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Mister Mike - Chapter 38 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 38 – Part 1 of 2

     Ever since Joanna and Ashley had come into my life, I had been subjected to some of the most intense humiliation I could imagine.  Now, riding in the car, I could feel that humiliation perhaps more intensely than ever before.  How visible was I to other drivers?  How visible was I to anyone on the street?  Could they see the pacifier stuck in my mouth?  Could they see the bows in my hair?  How about the tiny baby dress I was wearing?  At least they couldn’t see the embarrassing shoes on my feet, or the diaper I had on, or even my pink nail polish.  That is, unless whatever vehicle happened to be in the lane next to us was taller than Joanna’s car.  And it sure seemed to me like most of them were. 
     I was still holding Ashley’s hand, and over and over again I felt her squeeze my hand…hard.  I had no doubt that this wasn’t easy for her either.  But her mother was determined.  She was giving us no choice at all.  Where was she taking us?  No place good, that much I was certain of.  Since I was sitting pretty much in the middle of the car, I saw Joanna in the rear view mirror constantly glancing at us in the back seat.  More than once I noticed her giggle a little bit.  Yeah, no doubt about it, her brain had slipped a major cog somewhere.  She was growing more demented by the day.
     We pulled off of the road into a parking lot and headed for…uh-oh.  I looked over at Ashley.  I saw her eyes go wide staring at the baby store in front of us.  She looked over at me, and her eyes told me pretty much everything.  
Like it or not, which I didn’t…which we didn’t…Joanna parked the car in front of that baby store.  It appeared to be a big baby store…like me.  I mean the place appeared to be large.  I sooo did not want to get out of the car.  And once Joanna had opened the back door for us, and by the way Ashley was just sitting there, I had no doubt that she didn’t want to get out of the car either. 
      “Ash!” Joanna warned.  “Do the back of your legs need warming up again?  Michelle’s too?”
     Huh?  Michelle?  And yes, my legs were cold, but I didn’t want the kind of warming she was insinuating.  Ashley reluctantly started working her way out of the car though, and if Ashley went, I had no choice but to follow.  Funny how being tied together can cause that kind of situation.  After the warmth of the car, let’s just say that those little baby dresses we were wearing weren’t the best thing to keep us warm.  Despite having both a reason for warmth, and a reason of total fear to make me want to get back into the car again, Joanna quickly closed the door and locked the car, cutting off all escape – for both of us. 
      “Hold hands…oh, you already are.  Well keep holding hands children.  Let’s go.”
     Hooray!  We had been promoted to children again.  Not that it made any difference. 
     Joanna led us straight to the door leading into that “large” baby store.  She held it open, and like it or not, Ashley and I wormed our way through it into the warmth inside.  We took three steps through the door and stopped, even though my eyes were searching for someplace we could hide.  Yeah, no doubt about it, every eye in the store was on us.  Did the makeup on my face hide how much I was blushing?  I seriously doubted it.
      “Let’s go babies.  Stay with me,” Joanna told us as she led the way. 
     What did she think, that we’d just wander around there on our own?  Trust me, we followed.
     One of the more amazing things I’ve ever noticed in my life, other than the way Ashley and I were currently dressed, is the way a person can talk to someone, hold an entire conversation with that person, yet never once look at them.  Amazing!  And that’s exactly what took place when the saleswoman walked over to Joanna and asked if she could help with anything.  She talked to Joanna, but it was more like she was talking to Ashley and me, because she never once looked away from either Ashely or me.  And if she was talking to us, how the heck did she expect us to answer with those darn big pacifiers tied into our mouths.  And trust me, I know she could see the ribbons keeping them in place.  The amazed and disturbed look on her face never once changed!
      “Oh, I have a few things I need to pick up here,” Joanna told her, but I think I’d just like to look around while I’m at it and see if there’s anything else I may need.”
      “Let me know if I can help,” the saleswoman replied, still looking at only Ashley and me.  She backed off, but certainly not far, which turned out to be necessary as Joanna practically pounced on a rack of baby dresses and pulled one out. 
      “Oh, look how adorable this is!” Joanna exclaimed to the saleswoman.  “Why is it that babies can’t remain this little forever?”
     I know the saleswoman tried to come up with an answer for that while she continued to stare at Ash and me, and I know she failed. 
     There was no doubt about it, Joanna was taking her sweet time.  That saleswoman continued to stay right with us, but she wasn’t the only other person in the store.  There were several saleswomen, and several…mothers – real mothers, in the store as well.  All of whom pretty much watched us unbelievingly.  I know it was unbelievingly, because I didn’t believe it myself.
     I know I grunted a bit too loudly once, but really, I couldn’t help it.  I was so nervous that I wasn’t paying attention to…some other things.  And of course, that was when Ashley surprised me by peeing – into my diaper of course.  And of course, I grunted in surprise.  Well how the heck was I supposed to know when she was going to do it? 
