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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 2 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 2 of 9)

     Mel opened her eyes again.  She was glad to realize that she had slept a bit more, but she was now anxious to finally call Sissy and have her serve her.  “Sissy!” she called.  “Are you out there?”
     Chad heard her as he was just finishing fastening his diaper.  With his dress still hiked up around his body, he ran to the counter where he quickly poured her coffee into her cup.  Then he hurried toward her bedroom, holding the cup with one hand while his other hand tried to tug down the skirt of his dress.  He pushed open her door with his foot.  He was having a problem getting his skirt down on the side where he was holding her coffee cup.  He was still having a problem straightening it as he hurried into her room.  She was there, in bed, sitting up, watching him.  He hurried to the side of her bed where he changed hands with her cup and finally pulled the skirt of his dress straight. Then he dropped her a curtsey before saying, “Good morning Mistress.”  As had become a habit now – thanks to Robin, he dropped another curtsey even though he didn’t really need to.
     Mel was somewhere between extremely happy, and slightly shocked.  “What on earth was wrong with your dress?”
     Chad handed her the coffee cup before curtseying again.  “I was just changing my leaky diaper when you called.”  Curtsey.
     Mel took a sip of her coffee.  So nice!  Sooo nice!  “You do have another diaper on right now, don’t you?” she asked, worried that he hadn’t had time to properly protect himself. 
     Curtsey.  “Yes Mistress.  I was just finishing when you called.”  Curtsey.
     Mel was much relieved.  “Okay Sissy.  Go make my breakfast now.  I’ll have it here in bed this morning… and bring me my laptop first.  I may as well get some work done while I’m waiting – which better not be too long!”
     Chad curtseyed and hurried out.
     Mel smiled as she sipped her coffee.  So good!  So good!  This was the way she wanted life to be.  This was her dream!  Well, almost.  But it was getting there.  She could almost touch it now – for real.  Just another week!  She hoped.

     Chad was rinsing dishes when he thought he heard the bathroom door closing.  He turned off the water and checked.  Yes, she was up!  He hurried into the bedroom and grabbed the tray holding her now empty breakfast dishes and carried it all out to the kitchen.  He would make the bed in there later after she had gotten dressed for the day.  He went back to cleaning up from breakfast. 
     He was nearly done when she came out – still wearing just a nightgown with a robe thrown over it. 
      “Have you eaten anything yet?” she asked.
     Curtsey.  “No Mistress.  Not yet.”  Curtsey.  Back to doing dishes.
      “Good,” she replied simply.  While he was doing dishes in the sink, she pulled out one of her pots from under the stove and a few minutes later was stirring baby cereal in it.  A short while later, Chad found himself locked in his highchair with a bib tied around his neck.
     Mel pulled his childish plastic bowl out of the cabinet and set it on the counter.  Then she picked up the pot and started dumping the infant cereal she had been cooking into the bowl.  But unlike every other morning, this time the amount of cereal all but overflowed what the bowl was capable of holding.  With a bit of a wicked smile, she found one of his tiny baby spoons and carried the spoon and the overly full bowl to his highchair where she set them on his tray. 
     Chad stared at the bowl of cereal in front of him, totally surprised.  Why so much?  And did he dare ask why?  He decided not to.  Not sure what was going on, he hesitantly picked up the tiny baby spoon in his left fist and got to work on the massive amount of cereal.  A moment later, she delivered another baby bottle full of her miserable green tea for him to finish as well.  In a way, the bottle of tea was good.  He was going to need it… and maybe at least another one just to get through that much bland tasting cereal. 
     With a smile still on her face, Mel said, “That should keep you busy for a little while.  And I need you to finish all of it before I let you up from there.  I’ll be back after I get dressed.”
     Chad watched her back as she departed.  Last night she had forced him to eat an overly large meal… including desert!  And now this morning she was forcing him to eat a much larger breakfast than usual.  Was she afraid he had somehow lost too much weight?  Would she give in and feed him something other than baby food?  But she had said that from now on, baby food was all she was going to permit him to eat – even out in the restaurants.  So was that why she was forcing him to eat so much more this morning?  He wasn’t sure if it exactly made sense, but then, not everything in his life made sense anymore.
     Slowly but surely, he continued to work his way through what was for him, a massive breakfast.  Since he had to eat it with only a tiny rubber coated baby spoon, eating it took a lot longer than if he had something better to use.  Mel had finished dressing and returned by the time he was little more than halfway done with it – and was seriously slowing down. 
      “You’re not done yet?” Mel asked as she came back from her bedroom, cleaned up and wearing just a pair of shorts and a colorful top. 
     Chad almost rolled his eyes at her question, but he refrained from doing so and didn’t bother answering. 
     Mel noticed that the baby bottle on his tray was nearly empty so she replaced it with a fresh one – which Chad knew he was going to need in order to help him finish his breakfast, yet at the same time he didn’t really want another bottle – he was already too full.
     Mel took a moment to check just how much he still needed to eat.  She shook her head.  “You don’t get up till it’s all gone,” she told him again.  “So keep eating.”   She heard her phone ringing and hurried off to answer it.
     Chad felt like such a child – not because of what he was eating, not because of where he was sitting, and not because of the bib tied around his neck – but because of the way she had said it.  Her words sounded all too much like an adult telling any young child to sit there till they ate all their vegetables!  His bigger problem now though, was that he was full!  Maybe the baby cereal expanded a bit after it got into his stomach… or his stomach wasn’t as big as it used to be… or both!  He had to struggle to continue eating – even eating slowly. 
      “Oh hi Sandy,” Mel said into her phone.  “Are you still coming over this morning?”
      “Absolutely!” Sandy replied.  “I just wanted to make sure you were ready for me before I stopped by.”
      “Well, I’m ready for you, but I’m afraid Sissy is still stuck in his highchair – and he’s going to stay there till he finishes all of his breakfast!”
