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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 31 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 31 Part 2 of 3

At lunchtime, everyone filed out of the room – except Marian and Phillip.  As soon as all the women were gone, Phillip turned toward Marian.  “I guess you don’t want to drive again today, do you?”
Marian was surprised by his question.  “If you’re interested in going into another restaurant, then I’m more than willing,” she said brightly.
“No, no!” Phillip quickly corrected her.  “It’s just that I don’t know how much trouble it will be driving with this stupid balloon tied to my wrist.  And these nails aren’t the best either.”
Marian shook her head.  “I don’t think they’ll give you any trouble at all,” she told him.  “Now, do you want to go in somewhere and have some fun again, or are you just going to go through another drive-thru?”
“The drive-thru, definitely!” Phillip replied in no uncertain terms.
“Then I’ll just stay here and listen to my music,” Marian replied.
“You’re still listening to that junk?” Phillip asked with a shake of his head.  “I don’t see how anyone can like stuff like that.”
“It’s fabulous music!” Marian insisted.
“I think you need your head examined,” Phillip replied as he grabbed Dolly.  He headed out of the room to get their lunch, but the only thing on his mind was trying to figure out how to avoid being seen by too many people.  He wasn’t coming up with any ideas.  And the stupid balloon tied to his wrist only brought him more attention.  Ugh!

Heather rode down in the elevator with a crowd of ladies from the office.  She listened to their chatter, but she said nothing.  She was still troubled over what to do about Phillip.  If only there was some way to get some information.  When the elevator doors opened, she piled out with everyone else, but she didn’t get far from the elevators when she noticed her favorite handsome security guard watching everyone again – and he was looking straight at her.  She smiled again, and she saw him smile…and nod his head.  The simple little act thrilled her.  If only!
And then before she had gone much further, she saw him quickly look around and step out, heading straight for her.  When it became obvious that he was indeed heading for her, she stopped and looked at him approaching.  But why?  She became very nervous about it.  Why would a security guard be coming after her?  What had she done wrong?
“Ma’am?” the security guard said with a broad smile. 
“Yes?” Heather replied nervously.
“Um…please excuse me,” the guard said, but I couldn’t help but notice you every time you come in and then leave again.”
“Is there a problem?” Heather asked.
“Absolutely not,” the guard replied.  “It’s just that…well…please excuse me but…I was wondering if you’re…involved with someone?”
Heather’s eyes went wide.  “Involved?  I can assure you, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t done anything wrong at all!”
“No,” the security guard reassured her quickly.  He looked around to check the people again before turning his attention back at her.  “What I meant is…are you married, or…do you at least have a boyfriend you’re attached to?”
Heather couldn’t believe he would ask such a question.  “No,” she replied hesitantly, “I’m not married.  And I’m afraid there is no boyfriend right now…unfortunately.  Why”
The guards smile widened.  “Because I watch you coming in and leaving every day, and you’ve got to have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.  A beautiful smile…on a beautiful lady.”
Heather could feel herself blushing.  “Oh…” she started embarrassedly.
“It’s true!” he insisted.  He looked around at the crowd for a moment, doing his job, then back to her.  “Would you ever consider going out with me sometime?”
“Go out with you?” she asked, unbelievingly.  She saw him smile and nod.  Damn!  She couldn’t believe her good luck.  The single most handsome guy she had ever seen was asking her out!  “Um…I guess I could do that,” she replied.
He smiled broadly, then he cocked his head just a bit before saying, “Any chance you’re free for dinner tonight?”
“Um…”  Heather’s stomach was doing flip-flops.  “Sure.  I guess.”
The guard smiled broadly.  “I get off work thirty minutes after you,” he said.  “If you’ll wait here after work for a few minutes, I can change as soon as my shift is done and we can go wherever you like.”
“Um…that sounds like a good plan,” she replied, still trying to come to grips with the fact that he had actually asked her out.
The guard smiled again and held out his hand.  “My name is Jim, by the way.”
“Heather,” she replied as she shook his hand.  Oh, he had the most gorgeous eyes!
A minute later, he returned to his post, and Heather hurried to catch up to her friends who were all standing in a group waiting for her.
“What was that all about?” Lisa asked as Heather caught up to her.
“I’ve got a dinner date tonight,” Heather told them, still not believing it herself.
“With the hunk?”
Heather smiled as she turned to walk toward the door.  “With the hunk.”

