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Mister Mike - Chapter 25 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 25 – Part 1 of 2

     Every time I woke up to pee in the middle of the night, I was very aware of Joanna’s body still pressed against mine.  I was worried about moving too much and waking her.  Fortunately, despite being away from the diapers for a few days, I had been wearing them to bed for so long now that peeing in them was an easy thing to do, no matter how I was laying.  I tried my best to move as little as possible all night so as not to disturb her.  Of course, I felt every little move her body made as well.  The result was that I slept, but not very well. 
     If she was laying there with me all night like that, would tomorrow night mean that she would make love to me again – normally?  But tomorrow night was Saturday night, and she went home every Saturday evening so she could get to work on Sunday, so I knew from the start that it was a lost cause.  
     I woke up Saturday morning to the feel of her hand pressing against my overly bloated diaper.  She saw me open my eyes and look at her.  She pressed and rubbed harder. 
      “It feels pretty thick,” she said.  “Warm too.”  She pressed hard again then rubbed her hand up and down over the top of it.  “Does that feel good Mike?” she asked.  “Would you like to make love again?”
     I nodded.  “Oh yeah!”
     She rolled over and put her lips on mine and kissed me hard.  Then she rolled off of me and slapped her hand down hard on top of my diaper.  “Tough!” she said with a small laugh.  “Now get up and get dressed.  I’ll start breakfast.”
     Just that fast she had dashed all hope away from me.  As she was heading out of the room, she noticed my unfinished baby bottle from the night before.  She picked it up.  “I think you better finish this before Ashley sees that you didn’t.”  With that she left. 
     The damn baby bottle.  There was still about a third of it left to go.  With a sigh, I gave up getting dressed and grabbed the bottle instead.  I laid back on the bed and put it to my lips.  The cool water made me feel like I had to pee again, so I did.  There was no use holding it back.  It had to come out sometime, even though I was fairly sure I wouldn’t be getting out of the diaper I was wearing anytime soon.  It was the weekend.  Unless Joanna let me take it off, it was usually up to Ashley to give me permission to change it, and Ashley was just plain mean!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

      “Mike,” Joanna said, once she saw I had finished cleaning the kitchen after breakfast.  “Can you come look at something with me?”
     Curious, I followed her all the way back to my bedroom.  Ashley, hearing her mother’s request, followed after us.  Joanna was standing over by my board.  Was she going to let me loose again already?  Hooray!  Oddly though, she had my baby bottle in her hand.  And the stranger part was that the bottle was empty.
     While Ashley settled herself on my bed, Joanna grabbed the board and swung it around.  “Mike,” she said as she looked at the nipple glued to the board.  “I had an idea last night and I want to know if you can do it.”
     I was suddenly a bit nervous.  “What?” I asked, removing my pacifier for a few moments.
     She looked at me then back at the board and pointed at the nipple.  “Can you get that pacifier off of there, and then drill some kind of hole so that we can put this baby bottle through it instead?  But I think we’re going to need the bottle to be kept at a pretty good angle so you can drink from it.”
     As my mind went crazy trying to fathom that, I heard Ashley laughing. 
      “Um…getting the pacifier off should be no problem,” I told her.  “And I’m sure I can drill a big enough hole at an angle of some kind.  I guess if I make the hole just big enough for the top of the bottle, then the rest of it will keep it from falling all the way through.”
     Joanna smiled.  “That’s kind of what I was thinking.  Can you do it?”
      “Um…sure,” I replied.  “The only thing I’m worried about is if the rest of the bottle will stay there. 
      “Try it,” she told me. 
     I unfastened the board from where it was tied to the wall and let it gently down to the floor.  I removed the rope completely and carried the board, along with that stupid baby bottle, all the way out to my shop.  The weather was cold and damp, and that silly maid’s dress I was wearing certainly didn’t offer much protection from the cold.  My overly bloated and thick diaper that I had been wearing since last night offered plenty of protection, just not to very much of my body.  I was more than glad to get inside my shop – especially dressed the way I was.  My neighbors all knew about me now, but that didn’t mean I wanted any of them to see me.
