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The Bet - Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 3)

Chad heard his cell phone ringing from his purse and ran to get it. “Hello?” he said quickly.
“Hi Sissy, it’s Mel. How’s everything going?”
“Perfect,” he replied confidently.
“Excellent. Look I should only be a few more minutes here then I’ll be home. Is dinner almost ready?”
“Yes, it’s all set. I was just about to put my uniform on.”
“Good. I’m looking forward to it. I should be there before Cassie and Sandy, but if not, I won’t be long.”
“Ok,” he replied. “See you then.”
So far, everything was going perfectly. He took the time to change into two fresh diapers before he redid his makeup and put his uniform on. For once, his makeup came out much better. The brushes that Sandy had shown him how to use along with the other things really helped. He was suddenly wishing that they had had time for her to show him more. As he slipped the low-heeled shoes on his feet, he was almost stunned by how comfortable they felt after wearing the high heels all day. But now with these new shoes on, he found himself thinking about the high-heel fantasy all over again.
He tied his apron around his waist. He was ready. Dinner was ready to be dished out onto the plates as soon as everyone arrived. But there was still time. Mel wasn’t even back yet… and he couldn’t stop thinking about the heels! He picked his heels up then put them down again. No, he shouldn’t. Mel might be back at any minute. But he couldn’t resist. He slipped his low-heeled shoes off and put the high heels on again. Why was he doing this? If Mel caught him… It was the darn fantasy. And damn! He really needed some relief and bad. That was it in a nutshell. Every little thing was piling up on him because he needed relief. And still he was reluctant to take the heels off.
He wore them out to the kitchen to quickly check on dinner one more time before going back to take them off again. The fantasy played heavily in his mind while he did it. But before he could get back to the bedroom to remove them, Mel breezed in quickly. “Whew! I made it!” she declared happily as she came in. She sniffed, “Mmmm. Something smells good. Don’t tell me what it is. Surprise me.” She quickly looked him over as she set her purse on the table by the door. Then she stopped surprised. “Sissy! You’re wearing heels? Why?”
Chad could feel himself blushing. “I was just going to change them.”
Mel walked up to him with a wicked smile on her face. “You like them,” don’t you!”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said nervously as he dropped a quick curtsey.
“You’ve been thinking about what it would be like to not be able to wear anything but high heels, haven’t you!”
He dropped another quick curtsey. More nervous than ever, he repeated, “Y-yes, Mistress.”
Then her manner quickly changed. “Take them off! That decision is mine, not yours.” Then she smiled wickedly at him. “I’ll leave it up to you to worry about that for now. Will I? Or won’t I?” She left to wash up in the bathroom.
Why was it that almost everything she did lately turned him on so much? Even when she was being cruel, she was still fueling his fantasies unmercifully!

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. “Answer it Sissy,” Mel called from the bedroom.
Nervous and praying that it was Sandy and Cassie at the door, he opened it. Thankfully, it was. “Hi Cassie,” he said with a quick curtsey. “Hi Sandy,” he said with another curtsey.
“Sissy, you look real good tonight,” Cassie said as she walked through the door.
Sandy stopped in the doorway and peered closely at his makeup. “It’s getting a lot better. It’s a shame we didn’t get much past your foundation though, but overall, I’d say we accomplished something earlier.” She walked on in and he closed the door behind them.
“Hi,” Mel said as she came out of the bedroom. Chad headed for the kitchen while the women talked. Quietly and efficiently he dished everything out onto the plates and lit the candle on the table. He poured the wine for each of them and checked to make sure everything was as it should be. Perfect! He headed into the living room. At the first opportunity he interrupted them. “Dinner is ready.”
“Wonderful, I’m starving,” Sandy declared.
“It does smell good,” Cassie noted as she got up from the couch.
The three women sat down at the table and Chad went back by the sink to stand out of the way and watch in case they needed anything. “It all looks so good,” Sandy said as she grabbed her fork.
“And the best part is that it’s something out of a diet cookbook I just bought,” Mel replied.
“Really?” Cassie exclaimed. “But it’s so good.”
“Mel, you are so lucky to have him,” Sandy declared as she stuffed a fork full of food into her mouth.
“Speaking of which!” Mel suddenly sounded stern. She looked angrily over at Chad. “Sissy! Where do you belong?”
Chad was taken totally by surprise. He couldn’t believe that she wanted him in the corner again. But obviously she did. Reluctantly, he went back to his corner to stand scrunched into the wall. He could hear Cassie and Sandy laughing hysterically behind him. He couldn’t really hear what they were saying anymore since he was so far away and facing the wall, but it didn’t really matter. He was once again stuck in his boring old corner!
He stood there for a long time with nothing to occupy his mind. He desperately tried to listen to what the women were saying, but mostly he had a very hard time of it since they weren’t speaking directly to him. The most exciting part came for him when he realized that he had to pee again. That at least was something he could easily concentrate on. How long could he hold it? He couldn’t look at his watch or a clock so he began counting seconds in his head. Mentally calculating how many seconds went into each minute that passed. It almost became a game for him as he stood there with his eyes closed trying to be still.
As his counting passed the ten minute mark, he began to doubt his minute calculations. It seemed like a lot longer. They had to be finished with dinner soon! Unfortunately, it was getting harder and harder to hold back on his peeing – probably because it was all he had to think about it. Without thinking, he started struggling against it and in the process took a tiny step back to shift his weight and relieve his aching legs and feet.
“Sissy! Stand still!” Mel yelled. She watched till she was satisfied that he was back in the corner the way he was supposed to be. Sandy and Cassie both turned around to look at him.
“Don’t ruin your dinner over him,” Cassie cautioned. “This is too good for that.”
Mel smiled at her. “Are you kidding, yelling at him is my favorite part.” All the women laughed again.
As they gradually finished eating, they kept turning around more and more often to watch Chad standing in the corner. Every time he moved in the slightest, Mel would yell and he would get still again. Eventually, they were no longer eating and Mel had opened up a second bottle of wine that they were now working on. After a while, they all fell silent while they stared at Chad and drank their wine.
“You know,” Cassie finally said. “Please don’t get me wrong about this, but while I really like the maid’s outfit, to me, it gets boring pretty quick.”
Mel was surprised, but before she could say anything, Sandy replied first. “Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s like… you know, last week when we watched him running back and forth in that cute little onesie, that was like one of the highlights of my life. But now… well, he looks great and all. Maybe too great. But it does get a bit boring.”
Mel wasn’t sure what to say. Having Sissy as her maid was her biggest dream. The three women stared at him for a while more. She saw him move his feet again. “Sissy!” Quickly he put his feet back where they belonged again. But she finally realized that maybe Cassie and Sandy were right. He looked great like that, but that “something special” spark was missing.
“Maybe you’re right,” she finally admitted. “But what should I do about it?”
“I don’t know,” Cassie admitted, but I really loved the baby outfit too. “God, it must have been so humiliating. But this, what he’s wearing now well, it’s almost respectable.”
“Of course there’s always the French maid thing,” Sandy suggested.
“Yeah,” Cassie agreed, “guys are always hot for that kind of thing.”
“Yeah but French maids don’t really turn me on,” Mel replied. “But it is a good suggestion.”
“Why don’t we check the internet,” Sandy suggested.
Mel brightened. “That’s a great idea!”
All three women picked up their wine glasses and headed into the living room where Mel set up her laptop on her desk. “Sissy,” she finally said. “Go clean up the kitchen!”
Chad was ever so glad to finally be able to move away from the corner again. He bent his knees painfully to get the circulation moving again. Thank God he wasn’t wearing heels! The darn women had sat at the table for an eternity while he stewed in the corner! Talk about cruel! He could hear them all laughing now as they sat around her computer. He wasn’t at all sure he wanted to know what they were laughing about.

“Oh! I love that one,” Cassie squealed excitedly. “And you’ve got to get the shoes that go with it too!”
Mel duly added everything they decided on to the website’s shopping cart. When they were done, she entered her payment information and finalized the order. That was the third website they had bought things from for Sissy so far. The amount was adding up, but by that time, Mel didn’t even care. “Oh! You want to see what I’ve been looking at for a while now for him? I was planning on buying them later this week.” She navigated to the web page she wanted.
“Breast forms!” Sandy and Cassie screamed together.
“Why wait?” Cassie asked. “Get them now!”
Mel turned back to her computer and did just as Cassie had suggested. It was so much fun!

