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The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 1 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 1 of 8)

It was the strangest dream he ever had. He was supposed to be… a pony! He was almost entirely naked except for a leather harness that was strapped around his body. His arms were bound tightly behind his back to the harness – as if he had no arms at all. Another harness was strapped around his head with a metal bit stuck between his teeth. Long leather reigns were draped from the bit between his teeth, over the back of his head, and were held on the other end by Jillian, dressed as the trainer… or ringmaster. The harness on his head had a large white plume stuck on top of it. The only other thing that adorned his body were the very high heels on his feet.
Jillian, stood in the center of the ring wearing a white top hat and a white coat with tails. Her long legs were encased in nylons and she wore white heels on her feet. And in her hand, she carried a long cane that she used as a whip.
Round and round she made him trot. Every little hesitation or stumble resulted in another stinging flick of her whip. Round and round, prancing in his high heels.
“Higher!” she ordered.
And he did his best to raise his knees up higher with each step.
But he didn’t think he could lift them any higher… not until her whip showed him just how possible it was.
There was a crowd all around them, watching, cheering. But they were all beyond the bright lights that were on him, so while he could hear them, they were nothing more than vague shadows beyond his ring.
Round and round, prancing, trotting. Her whip making sure that he never slowed down. Over and over it cracked, either against his legs, or just behind him – continually urging him on, and on, and on.
He stopped, grateful for the chance to rest. But now he was more aware of the crowd beyond the bright lights. His eyes darted back and forth, from side to side like a hunted animal, trying to get a better view of the onlookers beyond his vision.
He stuck his left leg straight out and bent his right knee a bit as he bowed forward at the waist. The applause came again followed by another crack from her whip telling him to straighten up.
And then she issued the oddest command of all. “Speak!”
He tried to speak, he tried hard, but with the metal bit in his mouth everything he tried to say came out totally unintelligible. His tongue was either under the bit or behind it and all that came out was mushy gibberish. The crowd laughed at him and he felt embarrassed by it.
“Louder!” she commanded gleefully with another crack of her whip.
He tried again, louder. But still had no better results and the crowd continued to laugh at him. The darn bit wouldn’t let him say anything properly!
“Louder!... Louder!... Louder!”
He was screaming now, his resulting voice starting to sound more and more like the bellow of a real horse. As the crowd broke into a wild applause, he felt tears rolling down his face. And then, like a horse, he felt himself letting loose uncontrollably with a strong gush of pee further below – straight onto the ground where everyone could see. And the crowd went wild!
Jillian, holding her whip high up into the air in triumph, took bow after bow as she circled the ring like some great conqueror.
He was only saved from further humiliation by the loud blaring rock music that suddenly jarred him out of his dream, out of sleep, and into the waking world where everything was normal again… or not so normal in his case.
Irritated by the violent music from his pink clock radio, he rolled off of his blow-up mattress, his legs knocking over empty baby bottles as he hit the floor. Struggling to his knees, he reached out and turned the music off, and sighed with relief. Whew! His alarm was just that – alarming!
He took the time to survey himself. All the diapers that Sandy had put on him last night were thoroughly soaked – as usual. He was messy too, as usual. His backside still itched and stung from the beating he had gotten last night. His left bra strap had slipped off of his shoulder during the night. He pulled it back up to better support his glued-on breasts. Other than that, he was naked except for the chastity device buried deep inside of his heavily bloated diapers. But he didn’t even think about that. What would be the point?
He struggled to his feet and began making his way out to the kitchen to check for the note Mel always left him, but when he got there, his counter top was empty. Panicking, he checked all over the floor in case it had slipped down. No note! None!
He remembered that she had a date last night with Ray. Had she come home at all afterwards? Her spending the night with Ray sounded all too logical. Chad was disappointed to think about it, but he had to understand. Mel certainly wasn’t about to get romantically involved with a sissy like him, so he was forced to understand – totally. But it still gnawed at him.
Knowing what would be expected anyway, he went to his refrigerator and extracted three baby bottles of Mel’s foul tea mixture and carried them back to his solitary chair where he sat down very gingerly with them because his backside still hurt so badly from the beating Jillian had given him last night. As he sat, he noticed that the mess in the back of his diapers felt a bit strange. More solid than usual? He was probably just imagining it because his backside still hurt so much. He put the bottle to his lips and half stared at the childish drawings that adorned his walls. Drawings that he had childishly colored in the restaurants. Drawings that used to make him feel funny to look at, but no longer mattered as much to him anymore.
He felt himself peeing yet again. As usual, there had been no notice beforehand. Later, after he got dressed for work, he would again start working on trying to hold back. But now, with three more bottles to drink, it would be a useless exercise. He always drank way too much in the mornings to even think about holding back. Better to let it out as much as possible, as soon as possible.
His thoughts drifted back once again to Mel. Did she come home last night? He knew it shouldn’t, but it still bothered him.

Mel pulled her robe around her as she walked out toward her coffee pot. Heading to get coffee was nothing more than a reflex, a habit. She didn’t even think about it. Her mind was mostly on last night with Ray.
It had been… wonderful! Mostly. The perfect date. A man with a perfect body. And he was certainly no slouch in bed either! Every move he made had been practiced, planned, perfected. And that was where her only problem was. Even now, in the light of day, after a night to think on it and relive it all – fondly, the one thing that she didn’t like was that it had all seemed too… artificial. She had the feeling that he used the same moves he made with every other woman. The sex had been great, but it still lacked… intimacy. If she went out with him again, would there be anything different? There had to be! But, the artificiality of it still bothered her. Of course, she wasn’t about to marry the guy, so why should she care? But, she did.
As the coffee dripped down into the pot, she thought about Sissy. She felt guilty about not leaving him a note, even though she had no reason to feel guilty at all. Sissy’s love making certainly didn’t lack for intimacy. In fact, it was all intimacy. But then, she couldn’t ever make love to him as if he were a real man. She almost laughed, she could however make love to him as if she were the man and he was the woman. She had already done that once and the pathetic little wretch had actually orgasmed from it. Amazingly!
Would Sissy drink his required bottles this morning like he always did – without being told in a note? She was fairly sure he would. Or… he had better! She wondered how his night went last night. Well, she would find out soon enough as soon as he got here.
Her coffee done, she poured herself a cup and took a sip. Mmmm!

Chad stared at his reflection in the mirror. He looked like… a woman? No! He only wished. He wished he looked like any one of the sexy beautiful women he saw every day. Or even like any of the not as sexy ones. But instead, despite how much more he looked like a woman than he used to, he still looked like… a sissy! Which unfortunately, he was. Totally! The fact that he was dressing this way for work certainly made that fact abundantly clear.
He had curled his hair and arranged it like Mel wanted it. His makeup was done like Mel wanted it. Today he had chosen his zebra print dress to wear with suntan pantyhose and black pumps adorning his feet. His jewelry consisted of a wooden necklace and matching bracelet with the clear studs in his ears today. Under it all, his glued-on breasts were supported by an all-in-one girdle that felt two sizes too small. His stomach was further diminished by the waist cincher he wore under the girdle. And also under the girdle was his plastic panties which encased the two disposable diapers he had put on – over the chastity device that encased his mostly useless penis. Dressed for work. Again. Like a sissy.
He loaded all his empty bottles from last night and this morning into a plastic bag and grabbed his purse and diaper bag. He was ready. Time for anther day of humiliation. His thoughts briefly turned toward Robin at work. He had no idea what had gotten into her. Things between them yesterday had turned downright – weird! And she wanted to be in charge now? Unfortunately, given his present state, he saw no way around that issue at all.
With a deep breath for courage, he opened his door and walked out, heading for Mel’s apartment next door. When he got there, he knocked. The door was opened after a few moments. He curtseyed. “Good morning Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice. He was pleased to see the smile on Mel’s face.
“Good morning Sissy, Mel replied as she stood back out of the way to let him inside. She started looking him over as he was still stowing his diaper bag and purse under her little table by the door. The zebra print dress today. She liked it on him. She waited till he stood up straight again before checking him over thoroughly. She smiled. She liked everything she saw. “Okay Sissy, up into your highchair. I’ve got your breakfast all ready.
She followed him into the kitchen, but she noticed that he was having more trouble than usual climbing into his chair. “Are you okay?” she asked, clearly concerned.
Chad blushed. “My bottom is still sore.”
“Your bottom?” Her thoughts turned immediately to the punishment she had given him two nights earlier. Could that still be… No, he hadn’t shown any sign of a problem with it yesterday. So… “Did you get punished last night?” she asked as she put the highchair tray in place, securing him into the chair.
Chad nodded sullenly. “Yeah.”
“And why was that?” she asked as she picked up his bib and tied it around his neck.
“I missed my first deadline,” he explained. Then as if to justify things he added, “Things were just too busy at first and I didn’t get enough to drink till later!”
Mel only smirked as she grabbed his breakfast of baby cereal off of the counter and put it down on his tray for him. “Deadlines are deadlines! So you deserved it. How many times did they hit you?”
“I don’t know. First Stacy had me over her lap, then Jillian chained me to the coffee table and had at me. And it just went on and on. And she hits hard! Especially with that paddle she has with the holes in it. The whip she used later wasn’t much fun either!” he added sullenly.
Mel’s eyebrows went up at the mention of the paddle, but the whip momentarily dropped her jaw. Sandy had said they were kinky, but that could have meant almost anything. She never thought they would be into something where they would have implements like that on hand.
“So you were both paddled and whipped because you were late?” she asked as she set a full baby bottle down on his tray for him to drink.
“Well, actually, the whip came later, when they were playing with me.”
“Playing with you? How did they play with you?”
Chad looked for a decent way to answer without revealing too much. “They kept trying to make me sound more babyish when I talk,” he replied.
Mel nodded. She well remembered Sandy’s baby language she had been teaching him. She was only surprised they would use a whip to encourage things along. But then, Sandy had said they were kinky.
She poured herself another cup of coffee and leaned back against the counter to watch him eating – like a child. He really did look ridiculous!

