.
Chad could only stare down at the floor and nod briefly. He was so embarrassed.
“So let me hear it.”
He looked up quickly. “What?”
“Let me hear your ‘girly’ voice, as he put it.”
“It sounds stupid!”
“Oh come on! It can’t be that bad!”
Chad shook his head. “It is!”
“So let me be the judge!”
Chad could see that she wasn’t going to back down till she had heard it. “I don’t know what to say,” she said in his girly voice.
Robin stared for a moment then burst out laughing. “You’re right! It is that bad! But I’m betting that Mel figures it won’t get any better unless you practice.”
Chad looked down at the floor again. “Something like that.”
“So maybe she has a point. You should use it all the time.”
Chad shook his head. “I can’t!” he protested again.
“Say that again – in your other voice!”
Chad wanted to die. “I can’t,” he said softly – in his high-pitched voice.
Robin merely smiled. “You do need practice. And I promise to help!”
That was the last thing that Chad wanted!
Suddenly, Robin noticed something on his computer screen she hadn’t thought about before. Before he could stop her, Robin grabbed his mouse again and hit the print button, sending the picture to the printer.
“No!” Chad cried in terror.
Laughing, Robin was off like a flash, running for the printer to get it.

Robin desperately watched the clock – waiting for break time. She had made two or three… okay, four phone calls to some of her friends telling them about Sissy’s date with Derek and about getting him to speak in his ‘girly’ voice. She laughed at that. Girly? Ridiculous was more like it! And beyond that, she had one more juicy bit for all of them!
She watched the seconds ticking down, but she was up and out of her seat thirty seconds early. She went directly to Chad’s cubicle, where she saw him with his head down in his arms on his desk, facing away from her. “Sissy! What are you doing? Come on, it’s break time!”
Chad felt awful! He was so tired he didn’t want to move. He was also so depressed over everything that it made matters even worse. “No,” he moaned without moving his head.
Robin walked in and grabbed his arm and pulled. “Come on. There’s no way I’m going to let you not go to break today!”
Chad sat up and looked at her, but he didn’t get up. “I can’t!” he moaned. “Everybody is just going to make fun of me.”
“Maybe,” Robin admitted. “Okay, definitely. But they’ve done that before, so why should this be so different? Now get up from there before I pick you up and carry you!”
“You would! Wouldn’t you!”
“I’d certainly give it my best try. Of course, if that fails, then I have no doubt that once I start talking to the girls I can easily convince them to all come down here to finish their break.”
Chad groaned aloud. “You would too!”
“You bet I would! Now get up and let’s go!”
“This is not a good idea!” Chad said as he got to his feet.
“Say that again in your ‘girly’ voice.” She giggled as she pulled him out of his cubicle. She laughed – girly voice? “And for the record. It’s a perfectly good idea!”
Chad only groaned a bit more as he followed her down the hallway. Where Robin wanted to hurry, he wanted to move slowly – very slowly – or not go at all. Unfortunately, they did arrive at their destination and Robin made sure that he did go inside.
Despite Chad dragging his feet, they were among the first to arrive. “Hey look!” Robin exclaimed as they approached the coffee pot, “doughnuts again!” She looked back at Sissy. “Maybe you better have two!”
Actually two would have been great. He was hungry. And he could actually chew a doughnut. He walked past the coffee pot and grabbed a doughnut – just to make sure he wouldn’t miss out on any – even though he was one of the first ones there. The moment he picked it up, he took a bite and closed his eyes in pleasure. Chewing! And food!
Robin finished pouring her coffee and grabbed a doughnut herself while she watched Chad pouring his own coffee. “I’ll let you have mine… if you’re good,” she giggled. “I really shouldn’t be eating them anyway.”
There were only two other women at the table as they approached it, but both of them were anxious to see both Robin and Sissy. Chad noticed that the bulk of the people were just now coming through the door. At least he had gotten one of the doughnuts. Small compensation for what he was sure was going to be a very embarrassing break period.
“Sissy!” one of the two women exclaimed excitedly. “You’ve got a date with Derek?”
Chad looked at Robin. “Word sure does get around fast!” Robin only smiled mischievously.
“So when’s it going to be?” the other woman asked.
“Sunday,” Chad replied.
“Wait a minute!” Robin said. “We keep forgetting! Girly voice! Use your girly voice!”
Chad rolled his eyes. This wasn’t going to be good!
“Now say it again – like you’re supposed to!” Robin added.
“Do I have to?” he asked. “This is stupid!”
“You’re not going to learn if you don’t get used to doing it! And you’re not going to get any better either – which really needs to happen! Now say it again!”
“Say what again?”
“Girly voice!” Robin almost yelled. “You’re not supposed to say anything unless it’s in your girly voice!”
“Girly voice?” one of the women who was just sitting down asked. “What the heck is going on?”
“Sissy is supposed to be practicing using his female voice instead of his male voice, but he won’t do it! His friend Mel thinks he’s using his old male voice as a crutch all the time. And his female voice needs a ‘lot’ of work! So she wants us to help make sure he doesn’t use his male voice at all so he can practice using his female voice – or his girly voice as I heard it.”
“Is that right?” the woman asked Sissy.
He just nodded.
“Come on, Sugar. You can answer better than that! Say something out loud so we can all hear it.”
The table was filling up fast, and every one of the women already there was waiting breathlessly for him to answer – in his stupid ‘girly’ voice. And he really didn’t have a way out of it. “I think it’s stupid!” he said in his high-pitched voice. There was an immediate round of laughter from everyone.
“You’re right, it does need work!” the woman finally exclaimed amid her laughter.
“So Sissy,” another woman suddenly asked. “Are you really dating Derek?”
“Wait? He’s dating Derek?” another woman asked, totally surprised. “I thought we went over this yesterday and he said he wasn’t!”
“Well he is!” Robin asked. “As of last night anyway. He and Derek are going out on a date together.”
“Sunday!” another woman threw into the mix.
“It’s not really a date!” Chad argued.
“Uh uh! Girly voice!” Robin ordered.
Chad rolled his eyes. “It’s not really a date!” he repeated – in his girly voice. “It’s just dinner and a movie… and it’s a double date!” At least he didn’t have to use his sissy voice, that would have been twice as bad. He just had to make sure he didn’t slip up!
“Dinner and a movie? And you don’t call that a date?” The woman looked incredulously around at everyone else. “I’d call that a date!” There was total agreement among all of them.
Chad was beside himself. He wasn’t happy about this at all. “Okay, maybe it is a date. But Derek lost the last hand last night and they had this bet going that the loser had to date me… while the winner got to date Mel. We’re going together.”
“Who won?” Someone asked.
“Ray? Do you have any idea how many times he’s asked me out?”
“And did you ever go?” another woman asked.
The first woman smiled. “You bet! He was great!” The table erupted in a huge chorus of giggles.
As the giggling finally died down, Robin almost proudly announced. “There’s more!”
“More?” someone asked.
Chad was suddenly very worried. He wasn’t sure what she was going to add next.
Robin just nodded her head and repeated, “More!” She looked directly at Sissy for a moment with a very mischievous smile on her face before she turned back to everyone else at the table. Then fairly slowly, and teasingly, she reached her hand inside the neckline of her top and into her bra. Then, just as slowly, she started to pull it out.
“Oh no!” Chad groaned the moment he saw the edge of the white piece of paper. He really wanted to run – anywhere!
Robin withdrew the folded up paper that she had pulled off of the printer earlier. The entire table was silent as they watched her slowly begin to unfold it. She finally laid the still folded paper flat on the table and pushed it out more towards the middle of the table where everyone could see it better. Then, she undid the final fold – fully revealing the picture of Sissy and Derek together last night.
