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Mister Mike - Chapter 26 – Part 3 of 3

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 26 – Part 3 of 3

     I got undressed, fully, including removing my heels.  At Ashley’s command, I laid down naked on the bed.  I was surprised to see Joanna hand Ashley one of those same pink diapers instead of getting one of the big extra-bulky ones from my room.  I lifted my hips so she could slide the thing under me.  After being stuck wearing those huge ones, this lighter one was going to be a pleasure…I thought.
      “If I’ve got to smell like baby lotion, then so can you!” Ashley said rather angrily.  A moment later, she was literally pouring lots of that stuff on me.  Far more than I had used on her.  “Stay there, I’ll be right back,” she said when she had finished.  She left the room, then came back again…with my bottle of baby powder.  A minute later, I smelled not just like baby lotion, but like baby powder as well.  And let me tell you, there was no missing that smell!  Finally, Ashley pulled that pink diaper up between my legs and fastened it.  I was now stuck in a pink diaper. 
     Yes, it was definitely bulky, but not nearly as bad as the other diapers I had been wearing.  Yes, if I tried, I could actually close my legs.  I knew it couldn’t hold as much as those other diapers did, but I also knew it could still hold quite a bit.
And then I was surprised to see Ashley coming at me again, with another pair of those same plastic pants like she was wearing.  She pulled them over my feet, up my legs, and I had to lift my bottom for her to slide them all the way under me and up over my diapers.  As far as I could tell, they really weren’t needed at all.  The diapers were plenty thick enough and seemed to be well enough made to protect against leaks. 
      “Here dear,” Joanna said to her daughter. 
     My mouth dropped open as I watched Ashley take another onesie from her mother.  It was bigger than the one I had put on Ashley, but the feminine design was that same cute cupcake pattern.  Joanna had bought us matching onesies, and I knew already that it would be lockable like Ashley’s onesie was…like my maid’s dress was…like my shoe locks were…and like my damn chastity device was.  One lock after another.  And now here was another one!  In horror, I laid there while Ashley fed my feet through the openings.  I lifted my bottom while she slid the thing under my diaper covered butt. 
      “Stand up,” she ordered. 
     I stood and let her feed my arms thought the arm holes.  She went around behind me and zipped the thing up.  It was tight on me, all over.  Especially between my shoulders and my padded crotch.   I had no trouble at all hearing the lock click shut.  The back of my neck isn’t very far from my ears.  I reached behind me and felt the lock going through the loops and also through the zipper.  It took very little imagination to know I wasn’t getting out of that thing without help.  I was now just as helpless in it as Ashley was.

      “Put that key with your other keys, dear,” Joanna told her daughter.
     I watched as Ashley took that key and put it with the pile of other keys she had for my various locks.  Ashley laughed.  “I need a key ring just for all these,” she said.
      “That’s probably a very good idea.  We’ll look into that later,” Joanna replied.  Joanna turned to me.  “Michael, please put your pants on now.  Ashley, you find some pants to wear too.” 
     Joanna sat on the bed while I picked up my shirt to put on. 
      “Don’t bother with your shirt,” she told me.  “That onesie is good enough.  I need you wearing pants with it though.”
     I quickly wondered what she had planned.  And I already knew I wasn’t going to like it. 
      “How about these, Momma?” Ashley asked as she came out of her closet with a pair of black slacks. 
      “Very nice dear.  They should work just fine.”
     I watched Ashley carefully as I slipped my pants back on and fastened them.  Ashley’s pants weren’t exactly skin tight, but they weren’t that loose either.  The one big thing I noticed, was something I didn’t notice – her diaper.  Between the onesie, the plastic pants, and the black pants, I couldn’t even tell she was wearing one. 
     Joanna went over and ran her hand over Ashley’s backside.  “Oh, I’m so pleased,” she said.  “You can’t see any trace of that diaper at all.”
      “You’re sure Momma?” Ashley asked.
