Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Housekeeper - Chapter 67 Part 1 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 67 Part 1 of 2

Before Candy left for work Thursday morning, he dialed Mike Clemmons’ number.  “Hey Mike!  I just wanted to let you know that I need to be gone this afternoon, and most likely I’ll need all afternoon tomorrow too instead of just leaving later in the day.”
“Another job?” Mike asked.
“Something like that,” Candy replied.  Well, it was going to be a job figuring out how to be overly feminine.  A hard job!
“Okay,” Mike replied.  “Thanks for letting me know.  Now why the hell aren’t you at work yet?”
Candy laughed.  “It’s not time yet.  The sun isn’t even up!”
“No excuse!” Mike joked back.
Candy’s next call couldn’t be made until later in the morning.  He took a few minutes for a quick break and walked over to his truck to talk privately for a few moments.  “Hi, is this Marissa?”
“Yes,” the hairdresser replied.
“This is Candy Brinkley.  I’m guessing you probably remember me.”
“Oh yes!” Marissa replied.  “You were something of an item of interest in here before.  Although I have to say, I think you turned out quite well in the end.”
“Yeah I did,” Candy agreed.  “Better than I ever thought possible.  But I’ve got this little problem now.”
“What’s that?”
“My hair looks awful!  I think I need some help.”
Marissa laughed.  “That’s what we’re here for.  I can probably work you in anytime today if you like.”
“I was really thinking more in terms of tomorrow afternoon sometime.  I’ve got this… thing going on tomorrow and I need to look good.”
“That sounds very interesting! Marissa replied.  “I can’t wait to hear about it.  Tomorrow afternoon will be fine.  What time shall I put you down for?”
“About two maybe?”
“Candy… Brinkley,” Marissa said slowly as she wrote the entry in her book.  “Got it.  See you at two tomorrow.”
With that, Candy hung up his phone and struggled to stuff it back in his pocket.  Yeah, he really did need some new jeans… and maybe some new underwear that wasn’t so tight now… and probably a whole host of things he shouldn’t spend his money on.  Yeah, no doubt about it.  Being a woman was one big shopping trip!

Maria Alverez still wasn’t happy that she wouldn’t get to witness, in person, up close, what Janice was going to do.  The multiple TV screens that had been set up simply made her feel like she was looking at a regular TV program and not something that was happening live.  And most TV programs generally held no interest for her.  But the Wu’s were remaining adamant about her not being in there – which simply left her suspicious! 
They were in a warehouse somewhere in Atlanta.  The room she was in was located just off of the main room where her nephew was already living a nightmare.  He had come along on the trip with the rest of her entourage, but shortly after arriving, the rest of her body guards had grabbed him, fastened a collar that the Wu’s have given them around his neck with a lock so he couldn’t get it off, then that collar had been locked to a chain hanging from the ceiling.  The chain gave him some room to move, but he couldn’t go far.  Her nephew was understandably frightened to death.  The sound was currently muted so she couldn’t hear anything going on, but she could see her nephew yelling and most likely demanding to know what was going on. 
She saw Janice arrive with Susan and a young girl… evidently Janice’s daughter.  The three TV cameras in the room all showed different angles of Janice arriving and going over to check all the arrangements.  Janice stood well back from Eduardo so he couldn’t get near her, but Maria had no doubt that the woman was checking every detail carefully. 
The area of the warehouse they were in was mostly empty.  Janice’s working area contained only a single chair near Eduardo, a small table for Janice that held a large glass of ice tea along with her notebook that she set on it, and what looked like a TV remote control of some sort.  Two chairs were set well off to the side for two of Maria’s body guards to sit in.  Three video cameras were set where they could view everything that was happening from all angles, but as per Janice’s wishes, none of this would be videotaped.
