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Mister Mike - Chapter 36 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 36 – Part 2 of 2

     An eight inch tether is a very short one.  Trust me!  It made clearing the table difficult.  It made rinsing and loading the dishwasher difficult.  It made…everything difficult.  Ashley and I continually kept getting in each other’s way, and if we turned in any direction at all, it simply brought us closer together.  Most of the time, too close.  But somehow, we got the kitchen cleaned up.
      “Are you done children?” Joanna asked as we went back into the family room to find her.
     With those big pacifiers again in our mouths, nodding was the best way we could answer. 
      “Good.  Let’s get you out of those diapers and cleaned up now.”
     Out of the diaper I had been stuck in all day?  Heaven!
     Back in the master bathroom, Joanna had us stand there while she removed our diapers.  Unfortunately, she left the stupid big pacifiers in place.  Then she sent us into the shower together.  “Make sure you get each other clean!  All over.  And wash each other’s hair too.  Ash, make sure he does your hair like you usually do.”  She turned the shower water on for us, and sent us in. 
     I had been in the shower several times now with Joanna.  Now I was in there with Ashley, and I had no way in hell to do anything at all like I had done with Joanna.  That damn little, and I mean little, chastity device made good and sure of it.  With Ashley tied to me like she was, washing was difficult. Every time we turned toward each other, we found ourselves tightly up against each other since the rope was so short.  It made washing far more difficult.  It also made it fairly…interesting.  And no surprise, my chastity device went into its amazing shrinking act again as her breasts rubbed so tightly against my chest. 
     There was no regular soap in there anymore, only a bottle of body-wash, but trust me, we put that to good use.  The most difficult part for us was actually our legs.  The only way we could really wash them well was for both of us to squat down at the same time.  And trust me, that rope connecting us was very tight.  We persevered, and somehow managed.
     Standing again, with our bodies slippery with soap, Ashley started purposely rubbing her body, and especially her breasts against my chest.  I heard her giggle behind her pacifier as she kept at it like she was trying her best to turn me on.  Oh how I wish I could have responded the way I had when Joanna had done that to me.  But that damn…well you know.  And of course, it was trying again to shrink smaller than ever.  I could do nothing at all about my chastity device shrinking, which meant I could do nothing at all about what Ashley was trying to do to me. 
     And then Ashley started making it worse.  Much worse.  She grabbed my locked up penis and balls, and started pushing the solid plastic package against her vagina like she was trying to get it up inside her – while she was rubbing my chest with her breasts.  Holy cow!  And all I could do was stand there…and pant! 
     She pulled the plug from her mouth and whispered near my ear, “Don’t you wish you could?”
     I couldn’t reply.  I could only stand there and shake with frustration.  She giggled and put the pacifier back in her mouth and went back to holding me and rubbing her breasts across my chest again.  It had been several weeks now since Joanna had unlocked me and let me fuck that stupid piece of wood with the hole in it.  And trust me, just then I needed it badly!  I was suddenly praying even harder that Joanna would see fit to let me loose again – soon!
     Yes, eventually we left the shower.  Drying off was just as difficult as washing had been, if not more so.  And it was certainly a lot less fun.  I helped Ashley rub the towel over her long hair.  She dried the plastic prison my cock was locked into.  Hopeless.
     Joanna came into the bathroom as we were finishing.  “Hi kids.  Enjoy yourselves?”
     With the pacifiers in our mouths, we didn’t answer, but I’m betting that Ashley’s face probably registered a certain sly amount of mischief. 
      “Into the bedroom now,” Joanna told us.  “Let’s get you fixed up.”
     There were towels lining the side of the bed again, and two of the big diapers laid out.  With Ashley tied to my left side, I of course had to lay on the diaper on the right.  Just getting the two of us situated on the bed together took some doing, but we eventually got into place.  And that’s when Joanna pulled out some of the rope again.  Ashley immediately shook her head rather violently and said, “Mm-mm!  Mm-mm!”
      “Relax Ash,” Joanna said.  “We did this last week.  Now we’re going to do it again.  Trust me Ash.  Trust me.  Okay?”
     I could see Ashley staring daggers at her mother. 