The entire time Phillip sat in his car in the drive-thru line, he couldn’t get his mind off of what he had “endured” inside the restaurant yesterday.  In that mermaid dress he could hardly walk in, he had spent most of his time on his feet – walking around in front of everyone.  As he sat in his car waiting to order, his hand went directly to his thickly diapered groin and tried to press down over and over again.  It didn’t do him any good at all, but that didn’t stop him from trying.  It did cause the balloon tied to his wrist to bob up and down more than usual, but he didn’t really care.  He finally ordered lunch for Marian and himself, and eventually he got to the window to pick it up.
“Hey everyone, he’s back again!” the girl at the window called.  “And you should see his outfit today!”  She finally turned back to Phillip.  “How come you didn’t come in today?  We can’t see what you’re wearing except a little.  What’s the balloon for?”
Phillip did his best to ignore the question about the balloon.  “Can I just pay for my stuff and get it?”
But the girl was ignoring his question as some of her friends came to the window.  One of them leaned out as far as she could.  “I can’t see you in the car very well!” she complained.  “Come on inside.  Please?”
“Um…not today,” Phillip replied.  He held out some money in his hand, but nobody there seemed interested in taking it.  “We’re blocking the line,” he prompted, hoping it would get them moving so he could get out of there.
“I want to see,” another girl inside said as she pushed her way to the window to look out.  Phillip recognized the girl who had held the door open for them yesterday.  “God!” she exclaimed. “You’ve got to come in so we can see you better!”
“Can’t I just get my food?” Phillip asked.
“Oh...” the girl said disappointedly.  “Please come in.  Just for a minute?”
“I really need to get lunch,” he said.
“We’ll give you some extra fries,” the girl offered quickly.
“Another large drink too,” another girl added.
“We’ll supersize everything!” A third girl shouted from behind them.
Phillip shook his head.  “I need to get back,” he argued.
“Please come in.  Pretty please…” one of the girls begged.
“No!” Phillip told them.  “I’ve got to get back.”
“Oh phooey!” the girl replied as she turned away. 
Eventually, only the original girl was there at the window.  She took his money and handed him his food.  Finally.  “I really wish you’d reconsider,” she told him.  “I’d really love to see what you’re wearing today.”
“We all would!” one of her friends shouted from behind her.
Phillip shook his head.  “Not today,” he replied.  He stepped on the gas and finally left.  But he didn’t get out of the parking lot before he pulled over into one of the empty parking spaces.  The truth was, the day before had been one of the most thrilling days of his life.  Did he dare go in again?  What if anyone got the idea that he might like being dressed so humiliatingly?  And then another thought hit him.  Did it matter?
Suddenly throwing all caution to the wind, he quickly grabbed Dolly and got out of the car.  He had a little trouble getting the balloon out too, but a moment later, he was stopping traffic as his colorful outfit turned every head around.  He quickly went inside and up to the counter.
“He’s here!  He’s here!” one of the girls behind the counter suddenly screamed.  “He came in!”
Phillip didn’t quite know what to do with himself as every employee in the store came to the counter to look at him…and to laugh at him.  He couldn’t help himself, he smiled despite his embarrassment.  He stood there for a moment letting everyone look at him – workers and customers alike.  “Good enough?” he finally asked with a big grin.  Then he turned to leave. 
“No wait!” one of the girls behind the counter called.
He turned around.  “How come you brought your doll in with you again?” one of them asked.
“He always carries it,” another of the girls replied for him.  “I found that out yesterday.  He takes it everywhere with him.”
“Everywhere?” the first girl asked.
Phillip only nodded.  Then he raised his hand and waved and turned to leave.
“Wait!” another of the girls yelled. 
Phillip turned around again. 
“If you come back tomorrow and come inside,” the girl told him, “we’ll make sure you get that supersize order with everything.”
If he comes inside!” another girl emphasized with a laugh.
Phillip only smiled and waved again, then he ignored their repeated calls to wait and headed back to the car.  Why had he done that?  Why had he purposely put himself in that humiliating position?  But as he opened his car door and pushed his balloon inside, he knew the answer.  It was because of the humiliation…and the fun.  And because he knew he’d want to remember it all.  Now he just had to hope that no one else found out.

