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The Bet - Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 6 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 56 (Friday – week 8 Part 6 of 9)

     Chad sat in his desk chair and rubbed his bare legs where his socks had been pulled up.  They were now shoved down as far as he could get them to go.  They still itched, but the amount of skin they itched was reduced to just a little bit.  The better part was that his miserable sweater was now laying on his desk.  Yes, he was sitting there in just his skirt and bra, but he had been dressed much worse here at work before.  And besides, the relief it brought was well worth it.  The only problem was, that his skin was still all red from the wool and he still kept rubbing himself to relieve it.  However, it was still much, much better without the itchy wool sweater.
     The relief from the itchy garments was enough now that his brain could tackle other issues… at least somewhat.  And the biggest issue on his mind, was that for the second day in a row, he hadn’t had a stupid suppository shoved up his backside at lunchtime.  And better, he knew for a fact that he didn’t get one last night either because he had diapered himself for bed.  That was three suppositories in a row that he had missed.  He wondered if Mel was finally backing off on them.  If so, it was about time!  He had to have so much of that junk still up inside of him that it might take weeks to get rid of it all.  But it still left a big question…  Since he had missed so many in a row now, would he be able to at least control that one thing this afternoon?  He was sincerely hoping so.
     His musings about that were interrupted by the reappearance of Robin – lunch bag in hand.  She stopped at his cubicle and stared at him.  “Where’s your sweater?”
     He pointed at the desk, then figured he better actually speak.  He stood and curtseyed.  “I took it off to relieve the itching for a little while.”  Curtsey…  Then reluctantly, he stuck his thumb in his mouth.
      “Put it back on!” Robin replied in no uncertain terms.  “Then drag your chair over to my desk again.”  She continued on to her own desk where she stowed her purse and started unpacking her lunch.
     Chad hated doing it, but he reluctantly pulled the sweater over his head again and pulled his necklace out from under it.  Then he pulled his socks up as well.  Itchy, itchy, itchy!  Shuddering from the maddening itching, he forced himself to not rub at it.  He stuck his stupid thumb back in his mouth and pulled his chair over to Robin’s cubicle.
     The sight made his mouth water.  The smell did much worse.  And his heart totally sank as he watched Robin pulling jar after jar of baby food out of a bag.  His eyes saw the baby food, but not clearly.  They were too focused on the fabulous fried chicken plate that was now centered on Robin’s desk.  And it looked so good! 
     Robin saw him standing there staring at her lunch.  She almost laughed.  His expression was just what she had wanted to see from him – especially the way he was standing there in that outfit sucking his thumb.  “Well don’t just stand there!  Bring your chair in and sit down.”
     Chad did that, but his eyes never left her chicken dinner.  As he sat, his one free hand unconsciously rubbed at the itching under his sweater. 
     Robin smiled.  “I take it you want some of this instead of what I’ve got here for you in these jars?”
     Chad wanted the chicken badly.  Besides it smelled so good!  He stood up, removed the thumb from his mouth, and did the best curtsey he was capable of.  “Please,” he said.  “Please may I have some?”  Then he curtseyed as well as he could again before sticking his thumb back in his mouth and sitting down in his chair.
     Robin shook her head.  “I thought we covered all that yesterday.  Since you seem to be more of an infant than my son, then I don’t think you should get anything except what you deserve.”
     Chad stood, removed his thumb, and curtseyed again.  “Please, Robin?”  Curtsey, thumb, sit back down.
      “No!  So don’t bother asking again.”  Actually, there was another reason he was only getting baby food for lunch, but it was something she wasn’t supposed to tell him.  According to Mel, now that he wasn’t getting any suppositories, the baby food was supposed to keep his stools very soft.  The softer the better! 
     Chad was crestfallen.  She was doing it to him again!  Just like yesterday, she was going to eat something really good right in front of him while she spoon fed nothing but baby food – straight from the jars – into his mouth.  Yuck!  He was upset and frustrated enough that he scratched extra hard at his itching body with both hands.
     Robin saw him scratching himself.  “I take it that sweater itches?” she asked.
     Stand, thumb, curtsey.  “Horribly!” Sissy replied.  Curtsey, thumb, sit down.
     Robin stared at him for a moment.  “Stand up,” she said and waited till he was on his feet.  “Now when you sit down again, sit on your hands.”
     Huh?  He removed his thumb from his mouth, then slowly he started to sit, this time holding his skirt to his backside with his hands so they would be under him when he got all the way down again.