     Joanna grabbed my left wrist first, probably because it was easier than dealing with Ashley.  She grabbed my right wrist and connected it to my left on.  “Ash…your turn.”
      “Mm-mm!” Ashley grunted through her pacifier.
      “Ash!  Now!  Don’t make me spank you, because if you do, then I’ll have to spank him too.”
      “Mmm?” Ashley asked questioningly.
      “Anything that happens to one this weekend, happens to the other.  If I have to spank one of you, then the other one gets it too.  If I need to stick soap in your mouth…for making noise when those pacifiers are supposed to keep you quiet…then he’s going to get the same treatment – exactly!  All weekend!”
      “Now give me your hands!”
     I think Ashley was still in shock.  I could just see her looking questioningly at her mother as Joanna grabbed her hands and tied her wrists to mine. 
      “Okay,” Joanna said.  “Sit up you two.”
     As we sat up, I saw Joanna leaving the room.  She came back dragging a suitcase behind her.
      “Mmmm?” Ashley grunted questioningly.
      “For fun,” Joanna told her with one of those sly grins on her face.  Then her face turned stern.  “If I hear one more sound out of either of you, you’ll both be sucking on soap after we finish here!”
     I’m sure Ashley was shocked by that.  I know I certainly was. 
     Joanna pulled her suitcase off to the side where we couldn’t see it.  I heard her opening it.  She stood up and came back.  “No sounds…either of you!” she said, looking straight into Ashley’s eyes. 
     I now saw she had two scarves in her hands. 
      “Yes,” Joanna said.  “Last week I used two towels over your face to block your sight.  Today I’m going to use these.  So stay quiet both of you, and just hold still.  And Ashley, remember, trust me.  I promise I’m not going to hurt you.  Just relax dear and try to enjoy this.”
     Enjoy it?  What the hell did she have planned?  I remembered what she had made me do to Ashley’s vagina last week.  Ashley had certainly enjoyed that.  But how could I do anything like that now since we were tied together at the waist?
     I could tell Ashley wasn’t happy about it, but Joanna managed to tie the scarf around her head, blocking her eyesight.  And then it was my turn.  In mere moments, I was totally blind.  Blind, kept dumb from that big pacifier, and my hands were tied to Ashley’s.  I was at Joanna’s mercy for sure. 
      “Very good children,” Joanna crooned.  “Now lay back on the bed and relax.”
     Doing that was certainly easier than last week.  This time, Ashley came back at the same time I did. 
      “Good,” Joanna said kindly.  “Arms over your heads…all the way.”
     We raised our bound arms over our heads together.
      “Good,” Joanna crooned again.  “Now keep them there and relax.”
     I heard nothing for a few moments, then I suddenly felt our bound hands being grabbed and held down.  “Shh!” Joanna said softly.  “I’m not hurting you.”  She let go.  I could hear soft sounds as if she was doing something, but I couldn’t tell what.  Then I felt her grabbing our bound wrists again and pulling just slightly.  “Very good,” she crooned.  “Just relax.  I’m not hurting either of you.  I could feel her doing something with the rope binding our wrists, but I couldn’t really tell what.  Then she suddenly stopped.  “Just stay there like that and relax.  Both of you,” she said.  “I’m just going to get the razor so I can shave you two again.”
     The razor.  Shave us.  And I certainly knew where. 
     I suddenly felt Ashley trying to pull her arms back, and I heard her grunt as she suddenly stopped.  But I also felt the reason why she suddenly stopped.  I tried pulling on my arms, and discovered that Joanna had bound our wrists to the other side of the bed, so we couldn’t bring them back. 
     I heard noises again.  Joanna was back.  I heard nothing more for a while, but I felt tiny movements, more from Ashley than from anything else.  I was guessing Joanna was shaving her bare again.  Then Joanna was suddenly between my legs, forcing them apart.  I felt her unlocking that damn chastity device and pulling it off of me.  Relief!  I just wish she’d leave the darn thing off.  I felt myself being shaved – very thoroughly.  Then I felt Joanna coating me with baby lotion, top and bottom. 