All afternoon, whenever possible, Marian kept the beautiful cello music playing through the earbuds in her ears.  She would never have any way of knowing if the recording she had made would help her, but the only way to let it do any good at all was to keep listening to it.  Fortunately, it was something very enjoyable and also very calming to listen to.  So much so that she thought that perhaps, if she did ever get out of this mess, she would listen to music like it much more often – including at work. 
While she was working and listening to her music, Marian was also watching Phillip very closely.  She rarely let him go thirty minutes without sending him something that he had to print and then mail, or she had him perform some other little errand that got him out of his seat.  She discovered if she watched him hard enough, that more often than she thought, he was smiling – even though he did nothing but look straight down at the floor all the time.  The guy was indeed enjoying himself.  She had no doubt about that at all.  Especially since he never once complained about any of the things she had him continually doing. 
Maybe it was just something that had been buried in her for a long time now – since her husband had died in fact.  Or maybe it was something to do with the subliminal suggestions constantly coming into her head behind the cello music, but Marian discovered that she was really enjoying pushing Phillip around and making him do things that he “claimed” he hated.  She knew better about that though.  She had no doubt at all that deep down Phillip was loving it. 
When her husband had been alive, their marriage had been very traditional – most of the time.  But toward the end, before he died, she had gone from someone who always acted in the submissive role, to one who occasionally switched over to the dominant role, and her husband had played the submissive instead.  It had brought many happy hours to both of them.  Oh God how she missed that man!
But now with Phillip, Marian found herself experiencing the thrill of being the dominant one again – only differently.  In this case, she was acting much more dominant with him, and pushing him to do things she barely understood.  In truth, the thing she was trying to do with Phillip, was to act like a dominating adult…and keep him acting like nothing but a small child.  A girl child to be exact.  All because she knew that that was his deep dark fantasy.  That’s what turned him on.  And as kinky as it seemed, Marian still found that she was starting to enjoy the role. 
There was a bonus with it too.  Staying on top of Phillip the way she had, was obviously making him treat her more decently.  More humanly.  Especially at home in his apartment.  For a while there, she was really starting to feel like a cow.  Who was she kidding?  The truth was that all too often, she still felt like a cow – ever day – multiple times every day.  In fact, she was already putting off going out to the elevators for a good satisfying mooing session right now. 
But all that aside, her main goal was still to break free from all the mind conditioning that Vivian had done on her.  Forget Phillip.  If she wanted to help him later, she would have to handle that as it came up.  But first she had to get free from Vivian’s spell, and then crush Vivian!  After the things Vicious Vivian had done, Marian had no doubt that living in a barn, even as a cow, would be preferable to where Vivian would soon be living.  Prison!
With a sigh, Marian pulled the earbuds out of her ears and turned the recording off.  It couldn’t be put off any longer.  She needed a good mooing session again, and she was really starting to look forward to it.  Damn Vivian for what she had done to her!

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Hypnotized and Humiliate - Chapter 31 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 31 Part 1 of 3

