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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 32 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 32 Part 3 of 3

Little by little, Ed did his best to fill Samantha in on everything that Heather had told him.  He continually asked Heather for confirmation on much of it – just to check the facts and to make sure she wasn’t changing her story at all.  Samantha listened, totally confused for most of the time, but by the time the story was all out, she was fully understanding. 
“Okay,” Samantha finally said.  “I think I’ve got it all now.  I’ll have to phone Loretta and let her know and then decide where we want to go from there.  Although I have no doubt as to what actions I’m going to be forced to take.”
Heather didn’t like the sound of that at all.  But there was one more thing that worried her greatly.  “Um…how much trouble am I in?” she asked.
Samantha looked at her with some surprise.  “Trouble?  None at all.  In fact, as I see it, you’re the hero of the day.”
That pleased Heather quite a bit and she relaxed a little, but only until Samantha started speaking again.
“But…” Samantha continued.  “Tomorrow morning, I don’t think I want you going into the office until I clear you to go.  Got that?”
“Uh…okay I guess.  Should I just stay home then?”
Samantha considered that.  “Better not.  You very well may be needed.”
“She can hang with me down here,” Jim offered hopefully.
“That’s fine,” Samantha said.  “Just so long as she can be found, and she doesn’t go up to her office.”
“I think there’s some other things we should probably look into before we do anything about this,” Ed suggested.
“What’s that?” Samantha asked.
“I think it would be a good idea if we have our IT guys take a look at their emails and maybe even their internet use.”
“Good idea,” Samantha agreed.  “And while they’re doing that, I’m going to need to check through the workflow records for their department to see if there are any problems there.  Standard procedure I’m afraid, but necessary.”
Ed nodded.  “Okay then.  We’ll hold off doing anything then until we’re sure of everything we’re dealing with.”
Samantha nodded.  “Sounds like a plan.  In the meantime, it won’t hurt for things to continue as they are until we can check all our facts.  It shouldn’t take but a few hours anyway.”

