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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 31 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 31 Part 3 of 3

Phillip had been glad when Marian left the room, although he had a pretty good idea as to why she was leaving.  At least he suspected he knew why she had left the office.  Most likely she was heading to the elevators to moo her head off again.  As much as she talked differently, Marian really was nothing but a stupid cow in so many ways.  And it was very difficult to think of her any differently – especially when Mistress Vivian had done nothing but fill his head with thinking of her as a cow for weeks now.  Although he had to admit, the last few days, Marian had seemed very different.  Especially when she was making him behave so…childishly.  He smiled at the thought…and tugged at his balloon.  Yeah, he was enjoying himself.  He just dared not let anyone know it!  Why had he gotten out of the car at lunch today?  He prayed that wouldn’t come back to haunt him.
But now with Marian out of the room for a little while, he didn’t have to worry about her giving him any reasons to get up from his desk.  His eyes caught sight of Dolly propped up against the wall.  He was sure that Dolly was getting tired of all the exercise Marian was putting him through.  But was Dolly enjoying it though like he secretly was?  He was tempted just then to grab Dolly and hug her, but he was afraid someone might see him doing it.  Someone like nosy Heather sitting behind him.  So he left Dolly where she was, right where she could see everything that was going on.
He went back to work for a little while, arduously trying to press the keys on his keyboard either with his long fingernails or somehow getting around them.  Getting around them was difficult.  His head popped up quickly though when he heard someone call him…well, they had called Sissy Phyllis.  He guessed that was him.  It caught his attention anyway.  He saw Marian back in the room standing by the break room door.  She had called him Sissy Phyllis again.  Phillip wondered if Marian had any idea at all what calling him that did to him.  He was almost certain that she didn’t.  Almost.  But like so many other things, it was a subject he would never dare bring up. 
Marian saw Phillip look up at her, but he wasn’t moving yet.  “Sissy Phyllis,” Marian called again.  “Come help me again.”  She turned and went into the break room with a small smile on her face.  Now that she had cleared the cow stuff out of her brain, she was once again in a dominating, and strangely, a very devilish mood.
Phillip shook his head.  More humiliation.  With a hidden smile, he grabbed Dolly and got up from his seat.  Time to clean the darn table – again.
Marian was just starting to spoon coffee grounds into the machine when she heard Phillip coming in and closing the door behind him.  She half turned to him.  “I think the table looks pretty good this time,” she told him.  “You don’t need to clean it again.”
“Oh, good!” Phillip replied happily.  He reached for the door to open it and go back to his desk.
“But I didn’t say you can leave yet,” Marian added quickly.
Phillip was suddenly worrying about something worse she might want him to do.   “What do you need me for then?” he asked.
Marian turned fully toward him and smiled.  “I think it would be so nice if you go out there and stop at everyone’s desk and ask them personally if they’re coming to the first break session or the second.  And then ask if they’re going to want any coffee or not.  That way I know how much to make each time.”  She smiled broadly at him, although what she really wanted to do was to laugh.
“You’re kidding, right?” Phillip asked.
“Not at all,” Marian replied.  “Now get to it.  And don’t forget to stop at your desk to get a pen and some paper first.  You’re going to need to write it all down as you go.”
Phillip’s eyes were bulging wide.  “But that’s ridiculous!”
“Not at all,” Marian told him.  “And even if it is, I don’t care.  Do it anyway!”
“Sissy Phyllis!” Marian’s voice lashed quickly.  “Just go do it!”
Phillip rolled his eyes and reached for the door handle to open it again.
“Oh, and Sissy Phyllis,” Marian said, stopping him before he could open the door.  When she saw she had his attention, she continued, but her voice was almost sickly sweet and sugary.  “When you go out there, I want you to skip to your desk, and then skip to every desk you go to, and then skip all the way back here again.  You can skip everywhere you go like the good little girl that I know you are…or are capable of being.” 
Phillip’s mouth hung wide open.  “You’ve got to be kidding?” he finally managed to gasp.
“Absolutely not!” Marian replied. “I’m very serious.  Now skip to it and get busy!”
“No!  I’m not going to do that!”
Marian had figured he might decide to be contrary.  She smiled instead of looking angry.  She put everything she was doing aside and headed for the door.  “Very well Phyllis.  Come with me,” she said as she grabbed his hand.  She opened the door and walked out of the break room, leading him along like a child.  She headed straight for the hallway where she continued to hold his arm and drag him along.
“Where are we going?” Phillip asked nervously.  He wasn’t happy at all to be anywhere where anyone might see him. 