     Sandy chuckled.  “You make him sound like such a child!”  She laughed.  “Which he most definitely is!  Can I come over and watch?  Maybe I can even feed him for you if he’s being stubborn.”
      “You’re more than welcome,” Mel replied with a smile.  “See you in a few.”
     Mel answered the knock on the door a few minutes later and let Sandy in.  Together, they headed into the kitchen where Sandy stopped and stared at Sissy for a moment.  “Now there’s something you don’t see every day,” she said sarcastically.  “A maid sitting in a highchair, with a bib around her neck, drinking from a baby bottle.”
     Chad felt his face turn a bit red at her comment, but as before, he didn’t say anything.  He was so full now that he was barely eating anything.  Unfortunately, trapped in his highchair, there was no way for him to get up… let alone the fact that Mel had said he couldn’t get up until he finished all his cereal.
     Sandy looked in his bowl.  “Goodness!  You must not be very hungry today.  It doesn’t look like you’ve eaten much at all!”
     Chad looked back down into his bowl.  What was left was probably a little less than the normal portion he usually got every morning. 
      “I gave him a bit more this morning,” Mel told her.  “But he still needs to eat it all!” she said sternly straight to him. 
     Chad stuck his tiny spoon back into the bowl, and carefully lifted it to his mouth.  At least the tiny amount he got with each bite didn’t make things seem as bad as they could be if he had a bigger spoon.  But it was still hard to take each tiny bite.
     Sandy watched him for a moment as he took another spoonful of cereal, then he took a swig from his almost empty baby bottle.  “This could take forever,” she complained.  She walked over to him and grabbed the spoon right out of his fist.  “Here, let me help.”  She stuck the spoon into his bowl and got as much on his tiny spoon as she could, then cupping her other hand under the spoon, she brought it straight up to his mouth.  Chad was forced to quickly open his mouth and let her shove the spoon inside.  A moment later, she was repeating the process – much faster than he was happy about.  “Just like feeding any other baby,” she muttered softly. 
     Mel grabbed his mostly empty baby bottle and replaced it with a fresh one again before refreshing the little bit of coffee still in her cup.  Then she sat back to enjoy watching Sissy getting fed like an infant.  Maybe he didn’t exactly look like a baby – especially in that maid’s uniform, but it was still fun to watch. 
     It took Sandy almost ten minutes to shovel the cereal into Sissy’s mouth with that tiny spoon, during which, he also drank a good bit of his latest bottle.  By the time that Sandy wiped him clean, removed his bib and released him from his highchair, he felt almost sick from eating so much.  And of course that was when Mel told him, “Okay Sissy, get undressed down to just your diaper.  It’s time for ballet practice again.”
     Once again, Chad was subjected to a long and intense ballet rehearsal.  And just like last night’s rehearsal, he was once again trying to dance while his stomach was overly full.  Dancing, or any kind of strenuous exercise, with that much food in his stomach was not a good thing, especially when Mel insisted that he keep drinking from his bottles on every little break.  It was quite a while before his stomach settled down enough before he no longer felt like he would barf every time he bent over.
     One thing he did notice though, once again Mel was insisting that he dance as properly as possible – despite the silly infantile music that was being played.  And he did try to be totally serious about it, but at the same time, while he was serious, Mel and Sandy seemed to find more and more to laugh about – although he had no idea what or why they were laughing.
     After his first diaper change during the practice, Mel added the new toe shoes for him to get used to, and the long practice continued.  His new diaper was getting fairly soggy by the time they decided to add the large flat tutu as well.  With that on he could no longer see his feet as he tried to dance and everything got much more difficult.  Also by that time, he was getting more and more interested in his bottle breaks – only because he was getting so exhausted from all the dance practice.
     He almost fainted with joy when he heard Mel finally announce an end to it all!  Sandy promised to be back shortly after lunch.  Mel helped him remove the tutu and toe shoes and he was sent to put his uniform back on and work on cleaning up whatever needed doing around her apartment – which he gladly did.  Anything was better than more ballet practice!
     For lunch, Mel had him make her just a sandwich and a cold drink.  Chad was “permitted” to stand on his perch while she ate in silence.  But after Mel ate, once again it was his turn to eat.  And he wasn’t the least bit hungry yet.  Like it or not, he soon found himself once again locked into his highchair.  And once again he was fed baby food.  And once again the amount was far more than normal.  Far more!
     As he sat there slowly trying to eat, he saw Mel carry his diaper bag into the kitchen where she replaced all the empty bottles in it with fresh ones.  He took that as a bad sign that she was doing that.  It meant that they were going out somewhere.  But then, he knew that he was supposed to “perform” his little ballet today… somewhere.  She just hadn’t been very forthcoming yet on any of the little details like that. 
     Mel carried his diaper bag from the kitchen back out to the living room again where she pulled all but two of his disposable diapers out of it.  She replaced them with a large stack of his thickest nighttime cloth diapers and made sure she had plenty of diaper pins for them.  As soon as his diaper bag was ready, she packed what she wanted to bring with her for his ballet costume and added the music disc that Sandy had put together.  She mentally went through the checklist for everything she would need in her head.  As far as she could tell, everything they would need was now ready.  It was then that her phone rang again.  “Hello?” she said as soon as she got to it.
      “Hey Mel.  It’s Andrea.”
      “Hi Andrea.  You are still going to help me today, aren’t you?”
      “Oh definitely!  But I’m calling about something else.  I got to thinking, since all the judges are getting together tomorrow, I’d kind of like to have a copy of your bet contract for us to refer to if we need it.  Can I get you to bring one with you?”
      “No problem,” Mel replied.  “I’ll give you mine.”
      “Thanks Mel.  See you in a little while.”
      “We’ll be there,” Mel confirmed happily.  Two minutes later, she had added her framed copy of the bet to the baggage she had already prepared.

