Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bet - Chapter 5 (Wednesday - week 1 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 5 (Wednesday - week 1 Part 1)

Chad woke up when he heard Mel’s alarm clock go off. It was just getting light outside. It had been, without a doubt, the most miserable night of his life. Between being tied in an uncomfortable position and having to pee over and over again, he had gotten very little sleep – again. He was so tired he could scream.
Mel was at his side a few minutes later, still in her nightgown and robe. He was so relieved when he realized that she was finally untying him. “Follow me into the bathroom as soon as you can,” she instructed. And then she was gone.
Chad rolled over and painfully stretched his muscles and rubbed his arms and legs. He could hear water running in her tub. He crawled into the bathroom where she helped him get totally undressed. She helped him into the tub. Whatever she had put into the water smelled sweet and sensual. Nice. She let him just soak for a long time. He nearly fell asleep again – until she brought him another baby bottle to suck on. Reluctantly, he did so.
When he was done, she let him get out of the tub and dry himself off while she laid three diapers out on the floor again. She coated his raw bottom with more baby lotion and had him lay down on the diapers so she could powder him and tape the diapers up. His plastic panties soon followed. But then she made him step into the all-in-one girdle she had bought the night before. The thing was a nightmare to pull on. It was so tight he could barely stand it, especially around his now well-padded backside. She adjusted the shoulder straps so they were a bit too tight and then stood back to inspect her handiwork. She was smiling broadly. He wasn’t. The thing was going to be a nightmare all day.
She handed him a new pair of pantyhose and he put them on. “Go home and shave and get finished dressing for work,” she told him. “Come back as soon as you’re ready and you can lay on the couch. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”
Chad wasn’t at all happy about going outside dressed the way he was, but she wasn’t giving him any other choice. He knew better than to tempt fate or even offer any kind of resistance just then. He quickly grabbed his keys and his wallet and went out her door and walked the short distance to his own apartment. It was early, but someone down in the parking lot was staring up at him. He ignored him and got back into his own apartment as quickly as he could.
The darn girdle he was wearing was awfully tight. The shoulder straps dug into him almost painfully. The thickness of the three diapers he was wearing under it felt strange to him, especially as compressed as they were under the girdle. He put his hand down to touch the front of his crotch. He couldn’t even feel his cock under all that padding. Worse, he realized that there was no way he could get to it at all. The only way would be to get totally undressed which would be major difficult, not to mention getting it all back on again. And strangely, despite how tired he was, his situation was also making him very horny again. But she had fixed him so he not only couldn’t get at his diapers, but he also couldn’t get at himself to get any relief. Quite a predicament. And the more he thought about it, the hornier he got. But, he was stuck.

It was earlier than usual for Mel, but not really all that bad. She was out of the shower and was selecting her clothes for the day when she heard the soft knock on her front door and she heard it opening. “Chad?” she called out.
“It’s me,” he replied.
“Go ahead and lay down on the couch and get some rest. You probably need it.” She had no doubt at all that he would do just that.
As soon as she was mostly dressed, she walked out into her living room. Chad was indeed stretched out on her couch and looked like he was sleeping. She went into her kitchen and filled his baby bottle with another dose of the tea, then she woke him up and handed it to him. He didn’t look at all happy about it, but he started drinking it. She went back to getting ready for work. By the time she was finished, Chad had finished his bottle and was dozing peacefully once again. He was definitely getting better at drinking from the bottles now. Of course she was giving him lots of practice. And that practice was going to continue – for a very long time.
She checked the clock. It was time. “Wake up Chad!”
Chad jumped. He had fallen asleep finally. But the few minutes she had allowed him to sleep did nothing to ease how bone-weary tired he felt.
“It’s time for you to go to work,” she said.
He knew that. He checked his watch, it was indeed time. Wearily, he got up off her couch and stood up.
Mel stopped him before he walked out the door and walked around him, examining him critically. She couldn’t really see the all-in-one girdle he was wearing under the heavy shirt he had chosen. She also couldn’t see any indication of all the diapers he was wearing under the slightly baggy pants he had on either. She ran her hand across his chest. Yes, the all-in-one was there. She ran her hand against his crotch. The diapers were there too. She was slightly surprised to find how solid his crotch felt under his pants.
“Can you see any of it?” he asked uncertainly.
“No, not at all,” Mel replied. She realized that she was actually disappointed about that. Chad however was obviously relieved.
“Go to work,” she told him with a pat on his backside and watched as he walked out the door. It had been a long evening, especially for him. But he had to learn that he couldn’t get away with trying to fool her. Oddly though, this entire experience was growing on her. Stimulating her in ways that she hadn’t expected. She had to wonder what else she could make him do. Anything at all she reminded herself with a small grin.

Chad sat at his desk and stifled a yawn. He was so tired he could barely think straight. The damn girdle she had made him wear was incredibly tight – all over. His whole body felt horribly constricted by it. He was grateful the room he worked in was kept so cool, otherwise he’d be even more miserable. “Oh God!” he swore softly. He had to pee… again. He had already wet himself twice since she had diapered him – the first time while he was shaving, then again shortly after he left for work. That damn tea she was shoving down his throat was still doing its job – a little too well. He would have loved to take off the girdle and pee normally, or even just stretch and breathe for a few minutes, but the darn thing was so tight that it had been very difficult to get on. He had no doubt it would be just as difficult to get off again. He couldn’t think of anything else to do except to pee in his diapers. At least he couldn’t think of any way around it while he was so tired. He relaxed his bladder and felt the warm pee going into his diapers again. He stifled another yawn. It was going to be a very long day, and it had only just started.

When Mel walked into her office, Andrea was again right on her tail, waiting to hear the latest about Chad. Mel didn’t hold back anything and Andrea mostly stared at her unbelievingly as Mel told her about tying him up and beating him with her yardstick.
“Poor guy,” Andrea finally said when Mel had finished. “That must have hurt.”
“That poor guy is going to have to learn that whatever I tell him to do, he has to do, no matter what and no matter if he doesn’t like it at all.”
“So what are you planning for today?”
“Not a lot. I think I’ll let him go to bed early. Of course, he may not sleep much again since I’m planning to introduce him to something else tonight.”
Mel leaned forward and smiled slyly. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

Chad jolted himself up out of another mini-nap that he had just taken. He was trying as hard as he could to stay awake, but he was just too tired. At least he could go home soon, but would the bitch let him sleep? He wasn’t even sure he could ask her. “Damn,” he swore softly. He had to pee again. He had long ago lost count of the number times he had wet himself today. It had slowed down a lot since lunch hour when he didn’t dare drink anything, but never the less, he was still peeing. Once again he relaxed his bladder. His diapers were now so full that he could barely walk. When he realized at lunchtime that he was waddling too much, he had gone straight back to his desk and stayed there. He didn’t dare get up. But soon the business day would be over and he’d have to get up and leave. He figured he’d have to stay a bit later till everyone else left so nobody would see him. Another major pain!
But then his cell phone rang. He was too tired to look to see who the call was from. “Hello.”
“Chad, it’s Mel. Do you get off work soon?” “Yeah, but I’m going to have to stay a bit later today. At least till everyone else is gone.”
“Why’s that?”
Chad dropped his voice to an angry whisper. “Because my diapers are so full I can barely walk! Don’t you think that might be a bit embarrassing?” Damn the woman!
Mel laughed. “Now that’s just what I wanted to hear. Listen, when you get out of there, don’t go home. Come straight to my office instead.”
“What? Why?”
“Are you questioning me again?”
Chad backed off quickly. “No, I’m sorry. I’m just so tired that I keep falling asleep while I’m working. That darn tea you keep making me drink keeps me up all night because I have to keep peeing too much! I can’t sleep!”
Mel laughed again. “Well then, just think how much easier sleeping will be as soon as you learn to wet yourself in your sleep.”
Damn the woman. Chad wanted to slam his cell phone down and step on it. “I’ll be there,” he finally said reluctantly.
“Good. Andrea will be expecting you.”
Damn the woman!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bet - Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 2)