The table stayed silent for almost five seconds as everyone realized what they were seeing. Then, little gasps and soft “Oh’s!” started to sound. Then louder ones. Then louder exclamations of surprise. Then outright laughter!
“I don’t believe it! You actually wore… that?” One of the women asked incredulously.
“He sure did!” Robin replied for him. “There’s the proof – right there!”
“What were you thinking?” Someone else asked.
The picture was fairly grainy and not all that good since it came off of the printer, but the detail was more than good enough for everyone to see everything. Someone suddenly grabbed the picture from the middle of the table and Chad saw it being passed around. He desperately wanted the earth to swallow him up somehow!
“Love the shoes!” One of the women exclaimed. “Where’d you get them?”
“Hey, are you going to wear something like that for your date with Derek?” another woman asked.
Chad just shook his head as the questions kept coming. A few he reluctantly answered – in his girly voice, but most of them he left alone. By the time their break ended. Chad felt even more miserable than he had before the break. The only remotely good thing was that Robin had saved her doughnut for him – which she handed to him as they were finally leaving – and it tasted just as delicious as the first one.

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The Bet - Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 2 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 2 of 6)

Robin moved stiffly as she walked past Chad’s cubicle. All the exercise she had put her body through last night was making itself known this morning. “Hi Sissy,” she called as she walked past. As she got to her desk, she heard him returning the greeting back over the wall. She gratefully set her things down on her desk and stretched her hands and arms to relieve them. Exercise! Who needs it! She sighed – she did! Without bothering to check her face or hair in her mirror, she walked next door to his cubicle. “How’d it go?” she asked the moment she walked in. His back was to her as he was checking the email on his machine. She noticed he was wearing that gorgeous colorful dress again.
Chad turned in his seat. “Hi Robin,” he replied, ignoring her question and trying to sound cheerful – unsuccessfully.
Robin leaned up against his desk. “I love that dress on you,” she exclaimed.
Chad looked briefly down at his dress. “Thanks.”
“So how did it go last night?” she asked again.
“You mean the game?”
“Of course, you idiot! What else?”
He shrugged. “Okay, I guess.”
“That’s it? Just okay?”
“Why not? It was okay. I didn’t win if that’s what you mean.”
Robin just shook her head. “So what did you wind up wearing?” She noticed his eyes going wide and the brief look of fright that suddenly crossed his face. She saw him actually shake his head for a moment before he finally answered.
“Just a skirt and blouse.”
Robin had the funny feeling that there might be more to it than that. “That’s it? You can’t describe it any better than that? What skirt and blouse? What did they look like? Were they ones I’ve seen before?” She shook her head. “You’ve really got a long way to go!”
Chad just shrugged. He didn’t want to tell her any more than that – for sure! “No, they weren’t ones you’ve seen before.”
“That’s it? You’re not going to tell me anything more?”
He just shook his head. “Not today.”
Robin suddenly noticed something else about him. “Hey, are you feeling alright? You look kind of… not yourself.”
“I didn’t get any sleep last night,” Chad admitted.
“Why not?”
Chad shrugged his shoulders again. “Things on my mind, I guess.”
“Geez! Getting information out of you is practically impossible! You’re being very irritating again! So what things were keeping you up all night? Obviously it had to be problems.”
He was irritating? What did she think she was? “Yeah, you could say that. Definitely problems. Actually, one big problem.”
“For heaven’s sake, stop being so secretive and tell me what it is!”
Chad looked down at the floor, wondering if he should really tell her or not. “It’s just… the poker game,” he finally said.
“The game? What happened?” A big possibility suddenly leapt to her mind. “You didn’t lose too much money, did you?”
Chad shook his head. “No, actually I didn’t lose all that much. It was… something else.”
Robin tried to think what could possibly have been so bad. “The guys didn’t treat you bad, did they?”
Chad shook his head. “No, actually, they were very understanding… too understanding!”
Robin tried to figure out what he might have meant by that. “What do you mean… too understanding? How can that be a problem?”
Chad looked up at her. “You don’t understand!”
“Of course not! You won’t explain it to me!”
Ugh! He looked back down at the floor again – away from her. “At the game…” he began, speaking fairly softly. “Uh…” He took a big breath, trying to figure out what to say. “At the end…” He paused once again. Should he really tell her? “They kind of made a bet.”
Robin shook her head, not understanding the problem at all. “Isn’t that what they usually do at those games?”
“Yeah, but… not like this.” He finally looked up at her. “The last hand pretty much came down to Ray and Derek. They were really going at it, each one really trying to win.”
“So how is that a problem for you?”
“Well… At the end… Mel kind of upped the stakes a bit.”
Robin just waited, knowing… or hoping… that the full story was about to finally spill out.
Chad resumed his tale. “She suggested… that the winner would get the chance to take her out on a date. But…” Could he really say this? He really didn’t believe it himself! “But the loser would have to date me!” There! He had said it! “Kind of a double date!”
Robin’s eyes went wide with surprise… and delight! “Sissy! You’ve got a date?”
Chad only nodded – miserably. “So who won?”
“So that means…” Robin’s delight grew even more. She actually started laughing. “So you really are going out with Derek! And you’ve been telling me all along that you weren’t!” She laughed at her own teasing. “I can’t imagine why you would feel so down about it. I mean… Geez! The guy’s a hunk! Every woman in the company would love to have a date with him… myself included!” She paused to think for a minute. “I really need that gym more than I thought! You’ve been dressing like a woman for only a few weeks and you’ve already got a date with the hottest bachelor in the company! Okay, so I’m married… but still!”
“Robin! You don’t know how sick I am about it! And I’m pretty sure he feels the same way!”
But Robin only laughed. “I can’t wait to tell everybody!”

Mel stared at the little business card in her hand. Derek’s card. Okay, so the date Sunday night was going to be a double date – where it probably wouldn’t matter who was technically out with who… but still… Yeah, she would much rather that her date was with Derek. She was about to pick up the phone to call him when she heard Andrea knocking on her door. “Come on in.”
Andrea walked in with an arm full of file folders. “I’ve got everything you need to look at and sign this morning ready for you. There’s probably going to be a few more later today, but this is the bulk of it.”
“Thanks, Andrea,” Mel said as she set Derek’s business card down on her desk.
“So how was the poker game last night? Did you ever figure out why you wanted to be there?”
Mel smiled wickedly. “I’ll say! You were right! I really did need to be there! I managed to set up something very sweet for Sissy… something that I really need to follow up on now and set in motion.”
“Do I dare ask what?”
“His voice! If everything goes like I hope it does, he won’t be using his male voice at work – or anywhere else anymore.”
“You said you were trying to do that. So how did you manage it?”
Mel just smiled wickedly. “Just watch!” She picked up the business card again to place her call to Derek, then she paused. “Would you believe Sissy and I actually have dates this weekend?”
Andrea was shocked. “You do? Both of you?”
Mel nodded. “A double date. I was really… blitzed last night.”
“You must have been.”
“I kind of set things up so that the winner of the last hand gets to take me out on a date and the loser has to date Sissy.”
“So how bad is the guy you’re going out with? Should I be sorry for you, or envious?”
Mel suddenly remembered the pictures she had taken just before they left last night. “Here,” she said as quickly grabbed her purse. “I can show you.” She dug her phone out and pulled up the picture of Ray and her together.
“Wow! Hunky!”
“Yeah, but unfortunately, he’s a womanizing scum-bucket.”
“So? If he looks that good, let him tumble your bones anyway. I would!”
Mel laughed. “Maybe. But wait till you see the guy that Sissy is dating. He’s actually one of Sissy’s best friends.” She pulled up the other picture.
Andrea meant to look at the guy in the picture, but she couldn’t get past the way that Sissy was dressed. “Oh my God!”