All the way to work, the uppermost thought on Chad’s mind was Robin. Robin and what he went though yesterday with her… and what would she be like today? Yesterday she had made him do that stupid apology over and over again, while she seemed to ignore him. Then she wanted him to use only sissy talk around her from now on. And finally, she decided she wanted to be totally in charge. But from the way she had been acting, he wasn’t really sure now what she wanted to be in charge of. Just the project? Or him? He guessed it was him because she had said to think of it as kind of the same relationship he had with Mel. Which meant… he now had another mistress! Which really surprised him because he never thought of Robin as being… that type!
He parked his car and headed into the building, exchanging an awkward good morning greeting with several of the other women heading in at the same time. When he got to his desk, he wondered if Robin was in yet, but he wasn’t really brave enough to want to find out. One thing she had pressed at him over and over again for the last few days was to leave her alone! She didn’t seem to really want to know that he was around. She didn’t want to see him or hear him. Would she be that way today? Between that choice and having her dominate him like Mel did, he wasn’t really sure which would be the better option.
He stowed his purse in his desk drawer and booted up his computer, still wondering what today would bring.

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The Bet - Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 9 of 9)

Mel sat back comfortably in the rich seats of Ray’s Cadillac. Dinner had been really great. Expensive, at least for Ray since he had paid for everything, but it had been worth it! The food had been fabulous and the service even better. Conversation had been light and interesting. Not the least sign of stress at all. And so far, Ray had been the perfect gentleman… perfect! Of course, they both already knew where this evening would be heading later. But Mel was really glad to see that Ray wasn’t overly anxious to get to that point yet.
And now they were on their way to one of the clubs that Ray liked. He had said it was a fun place. She had never been there, but from Ray’s description it sounded like a good time. She would just wait and see. So far, everything had been perfect. The dream date!

Chad, once again clad in his blue sissy little-girl dress, stood in front of everyone and curtseyed – he didn’t dare not curtsey! The beating he had just gotten made sure he didn’t want to mess up at all. Every eye in the room was watching him intently! Being very conscious to make sure he was using his sissy voice correctly, he began singing:
“Mawy had a wittwe wamb, wittwe wamb, wittwe wamb. Mawy had a wittwe wamb, it’s fweece was white as snow.”
Chad saw Jillian shake her head discouragingly. But he continued.
“It fowwowed hew to schoow one day, schoow one day, schoow one day. It fowwowed hew to schoow one day, which was against the wules.”
“Stop!” Jillian shouted. She looked over at Sandy. “It’s not right! It’s just not right!”
Sandy just shrugged. “That’s what we came up with. It sounded like he did it right to me. And you have to admit, it was funny!”
“It was!” Stacy agreed. “I thought so anyway.”
But Jillian didn’t look convinced. “Yeah, yeah. It was pretty good and all, and I like the higher pitch voice he’s obviously using, but it’s just not right. I mean, look at him. He’s supposed to be some kind of a baby… or a toddler or something. A major sissy at any rate! And I think he could sound a lot more babyish.”
“Well,” Sandy replied. “I have been teaching him to talk in only baby talk. But if he does that, then nobody can understand anything at all since he isn’t allowed to use any real words.”
“No, that’s not what I mean. I mean… kind of like what you’ve got him doing, only more so.”
“Okay,” Sandy replied. “What did you have in mind?”
Chad stood there and just listened to it all, not liking one bit what he suspected they were proposing. It had been hard enough learning to talk like the way he was, he couldn’t imagine it getting any worse.
Jillian thought for a moment. “Well, first of all, I thought most sissies were supposed to lisp all the time. Why doesn’t he?”
“I don’t know. I guess we didn’t think of it.”
Jillian turned to Chad. “Okay, so lisp.”
Lisp? He curtseyed. “Did you want me to do Mawy Had A Wittwe Wamb again?” he asked.
“Sure, anything,” Jillian replied. Just lisp when you talk from now on.
But Chad wasn’t all that sure about… how. He thought he did, but since he had never actually done it, he figured he better ask. He curtseyed – lest he get punished again. “How?” he asked.
Jillian looked at him in shock. “You don’t know how to lisp, and you’re a sissy?” She shook her head. “Just stick your tongue between your teeth any time you come close to anything that sounds remotely like an ‘S’.”
Chad mulled that over in his head. It pretty much jived with the concept that he already had. He thought about it… esss… eththth. It was awkward, but not all that hard – he didn’t think, or he hoped. He curtseyed for everyone again. And instead of singing, he spoke fairly slowly and carefully:
“Mawy had a wittwe wamb, wittwe wamb, wittwe wamb.” Whew! No ‘S’s yet! “Mawy had a wittwe wamb it…th fwee…th wa…th white ath…thnow.” Whew! Just that little bit took more out of him than he thought it would.
“Good,” Jillian proclaimed. “Well, it’s a start anyway. Do it again! Try keeping your tongue between your teeth more so it’ll be in position and ready for it.”
Once again Chad repeated what he had just said, being more conscious of where he tongue was in his mouth. This time, he was surprised that it came more naturally.
Cassie giggled when he finished just that little bit. “It does sound sillier, doesn’t it!”
Jillian only smiled. “But I still don’t like it.”
Chad was fairly sure he had done it correctly. But she didn’t like it?
“I don’t think some of the other things he’s saying sound… childish enough.”
“Like what?” Sandy asked, totally mystified. As far as she could see he sounded totally childish.
“Like… I don’t know.” She turned to Chad. “Say it again. Slow.”
Chad curtseyed and started yet again. “Mawy had a wittwe wamb…”
“Stop! I don’t like little… or wittle… or however he said it. Make it more like… widdwe. Change the ‘T’ sounds to ‘D’ I guess. Now try it again.
Ugh! This was getting harder and harder! But he had no choice but to do as he was told. He curtseyed. “Mawy had a… widdwe wamb, widdwe wamb, widdwe wamb. Mawy had a widdwe wamb, it…th fweeth wath whide…” He realized he had automatically changed the ‘T’ to a ‘D’ on that word. “ath thnow.” Whew! Difficult!
Jillian just smiled, but all the other women were laughing.
“I want to hear him say something else,” Stacy said.
“Like what?” Jillian asked.
“Say my name,” Stacy told Chad. “In fact say all of our names.”
Chad started with Stacy. “Thathy.” All the women broke into peals of laughter. Basically, his tongue felt like it had been between his teeth for the whole word. Weird! He turned to Jillian next. “Jiwwian.” No ‘S’s Hooray! He turned to Cassie. “Cathie,” he said, drawing the th sound out a bit.
“Well,” Cassie said, “my name is Cassie, not Cathy, but I guess it’s close enough.”
Finally Chad turned to Sandy. “Thanthy.” Woops! He had messed up! “Thandy!” he corrected himself as he tried it again. All the women were laughing again. Keeping his tongue closer to his teeth had caused him to make a mistake.
“It’s okay,” Sandy told him as she was still laughing. “I like it better the first way! It was perfect!”
Embarrassed, Chad looked for a way out of what he was doing. He curtseyed, and carefully trying to lisp as he asked, “Can I pweathe get my bottwe? I don’t want to mith getting my dipwew to weak on time.”
“Yeah, you better!” Sandy agreed. “We don’t want to have to beat you again. But hurry up about it.”
“Wait a second!” Jillian interrupted. “I think he needs to ask a bit better than that. I didn’t like the way it came out.”
“But he needs to keep drinking,” Sandy objected.
“This should only take a second,” Jillian replied before turning back to Chad. “Now ask if you can get your bottle again. Let’s see what we can do with it.”
Chad was definitely getting frustrated. But he curtseyed before he spoke anyway. “Can I pweath get my bottwe?”
Jillian shook her head. “First of all, change the word ‘get’ to ‘ged’. Forget the ‘T’s. But mostly, I don’t like the way you said bottle. Let’s see… Like before, try changing the ‘T’s to ‘D’s.
Chad curtseyed once again. “Can I pweath ged my boddew?”
Jillian just stared blankly at him for a moment. “There’s got to be some better way for him to say bottle. I just don’t like it.” Mostly to herself, she started trying to sound out letters to see what might work. “Bottle… Boddew… Bobbew… Bob… Bob…” But nothing really good was coming to her.
“How about just ‘ba-ba’ Sandy suggested. Don’t some kids call it that anyway?”
Jillian thought about that and smiled. “Perfect!” She looked back at Sissy. “Got that! From now on it’s ba-ba instead of bottle! Now ask again.”
Ba-ba? He would have rolled his eyes or shrugged his shoulders, but he didn’t want to make anyone angry at his attitude. So he just curtseyed. “Can I pweath ged my ba-ba?”
Jillian smiled. “I like that so much better!” She looked over to Sandy for her opinion.
“I love it too!” Sandy agreed. Then she turned to Chad. “So please… go get your ba-ba and hurry up about it! Get drinking!”
Chad hurried off toward his diaper bag to grab another bottle – ba-ba. Geez! He couldn’t wait to get out of here tonight. Once he got home, he would never have to worry about all this junk again! None of this is what Mel wanted him to do! He but his bottle to his mouth and took a very long drink, mostly to stall, before carrying it back to where he was before.
When he got back to the ladies, Jillian was gone. She came back a few moments later with a long willowy pole in her hands and took her seat. And then they started in on him again, except that this time, anytime he said something that one of them wasn’t happy with, Jillian quickly flicked the narrow end of her pole out and caught him on the leg – which stung like hell!
Say this… Say that… It never ended! And it wasn’t just Jillian now, it was all of them. Like they had all gotten drunk and thought it was the greatest game ever. Over and over again, each of them had ideas for making him sound more and more childish… or silly… or… sissyish! And every time he messed up in the slightest, Jillian’s pole would let him know it in the worst way. The only respite he got was the frequent drinks they allowed him from his “ba-ba.”
Eventually, Sandy had him skipping around and around the living room as he sang or even just talked. And worst of all, the skipping while talking or singing was causing him to get used to the new talking requirements faster than ever. If he just relaxed and didn’t think about it, it almost became natural to him. And best of all, Jillian’s weird whip wasn’t raising more welts on his legs.

