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The Bet - Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 2 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 2 of 7)

Mel turned her stove off and poured the baby cereal she had just fixed into a plastic child’s bowl. As she did so, she heard someone knocking at her door. She glanced up at her clock. He was right on time. She set the pot down and hurried to her door.
“Good morning, Mistress,” Chad greeted her in his sissy voice as he dropped a curtsey just outside her door.
She stared at him for a moment before she stood back to let him in. He looked different! Instead of his usual all pink jewelry, he was wearing all three of the wooden necklaces he had bought this weekend along with the matching bracelet. Even his usual ring was missing. The addition of the multi-colored earrings he had been wearing for most of the weekend further changed his appearance. And it all seemed to go with the very neutral looking skirt and blouse that he had chosen. She looked more carefully at his earrings. “Did you clean your earrings this morning?” she asked, concerned that maybe he hadn’t.
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.
She nodded as she continued to look him over. “Just checking. You’ve been wearing them since you go them. I thought you might want to try one of the other pairs you bought.”
“If you want me to change them, I’ll do it right away,” he offered.
She shook her head. “No, don’t bother. They look fine.”
Chad wasn’t sure, but he wondered if Mel seemed to be a bit… off today. Maybe she was just still tired form all the sexual activity she had put herself through last night – activities that involved him so intimately, yet he had gotten nothing at all out of any of it.
A few moments later, he was once again confined in his highchair, bib in place, and was trying to shovel baby mush into his mouth with a baby spoon that he held left handed in his fist. Maybe he wouldn’t make such a mess with his breakfast if the cereal was more solid! Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
Watching him making a fool of himself didn’t seem to have its usual appeal for Mel. She sipped her coffee as she watched him trying his best to eat, and instead making a mess of things. But today, she wasn’t laughing or even overly thrilled by watching it. Instead, she was thinking about other things involving him, and wanting to move on.
She had come so far with him already – in what… five or six short weeks? And he had changed something in her too – she recognized that now. He had awakened a longing for something she hadn’t known she wanted that badly – a proper home… and someone to take care of it for her. One was no good without the other. And Chad… Sissy… was the perfect person to do that for her. In fact, for some reason, he was the only person she wanted doing that for her. She had to have him! Besides, she really had come to love dominating the poor shmuck so completely – and molding him more and more into what she loved the best. And he was getting there - slowly… or was it really fast? After thinking about that for a moment, she supposed that overall she’d have to say that she had gotten him to this point rather quickly – despite the fact that she wanted it all right now!
And what was next on her agenda for him? She was slowly and methodically removing all of his masculine traits. Or were they masculine rights? Either way, she was denying them from him, wiping them away to where they could only be something he could remember, not something he could have. But again, what was next?
Of course, there was still her latest project that she was getting nowhere with, so far – removing the use of his masculine voice – completely. But while he was pretty good now about using only his sissy voice while she was around, he was refusing to use it at work – or probably anywhere else he went when she wasn’t there. But how could she fix that? How could she make him use his sissy voice – all the time? She sighed with resignation. It probably wasn’t possible. She had no control of him at all when he was at work – and that was the problem. It was also the problem with the terms of the bet too – making him incontinent. Everything seemed to be going really well as long as he was right there with her, but the minute he went off to work, he was out of her control – and regaining his own control.
There was just no help for it, she had to find away to control him better while he was away from her, including being with his friends at work! But how? It was an impossible question.
“Any more big projects going on at work?” she finally asked, just to talk about something for a few minutes and get her mind off her impossible thoughts.
“Not right now,” Chad replied between tiny spoonfuls of his cereal. “Just a lot of little things the company needs me to get caught up on.” He took another spoonful of his cereal and actually managed to get it all into his mouth. “We do still have one last thing before our last project is officially off our plates though, and that’s supposed to happen today.”
“What’s that?”
“The final meeting with the client to make sure they have no questions or problems.”
Something about that surprised her. “And are you going to be there?”
“Not this time. Usually I would be, but… well… my boss thought that it would be better if I stayed out of sight. Robin will be there though.”
The Robin woman again! But this time, it wasn’t really about anything that mattered to her, she just hated hearing the name. “And how do you feel about not being included?” she asked.
He shrugged as much as he was able, considering the highchair he was in. “Under the circumstances, I think it’s for the best. They do need my input though in case there are any questions that Robin can’t answer, so they’re supposed to phone me if anything comes up like that.”
She took another sip of her coffee as she digested the information. “Is it likely that they’ll call you?”
“Probably,” he replied after managing another spoonful of cereal without dropping any. “There are a lot of technical aspects to the project that are more in my expertise than Robins.”
“So it would be better if you were able to be there in person?”
“Probably,” he replied once again, meaning that it would definitely be better. He dug another tiny spoonful of the cereal out of the bowl, but in getting it to his mouth, his wrist twisted just a little bit and most of it landed on his bib. Ugh!
“What time are they meeting?” she asked.
“This afternoon sometime,” he replied as he dipped his spoon into the cereal again.
Mel watched him trying to bring the cereal to his mouth – so carefully. He almost made it. While most of it went in, a tiny dribble of it appeared on his chin. Just like a baby! She grinned. She didn’t know why, but suddenly she was finding it funny again.

As soon as he had parked his car at work, Chad grabbed his purse and got out. He didn’t bother hurrying into the building or even trying to hide his appearance. What would be the point? Everyone in the company had seen him or at least knew about him by now. As he walked, he was very much aware of his new necklaces moving around on his chest. He could not only feel them moving, he could hear them as they banged together with a slight but distinct clacking sound. His other necklace, the one with the pink stone, didn’t do that. In fact, he hardly knew he was wearing it. The heavy wooden bracelet on his wrist felt weird as it moved around too.
The other women in the company had been after him to get some new jewelry – new earrings too. What would they think of what he was wearing now? Would they like it? He hoped so. In a way, he couldn’t wait to show it all off. That thought almost made him stop where he was. How strange he should feel like that after being so afraid of anybody seeing him for so long. He let out a small sigh as he continued walking. Things had changed. In fact, judging by the way everything had been going lately, he was betting that things were still changing.
As he reached his cubicle, he realized that he was peeing yet again. That was bad because he hadn’t realized he was going to. Mel’s little games all weekend were starting to make things more difficult than ever for him. He definitely needed to keep a closer watch and get back all his control. He prayed that next time he had to pee he would at least have some pre-notification! Slightly worried about it, he stowed his purse into his desk drawer and booted up his computer.
“Hi Sissy,” Robin called as she walked past to her own cubical.
“Hi Robin,” Chad called over the wall so she could hear him. He turned around in his chair, knowing that she would probably be right back. He wasn’t disappointed. She returned in less than a minute.
“I’ve got to stop carrying so much stuff with me!” she exclaimed as she rounded the corner into his cubicle.
Chad smiled up at her, wondering if she would notice what he was wearing. “Why do you bring it all?” he asked.
But Robin was staring intently at him, more interested in what he was wearing than in his dumb question. She answered anyway. “Because I might want some of it,” she replied as a smile began to creep onto her face. “Hey, you got your ears pierced!”
Chad beamed. “What do you think?” He turned his head slightly from side to side so she could see them better. “Do they look okay?”
“Very pretty! I like all the different colors in them. Where did you get it done?”
“In the mall.”
“The mall? Were there a lot of people around, or was it mostly private?”
Chad rolled his eyes. “A ton of people!”
“And you still had it done there? You’re very brave!”
Chad just shrugged. “Not really. It just kind of happened.” He grabbed his necklaces. “I got these in the same store.”
“I like them,” Robin replied. “It’s nice to see you wearing something different for a change. A big improvement!” He was still holding his necklaces, looking down at them when she noticed his nails. “Oh! That’s a different color for you! Lavender!”
Chad didn’t know if he should be more surprised that she noticed his nail color or that she would be able to name the color correctly. He held his hand out so he could look at his nails too. “Yeah. The color seemed really strange at first, but it’s starting to grow on me. I kind of like it.”
“You got your hair trimmed too.”
“You can tell?”
“Of course. Why shouldn’t I”
“I don’t know. It just seems like a lot to notice.”
“Don’t you notice all the differences in everyone?”
He thought about that. “Not unless they’re something major.”
She shook her head. “You’ve got an awful long way to go if you’re going to be woman someday!”
Chad had no intention of being a woman someday. But he had already been down that road with Robin before – unsuccessfully!
“So overall, you approve?” he asked, with a bit of uncertainty.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know. I was just hoping, that’s all. I’m kind of hoping everyone else will approve too.”
“You mean at break?” She smiled briefly then teased, “Does that mean that for once you’re not going to fight with me about going?”
Chad was startled by her question and blushed a bit. “I guess not… at least, maybe not today.”