The door to their smaller viewing room opened and Susan and the girl entered.  Maria watched as the girl went over to a comfortable seat out of the way and stuck some earphones in her ears and seemed to tune out the whole proceeding.  Kids!  She greeted Susan then said, “I’m surprised at the attitude of the daughter.  Doesn’t she care what her mother does?”
“Oh she cares very much,” Susan replied.  “Go ask her what she thinks.”
Maria was a bit put off that Susan had spoken to her that way, but the room was small and she walked over anyway.  She was glad to see the girl pull the earpieces away from her ears.  “Are you not interested in watching what your mother does?”
“I’ve seen it,” Carol replied.  “Several times.  And I highly recommend that you don’t watch what goes on too closely… for your own good!”
Maria backed away.  Such impertinence! 
“I think they are ready,” Mr. Wu announced as he saw Janice speaking directly toward one of the cameras.  This would be his first time seeing it all for himself as well, but he already knew how dangerous it was to watch it all too closely.  For that reason, he had set several safeguards in place.  The two guards that Maria was determined to have watch would not have those safeguards.  He wasn’t sure what would happen to them.  He punched a button near the TV’s and the sound came on from two speakers that had been set up in the room.  “Did you say you’re ready?” Mr. Wu asked.
“Yes,” Janice replied.  “Can I begin?”
“One moment please,” Wu told her.  He turned to Maria.  “Do you still wish your men to watch?”
“I do!” Maria said determinedly. 
Wu bowed slightly.  “Please send them in and ask them to take their seats.”
Maria motioned toward two of her men and they boldly walked into the main room.  The edge of the TV monitors showed them walking over to the two chairs off to the side and sitting down.  One of them crossed his legs and leaned back.
Janice watched the two guards come in.  She shook her head.  She hadn’t known that onlookers could be so affected by what she did until Susan had mentioned it.  These men had no shock boxes or any other incentive devices attached to them so she didn’t see how they could possibly be affected all that much.  She did know that it was possible for them to become slightly hypnotized so they could feel a bit disoriented, but that’s all she figured.  But if Susan was so concerned about it, then let her be.  She would simply do her own thing and try to ignore the stupid men looking on. 
She turned her attention to the frightened man with the chain hanging from his neck.  The moment she turned towards him, he began shouting loud strings of Spanish as fast as he could.  “Oh shut up!” Janice commanded.  The shock of her statement caused the man to halt his wild tirade.  “I know you speak English,” Janice continued.  “Maria confirmed that you not only speak it well, but that you lived for several years here in the states.  So I know you can understand me perfectly well.”
“What do you want of me?” the man demanded.
Janice smiled.  “A very good question Eduardo.  An excellent question.  “All I want you to do is to sit in that chair.”
Two minutes later, Carol, who had come over to watch the beginning of the proceedings went back to her chair and carefully stuck the earpieces back in her ears.  Susan watched her and wished she could do the same. 
Ten minutes into the proceedings, a Chinese girl entered the room bearing a tray of drinks.  What nobody noticed was the earplugs the girl was wearing.  She purposely knocked against both Mr. Wu and Susan, making sure they were unaffected, but at Wu’s orders, she stayed away from Maria Alverez.  She noted that the other girl in the room, Janice’s daughter, was just fine and appeared to be listening to music with her headphones on.  Wu nodded his thanks and the girl left.  Ten minutes later, she was back.  This time, after she had checked to make sure that both Wu and his daughter were okay, Wu grabbed a drink from her tray. 
“Drink, Mrs. Alverez?” he asked.  But as he suspected, he got no answer.  Janice was in full rhythm on the TV monitors and Maria was transfixed watching her.  He grabbed Maria’s arm slightly harsher than he normally would.  “Drink, Mrs. Alverez?” he said more urgently.
Maria jolted back to reality.  Her head was spinning.  She looked at Wu for a moment before her head could clear.  “My God!” she declared.
Wu pressed the cold drink into her hand.  “Drink!” he told her, and waited while she took a sip.  “I tried to warn you.  Janice is… most powerful.”