Chad, in the kitchen, felt like he was forgotten, while at the same time not forgotten. He knew everything the girls were discussing was for him. He knew every bit of it would be painfully humiliating. But the only words he had heard clearly were “breast forms.” He shuddered, but realized that it was only logical. She had been making him pad out the breasts of his girdle since the beginning anyway. So in reality, breast forms were no big deal.
Forgotten, but not forgotten. He was the maid tonight. A fixture to be there and work, but not be in the way. Invisible. Alone. Used.
He hated it. He loved it. The misery of the situation also fueled his fantasies. Damn he needed some relief! Unfortunately, he went back to thinking about Mel training him so that he could only wear high heels and nothing else. Why should he find that so appealing? Why did he find any of it appealing? He just did. He accepted it. He enjoyed it. All of it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 2)

As Chad rode with Mel toward the grocery store, he stretched and rubbed his face. After all the makeup they had put on him then taken off again, it tingled a bit. He loved the feeling of being out for a change without any makeup. But now he wished he could get rid of the ever-present perfume smell. There was just no winning anymore. And worse, the darn perfume was making him horny. Mostly, while he knew how he was dressed, he never looked at himself so he didn’t think about it as much, but the smell of the perfume, especially when it was coupled with the occasional sight of his pink fingernails, sent electric thrills throughout his entire body. He just prayed his chastity device wouldn’t start hurting him again.
Once again, he followed Mel into the crowded store. Was there anyone there who would remember him from last week? Probably. He was sure that last week he had been a sight that was hard to forget. But how about this week? Yeah, he was still going to be hard to forget. But hopefully, not quite as bad.
As he grabbed a shopping cart and put his purse into the child seat of the basket, he paused for a minute to pull his grocery list out. He didn’t really need it, but he knew that Mel would want to see him using it. Mel was waiting for him. He pushed his cart up to where she was waiting. She put her own purse into the cart next to his.
Last week, he had timidly followed her around the store while she selected things to put into the cart. This time it was different. This time, it was more like two friends shopping together. Anything that Mel thought she might like, she put into the cart, but mostly, he was the one picking up things that he thought they might need. On one aisle, he picked up several kitchen utensils that he thought might be nice to have. She didn’t protest at all. It was the same when they came to the spices, he added quite a few that he thought of as basic to every kitchen. Obviously, she didn’t cook at all or she would have already had most of them.
He noticed a difference in the people around him too. While he was certainly getting lots of interested looks, for the most part he didn’t think he was getting nearly as many as he had last week. What a difference not wearing a skirt could make! He was very grateful. He had done enough shopping with Mel now that he was starting to become at least a little more comfortable with his silly image in public. At least to a point. But the thought that he was becoming more used to it also frightened him a bit.
While they had been buying makeup earlier, he had never once noticed that he was holding back from peeing till they were leaving the store. Now, as they reached the last aisle of the grocery store, he began to think ahead to the checkout counter. Would she ask if he had to pee again? He wasn’t sure, but just to be safe, he let himself wet his diapers one more time while they were still shopping. He noticed that now he had to make himself relax to do it. Quite a difference from before, and he was glad. Especially since Mel would never know.
“Do you have to pee, Sissy?” Mel asked as the clerk was ringing up their sale. Chad was too aware of the people around them suddenly listening more intently.
“No, Mistress,” he replied as he dropped a quick curtsey. He heard a few noises of laughter and surprise from the people around him. “I had to do it a few minutes ago.”
But Mel wasn’t letting him off so easily. “You did what a few minutes ago?”
“I wet my diapers a few minutes ago.” He replied with one more curtsey. Fortunately, Mel looked satisfied as she pulled her wallet out. He was especially glad since there were definite chuckles from the people around them. Chad found himself wishing for lots of makeup again so it could hide how red he knew his face had to be.

When they got home, Chad had to carry all the groceries up to Mel’s apartment by himself while she busied herself with work on her laptop. He wouldn’t have minded it so much, but going up and down the stairs so many times in his heels got tiresome after a while. In fact, he had been on his feet so much already that his feet were starting to ache just from standing.
After he put the groceries away, he was a bit surprised that Mel didn’t want him to change into his uniform. Instead, she had him make both of them a small salad for lunch. Chad’s naturally went into the refrigerator while she ate… and he once again had to stand in the corner. The longer he stood facing the wall, the more he realized he was concentrating on his feet and how his shoes were beginning to hurt. Why had he thought these heels were more comfortable? They didn’t seem that way anymore. He yearned to take his shoes off for just a few seconds and stretch his feet. But every time he even fidgeted just a little, Mel yelled at him to stand still.
Finally, he heard her getting up from the table. She walked into the room where he was and stood closely behind him. “Are your feet getting tired in those shoes?” she asked quietly.
“Yes, Mistress,” he said into the corner that was all too close to his face.
“You like wearing heels like a girl, don’t you.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“But they’re starting to hurt now, aren’t they.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Don’t worry sissy. You just need to get used to wearing them more. I’m glad they’re hurting you. Think about this now while they’re hurting you… think about how someday your feet are going to hurt, but they’re only going to hurt when you’re not wearing high heels. Won’t that be fun? It’s not very difficult you know. All we have to do is make you wear them all the time. Then eventually your feet and leg muscles adjust, and bingo… you can’t go without heels anymore. Wouldn’t you like that?
“It’s kind of just like you’re learning to wet yourself while you’re sleeping now, isn’t it? And I’ll bet you’re learning that really well too, aren’t you?”
Chad’s only reply was to squirm in his corner a bit because her words sent chills throughout his body. He realized that what she had just said was all too true. He knew that he wasn’t always waking up every time he had to go during the night anymore.
“Isn’t it better now, being able to sleep through your wetting? Doesn’t it make you happy that you don’t have to wake up anymore? Just think, soon it will be just as easy for you to wear high heels all the time too. I know that you’d like that. Wouldn’t you? That is… if I decide to do that to you. It’s not up to you now, is it? Everything to do with you is completely up to me and what I want. I don’t think you’ve quite got that point yet, but we’re making progress. Oh yes, we’re definitely making progress.
“Now I want you to go and sit on the kitchen floor with your lunch. And the whole time your feet are hurting today, think about what I just said. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your heels didn’t hurt you? Maybe I should have you beg me to do that to you. What do you think? Now go! Eat your lunch!”
Chad was mentally shuddering at Mel’s words as he left his corner and went into the kitchen. The very thought of what she had said scared him… but at the same time it was thrilling him beyond belief. He could feel the tiny pinpricks of his chastity device digging in ever so slightly, but fortunately, that’s as bad as they got as he willfully controlled himself. And his bigger problem was that he had to keep controlling himself, because just as she suggested, he constantly thought about what she had said since his feet constantly hurt. He couldn’t help it.

