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The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 3 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 3 of 8)

The waitress delivered two cups of coffee, checked to see if they needed anything else till their lunch arrived, then left. “So how are things going today with Chad?” Gloria asked. “Any better than yesterday?”
Mel nodded as she took a sip of her coffee. “Yeah. Today, so far, it’s been a lot better. But mostly because I don’t seem to be in such a bad mood as I was yesterday.”
“Is your… period over?”
Mel shook her head and held up two fingers. “Only day two.”
“But you’re controlling your moods better today.”
“Yeah – so far, anyway. But last night…” She shook her head and set her coffee cup carefully back down on the table. “I’m afraid I lost it last night… and I mean… I really lost it.”
Gloria said nothing. She just sat back to listen. So often, listening was the best thing she could do.
“You know… I punish him once in a while. Okay, sometimes I punish him a lot… sometimes, not so much. Well, yesterday, like I said before, I had been in a bad mood all day, and I guess I kind of went out of my way to find things to punish him for. But then, last night, when I actually got down to it, it was like… like… I don’t know! Suddenly all the frustrations and everything else just kind of got to me. And I’m afraid I really laid into him like I’ve never done before. And I mean, I really went at it! He was still having trouble sitting down when I saw him this morning.”
“So you punished him a bit.”
“More than a bit!”
“Did you hurt him? I mean, did you really hurt him – beyond the fact that he’s having a bit of trouble sitting down today?”
Mel had to think about that. “I guess… probably no.”
“So what’s the problem?”
“I lost it. I totally lost control!”
“Married people often argue. Sometimes it can get pretty violent.”
“Uh… We’re not married! Remember?”
“But the point is the same. You’re together all the time. You both have kind of a… vested interest in each other.”
“But we’re not married!”
“No, I didn’t say you were. But the principle still applies.”
Mel wasn’t at all sure what she was talking about. “What principle?”
“That you’re eventually going to start expressing your frustrations at each other.”
“I did more than ‘express my frustrations’ last night!”
“Maybe. Or maybe it was just your ‘method’ of expressing them.”
Mel shook her head. “I still don’t think that’s it.”
“So what’s really your problem? I mean – what’s ‘really’ it?”
Mel sighed. “I guess… I don’t know.” She shook her head, then she looked up at Gloria. “You want to know what it is? And I’m not sure this is really it mind you, but… I think I’m afraid of losing him. I’m afraid I may chase him away if I ever do that again - even though when I win this thing he’s… sort of… going to be bound to me by the terms of the bet. And I know it’s silly, but… that’s just what I feel. I guess I’m a bit worried about it. I don’t know how to handle situations like this. I’m not really a violent person, I don’t go around hitting people all the time – in fact never… till this bet started, anyway. And… and… well… sometimes, I almost think I enjoy punishing him… hitting him – when I do it right that is. I mean, I’m not one of those professional… dominatrix women. I have no real clue as to what I’m doing. I’m just making everything up as I go. I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel or what’s supposed to happen next!”
“You said you’re afraid of losing him. But does he seem satisfied with the way things have been going between you?”
Mel just stared at her for a moment. “I don’t know. He never says anything.”
“Have you asked him lately?”
“Why should I? As far as he’s concerned, it doesn’t really matter.”
“It probably matters to him.”
“But the terms of the bet…”
“Forget the bet! Look, underneath all his makeup, and underneath the dresses you’ve got him in, and underneath… everything else, he’s still a person. And people have thoughts and feelings. And like it or not, those feeling are important. If you really are afraid of losing him, like you said, then wouldn’t it make sense to find out what he’s thinking? If you’ll remember, we went through this a while back. You said he seemed to be satisfied then. But does he still feel that way now? It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional at that stuff or not. What matters is what each of you think about it! Is it meeting the needs that each of you have? You can’t just assume you know how he feels and you can’t pretend that it doesn’t matter – just because of the silly terms of your bet. You have to talk to him!”
Mel wasn’t sure what to think. “Why can’t you just find out for me when we meet on Thursday night?”
Gloria shook her head. “You’ve got to find out for yourself – personally. And he’s got to know you’re asking about it. He’s got to see that you care!”
“Of course I care! He knows that!”
“Does he?”
“He should!”
“But does he?”
Mel had no true answer.

Chad sat down heavily in his chair the moment he got back from lunch. He ignored the slight stinging pain that erupted in his backside and just let the tingling subside on its own. At least it was feeling a bit better now. He had wolfed down only half of an extra large burger and a few fries during lunch. He only ate half because that’s all he could manage to eat before he got completely full. But at least it wasn’t baby food and at least it was something solid that he could chew and at least it actually tasted pretty good!
He was still fuming over the fact that Cassie had let the receptionist in to see her changing his diapers. In fact, he was fuming over the fact that she had let her help! How could she? But she had… and that was all there was to it he supposed. He dreaded more than ever going back to the gym tomorrow. Even if Cindy didn’t come in to see him get changed tomorrow, she would probably make his life even more unendurable!
Speaking of unendurable… He looked around towards the wall between his cubicle and Robin’s. He could just hear her talking on her phone, probably to her husband. He felt safe enough. He opened up the spreadsheet where he kept his progress for the bet.
He found the row for today’s date and saw that there was still another twenty-four days to go. Today it didn’t feel like that number was dropping very fast at all. He went up to yesterday’s date to fill in how long he had managed to hold back. He paused to think. What should he put there? He wanted to be honest – if only to track his progress seriously – or lack thereof as now seemed to be happening. Yesterday he had put down 18 and a half minutes under last Friday’s date. But yesterday… With a small sigh, he filled in eleven minutes. Eleven minutes and that was all! Horrible! But to be perfectly honest, that was the best he had managed to do yesterday. The weekend had taken way too much of a toll on his system. In fact, yesterday it had taken him quite a while just to even realize when he had to go – before it was coming out of him. Yes, last weekend was not so good.
But today… today was defiantly looking better! He was already up to ten minutes and it was always in the afternoons when he made his most progress. Yes, tomorrow he was sure he would finally be able to post some progress in the right direction again!

The hallway seemed a bit more crowded than usual as Chad and Robin headed toward the break room. Sometimes it got that way. But the extra people didn’t seem to be bothering Chad as much as they used to. He guessed it was because he was getting more and more used to being dressed like he was around everybody… and in truth, mostly, everybody had been fairly accepting. The line for coffee was moderately long. As he waited behind Robin, he glanced around the room, looking for Derek. He didn’t see his friend anywhere – which wasn’t unusual. Derek’s job kept him away from the company often.
Once he got his coffee, he followed Robin back over to the table full of women. For once, as he sat down, he wasn’t the center of attention – or their teasing. In fact, he was mostly ignored as they discussed kids and family problems. Chad really wasn’t all that interested, but he was enjoying the nice quiet break away from stress. That is… till he suddenly felt a hand land on his shoulder and everyone was suddenly silent as they looked up behind him. He turned quickly and saw George standing there.
“Hey Cha… I mean, Sissy. I just wanted to check to see if you and your lady friend are still coming tonight.”
Chad nodded. “As far as I know… I mean definitely. We’ll be there.”
“And you’re still bringing some beer?”
“Yes, we’re planning on it. Is anybody new going to be there?”
George shook his head, “No, just me, you and your friend, Derek, Ray, and Steve.”
Chad nodded, the same list of people. “Okay. No problem. We’ll see you later.”
George just nodded. Then he nodded goodbye to all the women who were watching them. “See you.”
“I’ll bet you’re excited about seeing Derek again later!” Robin teased. “I noticed you looking for him earlier when we came in.”
Things had been going so smoothly before George had walked up. Chad had no doubts that they were about to take a turn for the worse.
“Hey Sissy… Have you thought anymore about what you’re going to wear? Something sexy for Derek?”
Chad just shook his head. And so it begins… again!

Robin ducked her head into Chad’s cubicle as she was leaving for the day. Chad was just shutting down his computer. “Bye Sissy. Have fun tonight.” Then she put a teasing smile on her face. “And I expect to hear all the lurid details tomorrow!”
Chad actually blushed. “Lurid… It’s just a poker game!” But in the back of his mind, he was thinking about all the things that he was sure Mel had planned for him – lurid might be right!
“Sure!” Robin teased. But before she could say anything else, they were interrupted by the sound of Sissy’s cell phone ringing. She watched as he dug it quickly out of his purse. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she saw a slight look of alarm on his face as he looked to see who was calling.
Chad looked up at Robin before he spoke. “Hello?” he said, already knowing full well that it was Mel who was calling. He just couldn’t use his sissy voice with Robin standing there.
“Sissy!” Mel’s voice returned angrily after a slight pause. “Didn’t I beat you bad enough last night for not speaking right?”
Robin was in a hurry – she couldn’t stay to hear more. “I’ve got to go,” she whispered while Sissy was still talking. “See you tomorrow!” And then she hurried away.
Chad returned his attention back to Mel on the phone. As he searched for an appropriate answer, Mel began speaking again. “Who was that?” she asked.
“Robin was just leaving,” he replied softly, this time in his sissy voice since he was now alone. “He was tempted to add that she was leaving to go to the gym, but it was only he who really cared about that problem.”
“Robin again?” Mel had been feeling fairly good all day till now. But she wasn’t about to let Robin spoil things for her now – Chad talking in the wrong voice either. “Listen,” she said to him. “When you get home, get cleaned up. Make sure there’s no nasty hair sticking out anywhere – shave again if you have to – all over! Call me the minute you get ready to put your diaper on. I should be home by then.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied, suppressing a sigh.
“Plan to fix something quick and easy for dinner tonight since we’re going out and we’ve got to get you ready.”
“That should be no problem,” Sissy replied. Get him ready? He noticed that she didn’t include herself in that. Things definitely didn’t sound good for him.
“And Sissy,” Mel continued, “we’ll have to deal with you not speaking correctly once again tonight! Like it or not!”
“Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied again, this time unable to repress his sigh.

