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The Bet - Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 7 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 46 (Tuesday – week 7 Part 7 of 9)

Mel rushed around like she was going crazy. She had to not only get ready for her date with Ray, she had to get everything ready for Sandy to babysit Sissy. She partially got herself ready, then clad in nothing but her slip, she decided that she better make sure everything would be ready for Sandy before she went any further.
The first thing she did was to make sure his diaper bag was fully stocked. And how many baby bottles should she put in it? How many would he need tonight? There was no telling. Once she had everything except the bottles in his bag, she carried it over to the refrigerator where she started stocking it full of bottles till it couldn’t hold anymore. Feeling much more satisfied now that the bag had more than enough, she went to her closet to get his dress out. Sandy had said his pink baby dress. But it wasn’t in her closet. Then she remembered that he had worn it Saturday when Robin had shown up. She quickly wrapped a robe around her and grabbed her keys. Then she hurried over to his apartment.
She found the dress in his closet. But the minute she took it out, she saw that it was a mess! When Chad had gotten angry and come home in the dress, he had smeared some of the baby food from his face and hands onto different parts of the dress. He couldn’t wear it! Well, he could, but she wouldn’t let him. Not till it was cleaned.
Groaning with frustration, she carried the dress back to her apartment. He would just have to wear something else! She had just pulled his blue dress out of the closet when she heard someone at the door. On no! Not Sandy already. The only worse thing could be if it was Ray, but he wasn’t due yet for another hour. She hurried to the door and was somewhat relieved to see Sandy there.
“His he ready?” Sandy asked expectantly.
A bit frustrated, Mel replied, “Not yet. We have a bit of a problem,” she said as she headed for her bedroom.
Sandy saw Chad up on his perch in the corner drinking a bottle, but she said nothing about it. “What problem?”
“His dress! It’s a mess. He can’t wear it!”
“Oh no! I was counting on it,” Sandy replied with equal frustration.
“He spread baby food all over it Saturday,” Mel explained as she held the dress so Sandy could see it.
“Yuck!” Sandy replied. She would just have to go with something else. “So what do you want him to wear?”
“I was thinking about his blue outfit. He does look adorable in it – especially with the matching shoes.” She held the dress out so Sandy could see it.
Sandy glanced from that to his white and pink one that she noticed was still hung up in her closet. But Mel was right. With the shoes, this dress was definitely the more childish choice. Plus, she kind of like it. But then she liked all his silly dresses. “Okay, I agree, let’s get him into it.”
“Sissy!” Mel called from her bedroom where they were. “Get in here!” Then she turned to Sandy, “I have his diaper bag all packed. And I stuck a ton of baby bottles in there for you, just so you don’t run out. I tell you, with everything I’ve got to do to get ready tonight, it’s like packing for a real baby. Maybe worse!”
Sandy giggled. “I can imagine.” Then she noticed Chad standing in the doorway.
Chad curtseyed, “You called me?”
“Get over here,” Mel said, “so we can get you dressed.”
Ten minutes later, Sandy had done another quick makeup job on him, his heels were gone, replaced by the blue mary-jane shoes, and Sandy and Mel together were smoothing his dress into place and flouncing his skirts to make sure they were as fluffed up as they would go. He wasn’t happy at all to be going out somewhere again in this dress, but unfortunately, he had no say in the matter.
And that’s when they heard someone at the door again.
“Oh no! I hope that’s not Ray already!”
Seeing that Mel was still in her robe, Sandy said, “I’ll get it.” She went to the door and opened it.
“Aren’t you ready yet?” Cassie asked. “We should have left already.”
Sandy smiled. “We’re just about ready now,” she replied. “It’s Cassie!” she yelled in to Mel.
Cassie followed Mel into the bedroom. “Yeah, I really like that dress on him!” she exclaimed. “Real good! But I thought he was supposed to wear the other one.”
“It’s messed up from Saturday,” Sandy explained.
Cassie just nodded. “So are you ready? Can we go now?”
Sandy looked to Mel. “Don’t let me stop you. You already know everything I want you to do. Just have fun.”
Sandy led the way out to the door where she picked up his diaper bag, then set it back down again. “Holy cow! What the heck do you have in here?”