Chad had just started cleaning the dishes from lunch when Mel’s phone rang. He heard her answering it, but he couldn’t hear anything else that she said into the phone.
“Ok, Sissy. Sandy’s waiting for us. Stop what you’re doing and let’s go.”
Chad turned the water at the sink off quickly and dried his hands. Mel was already waiting for him in the living room. “Get your purse and your new makeup, Sissy. We’re going to their place.” Chad did as he was told. Fortunately all his new makeup was all in one plastic bag that he had set by the door. He was just slightly surprised that they were going over to Cassie and Sandy’s apartment instead of them coming here. He still had dinner to make later.
Sandy opened their door before Mel had even finished knocking. “Come in, come in,” she said quickly. She seemed way too excited for Chad’s comfort. He noticed that she had set up a large lighted makeup mirror on her kitchen table. It looked like she had been waiting for him for a while now.
Sandy took his bag of new makeup from him and began putting it all out on the table. “You may as well get your other stuff out now,” she told him, “we’re going to need it eventually anyway.”
As he opened his purse and again started pulling the makeup out, he tried to figure out how he really felt about it. Yes he was excited. Yes he was scared. Yes he felt humiliated. But yes, he was also interested too. Did that make him a sissy? He didn’t have to answer that question. “Where’s your moisturizer?” Sandy asked.
“It’s still home in my bathroom.”
“Well go get it girl. We’re not going to do this without it!”
Chad reluctantly went back to his apartment to get the moisturizer that he had been shaving with every day. Why should he need it? It wasn’t doing him any good as far as he could see… other than to make shaving his face easier every day.
Once he was back inside Sandy’s apartment, Chad was very glad when she told him to sit down in front of the mirror. Now, maybe his feet would stop hurting for a while and he could stop thinking about being only able to wear high heels - forever.
“Ok,” Sandy started. “I’m going to do everything to half your face, and you’re going to do the other half. Got it?”
Chad nodded. It seemed simple enough – he hoped.
She started with his moisturizer and just as she said she would, applied it thoroughly to half of his face. Then she handed it to him. “Ok, your turn.” She watched him for a few seconds. “Not so much. You don’t need much, just a little. Then spread it out more.” She produced a wet washcloth and let him wipe his face clean. “Now do your whole face this time, only don’t use so much.”
When she was satisfied with the way he was doing his moisturizer, she moved on to the concealing makeup. It was a while before Chad realized that while what he was doing should have been humiliating, it really wasn’t. While Sandy was working with him, she wasn’t trying to humiliate him in any way. None of the women were. They were all sitting around talking and offering suggestions and comments and having a good time. Girl-talk. And once Chad realized it, he was thrilled by it. It was a small thing, but it felt nice. It was mildly fun. Guys talked together all the time, but half the time it was boasting about this or that. With women it was different. He might be a sissy, but for once, he was enjoying himself. If only the feeling could last forever.
But unfortunately everything got interrupted when Mel’s cell phone rang. “Hello?” she said into her phone. “Again?... “Yeah, I’ll take care of it… Just wait for me, don’t do anything till I get there!” She hung up. “I’ve got to go. Very old client… very stupid kid.”
“Aww,” Cassie replied. “We were having a good time. Does Sissy have to go too?”
Mel looked at her watch. “It’s probably best if he does go. He still has to cook our dinner later and there’s a lot of cleaning he has to get done first!”
“That reminds me,” Cassie said, “what time do you want us there?”
Mel looked at her watch again. “I don’t know how long this will take. Hopefully not too long. Let’s plan for seven thirty, ok?”
“Sounds great!” Sandy replied.
“I can’t wait,” Cassie agreed.
Chad was the only one who wasn’t sure.
When Mel and Chad were outside alone again, she stopped to talk to him. “Sissy, I have to leave right away. I’m counting on you to make everything perfect tonight.”
“I’ll try,” Chad replied honestly.
“Good. Don’t forget to be in your uniform before then but don’t get it dirty. I want you looking perfect. Oh, and see what more you can do with your makeup before then too. Now I gotta go. See you later!” And with that, she was running down the stairs and Chad was left on his own. Only this time, he had a lot of work to do before she got back.
As he opened Mel’s door, he thought about his shoes. He had been sitting down for a long time now and his feet didn’t hurt so much. But he knew they probably would start hurting again very soon. Did he dare take his shoes off for a while? Once again, even though his feet weren’t hurting, the fantasy of being unable to wear anything but high heels went through his mind. And once again, the tiny pinpricks from his chastity device were just barely there. But the fantasy was powerful enough to make him keep his heels on and not take them off.

Mel’s apartment didn’t really need much cleaning. He had done enough of that that he didn’t really have to do hardly anything. After he had done some basic prep work for dinner, he started on Mel’s laundry, which wasn’t all that much. While that was in the washer, he went back to his apartment and got his laundry too. He was especially worried about washing the pants he had wet yesterday morning.
He found that he was actually happy as he worked around her apartment. Occasionally he did a few things towards the dinner he was preparing and at other times he straightened up the house or folded clothes. Even with Mel gone, he was really enjoying it. And as much as his heels eventually started to hurt, the fantasy kept him interested. Even when he found himself sitting more and more often to rest his feet.
When all of his own laundry was done, he took it home and put the things that needed to be hung up into his closet again. Then he went back to her apartment and looked around. All her laundry was done. Her apartment was clean. The table was set. He looked at her clock. It was time to start the final cooking of dinner. Everything was going perfectly.

Mel stared across the table at the punk kid in front of him. God the kid was stupid. This was the second time in the last few months that he had been caught with drugs. Bad ones. The problem was that his parents were rich and he didn’t care about anything. She knew his parents though, they were good people. Real good. They had been clients of hers for a very long time. One of her first clients in fact. She owed them a lot.
“Wait here, and don’t… say… anything!” she ordered.
He held up the chain that was cuffed from the table to his wrist. “Like where the hell am I gonna go?” he asked smartly.
She shook her head and left the room. Stupid kid! His parents were waiting anxiously out in the hall. She hated having to talk to them. She shook her head as she walked up to them. “I’m sorry,” she said. “He was really stupid this time.”
“Isn’t there anything you can do?” his father asked. She could see the pleading look on his mother’s face.
“Look,” she told them. “Let me talk to the detective again. I’ll see if there’s anything at all that can be worked out. But I’ve got to warn you, it doesn’t look real hopeful. He actually seems proud of what he did!”
“Anything you can do we’d appreciate,” his mother told her.
Mel nodded to them both and walked down the hall and went into one of the offices.
Detective William Grey was sitting at his desk pounding on his keyboard with remarkable speed. She plopped herself down heavily in the chair in front of his desk. “Just a sec…” he said as he kept typing furiously. He hit one final key then clicked something with his mouse. “There! Done!” Finally he turned toward her. “Hi Mel. Long time no see.”
“Yeah,” she laughed. “Like it’s been almost two days now!” The truth was that they ran into each other frequently. Heck, she had even dated him a couple of times, but he really wasn’t the type that she was interested in. In fact, all of their dates had left her flat. Too much business – among other problems.
“So what do you think?” he asked, referring to the problem kid in the other room.
“What a jerk! But he’s my client and he’s got good parents. It’s definitely not their fault. All the other kids in the family are just fine… all except him!”
“That doesn’t help him though.”
“No, it doesn’t.” She looked at him for a few minutes. “Look, I’m betting you really don’t want to keep this guy. Is there something we can work out? Like maybe where he’s getting his stuff from?”
He smiled. “You’ve been hanging around here too long. Let me see if I can reach the DA.”
She sat quietly and waited while he talked on the telephone. She tried to grasp as much of his conversation as she could, but she couldn’t tell everything. He was a good looking guy. Big and confident. Too confident for her tastes though. Still… If she wasn’t so hung up on Sissy just then she might consider asking him out. Yesterday had been kind of an eye-opener for her. It wasn’t till then that she had realized how pitiful her social life really was. But that was part of the point. He was big and confident, and Sissy was… well… a sissy! And right now, Sissy was winning out – big time.
He hung up the phone. “Ok, there’s a couple of things here. First of all, he’s got to spill everything… and… we’ve got to make a decent bust on it.”
She nodded. “That’s good, what else?”
“And,” he continued, “you’ve got to let me take you to dinner.”
She burst out laughing. “Oh Will! You’re too much!”
“I’m serious! I don’t need to let this kid go. We’ve got enough on him now, and anything else we get from this is probably going to be small potatoes too.”
“That’s blackmail,” she replied, still laughing.
“That it is! But I’m sticking to it!”
She still couldn’t believe it, and she was still half laughing. “Ok, deal! Now let me talk to him again and see what we can get.”
Before she could get to the door again he said, “Oh and Mel… when we go out… don’t dress like you usually do when you’re not working.”
Her eyes went wide. “What? You want me to wear a dress?”
“Something like that.” He sat back in his chair and laced his hands behind his head with a very satisfied look on his face.
Mel shook her head as she went out. Way too confident and manipulative. No wonder she wasn’t that keen on the guy. And she had just agreed to a date with him? Ugh! Oh, and he wanted her to dress up too? What would be next?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Happened To Me

What happened to me? Bottom line – heart attack!

It wasn’t stress and it wasn’t from being overweight. I didn’t do anything really wrong. The reason for the heart attack was something much more insidious – genetics. It was as plain and simple as that. Oh, I guess I did do one thing wrong, I didn’t see a doctor beforehand to figure out that there was anything wrong with me. I’ve been retired from the military for about ten years now. In all that time I’ve never really seen a doctor at all. I did stop in a Med-Stop for the flu once during that time way back about six years ago, but that’s the one and only time since I left the military that I’ve talked to a doctor.

There is a long history of heart problems in my family – my brother, my father, and my father’s father. So why not me? I was indeed very worried about it all during my military career (24 years), but every time I brought the subject up with the doctors they told me not to worry about it – that I was perfectly fine. My current cardiologist can’t believe it because he thinks the signs were clearly there that I should have been on a very careful watch list long, long ago.

So what happened recently? It went like this.

On December 31st, New Years Eve, at around ten in the morning, I was at work and started to not feel so good. Nothing major, I just didn’t feel right, and I was a bit hot – which is nothing new since it often gets slightly warm in the office I work in. But it persisted. I took a couple of aspirins then a half hour later, I took a few more aspirins. But I still wasn’t feeling any better. I noticed a very slight ache in my left arm and my chest, but other than that and the fact that I was more than a bit warm, no other major signs. But I’m the kind of person that rarely get’s sick, and I didn’t feel well at all. And it was getting a bit worse.