“I think Loretta will absolutely love seeing the way you’re dressed today,” Marian told him. 
“Loretta!” Phillip replied, stopping in his tracks and pulling his hand out of hers.  “No way!”
“Come along Phyllis,” Marian barked sternly.  “You don’t get a say in this, so let’s go!”  She was actually surprised when he started following her again.  “Much better,” she said as she turned to continue up the hallway.  “And then after Loretta, I think we’ll stop at all the different departments to show you off.  I know they’re all going to just love you.”
“All the departments?” Phillip replied, totally aghast.
“Until you learn how to skip like a good little girl,” Marian told him.
“You mean, if I skip like a stupid kid, then you won’t take me to see all those people?”
Marian stopped and looked at him.  “Um…for now,” she told him.  “But I still think it’s a very nice idea.  Why keep you here all to ourselves?  I know you’d brighten the day of everyone who sees you.”
“What do I have to do again?” Phillip asked quickly. 
“I already told you,” Marian replied.  “Just…skip to it.”
Further down the hallway, Phillip caught sight of several ladies turning the corner.  His mind was made up quickly.  He turned back in the direction of the office and literally skipped into it as he heading for his desk to get a pen and some paper. 
Out in the hallway, Marian smiled wickedly.  She had thought that might change his mind.  Although, the more she thought about it, the more she was sure that everyone else would love to see him too.  Especially in such a colorful outfit.  She had no doubt at all that Sissy Phyllis was probably the talk of the entire company.
By the time she got back into the office, Phillip was already at his desk trying to find a pen and something to write on.  But she noticed the heads of every woman in the room watching him intently.  No doubt his “skipping” had caught their attention.  She paused at the door to the break room long enough to watch until he and Dolly skipped from his desk to Courtney’s desk up front.  The doll and the balloon tied to his wrist really did make him look like such a child – a big silly child!  As she opened the door to the break room, she looked back at him again.  He was trying to figure out how to hold the pen and paper with those fingernails so he could write with it.  Just…adorable. 
“Are you going to be in the first break session or the second?” Phillip asked Courtney, who was just sitting there like she was in shock.
Courtney couldn’t help herself.  She laughed at the question.  “Am I gonna’ what?” she laughed.  “Oh…the first session for sure today,” she told him.  “And Marian had better be in there!”
“And will you want coffee today?” he asked.
“You’re taking our coffee orders?” she asked incredulously.  “Yeah sure.  I’ll have some coffee.  For sure!”
Phillip nodded and skipped a few steps back to Brittany’s desk where he started all over again.  One by one he went to every woman in the room.  The four women on the left side of the room all took the first session before Phillip skipped back to Heather’s desk.  Since all the women Phillip had asked first, were going to the first break, Heather elected to go to the second break period, as did all the other women on that side of the room.  But as Beverly added, Marian had better be in there too.  Phillip finally finished with them and skipped his way to the break room.  He could see Marian watching him the entire time through the big window. 
“Everyone on this side will be here first,” Phillip told Marian as soon as he got into the break room.  “The others on the other side will be here later,” he added.  “And they all want coffee…and they all want you to be here.”
Marian smiled.  She hadn’t counted on them wanting to talk with her, but that was okay.  She would just have to deal with it.  “Very good,” she told him.  “Do you want some coffee?”
Phillip looked at the coffee – longingly.  “I do,” he agreed.  “But…”
“But you can’t drink it because you’ve still got another baby bottle back at your desk.”
He nodded. “Yeah.  That’s all I get to drink anymore.”
“I’m sorry,” Marian told him.  “I can’t help how much milk I’m producing now.  And I’m sure those pills are making it much worse.”
“What choice do I have?” Phillip replied.
“None…yet!” Marian told him.  “But hopefully, soon.  Very soon.”
Phillip shook his head as he turned toward the door to leave.  “I don’t think it will ever end,” he said sadly. 
“Phillip,” Marian said quickly to stop him from leaving.  She was feeling that dominant devilish urge again.  “Why don’t you bring your baby bottle in here to drink so you can have some company?”
He looked horrified.  “Do I have to?”
She shook her head.  “No, not if you don’t want to.  I was just checking.  Giving you the choice.”
“No thanks!” Phillip replied quickly.  He started for the door again.
“Don’t forget to skip, Phyllis dear.”
He leveled a nasty look at her, held Dolly tighter, and skipped back to his desk.  Now that had been embarrassing!  And she wanted him to drink from his bottle right there in that tiny room when it would be full of women?  Not likely!  No, he would wait until the second break period to pull his bottle out – when all the women on his side of the room would be taking their break – when he could hide it as much as possible by turning toward the wall.  It was…embarrassing.  Major embarrassing.  Yet he had to keep himself from smiling at the thought of it.