      “No,” Robin said, stopping him as he was doing it.  “Place your palms down first, then sit on top of your hands.”
     Nearly down on the chair, Chad reversed his hands so that his palms were down on the chair, then he carefully lowered his body so that he was sitting on the backs of his hands.
     Robin nodded approvingly.  “That’s better.  Now you won’t make matters worse by trying to scratch yourself.”  A few seconds later, she tied his bib around his neck.
     Chad wasn’t sure if not being able to scratch himself was a good thing or not.  He realized that he probably touched himself or moved his arms so as to accomplish the same thing pretty much constantly, in a way, scratching at the itch just a little bit with every movement.  And now Robin didn’t want him doing that?  Did she have any idea how much the sweater he was wearing itched? 
     He watched as Robin opened a jar of baby food.  He watched as she started eating her own lunch.  With her mouth full, she spooned some of the baby food out of the jar with his tiny infant spoon and held it right in front of his mouth.  His mouth watering for the chicken he could see and smell, he opened his mouth and let her stick the tasteless green mush inside.  Green beans?  Maybe.  The jury was still out on that one!

     Ray picked up his phone and dialed Mel’s cell phone number – and got sent straight to her message box.  He hung up and dialed her office number instead.  “Hi,” he said as soon as Andrea has answered.  “This is Ray.  Is Mel available?”
      “Hi Ray,” Andrea replied.  “I’m sorry, but she’s on another call right now.  Can I tell her you called?”
      “Yes, please,” Ray replied.
     Mel was busy.  But that was nothing new.  She was a lawyer, she was usually busy.

     In her office, Mel laughed.  “Derek, you’re incorrigible!  All you think about is sex!  Just like every other man in the world!” 
      “Don’t tell me you don’t think about the same thing!”
      “No comment!” Mel replied good-naturedly.
      “So how about tonight?” Derek asked.  “Are you game?”
      “Well, tonight is nail night.  It’s kind of a standing appointment that I don’t dare miss.  Then after that, Sissy and I usually have dinner out somewhere.”
      “I could join you,” Derek offered.  “Even though Sissy will be there, I guess I could put up with him again if I have to.”
      “That would be nice,” Mel replied.  “Then if you like, you can watch him practicing his ballet as soon as we get home.”
      “Ballet?  Again?”  Derek was glad Mel couldn’t see him rolling his eyes.  “I think I’ll pass on that part.”
      “But Derek, he’s so much fun!”
      “Maybe for you, but not to me.”
      “So are you still joining us for dinner tonight?”
     Derek considered it.  Dinner wouldn’t be bad – even with Sissy there.  But ballet?  And worse, he would be just watching Sissy doing some kind of lousy dancing that he could care less about to begin with?  “Um…  Maybe I better skip it tonight.  You’re still too tied up with this bet thing.”
     Mel was disappointed.  “Well how about tomorrow?  Are you coming to his performance?  It should be really good!”
      “No,” Derek replied.  “That doesn’t sound anything at all like something I’d be the least bit interested in.”
     Mel was even more disappointed.  “Okay,” she finally replied.  “Talk to you soon.”  She hung up.  Men!  Why was it that they never had any interest in anything the least bit beautiful?  Okay, so Sissy’s ballet wasn’t exactly beautiful… and would be anything but beautiful by the time he actually performed it, but she could tell that Derek was one of those guys who were only really interested in what they liked and that was it.  So disappointing.  But still.  He was such a nice guy to be with.  So there had to be some hope for him.
     She picked up a stack of paperwork she had just finished looking at and carried it out to Andrea’s desk. 
      “Your other boyfriend called while you were on the phone,” Andrea told her.
      “My other boyfriend?”
     Andrea just nodded.
     Mel went back to her desk and picked up her phone again.  She figured she better call Ray back because he wasn’t going to stop hounding her.  A minute later, she was saying, “Hi Ray.  You called?”
      “Hello gorgeous!”
     Mel’s first thought, instead of blushing this time, was how predictable and tired his greetings were starting to get.  “Thanks Ray,” she replied without the enthusiasm she usually would have felt.  “I still can’t go out with you till after next week,” she got out before he could even ask.
     Ray was a bit put off, but he had expected something like that, just not so soon in the conversation.  It sounded to him like he must have caught her at a really busy time.  Lawyers!  But then, she was rich!  “Okay, just so you know, I’m not going to stop trying.”
     Mel mentally sighed.  “That’s good Ray.  Sorry.  But not just yet.”