      “Michelle?” Joanna asked.  “Is something wrong baby?”
     I rather emphatically shook my head no.  But Joanna continued to stare at me.  “Michelle!  Did you wet your diaper again?”
     Okay, how the heck was I supposed to answer that?  I shook my head no, and pointed at Ashley.
      “Michelle, I heard you when you did it, not Ashley.  Now is your diaper wet again or not?”
     Hey!  Not fair.  She knew it was wet long before we left the house!  But what else could I answer except to nod that it was. 
     Joanna shook her head.  “You’ll just have to wait a little while to be changed.  Maybe before we get out of here.  I want to pick up a few things first.” 
     I felt Ashley elbow me.  I turned to look at her and she was all but laughing at me.  She would! 
      “Now there’s something I need!” Joanna declared.  She headed directly to a long display of diaper bags.  “I think I need something…big,” she said more to herself than anyone else.  She turned to that hovering saleswoman and loudly whispered.  “I need it big because I’ve got two babies to take care of.”  Then she nodded at Ash and me, as if the woman hadn’t already figure that out. 
      “Well,” the saleswoman said, still looking at us, “they’re not exactly twins.”
      “No,” Joanna agreed.  “But close enough.”
      “Um…yes.  I can see that,” the woman replied.
     Why did I suddenly feel so much smaller than I had when I walked in?  And why did I feel that certain troubling feeling inside my gut that I just knew could lead to more trouble in my diaper again?  Hadn’t whatever Joanna had given us earlier cleaned me out enough?  But Joanna had made me…us…eat an entire bowl of that stuff.  No doubt, it was still working on me.  Trouble – with a capital ‘T’ – that would most likely wind up in my big ‘D.’ 
     Joanna picked out the largest baby girl themed diaper bag that she could before continuing to another aisle.  Diapers, baby clothes, everything under the sun to take care of a baby – a real baby.  Joanna looked at everything, and I began desperately fighting what I was afraid was going to become more inevitable.  Besides the diaper bag, Joanna picked out a cute plastic diaper pail and a bunch of special plastic bag liners to go into it.  She also picked out a diaper changing pad and matching pacifier holders in a bright pink pattern.  Without even buying them yet, she immediately clipped one to Ashley’s dress before connecting it to her pacifier, then she did the same to me.  Always matching.  But what I wanted to know was, why she needed the clip in the first place?  Those oversized pacifiers were tied into our mouths like gags.  We weren’t about to lose them, no matter how much we wanted to.
     Just before she paid for everything, Joanna suddenly turned and said, “Michelle, come here.”  Which meant that both me and Ashley had to go.  Right there in the store, Joanna quickly bent down and yanked that big diaper cover panty right down to my knees.  Talk about being horrified!  I nearly messed my diaper right then and there!  She thoroughly checked the state of that big diaper I was wearing right in front of everyone!
      “I think you can go a little while more before I change you,” Joanna said.  Then she pulled that big panty back into place.  I was actually glad to have it pulled up over my diaper again, although for the life of me I didn’t know why.  What difference did it make?  Everyone could just look at me and tell I had a big diaper on under it.  But I was still fighting to keep from making that big diaper even worse.  What would Joanna have done if she had checked it and found that I had messed in it again?  I didn’t even want to contemplate that problem.
     But just like she had done with me, she suddenly attacked Ashley and pulled her diaper cover down.  “Hmm!” Joanna hummed all too loudly.  “You’re both wet!  Well, you can both wait to be changed.”  She pulled Ashley’s diaper cover back up.  Ash and I looked at each other in shock over what she had just done – right there in the store!
     And then Joanna pointed her finger at a spot on the carpeted floor not far from the cash register.  “Sit!  I’ll be right back.”  She watched as Ashley and I sat down right there on the floor of the store.  She turned to the Saleswoman.  “I’ll just be a moment.  I need to get some things from the car.”  Not waiting for an answer or permission, Joanna hurried straight out of the store. 
     What if she left us there?  What would we do?  I watched as all the saleswomen and several of the other customers just stared after her…and then at us.  Once again I felt smaller than the supposed age Joanna was treating me like.  To be honest, I felt more like a lowly little worm.
     Fortunately, Joanna came hurrying back into the store.  “I’m so sorry,” she said to the saleswoman.  Have they been behaving?”
     Yes, the saleswoman’s jaw was open, but not for the purpose of talking.  She was simply too…surprised. 
     Joanna knelt down next to us and opened that big bag she had brought with her.  From it, she took two baby bottles.  She untied Ashley’s big pacifier, letting it hang down from the ribbon that now connected it to her dress, and she all but shoved that bottle into Ashley’s mouth.  A minute later I was sitting there on the floor of the baby store as well, dressed like a baby, and drinking from my bottle.  Baby formula again.  Ugh!  But drink it I did.  I had no doubt that Joanna wasn’t going to let us out of there until we finished all of it. 