     Chad knew he was eating slowly, but really, he was full!  Not just from what he had been eating for lunch, but also from the huge breakfast she had forced him to eat that morning.  Not to mention, he was probably still stuffed from the humongous amount of dinner she forced on him last night as well.  Why so much food all of a sudden?  And why was she making him eat it all when he couldn’t?  It made no sense!
     Mel walked into the kitchen.  “You’re still eating?  Honestly, you really are like a child just sitting there pushing his food around instead of eating it.”
     Chad realized she was probably right, but what was he supposed to do about it?  He was stuffed!
     Mel shook her head.  “You better get busy and finish that,” she told him, “cause like I said, you don’t get up till it’s all gone.  And if you don’t get busy with it, I’ll call Sandy to help you again.  Would you like that?”
     Chad quickly spooned another bit of greenish goo into his mouth.  But as he did, he realized that in a way, he would like Sandy to come feed him again.  She certainly had a way to make him feel totally like an infant when she did it.  He just didn’t want Mel to realize how much the idea interested him.  But the same problem still existed, Sandy or not, he was full!

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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 1 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 1 of 9)

     He whimpered.  And even in the real world, the sound escaped past the pacifier guarding his lips as his mind reacted to the events playing out in his dreams. 
     He whimpered, as once again he sat on Derek’s lap, fighting with him… struggling to get past Derek’s arms to wrap his own arms around Derek’s neck.  And once again the fatal kiss happened, just as it had happened before – just as it had happened numerous times already in his dreams.  His arms were locked behind Derek’s head and he forced his own head up toward Derek’s lips.  And their lips met once again in a long embrace.  He could feel the softness of Derek’s lips… just as much as he could feel the intense humiliation from having to do the act… just as much as he could feel the sexual stimulation that the situation was sending through him.  And yet, just as it had been in real life, the Derek in his dreams wasn’t happy about it in the least!  And in truth, neither was he!
     As soon as the kiss ended, he had to go and stand shamefacedly in front of all too many women where once again he tried vainly to explain why he had just kissed Derek… again.  Over and over, the women made him go back to Derek’s lap and kiss him.  He didn’t want to do it!  But because he was nothing but a big sissy, he had no choice since everyone was making him do it.  A sissy’s place is always to do whatever anyone tells him to do – especially women!  He was so ashamed!  And… he whimpered.
     The women taunted him.  They outright called him a sissy.  He was forced to curtsey over and over for them as he answered their inane questions.  They forced him to lift his skirts to show off his soaking wet diapers.  They made him suck his pacifier in front of them… or his thumb.  Then… they made him go back and kiss Derek again… and the dream once again repeated itself. 
     The background music caught his attention in the middle of one of his kisses, but the dream was too good to pay the music much attention.  He noticed the music more as he once again returned to curtsey in front of the women and show them his overly soaked diaper.  It wasn’t till one of the women in his dream asked him if he was leaking that he noticed the music more… music that something in his brain recognized as not belonging to his dream… yet it was something that he shouldn’t ignore. 
     With one last effort to hold onto the wonderful humiliating dream, his mind finally let it all evaporate into nothingness as the music came through much more clearly.  And then the music ended and he heard someone talking… a commercial to buy something.  Ugh!  But it was enough to make him open his eyes. 
     His first thought of the day was that this was a much better way to wake up every morning than with the obnoxiously loud rock music that Mel had set his alarm with every night.  His next thought was of what he had to do now that he was awake.  He rolled off his blow-up mattress, once again knocking over a few empty baby bottles in the process.  He didn’t bother to turn his alarm off, but he did check the time.  Not bad.  It was only five minutes after he had set his alarm to go off.  And he was up!
     His next thought was about Mel’s note that she left for him every day.  But she had said last night that there would be no more notes.  But did she leave one anyway?  Something in him really wanted her to have left a note.  He forced himself to get to his feet, despite the mass of very heavy and bulky diapers that he was wearing.  He rubbed at his chest where the breast forms were usually glued on, but they were gone today.  In a way, his body missed them.  But most of him was happy they were gone.  It felt strange to walk around without that weight bouncing around on his chest.  Yet… today, it was also a luxury.  He had no misconceptions about how long he would be going with the breast forms.  Mel always glued them back on the next day.  He had… a few hours now at best to enjoy being without them.
     He waddled very wide-leggedly out to his kitchen where his eyes went first to the spot on his counter where she always left her note.  Bare.  Empty.  Nothing.  No note.  He felt disappointed.  Continuing on, he went straight to his refrigerator where he grabbed three baby bottles of Mel’s lousy green tea from his dwindling supply.  He dropped his pacifier from his mouth on the counter top and carried the three bottles out toward his one and only piece of furniture… an old chair from his previous marriage set in front of his wall of shaming pictures. 
     He sat in the chair and put the first bottle to his lips.  As he started nursing, his eyes wandered over all the things on his wall.  The childishly colored pictures that he had done in the restaurants, the plan that Sandy had done for his apartment that would essentially turn the whole thing into one big nursery, and of course, his framed copy of the bet between himself and Mel.  The bet that would be over with very soon. 
     It was Saturday.  Next Saturday he would have to be judged to determine if he could indeed control his bladder like he claimed he could.  Next Saturday… the entire thing would be over with!  The end.  And whatever would come beyond the end was what scared him the most – no matter how the bet turned out.
     Next Friday, he would have all day to start regaining his control.  Could he do it?  Could he get it all back in just a few hours like he thought he could?  He certainly hoped so!  Otherwise he would lose and would wind up with an apartment that looked like a little girl’s nursery and would spend a year wearing diapers and a maid’s dress serving Mel’s every little need.  But… if he won, Mel would furnish his entire apartment for him according to Sandy’s “other” plan – a plan that included a pool table!  How cool would that be?
     And in between… he had what…  He had to count the days on his fingers to be sure.  Today which was Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…  That was six days. Six more days before next Friday.  Six more days of intense humiliation.  And he had no illusions that there would be any letup on that!  Six more days.  Not many, yet it still seemed all too far away.
     As he unconsciously nursed on his bottle, his eyes no longer saw the shaming things on the wall in front of him.  He was too preoccupied with wondering what would happen in the future… after the bet was over with.  Either he’d wind up as Mel’s servant and a year of more humiliation.  Or he’d wind up with a pool table and have to figure out how to rescue his life from all the humiliation that Mel had already put him through.
     And his big problem was, he honestly didn’t know which option scared him more – winning… or losing.

     She didn’t sleep as well as she hoped she would.  She kept waking up, over and over again, her eyes opening just a crack each time to check her clock… to see just what time it was.  Would he be there in the morning just as she hoped he would?  It was all her mind could think about.  So over and over again she woke up to see if it was time yet.  And over and over again she was disappointed as very little time had actually passed.
     Eventually, she did doze… and dream.  But it was a troubled dream.
     She was standing in the doorway of her new house, looking at the large dirty back of a truck pulled up to the door.  But where was Sissy?  He was supposed to be there to unload everything and put it all away!  Her furniture was all here… on the truck… but where was Sissy?  She ran back into the house, a house of nothing but bare empty rooms.  She glanced into room after room searching for him, but she saw no sign.  She stopped.  Sissy!” she yelled.  “Where are you?”  In her dream, the empty walls of her house echoed back her words, but that was all she heard. 
     She went back to the door – back to where the truck was.  Still no Sissy.  Nobody to move the things into her house and put them where they belonged.  But could he do that?  Furniture was heavy… and she had lots of it.  But Sissy wasn’t all that strong.  Probably not even as strong as she was.  Maybe that was why he was hiding. 
     Angry at him, she got up onto the back of the truck and struggled to open the door.  She was panting hard with the effort, but eventually, she forced the big door all the way up.  And inside, all jumbled together, were all the wonderful pieces of furniture from the house she had grown up in.  All her favorite pieces – of her mother’s furniture. 
      “Sissy!  Come help!” she yelled.  But once again he didn’t come.  Frustrated, she was forced to try to grab one of her chairs and move the darn thing by herself.  It was so heavy!  Not to mention big.  She managed to move it only a tiny bit before she gave up.  “Sissy!” she called again.  And as before, there was no response.  Where was he?
     She got down off the truck and went searching for him again.  All through the empty house she went.  Looking in every room.  Upstairs and down.  Nothing.  Nothing but empty rooms.  It was an empty house full of nothing… and no one.  Where was he?
     Totally frustrated with him, she started wandering back out toward the truck – the truck she had no idea how she would deal with now.  And half-way back, she realized why Sissy wasn’t there to help.  How could she have forgotten?  How could she have ever thought he was going to be there in the first place?  He wasn’t there… because he was never going to be there. 
     As despondency took hold on her emotions, she remembered what she had not wanted to remember… that she had lost the bet.  She had lost.  She hadn’t been able to make him incontinent… all because she hadn’t been able to figure out how to get past the three obstacles that stood in her way.  Sissy had regained all his control before the judging even started – because he had believed in the three things that now haunted her the most.
     Self-respect.  Friends.  And… a life!

