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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 30 Part 4 of 4

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 30 Part 4 of 4

It was past time for them to be back in the office by the time Marian finally pulled into a parking place at work, much further away from the building than either of them really liked.  Especially Phillip.  But once out of the car, they slowly made their way back to the building. 
“Thanks to you, were late!” Phillip complained.
“Don’t blame it all on me,” Marian replied.  “You’re the one with the dress you can hardly walk in.”
“That’s not my fault!” Phillip replied.
“True,” Marian said with a smile.  “One of my better ideas I think.”
“But we’re still late – because of you!”
“I don’t really care,” Marian replied.  “What’s the good of being in charge if you can’t take a few liberties once in a while?  Just as long as I don’t make a habit of it, nobody should even care…outside of our office,” she added.  “But I’m afraid that since it is so late, maybe we better skip showing you off to Loretta and Samantha.  That is, unless you’d really like to.  And trust me, I don’t really mind at all.  I’m sure they don’t even know we haven’t been back to the office upstairs yet.”
“No thanks!” Phillip said again as he headed directly for the elevators.  The best part of the elevators for him, was that nobody but Marian could see him as they rode up to their floor.  For Marian, it was another chance to relieve her awful mooing urge.
“How come you’re so late?” Ashley asked as they finally got back to their room.
“Sissy Phyllis couldn’t resist showing off her dress for everyone at the restaurant,” Marian replied.
Phillip just rolled his eyes as he headed for his desk.

It was late in the afternoon and everyone was working.  Well, everyone but Vivian.  Most of the women thought Vivian was working, but as usual, Vivian was surfing the internet instead.  Phillip was busy trying to tap one key at a time with his horribly long fingernails, when he was interrupted by a loud exclamation and laugh from Vivian.
“Oh my God!  You should see this!” Vivian exclaimed all too loudly.
“What?” Felicia asked.  “Did someone send us some of those letters again that we sometimes get from the little kids at school?”
“Um…no,” Vivian replied, finally realizing that she had to be careful with what she said.  She didn’t want everyone to know that she wasn’t actually working. 
“Then what?” Felicia asked.
“Um…I’ll send it to you,” Vivian told her.
Felicia went back to her work.  It was actually a few minutes before the email came in from Vivian, and when she read it, she stared at it hard.  She couldn’t believe it!  It was an article from somewhere that said:  “New Princess in Town.”  And in then it was accompanied by several pictures – of Phillip in the princess dress he had worn the week before.  There were pictures of him in a fast food restaurant holding his doll, and there were more pictures of Phillip and his doll in a grocery store posed with another very young girl also wearing a princess dress.  And in all the pictures, it was obviously Phillip!
Felicia turned back toward Vivian.  “My God!” she exclaimed softly.
Vivian only smiled and hoped that Felicia wouldn’t mention that she obviously hadn’t been working.  She stared back at her computer again as if she was actually doing something.  Well, she was, but it certainly wasn’t work. 
Felicia though, felt that the pictures were simply too precious to keep to herself.  With a few clicks of her mouse, she sent them to both Beverly and Brittany – who in turn sent them to others, who in turn sent them to anyone else in the room who hadn’t seen them…except Phillip.  Even Marian saw them.  And when she did, she couldn’t help herself.  Like several of the other women in the room, she let out a loud exclamation of laughter.  She knew now what had caused Vivian’s outburst earlier.  She was only surprised that the pictures had taken so long to reach her.  Not knowing if Phillip had seen them or not, she forwarded them on to him.
Phillip saw the email come in from Marian and opened it…and died.  How embarrassing.  How absolutely totally embarrassing.  He wanted to rub his eyes, but with those false eyelashes he dared not.  And especially not with the claws he now had attached to his hand.  How much longer before he could get home and hopefully get some relief? 
And then he read the note that Marian had added to the email.  Once again he had to print what was sent, get up from his desk and mail it all to Marian – just so everyone could see his dress one more time.  Ugh!  It was positively maddening!

It was very late in the day when Heather looked up from her work.  She was done with what she had been working on, and it was so late there was no sense in starting anything else.  She stared at Phillis’s back for a few moments.  All his problems were because they had erroneously thought that he was the reason that Leanne and Terry had been fired.  But they hadn’t been fired.  Not at all.  So by her figuring, it was way past time for Marian to stop all the humiliation she was shoving at him.  Except…as she knew, the problem really was with Vivian.  But the way things worked, it still looked like Marian was to blame.  As everyone started preparing to leave, she still didn’t know what she wanted to do about it all.  It had to stop.  It had to!  And why weren’t the FBI doing anything about it?  Felicia had been rather explicit as to how they were watching things.  And Felicia had been very clear as to her staying out of it all.  But how much longer were they going to let things continue?  It wasn’t right!
As everyone started preparing to leave, she gathered up her own things.  Phillip in the desk in front of her was fixing his lips – again.  The clock clicked down the final seconds, and she got up to head home, still worried what to do about it all.  She saw Marian and Phillip leaving too.  Only Phillip was moving so much slower that they were going to be way behind everyone else.  A few minutes later, she was still worried about it all as she got into a crowded elevator and headed downstairs in a crush of people. 
But it wasn’t right!  None of it!  Especially not since Leanne and Terry hadn’t been fired.  So what should she do?  The elevator stopped and she was pushed out along with everyone else.  She got halfway to the doors when she stopped, and was nearly knocked down by the people walking behind her.  With some effort, she moved off to the side where she could watch the people coming off the elevators instead of leaving. 
Heather craned her neck hard as she carefully tried to look over everyone she could see.  She figured that Marian, and especially Phillip, would be very hard to miss, but she wasn’t seeing them yet.  Of course, Phillip wasn’t exactly moving very fast.  Most likely, it would be a few minutes yet before they came down. 