Robin hurried into the locker room to change into her workout outfit. The locker room was fairly crowded – and it stunk a bit. But that was so often the case with locker rooms – unfortunately. It wasn’t really her purpose in being at the gym, but she figured that a few questions about something couldn’t hurt. She turned towards several of the women who were dressing nearby. “Have any of you heard anything about the guy who comes here to use the gym at lunchtime every day?”
Most of the women shook their heads. One woman asked if she was serious since this was a women’s only gym. But another one said, “I think I heard something about it, or at least that there was a guy here once. But since I don’t come that early, I really can’t say. You should ask Darla. She might know.”
“Darla?” Robin asked. “Is she here?”
The woman looked around. “I don’t see her yet. But that’s not unusual, she often gets here late.”
Robin didn’t know who Darla was, but she figured it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find out. Once they were in the aerobics room, she positioned herself near the woman who had mentioned her name. She asked the woman if she saw Darla yet. The woman looked around then just shook her head.
If anything, the aerobic workout was even harder on Robin than it had been the week before – even though she was fairly sure that it was mostly the same routines. She was just feeling it more. During the class, she noticed two women who came in late. She hoped one of them was Darla.
At the end of class, Robin was not only sweating and panting hard, she felt positively faint. But she still had the determination to ask the woman which of the newcomers was Darla. The woman looked around but shook her head. “She didn’t show tonight, which is rare for her.”
Robin was too tired to care that much. She was getting nowhere! Well, almost nowhere. At least now she had the name of someone who would know something.

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The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 2 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 2 of 8)

Mel sat back in one of the chairs just outside of the room where she and one of her clients would be meeting with the judge. The meeting had been postponed for a short while till the judge would be ready. Her client had wandered off to use the rest room while he still had the chance. The opposing client and his lawyer were further down the hall talking. Mel had nothing better to do than to sit back for a while and wait.
But instead of concentrating on her client’s needs, her mind wandered instead to the upcoming poker game that night… and Chad. But this time she wasn’t really thinking about why she wanted him to go to the game, or why she should want to go either. She really had no idea as to the answers to those questions. So instead, she tried to concentrate on how she could make Chad’s evening more… memorable? Or exciting? Or fun? Or perhaps – just plain outrageous.
A few thoughts came to mind, but mostly she kept going back over the things he had told her in the restaurant last Friday – things he had been very worried about. As she went over each item from his list in her mind, she had to control herself to keep from laughing out loud as she pictured each thing that he had mentioned. They were all great ideas. But really, should she use them? They certainly were funny. And they would certainly be memorable – for everyone. And they would certainly be exciting. And they were without a doubt – outrageous!
She tried to imagine how he would look sitting at the poker table drinking from a baby bottle while everyone else was drinking from beer bottles. Now that really would be hysterical! She already had him using bottles in all the public restaurants. This wouldn’t be that much different.
And then there was his adorable little pink baby dress. Little was right! There was certainly no way he could hide his diapers with that on! And finally… the word would be out about him and he wouldn’t be trying to hide anymore!
And from there, he would no longer have any excuse at all for not using his sissy voice all the time – even at work. And she definitely planned to make him use it at the game later. Everyone was going to know! He would have no way of denying his sissy state at all. And presto! No more excuses from him – and consequently, no more trouble! Problem solved!
A clerk poked her head out the door and motioned that it was time for them to enter. She glanced up the hall to see her client just coming back – perfect timing. With a broad smile still on her face she went into the meeting. She already knew what the outcome would be. She had warned her client. She knew that the opposing lawyer knew what it would be too, yet both clients wanted to try to get more.
Both sides presented their arguments for getting everything… and then the bargaining began. It was a long and tedious dance, but for the client’s sake, necessary. Of course, the additional billing time she would charge wasn’t all that bad either. One item after another was put on the table, argued over, then removed. Over and over again she consulted quietly with her client, just as the opposing lawyer did, trying to get the client to accept the solution. Tempers flared between the clients and both lawyers had to calm them down. Near the end, they had agreed on most of it – an agreement built on compromise after compromise. But still the clients wouldn’t agree on the final outcome.
In the end, the judge finally stepped in and made one final decision and ordered both parties to just live with it – like it or not. Mel did her best to console her client, the opposing lawyer did the same. At one point she privately caught the eye of the opposing lawyer, it was obvious that they both agreed with the judge, but they were representing their clients so the meeting had to go as it did. Compromise after compromise. And in the end, the judge had decreed one more final compromise. But as happened so often in her profession, compromise was the name of the game.
She left the meeting feeling tired and wasted. Not at all ready to go back to her office and dig into more. She made a mental note to look for ways to charge her client a bit more for the extra effort.
She got back into her car and pulled her cell phone out of her purse. She punched in Andrea’s number and was rewarded to hear her assistant answer the phone promptly. “Hi Andrea, it’s me. Is there anything pressing going on there that I need to get back before lunch?”
“Nothing that I can see,” Andrea replied, already knowing exactly what was on Mel’s schedule.
“Good. I’m going to go shopping for a bit, then have lunch with Gloria. I’ll see you after that.”
“Good enough, Mel. I’ll hold the fort here.”
Mel chuckled. “Like always,” she replied before closing her phone. She started her car and headed out towards the mall and parked near one of the nicer major clothing outlets. Once inside, she wandered casually around the various sections of the store, looking at this and that. Finally, she stopped in one aisle and stared at the display for a moment. Perfect! It would be just what she needed – that is, if they had something else to go with it. That something else turned out to be fairly easy to find.

“Hey Sissy,” one of the women in the break room started, even before he had reached the table with his coffee, “did you ever work out that problem with your friend Mel that you were talking about yesterday?”
Chad was surprised that the woman would even remember. He was tempted to tell her that he wasn’t the one who had been discussing it, everyone else was – even though it was his problem and he had told them it wasn’t a problem. Women! “It really wasn’t a problem,” he repeated again.
“So what was it?” another woman asked as she too sat down.
“Nothing,” he replied with a small wave of his hand.
“Oh come on! It had to be something or we wouldn’t have been talking about it yesterday. What was it that you couldn’t do?”
Chad shook his head. “I’m not going to talk about it!” he repeated.
“Even though it’s not really a problem?” someone asked. She looked over at the woman next to her. “Sure sounds like a problem to me – he’s just being stubborn!”
“You got that right, girl!” her friend replied.
“Hey,” another woman called, “Are you still going out with Derek tonight?”
Chad was flabbergasted. “I’m not going out with Derek!” he replied testily. “Where’d you get that idea?”
“Well, excuse me,” the woman replied. “I thought someone said that you and he were going somewhere tonight.”
Chad shook his head. “No… well… It’s just a poker game – and we’re not going together! We’re just going to be there at the same time, that’s all.”
“Oh.” The woman said as if she really understood. “So are you two going to be getting together?”
Chad was more than shocked. “Get together? You mean Derek and I?”
“Well, yeah. You do hang with him don’t you? And you are going somewhere tonight – even if you’re not going together. I mean, you’re dressing like a woman, and he’s a man and… You know. Get the picture?”
Unfortunately, Chad totally got the picture. Women! Where did they come up with these things? “No! Derek and I are not – getting together – as you put it. We’re just friends. He’s been my friend for a long time. And that’s it!”
“I was just asking, that’s all,” the woman replied half heartedly.
Chad just couldn’t believe it. Women! Where did they come up with these things?