When they got home, Mel took Chad straight to her apartment where she sat him down on the kitchen floor again and immediately gave him another bottle of the green tea to drink while she busied herself elsewhere. When he finally finished the bottle, he called for her. “I’m finished.”
Mel immediately came back into the kitchen. “Did you wet again?”
“Not yet.” Mel took his bottle from him and refilled it with the tea again. “I’m going to have to make some more of this soon,” she noted. Then she handed him the bottle again. “You can stop drinking as soon as you wet yourself again. So I suggest you get to it.”
Chad reluctantly took the bottle and put it back to his lips. He had already had more than enough of her nasty tasting tea. It was a few minutes though before he fully realized that he could stop drinking it if he just wet himself. So he did. “I wet again,” he called out.
Mel came back almost immediately and took the bottle from him. “It’s about time. Now follow me… and crawl!”
Chad was glad to be done with the baby bottle, at least for a while. He was also glad that she seemed to be continuing the baby bit again, although today there hadn’t been any of the babying lilt to her voice. In fact, she sounded mostly angry.
As soon as they got into the living room, she ordered him to strip. Completely. He was more than a bit surprised by that, but he did as he was told. “Crawl over here,” she said, pointing to the edge of her coffee table. He did that too. “Now bend over it!”
Chad was more than a bit apprehensive about doing that, but he did so, reluctantly. The next thing he knew, she was pulling on his left arm and tying it tightly to a piece of rope that she pulled out from under the couch. “Hold still!” she ordered. This was something new for Chad. He had fantasized about bondage of course, but had never done it. Now, the reality of it left him feeling all too vulnerable and exposed. A minute later, his right arm was also stretched, tied tightly to the other leg of her sofa. She walked around behind him and kicked his knees. “Spread them… wide!” He tried to do as she said, but it was difficult in the position he was in since much of his weight was resting on them. “Wider!” she ordered. He did the best he could. A moment later, she was tying more rope around his knees and stretching them apart, tying them to the opposite legs of the coffee table. Chad couldn’t move.
Mel came over and leaned close to his head and spoke into his ear. “You’ve been bad, haven’t you?” Chad didn’t say anything. “Don’t worry, I know you have.” She paused and walked around to talk in his other ear. “Do you remember what it says in our contract? You have to do anything and everything I tell you to. Period! No questions, no second guessing, everything!” She paused again and walked around behind him. “But you haven’t done everything like I told you to, did you?” She came back to the first ear again. I know perfectly well that you’ve been pulling down your diapers and using the toilet, probably mostly at work. Don’t deny it, I know it. Since we started, there hasn’t been the least little evidence of you making a mess in your diapers at all. None! And nobody can go that long. So I’m more than sure you’re peeing in the toilet too.” She stood back up and walked around to his other ear again. “Now, to be honest, I wouldn’t normally care that much, as long as you keep going, but I read in a few places that you need to stop associating using the toilet with when you have to pee. Otherwise, you hold back too much. So going in your diapers – all the time! – is really the best option. Don’t you agree?”
Chad still didn’t say anything. Actually, he didn’t think she wanted him to say anything.
“So,” she continued, “the question remains, what are we going to do with you? I know you want to win this bet, but so do I. And I don’t like losing! So tonight I’m going to punish you and the next time I catch you doing something you shouldn’t, I promise you, the punishment will be twice as bad. Understand?”
Chad pulled a bit more desperately against his ropes. He was starting to get very nervous now. He finally nodded his head and just said, “Uh huh,” as he pulled and struggled with no hope of release.
Mel walked away from him for a few minutes, then she finally came back. She was behind him so he couldn’t really see her. There was a quick woshing sound and he suddenly felt a sharp pain across his backside. She had hit him with something. “Ouch!” he yelled as his body jerked from the sudden pain. She waited a moment then did it again. “Ouch!” he yelled again. Whatever she was using on him really stung. She did it a third time. “Are you enjoying this? She asked.
“No! It hurts!”
“Good! Then maybe you’ll remember this since we’re just getting started!” Then she quickly began bringing whatever she was hitting him with down on him over and over again. Fast and hard. Chad struggled against his bonds for all he was worth, but the only thing he could move was his legs from the knees down, and that did nothing to stop her.
Eventually she stopped. Chad was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating. He wanted to cry. But Mel wasn’t releasing him yet. Instead, he felt her grab is ankles and tied them both together. A minute later, there was a rope running from his ankles to a heavy chair on the other side of the room. Now he couldn’t even move them.
Again, Mel brought whatever she was hitting him with down on his backside. It felt like it was on fire. “Are you learning your lesson yet?”
“Yes,” Chad got out. It almost sounded like he was sobbing.
“Then let’s just make sure, shall we?” Then she began hitting him all over again and he began going wild again. Fortunately, it didn’t last as long this time. “Are you going to misbehave anymore?” she asked.
There were real tears coming out of his eyes. “No,” he sobbed.
“Good.” She walked away from him again. Chad expected her to untie him, but she didn’t, she had just left him there like that. She was back a few minutes later but still she didn’t untie him. “Don’t go anywhere now,” she teased. And he heard her walk out her door.
Chad pulled weakly on his ropes again in vain. His backside was on fire. He hurt all over. The bondage and spanking might have been the stuff of his fantasies, but this was not fun, not at all. He hoped Mel wouldn’t leave him like that for long. He desperately wanted to move his aching arms and legs, not to mention rub his sore bottom. She had made her point – in spades – but that didn’t really mean much. He would still do everything he could to thwart her. He actually smiled at the thought through his pain. God he hoped she’d come back soon and release him. He’d have to be much more careful. He didn’t ever want to go through that again.
It was a little while before Mel came back. When she did, she didn’t release him right away. Chad could hear her doing something on the floor behind him. “Please release me,” he asked weakly.
“In a minute,” she replied. Chad could only wait. Finally, she came close to him. “Are you going to behave?”
“Yes,” he agreed softly.
“Ok, no trouble now!” Chad wasn’t in any condition to cause her the least bit of trouble. All he wanted was relief. He felt her untying his ankles, then his knees, and finally his arms. He rolled off the coffee table and onto the floor. The ability to move brought not only sweet relief, but also its own pain. He wanted to cry, to move all around, but she put her hand on his stomach. “Roll over,” she said almost kindly. Not wanting to give her any trouble at all, he weakly rolled onto his stomach. A moment later he felt something very cold being squeezed onto his burning backside. When he felt her spreading it out gently with her hand, he sighed aloud with relief. He realized that she was spreading the baby lotion he had bought earlier on him. The lotion cooled the burning, but only slightly. It did nothing to really relieve the pain.
He felt her doing something for a few moments next to his side, but he didn’t dare look. “Roll over now,” she said and put her hand on his side to help him roll the right way. He felt himself roll onto something thick. His diapers he realized quickly. She was going to diaper him. She sprinkled the front of him liberally with baby powder, the scent smelling odd, but pleasing to his senses. Then she began pulling the diapers up and taping them firmly. The whole process was pleasing, almost relaxing, especially after the beating she had just given him. In fact, it was one of the nicer things he had experienced in a while. Eventually he felt her pull his plastic panties up his legs. He automatically lifted his bum so she could slide them all the way up. Yes, it had been a really nice experience. He started to sit up, but she pushed him back down again. “No. Stay.” He didn’t even try to get up again.
She left him for a moment, but she was back quickly. She placed the nipple of his baby bottle between his lips and said, “Hold this.” He automatically started sucking on it. The bitter liquid actually felt good against the back of his throat.
But then she was wrapping more rope around his wrists again. “No,” he started to say.
“Hush!” she commanded. He had no choice. He continued to suck. She wrapped the rope from his wrists loosely around his neck so that he couldn’t pull his hands any further away. Then she was wrapping more rope around his ankles, tying them tightly together. “Pull your knees up,” she commanded. He did so. She pushed harder on his ankles to bring his bent legs together more, then she tied the rope around his bent knees to keep them that way. He wasn’t going anywhere for a while. “Just finish your bottle,” she said as she stood back up and left him again. There was really nothing else he could do. He was horribly uncomfortable, but there was nothing he could do about that either.
He laid there and sucked on his bottle till it was finished. He heard her working and humming to herself in the kitchen. He tried to pull the bottle away from his lips, but he couldn’t get it all the way out. “I’m finished,” he called. His words were slightly distorted by the nipple between his lips.
She came back to him and took the bottle from him. “You can just stay there and be quiet now,” she said before she left him again.
Chad struggled against his ropes trying to get a little bit of comfort. Any movement at all was welcome. Eventually, he managed to roll over on his side which seemed to help a bit. Mel was ignoring him. He heard her moving around her apartment once in a while, but mostly he figured she was working at her desk. He tried to relax as best as he could. About an hour later she was back again. She rolled him onto his back again and placed another baby bottle full of tea against his lips. He had no choice. He grabbed it and started sucking on it again while she went back to whatever it was that she was doing. This bottle was hot again. She had made another batch of the tea.
When he finally finished the bottle, he called her again. She came back and took the bottle to the kitchen. He rolled over on his side again for some relief. But she was right back again, pulling him back onto his back once again. But fortunately, she was untying his wrists. As soon as the rope was gone from his wrists and neck, he started to rub them to get a little relief, but she was roughly pushing him back on his side again and pulling his arm behind his back. She pushed him further and pulled his other arm behind his back too and tied his wrists again. He wanted to cry, especially when she tied the rope once again around his wrists to the rope holding his ankles together. He was more uncomfortable than ever – much.
When she was done, she stood over him. “You can just spend the night like that and think about things. And if I hear a single sound out of you I’ll gag you too.” And then she walked away. The lights in the living room went off a few minutes later. He could just barely hear the TV playing in her bedroom. He was totally miserable.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Need A Clone

Has anybody seen the clone machine around? I think I need to clone myself a few times because there’s just not enough of me to go around.

First I need one for my in-laws.

Oh, please let me say a big thank you to those who have been concerned about our care-giving situation with my in-laws. On this trip, they have been with us now for a full week and things seem to be going well. In fact, they’re both now talking seriously about staying full time with us. It’s more than obvious that they both need to stay with us. Neither of them can manage on their own anymore! My father in-law sit’s in his chair all day long, sort of watching TV (he isn’t really sure what he’s watching anymore and every time a commercial comes on he completely loses track). But what he’s really doing all day is waiting for me to come home so he can be with me instead of the females… and we both just sit and watch TV all night because that’s all he can do. Well, not quite, every once in a while he get’s out of his chair (very shakily) and wanders out by the pool. If you don’t keep a close eye on him, he’ll wander anywhere – even though he can hardly walk anymore.

I need another clone to take care of my wife and the house.

It’s one thing after another - problem wise. And somehow I’m the only one who can call to get the car fixed, or to get the air-conditioning fixed, or whatever. She’s another one who has always waited around the house all day, not going anywhere, just waiting for me to come home, just to be with me. Mind you… I’m NOT complaining.

I need a third clone for the rest of my family.

My tiny paycheck somehow is supporting all too many of them in these hard times. My wife knows and hates it horribly, but when the kids are hungry, what do you do? They’re killing me. Every little thing that goes wrong for any of them, and somehow, I’m the one who has to fix it, whatever it is. How did I get elected? I don’t really feel adequate. I’m not a flashy, or bossy, or even an outgoing kind of guy. In fact, I’m terribly quiet and reserved. But somehow I wound up as king of the castle… and the rest of the country too.