     Ray hung up his phone a few minutes later after several tries to engage her in conversation a bit longer, but Mel seemed to be too preoccupied.  Well, he could understand that, but she was rich so he wasn’t going to stop trying no matter what she said.  And he definitely felt like it was time to pay her a personal visit!

     Itch.  Itch!  ITCH!  Ugh!  The infernal wool sweater and socks were once again driving him totally mad!  He was again sitting on the floor of Robin’s cubicle drinking yet another baby bottle, but he couldn’t help himself anymore.  He had to scratch at the itch!  The itch had been bad last weekend at the mall – horrible in fact.  But that hadn’t lasted as long as he was wearing the outfit today, and every minute seemed to make the miserable itching grow worse and worse.
     Scratch here.  Scratch there.  Scratch the socks.  Scratch the back.  Scratch the front.  It was all too much.  And nothing helped!  But he couldn’t stop himself.  Holding his bottle in his mouth with one hand, he used his other hand to rub and scratch from one place on his body to the next.
      “Stop that!” Robin said, finally turning around in her chair.  “You’re driving me crazy and it’s not going to help!”
     Chad forced himself to stop scratching, but it wasn’t easy.  Just then, his bottle finally finished.  He stood up and set it on the desk.  He’d go back to his own desk where he could scratch all he wanted.  Maybe even pull his sweater up to get a little bit of relief.  He curtseyed and stuck his thumb in his mouth before turning to go.
      “Where are you going?” Robin asked before he could get out of her cubicle. 
     Thumb out, curtsey.  “Back to my desk,” he replied. Curtsey, thumb.
      “Why?  Do you have anything to do there?”
     Hell yes!  Scratch at everywhere that itches!  But he couldn’t say that.  Thumb out and curtsey.  “No work,” he admitted.  Curtsey and return the thumb.
      “No work.”  Robin repeated, then she stared at him for a moment.  “You don’t need to go anywhere.  You can stay right here instead.  I’ll get your dolls out for you.”
     Chad mentally groaned.  Not again.  And especially not since he needed to scratch at his body in the worst way.  He sank down to his knees on the floor, and again tried to scratch at himself a little bit as he did it. 
     Robin noticed him trying to scratch.  That sweater of his had to be out of some kind of horrible wool.  But she figured the itchy wool was probably the reason Mel had bought it for him in the first place, especially since his socks looked like they were wool as well.  So…  “Stop scratching!” she said.  Then with a shake of her head, she got up from her chair.  “I can see we’re going to have to do something to keep you from ruining that beautiful sweater.” 
     But what should she do?  She opened her desk drawer and immediately spotted the ball of course package twine she had used on him once before.  She pulled it out, then glanced at the dispenser of tape on her desk that she often used on him instead.  No, this time she decided to use the twine.
     Chad wasn’t happy at all to see her grab the twine.  It meant she was probably going to tie him up some way again.  A moment later, he was certain of it as she tied the string around the wrist of his hand where his thumb was in his mouth.  A few wraps of the twine around his neck before tying it all off again, and that hand wasn’t going to be leaving his mouth no matter what!
     Robin stared at him.  She had taken care of one hand, but how about the other one?  He couldn’t have both of them in his mouth at the same time.  So what should she do?  She grabbed his other arm and brought his hand up to the one that was tied to his mouth.  Grab your other hand,” she ordered.
     Chad wasn’t happy about doing it, but he grabbed the heel of his hand that was stuck to his mouth with his free hand.  A moment later, he went cross-eyed watching Robin tie that hand to the one where his thumb was in his mouth.  When Robin stepped back a moment later, both hands were secured in front of his face where he couldn’t itch at his body at all.  And he really needed to itch! 
      “There,” Robin said with more than a hint of satisfaction in her voice.  “That should solve your problem… at least for a little while.  I guess we’ll have to work out something else when it’s bottle time again.”  She sat down at her computer and went back to work… with a smile on her face.
     Chad sat there and stared at her back.  The infernal itching was driving him mad and he couldn’t do anything about it.  Over and over again he shook his body a tiny bit, trying to get the damn itching to go away, but of course, nothing worked.  He was doomed to sit there and go silently mad while Robin sat with her back to him and did something useful!  Eventually, he stopped the shaking altogether and did his best to not move any part of his body at all.  He still itched horribly, but remarkably, no movement at all seemed to actually help… or at least not make anything worse.
     Half an hour later, Robin glanced at the time.  Bottle time again!  She turned around in her seat and stared at the semi-bound figure on her cubicle floor.  He had finally stopped fidgeting around and was sitting perfectly still.  A big improvement!  Obviously her little bit of twine had been useful.  But now how was she going to manage to change it all so he could drink another bottle? 