“Yeah, he’s a hunk too. And a much nicer guy.”
“No. I mean Sissy. Look at the way he’s dressed!”
Mel smiled. “Yeah, I kind of had some fun with him last night.” She had a sudden thought. “Here, let me transfer it to my computer so you can see it better.” A minute later, Andrea was staring at a full-screen sized picture that showed everything in minute detail. “God!” she exclaimed once again. “I’d be so embarrassed!”
Mel only nodded. “He certainly was.”
Andrea noticed something odd in the picture. She pointed to a tiny white patch just below Sissy’s skirt. “What’s that, something on his skirt or a bad place in the picture?”
Mel looked at what Andrea had pointed at, then looked closer… and smiled. “No, that’s his diapers bulging down below the hem of his skirt!”

Derek didn’t spend a lot of time at his desk, so when he did, he tried to make the most of it… the paperwork really did pile up! He was still a bit annoyed over losing that last hand last night… and especially about having to date – Sissy! Ugh! So when his phone suddenly rang, he was more annoyed at the interruption than ever. “Hello?”
“Hi Derek. This is Mel… from the game last night?”
“Oh yeah. How are you?”
“A bit groggy still. But listen, I wanted to follow up on something from last night that I was hoping you’d do for me.”
“What’s that?”
“Kind of pass it around the company there for everyone to remind Sissy to use her girl voice only.”
“Oh yeah. I had forgotten.”
“That’s why I called. It’s kind of important to me… and I guess to her… although she doesn’t see it that way – yet.”
“Oh yeah,” Derek said again. “I remember. Look, I’ll make a few calls, but that’s about all I can do right now. I’m really busy today.”
“That’s all I ask,” Mel replied brightly. “Oh, and Derek, just so you know… I really wish you had won that hand last night instead.”
Derek paused, more than a bit surprised. She had seemed so cold last night. “So does that mean you might go out with me sometime?”
“I don’t know. I’m pretty busy.”
“So am I.”
“They why don’t you call me sometime when you’re not so busy.”
Had she really said that? “You can count on it!” he replied with more enthusiasm than he had felt all day.
“Oh… say… while I’ve got you on the phone…” Mel said. She was mentally holding her breath – Operation Robin was about to start – right now! “Is there any way you can get me… what’s her name… Robin’s phone number?”
“Robin! I don’t know. Tell you what, I’ll ask her for you and pass it on if she says yes.”
“That would be great!” Mel replied. “I’d really appreciate it. And you can ask her to remind Sissy about using her voice at the same time.”
“You don’t want to tell her yourself?”
“I can… but I’m pretty busy here today. I really just wanted to follow up with her later.”
“Okay,” Derek replied. “I’ll call her and let you know.”
“Thanks,” Mel replied.
“And maybe we can have lunch together sometime!”
Mel was caught off guard. It sounded so tempting. “Just not today,” she finally replied.

Robin wasn’t really working when her phone rang. She was just surfing through the internet looking at the clothes that some of her favorite stores were offering. “Hello,” she said, trying to sound busy.
“Hi Robin… This is Derek… from upstairs.”
“Derek!” She almost screamed! “Are you really going out with Sissy?” She couldn’t wait to ask that one.
“Uh… Man, word gets around fast! Unfortunately, it looks that way.”
“I think it’s fabulous!” Robin replied excitedly.
“Um… We may have differing opinions about that one!”
Robin didn’t really care in the least. “So what can I do for you?”
“Look, I don’t really know how to ask this. I’m really just passing on a request from Sissy’s friend Mel. I don’t know if you know her or not, but she was at the game last night with Sissy.”
“I don’t know her, but I’ve heard a little about her,” Robin replied. “What does she want?”
“I know this sounds silly, but the way she put it at the game made perfect sense. She wants everybody to keep on Sissy’s case about using his ‘girl’ voice all the time, as she put it. To not use his male voice at all. She seems to think that using his male voice is like a crutch and he won’t ever develop his female voice if he keeps using it… I think… or something like that. Anyway, there was also some bit about how bad it is if he looks like a woman and sounds like a man.”
Robin paused to take that in. “No, it does kind of make sense. His… ‘girl’ voice? That’s a new one on me! But I’ll ask him about it.”
“And pass it on to everyone else too, if you would. I’ve really got too much to do here to make a lot of phone calls.”
“Oh, you can bet I will!” Robin replied.
“Thanks Robin. I appreciate it. Oh! And by the way, Mel wants to know if she can have your phone number. She said she wants to follow up with you about this later.”
“She… wants ‘my’ phone number? Sure you can give it to her. Say… you wouldn’t be willing to pass along her number to me in return would you?”
Derek considered that for only a moment. “I don’t see why not.” He gave her the number from the business card he had gotten from Mel last night. “Thanks Robin. I really appreciate it.”
Robin hung up her phone. That was interesting – very interesting. Mel wanted her number? The very person who probably could answer all her questions about Chad? Or rather… Sissy. She definitely wanted to talk to Mel! And then there was the other very interesting part – the part about his voice! Yes, that was very interesting too! There was no way she was going to stay at her own desk now – she had dirt to dig!

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The Bet - Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 1 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 40 (Wednesday – week 6 Part 1 of 6)

He tossed and turned on his blow-up mattress for hours, trying vainly to fall asleep. At first he thought it was that he simply couldn’t get comfortable. His glued-on breast forms were bulky and uncomfortable, his chastity device was irritating, and the pins from the earrings in his ears kept sticking him. The only thing that he didn’t consider as bothersome was the bulk of his diapers, which ever so gradually grew all night long.
He was just beginning to finally doze off when the damn suppository she had stuck up inside of him suddenly went to work. He hadn’t felt that in quite a while now – not at night anyway. He hated the feeling so much that he was actually glad he never felt it when he slept anymore. After that, his bulky, and now messy diapers, did bother him. Why was it that Mel had been so tired and drunk last night that she wanted to go straight to bed, but not tired and drunk enough to skip putting the stupid suppository up inside of him?
The oblivion of sleep just didn’t seem to be possible for him. All night long his mind kept going over and over what had happened at the poker game. And one thought more than any other kept hammering at his brain – he was going to have to go out on a date with Derek!
Something in his brain recognized the fact that he had consumed way too much sugar from all the Cokes he had been forced to drink during the game – which also accounted for why he probably couldn’t sleep… not to mention why he also kept feeling himself peeing so much.
If he could just fall asleep! Then he wouldn’t have to worry about anything! At least not for a little while. And he needed sleep! He had to work tomorrow… or was it today?
Finally, without his conscious knowledge, he did drift off into a dream filled slumber. Yet his dreams echoed the worries that were foremost on his conscious mind. He saw himself wearing a tasteful feminine dress. In fact his whole outfit appeared tasteful. He felt wonderful in it – and very feminine. But the wonderful feelings of feeling pretty and feminine were overpowered by other feelings – disturbing feelings, feelings of awkwardness, feelings that everything was all wrong, and mostly… feelings of fear! Because in his dream, he was walking hand in hand with Derek, and he could feel the wrongness in the very pit of his stomach!
The wrongness grew as his dream progressed to an intimate dinner with Derek. It grew much worse as he dreamed of dancing with Derek. And then he was sitting in Derek’s lap, looking up at his face, looking up at his lips… knowing that a passionate kiss was coming.
Part of him actually wanted that kiss… yearned for it… wanted to experience it! Yet at the same time, the greater part of him was horrified by the thought. The feeling of wrongness became like a black undenying cancer that ate threw him – even though that tiny piece of him still wanted to feel the softness of Derek’s lips touching his own feminine lips.