     Chad checked his reflection in the mirror one more time.  He was as ready as he was going to get.  As far as he could tell, his maid’s uniform looked perfect!  Even the white apron on his uniform looked perfect – or so he thought.    He had ironed it as best he could last night.  His low-heeled shoes were freshly shined.  His hair was… well, decent he figured – for a guy dressing as a woman.  His makeup… okay, decent under the same circumstances.  Under his uniform he was wearing a bra with his false breasts just shoved into it to fill it out.  They would get glued back onto him later… sometime.  He was wearing his waist cincher to further reduce his waist that had been growing steadily smaller since this bet had started.  And the only other thing he was wearing was the single diaper that was already growing wetter, but it would take a lot more since he had put it on only half an hour ago.
     He was ready.  He looked… okay… for a guy who was dressing like a woman – or a maid as least.  And despite how much progress he had made in the last two months, there was still no doubt that underneath his dress, and underneath his makeup, and underneath his hairdo – he was still a guy in a dress! 
     He went to the door where he grabbed his diaper bag, his red purse, and his bag full of all the empty bottles he had finished last night and this morning.  Then taking a deep breath to brace himself for the upcoming day, he opened his door and went out. 
     He almost knocked on Mel’s door as he usually did, but that would have been disastrous this morning.  He was supposed to go in and get her coffee ready without waking her.  He fished his keys out of his purse and as quietly as he could, unlocked her door and went in. 
     Her apartment was mostly dark.  Only a little light filtered in from the windows and the doorway behind him.  Setting his diaper bag quietly on the floor under her little table, he went into the kitchen where he turned on the light.  Only then did he go back to close the apartment door – as quietly as possible. 
     He went back to the kitchen and started preparing her coffee.  Once the machine was set to work, he had time to further assess the situation.  The coffee was making, so what was he supposed to do now?  He certainly didn’t want to wake her.  But… was she awake? 
     He quietly headed for her bedroom, tiptoeing by the time he got halfway there.  But he was still worried about making too much noise so he removed his shoes.  In his bare feet, he cautiously approached her bedroom door.  It was closed – except for a small crack.  He pushed it open and chanced peeking in.  As far as he could see, which wasn’t much in the mostly dark room, she was still sleeping.  He pulled her door back to the position it had been before he had opened it further, and went back to the kitchen, picking up his shoes along the way.  She was sleeping… so what was he supposed to do now?
     He had already finished three baby bottles this morning and didn’t want to make matters worse by grabbing another one too soon.  Instead, he started opening cabinets, searching for something he had seen once or twice before.  There it was!  He pulled out a serving tray that she had stored down there.  If he was going to do this, he might as well do it right.  He pulled one of her cups that she liked out of another cabinet and set it on the tray.  What else?  He thought about a vase with flowers, but she didn’t have any flowers.  And just the cup by itself looked dumb on the tray.  He put the tray away for another time.  All he needed to do now was to fill her cup and bring it to her – when she woke up!  Whenever that would be. 
     So what was he supposed to do with himself now?  The coffee was almost ready.  He was ready.  But she wasn’t.  He thought about sitting down, but with his diaper getting wetter and wetter, what if he leaked.  That wouldn’t exactly be good for the furniture.  But what if…  He pulled the tray off of his highchair and climbed up into it, enjoying the luxury of just sitting down and taking the load off of his feet for a while.  Ten minutes later though, he gave into temptation and pulled yet another bottle out of her refrigerator and brought it back to his chair where he sat and drank it.  He did have a deadline to meet – if she was awake when it came.  He might as well sit and relax while he could.  His days were usually stressful enough.  Usually?  Always!
     So when was she going to wake up?

     Mel opened her eyes.  There was no alarm to wake her, yet something had pulled her from the tenuous sleep she had finally been enjoying.  The room was getting lighter so it was finally morning.  She glanced at her clock – yes, it was morning.  Not as late in the morning as she would have liked, but it was finally morning.  But what about Sissy… was he there yet?  It was then that her brain kicked in far enough to realize what her nose had already alerted her to while she was sleeping – the smell of coffee.  She smiled and rolled luxuriously around in her sheets.  Yes, he was here!  Yes, he had already made her morning coffee!  Yes!  Her dream was coming true!  She hoped anyway. 
     Should she call him now?  Or just enjoy the luxury of knowing he was there and would take care of her every need as she saw fit.  But he was learning to be a servant, and the main thing a servant needed to learn was to wait.  So with a smile on her face, she rolled over and tried to go back to sleep for a while.  It was early… and she had no reason to get up out of bed yet. 
     Happy in the knowledge that he was there, she once again dozed.

     Chad had a small problem.  He had now finished five bottles since he had gotten up this morning – and he was leaking already.  He had stopped trying to sit even in his highchair once his diaper started getting too wet for fear that his leaking diaper might put a wet spot on the back of his perfectly pressed dress.  But what was he supposed to do about his leaking diaper now?  Should he change himself?  Or would she finally wake up soon?  He had been waiting for her to get up for almost an hour now! 
     Changing his leaking diaper seemed like his best option, but what if she woke up and called him while he was in the middle of changing?  That would be an even bigger problem!  But if she slept much longer, then his diaper would not only be leaking, but there was a chance his uniform could get wet.  He finally decided he would have to change it and hope she didn’t call him while he was doing it. 
     As quietly as he could he got his diaper bag and carried it into the kitchen.  A moment later, the skirt to his dress was hiked up over his waist.  He grabbed a fresh diaper from his bag, and keeping it handy on the counter next to him, he opened one side of the tapes on his leaking diaper, letting it drop all the way to the floor.  He grabbed his new one quickly and started to pull it between his legs.  As he did, he felt his arm suddenly get wet.  He was peeing yet again without knowing it. He quickly finished pulling it into place and started fastening the tapes.  As far as he could tell, he was now peeing almost constantly.  Just a little tiny bit at a time, but it was so often now that it hardly ever stopped. 

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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