Chad rarely approached the door to the gym without feeling at least some measure of trepidation and today was no different. But as he opened the door this time, he couldn’t help but notice the overly excited look on the receptionist’s face as he walked in. He immediately began to worry, if only because she seemed to enjoy teasing him so much. He immediately became a lot less worried though as he saw Cassie standing nearby.
“Hi Sissy,” the receptionist said cheerily.
Chad wondered if her greeting sounded overly cheerful. He tried to ignore her since Cassie was right there. He dropped his required curtsey to Cassie and said hello to her in his sissy voice.
Cassie’s face immediately turned from pleasant to annoyed. “That wasn’t very nice!” she scolded. “You completely ignored Cindy’s very pleasant greeting. Now say hello to her before we go any further – and tell her you’re sorry while you’re at it!”
There was just no use trying to avoid it – he should have realized that from the start. He dropped another curtsey for the receptionist and said hello then apologized for ignoring her. He did it all in his sissy voice because he knew that if he didn’t she would only complain and he’d have to do it again.
“He really is so sweet,” Cindy said excitedly to Cassie.
Cassie just sighed. “Sometimes, Cindy. Sometimes.” She turned to Chad. “Let’s get you going.” This time, she let him lead the way towards the back. But before she turned the corner out of sight, she paused and looked back toward Cindy. She held up her hand with all five fingers extended. Cindy nodded, knowing exactly what Cassie was telling her – five minutes.
Back in the room, Chad got undressed while Cassie dug into his diaper bag. She pulled out one of his baby bottles, two fresh diapers, his jar of suppositories, some wipes and a plastic bag to put his used diapers into. She quickly slit the outer lining of one of the new diapers she pulled out so it could let the overflow pass into the other diaper that would be put over it. By that time, Chad was finally down to just his bra covering his glued on breast forms, his waist cincher, and the plastic panties covering his diapers. She waited till he laid down on the floor, then she handed him his baby bottle to start nursing on.
As soon as she saw him contentedly drinking from his bottle, she got to her feet instead of pulling down his plastic panties. She saw him look up questioningly. “Just keep drinking that thing,” she told him. “I’m not going anywhere.”
Chad went back to nursing happily on the bottle, but that didn’t last long as he realized that Cassie had just opened the door. He looked up and saw her moving back away from the door and just as quickly, someone else was coming in – the receptionist! Cindy! “Cassie, what are you doing?”
“Hush!” Cassie replied quickly as the door was closed again. “Mel left this totally up to me, and as far as I can see, you don’t really have any say in the matter.”
“I said hush! Now go back to drinking your bottle.”
Cindy was trying, unsuccessfully, to stifle her laughter. He was laying there drinking a baby bottle – like a baby, with his diapers fully on display. Never mind the totally incongruous bra and waist cincher. They could easily be overlooked. “A bottle?” she exclaimed the moment she could get past her surprise. “He’s drinking from a baby bottle?”
“What did you expect?” Cassie asked as she again knelt down next to Chad to begin working on him. She noticed that Chad was still so shocked he hadn’t put the bottle back into his mouth. She reached up and guided it back towards his head. “You better keep drinking that or we’ll never get out of here,” she told him.
Chad barely realized that he was putting the bottle back into his mouth to begin drinking from it again. He just couldn’t believe it! Cindy! The receptionist! Here! Where he was getting changed! Why had Cassie agreed to this? It wasn’t right! His attention was suddenly torn partially from the fact that Cindy was watching as he felt Cassie pulling his plastic panties down his legs. And now Cindy was going to see him getting changed too! Was Cassie going to let her see everything? He was suddenly very worried about that!
Cassie pulled the plastic panties off of him, then reached up and grabbed one of the tapes holding his outer diaper closed. With more flair than usual, she pulled the tape up. The rest of the tapes on that diaper went exactly the same way.
Cindy actually held her breath as she watched Cassie pulling up the tapes from his diaper. She watched even more raptly as Cassie casually pulled the diaper back between his legs. And then she was hugely shocked to see a second diaper underneath! “Another one?” she asked.
“Sure! He can’t go all morning with just one diaper. I’m surprised he doesn’t start leaking before he gets here.” Cassie reached for one of the tapes, then stopped. “Why don’t you remove this one,” she said to Cindy with a wicked grin on her face.
Chad didn’t even think before he began complaining again. “But Cassie…”
“Hush!” Cassie ordered once again. “Which one of us is laying here drinking from a bottle like a baby? Which one of us is here to have their very wet diapers changed – like a baby? And which one of us is actually the real adult here? Do you think a baby should have any say in the matter?” Without waiting for an answer, she reached up and once again guided his bottle back to his mouth. Then she turned back to Cindy. “Okay, go ahead.”
Cindy was actually giggling – even more so after Cassie had finished telling him off. Excitedly, she reached out to grab one of the tapes, but she stopped her hand short. “Eww! He looks awfully wet! I’m not going to get any of that on my hand am I?”
Cassie just shrugged. “Probably not – but maybe. The tapes should be dry, well mostly dry. You probably should wash your hands after this anyway.”
Cindy plucked up her courage and grabbed one of the tapes. With a fairly hard tug, she ripped it open. She looked up at Cassie. “Not so bad.” One by one, she pulled the remaining tapes. “Now what?” she asked.
“Now you pull the front of his diaper down like I did the first one.
Chad, baby bottle in mouth, was doing his very best to lay still and ignore what they were doing down there – which was proving to be impossible. He still couldn’t believe that Cassie had allowed this girl to be back here with them – let alone help. But here she was!
Cindy reached out with two fingers and almost gingerly grabbed the very edge of the top of his diaper. Carefully and slowly she pulled it up and then down toward his legs. Then she dropped it with another huge shock. She stared and stared, but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “Is that… I mean, isn’t that a… God! And it’s got a lock on it too!”
Cassie just smiled. “That’s to keep him from playing with himself.”
“Does it work?”
“What do you think?”
Cindy was still too shocked to answer. Finally she asked, “Can I touch it?”
“Go ahead.”
Cindy reached out her finger carefully and just barely touched the plastic casing around his penis with the very tip of her fingernail. She quickly pulled it away again. Then, hesitantly, she reached out with the same fingernail and tapped on it a few times. “Huh!” she grunted.
As she was doing that, Cassie noticed something that Cindy wouldn’t have. His trapped penis inside the device was definitely a bit bigger than usual. Not a lot, but it was definitely bigger. She looked up toward Chad’s face. His eyes were open wide as if from fright, he appeared to be drinking from his bottle mindlessly but furiously, and… was that a look of pain registering on his face? She remembered the tiny teeth inside the device, designed to give him pain any time he got hard. Yes, he was probably in pain. How much, she didn’t know. She reached out and grabbed his chastity device with her fingers and shook it back and forth a bit. No further reaction from him. “Here,” she said to Cindy, “grab it like this and shake it a bit.”
“Uh… Are you sure?” Cindy asked tentatively.
“Yeah. Don’t worry, it’s not going to bite you!” Cassie didn’t add that if Chad got any harder, then the device would definitely be ‘biting’ him. She watched as Cindy lightly grabbed the device and moved it from side to side a little bit. “Harder!” she coaxed. “Pull on it if you want.”
Cindy wasn’t at all sure about what she was doing, but she grabbed the device more firmly and started moving it all around. Then she began pulling lightly on it as if she was going to pull it off of him. When the device refused to come off, she began pulling harder – and harder!
Cassie saw the pain registering in Chad’s face. He had stopped nursing on his bottle even though it was still in his mouth. Suddenly the pain must have increased because he gulped in a quick breath and his body seemed to jerk a bit. “That’s enough!” she said quickly to Cindy. She looked down at what Cindy was doing and just caught a glimpse of how hard she must have been pulling on his device.
Cindy shook her head. “I didn’t come off! I pulled pretty hard, but it really didn’t budge at all!”
“That’s the whole point,” Cassie replied. “What would be the use of locking it on him if he can get it off?”
Cindy said nothing. She just continued to stare at his chastity covered penis. She had seen very few naked men in her life and never once imagined anything like this.
“I think it’s time for you to get back out front now,” Cassie reminded her. “I’ve got to finish up with him.”
Cindy rose to her feet, still staring at his plastic enclosed penis. “Thanks Cassie. That was… incredible!”
“Did you have to do that?” Chad asked, as soon as Cindy was gone.
“Do what?” Cassie asked as she began wiping the front of him off.
“Let her in here.”
“I told you before, I don’t see where you have any say in the matter!” She paused before she asked. “Did she hurt you?”
“Yeah! When she pulled so hard on that thing it hurt a lot!”
“I think you were hurting a bit even before she started pulling.” When Chad made no reply, she leaned a bit closer to his head. “So it turns you on to have strangers see you like this?”
“It’s embarrassing!” Chad replied with a hint of anger.
Cassie just smiled. “Which means it turns you on.”
A moment later, she asked him to roll over so she could work on his backside. The minute she could see his backside though, she got quite a surprise. “Somebody’s been naughty!” she exclaimed. “That’s not diaper rash – for sure!” When Chad still remained silent, she reached out and touched the red area of his bottom – no real reaction. She grabbed a wipe and wiped him clean, noting as she did so that he defiantly registered pain from the cloth scrubbing his skin.
She poured a healthy amount of baby lotion into her hands and began rubbing it very cautiously onto his bottom. Chad jumped at the cold lotion touching him at first, but otherwise, he endured it fairly well. “Would you rather skip the other play?” she asked him.
That was usually the part of this that Chad liked the best. But somehow, he really wasn’t in the mood for it at all today – probably because of Cindy. “Can we skip it?” Chad asked.
“We can if you like,” Cassie replied and reached for the jar of suppositories. It was Tuesday, one of the new days he was supposed to actually get one. She saw Chad starting to roll back over. “Uh, uh!” she grunted, stopping him where he was. “We’ve got one other little matter to take care of first. Don’t forget these things,” she said as she held the jar up near his head. With more show than usual, she opened the jar and pulled one out, making sure that he knew she actually had one. She saw him look away, not wanting to see it at all – which was really just fine with her. Since she hadn’t played with his backside before hand, pushing the little thing up inside of him was a bit more difficult than usual, but really not all that hard. “There! All done,” she said, sounding very satisfied.
Chad rolled back over onto his back and picked up his baby bottle again to finish it. Would the humiliations ever stop? No, he was sure of that answer. They wouldn’t stop till he could win the bet. And if he didn’t win? He didn’t even want to think about that!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 1 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 1 of 8)