He wanted that kiss, yet he wanted to run… to get away. Derek’s lips slowly drew nearer, closer to his own. And the closer their lips came, the more he could sense how Derek’s lips would feel touching his own. Slowly the distance closed till his whole world was Derek’s lips coming at him. The more they moved closer, the more he wanted that kiss… and at the same time, the more the feeling of wrongness and horror grew.
It was a nightmare! It was the most intimate pleasure! Both – all rolled up in one! He wanted to melt into the kiss, yet he wanted to scream in distress! And the moment Derek’s lips did finally touch his own… and he felt that soft pleasure… and he felt the overwhelming wrongness of it all boil over to where his body could no longer contain it… he screamed! Loudly! He screamed with every ounce of breath that his body could hold!
He woke up as his scream in the real world was still dying… still escaping his physical lungs. Yet as his breath ran out and the scream died, the sound of it still seemed to linger around him, then it seemed to change. As he panted, trying to catch his breath, he realized that the sound now surrounding him was the sound of the rock music being blared out by his pink clock radio. It was morning already. Ugh!
He felt like he hadn’t slept a wink! He struggled off of his blow-up mattress and killed the sound coming from the radio. For once, the sudden silence that filled the room wasn’t much better. Still trying to gather his wits, he stumbled and waddled out of his bedroom toward his kitchen – even as remnants of his dream still played thorough his head. He hated nights when he couldn’t sleep. He hated the mornings after even more. Fortunately, he was usually a very sound sleeper so it didn’t happen often.
As he entered the kitchen, he began looking on the counter for her note… but he didn’t see one. Had she left one? She always left one! She always came in while he was sleeping and left him a note with instructions for the morning! But even though he looked all around, he didn’t see one. Had she forgotten him? Abandoned him? More likely, she had just been too damn drunk to remember!
Well, there was rarely anything new in her notes anyway. His routine was supposed to be pretty much the same – he supposed. He went to his refrigerator and pulled out three baby bottles – two of her lousy green tea and one of apple juice. He headed for his lonely, solitary chair – the only piece of furniture he really owned – and he collapsed down onto it. He put the first bottle of tea to his mouth and began drinking. He barely saw the childish pictures on the wall in front of his eyes, instead, images and mostly feelings of dread from his dream played across his mind.
He had to go out on a date with Derek. She was going to ‘make’ him go out on a date with Derek. And it was sooooo wrong!

Mel groaned as she pulled her pillow tighter against her head. She felt sick! Her mouth tasted rancid! Okay, it was only four beers – or five… she thought. But it felt like she had drunk a whole keg because the aches and pains from her period only made things that much worse. Her clock radio had gone off a few minutes earlier and she had already turned it off and tried to go back to sleep. But now she had to pee so badly it was beginning to hurt! Why had she drunk so much last night? Hadn’t she promised herself before that she’d never touch another alcoholic drink again? Why the hell hadn’t she kept that promise?
Between the beer and the queasiness in her stomach from her period she felt nauseous! She rolled out of bed and hurried to the bathroom – bent nearly in two. Peeing helped, but not a lot. Her pad was a mess. She considered not changing it since she would be getting a shower soon, but the idea that a fresh pad might help her feel better won out. After that, she brushed her teeth – thoroughly! But she could still taste all the beer she swilled last night – and it didn’t taste good! Yuck!
She went back to her bedroom and grabbed her robe – not for warmth, but hoping it would provide her with at least a bit of comfort. It worked – sort of. Then she headed slowly out toward her kitchen, realizing as she went that her head felt wooly and stuffy. She promised herself yet again that she’d never touch another drop to drink as long as she lived! Unless it was coffee!
Making the coffee was automatic – she didn’t even have to think about it. Waiting for it to perk though was bothersome. As she waited, her head cleared enough to start remembering things from last night. Not all at once, but little scenes at a time. She remembered getting Sissy ready – and the outrageous outfit that she had made him wear. She almost laughed over it – even now, as bad as she felt. She remembered playing cards. She remembered making him go into George’s bathroom to clean it. She remembered the trouble he was having with his skirt continually riding up, exposing a piece of his ever growing diapers underneath – again she almost laughed. It seemed that just thinking about Sissy was making her feel better.
Her coffee finished enough that she could pour herself a cup. Mmmm! She breathed in deeply and closed her eyes. She would live – hopefully! Coffee, the elixir of life! Still thinking about the card game last night, she carried her cup out to the living room where she sat down in one of her softer chairs.
She remembered talking to the guys last night about Sissy’s voice – now his ‘girly’ voice. She didn’t like it as much as his sissy voice, but sometimes compromises had to be tolerated. Her eyes opened a bit wider as she remembered asking all the guys to pass the word around where he worked to keep reminding Sissy to use only his girly voice – effectively blocking him from ever using his male voice! And something within her cheered! She had done it! She had finally found a way to deprive him of yet another male trait! He could no longer speak in his male voice – or very soon he wouldn’t be able to… because she fully intended on following up on that little piece of work today – as soon as possible!
Despite the queasiness in her stomach, and despite the aches from her period and despite the wooliness in her head, she was starting to feel much better now. She was starting to feel positively great! Relatively speaking that is. It seemed that coffee combined with thoughts of Sissy were very affective in curing all her ills. Now if they could just cure her periods!
As she took another sip of her coffee, she remembered one more thing from last night. She had set up a double date with Sissy’s friends Ray and Derek! Okay, they were both hunks, but she seemed to remember that she liked Derek more because Ray was a lying womanizing sleaze! But had she really been that drunk? And somehow, since Derek was going to be “technically” out with Sissy, she almost felt like Sissy was the lucky one! Why couldn’t Derek have won last night instead of Ray? She stopped to think about that for a moment. Okay, she was still a bit out of sorts here this morning – for various reasons. But… was she actually jealous? Of Sissy? Impossible!
Not being able to stand that thought any longer, she quickly downed the rest of her coffee and headed straight for the shower to soak, and hopefully clear her stupid head.

Chad stared at his image in the mirror and tried desperately to take a mental inventory to make sure he had everything correct. He was so tired that he felt groggy and dimwitted. Two diapers – check. Plastic panties – check. Waist cincher – check. Overly tight all-in-one girdle over his diapers, waist cincher and supporting his glued on breasts – check. Pantyhose – check. Colorful dress – check. Strappy high heeled shoes – check. Woman’s watch – check. Wooden bracelet on his other wrist – check. Two of the three wooden necklaces around his neck – check. The clear earrings in his ears – check. The pink ring on his finger – check. Hair curled – check. Makeup right – check. And one other little item that came to mind… Chastity device – also check – unfortunately. Since it was locked on, he really didn’t have to think about that one. Did he have everything? He hoped so, because his brain didn’t want to function enough to think of anything else. You’d think that dressing like a woman wouldn’t be so involved – so much work! He knew better now.
Still wishing for more sleep, he grabbed his purse, his freshly stocked diaper bag, and the plastic bag containing the six empty baby bottles – three that he had finished last night before – trying – to go to sleep, along with another three he had just finished this morning. With a deep breath for courage and to try to wake himself up a bit more, he went out his door and headed to Mel’s apartment next door.

Mel half-heartedly stirred at the baby cereal in the pot on her stove. The doorbell rang and she looked up at the clock. He was right on time – darn it for once! She tried to pull herself together and gain a bit more enthusiasm as she headed to open her front door. She pulled it open and there he was – colorful this morning – in all his splendor… while she felt like shit! She watched his usual greeting and noted that it still sent waves of pleasure throughout her. Then she noticed the smile on his face. Shit. Obviously he felt better than she did… of that she was definitely jealous! “Hi Sissy,” she managed to get out pleasantly as she stood back out of the way to let him in.
She waited till he had set his purse and diaper bag down on the floor under her table by the door. She looked him over carefully. The colorful dress again today. Yes he did look good in it – don’t be jealous Mel – he doesn’t look that good! “I see you’re wearing the clear earrings today,” she noted out loud.