Mel sat at her desk and stared at the calendar on her computer. Her last client had just left and she had a few minutes before she had to meet with the next one, but she didn’t really feel much like doing any paperwork or even checking over her next client’s folder. It was just one of those days where she really didn’t feel much like working at all. Instead, she glanced through her list of things she needed to do. The items that caught most of her attention were the ones that involved Chad.
She noticed that it was time to call Cassie again this morning with another slight change for Chad’s training. No time like the present to take care of that little item. She dialed Cassie’s cell phone, but only got her voice mail. She had to leave a message for Cassie to call her back. With a sigh, she picked up the folder for her next client and briefly looked through it. The client’s problem wasn’t anything major for her to handle – fortunately.
Between her clients and Cassie’s schedule, she played phone tag with Cassie for over an hour before she actually got to talk with her. “Hi Cassie,” she finally said.
“Hey Mel. What’s up? You’ve been trying to reach me all morning.”
“Yeah, well, between the two of us, I guess we’ve been busy.”
“I know I have,” Cassie replied. “So what can I do for you?”
“You know how you’ve been only giving Chad the suppositories three days a week and then pretending to give him one on Tuesdays and Thursdays?”
“Well, I want you to reverse that now. Only give him the suppositories on Tuesday and Thursday and just pretend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”
“That should be no problem. I’m pretty sure the poor guy still has no idea that he’s not always getting them.”
“That’s good,” Mel replied. “And hopefully, the results will stay the same.”
After talking with Cassie, Mel glanced at her calendar again. She noticed that under tomorrow’s date she had listed the poker game that she had made Chad get them into. She hadn’t forgotten about it, but she had purposely avoided thinking about it further, just because she still didn’t know why she wanted him to be there – for that matter, she didn’t know why she wanted to be there either.
She remembered some of Chad’s concerns that he had expressed at the restaurant last week over what she would make him do or what she was going to make him wear… Speaking of what he was going to wear, what was she going to wear? She was only guessing that this was going to be one of those silly “guy” get-togethers where they all dressed like slobs. Ugh! Why did they have to do that? Didn’t they have any pride? So what should she wear? She decided that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check with Chad to see what everyone had worn in the past. She reached for her phone and dialed his number.

“Hey Sissy,” Robin called from the entrance to his cubicle. “Ready for break?”
Chad looked up from his computer and glanced at the time. “Break time already? Wow, where has the time gone?” He got up from his seat and started to walk out of his cubicle, but he suddenly heard his cell phone ringing – inside his purse – inside his desk drawer. He was tempted to not answer it, but Robin had already stopped and was looking back toward his drawer where the ringing was coming from. And besides, if it was Mel and he didn’t answer, she’d probably kill him! As quickly as possible, he extracted his cell phone and opened it, forgetting in his hurry to check to see who was calling. “Hello?”
Mel paused for a moment before she answered. She had just been about to hang up and try again later when he had answered – in the wrong voice. “Sissy? What took you so long?” she asked angrily.
Chad knew instantly that he was in trouble. He fervently wished that Robin wasn’t standing right next to him – or more preferably, that he was somewhere where nobody could hear him at all. He didn’t dare use his sissy voice with Robin standing there. “Um… My phone was inside my purse, which was inside my desk drawer,” he admitted.
“And why aren’t you using your sissy voice?” Mel asked even more angrily. “You know better than to talk, anywhere, in your old voice – especially to me!”
“Um…” Chad didn’t know how to reply. What could he say so that Robin wouldn’t know what was going on? “We were just going to break,” he finally replied.
“To break! And… we? Who’s we?”
“Um… Robin and I.”
The Robin woman again! She was getting awfully tired of hearing about her! And now they were going to break together. The images that came to mind weren’t nice! “I don’t care who you’re with! I don’t care what you’re doing! I want to hear you talking like you’re supposed to – like a sissy! Now answer me properly!”
Chad was horrified. He just couldn’t! Not right now where Robin would hear. “I… I… I can’t,” he stammered fearfully. “Not right now.” There was just no way he could do what Mel wanted right now. The whole company would know all too quickly exactly what was going on – not to mention that Mel was really his Mistress, not just his friend – not to mention how much of a sissy he really was. He just couldn’t do it!
Mel’s temper started to boil. “We’ll discuss this later!” she replied menacingly. But you can be sure that it’s at least one demerit – for now. And the next time I call you, you had better answer me properly!”
Chad suddenly found himself holding a disconnected phone. He knew he was in big trouble – perhaps worse trouble than he had ever been in. Fearfully, he closed his phone. He glanced at his purse still in the drawer. Should he put the phone back in, or keep it out? He was so worried about Mel that he couldn’t decide.
“Trouble?” Robin asked.
“Um…” Chad didn’t really know how to answer. “Kind of.”
“What do you mean, kind of?”
“Um…” He finally just shook his head. “Don’t ask. It’s complicated!”
It was all Robin could do to keep from hitting him.

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I'm Curious

Hi Everyone,

I guess I should start this off by reminding everyone – or telling the new readers – that I keep a text file with the complete posted story so far. This is available anytime to anyone who wants it by simply emailing me at siskarensinger at yahoo dot you-know-where. It’s particularly handy for those who are new to the story and want to catch up.

I guess I should also mention that I still have available my Baby Bobby story about the high school boy who gets victimized by a rather cruel female school bully. Again, just email me and tell me what you want.

Someday, I’d love to find a good place to keep all my stories where everyone could always find them. The complete works of Karen Singer! But unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Some sites are really only meant for one kind of genre and lately, I find myself branching out quite a bit. Currently, I’m not only writing the Bet, but also a femdom story called the “Housekeeper” that’s starting to read more and more like a horror novel. Then there’s another untitled one where the guy get’s slowly turned into a dog (believe it or not). And then there’s the more serious “Jane,” the story that nobody will ever want to read but everyone probably should read. And of course not everything I write is in the “kinky” line. I’ve already finished one major sword and sorcery novel that I have to get around to publishing one of these days (everyone who’s read it says I should), and I’m currently working on book two there. I’ve also started another one called Pariah that interests me too. I’m not even going to mention the story Revenge that I started to post here a long time ago and then forgot about. Oh, did I just mention it? Oh well.


I’ve been wondering about something lately. Actually, I’ve been wondering about it for quite some time now. Does anyone ever try to use some of the ideas they find in my stories, or even perhaps from my old website? I’m wondering because, most of this stuff I just think up off the top of my head. None of it is “tried-out” so I don’t really know if it would work.

For example! A few months back, I exchanged some emails with a wonderful woman (genetic) who took my idea for the perch and actually had one built for her sissy husband. Although she took it one step further and modified it so that the sides came up to about waist high and then extended forward a bit and then were joined by a bar that he could be bent over. According to her, the perch was absolute wonderful. I’m very glad to hear that since I had no way of knowing if it would work at all. It was just something my warped brain came up with.

So anyway, if anyone has ever tried any of this stuff that I think up, please, let me know how it works. Of course I understand that everyone is different and different people are going to have different results with things, but still, I’m wondering. Or perhaps… have any of my ideas inspired new and better ideas from you? Inquiring minds want to know.

Stay happy Y’all. Oh! And blow a sissy kiss to some stranger today!


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The Bet - Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 1 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 1 of 7)