Finally, and most importantly, I need a clone for me!

And this is the part that comes the closest to the real purpose of this blog. So hear goes… Despite my family, and my entire life, I’ve still got these “weird” desires for crossdressing and also diaper play. Ok, I’m strange, I admit it. Tough! But right now, my only outlet for it is through my writing. I’m literally living my dreams through my stories.

A few years ago, I discovered – to my surprise – that I love to write. I’ve finished one major novel that I and everyone who I’ve allowed to read it, thinks is really good. But I can’t seem to get up the nerve to find myself a literary agent to help me publish the book. I’m now in the middle of book two and it’s also going to be a great book. Along with that, I’m writing the story that I’ve been posting in my blog. Two books. Two completely different stories. Too many people who need me working to support them. And only one of me.

Seriously though, I love all the people and even the situations, and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Of course winning a major lottery would certainly be nice. But I’m trying to write every spare second I can find. And those seconds are all too few. Mostly, I get out of bed very early in the morning so I can have about forty five minutes or so to work on this stuff, then during the week I try to write during my lunch hour too. Lately though, I’ve been writing at work, while I’m working on other things – where and when I really shouldn’t be doing it! I keep the project I’m working open on my desk along with a story, and every few minutes I go back and forth between the two. I pray nobody ever finds out!

But I have to write. The stories demand it! I have two stories running through my mind at all times. One is a very powerful story with a host of compelling characters that literally spans an entire continent. The other is the story that some of you have been reading here – The Bet. Two very different stories, and I love both of them. I just wish I had more time to work on them. But don’t worry. While you’re just starting chapter 4, I’m now putting the finishing touches on chapter 14. And you’ll soon discover that while the first few chapters can be posted in only two parts, very soon it’s going to take four or five or more parts to post each new chapter. As the intricacy of the story progresses, the chapters have become immensely longer – and I think far more interesting.

So if I find a way to clone myself so I can fill my day with just writing, I’ll let you know – in case anyone out there is interested too. Because I realize now that writing has become my absolute passion. I want to write… I have to write. I just don’t have time to write. But I’m doing everything I can.

Do you have a passion? If so, indulge yourself a bit. If not, find one!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Bet - Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 4 (Tuesday – week 1 - Part 1)

Chad spent a very restless night since the green tea did indeed stimulate his system. Twice he got up and had to struggle to get the mass of three wet diapers down so he could pee into his tub. The first time he did it, he masturbated into the tub too because his need was just too great. But then he had to pull all those diapers back up again and it was proving to be very difficult and time consuming. As his stimulated system continued to tell him all too often that he had to pee, eventually, he gave up trying to use the tub and just allowed himself to wet the thick diapers instead, which only made them thicker. The extra bulk between his legs also made it more uncomfortable for him to sleep since eventually it was getting more and more difficult to put his legs together. He didn’t doze off solidly for a very long time.

Mel set her alarm very early. Way too early for her, but she had something she needed to do before Chad went to work. She hoped he wasn’t up yet, although she figured he should be getting up very soon. She dressed quickly and then grabbed the pitcher of green tea from her refrigerator and went out and slipped into his apartment. Everything was quiet, he was still asleep. She set the pitcher of tea on the kitchen counter and went into his room and turned on the light. “Wake up baby!”
The light and Mel’s voice startled Chad, he had finally fallen sound asleep. He was absolutely shocked to wake up and see Mel standing there. “What?” he said sleepily.
“Time for babies to get up.” Mel explained. She walked over and found one of the baby bottles he had finished last night and examined it. Empty. “Good baby,” she said. “Where’s the other one?”
“In the kitchen.” Chad was still so tired he could barely comprehend what was going on. All he wanted to do was to go back to sleep again.
“Better get up,” Mel told him, or you’re going to be late.
Chad glanced at his watch. “Oh hell.” He rubbed his eyes. “I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night.” Then a bit more angrily he added, “I kept having to pee!”
Mel smiled wickedly. “Gooood baby.” Then she got up and left him. While Chad was shaving his face, she filled both bottles with the green tea again. Since it took him so long to finish the bottles, she handed him one of them to drink before he took his shower. She made him sit on the floor while he drank it, still in his obviously soaked diapers. She had been thrilled when she saw him have to waddle as he moved around because his diapers were so thick. Something to remember.
While Chad was busy drinking the tea, Mel poked around again at the clothes he had. She wasn’t really very interested in his male clothes, although she looked at them carefully too. She was more interested in his female clothes. He really needed more she decided. A lot more. She found his bras and panties and a pair of pantyhose he had and examined them carefully. He needed more of those too – although obviously not the panties.
“I’m done,” Chad said as he finally finished his bottle. The problem now, was that he had to pee again.
“Into the shower and be quick about it,” he heard Mel call from his bedroom.
He gladly pulled off the ton of diapers he was wearing. Wow were they soaked – and they were heavy. Then he got into the shower. But the shower water was making him have to pee all that much more. Smiling slyly, he allowed himself the luxury of peeing in the shower instead of his diapers.
When he got out of the shower, Mel was waiting for him, leaning against the bathroom doorway. She watched as he dried himself off completely. “You look much nicer without all that hair,” she commented.
Chad didn’t even blush, he was still too tired. He reached for the diaper he had set out for himself, and found two there instead. “Two?” he said shocked and angry. Then he saw Mel’s face get angry and before she could say anything else, he quickly added, “Ok, no problem. I’ll wear two today.”
“You’re leaning,” Mel replied. “It was very close to three.”
“I’m sorry,” Chad said. “It just surprised me, that’s all. But the extra bulk… Someone at work might notice.”
“Tough! Live with it.” Her tone of voice left him no room for argument. “In fact,” she continued, “get used to it. Because from now on, I never want you to be wearing less than two diapers. Ever!”
Chad nearly had a fit. There was now so much more chance for people to see what he was wearing under his clothes. What was he going to do? But then what could he do about it. The darn woman was making his life more and more difficult. But then, wasn’t that what he was craving? Suddenly, he was incredibly horny again.
As soon as he got his plastic panties over top of his diapers, Mel handed him the pair of pantyhose she had found. “Wear these too. And while you’re stocking up on supplies tonight, get three more pair.”
Chad wasn’t at all against wearing the pantyhose under his pants to work. He had done it a few times before and it was fun. When he realized that the pantyhose would also probably help disguise his thicker diapers he was even happier about it.
Mel let Chad finish getting dressed. Then, before she let him go to work, she handed him the second baby bottle. She just pointed to the floor and Chad sat down to drink it. This time, he seemed to finish it a bit quicker. “I think you’re getting faster at it,” she said as she took the bottle from him. As she finally followed him out of his apartment, she stopped to offer one more comment. “Have a good day… baby.” Then she turned and went back to her own apartment.
Chad stared after her again. “Baby,” she had said. She seemed to be using that word often now and every time the word sent chills of pleasure down his spine. Damn the woman could be fun.

When Mel got to work, Andrea followed her into her office as she usually did, but this time, instead of reminding her about her appointments and things, Andrea wanted nothing more than to hear how things were going with Chad. A few minutes later, she was squealing with laughter.
“As I see it now,” Mel told her, “my biggest concern is keeping him from removing his diapers. I saw a few ideas on the internet, but I need to look into it a bit more. That’s one of my priorities for this morning.”
The look on Andrea’s face changed suddenly to serious. “No it’s not! You’ve got a full schedule today. Is this something that I can research for you while you’re meeting with clients?”
Mel thought about that for a few seconds. “I don’t see why not. It would be a great help.”
“Good,” Andrea replied. “This research might actually be fun.” They both laughed at that. “Now, Mr. Gromer is in conference room two waiting for you, and then…”

Chad was getting thirsty. After his first cup of coffee that morning he had had to use the bathroom again. Having to pull down the pantyhose plus the two diapers was a lot more difficult than having to deal with just one diaper. But not all that hard. It was just a nuisance enough to make him limit how much he had to drink all day. Besides, he figured that Mel would probably be shoving baby bottles full of that rancid tea down his throat all night again. What a pain. The stuff tasted awful and besides, it had woken him up at least a dozen times during the night because he kept having to pee. But there could be little doubt that overall he was having a lot of fun.

Mel didn’t get time to sit down with Andrea to discuss what to do with Chad till late in the day. Andrea had a folder she had made full of printouts from the internet. “Now here are some of the options I came up with,” she said as she laid the folder in front of Mel.
Mel looked at each of them carefully. One she really loved, but it had to be ordered from the internet. She pulled that one aside to take care of soon. But some of the other ideas that Andrea had come up with were definitely interesting and could be purchased locally. One in particular she decided to act on later that night. Strangely, she realized that the thought of it was actually stimulating her.
As soon as she finished with Andrea, she took the one printout she had set aside and went to the website. But there she saw a few other things that caught her eye too. The order was expensive, but she hoped it would be worth it.
When Chad left work, he went to one drug store to buy his diapers, then another one to get the baby powder and lotion, then still another one to get the pantyhose. There was no way he could ever get all those things at the same time in the same place. People would wonder for sure what he was doing.
When he got back to his apartment, he noticed that Mel’s car wasn’t there yet. That was pretty much what he figured. That would mean that he would have a little while every day after work to fix things so she wouldn’t know what he really was doing. The woman was going to lose, and lose big. He walked around his living room where he wanted his pool table to go. Yeah, it was going to be great!