“I haven’t worn them yet so I thought I’d try them. I hope they’re okay.”
She nodded. “They’re fine. The colorful ones would have gone better with your dress, but those are just fine.” She really didn’t want to see any more. “Get yourself into the kitchen and up into your highchair. I’ve got your breakfast almost ready.”
A few minutes later, Chad sat, locked into his highchair, bib around his neck, eating baby cereal while he held the tiny baby spoon in his left fist. He was hoping that maybe eating something might wake him up more, but so far…
“How are you feeling today?” Mel asked as she leaned back with another cup of coffee against her counter.
Chad looked up at her and shook his head. “Lousy! I don’t think I got any sleep at all last night!”
Mel silently cheered. She wasn’t the only one feeling bad today. “Why not? You didn’t have any beer last night.”
Chad just shrugged. “I don’t know. Too hyped up I guess.”
“Over what?”
“Having to go out with Derek!”
Mel was surprised. “You’re looking forward to it that much?”
“No! I’m dreading it that much! Do you have any idea how wrong that is? And did it have to be Derek for heaven’s sake? I mean… he’s my friend! One of my best friends!”
Mel smiled. “Would you rather that it was Ray you were going with?”
“No!” Then he quickly changed his mind. “Yes! At least then it wouldn’t be with my best friend.”
Mel almost found it amusing that they were each going with the wrong guy. She’d rather be going with Derek, and he would be more comfortable with Ray. The luck of the cards… that’s all there was to it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 8 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 8 of 8)

As the game continued, Mel watched Chad’s pile of chips. He hadn’t brought a lot of money to the table, but he had brought enough – for him. She finally decided that he liked the game, not for playing cards, but for betting. The guy simply liked to bet! Which after further thought, really didn’t surprise her – in light of the bet that he had with her. But as she watched she noticed that whenever he got past the second or third round of betting, his play usually intensified. He got more excited and aggressive. Obviously, the guy liked to win – which didn’t surprise her either. He used every trick that he could to win the games. Some of them worked, and some of them didn’t. And even though he really wasn’t all that great a player, when he could, he played hard. Unfortunately, he lost most of his chips because he kept playing beyond the point where he should have quit. But she had to hand it to the guy for trying. The more she watched him, the more she realized that he was playing their bet the same way he played cards. He liked to win. Well, so did she!
She saw him check the clock on George’s wall the next time he had a small break. It was time for him to get another Coke. He again quickly drained his glass and got up from the table. But this time, as soon as he stood up, he pulled at his skirt to get it back in place.
“Are you comfortable in that?” Derek asked as he did it.
His answer should have been a big fat resounding – no! But instead he just said, “Yeah, sure. Why?”
Derek just shook his head. “Just wondering.”
Chad again started for the kitchen, but Mel stopped him – again. “Sissy, if you’re heading to the kitchen, why don’t you clear some of these empty bottles out of the way and see if anybody wants another one.”
Chad instantly understood more than the words she had just spoken, she wanted him to basically act as a waitress all night, checking everybody’s drinks and continually clearing the table. He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but it was really no problem. He grabbed empty bottles off the table as the game continued without him. “Would you like another one?” he asked each person softly as he grabbed their empties. He wound up heading back to the kitchen with an armload of empty bottles and a request for two more. Before he sat down at the table again, he pulled his skirt back down into place. The darn thing seemed to ride up whether he was standing or sitting and there was just no stopping it.
While Chad was again adjusting his skirt, George happened to remember something. “Hey Sissy, I got a couple of packs of pretzels that I bought in the kitchen. Since you’re up, would you mind getting them for me?”
“Sure,” Chad replied and again headed back to the kitchen.
“Thanks. I appreciate it,” George returned without thinking another thought.
Chad had seen all the bags of pretzels on the table earlier, but he had ignored them. He opened one of the bags, and was about to bring it to them, but something about just the open bag seemed all wrong. At most of the games, they just passed the bags around the table, but sometimes, George had put the pretzels in a big bowl which was a lot better. He wound up searching through the kitchen cabinets for a suitable bowl. He found the bowl that George had used in the past, but in the same cabinet, was a collection of smaller serving bowls. Perfect! A few minutes later, he deposited three bowls of pretzels around the table where everyone could easily reach them.
“Thanks,” George said without hardly looking up.
The hand ended just as Chad sat down again – and just as Mel got up from the table. “Deal me out this next hand,” she said. “Can you point me towards your bathroom?”
George didn’t even look in the direction, he just pointed over his shoulder. “Right down the hall on the left.”
Mel left them and went into the bathroom. She had seen a couple of the guys go in there briefly ahead of her, but by the time she got there, she wished that she had been the first… or maybe that she hadn’t come at all. The seat was up… which figured since George’s wife was away and it was just guys in the house. But there was pee everywhere all over the toilet and much of the floor around it. Geez! Men! Nothing but slobs! She decided she could hold it for a little while longer. Before leaving the bathroom though, she did open the cabinet under the sink for a quick look.
When she got back to the living room where they were playing, she wandered around the room looking at all the pictures and decorations. She had tried to do that when they came in, but things were just too busy then. Now, she took the time to notice the little things. Everything was old and worn. But it looked clean and comfortable too – mostly. She could tell where George had simply left some of his things out and not bothered to put them away. His wife probably took care of things like that automatically. Overall, she got the impression of a good home… a nice home. The longing for her parents and the home she had shared with them returned once again.
She heard the hand ending and was pleased to see Sissy raking the chips to his place at the table. “Sissy,” she said, “Why don’t you and me refresh some of these bowls of pretzels. Anyone need another drink?”
Chad looked around. There was still a few pretzels in each of the bowls, but since Mel wasn’t sitting down, he figured he better do as she said – which was usually a good idea. He grabbed a few of the bowls while she took one and followed her into the kitchen.
Mel simply set the one bowl that she had carried down on the kitchen table for him to fill. “After you deliver those bowls to the table, I want you to go to the bathroom.”
That surprised Chad. “The bathroom?” Not only was that the one biggest thing that he was forbidden, he was trying to picture how he was going to get past his diapers so that they could be refastened again when he was done.
“Not to use it, you idiot! To clean it. It’s disgustingly filthy! I noticed some cleaning supplies under the sink. And as soon as you’re done, I’ll be inspecting it thoroughly!”
Chad wasn’t really surprised by her request to clean it, he only should have realized it from the moment she mentioned going in there. “Yes, Mistwess,” he replied softly.
They delivered the pretzels and Mel sat down to play while Chad headed for the hallway. “You in or out?” Steve asked, seeing Chad leave.
“Uh… I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” Chad replied. Well it was the truth. He just wouldn’t be doing what they thought he would in there.
“I’m not surprised,” Steve replied. “You’ve been sucking those Cokes down like you’ve been in the desert for a month!”
Chad just shrugged. “Nerves!”
In the bathroom, Chad immediately saw what Mel had been talking about. While guys would find it no problem, he knew that she would – most women for that matter. As quickly as he could, he set about cleaning it. The bathroom looked like a different place a few minutes later.
He was about to adjust his skirt before leaving the bathroom – pull it down into place again, but he stopped and pulled it a bit higher instead. He looked down between his legs. He had been feeling the bulk of his diapers directly between his legs getting bigger and bigger all night. Now, what he saw shocked him a bit. The girdle was open-bottomed. It compressed the soaked diapers everywhere, but at the bottom – where all his pee wanted to settle anyway. The result was that it was growing drastically now below the girdle. If they didn’t leave to go home soon, it would be showing below his skirt no matter how hard he tried to pull it down. He grabbed the bottom of his sagging diapers with both hands and tried to push it upwards. It helped, but he knew it wasn’t going to stay that way very long at all.