      “You can’t!” I told her.  “How about mine?  Can you tell I’m wearing one?”  I turned slowly around so she could check the front and back. 
      “I don’t see it at all,” she said, “but your pants aren’t as tight as mine are.”
      “Good!” I breathed a sigh of relief.  If Joanna was going to make us go out like this, at least for once my diaper wouldn’t be noticeable. 
      “Both of you, listen,” Joanna said sternly.  “Don’t pee until I say you can.  If you feel you absolutely have to, then let me know with plenty of warning.  Got that?  Both of you?”
      “Yes Momma,” Ashley said as her head bowed down dejectedly toward the floor. 
     I simply nodded and said.  “Yeah.”  What weird game was Joanna thinking about now?  And to be honest, I was really nervous about it. 
      “Michael,” Joanna said please put your heels on.  Ashley, find some shoes too.”
     Another little bonus I noticed about that diaper, bending down to fasten my shoes was easier.  It wasn’t until I stood up again afterwards that I noticed a big downside to things.  Those plastic pants I was now wearing were starting to make me sweat!
      “Come along children,” Joanna said as she headed for the door.  “Let’s get some dinner.”
     I dreaded the thought of going out dressed the way I was.  Did Joanna really intend on both Ashley and me going into some restaurant dressed like this?  In cute matching onesies that absolutely screamed babyish?  I felt a rivulet of sweat run a tiny way down to the leg opening of the plastic pants I was wearing, where it stopped because it couldn’t go any further.  I also felt my cock growing hard, but like that small bead of sweat, it too quickly hit the boundaries that were allowed for it.  And trust me, that cock restraint was far more uncomfortable than those plastic pants were.
     To say that I was relieved to be able to wear my winter coat would be an understatement…unless Joanna made me take the darn thing off later.  But once we all had our coats on, and after Joanna made me go back and grab “my” purse and put all my things into it, we all got into Joanna’s car, with both me and Ashley in the back seat.  I was really beginning to feel like a child. 
     Joanna drove us to McDonalds.  There was no question about us getting out of the car.  I don’t know why Ashley was nervous, she looked perfectly fine.  I was a guy wearing high heels and carrying a damn purse! 
      “Hold hands children,” Joanna ordered as soon as we were out of the car.
     I nearly died!  Hold hands?  But Ashley grabbed my hand.  I looked at her.  “If I have to do it, then you can too!” she said somewhat angrily. 
      “Watch the cars children,” Joanna said as she headed for the door.
     Together, Ashley and I holding hands like children, followed Joanna across the parking lot and into the restaurant.  Joanna didn’t go to the line to order food.  Instead she led us straight to one of the booths, which made me very happy since I was the one who looked the stupidest with my purse and high heels.  Ashley wasn’t carrying any purse at all!
      “Take your coats off children,” Joanna ordered. 
     That one made me less happy.  I was sure Ashley wasn’t happy about it either, but the moment Ashley saw my embarrassing shirt exposed…I mean onesie…she smiled and laughed.  “You look so stupid in that thing.”
     Yeah, I had no doubt.  It really wasn’t fair.  Ashley looked…cute!  Girls could really get away with so much more.
     Joanna made the two of us sit together on one side of the booth, with me up against the window…so I couldn’t get out past Ashley?  “Hold hands children,” she ordered, and waited while Ashley and I looked at each other, then linked hands under the table where they wouldn’t be seen.  “Now stay right there, both of you!” she told us.  “And don’t move!  And remember, don’t wet your diapers!”  With that, she headed for the line to order our food.  She didn’t even ask what I wanted! 
     The two of us sat there holding hands as we watched her standing in line with so many other people.  I can’t tell you what a fool I felt.  Or how childish.  What was this new game Joanna was playing?  And why, oh why, was my darn chastity device so horribly tight?  This was not turning me on at all.  I’d never ever admit that anything like this could ever turn me on.  Never!  It was just that…my darn chastity device was too small.
