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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 31 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 31 Part 2 of 3

At lunchtime, everyone filed out of the room – except Marian and Phillip.  As soon as all the women were gone, Phillip turned toward Marian.  “I guess you don’t want to drive again today, do you?”
Marian was surprised by his question.  “If you’re interested in going into another restaurant, then I’m more than willing,” she said brightly.
“No, no!” Phillip quickly corrected her.  “It’s just that I don’t know how much trouble it will be driving with this stupid balloon tied to my wrist.  And these nails aren’t the best either.”
Marian shook her head.  “I don’t think they’ll give you any trouble at all,” she told him.  “Now, do you want to go in somewhere and have some fun again, or are you just going to go through another drive-thru?”
“The drive-thru, definitely!” Phillip replied in no uncertain terms.
“Then I’ll just stay here and listen to my music,” Marian replied.
“You’re still listening to that junk?” Phillip asked with a shake of his head.  “I don’t see how anyone can like stuff like that.”
“It’s fabulous music!” Marian insisted.
“I think you need your head examined,” Phillip replied as he grabbed Dolly.  He headed out of the room to get their lunch, but the only thing on his mind was trying to figure out how to avoid being seen by too many people.  He wasn’t coming up with any ideas.  And the stupid balloon tied to his wrist only brought him more attention.  Ugh!

Heather rode down in the elevator with a crowd of ladies from the office.  She listened to their chatter, but she said nothing.  She was still troubled over what to do about Phillip.  If only there was some way to get some information.  When the elevator doors opened, she piled out with everyone else, but she didn’t get far from the elevators when she noticed her favorite handsome security guard watching everyone again – and he was looking straight at her.  She smiled again, and she saw him smile…and nod his head.  The simple little act thrilled her.  If only!
And then before she had gone much further, she saw him quickly look around and step out, heading straight for her.  When it became obvious that he was indeed heading for her, she stopped and looked at him approaching.  But why?  She became very nervous about it.  Why would a security guard be coming after her?  What had she done wrong?
“Ma’am?” the security guard said with a broad smile. 
“Yes?” Heather replied nervously.
“Um…please excuse me,” the guard said, but I couldn’t help but notice you every time you come in and then leave again.”
“Is there a problem?” Heather asked.
“Absolutely not,” the guard replied.  “It’s just that…well…please excuse me but…I was wondering if you’re…involved with someone?”
Heather’s eyes went wide.  “Involved?  I can assure you, to the best of my knowledge, I haven’t done anything wrong at all!”
“No,” the security guard reassured her quickly.  He looked around to check the people again before turning his attention back at her.  “What I meant is…are you married, or…do you at least have a boyfriend you’re attached to?”
Heather couldn’t believe he would ask such a question.  “No,” she replied hesitantly, “I’m not married.  And I’m afraid there is no boyfriend right now…unfortunately.  Why”
The guards smile widened.  “Because I watch you coming in and leaving every day, and you’ve got to have the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen.  A beautiful smile…on a beautiful lady.”
Heather could feel herself blushing.  “Oh…” she started embarrassedly.
“It’s true!” he insisted.  He looked around at the crowd for a moment, doing his job, then back to her.  “Would you ever consider going out with me sometime?”
“Go out with you?” she asked, unbelievingly.  She saw him smile and nod.  Damn!  She couldn’t believe her good luck.  The single most handsome guy she had ever seen was asking her out!  “Um…I guess I could do that,” she replied.
He smiled broadly, then he cocked his head just a bit before saying, “Any chance you’re free for dinner tonight?”
“Um…”  Heather’s stomach was doing flip-flops.  “Sure.  I guess.”
The guard smiled broadly.  “I get off work thirty minutes after you,” he said.  “If you’ll wait here after work for a few minutes, I can change as soon as my shift is done and we can go wherever you like.”
“Um…that sounds like a good plan,” she replied, still trying to come to grips with the fact that he had actually asked her out.
The guard smiled again and held out his hand.  “My name is Jim, by the way.”
“Heather,” she replied as she shook his hand.  Oh, he had the most gorgeous eyes!
A minute later, he returned to his post, and Heather hurried to catch up to her friends who were all standing in a group waiting for her.
“What was that all about?” Lisa asked as Heather caught up to her.
“I’ve got a dinner date tonight,” Heather told them, still not believing it herself.
“With the hunk?”
Heather smiled as she turned to walk toward the door.  “With the hunk.”