     As I started to work, I considered removing my pacifier for a while, but if I put the thing down anywhere, it would most likely get sawdust on the nipple, and I didn’t really want to be putting that stuff in my mouth.  So I kept sucking the damn pacifier.  I was used to it being in my mouth most of the time anyway.
     The nipple glued to the board was easy to remove.  All it took was a good strike with a hammer and a chisel and it popped right off.  I fixed my new hole-saw up with a blade that looked to be just slightly wider than the baby bottle top.  Using where the pacifier had been stuck to the board as a marker, I started drilling at as much of an angle as I thought I’d need.  The process wasn’t exactly difficult and didn’t take all that long.  When I was done, I stuck the bottle through the hole.  Because of the width of the board and the angle, the nipple on the bottle barely reached through to the other side.  I was going to need a bigger hole at least for part of the way through.  I was going to need a hole that was wide enough to let the fatter part of that bottle go partway into the board, but not all the way through. 
     As I was replacing the blade on my hole-saw, the door opened and Joanna came in.  “How’s it going?” she asked.
     I stuck the bottle into the hole I had drilled and showed her my problem. 
      “So now what are you going to do?”
      “I’m going to try drilling a bigger hole, just partway through the board, so the bottle can drop further without going all the way through.”
     She said nothing and just watched me.  I started at the back of the board this time, trying to line the new saw blade up with the center of my previous hole.  It was a much more difficult cut.  I let it go in part way, then pulled the saw out again.  And I saw my bigger problem.  The blade was cutting a circle, but if it didn’t go all the way through the wood, then that wood would still be there. 
      “What’s wrong?” Joanna asked.
      “I have to find a way to get all that wood out of there,” I replied.
      “Oh,” she said as she looked closely at it.  “Do you think it’s going to take you very long?  We’ve still got to go grocery shopping this morning.”
     Shopping!  My mind immediately brought up the horrors of the past trips we had made.  “I don’t know, I replied.”
      “Oh,” she said.  “Well, I’ll leave you to work on it for a little while.  I’ll come out and get you when it’s time to get you ready.”
     Something about the way she said that sounded awfully ominous.  She left and the only thing I could think to do was to grab a hammer and a small chisel and start removing the wood inside that hole.  It took a long while and was a bit difficult to do inside that small hole, but eventually I got it cleaned out.  I stood the board up and stuck the baby bottle into it again.  Most of the nipple now came though.  I figured I should make the wider part of the hole just a little bit deeper.  I grabbed my hole-saw again, and the door opened.
      “How’s it going?” Joanna asked as she came in.
     I set my saw down and showed her how the entire nipple of the bottle just cleared the side of the board.  “I was going to make it just a bit deeper, I told her, so the entire cap can come though.”
      “No Mike,” she said with a smile.  “I think that will be perfect.”
     Five minutes later, I tied the rope back onto that crazy dumb board.  Ashley brought the baby bottle back into the room, now filled with water.  Joanna stuck the bottle though the hole, and came around to see it from the other side.  The bottle stayed there for a moment, then fell out and dropped to the floor.  To be honest, I wasn’t surprised. 
      “Darn!” Joanna exclaimed.  She looked at me.  “Can’t you fix something so that it will stay?”
      “Um…I guess I can figure something out.”
      “Good!” she said, sounding somewhat frustrated.  “But not now.  We’ve got grocery shopping to do and I need to get some things before I make lunch. 
     Grocery shopping.  I can’t tell you how much I wasn’t looking forward to it.  “Um…can I please change this diaper now?” I asked.  “I’m afraid it might start leaking.”
     Ashley laughed.  “You wouldn’t change my diaper when I wanted it.  Suffer!”
     Yeah, she was such a nice girl.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Why?  Why, why, why, did Joanna always insist that I carry that stupid colorful purse of Ashley’s?  Why?  Since it was cold and damp, Joanna had no problem with me wearing my boots, along with some pantyhose underneath my pants.  Of course, the pantyhose…and my pants…didn’t do nearly enough to hide the enormous bulk of my diaper that Ashley still wouldn’t let me change since it wasn’t leaking yet. 