It was a familiar dream… or a similar one. He was off somewhere playing poker with his buddies and again he was dressed in his silly sissy baby outfit, complete with pacifier and baby bottle. He was playing cards while seated in his highchair at the same table with everybody else. He felt himself wetting… and the feeling disturbed him, made him sad. It made him sad enough that he started crying. And then Mel was there, talking softly and comfortingly, hugging him, calming him. She pulled his highchair away from the table and removed his tray. She unfastened the safety strap that held him in place. Then she picked him up out of the chair and carried him a short ways off. She handed him a fresh bottle to drink before she lovingly changed his diaper. He felt wonderful, loved, complete as she did it. It was the best feeling in the world.
And then his world suddenly turned upside down by the intense volume of his pink alarm clock playing rock music to wake him up. He was ripped out of his warm wonderful dream into the real world where the loud volume grated on his nerves, forcing him to roll off of his blowup mattress as quickly as possible and turn the darn thing off. Silence! Blessed silence! Except for the sound of his loud breathing as he tried to recover after being pulled out of his nice sound sleep so abruptly.
Ugh! It was morning… mostly. Another day. Another work day. Another day he would have to face horrible humiliation after horrible humiliation. Ugh!
He noticed the sting of his backside inside of his bloated and messy diapers. It hurt! Still! It felt kind of like the diaper rash he had endured a few weeks ago, only located solely on his bottom.
He waddled carefully and painfully out to the kitchen to see if she had left a note for him last night. She had said she would… and she did. He read it – same as usual. Nothing new. But he was still glad that she had left it. He pulled one baby bottle full of juice along with two more of her lousy green tea out of the refrigerator and carried them out to his lonely chair… his only chair. He started to sit down gingerly because of his stinging bottom, but stopped himself before he got very far. Maybe it would be better to not sit down today. His bottom already hurt, why make things worse by sitting on it? He set down two of the bottles on the chair and kept one of the bottles of tea to start with. He put it to his mouth and nursed on it, hardly thinking about what he was doing. But then drinking from a baby bottle now was mostly his normal way to drink anything. Drinking from anything else was becoming more and more of a rare opportunity.
As he drank, he wandered around the empty expanse of his living room. He actually found that he enjoyed moving around, if only because he wasn’t “locked” into staring at the embarrassing pictures on his wall – located directly in front of his only chair. Yes, this was much better than sitting in one place all the time. The only problem was, that his bottom still stung with every step that he took as his messy diaper rubbed against his raw bottom.

Mel was wide awake. She couldn’t sleep. And it was early! Okay, she didn’t feel all that great, but that was just her period. She was kind of used to that. The problem was that she couldn’t get her mind off of Chad this morning. Chad and her problem with keeping him from using his old male voice. Chad and her problem with making him incontinent so she could win the bet. Chad and her problem with why she wanted him to be at that stupid poker game tonight. Chad and her problem with… the beating she had given him last night… or rather the fact that she had lost control last night. That was the real problem. She had lost it. That was something that only happened rarely in her life. Why did it have to happen last night? Ugh!
Realizing that she wasn’t going to be able to go back to sleep, she rolled out of bed and put her robe on. A trip to the bathroom to pee and check her pad followed. She decided the pad could wait till she took her shower. It was only her second day after all.
The coffee pot was her next stop, and nothing else was going to interfere with that! She scooped out the coffee grounds, added the water to the pot and turned it on to brew. She remembered a few days ago when she had Chad come over early and he had fixed her coffee for her before she got up – again. Maybe she should have him stop in every morning before she got up. No, he was already getting up early enough… and he had more than enough to keep him busy in the morning. Maybe it was time to invest in another one of those pots that she could program to automatically come on before she got up. No, that wouldn’t work either. She couldn’t ever remember to set it up at night before she went to bed. Besides, in a few weeks she would have won the bet and Chad would be there all the time to fix her morning coffee – and everything else too. Yes, that was going to be soooo nice!
Once her coffee was made, she carried her cup back into her bedroom with her. She opened her closet to look through her clothes. The questions was, what was she going to wear to the poker game later. Something very casual for sure… yet sexy. That was a must. She really wished she wasn’t on her period. Sexy and period just didn’t go together very well.
She pawed through the clothes in the closet, moving hanger after hanger aside, until she came to one multi-hanger that held half a dozen of her skirts. She pawed through each one from the top down, not expecting anything to catch her eye. But one did, the very bottom skirt. She hadn’t worn it in about ten years. She didn’t even know why she still had it. It was too short… decadently short! The grey-black fabric was flecked throughout with shiny silver. It was stretchy and fitted. It was really… very sexy! And… it was perfect!

Cassie got to work early every morning because that was the only time that many of the gym’s members could take advantage of the programs and facilities. Very often, she was the first one there and opened the doors. But not this time. She found their receptionist, Cindy, already there, and oddly enough, waiting for her.
“Good morning, Cassie,” Cindy called brightly the moment Cassie got through the door.
“Morning, Cindy,” Cassie returned as she continued walking past the front counter.
“Uh… Cassie?”
Cassie turned to look back at Cindy. “Yes?”
“Did you happen to ask about… you know… I mean… um… if I can… you know… watch today?”
Cassie had completely forgotten about Cindy’s request yesterday to watch her changing Sissy’s diapers. She was tempted to just tell her no, that she couldn’t watch and not to ask again, but then she remembered Sissy’s reactions yesterday whenever she mentioned Cindy possibly watching. “Yes I did ask,” she replied. “And unfortunately, Mel left it all up to me. She didn’t say yes or no.”
“So?” Cindy asked hopefully.
Cassie shook her head. “I’m just not sure.”
“Please!” Cindy begged.
Cassie was getting a bit flustered by the request. She shook her head again. “You don’t know what we… I mean, there’s things we do there that…” She just didn’t know how to properly answer Cindy’s request. She wasn’t really sure she wanted Cindy to see everything that went on when she changed his diapers. Finally, she decided on an answer. “Tell you what. I’ll try to work something out, but don’t expect much. Okay?”
Cindy was totally elated though. “Yes, yes! Great! Oh, thank you!”
Cassie just nodded and walked toward the back. What was she going to do? She really should have just said no to her request. But…
Cindy’s face beamed brightly as she watched Cassie walking away. Now she couldn’t wait till lunchtime when Sissy would arrive!

The knock on Mel’s door was right on time – as it should be! Mel had just finished preparing his breakfast and had already dumped the baby cereal out into a pink plastic kiddies bowl for him. She wiped her hands on a dish towel and went out to open her door.
“Good morning, Mistress,” Chad greeted her with his usual curtsey.
Mel still thrilled every time she saw him do that one tiny little ritual. She really couldn’t get enough of it. “Good morning, Sissy,” she replied as she stood back and let him in. She waited till he had set his purse down under the table by the door. Then she looked him over carefully. “The blue earrings today, I see,” she commented.
“I hope they’re okay,” Chad replied. “I kind of wanted to try something different today.”
Mel smiled. They’re perfect! They go well with the blue in your skirt.”
“That’s what I was hoping.”
Mel smiled. “Into the kitchen,” she ordered. “I’ve got your breakfast all ready.”
Chad walked into the kitchen, but he paused before he sat down in his highchair. Sitting down was going to hurt and he knew it. He hadn’t sat down all morning since he got up just because of that. He turned around to put his back to the chair, and very slowly backed up to it. The highchair had been made from an old bar stool, so he had to literally climb up onto it. But once he had started, there was no way to stop or even try to sit down slowly. The process forced him to sit down hard on the seat and slide himself backwards all the way into it. The stinging pain registered immediately. He tried moving around to try to get it to hurt less, but all that did was to aggravate the problem further. He gave up and tried to sit as still as possible while Mel put the tray in place in front of him, locking him into the seat. No way out of the chair and off of his stinging bottom now!
Mel had watched him as he climbed up into the chair. Obviously his bottom still hurt. Once again she felt the guilt from what she had done to him last night. Why had she lost control? Okay, she had been very frustrated – with a lot of things… and okay, her period had started, but it had only just started yesterday. There was really no excuse! “It still hurts?” she asked, just for something to say.
“Yeah,” he replied in his sissy voice. “You could say that.”
She stopped as she was about to tie his bib around his neck and looked straight at him with a caring look on her face. “Did I say I was sorry?”
He nodded. “Yeah. I know.”
“Good!” She finished tying the bib in place and picked up the bowl of baby cereal she had prepared and set it down in front of him… along with a tiny baby spoon and a full baby bottle of juice. His usual breakfast. She refilled her coffee cup and leaned back against the counter to watch him making a silly mess of things.
Chad grabbed the tiny spoon in his left fist like he was supposed to and dipped it into the cereal. Very slowly and very carefully, he brought it to his mouth – which he opened as wide as he could while he leaned further toward the spoon so it wouldn’t have as far to travel. Success! He actually managed to get it all into his mouth without spilling any. And then he heard Mel chuckling.
“You look more like a toddler than ever!” she laughed outright. It was a moment before she could collect herself to say anything else. “Did you put plenty of baby lotion on your backside today?”
Chad nodded seriously. “A bunch. It still feels weird and wet back there.”
“It better feel wet – but not from the baby lotion!”
Chad only nodded as he dipped his spoon back into the cereal. “Don’t worry, it is. Several times over.” He sighed with a bit of frustration before he again attempted to get the cereal to his mouth without spilling any. This time, he heard Mel laughing before he got it to his mouth – which only caused him to spill it onto his bib – which only made her laugh harder. Ugh! But at least Mel seemed to be in a better mood today.