     I knew what was coming next, and I was right.  I felt her pulling my balls through that damn chastity device, then I felt her struggling to get my cock through the same small ring that was now behind my balls.  Ugh!  It was a rather arduous process, at least for me.  I waited for her to put the darn cover over my penis, but instead, Joanna left me.  I waited, wondering what was going on.  She was gone for some time.  I could hear faint noises, but had no idea what they were.  And then finally Joanna was back and I felt her grabbing my chastity device again.  Why hadn’t she finished locking it on me before?
     I was expecting to feel that damn thing slipping over my cock, but what I felt instead was her hand grabbing my cock instead…and holding it firmly.  And then I felt something really strange…and a bit painful.  I jerked at it. 
      “Lay still Michael, and stay quiet!” Joanna ordered sternly.  “I’m not really hurting you.”
     Not hurting me?  Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly hurting but what I felt was her trying to push something right up inside of my penis!  Holy cow.  I wanted to scream, but somehow I managed to stay silent.  And then it was suddenly over.  She had put something…in me!  And the only thing I could think it could be, was a catheter.  Had she just put a catheter in me so I couldn’t control myself?  It was all that I could think.  And then I felt her finally putting the tube from the chastity device back over my penis, and then locking it firmly.
     A catheter?  So I couldn’t control myself?  But then I realized, I felt like I needed to pee a little.  I had felt that for a while now.  But wouldn’t a catheter immediately release any pee that was inside me?  Not only that, it had been hard to tell, but it didn’t feel like whatever she had stuck up in there hadn’t gone in very far.  So…what was it?  What had she done?  I felt her making an adjustment to the big diaper I had been laying on, and finally, I felt her taping that big diaper in place.
     And then she was gone, but not for long.  I could tell she was now back working with Ashley.  “Ash dear, you’re going to feel something strange,” she said.  “I’m not going to hurt you.  I promise.  Just relax.  And remember, no sounds!  Relax dear.  Here goes.”
     With that, I felt Ashley’s arms trying to jerk back again, but as before, being tied over our heads now, we couldn’t bring them back.  I heard a soft moan of discomfort from Ashley, but nothing more.
      “All done dear,” Joanna said. 
     I felt more motion near me, and could only imagine that Joanna was pulling Ashley’s diaper over her now.  When the movement stopped, I heard more soft sounds I couldn’t identify, then I felt Joanna come around behind us again.  I felt her untying the rope that bound our arms over our heads. 
      “You can bring your arms back now,” Joanna said.  Ashely and I brought our arms down.  I wanted to search inside my diaper for whatever Joanna had done, but that was impossible since our hands were still linked.  “Sit up now you two,” Joanna told us.  We awkwardly managed to sit up.  Still blind, still prevented from speaking.  I felt Joanna grab our tied-together hands.  “Now stand.”  We stood.  She pulled our hands and we moved a few steps forward.  “Good,” Joanna said.  “Now just stay there for a few minutes while I finish up.”
     Finish up?  What the hell was she doing?  And more importantly, what the hell had she already done?  What was up inside my damn cock?  It didn’t hurt.  In fact, I could barely feel it now.  I felt Joanna doing something behind us, but I couldn’t tell what.  And then I felt her pulling open one of the tapes on my diaper, doing something and then pulling it closed again, tighter than before.
      “Just stay there you two,” Joanna said softly.  And then she was gone again for a few moments.  When she came back, I could feel her doing something with that rope tether that was between us.  And whatever she was doing, it was taking her a very long time.  Finally, she seemed to be finished.  She was gone for a few moments, then she was back again.  I could tell she was doing something behind Ashley.  Then she was behind me.  I felt her untying that blindfold that had kept me from seeing anything.  Quickly, that blindfold was gone.  I blinked, trying to get my eyes to focus.  I looked at Ashley, she was looking at me, but I could see no clue as to what had happened. 
     And then Joanna was untying our wrists.  It was then that I noticed the tether that kept us so close together.  It was now completely covered with bright pink tape wrapped around it, from Ashley’s waist beyond the knot, to my waist, beyond the knots on my side.  Why?  Our wrists were soon free, but we were certainly not free from each other. 
      “All done…for now,” Joanna said with a smile.  “See.  Now that wasn’t so bad at all,” she added happily.  “Okay you two, back to the kitchen with you.  And when you get there, sit down at the table again.”