“A ton of baby bottles. I didn’t know how many he would need.”
Sandy knelt down and opened the bag. All she saw was baby bottles. “I think we’ll be safe enough to remove a few. Besides, I packed the ones I have for him too.” She started removing baby bottles from his bag, till there were only four left. “That should be plenty for tonight.”
“Are you sure?” Mel asked. “You know he has to drink a lot to keep wetting.”
“Don’t worry,” Sandy replied. “I’ve got it covered. But if you’re that worried about it…” She picked up one of the bottles she had just taken out of the bag and handed it to Chad. “Start working on it,” Sandy ordered.
With no other option, Chad put the bottle to his mouth.
Mel glanced at the clock, “He’s only got fifty-five minutes left to be leaking.”
Sandy nodded. “No problem. And if he doesn’t? Well, we’ve got that covered too.”
Chad heard what Sandy had said. He wasn’t sure what she meant, but it didn’t sound good. He began attacking the bottle in his mouth with a lot more enthusiasm. A minute later, he was outside in his sissy blue dress, following Sandy and Cassie down toward Cassie’s car. When they got there, she opened the back door for him to let him get in, which wasn’t all that easy with the dress he was wearing. There was a large plastic bag taking up the other half of the back seat. Cassie and Sandy got into the car, and they headed out. Chad had no idea where they were going. What was he getting into? He worried about that. And just hamburgers? Ugh!
“We don’t have very far to go,” Sandy said to him without even turning her head. “But I suggest you finish that bottle before we get there. Otherwise…”
“Otherwise what?” Cassie laughed.
Sandy looked at her with an evil grin on her face. “Otherwise, I think we should let him off at the corner on this side of the street just before we get there and make him finish his bottle before he moves. That way, he’d have to stand there in front of all this traffic while he finishes it. And of course, he’d also have to wait for the light to change too before he could cross the street to their apartment project.”
Cassie giggled. “That sounds like fun.”
“Yeah, maybe we should do it anyway.”
“Why not?”
Sandy turned around to see the horrified look on Chad’s face. She had to force herself not to laugh. “Well, I guess we should… if… he doesn’t finish that bottle first. We don’t want to keep them waiting for dinner any longer than necessary.”
Chad began sucking much more furiously on his bottle. He had no clue how long he had to finish the thing, but he didn’t want to get left out on the street corner like this!
A few minutes later, Cassie said, “That’s it up ahead. How’s he doing with his bottle?”
Sandy turned around to look. She could see him drinking as hard as he could, but there was still a bit left in it. “Not quite done yet.” Sandy replied.
“Okay,” said Cassie.
Chad’s eyes went wide as he saw that she was moving from the left to the right lane. Would she really do this? He was drinking as fast as he could! As they approached the intersection, he saw Cassie slow down and she put her blinker on to pull over to the curb.
“Better get him out quick,” Cassie said to Sandy. “We don’t want to piss the other drivers off any more than we have to.”
Chad was almost done with his bottle. There was just a bit left. He began to make little protest noises as he continued to drink.
“What?” Sandy asked. “You’re not done yet, so this is what you get.”
Cassie stopped the car and Sandy got out quickly. She opened Chad’s door. Chad made no move to unfasten his seatbelt, he just continued to drink his bottle as fast as he could. Sandy reached over him and unfastened his belt for him. “Okay,” she said. “Out!”
But just then Chad started sucking air through the bottle. “I’m finished!” he exclaimed breathlessly.
Sandy looked to Cassie. “What do you think?”
Cassie just shrugged. “He did finish it before we actually got there.”
Sandy just nodded as if a bit disappointed and got back in the car. Chad breathed a sigh of relief. Cassie had to go up another block and turn around to get back to their destination.
The apartment project looked fairly old, which explained its semi-run-down appearance. As they drove in, Chad saw groups of people in a few places either in the parking lot talking, or talking up near somebody’s door. With that many people around, he was suddenly more worried than ever about getting out of the car.
Cassie found a parking place in front of one of the buildings. Sandy turned around to talk to Chad before she got out of the car. “Now don’t forget, according to Mel, you’re supposed to use your sissy voice all the time and curtsey before you say anything. And I’ll be watching!”