Marian poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the table.  She had to wait only a few minutes until the first of the ladies poured into the room…and come they did – two minutes before break time should have started. 
“Marian, what’s going on?” Courtney demanded the minute she got through the doorway. 
Marian smiled and sipped her coffee.  Brittany and Courtney both were in the room quickly, but Felicia and Vivian took a few moments longer.  They did hurry though. 
“Sissy Phyllis was hysterical!” Vivian declared as she hurried into the room. 
“He was that!” Felicia agreed.
“Why did you make him do it?” Brittany asked.
“Yeah,” Courtney agreed.  “Why?”
Marian only smiled and looked up at them all.  “It kind of sounded funny to me at the time,” she replied.  “And to be honest, I enjoyed watching him do it.”
“I loved it!” Vivian declared as she started tugging on her jacket and scarf – trying to get the other ladies to notice what she was wearing more. 
“Me too!” Felicia agreed, doing her best to ignore Vivian’s outfit, which was pretty much impossible. 
Brittany headed for the coffee pot.  “It’s starting to get to be too much,” she said.  “Marian, when is this going to end?  We should have never been angry with him in the first place.  Terry and Leanne didn’t get fired because of him at all!”
“I’m loving it!” Vivian added quickly.
“But that doesn’t make it right!” Courtney argued.  “Marian, you can’t keep doing this to him.”
Marian’s face turned more serious.  “Don’t kid yourself,” she said.  “He may say otherwise, but he’s actually loving it.”
“He’s loving it?” Brittany asked, not believing it.
Marian nodded.  “He is.”
“But that still doesn’t make it right!” Courtney argued.  “Especially not at work here.”
Marian turned only her eyes toward Courtney and nodded her head very slightly.  “I know,” she said.
“So are you going to finally stop now?” Courtney pressed.
Marian looked over toward Vivian who was watching her all too intently.  This was all because of Vivian in the first place, and because of that, Marian had no choice.  “No.”

As the clock ticked its way closer to going home time, Heather began watching it more and more often.  And the more she looked at it, the slower she was sure it was going.  Her mind was having trouble concentrating on work now – and not because of Phillip sitting in front of her – he was distracting enough for sure!  But her mind was mostly distracted because she had a dinner date – that night!  And it was with that dreamy security guard she had only just met at lunchtime.  Had she really agreed to go out with him so quickly?  Yeah.  Believe it or not, she had.  But really, what girl in her right mind wouldn’t?  The guy was…a dream! 
Jim.  He had said his name was Jim.  It was the perfect masculine name for someone who was obviously so…masculine.  And Heather knew that every other woman in the room envied her.  She smiled a bit at that thought.  She still couldn’t believe her luck!
She watched as Phillip started fixing his lips again.  Why did he do that so often?  It was way, way too much.  But still he did it.  Did Marian have anything to do with him doing that too?  She was fairly sure of it.  Marian…or Vivian.  Either way, it was too much.
A few of the women got up from their seats as the last seconds ticked away, but Heather stayed in hers.  She would have to wait a while before having dinner with Jim.  His shift didn’t end for another half-hour.  What was the sense of hurrying?  So she dawdled behind…pretty much tagging along behind Marian and Phillip.  She followed them out toward the elevators and waited for an empty one with them.  She really didn’t need to hurry, but she still piled all too tightly into the next available one.  Someone in the elevator with them who wasn’t from their department commented that Phillip should have left his balloon at home.  A few of the people there agreed.  A few others only snickered. 
Once they got downstairs, she hurried out of the elevator with everyone else, then as soon as possible, she walked off to the side to search for Jim.  She spotted him quickly helping an elderly woman from the company with a question.  She waited patiently, knowing he still had quite a while to keep working.  As she stood there just watching the people going home, she spotted Marian and Phillip going back into another elevator to go back upstairs.  Were they doing that every day?  Why?  Heather had no doubt though that Vivian was the reason behind it.  But the last few times she had gone back upstairs after work, Marian and Phillip had been there, and so had Vivian.  But Vivian was hard to miss as she chatted with several ladies all the way through the doors and out toward the parking lot.  Would she come back and go upstairs too?  But after a few minutes of watching, it didn’t seem that way. 
Since she had the time, she was tempted to go upstairs to see exactly what Marian and Phillip were doing.  Maybe even ask them about it.  But just then, Jim walked up with that dazzling smile of his and those beautiful eyes. 
“Hi Heather,” Jim said.  “I’ve still got to work for a while.  But if you want to wait here with me, I’d like that.”
Heather had no problem with that at all.  She wanted to stay as close to him as possible – already.