     Back to the kitchen.  While Joanna went back to that suitcase she had brought, Ashley and I headed for the bedroom door.  We squeezed through it, and managed to make our way through the hallway.  As we entered the living room, I realized again that I had to pee.  I was freshly diapered now.  There was no reason to hold back, so I didn’t.  I peed into my fresh diaper like I had now done a thousand times before.  I peed and felt the relief, but…I couldn’t feel my diaper getting wet.  And all of a sudden, Ashley stopped short and grunted.  I turned to see what was wrong.  She had the strangest look of surprise on her face.  I wondered what was wrong with her.  I could hear Joanna coming behind us, and I heard her giggle. 
     Ashley’s shocked surprise was still on her face as we continued on to the kitchen and sat down.  Joanna set a bottle of pink nail polish on the table along with some nail care tools.  She did Ashley’s hands first, clipping and filing each of her nails, and then taking a stick and pushing back the cuticles.  Then it was my turn.  When she had finished, she grabbed the bottle of pink nail polish.  Starting with Ashley again, she started doing our nails. 
     She was working on my left hand when all of a sudden I felt something that shocked the hell out of me.  My diaper was filling with warm pee!  And I hadn’t peed – that I know of.  But I had held it before and then peed, and I felt that…except I hadn’t felt my diaper getting wet. 
     Joanna noticed the look on my face.  She was looking at Ashely’s face too.  She tried to stifle a giggle, but it quickly turned in to an all-out laugh.  Have you two figured it out yet?” she asked.  “I’ve fixed it,” she said, “so that for the rest of the weekend, you’re going to be peeing into each other’s diapers.”  And then she broke into a laugh again.
     I remembered her putting something up inside me, but it hadn’t felt like she had pushed it in very far.  She must have done the same thing to Ashley.  Most likely, whatever kind of tube she had stuck up inside me, was going up my diaper, across the now tape wrapped rope so it couldn’t be seen, and down into Ashley’s diaper.  And the tube from her was done the same way and stuck into my diaper. 
     Just how demented was Joanna?  Very!  I had no doubt about that at all anymore.  Ashley and I both looked at each other.  I could see the look of total surprise on her face.  Joanna was still giggling as she grabbed my hand again and continued putting pink nail polish on my fingers.
     Twenty minutes later, Ashley and I were sitting on the rug in the living room.  I was doing my best to ignore the shrinkage of my chastity device again as I kept looking at my pink fingernails.  Joanna came over and handed each of us a juice box to drink.  She pulled those big plugs from our mouths.
      “Can we talk now?” Ashley immediately asked.
     Joanna considered that, then nodded.  “Only a little,” she replied.
      “You’re sick!” Ashley declared vehemently.
     Joanna smiled and laughed.  “Perhaps.  Maybe a little.”  She laughed a bit more.  “Maybe more than that.” Her face turned serious again.  “No matter what you think Ashley, this is still about trust.  All about trust.  Believe me.  Now drink your juice.  You can talk to each other for a few minutes if you want.”  She walked away back to the kitchen. 
     I took a sip of my juice. 
      “Don’t drink it!” Ashley told me.
      “Why not?”
      “Because if you do, you’ll only wind up peeing on me!”
      “Well you’re going to be peeing on me too, like it or not.”  Just for spite I stuck the straw in my mouth and took a big strong sip.
     Ashley leveled a nasty look on her face and started drinking too.  I wasn’t sure if the look on her face was more from anger, or if there was something more playful underneath.  But we both stared each other down as we gulped in those boxes of juice.
     We were still drinking when Joanna came back into the room and turned the TV on.  She started flipping channels, searching for something, and finally settled on the most childish cartoon channel she could find.  “Enjoy,” she said as she cast us a parting sly glance.
     Enjoy?  Junk like that, but with Ashley and me tied together, just turning around was an arduous task.  And with nothing better to do, we didn’t have much of a choice but to sit there and watch those kiddie shows.  When our drinks finished a few minutes later, Joanna was back again and shoved those big pacifiers back in our mouths.  “How are my babies doing?” she asked as she took our now empty drink boxes. 