Phillip rolled over in bed and pulled the pillow over his head.  Arrgghh!  Even with his door closed he could still hear that music that Marian had been playing all night long.  It wasn’t that it was loud, it wasn’t!  But he could still hear it a little.  And it was awful!  Not what he would call music at all.  And she said it was wonderful?  Ha!  Impossible!  The music had no words and never a melody he could ever hum or sing.  And she called that relaxing music?  She was crazy!  Well, obviously.  Look at the way she loved walking around it that cow costume mooing for everyone.  Crazy! 
All night long he had been forced to listen to some stupid cello player sawing away in the background.  Not even with a group of other musicians.  One guy playing cello.  No melodies, no words, just one guy playing stupid cellos…suites as she had called them.  And they were not relaxing to listen to.  Especially not after having to hear them all night long!  Aarrgghh!  After listening to them for so long now, his nerves were totally frazzled!  Ugh!
He gave up and rolled over on the bed.  The clock was showing that it was about time to get up anyway.  Stupid Marian would have to be milked in a little while – and he knew by now that if he wanted his damn diaper changed then he had better have it messy before that.  Ugh!  But after that, once his diaper was removed, he had major plans to do things that the diaper prevented him from doing all day yesterday and all last night.  Just as soon as he could get Marian on her milking machine…and of course, after he emptied the darn machine the first time, because she filled those small bottles up all too quickly now.  He might even have to empty it twice now and put it back on her.  She was giving that much milk lately.  He had been waiting to get inside his diapers since early yesterday.  He was getting tired of waiting.  He wanted a few minutes of private play time.  He wanted – relief!
His hand automatically reached for the tube of lipstick on his nightstand where he had left it last night.  The long red nails still attached to his fingers made him fumble with it for a moment, but he was practiced enough with the lipstick now that it didn’t cause him all that much trouble.  He never even thought about the false eyelashes still glued to his eyelids.  They weren’t bothering him at all.

It was the stopping of the music that woke her.  The eternal calming background sound was suddenly gone.  She lifted her head from the hay she was laying in and mooed…the only sound she was capable of making just then.
“I can’t stand that anymore!” Phillip complained even before he came into view of her stall.  “You’ve had that same damn music playing since last night.  And it’s awful!”
It wasn’t awful.  It was wonderful.  Beautiful Bach cello suites played by one of the best cello players in the world.  It was beautiful music!  But the best she could do to voice her opinion on the matter was to moo again.
“I don’t care what you think,” Phillip replied as if he understood what she was saying.  “I can’t take it anymore.  And it’s time for your milking anyway, so get where you belong.”
Marian shook her head and mood again like the cow she so often felt like now.  But her udders really did need milking.  They were overly heavy and aching horribly.  Her stupid cow bell clanged constantly as she crawled over top of her tub and moved to her usual kneeling position.
“Wait a minute,” Phillip said quickly.  “Get out of there and get these diapers off me first.  I can’t stand how awful they are!”
Marian mooed and crawled forward out of her stall.  She didn’t bother getting up, she simply reached up with fingers that would now work since she was out of her stall, and ripped the tapes of his diaper open.  Then crawled back into her stall and back into position over top of her tub.   Her hands automatically went where they would be out of the way and useless – just as useless as what they were attempting to do to her.  She was denied any orgasms at all now.  But that didn’t stop her from craving them and doing everything she could to give herself one.  Two minutes later, the machine was connected and her udders were finally draining.  And it felt oh-so-good!  Ahhhhh! 
As the pressure was being drained away from her udders, her mind went back to the night before.  It had been Phillip’s unwitting idea, although she was sure he didn’t realize that…or care.  As soon as she got home, she had gotten busy building another recording.  Another subliminal recording.  But this one was for her.  This one was designed to help her fight Vivian’s brainwashing.  This one was filled with ideas for not accepting Vivian’s programming anymore.  It would fill her mind with nothing but confidence, determination, and power…and the knowledge that all the pain she might get was never real to begin with. 
She had downloaded the cello music as the perfect medium to put the subliminal suggestions in, and by the time she and Phillip had been ready go to bed, she had already had it playing for an hour…over top of Phillip’s TV show, which he complained bitterly about.  At least he had agreed to leave it playing all night long.  That had been her main goal.  But was it doing anything yet?  She didn’t know.  As far as she could tell, her hands were stuck right where they always were when she was being milked, and she still didn’t seem to have the ability to remove them.  So no, no change yet as far as she could see.  She let out another moo, although she wasn’t sure why.  It just seemed…appropriate.
Ten minutes later, Marian’s thoughts were interrupted by a naked and still damp Phillip coming back to empty her machine.  She didn’t bother moving since she knew he would be bringing it right back again.  All indications were that she was still continuing to produce more and more milk each time.  It was the fault of all those pills she was still being made to swallow, coupled with the long milking schedule and the amount of time she was always left hooked up to the suction of the machine. 