He wore a pink ballet outfit, complete with a silly little tutu that stuck out all around him… and bright pink patent leather high heel shoes on his feet. He danced joyfully – all around his new pool table. He danced past his huge new TV. His arms reached out gracefully as he twirled and danced past all the electronic gadgets that filled one of his new shelving units. It was everything he always wanted. And he was so happy.
As he danced he looked all around his beautiful new apartment. It was the most wonderful place he could imagine, filled with everything he loved. He danced through his kitchen, complete with brand new appliances, and cookware. He danced past his bathroom, elegantly decorated. But as he lingered near the bathroom door, he was aware that his bathroom no longer contained a toilet. Oh well, he didn’t need it anyway. He loved wearing his diapers, and he loved wearing his high heels, and he loved wearing all his pretty dresses – he knew he had a whole big closet full of them.
He had it all! Everything! And life was so good that he simply had to dance – for joy! He couldn’t wait to see what his friends would all think. He knew they were going to be so impressed. And his friends were due to arrive at any minute. It was time to change and be “the man” once again. “The man” that everyone would look up to!
He skipped through his bedroom with its beautiful new furniture – heavy furniture – substantial. He skipped straight to his huge walk-in closet and opened the door. Yes, it was time to be “the man” once again. But as he searched through his closet, all he found were little girl party dresses, he couldn’t seem to find any of his male clothes at all. Where were they? Panic started to set in as he moved dress after dress on the racks, looking behind them, looking below them, searching the shelves up above. Not one piece of his male wardrobe was anywhere that he could see. Where were his male things?
He ran from his closet towards his dresser, but as he got there, he glanced back towards his bed again. It was no longer the big wooden bed he had seen just a few minutes ago. A pink and white baby’s crib stood there now. He quickly pulled open one of his drawers. Oh yeah, that was his bra drawer. Nothing but bras in it now. He went on to the next drawer, waist cinchers and girdles! The next drawer held only scarves… he knew they were mostly there to be used as blindfolds over his eyes. Every drawer held only female things. Nothing remotely male.
Where were all his male clothes? His friends would be there any minute now!
He searched his bedroom desperately with his eyes, trying to figure out where he had put them. His changing table! He hurried toward it but nearly tripped over the rocking horse that was in his way. He pulled it aside, over toward the little table with the tea-set on it and hurried to the shelves under his changing table. Nothing but diapers and plastic panties there!
Where were his clothes? Where were his clothes? He couldn’t let all his friends see him dressed like he was! What was he going to do?
And then his doorbell rang, and he felt himself peeing a flood as he stood rooted in place by fear. They were here! What was he going to do?
Hide! Stay quiet! Don’t let them know he was home! Hopefully, they would all go away soon. But unbelievably, he heard his door opening and the sound of voices began filling his apartment! “Sissy. Where are you?”
More panicked than ever, he searched for a place to hide. But those places were very few. He ran back to his closet and straight inside. He quickly closed the door behind him. But he closed it too fast and it made too much noise! “Sissy. Where are you?” a voice from beyond the door called again. “I think I heard his closet door,” another voice replied.”
He huddled in the back of his closet as he heard his friends coming into his bedroom – and laughing. He heard them talking about his crib. He heard them talking about his changing table. He heard them talking about his playpen in the corner. What had happened to all the beautiful furniture that had filled his room just a few minutes ago?
Someone grabbed the handle of the closet door and he slunk down further, hiding himself behind his most sissy dresses. He heard his closet door opening. “Sissy, are you in here?” He wanted to cry with fear.
“Hey look!” someone exclaimed. “Are these all his?”
“Oooo, these are soooo pretty,” a female voice exclaimed.
“But what are these?” a male voice asked.
He heard them pulling at his clothes… all his beautiful sissy dresses. And then he heard laughter – more laughter.
“They’re dresses!” the female voice exclaimed. “Dresses for a big sissy baby! And it looks like he has so many of them!”
They were all pawing at his sissy dresses again, moving each of them, looking at each of them, moving ever closer to where he was hidden. Please go away! But his wishing did nothing at all. They were still there, and he was still hidden where they would soon find him if they kept looking.
And then the dim light that reached his eyes brightened as the frilly dresses in front of him were parted, exposing him completely to all his friends.
“Hey look! There he is!”
“What’s he wearing? Is that a ballet outfit?”
As he heard the laughter beginning all over again, someone reached down and grabbed his arm, pulling him up. No! No! He didn’t want them all to see him like this. But it was too late. Amid raucous laughter all around, he was pulled up and out of his closet and pushed out into a room full of people. So many people! All of them looking over all the baby things in his room. He wondered again what had become of his other furniture.
“He’s wearing a sissy ballet outfit!” someone exclaimed as everyone turned to look straight at him.
Panic filled every square inch of him.
“Dance for us, Sissy. Dance!”
But he didn’t want to dance, he wanted to hide!
Something slapped painfully against the back of his legs and he jumped with surprise. “Dance for us Sissy!” the order came. He turned and saw someone holding Mel’s yardstick in his hands – ready to use it on him once again. He felt himself peeing yet again with fear.
“Dance, Sissy. Dance!” a woman shouted gleefully. And then she began clapping her hands rhythmically. Everyone else began clapping with her. “Dance Sissy. Dance!”
The painful slap came to the back of his legs again, propelling him forward. He danced again, but not the joyful dance he had done earlier, now it was the dance of fear as he wound his way between so many small groups of people filling his room. Who were they all? How could there be so many? And they all kept clapping as he danced around them, fearful that if he stopped, he would get punished once again.
He grew tired. He was crying, harder and harder. What had happened to all his wonderful bedroom furniture? He danced out into his living room – more people, all standing around in small groups, some were playing pool on his new pool table – at least that much was still there. He happened to notice the pictures on his walls though, colorful child’s drawings that he had done in the restaurants. How had they gotten on his walls again?
And then, to his horror, the pool table began to fade into nothing. His TV and the shelf of electronics began fading too, almost melting away into a misty fog that soon evaporated. His wonderful living room was soon filled with only people. No furniture except for one ugly chair. What had happened to it all? “What happened?” he cried out in anguish.
The people around him weren’t laughing anymore. He was suddenly aware that they seemed angry, hostile instead.
“What did you think?” a man’s menacing voice spoke from behind him, “that you could have it all?” There was more laugher, but it was a cruel laughter. “You don’t deserve any of the things you had here! You’re a sissy! You can’t have them!”
Everyone was suddenly chanting “Sissy, sissy, sissy.” Over and over again. Their accusations aimed straight at him. “Sissy, sissy, sissy.” He never felt so horrible in all his life!
And then the most horrible loud noise startled him, almost like music. Rock music! And it went on and on… so loud! So horrible! So…
He pulled himself out of sleep. Ugh! What had he been dreaming? The blaring music from his pink clock radio was some of the worst he had ever heard – irritating! He fought himself off of his blow-up mattress and onto his knees on the floor and quickly reached over to turn the annoying thing off. The silence that immediately filled the room was like a physical sensation, and it felt good. He glanced around his room, his mostly empty room. It was morning again. Monday. A work day. Ugh!

Mel rolled over and brought her knees up almost to her chest. The discomfort in her abdomen was mostly in the background, but it was still there – and it was annoying. She finally couldn’t take it any more and she rolled over and pulled her covers off. She sat up on the bed to take stock for a minute. She hated the times when she had to deal with her period. It was so… annoying!
Grunting with the effort, she got to her feet and pulled her robe around her, more for comfort than for its warmth. She had to decide then, bathroom or coffee? She had to check the pad she had put in last night. She also had to pee again. But she could hold her pee for a few minutes more and it was only the first day of her period so her pad should be just fine for now. The coffee pot won.
She didn’t head to the bathroom till she had taken her first sip of coffee, and then she carried the cup with her.

Chad sat in his only chair and stared at his wall while he drank the first of the three baby bottles he had to finish this morning. His wall was becoming more and more “decorated.” Well, colorful anyway. He wasn’t sure he would really call what was on his wall “decorating.” Sitting where he was, he clearly noticed the two new additions – pictures that Sandy had done showing the two possible versions of his life. One was what he wanted. The other was what Mel wanted… or maybe what he wanted… or… he just wasn’t sure. It was still all so confusing.
The crayoned pictures he had done in the restaurant mocked him annoyingly, reminding him that it was he himself who had colored them so childishly. Never mind the fact that he had been forced to do it while still trying to drink from a baby bottle – in the restaurant. Never mind that he had only been given just a few crayons to work with and nothing more. They looked childishly done. And he was the child who had done them.
As he stared at the pictures, his one hand unconsciously reached up and grabbed his earlobe and began playing with the earring in it. So hard against the softness of his flesh around it. So odd to feel there.
The pictures screamed to him that he was nothing but a big sissy baby. The bottle in his mouth did the same. He didn’t even have to think about the overly bloated and very messy diapers he was wearing. His eyes wandered up the wall to the picture that showed his living room as he wanted it, complete with pool table and a huge TV. It was so out of place amid everything else on his wall – everything else that screamed out what he really was – a sissy.
How could he possibly think he even deserved such things? Why was he even trying?
And then a new thought reached into him. What would everyone think of him if he didn’t win the bet? How would everyone treat him? They would all laugh – that much was for sure! He could never hold his head up with respect again.
He looked at the pictures again, all of them seeming to mock him for what he really was. And as he continued to finish his baby bottle, he realized that he absolutely had to win the bet. He had to find a way out of all the sissyness, no matter how much he loved it.
As he grabbed his second bottle of the morning, he felt himself peeing again, totally without warning of any kind that he was going to do it. As he put the bottle to his mouth and began sucking on it, he realized that he was going to have to start holding back again, holding back so he could regain all the control he had lost. The weekend had been especially hard on that control. Mel had forced him to keep peeing so much that he was starting to get a real sense of what no control at all was like. But he knew he was far from that point. He had to be! Besides, he knew his body well, he always regained everything quickly. He would win for sure! He would have his pool table and his life back. He would have his friends and his self-respect! A little while later, all three bottles finished, he got up and headed toward his bathroom and felt himself peeing yet again. He would win this bet. He would regain his control. But first he had to figure out how to realize again – when it was that he was going pee!