Maria was still too stunned to reply.
Far more cautiously now, they all watched Janice on the monitors.  And now whenever the Chinese girl came in with the drinks, she made sure that everyone was fully awake. 
Five minutes later, Wu’s sharp eyes caught an odd shadow on the main screen.  “What is that?”
“Here father!” Susan said as she pointed toward one of the other monitors.  Nearly out of sight, they could just see Maria’s two guards on the screen.  Both of them were now standing up and moving their limbs to Janice’s commands… even without the shock collar locked around their necks.
“My men!” Maria exclaimed.
Wu grabbed her arm.  “We tried to warn you.  We dare not disturb Janice now… we must simply hope for the best for them.”  Actually, if Alverez had been a little more reasonable about things then he might have gone in and quietly tried to get her men out of there.  But this way Maria would see for herself how powerful Janice’s conditioning could be.  This way he could insure that he would be able to demand a higher price for Janice’s efforts in the future.

Movement off to the side of her vision partially distracted Janice, but she dared not stop.  Not yet.  She did her best to ignore what was happening off to the side and concentrated fully on Eduardo.  The stupid man was falling under her control faster than most others.  Obviously he didn’t have a very strong mind at all.  As far as she was concerned, there would be no loss at all if she destroyed his mind completely. 
It was a full ten minutes more before she dared quickly glace over toward the men there.  The stupid men were mimicking every move that Eduardo made.  They had been hypnotized right along with Eduardo!  The fools!  Maria should hire better men!  Or better still – better women!  She put them out of her mind for a few moments as she started winding down on Eduardo.  Slowing things down.  Getting him ready to receive more important instructions.
“Sit down,” she finally said to Eduardo.  She glanced to the side and saw both the men there sitting down as well, their eyes staring straight ahead, they too were ready to receive more orders.  Janice stopped and took a much needed drink.  She found the two other men to be annoying, yet she was amused by them as well.  She turned her attention back to Eduardo, her primary concern. 
She didn’t address him by name as she normally would, but instead she told him that from now on, whenever she addressed him by his name, followed by the command to sleep, that he would immediately drop into the same deep hypnotic state he was in now… and it would go deeper and deeper every time she did it.
As she had done with Doctor Parker, she instilled the impossible wall in his mind that would grow thicker and stronger every time he stood up or sat down.  And most importantly to her, she made sure that he could never speak about what she had done to him with anyone!  She didn’t pay strict attention to the men further away, but every time she asked Eduardo for an answer, she noted two more voices answering as well.  Stupid men!  The planet would be so much better off without them!
Once the business was done she stopped for another drink… and again considered the two men in the chairs off to the side.  With a shake of her head, she walked over to them.  Very quietly she spoke to both of them.  “Until I say otherwise, you will remain just as you are and rest.  As soon as I tap you on the arm, you will hear nothing at all.  It will be like you are in a wonderful dreamless sleep until I tap you on the arm again.   Then you will listen carefully to me and do as I tell you.”  With that said, she tapped each of them on the arm and walked back toward Eduardo. 

She took another sip of her tea, but her attention now was still on the two men.  She was going to ignore them completely, but a tiny germ of an idea made its way into her head.  It was a silly idea, but she simply couldn’t help herself.  She walked back over to the two men.  One of them was taller than the other, she tapped the arm of the smaller man.  “Can you hear me?” she asked softly.
“Yes,” the man replied woodenly.
“Good,” Janice replied.  “What is your name?”
“Luis,” the man said.
“And what is your friend’s name?”
“Very good,” Janice replied.  “Luis, from now on, you are going to feel more and more devoted to your friend Juan.  This devotion will grow stronger and stronger and will eventually become a feeling of total love and devotion.  You will trust Juan completely in all things and do everything he asks you to do. 