He had been trying to hold back as much as he could all night, but with the amount that Mel was making him drink, it was like controlling Niagara Falls with a cork. That much liquid just couldn’t be stopped. And worse, he realized that he was getting a little hyper from too much sugar. He’d probably be awake all night long! With a sigh, he checked his skirt once again and headed back out to the game.
“What took you?” Derek asked as Chad finally returned to the table.
Chad actually blushed, although with all the makeup he was wearing, it was doubtful that anyone would notice. “I wiped things off a bit before I came out,” he explained.
“You’re going to make someone a nice little wife,” Steve said as the cards were being dealt once again.
A little while later, Mel sent Sissy off on another beer run. She was getting tipsy – no, she was already way passed that! But she didn’t care. When Chad returned she took the bottle and said. “You’re driving home tonight!”
By Chad’s count, she was now on beer number four. “I think that’s for the best,” he replied.
“I’ll drive you home,” Ray offered – all too quickly.
“Or I can do it if you like,” Derek also offered.
Mel was surprised. “Wow, offers from two handsome men to drive me home! Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got Sissy here to think about.”
“It would be no problem,” Ray continued.
“For me either,” Derek added. “I can take you directly to your place and Cha… I mean Sissy can just go home to hers.”
Mel laughed. “Thanks guys, but she lives in the apartment right next to mine. It wouldn’t make sense.”
Both Derek and Ray simply said a soft, “Oh.”
Mel was suddenly in heaven. Two handsome men, vying for her attention. It did wonders for her ego and certainly made her feel good. As they continued playing, she noticed that now Derek and Rey were hitting their beers a little harder than they had been. Other than Sissy, they had drank the least – which probably accounted for why they were both winning.
“So Mel,” Ray suddenly said. “What would be the chances of you going out with me? I’m thinking a nice dinner somewhere, dancing... Whatever you like.”
Mel was surprised. If it wasn’t for the fact that she already knew what kind of womanizing scum he was, she would jump at the chance to go out with him. Now Derek on the other hand, he was a dreamboat too. Him, she would go out with in a second. She turned to look up at Ray – he certainly was handsome. “I don’t know,” she replied. “Ask me again sometime when I’m not so drunk.”
Derek chuckled. “You’re drunk, but not that drunk.” He leaned forward across the table towards her. “I can show you a better time. Let me prove it.”
Mel was surprised and her ego soared yet again. “Down boys! Down! I’m not committing to going out with either of you! Especially not tonight!”
“Too bad,” Ray said as the cards were dealt one more time.
“Definitely too bad,” Derek echoed.
The evening was winding down. They were all talking about having to go home soon. They all knew it was time. Mel looked at Sissy’s chips. He had lost some, but not too much. She looked at her own pile. She had lost more than she thought she would, but not really all that much. George had lost some too as had Steve. The two real winners were clearly Derek and Ray.
“Last hand!” George finally declared as he dealt the cards. The betting started and Steve quickly dropped out. They went around once more before Sissy dropped out too. George called it quits right after. That left just Mel, Ray, and Derek. Mel’s hand was fairly strong, but after betting twice more, she realized that it must not be strong enough and she tossed her cards in.
Ray and Derek though seemed to be in a battle. Back and forth they went, raising the stakes, daring the other to match the bet. Mel watched the two handsome men battling back and forth. They had been battling over her a little while ago – sort of.
If she hadn’t been so drunk, she wouldn’t have said it, but all the beers she had consumed got the best of her. “Are you two studs interested in raising the stakes a bit?” The silence at the table echoed through the room as everyone stared at her.
“What did you have in mind?” Ray finally asked.
“Well… How about… the winner gets to take me out on a date.”
“I’m in!” Ray declared quickly.
“Me too!” Derek declared right after him.
Clearly they were about to start playing again, but Mel wasn’t finished. “And…” she said loudly enough to interrupt their thoughts. Once again, everyone had her attention. She smiled wickedly. “And the looser has to date Sissy!”
“Ugh!” was the comment that came from most of the men in the room.
“A double date! Just dinner and maybe a movie. Nothing else! That’s all!”
“Why can’t I just date you?” Ray asked. “We would have a much better time.”
“You date her? Don’t you mean me?” Derek returned.
“Now boys,” Mel replied. “That’s the deal. A double date – just dinner, a movie, and nothing else. The winner is my date and the loser belongs to Sissy. And I’ll even throw in a super good night kiss just to sweeten the pot!” She could see the men both considering it now. “Of course, the loser would have to kiss Sissy just as passionately before saying goodnight too.”
“Oh come on!” Derek complained. “That’s ridiculous!”
Chad couldn’t have agreed more. He was sitting there holding his breath, unable to breath.
“That’s the deal, gentlemen. If you want to date me, then it has to be a double date. The winner gets me and the loser gets Sissy… and you both get a big goodnight kiss.” She looked back and forth between them. Clearly they weren’t too happy with the losing end of the deal. “What will it be?” She asked. “Are you in?”
Ray finally smiled. “I’m in… if for nothing more than to see Derek there give a big passionate kiss to Cha… I mean Sissy! And you on the other hand,” he continued, as he looked straight into Mel’s eyes. “You are going to find yourself mesmerized by my charm! It will be an evening to remember.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure you’re going to win,” Derek said. “I think I’d like to see you giving that big kiss to Sissy instead. And I think that Mel would absolutely love going out with me – probably many times after that.”
“So I take it you’re both in?” Mel asked, looking back and forth between the two of them.
There was a slight pause before either of them answered. “I’m in!” Ray declared.
“Me too!” Derek replied.
There was no more money being bet – nothing like that. It was simply a matter of showing the cards now. Mel was silently hoping that Derek would win, just because she liked him better. Besides, since Ray was such a scumbag, then he deserved to go out with Sissy.
Ray set a single card down on the table – a queen. Seeing how it was going to go, Derek countered with a king. Ray put down another queen. Derek followed with another king. Both men started sweating. Ray put down a ten. Derek triumphantly put down a third king. Ray looked up and saw the triumph in Derek’s eyes – till he laid down a second ten – two queens – two tens. Derek suddenly didn’t look so sure as he set down an ace - if Ray had another ten, he was in big trouble. Ray, very slowly, let the last card fall from his hand to the table – a third ten – full house! Derek threw his final card into the middle of the chips in disgust – he had lost and Ray had won!
Ray crowed excitedly. Mel silently cursed. Derek cursed loudly! And Chad sat there stunned. He was going out on a date – with Derek!
“When would you like to go?” Ray asked excitedly as he cast a quick smirk in Derek’s direction.
“How about Friday?” Mel suggested.
Ray started to nod, then stopped himself and shook his head. “Friday’s out. I have… another commitment. Saturday too,” he added after a moment. Then his face brightened. “I have Sunday free.”
Mel had no doubts at all that all his prior commitments were with other women. “Sunday is fine with me.” She looked to Derek.
“Sunday is okay. I can’t do anything after that since I’ll be out of town all next week,” he replied, obviously not liking the situation.
“Then it’s settled!” Ray declared. “Sunday evening? I can call you with the time.
Mel picked up her purse and dug two of her business cards out. She handed one to Ray and the other to Derek. “Why don’t I get your numbers too, that way if we have any problems I can let you know.” Ray dictated his phone number while she wrote it down, but Derek simply reached into his wallet and produced his own business card. Mel put that in a safe place.
They all started to get up from the table, but Mel’s eyes caught sight of her cell phone in her purse. “Wait a minute,” she said excitedly as she pulled her phone out. “I want pictures to show off to my assistant of the guy I’m going out with!” She ran around with her phone in her hand to stand behind Ray. Then she handed her phone to George to do the honors. “Stand up, Ray,” she suggested. Ray stood, and Mel put her arm around him and they both smiled as George took the picture with the camera in her phone.