Chad’s eyes widened a bit at the mention of curtseying constantly. He wondered what else Mel had told Sandy. He said nothing as Sandy gathered up his diaper bag and got out of the car. Cassie got out too. But he was having a bit of trouble working up the nerve since he noticed a group of people standing around drinking beer not far from where they were parked.
Cassie opened the back door on the other side and started to pull out the large plastic bag. “Let’s go Kiddo!” she told him. “We’re late enough as it is.”
Chad knew he couldn’t stay where he was permanently – as much as he might like to. So he gathered up his courage and got out of the car. He did his best to hide behind or between Sandy and Cassie, but with a dress like he was wearing, that was pretty much impossible. It was only moments before he began to hear cat-calls and rude suggestive comments from the drinkers. Some of the things they were yelling were making him very nervous – if not downright frightened.
“Sissy, they seem to like you,” Sandy noted. “Maybe you can come out and visit them later.”
Chad said nothing, he just tried keep the two women between him and the drinkers as he wished that Sandy and Cassie would move a little faster. Unfortunately, instead of heading toward a downstairs apartment, Sandy led the way to the open metal staircase and began to climb. As he walked up with them, he saw some of the drinkers coming out to have a closer look. It suddenly occurred to him that on the open staircase, they would be able to see right under his dress! He pushed down as best he could on his voluminous skirts and petticoats to hide his diaper covered bottom below his dress and hurried ahead of the two women up to the top of the stairs. Only then did the constant cat-calls and laughter stop. He breathed a small sigh of relief.
Sandy led the way to one of the apartments at the top of the stairs. The door was opened promptly and amid a chorus of feminine squeals, Sandy led the way inside where she hugged the girl who had opened the door. Cassie followed after her with the huge plastic bag. She too hugged the girl. Then Chad entered, tentatively. But he stopped in the doorway and stared at the girl in front of him. She was not anything like what he expected.
“And this is Sissy,” Sandy was saying.
Chad barely heard her as he took in the girl. She was younger than he expected, he figured not much over twenty one. And she was skinny – almost to a fault. But it was her shocking blue and orange hair, all arranged so the colors stood straight out from her head at odd angles. Her ears held a lot of odd piercings, as did her nose and there was one in an eyebrow and also a ring in her lip. Another piercing decorated her bellybutton under her bare midriff top. But the biggest thing that he noticed, was… her attitude! As skinny and young as she seemed, she just exuded an air of… tough!
“Sissy!” Sandy’s complaining voice broke through his moment of surprise. “I said say hello to Jillian!”
Still standing in the doorway and feeling very embarrassed about doing it for this stranger, Chad dropped a curtsey for her and said in his sissy voice, “Hewwo Jiwwian.” He saw Jillian’s head cock quizzically to the side as if something was wrong. Obviously, she hadn’t been prepared for his sissy voice.
“Huh!” was the only reply she made though.
“And Sissy,” Sandy said next, “this is Stacy.”
Chad looked to where Sandy had indicated and saw a rather… fat girl sitting on an old beat-up couch. Where Jillian looked somewhat exotic, Stacy seemed much plainer. She even wore a simple dress and looked more like she had just gotten home from work, which he supposed she might have. He dropped her his curtsey too and said, “Hewwo Stacy.” But the minute Stacy smiled, he realized just how really different Stacy was from Jillian. Stacy looked… sweet!
He took a step further into the room and Cassie closed the door behind him. The apartment was much smaller than his. Everything in it looked second-hand, if not third-hand. And it was cluttered horribly. Not really a nice place at all.
“So you’re the sissy boy,” Jillian said, still eyeing him critically. “I’ve met a few like you… well, not exactly like you. I understand you’re more into the adult baby thing. I’ve never met one like that before.”
Chad didn’t know what to reply to it so he said nothing.
Jillian turned to Sandy. “I don’t get it though. I thought all these queers were supposed to talk with a lisp or something, not just the little things that he does with his voice.”
Her question startled Sandy. “I… don’t know,” Sandy replied. “This is what we came up with for him.”