“In addition, you will slowly develop some new interests in life.  As time goes on and you become more and more devoted to Juan, you will find yourself wanting to act more and more like a baby… and not just any baby, but a baby girl.  You will have an overwhelming desire to wear and use diapers like a baby, you will have a strong desire to dress and act like a baby girl, and you will have a strong desire to be treated like a baby girl.  Eventually, you will start to look on your friend Juan as your mother and you will feel the same devotion towards him as any baby would feel toward her mother.
“Now when I tap you on the arm again, you will go back into your dreamless sleep where you can’t hear anything until I tap you on the arm again.”
Finished with him, she turned to the taller guard and tapped his arm.  With her voice still soft, she asked, “Juan, can you hear me?”
“Good.  Juan, from now on you are going to feel more and more devoted to your friend Luis.  Over time, you will develop a very deep love for him.  You will want to protect and nurture him.  Guide him in all ways possible.  As your attachment to Luis grows stronger, you are going to start wanting to see your friend as a child instead as a man, and soon after, you will have a very strong desire for him to be as a baby to you instead.  In fact, you will want him to be a baby girl for you instead of a baby boy.  You will want him to be your baby girl all the time and you will love changing his diapers, and feeding him, and taking very good care of him as any mother should.
“In time, all this will make you want to act as Luis’s mother.  This will become so important to you that you will begin dressing the part.  Being Luis’s mother and looking like a proper mother will be more important to you than anything else, and you will do your best to dress and look just like a woman… like a proper mother should look. 
“Now when I tap you on the arm, you will go back into your restful dreamless state where you won’t hear anything until I tap you on the arm again.”  With that, she tapped his arm and walked back toward Eduardo.  Now it was time to program Eduardo’s new life.

Out in the booth, Maria was very concerned.  “What did she say to them?  I couldn’t hear?”
Wu shook his head.  “I have no idea.”  He didn’t say it, but from everything he knew about Janice, he feared that it wouldn’t be good.

Janice took another sip of her iced tea and opened her notebook.  She read the first few entries to remind herself of how she had planned to proceed.  Finally, she turned her attention fully on Eduardo again.  “Eduardo,” she said, “I’d like you to listen to me very carefully.  What I have to say now is very important and will remain so for the rest of your life.”  There was no change in the expression on his face, but then she didn’t expect to see one.  “It is my will,” she continued, “that what I tell you now will be things that you absolutely must do.  You have no choice in them at all.  My will is all that matters anymore.”  Again she paused to let that sink in… even though as far as he was concerned, he already had no choice.
“Eduardo,” she said, “from now on, you are going to have some new interests in your life.  As you know they are things that you absolutely must do.  And you must do them no matter what anyone else may think or despite how much anyone tries to keep you from doing them.  However, none of these things that I am going to tell you now will take effect and begin until after you are released from the chain hanging from your neck.  You will only remain aware of them until you are free from that chain.”
She continued.  “Eduardo, from now on, it is my will that you continually wet yourself.  You will always pee in your clothes or in a diaper if you have one.  Like it or not, you will live with the feeling of wet pee surrounding your bottom.  You will endure this and do this no matter what anyone else may think or try to force you to do.  You may no longer go anywhere except in whatever clothes you are wearing – without taking them off!”
She paused to check her notes for the second item.  “Eduardo,” she said, “from now on you will never wear men’s clothes.  You may only wear women’s clothing, and as part of that, you will never wear any kind of women’s slacks.   It must always be a colorful dress or skirt.  You will wear these clothes as if you love them, no matter how you really feel about them.  And if anyone makes you wear anything masculine at all, you will refuse outright and fight as hard as you can to avoid it.  It will be easier for you to go fully naked in public than have to wear anything masculine at all!”
“She didn’t need to see the next item on her list.  “Eduardo, along with the women’s clothing, you will always wear makeup, nail polish if you can get it, and have your hair fixed as femininely as possible.  In fact, you will do everything in your power to keep your whole body looking as pretty and feminine as you can.  From now on, it will be as if you live to be pretty and feminine all the time.”
