Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Next Story – Training with Wolfie

I’d like to thank those of you who left me comments and sent me emails letting me know what you’d like for the next story.  I must say, I was quite surprised by some of them – and what the majority of the responses told me.

A long time ago (I have no idea how long, and I’m not going to bother looking it up) I mentioned a story I had started but had never finished.  I must have mentioned it because several of you mentioned that exact story in your wishes.  So based on that, and the fact that it was one of my considerations for my next story, that’s the one I will be bringing you.  To be honest, it’s about time I finished the thing anyway.  It’s too intriguing a story to leave hanging where I left off with it (somewhere in the middle of chapter 9).  And yes, for those of you who don’t know or remember anything about that story, it’s about someone who is forced to live as a dog. 

I  think the reason I never finished the story or posted it here, was that I was afraid that the subject matter would chase away too many of my readers.  But since you’ve asked for it, and it is such an interesting story, I’m going to go ahead and start posting it.  For those of you who don’t think you’ll be interested, please try giving the story half a chance.  Like I said, it is very intriguing.

I’m not sure when exactly I started this story, but I think it was back in 2011 or 2012.  My first title for it was Dog Training 101.  I was afraid that it might get confused though with an actual manual on how to train a dog – which this is not.  It went through a number of different trial titles after that and finally settled on Dog Training with Wolfie, and I left it there for its long hiatus.  But now I finally see the light and I’ve simply left out the word “dog,” and so the title for this piece will be “Training with Wolfie.” 

Uh…in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Wolfie in the story is a real dog…and actually was a real dog.  In fact, Wolfie was my wife’s dog when I first met her over a quarter of a century ago.  He was a cross between a German Shepherd and a Husky – just like in the book.  The real Wolfie was VERY protective of my wife and family, but like the dog in the book, was basically a very friendly and loving pet otherwise.  In fact, the dog loved to go swimming in the lake with her and her kids and would literally grab the rope on their big raft and pull the kids all over the lake.  It was one of the dog’s favorite things to do.  And holy cow that dog had some pulling power – especially on dry land!  About the only problem I know of with Wolf (the dog’s real name – my wife usually called him Wolfie though) was that Wolf went crazy every time he got loose and would go after the chickens one of our neighbors had.  Thank goodness for big fences! 

So that’s the next story coming up, and I do hope you will all give it half a chance.  You just may find yourself fascinated by it.  I know I am!

And yes, Satan’s Daughter is still coming.  I’m having some problems with my cover guy getting back to me with the changes I want.  I don’t know what’s going on there since he usually goes out of his way to get me everything very fast.

So starting with my next post, I do hope you’ll enjoy Training with Wolfie.  Oh, and please take some time and go out of your way to do something nice for yourself today.  Whether you think so or not, you deserve it.


