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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 32 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 32 Part 2 of 3

It was slow going, but between Ed and Jim, they “thought” they had finally gotten the whole story out of Heather.  It was totally unbelievable, but both of them had seen Phillip often enough, and her story did kind of give more credence to his behavior.  But Human Relations had said to leave the guy alone…or gal…whatever, so they hadn’t singled him out or stopped him for any reason at all.  They had merely watched him – like everyone else in the company.
Ed wasn’t sure if they could get more information out of Heather or not, or even if it was worth it.  But he did know that he had to step in and start doing his job.  He had to look up the number, but it was easy to find.  He picked up his phone and dialed.  The wait for an answer wasn’t too long.  “Hello, Samantha?  This is Ed, head of security.”
“Hi Ed,” Samantha replied.  “What’s the problem?”
“I’m sorry I had to call, but we’ve got a situation here that I think you need to be in the middle of.  I really hate bothering you right now about it, but I’m afraid it sounds pretty serious.”
“Oh dear,” Samantha replied.  “What’s the problem?”
“I’d rather not say over the phone,” Ed replied.  “It’s more than a little complicated.  But I can tell you it involves that silly guy Phillip who’s been dressing so outrageously lately.  It seems he may have had a different need to do that than anyone anticipated.”
“And what’s that?”
“It’s better if you just come in and we’ll take it from the top.  Like I said, it’s more than a bit complicated.”
“Well…okay,” she said.  “If I must.”
“I don’t think there’s going to be any avoiding it,” Ed told her.
“Okay,” Samantha replied. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.  It may take me a little while though.  I was in the middle of something else.”
“We’ll be here,” Ed told her.  “I’ll have my security guys up front watching for you.”
Heather was more afraid than ever now.  Samantha!  The head of Human Relations!  Was she going to have a job when all this was finished?  She looked nervously over at Jim again, and saw him smile at her.  Oh God what a beautiful smile.  And such a beautiful man.

There was more food in front of Marian than she would normally eat.  Far more.  But it seemed like Phillip had simply gone on ordering and ordering.  She knew it was so that they could delay there longer and not go anywhere.  And actually, it sounded like a pretty good idea to her.  But she was already so full she could hardly eat anything else.  But there was still food sitting in front of her, and for some reason, she couldn’t really stop eating for very long.  Whatever Phillip put out for her to eat, she simply felt compelled to eat.  And worse, she didn’t even have a clue if it was something she wanted to eat or not.  But she did know that she was getting pretty full.  Yeah, it was way too much food! 
She noticed that where Phillip had eaten as fast as he could the day before so they could get out of there, tonight he was eating fairly slowly.  And he had even ordered desert for both of them.  Marian wasn’t sure if she appreciated the desert or not.  She guessed that overall she did.  She thought she might have lost a few pounds over the last few weeks so the desert wouldn’t hurt her in the least, she was just so full already she couldn’t eat it – even though she already knew she was going to try. 
She watched as Phillip finally emptied his baby bottle.  “Are you going to get another drink?” she asked.  “There’s still a lot of food here to finish.”
Phillip shook his head.  “No.  But I have no doubt I’ll spend half the night drinking them when I get home just to catch up.  But one bottle out in public is more than enough!”
Marian nodded and smiled.  But just then, she noticed the people at another table getting up to leave.  She looked back at Phillip.  “Sissy Phillis,” she said rather urgently.  “Those people are leaving.  Hurry over and offer to pick up all their trash for them.  Now hurry!”
Phillip did a double take.  He glanced at where Marian was looking.  “You want me to…”
“Hurry!  Before they get out of there.  Now go!”
Despite himself, Phillip found himself on his feet with Dolly firmly in his hands and about to head toward the other table, when he stopped to consider what she wanted him to do.
“Hurry!  Before they leave!”
Her urgency and the commanding…or motherly…order sent him moving.  The people had already gathered up their trash and the guy was just picking up the tray to take it to the trash cans. “Excuse me,” Phillip said quickly as he hurried over to them.  “I’ll be happy to take care of your trash for you.”
The guy looked at Phillip like he was crazy.  Of course, he had already seen Phillip and had looked him over all too carefully – and had decided he was definitely some kind of nut.  “Um…you’re sure?” he said.
“Uh…yeah.  I’ll get it,” Phillip replied. 
With an odd look on his face, and one more quick look over Phillip’s entire outfit, the guy got his friends moving toward the door.  Phillip moved in and grabbed the tray where he had collected all their trash.
“Don’t forget to skip back again when you’re done,” Marian called to him.  “I’d have you skip to the trash cans too, but I don’t want you to drop everything.”
Skip?  Again?  There was no way!  He carried the trash to the receptacle for it and dumped it in…and walked back to the table where Marian mooed at him…with somewhat of an angry tone.  She was also glaring at him as he sat down to start eating again.
“I told you to skip back here!” she said sternly.
“I didn’t want to,” Phillip replied defiantly.
Marian continued to glare angrily at him.  Then she finally eased off her bearing.  “Just for that, you can skip all around the store for a few minutes.  And I mean keep skipping!  And anytime you see someone starting to get ready to leave, I want you to offer to clean their table for them, and then after you deposit their trash in the cans, start skipping again.”
“That’s the stupidest think I ever heard!”
“Yes, it is.  And that’s why you’re going to do it!”
“No!  I’m not!”
“Yes you are!  Now get up and start skipping!”
Marian leveled a nasty look at him.  “Very well,” she said as she backed off a bit.  “We’ll just have to see.”
Phillip wasn’t sure what she meant by that, but he did know that for once he had won a round.  Hooray for his side!”