She consulted her list again before continuing.  “Eduardo, from now on, one of your favorite activities is to give sexual pleasure to any man or woman that wants it.  Man… or woman!  You will go out of your way to provide all the sexual pleasure they may want – any sexual pleasure at all, to anyone and everyone you can.  You will positively beg people to let you give them that pleasure if you must.  And you will do your absolute best to make sure they are completely happy with your services.”
She checked her list for the next item, even though she didn’t need to.  “Eduardo, despite the fact that you will be giving so much pleasure to others, from now on, you are no longer allowed to feel sexual pleasure yourself.  Every time your body begins to respond sexually in any way, you will feel a freezing cold invading your genitals.  The stronger your arousal is, the more intense the cold will be.  The cold will shrink your penis so that it cannot respond and will remind you that you are no longer allowed to feel that kind of pleasure anymore.  But that cold will not keep you from giving sexual pleasure to others – even though you will never be able to use your male appendage ever again.”
She checked her list to make sure she hadn’t missed anything, but she already knew there was only one last item left… and she knew what that item was.  “Eduardo,” she said, “from now on, whenever you are not giving sexual pleasure to anyone, you will find things to clean.  The dirtier and the more disgusting the better.  From now on, you compulsively live to clean filth.  Other than your diapers, you will do your best to keep yourself and your clothes as clean and pretty as possible, but you will work hard to make sure everything that you can find that needs cleaning is scrubbed thoroughly.  You cannot rest if something needs cleaning and you haven’t finished.”
She figured that would do it… for this round.  It was just the few simple things that she and Maria had worked out together.  Now it was time to wake him up and start all over again… from scratch.
“Eduardo, when I tell you to, you will wake up fully.  You will no longer be in any kind of trance at all.  Eduardo… wake up!”
She watched as Eduardo brought himself fully out of his trance shaking his head to try to clear it… and eventually, his eyes went wide with fright.  “Nooooo!” he screamed… much to Janice’s pleasure as he fully remembered everything that she had just glued into his head.  “Noooo!”
Janice took another long sip of her iced tea.  She glanced at the two guards who were still sound asleep in their chairs… oblivious to everything that was going on.  She would get back to them later.  Setting her notebook down on the table again, she took one last sip of the tea and turned back to the wide-eyed and very frightened Eduardo.  “Stand up!” she commanded.  And her finger hit the remote control button to give him a shock the moment he didn’t react fast enough.  “Sit down!” she commanded.  And her finger shocked him again.

“What is she doing?” Maria asked.  “I thought she was finished.”
Carol had come over to watch for the last few minutes.  “She’s just starting all over again,” she replied.  “Since she can’t do this with multiple sessions, she does two back to back to make sure that her commands stick as firmly as possible.  She’s just going to do everything exactly the same from here on,” Carol told them.  “You might want to sit back and relax for a while.”  With that, she stuck the earpieces back in her ears and went back to her music.

As usual, the second time didn’t take nearly as long as the first time.  It was made even easier because Janice didn’t have the distraction of the two guards.  Using her list, Janice was careful to put every single command that she had put into Eduardo the first time, back into him the second time… ensuring that he could never go against her will and that all the odd behaviors she had just given him would be followed to the letter – for as long as the conditioning lasted… which Janice hoped would be the rest of his stupid life.  She would be happy though if it lasted just a year or two.  With only this one session, she had no way to be sure, but then it was only a demonstration of what she was capable of doing.
Before waking Eduardo up this time, she took a moment to go back over to the guards.  She tapped each of them on the arm and said, “When I tell you to wake up, you will come awake fully.  You will no longer be hypnotized in any way at all.”  She didn’t bother to say anything at all about the fact that they would have to follow the commands she had stuck in them.  If it stuck, then so much the better.  If not, then it didn’t really matter anyway.