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The Bet - Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 7 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 7 of 7)

Mel’s hunger for sex grew rapidly as she watched him laying out towels over half of her couch. She had one thing on her mind, and getting to that one thing couldn’t come soon enough. She delighted in watching his ridiculous dress swirl back and forth as he worked. She loved seeing him scurrying around as fast as he could in his ridiculous pink high heels.
As soon as her couch was adequately protected, she ordered him to his knees right in front of it while she went to her desk drawer to retrieve her collection of rope. A few minutes later, she had him firmly bound in his usual uncomfortable position while she hurried back to her bedroom to retrieve one of her scarves. As soon as his eyes were securely covered once again and she was sure that he couldn’t see her, she began undressing – much quicker than usual. As she removed her panties, she unconsciously checked them for stains from her approaching period. Fortunately, there was nothing yet to for her to notice. She sat in front of him with her legs spread wide. She hesitated a moment as she realized that his dress might get messed up with what she was about to do, but the hesitation was only a moment. She was too ready for him to stop now. Besides, the dress was supposed to be washable.
She quickly reached out and roughly grabbed his lengthening hair with both hands. With a grunt, either from effort or more probably from excitement, she pulled him straight down into her waiting sex. Yes! Yes! Yes!
Chad had heard her moving around him as she undressed. He had been through this enough now that he pretty much knew what to expect. Still, he was surprised at how quickly and roughly she grabbed him and pulled him down onto her – so surprised that it momentarily scared him. But once he was settled in place, he went to work on her with is tongue. It would do no good to try to do otherwise, bound as he was, he couldn’t even try to do anything else.
She seemed to be extra sensitive tonight. More ready too. Her first orgasm came quickly and strongly. When it was over, he did his best to catch his breath before going back to giving her more pleasure. Having been sated once, she seemed less urgent, but no less ready. He moved his tongue slower, trying to slow the pace somewhat, and in doing so, thought he detected something a bit different… or did he? He wasn’t really sure. Did she… taste a bit different tonight? No, it was probably just his imagination – or something left over from what she had done to his pork chops tonight.
Mel’s first orgasm had come fast and strong. Now she was savoring the delicious feeling of what he was doing to her down there – wonderful! She could tell he was going slower than the first time, and actually appreciated it. Still, she hit a point where her excitement couldn’t go slower anymore, and despite his pace, she pulled him harder into her and rode him to a second high. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
Chad felt her orgasm again. Would she be finished with him now? He hoped so. He got very little out of this… except discomfort, difficult breathing, a very tired tongue and mouth… oh yeah, and the satisfaction of having satisfied a woman – at least in some way – totally! Unfortunately, it wasn’t even close to being in any way that he really wanted to satisfy her.
He thought about the chastity device locked onto his most wanting part. She was making sure that he could never receive any pleasure to that most important part of him – at least for the terms of the bet. And afterwards? If she won? What could he expect? As his tongue started once again to pick up the pace within her, he thought not so much about her, but about himself, and what he might expect if he lost the bet – like she wanted him to. Yes, he did love the diapers and the dresses and even all the humiliation. But he didn’t really love being denied the very pleasure he wanted the most. It was something to think about.
Mel continued to writhe under the workings of his magic tongue. But as good as it felt, she was having more trouble reaching the high she wanted to get to – at least one more time. Was it that she had already had two huge orgasms now? Or was he doing anything different. She was so caught up in the pleasure she was feeling though that she couldn’t really tell. All she knew was that she wanted more! Just a bit more! She had to have it! Grabbing his hair even harder, she began grinding his face into her harder and harder as she moved back and forth and squirmed on the couch. His tongue seemed to go from what it had been doing to gyrating madly around inside of her. As if he could sense how desperate she was. Her high increased till she didn’t even know what she was doing anymore as she continued to grind his face into her and writhe around. And when she finally reached her high, it was mind-blowing! The peak lasted, and lasted, she pulled him harder and harder against her, riding him hard, trying to maintain the incredible feeling that she knew would fade all too quickly. And when it did finally fade… only then did she realize how hard she had been pulling on him.
She eased up and felt him try to grab some deep breaths of air. She pulled his head away from her slightly and watched as he gulped the air into his lungs, trying to recover. She took pity on him then and pushed him back till he could support himself on his knees once again, his body bent backwards since his arms were attached to his ankles by a very short piece of rope. She got up and laid him on his side, blindfold still in place. She grabbed one of the towels from the couch and used it to wipe his face clean – it was a mess! And… was there a hint of red mixed in with the fluids on his face? Ugh! It was getting closer to that time. She left him there like that to get herself cleaned up.
Chad didn’t care about moving that much. Yes, being free would be more than wonderful, but just then, he only wanted to recover. His face felt raw and hurt. His tongue was so tired he didn’t think he could talk if he wanted to. His breathing finally slowed down to normal. She had been even harder on him than usual tonight. And there had been an urgency in her like he’d never seen.
He thought again about his chastity device and his own sexual wants. For the first time in a long while, his trapped penis had tried to get hard again today. And it had hurt! Why now? But more importantly, he thought about the future. What could he expect if he somehow lost the bet – like she wanted him to? Would he ever feel sexual pleasure again? It was a discouraging line of thought.
Mel came back with her robe wrapped tightly around her. She untied his arms and ankles. She removed the blindfold that covered his eyes. “Come on,” she said, “let’s get you cleaned up.” She grabbed some of the towels from the couch and carried them into her bedroom where she laid them out on her bed to protect it. She had him grab some of the diapers he used on the floor during his punishments to go over top of them for even more protection. She looked at the dress he was still wearing, fortunately their activities in the living room hadn’t harmed it in any way. It was still fairly clean. “Take that dress off,” she told him. “It will only be in the way now.” As soon as Chad had removed his sissy baby dress, she tied him spread-eagled on top of her bed.
She looked down at him. Did he seem a bit more tired than usual? Or was it something else? Maybe he just needed a drink? She did need to keep him peeing. She went out to the kitchen and grabbed his latest baby bottle. There wasn’t much in it, but it would be enough. On the way back, she spotted his pacifier on an end table. She grabbed that too. Back in the room, she stuck the nipple of the bottle in his mouth, then propped the bottle up on some pillows so it would stay in place. It took a bit of arranging with the pillows, but it wasn’t too difficult. His head was forced to the side so he could keep the nipple in his mouth, but maybe that was a good thing. The bottle would also help to keep his mind on other things than what she would be doing with him.
She undid his soaking wet diaper, amazed that the thing hadn’t started leaking yet. Was he aware of how wet the thing was? Probably! It was a dumb thought! He was wearing the thing, how could he not know how wet it was? She didn’t pull it out from under him though, not yet. After watching Sandy changing him earlier, she realized that a little extra protection might be needed at a moment’s notice, and as wet as his diaper was, it would still help.
She stared at his penis, trapped inside of the clear chastity device. So small. Did he feel anything from it at all anymore? She wasn’t really sure how she felt about that one way or the other. She began removing the device. She saw his eyes try to glance down at what she was doing, but he had to keep his head turned to the side and away from her to keep nursing on the bottle. As soon as she had removed all of the pieces, she grabbed his tiny penis with her two fingers. So small. So soft. She wiggled it a bit and saw his eyes trying to look again. Too bad! She wiggled it some more and watched it carefully. No reaction – perfect! She picked up all the pieces of the chastity device and pulled his soggy diaper back over him – just in case. She took the device out to the kitchen to clean it thoroughly.
Chad sighed. He had felt her removing his device. He had felt her touching him, moving him around. But it hadn’t been enough to grant him any pleasure. And he wanted that pleasure. He thought again about the future. If he won, then there would be no problem. He could have all the sexual release he wanted. He could also have the pool table and all the other stuff that Sandy had put into her drawing for his apartment. Of course he would also have to go back into hiding with all the precious things that he had come to love. In fact, he might never be able to wear his diapers again – maybe not even in private. His dresses and heels the same way. What if someone caught him? They would know in an instant that everything he was going through now was all because he had wanted to do it, not because of the bet.
But if he lost the bet… if he lost… if he lost… He would probably be stuck wearing diapers for the rest of his life. Did he want that? Maybe… maybe not. He did love wearing them – at least right now. He might be stuck wearing dresses and heels the same way. And yes, he did love them too. But would he ever get any sexual release? Unknown! He could only hope.
The bottom line? It was a toss-up. Equal arguments for both sides. But maybe, maybe, at least right now, he felt more of a tug for wanting to win the bet. Yes, he had to win. After all, there was still something to be said for self-respect. Still something to be said about being able to walk down the street and hold your head up high. Yes, he had to win. And he still felt completely confident that he would win – no matter what Mel did to him. The only problem was, he knew he was losing his control – at least for short periods of time. In that respect, she was definitely making progress on him. But he knew his body. He knew that he would recover all his control – very quickly. At least, he hoped he would.
Mel came back with all the freshly cleaned plastic pieces to his chastity device. She checked the contents of his bottle as she walked up to the side of the bed. Still a tiny bit left, but not much. She grabbed a razor and quickly removed any of the few stray hairs that were popping up. Then she coated him liberally with lotion to protect his skin and began fitting the pieces onto him once again. She saw him purposely look away through the entire process. She wondered how he really felt as she held his tiny penis in her fingers and threaded it into the hard plastic container, out of his reach, impossible for him to touch, denying him the ability to feel – anything. No wonder he was looking away. She didn’t blame him one bit. She noticed the tiniest bit of a shudder go through him as she clicked the lock shut. Finished!
With the chastity device in place, she went back to her bathroom where she kept a supply of cloth diapers for him. She grabbed a stack of the thickest ones along with a pair of plastic panties and some large diaper pins. Bringing them back to him, she finally pulled his soaking diaper out from under him. She wiped him off top and bottom and slid the fresh diapers under him.
She reached into her night table and brought out the jar of suppositories and pulled one out. She noticed his bottle was finished and took it from him, in the process, letting him see the dastardly little bomb in her hand. He looked away again and she almost laughed. Again, she couldn’t blame him. His pacifier caught her eye and since she had removed the bottle, she stuck that between his lips instead and watched him begin to nurse on it. Just like a baby – a big baby. She untied his legs and raised them up high so she could shove the suppository up inside him. According to the notes on her calendar, this would be the last time he would be getting two in one day – not that he would ever know it.
She lowered his legs, and as she lowered them, he began peeing again. Quickly, she grabbed one of the fresh diapers she was about to put on him and pulled it over him to catch any mess. He was still looking away. No recognition that he had even peed at all. Did he know? He had to know! Silly question! Yet the very fact that she had seen him do it made her feel like she was making progress with him.
She pulled all the super thick diapers up between his legs, and with a lot of struggling, pinned them in place. His legs were forced wide apart by all the material bunched up there. She pulled his plastic panties onto him too.
Finally, he was looking at her again. She looked down at him. Here he was, this so-called man… this so-called big powerful man – reduced to a diaper wearing, pacifier sucking baby! And it had been she who had done it to him. She was the one totally in control. She was the master – or mistress, not him! He was reduced to being – pathetic, all because of her. Her rules! Her whims! She – the supreme woman!
And all her thoughts about him started to make her sexually hungry again. She had already had three orgasms, wasn’t that enough? Obviously not! The more she looked at him, and thought about what she had done to him… and some of the things she had yet to do to him, the more hungry for sex she got. She had to have him again! Had to! But she didn’t want him the same way she did before, not in the living room, on his knees, with his talented tongue in her crotch. But how?
She thought about all her toys in the nightstand. She opened the drawer to look through them. The strap-on caught her eye again. But no, she had just diapered him. And after all the trouble she had just gone through to get the pins in place, she wasn’t about to undo any of that! She was about to select one of the other toys that had interested her before, but her eyes kept going back to the big strap-on. Besides, the other toys were more for… solo use. She wanted to feel him inside of her. But she couldn’t feel him inside of her, not with the chastity device locked onto him – and she absolutely wasn’t going to undo that!
On a whim, she pulled out the strap on. The device had two ends, one big one for him, and a smaller one that would go up inside of her. Supposedly, she could get pleasure out of the thing while she reamed him with it. But the big end of the thing kept drawing her attention – more and more. She suddenly wanted to know what it would be like to feel that big thing up inside of her. The smaller end, the end made for her, looked puny in comparison. But how should she go about doing it?
She was tempted to just shove the big part up inside of her, maybe after Sissy had gone home, but that idea didn’t really resonate. Then she got another idea, she could put the device on him! Strap him into it! She could still get all the pleasure, but he would feel nothing but her weight as she rode on top of him. She stopped. But would it be too much of a masculine act? She didn’t want him to experience anything masculine – if she could help it. But he was tied up. He would experience – almost nothing! And… she was starting to wan this more and more!
Not caring anymore, she unfastened the small end of the device and removed it. Then she began bringing it up his legs and over his super bulky diapers. The fit over the diapers was very difficult, but she finally managed it – even with his arms still tied to the top of the bed. The device was now sticking straight up, right where it should be. It was ready for – her! She was about to rip off her robe when she saw his eyes, hungrily looking at her. No! No! No! That would never do! She grabbed the same scarf she had used to blindfold him earlier and once again wrapped it around his head, completely cutting off his vision. Only then did she remove her robe and climb up on the bed.
The strap on penis looked huge – and so interesting! She straddled his body, and slowly… slowly… slowly lowered herself down. She was still a bit moist from earlier which helped. And eventually, she settled the thing all the way up inside of her. Mmmmm! She rocked back and forth, then stopped and looked at his blindfolded face. The pacifier was still stuck in his mouth. She laughed out loud. Even in the middle of sex, she had reduced him to a pacifier sucking, diaper wearing baby – who could not get any pleasure at all from the adult act of sex. And she was the one who had done it to him. She began riding the strap on up and down. She was the one who had reduced him to the status of a baby. The pleasure grew so fast, so hard. She was the one who had removed masculine trait after masculine trait. She pumped harder, faster, her excitement growing by leaps and bounds. She was the one who had done it all to him, denied him all his sexual pleasure, denied him all his masculine traits, denied him the ability to be – a man! And she climaxed like she had never climaxed before, screaming at the strain of it, digging her nails into his side to hold onto him. Riding the wave of pleasure for all it was worth! And as she came down from her high, as the wave of orgasm receded, she opened her eyes again and saw his face – his blindfolded face with the pacifier stuck in his mouth. She could read nothing from it. But then, she knew he had felt – nothing.
Did she feel sorry for him? Not really. But still mounted on the huge dildo of the strap-on, she leaned forward and laid her body down on top of his. Her breasts rubbed under his bra that held his own “glued-on” breasts. Despite his bra, she rubbed her bare breasts up and down on top of his fake ones, as if she were trying to bring him some measure of pleasure from the act. But of course, she couldn’t. He could feel nothing.
Still mounted on the strap-on, she hugged him to her, holding him as tightly as she could. He was her creation. Hers alone! She lowered her head to rest on his chest… and the words just kind of came out, soft, but still audible. “So precious! My baby!”