     I could only look up at her with raised eyebrows.  I have no doubt that Ashley was giving her a far worse look. 
     Moving around individually was all but impossible.  Moving together was doable but required the consensus of both of us, who weren’t allowed to utter a sound.  That being the case, Ashley and I had no choice but to sit there on the floor and watch the childish cartoons on TV…while Joanna sat back on the other side of the room and read a book.  I had no doubt she was silently laughing at the both of us.  And…I guess I couldn’t blame her if she did.
     A different kiddie cartoon started at eight o’clock.  Joanna disappeared into the kitchen for a few minutes, then came back – with two baby bottles in her hands.  She handed one to each of us.  I noticed immediately that the bottles held warm milk.  “Feed those bottles to each other,” she ordered.  And make sure you both drink all of that!”  She again pulled those oversized plugs from our mouths, but she stayed right in place, hovering over us, until Ashley managed to reach over and push the bottle in her hand into my mouth, after which, I returned the favor and stuck the bottle I was holding into her mouth.  Joanna seemed satisfied and left us. 
     We had both just finished boxes of juice not long ago, and now we were stuck drinking bottles of warm milk.  I didn’t want to contemplate what that was going to mean, but it was all my mind wanted to think about.  Namely, wet diapers all night.  Wetting more often all night.  Wetting – into each other’s diapers – all night.  And Joanna was claiming this was all about trust?  What kind of trust was she talking about?  None that I could see!
     When the bottles were done, Joanna took them and again stuck those big plugs in our mouths…for a little while.  At eight thirty, she turned the TV off, and had us get up from the floor.  She took us back to the bedroom…and put us to bed.  At eight thirty!  Just getting into the bed together was difficult.  Very difficult.  It’s hard for someone to scoot over when they’re anchored to someone else so closely that they are always touching.  But eventually, we managed it.  Joanna didn’t pull the covers over us yet though. 
      “Just stay there for a few minutes,” she told us.  “I’ll be right back.”
     I was quickly learning to dread it whenever she left us, telling us she would be back soon.  Every time she returned, it seemed she returned with some new kind of horror.  As it turned out, she returned with another horror, but it wasn’t exactly a new kind of horror, she brought two more baby bottles of warm milk.  The only way Ashley and I could feed the bottles to each other, was to turn on our sides, which of course brought our nearly naked bodies in contact with each other.  Pushing the bottles into each other’s mouth in that position was very awkward, but Joanna stood there until we managed it. 
     While we sucked on the bottles, Joanna wandered between the bedroom and the master bathroom.  I had no idea what she was doing, and was afraid to find out. 
     Shock!  I felt warm pee suddenly filling my big diaper again.  Ashley was peeing.  I saw the smile on her face as she tried to stifle a giggle.  I wiped that smile right off of her face by peeing back – into her diaper.  Served her right!
     When our bottles were done, Joanna took them and set them on the nightstand, then she leaned over and stuck one of those big pacifiers back in Ashley’s mouth, but this time I noticed that Joanna had attached pink ribbons to the pacifier shield.  Ashley grunted angrily as her mother tied the ribbons behind her head, making sure that pacifier wouldn’t leave her daughter’s mouth.  And then it was my turn.  Duplicate pacifier, with duplicate pink ribbons, tied tightly at the back of my head. 
     Joanna leaned over and kissed her daughter on the cheek, then she grabbed and hugged her as best she could while she buried her head into Ashley’s neck.  When she came up, she kissed my cheek as well.  “Goodnight my babies,” she said softly.  “I love you both.”  She started to get up, then she stopped and leaned down between us.  Very softly she whispered, “Trust.  Remember…trust.”
     With that, she stood up, turned out the light, and left us.
     And that’s when the real torture began.

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Mister Mike - Chapter 36 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 36 – Part 1 of 2

     Whether I truly considered myself it or not, I was the lowest of the low.  Part of my mind didn’t want to believe that.  Part of my mind still thought I belonged in that upper echelon of “normal” people.  But the rest of my mind knew the truth.  I was in a class all by myself, or pretty much that way.  I was…the lowest of the low.  Not fit for most human interaction. 
     And now my mattress pretty much reflected that status as well.  Sort of.