     While we sat there drinking together, Joanna took the time to pay for everything.  She also took the time to load up the new diaper bag with plenty of those big diapers she had brought from home, as well as everything she could possibly need to change and take care of us.  Since she still had time, she carried the diaper pail out to the car before coming back in the store to shop, while she waited for us to finish our bottles. 
     As soon as Ashley and I were both done, she took our bottles and put those darn pacifiers back in our mouths.  “Do I need to tie them in again?” she asked Ashely, staring her straight in the eyes as if daring her to say the wrong thing.  Ashley shook her head no.  Whew!  We were still stuck sucking on those things, but at least they weren’t tied into our mouths…for now.
     I was so glad to get out of that store.  Talk about embarrassing!  All I could think about after that was how ready I was get home.  Home, away from the public eye.  Home, where I could be overly embarrassed – in private!  Home, where if I suddenly messed in my diaper again like I was afraid I would, I wouldn’t care as much. 
     Except, we didn’t go home.  Not when Joanna had other things on her mind.
     I watched from the middle of the back seat as Joanna drove, wondering…and fearing…where she was going.  And then I knew.  Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh…nooo!  I felt Ashley squeeze my hand extra hard, and she kept squeezing it.  I didn’t squeeze back.  I was too petrified.
     Yes, no surprise, Joanna pulled into the big vast parking lot of the mall.  After a little driving around, she pulled into the closest parking space she could find to one of the major department stores and turned the engine off.  The engine went off, but my worrisome gut didn’t.  And trust me, just then I wanted my gut to turn itself off, because I just knew that something worse than pee was soon going to wind up in the back of my diaper.  Joanna opened the back door for us to get out.  And since Ashley was getting out of the car, I had no choice in the matter.  The car door closed…and locked behind me.  I was now dressed in the most humiliating manner possible, in one of the busiest places possible, with no place to retreat to.  And I was very worried about that embarrassment becoming even more profound for me.
      “Are you holding hands children?  Very good,” Joanna crooned.  She grabbed Ashley’s other hand and led us toward the mall.  It wasn’t that far, but it wasn’t that close either.  How bad was it going to be?  How embarrassing was it going to be once even more people could see us than the ones who were outside and whose heads were already turning? 
     But all that was only secondarily on my mind.  The biggest worry on my mind was that the walking was doing something…not good…to my system.  I tried hard!  I clamped down hard.  I fought it with everything I had.  But it was a losing battle.  The act of doing all that walking was simply making things more impossible.  And not only was I worried about making a stinky mess in my diaper, I suddenly realized I had to pee again – and that was growing worse too. 
     Joanna opened and held the door for us to go through.  There was another set of doors still in front of us.  We went through the first door.  Joanna came around and held the second door and we went through that one as well…and something started going through my back end into my diaper.  NO!  I clamped down harder, but we were walking again…somewhere.  Ashley and I had little choice but to follow Joanna, holding hands, sucking on our big pacifiers, “enjoying” being dressed like total babies out in public, and I kept fighting my body that was trying to make things worse in my diaper…now with slowly losing results. 
     I could feel the sticky mess back there as we walked thought the ladies department.  I did everything possible to not put any look of distress on my face.  Things were humiliating enough already.  And then I suddenly felt my diaper filling with warm pee.  Ashley!  Why now?  She looked at me and grinned behind that big pacifier.  But I already had to pee.  I was fighting it along with fighting putting even more of a mess in my diaper.  Suddenly having my diaper filled with warm pee somehow made me lose it.  And I mean really lose it.  Everything!  Her warm pee had triggered it, and I had little choice but to let go and pee…which fortunately went into her diaper.  Take that Ashley!  But my bigger problem was that when that flood gate opened, so did the one I had been fighting so hard and so long to keep closed at my back end.  Yes, the rest of what had been up inside me and was trying to get out, came out.  And trust me, I did everything possible to NOT let anyone know what I had just done.  Which didn’t last that long.
     Less than a minute later, I noticed Ashley looking at me with a strange look on her face.  I saw her glance down at my diapered backside.  I tried to ignore her.  And then I heard her laughing.  Just…great!  I saw Joanna turn to look at Ashley questioningly.  I kept my face as straight as possible, and Joanna returned to her walking and browsing. 
     I had figured that Joanna would head for the baby department.  But no.  Wrong!  Instead we wound up looking at bedding.  Sheets and blankets.  Ash and I stood by while she started looking, and right from the start I realized she was looking for the most juvenile and girlish patterns she could find.  Except that it wasn’t long before she suddenly turned her head to look at us with the strangest look on her face.  And then I saw her sniff the air.  Uh-oh!