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

“Okay Sissy,” Mel continued time to do some dancing for us.”
Chad silently groaned as Mel headed for her stereo system. He got into his usual place where he could hold onto the back of the sofa while he “danced.” The music started, plenty loud enough to hear, but still almost background music. Chad could almost feel the excitement that showed on both Cassie’s and Sandy’s faces. But then Sandy’s face changed.
“Can’t he do this with the pacifier in his mouth?” Sandy asked. “I mean, with that dress, it just kind of goes with the outfit. You know?”
Mel giggled as she sat back down. “Sissy. Go get your pacifier! And hurry back!”
Chad took off as fast as the pink high heels on his feet would let him and found his pacifier. He was a lot slower to return, but finally, he got back into place – pacifier in his mouth, pink and white baby dress over his one diaper, and the pink mary-jane high heel shoes on his feet. He reached out and grabbed the back of the couch to steady himself while he placed his feet in “first position.” He looked up and saw the quizzical look on Cassie’s face.
“What’s he doing?” Cassie asked.
“Ballet,” Mel answered. “Okay, Sissy. Show us what you’ve learned.”
It was all Chad could do to not roll his eyes in front of the women. But he dutifully began going awkwardly from one ballet position to the next, using the little transition step that Mel had shown him in between. The much higher heels on his feet made the exercise all that much more difficult. Mel looked absolutely delighted. Sandy just laughed. But Cassie looked puzzled. “What’s he doing?” she asked. “What’s with the silly way he’s holding his feet all the time? It looks stupid!”
“That’s ballet!” Mel replied. “And it’s not stupid. Every little girl has to learn the first ballet positions, and so far, he’s learned the first three. I think he’s doing very well!”
“I didn’t have to learn them!” Cassie replied.
“Did you take ballet?”
“Of course not! I was too busy playing softball and any other sport I could get into.”
“Well I had to take it – like it or not!” Mel replied sarcastically. “My mother kept me in it for years before she let me quit.”
“Were you any good?” Sandy asked.
“Terrible! But I do still love the ballet – when it’s done professionally.” She looked at Chad who was still going back and forth between the few steps that he knew. “And when it’s done by someone as silly as him!” She began laughing – which sent Cassie and Sandy into a fit of laughter too.
When Mel finished laughing, she looked up at Chad. “Show me your diaper!”
The command came so fast that it caught Chad completely off guard. Before he could recover his wits, Mel was out of her seat and swinging her yardstick at the back of his legs once again. He tried to get out of the way, but she was too fast. Smack! The yardstick landed another stinging blow to the tops of his legs – that the ridiculously short skirt of his dress did nothing to protect.
“Not fast enough!” Mel declared angrily. “You had better learn to do this instantly… without thinking about it!” She sat back down again. “Okay, now just dance around the room for us so we can enjoy it.”
Sandy giggled. “I think I’d like seeing that much better than whatever he was doing a minute ago.”
“Me too!” Cassie agreed.
Chad started dancing, semi-ballet style, around the living room while the women watched. He could tell they were all enjoying what he was doing much more than the stupid little ballet steps that Mel was teaching him. The truth was, he was enjoying it more too. He twirled around as best he could in the shoes he was wearing. He moved his arms and body to the music. And he danced all around the living room for the entertainment of the ladies – who were all loving it more than ever. He felt the short skirt of his dress swirling back and forth and all around as he moved. He started moving just so that it would make the skirt move even more – as if it were another part of his body to dance with. Both Cassie and Sandy started shouting encouragements as they enjoyed what he was doing even more. But as he was dancing, he didn’t notice Mel leaning over to whisper first in Cassie’s ear and then in Sandy’s.
He was twirling around and suddenly Cassie was right in front of him. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded quickly.
Chad had been dancing, and recovering his wits enough to register what she had said took too long. Before he knew it, Mel was landing yet another stinging slap to the back of his legs with her yardstick. He quickly reached down and pulled the skirt of his dress up.
“You may as well put it down again,” Mel said. “You were too slow. Now dance for us again.”
Chad began moving again, but his mind wasn’t on dancing, it was on being worried about Mel and her yardstick. It took him some time to get back into the mood of the dance, and even then it wasn’t nearly as flamboyant as before. He danced for a while, constantly worried about someone asking him to show his diaper again, but nobody stopped him. The music ended briefly and he stopped, then the next track started. He looked at Mel, wondering if he should keep going.
“Don’t stop now,” Mel told him. “We’re all enjoying this too much.”
The new music was faster, more fiery! He danced again, only now much faster than before. And then suddenly Sandy was in front of him. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded.
Chad tried his best to stop what he was doing and pull up his dress, but it still took him a moment too long. And in that instant, Mel was there swinging her yardstick once again. “You’ll have to do better than that!” she criticized. “Now keep dancing!”
Once again, Chad tried to get back into the dance, but like before, it was difficult. His movements were becoming simple, less flamboyant, just because he was worried about one of them wanting him to show his diaper. But like before, a seemingly long time began to go by. And then Cassie was there again. “Show me your diaper!”
He did his very best to instantly reach down and pull his dress up and hold it up, showing off his wet diaper underneath. This time, Mel was behind him with her stick, but she didn’t hit him. “That was close!” she commented. “Very close. You better get used to doing it like a reflex action… or else!” She held her stick up for emphasis.
Mel and Cassie sat back down and Chad began dancing again – totally paranoid about Mel and her stick. And like before, a long time seemed to go by. The music changed again. Chad was getting tired now, but the new music was much slower and romantic. The entire style of his dancing changed to match it. But in changing styles, he lost some of his paranoia about Mel and her stick. “Show me your diaper!” Mel commanded, seemingly turning up next to him as if by magic. He was so startled that he once again hesitated a fraction of a second too long and her stick found the back of his legs once again. “You’ll have to do better than that!” Mel told him as she headed back to her seat.
Chad began dancing again, but very quickly, Sandy was there demanding to see his diaper. He reacted as fast as he possibly could, all the while keeping a watch on Mel out of the corner of his eye. But she didn’t even get up out of her seat. “Thank you,” Sandy said with a bit of a giggle as she headed back to her seat. Chad resumed his dance, grateful that he had managed to avoid getting hit.
“Show me your diaper!” Mel commanded very quickly from her seat. Chad had just barely started dancing again, but he stopped quickly and raised his skirt up high. “Thank you,” Mel replied with a bit of a giggle. Chad went back to moving to the music. It was a bit like musical chairs, at the right moment, you had to move fast. Only with this, failure meant pain!
Mel sat back and watched as Sissy danced all around. She could tell he was watching her continuously now to see if she would make him stop to show his diaper again, but that only added to the charm of what he was doing. As much as she was enjoying it, she had to admit – he was terrible – as a ballet dancer, yet she still loved watching him. And there was something more… something about the outfit he was wearing. And then she figured out what it was – the pink and white baby dress he was wearing reminded her so much of the pink and white ballet costume she had worn, more than once, in dance recitals when she was very young. The very same outfit she had ordered for him at the mall. More than ever, she couldn’t wait till it arrived. And suddenly, the more she watched him dancing, and the more she thought about him in that ballet outfit, the more sexually turned on she began to get. She suddenly couldn’t wait till Cassie and Sandy left!
The music was fairly long, as many ballet movements are, so Sissy was dancing for quite a while. As soon as the music ended, Mel got up and turned the stereo system off before the final movement could start. Chad stopped dancing, obviously relieved. Mel hated doing it! It was rude! But she couldn’t help herself. “I think we’re going to have to call it a night, ladies,” she announced. “I have other things that I need to be doing.”