     The bigger mattress was…nice.  But in truth, I barely noticed the larger size.  What I did notice was the fact that it was lying on the floor.  Low!  Like me.  It felt different too.  Not uncomfortable, just different.  Of course the hard floor and lack of box spring could account for that.  Or perhaps it was just that it was a different mattress.  In truth, I didn’t care about any of that.  What I noticed instead was what the status of it being on the floor represented…low.  Just like me.  Consequently, I tossed and turned more than usual…more than just from waking up all too often to pee into my diaper.
     It was during one of those half-wakeful times that I heard something strange.  Something that brought me fully awake.  My bedroom door was open of course, so I was able to hear more of the sounds coming from the rest of the house, and this time I heard something very soft and very strange.  I immediately worried about someone trying to break into my house. 
     Despite how I was dressed, I got up and carefully headed for my bedroom door.  Was Ashley up and doing something, perhaps in the kitchen?  Ashley’s bedroom door was closed, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything.  I peeked out and saw nothing.  I also didn’t hear anything.  Maybe it was nothing.  Maybe I had imagined it.  I was about to go back to bed when I heard it again.  Soft.  Strange.  And it was coming from Ashley’s room.  I went across the hall and listened closer at the door.  The sound was coming from in there…and now I recognized it.  Crying.
     I softly opened the bedroom door.  “Ash?” I called softly.  No response except a slightly bigger sob.  I moved over to the side of the bed.  “Ash?  Are you okay?”
She rolled over quickly.  I could just make out her eyes in the dark room.  “Go away!” she ordered. 
     I started to turn, but her hand grabbed me.  “No.  Don’t!”
     I turned back to her.
     She started at me for a moment.  “Go away!”
     Surprise!  Obviously she was conflicted.  I sat on the side of the bed.  “What’s wrong?”
     She pounded on me with the side of her fist.  “Go away!”
      “What’s wrong?” I insisted.
     She turned away from me.  I sat waiting and was rewarded with another soft sob.  I laid down next to her on the bed and put my arm over her.  “What’s wrong?” I whispered.
     No reply, only more soft crying.  I laid and held her, and finally it came.  “It’s Mom.”
      “What about her.”
      “She tied me up.  She used rope to tie me up, but it was still the same.”
      “The same?”
     She didn’t answer.  Only more crying. 
      “Ash?  Why does she do that to you when she knows how much you hate it?”
     No reply. 
      “Ash?  Why does…”
      “Don’t ask!” she said in a very angry determined voice.  “Don’t ask.  Don’t ever ask!  Just…shut up about it.”
     Okay.  So it was something she didn’t want to discuss.  But I already knew that. 
      “What can I do for you?” I asked instead.
     She rolled over quickly again.  This time she slapped my face.  “Get out!  Get out, get out, get out!  Leave me alone!”
     The two of us stared at each other for a moment.  I finally nodded my head and got off the bed.  I went back to my own room, closing her bedroom door behind me. 
     I laid down on my mattress on the floor, wondering about her.  Wondering about her mother.  I remembered again that I had overhead that she had been kidnapped, but that didn’t explain Joanna’s behavior.  So why was Joanna doing this?  Why would Joanna go so far out of her way to be so cruel to her own daughter?  It didn’t make sense. 
     I finally drifted off to sleep wondering about all of it…only to wake a short while later when I needed to pee again.  Ugh!  There had to be something I could do about that so I could get more sleep.  But other than learning to wet myself in my sleep, I had no answers.  Of course the obvious answer would be to give it all up.  To quit.  To go back to my former life…or at least attempt to.  I had no illusions that it would be far more difficult than it sounded.  Not to mention temptation….  The allure….  The…thrill.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Somehow…we managed to negotiate our way through the week.  On Sunday afternoon, Ashley came to me and pleaded with me to let her wear one of her pink diapers instead of a big bulky one so she could go and visit with her friends.  I was busy out in the workshop so I really had no problem with that.  She was gone all afternoon and didn’t come back until she was worried about her diaper showing.  Other than my big diaper and boots, I felt like I was dressed more normally in my work clothes as I enjoyed working with the wood out in my shop.  Win – win!  For both of us. 