     The restaurant they went to was their usual Friday night one.  And as usual, it was crowded.  It was bad enough walking into the place wearing the ridiculous outfit he had on.  Worse because the stupid outfit itched so bad.  But Mel added insult to injury by making him carry his own baby bottle into the place. 
     When they got inside, Chad didn’t even wait.  While Mel hung back, he walked right up to the hostess’s desk and curtseyed.  “Two foa dinna pweath,” he said in his stupid sissy voice.  Then he curtseyed again. 
      “Hi Sissy,” the hostess greeted him.  “Glad to see you back again.”
     Chad had mixed feelings about that, but at least she was being nice.
      “The wait right now is about fifteen to twenty minutes,” she told him.
     Chad curtseyed and thanked her – then curtseyed again before walking back to Mel – where he curtseyed yet again.  “Fifteen to twenty minutes,” he told her before curtseying one more time.  He knew without a doubt that everyone in the waiting area was watching him, but then, in the outfit he was wearing, they had probably never stopped watching him since he had walked in.
     He and Mel found a place to stand where they would be at least somewhat out of the way.  Chad still noticed everyone watching him.  He felt a bit like he was the floor show during their dinner.  And all the eyes on him made him unconsciously rub at the itchy spots on his body more than he realized.
     Shortly after he had talked with the hostess, she disappeared for a few minutes, only to return with the waitress who usually served them.  The two talked together for a moment. Chad saw the waitress look at them and nod towards them.  Then she talked a moment more with the hostess and disappeared again.  And the wait continued.
     People got called to their tables and other people came in.  Very gradually, the people in the room shifted around and changed.  But all the new ones quickly seemed to notice Chad and they all kept looking at him as they waited.  Chad saw some trying not to stare, and he appreciated that, but even they had a hard time not watching him constantly.  Chad wondered if he should step into the middle of the floor and launch into a song and dance.  No, he was entertainment enough already!
     Finally they spotted their usual waitress again, and she motioned them to follow her back to their table.  Chad couldn’t believe his luck.  For once they hadn’t announced his name over the loudspeaker system!
     They sat down and Mel ordered coffee, and the waitress held out her hand to take Sissy’s baby bottle.  As humiliating as it was to have to give it to her, something about it all seemed a tiny bit less humiliating tonight.  Maybe he was just getting used to it.
      “Do you want an appetizer?” Mel asked as she stared at the menu in front of her.  Chad was very surprised that she would ask.  An appetizer?  While he was staring at a child’s menu in front of him and three dumb crayons to color it with?  But could he even finish an appetizer?  “Um… no thanks, Mistress,” he replied – glad that he didn’t have to worry about curtseying while they were sitting down.  “I don’t think I could eat that much.”
     Mel smiled.  Maybe he couldn’t eat that much anymore, but she had definite plans for him to be very full before they left tonight!
     The waitress returned with Mel’s coffee a few minutes later… along with Chad’s baby bottle now filled with iced tea – which she set down in front of him.  “Are you ready to order?” she asked Mel.
      “Yes,” Mel replied.  “I think I’ll have the seven ounce sirloin along with a baked potato and a salad with house dressing.  And for her…  She’ll have the 18 ounce ribeye, a baked potato, your mixed vegetables, and a salad with house dressing.”  After she ordered, she wasn’t sure who was more surprised, the waitress, or Sissy. 
     The waitress wrote it all down and said, “I’ll have it out for you as soon as possible.”
      “Thank you,” Mel replied before she left.  She saw Sissy staring at her.  “What?” she asked.
      “I don’t think I can eat that much anymore,” he replied, still totally surprised.
     Mel smiled.  She only hoped her smiled didn’t look as wicked as she felt.  “You haven’t been eating enough lately,” she told him, which she knew was all too true.  “I want to make sure you get plenty in your system tonight.”  Which was also very true. 
      “But I can’t eat that much,” Chad argued.  “We shouldn’t waste it.  I’m grateful – very grateful.  But why order so much for me?
     Mel couldn’t help but let her wicked smile come out.  “Because after tonight, all you’re going to be allowed to eat will be baby food and nothing but baby food!  No matter where, no matter what!  Even out in the restaurants – which I can guarantee is going to happen.”
      “You mean… for the next week?  Every single meal?  Everywhere?  Even in public?”
     Mel nodded.  “Every single meal.  Everywhere!”
      “But why?”
      “Let me ask you this…  Do you find it to be very humiliating when you get to eat nothing but baby food while everyone else gets something better?”
     Chad was shocked at the question, but shyly he replied.  “Yes…”
      “Then that’s reason enough,” she told him.  “And tonight is your last chance to eat something more filling and nutritious.”  Actually, she had two reasons for him eating a big meal tonight, what Chad knew about now was only one of them.
     Mel picked up her coffee cup and sipped at the hot liquid.  So good!  But her coffee reminded her of something else she had been thinking about.  She set her cup down, and more seriously said, “Sissy.”  When she saw she had his attention she asked.  “Do you always need an alarm to wake up on time every morning?”
     Chad was surprised by her question.  “If I have to get up early I do.”  More sheepishly he admitted.  “I’m kind of a sound sleeper.”
      “Yeah, I’ve noticed that.  But if you don’t set an alarm, would you be able to wake up early?”
     Chad thought about that.  “I don’t know.  Probably not.  When I don’t have an alarm I tend to sleep pretty late.”
     Mel had thought that would probably be the case.  Unfortunately! 
      “Why do you ask?”
     It was a moment before Mel answered.  “Since you’re out of work for the next week now, I was thinking of moving you into my apartment… have you sleep there every night.”
      “I guess I could,” Chad replied.  “Where would I sleep?”
      “Wherever I decide to stick you!” Mel answered authoritatively, letting him know that she was going to be in charge of that and there would be no choice on his part at all.
     Chad backed off.  “I guess it would all depend on how early you need me to be up.”
      “That’s just it,” Mel replied.  “I don’t have an exact time for you to be up every day… except that it would have to be well before I wake up.”
      “How early do you think that would be?”
      “I have no idea, and the question really doesn’t matter.  It varies from day to day, but when I wake up, I’m going to want you there right away!”
      “To do what?”
     Mel wasn’t sure if she should smile at his question, or be put off because he hadn’t figured it out yet.  “To serve me, of course!  I want my morning coffee brought to me the moment I wake up, and breakfast in bed too!”
     Now Chad understood.  And staying in her apartment would help, but… how was he supposed to know when to wake up every day?  “I guess it could work,” he admitted.  “I’d just have to wake up early every day and have everything ready and waiting until you call.”
     Now Mel did smile.  “Now you’ve got it exactly!”
      “I just need to sleep someplace where I can set my alarm to get up fairly early every day.”
     And that was the part that Mel knew wasn’t going to work.  “That’s exactly the problem.  I don’t want your alarm waking me up every morning.”
      “Then I don’t see any choice except to continue to stay at my place every night.”
     Mel nodded.  Unfortunately he was right.  “Drink your bottle Sissy,” she said.  “You still have a leaking deadline.”