“We’ve got to go out somewhere tonight again,” Phillip noted as they trudged back into their office. 
“I know,” Marian replied with a sigh.
“Back to the mall again to hand out more candy?”
“I’d rather not do the mall again,” Marian decided.”
“Where then?”
“I don’t know,” Marian said as she headed for her desk.  “I have no clue at all.  Right now my udders are so full and aching that I just want to go home and get milked.”
“Not till six,” Phillip replied.  “You can’t get milked until then.”
Marian knew he was going to stick exactly to the schedule that Vivian had dictated into their brains all too many times.  She sighed.  “Yeah.  I know.  But damn they’re aching.  And you wouldn’t believe how heavy they are.”
Phillip said nothing.  He just put Dolly where she could see everything and woke up his computer.  “So where should we go this time?” he asked as he started bring up what he needed to work on.
“I have no idea,” Marian replied.  “I just don’t think I’m up for the mall again.  How about you?”
“You know I’d rather not!”
“Actually, I don’t know that at all.  I know how much you really love all this?”
“Who says?” Phillip replied angrily.
“Me!  I know better.  I’ve seen you smiling when you don’t think anyone can see you.”
Phillip said nothing at all.  A little while later though he asked.  “Do you want me wearing this outfit still when we go out?”
“Yeah,” Marian agreed.  “I really like it.  It suits you perfectly.  Image of a silly little girl.  Very silly!”
Phillip felt a bit too much of a thrill from hearing her say that.
“How about me?” Marian asked.  “The cow costume again?”
“I don’t really have anything else for you,” Phillip replied. 
“That’s good,” Marian told him.  “I really don’t mind it that much.  And in a way, it’s like wearing a pantsuit instead of these really short skirts all the time.  The costume is silly, but at least it’s comfortable.”
Phillip said nothing.  She liked wearing the costume everywhere?  Well, maybe she was more of a cow than she let on.  And wherever they wound up going tonight, at least one of them was going to be comfortable.  As for him, well, whatever they did, he had no doubt that it was going to bring him lots of added stimulation for his fantasies. 

Marian stared at her computer screen, but her mind refused to think about working.  The beautiful cello music was again playing in her ears, but she wasn’t thinking about that either.  Her mind vaguely wandered over possibilities of where she and Phillip might go later.  But her mind refused to stay on that subject.  What she really wanted was to go home – well to Phillip’s house.  She wanted to remove her clothes – especially her all too tight bra, and crawl into her stall and get milked.  It would feel so good!  She mooed just thinking about it. 
Tonight she and Sissy Phyllis would have to go out again somewhere and let everyone see how stupid they looked.  The odd part of that was, that there were some aspects of having to do that that she enjoyed.  She often missed the show business aspect of her old hypnotism career.  She had loved being on stage and working with an audience.  Being silly in front of a bunch of people was nothing but show business – playing for an audience.  Phillip didn’t understand that yet.  It was possible he never would.  Which would be a shame because he would be missing out on so much fun.
But she had no doubt at all that Phillip was getting his own kind of fun out of all of it.  In fact, in some ways, maybe it was a better kind of fun than what she was got.  At least Sissy Phyllis could get some sexual relief once in a while.  Right now, she still couldn’t get any of that kind of relief – no matter how hard she kept trying.  And it was a relief that she so desperately craved.  She had to struggle for a moment to keep her hands from wandering down inside her skirt as she thought about it.
She had been pushing Phillip hard the last few days, and it had paid off in ways she hadn’t expected.  He was treating her much better at home now.  More like a human than a cow all the time.  No matter how comfortable she had been becoming in the cow role, she still hated it.  Mostly.  She also hadn’t expected that she would actually enjoy pushing Sissy Phyllis around so much.  That had come as a total surprise. 
But the truth was, dominating Sissy Phyllis like she had been the last few days was simply in her blood.  You can’t be a stage hypnotist without having that dominant streak.  You simply can’t do it.  And she had been good at her craft.  You can’t work years of stage shows without being good at it.  Being dominant was simply part of who she was.  A part she had forgotten all too much lately.  It was time to start getting herself back again. 
But first, she really did need to be milked.  Oh God how her udders ached!


Anonymous said...

i think it would be fun to breast feed the sissy at work to release some of the pressure in her breasts. She should take him to the ladies room to do it! Maybe they should go to a medical supply store and pick out some rubber or loud plastic panties for him and some cloth diapers.

sarah penguin said...



Marian's true nature is finally starting to show and phyllis is BOTH hating and living it... at the same time!