     I dropped Ashley off at work early Monday morning, then hurried to the bank.  Later that morning I got a text from my mother telling me she was back from Europe and had a “fabulous” trip.  I was glad.  I was even happier later that day when I changed Ashley’s diaper after work and she didn’t even mention making me wear her used one.  She didn’t unlock my onesie however and I got stuck wearing that same pink diaper I had been in since early that morning until we both got changed for bed later that night. 
     On Tuesday, I made sure to apply some of that greasy diaper rash ointment to my backside before I got diapered up for the day.  Or was that for the duration?  I again took Ashley to work, then went to the bank, anxious to get my male shoes out of their confinement and back on my feet. 
     Joanna phoned me later that morning to tell me my mother had called her and the two of them had spent a very nice evening talking on the phone.  I was quite surprised.  I had only gotten a text from my mother, nothing more.  Joanna explained it though by telling me that she and my mother had simply connected during her visit, and they now considered each other to be good friends.  Joanna did mention that my mother was quick to ask how the two “love birds” were doing.  Joanna told me that she had told my mother that Ashley and I were still close.  And then she clarified that by saying, “What I didn’t tell your mother, is that the two of you are close, but it’s closer to two years old than to the ages you really are!”  And then she went off talking about the way Ashley and I behaved in the store together – like two year olds!  As far as I was concerned, if she didn’t want us to act that way, then she shouldn’t treat us that way.  I didn’t actually tell Joanna that though.
     Ashley didn’t work on Wednesday.  When I got home Wednesday night, I again found the kitchen table littered with her school work.  In truth, I was very happy to see it.  I was even happier to get taken out of that used diaper I had been wearing since I got dressed that morning. 
     And then Thursday hit.  I think we both felt it.  Neither of us mentioned it, but I’m sure we both felt it.  Thursday.  One day closer to the long weekend that Joanna had mentioned.  One more day until Joanna would get there and it would start.  Neither of us had a clue as to what Joanna had planned, but we both knew it had to be something…special.
     I took Ashley to work again Thursday morning.  I expected a text or phone call from Joanna all day, but it didn’t come.  When I changed Ashley’s diaper after work, I asked if she had heard from her mother.  Like me, Ashley hadn’t heard a word.  I think both of us were growing too nervous to contact Joanna and ask about it.
     When I left the house Friday morning, Ashley was already in the process of moving her school things to the kitchen table.  As usual, we were both locked in our diapers and onesies…and of course I had a few other locks hidden on different things as well.  Just before I walked out the door, we both looked at each other but said nothing.  What could we say?  Joanna was coming sometime that day, and neither of us knew what to expect.
     Early that afternoon I got a quick text from Ashley.  She’s here.  Don’t know what’s going on yet, but she brought a big suitcase with her.  I didn’t bother texting back.  I knew the “fun and games” would be beginning soon.  I started praying that it would be one of her more “normal” visits where she didn’t do much of anything.  Um…what visit would that be?  Every time she came she brought total chaos.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     The end of the business day came.  I breathed a sigh…but not of relief.  I followed in a crowd out of the bank and out to the parking lot.  I got in my car and changed my shoes, locking my male shoes away for the next few days – until Monday morning, the next time I would be at the bank.  I would now be stuck wearing only women’s shoes, like it or not, until next Monday.  And it was only Friday.  How could I do it?  But then, how had I managed to do it for weeks now?
     I walked into the kitchen to the smell of something good cooking.  Ashley was still at the kitchen table with her school books.  I immediately felt better about things.
      “Hi Mike,” Joanna greeted me pleasantly.
      “Hi Joanna,” I replied.
     Ashley and I looked at each other.  I got the impression she still didn’t know what was going on…if anything was going on.
      “Um…can I put my work clothes on so I can keep working on that crib?” I asked – hopefully.
      “No Mike.  Not tonight.  In fact, you won’t be working on it at all this weekend.”
     Uh-oh.  Trouble.  “Oh?  Why?”
     She smiled one of those super wicked smiles.  “We’ll just have to see.”
     She turned to her daughter.  “Ashley, clear your things off the table now.  Then you and Michael go get undressed.  Leave your diapers on for now please, but take everything else off.  I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
     Yeah.  Without a doubt, something was up.  I helped Ashley carry her things back to the big master bedroom.  “What’s going on?” I asked quietly. 