Cassie had a fairly good suspicion of what Mel wanted to be doing, but saying so wouldn’t have been polite. “That’s fine,” she replied. “I’ve got to be going anyway.”
Sandy and Cassie headed for the door and Mel ushered them out, wishing both of them a good night before they left. Then she closed the door and turned toward Sissy. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded quickly.
Her sudden command once again almost caught Sissy by surprise, but he reacted as absolutely fast as he could and once again raised his dress up high and held it there.
Mel saw the bit of fear in Sissy’s eyes as she walked back toward him. “We’ll have to keep working on that,” she said to him. “But right now, I’ve got other things on my mind. Go get some towels to protect the couch – lots of them!”
Chad suddenly knew what the other things were that Mel had on her mind. And he could tell by the look on her face already that tonight was going to be… difficult!

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The Bet - Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

Mel’s doorbell rang just as Chad was pulling the steamed vegetables out of the pot.
“Sissy… Get the door!” Mel called from the living room.
Chad quickly put everything down, wiped his hands on a dish towel, and hurried toward the door – fairly confident and hoping that it would be Sandy and Cassie arriving. He was not disappointed.
“Oh! You’ve got new earrings!” Cassie exclaimed as she walked in the moment he had finished his curtseying greeting. She stopped to examine the multi-colored spots on his ears closer. I like them,” she declared before walking further into the apartment.
Sandy was still standing in the doorway, staring at him. “I still love that dress on you!” she stated happily before she too walked in. She glanced back at him once again before she sat down in the living room with Cassie and Mel.
Chad hurried back to the kitchen to finish dinner. When it was ready, and all dished out on the plates. He reluctantly put his own plate into the refrigerator… where he knew that Mel would want him to put it. He took one more quick drink from his latest bottle before calling everyone to the table.
“Mmmm. Looks good,” Cassie declared as she sat down.
Mel looked up at Sissy from her seat. “Back in your corner,” she ordered. “We shouldn’t need you for a little while.”
Chad reluctantly headed toward the corner he had already spent too much time in.
“Pacifier!” Mel yelled behind him.
Chad quickly went back and found his pacifier on the kitchen counter. He took the opportunity to take another long drink from his bottle before putting the pacifier back into his mouth and then heading back to his corner. The women all seemed to be ignoring him as he climbed up onto his perch and pressed his body into the tight confines of the corner walls. One thing he noticed as he climbed up onto his perch, was that the much higher heels he was wearing made the height of the perch less of a difference. While the heels of his shoes were still off of the ground, it wasn’t by quite as much – which made the shoes on his feet more comfortable on the perch than his low-heeled shoes.
He couldn’t really hear what any of the women were talking about. He heard some laughter occasionally, but he had no idea what it was about… probably him. Twice while he was there he noticed himself peeing. And as usual, that was the only thing of interest that his body had to feel. Boring! Boring! Boring!

“Another great meal,” Cassie declared as she sat back and pushed her plate away. “I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying these Sunday dinners.”
“Me too!” Sandy agreed. “It’s the best meal I eat all week!”
Mel smiled. “I have to say, I enjoy the company too… not to mention the meal!”
“Sissy really is a good cook!” Sandy declared.
The mention of Sissy made Mel look over toward him in his corner. She hadn’t really been watching him at all during dinner. But right now he was right where he was supposed to be – in his corner and out of the way. She sighed. “I guess I better fix his dinner for him. We may as well let him eat before he cleans the kitchen up.”
Sandy giggled as they all got up from the table together. “Baby food again?” she asked.
Mel shook her head. “Not this time. I don’t want to waste all the food that I bought – and he fixed. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out the plate that Sissy had prepared for himself. She held it out so everyone could see. The plate had been fixed just as nicely as the ones he had prepared for everyone else. “Imagine,” Mel said, “he thinks he’s going to get to eat this just like it is. I don’t know why he even bothered!” She set the plate down on the counter, grabbed a sharp knife and a fork, and went to work cutting his food up into very tiny pieces. She had no trouble with the vegetables of course, but the pork chops… “Ugh! This is hard!” she complained before she had gotten very far. But she kept at it.
“Why do you bother doing it that way?” Sandy asked. “Real babies can’t eat anything like that.”
“Is there a better way?” Mel asked, fairly certain there wasn’t.
“Don’t you have a blender? That’s what we usually used when I was younger to fix table food for the babies.”
“A blender?” Mel smiled and hunted around in one of her bottom cabinets. A moment later, she dragged the thing out and plugged it in. She motioned toward Sandy. “Show me.”
Sandy smiled. “Well, it’s really very easy.” She took all of the vegetables that Mel had already cut up and put them into the blender, then she turned it on. Two seconds later, everything in the blender was reduced to nothing but mush. “See,” Sandy said, “instant baby food.”
“That’s great,” Mel declared. “But how about the pork chops?”
Sandy emptied the colorful vegetable mush from the blender onto Chad’s plate. Then she grabbed the pork chops and pulled them apart with her hands and stuffed them into the blender. “You’ve got to add some water for things like this,” she explained before turning the blender back on again. Once again, the blender went to work, but this time, for a much longer period. Sandy stopped it twice and checked it, adding water each time. But eventually, even the meat had been reduced to nothing but an unappetizing looking brown mush.
“Eeeww!” Mel and Cassie remarked together as Sandy dumped the brown mush out onto his plate.
“That looks disgusting,” Mel declared.
“Gross!” Cassie agreed.
“But it’s just the same as what you buy in the stores for babies,” Sandy exclaimed… “Mostly anyway. I have no doubt that this would probably taste better.”
“I don’t think I’d want to try it,” Cassie said.
“Me either,” Mel agreed. She looked around. “I guess we’re all ready for him. Cassie, if you’ll get the tray off his highchair, I’ll call him for dinner.”
Chad was elated when he heard Mel calling his name. He had heard strange sounds from the kitchen that worried him, but he could never hear what any of them were saying. Pulling himself out of the corner was easier this time than the last time he had been in it. And the heels on his feet made walking much easier since there was less of a difference in their height and the height of the bar on his perch.
He didn’t see his dinner till he was already strapped into his chair, the bib was tied around his neck, and the tray was locked back in place. Only then did Mel put his dinner in front of him where he could see it. He almost died! His dinner! The nice wonderful dinner that he had cooked, and had hoped that Mel wouldn’t want to cut up into tiny pieces. She had found a way around the problem and put everything into the blender! And it looked… awful!
Mel placed a tiny baby spoon on his tray for him along with a fresh bottle. “Eat up, baby. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the dinner you spent so much time fixing for all of us. I know we enjoyed it… very much! Oh! And don’t forget to eat with just your left hand, holding the spoon just the way that Sandy taught you.”
All three women giggled as Chad stared reluctantly at his dinner and slowly picked up the tiny spoon with his left hand. He held it in his fist like Sandy had taught him and he dug it into the colorful vegetable mush. Most of it actually reached his mouth. And he was suddenly elated. It tasted fairly good! There was absolutely no texture to it at all – other than mushy. Nothing to really chew, but none the less… it was good! He decided to try the brown mush next, the part that he was guessing was all that was left of his pork chops. The mush proved to be a lot more watery than the vegetables and most of it fell off his spoon and back onto his plate – and into the pile of vegetable mush.
“Too much water!” Sandy declared. “It’s hard to judge sometimes.”
Chad got the remainder of the brown mush into his mouth. He tried to taste it. He rolled it around his tongue. There was almost no flavor to it at all. No flavor… and no texture. Basically, it was what he would label as – lousy! Not totally bad, but definitely lousy! He unconsciously made an unpleasant face at the tasteless mush.
“I knew I didn’t want to try it!” Cassie declared at seeing his face.
The other women just laughed and agreed.