She walked back over to Eduardo.  “Wake up!” she commanded loudly.  All three men came awake, and Eduardo collapsed in his chair, buried his head in his hands and started crying.  Janice looked over at the two guards.  They were sitting there staring at each other, the tall one was holding the arm of the shorter one.  She didn’t know what was going to happen there. 
A door opened in the back of the room and Mr. Wu led the way as everyone else followed behind him.  “Magnificent, Janice,” Wu exclaimed happily.  “Truly magnificent!”
Maria came up and took Janice’s hand and held it.  “I didn’t believe the power of what you were doing.  They had to continually make sure I myself did not fall under your spell!”  She looked toward Eduardo.  “But why does it look like none of it is working?”
Janice smiled.  “Because I told him that none of it would take effect until the chain was removed from his neck.”
Maria looked around at her guards.  Most of them were clustered around the two guards who had remained in the room.  “Unchain Eduardo!” she commanded. 
Four of the guards went over to the still sobbing man.  They grabbed him and held him so that one of them could unlock the collar that was around his neck.
“No!  No!” Screamed Eduardo, knowing what would happen the moment the collar was removed. 
But removing the collar was a foregone conclusion and the moment it was gone from his neck the man went berserk trying to get his clothes off.  Janice noted that the front of his pants were already wet before he could get them off. 
“Leave him be!” Maria commanded so her guards would stand back. 
In moments, Eduardo was fully naked.  He glanced around trying to figure out what to do.
“Eduardo, put your clothes back on!” Maria commanded.
Eduardo looked from Maria to the clothes he had just removed and back again.  “No!  I can’t!” he screamed in fear.
“I said put them on!”
“I can’t!  I can’t!” he cried as tears fell from his eyes again.
“I gave you an order Eduardo!” Maria tried again.  “Why can’t you put your clothes back on?”
But all Eduardo knew to do was to drop to his knees and plead.  “Please.  Please.  I can’t.  I can’t.”
“Why not?”
Eduardo glanced back and forth now between Maria and Janice.  “I can’t,” he cried again.  “They’re men’s clothes!”
Maria walked over to him.  “Would you rather wear my dress?”
Eduardo quickly reached out and grabbed the hem of her dress.  “Please!” he begged.  “Please let me wear it.  Please!”
“No!” Maria barked as she slapped his hands away and backed up.  Eduardo lapsed into deeper sobs.  She turned to one of the guards.  “Get the bag we brought with us from the car.  Hurry!”
Several minutes later, the bag was retrieved from the car and brought to Maria.  From it, she extracted a large disposable diaper.  She threw it at Eduardo.  “Here! Put this on!” she ordered. 
Eduardo stared at the diaper in shock.  But it was shock mixed with joy.  As fast as he could he labored to figure out how to fasten the thing around him while everyone else looked on.  As soon as he was done, a short strange mewing sound escaped from one of the guards.  The shorter guard who had remained in the room was staring wide-eyed at the diaper that Eduardo was wearing.
“What did you do to my men?” Maria asked softly.
Janice smiled.  “Just a little fun,” she replied.  “I don’t know if any of it will stick at all, but you may want to keep those two together from now on in case it did.  I think they’re going to be very devoted to each other… if it worked.”
Maria looked suspiciously at Janice for a moment.  Then she put her hand in the bag again and pulled out a large multi-colored piece of material.  She threw it at Eduardo.  “Try that!” she commanded. 
Janice watched as Eduardo picked up the feminine material and shook it out.  It wasn’t until then that Janice realized that the material was a large dress… and as expected, Eduardo was doing his best to get the thing on as fast as he could.
Maria smiled and turned to Janice.  “Now we’ll have to test things and see how well it looks like it will last.  But if all goes as well as I now expect it to, then you and I may be doing a lot of business together.  And if all goes well, I can see us making history together!”
“And we will be most happy to help you along the way,” Mr. Wu added, making sure that Maria didn’t forget that Janice was now a part of his organization… not hers!