When Mel got home, she immediately went to see Chad. She knocked on his door this time, even though she had her own key. He opened it fairly quickly. “Hi Chad,” she said as she walked in.
“Hi Mel, he replied. “I was just trying to envision what kind of furniture I want in here when I win. Will you spring for a pool table? You did say anything.”
Mel laughed. “What do you mean when you win? No chance buddy!”
“I’m not going to lose,” he replied.
“Neither am I!”
The two of them just looked at each other and grinned. Finally, Mel said, “Yeah, if you win, a pool table will be up to you.”
“Yes!” Chad exclaimed. “It’s going to be so great!”
“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” Mel walked around his living room looking at it critically. “I’m thinking maybe some pretty pink ruffled curtains… maybe a doll collection on the wall over here…”
“A doll collection! No way. That’s where the rack for the pool cues is going to go.”
“Don’t bet on it!”
“We already did, and I’m going to win.”
Mel just looked at him slyly. “We’ll just have to see now, won’t we?”
“Yeah, we will!”
“Ok then, first things first. “Have you eaten yet?”
“No, I was waiting to make sure you didn’t need me for anything first.”
“Good,” she replied. “Ok, show me your diapers.” Chad dutifully pulled his pants down to show her what he was wearing, he had changed into two fresh diapers and he still had the pantyhose on. “I take it you changed your diapers when you got home?”
“Yeah, I needed it.”
Mel wasn’t at all sure, but there was nothing she could do about it. She led the way into his bedroom and ordered him to take his shirt off while she started to poke through his things again. As soon as he did, she handed him one of the bras she had found earlier.
Chad’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. “You can’t be serious!”
She turned and headed for his closet. “I guess you want to wear one of your skirts to dinner to.”
“No!” Chad cried in alarm. “I didn’t mean it. I’ll wear the bra.”
Mel turned back toward him. “You know, I’m getting awfully tired of you second guessing me. If I wasn’t so hungry right now I’d blister your backside good. In fact, I still may do it later.”
“Sorry,” Chad said contritely. “I’m trying. But this isn’t exactly easy for me.”
“Like I said before, get used to it. I guarantee, it’s going to get worse!” There wasn’t any hint of sympathy in Mel’s voice at all.
Chad just gulped and awkwardly fastened the bra around his chest. He had no doubt at all that Mel would make things progressively more difficult for him. But wasn’t that what he secretly craved? Right now, he wasn’t so sure anymore.
As Mel drove them out toward one of the local restaurants, Chad tried to get used to the bra he was wearing under his shirt. At least it wasn’t one of his padded bras, that would have been much worse, but he wasn’t at all sure about how noticeable the bra he was wearing would be under the shirt he had on. But what could he do about it if it could be seen? Nothing.
Dinner was actually uneventful, except that Mel insisted that he drink a lot more than he wanted to. Fortunately, she also picked up the check, which Chad considered a bonus. Let her spend all she wanted on him. It only saved him money in the long run.
But after dinner, Mel drove directly to the mall and went into one of the bigger department stores there. Chad followed her around quietly as she made her way slowly through the women’s department. Several times she looked at various clothing items. He was relieved when the ones she took off the racks she held up against herself and not him. She was obviously looking for things for herself. But eventually, she wound up in the lingerie department where she told Chad to stay where he was and wait for her while she tried to find some help. Chad began to get nervous, but so far, things were going just fine.
Mel came back with a saleswoman a few minutes later and followed the woman over to a drawer against the wall where they both looked through whatever was in it carefully. Finally, Mel looked over at Chad. “Chad, get over here.”
Chad’s nervousness grew, but he went. When he got there, Mel was holding some kind of large woman’s girdle in her hands. “Stand right there,” she told him. Then she proceeded to hold the thing up against him to see how it might fit – and she did it right in front of the saleswoman who was obviously very amused. The garment wasn’t exactly a girdle but some kind of thing that looked more like an all in one foundation garment, since it combined a bra and a long line panty girdle all in one. “I’m not sure,” Mel was saying. “Do you think it might be too big?”
“I think it might be alright,” the saleswoman replied. “You can always hold up the smaller one and check that instead.”
Mel grabbed another one and held that up against Chad. Both Mel and the saleswoman looked at it critically. “I’m not sure,” the saleswoman said, sounding a bit skeptic. “I think it might fit, but it also might be a bit too tight. Of course you can always adjust the shoulder straps.
Mel nodded. “Yeah, that should work.” She finally took the thing away from Chad then she said, “I’ll take two.”
Chad wasn’t exactly happy. The thing had looked like it would be a royal pain. But unfortunately, Mel wasn’t done humiliating him yet. “Have you wet your diapers yet?” she asked – right in front of the saleswoman.
Chad clearly saw the woman’s shock. “Not yet,” he admitted.
“But you do have to pee now, don’t you?” Mel continued.
“Yes,” Chad had to admit.
Mel seemed to look more satisfied. “Then do it now!”
Chad looked horrified. He was about to say that he couldn’t, but the stern look on Mel’s face made him stop. “Please,” he said softly, knowing that Mel would understand that he didn’t really want to wet himself in front of this strange woman.
“Do it! We’re waiting!”
Chad realized he wasn’t going to have a choice in the matter. It actually wasn’t easy for him to relax himself enough under the circumstances, but eventually he managed it and wet his diapers. “I did it,” he said softly as soon as he was done.
“What?” Mel asked. “You’ll have to speak louder. We couldn’t hear you.”
“I did it,” Chad replied a bit louder.
“You did what?” Mel asked.
“I wet my diapers.”
The woman totally burst out in laughter. Chad was so humiliated he wanted to crawl into a deep hole and never come out.
Before they left the department store, Mel made one more purchase for Chad. She bought him a baby doll nighty to wear to bed from now on. The nighty he secretly loved and was looking forward to, but that other thing she had bought, he already knew he wasn’t going to like it one bit.

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The Bet - Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 2)