Mel leaned into Ray’s big body and held him tighter for a moment. The music was nice, for a change it was slow and pretty. A big change from most of what had been playing previously. They danced almost – intimately. She felt him rubbing himself ever so slightly against her – her breasts, further down… Hinting at what was still to come – later.
When they had first arrived, the place had seemed fairly empty. Now, it was starting to feel much more crowded. The music had been getting louder, as had the noise level from everyone talking. Ray had courteously bought her two drinks already, although she noticed that he had only had one. Well, he was driving.
The music ended, and started again. Another fast one! With a mischievous smile, she stepped back and started moving wildly, almost daring him to keep up – which she noticed he did his best to try. Not bad! Not bad at all! She was having… fun!

Chad was getting tired. Major tired! He was hitting his bottle more and more just to keep his voice from going horse and his legs were beginning to tire from skipping everywhere and getting whipped. But the one good thing from it was that as he skipped around the living room, he suddenly realized his diaper was leaking – a full fifteen minutes early. Fantastic! His backside still stung miserably from the beating Jillian had given him earlier. He stopped in midstride from where he had been skipping and singing like a little girl – or a fool! “I’m weekin!” he suddenly declared as he pulled his voluminous skirts up to show everybody his wet diaper.
“Wonderful!” Sandy praised him. In truth, she was really glad he had made it. She didn’t want to see a repeat of what had happened earlier – or possibly worse! “Go get your diaper bag.”
Chad went and got his diaper bag – without skipping. He really was getting tired. He had been the source of their amusement for a long time now and as much as he loved the humiliation, he was more than ready for it to end. How long were they going to stay anyway? He carried the bag back to Sandy who had just knelt down in the middle of the floor. He supposed this diaper change too was going to be another source of amusement for the ladies. Oh well. It was kind of fun. He laid down in front of Sandy and a moment later, accepted another baby bottle that she pulled out of the bag for him.
Sandy half expected Jillian to ask to change him- she had pretty much run the show with everything else all night. But Jillian was staying silent about this. Sandy didn’t really blame her. But as long as Sissy was just wet, she really didn’t mind this little chore at all. It was just like taking care of a baby. A big baby, but still a baby. The comparison was even more so with the bottle in his mouth.
In short order, with everyone looking on closely, she had him once again in a dry diaper with another hour and forty-five minute time limit. She allowed him to stay on the floor where he was and drink his bottle while she packed up his diaper bag again. She kind of felt sorry for him in a way. Everyone had been on him all night long trying to teach him to talk more like a toddler. And the funny thing was, it was working. And she herself was loving it. Of course, she was totally fascinated with Sissy’s baby side. Totally! And this was just another way of adding to it. If she had thought of some of these things before, she would have brought them up to Mel.
Mel! She really couldn’t wait to tell her about what they had doing tonight. She just knew Mel would love it. Especially once Mel actually got to hear his new voice. As she got up from the floor, Stacy was already hungry to hear more of Sissy making a fool of himself. Well, that’s what he was here for…

“I said, it’s getting awfully noisy in here!” Mel shouted close to Ray’s ear.
Ray looked around. The place was jam packed! He wondered if Mel might possibly be ready to go home yet. He was certainly ready – for a little love making. He had been ready for that all night long. But he knew from experience that women wanted to be shown a good time. So he had attempted to do just that. He leaned down close to her ear. “Are you ready to get out of here?”
Instead of answering vocally, Mel just nodded. It was a lot easier than shouting. And her voice was getting tired from trying to talk that loud.
Five minutes later, they finally made it out of the building and into the fresh, clean night air. Both of them breathed in deeply to clear their lungs. Both of them were glad to be away from the assaulting noise of the music inside. Ray opened her car door for her and she got in. Quiet at last. Would he ask to take her home now? She hoped so.
Ray got into the car. “I told you it was a great place,” he said. “Where to next? Another club or perhaps a quieter bar somewhere where we can get a drink?”

But Mel had already had enough. “How about my place?” she asked. “I’ve only got wine there, but there’s plenty of it.”
Ray just smiled and drove her home. When they arrived, Mel noticed that Cassie’s car wasn’t there. She really hoped that Sissy was having a good time.

Crawl, babble, drink from the bottle, put the toys in his mouth, act like a fool. Sandy was showing off the way she had been training him to act totally like a baby. The only good part was that he didn’t have to use their stupid version of his sissy voice. Now if only Sandy would keep him using his “baby” voice for the rest of the night, things would go a lot easier.
“It’s boring!” Stacy suddenly declared. “I mean, it’s nice and all, but it’s just boring!”
Sandy looked back at Sissy with disappointment. None of them got the kick out of him in this state the way she did. But she guessed she understood. Stacy and especially Jillian were more into the “action” kind of thing where something more exciting was happening. But she was beginning to worry that Sissy had already been through more than enough. She didn’t want to abuse this opportunity that Mel had given her to “play” with Sissy. She glanced at Cassie. “I’m thinking we need to get this baby home and in bed.”
Cassie nodded. “Yeah, it’s getting about that time.”
“Aw!” Stacy lamented. “But it was really fun, especially watching him jumping and skipping around earlier.” She giggled again at the memory of it.
Chad was totally elated. He just wanted to go home – and to bed would also be nice! And fortunately, in short order, he was once again buckled into the back seat of Cassie’s car while drinking another baby bottle for the ride home. Whew! What an evening! Difficult, not to mention painful. His backside was still stinging badly, and there were sore spots on his legs as well from Jillian’s whip. But… it had still been fun.
As Cassie pulled into the parking space, Sandy noticed a nice looking Cadillac in one of the other spaces. She was pretty sure that it was the same car Mel and Sissy had taken on their date Sunday. The one belonging to Ray. She hoped Mel was having a good time.
While Cassie carried their bag of the baby things she kept for Sissy up to their apartment, she carried the diaper bag and led Sissy up to his own apartment. It was time to get him ready for bed and Mel had specific instructions for that too.

His lovemaking was wonderful. His member huge and firm inside of her – feeling ever so good. Better even than the huge strap on dildo had been, because this one was alive. It was real! His hands seemed to hit every wonderful place at exactly the right moment. Though she was surprised at his skill, she realized that she shouldn’t be. This was what he did, almost every night. But even as she allowed herself to enjoy every single sensation of it, she also realized there was something larger that was missing. Some key ingredient that she couldn’t put her finger on. Yet obviously, whatever that ingredient was, it wasn’t necessary for her to enjoy some of the best sex she had had in a long time. If ever!
Eventually, they finished and she felt like a warm wet noodle. All soft and relaxed. He leaned over and kissed her passionately one more time before getting out of bed. “Stay there,” he said. “No need to get up.”
Mel laid there snuggled naked under her covers and watched as he got dressed again. Such a nice body. Then he came back and gave her one more kiss and said goodbye. She stayed right in bed as she heard him opening and closing the apartment door. What an evening.

Just as Mel instructed, Sandy removed his now overly soaked single diaper and cleaned him up. She felt lucky that he didn’t pee all over the place as she did it. Cassie had told her in intimate detail about that happening at the gym. She grabbed the jar of suppositories and pulled one out. She lifted his legs up high and “pretended” to push the thing up inside of him. Then she returned the suppository that she had palmed back to the jar as she closed the lid. All through it, Chad just laid there and sucked on his bottle – like a big baby. She almost giggled.
The hardest part was getting four disposable diapers on him, but she eventually managed, sealing all of them up with a pair of plastic panties on top. Then she went to his refrigerator and brought back four more bottles for him to drink before he went to sleep. She leaned over and kissed him. “Good night, Sissy.”
She left his apartment to go home. Just as she got to her own apartment door, she heard the noise of another door opening and closing. She turned to look and saw Ray leaving. He gave her a big smile and a little wave before he headed down the stairs to his car. It looked like Mel had a good time tonight too. She smiled as she opened her door. No doubt, she would also have a good time with Cassie tonight. No doubt! She was very much looking forward to it now.