     People looked at us, pointing at the matching babyish shirts we were both wearing.  People stared at us, some of them chuckling a little.  One young woman took out her phone and snapped a picture of us.  I winced when she did that as I felt Ashley’s fingernails suddenly digging ferociously into my hand.  She was nervous too, but did she have to take it out on me with her nails? 
     Joanna finally came back.  She had a tray with drinks, food, and two bags on it.  She smiled at us before she even reached us.  “You two look so adorable!” she squealed excitedly. 
     Adorable?  Hardly.  Try foolish, stupid, idiotic, and any other of a hundred different derogatory terms.  But adorable – not! 
      “Keep holding hands, children.  Don’t let go!” she said sternly as she sat down and passed each of us a bag.  Happy Meals for both of us.  I noticed that she got a chicken sandwich and fries for herself.  Her drink was probably larger than both of ours put together.  Using only my right hand, I opened my Happy Meal bag and found chicken nuggets, French fries, honey mustard dip, and a plastic princess doll in a blue dress.  I noticed Ashley’s princess had a pink dress.  Oh goody.  I had a tiny toy princess.  Just what I always wanted.
      “Now don’t just play with your toys,” Joanna told us.  “You’ve got to eat your meals too.”  Ashley and I just looked at each other before looking back at the small amount of food in front of us. 
      “Oh Michael,” Joanna said, “I wish you had long hair like Ashley.  I’d just love to put you in pigtails.  You too Ashley.  You already look adorable together, just think how you’d look then!”
     Yeah, there was no doubt about it, that chastity device that Joanna had locked on me was too small, about ten sizes too small!
     And then Joanna surprised both of us.  “Ashley, please put your hand in Michael’s lap now so that you can feel his crotch.  Make sure you can feel it firmly.”
     Shocked wouldn’t even begin to say how I felt, especially as Ashley giggled and stuck her hand firmly right down into my crotch.
      “Now you Michael.  You put your hand down in Ashley’s crotch so you can feel her diaper down there too.”
     Ashley stopped giggling very quickly at that.  I noticed her face turning very red as my hand went to her very private spot.
      “Now keep your hands right there please and try to eat your dinner.”
     Eat?  Like this?  Not only did I have to eat one handed, but I had to eat while feeling Ashley’s hand right in my crotch?  But then I heard Ashley giggle.  Nervously, I picked up a chicken nugget and dipped it in the sauce, and ate it.
     Joanna leaned over that table and spoke very softly so that only we could hear.  “Michael, when I say the words, ‘baby boy,’ you’re going to wet yourself right away.  Ashley, you’re going to nod your head as soon as you feel his diaper getting warmer.”
     I was shocked.  Ashley of course giggled again.
      “And Ashley, when I say the words ‘baby girl’ you’re going to wet your diaper, and Michael, you’re going to nod to me just as soon as you feel Ashley’s diaper getting wet.  Is that clear?  Both of you?”
     I noticed that Ashley certainly wasn’t giggling now. 
      “Is that clear?” Joanna reaped. 
     I nodded nervously.  Ashley only bowed her head. 
      “Eat your dinner’s children,” Joanna ordered.
     Trust me, it doesn’t take long to eat four chicken nuggets, even when you’re taking your time dipping them into the sauce.  And the small bag of French fries didn’t take long either.
     Joanna was talking and talking about all kinds of things.  Work, home, life, and I noticed that once in a while much of it was about Ashley when she was young.  And then in the middle of it, I heard Joanna say, “When my baby girl was born, I was about the happiest woman alive.”  Joanna kept going, but I felt Ashley stiffen.  Joanna kept talking to me, and then I noticed that my hand feeling Ashley’s crotch was suddenly a bit warmer.  I know my eyes went wide as I tried to nod so that Joanna would know that Ashley had wet herself.  But as I was nodding, I realized that Joanna was just then saying, I have no doubt at all Michael that your mother was just as proud of her baby boy as I was of Ashley.”  Even as I was trying to tell Joanna that Ashley had wet herself, Joanna was giving me my cue to wet my diaper too. 