     Chad colored some pictures, the waitress refilled his bottle – twice, and they talked through it all.  Mel told him what Robin had relayed about his day.  She teased him terribly about kissing Derek again, then admitted she was worried about what Derek might do now as well.  She also noticed him continually scratching and rubbing at his sweater where it itched him all over, but she did nothing about that.  She liked the fact that his sweater was making him uncomfortable – had been making him uncomfortable – all day!  And… they spent a long time talking about her… and her job… and the contract… and the fact that she still felt a little uncomfortable about it. 
     When the waitress finally collected their dinner plates, Chad had only been able to stuff less than half of his meal into his mouth – and he was amazed he had managed that much.  But before the waitress could carry the plate off, Mel suggested.  “How about desert?”
     Chad’s eyes bulged.  “I couldn’t!”
      “That wasn’t a question!” Mel snapped back.  She then had the waitress go through the desert list and ordered a simple cup of chocolate ice-cream for herself… and something called “Death-By-Chocolate” for Sissy.  “You’ll eat it, and like it!” she ordered.
     Chad would have liked it a lot more if he had the room in his stomach to enjoy it.  And when it was delivered to their table, along with another baby bottle of tea, the darn desert was huge.  Way more than he could have ever eaten – at any time in his life. 
      “Dig in,” Mel said with a smile. 
     It was difficult, but what choice did he have?  They continued to talk, mostly about Mel, while he tried vainly to eat the chocolate desert.  He had managed to get about half-way through, with the help of yet another fresh baby bottle, when Mel set her now empty desert cup to the side and leaned across the table a bit.  “We need to talk a bit more about what I expect from you from now on,” she told him.
     Chad looked up, glad for the excuse to stop eating.  “What’s that?” he asked as he rubbed unconsciously at his itchy sweater yet again.
      “Since you need an alarm to get up every day, then for now, I see no other option than for you to continue staying at your apartment. But, here’s what I expect.
      “From now on, there will be no note for you in the mornings.  You know what you have to do so you keep doing it.  And every day I’ll still be checking to make sure you’ve had all the baby bottles you were supposed to drink every night and every morning – no exceptions.  So you’ll have to set you own alarm and figure out what time to get up and how much time you need to get ready.  That’s all your responsibility from now on, not mine!
      “I expect you to already be in my apartment when I wake up every day now, but whatever you do, don’t wake me!  I don’t want to even know you’re there!  And I expect you to bring me my coffee the minute I call for you.  Breakfast will follow as soon as possible after that. 
      “Come into my apartment and get everything ready.  And you had better be in uniform and look absolutely perfect – your uniform clean and starched and pressed to perfection, your shoes gleaming, everything about you has to be perfect.  I’m going to start being a lot more critical of how you look in your uniform from now on. 
      “I’m expecting you to be the perfect servant for me now.  And I can assure you, I’m going to be pretty much unmerciful about making you into what I expect!  So be ready for that!
      “The only other thing you’re going to have to worry about is to keep your diaper leaking on time.  I guess, by the time I wake up every day, I’ll probably want to see it either leaking already, or pretty close to it.  So be prepared for that.  You’ll have to do whatever it takes to keep it leaking within your time limit.  Whatever it takes!” she repeated.
      “Now, do you have any questions?”
     Actually, Chad didn’t have any questions about what she had just said, but he did have one about something else.  “Can I stop trying to eat this now?” he asked.  “I’m so full I’m starting to get sick!  And… I think my diaper may have started leaking a little while ago.  I just noticed that the seat all under me is all wet.”

     For once, Chad was rather jubilant about dance practice.  He was jubilant because Mel not only let him take his itchy sweater and socks off, she insisted on it.  “You can’t practice ballet while wearing anything like that!” Mel told him.  So now he was attired in only his totally exposed diaper, his bra, and that was it. 
     Mel had called Sandy as soon as they got home and now they were just waiting on her to arrive.  When the knock came at Mel’s door, Chad went nervously to answer it, hoping and praying that it was indeed Sandy on the other side of the door.  Fortunately, it was.
      “Hey there, baby,” Sandy greeted him with a grin as soon as he opened the door.  Chad curtseyed, “Hi Sandy,” he replied in his silly sissy voice before curtseying again. 
      “Hey Mel,” Sandy called as she came in and Sissy closed the door behind her.  “Ready to go?”
      “I just cued up the music and Sissy is all set as well.”
      “Great!  Then let’s do this.”
     Once again, Sissy found himself going through his little ballet.  And once again they had started without him having to warm up ahead of time – which he was grateful for.  He was having enough problems trying to dance while his stomach was so bloated.  But unlike the last time he had tried to rehearse, this time, both Mel and Sandy were hounding him about any little mistakes he made.  This time, he found himself having to work very hard to do everything right.  Unlike the last time he had practiced, this time Mel was being very picky about how perfect he did every tiny movement. 
     Every time he stopped, they let him drink from his bottle for a while.  Actually, they insisted he drink from his bottle before starting again.  And when his diaper started leaking later, they changed him quickly and he was soon back to practicing again.  It was by far the most strenuous rehearsal and exercise workout he had ever had.  By the time Mel and Sandy were finally satisfied, he was exhausted – and his diaper was leaking again. 
     As Sandy left for the evening, Mel sent Chad into her bedroom to put several layers of protection down on her mattress.  Ten minutes later, Chad was stretched out on her bed, tied firmly to the head and footboard. 
     Mel got out her bottle of solvent and started removing his breast forms like she did every Friday night.  When she was finished, she started removing his overly soaked diaper.  After checking to see if he was peeing before she yanked it away from him, she had him lift his bottom and quickly replaced his soaked diaper with a dry one.  But he did start peeing slightly before she had a chance to bring the thing up between his legs.  That was a good sign, but also one that she dared not read too much into anymore.  She didn’t tape the diaper in place yet.
      “As long as we’re here,” she said, “we might as well take care of something else now instead of later.”  With that, she brought out her jar of suppositories.  She saw the look of total dismay on his face – and she loved seeing it.  With an air of determination, she went about “faking” putting one deep up inside of him – which caused him to release more pee in the process.  She loved seeing the look of disappointment on his face once he thought the nasty little pill was where it belonged.  She quickly finished taping the diaper onto him and released him from his bonds.
     Chad was very surprised she had only put one diaper on him.  He was expecting her to diaper him heavily for the night instead.  “Aren’t you going to put more diapers on me?” he asked.
      “Not yet, Sissy.  I’m not ready for bed so you can just stay here. And since you’re staying here, you can keep working on making your diapers leak.”
     Chad wasn’t happy to hear that at all. 
      “Now I expect you can find things to keep you busy?” she asked.
     Chad nodded.  “I’ve got plenty.  It would really help if I could get started on the laundry.”
     Mel nodded.  “Good idea, and don’t forget to check your uniform for tomorrow too.  Make sure that’s ready.  Then, just find something to do till I tell you to go home.  Otherwise, you can spend some more time up on your perch.”
     That was the last thing Chad wanted.  “I have plenty to keep busy with he assured her.”
     Mel had thought that would be the case.
     It wasn’t until well after Chad had changed another leaky diaper and was well on his way toward making the next one leak that Mel finally decided she was tired enough to go to sleep.  “Don’t forget,” she told him.  “I’m expecting perfection from you from now on!”
     Chad curtseyed, “Yes Mistress.”
      “Then have a good night, Sissy.  I’ll see you in the morning.”
     Curtsey.  “Good night, Mistress,” Chad replied.  Then he curtseyed, got his things and walked out. 
     Mel stared at the closed door after he had left.  Tomorrow would be the start of something totally new… for both of them.  She was very much looking forward to having the perfect servant bring her coffee as soon as she woke up in the mornings.  “Good night, Sissy,” she said fondly one more time to her closed door where he had walked out.  “Good night, and sleep tight.”