Mel laid in her bed and thought about tonight. She had been away from Sissy for most of the night. It was good… but for some reason she missed him. Did he have a good time like she did? Sandy had called her friends kinky. She wasn’t quite sure what that meant in this case, but as long as Sandy seemed to think it would be okay, she was fairly sure it would be.
Ray had been great. All night long. The perfect date. But as she laid there staring at the dark ceiling, she realized exactly what had been wrong – all night long. He had been too perfect. Everything he had done had been too practiced. As great as he had been, there had been an element of… intimacy?... that had been missing. This was what he did every night – with a different woman. He was like a… a gigolo. Except she hadn’t paid him. He had paid for it all, spending all evening trying to impress her with his manners and his money. Well, she wasn’t impressed with money. She had money. Tons of money. Money she never touched or hardly even thought of. Money that, as soon as she won this bet, she would dip into for the first time in her life. But first, she had to win the bet!
She thought again about Sissy. Did he have a good time tonight? Did Sandy manage to keep him on his wetting schedule? She really hoped so. Did Sissy really cook only hamburgers for them for dinner? How did it turn out? She would have to wait till tomorrow for answers.
She thought of one last thing. She always went to his apartment every night and set his alarm and left him a note. But tonight, well, she was still feeling all warm and wet and spent. Too good to get out of bed. Besides, the note would be exactly the same as it was almost every night. So she decided to skip it. Hopefully, in the morning, he would still know what to do. He’d better!
Very softly she whispered into the dark of her bedroom. “Good night, Sissy. Sleep well.” Then she turned over and fell soundly asleep.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 8 of 9)

Chad surveyed the dinner, such as it was. Hamburgers… and chips. Not much. Why had they even wanted him to cook? But he had done the best he could. He had “snitched” a bit of one of the burgers to test it and surprisingly, the seasoning mix had done a fairly good job. They didn’t taste too bad at all. Too bad he wouldn’t be getting to eat any of it. Baby food was most likely his lot.
He glanced at the clock. It was already eight minutes past his deadline. He was a lot closer to leaking now, but it still hadn’t happened yet. He prayed it would soon because every minute meant that much more misery. He went into the living room where everyone was talking. The minute he entered he caught everyone’s attention. He curtseyed. “Dinner is ready.”
“About time!” Stacy complained as she hefted herself out of one side of the couch.
Chad stood back and watched as each of them found a place at the table.
“Get me a coke!” Jillian ordered.
Chad ran to the refrigerator. “Diet for me,” Stacy called next.
“Me too,” both Cassie and Sandy said at the same time.
Chad pulled the cans out of the refrigerator and set them all on the counter. One by one he opened each one and handed them out. Then he stood back again to see if anybody would want anything else. He watched as Jillian picked up one of the hamburgers and took a huge bite out of it. Then her face seemed to register shock… then rage.
“Shit!” she said angrily with her mouth still full. “What did you do to it?”
Chad stammered. “I just… added some seasoning to make them taste better.”
“They’re not supposed to taste better,” Jillian returned. “They’re supposed to taste the same!”
Chas saw Stacy take a tiny bite of hers. Her head cocked to one side as she tasted and chewed it. “Mmmm. I think it’s pretty good.”
Sandy and Cassie each took a small bite of theirs and both of them agreed with Stacy.
“Shit!” Jillian exclaimed as she grabbed a handful of chips.
Sandy glanced up at the clock. “You’re going to be in for it, I’m afraid,” she said to Chad. “You better start leaking soon.”
Chad curtseyed, and realized that nobody had said anything about him not curtseying a minute ago. He wasn’t going to bring up the point either. “I’m trying,” he said again. “I’m really trying!”
But it was Jillian, with her mouth full of hamburger who answered instead – without so much as glancing in his direction. “Try harder!”
Chad grabbed his latest bottle of water and started drinking again as the women sat and ate and talked.

“This is so good!” Mel exclaimed as she took another bite of the deliciously broiled fish in front of her. She didn’t often eat seafood and had never been to this restaurant, but this was where Ray had taken her and she had to admit, it was a great place.
“I can’t believe you’ve never been here,” Ray said as he took a bite of his own dish.
“I never had a reason, I guess,” Mel replied. “Actually, I never even thought of coming here. It certainly is a nice place though.” She looked around the room and was glad she had dressed up tonight. All the other women were very nicely dressed too, as were the men. The word “swanky” came to mind. She had a feeling that Ray was out to impress tonight. Well, she was certainly impressed so far. Not that it mattered. Ray himself looked awfully good in his nicely tailored suit. He was more than handsome, he almost bordered on… pretty. Pretty handsome? She almost laughed. The guy was a hunk!
She took another sip of her wine, and as she set her glass back down, a formally dressed waiter was suddenly at her side. “Can I pour you another glass madam?” he asked quietly. She nodded. This was so nice!
“So, did you wear that dress in court today?” Ray asked.
Mel’s eyes went wide. “This? In court? Actually, I didn’t have any cases in court today. But I’d never wear this there!”
“Why not? I’ll bet the judge would be easily swayed by someone looking like you.”
Mel laughed. Small talk. And it was so nice.