Chad looked at his desk chair the same way he had looked at the driver’s seat of his car… the same way he had looked at the highchair he had eaten his breakfast from… the same way he had looked at the one and only chair in his apartment after he got up this morning. That is to say, it didn’t exactly look inviting today. But he had endured worse and he knew he couldn’t exactly stand up all day. Gingerly, he sat down – and noticed Robin breezing by the entrance to his cubicle an instant before his bottom hit the seat. He paused just before it touched. “Hi Robin,” he called. Was that her gym bag that she was carrying?
“Hi Chad,” Robin returned, mostly from over the wall.
Chad sat his bottom all the way down into the chair. Yeouch! But the stinging soon turned to a numb discomfort that he was determined to ignore… hopefully.
As usual, Robin was back a moment later, her hands finally empty. “Let me see,” she said the moment she got in.
There was really no question as to what she was talking about, she wanted him to stand up so she could see his outfit properly.
“Uh… Do I have to today?” he asked.
“Sure. Why not?”
“Uh… Because I just sat down.”
Robin laughed. “You’re getting lazy in your old age!” She walked over and pulled playfully on his arm to get him to stand up – which he did, but slowly. At least standing up didn’t hurt as much as sitting down. “Hey! New earrings!” she exclaimed as he was still getting to his feet. “I like them. Where did you get them?”
“The same store I got the ones I wore yesterday.”
“I liked those too. How many pairs did you buy?”
“Three from that store and a nice pair of pink ones from a better jewelry store.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t get your ears pierced in the jewelry store instead. I would have felt safer about it.”
“I asked, but they didn’t do it there.”
“Oh.” She looked him over and smile. “You look pretty good again. That’s one of the necklaces you wore yesterday, isn’t it?”
Chad looked down and pulled the single wooden necklace out from his chest. “Yeah. Mel said that the necklaces could be worn separately or together, so today I wore just this one.”
She nodded. “Nice. So have you figured out what you’ll be wearing to the poker game tonight?” She smirked teasingly, “Derek will be there!”
Chad actually blushed. “Mel has that all figured out for me. She just hasn’t told me what it will be yet.” But in the back of his mind, all he could picture was the silly super short baby dress that she sometimes made him wear. “Hey, was that your gym bag I saw you with earlier?”
“Yeah. It’s Tuesday. I’ll be going right after work.”
Chad wasn’t really happy to hear that. He was still convinced that the only reason she had joined in the first place was to find out what he did at the gym, which he figured couldn’t really be very difficult to find out at all. He was only surprised that she didn’t know already – but he was still hoping to keep it that way! “Why bother?” he asked, still trying to dissuade her from going.
“Chad! We’ve been through this before. I need it! And besides, you know my husband won’t exactly be happy if I quit when I’ve just gotten started.”
Chad just nodded. “Yeah. Men!”
Robin nodded in agreement. “Men!”
It wasn’t till Robin had left his cubicle that Chad finally, gingerly, sat down again. Whew!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 7 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 7 of 7)

He certainly didn’t hurry as he spread out the disposable diapers all over that area of the floor. Many of the diapers he was spreading had been used just for this purpose before. But as he looked at all of them, he figured that they really needed something better than all those diapers to use. But if he asked Mel about it, it would be like proclaiming that he was planning on getting more punishment – which he certainly wasn’t! At least, not if he could help it.
Once the area was prepared, he let out a small sigh as he removed his apron and dress. He debated whether or not to remove his shoes and wound up slipping them off too. “Mistress, the area is ready,” he announced. The area might have been ready, but he wasn’t – not mentally or physically. He just had no excuses left for putting it off any longer.
Mel wandered over and eyed the area slightly as she headed to the corner to pick up her yardstick. Everything looked ready – except him. “Get that diaper off!” she ordered as she got into her usual place.
Chad moved slower than usual as he carefully pulled open the tapes on the single sodden diaper he was wearing. Forty whacks! Plus – how many? But the soaked diaper didn’t need very many of the tapes to hold it up and before he wanted it to, it slipped out of his hands and dropped down his legs to the floor. He stepped out of it, wearing nothing but his bra, waist cincher… and his chastity device. For all that, he felt totally naked.
“I really wish you weren’t being so stubborn over this,” Mel said as she watched him getting into place, leaning forward against the back of the chair in front of him. “I don’t ‘want’ to punish you… not at all. But I’ve got no other method to make sure you do what I want.” She watched as he slowly raised his bottom up into position, as if he was inviting her to hit him. “And in case you’ve forgotten the terms of this arrangement, what I want is all that matters!” With that, she swung the stick at his backside – hard!
The stinging slap of her yardstick actually surprised him more than usual - because she had swung her stick harder than usual. He stood up, curtseyed to her, and thanked her. Then he bent down and got into position again.
Mel didn’t know why, but the more she thought about him not talking the way she wanted all the time, the more frustrated about it she seemed to get. Swack! How hard could it be for him to use his sissy voice all the time? Everybody he knew at work already saw the way he was dressing – certainly not normal for a guy at all! They had to see exactly what he was – a sissy! Swack! So why couldn’t he do this one simple little thing? If he could wear dresses and heels to work – and everywhere else too, then why couldn’t he talk like a sissy all the time too?
She was trying to achieve something with him. Something important to her. She was trying to remove all his male… rights? Privileges? Traits? Manners? She didn’t know what. Swack! Didn’t he know how important it was for him to become what she wanted him to be? And wasn’t all this part of his fantasies too? Didn’t he really want it all as badly as she did? Swack!
She had to watch as he curtseyed again, but the little ritual that she usually loved, was frustrating her tonight too. It was going maddeningly slow! She had achieved so much with him already, but there was still so very far to go. And yet, it wasn’t so far. All her dreams… dreams that she didn’t even know she had! They were all so close she could almost touch them. Swack! They were things she wanted now, things she had to have. But he had defied her, and that wasn’t good! It wasn’t right! Under the terms of the bet he had to do anything and everything she told him to do. Swack!
It wasn’t that she was enjoying hitting him… not at all! But the swinging of her stick was like letting off steam. It was just all the frustration trying to get out. Swack! And for some reason, she was feeling more frustrated tonight than usual. It wasn’t right! He had defied her! He was personally trying to thwart her plans. He was trying to undermine everything she had accomplished. He was trying to ruin her dreams! Swack! Swack! Swack! Swack!
Chad had tried to stand up to curtsey and thank her once again, but suddenly she was raining hard punishing blows at him as fast and as hard as she could. He had to brace himself more than usual against the chair as the punishing, stinging blows hit him over and over again. What was going on? What had gotten into her? His backside soon began to feel worse than it ever had. He didn’t just cry, he wailed as her anger seemed to reach deep inside of him. He squirmed now, unable to stand still against the onslaught that was besieging him.
Mel couldn’t stop herself. “Why can’t you do what I want?” she panted as she continued to hit him over and over again. Suddenly he was crumbling under her continued blows. She hit him twice more on the way down. And then she realized she had overdone it – way overdone it. But it was like she couldn’t help herself. She forced herself to stop hitting him. He was crying uncontrollably, huddled in a ball. She had gone too far and she knew it… and suddenly, she felt very sorry. His pitiful crying touched something deep inside of her – made worse because she was the cause of his misery. She dropped to her knees and put her arm over him. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” she said over and over again, trying to sooth him. “Something just got to me and I lost control. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”
Chad didn’t know if he was crying from the pain, or more from her temper. All he really knew was that he was miserable and so very sorry for not doing what she wanted. And all she really had wanted was for him to talk like a sissy – all the time. But could he really do it at work? That part, he just wasn’t sure about, despite the beating he had just gotten. But if he was going to feel like this after her punishments, then he might just have to consider it.
And then she was there, down on the floor next to him, not to punish him, but trying to comfort him. So strange. Why? He heard her saying she was sorry over and over again, but was she? He really didn’t care just then, but he did realize that as much as he feared her, it was also so nice to be comforted by her too. He felt her hugging him tighter, her head moving closer to his as she whispered comforting words in his ear. Maybe she was sorry.
He could feel the stinging pain in his backside, it felt terrible! But that was nothing compared to the pain of his emotions. And yet she was there with him, holding him, still trying to comfort him. He forced himself to at least slow his crying somewhat as he looked up at her. He saw nothing but concern… and was that caring… on her face. She pulled him closer to her and hugged him tighter. He heard her saying again how sorry she was. And despite the pain in his backside, and how emotionally horrible he felt, the words slipped out of his mouth. “I’m sorry too.” And he said it in his high-pitched sissy voice. He felt her respond by hugging him even tighter. And he hugged her back as he tried to get his sobbing further under control.
And then she was pulling away. “Come on,” she said kindly. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”
Chad let her help him a bit as he got to his feet. He saw her looking down at her pants, and stretching the material on one of her legs out a bit. He was shocked by the big wet spot he saw on her leg! He must have wet on her while they were laying together. “Oh no!” he exclaimed. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t even know I did that! I didn’t feel it again!”
Mel was a little surprised. He didn’t know? He didn’t feel it? But as nasty as what he had just done was, at the same time, those words thrilled her – because it was definite progress towards her winning the bet. “Don’t worry about it,” she said, trying to calm his fears. “I guess we’ll both have to get cleaned up now.” And then she smiled at him, trying to put him at ease.
While Chad was grabbing some of the diapers that were strewn all over the floor, Mel ran to her bedroom and quickly removed her pants. She grabbed a pair of shorts instead out of a drawer and quickly pulled them on before hurrying back out to him. He was still only wearing his bra and waist cincher so as he bent down to pick up more of the diapers from the floor, she got a perfect view of how red and raw his backside looked. She had done that to him. Usually, she would feel almost proud of it after punishing him, but not tonight. She had lost control tonight. All day long she had been in a bad mood – her damn period was probably to blame, but sometimes things just got to her. And unfortunately this was one of those times. And now, she felt sorry for what she had done. And it was time to fix it – somewhat. “Bring some of those diapers in here and lay them out on the bed,” she told him. “Let’s see what we can do about that backside of yours.” She was about to head into the bathroom but she paused to say one more thing. “And maybe you better hurry before you pee all over everything again.” She gave him one of her devilish grins before she walked away.
Chad’s bottom stung. It seemed to be worse with every movement he made. Bending down to pick the diapers up off of the floor seemed to make it hurt particularly bad. And unfortunately, he realized that maybe she did have a point. Maybe he should try to hurry, before he wet all over something else. That thought though made him pause for just a second. It was almost like he really was incontinent! That very thought thrilled him, then a moment later, worried him. Yes, it was his lifelong fantasy. But it still meant that she was making all too much progress against him for the bet. He had to find a way to gain more control back! And he had better figure out how to do it fast!
Since Mel seemed to be staying in the bathroom for a longer time than usual, Chad grabbed one of the diapers and taped it into place – just in case! He figured that she probably wanted him to lay down on all the diapers he had just put out on the bed, but until she told him what to do, he didn’t want to take any chances – especially not tonight. So what was taking her so long in there? That was one of the really good things about wearing diapers all the time, he never needed to worry about how long he was spending in the bathroom. In fact, he never needed to worry about going to the bathroom at all. Wearing the diapers was very convenient! And time saving too! Not to mention… fun.
He heard the bathroom door opening and she finally came out carrying a jar of some kind of cream with her.
“Why didn’t you just get up on the bed?” she asked as she saw him just standing and waiting.
“I didn’t know if I should or not,” he replied.
“Silly baby! Get that diaper off and get up there, face down. Let me put some of this on that bottom of yours.”
Chad removed the diaper he had just put on and laid down on the bed. At least Mel didn’t seem to be mad at him anymore – that was a major improvement! A minute later, he felt the icy cold sting as she plopped a bunch of the cream from her jar onto his raw backside. Then he felt the further pain as she began to rub it in. He hissed and squirmed at the pain. As tender and carefully as he knew she was trying to be, putting the cream on him hurt! Fortunately, she didn’t take too long with it. And then, a minute later, the pain on top of his backside was eclipsed by the feeling of her suddenly shoving another of the dreaded suppositories up inside of him. Argh!
“Turn over,” she said and he carefully rolled over onto his back, the still moist cream on his backside adding a new sensation as he carefully set his backside down on the diapers under him. And then she was spreading yet more of the cream all over his front side, what she could touch anyway. The darn chastity device covered all too much of it. “Do you want cloth diapers or the disposables tonight?” she asked.
She was dressing him for bed – already? “Disposables,” he finally answered. They weren’t nearly as bulky and when he wet, they would soak the wetness away from him better so he wouldn’t feel it as much. She taped four of the disposable diapers onto him, slitting each of the inside ones thoroughly to allow the wetness to leach through. He was surprised by so many diapers, but as he realized how early it still was, he thought that the extra diaper was probably a good idea.
Mel put the lid back on the jar of cream and stood back as he slowly worked his way off of the bed, obviously still in pain from the beating she had given him. “Go ahead and clean up the kitchen now.” Then she smiled a bit, “And get yourself a fresh bottle. And I want that bottle finished as quickly as possible!”
Chad dropped a quick curtsey, “Yes, Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice. And suddenly, everything seemed to be back to normal again.
Mel glanced into the kitchen every so often to watch him cleaning it up. He always seemed to manage to do it remarkable fast. She watched him constantly grabbing his bottle to get it finished – which was good. She had to keep him peeing. He finished with the kitchen before he finished his bottle, but not by much.
“I’m finished,” he said dropping another curtsey.
So nice. She loved seeing him curtsey to her like that. Yes, despite the problems, he was really coming along nicely. And he was indeed… something special.
“Is there anything else you want me to do tonight, or do you just want me to clean up the apartment a bit more?”
She thought about it briefly. “Not tonight, Sissy. You can go home now. I’ll be over later to leave you another note.”
Chad curtseyed again and began gathering up his things. He was still only wearing his bra, waist cincher, and now the diapers, but he only slipped his shoes on and didn’t even think about throwing his maid’s dress on over top of everything – even though anyone outside might see him during his short walk back to his own apartment. He grabbed his purse and fished his keys out of it. He turned back to her and dropped another curtsey. “Goodnight, Mistress.”
She nodded. “Goodnight, Sissy.” She watched as he walked out the door. Her apartment felt quieter the moment he left. She felt more alone. More… vulnerable? She continued to stare at the back of her door for a few moments, remembering that she had hurt him tonight. She had lost control. It had been a bad day from the moment she had gotten out of bed this morning. But that was no excuse, and she knew it.
So strange. She had sent him home. He was gone. The apartment was quieter. And she suddenly realized that she missed him. So strange. So very strange. “Good night, Sissy,” she whispered to the air. “Sleep tight.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bet - Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