“Now your turn Derek,” Mel suggested. “Get over here Sissy.”
“I don’t think so,” Derek declined.
“Oh come on!” Mel said as she pulled him by his arm to get him standing.
“Do it Derek,” Ray coaxed.
Derek shook his head, but reluctantly got to his feet.
“Sissy, hurry up. Get over here,” Mel ordered again.
Chad went, but he wasn’t exactly happy with the situation either.
“Now put your arm around him like I did with Ray. You two are going out together after all.”
“Just for that one date!” Derek complained.
“Sissy,” Mel ordered. “Do it!”
Hesitantly, Chad put his arm around Derek. Mel grabbed the camera and stood back a bit further so the picture would show all of Sissy from the ground up. She took the picture. “There!” she declared happily. Then she went over to Ray and planted a big kiss on his cheek. “Till Sunday,” she said happily. Ray tried to kiss her back, but she teasingly refused him. But then she went over to Derek and planted a big kiss on his cheek too. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll make sure that Sissy is perfectly dressed for the occasion!”
As the other men began to leave, Mel grabbed her purse and put her phone back into it. She noticed Sissy sitting down again, watching as George escorted them all toward the front door. “What are you doing?” Mel asked. “It’s time to go.”
“I have a problem!” Chad replied very softly.
Chad glanced down at his crotch and Mel followed where he was looking. She could see the very fat swell of his diapers sticking out below his skirt. “Pull your skirt down again.”
“I just did! Since the last few times I’ve peed, it won’t stay hidden!”
Mel nearly laughed. “Well, you can’t stay there all night.” She glanced toward the door. George was outside waving goodbye as the others were getting into their cars. “Hurry, let’s get out of here now and maybe nobody will notice.”
Chad saw the chance too and quickly grabbed his purse. He let Mel kind of shield the way between him and George as they walked past.
“Hey,” George called as they were heading for the car. “How about the rest of your beer. There’s got to be a ton left over!”
Chad kept walking, praying the George wouldn’t notice the bulge below his skirt – or the strange way he was waddling – because that’s the best he could walk.
“Keep it!” Mel replied. “Our gift as thanks for letting us be here.” Without another word, she reached the car and got in the passenger side while Chad got into the driver’s seat. She handed him the keys. “Do me a favor,” she said. “Say something in your sissy voice now instead of just your girly voice. I’m sick of hearing it.”
“Yes, Mistwess,” Chad replied as he put the key in the ignition and started the car.
Mel leaned her spinning head back against the seat. “Oh… that’s soooo much better!”

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

The street the house was on was old. The street itself was fairly narrow but there were huge ancient trees in front of most of the houses. As were many of the houses on the block, George’s house was small – very small. From what Mel could see in the evening light, it desperately needed a fresh coat of paint – twenty years ago. There were a lot of cars pulled up in his driveway and on his lawn. The street was so narrow that Mel dared not park her car on the side of the road so she carefully navigated up onto the lawn and parked next to a fairly new Cadillac.
“Looks like evewyone is here,” Chad said, mentally cursing himself for messing up again.
Mel pushed the button to open the trunk before they got out. Chad immediately fought with his skirt to pull it down, realizing as he did so that the skirt was really going to be more of a problem than he thought. As he walked toward the back of the car, he could feel his heels sinking down into the ground a little bit. He immediately put more weight on his toes to compensate. Strangely, his first thought after that was to worry if there was going to be any dirt stuck on his heels that would show.
Each of them grabbed two cartons of beer bottles before heading to the door and Mel left her trunk open so Sissy could go back for the rest. “Don’t forget… only you’re girly voice tonight!” Mel reminded him as they mounted the steps. The light was on over the entranceway, but the single bulb still left the doorway in little more than shadows. Struggling with the beer in his hand, Chad rang the doorbell. As he waited, all he could think about was the way he was dressed. It was stupid and silly. And there was no way that Mel could explain that away. Of course, she hadn’t offered to explain that part at all. But of course… it was still better than his sissy baby dress!
“That better be them!” George complained as he heard his doorbell chime. He threw his cards down on the table since they had already started playing. Each of them had a beer already too since George had bought some just in case – but he hadn’t bought a lot. He made his way past the furniture to the door and opened it – and stared in shock – and cursed! He knew he shouldn’t have let Chad and his girlfriend come tonight! “What the shit do you think this is, Halloween? What’s with the stupid getup?”
Chad immediately felt more embarrassed over the way he was dressed than he had before. He really didn’t have an answer so he just shrugged apologetically as he held up one of the six-packs of beer.
George shook his head and stepped back to let Chad and Mel into his house. At least you remembered that much! And at least you got the good stuff! What took you so long? You’re late!”
Mel answered before Chad could say anything. “Sometimes it takes women a little longer to get ready than they plan on,” she explained.
“Yeah, well it looks like he could have done with a lot less – getting ready!” George complained. “I mean… Geez!”
“Holy shit!” came a surprised exclamation from one of the other men as they caught sight of Sissy.
“What the hell are you made up for?” another one asked.
Just like she had done with George, Mel answered before Sissy could say anything. “Oh guys! I’m surprised at you! You should know that dressing up a bit is all part of the fun of being a girl? You should try it sometime!”
“You call that dressing up?” one of the guys asked as he stared at Chad. “He looks more like… like… like a…”
“Don’t say it!” another one quickly interrupted. “Don’t even bother!”
Chad was extremely self conscious and embarrassed over his appearance, but there was nothing he could do about it. “Where do you want these?” he asked George in his new girly voice.
George looked at him strangely, then just held out his hand. “Here, I’ll take them.” He grabbed the six-packs from Chad. “I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself carrying them with those heels you’ve got on.”
“We’ve got more in the car,” Chad added as he handed over the first six-pack.
“We just wanted to make sure you all had enough,” Mel explained.
“I take it this is your lady-friend?” one of the guys asked. He alone had been eyeing Mel instead of Chad.
“Oh yeah,” Chad said, more conscious than ever about having to use his new voice… this was going to be the real test now! He started pointing around the room. “That’s George… Steve… Ray… and Derek. Guys, this is Mel she’s… she’s…” How could he explain exactly what Mel was? He certainly couldn’t say Mistress! He was about to say friend, but Mel beat him to it.
“I’m the one who’s helping Sissy…” she searched for just the right words… “be all that she can be!”
The one that Chad had pointed out as Derek, just laughed and shook his head. “Sure, but he could probably stand to be a bit less! Especially tonight!”
Mel just smiled as she set the beer she had brought in on the table. “Don’t be mean. I think it’s wonderful how she’s expressing herself tonight.”
“Of course! You can’t very well refer to her as a ‘him’ when she’s dressed like that. Besides, if he’s going to get used to this new way of life, then ‘she’ has to get used to being referred to in the feminine sense.”
“Uh huh,” Derek replied, clearly not buying it.
“Bullshit!” George said softly, not buying it either.
Mel pulled out one of the empty chairs and sat down. She looked around at all the men. “In fact… gentlemen… there’s something that I could really use all your help with.”
“What’s that?” the one named Ray asked.
Mel had noted that he had barely taken his eyes off of her since she had arrived. There was something about him that gave her the creeps… but he was unusually handsome. Mel leaned forward so that they would all know she was serious about this. “For some time now, I’ve been trying to get Sissy to stop using his regular male voice. I mean… how stupid is it if he’s out somewhere and everyone all around thinks he’s a woman – till he opens his mouth and ruins it all! It’s ridiculous! Think about it, she looked directly at Derek as she continued, “if a nice looking woman walked up to you and she suddenly started talking in a man’s voice, wouldn’t you be upset?” As Mel asked the question, she was aware of how handsome Derek was too. And his wife threw him out?