     Wetting myself had become all too easy over the last month or so, and into that new thinner diaper, I let it loose.  I quickly noticed Ashley look at me, then saw her nod towards her mother, who just kept talking like nothing out of the ordinary had happened at all. 
     At Joanna’s cue, both Ashley and I had sat together in that restaurant, and wet our diapers like infant children.  Talk about doing something to make you feel small!  Was my face red?  I have no doubt.  I could literally feel it turning red. 
      “Michael, you’re not getting up from this table until you finish your dinner,” Joanna chastised me.  I quickly went back to eating my few chicken nuggets.
     With Ashley’s hand still in my crotch, and mine still in hers, we finished eating.  Very quickly, my nuggets were gone, my fries were gone, and so was the small drink that was part of my meal.  Now that we’d had the appetizer, I was more than ready for the main course.  Bring it on!  Unfortunately, what we had already eaten was the main course.  If Joanna kept this up, I was going to lose weight.
     When we all were finished, Joanna had us get up from the table and had both of us carry all the trash to the trash can – before she allowed us to put our coats back on.  I can’t tell you how humiliated I felt wearing that babyish shirt, or onesie as it actually was, right next to Ashley’s matching onesie, all the way to the trash can and back to the table again.  That shirt was almost as bad as the high heels on my feet.
     Once my coat was on, Joanna said, “Michael, since you’ve got your purse and Ashley doesn’t, please put both Ashley’s doll and yours in it so you can play with them at home.” 
     Once again holding hands, Joanna led Ashley and me back out to the car and put us into the back seat.  Once our seat belts were on, Joanna said, “Where do your hands go children?”  With a giggle, Ashley’s hand landed right in my crotch.  You don’t even have to guess where my hand went.  As Joanna drove us home, I actually felt Ashley trying to push her crotch harder against my fingers.  I looked over at her, and she was giving me one of those devilish looks as she again tried to thrust her hips against my hand. 
      “Go ahead,” she whispered. “Try it.”
     I looked at her like she was crazy…which she was.
      “Aw,” she whispered.  “What’s the matter?  That little thing you’ve got locked on causing you trouble?  And then I felt her hand pushing harder, then backing away, harder, then backing away, as if she was trying to go get me hard.  I heard her giggle again as her mother continued to chatter away in the front seat.  Yes, I was very glad by the time we got home!

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Mister Mike - Chapter 26 – Part 2 of 3

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 26 – Part 2 of 3

     I walked in through the kitchen like I always did.  I didn’t see any sign of either Joanna or Ashley.  Where were they?  With that kitchen safe and my male shoes in my hand I headed from the kitchen into the family room.  “Joanna?” I called when I still didn’t see any sign of them.
      “Back here,” I heard Joanna yell. 
     I headed down the hallway and found them in the master bedroom.  I found them, but the way I found them shocked me to high heaven!  Joanna was standing looking sternly at her daughter, but it was Ashley that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.  She was kneeling on the bed – with her wrists tied to the headboard.  And she was crying her eyes out.  I also noticed some kind of cloth gag tied around her head that looked like Joanna had used one of Ashley’s scarves to do it with.  And stranger, she was naked from the waist down, and her bottom was bright red.  “What’s going on?” I asked, not believing what I was seeing.
     Instead of answering, Joanna walked up next to Ashley.  “Are you ready to behave?”
     I saw Ashley nod rather emphatically.  I watched as Joanna untied the scarf from around Ashley’s head.  Ashley started shaking her head rather dramatically, and then I noticed why the scarf had been there.  It had been holding a bar of soap into Ashley’s mouth so she couldn’t remove it.  Joanna pulled the soap out.  Foam and small bubbles were all over Ashley’s chin.