Chad was getting bored in his apartment with no TV and only one chair to sit in. So he was really glad when his cell phone finally rang.
“Diapers, shirt, heels, and nothing else! Oh, and bring a baby bottle!” the voice on the other end said. No hello or anything else. But Chad jumped at the command. He just wasn’t all that sure about going out through his door with no pants and wearing the heels. But he didn’t have a whole lot of choice. Besides, he was bored.
Fortunately, he was only going to the next apartment. Unfortunately, his heels were making an awful lot of noise as he walked. Also unfortunately, someone else was coming out of her apartment on the opposite side of his. He knocked quickly on Mel’s door, but the darn woman was taking her sweet time answering it. The woman who had come out of her apartment was staring directly at him. He knocked again. Finally, Mel opened the door and he nearly pushed her out of the way trying to get inside. “Somebody saw me,” he gasped.
Mel smiled slyly. “Awww. Get used to it. Maybe we should invite them in to see what else you’re wearing.” She opened the door to look out.
“No! Please,” Chad pleaded. Fortunately, Mel closed the door again.
“Shirt off!” she commanded quickly.
As soon as Chad was dressed in only what she wanted him wearing, she took his baby bottle from him and led the way into the kitchen. There was a pot of something sitting on the stove. Chad couldn’t tell by the smell what was in it. Mel filled the bottle from her sink and handed it to him. “Sit on the floor over there and don’t get up!”
Chad sat down on the tile floor and put the bottle to his mouth to start drinking. Mel went back to the pot she had on the stove and stirred whatever was inside before putting the lid back on again. “I think that should sit a bit more,” she said before she walked away, leaving him alone on the floor. As Chad sat there drinking from the baby bottle, he couldn’t help but think about how much like a baby he felt doing it, and that feeling was thrilling to him.
Mel didn’t come back again till he was almost finished. She glanced at him, then checked her pot again. As Chad continued to finish his bottle, he watched her grab a large spoon and begin taking what looked like tea bags out of the pot and throw them away.
“I’m finished,” Chad finally said as she was working. She barely glanced at him. “You’ll have to sit there and wait. I’m a bit busy right now,” she said as if she were talking to a child. She finally poured whatever was in the pot into a large pitcher and put that into her refrigerator. “There,” she finally said, closing the door. That’s all ready.” She took the baby bottle from his hand and put it up on the counter. “Did you get a key for me?” she asked.
“Yes,” he replied, still sitting where he was.
He felt like such a child. He got up immediately and got the key for her from the rest of his keys.
“Thank you,” she said as he handed it to her – again like she was speaking to a child. And he was loving it completely.
She opened her pantry closet and brought out a bucket and a scrub brush. She filled the bucket with hot water from her sink and added some cleaner to it. Then she put it on the floor in front of him. “Start scrubbing,” she commanded. “On your knees,” she added. Then she left him again.
Chad sighed. Some of this was fun, and some of it wasn’t.
A few minutes later she poked her head around the corner and said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes. I expect to see some progress when I get back.” And then she was gone. She had said she would only be a few minutes so he dared not stop working.
She was gone longer than he thought, but when she came back she immediately went to the kitchen to check on him. He was almost done, fortunately.
“Ohhh. You’re doing pretty good I see,” she said as she headed straight for the refrigerator. “Have you wet yet?”
“Not yet he replied as he threw the scrub brush into the bucket and started to stand up again.
“Ah, ah, ah,” she warned him. “Babies stay on the floor today.” He sat back down in a state of shock. She could be so good sometimes.
Mel pulled the pitcher she had put into the refrigerator earlier out again and set it on the counter. Then she grabbed his baby bottle and filled it from the pitcher before putting the pitcher away again. “Here,” she said as she handed him the bottle. “Time for your bottle.”
It hadn’t been all that long since he finished the last one, but he took it reluctantly and started sucking on it again. The liquid was still warm, almost hot, and it tasted very strong and strange. “What is this?” he asked making a face. He really didn’t like it.
“Green tea. It’s good for you, so drink it up.”
He forced himself to bring the bottle back to his lips and continue sucking. By the time he finished it, he really did have to pee. Since he wasn’t supposed to stand up, and not knowing what else to do, he called out, “I’m finished.”
Mel came back into the kitchen only seconds later. “Did you pee yet?”
“Not yet, but I’m getting to where I’m going to have to soon,” he admitted.
“You better do it fast, or you’ll be more than sorry. Now follow me.” Chad started to get to his feet. “And crawl like the baby you are!” Chad instantly dropped back down again and crawled behind her. “Are you peeing yet she said as she walked without turning around.”
“Not yet,” he replied.
“You might want to…” she said, leaving him to wonder what she had in store for him next.
Deciding to err on the cautious side, he wet himself as well as he could while he crawled. An interesting experience he decided. “I wet myself he told her.”
“It’s about time,” she replied as she headed into her bathroom. Chad crawled in behind her. “Ok, now strip. Completely!”
While Chad worked on removing one high heel, she started the water running in the tub, then, because he was slow, she went to work on his other shoe. After that it was just a matter of removing his wet diaper and plastic panties. “Into the tub,” she ordered.
Fortunately, the water was nice and warm. Chad felt nice and relaxed in it – till she brought out her razor. “You’re not…”
“Yes I am,” she replied, leaving no doubt that she was going to shave him completely.
She took a very long time about it and was very thorough, even shaving his private parts completely. By the time he was finished, the only hair he had left was his eyebrows and the hair on top of his head. “Much better,” she remarked as she finally allowed him to get out of the tub and handed him a towel.
“What am I supposed to wear?” He asked. The diaper he had worn earlier was wet and he couldn’t put it back on again.
Mel smiled slyly and handed him his plastic panties and his high heels. Then she led him back out into the living room where she handed him his shirt to put back on again. Before she took him back to his apartment, she went back to the kitchen and got the pitcher of green tea and handed it to him. “Carry this,” she commanded. Then she grabbed his keys and wallet along with her purse and led the way out of her apartment. Once again, Chad wanted to die for being dressed as he was outside. Fortunately, all was fairly quiet outside, but Mel did take her sweet time opening his door for him again. As usual, Chad got back inside as fast as he could.
Mel grabbed the pitcher from him and sent him to his room to get re-diapered for the night. “Oh, and Chad, from now on, two diapers every night when you go to bed.”
“Two? Why?”
“Make that three!” she said almost angrily.
“Do you want to try for four?”
Chad got the point and shut up. “I’m going to have to get more diapers tomorrow,” he said quietly.
“You’re going to have to get more than that. Tomorrow night, I want you to have baby powder, baby lotion, and at least four bags of diapers on hand. Got all that?”
Chad’s eyes went wide, but he nodded his head. “I’ll get them.”
“Oh, and Chad, I read that if you slit the crotch of all the inside diapers then the excess pee can drain through to the next one. Make sure you do that from now on too.”
Chad just nodded his head and headed into the bathroom where his diapers were. But when he got there, the first thing he noticed was his toilet. It was still his toilet, but she had managed to make it totally useless to him. It was wrapped in layer after layer of plastic cling wrap. As he looked closer, under one of the top layers was a piece of masking tape that went over the lid and under the rest of the toilet. She had put the date and then signed her name on the tape before wrapping more cling wrap over that too. There was no way at all that he could remove any of it without her knowing it. The bitch had managed to find a way to completely block him from using it. He would be stuck using his diapers completely whenever he wasn’t at work.
Mel said nothing at all to Chad about her handiwork to his toilet. She didn’t have to. But the look on his face had been absolutely priceless. Something she would never forget for a very long time. While he was diapering himself, she found the other two baby bottles that were still in his apartment and brought them into the kitchen where she rinsed them out and filled them with the green tea. Then she took more masking tape and wrapped them around the lid so that he couldn’t unscrew them without her knowing about it. She took one further precaution of writing her name on the tape of each one. Chad would be forced to drink both bottles.
When she left that night, she left a slightly bewildered and also very horny Chad, sucking on one of his baby bottles as he sat on his blow-up mattress. The thickness of three diapers between his legs felt strange. He also had to pee again. He realized he had no choice so he let himself wet his diapers. He wanted to get off badly so he began rubbing himself through the diapers, but the thickness of the diapers was preventing him from getting very hard, especially now that they were wet.
Reluctantly, he finally laid back down on his mattress and sucked on his bottle while he tried to figure out the best way to get around what she had done to his toilet. It was going to make things a bit more difficult. Of course, he finally realized, he could always pee into the tub and she would never know it. But what if he had to do something else? He had been very careful about relieving himself in the toilet at work today so that he wouldn’t have to mess his diapers while he was at home. That would certainly continue to work during the week, but what if he had to do it some other time? That might not be so much fun.
As Mel left Chad’s apartment, she finally broke out in total laughter. She had gotten him good tonight and she knew it. Now, if only that green tea would do what it was supposed to…

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Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 1)

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say we’re supposed to go to Louisiana to pick up the in-laws on Saturday. My father in-law got a wheel chair yesterday for the first time. We’re hoping it’s going to help. I know it’s also going to make things more difficult too. Wish us luck.


The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 3 (Monday – week 1 - Part 1)

Chad didn’t drink any of the bottles of water the previous night. He did wet his diapers, once, but not till after he got up in the morning. And then it was only in case Mel might check. He did have to get up several times during the night to pull his diapers down and pee normally into the toilet. But there was no way that Mel could ever know that.
His new apartment was a lot closer to work than where he used to live. That was one of the reasons he had picked it. He was now dressed and ready for work but it was still too early. He grabbed one of his baby bottles that he had stashed out of sight and washed it, then left it out on his kitchen counter so that Mel would think he had done as she told him to. He just hoped he hadn’t forgotten anything.
At seven thirty, there was a knock on his door. “Finally,” he said quietly to himself. He was ready to get to work, and perhaps stop for some coffee along the way. He opened his door and Mel walked in, eyeing him critically.
“Are you wearing your diaper?”
It was a really dumb question, but Chad realized she probably had to ask. “Yes, I am.”
“Let me see,” she ordered.
Chad rolled his eyes a bit and undid his pants and pulled them down. She seemed satisfied.
“Ok,” she said as she headed toward his kitchen. Chad pulled his pants back up again as he followed her. Mel grabbed the baby bottle he had left by the sink and held it up. “Did you drink from this last night?”
“Two, like you said,” Chad lied.
Mel wasn’t at all sure. She had no way of knowing what he did and that was frustrating. In the back of her mind, she had this feeling that he was lying, probably about a few things, but she had no way of proving anything. She filled the baby bottle from the sink and handed it to him. “Drink!”
Chad rolled his eyes again and put the thing to his mouth and began sucking on it while she leaned against his counter and watched him. As usual, his mouth began to get tired after a few minutes and he stopped more and more often to rest.
Mel glanced at her watch. “You’re going to have to hurry if you want to make it to work on time.”
“This isn’t easy!” Chad complained. “I get tired real fast. I don’t know how babies do it so easily.”
Mel smiled. “Maybe you just need more practice.” Her comment actually sent thrills down his spine. He kept drinking.
Finally, he finished and handed the bottle to Mel. “Ok,” she said. “You’d better get to work. Remember, no toilets!”
“I know,” Chad replied.
Mel reached into her purse and pulled out a card. “Here’s my private cell number. Call me if you have any questions or problems. If I’m busy, you may have to leave a message. She reached into her purse again and pulled out a pen. “What’s your number?” Chad told her. “Ok, remember what I said.”
“I will,” Chad replied as they both headed for his door.

A little while later, Chad was once again at work in his cubicle. His job designing and maintaining web sites was in reality a very lonely one. Often, he hardly talked with anyone in person all day long. Most of his communicating was done either by email or by phone. But the solidarity of the work made doing things like wearing diapers to work once in a while all that much easier.
Normally, whenever he wore diapers to work, he would barely drink or eat anything all day so he wouldn’t have to wet them too much. Of course during those play times, he really did want to use his diapers – like a baby. But this time he was out to win a bet. He had purposely not fastened the diaper as tightly to make it easier to pull it down whenever he had to use the bathroom. He reached for the extra large coffee cup he had allowed himself and took a sip. Much better than all the water he had drank last night. He leaned back in his chair and dreamed. This little bet might be difficult at times, but overall he expected he was going to have a lot of fun. And there was no way he could lose. As he thought about how easy it was going to be for him to win, he had another thought. “I wonder if she’ll spring for a new pool table for my apartment when this is all over? She did say anything.”