“I’m leaking!” Chad suddenly exclaimed.
All talk at the table ceased and all heads turned in his direction.
“It’s about time,” Sandy replied as she glanced at the clock. “Geez! You’re twenty minutes late!” She turned to the women at the table. “This is going to take a while,” she said.
Jillian never even raised an eyebrow. “You got anything better to do tonight?” she asked as she stuffed the rest of her hamburger into her mouth.
Chad didn’t know what to do. He was just standing there, leaking, while the women were all eating and talking as if they didn’t care in the least about him. But then, if they planned on punishing him, then he wasn’t the least bit anxious for them to pay that kind of attention to him. With nothing better to do, he just stood back out of the way and continued to drink more bottles as the women seemed to enjoy their dinner.
He saw both Sandy and Cassie push back their plates early. They had each not even touched their second hamburgers. It was a while before Stacy and Jillian finished their meal. Chad noted that even though Jillian had complained about the way he had made them, she had finished two full hamburgers.
“I think it’s time to play ‘Beat the Sissy!’” Jillian suddenly announced as she pushed her plate back.
Chad’s eyes went wide as he watched everyone getting up from the table. Beat the Sissy?
“Let’s go doll,” Stacy said as she headed for the living room. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day.”
Chad inwardly gulped as he nervously followed everyone into the living room. He noticed that Jillian went straight through into another room, the bedroom he was guessing.
“Well don’t just stand there. Get that dress off!” Stacy ordered.
Even more nervously, Chad began removing his dress. Mel usually beat his naked bottom. Were these women going to do the same?
Jillian came back a few minutes later, her arms loaded with things that immediately sent fear into Chad’s heart. He saw handcuffs, and chains, and what looked like leather cuffs all jumbled together. She dropped all of it on the old scarred coffee table. “How do we want to do this now?” she asked everyone.
“I want him across my lap!” Stacy exclaimed immediately.
But before they could go any further, Cassie thought of a point she figured she better raise. “Um… I think we need to keep in mind that Mel has been training him to be totally incontinent. Whatever we do, we better plan in case he pees all over the place.”
“Shit!” Jillian exclaimed. “Is he that far gone?”
“Trust me,” Cassie replied. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”
“Yuck!” Stacy exclaimed. “That’s going to ruin everything! It’s not as much fun if we can’t spank his bare bottom!”
“You could try protecting your lap with a couple of diapers,” Cassie suggested. “That should work, I would think.”
“You think?” Stacy asked hopefully.
Cassie nodded. “It should.”
But it was Jillian who was all action. “Get that diaper off sissy boy!” Then she turned to Stacy. “Your usual paddle?”
Stacy just smiled wickedly. “Yeah! That’s what I want.” She glanced at Chad who’s diaper was just hitting the floor, revealing the chastity device underneath. “Holy cow! Look at that!”
Jillian paused in mid-stride toward her bedroom and came back to see. She stared in amazement and moved in for a closer look. “I don’t believe it!” she said. “I never actually saw one of these before.” She reached out and grabbed his chastity device and gave it a bit of a tug. “It’s on pretty secure!” she said.
Stacy who had been prying herself off of the couch, finally arrived and leaned over for a closer look too. “Damn!” she said as she reached out to touch it. She too pulled on it a bit, causing Chad to lurch off balance for a moment. “He ain’t gonna get no fun with that thing!” she announced. She looked up straight into Chad’s eyes. “Are you?”
Chad just shook his head, totally embarrassed. “No,” he replied.
“Hey!” Jillian exclaimed. “He didn’t curtsey before he spoke!” She looked back toward Sandy, “So that means we can punish him for that too?”
Sandy smiled. “That and he also missed it twice earlier!”
Jillian’s eyes lit up. “I’m gonna enjoy this!” With that, she hurried off to the bedroom.
“So go get me some of your diapers to protect my dress,” Stacy ordered. “And hurry up!” Then she went back to settle herself on the couch again.
Chad didn’t exactly hurry to his diaper bag, in fact he tried to take his time about it. But the apartment wasn’t that big so getting a few diapers didn’t take very long. Reluctantly, he handed the diapers to Stacy who spread them out as much as possible to protect her clothes. By the time she was ready, Jillian was just coming out of the bedroom again. A muted smacking caught everyone’s attention as Jillian smacked the paddle in her hand against her other hand. Chad turned quickly at the sound, but Stacy was more than ready for him and grabbed his arm and pulled him off-balance, down onto her lap. Fortunately, with a cry of alarm, he landed pretty much right where she wanted him. With a loud smack, her bare hand hit his bare backside. “Ha!” she exclaimed. “Perfect!” She took the paddle that Jillian held out to her and held it up to show to Sandy and Cassie. The paddle had holes drilled through it at various places. “Now hold still Sissy!” she said. Crack!
Chad’s whole body jolted and he cried out in pain. He hadn’t expected it to hurt that much. How could he have ever considered this monster as “sweet?”
“Make sure you warm him up good for me,” Jillian said.
“Don’t worry,” Stacy replied, “I’ll have his sweet little ass a nice cherry red in no time.”
Cassie and Sandy looked at each other as Stacy began wailing away at Chad’s backside – and Chad began wailing in pain. They hadn’t expected for Stacy to take such a role tonight. Jillian was the one they really expected to punish Sissy. Not only that, but Jillian and Stacy were pretty much acting like Sandy and Cassie weren’t even there. After watching Stacy spanking Chad for a few moments, Cassie leaned over and whispered to Sandy, “I’m glad we’re not doing the spanking tonight. I think he’s had enough already.”
“And they’ve just started,” Sandy replied. “Jillian hasn’t had her turn yet.”
Cassie nodded. “We might have to step in if it gets too bad.”
This time, Sandy nodded. “Hey,” she called to Stacy. “He was only twenty minutes late. Don’t overdo it.”
Stacy just smiled back wickedly. “Don’t worry, I’m not hitting him all that hard.”
Chad had a different opinion about that. He couldn’t believe how much her paddle hurt! He kept writhing around on her lap as she hit him. A few times he tried putting his hands back over his backside to protect his aching flesh, but each time her paddle landed squarely on his hand, hurting him even more and forcing him to take his hand away again. He finally writhed himself into such a position that with another cry of alarm, he fell on the floor.
“Damn!” Stacy cried. “What did you do that for?”
“My turn!” Jillian declared. “And it looks like we’re going to have to make sure you won’t get away like that again!”
Before Chad could get up from the floor, he suddenly had Jillian sitting on his back, keeping him there. She grabbed his arms and pulled them back behind him. She only held them there for a moment before he felt something cold and hard begin fastened to one wrist. A second later, the handcuffs were on securely and his arms weren’t going anywhere.
Jillian got off of him and looked around. “Now, let’s see. Where shall we put him?” Her eyes finally landed on the coffee table and stayed there. “I think that will do,” she declared. With one swift push of her arms, all the bondage junk she had deposited there earlier went flying off onto the floor. She reached down and grabbed Sissy by his arms that were locked behind his back and helped haul him to his feet. She led him over to one end of the coffee table. “Lay down on it!” she ordered.
“Hey!” Stacy cried, catching everyone’s attention. She held up one of the diapers that had been protecting her lap. “He peed on it!” Everyone but Chad laughed a bit.
Jillian grabbed the wet diaper from Stacy’s hand and threw it down on one end of the coffee table. She pointed her finger at it for Chad’s benefit. “Down!” she ordered.
Chad thought about defying her, but with his hands cuffed behind his back he wouldn’t get very far. Slowly and carefully, he did his best to lay down on top of the coffee table so that the part of him the really needed the protection of the diaper was right on top of it.
Jillian went into action and quickly sorted through the junk on the floor. Leather cuffs were quickly attached to each of his ankles and the ankles were in turn chained to the legs of the coffee table, making sure that his rosy red backside would stay right where she wanted it. Then it was her turn with the paddle. Before she started, she leaned down close to Chad’s head. He voice was almost a whisper. “I understand that you have deadlines, and from what I’ve just seen, you have trouble meeting them. Well, I’m going to give you something to think about to help encourage you to try a lot harder.” She stood up and moved back behind him. Grabbing the handle of the paddle with both hands, she swung it as hard as she could, connecting it with his backside.
The sound of the smack was loud, but Chad barely heard it as his body was too preoccupied by the pain that had been induced. He cried out in alarm, but all he got for his effort was another smack on his other butt cheek. He writhed on the table, but with his hands cuffed behind his back and his legs straddling the table and chained to the table legs, there was no place he could go. Jillian repeated the blows again to each of his butt cheeks.
Sandy looked at Cassie once again. A spanking was one thing, but Jillian was swinging awfully hard. They didn’t want her to hurt Chad. But just then, they saw Jillian look up and wink. Sandy held off from saying anything and waited to see what would happen.
Jillian bent down to speak softly in Chad’s ear again. “That was just to let you know what I’m capable of and that I’m serious about this. Just so you’ll have something to think about for the future.”
Chad heard her, but his mind was mostly focused on the incredible pain from how hard she had hit him. “No more,” he blubbered. “Please, no more.”
“Oh, there’s going to be more. I’ve only just started. Like I said what I just gave you was just something to think about. What I’m capable of doing. Now I’m going to give you your real punishment. After this, maybe you’ll try harder to get your diapers leaking on time… not to mention learning to curtsey when you’re supposed to – sissy boy!”
She stood up again and moved back behind him.
“No…” Chad pleaded as he started crying before she had even hit him again.
She didn’t hold the paddle with both hands like before. And she didn’t even try to hit him with all her strength, but she didn’t go all that easy on him either. As fast as she could, she pounded away on every square inch of his backside, reddening it far more than the little warm-up that Stacy had done. Only when she was satisfied with the way that it looked did she finally stop. Sissy was crying and sobbing pitifully.
Jillian went back towards his head to speak with him. “Are you going to be a good sissy boy now?” she asked.
“Y…Yes!” Chad barely managed to get out as she sobbed.
“Are you going to try even harder to make your diapers leak on time?”
Again Chad barely managed to answer… “Yes.”
“Are you going to remember to curtsey when you’re supposed to?”
One last time, Chad blubbered out his barely understood, “Yes.”
Jillian looked up at Sandy and Cassie. “You know, I really think we should work on the way he speaks. I’m sure we can… improve it.” She suddenly had a very big, very wicked grin on her face.
After seeing the beating that she had just given Chad, Sandy was ready for anything that wouldn’t be so violent. She looked over at Cassie. “Sounds like a good idea to me. What do you think?”
Cassie was of the same mind as Sandy. “I think it’s a great idea.”
Sandy remembered something else though. “Maybe we should feed him his dinner first, if you don’t mind. I don’t want Mel to be mad at me for forgetting it.”
But Jillian was all smiles. “Sounds good to me. And I think there’s still a couple of hamburgers leftover from dinner.”
Now it was time for Sandy to smile. “Oh no! He doesn’t get that! He’s too much of a baby. I brought plenty of baby food for him. And tonight, I figured it would be more fun if we fed him.”
Jillian brightened even more. “We’re going to feed him?”
“Trust me,” Cassie replied, “it will be a lot less messy this way!”
Jillian and Stacy were suddenly all giggles. “Should we do it at the table?” Stacy asked.
Sandy looked around. “Actually, we can do it right here if you like. We just need to get him sitting up… And I think it would be a good idea to put another diaper on him and set him on his next time limit.”
“Oh yeah,” Jillian replied. “I almost forgot about that.”
While Cassie and Sandy went to get his diaper bag and their big bag of other things, Jillian began unfastening his legs from the coffee table. “Hey,” she called. “How about his hands? Should we leave them or do you need me to take the cuffs off.”
Sandy looked at Cassie, but Cassie was already answering. “Leave them!”
A few minutes later, Chad, his arms still handcuffed behind his back, and still trying to get his crying under control, laid painfully down on the floor to let Sandy put a fresh diaper on him. Sandy wanted to say something to him about the beating he had just gotten, but she didn’t want to upset either Jillian or Stacy, so she said nothing about it. “An hour and forty-five minutes,” she said as she finished and checked her watch. “I hope you make it this time. I ‘really’ do!”
When he was ready, Sandy had Chad straddle the coffee table again and sit on it, which was obviously very painful to him – which brought giggles from both Stacy and Jillian.
Cassie tied a big bib around his neck while Sandy started pulling jar after jar out of the plastic bag. Twelve jars in all. Every jar containing something different.
“Can we feed him too?” Stacy asked.
Sandy smiled. “Do you have four spoons? We can all feed him.”
Within minutes, they all had a spoon and each woman grabbed a jar of baby food. Sandy went first. “Open wide,” she said. Chad opened his mouth and let her spoon the mushy cereal into it.
“Me next!” Stacy called out. Chad hadn’t even finished swallowing before she was trying to shove the cereal into his mouth. But he opened up and took it.
Jillian was next. At least Chad had a chance to swallow before she stuck her spoon in his mouth.
Cassie was a bit more patient and Chad actually had tome to swallow and open his mouth again before she stuck her spoon inside.
But before Sandy could get a chance again Stacy was anxious to get her next spoonful of baby food into him and was pressing her spoon up against his closed lips while he was trying to swallow. Chad had no choice but to open his mouth that was again partially filled with food and let her stick it inside.
And then Jillian was back all too fast and Chad was forced to open his mouth yet again while it contained even more un-swallowed baby food. Which for some reason, both Stacy and Jillian found funny. Sandy and Cassie kind of chuckled too. Before Chad knew it, all four women were pressing the food at him faster than he could chew and swallow which caused more than a little to get all over his face and drip down onto his bib.
By the time they finally finished, Stacy and Jillian had each fed him four jars of baby food while Sandy and Cassie had only fed him two. Chad was just glad the onslaught was over. If he had know it would go like that then he would have gladly skipped dinner altogether.
As soon as the baby food was out of the way, Stacy and Jillian took turns holding one of his baby bottles to his mouth for him till he could finish it, which he made every effort to do as quickly as possible.
When he was finally finished, Sandy wiped off his mouth while Jillian finally removed the handcuffs. “Let’s get him dressed again,” Sandy told everyone. “Hey, want to see how he does ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’? It’s a riot!”