I finally mentioned it to my boss and I half-jokingly said that I was a bit worried about my heart – because of the slight discomfort where I felt it. He asked if I wanted the paramedics called and I refused. But a bit later, I decided that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to call the paramedics – just to be safe. What could it hurt to make sure?

It was amazing how fast they showed up. Unbelievably fast! And I was surprised at how serious they seemed to be about me. I was further surprised when they brought in the gurney to put me on. “That’s stupid,” I told them. “I can walk just fine.” But they wouldn’t hear of it and I was quickly strapped to the thing and wheeled out to the ambulance.

As they loaded me in, I remember trying to tell my boss about where I stood on my office work that needed to be done and him trying to tell me not to worry about it. Then we were gone - two paramedics working on me constantly all the way. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were trying their best to get me to one of the premier heart facilities in the area – and they didn’t think they were going to make it. I was really surprised – and thought it really cool – at how fast the driver was driving. NASCAR would have been very proud! The paramedics kept asking me the same stupid questions like how old I was and when my birthday was and I kept trying to give them a running account of every sensation I was feeling. By the time we got to the hospital, both paramedics were pumping fluids into me as fast as they could and what I found out later was that they were amazed that I hadn’t died on them.

Once we reached the hospital, things became much more of a blur. I found out a few days later that I was the very top priority for everything that was coming in. The hospital was waiting on me and was ready for me. I remember being wheeled into a tiny room and a few minutest later seeing my wife out in the hallway. Wow did that ever make me feel good. I have never felt such a strong emotional wave of love as I felt just then for her. Oh wow! Wow! Wow!

I was quickly sent from that tiny receiving room to the Cath lab where three technicians shaved the entire front of my body – which was not an easy chore. I am as hairy as anyone has ever been. The surgeons were complaining constantly that it was taking them so long – and remember, there were three of them trying to shave me.

I’m afraid I don’t remember a single thing after that till I woke up in the recovery room – the next morning. I’m told that I didn’t get out of surgery till eight o’clock the night before and that they woke me up after the surgery and gave me a bath to help get me awake but I have absolutely no recollection of that. I only know that it was so excruciatingly painful to breathe when I did fully came to my senses. Major - major pain!

I found out later that I had five bypasses done. I’m more than glad that I don’t remember any of that. I have a beautiful long scar running straight down my chest where they cut me open to work on my heart. I have another even bigger scar from my wrist to my elbow where they removed an artery to use in my heart. And I have a series of three scars running down my leg where they grabbed veins to also use. And it all hurts!

It’s been about three weeks now since it happened. I’ve seen two doctors so far and there will be a lot more doctor visits coming up very shortly. My chest is still in major pain and uncomfortable – mostly because of all the nerves that were cut and have to heal. My biggest pain however is my hand and arm – not around the scar where they took the artery, but further down all around the back of my hand. It feels constantly like someone is holding a cigarette lighter up against my skin all the time. What fun! I’m really hoping that get’s better real soon. But – I can move my fingers and use them all just fine. In fact, I’m having no problem typing with that hand right now.

Things that everyone keeps telling me that are and were in my favor – I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I lead a fairly healthy lifestyle. I walk every day. I enjoy walking, it clears my brain and helps me think. It was all just genetics though. A build up of junk in my veins. I should have made it to the doctor sooner. The funny thing is though, that I was trying to do just that. The new company insurance took affect on January 1st and I was actively trying to find a doctor that would take me as a patient. My first choice doctor wasn’t taking any new patients. I was looking for another one just then. I think it was probably too late anyway. I’m sure that from now on though, my entire life will be filled with doctor visits and medicine. Before, I hated even taking a single aspirin for anything. Now, I’m sure my life will revolve around pills.

So that’s the basics of what happened. My wife has been amazing. She has rarely left my side for weeks and only now does she feel comfortable enough to leave me unattended for a little while at a time. I’m starting to walk on the treadmill again to try to build up some strength – but it’s going slow and cautious. I’m too afraid to try anything too much. Because of the pain in my chest and my arm, I constantly walk like I’m walking on eggshells – I hurt enough as it is.

I will recover fully in time. I know I will recover because I’m way too stubborn not to. I have a good attitude and I want to get better – fast. I’m going to do everything I can to get over this as quickly as possible. There are others out there that need my attention more than I need theirs, yet I’m ever so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent my way – more grateful than I can ever express. Thank you all. Thank you. It seems like such an inadequate way to express gratitude, but it’s all I have.

In other family news, my wife’s mother and father are still in Louisiana and are not doing well. They went back to stay for just a month or so to take care of business to make moving here easier and more permanent, but now, we can’t go get them because of me. My father-in-law is doing particularly bad and has days now where he can’t remember how to walk. His mind is definitely getting worse.

The son that was getting the divorce is still in that process and it looks like he will be staying here with us for a long time because of finances. So we also have his two daughters staying with us on the weekends too. He is helping out with the finances though which is a big help since I don’t have a regular paycheck right now.

The other son who we constantly are giving money to is doing worse because we can’t help him right now. There’s nothing I can do about that. I both happy and sad that I can’t help him. He’s the next person that’s going to have a heart attack. He works endless hours for very little pay and he get’s no support in any way at all from his wife. Very sad.

So thanks so much once again to everyone. You don’t know what your prayers and wishes have meant to me.


Friday, January 22, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 1)

Fitful dreams cause fitful sleep. And consequently, fitful sleep causes fitful dreams. He was inflicted by both. After starting to relearn to hold back all day, the three baby bottles of Mel’s special tea that he drank before he fell asleep re-stimulated his system… a system that was already trying to relearn how to sleep through it all. He tried to wake up to hold back each time, but it was just too difficult. He was getting no sleep at all. He finally abandoned himself to just letting it happen without holding back. It was his only choice. And just as he finally fell into a deeper sleep, he was woken up one more time when the suppositories in his system rudely decided to do their thing. He had no control over what the suppositories did - ever. That was impossible. He no longer even tried.
To mirror his troubled sleep, he dreamed. Strange disturbing dreams. He was a child again. His mother was unhappy with him and he didn’t know why. He asked her why over and over again, but she never would say. In his dreams, he felt crushed because he had disappointed her – his own mother. He ached for her forgiveness, but forgiveness never came.
There were tears in his eyes when his pink alarm clock went off. While the images and situations of the dream were quickly lost from his consciousness, the emotions were not. He wondered why he felt so depressed and chalked it up to not sleeping well. He literally dragged himself off his blow-up mattress and stood up. He turned the loud music from the clock radio off. It was later than he thought, yet it felt all too early.
He waddled awkwardly into the kitchen to see if she had left him another note with instructions. Of course she had.

First baby bottle!
Go buy yourself some breakfast.
Make sure your uniform is ready for inspection later, but don’t wear it.
Make sure you have a grocery list ready for this morning.
Pad the breasts of your girdle.
No makeup today!
The rest is up to you, but don’t forget your ring and necklace.
I’ll be looking you over when you arrive again.
Be here at ten o’clock – sharp! Ready to go! No excuses this time.
Second baby bottle before you get here!

The cookbook she had purchased yesterday was on the counter next to the note. He automatically went to his refrigerator and pulled out a bottle without ever thinking about not doing it. He grabbed the cookbook from his counter and went into his living room where he sat in the only chair that he had. His overly bloated diapers made it feel more like he was sitting on a big ball instead of the seat of the chair. He put the baby bottle to his lips and started browsing through the cookbook. The cold tea on his system triggered his need to pee again. He almost let it out without holding back again but he caught himself just in time. He held it as he began reading through the recipes. Almost a minute later, he couldn’t stand it anymore and released himself into his soaked diapers. Without realizing it, his depression melted away at the same time.

Mel rolled over in bed and opened her eyes. Without moving her head, she glanced at her clock. It was fairly late, but it was also Sunday. Her entire body felt loose and relaxed and just plain wonderful. It was amazing what Chad had done to her last night… or maybe it was more like what she had done to herself - with him. Either way, it had been wonderful. Wonderful enough that she felt no desire to even get out of bed. She rolled over lazily and closed her eyes. Smiling and thinking about Chad, she fell asleep again.