     In Chad’s apartment, he found it strange having to diaper himself for the night.  He grabbed his required three baby bottle to drink before he could go to sleep.  Then he played with his pink clock radio for a while – finding a better station to listen to and a better volume to wake up to while he drank his bottles.  Deciding on what time to set the alarm for was difficult, but he decided to err on the side of cautious and set it for fairly early. 
     Only then did he turn out his lights, lay down on his blow-up mattress, and finish drinking his bottles.  As he stared up at his ceiling, his mind turned to Mel and the strange things she had said to him about what she expected from him from now on. 
      “Good night, Mistress,” he said to his ceiling.  Then he laid his now empty bottle on the floor next to him and fell asleep.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

     Robin was in heaven.  And… she was a bit surprised to find herself sexually turned on by what had happened.  Darn, that wasn’t anything she expected to get out of this!  She was totally jubilant as she watched Sissy, just standing there, shyly answering a few questions, or not answering other questions that each seemed to bring a renewed blush to his face. 
     She had done it!  She had actually managed to get Sissy and Derek to kiss – in the break room – right in front of everybody!  Well okay, it hadn’t gone quite like that, Derek was anything but willing.  But the kiss had still happened!  She was still surprised at the sexual thrill she got out of it every time her mind pictured it – which was pretty much constantly.  Kudos to Sissy for actually managing it!  Kudos to him as well for actually going through with it!  And, she guessed, kudos to her too for setting the whole thing up! 
     She wasn’t the least bit worried about Derek.  She could handle Derek… and, just like he wanted, she would squash all the nasty rumors that were now growing by leaps and bounds.  But she wouldn’t do that till next week.  She wanted to enjoy the fruits of her labor first!
     She watched as the questions and discussion continued around her, and fortunately, never touching her.  She watched as Sissy stood there in front of them all and just took all the wild comments they could think to throw at him.  Not that any of those comments really mattered.  None of it was the truth.  But all of it was totally fun… for her!  She also figured it was totally fun for all the other women as well… judging by their reactions.  And as for Sissy… well, there was no doubt he was certainly embarrassed right now.  But then, she also knew how much he craved that kind of thing too, so despite how miserable he was, she was also fairly sure he was loving the attention just as much.
     All too soon the women started to go back to their desks.  Sissy still stood there as if rooted to that spot, even as the last of them stood up to leave.  Robin got up from her seat.  “Time to go back now Sissy,” she told him.  She was still very excited over his kiss and the way he had just handled all the women.  When he didn’t move, she had to prod him a bit to get him in motion. 
     A very embarrassed Chad followed Robin out of the break room. He had gotten through it… somehow!  Most of it was a blur though… although certainly not all of it!      Was he wrong, or was Robin setting a rather fast pace back through the halls?  He only really noticed it because they had passed several people already.
      “Bye Sissy,” someone called.
     He waved as he hurried.  “Bye!” he replied.  A few others waved as well, and he returned their greetings, but now he noticed that Robin was moving even faster.  What was her hurry? 
     It seemed like her pace kept picking up more and more the further they went.  They turned a corner and her pace increased again.  He was falling behind.  What was going on?
      “Hurry up, Sissy!” Robin called as she realized he was lagging behind.  Inside, she was squealing with excitement.
     Chad hurried faster and finally caught up, only to turn another corner where Robin reached back and grabbed his hand… and broke into almost a run as she scooted through the hallways back to their cubicles.  Chad was very grateful for the saddle shoes he was wearing on his feet instead of the super high heels he had been wearing lately.  Compared to those, the saddle shoes were practically track shoes!
     Still holding his arm and dragging him, Robin pulled Sissy all the way back to her cubicle.  The moment she got him there, she grabbed him and hugged him for all he was worth.  “You did it!” she exclaimed triumphantly.  “You did it!  You really did it!  You kissed him!  I can’t believe it!  You really did it!”
     Chad wanted to say, of course he did.  She hadn’t given him any choice in the matter!  But he held his silence.  Besides, curtseying and trying to speak while she was still hugging him and bouncing up and down from joy would have made curtseying pretty much impossible anyway.  He was having a hard time though understanding why Robin was so elated over the matter.  He wasn’t!
     Robin finally stopped hugging him and stood back a bit, but she still held her hands on his arms.  “You were great in there!” she exclaimed, looking straight into his face.
     Chad chanced answering her – without curtseying since she was still holding onto him.  “Yeah, but now I’m worried about what Derek is going to do to me!”
     Robin shook her head.  “Don’t you worry about Derek, I can take care of him.  Besides, come Monday, I’ll be making him a very happy camper.
     Robin giggled.  “Sure.  You don’t think I’d squash all that hard work you did in there just yet, do you?”
     Chad purposely didn’t reply!
      “Just for that, Sissy, no more tying you up this afternoon.  You don’t even have to play with the paper dolls on my floor.  If you want, you can play on your computer till it’s time to leave.  The only thing you have to do for the rest of the day is to keep drinking bottles and keep leaking on time.”  Much more seriously she added, “I’m afraid I can’t do anything about that little requirement.”
     Chad was surprised!  Happy as well!  But did he dare try to remove his itchy sweater or even pull it up for a little while?  No, better not tempt fate that much!

     The day was winding down when Mel got back to her desk after meeting with another client.  She plopped her notepad on the desk and sat heavily in her chair – and sighed.  She was pooped!  But that had been her last client of the day… on a day when she hadn’t really had that many clients to begin with.  It was just that Andrea had scheduled all of them close together from after lunch on. 
     But now, her tired brain was tired of thinking about legal matters and was more interested in other things.  The first of which came to mind was Sissy’s little ballet performance.  For the first time in quite a while, just thinking about it brought a smile to her face.  She was looking forward to it – again!  And tonight, she and Sandy would rehearse Sissy over and over again, until they were satisfied.  Not that it really mattered, because no matter how well Sissy thought he was going to do, when the performance actually happened, he was going to be in for a few little surprises. 
     She remembered that tonight she and Sissy had their nail appointment too.   Last week she had set up with the technician to have Sissy spelled out on all his fingernails.  That had been really great.  But they were now moving into the final week of their bet.  Next Friday – nail night again – he would be in the middle of trying to regain his control.  She still hoped that he would somehow not want to try, that he would want to lose instead, but she had no unrealistic illusions about that!  Self-respect, friends, and a life.  She still didn’t know how she was going to overcome those obstacles. 
     But since it was nail night… and since Sissy did have his little ballet to perform tomorrow…  She picked up her phone and called the nail salon, finally telling the little woman exactly what she wanted for Sissy’s nails when he came in.  And after she had hung up the phone, she decided that maybe what she had just ordered for Sissy was better than she thought – for several reasons!
     And speaking of Sissy… she strongly wondered how he was doing today in that oddball schoolgirl outfit she had sent him to work in.  With a smile, she grabbed her cell phone and dialed.

     Robin was actually working!  And Chad was over in his cubicle doing who knew what.  Robin didn’t really care as long as she saw him coming in to grab baby bottles and settling down on her floor to drink them – and as long as he got his diaper to leak on time.  She was too happy with him for anything else today.  And… after the break room, she simply felt – satisfied – as if she had somehow managed to do something notable. 
     When her cell phone rang, she hurried to grab it and her voice was actually cheerful when she said, “Hello?”
      “Hi Robin.  How’s it going today?” Mel’s voice said through her phone.
      “Hang on,” Robin said quickly as she headed out of her cubicle and down the hallway again.  “Okay, I can talk now as she continued walking.”
      “I was just checking on Sissy to see how he’s doing,” Mel said.
      “Oh, he’s doing great!” Robin replied.  “And you should have seen him earlier – at break!”
     In just a few minutes, Mel had been caught up on everything.  It certainly sounded like Sissy had quite an adventurous day today.  But as she finally said goodbye and hung up the phone, her thoughts were instead on Derek.  What would Derek do now?  That thought was troubling.