     Getting up from her seat, she set about untying him.  Then she grabbed one of the full bottles still in his diaper bag and handed it to him.  She watched him as he nursed on the bottle.  She could see that he was being careful to not scratch at himself at all.  In fact, he was keeping his free hand on the floor, well away from his body.  It almost looked like once he got into that position, he was trying not to move at all.  Other than his nursing on the bottle, he was basically a statue.  Was he trying to convince her that he wouldn’t scratch anymore?  She didn’t believe that for a second.  She had seen over and over again that he couldn’t be trusted.  So…
     She rolled the twine back into the ball and stuck it back in her desk drawer.  “Grab that bottle with both hands!” she ordered as she pulled out her roll of tape.  She wrapped the tape around and around his hands clasping the bottle.  That mostly took care of his hands.  Then she put the tape down and grabbed her twine again.  She wrapped it several times around his neck and hands making sure he couldn’t remove the bottle – or his hands- from his mouth.  Then she tied the twine with a simple – easy to undo – bow.  Now he could keep drinking his bottle and she could easily refill it for him.  Plus, there was no way he could scratch very well at his itchy sweater – especially the way he had been going at it earlier, which she knew would probably ruin the thing. 
     She stared down at him for a moment.  With the outfit he had on, and considering the bottle that was going to be stuck in his mouth, there was one little change to what she would rather see on him.  “Get to your knees for a minute,” she ordered.
     With his hands stuck to the bottle in front of his face, Chad found it awkward to get to his knees, but eventually, he made it.
     Robin bent down and pulled his tiny skirt straight up, where it stayed, leaving his wet diaper totally exposed.  “Okay,” she said.  “You can sit again, but keep your legs spread far enough apart so that I can easily see how wet your diaper is.”
     Awkwardly, Chad managed to reverse his movements and get back down to a much more comfortable sitting position, even though he was now keeping his legs splayed wide.  It was comfortable, despite the bottle in his mouth and his hands taped to the bottle and the infernal itching all over his body.
     Robin stepped back to look.  Much better!  Now having his wet diaper on display seemed to go much better with the baby bottle in his mouth.  It was a much better image.  Perfect!

     Mel worked, and actually got a lot done, but her mind was only half on it.  The other half of her thoughts were never far from trying to figure out what she was going to do about Sissy.  She was still bothered by the fact that she didn’t know how long he could hold back.  How much more did she still need to do with him?  She no longer had a clue!  How much more was it possible to do with him?  That one was the big question.  She wasn’t sure there was anything more she could do to make him incontinent other than what she was already doing with him… other than to continue with her plans. 
     Her plans.  She stopped working as that thought crossed her mind. She sat back in her chair and stared up at the ceiling.  Long ago – or so it seemed – when the bet had first started, she had put together a plan to make him incontinent.  Since then… well… things had changed.  He had changed… and so had she – more so than she ever thought she would.  There was still a plan of course, but she wasn’t truly following it anymore.  Some of it she had stuck to determinedly – like the use of the suppositories in him.  She groaned as she realized she hadn’t faked putting one up inside of him last night at all.  She was supposed to, but she had simply gotten too lazy!  Bad girl!  She had been so unnerved last night by not knowing what was going on with him anymore that she had simply sent him home – early!  And then she had gone to bed to think… and had fallen asleep.  She blamed that on the extra early time she had gotten up two mornings in a row – even though something in the back of her mind told her there was more to it than that.
     But last night she hadn’t faked the suppository thing with him.  And she knew that Robin wasn’t going to be doing it with him at work.  Robin had drawn the line firmly with him on that one.  So by now, he must realize that he had missed the last three suppositories – even though they would have been faked.  Would it make a difference?  She could only pray it wouldn’t.  She was very tempted to put another one up inside of him tonight – for real!  But she thought better of that.  No, the plan called for no more suppositories… only for him to think he was still getting them.  Besides, there was one tiny deviation in that plan coming up soon anyway. 
     So she didn’t know if he was going to be able to finally control that end of him today or not.  She didn’t know at all if he could control his front end either.  And she didn’t know what she could do about any of it… other than to keep at him the way she had… or if possible, increase the pressure.  But in doing that, she would have to be even more careful – self-respect, friends, and a life.  She still didn’t know how she was going to solve those problems either.  The bet was going to end soon, and she felt less in control than ever before!

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