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The Bet - Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 7 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 7 of 9)

Mel rushed around like she was going crazy. She had to not only get ready for her date with Ray, she had to get everything ready for Sandy to babysit Sissy. She partially got herself ready, then clad in nothing but her slip, she decided that she better make sure everything would be ready for Sandy before she went any further.
The first thing she did was to make sure his diaper bag was fully stocked. And how many baby bottles should she put in it? How many would he need tonight? There was no telling. Once she had everything except the bottles in his bag, she carried it over to the refrigerator where she started stocking it full of bottles till it couldn’t hold anymore. Feeling much more satisfied now that the bag had more than enough, she went to her closet to get his dress out. Sandy had said his pink baby dress. But it wasn’t in her closet. Then she remembered that he had worn it Saturday when Robin had shown up. She quickly wrapped a robe around her and grabbed her keys. Then she hurried over to his apartment.
She found the dress in his closet. But the minute she took it out, she saw that it was a mess! When Chad had gotten angry and come home in the dress, he had smeared some of the baby food from his face and hands onto different parts of the dress. He couldn’t wear it! Well, he could, but she wouldn’t let him. Not till it was cleaned.
Groaning with frustration, she carried the dress back to her apartment. He would just have to wear something else! She had just pulled his blue dress out of the closet when she heard someone at the door. On no! Not Sandy already. The only worse thing could be if it was Ray, but he wasn’t due yet for another hour. She hurried to the door and was somewhat relieved to see Sandy there.
“His he ready?” Sandy asked expectantly.
A bit frustrated, Mel replied, “Not yet. We have a bit of a problem,” she said as she headed for her bedroom.
Sandy saw Chad up on his perch in the corner drinking a bottle, but she said nothing about it. “What problem?”
“His dress! It’s a mess. He can’t wear it!”
“Oh no! I was counting on it,” Sandy replied with equal frustration.
“He spread baby food all over it Saturday,” Mel explained as she held the dress so Sandy could see it.
“Yuck!” Sandy replied. She would just have to go with something else. “So what do you want him to wear?”
“I was thinking about his blue outfit. He does look adorable in it – especially with the matching shoes.” She held the dress out so Sandy could see it.
Sandy glanced from that to his white and pink one that she noticed was still hung up in her closet. But Mel was right. With the shoes, this dress was definitely the more childish choice. Plus, she kind of like it. But then she liked all his silly dresses. “Okay, I agree, let’s get him into it.”
“Sissy!” Mel called from her bedroom where they were. “Get in here!” Then she turned to Sandy, “I have his diaper bag all packed. And I stuck a ton of baby bottles in there for you, just so you don’t run out. I tell you, with everything I’ve got to do to get ready tonight, it’s like packing for a real baby. Maybe worse!”
Sandy giggled. “I can imagine.” Then she noticed Chad standing in the doorway.
Chad curtseyed, “You called me?”
“Get over here,” Mel said, “so we can get you dressed.”
Ten minutes later, Sandy had done another quick makeup job on him, his heels were gone, replaced by the blue mary-jane shoes, and Sandy and Mel together were smoothing his dress into place and flouncing his skirts to make sure they were as fluffed up as they would go. He wasn’t happy at all to be going out somewhere again in this dress, but unfortunately, he had no say in the matter.
And that’s when they heard someone at the door again.
“Oh no! I hope that’s not Ray already!”
Seeing that Mel was still in her robe, Sandy said, “I’ll get it.” She went to the door and opened it.
“Aren’t you ready yet?” Cassie asked. “We should have left already.”
Sandy smiled. “We’re just about ready now,” she replied. “It’s Cassie!” she yelled in to Mel.
Cassie followed Mel into the bedroom. “Yeah, I really like that dress on him!” she exclaimed. “Real good! But I thought he was supposed to wear the other one.”
“It’s messed up from Saturday,” Sandy explained.
Cassie just nodded. “So are you ready? Can we go now?”
Sandy looked to Mel. “Don’t let me stop you. You already know everything I want you to do. Just have fun.”
Sandy led the way out to the door where she picked up his diaper bag, then set it back down again. “Holy cow! What the heck do you have in here?”
“A ton of baby bottles. I didn’t know how many he would need.”
Sandy knelt down and opened the bag. All she saw was baby bottles. “I think we’ll be safe enough to remove a few. Besides, I packed the ones I have for him too.” She started removing baby bottles from his bag, till there were only four left. “That should be plenty for tonight.”
“Are you sure?” Mel asked. “You know he has to drink a lot to keep wetting.”
“Don’t worry,” Sandy replied. “I’ve got it covered. But if you’re that worried about it…” She picked up one of the bottles she had just taken out of the bag and handed it to Chad. “Start working on it,” Sandy ordered.
With no other option, Chad put the bottle to his mouth.
Mel glanced at the clock, “He’s only got fifty-five minutes left to be leaking.”
Sandy nodded. “No problem. And if he doesn’t? Well, we’ve got that covered too.”
Chad heard what Sandy had said. He wasn’t sure what she meant, but it didn’t sound good. He began attacking the bottle in his mouth with a lot more enthusiasm. A minute later, he was outside in his sissy blue dress, following Sandy and Cassie down toward Cassie’s car. When they got there, she opened the back door for him to let him get in, which wasn’t all that easy with the dress he was wearing. There was a large plastic bag taking up the other half of the back seat. Cassie and Sandy got into the car, and they headed out. Chad had no idea where they were going. What was he getting into? He worried about that. And just hamburgers? Ugh!
“We don’t have very far to go,” Sandy said to him without even turning her head. “But I suggest you finish that bottle before we get there. Otherwise…”
“Otherwise what?” Cassie laughed.
Sandy looked at her with an evil grin on her face. “Otherwise, I think we should let him off at the corner on this side of the street just before we get there and make him finish his bottle before he moves. That way, he’d have to stand there in front of all this traffic while he finishes it. And of course, he’d also have to wait for the light to change too before he could cross the street to their apartment project.”
Cassie giggled. “That sounds like fun.”
“Yeah, maybe we should do it anyway.”
“Why not?”
Sandy turned around to see the horrified look on Chad’s face. She had to force herself not to laugh. “Well, I guess we should… if… he doesn’t finish that bottle first. We don’t want to keep them waiting for dinner any longer than necessary.”
Chad began sucking much more furiously on his bottle. He had no clue how long he had to finish the thing, but he didn’t want to get left out on the street corner like this!
A few minutes later, Cassie said, “That’s it up ahead. How’s he doing with his bottle?”
Sandy turned around to look. She could see him drinking as hard as he could, but there was still a bit left in it. “Not quite done yet.” Sandy replied.
“Okay,” said Cassie.
Chad’s eyes went wide as he saw that she was moving from the left to the right lane. Would she really do this? He was drinking as fast as he could! As they approached the intersection, he saw Cassie slow down and she put her blinker on to pull over to the curb.
“Better get him out quick,” Cassie said to Sandy. “We don’t want to piss the other drivers off any more than we have to.”
Chad was almost done with his bottle. There was just a bit left. He began to make little protest noises as he continued to drink.
“What?” Sandy asked. “You’re not done yet, so this is what you get.”
Cassie stopped the car and Sandy got out quickly. She opened Chad’s door. Chad made no move to unfasten his seatbelt, he just continued to drink his bottle as fast as he could. Sandy reached over him and unfastened his belt for him. “Okay,” she said. “Out!”
But just then Chad started sucking air through the bottle. “I’m finished!” he exclaimed breathlessly.
Sandy looked to Cassie. “What do you think?”
Cassie just shrugged. “He did finish it before we actually got there.”
Sandy just nodded as if a bit disappointed and got back in the car. Chad breathed a sigh of relief. Cassie had to go up another block and turn around to get back to their destination.
The apartment project looked fairly old, which explained its semi-run-down appearance. As they drove in, Chad saw groups of people in a few places either in the parking lot talking, or talking up near somebody’s door. With that many people around, he was suddenly more worried than ever about getting out of the car.
Cassie found a parking place in front of one of the buildings. Sandy turned around to talk to Chad before she got out of the car. “Now don’t forget, according to Mel, you’re supposed to use your sissy voice all the time and curtsey before you say anything. And I’ll be watching!”
Chad’s eyes widened a bit at the mention of curtseying constantly. He wondered what else Mel had told Sandy. He said nothing as Sandy gathered up his diaper bag and got out of the car. Cassie got out too. But he was having a bit of trouble working up the nerve since he noticed a group of people standing around drinking beer not far from where they were parked.
Cassie opened the back door on the other side and started to pull out the large plastic bag. “Let’s go Kiddo!” she told him. “We’re late enough as it is.”
Chad knew he couldn’t stay where he was permanently – as much as he might like to. So he gathered up his courage and got out of the car. He did his best to hide behind or between Sandy and Cassie, but with a dress like he was wearing, that was pretty much impossible. It was only moments before he began to hear cat-calls and rude suggestive comments from the drinkers. Some of the things they were yelling were making him very nervous – if not downright frightened.
“Sissy, they seem to like you,” Sandy noted. “Maybe you can come out and visit them later.”
Chad said nothing, he just tried keep the two women between him and the drinkers as he wished that Sandy and Cassie would move a little faster. Unfortunately, instead of heading toward a downstairs apartment, Sandy led the way to the open metal staircase and began to climb. As he walked up with them, he saw some of the drinkers coming out to have a closer look. It suddenly occurred to him that on the open staircase, they would be able to see right under his dress! He pushed down as best he could on his voluminous skirts and petticoats to hide his diaper covered bottom below his dress and hurried ahead of the two women up to the top of the stairs. Only then did the constant cat-calls and laughter stop. He breathed a small sigh of relief.
Sandy led the way to one of the apartments at the top of the stairs. The door was opened promptly and amid a chorus of feminine squeals, Sandy led the way inside where she hugged the girl who had opened the door. Cassie followed after her with the huge plastic bag. She too hugged the girl. Then Chad entered, tentatively. But he stopped in the doorway and stared at the girl in front of him. She was not anything like what he expected.
“And this is Sissy,” Sandy was saying.
Chad barely heard her as he took in the girl. She was younger than he expected, he figured not much over twenty one. And she was skinny – almost to a fault. But it was her shocking blue and orange hair, all arranged so the colors stood straight out from her head at odd angles. Her ears held a lot of odd piercings, as did her nose and there was one in an eyebrow and also a ring in her lip. Another piercing decorated her bellybutton under her bare midriff top. But the biggest thing that he noticed, was… her attitude! As skinny and young as she seemed, she just exuded an air of… tough!
“Sissy!” Sandy’s complaining voice broke through his moment of surprise. “I said say hello to Jillian!”
Still standing in the doorway and feeling very embarrassed about doing it for this stranger, Chad dropped a curtsey for her and said in his sissy voice, “Hewwo Jiwwian.” He saw Jillian’s head cock quizzically to the side as if something was wrong. Obviously, she hadn’t been prepared for his sissy voice.
“Huh!” was the only reply she made though.
“And Sissy,” Sandy said next, “this is Stacy.”
Chad looked to where Sandy had indicated and saw a rather… fat girl sitting on an old beat-up couch. Where Jillian looked somewhat exotic, Stacy seemed much plainer. She even wore a simple dress and looked more like she had just gotten home from work, which he supposed she might have. He dropped her his curtsey too and said, “Hewwo Stacy.” But the minute Stacy smiled, he realized just how really different Stacy was from Jillian. Stacy looked… sweet!
He took a step further into the room and Cassie closed the door behind him. The apartment was much smaller than his. Everything in it looked second-hand, if not third-hand. And it was cluttered horribly. Not really a nice place at all.
“So you’re the sissy boy,” Jillian said, still eyeing him critically. “I’ve met a few like you… well, not exactly like you. I understand you’re more into the adult baby thing. I’ve never met one like that before.”
Chad didn’t know what to reply to it so he said nothing.
Jillian turned to Sandy. “I don’t get it though. I thought all these queers were supposed to talk with a lisp or something, not just the little things that he does with his voice.”
Her question startled Sandy. “I… don’t know,” Sandy replied. “This is what we came up with for him.”
Jillian nodded. “Well, it’s nice and all, but you should consider changing it.”
“Hey,” Stacy said from the couch. “I’m getting hungry. Maybe we should let him get started making us dinner!”
Jillian just nodded. Then she jerked her head toward the kitchen. There’s fresh hamburger meat in the fridge. Rolls and chips are on the counter. Don’t take too long!
Chad curtseyed a bit before he left.
“Grab yourself a bottle before you go!” Sandy called after him. Then a moment later added. “You’ve only got twenty-five minutes left!”
Twenty-five minutes! Chad hurried to grab a bottle from his diaper bag and carried it straight into the kitchen. Since he had gotten home from work, he had only finished a few bottles. He was wet, but not that wet. And with only twenty five minutes left, he had a good suspicion that he wasn’t going to make his deadline. But what then? He wasn’t home with Mel. What would happen? He wasn’t really sure he wanted to find out, so he did his best to drink as fast as he could while he tried to figure out the kitchen – or rather the poor excuse for a kitchen.
He opened the refrigerator and grabbed the hamburger meat. But as he closed the refrigerator again, he just stared at the package in his hand. It was definitely, the cheapest, poorest excuse for hamburger meat he had ever seen. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to cook with it. How was he supposed to make something like this taste good?
And how was he supposed to cook it? He looked around. The stove was old – did it even work? Where were the pots and pans? Where were the utensils? He quickly started opening every cabinet he could, just to get the lay of the land so he would have a general idea of what was there, which amounted to not much at all. He found a large bowl, opened the package of hamburger meat and dropped it in. At least it wasn’t frozen. He searched around for something to mix in it. Spices, onions, anything! But all he found was a little bit of salt and pepper. He was about to give up when he found an odd packet of seasoning mix for soups stuck way in the back of one of the cupboards, actually under something else. He pulled it out. He wasn’t even sure if it was still good or not, but since the package had never been opened and everything in there was dried anyway, he decided to chance it.
There were four women out there and a package of eight hamburger rolls, so he did his best to divide the meat up and make eight hamburgers. Once he had formed the patties, he had to figure out how he was supposed to cook them. As far as he knew, there was no charcoal grill available. He looked again at the oven and didn’t even want to think about possibly using that. Which left him with frying them. He found the biggest frying pan he could find and pulled it out. The handle was a bit loose and the minute he set it on the stove he realized that the bottom was all warped. The Teflon coating inside the pan was mostly missing. Ugh! But it was all he had.
“Ten minutes!” he heard Sandy calling from the living room.
He panicked a bit more and tried to drink his bottle faster. He wasn’t going to make it. There was absolutely no way. But still he tried vainly to keep drinking as he fried hamburgers. When he finished his bottle, he simply refilled it from the kitchen sink. It was the fasted thing he could do. As the hamburgers cooked, he wet a few times, always hoping that he would start leaking. But so far, no luck. He was starting to get really soaked, but he knew he was not to the leaking point yet.
He had just put three more hamburger patties into the pan when Sandy walked into the kitchen. “Are you leaking yet?” she asked.
“No,” Chad replied ruefully. Sandy glanced at the clock, “Then I guess you’re working on reverse time now. I hope it won’t take you much longer, because I think someone out there was actually hoping that you would fail.”
Chad was appalled! “Who?”
Sandy just smiled. “Don’t worry about it, either way now you were going to get the chance to find out since that’s twice now that you’ve spoken without curtseying first.”
Chad was horrified! Having to curtsey all the time was crazy! This time he curtseyed. “I’m trying,” he said, the frustration clearly in his voice. “Believe me, I’m trying!”
“I’m sure you are,” Sandy replied with a smile. “How much longer before dinner?”
Chad surveyed the burgers and what still had to be done. He curtseyed. “About ten minutes I think.”
Sandy just nodded. “Let us know… and also, let us know as soon as…” she pointed at his crazy skirts.
Chad knew she was talking about how soon his diaper would be leaking. He was trying, he thought as she walked back to the living room. He was trying! He heard the women laughing out in the living room. At least someone was having a good time tonight. He put his baby bottle back to his lips as he turned the burgers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 6 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 6 of 9)