      “Did one of you two…” she started.
     But before she could finish, Ashley pointed right at me.  Trust me, I was already blushing.
      “Michelle!  Did you make a stinky in your diaper?”
     A stinky?  I didn’t bother nodding or making any other reply.  I know my blushing face said it all. 
      “Ugh!  What am I going to do with you two?”
     Hey, don’t blame me!  I’m not the one who spiked that cereal she had made us eat that morning.  And then she said something not nice.
      “You’ll just have to wait a few minutes before I change you.  I’ve just started shopping here.”
     Oooookay.  I didn’t want to be changed in the store anyway.  Trust me!  But I did want to go home to get changed.  You can trust me about that too!
     I had no idea in the world that some department stores carried that many varieties of sheets.  And most of them in all sizes, including the size for the new mattress I had gotten.  I had no idea how long we stood there…with me stinking to high heaven…while Joanna shopped.  But I do know that after some time, Ashley suddenly bent over like she had a cramp. 
      “Ashley dear.  Are you okay?” Joanna quickly asked, her voice full of concern.
      “Mmmmm!” Ashley grunted angrily with that dumb pacifier in her mouth.
      “Now dear, don’t speak to me that way.  You’ll wind up in trouble!”
      “Mmm!” she grunted softly, but still angrily.  So what was up with her?
     Joanna finally made her selection.  She handed a package of sheets to me to carry and then turned…but not in a good direction.  It seemed she wasn’t finished shopping in that section yet.  As Ashley and I followed her to another aisle, she started looking at blankets.  I didn’t need any new blankets.  I had blankets.  But evidently, mine weren’t girly enough for Joanna.  I figured that one out pretty quickly when I realized what kind of blankets Joanna kept pulling out to look at.
      “Mm!” Ashley grunted softly again.  I turned to look at her, wondering what her problem was.  The look on her face was total distress.  And then I realized – I wasn’t the only one worried about a stinky kind of problem.  “Mmmm!”  She was fighting it, and I could tell by the distress on her face that most likely she was losing it…like I had. 
     Joanna finally made her selection on a new blanket.  “Here dear,” she said to Ashley.  “Will you carry this for me please?”
     Ashley took the blanket and held it in her arms.  We started to follow Joanna away from that bedding section, but I was suddenly brought up short by the tether that linked Ash and I together.  I turned to look, and she was halfway bent over.  “Mmmm!” she grunted distressfully.  She shook her head.  She screwed her face up into a desperate look.  She did everything possible that she could, but it was still only moments before I saw the tears start to fall from her eyes. 
      “Ashley dear,” Joanna’s face said.  “Are you as bad as little Michelle?  Did you mess your diaper too?”
     Ashley didn’t nod.  She didn’t grunt.  She didn’t answer.  She turned into me as far as she could.  The blanket in her arms and the sheets in my arms preventing us from getting too close.  She didn’t look at her mother.  She was crying softly. 
     All of a sudden Joanna was there.  Instead of offering comfort, she grabbed Ashley’s hand and pulled.  “Come along children,” she said.  “I guess there’s no help for it.  Obviously you’re both a mess.  Let’s get you two cleaned up before any other mothers here start protesting.”
     Other mothers?  Who the heck was she talking about?  And more importantly, what exactly did she mean when she said she’d get us cleaned up?  And believe me, I could only think of one possibility.

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Next Book Delay

Hi All,

For those of you who are waiting for the release of my next book, I just want you to know that it's not quite ready yet.  I'm still doing one final last edit on it to find those nasty things that need fixing.  I hope to have it available in the next week or two.  Sorry for the delay,


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Mister Mike - Chapter 37 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 37 – Part 2 of 2

     “Awww.  So cute.  Wakey, wakey babies,” Joanna’s voice came, far too loudly and far too soon.
     Ashley moaned and turned her head away from me to face her mother.  I simply groaned.  My stomach still didn’t feel great, but it was much better.  I looked up at Joanna.  She was dressed in casual clothes, but she still looked nicer than I expected.
      “Get up you two little stinkers.  Let’s get you cleaned up and dressed.”
     Cleaned up sounded great.  Dressed…well, I’d much rather go back to bed.  Ashley groaned a bit more as we both began getting to our feet.  A minute later, we were basically stumbling wide-leggedly down the hallway back to the master bedroom. 
     Joanna had us get into the shower, then as usual, she started with Ashley and removed her diaper.  Whew!  The smell!  Not to mention the mess.  My diaper soon followed.  Joanna gingerly took each of the overly loaded diapers and shoved them straight into the plastic bag that held our used diapers – that I tried to take out to the trash every other day or so.  With the diapers gone, I could now see the tubes that came out of each of us, went up to the rope tether between us, then down to the other person.  The end of my chastity device was pointed way down so I couldn’t see it that well, but it looked like my tube came right out the end of it.  I could clearly see Ashley’s tube coming right out of her slit. 