After dinner, Chad was left alone to clean everything up while the women went into the living room to talk – and laugh. Chad couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but he did hear some of the ballet music Mel had played earlier so he had a pretty good idea. The entire time he was washing dishes, he kept picturing himself being abandoned at work dressed in a pink ballet costume. While the very thought of it scared him to death, it also kept him mildly sexually stimulated. Fortunately, his chastity device only gave him a tiny bit of warning irritation and nothing more. The thoughts did seem to make his kitchen work go faster though. Before he knew it, he was done, and the kitchen was spotless, and his diaper was… leaking again.
Since Chad was wearing his sissy baby dress, Sandy offered to change him – which she did in the middle of the living room floor, directly in front of Mel and Cassie. Chad could only think that it was a good thing that both of them knew him so well and had changed him many times before, otherwise, he would have been really humiliated.
Sandy’s changing job seemed to take – forever! She talked with Mel and Cassie more than she paid attention to changing him. Once she got his old soggy diaper off, she quickly laid a new one out on the floor under him… and then turned around to take part in the conversation between Mel and Cassie. Like she was ignoring him completely!
Chad didn’t do it on purpose. In fact, he didn’t even know he was doing it till Sandy noticed – and then both of them were shocked!
“That’s what I told him!” Sandy was saying. “He had to…. Aaahhh!” She quickly pulled her hand away from where she was resting it on top of Sissy’s still open diaper because something warm and wet was suddenly hitting it.
Chad was startled by Sandy’s sudden scream and looked down toward her – only to realize that he was peeing just then. Once again he hadn’t known he was going to do it.
As quick as she could, Sandy brought the diaper up between his legs and held it in place while he finished peeing. “It looks like somebody is becoming more like a real baby than ever!” she said teasingly, and obviously somewhat annoyed.
“I’m sorry…” Chad started to say.
“Hush!” Sandy interrupted him. “Just stick your thumb in your mouth where it belongs and lay there quietly! I’ve handled babies before!”
Having no choice, Chad stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked on it while Sandy held the diaper over him and went back to her conversation. After a few moments, while Cassie was talking, she chanced pulling the diaper back to see if he was finished yet. He was. She pulled it further away from him and wiped the wet part of her hand off on it before finally pulling it firmly into place and taping it shut. She looked towards Mel. “Two hours?” she asked.
Mel shook her head. “We’ve changed that. An hour and forty-five minutes now.”
Sandy just smiled as she looked down at Chad. “I guess you know the drill.”
Chad only nodded as he continued to lay there and suck his thumb.
“All finished?” Mel asked Sandy.
“All done,” Sandy confirmed as she got back to her feet and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands.
Mel looked down at Chad. “Then we’ve got some refresher training to do. Stand up Sissy.”
Chad was a bit bewildered, not to mention worried about what Mel wanted of him. Refresher training? But he quickly pulled his thumb out of his mouth and got to his feet.
“Now,” Mel continued. “Show us your diaper!”
Chad was surprised. So surprised that he hesitated too long. Mel was instantly on her feet. “I said show us your diaper!” Chad quickly reached down and pulled up the hem of his skirt as high as he could and held it there. Mel left him like that and hurried over to the corner where she retrieved her yardstick. Chad’s fear quickly grew with every step she took returning. While he was still holding his dress up high, Mel got behind him and swung her stick against the tops of his bare legs with a very loud and distinct smack. Chad was propelled forward and had to keep himself from falling. “Okay,” Mel said, “you can lower your dress again. I don’t want to see you hesitate for even a second when I tell you to do something!” Keeping her yardstick at the ready, she repeated her command. “Show me your diaper!”
As quickly as he could, Chad grabbed the skirt of his dress and pulled it up high, fearful of her yardstick. His legs still stung from where she had just hit him a moment before.
“Better!” Mel declared. She sat back down in her chair but kept the yardstick in her hands.
“What did I miss?” Sandy asked as she hurried back from washing her hands.
“Not much,” Mel replied. Just a bit of refresher training. She looked straight at Chad as she continued speaking. “We’ll be doing more of it so you haven’t missed anything!” She paused for a moment, then smiled at Chad. “You can lower your skirt now.”
Chad gratefully dropped the skirt of his ridiculously short baby dress. Mel was still smiling, but Chad wasn’t totally sure it was a good smile.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 4 of 7)

Chad stood in his corner, alone… again. He couldn’t really hear what Mel and Sandy were talking about in the kitchen. He couldn’t see anything except the blurry walls almost up against his eyeballs. He couldn’t move without getting in trouble… in fact, as long as he was standing on the miserable bar, he couldn’t move his feet at all. He suddenly felt himself wetting a tiny bit again. As Mel had said earlier, he was wetting all too easily. And yet… and yet… he liked it that way. The feeling – or almost lack of feeling – fascinated him. And for some strange and dumb unknown reason, the thought stimulated a tiny twinge of sexual thrill from his penis trapped inside of his chastity device. He quickly hoped that he didn’t start growing down there again. The darn thing had already given him too much pain today as it was. And why was the thing acting up now again… after being dormant for so long?
But the stimulating feelings from wetting himself soon died, as did all other stimulation. And he was once again stuck with only his thoughts to occupy his mind. And since he had just been given so much to think about, there was no way he couldn’t turn things over and over in his mind. He couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t hear anything, he couldn’t move – despite the aching in his feet and legs and wanting to move badly. He was stuck alone with just his thoughts – and his pacifier, which since he had no other stimulation, gave him more pleasure than ever.
Did he really want the pool table and the ultimate “guys hangout?” Yes he did. He knew he did – without a doubt. But despite all the humiliation, which he knew he really did crave, he also desired all the things that life with Mel would mean. The girly things… the baby things… all of it. He wanted both lives! But both lives were impossible. Was Mel really asking him to make a choice? It was an impossible question. And wasn’t that what the bet was about? Her training him… forcing him… to do things to rob him of his male life. It wasn’t about making things easy for her… he didn’t think so anyway. And he really did want the pool table and all the other stuff. And what about the one big item, his self respect? What about that? What about walking down the street with his head held high, confident about life once again?
And what about all his strange inner desires – desires that seemed to rule his life all too much. What about all those things that he craved so much… that he dreamed of so much. He wanted them just as much, if not more.
He wanted both lives – equally. But both lives couldn’t be!