The walk through the company hallway back to the security offices was a fairly long one.  Samantha’s footsteps echoed weirdly on the hard floors as she walked alone towards Ed’s office.  What was going on?  All she knew was that it involved Phillip.  And that much she could easily believe. 
The door to the security office was open, as it always was.  Inside she found a man behind a reception desk.  He smiled at her.  “They’re waiting for you in the conference room,” he told her.  Then he pointed at the hallway behind him.  Samantha had been there before.  The security office, like many other divisions, had its own conference room.  The one here though wasn’t as fancy as most of them were.  She walked back and found the door open.  Inside, Ed was sitting and drinking coffee with…Heather, she thought her name was, from Marian’s office, and another guy she didn’t remember the name of.  She was pretty sure though that he was part of Ed’s security staff.  “Hi,” she said brightly as she walked in.
“Hi Sam,” Ed said brightly.
“Sorry I took so long,” Samantha replied.  She looked over at Heather, she looked somewhat nervous.  What had she done?  “Is it Heather?” she asked. 
Heather nodded.  “That’s me.”
“I’m surprised to see you here.”  She looked to Ed.  “Now what’s going on that I had to come out here so late?”
Ed jerked his thumb toward the coffee pot.  “Better pour yourself some coffee and take a seat.  This is going to take a while.”