      “Don’t you dare touch those tubes!” Joanna threatened.  She turned the water on and Ashley and I were both assaulted by cold water.  We both pulled back away from it, but it warmed up soon and we moved back into the flow of the water again, trying to let it rinse off our backsides.  Joanna moved the shower nozzle around, aiming it at the worst parts of us, then at the shower floor.  A few minutes later, all the “messy stuff” had been washed down the drain. 
      “Okay you two,” Joanna said.  “You can wash each other off again, but like I said, don’t touch those tubes.  Don’t bother with your hair either today.  Just get clean.”
     I was very surprised when she didn’t close the shower door, but stood there watching us.  Ashley and I went about the task of trying to clean each other while we were forced to remain too close together to really accomplish the task.  I was more than a bit embarrassed about washing Ashley’s naked breasts, especially with Joanna watching, but I don’t think Ashley had any problem at all spending time “playing” around with my chastity device.  Joanna finally turned the water off and started drying us off herself – as usual, first Ashley, then me. 
     After that, Joanna finally removed those big pacifiers from our mouths.  She shoved a smaller pacifier into Ashley’s mouth, but surprised me by not doing the same for me.  But right after that, Ashley and I got a chance to stand in front of the mirror, while I shaved my face and Ashley had to run a brush through her hair over and over again.  Once I was done shaving, then Joanna shoved one of those smaller pacifiers into my mouth before leading us both back into the bedroom.  We watched as she laid out two of those super thick diapers on the bed.  “Diaper time,” Joanna said, all too cheerily.  We knew what to do.  We went over to the bed, backed up to it, and sat, then laid back.  “What good babies you are,” Joanna said happily.  Yeah right! 
     Baby lotion on both of us, and baby powder on both of us.  All followed of course by those big thick diapers.  And it seemed like the moment that Joanna finished fastening that diaper on me, I suddenly felt the urge to pee again – already!  What the heck?  We were both diapered now, and it wouldn’t be going into my diaper anyway.  I let go…and felt Ashley stiffen next to me.  She looked over angrily at me, and grunted that anger.  A moment later, I felt her peeing into my diaper.  While Joanna stood back and chuckled. 
      “Are my two babies wet already?  My!  What are we ever going to do with you?”
     There were a number of nasty things I could have replied, but even with that smaller pacifier in my mouth, replying wasn’t exactly an option. 
     Joanna went to the dresser and pulled out one of Ashley’s plain white bras.  “Stand up babies,” she told us.  As soon as we were standing, she put the bra on Ashley.  All I could think, was that somehow that grownup bra didn’t exactly match the “baby” image that Joanna was trying to stick us with.  As soon as Joanna had finished fastening Ashley’s bra, she left the room.  She came back a minute later with one of my white bras and those dumb birdseed breast forms I had to wear all too often.  Two minutes later, both Ashley and I were dressed in…diapers and a bra.  But of course, Joanna didn’t stop there. 
     Joanna left the room and soon dragged back the suitcase she had brought with her.  Once again she set it where we couldn’t see into it when she opened it.  I took that as a bad sign.  I was soon to find out how right I was.  Joanna took something from the suitcase and brought it back to Ashley.  Trust me, my eyebrows went up at the sight of it.  It was…some kind of big panty, and the material was all pink and green cartoon flowers and bees.  Cute!  I looked over and saw Ashley staring at the thing.  Joanna bent down and held the panty wide open.  Ashley grabbed my arm for support, then put one foot through the leg opening, then the other.  Joanna pulled the panty up into place over top of Ashley’s now wet diaper.  The panty covered most of her diaper.  But in truth, the diapers we were wearing were so thick, there was no doubt at all what was under that panty.  I now noticed the big pink bow at the top of the panty waist.  While both Ashley and I were staring at it, Joanna went back to the suitcase and brought back another one.  An identical one…only I’m guessing a bit larger.  A moment later, both Ashley and I were matching again.  I was still marveling at that while Joanna went back to the suitcase. 
     Once again Joanna came back with material in her hands.  This time…a dress…of some sort.  Even still in her hands I could see that it was…small.  Tiny.  The material on the top of the front matched the cartoon flowers and bees on the panties Ashley and I were wearing.  The skirt of the dress was a pink and white check.  And the short sleeves were all white.  And once again there was a pink bow at the center of the neckline.  Joanna slipped the dress over Ashley’s head and over her arms, then fastened it behind her.  Talk about a childish looking outfit!  In truth, it was a very babyish looking outfit. 