After he had shaved and cleaned himself up in the bathroom, Chad stared at his closet and tried to figure out what to wear. Really, for the most part, it boiled down to dressing like he had for work all last week – mostly. He would much rather wear the low-heeled shoes, but those shoes were now part of his uniform and once he reshined them this morning, then they’d only get messed up before Mel inspected him later. That left him with only a choice between several different pairs of high heels. He thought about work tomorrow, could he wear the low-heeled shoes to work? He prayed that he could!
His other clothing choices weren’t much better. The only male clothes he had now were his shirts. But now he had several new blouses hung up with them. He touched one of them and pulled it aside to look at it more closely. He could wear it, he was sure. He was also sure that Mel would really like that. In a way, it would be fun. Of course he could wear one of his skirts too… but not likely! Especially not since they were going out shopping again. He shuddered as he remembered his trip to the grocery store last week when she had made him wear a skirt. She had actually called the police on him before he got out of the car and gone into the store with her. No, no skirt today for sure! He pulled out one of his work shirts and a pair of the pants he had worn to work earlier in the week instead.
Two diapers, a pair of plastic panties, pantyhose, an all-in-one girdle, old pantyhose stuffing the breasts of his girdle, his button-down shirt, women’s slacks, and the same pair of relatively comfortable heels he had worn yesterday. He added his new necklace and ring. He had a lot of trouble trying to connect the clasp on his new watch and then fasten the extra security chain it had, but he finally got it. He looked in his bathroom mirror. What little of himself that he could see looked fine – if you didn’t count the breasts sticking his shirt out abnormally. With his shirt buttoned up far enough, it mostly hid the feminine necklace he was wearing. It was the rest of him that he couldn’t see in the mirror that he was worried about.
Knowing he had to get some breakfast, he grabbed his purse and headed for his favorite drive-through.

Mel held her coffee cup in both hands and took her first sip. It was good. A small wave of pleasure rippled through her body. Still in her nightgown and robe, she sat down in one of her living room chairs to enjoy it. She had some things she needed to be doing this morning before Chad came, but she just didn’t feel like it. Her hair needed washing, but she figured she could put that off till tomorrow too. Right then, relaxing and enjoying her coffee seemed much more important.
She was looking forward to going shopping with Chad again today. First, Sandy was going to help them look for more makeup and then they had grocery shopping to do. She well remembered last week’s grocery shopping trip. She had made him wear a skirt, and then had to fake calling the police to get him out of the car. She hadn’t demanded that he wear a skirt today. She knew he wasn’t ready for that yet. Not yet, but if things worked out like she planned, then he would be pulling the skirts out of his closet to wear very soon. That thought gave her another small wave of pleasure. She sipped at her coffee again.

Yeah, going through the drive-through was absolutely one of the best things he could do, he decided once again. This morning, the girl hadn’t even noticed anything odd about him at all – till he handed her his money and she saw his electric pink fingernails. He wasn’t sure if she had noticed the breasts protruding under his shirt after that or not. But it didn’t matter. Didn’t some guys wear nail polish now – kind of like a fashion statement? Ok, not usually bright pink!
He had been smart today, he didn’t get any coffee. Why make matters worse since he still had to drink another one of Mel’s stupid baby bottles of tea. He wolfed his breakfast sandwich down as he began drinking his second baby bottle of the morning instead of his usual coffee. He was less concerned about messing his diapers while he was out today. Since he was now diapering himself more often, he was getting less and less of those miserable suppositories stuck up inside of him. He wondered if Mel realized that fact. He wasn’t about to mention it to her.
As he headed back to his bedroom after breakfast to press his uniform for the day, he realized he was already holding back on peeing... and he hadn’t even realized that he had to go. He smiled to himself. Things were getting better and better!

Mel glanced at her clock, then went back to watching her door. He better not be late today! It was with a profound sense of excitement and relief when she heard him knocking – thirty seconds early. More excited than she realized she was, she quickly opened the door for him.
“Good morning, Mistress,” Chad said as he dropped a quick curtsey.
“Good morning, Sissy,” she replied as she stood back out of the way. Once again he was carrying his uniform and the shoes for it in his hands. She was a bit disappointed to see that he hadn’t worn his new slacks today, but that was only a very minor thing. She left the door wide open since Sandy and Cassie should be there any minute now too. “Go put your dress in my bedroom again,” she instructed.
When he came back again she had him stand near her door where she could look him over completely like she had done yesterday. “Are you wearing two diapers?” she asked.
“Yes, Mistress,” he said with a quick curtsey.
“Unbutton one of the buttons on your shirt! I can’t see enough of your necklace.”
He reached up and unbuttoned one more of the buttons on his shirt than he was used to. He suddenly felt all that much more exposed, even though he wasn’t really. The breasts sticking out from his shirt now forced the opening at his neck to go wider than he would have liked.
“Much better,” Mel stated, more to herself. This time she had no makeup job to inspect since she was sure that Sandy would want to see his bare skin. She suddenly stepped back with an angry expression on her face. “Where’s your pacifier?”
Chad was surprised and worried. He hadn’t even thought about it. He dropped another curtsey and said, “I’m sorry Mistress, I forgot it again.”
“This is happening too many times now and I keep forgetting to punish you for it…”
“Hi everybody!” Sandy’s cheerful voice interrupted from the doorway as she and Cassie stepped into the room.
“Is there a problem?” Cassie asked.
“Nothing we can’t sort out later!” Mel replied with an angry look at Chad. She turned back towards her two guests and smiled. “Are you two ready to go?”
“More than ready!” Cassie replied enthusiastically. “Are you still going grocery shopping when we’re done?”
“Yes, we need to.”
“Then we’ll take my car and meet you there,” Cassie replied.
“That reminds me,” Mel said as they all went out through her doorway, “Sissy, do you have your shopping list?”
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied, this time without the curtsey. “It’s in my purse.”

Mel followed Cassie’s car all the way to the mall and parked next to her. They all went in together into one of the major department stores. Chad had remained silent for the entire trip and stayed that way now as he followed a few steps behind the three women who were chatting together and mostly ignoring him. He had no doubt that he was in for more humiliation. But wasn’t going out dressed as he was right then humiliating enough? He certainly thought so.
The women were ignoring him like he wasn’t there. Would they miss him if he left and went back to the car? He really wished he could. Unfortunately, he knew better.
Sandy led them all the way through to the makeup section where she suddenly squealed again and took off faster for one of the counters. “Stacy! You’re still here!”
“Sandy!” her friend called from behind the counter. “What are you doing here? Need some makeup?”
“I always need makeup. You know that!” “Don’t we all,” Stacy agreed. But out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Chad for the first time.
“Uh… I see you’ve got some new friends.”
Sandy turned back towards Mel and Chad. “Yeah, that’s why we’re here. This time I need some makeup for him!”
“You’re kidding me, right?” But then she corrected herself before Sandy could answer. “No, I can see for sure that you’re not.” She shook her head. “Let me guess, you want me to do a full makeover on him, right?”
“No way!” Sandy replied. “Not till I get my claws into him first!” Stacy looked very surprised, if not disappointed while Sandy and Cassie laughed outright. “Stacy, this is Mel. She lives a few apartments down from us.”
“Hi Mel,” Stacy replied, but her eyes were still on Chad.
Sandy pointed at Chad. “And that’s Sissy.”
Chad turned another shade of red while Stacy just nodded her head, still trying to comprehend him. “Yeah, I can see that!”
“No, that’s his name now.”
“His name?” she asked.
“That’s it.” Cassie confirmed.
Chad could feel his face turning a darker shade of red.
Stacy shook her head. “Ok, sissy boy, climb up on the stool here and let’s get a better look at you… And if you don’t stop blushing, we’re never gonna’ figure out your skin tones!”
Chad did as he was told, but he did it slowly and cautiously. His heart was suddenly pounding along with the embarrassment he felt. Were there any other people watching him? He didn’t want to look to find out. He was sure there were at least some. He just hoped it wasn’t too many.
“Ok,” Stacy finally asked. “What are you interested in?”
“Well,” Sandy replied. “He’s got some things already, but…”
“Everything he has should be in his purse!” Mel interrupted.
Stacy looked at Chad. “Well, honey, you gonna’ lay it all out for us? We can’t help you if you don’t.”
Chad reluctantly opened the purse in his lap and began grabbing all the makeup out of it and putting it all on the counter in front of him. Stacy picked up each item and looked at it and sorted it all into different piles. “This is ok… this is junk… this is good, heck, I use it myself! It’s just as good as anything I got here and it’s cheaper! Good… good… ok… not so good… ok…”
When all the makeup was out, she and Sandy went through it all one more time. Most of it was ok, but clearly both Sandy and Stacy thought he needed more. “And where’s his moisturizer?” Stacy asked.
“Home,” Chad replied. “I shave with it.”
“You shave with it? Huh! I guess it’s as good as anything else.”
“Ok Sandy, what do you want first?”
“I think some concealing sticks and highlighter,” she replied.
Chad soon found his face being attacked by Sandy smearing one type of makeup after another on it then wiping it all off again. From there, they moved into more colorful and noticeable options that he was a lot less happy about. He also wasn’t happy to see the pile of things they wanted him to buy growing larger and larger. “Why so much?” he complained.
“Honey,” Stacy replied, “you need different stuff for different occasions. Not to mention different lighting. Come on, you gotta know that much!”
Chad didn’t say anything. His answer would have only made him look more foolish than he already felt. The longer they worked on him the larger the pile of things they wanted him to buy became. He had visions of his purse overflowing and breaking under the strain. “How am I going to get it all into my purse?” he asked at one point.
“Don’t worry,” Mel replied. “We’ll help you figure out which things you should have with you all the time and what you can leave at home.”
That was the only bit of comfort Chad got through the whole process. And it was a very tiny bit.
When they were done, Chad not only had a fairly large bag of makeup, but also several free gifts that came with it all, including some perfume that all the women seemed to think was heavenly. But to Chad, it smelled too flowery and made his stomach feel like it had butterflies in it constantly, since it had already been too long since he had had any sexual relief. Unfortunately, they had sprayed the stuff on his neck and both his wrists. There was no getting away from the smell!
The only good part as far as he was concerned, was that when he left, they had wiped all the makeup off of his face again. That alone felt like a minor victory.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 15 (Saturday – week 2 Part 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 15 (Saturday – week 2 Part 5)