There was not a sound in the apartment, although once in a while, Chad could hear the soft tapping of Mel typing on her laptop. But she wasn’t typing much. His legs and feet had passed from aching, to outright pain, to an aching numbness. While he had stood in the corner for long times before, he had never been left here this long. He wondered how much time had passed – it seemed like an eternity. He was growing very tired. Despite having nothing to drink, he had continued to wet himself frequently. Often, he had no warning that he was going to wet, but more and more now, he was realizing when it was going to happen – maybe because he had nothing else to concentrate on.
And then a new sensation hit him. One he recognized immediately. With no other sensations to occupy his mind, he was plagued by every tiny little sensation of the stupid suppository suddenly doing its job. He hated it. He didn’t hold back for even a second. He wanted it to finish – and quickly! After standing in the corner for so long with no other stimulation, the entire experience seemed to be heightened as he messed his diaper thoroughly and without any control. Ugh! And yet, there was something about it that also stimulated his under exercised sexual need. But fortunately, the lousy chastity device didn’t give him any pain.
He could smell himself now. With only one diaper on, and with no plastic panties, and without the tight confines of the all-in-one girdles he usually wore, the smell reeked out from him quickly and horribly. Yet it was another sensation for him to concentrate on as he stood confined in his corner. Maybe now Mel would release him! But he continued to stand there, now reeking horribly, while Mel continued to work on her laptop in the living room. Couldn’t she smell him? Ugh! He had been there so long now! He wanted to be released!

Mel sniffed the air and looked over at Sissy in his corner. He still hadn’t moved that she could see. Good! She wondered how he managed to stand there so long without moving. But that was what he was supposed to be doing. She glanced at the clock. It had been over an hour and fifteen minutes since she had put him there. His diaper looked fairly wet as well as messy. She decided to leave him in his messy diaper for another five minutes. Despite the stink that was starting to fill the room, she went back to her work once again.

Finally, finally, Chad sensed Mel’s presence next to him.
“You smell like a messy baby,” she said. “I think you’ve been there long enough for now. Get out of there and let’s get you cleaned up.”
Chad gratefully extracted himself from the perch and the corner. But he had been there so long that doing so was very difficult. Every little movement, from every part of his body, seemed to hurt. His knees wouldn’t bend without pain. And his feet… his feet wanted to be wearing much higher heels than the low heeled pumps he was wearing now. Just bending his ankles was a major chore.
“Go on back to your apartment and get yourself a shower,” Mel said. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
Chad painfully, and carefully, made his way toward her door. Before he bent down to pick up his purse, he started to pull the skirt of his uniform back down again.
“Leave it!” Mel’s voice commanded from somewhere behind him. “Let anyone who’s out there see your messy diaper.”
Chad pulled his skirt back up again and bent down to pick up his purse, hoping as he did it that the mess in his diaper wouldn’t leak out. He got lucky. With his skirt pulled up and fully exposing his wet and messy diaper underneath, he went back to his apartment. Fortunately, there was nobody else around outside as he walked the short distance – he didn’t think there was anyone who saw him anyway.

Mel unlocked Chad’s apartment door with her key and went inside. She headed straight for his only chair and deposited the things she had brought with her on it. Then she headed toward his bathroom. He was just getting out of the shower. Good! “Dry yourself off,” she told him. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
She went back to his living room and picked up the things from his chair – two pictures that Sandy had done, and a roll of tape. She held the pictures next to each other up against his living room wall, moving them here and there, trying to find the best arrangement for them. Finally, she settled on a placement that she liked. Grabbing the roll of tape, she began taping them in place, right next to each other, directly below his framed copy of the bet. One picture was of the design Sandy had done for his living room. The other picture was the design Sandy had come up with for his eventual nursery.
The pictures were all things she wanted him to keep thinking about. She wanted them to continually remind him of the things she had told him earlier. She wanted him to remember everything he would lose if he won the bet.
She went back to his bathroom and watched as he taped another fresh diaper in place. “An hour and forty-five,” she said as she turned around and headed for his closet. She glanced through his clothes for a minute before selecting the pale pink and white checked babyish dress. She hung the dress on a door knob and went back for the pink high-heeled mary-jane shoes she had made him buy to go with the dress. Chad had his bra and waist cincher on again and was ready to finish getting dressed. “Put your uniform back on again for now,” she instructed. “Then bring these with you. Since Sandy was so nice to do all that work for you, then I think it would be nice if you wore her favorite outfit for her when she comes over for dinner.”
Without giving it another thought, Mel walked straight back to her apartment.

Chad had an ulterior motive behind the dinner he was preparing. While the stuffed pork-chop recipe seemed like a lot of work, it wasn’t really. He prepared four servings enough for Mel, Cassie, Sandy, and himself. All too many of his meals on the weekends turned out to be nothing but baby food. Or else, Mel cut his dinner up into tiny baby bite-sized pieces and mashed everything all up together. He was hoping that the pork chops would be too difficult for her to do that with. He planned on steaming the fresh vegetables so they would be just barely done, hoping they would taste fresher.
He had everything mostly ready. The pork chops were in the oven cooking, but he couldn’t do anything else yet. He grabbed his latest baby bottle and took another long drink, trying to keep himself peeing. He glanced at the clock, time was running out. Since Mel had trimmed that fifteen minutes off of his time limit and then had left him for so long in the corner with nothing to drink, he wasn’t peeing quite as much as he had earlier in the day – although that situation seemed to be getting back on track again quickly. But since it took a while to get back to where he was peeing so frequently, his diaper wasn’t quite ready to start leaking yet. He drank furiously now, trying to make the seemingly impossible happen, and all the while, the clock kept ticking down toward his deadline.
“Are you leaking?” Mel called from the living room.
“No Mistress. Not yet.” Chad replied, unhappily.
“Then don’t forget to tell me the minute you do!”
“I will, Mistress,” he replied. And he would tell her – the very instant he even thought he was leaking. Because every minute that went by meant more punishment. He forgot all about dinner as he drank his bottle furiously. Fortunately, dinner could take care of itself for quite a while.
Once again, Chad was only noticing that he was peeing, while he was actually doing it. There was no notice before. But that was something he didn’t even think about. The only thing he really wanted to notice was the telltale tickle of his diaper leaking. It was another full ten minutes before he finally felt it. If Mel hadn’t trimmed his time limit, he would have been just fine! It wasn’t fair! “Mistress! I’m leaking!” he announced quickly.
Mel glanced at the clock. “Ten minutes! That’s way too much! Well, get over here and start preparing the floor. I want to get this over with. And don’t forget, we’ve got to take care of that demerit for not showing off your diaper earlier in the store too!”
Chad had forgotten about the demerit. Why couldn’t Mel have forgotten about it too? Twenty swats with her yardstick. Ugh! He wasn’t looking forward to it. He grabbed a stack of disposable diapers that she kept in her bathroom for him. Many of them had been used for similar purposes before. He spread them out all over the floor in his usual punishment area. Then as Mel got up from her seat where she was working, he pulled the skirt of his dress up high and out of the way again. He was certainly doing that a lot lately. Why did Mel even bother to make him wear the thing?
Mel quickly examined the diapers covering the floor as she headed to the corner where she kept her yardstick. The floor looked to be adequately protected – unlike what Sissy’s ass was about to be. She stood back and said nothing, only staring at him. And after a moment, Sissy untapped his soggy diaper and let it fall to the floor. Then he leaned over and put his hands up against the back of the chair. His bottom rose up higher, inviting her to punish it with her stick. As she prepared to hit him, she saw his neck tense up as he prepared himself for the pain of her first swat. She didn’t disappoint him. “One!”
She watched as he stood up, curtseyed, and thanked her in his sissy voice before leaning back over for the second blow. Punishing him like this was a time consuming process, but it was also fulfilling in a way. She didn’t really know why, but there were definitely things about it that were, for lack of a better way to put it, fulfilling. “Two!”
Sissy stood back up, curtseyed again and thanked her, then leaned back over. She saw his bottom rise up to the required position once again, but as soon as it was where it should be, she noticed a stream of pee escaping out of him, falling down onto the floor below where it was quickly absorbed by the diapers underneath. And the odd thing was, the he didn’t seem to even notice. Swat! “Three!”
There were tears in Sissy’s eyes after the tenth blow and his words were nearly unrecognizable around the blubbering he was doing. “Now we have to take care of that nasty demerit,” she pronounced. She only had to glance at the back of the chair for Sissy to resume his position and get ready for the next attack on his backside. Swish! Swat! “One!” she pronounced once again. But before Sissy could even stand back up to thank her for it, she saw that he was peeing again – as if the blow from her stick had pushed it all out of him. But what surprised her even more, was that he didn’t react to the fact that he was peeing till he was almost done, which was right before his curtsey. And then, it was only a small reaction since she had told him before that his peeing shouldn’t stop anything that he was doing.
Chad thanked her once again for punishing him – in his blubbering sissy voice. And then quickly added, “I just peed, Mistress, so you don’t have to punish me more for that!” He wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t receive an additional five blows for not peeing while he was being punished.”
Mel was startled by his statement. “I saw,” she said as if it was the most common thing in the world. But as Sissy was preparing himself for her next swat, the only thing that she could think about was that it was the second time he had peed during his punishment, not his first. Did that mean that he didn’t even know he had peed the first time? The thought was encouraging!
As soon as she had finished punishing him, and he was once again diapered, and working on another hour and forty-five minute time limit, she had him change into his sissy baby dress and the pink heels. “Make sure you keep them clean!” she warned.
Chad, still trying to stop the last of his crying, only curtseyed before heading tearfully to her bedroom to change.