“Hi Mel,” Andrea said as Mel walked into the office. As usual, Mel’s arms were laden with her laptop, her briefcases, and her purse. She walked into her office and dumped them as she usually did on the couch there. Andrea followed her in, her own hands full of papers. “Mr. Cravin called again. He’s coming in later this morning to update his will… again.”
Mel rolled her eyes. “Again? This is the third time in the last few months.”
“Fourth. You have two clients first, property closure and then that accident lawsuit. And don’t forget court right after lunch.”
Mel nodded. It was the usual stuff. “Ok,” she sighed. “I’m on it.” But what she really wanted was to get back to planning for winning the bet she had made. But Andrea didn’t leave as she normally did. Mel looked up at her.
“Look,” Andrea began, “I know I’m not supposed to be asking about this, but… well, I did see some of the end of what was written in that contract I witnessed yesterday. And… well… I was just wondering if you would tell me about it, that’s all.”
Mel really didn’t know if she should tell her or not, but Andrea was a good friend… and she could be trusted. “Close the door first,” she said. Mel spent a few minutes outlining most of what was going on. Andrea went from unbelieving to outright laughing to unbelieving again.
“Oh God, please keep me informed on everything!” Andrea finally said as Mel got to the end. “This is going to be better than a soap opera.”
“I will,” Mel agreed. Then she glanced at her watch. “But now it looks like I have to hurry. I’ll bet the first clients are already here.”
“They have been for the last half hour,” Andrea replied. “Oh… don’t forget your therapy this afternoon too. Do you need me to cancel it?”
“No. I’m probably going to really need it this time.” Andrea laughed. Mel thought about her therapy sessions that she went to every week. Not normal therapy, relaxation therapy. It was one of the few highlights of her life.
It wasn’t until the middle of the afternoon that Mel had time to get back to planning for what she was going to do with Chad… or maybe it was more like what she was going to do to Chad. One thing she knew for sure, she was going to have to get a lot tougher. She was capable of being very tough, but this was a whole new direction for her. Her plan so far seemed like a mental spiral to her. Starting out in one place and forever spiraling downward to the eventual end, which in this case was the end of Chad’s ability to control himself and the beginning of his real servitude to her. Chad was interested in the baby stuff and the crossdressing. She would use all of that in ever increasing amounts – especially the baby stuff. She wanted him to associate having no control like a baby to being ever more of a baby himself. She laughed at the mental image she had of him for the future. Absolutely ridiculous, and absolutely under her thumb.

When Chad got off from work, he started to head straight home, but he remembered half-way there that Mel had wanted a key to his apartment. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about that, but he also wasn’t exactly sure about how much choice he really had either. That contract was really something. And she was a lawyer. He had no doubt that somehow it could all turn out to be perfectly legal. He turned around and headed for the hardware store instead to get another key made.
When he was done, he hurried home. He wasn’t sure what time she would get home, but he felt safer if he could check first. Her car wasn’t in the parking lot. That was a good sign. Once inside his apartment, he allowed himself to wet his diaper for the first time that day – just in case. Then he took it off and replaced it with a fresh one. But now he was hungry and she wasn’t home yet. He had no food in the house. Should he get some, or wait for her. He decided to try calling her to find out.

Mel’s cell phone rang as she was walking from her car to her therapy session. She was only a little surprised to see that the call was from Chad. “Hello.”
“Uh, this is Chad.”
“Yes, I know. What do you want? I’m busy.”
“I just wanted to know if I could go get something to eat or if you wanted me to wait for you?”
That was a nice thought, Mel decided. “I’m going to be a while yet. You’d better get something for yourself. Oh, and make sure you get a large drink with it!”
“Ok,” Chad replied. “No problem.”
“Are you wet?”
“Not right now. I just changed myself after work.”
That made sense to Mel. She really needed a better way to keep tabs on him. “Ok, I’ve got to go. See you later.” She walked into her therapist’s office with only thoughts of how she was going to handle Chad on her mind.
Mel’s relaxation therapy was just that. A professional relaxation session. It took all the cares and stress of her life and for a little while, threw them all away. It relaxed her mind and body both. From the moment she had tried it, she had been hooked. As she laid back on the comfortable chaise and relaxed, she let the aroma of the incense fill her lungs. She breathed it in deeply. How luxurious.
“You seemed a bit pre-occupied today when you came in,” Gloria, her therapist noted.
“Yeah, maybe,” Mel replied as she closed her eyes.
“So what’s eating you?”
Mel didn’t know why, but a long time ago she had started sharing everything with Gloria. It really seemed to help. And this time was no different. She talked for most of her allotted half-hour about Chad and what she was doing. Fortunately, Gloria didn’t seem at all shocked. In fact, she had seemed more than a bit interested.
Near the end of Mel’s session, Gloria asked, “Have you thought about using hypnosis on him?”
“Yeah, but from everything I’ve read, all those recordings you can buy don’t really work.”
“How about a live hypnotist?”
“Why? Do you know one who would do it?”
“I might.” That got Mel’s full attention. “Tell you what, as you know I keep some evenings open for group sessions. I have Thursday evening free right now. Why don’t you bring him by for some nice group relaxation? Just the two of you together. I’m sure he’ll love it. And maybe we can even sneak a little something else into the session. I’ve been known to dabble a bit with hypnosis and I’ll see what I can do with him. Of course, I’d have to charge you double.”
Mel didn’t care one bit about the cost. “Could you really?”
“I can try. I can’t guarantee it will help at all, but like I said, I can try.”
“That would be great!” Then Mel had another idea, “Oh, is there any way you can do it so he doesn’t know he’s been hypnotized?”
Gloria smiled at the idea. “Like I said, I can try. We’ll have to start slow though and it’s probably going to take more than one session.”
“If it helps, I don’t care!”

After her therapy session, Mel went grocery shopping. Her research had given her some ideas for drinks that would hopefully make Chad pee a lot. As she searched the shelves she came across another item that suddenly struck her as possibly being useful. She picked up several boxes before she headed home.

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The Bet - Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 2)