Mel undressed slowly in front of him. Her need was huge. She realized she was almost panting because of it. Her maid! Hers alone. Something she herself had created… or was still creating. A work in progress, but now close enough. More than close enough. When she was completely naked, she again waved her hands in front of his eyes, making sure that he couldn’t see. She realized she was being silly, but she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t ready for him… or anybody, to see her naked body yet. But to feel it?
This time she knelt down in front of him and grabbed his head in her hands.

Chad was surprised when he realized that Mel had knelt down in front of him. He felt her take his head in her hands and pull it down, not as far as he expected. Suddenly, he felt her naked body against his cheek. She was pulling his head up. His cheek felt her stomach, then her breast sliding over his head, down his cheek, then down his neck to his chest. He could hear her breathing so hard. She did it again, this time between her two breasts. Now he was breathing hard too. Suddenly he felt her pull on his head hard and somehow, her lips wound up right on top of his. She kissed him and he kissed her right back with everything he had. And right then, the urge to pee hit him. Not wanting to dwell on it, he let it all out while she started to force her tongue between his lips. It was pure heaven. Only after she had ended her long wonderful kiss did he realize that he had not gotten hard. He had even been able to pee during what would normally be driving him over the edge. For once though, he was grateful, because the pain that he would be feeling from his chastity device would have been terrible.
Now he felt her pulling on his head again. He had to move forward awkwardly on his knees. His hands bound behind his back didn’t allow him to steady himself in any way. She stopped him finally and he felt her arranging herself on the couch. He knew what was going to happen next and he didn’t have to wait very long.
She was all need tonight. More than he had ever seen. And he had no choice but to accommodate her. And through it all, he felt the disappointment of getting no physical stimulation at all. And yet, that very fact was somehow stimulating his inner glow tremendously.

Mel writhed above him as she experienced orgasm after orgasm. His little tongue was getting better each time, there was no doubt about that at all. With each orgasm she felt like she had arrived. The slow build-up of watching him cleaning in his maid’s dress. Then dragging him against her body over and over again. And now this finality! This was without a doubt the best she had ever had. He couldn’t see her. He couldn’t touch her with anything but his face where she wanted it to touch. He couldn’t feel anything at all that she didn’t want him to feel. He was totally denied, and she had everything! The sky exploded all around her as she abandoned herself to complete and total ecstasy.

Chad felt like he was drowning. He could hardly breathe and his face was beginning to hurt from her grinding against it. Did she know she was screaming and making so much noise this time? She was almost animalistic in what she was doing. And obviously she had no regard for his comfort. But realizing the state that she seemed to be in, he doubted she could think of anything but what she herself was feeling. He only wished he could feel a tiny bit of what she was experiencing… but of course, he also wished that he could feel anything physical at all beyond his face grinding against her. He felt so denied. Yet he felt such and inner glow from that same denial.
She was slowing now. Finally! He could hear and feel her breathing slowing, yet still heavy. She spasmed and he felt her grinding hard against him again, but it was only a spasm. It happened again, then a third time. Each one just a little bit less. Till finally, she was done.

She pulled his head up under her breasts and cradled it there, panting heavily as she recovered. She doubted she had ever felt more fulfilled. She kissed the top of his head lovingly and tasted her own juices in his hair. She laughed to herself, he was a mess. Heck, she was a mess! Carefully, almost lovingly, she helped raise him till he could kneel on his own. “I’ll be right back,” she whispered.

Chad felt her leaving him. He let his head droop into his chest as he tried to recover himself. He felt spent, and used, and denied. Yet… yet… yet… strangely, because if it all, he had felt excited by it too. He thanked the gods that he had never even tried to become hard from it all. He was thankful, yet the very thought that he hadn’t both scared and excited him. He heard her coming back, then quickly she was scrubbing his face with a washcloth. It felt so wonderful. He felt her pulling on him. “Here, lay down for a few minutes till I’m ready,” she said. He let her help him lay down, that felt good too. And then she was gone and he was left alone again, helplessly tied and blind. He hoped she wouldn’t be too long.

Mel left him and went into the bathroom again. She rinsed the washcloth under the sink and hung it up to dry. She thought about just using it on herself, but she was too messy. Tonight had been really something! She opted for a quick rinse in the shower instead. He certainly wasn’t going anywhere. When she was done, she dressed quickly and went back to him.

Chad felt her finally returning. He hoped fervently that she would untie him right away and he was ever so grateful when she did. The last thing she did was to remove his blindfold. He rubbed his eyes to get his vision back. “I’ll start your bath water,” she told him. “Join me as soon as you can.” And he was alone again. He rubbed his wrists and ankles. He stretched his arms. He rubbed his entire abused face. Two nights in a row now she had used him drastically. He hoped it wouldn’t continue… but he also knew better. He got up and tottered into the bathroom.
Mel undressed him completely and helped him into the warm scented bathwater. He didn’t raise any kind of protest when she produced her razor and began removing any unwanted hair from his body. The only area she didn’t work on was around his chastity device. He tried to ignore what she was doing and close his eyes, but it didn’t work. Her attention was too invasive to his need to relax. It wasn’t till she was done that she let him lay there undisturbed while she left him alone. He closed his eyes and breathed in the fragrant scent from the water… and relaxed completely.
It seemed like all too soon, she was back again. She helped him out of the tub and dried him off herself. Her attention was sensual in itself, yet he never tried to get hard. She had laid out his diapers already, the thick cloth ones, he was ready for them. He wanted to go home… back to his own apartment.
But she surprised him. Once again, she wound the scarf around his head and tied it tightly behind him. Blindfolding him. Leaving him helpless to her demands. “Come on baby,” she said softly, “back to my bedroom.” And she led him gently back into her room and laid him onto her bed again.
He knew to expect it this time and automatically raised his arms over his head so she could tie them. “Good baby,” she crooned into his ear as she began tying his wrists. All too soon, his legs were spread and tied to the foot of her bed too. Blind and helpless. Completely. The story of his life lately. Yet, deep down, it thrilled him too.
In his blindness, he felt her fidgeting with his chastity device, sometimes yanking on it harder than he wanted, making the tiny teeth dig in. But he was now so used to them that he didn’t even wince. But when she pulled the plastic piece off that had completely encased his cock for days now, he was totally stunned and shocked. The open air felt cool and strange. What was she doing?
His whole body jolted when he suddenly felt her two fingers grab his flaccid member for a moment. And then she was fidgeting with the rest of the device, her hand constantly brushing him where he wanted it the most as she removed it from him completely. But it didn’t last long enough. Her hand was gone again, and so was she.
When she came back, he suddenly felt his entire sex area covered in a soft, warm, wet cloth. She was massaging him with it… no… she was washing him with it. He realized it was her washcloth she was using on him. And it felt so wonderful. He wanted to push is groin up into it, but he was afraid to… afraid she might stop what she was doing. And like everything else that he liked lately, it too was gone all too soon. He felt cool air wash over him again where he was wet now.
And then he felt the shock of her cold razor running over his skin down there, removing any stray hairs that she could find. After the warm wet washcloth, her razor felt hard and frightening, erasing not only the tiny hairs, but the wonderful sexual glow her washcloth had given him. And then the wonderful washcloth was back again, massaging him as she finished cleaning him. All too soon though, it too was gone.
He felt her pulling a thick soft cloth up through his legs and over top of him. Was she actually going to diaper him again without the chastity device? He prayed that she would. It would be almost too good to be true. But she didn’t fasten the diaper, she just left it draped over him. “That’s just in case you have to pee baby,” she whispered. And then she was gone again. Her final words seemed to have a magical effect as he realized that he suddenly did have to pee. This time he didn’t hold back at all. He felt like a foolish baby as his pee hit the cloth and dripped down through his crotch. But what could he do about it?
She was gone a long time. At one point he thought he heard water running in the kitchen, but he wasn’t sure. And then she returned and sat on the bed next to him.