      “I hate you!” Ashley yelled the moment the soap was gone, spurting soap out of her mouth.  “I hate you.  I hate you.  I hate you all!”
      “Nope!” Joanna said as she quickly captured Ashley’s head again, held her nose, then forced that soap back into her mouth.  Ashley fought for all she was worth by shaking her head, but it did no good.  A moment later, the scarf was back holding the soap in place again, and Ashley was crying hysterically.
      “What’s going on?” I asked again, softer than before, and also somewhat afraid for myself in case Joanna was in a nasty mood.
      “The reason Ashley’s diapers haven’t been very wet when you’ve changed her lately, is because she’s been taking them off every day.  She wets in them a few times, then takes them off until just before you get home.  I suspected it when you first mentioned it, and all it took was a little persuasion for Ashley to confirm it. 
      “I’m sure you can figure it out,” she replied.
      “So…does this mean I don’t have to take orders from her anymore?  Is the agreement done now?”
      “Not at all.  And Ashley still has total control over you.  This is just something between Ashley and me.  She controls you completely, and now she’s agreeing to let me control her the same way.”
     It didn’t look to me like Ashley was agreeing to anything of the sort.
      “Come on Michael,” Joanna said as she headed for the door.  “Ashley’s not ready to be a good girl yet.”
     Ashley suddenly became even more agitated and started making all kinds of noise.  Joanna went back to her.  “Are you going to behave?”
     Ashley started sobbing again.  She turned her head and looked at her mother with the most pathetic eyes I’d ever seen.  She finally nodded her head.
      “We’ll try it again,” Joanna told her.  “But if you don’t do as you’re told, or utter even one nasty word about anything, that soap goes right back in, and this time I’ll have Michael spank you.”
     Ashley looked totally horrified, then started shaking her head.
      “You’re going to behave?” Joanna asked again.
     Ashley’s crying increased again, then she nodded her head.  Joanna untied the scarf and pulled the bar of soap from her mouth.  Ashley knelt there crying while soap ran from her mouth.  Then she started trying to spit all that soap out, which landed on the bed, the headboard, and the wall behind it.  Joanna ignored the mess she was making.  “Ashley, what do you have to say to Michael now?”
     Ashley’s eyes were streaming tears.  “I’m…sorry,” she sobbed. 
      “Sorry for what?” Joanna prompted.
      “Sorry…for taking my diapers off to fool you.”
      “And are you going to be a good girl for me now and do everything I tell you to?  Or shall we stick that bar of soap back into your mouth while Michael and I pack up all your things and get as much of it into my car as we can?”
     That surprised me. 
     Ashley looked horrified at her mother.  “No!  I don’t want to leave!  I can’t go up there!”
      “Then are you going to do what I want?  Just like we talked about?”
     Ashley started sobbing again, then bowed her head.  Soap bubbles still ran out of her mouth.  It was a few moments before she nodded. 
      “Just like we talked about?” Joanna asked again.  Everything I tell you to do?”
     Ashley nodded again, crying even harder.  “Please untie me!” she begged.  “You know how much I hate being tied up.  You know I can’t stand it!”
     I remembered that she had told me that once after Chris had tied me to that board in my room.
      “I’m still waiting for an answer,” Joanna told her. 
     Ashley was sobbing.  “Please…” she begged.
      “Are you going to do whatever I say, just like we talked about?  Just like you said before that you would?”
     I didn’t know what that conversation had been like, but it sure had Ashley in a state.
      “Mommaaaaa…” Ashley cried.  “Please don’t.  Please don’t make me.  Pleeeeease…”
      “We talked about this before Ashley.  And I’m done giving in to you.  I never should have given in over and over again through your whole life, especially after you were…older.  It was a mistake doing that and I’m not making that mistake again.”
      “Pleeeease Momma…”
     Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs.  “Let me go!”  It was so loud and the high pitch of it hurt my ears.