It felt so good to be home again – especially for Phillip.  Marian felt surprisingly proud of herself.  And, she still felt somewhat empowered.  Maybe those suggestions she had put behind the cello music she had been listening to all day were having an effect on her. 
“Can I finally get out of all these diapers?” Phillip asked.  “I’ve been wearing and wetting them all day.”
Marian looked at him. “I don’t know yet.  I’ll have to see.  But in the meantime, let’s get the rest of that outfit off of you.”
“Hooray,” Phillip replied, but he said it more sarcastically. 
The balloon went, the tutu went, the leggings went, it all got removed from him.  And then Marian took the time to even remove his false eyelashes and false nails.  Phillip had mixed feelings about seeing the nails go.  They had been both a pleasure and a huge curse the entire time they had been attached to him.  But he had truly enjoyed the experience.  The only thing Marian didn’t remove from him was the one “biggest” thing he wanted gone – all the diapers he was still stuck in.
And since Marian had been kind enough to help him out of all the humiliating clothes that he both loved and hated, he had her get undressed down to just her shoes and cowbell.  It would be bedtime fairly soon anyway and she’d have to be that naked before she could get into her stall for the night.
Phillip got Marian a drink and another of her pills that she had to take, while he grabbed a baby bottle full of milk for himself.  Marian downed the drink rather quickly, but her thoughts were still on Phillip.  And tonight her thoughts were bolder than they had been in a long time.  Her eyes followed Phillip as he carried Dolly and his bottle into his bedroom.  And a moment later, she followed. 
Phillip was just climbing up on his bed when she walked in.  “Move over,” she said as she took the baby bottle from him.
“Move over?”
“Move…over!” she commanded. 
Uncertain of what was happening, Phillip scooted his body further over on the bed, and was surprised when Marian climbed up onto the bed with him.  He was more surprised when she reached over and took the baby bottle right out of his hands.
“Um…I’m way behind on what I need to drink,” he told her.
“Don’t worry about it,” Marian replied.  “Now come here.”  With that, she grabbed his arm and pulled on him to come closer.  “Roll so your head is up here,” she told him.
“What the…”
“Why drink from a stupid baby bottle,” she said, “when you can drink directly from the source.”
Phillip was shocked.  “You mean, you want me to…”
“Shut up and get those lips of yours locked on my boob…baby!”  She reached out and grabbed his head and literally pulled his face down into her already growing breasts. And the moment she felt him sucking on her tit, she couldn’t help but moo.
Phillip found himself with no choice but to try to suck on her tit…and it was quite a shock to find the milk flowing from her so easily. 
“Get comfortable,” Marian told him, “and enjoy it.  I can tell you that I already am.”
Phillip repositioned his body so he was in a more comfortable position, then he continued drinking straight from Marian’s breast.  A while later, she had him switch to her other breast.  Hopefully, in the morning, her breasts wouldn’t be nearly as full and sore as they had been by milking time lately.
Phillip had been on Marian’s second breast for a little while, when Marian slowly reached her hand down, and pulled open the tapes on one side of his outer diaper.  Phillip tried to raise his head, but she pulled it right down to her breast again.  “Shhh!” she said.  “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”  Her hand went back to trying to get his diapers open. 
A minute later, her hand went down inside his thoroughly soaked diapers and found his rapidly hardening cock inside.  She felt Phillip shake a bit the moment she touched him.  “Shhh!” she said again.  “Just keep drinking.”
Phillip was suddenly going crazy.  His lips were locked on Marian’s big breast – pulling milk right out of her, while she was masturbating him down inside his diapers.  Before he knew it, his bottom side was bucking all over the place while he sucked harder than ever on her breast.  His orgasm was one of the most explosive ones he ever had. 
“Shhh!” Marian said again as he finally calmed down and her hand continued to play with his now rapidly softening organ. 
Phillip stayed where he was for only a minute more, but he couldn’t in good conscious continue to stay like he was.  Suddenly pulling his lips away from her, he pushed his body down, pulling her hand away from his now sated cock.  He continued moving downward to the end of the bed, he pushed himself between her legs and lowered his mouth to Marian’s waiting sex.  The moo that she absolutely bellowed surprised him.  But afterwards, he went right back to what he was doing.
Marian mooed, and mooed and mooed.  She barely thought about it.  All she could really think about was how good Phillip felt down between her legs.  And she couldn’t help but moo loudly and continuously.  And she didn’t care in the least.  The mooing felt natural.  The mooing felt good.  But not nearly as good as what Sissy Phyllis was doing to her.  “Mooooo!”  The feelings intensified until all of a suddenly Marian managed to reach what her fingers alone had been unable to grant her for all too long now.  She climaxed wildly…and loudly.  “Mooooo!” 
Phillip kept at her, granting her two more climaxes before he finally pulled away, and scooted up next to her.  He was about to roll over and grab the lipstick he kept on the nightstand, when Marian rolled over, grabbed him, and planted a kiss on his wet, messy, and smelly lips.  And she didn’t care in the least how messy and smelly his lips were.  It was a long hard passionate kiss. 
“Wow,” Phillip said when she finally pulled away.
“Yeah,” Marian agreed.  “That’s kind of how I feel.”  She watched as he grabbed his lipstick and started fixing his lips.  “Thank you,” she said.  “I can’t tell you how good that felt…or how much I needed that.”
Phillip smiled.  “It was pretty good for me too,” he agreed.
Once his lips were done, Marian pulled him back to lay his head on her shoulder while she held him in her arms.  It felt so good to be with a man again, even if he didn’t enter inside of her.  They laid there like that for a long time, until Marian finally noticed something odd.  Since they had finished, Marian couldn’t remember a single time that she had mooed.  Not once!
Feeling happy and bold again, in fact, feeling much better than she had in a very long time, Marian extracted her arm from under Phillip.  “I’m going to take a good long bath,” she told him.  “I really need it now.”
She got herself off the bed, and a thought hit her.  She was feeling good…and she was feeling nothing but strong, confident, and bold.  Her hands reached up and started unbuckling her cowbell.  Bracing herself for the worse, she removed it from her neck and tossed it on the bed.  A pain hit her neck, but it wasn’t bad.  Almost angrily, she rubbed her neck a bit at the pain and willed it to go away.  A moment later it was gone.  She glanced back at the bell on the bed, “Good riddance!” she said with a small smile. 
She took two steps toward the bathroom, then suddenly stopped and backed up to sit on the bed.  A minute later, she had unbuckled both of her shoes.  More cautious, but hopeful than ever, she slipped the shoes off of her feet.  The pain hit her feet too, but it wasn’t even as bad as the pain that had invaded her neck.  She rubbed her feet with her hands and willed the pain away.  And was very relieved when it subsided down to nothing.  “Ahhh!”  Her hands continued to knead her feet for a moment before she got back up and continued on into the bathroom.  Walking barefoot felt oddly painful and difficult, but it was the result of wearing the heels for too long instead of from the pain Vivian had cursed her with.
Phillip just stared after Marian with his mouth wide open.  What had happened?  Somehow, Marian had managed to break completely free of Mistress Vivian’s programming.  She had actually done it!  Could he?  But the moment he tried to leave Dolly where she was on the bed and walk away from her, he experienced nothing but horrible anxiety.  He hurried back to his dolly and quickly grabbed her.  Holding her and hugging her to his chest.  No, maybe Marian had somehow managed to break free.  But obviously he hadn’t.

It had been a long night for Heather.  And much of the night she had been a bundle of nerves.  It was all so…frightening!  And now she had learned that Felicia hadn’t talked to the FBI at all…or even any of the security staff.  That had really surprised her. 
And now Heather realized that because of her, some major changes were about to happen.  And most likely a good portion of her department where she worked was about to get fired.  Her only consolation though, was in knowing that her job was safe.  Samantha herself had assured her of that several times. 
But now that she was finally home, her thoughts were completely on Marian.  She liked Marian.  As she saw it, Marian had done nothing wrong except to be caught in Vivian’s trap.  But now, as Samantha, and Ed, and even Jim had told her, thanks to her, Marian and Phillip were about to be finally free from whatever Vivian had done to them.  They just needed to check the computer systems to get all of the facts straight. 
Heather tried to get ready to go to bed, but she couldn’t.  Her mind continued to remain locked on Marian and Phillip.  So much so, that she finally pulled her phone out and dialed Marian’s number.

Marian had just gotten out of the tub after a long wonderful soak when she heard her cell phone ringing.  Naked, she ran for her purse to answer it.  Who the heck would be calling at that time of night?  The caller ID showed Heather’s name.  Had she come down sick or something and was calling in now?  “Hello?” she said as quickly as she could.
“Marian,” Heather said, then got straight to the point. “I saw what Vivian had done to you and Phillip.  I saw that she was behind it all.  And tonight I finally talked to security about it all.  Marian, don’t worry anymore.  Between security and Samantha in Human Relations, you’re going to be free from whatever Vivian has done to you.”
Marian was shocked.  Heather knew?  But that wasn’t her biggest concern.  “You went to security with it?” she asked. 
“Of course!  Just tonight.”
Marian shook her head.  “Oh no!  Heather, what have you done?”


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Marian finally is free.. and I think so is Phillip... but only time will tell