Mel set all the pieces to his chastity device down on the bed next to her. She had cleaned them thoroughly, just as she had cleaned him. She grabbed the diaper that she had laid over top of him and noticed that it was wet. “Good baby,” she crooned in his ear. “You wet for me while I was gone.”

Chad felt a moment of absolute thrill at her words. The crooning baby talk, praising him for wetting like a baby sent wonderful chills through his body. He wanted more, and he got it… sort of. He felt something cold and soothing being spread all around where the base of the device had been against him, then more where the tiny teeth had hurt him. Not quite what he was looking for, but it still felt really good. Now if she would just touch him where he wanted her to and bring him the relief he drastically needed… Unfortunately, what he got instead was the feeling of her beginning to attach the chastity device again. He wanted to scream. All his hopes had just been dashed.

After Mel spread salve over any of the slightly red areas the device had caused, she fitted the base of the unit around him again. She could tell that he wasn’t really happy about that. But instead of putting the medium sized points of intrigue on the device, she chose the largest and most painful ones instead. She had to hold it all together with one hand to keep everything in place. With her other hand, she once again touched his still flaccid cock and began running her fingers over it.

Chad was in suddenly in shock. She was touching him. Touching him in ways that he had only dreamed of. Her fingers, barely running over his skin, soon became more fingers lightly grabbing him, kneading his flesh over and over again. She was doing it! She was granting him the relief he wanted more than anything. And he was still soft! But most of the device was now gone. It wouldn’t hurt him to get hard. He concentrated on the sensual feel of her hands touching him. His hips began to writhe.
“Good baby,” she crooned into his ear again. “You’re staying nice and soft aren’t you? Just like a little baby should. Such a good baby.”
But her words triggered his denied need completely. And instantly he was growing hard. But at the same time, the cruel teeth from the device began digging painfully into his thickening cock. “Ow!” he quickly cried. What had happened? The teeth felt different than before. Much worse! She was still massaging him, trying to make him hard, but those darn teeth were hurting him too much. All he could feel was the pain - far more than what she was doing to him. He heard her chuckle at his distress.
Mel had to keep holding the cruel spikes against him to keep them in place. It wasn’t easy, but it was working. He had started to get hard, strangely at her words more than her touch. But the little plastic teeth had done their job well. He was still thicker than he had been and the teeth were still digging painfully into him. But he was not getting any harder. “You don’t like those nasty teeth, do you baby?” she crooned. “But it looks like they’re helping you to stay nice and soft, just like a good baby. Isn’t that right? You want to be a good baby don’t you?”
Despite the pain, Mel’s words were again reaching all the wrong places in Chad’s brain. His cock began to grow despite the spikes now digging in horribly. And then he felt her pulling the one hand away, and the pain from the spikes was completely gone. She stopped touching him for a moment, then both hands went to work on him. With his cock already halfway there, and without the painful spikes, he roared to full erection. His hips began trying to thrust into her fingers. He felt her pull her hands away again. And then he felt a harsh shocking burning pain erupt on his shaft. She had hit him again with something, and hit him hard.
“Bad baby!” She hit him again and he jumped. “Bad baby! I can see we still have a long way to go teaching you yet!” She hit him one more time. He was starting to get softer now. “I know you want to cum badly. But I’m not going to let you cum till I think you’re ready for it. And right now, I can see that you’re not even close!” She hit him again. “Bad baby! Down! Get it down where it belongs!” She hit him again and waited, then swung one more time.
Chad wanted to cry. It had been so good! Now she was punishing him again. Why? He couldn’t help it. As he fought back his tears, all he could think about was that he had disappointed Mommy Mel. Mommy Mel? Why had he thought of her that way? But she was Mommy Mel… sort of. It had been so good! He had thought that she wanted him to get hard. He had thought she wanted to bring him some relief. He should have known better. Especially because of those wicked spikes she had used. He had disappointed her… and he was denied again. Totally. Two confusing issues raging through him at the same time. He had disappointed her, he had to fight harder to keep from crying outright.

Mel watched him. Even with the scarf tied around his eyes she could tell he was fighting back tears. “Bad baby!” she said again and then hit him one more time. A small whimper escaped his lips, but still he didn’t cry. She tried another tactic. “It’s ok baby, you can cry if you want. Let it out. Let it all out baby.” He whimpered again, but still didn’t burst into tears. She hit him one more time. “Let it out baby. Go ahead and cry like you want to.” But still he couldn’t do it. She glanced down at his cock. It was completely soft and small again. Not even much left of it to slap again with her ruler. She had come close to making him cry this time, which wasn’t her main purpose, but watching him almost do it had fascinated her. Maybe next week after another of Gloria’s sessions he would be able. She had warned her that her suggestions would probably wear off after a few days, but she couldn’t see any sign of that happening yet.
Sighing, she set her ruler down and picked up the tube of baby lotion and rubbed it all over his now shriveled cock. She put the medium sized points of intrigue back on the device and fitted the rest of it over him again… and locked it on once again. It was done. He wouldn’t need to be cleaned for another few days. And in the meantime, he would again feel nothing at all down there.
She quickly inserted two suppositories up inside him, then pinned two of his super thick night diapers on him right where he was. She untied him and helped him to a sitting position where she removed his blindfold. She let him rub his eyes before handing him his plastic panties to put on. She found the high-heel shoes he had worn earlier and handed them to him. He awkwardly strapped them on.
Neither of them spoke a word as she let him stand and follow her. She handed him his diaper bag which he draped over one shoulder, then his purse which he held in his left hand. She laid his maid’s dress over his arm and handed him his other pair of shoes to carry. Then she picked up her own purse and opened the door for him. Dressed just as he was, he went out into the night air and over to his own apartment. She unlocked the door and they both went in. The empty darkness echoed back at them till she switched on the light.
She helped him into his baby-doll nightie. “Three baby bottles before you go to sleep,” she told him. “I’ll leave you a note like I usually do later. We have a busy day tomorrow so don’t be late!” And then she left.

Chad sat down on his blow-up mattress, and sucked on his baby bottle. He was still dazed. He didn’t really know what to think. He had gotten so many mixed signals from her tonight that had left him thoroughly confused. And worse, he was now locked up again after being wonderfully free for a little while. Locked up and denied where he couldn’t get hard or feel anything. Nothing!
Disheartened, he laid down on his mattress and sucked on his bottle.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 15 (Saturday – week 2 Part 4)

A huge thank you to everyone for all your well-wishes for me. I’m doing a bit better and am now “occasionally” getting allowed near the computer. Basically, I’m doing a lot better than I know I have any right to be doing, but I have a very, very long way to go. I hurt… and I’m still more than a bit scared. More some other time.