Mel stood back and just stared at Chad as he displayed himself wearing only the disposable diaper and plastic incontinence panties he had just pulled over them. She felt like she should be laughing at him, and indeed he did look a bit humorous, but somehow, she just couldn’t laugh. Chad had been more than a bit embarrassed about being naked in front of her, but as she quickly pointed out to him, he no longer had any choice in the matter – or in any other matters either.
Chad was not a big man, in fact, he was really a bit scrawny. One thing she noted, was that the hair on his body would have to go. Could she really make him do that? She quickly realized, of course she could. But not right now. Maybe later today. Right now, she had started something that she didn’t know anything about. She was not some kind of dominatrix, she was a lawyer. Question, is there a difference? She smiled at her own personal joke. But the bottom line was that she had no idea of what she was going to do. She needed information and she needed it fast. In the meantime. She had to do something with Chad here. The obvious thing of course was to get him cleaning her apartment, wasn’t that what she was after in the first place?
“You diapered yourself real fast,” she finally said to him. She had noticed that he had done it completely standing up instead of laying down like she had expected him to.
Chad seemed to blush a bit. “I’ve had some practice.”
“It’s a good thing. And you’re going to get a lot more.” She noticed Chad’s shy grin at her remark. He was enjoying this – so far. What else did he enjoy?
“Do you want me to put my clothes on now?” he asked.
Mel realized that she had been mostly just standing there, thinking. Chad was waiting for her to tell him what to do. Well, let him wait. Should she have him put his clothes back on again? She needed him to go back to her apartment to start cleaning. Finally, she said, “Get dressed,” and turned away from him.
As Chad was pulling his shirt and pants on over his diapers, she walked into his closet to see what other clothes he had. He had some nice shirts and pants hung up neatly – a good sign. At one end of the closet, she saw a couple of dresses and skirts and blouses. She looked at them each more closely. These things were a major part of him too. She had to remember that. She looked down at the shoes he had on the floor and realized that there were more high heels in there than men’s shoes. She somehow found that to be very interesting too. She poked through the shoes more closely and finally picked up a pair of sandals with at least a four inch heel. The only women she knew who still wore heels like that were all a lot younger than she was – or hookers. She turned around with the heels still in her hand. Chad was just about to pull his socks on. “Wait!” she commanded. “Here, put these on instead.”
Chad’s eyes went wide. He set the socks aside and took the shoes she handed him and sat on the floor to buckle them onto his feet. This was getting better and better. His excitement was now raging inside of him. He stood up again and took a couple of steps to make sure he had the feel of the shoes. The single diaper he was wearing was comfortable, but stimulating, the shoes added much more. But the fantasy of the whole situation had him to the point where he wanted to run to the bathroom to get himself off. He didn’t dare. This was too much fun.
Mel watched Chad closely. Now, as he stood there, with the high heels on his feet, and knowing he was wearing a diaper under his pants, she did let out a laugh. She tried to stop it, but she couldn’t. Chad seemed to blush even further as she did. “Come on,” she finally said. “You have work to do.”
Chad followed her out into his living room, wondering what she wanted him to do. But when she started to open his front door, he got distressed. “Wait! I can’t go out like this. I still have these heels on.”
Mel really wanted to laugh again. She knew she had to be tough. “Get use to it,” she said with a big grin and actually held the door open till he cautiously walked out ahead of her – turning his head to see if there was anyone else around as he did so. She stifled another laugh. Was she really enjoying this?
Chad seemed so uncomfortable standing outside in his high heels that Mel purposely pretended to have trouble with her door lock. There was no one else around anyway. Why not have a little fun with him? She could almost hear his sigh of relief as she closed the door behind them. She threw her keys on the table by the door and looked back at him, he was standing in her living room, waiting to be told what to do. Fine. “Go clean!” she ordered. “You can start in the kitchen.” As she had expected, he moved immediately, clunking onto the tile floor with those heels he was wearing. He might like wearing them, but he didn’t exactly walk gracefully in them – yet. She made a mental note to have him learn to walk better in the heels.
Mel headed straight for her computer. She had no idea about what it was she was doing. She needed to do some research and the first place to start was the internet. How do you go about making someone incontinent? Is there even any information about that anywhere? Has it ever been done before? Only time and research would answer that. In the meantime, she was at least happy to see that the clutter of dirty dishes on her counter was being cleaned up.
Chad rinsed dish after dish and stuck them into the dishwasher. The woman wasn’t exactly a slob, but she certainly could’ve cleaned up after herself a bit more. Ok, he knew he was a bit of a clean freak, but still she was a woman. Weren’t all women clean freaks? He finally turned the dishwasher on and wiped down the counters and the sink. He looked around. The kitchen looked pretty good. He walked out into the living room where she was working at her computer – aren’t high heels wonderful? “All done,” he proclaimed. He could tell by the way she looked up that she had been really engrossed in what she was working on. She almost seemed annoyed that he had bothered her, but she got up from her work to take a look.
Mel looked around at her kitchen. She had to admit, it didn’t look bad at all. Probably better than she would have bothered to do. How nice! Don’t let him stop now. “Nice,” she finally admitted. “Thanks. Now do the rest of the place.” As Chad turned to start looking around at the rest of her apartment, the words – or maybe they were commands – just started flowing out of her mouth. “The vacuum cleaner is in the closet. Oh, and there are clothes in the hamper in the bathroom that need to be washed, get those going first.”
Chad headed directly for the bathroom to find the clothes hamper. Ok, this was sort of fun, but it was beginning to get tedious. What else did he expect? Wasn’t this what it was all about? He walked into the bathroom and spotted the hamper, directly across from the toilet. The toilet that he knew he wasn’t supposed to use anymore. Unfortunately, just looking at it made him realize that he was going to have to pee soon. As he picked up the hamper full of her dirty clothes, he clamped down and ignored the feeling. There was no way he was going to lose this bet!
Mel looked up from her notes and watched as Chad lugged her hamper over to where the washer and dryer were. The clunking of his high heels was obviously making it harder for him. She kind of enjoyed that fact. As she watched him loading her clothes into the washer, she had a wicked idea. “Take your clothes off!” she ordered.
“Don’t say what! I said take your clothes off. And put them into the washer. Now!” Chad seemed a bit confused and surprised, but he started to get undressed. It took him a few minutes since he had to remove his shoes to get his pants off then put them back on again. But a few minutes later, he was standing there in nothing but his diapers and heels. And the rest of his clothes were all soaking wet in the washer. He looked very embarrassed about it, but Mel had a feeling he was secretly loving it. “I think I like you better that way,” she said as she watched him continue working. The embarrassed grin that Chad returned was enough to make her laugh to herself.
She got up to see him better. Yeah, he did look ridiculous dressed as he was. Why was she enjoying it so much? She stared at his diapers and realized something. She was supposed to be making him incontinent! “Have you wet yourself yet?” she asked.
“No, not yet.”
“Why not?”
Chad shook his head. “I haven’t had to go yet.”
Oh. That made sense. Mel realized that she had been overlooking something very important. She had to keep fluids going into him – lots of fluids to keep him peeing. That only made sense, didn’t it. She literally ran to the kitchen and found the biggest glass in her cabinets and filled it with water. “Here drink this – now!” she commanded as she handed him the glass.
Chad sighed a bit as he took the glass of water from her. He already had to pee, but not badly, all that water was going to make it worse. But he began drinking, not all that fast, but he drank it.
Mel watched as Chad gradually drank the glass of water. “Good,” she finally said as she watched him finish the last of it. She turned to carry the glass back to the kitchen, then realized what she was doing. She handed the glass to Chad instead. “Here, put this away.” As she watched him clunking in his heels back to the kitchen, she had one more thought. “I want you to tell me when you’re going to wet yourself. I want to know! And it better be soon!” she added as an afterthought.
Mel went back to her research. There was so much to read and so many ideas, but so little about making someone incontinent. Evidently, there was no real good method other than time. A very long time. And that was something she didn’t have enough of. That fact alone left her frustrated and a bit angry. She hated losing anything. And she certainly wasn’t going to lose this bet – that was for sure!
She looked up as Chad was pulling clothes out of her dryer and realized that he had never told her he was going to wet himself. “Did you wet yourself yet?”
“Not yet,” he replied.
She got up to talk to him. “Why not?”
Chad shrugged his shoulders a bit. “I don’t have to yet,” he replied. The truth though was that he was fighting against it as hard as he could without letting it show.
Mel was more than amazed. She headed back to the kitchen and got the same glass she had given him before out again and filled it with water. She realized she should have had him do it himself – she still had a lot to learn. She handed him the glass and told him to start drinking again.
Chad took the glass from Mel, but he wasn’t at all happy about it. He really did have to pee and more water was only going to make it worse, but what could he do? He began drinking.
Mel watched him closely. Chad looked more than a bit distressed. “Let me guess,” she finally said, “you have to pee. Right?”
Chad stopped drinking and sheepishly admitted it. “Yeah, I do now.”
“Then do it!” she commanded.
“It’s not that easy!”
“Why not?”
“Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this,” he explained. “It’s hard. Sometimes it takes a long time to relearn to wet myself again.”
That was news to Mel. “Well, you better learn fast then,” she said threateningly. “I suggest you start trying real hard right now. Now keep drinking!”
She stood there and watched as Chad kept drinking the water, all the while, it was obvious that his discomfort was growing. But when the water was gone, he still hadn’t done it. She grabbed the glass and refilled it quickly. “Keep drinking!” she ordered.
“Not more.” Chad complained. “I can’t drink anymore.”
“Keep drinking!” Chad dutifully began sipping at the water again. “Faster,” she ordered.
Halfway through the glass, Chad lowered it. There was distress in his eyes. “Ohhh… I’m peeing,” he said closing his eyes. A few seconds later, he looked up at Mel. “I’m done now.” Chad felt completely humiliated. This woman had just watched him wetting himself – make that flooding himself. Completely humiliating. Wonderfully humiliating.
Mel was about to take the glass from him again but she stopped herself just in time. There was still water in it. “Finish it,” she commanded. As he hesitantly raised the glass to his lips again to continue drinking, Mel reached out to grab the front of his diapers. Even through the plastic panties, they felt warm and obviously very wet. She felt more satisfied. Now she just had to find a way to keep him peeing. She had no doubt that the only way she was going to win this bet, was to make him pee so much he barely realized he was doing it anymore. And that wasn’t going to be easy. She needed a plan. It was time to think a bit harder over the notes she had already made.
Mel had Chad fix a couple of diet TV dinners for each of them that night. She also had him drink another tall glass of water again. But it wasn’t until well after dinner that Chad admitted he had to pee again. Once again she handed him the large glass of water to drink, and once again he didn’t wet himself till he had consumed most of it. When she felt his diapers, they were really soaked. She even had him pull his incontinence panties down so she could see them better.
“They’re going to start leaking if I don’t change them soon,” he told her. “Can I go change now?”
She had to think about that. She didn’t really want him leaking pee all over her apartment. “Yeah,” she finally said. “I guess we’re done here, for today anyway. You can go home now.”
Gratefully, Chad put his shirt on, then grabbed his pants.
“Wait,” Mel ordered. She grabbed his pants from him. Then she went back to the kitchen and got another glass full of water. “One more for the road,” she said as she handed it to him.
“Oh God,” Chad muttered. “I’m going to be up all night peeing.”
Mel giggled. “Good. That’s the idea.”
When Chad had finally finished the water, he reached for his pants, but she just held on to them. “No, I’ll carry them. You can go home just like that.”
Panic hit Chad full force. “I can’t!” he exclaimed.
“Would you like me to carry your shirt too and you can just wear your diapers?”
“Nnnnn No,” Chad stuttered.
Mel picked up Chad’s keys and wallet from where he had left them when he put the pants into the washer and led the way to her door. She opened it and glanced quickly outside. It was just getting dark. Not too many people around. “You first,” she said with a wicked grin as she waited for Chad to walk out ahead of her. Reluctantly, he did so and she followed behind him, taking the time to lock her own door and check it. Then she followed him to his door and took her time switching keys before she finally opened it again. “That’s something else,” she said as another thought hit her. “Tomorrow I want my own key to your apartment. Got it?”
Chad was really nervous standing outside dressed the way he was. And this woman was doing everything she could to make it longer. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Please, can we go in now?” Mel smiled and opened the door. Chad dashed in ahead of her.
Mel watched as Chad cleaned himself up and re-diapered himself. As he did so, she saw him glance a few times at his toilet. She was going to have to find a way to keep him away from that. She just didn’t know how yet. “No toilets!” she commanded.
“Yeah, I know,” Chad agreed sheepishly.
“What time do you go to work in the morning?”
“It’s not that far from here. I’ll probably have to leave here a little before eight.”
“Good. I don’t have to be to work till nine. I’ll be here before you go to work to check your diapers.” She turned to walk back to the door, then stopped with one more thought. “And I want you to drink another large glass full of water before you go to bed.”
“I don’t have any glasses yet,” Chad replied, feeling a bit cocky over the answer.
Mel thought for a moment. She was about to bring him one of hers, but then she remembered something else. “You have baby bottles don’t you?”
“Yeah,” he admitted sheepishly.
“Then two of those before bed! See you in the morning.”
Chad was finally left alone. It had been an interesting day. Were they really doing this? That answer was oddly clear. Yes, they really were. That thought alone fueled his raging desire. He went into the bathroom and pulled his diaper down and masturbated into the toilet. Then, because he could, he peed into it too. He thought about work tomorrow. He could do the same thing there too and Mel wouldn’t even know. She might make things difficult for him when he was home, and he had no doubt that she would, but while he was at work, there was nothing she could do. He was going to win this bet. And it was going to be easier than he thought.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Bet - Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Sunday - Part 1)

Mel woke up the next morning with the rancid taste of stale beer in her mouth. She immediately brushed her teeth and started the coffee maker. What an evening it had been last night. She had certainly had a few too many beers. Fortunately, today was Sunday and she wouldn’t have to think about going into work or meeting with any clients – hopefully. But that thought led her back to the strange conversation she had had with Chad the night before – and the bet they had made… it was just in fun wasn’t it? And that led her to the statement she had made about drawing up a contract for it. She nearly laughed again. Even in fun, it was kind of an odd bet. What kind of contract would be needed? She was a lawyer, she liked figuring things like this out.
She thought about that while she drank her coffee and got dressed. Eventually, she actually put some ideas down on paper. Then she decided she needed more information on the subject so she got onto the internet. It was all in fun, wasn’t it? But even so, working on this contract was something different for her. It was fun.
One other thing that she recognized hit her out of the blue. She lived in that apartment because she was lazy. She didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of a larger home. She also didn’t want some strange maid coming in to help her. But having her own personal servant, all the time? On her own terms? One who would be bound to do anything she wanted? She laid her head back and dreamed. How nice, how nice, how nice.
Unfortunately, it was all only in fun. Wasn’t it?