Chad studied the requirements for the new project. It was nothing at all on the scale that the last project had been. But still, it had its possibilities. He just wasn’t sure about how things were going to work between him and Robin now. As such, he was afraid to make any noise at all for fear of upsetting her. Things were already “odd” enough today as it was between them.
He finally closed the file on the job requirements. He knew it all backwards and forwards, he was only waiting now on Robin. Robin, who he hadn’t heard a word from since their weird discussion a while ago. He glanced at the time. It was getting close to break time. What should he do if break time came and he still hadn’t heard anything from her? He supposed he would just stay at his desk trying to remain quiet and out of the way. To fill some time, he opened up another project that just needed a few tweaks to finish up.
Robin glanced at the clock. It would be break time soon. But she supposed she really should talk with Sissy first. She realized that she had been avoiding him. Avoiding having to deal with him… because… she tried to figure out exactly why she was avoiding him. She knew there was no real reason, not anymore. It was just that… well… she was still uncomfortable with this role and… what the heck was she supposed to do with him anyway? Was she supposed to give him a never ending series of orders or something? Was she supposed to go out and buy a leather whip and wield it on him? The image of her doing that brought a bit of a chuckle to her lips. No, nothing like that at all. It wasn’t her! Not really. Okay, sometimes she could get a bit… physical when she was pushed, but in the end, that wasn’t really her.
Okay, enough avoiding him. There was work to be done! She got up from her seat and went in to see him. “Okay Sissy, what do you think about this project?”
Chad turned in his chair and actually smiled. She was being nice again – he hoped. He had learned that she could go from nice to angry in an instant. His big question now was, did he dare not use his sissy voice? He decided to go with caution. She had said she wanted him to use it. Maybe she would get tired of it real soon. In his sissy voice he replied, “I think it wooks wike it won’t be too much of a pwobwem. But we couwd do some intewesting things with it.”
Robin almost did a double take when she heard him speaking. It was really the first time she had had to deal with his sissy voice. But the most amazing thing was, that she actually understood him. “Yeah,” she replied. “That’s kind of what I thought too.” She and Chad spent the next fifteen minutes discussing the project in general, but neither of them made any real decisions about it.
Robin was amazed that he was actually managing to speak in his sissy voice, as far as she could tell, with no errors. Like it was a foreign language that he was very fluent in. But every time he opened his mouth and said anything, it was like a jolting reminder to her of just what their relationship was to each other now. She didn’t know if it was putting him in his place, but it was certainly helping to remind her of her place!
Finally she noticed the time. “Okay Sissy. Let’s go to break and clear our head of this for a while.”
Chad didn’t want to go to break if he would have to use his sissy voice there. “Um… Wobbin,” he said as he was getting out of his chair. “Do I have to use my sissy voice at bweak?”
Robin stopped to consider that. It was something she hadn’t thought of. The games were all well and good here where they were alone, but what kind of questions would the other women start to ask about her? She didn’t care about him anymore, the problem was that she didn’t want her friends to think anything worse about herself. “No,” she finally decided, use your other voice, your girly voice when were with anyone else.”
Chad was very relieved!