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 15 (Saturday – week 2 Part 4)

As soon as they were back inside Mel’s apartment, she sent him to her room to change into his maid’s dress. “When you come out, I expect you to be ready for my inspection!” she told him.
Chad went into her bedroom and changed into his dress and low-heeled shoes. After wearing the higher heels for so long the low-heeled ones felt like heaven. He tied the apron around his waist and smoothed the front of it. He didn’t know what else he could do since he had no idea what Mel might be looking for when she inspected him. He went back out to her living room to find her. She was in the kitchen, pouring the last of the drink she had just bought him into another baby bottle. She glanced up. “Just stand there in the middle of the living room till I’m finished.”
Chad waited the few moments it took her to finish what she was doing. Then she took a moment to wash and dry her hands before she came out to see him. “Are you ready for your inspection?” she asked.
Chad immediately curtseyed and said “Yes, Mistress.” Although he was really wondering what kind of new game she was playing now.
“Stand up straight… straighter. Head up. Look straight ahead!”
What did she think this was, the army? Chad did as he was told.
“Put your feet together. Keep your hands at your side. Now stay that way.”
As Mel walked around him, she could literally feel the juices flowing in her all too moist sex. She couldn’t believe how much she was enjoying this. As she looked him over closely, it was getting to her more and more. He really looked pretty good. There were a lot of areas though that needed improvement, but they were areas that were going to take time. His dress and apron were beautifully pressed. His shoes gleamed. His makeup… that was bad, real bad. And his hair… She loved the way his new necklace fell just short of the neckline of his dress. Perfect! His new watch was an improvement too. He was slowly looking more and more feminine, and that was what she loved. It was a HE that was looking that way… because she was making him do it. That was power!
She reached out and fussed with his apron bow behind his back, making it more even and puffing the bow up more. Then she stood in front of him with a very critical look on her face. “Your makeup is horrible! You need a lot more work young lady!”
Chad’s arousal suddenly soared the moment she called him ‘young lady.’ Had she slipped up? Either way, he was a thrilling moment.
“Now go fix my dinner… and I expect my fries to be hot this time!”
Chad immediately headed to the kitchen. Yes, the lower heeled shoes really felt good to him. So much more comfortable! His dress was really comfortable too. He could do without the white apron, but that was really no problem. He pulled her sandwich and fries out of the bag and noticed that his food wasn’t in the bag anymore. He realized she had probably put them into the refrigerator already. He quickly checked. Yep! There they were. Getting cold already. He went back to fixing her dinner, not only reheating her fries, but also the burger too.
All too soon, he found himself standing in the corner again while she ate. It was really becoming quite a pain. The corner was boring, boring, boring! And she didn’t even allow him to move. He finally noticed the slight urge to pee and he concentrated on it. It was at least something to think about, and besides, peeing felt good. Really good! The feeling built quickly and soon he found himself trying to hold it back. He mentally counted seconds to himself as he held it. He only got to twenty before the pressure became too intense and he started wiggling a bit to try to hold back longer.
“Stop fidgeting!” Mel’s voice cut through the room. He stood still and allowed himself to wet his diapers. Less than thirty seconds. Pitiful! He couldn’t believe how much control he had already lost in this bet. If he hadn’t realized that he was no longer holding back at all this morning, then Mel might really have won the bet – easily. Three weeks. That was the first milestone from his research. It took three weeks to form a habit. But after only two, he no longer ever thought about using a toilet anymore. He automatically went in his diapers without thinking. She had somehow shaved an entire week off of that part. But fortunately, he had realized what was happening before it was too late. And he was fighting back now. His legs were beginning to cramp a bit and he shifted his weight and raised one foot barely off the floor. “Keep your feet down! Stand still!”
It seemed like an eternity before Mel finally allowed him to leave his corner. She made him clean up the table and counters before she allowed him to sit on the floor and eat his dinner, along with three baby bottles of coke. He wasn’t really fond of cold hamburgers, and even less fond of cold French-fries, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. He was hungry.

As soon as he was done eating, Mel set him to cleaning her entire apartment again, even though it needed very little cleaning. She watched him closely from one of her chairs the entire time, all the while basking in the glow of her sexual arousal. She couldn’t wait to have him between her legs again. And today her period was officially over. She hadn’t even spotted all afternoon. But there was plenty of time for that later. She wanted to feel the power building slowly all evening first.
Somebody knocked loudly on her door. The sudden interruption made Mel want to scream. She glanced at Sissy. He was looking at her, obviously scared. She wasn’t going to let him run away though. “You’re the maid. Go answer it!”
Chad couldn’t believe it. She wanted him to answer her door dressed like this? But he realized she was completely serious. Hesitantly, he went to the door and took a big breath before opening it to steady his nerves. Then he pulled the door open wide.
“Hi!” Cassie said excitedly as soon as he had gotten the door half open.
“Aaaah! You’re a maid today!” Sandy squealed from right next to her. “I love it! Let me see you!”
Chad quickly turned back toward Mel. She was now walking toward them. “Don’t just leave them standing there, Sissy. Let them in. And don’t forget to greet them properly!”
Chad stood back and held the door open for them. “Hello, Cassie,” he said dropping quick curtsey as the first girl walked past. “Hello, Sandy,” he repeated as Sandy walked past.
“Oh, he’s adorable.” Cassie said, not taking her eyes off of him.
“He’s getting there,” Mel replied proudly.
“He still needs a lot of work with his makeup I see,” Sandy noticed. Mel sighed. “That’s been a major problem so far. He’s just not good at it. But really, I guess it hasn’t been all that long and I’ve only been pushing a little bit at a time, so I guess the fault is partially mine.”
“Don’t say that!” Cassie replied. “It’s never your fault, girl!”
“You want me to work with him a bit on it?” Sandy asked. “I used to do it in a department store for a while before I graduated.”
Mel looked surprised. “You did? I mean, did you do makeovers and stuff, or just sell the makeup.”
Cassie laughed. “Oh she does it all! Where do you think we met?”
Mel seemed confused. “But you don’t ever wear much makeup.”
“Oh, but she can be a real looker when she wants!” Sandy replied. “Trust me!”
Mel didn’t think she wanted to pursue that any further. “Do you really think you can help him though?”
Sandy looked at Sissy’s face critically. “I know I can!”
“Have you ever done a guy before?” Mel asked next.
Sandy laughed. “Not yet, but hopefully soon!” The three women laughed.
“You call that a guy?” Cassie asked. And they all laughed again while Chad felt his face turn red again.
The three women went into the living room to sit down, talking and laughing as they walked, leaving Chad standing alone. Mel turned back to him before she sat down. “Why aren’t you cleaning?” Chad instantly got back to doing what he was doing before he had been interrupted.
He couldn’t hear much of what they were talking about since they were all ignoring him and he was mostly in other parts of Mel’s apartment. But it didn’t seem like very long at all before Mel yelled to him, “Sissy, our company is leaving. Please get the door and say goodbye.” Chad hurried from the bathroom to the living room where all three women were standing by the door waiting for him. He dropped a quick curtsey and said goodbye to both Sandy and Cassie. Then he opened the door for them. “Oooo!” Sandy said as she walked out, “I can’t wait till tomorrow!”
When they had gone, Chad closed the door again and turned toward Mel. “Tomorrow?”
“Yes, Sissy. Sandy is taking you shopping for more makeup before we go grocery shopping. Isn’t that wonderful?”
Chad wasn’t sure at all about that. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied half-heartedly as he dropped yet another curtsey.
“Oh, and I’ve invited them both to dinner tomorrow night. So whatever you decide you’re going to be cooking, make sure that you get plenty for all three of us.”
Dinner – for all of them? He supposed he could do that with no problems. As he curtseyed yet again to say “Yes, Mistress.” He realized that he was actually looking forward to cooking for all of them. Mel seemed to think he was a really good cook. Maybe he could impress all of them. He just needed time to study that new cook book for a while. He went back to cleaning Mel’s already spotless bathroom.
Mel went back to watching Chad. When she could, she sat in her living room and watched. When he wasn’t where she could see him, she went to stand in whatever doorway of the room he was in. She realized she was being silly, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t help it. She was enjoying the sight of her maid too much. The way he looked and moved in that dress was doing something to her. In fact, it was doing a lot of things to her. Wonderful things to her.
Eventually, she couldn’t stand it anymore. As soon as he had finished cleaning her bedroom again, she stopped him. “Ok, Sissy. That’s enough for tonight. I want you undressed down to your diapers and plastic panties right now.”
Chad was grateful to stop cleaning. She had been following him around since Cassie and Sandy had left like a puppy dog. Unfortunately, he had been all too aware of her scrutiny and had put a lot of extra effort into his cleaning because of it. What he worried about now though, was whatever she wanted from him next? He had one major guess.
After he had hung his dress back up again and was wearing just his diapers and plastic panties, he went back out into the living room. His suspicion was instantly confirmed by the towels covering her sofa and the piece of rope on the coffee table that had already been moved. Mel was waiting for him, holding another scarf in her hands. “Must you,” he asked as she tied the scarf tightly around his head, blocking all his vision.
“Hush!” was her only sharp command.
He felt her roughly grab his wrists and tie them behind him. Then she pushed down on his shoulder till he was kneeling again and tied his wrists loosely to his ankles. After that, he could only hear her moving around in front of him for a long time.

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Heart Attack

5 bypasses. Please be patient. I'll be back.