Chad slept late. When he woke up, his head was still fuzzy from the beer the night before. But what an interesting night. Had he really told his new neighbor, and one he had just met, all about is odd habits and desires? That was one of the reasons he didn’t drink! He swore he’d never do it again. But even through all the beer he had last night, the conversation had fueled his fantasies enormously. If he hadn’t been so drunk, he would have been up all night masturbating – probably over and over again. Even now, just thinking about it again, he was getting excited. It was all just in fun, he hoped, but the very thought of somebody taking control of him, forcing him to become incontinent, lived at the heart of most of his fantasies.
The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Then he thought about the stuff that he had hidden in his closet that she had seen, all his diapers and girly things. He went to his closet just to look at them. What a joy. He was on his own now. He didn’t have to hide them away anymore. He could look at them and fondle them whenever he wanted. He reached down and picked up a pair of high heels. He became more excited just looking at them. He put them on his feet. He spotted his diapers. The conversation about the bet last night had been about wearing diapers. Should he put one on? Yeah, that would be great, but he had to do some shopping today. But he could still wear one and nobody would ever know – if he was careful. He decided to leave the diaper till after he had showered and shaved. Then he could wear it all day. That would be fun – especially on top of the conversation from last night that was still living over and over again in his brain. The very thought of it was so exciting. He gave up and minced in his heels to the bathroom and masturbated. Wow what a thrill.
But as usual, as soon as he was done, the feelings diminished in him to the point where he had little interest. He jumped into the shower to finish waking up. And when he got dressed, he didn’t have any desire to wear the diaper either. He had other things on his mind. It was Sunday, he needed furniture. Where could he get some that wouldn’t cost a fortune?

It was early afternoon when Mel finally left her apartment to do a little shopping. She had spent an interesting morning playing with new ideas and drawing up a fun contract. But now it was time to get back to the real world again. As she descended the steps to the parking lot, she saw Chad drive up. He got out of his car with a cup of coffee from McDonalds. “Hi Chad. How are you today?” she asked politely.
“Doing ok, I guess,” he answered holding up his coffee so she could see it. “I want to thank you again for a great evening last night. I shouldn’t have drank so much. That’s why I don’t drink. But I have to admit, I really had a good time. Thanks.”
“I enjoyed it too. A lot,” she admitted. Then she thought some more about the interesting morning of research she had just had. “Maybe more than I thought.”
Chad nodded his agreement as he sipped at his coffee.
“Did you find any furniture yet?” she asked.
“That’s my problem. It’s Sunday. I don’t even know where to start. Any ideas?”
Mel shook her head. “I don’t know. And you certainly can’t put anything you buy into that little car. Whatever you get is going to have to be delivered.”
“Another problem,” he admitted. “And I have to work tomorrow. I can’t be here to wait around for deliveries.”
Mel thought for a moment again. She kind of liked being with Chad. “Tell you what, I’m just going out to do a little shopping myself. Do you want to come along? Maybe we can think of something together.”
Chad jumped at the idea. He kind of liked being with Mel. She was different than his wife – make that ex-wife. Mel was a lot more open. “Sure,” he agreed quickly.

As Mel drove them out towards the mall, the odd conversation they had had last night was again on her mind. She couldn’t know it, but the same thing was on Chad’s mind too. Finally, she had to ask, “Chad, um… you know that bet we made last night? That was all just in fun, wasn’t it?”
“Of course,” he answered. Then added uncertainly, “Wasn’t it?”
Mel sighed a bit. “Yeah. But it could have worked out really nice for me.”
“Why is that? You would’ve had no chance of winning it.”
“No chance? I couldn’t have lost! But it would have been nice to have you as my own little personal servant. It’s one of the reasons why I have an apartment and not my own house. I don’t want to take care of that much. I’m too busy.”
“You would have lost.” Chad stated. “I know myself way too well. It would be nearly impossible. Especially in only two months.”
“I bet I could do it!” Mel replied. Then she laughed a bit. “You should see the contract I was drawing up for us this morning – just in fun of course. It was just such an interesting idea that I’m afraid I got more than a bit excited about it.”
“Ha! You got excited. You should have seen what it did to me – although I’m sure I was excited in a different way – if you know what I mean?”
Mel had to laugh at that one. “Yeah, I probably do!”
The whole time they were out shopping together, they talked and laughed about the contract that Mel was working on – just in fun. Mel told him all her ideas, which mostly removed all blame for anything from Mel and made Chad totally subservient to Mel’s every little whim. Anything that Mel wanted Chad to do, he would be bound to do. Anytime she wanted to punish him, even for doing nothing wrong, she could – and in any way she chose. Chad would have no say in the matter at all. At the end of the two months, Chad would have forty eight hours to prove that he could once again control himself completely. If he couldn’t then Mel would win. If he could, then he would win.
As they were driving home, Chad finally laughed at it all. “It’s all the stuff of my dreams,” he admitted. “It would be a great fantasy, but that’s all it can ever be, a fantasy.”
“Why not?” Mel wondered.
“Because in real life it just can’t be done.”
“Oh, I don’t know,” Mel said as she considered it more carefully. “I think it could be done.”
“Ha. It would be nice to have you buy me all new furniture for my apartment,” he chuckled.
“You mean it would be nice for you to be my own personal servant,” she replied. “And like I said last night, one who doesn’t even need any bathroom breaks.” They both laughed again.
Chad shook his head. “It couldn’t be done though.”
“Making me incontinent in that amount of time. Like I said, I know myself too well. I’m one of those guys who’s just too much in control.”
“I could do it,” she replied, sounding more certain than she really was.
“No, it couldn’t.”
“Bet I could!”
“Bet you can’t!” Chad replied playfully.
They both laughed for a second.
“Oh, it would be nice though,” Mel sighed.
“It certainly would be exciting,” Chad replied thoughtfully.
They both looked briefly and shyly at each other. The feeling of excitement was driving full force in Chad’s stomach. A similar feeling was washing all through Mel. They both wondered what they were thinking.
When they got back, Chad pulled the only bit of furniture he had bought out of the trunk of her car and carried it up to his apartment – a blow-up mattress. It was the only thing he could find. But at least he wouldn’t have to sleep on the floor anymore.
Mel invited Chad over to her apartment again, just to show him the contract she had been working on – since they had talked about it so much. She pointed out and explained each of the items in it and they both laughed again over how much control it would give to Mel and how much it would take away from Chad.
Finally, Chad shook his head. “God! It would be so much fun. It’s such a fantasy. I could just sign it.”
Mel sighed. “Me too. It really would be nice.”
They looked at each other for a long time. “Are we really considering this?” Chad finally asked.
Mel nodded her head slowly. “I think so.”
Chad gulped. “Do you have a pen?”
Mel nodded and pulled one from the pen holder on her desk. She handed it to Chad. Then she stopped him. “No, wait! You can’t sign it yet!”
“Why not?”
“Look at the form. It has to be notarized!”
Chad looked at the bottom of the contract. There was a line there for a public notary. “Saved by the bell,” he said.
Mel though for a moment. “You know. If you really want. I have a friend from the office who I’m sure would do it for us.”
Now it was Chad’s turn to think. “Do you really want to?” he asked.
Mel thought for a few seconds, then nodded her head. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. “Andrea? This is Mel. I have something rather… odd… that I’d really like you to notarize for me. Can you come right over?…. No, I think I’d rather explain it when you get here… Thanks, see you in a few.”
“Someone else will know,” Chad realized.
“Yeah. But some part of it is bound to get out anyway, and I trust Andrea.”
While they waited, they mostly just looked at each other. Were they really doing this? Each one had butterflies in their stomach. They were going to do it, but it just didn’t seem real, to either of them.
Andrea turned out to be a middle-aged but still pretty blonde. She sat down at Mel’s table and took her stuff out of her bag. “You know,” she began, “I don’t have to see any of what’s in this document that I’m witnessing. You can just cover everything but the signatures up. I just have to witness you both signing it.”
Mel looked over at Chad. “It’s ok, Andrea. I’m not going to show you all of it, but what it is, is a contract between Chad and myself about a bet. And it’s not going to be an easy one – probably for either of us.”
“Ok,” Andrea replied. “Let’s just get on with it so I can get home again.”
Mel set the copies of the contract on the table. She signed all of them, then she pushed them over to Chad. He spent a few seconds looking at Mel, reconsidering. Then he too picked up the pen and signed them. As soon as he did, it felt like a lead weight had just dropped on his stomach. Mel pushed the papers over to Andrea. She signed them too. Then she applied her stamp of certification.
“It’s done,” Mel said simply.
“That it is,” Andrea agreed as she gathered up her things and finally left.
Once they were alone again, the two just looked at each other for a moment. “We’re actually doing it,” Chad said, still coming to grips with the reality of it.
“Yeah, we really are,” Mel agreed, also a bit surprised.
“Where do we start?”
“I’m not sure,” Mel replied, but then she seemed to come to her senses a bit more. “But one thing I know for sure, I want you in a diaper right away! And that’s where you’re going to stay! There’s no way I’m ever going to lose this bet!”