One of the things that Chad disliked about getting home from work lately, was having to immediately go back to wearing only one diaper again – and being on a very short one hour and forty-five minute time limit to make it leak. It seemed like he had just started doing better at holding back when that ability was ripped out from under him. All that progress he had worked so hard to regain all day – lost! And today, it had been particularly difficult to start making progress again. The restrictions that Mel had kept him under all weekend had taken quite a toll. And now that she had changed his time limit from two hours to an hour and forty-five minutes, he was more worried about that than ever. Fifteen minutes didn’t sound like a lot of time, but in this case, it was an enormous amount. It was usually that last fifteen minutes that decided if he was going to get punished or not.
While going back to wearing only one diaper with nothing over it was beginning to feel normal, he immediately missed the comfort and security of the thicker multiple diapers. Just one diaper felt thin, flimsy, and all too much like it would leak – which was exactly the goal for him. But it was amazing how much pee it actually took to get the thing to leak!
Once he had removed his “once again” messy diapers from the afternoon and showered himself clean, he phoned Mel as he was putting his single diaper on. While she was still on the line he taped it closed.
“One hour and forty-five minutes,” she told him over the phone. “But I shouldn’t have to tell you that. I’ll be home in a little while, Sissy. I expect to see you in your uniform when I get there.”
Chad hurried to get dressed again, which actually took a lot longer than it used to – when he was still dressing like a man. But dressing like a man was no longer an option, especially since she had removed every piece of male clothing from his apartment and took it… somewhere. He quickly touched up his makeup and hair and added the white apron to his uniform. Then he hurried over to her apartment. He immediately grabbed another baby bottle, this time full of juice, from her refrigerator. That hour and forty-five minute deadline came awfully fast!
His one and only meal of solid food in the past… three days now, had been his lunch today. As he rummaged past all the baby bottles in her refrigerator to decide what to cook, he fervently hoped that she wouldn’t feed him more baby food for dinner tonight… or what was almost as bad, mash up the food he worked so hard to prepare into – essentially – baby food! He knew that Mel liked chicken, so he pulled that out to fix for the two of them. No use taking any chances on fixing something she might not like. She seemed to be mad enough at him already.

Mel was tired when she walked in the door. Overall it had been a fairly lousy day – way too busy and way too many petty problems. The minor little cramps in her stomach didn’t help matters either. She smelled the dinner he was cooking the minute she opened the door. She knew without a doubt that normally it would smell and taste great, but not tonight. She knew there was nothing wrong with what he had made, it was just that her stomach seemed to be a bit more sensitive today than usual. She didn’t want dinner at all. Two seconds after she realized that, he appeared and dropped a fast curtsey as he greeted her. So nice! At least that part was enjoyable. She actually smiled despite herself.
He disappeared back into the kitchen as quickly as he had appeared. She went over to her desk to deposit her laptop and another folder full of paperwork. Ugh! She needed to do some work again tonight – but right now she just didn’t feel like it. She sat down at one end of the couch instead. “Sissy!” she called. “Get in here!”
Chad heard her and hurried into the living room. He was in so much trouble already that he dared not make any mistakes. He dropped a curtsey and asked how he could help her in his best sissy voice.
“Forget dinner. Just turn it off and get back here right away. I need my feet rubbed.” The minute she said it, she pulled her legs up onto the couch and pried off her too tight heels. “Ohhh,” she signed audibly with relief the moment her shoes were gone.
Forget dinner? But he had already fixed it? He hurried back to the kitchen and looked around, there was nothing really that he could do so he ran back again. She pulled her legs up a little, giving him room to sit down, then she plopped her pantyhose covered feet in his lap. He immediately grabbed one of them and began to massage it. Mel signed again as she closed her eyes and sank further back into the couch. Heaven!
Chad rubbed one foot for a long time, and then the other. Mel never moved, never opened her eyes. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought she was sleeping. He rubbed both feet for quite a while, he was getting tired of doing it. Would she care if he stopped? Did he dare ask her? “Um… Mistress? Have you had enough yet?”
His question brought her back to the world of reality. Her mind had been thinking about other things – daydreaming. She realized how much time must have gone by. “Okay, Sissy,” she said as she pulled her feet off of him. “Go fix me a small sandwich. I don’t feel like anything else tonight.”
Chad was shocked as he got up from the couch. Just a sandwich? After he had prepared a nice dinner for her? “A sandwich? What kind?” he asked politely.
“Surprise me,” she said as she closed her eyes and stretched out again.
Chad had fixed chicken for dinner, so he cut up the chicken from her plate and fixed a simple sandwich from it. He laid her “modified” dinner on the table as nicely as possible. “Mistress,” he called. “Your dinner is ready.”
Mel rolled over on the couch. Dinner. Ugh! But she supposed she was a little hungry and she did need to eat. “Bring it in here to me,” she told him as she got up from the couch to get her laptop. She really did have work that needed to be done.
Chad was surprised once again, but he grabbed her plate and the cup of coffee he had poured for her and brought it into the living room where she was just pulling her laptop out of it’s case. He set the food down on the end table next to her and stood back. “Will there be anything else?” he asked.
“Not now, Sissy,” she replied without looking up from what she was doing. “Go stand in the corner till I need you.”
Realizing that she was in some kind of strange mood, Chad took another big swig from his latest bottle and headed slowly to his corner where he carefully stepped up onto his perch and leaned into the walls. His corner again! Ugh! He closed his eyes since there was nothing to see. A tiny roll of hunger went through his stomach, but he ignored it. He listened carefully, but all he could hear was an occasional tapping on her keyboard and sometimes the soft rustle of paper moving. And that was it.
Inside the kitchen, his dinner was all prepared and waiting for him – in her refrigerator. It would be nice if she would let him eat it while she was busy. Plus, the kitchen was somewhat of a mess and needed to be cleaned up. There was a bit of laundry he could be busy with too. He was sure that some of the furniture could use a quick dusting and it wouldn’t hurt to run the vacuum over the carpets. And did her bathroom need a quick once-over too? Of course it did! So many things that he could be doing. But instead he had been banished to his corner. Again. What fun! Not!
He was almost tempted to ask if he could clean her apartment instead of standing and doing nothing. But in the mood she seemed to be in tonight, he dared not make a sound. So he stood there, his feet and legs aching from the stupid bar he was made to stand on, unable to see anything, not allowed to move a single muscle. In his corner, and out of the way. Unneeded. Unwanted. Unloved?