     Ashley was trying to look down at herself.  I suddenly heard her chuckling behind her pacifier.  And then Joanna was back with another one, this time for me.  I had to let her put the thing on me, then fasten it behind me. 

     Ashley was outright laughing at me now.  I know my face was blushing.  I also know that damn chastity device was doing its shrinking trick again.  Joanna had dressed us both in the most babyish looking outfits imaginable.  But of course, Joanna wasn’t done yet.  Not by a long shot.
      “Sit on the bed, babies,” Joanna told us.  While we did that, she went to that magical suitcase of hers again, this time bringing back…socks.  Two pairs.  Both of them white with pink lacy tops.  As always, Ashley first, then me.  And of course afterwards, Joanna went back to her suitcase again.  What now? 
     Should I have been surprised when she brought back two pairs of shoes?  No.  Not at all.  But I was totally shocked to see those shoes.  The groaning of disbelief that came from Ashley at the sight of them pretty much echoed my disbelief as well.  Talk about a sissy looking pair of shoes!  They were black patent leather little girl Mary Janes.  But…they had a big, and I mean big, pink bow on the toes.  As always, Joanna buckled the shoes onto Ashley first, then a bigger pair on my feet. 
     I could only stare in disbelief at those shoes as Joanna went back to the suitcase and came back with something too small for me to see what it was.  I quickly found out though as I saw her working on Ashley’s shoes…or rather the buckle of those shoes as she stuck a small lock through the stem of the buckle, making them impossible for Ashley to remove.  A minute later, mine were locked to my feet as well.  Another locking pair of shoes…and these weren’t even heels.  But I can tell you this, with that big pink bow that couldn’t be overlooked, they were actually far more embarrassing than any pair of shoes I had ever worn…or could ever conceive of wearing.  And since they were locked on, I couldn’t take the darn things off!
      I watched as Ashely held her legs out straight and wiggled her feet around.  Those big pink bows were simply impossible to miss.
     You would think that Joanna would have been done now, but no.  She was still at it.  I sat there and watched as Joanna started attacking Ashley’s face with makeup.  Actually, she attacked Ashley’s face, and my face.  She did Ashley’s eyebrows, then mine.  Except she plucked a few “stray” hairs from my eyebrows that she hadn’t done from Ashley’s, and then she trimmed some of the other hairs of my brows before…painting them.  I didn’t know if I was glad I couldn’t see the results or not.
     I resisted the urge to run my fingers over them while Joanna started working on Ashley’s eyelashes.  She coated them, then grabbed a medieval looking tool and crimped them.  Ashley blinked a few times, but oddly she didn’t seem to mind the treatment at all.  Then of course it was my turn.  Getting the mascara on my eyelashes was bad enough, but that lash curler she used on me afterwards frightened me to death.  I was glad when she took the thing off and I could still see.  I heard Ashley giggling as Joanna looked over her work and then briefly touched a spot on one of my lashes.  What an ordeal!
     I was so glad when Joanna turned her attention back to Ashley with a procedure that didn’t worry me nearly as much.  Instead of working on her eyes, I watched as Joanna pulled the pacifier from Ashley’s mouth, then she used a small wand that she dipped into a tube, and coated Ashley’s lips red.  Then of course it was my turn.  She had me “stretch” my lips so she could coat them completely.  Once again I heard Ashley giggling at me.  Why couldn’t I giggle at her?  Oh yeah, because she was a girl and was used to wearing makeup.  In fact, for women, wasn’t it pretty much required?
     Joanna put light pink eyeshadow on both Ashley and me, before she grabbed a soft brush and started working with…other stuff…all over my face and Ashley’s face.  She stood back to examine her work on both of us, before coming back to Ashley with a tube of something that she spread all over Ashley’s already red lips…and of course she spread the same stuff on mine.  “Don’t touch!” she warned me.  “Let that stuff dry first.”
     Dry?  What was she talking about?  I had thought she was done when Joanna left us, but she came back a few minutes later with a brush and started brushing Ashley’s hair again.  She spent quite a while on it…before she parted it into two separate pony tails that she fastened with rubber bands and put matching pink bows at the top of each one.  And of course, then it was my turn.  I didn’t have all that much hair on top of my head, not like Ashley, but that didn’t stop Joanna from brushing it, and sectioning it into two halves that she pulled back – hard, and then I felt her tying each part back and doing something else to it, that I was guessing she was putting the same pink bows into my hair as she had done with Ashley. 
     And of course, Ashley was giggling at me again.  It wasn’t fair!  I wanted to laugh at her, but the truth was that for as embarrassingly as she was dressed, as far as I was concerned, it wasn’t nearly as bad for her as it was for me.
     Joanna stood back and examined us both critically, looking back and forth from one to the other.  Finally she smiled.  “Stand up babies,” she told us. 