     Joanna turned to me.  “Go put your shoes in your room,” she told me.  “You can get out of those heels if you want too.  I need you to help me move as much of Ashley’s things into my car as we can.”
      “Nooooo!” Ashley screamed.  “I can’t go!  I’m not going!”
     Joanna ignored her.  “I’ll be with you in a moment Michael,” she said to me.  “Just let me get this bar of soap back in her mouth.”
      “Nooo!” Ashley screamed again.  “No!  Don’t!  Not anymore.  Untie me!  Let me go!”
     Joanna picked up the soap and grabbed Ashley’s head.
      “No!” Ashley screamed again. 
     Joanna held on tight while Ashley fought with her.  I saw Joanna hold Ashley’s nose to get her to open her mouth.  Ashley finally did open her mouth, but as Joanna was trying to push the soap back in, I heard Ashley trying to say, “I’ll do it.  I’ll do it…”  And then the soap was in again, but only for a moment. 
      “What was that?” Joanna asked, holding the bar of soap just out of her mouth.
     Ashley was crying hysterically again.  “I’ll do it,” she sobbed.
      “You’re certain?” Joanna asked.  “Because I have no problem having Michael help me stick you in the car…tied up if I have to…and taking you back home with me again where you’ll be away from all your friends and everything else.”
      “No!” Ashley cried.  “I can’t go back there.  I’ll do it,” she cried bitterly.  “I’ll do it.”  She broke down in sobs. 
      “We’ll see,” Joanna said as she set the soap down on the night table again.  “Do I dare untie you, or are you going to behave?”
      “Please untie me.  Please!” she suddenly begged, tugging hard at the ropes again.  “I can’t stand it!”
      “Hold still,” Joanna told her. 
     I watched as she attacked the piece of rope holding Ashley to the headboard.  A moment later, Ashley’s hands were free.  She rolled back on the bed, rubbing her wrists repeatedly and crying.  I stood there for a moment while Ashley cried.  “I’ll go take my heels off now,” I said quietly.
      “No!” Joanna said quickly.  “Not as long as Ashley decides to behave.”
      “But…you just said…”
      “That was before Ashley decided to get a little more…cooperative.  Since she’s cooperating, then you can stay in those heels.”
     Not what I wanted to hear, especially since my mother was coming.  I decided to not ask about changing anything else.
     Joanna went to a large plastic bag that was leaning up against the closet door.  I watched as she pulled something bulky out of it.  Diapers!  Pink diapers.  A whole package of them.  “Here Michael,” Joanna said as she ripped the top on the package.  “Take one of these and please put it on Ashley for me.  And don’t forget the baby lotion.  Use lots of it!”
     Oooookay.  I took the diaper and examined it.  It was certainly a lot thinner than the bulky things I had been wearing.  Make that, the bulky things that both Ashley and I had been wearing.  But it still had a good amount of padding in it.  I grabbed the bottle of lotion and approached the bed.
      “Please Momma.  Please….”
      “Behave yourself!” Joanna said sternly.  “Michael, you know what to do.”
     Ashley broke down sobbing again.  I pulled on her legs to straighten them out, then shoved the diaper under her bottom while she laid there crying with her hands over her face.  With the pink diaper under her, I took the bottle of baby lotion and spread it liberally all over her, top and bottom, including into the crack of her sex.  She wiggled around trying to keep me from doing what I had to, but I got the job done.  She finally laid still and just cried, now with one of her arms covering her eyes.  A minute later, I had fastened the tapes on her diaper.  I was done. 
     I turned to Joanna and was surprised to see her holding something else out toward me.  I was even more surprised to see what it was.  “Put this on her too,” she said. 