Friday, October 12, 2018

MIster Mike - Chapter 45 - Epilogue

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 45 - Epilogue

     The tiny lock clicked shut.  A few minutes later, the second lock clicked shut.  A minute after that, the third lock clicked shut.  The third lock wasn’t on me though.  The third lock was on Ashley, locking her onesie on her, securing that big thick diaper so she couldn’t get it off.  My locks were on my onesie that matched hers, and of course, the darn cock lock under my big thick diaper. 
     Ashley moved into me, reaching up around my neck and kissing my lips.  “I like kissing you much better without the beard,” she said.  I had just shaved it a little while earlier.  She rubbed her breasts, her body, and especially her diaper clad groin against mine.  She kissed my lips again – passionately.  “I really wish we had time to do it again,” she said.
      “Me too!” I replied…even though we had both made love four times the night before.  Now…there was simply no time left.  We had to leave. 
     With a sigh, we separated and finished getting dressed.  Hiding everything “weird” that we were wearing.  Hoping that nobody would notice that our butts were suddenly far bigger than they had been before.  I was also hoping nobody would notice either of us walking funny.  But now that those locks were in place, we had little choice.  Well, we could have unlocked each other, but we weren’t going to do that. 
     Finally ready, we picked up our small travel bags and left the room.  Fifteen minutes later, we were heading down the gangplank of the cruise ship we had been on for the last seven days.  Seven days of luxury, fun, and of course, sex.  The cruise around the Caribbean had been our honeymoon.  Ashley’s and my gift to each other.  It had been marvelous, fun, exciting, and of course…full of wild passionate love.  Perfection. 
     It took us a while to find our luggage, but once we did we stopped and looked at each other. 
      “Ready?” she asked.
     It was a moment before I nodded.  “Yeah.  Let’s do this.”
     Together, we dragged our luggage out to the parking lot, where we found Joanna waiting for us.  She ran to us, kissed Ashley, then she kissed me. 
      “The car is over this way,” she said excitedly.  “Did you have a good time?” she asked as we slowly headed in the direction of the car.
      “Great!” Ashley replied.  “It was like the best thing I could ever imagine.”
      “Michael?” Joanna asked.
      “It was fantastic,” I told her.  “We didn’t want to leave.”
      “Maybe you can do it again next year,” Joanna suggested.
      “We’ll definitely have to consider it,” I told her.
     Ashley and I had gotten married a week earlier.  It was a small but very nice wedding.  Nothing at all strange about either of us.  Ashley’s father had even shown up and walked her down the aisle.  My mother had cried her eyes out.  Joanna did too.  Ashley and me?  Well, we had simply said our vows, kissed, and then moved on to the small get-together party, mostly attended by Ashley’s friends.  It hadn’t lasted long because Ashley and I had to catch a flight so we could get to our cruise ship.
     But now Joanna had met us at the terminal and she was going to drive us home.  A two day drive. 
     We reached Joanna’s new little SUV and put our luggage in the back.  Joanna stopped us right there and held her hand out.  “Keys!” she said.
     Ashley and I turned over the three keys to the locks we were wearing. 
      “Ashley, is he locked up properly?”
      “Yes, Mamma,” she sighed.  “So am I.”
      “Good!  Now get those clothes off that you’re wearing.”
      “Now?” Ashley exclaimed.  “Here in the parking lot?”
      “Right now!  Get them off!  Everything you can take off.”
     Right there in the parking lot, with countless people around trying to get to their cars, Joanna made sure we stripped down to our childish, matching, locked-on onesies that covered our hugely diapered butts.  Right there in the parking lot, she shoved a pacifier into each of our mouths, the signal that neither of us was allowed to say another word – about anything.  And right there in the parking lot, in full view of everyone around, Joanna dressed both of us in those matching baby outfits she had bought for us – the diaper cover that covered too little, the matching dress, the locked on shoes with the big pink bows, even some makeup and some bows in our hair.  All of it done right where everyone could see.  Embarrassing!  Fortunately, by the time she finally finished, the parking lot had pretty much cleared out. 
     Ashley and I were put into the back seat together, and Joanna started the long trip home. 
      “Oh,” she said, “I can’t wait to get you back and let you see what I did with your nursery.  You’re going to love it!”
     Our nursery.  Actually, it was our master bedroom in our new house.  And no, Joanna didn’t move in with us…exactly.  We just decided to bring her down for some fun several times a month.  After several months of living together, Ash and I found ourselves talking frequently about what we had been through before at Joanna’s hands.  And, we found ourselves laughing about it all, and strangely, missing it all.  It wasn’t long before we started playing our own games of domination again.  Mostly Ashley dominating me, but once in a while, Ashley discovered that she liked to be pushed around too.  That was a totally new experience for me.  But eventually, we always seemed to come back to what her mother had done to us. 
     And so, believe it or not, we decided to ask Joanna if she would come down for a weekend and “play” with us.  Joanna had been thrilled.  I think she was more excited about it than we were.  But the three of us had a great time that weekend, and we wound up bringing her down every couple of weeks.  We even fixed up her own room for her, letting her decorate it however she wanted.  Not surprising, it was right across the hall from our master bedroom.
     So now Ashley and I were married.  Officially!  Believe it or not.  I had taken two weeks off from work and so did Ashley.  The first week had been for our cruise.  The second week…was for Joanna!  A whole week of her pushing our buttons.  I can’t tell you how many times Ash and I “mentioned” it to each other while we were cruising around the Caribbean.
     Before we left, Joanna had given both Ashley and me strict instructions for when we left the trip.  We both were to be diapered and locked up – me more than Ashley.  And now that Joanna was with us again, she was fully in charge and we were to have no say as to anything.  It was a two day trip home.  That meant that Ashley and I were going to have to put up with going into restaurants dressed the way we were.  We were going to have to pump gas the way we were.  And we were going to have to go into the hotel at night the way we were.  I wasn’t…and was…looking forward to all of it. 
     And worse, we knew that Joanna’s plan for us before we left home was that once we got to the hotel that first night, Joanna was supposed to put those catheters back in each of us and tie us together again so we would be peeing into each other’s diapers, not just for a few days, but for the rest of the week!  That was the plan when we left home.  But we weren’t in charge, Joanna was.  Whatever she wanted to do to us, she would.  And we both knew how inventive she could get.  I had no doubt at all that Joanna would come up with yet another new twist to make things more interesting for us.
     As Joanna entered the highway heading home, Ashley reached over and grabbed my hand and squeezed.  I squeezed her hand back.
     Let the games begin.

The End!