     I don’t know why I felt extra embarrassed by the simple command to stand, but I did.  Ashley and I together stood up, and once again Joanna looked us over, then smiled.  “Go look at yourselves in the mirror,” she told us. 
     Ashley literally dragged me over to where we could stand in front of the mirror.  We were dressed alike.  We knew that.  But looking at the finished results was like doubling the amount of humiliation I felt.  Even though I shouldn’t have been, I was still shocked at the results.  I looked…ridiculous!  Like an overgrown baby.  Sort of.  And of course, there was no doubt that Ashley looked cuter than I did.  But then, she was a girl.  She would look cuter, no matter what. 
     As I stood there gazing at my ridiculous reflection, I suddenly felt my diaper growing warm and wet.  I bent my knees at the odd feeling, especially since it was happening and I had no knowledge beforehand that it was going to happen. 
      “Aw,” Joanna’s voice came.  “Did baby Michael suddenly wet himself?”
      “No!” I replied.  “Ashley did it.”
      “Me?” Ashley laughed.  “I didn’t wet myself at all.”
      “No, you wet…me!”
      “Now, now, children.  No fighting.  I expect you two will wet your diapers quite a bit today.  Maybe mess them again as well.  As I said, I expect that from babies.”
     Who was she trying to kid? 
     She walked over and stuck a baby pacifier into Ashley’s mouth, then mine.  “Okay babies, head for the living room while I get my purse.  Time for us to go bye-bye.”
      “What?” Ashely exclaimed loudly.  I noticed she had been pretty quick to pull the plug from her mouth.
      “We’re going out!” Joanna said sternly, and put that thing back in your mouth.  Now march!”
      “No!” Ashley exclaimed.  “You can’t take us out anywhere like this.”  That was exactly my feelings on the subject as well.
      “I can, and I will!” Joanna said sternly.  “Now no more complaining or you’ll both regret it.”
      “No!” Ashley yelled this time.  “I can’t go anywhere like this.  People will see me.”
     I could see Joanna getting angry.  “That’s the point Ashley.  People are going to see you.  Now get moving!”
      “No!” Ashley exclaimed, horrified at the thought.  So was I for that matter. 
      “Ashley Desmond!  You stop arguing with me and do what I say, or you’re going to regret it!  You’re both going to regret it.”
      “Mooom…I can’t go anywhere looking like this.”
      “That’s what you think,” Joanna replied as she grabbed my hand and pulled.  She spun me around, which forced Ashley to come around to my other side.  She nearly fell in the process.  Before we knew it, Joanna was pushing us both straight forward toward the bed where we wound up falling face first over on top of it, half on it, half off.  “Stay there!” Joanna yelled.  She was gone only a moment, but before we knew it, she was back, coming around to the other side of the bed…with scarves in her hand. 
      “No!” Ashley yelled, trying to get up, but she was fastened to me by that tether, and getting up without me was impossible.  Joanna quickly captured one of her hands, then the other.  “No!  Don’t!” Ashley screamed.  She wiggled for all she was worth, but her wrists were soon tied together.  Then it was my turn.  I didn’t want my wrists tied either, but I didn’t put up nearly the struggle that Ashley did…that Ashley still seemed to be doing. 
     Joanna hurried away, but she was soon back.  This time with some rope.  She leaned over the bed and grabbed Ashley’s bound wrists again.  “No!” Ashley screamed again.  But it was no use.  Ashley’s wrists were soon linked to my bound wrists, before Joanna pulled hard on that rope, stretching our arms out.  She tied the rope off to the bedframe and let go. 
     We watched as Joanna angrily came back around behind us.  And then I felt her climbing over on top of Ashley’s back and reaching over her head.  Ashley started shaking her head rather vehemently and saying, “No!  No!  No!”  I watched in horror as Joanna forced that big pacifier back in her mouth, then tied it in place.  A moment later, she was climbing over top of me and tying the other big pacifier into my mouth.
      “Remember what I said about getting punished?” Joanna’s angry voice threatened from behind us.  “If I punish one of you, then you both get the same thing!  And today is not a day when I’m going to put up with any kind of rebellion out of either of you.  I’ve put too much time and expense into this, and I’m not going to let either of you ruin it.”
     I heard Joanna doing something behind us, but what she was doing was impossible to tell.  I know I heard a dresser drawer opening and closing at one point.  What was Joanna up to?  And then I suddenly heard a loud slapping sound.
      “Mmmm!” Ashley grunted angrily.  “Mmmm!”
     The slapping sound came again, and with it, pain lancing up from my bare legs just below my diaper.  She had hit me with something…and it hurt!  “Mmm!” I grunted in surprise. 
     The sound came again, as did Ashley’s angry muffled complaint.  My surprised painful grunting soon followed.  Ashley, then me.  Ashley, then me.  And whatever Joanna was using on us – hurt!  A lot!  It wasn’t long before Ashley was crying…and I didn’t blame her one bit. 