Mel finished up with her last client of the afternoon and walked back into her office. She still had a ton of work to do before she could go home, but thankfully, there were no more people coming in to see her. When she got back to her desk, she found a note to call Sandy. She immediately got worried that for some reason Sandy wouldn’t be able to watch Sissy while she was out on her date with Ray tonight. She picked up her phone and returned Sandy’s call right away. “Hi Sandy. It’s Mel.”
“Oh hey Mel. Thanks for calling me back. I just wanted to make sure we were still watching Sissy for you tonight.”
“If you can. I’m really counting on your help tonight.”
“No problem. We’re all looking forward to it.”
Mel felt very relieved. “Hey Sandy, Sissy had a few questions that I probably should have checked with you earlier about. He wants to know if he should bring any of the food or supplies he needs to cook with. He’s very worried about that.”
“I don’t think so, but let me call and find out for sure. I’ll call you right back?”
“That will be fine. I’ll be here.” Ten minutes later, Mel’s phone rang again and she saw it was Sandy. “Hi Sandy.”
“Hey Mel. You can tell Sissy not to worry about anything. Nothing fancy tonight at all. They just want some hamburgers and they already have everything needed.”
“I suspect that Sissy is going to be very disappointed.”
“Well, our friends aren’t exactly the fancy dining type. But hey, Mel, while I’ve got you on the phone, do you have time to kind of fill me in on what I need to know about Sissy for tonight? What do I have to do with him? What things should I watch for? You know?”
Mel smiled and leaned back in her chair. “Yeah, I know exactly what you want to know. And I’ve got plenty of time right now. So the first thing you need to do for me is…”

As soon as work was over, Chad hurried out of the building. He was already trying to put the odd day at work out of his mind. He wasn’t altogether comfortable using his sissy voice with Robin, but it was looking like he wasn’t going to have much of a choice in the matter. What if someone came around and heard him? Robin didn’t seem to care about that though at all.
They had met to discuss the project one more time that afternoon and every time he tried to say, “I’ll do this,” or “why don’t I do that,” Robin killed it immediately and reminded him that he wasn’t to do anything that she didn’t tell him to do. So he had stopped making suggestions altogether. So far, his tasks on the project were nothing but busy work that took no brain power at all. Hopefully she would assign him something a bit more interesting to do tomorrow.
But now he was looking forward to tonight. He was supposed to cook dinner for Sandy and her friends, but he still didn’t have a clue as to what he should cook. He was disappointed that Mel hadn’t let him know anything about his questions during the day. Maybe she hadn’t been able to reach Sandy. Maybe Mel just forgot!
As soon as he got home, he changed out of his messy diaper and took another shower to get thoroughly cleaned up. But then the question came. Since he was going to be with Sandy tonight, did he need to wear only one diaper again, or could he go with more? Undecided, he put just one single diaper on because he could always add more on top of it. Then called Mel. “Hewwo Mistwess.”
“Sissy! I’m on my way home right now. I should be there in a few minutes.”
Chad was a bit surprised to hear that she was early. “Mistress,” he began in his sissy voice, “should I wear only one diaper again, or should I just get ready to go with Sandy instead?”
“One diaper! And tell me as soon as you get it on.”
“I just put it on now,” Chad replied.
“Good. Just wear that, your bra, and your pink heels and nothing else. Then go over to my place. I’ll be right there.”
Chad was suddenly holding a dead phone. Just the one diaper! Ugh! And of course his bra and pink heels. Was she going to make him keep to his usual hour and forty-five minute deadline? He hoped not. And what time was he supposed to go with Sandy anyway? If he was going to cook dinner, then it had to be very soon.
As he finished up in his bathroom, his mind was already back on what he should cook for Sandy and her friends. Two minutes later, clad in only his one diaper with his bra holding up his glued on breasts and his feet adorned in his pink high heel shoes, he grabbed his purse and diaper bag and cautiously opened his door. Down below, he saw Mel just pulling into her parking space. Leaving his door open, he waited further back in his apartment so he wouldn’t be so noticeable to anyone else till she could get up the steps.
Mel hurried up toward her apartment. When she got to Chad’s apartment, she noticed that his door was open. She looked inside and saw him waiting there. “Let’s go,” she said. “I’ve got a lot to do tonight.” Then she hurried on toward her own door.
Chad hurried out and followed Mel to her apartment, following her directly inside. Mel carelessly dropped her purse on the little table by the door as she hurried past it heading for the bathroom. Chad closed the door and set his purse and diaper bag under the table. Then he had to wait till Mel came out of the bathroom. That was one good thing about wearing diapers all the time, he never had to worry about getting to the bathroom. He smiled, plus, it was a lot of fun – even after all this time.
As soon as Mel came out again, he dropped a curtsey for her. “Mistress,” he asked in his sissy voice, “what about dinner? What am I going to need?”
Mel smiled. “Don’t worry about it. Evidently they just want you to cook some hamburgers and they already have everything.”
“Hamburgers? That’s it?” Chad was shocked. Why even bother?
Mel paused before she answered. Something struck her as wrong. And then it hit her, he didn’t curtsey before he spoke again. Instead of answering, she rushed away from him searching for her stick, which she quickly found.
Chad saw her grab her stick and realized he had messed up – again! It was just too difficult to remember to curtsey before every little sound came out of his mouth. A second later, he was getting assaulted by Mel’s stick.
“What’s it going to take to teach you?” she asked as she flailed away at him – mostly at the bare skin just below his diaper.
Amid the few quick blows he had already gotten, Chad dropped a curtsey for her and apologized. Mel backed off. She wasn’t going to hit him much anyway. “Now,” she said, “to answer your question, that’s all Sandy said they wanted. Now go grab yourself another baby bottle quickly and get up on your perch. I’ve got a ton of things to do tonight and very little time to get ready. Sandy’s going to be here in half an hour.”
But if he had only half an hour… This time he didn’t forget to curtsey. “But Mistress, do I still have to worry about my leaking deadline?”
Mel looked shocked. “Of course! I’ve already talked to Sandy about it.” She glanced at the clock, “and you’ve got an hour and a half to go. Sandy promised to make sure you leak on time all night.”
Chad stared in disbelief. All night? And in front of her friends? His mind was whirling as he pulled a bottle out of the refrigerator and carried it over to his corner. Putting the bottle to his mouth, he carefully climbed up onto his perch which pushed him firmly into the corner. Stuck! Stuck in his corner again! With nothing to see but the corner of the ceiling – and his bottle as he drank it. With no other stimulation, he tried to imagine what was ahead of him tonight, and couldn’t. Just hamburgers? Why bother?

Robin walked almost wearily through the gym door. The place held no attraction for her tonight. But then, before she knew so much about Chad, she had an ulterior motive for coming. Of course she did need the exercise, she really did! But now, there was no fun, no interest in it to her at all. She would quit, but she had spent so much money on it that her husband would never forgive her if she did. So like it or not, quitting wasn’t an option.
And she really did need to lose a few pounds. She wondered how Sissy had really managed to lose so much weight so quickly. She made a mental note to wring it out of him tomorrow. The idiot!
She went into the locker room and changed clothes, exchanging greetings with a few of the other members she was beginning to recognize now. Just that little bit of extra friendship went a long way though and brought a smile to her face for the first time that day. Maybe, in the future, she might even look forward to coming. Maybe. But she doubted it.
She turned and found Darla heading her way. “Hi Darla,” she said, remembering that it was Darla who was going to tell her all about Sissy. But she knew all about Sissy now. She knew way too much!
“I’m so sorry I had to rush off last time,” Darla said in her British accent.
Somehow, Robin was fascinated just listening to it and smiled. “That’s okay, I understand. “I’ve got a husband and baby at home and I never know what can happen.”
“Exactly!” Darla replied happily. “Anyway, you were asking about the chap who shows up here in dresses at lunchtime.”
“Sissy,” Robin replied.
“Yes, I think that’s what they called him then.” She suddenly laughed. “Oh you should have seen him that day. It was a scream!”
“That day? I thought he comes here every day.”
“Oh, I guess he does, but there was one special day that was very much different. And he came earlier than usual. Before lunch.”
“Before lunch?”
Darla nodded. “Oh, it was an absolute scream, I tell you. He had on the silliest little girl style party dress. It was all blue and white with ribbons and lace and huge petticoats underneath. And underneath that…” She clapped and laughed in delight… “he was wearing… nappies! Oh! Can you imagine? And he came in and sang and danced like a delightful little girl. And when I mean little, I mean he sounded and acted like a very little girl! And we all had so much fun watching him.”
“I can imagine,” Robin replied, interested despite herself.
“Oh! It was an absolute scream!” she repeated. “And obviously, he was having a very good time performing for us. I doubt we would have enjoyed it half as much if he wasn’t so delighted doing it. Oh, it was so funny! And over and over again he kept lifting up his petticoats to show us his nappies!” She paused as if to keep control of herself. “And then, at the end, at the very end…”
“Yes?” Robin asked, wondering what more there could possibly be.
Darla shook her head at remembering it. “At the very end, his nappy, which looked for all the world like he had actually wet it – could you imagine if he really had? – It looked like it had started leaking, and they took him off somewhere to change it! What an odd finish! But then, I don’t know of a better way to accent what he was trying to portray. It was an absolute scream I tell you. So funny!”
Robin nodded. “I can imagine.” And she could also imagine that his “nappy” might really have started leaking. Wasn’t that what the idiot’s bet was about after all?
Robin went through all the motions in exercise class. She worked up a good sweat, as usual. But she barely noticed the class or how hard she was working. Her mind was too preoccupied with trying to imagine everything that Darla had just told her. And what’s more, she knew without a doubt that every word Darla had said was the truth… the absolute gospel truth. The idiot!