     Joanna asked Ashley if she wanted to go with us, but Ashley refused, saying that she hated shopping for just groceries.  But Ashley literally laughed at me as I waddled out the door with Joanna, which didn’t help my confidence at all.  At least my coat was bulky enough to hide some of the protruding bumps from my bra that I further tried to hide with a heavy sweater.  Between the purse, my breasts, my high heeled boots, and the bulk of my diaper under my pants, I felt nothing but conspicuous.  Consequently, when we got to the grocery store parking lot, I hesitated to get out of the car. 
      “Come along Michael,” Joanna told me as she opened her car door.  “You already know you’re not going to be staying in the car.”
     Yeah, I knew that.  Even though I really wished I could.  I got out of the car.
     I looked to see what Joanna wanted.
      “Please remove your coat.  I think the store will be warm enough.”
      “My coat?” I said, rather horrified at the though.
      “That’s what I said.  Take it off.”
     Joanna stood watching and waiting, not giving me a choice in the matter.  I took my coat off and threw it in the car.  Joanna pressed a button on her key fob and the doors locked.  I was stuck out in public, dressed the way I was.  I looked down at my sweater covered chest and I could easily see the breasts that my bra and those breast forms created.  I just knew that this trip was going to be humiliating again.  But then, I had known that before we left home.  Joanna was just trying to make it a little more humiliating for me.  Maybe a lot more.  And we hadn’t even gotten into the store yet.
     I was actually grateful to get into the store, not because of the cold, but because once I grabbed a shopping cart, I was able to put Ashley’s too colorful and noticeable purse into the child seat.  Not only that, but I hoped that the cart would help hide me somewhat from the rest of the customers.  Not that it would hide me enough.  I was dead-meat as far as that was concerned.  But I hoped it would at least help.
     As usual, there were far too many people around for me to be happy.  Far too many people who were gawking at me.  Was it Ashley’s colorful purse that people still viewed as mine since I had it in the cart right in front of me?  Was it the fact that I was a guy…with breasts?  Was it the heels on my boots?  Or were they just looking at my big diaper clad butt?  Either way, I saw way too many people giving me funny questioning looks.  I felt so small.  So embarrassed.  And I had already been dressed far worse than this in public.
     Up and down the aisles.  Stop once so Joanna can take a picture of me and send it to Ashley.  “Did you wet yourself yet Mike?” she asked once we reached about the third aisle.
      “Not since before we left the house,” I admitted rather sheepishly, hoping nobody heard me…or her.
      “Then don’t forget to let me know before you go,” Joanna said with a rather sly look on her face.”
     I knew I didn’t want to do it.  I also knew I wasn’t going to get out of it.  But there was another little problem I was very worried about.  I was still wearing the same diaper I had put on last night after Ashley found out she had passed those tests.  It was huge and overly soaked, and it had to be close to the leaking point.  If I did wet myself again, here in the store, what would happen if it did leak?  “Um…Joanna?” I said quietly.
     She turned to look at me.
      “Maybe wetting myself here is a bad idea.”
      “Because I’ve got to be close to leaking by now.  My diaper is too bloated.”
     She smiled that same damn sly smile.  “But Michael, just think how much Ashley will love hearing about how you wet yourself in the store, and your diaper leaked all over the place.  She’ll be positively delighted.”
     Ugh!  And the worst part was that I knew she was right.  Ashley would be delighted.  Joanna wasn’t going to let me out of doing it.  My mind now turned to imagining me wetting myself, and leaking, and how the heck I would have to handle the problem.  No good ideas came to mind.
     I pushed the cart as Joanna continued to fill it.  My eyes rarely ever left either the cart or the floor.  I knew people were looking at me.  I knew they were pointing at me.  I knew they were laughing at me.  But I dared not look up at anyone.  I was too – embarrassed!  And I certainly had a pretty good reason to feel that way.
      “What’s going on?” I heard a woman’s voice ask.
     I turned around and found a woman walking up behind me. 
      “Is there a reason why you’re wearing women’s boots and…whatever else you’re obviously wearing?”
     I nearly died right then and there at her question.  I know I nearly wet myself.  “Um…” I hesitated.  I’m sure the panic was written clearly across my face.
      “Is this some kind of bet or dare, or maybe even a fund raising thing?” she asked.