     Joanna finally stopped.  “Are you two going to behave for me yet?” she asked.
      “Mm-hm!” I tried to moan behind my pacifier.  Ashley said nothing.
      “Ashley!  Are you going to behave and do what I tell you?”
     No answer except her crying. 
      “Ashley?  Are you going to behave and do as you’re told?”
     Ashley was still crying, but her head came up almost defiantly.  “Mmmm!” she tried to shout past that huge pacifier in her mouth as she struggled again with her bonds.  Obviously Ashley was still reluctant to do as her mother wanted.
     The slapping sound came again, as did Ashly’s surprised painful moan.  Her crying increased.  And then Joanna hit me again.  Why?  I had already agreed.  But I guess Joanna had been serious when she said we would both get the same punishment.  Once again Joanna started dishing out the punishment to Ashley, followed immediately to the same punishment to me.  Ouch!  Pain, pain, pain! 
     Ashley was crying desperately now, and still Joanna wasn’t letting up.  Finally, Ashley started grunting desperately, even when I was the one getting hit. 
      “Are you going to behave now?” Joanna asked.  I immediately nodded my head again and tried to grunt yes.  Ashley was crying hard, but this time I saw her head nod. 
      “Are you going to do whatever I tell you to do today?  No questions or fuss?  No matter what?”
     Again I nodded and tried to moan some kind of yes around that big pacifier.  Ashley, still crying, nodded her head again. 
      “Good!  Because I can guarantee that next time, it will be worse.  And next time, I won’t just spank the two of you, next time there will be an additional punishment for you both!”
      “Mmmm!” Ashley grunted angrily as she was still crying. 
     Joanna came around to the other side of the bed and untied our hands.  “Stand up now, and don’t give me any more trouble.  Either of you.”
     With a great deal of difficulty, Ashley and I got to our feet.  Joanna turned us around so our back was to the bed.  She looked us over carefully again.  “Now,” Joanna finally said.  “Out to the living room with you.  I’ll be right there.  And then we’re going out.  All of us together!”
     Ashley was still crying a little.  She sniffled, but moved with me when I headed for the door.  The back of my legs were on fire!  I had no doubt Ashley’s legs were just as bad.  Tied the way we were, I couldn’t see them very well at all.  Before going through the doorway, I grabbed Ashley’s hand and held it, trying to offer her at least a little bit of comfort that way.  I had no doubt that whatever Joanna had planned for us today, she was very determined to follow through with it.
     While we waited in the living room, I heard Joanna come out of the bedroom, then go into the bathroom.  Since I needed to go too, I did.  Ashley punched me in the arm with her free hand.  I understood how she felt, but what could I do?  Joanna finally came out of the bathroom, but she went back to the bedroom.  She seemed to stay there for a long time before she finally came out…not only wearing her coat, but carrying a large bag in her hands.  She looked us over briefly before going into the kitchen.  Ashley and I remained right where she had parked us.  We heard Joanna doing something in the kitchen for a while, then she was back.  I’m not sure if I was happy that she had finally returned or not. 
     She stared at us for a few moments again.  “Hmm,” she mused.  She walked up to us.  “Ash, let go of his hand for a moment.”  When her hand was free, Joanna grabbed it and pushed it back behind the pink tether that kept us joined together.  “Now hold hands,” she told us.  She rearranged the skirts of our dresses a bit to cover things, then stood back and looked.  Finally she nodded.  “Much better.  You don’t notice the rope going between you hardly at all now.  You two keep holding hands like that all day.  You might as well.  You’re joined together so you can’t get apart from each other anyway.  Okay, you two.  Out to the car, both of you.  And remember, no trouble, or I’ll not only whip you both in public, but I’ve already grabbed something to make your day a whole lot worse.”
     I know I didn’t want to find out what that was.  And that bag in her hands was large enough to hold almost anything.  Reluctantly, Ashley and I made our way out to the garage. 
     Joanna opened the big garage door, and we waited while it went up.  Neither of us was wearing any kind of coat so the cold air assailed us by the time the door was only partially up, and it only got worse the higher it went.  When the door was high enough that I could fully see out, I noticed my next door neighbor, Greg Stanley, staring at us from his driveway.  Neither Ashley nor I moved until Joanna told us to, but when she did, we both headed for her car parked in my driveway.  Joanna opened the rear door for us, and together Ashley and I struggled to get in. 
     I had seen the look of disbelief on Greg’s face.  How much worse would things be…wherever it was that Joanna planned on taking us?  Joanna helped buckle our seatbelts, especially mine since I was sitting in the middle of the seat, and before we knew it, all too soon for me, Joanna was backing out of my driveway, and we were going…somewhere.