Jillian nodded. “Well, it’s nice and all, but you should consider changing it.”
“Hey,” Stacy said from the couch. “I’m getting hungry. Maybe we should let him get started making us dinner!”
Jillian just nodded. Then she jerked her head toward the kitchen. There’s fresh hamburger meat in the fridge. Rolls and chips are on the counter. Don’t take too long!
Chad curtseyed a bit before he left.
“Grab yourself a bottle before you go!” Sandy called after him. Then a moment later added. “You’ve only got twenty-five minutes left!”
Twenty-five minutes! Chad hurried to grab a bottle from his diaper bag and carried it straight into the kitchen. Since he had gotten home from work, he had only finished a few bottles. He was wet, but not that wet. And with only twenty five minutes left, he had a good suspicion that he wasn’t going to make his deadline. But what then? He wasn’t home with Mel. What would happen? He wasn’t really sure he wanted to find out, so he did his best to drink as fast as he could while he tried to figure out the kitchen – or rather the poor excuse for a kitchen.
He opened the refrigerator and grabbed the hamburger meat. But as he closed the refrigerator again, he just stared at the package in his hand. It was definitely, the cheapest, poorest excuse for hamburger meat he had ever seen. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to cook with it. How was he supposed to make something like this taste good?
And how was he supposed to cook it? He looked around. The stove was old – did it even work? Where were the pots and pans? Where were the utensils? He quickly started opening every cabinet he could, just to get the lay of the land so he would have a general idea of what was there, which amounted to not much at all. He found a large bowl, opened the package of hamburger meat and dropped it in. At least it wasn’t frozen. He searched around for something to mix in it. Spices, onions, anything! But all he found was a little bit of salt and pepper. He was about to give up when he found an odd packet of seasoning mix for soups stuck way in the back of one of the cupboards, actually under something else. He pulled it out. He wasn’t even sure if it was still good or not, but since the package had never been opened and everything in there was dried anyway, he decided to chance it.
There were four women out there and a package of eight hamburger rolls, so he did his best to divide the meat up and make eight hamburgers. Once he had formed the patties, he had to figure out how he was supposed to cook them. As far as he knew, there was no charcoal grill available. He looked again at the oven and didn’t even want to think about possibly using that. Which left him with frying them. He found the biggest frying pan he could find and pulled it out. The handle was a bit loose and the minute he set it on the stove he realized that the bottom was all warped. The Teflon coating inside the pan was mostly missing. Ugh! But it was all he had.
“Ten minutes!” he heard Sandy calling from the living room.
He panicked a bit more and tried to drink his bottle faster. He wasn’t going to make it. There was absolutely no way. But still he tried vainly to keep drinking as he fried hamburgers. When he finished his bottle, he simply refilled it from the kitchen sink. It was the fasted thing he could do. As the hamburgers cooked, he wet a few times, always hoping that he would start leaking. But so far, no luck. He was starting to get really soaked, but he knew he was not to the leaking point yet.
He had just put three more hamburger patties into the pan when Sandy walked into the kitchen. “Are you leaking yet?” she asked.
“No,” Chad replied ruefully. Sandy glanced at the clock, “Then I guess you’re working on reverse time now. I hope it won’t take you much longer, because I think someone out there was actually hoping that you would fail.”
Chad was appalled! “Who?”
Sandy just smiled. “Don’t worry about it, either way now you were going to get the chance to find out since that’s twice now that you’ve spoken without curtseying first.”
Chad was horrified! Having to curtsey all the time was crazy! This time he curtseyed. “I’m trying,” he said, the frustration clearly in his voice. “Believe me, I’m trying!”
“I’m sure you are,” Sandy replied with a smile. “How much longer before dinner?”
Chad surveyed the burgers and what still had to be done. He curtseyed. “About ten minutes I think.”
Sandy just nodded. “Let us know… and also, let us know as soon as…” she pointed at his crazy skirts.
Chad knew she was talking about how soon his diaper would be leaking. He was trying, he thought as she walked back to the living room. He was trying! He heard the women laughing out in the living room. At least someone was having a good time tonight. He put his baby bottle back to his lips as he turned the burgers.

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