Derek’s eyes suddenly went wide. “I guess so. But the way he sounded a minute ago didn’t sound very good either!”
Mel leaned back in her seat. “Admittedly, her voice needs a bit of work.”
“I’ll say!” Steve replied. “He sounds stupid!”
Mel just shrugged. “It will change with time. But if she keeps using her old male voice as a crutch, she’ll never get it right!”
“I guess that kind of makes sense,” Steve replied.
“Maybe!” Derek added. “Only maybe!”
Chad felt happy. She had done it! She had actually found a way to explain him using his silly voice right in front of them. The only problem now was, he now had no way out of using it. A tiny twinge of cautious fear ran through him the moment he saw Mel leaning forward to talk again.
“In fact, guys, maybe you can help me with that.”
“We can help?” Ray asked as he continued to memorize every nuance of Mel’s curvy body.
“Yes! No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to convince Sissy that she needs to be using her new voice all the time – especially at work! If she doesn’t do it there, then she’ll never learn. It has to start being natural to her – so she uses it without thinking.”
Panic was beginning to swell in Sissy’s stomach as he listened to Mel talking.
“We don’t see… her… all that much at work,” Derek replied. “I only see ‘her’ at break once or twice a week.”
“Me either,” Ray agreed. “In fact, till now, this is the first time I’ve actually seen ‘her’ up close and personal since he started acting this way.”
“Don’t look at me,” Steve said as he held up his hands, “I don’t even work there!”
Chad started to feel relieved.
“But you all… well except you Steve, work at the company,” Mel continued. “Wouldn’t it be easy to simply pass the word around, asking people to remind Sissy to use her new voice all the time? In fact, I’ll bet that if you passed the word to some of the women who work around him… especially… what’s her name? The one he works with?”
“Robin,” Derek supplied for her.
“Right! Robin! I’ll bet that Robin… and all the other women… would be more than willing to… help her out.”
Chad suddenly felt sick! And he knew perfectly well that Mel knew Robin’s name – he had mentioned her enough!
Derek shrugged. “I guess I can mention it to a few of the women I work with… ask them to pass the message along.”
“I can do that too,” Ray added – a fraction too quickly.
Mel sat back pleased. “That would be great if you could. I would be so appreciative… and I know Sissy would appreciate the help too!” She had to work really hard to not put an evil smirk on her face as she looked up at Sissy – who was looking back at her in horror.
Chad couldn’t believe it! She had just sealed his fate! She had just found a way to ensure that he would have to use his sissy voice all the time – even at work. Well, not his sissy voice, but it was close enough. He couldn’t! He just couldn’t!
“Hey!” George finally said, trying to change the subject. “Are we going to play cards, or what?”
“Sissy, why don’t you run out and get the rest of the drinks. I don’t want my trunk left wide open any longer!”
“Deal us in George,” Mel said as she pulled her purse from the floor next to her and opened it. She pulled out a large stack of twenty dollar bills.
Steve suddenly leaned forward, staring at all the money in front of her. “Hmmm,” he hummed softly.
Chad retrieved the rest of the drinks and quickly carried them into the kitchen. He noticed the game had started again as he walked by the table.
“Sissy, bring me a beer when you come back,” Mel said to him. “Make sure you get yourself a drink too.” She looked around the table at everyone else. “Anybody else need a refill?” Several of the guy suggested that he might as well bring them another bottle before he sat down. “Bring another one for everybody,” Mel told him.
By the time Chad got fresh beers for everybody, along with a can of Coke for himself, the hand was over. As he sat down with his drink, he noticed the large pile of chips in front of Mel along with a surprising pile of cash.
“You couldn’t get yourself a glass?” Mel asked the minute he sat down.
“But…” Chad started to argue, but Mel interrupted.
“George, would it be possible for Sissy here to borrow a glass since it’s your house?”
“I don’t care,” George replied offhandedly. “In the cabinet up over the sink.”
“Go get yourself a glass. Mel suggested.” Then she turned to the guys, ignoring Sissy completely. “Are you going to deal again, or what?”
“Do I deal him… I mean her… in or out?”
Mel considered it for a second. “Out this time.”
Chad was silently fuming as he headed for the kitchen. He found the glasses easily enough and brought one back to the table. As he returned, he saw Mel looking at him closely. He sat down and started pouring his drink.
Mel leaned over to him while Ray was considering his next bet. She whispered very softly in his ear. “Pull your skirt down, I can almost see your diapers again!”
Horrified, Chad squirmed in his chair to again pull the miserable skirt back down into place – which proved to be even harder than usual since he was sitting on the damn thing. Finally, he pulled his purse up onto his lap and pulled out some money – far, far less than the amount that Mel had ‘casually’ left lying openly on the table.
The play came to Mel and she folded. She really wasn’t all that interested in winning or losing, not yet at least, because she wasn’t quite done with Sissy yet. As the play continued at the table, she again leaned close to Sissy’s ear. “I better see you finishing at least one of those cans, every half hour, or I will drag out your baby bottle.” She leaned back, purposely not looking at him, but watching the cards on the table instead. She did notice him quickly bringing his glass to his lips though to take a drink, which pleased her greatly. Obviously, he got the message!
Chad sat stunned as he held his glass in his hand, ready to drink again fairly soon. Every half hour? A full can every half hour? He should have known! Even here, she wasn’t going to allow him any relief! But… he could still try to hold back while he was here. A brief smile came to his lips as he realized that fact. He might have to drink a lot… and he might wind up peeing a lot… but since he didn’t have to worry about his diapers leaking, then he could still try to hold back. In fact, holding back and peeing less often would probably be a very good thing – given the amount that he had to drink.
The play ended and George passed a pile of chips over to him. Two minutes later, he was throwing chips across the table along with his bet.
Mel watched Chad playing. She wasn’t sure if she was surprised or not that he played fairly aggressively. He won a few, and lost a few. Overall, he was doing okay. She could tell that, by far, he wasn’t the best player at the table. Neither was George. The rest of them though… they would all bear watching – especially Ray. He was still eyeing her carefully – or was that hungrily?
She threw her latest hand in again after betting two rounds. Not strong enough compared to Ray or Steve. Chad lasted one more round before he too threw his cards in. She checked her watch – almost half an hour now. Chad’s glass was nearly empty as was the can next to it. She nudged his arm and glanced down at her watch as soon as he looked her way. She watched as he immediately drained the rest of his glass. Very good! He got up from the game and headed for the kitchen. “Sissy,” she called, stopping him in his tracks. “If you’re heading to the kitchen, why don’t you check to see if anyone else is ready for anything?”
Chad looked at everyone around the table. “I’m good,” Derek announced.
“Me too,” Ray agreed without looking up from his cards.
“Nothing yet for me,” Steve agreed without looking up either.
“I’ll have one,” George said as he threw his cards in.
Chad looked at Mel. “Would you wike anothea one, Mis…” He had almost said Mistress! “Um… Mel?” He saw that his gaff had brought the attention of both Derek and Steve.
Mel smiled. She was having more fun tonight than she figured she would. “Go ahead and bring me one so I’ll have it,” she told him.
Chad went to the refrigerator where he had left most of the drinks cooling. He pulled two beers and a can of Coke for himself. He went back into the room and set one of the beers down next to George. But as he was walking towards Mel with her beer, he noticed her looking intently at him. She was looking down at his skirt, trying to tell him something. He looked down and discovered that his skirt was riding up again – not too bad, fortunately.
He sat down and handed Mel her beer before he again worked on pulling his stupid skirt down. Then he set to work on drinking his latest can of Coke.