      “Um…no…” I started.
      “Michael,” Joanna’s voice interrupted.  I turned to look at her, hoping that she would answer for me.  But instead she said, “How did Ashley tell you to answer these kinds of questions?  Now tell her the truth.”
     The truth?  The way Ashley wanted me to say it?  I know my jaw worked up and down a few times, totally shocked that Joanna should even suggest such a thing.  But Joanna was still looking at me, waiting for the answer I didn’t want to give.
      “Michael…” Joanna said in a very cautioning tone of voice.
     I mentally gulped as I turned back to the woman.  “I’m a big sissy and I want everyone to know it,” I told the woman.  Then, despite not wanting to do it at all, I curtseyed.  Oh God!  Just as I got down to the bottom of my curtsey, I started wetting myself.  Not only had I told the woman what Ashley wanted me to say, not only had I curtseyed for her, I was wetting myself!  Here in public?  With I didn’t know how many people in the aisle looking at me?  Could the woman tell I was peeing just then?  I hoped not.
      “Humph!” the woman grunted.  “I was afraid it was something like that.  You shouldn’t be allowed in this store, or any other store for that matter.  Keep your perverted lives to yourself!”  With that, she angrily walked away with her nose stuck up in the air.
      “Very good Michael,” Joanna told me.
     I turned to her, still in a state of shock.  “I just wet myself.”
     Joanna was clearly surprised.  “You did?”
      “I…couldn’t help it,” I told her.  “It just…happened.”
     She chuckled.  “I guess there won’t be any pictures for Ashley then, but I know she’s going to love hearing all about this.”
     Yeah, no doubt.  I was still totally shocked over what had just happened, and I prayed it would never happen again.
      “What did he say about the way he’s dressed?  I couldn’t hear.” Another woman asked Joanna as she walked closer.
     Joanna turned back toward me, waiting.  She wasn’t giving me a choice.  “I’m a big sissy,” I said to the woman, “and I want everyone to know it.”  Then of course, I had to curtsey again.  At least now I was done peeing.  But the second curtsey caused a different problem.  I felt the first sign that my diaper was leaking.
     The woman shook her head.  “Well you’re certainly off to a real good start!” she said rather disgustedly.  Then she too walked away. 
     I looked to Joanna.  She had an all too amused smile on her face.  “I have no doubt that with a little more practice, you’ll get quite good at that Michael.”  She picked something else up from the shelf near her and threw it in the cart.  “Come along,” she said.  “I’m sure there are other shoppers who would like to know about you too.”
     Perish the thought! 
     My diaper was leaking.  How bad was it?  Did it show?  I couldn’t even tell.  If I reached down to feel my pants would it only draw more attention to me?  If I stopped to just look at my pants would it bring more attention to me?  Should I ask Joanna?  I simply didn’t know what to do.  I only knew I was definitely leaking now, worse than ever, since we were walking.  It had to be showing. 
     Joanna stopped to look at something further down the aisle.  I took the opportunity to glance down.  Damn!  I could see that the crotch of my pants were wet.  I let my hand reach behind me.  Damn!  It felt worse in the back.  What was I going to do?
      “Joanna!”  She turned toward me.  “I’m leaking bad.”
      “Really?” she said.  “Let me see.”
     I came around from the back of the cart and let her see my front, then I turned around so she could see the back.
     She laughed.  “Yes, you certainly are.  No doubt about it.”
      “What am I going to do?”
      “Stay right there,” she said. 
     But instead of coming up with a way to fix the problem for me, she pulled her cell phone out instead.  “Hold still,” she told me.  She took a picture.  “Turn around now,” she said.
      “Turn around?”
      “So I can get a picture of your backside for Ashley.”
     Ugh!  I turned, reluctantly and stood there for a moment.
      “Okay Michael.  I’m sure this will more than make up for us not being able to send a picture of you while you’re wetting yourself.”
     Yeah.  I had no doubt about that at all.  “But what am I going to do?  Can we leave right now?”
     She looked at me like I was crazy, which of course I was.  “Of course not,” she replied.  “We’re only halfway through the store.  We’re going to keep shopping.”  With that, she turned and headed further up the aisle.  I had no choice but to grab the cart, and push it along behind her.