     When Robin got back to her cubicle, she saw Sissy going through his diaper bag with a troubled look on his face.  “What’s wrong?” she asked.  But that question was quickly answered when she noticed the odor in the room.  “Oh!” she replied before he could answer.  “Just get changed quickly please!”
     Chad changed his stinky diaper, but he was a bit angry as he did it.  Once again, despite not having a suppository shoved up inside of him for two days now, he had messed himself all too quickly and before he hardly knew it was going to happen.  Just how much of that damn suppository chemical was still inside of him?  Evidently, all too much!

     Chad watched the clock ticking down toward the end of the day.  There was no sense in trying to delay going out with everyone else, they had all seen him already.  Although this time, he wasn’t going to be sucking on his pacifier as he went out through the halls.  At one minute to go, he turned his computer off for the last time till he got back – after the bet was over.
      “Have a great vacation,” Robin said kindly as she walked into his cubicle.  She had already given him not only his diaper bag, but also the “emergency” bag that Mel had dropped off for her the day before.  Chad had both of them on his desk now, ready to go.  The only really funny bag on Chad’s desk was his tiny sissy purse.  She had to laugh at that one. 
     The clock ticked again, and Chad smiled.  “See you next week!” he said to Robin.
      “Saturday!” Robin replied.  “I’ll be judging!”
      “I know,” Chad replied.
      “I’m looking forward to it,” Robin told him.  “Oh, and Sissy…”  Then she paused and her voice got more serious.  “Chad…  Good luck!  And I really do mean that.”
“Thanks,” Chad said with a smile.  “I appreciate that.”  He threw a bag over each shoulder and grabbed his tiny silly purse, “Bye,” he said as he hurried out toward his car. 
     The hallways were crowded, but he kept going, moving as fast as he dared.  The hand that wasn’t holding his silly purse was once again holding his skirt straight down so it would be less likely for anyone to notice the diaper he was wearing under it.  Most of the people he saw looked at him strangely, not believing the way he was dressed.  Several of them exchanged greetings with him.  He was polite, but he never stopped or even slowed down.  A few minutes later, he was in the safety of his car – where he breathed a sigh of relief. 
     His foot was heavier on the gas than usual, mostly because of the insane itching from his miserable wool sweater.  Even still, he wasn’t more than two minutes earlier getting into his apartment.  The sweater was ripped over his head the moment he got his door closed and had dropped all the bags on the floor.  He rubbed at his body everywhere it still itched – which was all over.  He nearly ran to his shower to soak his tortured body clean.

      “Mistress,” Sissy’s silly voice came over the phone.  “I just put my diaper on again.”
     Mel smiled as she looked at the clock.  Right on time!  “Good Sissy.  I’m leaving now so we can get to our nail appointments on time.”
      “Mistress, do I have to wear the same thing, or can I please wear something else?” Chad begged.
      “Why?” Mel asked.  “What’s wrong with what you wore all day?”
      “It itches!” Chad explained.  “Terribly!  Plus,” his voice dropped a bit before he added more quietly, “It’s very embarrassing.”
      “Nonsense!” Mel replied with a hint of amusement.  “No sense messing up other clothes this late in the day… unless of course you’d like to wear that darling little pink baby dress you turned down earlier this morning.”
     Just thinking about that dress sent a shiver of fear through Chad.  He couldn’t help but picture himself out somewhere in it, his wet diaper fully on display below the short hem, his pacifier in his mouth…  “No thank you, Mistress,” he replied quickly – even as a tiny bit of sexual thrill ran through him.”
      “Such a shame,” Mel lamented teasingly.  “Perhaps next time.  Now I’ll be home soon, so you be ready!”
      “Yes, Mistress,” Chad replied.  It was back to the stupid itchy schoolgirl outfit again.  At least he had been able to get a quick shower for a few minutes of relief.

     The little oriental nail technician blinked, then cocked her head to the side as she looked Sissy over.  “Did you get you clothes from my daughter’s closet?” she asked.  “Because I think she has a skirt just like that!”
     Chad blushed and curtseyed.  “We got it at the mall last weekend,” he replied.  Then he curtseyed again.  At least he didn’t have to deal with his stupid pacifier right now.  He had left it in his purse when Mel picked him up and she hadn’t said anything about it as usual.  In fact, he didn’t even have to curtsey after he spoke.  It was just a habit he had picked up since Robin.  He would have to watch himself, no use making things harder than they already were! 
     The nail tech looked at him for a moment more, then turned.  “Let’s go, Sissy.”  As they headed toward the back of the store, she turned to him again.  “Where you get that purse?  The mall too?  I think I seen kids with one like it.”
     Chad said nothing in reply, but he knew he was blushing again. 

     It was getting on toward dinner time when Ray pulled his Cadillac into the parking lot where Mel lived.  He was hoping to catch her and try to get her to go out with him – despite the fact that she claimed she was so busy.  Nobody was that busy! 
     He was disappointed however to note that her car wasn’t in its usual parking space.  Still, he parked and went up the stairs to knock on her door.  No answer.  Maybe she was still working.  Did he dare call her and find out?  No, not tonight.  Especially not if she really was working long hours.  But he would be back.  You don’t give up on the beautiful ones – especially if they’re rich!

     Chad stared at the pretty soft pink color of his nails – fingers and toes matching of course.  He was so glad to have the embarrassing Sissy removed from his fingers.  That had been a nightmare!  Now, his hands looked clean and… simply pretty.  Surprisingly, he wasn’t overly happy that she had trimmed the length of his fingernails back a bit.  Now, they just stuck out a very short way past the end of his fingertips.  He liked the longer length better because he thought it made his hands look more feminine, but he didn’t think they looked too bad now.  Maybe not as good… or as interesting as they had when the length was longer, but they still looked good. 
     When he got back up front, for once Mel was already done and waiting on him.  “Let me see,” she asked quickly.  Chad didn’t know if he had to curtsey or not, this time he decided not to.  He held out his hands for her to look.  As she grabbed them, he noticed the shiny clean lines of the French manicure she had gotten.  “I like the look of your nails,” he told her. 
     Mel was surprised he would say that.  “Thank you,” she replied.
      “I think it looks very professional too,” Chad added.
      “Mel nodded her thanks.  “I agree,” she replied.  “And I think the nice soft pink we had your nails done with will go perfectly with your ballet costume tomorrow.”
     His ballet costume?  Chad knew there had to be an ulterior reason there somewhere.  But still, the new pink was a vast improvement over what his nails had been for the last week.  And… it was a normal nail color!