Phillip jumped into the shower for the second time that morning.  The first time he had done nothing more than to nervously rinse himself off as he watched for any of the snakes that he knew perfectly well were in there.  It felt good to be clean again.  Especially after having to mess his diaper each morning.  But he knew it was still better to do it when he got up than to have to deal with the problem later in the day. 
But now he was back in the shower again and at least somewhat clean, and Marian would be hooked up to her machine for at least another twenty minutes.  He had plenty of time.  With his head constantly looking around for any snakes, he took himself in hand and went to work, having to be extra careful not to scratch himself with his long fingernails.  Thoughts of everything he had been forced to endure yesterday ran rampantly through his head.  Thoughts of what he would most likely endure today ran along with those thoughts.  Marian had been treating him like a child for the last couple of days – like a little girl really.  It was everything that was at the very root of all his fantasies – not that he’d ever admit that – ever! 
His mind remembered struggling to walk all day yesterday in the tight confines of that dress…another princess costume.  A mermaid costume more suited for a little girl than a grown person – let alone a grown man.  All those experiences from yesterday seemed to pile on top of each other, and all too quickly he got the relief he had craved for so long.  But how much longer until he was desperate for it again.  He had a feeling it wouldn’t be all that long at all.  Still, it had felt really good – if only too short.  
Not wanting to tempt his fate with the snakes, he quickly got out of the tub and dried himself off.  He grabbed Dolly and hurried out of the bathroom and into his bedroom.  He had no idea what he wanted to wear, but he already knew it would be the colorful little girl outfit from last weekend – again.  He knew that only because Mistress Vivian had dictated it last night after work.  Just thinking about being dressed that way in front of so many people made him squeamish.  But thinking about the way he had been dressed the day before and what he had endured was even worse!  Was it too soon to head back into the shower again?  Instead he got busy selecting the clothes Marian would have to wear to work.  Normal clothes – unlike what he would be wearing.

Marian checked her image in the mirror.  Now that she was dressed, she felt much more confident – much more in charge of things – much bolder.  One of the big differences was that now that she was dressed and out of her stall, she felt much less like a cow.  As much as she hated it, after all of Vivian’s constant brainwashing, slipping into cow mode was really all too easy.  But today, she simply felt much better, much more confident – now that she was human again and dressed.  The one and only thing marring her appearance just then was her stupid cow bell.  But that would be gone as soon as they could get to work. 
“Do I look okay?” she asked, turning toward Phillip.
Phillip had been busy looking at his colorful Rainbow Brite little girl outfit again.  And under it, she had put him into three of his thick diapers again.  But when he reminded her that she would wind up in more diapers than he was wearing, she looked down at him commandingly and said, “I dare you!”
He would have done it!  He would have, but she was already dressed before she had tackled what he had to wear, and…well…she just seemed to be acting so in charge of him again.  And…he simply couldn’t help himself.  So he was stuck waddling around in three thick diapers, while she wasn’t wearing any.  And why did she seem so much more…commanding today?  It made it nearly impossible for him to order her to do anything…or even ask nicely.
He looked her over briefly.  “You look fine,” he told her.  “How about me?  Bad enough?”
Marian smiled.  “Not quite,” she said.  She quickly walked over to the desk area where the balloon she had tied to his wrist at the mall was still floating against the ceiling.  It still hadn’t deflated very much at all.  Two minutes later, she had it tied to his wrist again – amid lots of frustrated sighs from him.  “Oh stop it,” she said.  “You know you love it.”
Phillip didn’t reply at all.
Marian picked up the cello CD she had made the night before and slipped it into her purse.  “Okay,” she said, “Grab some bottles to drink and stick them in your purse, and let’s go.  We’ve got lots of work to do today.”  Two minutes later, she led the way to the front door and held it open wide so Phillip and Dolly…and his balloon could get through.  Then she closed and locked it behind them.

