Monday, January 16, 2012

My Internet Is Dead!

My home internet is dead!

Hopefully, this won’t make a lot of difference to any of you, but my home internet has officially died – totally! And after spending an hour and a half with Hughes Net last Friday night, they discovered a problem with my receiver dish – and they finally figured out that my modem is toast. No kidding! I tried to tell them that.

Unfortunately, the earliest they can get anyone out to repair it isn’t until next Saturday. So I’m going to “attempt” to post the story parts from my work computer. With any luck, the only real difference will be that they will get posted a few hours later than I usually post them. But since I’m not really supposed to be doing things like that from work I may have to work something else out. So don’t get concerned if you don’t see things as you usually do. I’m working on it. Like I said though, hopefully none of you will see much of a difference.

My biggest pain is that there are a few sites out there that I try to keep up with and I can’t. So I’ll have a lot of catching up to do next week.

Have some fun y’all!

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sarah penguin said...

Uh-oh. Poor Karen. I hope you get your net problems sorted soon and read this!