It took Mel most of an hour to finish what she had to get done. As she finished, she reached for her coffee cup and discovered that it was empty. She barely remembered drinking it. She glanced at the plate that had held her sandwich. All that was left was a bit of crust. She barely remembered eating anything too.
She glanced at Sissy in his corner. She hadn’t heard him make a sound. She doubted that he had even moved – of course she hadn’t paid any attention to him so she really didn’t know. And unfortunately there was work to be done tonight that involved him too. She glanced at the clock and realized how late it was. “Get out of there Sissy,” she told him as she started packing up her laptop.
Chad let out an audible gasp of relief even before he began the painful process of extricating himself from the corner. He had been there forever and his toes ached, his calves ached, even his back and neck ached. But moving off of the perch brought outright pain to all those areas as he tried to move those muscles or even just stand normally again. His ankles especially didn’t want to bend upright like that should.
“Are you leaking?” Mel asked as she shoved her computer into its case.
Chad hated admitting it. “No Mistress.” Then he quickly added in his own defense. “I didn’t get enough to drink since I had to stay in the corner so long.” Hopefully, she would be a bit merciful.
“Too bad, Sissy. I can’t make any exceptions.” Mel actually felt bad about saying that, but at the same time, winning the bet was still the most important thing in her life right now. “Go get yourself another drink while I finish here,” she told him.
Chad hurried to the kitchen to grab his baby bottle. He was thirsty, very thirsty. Hungry too.
“Get in your highchair,” Mel called from the living room. “I’ll bring you your dinner in a minute.”
Chad was hungry. He pulled his dinner plate out of the refrigerator and set it on the counter for her. Then he removed the tray from his highchair and climbed up into it.
Mel walked into the kitchen and immediately put the tray in place again, essentially locking him into the highchair. Then she grabbed a bib and tied it around his neck – he was a messy eater after all. She saw his dinner plate already out on the counter but she ignored it completely. Instead, she went to the cupboard and randomly grabbed four jars of baby food, not even bothering to look to see what she had selected. With a bit of difficulty, she opened all four jars and set them on his tray for him along with a tiny baby spoon. Then she set his latest baby bottle on the tray for him too. He did need to keep drinking.
She poured herself another cup of coffee and leaned back against one of the counters to watch him eat – and make a mess of himself.
Chad was more than a bit surprised, not so much by the baby food that she had set in front of him, but by the fact that she hadn’t even bothered to dump any of it out onto another plate. She had given it all to him, still in the jars. He grabbed the tiny baby spoon in his right hand and picked up one of he colorful jars with his left.
“Ah, ah!” Mel warned from across the room. “You hold that spoon like you’re supposed to!”
Ugh! Chad immediately transferred the spoon to his left hand where he held it in his fist, then he picked up the jar with his right hand instead. Holding the spoon the way he was and trying to scoop up the food out of the tiny jar, while not spilling the contents, proved to be another difficult exercise. As usual, much of the baby food dripped off of the spoon – but he was getting better at it. More than usual found its way all the way into his mouth – if you didn’t count all the food that dripped down onto his tray as he was trying to pull the spoon out of the jar, which was a lot.
“So how was work today?” Mel asked as she watched him trying to eat.
Chad shrugged. “Okay.”
“How did things go with that meeting? Did they call you with many questions?”
Chad briefly looked up from his dinner. “Not even once. Robin said that they didn’t ask her anything either.”
She winced a little bit at hearing Robin’s name. She really wished he wouldn’t mention her. “Did anybody ask you about the poker game tomorrow night?”
Chad shoved more of the baby food into his mouth. “I sat with Derek this afternoon during break. I think he really would prefer it if I were allowed to dress like a man again.” He looked up questioningly.
“Don’t even think it! It’s not going to happen.”
But of course Chad knew that. “Robin wanted to know what I’d be wearing to the game,” he said as he dug more of the colorful food out of one of the jars. “She even offered to help me pick out an outfit.”
Mel’s annoyance with Robin grew a lot greater. Yes, it was way past time to do something about the Robin woman! Way past time!
Despite the difficulty of eating with the tiny baby spoon, four jars of baby food didn’t take him all that long to eat. And finishing his bottle didn’t add a whole lot of time to his time in the highchair either. He had felt himself peeing quite a bit once while he ate, but it was only once. Unfortunately, he couldn’t feel any telltale leaks yet. Of course sitting down like he was made it perfectly possible for him to be leaking and not know it.
Mel finished her coffee and wiped him off before pulling the tray away from the table. “Are you leaking yet?” she asked. “It’s way past time.”
“I don’t know,” he replied as he slid down from the chair. He pulled the skirt of his dress all the way up to expose his diaper. It certainly looked soggy, but he couldn’t see any leaks.
Mel shook her head in frustration. “Never mind. Get that dress off and start preparing your punishment area. You’ve got lots of punishment coming! And hurry up! Four demerits worth, plus not leaking – even now… I don’t even know how long we’re going to be at this!”
Chad was looking forward to his punishment even less now. Forty whacks for the demerits was a lot, but how many was she going to tack on just because he hadn’t leaked yet? And the problem was mostly because she had kept him confined in that darn corner where he couldn’t keep drinking. It was her fault, not his!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

“Hey Mel. I’m glad I reached you,” Cassie said as soon as she heard Mel answer her phone.
“Hi Cassie. You have news?”
“I’ll say! First of all, when I called him, he definitely didn’t talk in his sissy voice. In fact, it took me a minute to make sure I was talking to the right person. I’m not used to hearing his male voice anymore.”
Mel was slightly disappointed – in a way. Still it was just as she suspected he’d do. “That’s kind of what I figured he’d do,” she told Cassie. “Thanks for doing that for me.”
“No problem,” Cassie replied. “By the way, our little receptionist here asked me today if she could watch while I change his diapers.”
“She did?” Mel was very surprised to hear that. “What did you tell her?”
“I told her not today, but that I would ask you about it. She seemed fairly pleased with my answer. So what should I tell her?”
Her question actually caught Mel off guard. “Geez! I never thought about anyone else there.”
“I know. She kind of surprised me too. But Mel, let me tell you, while I was… uh… working with Chad today, I mentioned her watching a few times, just to kid with him, you know? And each time I brought it up, you should have seen how he reacted. I think the idea scares him, but at the same time, I think it turns him on too.”
Mel digested that. “Yeah, that figures! Knowing him, it probably would turn him on!”
“So what should I tell her?”
Mel thought about it, but she had too many other problems with Chad just then to decide one way or another. Besides, she wasn’t there at lunchtimes to change him. She didn’t really know the situation. “Tell you what Cassie, you decide. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave it all up to you this time. Use your best judgment.”
Cassie paused for a moment before she replied. “Okay, I guess. We’ll just have to see how things go in the future.”

Robin poked her head into Chad’s cubicle for a moment. “Okay, Sissy, I’m off to the meeting. Is there anything you want me to bring up for you?”
Chad turned in his chair to answer her. “No. Good luck.”
She smiled, “Thanks. And you’ll be standing by to answer any questions?”
He picked up his cell phone from the desk to show her. But before he could put it down again, it rang. Chad was so startled he almost dropped it.
“You’re getting a lot of calls today,” Robin noted as he opened his phone.
Chad had checked to see who was calling and was surprised to see Sandy’s name there. “Hello?”
“Hi Sissy,” Sandy replied. “I was just checking to see if there was anything else you needed me to design for you before I send you my bill.”
“Uh… No thanks. I think you’ve given me plenty to look at.”
Sandy actually giggled at his answer. “Okay then, I just wanted to check, that’s all.”
“Yeah. Thanks Sandy.” Chad closed his phone.
“Who’s Sandy?” Robin asked.
“I asked her to do some design work for redecorating my apartment.”
Robin was suddenly very interested. “You’re redecorating?”
“Did she come up with anything good?”
“Some of it,” Chad replied. “Some I wasn’t as happy with.”