Heather hadn’t slept much all night.  She had been busy with friends for much of the evening, but she had still tried to reach Felicia twice to talk with her.  Felicia had never answered.  So now as she parked her car and walked toward the building, she still didn’t know what to do about Phillip – anymore than she did the night before.  How could the FBI let it go on so long?  How?  It was all preposterous!  She had to put a stop to it somehow…but Felicia had said not to get in the middle of what the FBI were doing.  What should she do?  She desperately wanted to do something, she just didn’t know what.
As she crossed the lobby, her eyes went to the security guards standing off to the side.  There was one in particular that her eyes seemed to go to more often than the rest, but that was only because he was so handsome.  Well built too.  What she’d give to go out with a guy like that!  But he was most likely married.  Anyone who looked that good was always already taken.  She smiled at him though as she headed for the elevators and was thrilled when he smiled back.
As always lately, before she entered the office she prayed that Phillip would be back to his old self again.  No sign of him wearing anything silly.  But one step through the office door and she stopped dead.  The balloon was certainly impossible to miss.  And right below it was all too much color to not notice.  Phillip.  Or more accurately now, Sissy Phyllis, as Marian had called him.  With a sigh, she headed for her desk, still unable to take her eyes off him…even though he was purposely turned as much toward the wall as possible.

“Good morning ladies,” Vivian proudly announced as she came to a stop at the front of the room – five minutes late.  She stood there to give ample time for everyone to ogle her…and wish they could look half as good.  It took only moments for her to see the looks of total envy on every woman in the room – and Sissy Phyllis too.  Priceless!  Simply priceless!  All her efforts had definitely not gone to waste.
The leopard print heels on her feet were toweringly high and uncomfortable, but they were very worth the little bit of discomfort she was enduring.  The orange and black tiger striped pants she was wearing were skin tight and she was sure they were also very slimming.  And didn’t the black and white zebra print top she was wearing go so well with the orange and black stripes on her pants?  Perfection!  And even though her top ended a bit above her belly button, she just knew that it made her look so much younger.  A double delight!  The green and blue scarf she had tied around her neck was decorated completely with peacock feathers.  The jacket she was wearing over top of it all, was the most elegant leopard print – and a steal at forty percent off.  Her gold colored necklace was all elephants strung together one after another.  Her earrings were bright and colorful bird feathers.  And the hairclip in her hair was real ostrich feathers!  Darling!  Simply darling!  How could anyone not be totally impressed with her outfit? 
Her eyes caught sight of Sissy Phyllis again.  Oh my.  A balloon tied to his wrist.  She laughed despite herself.  Then she sauntered slowly toward her desk while every eye in the room remained locked on her.  Oh, they were all so jealous.  And they should be!  She felt simply grand.

Between Phillip’s colorful outfit in front of her, and Vivian’s overly crazy outfit across the aisle, Heather was having a difficult time keeping her attention on her work.  And then she heard the printer behind her come to life, and she saw Phillip turn in his seat in that direction…and she watched as he got out of his seat to get whatever it was that he had printed.  Oh my!  Since he had been sitting down, she hadn’t been able to see everything that he was wearing.  Rainbow Brite on his shirt.  And the colorful leggings.  And that tutu!  It was all simply too much.  Especially with that silly balloon tied to his wrist.  Despite how she felt about the whole situation, she simply couldn’t help herself, the laugh was out of her mouth before she knew it.  “I’m sorry,” she said quickly, despite her laughing.  “I really am.  I’m trying not to laugh, but…I think it’s just that silly balloon.”
“Don’t worry,” Phillip replied.  “I’d laugh too if I wasn’t so…embarrassed.” 
With Dolly in the arm that was partially supported by the balloon over his head, he managed to grab the documents from the printer with only a little more difficulty than normal.  All the practice he got the day before with those fingernails was starting to help now.  How much longer would he be stuck wearing them?  A month sounded like fun.  Of course, he dared only show everyone how much he hated it all.  Maybe he should have tried to get himself off a second time while he was in the shower that morning.
When he turned around to go back to his desk, he noticed all the women in the room now looking at him.  And a few were laughing too.  It was all he could do to suppress the smile that threatened to come to his lips.  He looked at the floor as he went back to his desk, where still standing, he stuck the papers into an envelope, addressed it, then picked up Dolly again to head to the front of the room.  Again looking only at the floor, he could literally feel his face turning red as everyone in the room watched him.  And yes, both Courtney and Ashley were laughing out loud.  Brittany too.  Despite himself, that smile did come to his lips.  Was there any way he could get Marian to remove his diapers at lunchtime so he could have some fun?  Of course not!  But that didn’t keep him from wanting it.