Upstairs, Marian and Phillip finally entered an elevator.  Marian silently mourned that they weren’t the only ones in it.  But hopefully when then went back upstairs again, that elevator would be empty.

Vivian reached the bottom floor and walked out with everyone else.  But she had something else on her mind – besides shopping, which she couldn’t wait to get back to.  Turning around, she rode the elevator back upstairs. 

Heather saw Vivian getting back onto the elevators.  She wondered what Vivian had forgotten.  Crazy Vivian.  What was up with her and her outfits lately?  And this new kick she was on was positively ugly.  And the crazy woman obviously thought she looked great! 
A minute later, she finally saw Marian and Phillip step out of the elevator.  “Marian,” she called.  But she was too far away and there were still too many people around.  She waited a second for Marian to come closer so she could talk to her.  But then she stared in amazement as both Marian and Phillip got back into another elevator and took it upstairs.  Why?  What was going on?  Needing to talk to them, she hurried for another elevator to go back up to the office too.

Marian and Phillip finally got back to the office…only to find that the lights were already back on and Vivian was in there waiting for them.  Both of them felt nothing but sudden fear.  Had Vivian figured out what was happening with those DVDs?  Was she going to rehypnotize them both here at the office instead of at home to replant everything into their heads?  They both stopped at the doorway momentarily before going into the office.

Further back in the hallway, Heather was catching up so that she just saw Marian and Phillip going back into the office.  She hurried after them.  She needed to talk to Marian.  She needed to know what to do.

Vivian smiled broadly as Sissy Phyllis and Mooing Marian came back into the room.  “Took you long enough,” she complained as Phillip slowly shuffled his way in.
“In that dress,” Marian replied, “we can’t exactly move very fast.”
“No, you can’t!” Vivian laughed.  “And I can’t tell you how much I’m loving it!”

Outside in the hallway, Heather stopped again, just out of sight.  She could hear Vivian in there with Marian and Phillip again.  She decided to stay hidden like she did last time and just listen.

Vivian continued.  “It occurred to me on the way out today,” she said, “that the others here in the office didn’t get to see that delightfully colorful outfit you put him in this weekend.  I merely wanted to tell you that I want him wearing it tomorrow to work.  I’m sure the others will be positively delighted with it.”  She smiled more wickedly.  “And wait till they see what I’m going to be wearing.  Even that little girl outfit, as colorful as it is, won’t upstage me tomorrow!”  With a wicked laugh, she headed for the door.  “See you in the morning kiddies!”

Heather was almost too late running to hide.  But once again, Vivian turned in the direction of the elevators and never looked back.  Marian and Phillip were still in the office.  She peeked her head inside and was surprised to see them both look like they were just arriving and getting to work instead of going home. 
She suddenly decided that maybe Marian wasn’t the right person to talk to at all.  Obviously Vivian was the one who was still behind everything.  It was definitely Vivian who was causing all the trouble – not Marian.  No matter how things looked. 
She decided that maybe she better call Felicia again tonight and just check to see what she had to say about it all.

A little while later, Phillip and Marian again headed down in the elevators.  This time, Marian had the pleasure of mooing all the way down.  Phillip was very grateful by the time they reached the ground floor and the doors opened so she would stop.  As far as he was concerned, she really did deserve that cowbell he would buckle around her neck just as soon as they got back to the car.  And this time, after the day she had put him through, he would really enjoy putting it on her.  “So the colorful Rainbow Brite outfit again for tomorrow?” he said as they crossed the lobby floor.
“That’s what Vivian said,” Marian said with a sigh.
“Did you have something else in mind?”
“Kind of,” Marian admitted.
“What?” Phillip asked.
Marian only grinned.  “We’ll save it for a surprise.”
Ugh!  Yeah, he was going to enjoy putting that bell on her for a change.  “I hate that we don’t have any choice in so many things,” he noted. 
“Me too,” Marian agreed.  “But what she’s been doing with us has gone way past hypnotism and has become total brainwashing instead.  And that’s making things so much harder.”
“I wish you could still hypnotize me and take away everything she’s making me do.”
“I wish I could do that for you too,” Marian replied.  “But she’s got me locked out.” 
“How about you?” Phillip asked.  “Can anyone hypnotize you?”
Marian was surprised at the question.  “I don’t know.  Quite probably.”
“Could they help you?”
“That part I really don’t know,” she admitted.  “Like I said, what Vivian has been doing has become brainwashing instead and that’s not only more difficult, it’s dangerous.”
“Why do I have to be so susceptible to it all?” Phillip lamented.
“I don’t know,” Marian replied. “Some people just are.”
“Yeah, but I wish I weren’t.  Or I wish I could at least hypnotize myself so that I wouldn’t have to do whatever she says.”
Marian made no reply at all.  It was the last thing he said that stayed firmly on her mind.  So firmly, that she barely thought about him buckling her bell onto her again when they got back to the car.


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