The entire time Phillip sat in his car in the drive-thru line, he couldn’t get his mind off of what he had “endured” inside the restaurant yesterday.  In that mermaid dress he could hardly walk in, he had spent most of his time on his feet – walking around in front of everyone.  As he sat in his car waiting to order, his hand went directly to his thickly diapered groin and tried to press down over and over again.  It didn’t do him any good at all, but that didn’t stop him from trying.  It did cause the balloon tied to his wrist to bob up and down more than usual, but he didn’t really care.  He finally ordered lunch for Marian and himself, and eventually he got to the window to pick it up.
“Hey everyone, he’s back again!” the girl at the window called.  “And you should see his outfit today!”  She finally turned back to Phillip.  “How come you didn’t come in today?  We can’t see what you’re wearing except a little.  What’s the balloon for?”
Phillip did his best to ignore the question about the balloon.  “Can I just pay for my stuff and get it?”
But the girl was ignoring his question as some of her friends came to the window.  One of them leaned out as far as she could.  “I can’t see you in the car very well!” she complained.  “Come on inside.  Please?”
“Um…not today,” Phillip replied.  He held out some money in his hand, but nobody there seemed interested in taking it.  “We’re blocking the line,” he prompted, hoping it would get them moving so he could get out of there.
“I want to see,” another girl inside said as she pushed her way to the window to look out.  Phillip recognized the girl who had held the door open for them yesterday.  “God!” she exclaimed. “You’ve got to come in so we can see you better!”
“Can’t I just get my food?” Phillip asked.
“Oh...” the girl said disappointedly.  “Please come in.  Just for a minute?”
“I really need to get lunch,” he said.
“We’ll give you some extra fries,” the girl offered quickly.
“Another large drink too,” another girl added.
“We’ll supersize everything!” A third girl shouted from behind them.
Phillip shook his head.  “I need to get back,” he argued.
“Please come in.  Pretty please…” one of the girls begged.
“No!” Phillip told them.  “I’ve got to get back.”
“Oh phooey!” the girl replied as she turned away. 
Eventually, only the original girl was there at the window.  She took his money and handed him his food.  Finally.  “I really wish you’d reconsider,” she told him.  “I’d really love to see what you’re wearing today.”
“We all would!” one of her friends shouted from behind her.
Phillip shook his head.  “Not today,” he replied.  He stepped on the gas and finally left.  But he didn’t get out of the parking lot before he pulled over into one of the empty parking spaces.  The truth was, the day before had been one of the most thrilling days of his life.  Did he dare go in again?  What if anyone got the idea that he might like being dressed so humiliatingly?  And then another thought hit him.  Did it matter?
Suddenly throwing all caution to the wind, he quickly grabbed Dolly and got out of the car.  He had a little trouble getting the balloon out too, but a moment later, he was stopping traffic as his colorful outfit turned every head around.  He quickly went inside and up to the counter.
“He’s here!  He’s here!” one of the girls behind the counter suddenly screamed.  “He came in!”
Phillip didn’t quite know what to do with himself as every employee in the store came to the counter to look at him…and to laugh at him.  He couldn’t help himself, he smiled despite his embarrassment.  He stood there for a moment letting everyone look at him – workers and customers alike.  “Good enough?” he finally asked with a big grin.  Then he turned to leave. 
“No wait!” one of the girls behind the counter called.
He turned around.  “How come you brought your doll in with you again?” one of them asked.
“He always carries it,” another of the girls replied for him.  “I found that out yesterday.  He takes it everywhere with him.”
“Everywhere?” the first girl asked.
Phillip only nodded.  Then he raised his hand and waved and turned to leave.
“Wait!” another of the girls yelled. 
Phillip turned around again. 
“If you come back tomorrow and come inside,” the girl told him, “we’ll make sure you get that supersize order with everything.”
If he comes inside!” another girl emphasized with a laugh.
Phillip only smiled and waved again, then he ignored their repeated calls to wait and headed back to the car.  Why had he done that?  Why had he purposely put himself in that humiliating position?  But as he opened his car door and pushed his balloon inside, he knew the answer.  It was because of the humiliation…and the fun.  And because he knew he’d want to remember it all.  Now he just had to hope that no one else found out.

All afternoon, whenever possible, Marian kept the beautiful cello music playing through the earbuds in her ears.  She would never have any way of knowing if the recording she had made would help her, but the only way to let it do any good at all was to keep listening to it.  Fortunately, it was something very enjoyable and also very calming to listen to.  So much so that she thought that perhaps, if she did ever get out of this mess, she would listen to music like it much more often – including at work. 
While she was working and listening to her music, Marian was also watching Phillip very closely.  She rarely let him go thirty minutes without sending him something that he had to print and then mail, or she had him perform some other little errand that got him out of his seat.  She discovered if she watched him hard enough, that more often than she thought, he was smiling – even though he did nothing but look straight down at the floor all the time.  The guy was indeed enjoying himself.  She had no doubt about that at all.  Especially since he never once complained about any of the things she had him continually doing. 
Maybe it was just something that had been buried in her for a long time now – since her husband had died in fact.  Or maybe it was something to do with the subliminal suggestions constantly coming into her head behind the cello music, but Marian discovered that she was really enjoying pushing Phillip around and making him do things that he “claimed” he hated.  She knew better about that though.  She had no doubt at all that deep down Phillip was loving it. 
When her husband had been alive, their marriage had been very traditional – most of the time.  But toward the end, before he died, she had gone from someone who always acted in the submissive role, to one who occasionally switched over to the dominant role, and her husband had played the submissive instead.  It had brought many happy hours to both of them.  Oh God how she missed that man!
But now with Phillip, Marian found herself experiencing the thrill of being the dominant one again – only differently.  In this case, she was acting much more dominant with him, and pushing him to do things she barely understood.  In truth, the thing she was trying to do with Phillip, was to act like a dominating adult…and keep him acting like nothing but a small child.  A girl child to be exact.  All because she knew that that was his deep dark fantasy.  That’s what turned him on.  And as kinky as it seemed, Marian still found that she was starting to enjoy the role. 
There was a bonus with it too.  Staying on top of Phillip the way she had, was obviously making him treat her more decently.  More humanly.  Especially at home in his apartment.  For a while there, she was really starting to feel like a cow.  Who was she kidding?  The truth was that all too often, she still felt like a cow – ever day – multiple times every day.  In fact, she was already putting off going out to the elevators for a good satisfying mooing session right now. 
But all that aside, her main goal was still to break free from all the mind conditioning that Vivian had done on her.  Forget Phillip.  If she wanted to help him later, she would have to handle that as it came up.  But first she had to get free from Vivian’s spell, and then crush Vivian!  After the things Vicious Vivian had done, Marian had no doubt that living in a barn, even as a cow, would be preferable to where Vivian would soon be living.  Prison!
With a sigh, Marian pulled the earbuds out of her ears and turned the recording off.  It couldn’t be put off any longer.  She needed a good mooing session again, and she was really starting to look forward to it.  Damn Vivian for what she had done to her!

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