Felicia watched Phillip with total delight, but it was after he passed her that she got her biggest thrill.  It was very obvious to her that under that colorful tutu Phillip was wearing, he was also heavily diapered.  There was no doubt in the world!  And the way he was walking because of it only confirmed it.  She felt a huge wave of satisfaction at that.  Maybe Sissy Phyllis didn’t get Terry and Leanne fired.  But Maria was still unaccounted for and it was only after she left that Phillip had been moved into their department.  Because of that, she still blamed him for her friend’s disappearance.  She still didn’t know what had happened to her.  Had she gone on to the management training program too?  It was possible.  She could only hope.

Heather’s eyes were still locked on Phillip, just as were every other pair of eyes in the room.  She never even thought of taking her eyes off of him until after he had been sitting back at his desk for a few moments.  Only then did she bring herself back to reality.  Despite it all, she was more convinced than ever that this had to stop.  It wasn’t right!  Should she email Felicia and ask again if she had heard anything more about what the FBI was doing?  She had to do something.  But what?  Troubled, she did her best to get back to work…glancing up occasionally at Phillip and his ridiculous balloon.  It really was funny…but it had to stop!

Courtney, Ashley, Lisa, and especially Felicia watched Phillip intently as his colorful tutu shook back and forth.  “Am I seeing things?” Courtney asked.  “To me it looks like he’s wearing some thick diapers or something under that skirt.”
“Oh, he definitely is,” Felicia happily confirmed.  “No doubt about it at all.”
With all the others now looking too, Brittany was the one who just shook her head and breathed, “Geez!”  As much as she too was enjoying watching Phillip, she agreed completely with Heather.  Things had gone too far – too long.  Why was Marian making him do it?  And she didn’t believe for a minute that Phillip really wanted to wear such a silly outfit to work.  And diapers?  It was totally ridiculous!

Marian kept a close eye on everything going on in the office.  Once Phillip was back at his desk and everyone seemed to be back to work again, she slipped the earbuds back in her ears and turned on the beautiful cello music to listen to again.  It really was very well played.  Very well!  Such an artist.  But as she listened, she could only hope that all the subliminal suggestions she had put behind the music would take effect in her.  She could only hope.
 A little while later, when she had to get up and head out to the elevators for another mooing session, she knew for sure that the simple CD she was listening to hadn’t destroyed any of Vivian’s commands – yet.  Most likely, it wouldn’t destroy any of it at all, but she was still hopeful that it would help.  It was all the hope she had.  Last night she had intended on trying to start breaking free.  As useless as she knew it would be, she had meant to start trying, but she had chickened out – opting instead to spend the evening creating the special CD instead.  But tonight would be different.  Vivian hadn’t been there to hypnotize them again last night, so this would be the longest they had gone without it in weeks.  Maybe she wouldn’t be able to break free yet, but it was definitely time to start trying.
When she came back from the elevators…and a little too long in the ladies room, she headed straight for the little break room, stopping again before she went in so she could get Sissy Phyllis to come help her.  She only did that to put him on display again.  And she was more certain than ever that he was secretly loving it. 
“Again?” Phillip asked as he and Dolly entered the room.
“Scrub that table good,” Marian told him as she started making the coffee.
“Do I have to do it from the other side of the table by the window?” Phillip asked. 
Marian turned and smiled at him.  “Why not?  You know you love it anyway.”
Phillip shook his head as Marian went back to making the coffee.  He scrubbed the table like he did the day before.  Was he putting on another show for the ladies in the other room?  He had no doubt that he was.