     I took it and looked at it closely.  It was a pair of white plastic waterproof pants.  They weren’t nearly as stiff as I figured they would be.  In fact, they felt rather soft.  I doubted they’d make much noise at all like so many websites claimed they did.  One foot at a time, I stuck her feet into them and pulled them up her legs.  I had to work a bit to get them all the way up underneath her since she wasn’t doing anything at all to help me.  But the white plastic pants were soon covering her pink diapers. 
      “And now this,” Joanna said, holding out one more item to me. 
     I turned to see what it was, and was even more floored by what she held – a big feminine onesie that had cute red and pink cupcakes all over it.  As I examined it, I realized that it didn’t have a way to open the crotch area at all.  Instead, it zipped up the back and there were some loops right at the back of the neck that I was guessing was for…
      “Michael, here’s the lock that goes in it.  I have one of the keys on my keyring.  You keep that key, and don’t let Ashley have it.  Now put it on her.  You’ll have to take her top off first.  You can leave her bra on for now.  Later, when you get her ready for bed, you’ll have to remove it before you put that thing on her again.”
     Put it on her again?  It sounded like Joanna planned on keeping it on her all the time!
      “No Momma, no…” Ashley pleaded as I had to catch her feet and stick them into the onesie.  “Please not this,” she pleaded as I tried to work it under her bottom.  “No Momma, please…” she begged.  But Joanna said absolutely nothing.  I grabbed her body and pulled her into a sitting position so I could get the rest of it on her.  “No.  Don’t.  Please,” she begged.  “It’ll be like being tied down.  I won’t be able to stand it.  Please…don’t…”
     I looked to Joanna, waiting to hear what she wanted me to do. 
      “Don’t stop now Michael.  She’s earned this many times over.  She’s behaved like nothing but a spoiled brat for years.  Now I’m going to treat her like one.  Get it on her and fasten it up.”
     Ashley hugged me hard.  “Don’t do it,” she begged.  “Please don’t.”
     But this was Ashley.  Ashley who loved being cruel.  I hardened my heart against her pitiful pleas and grabbed one of her arms.  I had to fight with her a bit to get her arm into the onesie, but eventually it went.  Surprisingly, she put up even less fight as I put her other arm in. 
     She was crying again, pitifully.  “Don’t,” she cried. 
     She was sitting up, but her body was absolutely limp in my arms.  I had to look over her shoulder and hold her up as I zipped up the back.  I took the lock and pulled the key out.  I slipped it through the loops, then realized it would also go through the zipper as well.  I removed the lock, put it through one loop, then the zipper, then the other loop, and locked it.  Ashley’s sobbing grew louder as I let go of her and she flopped back limply on the bed.  With that thing locked on her like that, she had no chance of getting her diaper off now.  Not alone, and not without the key that I now had. 
      “Michael,” Joanna said.  “Why don’t you go put that key on your keyring or somewhere where it will be safe and you won’t lose it.  We’ll let Ashley…adjust for a few minutes while you’re doing that.  But please come right back, we’re not through here yet.  Not by a long shot.”
     Not through?  After all that?  Just what had Ashley and her mother discussed earlier?  And why go to this length of trouble for it all?  I pulled my keys from my pocket and fought with my key ring to get the small key onto it.  The keys went right back into my pocket.  “Okay,” I said.  “What’s next?”
      “Now you get undressed and lay on the bed.”  She turned to Ashley who was still crying.  “Ashley, get up from there.  It’s your turn now.”
      “My turn?” Ashley asked through her crying…while I was suddenly trying to come to grips with everything. 
      “Yes, your turn.  We discussed this,” Joanna told her daughter.
     Her eyes were red and irritated.  She was still sniffling back her tears.  But Ashley got up from the bed and looked determinedly at me.  Oddly, I thought she looked rather sexy in that fitted onesie.  But all pleasant thoughts ended abruptly when she said, “Didn’t she till you to get undressed?  Why the hell are you still in those clothes?  Get moving!”
     Yeah, that was more like the Ashley I knew.  Even after suffering like she had, she could still dish it out.