They were back in the car and Marian seemed to be heading somewhere, but Phillip didn’t have a clue as to where.  “Where are we going?” he asked.
“You’ll see,” Marian told him. 
The edge in her voice left him nervous.  Would it really have hurt him to skip around the restaurant like an idiot?  But he was still proud of himself that he had won that bit of a battle.
He noticed that they were approaching one of the city’s downtown areas.  And then Marian suddenly pulled the car over and managed to parallel park along the side of the road in and empty spot.  “Where are we going?” Phillip asked again.
“You’ll see,” Marian replied.  “Now let’s go.”
“Where?”  But the only answer he got out of Marian was another moo.  Phillip was always nervous about being seen dressed as he was, but now he was even more nervous.  But since Mistress Vivian’s commands compelled him to be seen in public for a while more, he got out and followed Marian. 
For a downtown area at night there were a surprising number of people around.  Of course the area they were in was well lit by not just the street lights, but by the lights of businesses.  If they just stayed out on the sidewalk like they were, Phillip figured everything would be perfect.  But of course, just as he was hoping for that, Marian stopped and took his hand again and dragged him straight into one of the businesses.  And Phillip’s knees went weak.
The music was loud and he quickly noticed a lot of people dancing.  It took Phillip no time at all to figure out that Marian had dragged him into one of the busier bars in the city.  And the moment he walked in, he started getting attention.  There was a high-pitched scream, but it wasn’t the kind of scream that signaled trouble.  It was a scream of surprise…and delight.   But the scream only made that many more heads turn in his direction. 
Once Marian was sure that enough people were ogling Phillip, she dragged him straight to the dance floor.  One good thing about the music, her cowbell could hardly be heard.
“What are we doing here?” Phillip yelled over top of the music.  His nervousness was very evident. 
“Dancing!” Marian replied as she started moving to the music…but she never once let go of his hand.  “If you think you’re too grown up to skip around like a nice little girl?  Then maybe something like this will be more suited for you!  Now dance!” she yelled when she saw him just standing there.
But dancing wasn’t something that Phillip was interested in at all, especially not the way he was dressed.  But when he tried to pull his hand away from Marian, he found that she was holding on all too tightly.  And the look she gave him for trying to pull away spoke nothing but trouble.  But then all of a sudden, she smiled and let go of him completely. 
“Dance!” Marian said again.
But Phillip wanted no part of dancing on the crowded floor – where he realized he was quickly drawing a crowed that only wanted to watch him.  And then he suddenly felt someone messing with the back of his colorful tutu.  He quickly turned around to see a woman laughing.  But instead of talking to him, she turned back to her friends. 
“See.  I told you he was wearing diapers!”
Phillip felt his face turning red again.
The woman moved over next to him and started dancing, but as she danced, she turned to Marian and asked, “Do you mind?”
Marian shook her head.  “Not at all.  Be my guest.”  And she backed out of the way.
“Hey!” the woman said to Marian.  “I like your shiny bell, but I got to tell you that collar it’s attached to looks awful!”
“I only wear it because I’m nothing but a stupid ugly cow,” Marian told her, frustrated that she had to say it yet again.  And then despite herself, she mooed.
“Whatever,” the woman replied tossing Marian’s words off.  She turned to Phillip and started moving to the music more, “Come on little honey, shake that tutu and let’s see you dance!”  There were now a number of women all grouped around him, clapping with the music and egging him on…and openly laughing at him and making fun of him. 
But Phillip wanted no part of the humiliation.  “What are we doing here?” he yelled to Marian who had now joined the circle of laughing women. 
“Dancing!” Marian replied.
“But I don’t want to dance!”
“We’ll you’re the one who decided he was too big to go skipping around like a little girl.  So it’s either that or start dancing for our friends here.  And I for one would love to see you shake that tutu around.”
“Hey Honey,” one of the women yelled.  “Do you always dance with your big doll?  And I don’t mean the woman you’re talking to.”  Her remark caused the laughter to go way up. 
Phillip looked for a way out, but the circle of people went all the way around him.  And there were men now in that circle too.  The song that had been playing ended and Phillip breathed a sigh of relief.  But all too soon the music started again – another song almost just like the last one.
“Dance!  Dance!  Dance!  Dance!” the chant went up all around him. 
Phillip kept turning around to see what he could do, but he wasn’t getting any ideas.  And Marian was right there in the crowd egging him on too.
“Dance!  Dance!  Dance!”
Not knowing what else to do, Phillip started dancing – right in the center of the crowd.  Cheers went up all around him…and a moment later, so did the laughter and comments. 
“Look at that big diapered backend shake!”
“That tutu is too much!”
“I’m not sure who dances better, him or the doll.”
“I think his balloon is keeping him from falling down!”
Phillip’s face grew redder with each passing minute.  And then, thankfully, the music ended…but the laughter didn’t.  “Can we go now?” Phillip asked Marian.
“That depends,” she replied.
“On what?”
“Are you going to decide to act like a big girl and dance in here with the adults, or are you going to accept that you’re more of a little girl at heart and learn to skip and play and do what you’re told?”
The music started again.  “Hey Honey,” someone called. “Keep dancing.  I want to take pictures this time.”
Phillip looked around him at the crowd, then back to Marian.  “Can I learn to skip somewhere else, after we leave here?”
Marian nodded.  “I thought you might see it that way.”  She took him by the hand, and to the disappointed comments of everyone around, led him out of the bar.  Phillip breathed a sigh of relief.
“So are you going to accept that you’re really a little girl at heart and start acting more like it?”
“How?” Phillip replied.  “What the heck do I have to do now?”
“Just behave yourself and mind what the adults tell you to do, Sissy Phyllis.  That’s all there is to it.”
Ugh!  Phillip couldn’t wait to get home now.  He wasn’t at all sure about what Marian wanted of him now.  But he already knew that things were changing with her.  Once in the car, he chanced asking, “Is it time to go home yet?”
Marian started the car and checked the clock.  “Close enough, I think,” she replied.
Phillip was nothing but grateful. 


sarah penguin said...

Silly dancing in a bar? That must have been a sight :)


Actually,I think if her Mom hadn't been there s(he) might of been picked up... by one of the girls and taken to her place for any number of reasons including further feminizing... the ideas boggle the mind.