Mel’s phone rang and she noticed that it was Sandy calling back. “Hello,” she said as soon as she connected.
“Hi Mel. I just wanted to let you know that I called him.”
“And what voice did he use?”
“Definitely his male voice. I don’t think he even thought about speaking any other way.”
Mel sighed. Again, it was just as she suspected. “Okay, thanks Sandy. I appreciate your help.”
“No problem Mel. Anytime.”
Mel sat back in her chair to think. It was really the same old problem that she still had no way to solve. How could she get him to use his sissy voice all the time? She had already yelled at him earlier – and obviously that didn’t work. She knew that tonight he was going to be in for a major beating and she was fairly certain that he was aware of that too. But she still had no other method than the beatings she was giving him now.
She was tempted to call him and let him know that he would be getting more demerits – one for Cassie’s call and another one for Sandy’s call, but she decided to wait a little while first. She had a meeting with another client in a few minutes and she really didn’t want to get any more upset before hand than she already was.

Chad sat back in his chair – waiting for his phone to ring. But now that he wanted it to ring, it was remaining stubbornly quiet. He could have been doing other work, but he just didn’t feel like it. In a way, he was glad that he wasn’t at the meeting with the client. Dressed as he was, it would be horribly embarrassing. He was fairly sure that the clients wouldn’t exactly like it either. But on the other hand, he was rather proud of what he had built for them and would have liked to get some direct credit for it from the people who would actually be using it. If it wasn’t for the way he was dressed… and the things that Mel made him do… and the bet in general, then he would have gladly been in that meeting. As it was, Robin was now representing both of them. He kind of resented that a bit, but then, what other solution was there?
The longer he sat without his phone ringing, the more useless he began to feel. Didn’t anybody have any questions he could answer? Was it possible that Robin knew everything? Maybe they didn’t really need him. Was it a sign that the company might be able to do without him? None of the other work he was currently doing was really very important. It was mostly a lot of busywork that just needed doing. Were they trying to tell him something by ignoring him? He began to wish harder than ever for his phone to ring.
As he waited, he realized he had to pee again – fortunately. He quickly noted the time and began holding back. At least holding back gave him something different to worry about instead of only wondering why nobody was calling him. As the minutes ticked on, holding back became harder and harder. He got up from his seat to walk around his cubicle, hoping the movement would help. It helped, but only slightly, and only for a few moments. Eventually, he sat down again for the same reason. And then he felt it leaking out of him. The pressure was just too much to hold back, and with an audible explosion of his breath he let it loose. He checked the clock. Nine minutes. Pitiful! But much better than anything he had done yet today.
“Hey Chad.”
Robin’s sudden appearance at the entrance to his cubicle startled him. “Hi Robin. Is the meeting over already?”
“Yeah. It was a total waste of time. Mostly, Tom went through everything, then he turned all the materials over to them. They didn’t even have any questions.”
“No questions at all?”
“Nope. I just sat there like a lump the whole time.”
Chad suddenly began to feel better.
“So are you ready for break?” she asked.
Her question surprised him. “Break time already?” he asked as he checked the time.
“Duh! What do you think?”
It was indeed time. Where had the afternoon gone? But did he want to go? Lately, everybody had way too many questions that he wasn’t willing to answer. But if he didn’t go, then Robin would only make some kind of a fuss. He got out of his chair and followed her out to the hallway.
“So have you patched things up yet with your friend Mel?” Robin asked as they walked.
“Patched things up?” He almost laughed. The real answer was a big definite no! But he couldn’t tell her that. “There was nothing to patch up,” he told her instead.
“So what was your problem?”
He paused searching for some acceptable way to answer. Finally he replied. “It’s complicated.”
“I hate you!”

There was no line for coffee. Chad only had to wait for Robin to get hers. But as he was waiting he saw Derek already sitting at a table by himself. Derek motioned slightly toward one of the empty seats at his table, inviting Chad over. Chad leaned closer to Robin. “I’m going to go see what Derek wants,” he said.
Robin turned and looked at Derek then waved coyly at him. “Your boyfriend!” she teased. “Go get him girl!”
Chad just rolled his eyes as he poured his own coffee.
“Hi Derek,” Chad said as he walked up to the table.
“Cha… I mean, hi Sissy. You still coming to the game tomorrow night?”
Chad sat down before he answered. “As far as I know.” But what he didn’t say was that he’d much rather not be there. Especially with what he suspected that Mel had planned for him.
Derek only nodded. “Any chance you won’t be dressed like… he paused, then just waved his hand a bit toward Chad.”
Chad shook his head. “The truth is, I don’t know what I’ll be wearing yet.” And that was the part that really worried him. After this morning, he figured there was now a better chance than ever that he would be attending the poker game in his silly sissy baby dress.
Derek only smiled. “You sound like my ex-wife! She never knew what she was going to wear to something till she went thorough everything in her closet at least three times. Then she usually went out and bought something new.”
Chad blushed as he searched for a decent answer. “That’s part of the fun of it all.” And he supposed that was the truth. He just hadn’t had much of a chance to experience much of it yet.
When break was over, he walked back to his desk with Robin. She asked him, “What did Derek want to talk about?”
“He asked about what I plan to wear to the poker game tomorrow night.”
Robin sounded somewhat shocked. “He did? I told you he liked you!”
“It’s not like that!” Chad replied, defending himself. “I think he’d rather I showed up as a guy again.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes!” Chad answered emphatically.
But Robin only smiled. “So what are you going to wear?”
“That’s the part that has me worried.”
Robin almost laughed. “Do you need some help picking out an outfit? I’m sure we can come up with something sexy that Derek will just love.”
Chad knew she was only teasing, but still… “No thanks. I’m pretty sure that Mel has that already figured out for me.” And he had no doubt about that at all!

Chad was just walking into his cubicle when his phone started ringing. Fortunately, he had left it out on his desk. He quickly checked and saw that it was Mel calling – oh shit! He hurried out of his cubicle with the phone, as he did so, he noticed that Robin had stopped at the entrance to her own cubicle and was looking back at him. “Uh… excuse me,” Chad mumbled to Robin as he quickly hurried off in the opposite direction – phone in hand.
As he hurried up the hallway as fast as he could walk in the heels he was wearing, he opened his phone. “Hewwo?” he said, slightly winded in his sissy voice as he hurried further away.
“Sissy! What took you so long to answer again?”
“I was just getting back fwom bweak.” He replied in his sissy voice again.
“What’s wrong?” Mel asked, her suspicions growing. “Are you running somewhere again – trying to hide?”
“Which means yes!”
Chad had no real way to deny it. “Uh… Yes, Mistwess.”
“I thought so! When I called you earlier, you spoke in your old male voice. You know that’s forbidden, yet you refused to speak correctly even when I told you to! Then after that, Cassie called you and you talked to her in your old – forbidden – male voice too! And you know you shouldn’t have. Cassie said she wasn’t even sure it was you that she was really talking to for a few minutes. Then later, Sandy called you and she told me that you again spoke to her in your forbidden male voice. You just never learn! And now you’re hurrying away somewhere so nobody else will hear you! You know perfectly well that I want you using your sissy voice when you talk with everybody – even at work! As of right now, you’ve got a total of four demerits. I certainly hope you don’t get anymore, or you won’t be sitting down for a very, very long time!”
Four demerits! Oh great! He wasn’t happy to hear that at all. And how was he supposed to know that when Sandy and Cassie called that they would be telling her what voice he used. It wasn’t fair! But what could he say about it? He wasn’t going to use his sissy voice at work – no matter what! “Yes, Mistwess,” he replied sullenly, accepting the fact that he was going to be in for a very painful evening. No real surprise though.
“Now,” Mel continued. “I had wanted to ask you earlier, but I forgot since you made me so angry. What do the guys usually wear to these poker games? I’m guessing it’s all quite casual, but do they show up in junky old t-shirts, or do they at least have a bit more class?”
Chad had to stop to consider the question. “Well,” he finally said, “I have seen one or two of them in t-shirts before, but usually most of the guys just wear what they wore to work that day.” Then very quickly he added, “That’s probably what I should do too – just wear whatever I wear to work tomorrow. It will be the easiest.”
“Don’t plan on it!” Mel replied, leaving him with no doubt at all that she had other ideas. Well, he had tried.
As he entered his cubicle, he heard Robin’s voice call over the wall, “Is everything all right?”
“It’s fine!” he called back. Just fine – that is if you don’t count being beaten half to death later.
A moment later, Robin was in his cubicle. She seemed genuinely concerned. “I just thought something was really wrong the way you grabbed your phone and went running like that. So what was the problem?”
He shook his head. “No real problem. Mel just wanted to know what the guys wear to the poker games.”
“And for that you had to run down the hall like your life was at stake?”
Well, his life was sort of at stake. He just couldn’t tell her that. “Um… I thought it might be another problem,” he replied.
“Like the problem that had you so scared earlier?”
Trust Robin to never forget something you wanted her to forget. “Um… Yeah, kind of.”
Robin shook her head, knowing that he was about to get stubborn again. “And you’re not going to tell me any more about it. Right?”
He shook his head. “Sorry.”
“Yeah, right!” she said disgustedly. Then she perked up. “So did you talk about what you’re going to be wearing? I hope it will be something interesting.”
Chad rolled his eyes as he thought again of the stupid, too short, silly – baby dress! “No, we didn’t talk about that, but I have no doubt at all that it will be interesting.”