     Two aisles later, another woman shopper walked right up to Joanna.  “I saw him curtsey a few aisles ago.  Did he say he’s a big sissy?  I couldn’t hear very well.”
      “Yes.  He did,” Joanna confirmed with a big smile. 
      “Why would he say that?  Are you making him do it?”
      “Of course,” Joanna replied.
     The woman shook her head.  “I can’t imagine any man wearing women’s heels…in public of all places.  And…I guess he’s wearing a diaper under his pants, because it’s leaking all over the place.”
      “Yes he is,” Joanna confirmed.  “He’s got a huge humiliation fetish, and because of it, he’s agreed to do anything at all that I want.  And this is what I want.”
      “Humiliation…fetish?” the woman asked, totally shocked.  “Like…a sexual thing?”
     Joanna nodded.  “Exactly.”
      “He gets off by wetting his pants in public and going out wearing women’s boots?”
      “Like you wouldn’t believe.  Although in this case, he simply wet his diaper, and the diaper is too drenched to hold anymore, so I’m afraid it’s leaking now.”
      “It certainly looks thick enough,” the woman said, staring at my crotch.
      “He’s been stuck in that diaper since last night,” Joanna told her, “which is why it’s so big and is now leaking.”
     The woman shook her head again, then looked me over with the strangest look on her face.  “I’m surprised he’s not wearing a dress or something.”
      “Oh, I’d rather he did wear a dress.  I’m afraid that’s something we’re going to have to work up to again.  Despite his big fetish, he’s still a bit shy about some things.”
     Once again, the woman shook her head, then moved away…slowly.  I saw Joanna texting Ashley again.  Several people passed us by while we stood there.  I think most of them hurried past, and completely out of that aisle. 
     A while later, we got to the aisle that had the baby stuff.  Joanna spent a lot of time again looking over all too many things, baby bibs, baby food, formula…any and all baby related items that were there.  I watched as she grabbed another baby bottle from the shelf and throw it in the cart.  Ugh!  I hated drinking from those things.  They were horribly demeaning.  Not to mention just plain difficult to drink from.  I hated them, I hated the pacifiers, I hated the diapers, I hated all of it!  And I will never ever admit that I liked any of it at all.  Never!  Not one little bit of it turned me on – ever! 
      “Would you like a bib for when you eat?” Joanna asked me.
     I nearly died – again.  “Um…no thank you,” I replied.
     She smiled.  “Maybe next time.”
     Next time?  I certainly hope not.  But with Joanna, you never knew.
     It was still a good half hour before we finally got out of that store.  Talk about humiliation.  For a humiliation junkie, I had been petrified going in, and was in an even worse state now.  My “breasts” had been visible, my damn diaper was too bulky, my high heeled boots had been noticed, and now the worst part was the big wet spots all over the front and back of my pants.  And I couldn’t do one thing about any of it!  I could just scream!  Aaarrrggghhh! 
     Joanna emptied several of the plastic bags our groceries were in, and made me sit on them all the way home so it wouldn’t hurt the car seats.  Thank God for plastic!  Once home, instead of being allowed to change right away, I had to make trip after trip, in full view of all my neighbors, as I unloaded all those groceries and brought them into the house.  Ashley didn’t let me change until after I had unloaded the groceries.
      “I really wish I had been there,” Ashley said to her mother as I was bringing in the last of the groceries from the car.”
      “You didn’t want to go,” Joanna replied.
      “I know, I hate grocery shopping, but it would have been worth it to see him have to tell someone what a big sissy he is and then curtsey for them too.  It would have been totally worth it.”
      “I gave you the choice,” Joanna told her.  “Maybe next time.”
      “Yeah, next time,” Ashley agreed.  “And we’ve just got to figure out how to make that happen again,” Ashley said.
      “Have someone ask about what he’s wearing?” Joanna asked.
      “No.  Make him wet himself when he curtseys.  That would be just too funny.  Maybe I can find a way to make him practice doing just that!” she said excitedly. 
     Joanna cast me an amused glance.  I know my face turned red as I headed off to finally change my leaking diaper.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

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