      “No idea,” she replied.  “Mom won’t say, but trust me, I’m already scared.”
      “Yeah.  Me too.”
     A few minutes later, our clothes had been removed, our onesie’s had been unlocked and removed, and my heels had also been removed.  Ashley and I were standing in the master bedroom waiting on her mother to get there.  She arrived, but headed first into the other bedroom.  We continued to wait…on pins and needles.  Joanna came back…with rope in her hands.
      “Moooom!” Ashley exclaimed, the fear again evident in her voice.
     Joanna shook her head.  “Don’t say anything Ashley.  I told you last week we were going to continue with the trust games.”
     Ashley rolled her eyes and grunted angrily.  Then surprisingly, she held her wrists out for her mother to tie them.  I couldn’t believe it.  “Let’s just get this over with…please!” she said.
      “Not this time dear.  I have something else in mind.”
     Ashley grunted again.  “Why?  Why do we have to do this?  Especially me!”
     Joanna seemed to consider that.  Trust me, I was just as interested in the answer as Ashley was.   “Because….  Because we’re doing it,” Joanna finally replied.
     Ashley groaned this time…which was my feelings exactly.
      “Okay children,” Joanna said.
     Children?  Don’t think for a moment that I didn’t miss that word.
      “Hug each other.”
     Do what?  I know I looked at her, unsure if I had heard that right, and I’m quite sure Ashley did the same.
      “Hug!  Now!”
     Okay.  Ashley and I moved together.  I wrapped my arms around her and she wrapped her arms around me.  Then suddenly Ashley pulled away.  “Are you going to tie my hands around him so I can’t let go?”
      “Don’t worry about what I’m going to do dear,” Joanna replied.  “Our agreement is that you’re going to just do it.  Whatever I tell you.  So Ashley…”  She seemed to sigh.  “Trust me dear.  Please.  Please just do what I ask…and trust me.  Okay?  I’m not going to let you get hurt.  I promise.  I promise that with my life.  Trust me Ash.  Please.”
     I saw Ashley roll her eyes with frustration.  She came back to me and wrapped her arms around me.  She looked up at my face.  “Here we go again.  And I can’t tell you how much I hate it.”
     I nodded.  “Yeah.  I know.”  I didn’t say it, but I remembered every time Joanna had tied her in some way.  And I remembered last weekend after Joanna had left.  Ashley had been crying in her sleep because of it. 
      “You two can certainly hug tighter than that.  Kissy, kissy,” she sang mockingly.
     Ugh!  Ashley and I hugged “a little” tighter.  She tilted her head up toward mine and I bent down to meet her lips.  We kissed briefly.
      “Keep kissing and hold it like that,” Joanna ordered.
     Hold it?  Ashley and I kissed again, this time holding our lips together as if we wanted to kiss each other for a long time.  All of a sudden I heard a click. 
      “Good,” Joanna exclaimed. 
     I looked up and saw Joanna holding her cell phone.  “You took a picture of us?”
      “To send to your mother.  She still thinks you two are in love, remember?”
     I couldn’t for the life of me think of a reason why Joanna would want to perpetuate that myth.  “Now keep hugging…tightly!” Joanna ordered.  “In fact, keep kissing each other until I tell you to stop.”
     Not again.  But like it or not, Ashley and I hugged tighter again, and kissed…again.  Then all of a sudden Joanna was there, forcing her hand between us.  It was a moment before I realized what she was doing.  In fact, by the time I fully realized it, she was halfway there.  She had passed some rope between us, and was now tying it around my waist. 
      “Just stay like that,” Joanna ordered. 
     I felt Joanna leaving me and going over to Ashley.  All of a sudden I had to hold tightly onto Ashley as she tried to pull away from me.  I kept holding her tight so she couldn’t get away.
      “Keep holding each other!” Joanna ordered.  “Tightly!  And don’t stop kissing.”
      “Moom!” Ashley complained before I covered her lips with mine again.
     She struggled.  “Moom!” she managed to get out, trying to get away from me. 
     I held her tightly and felt Joanna passing the rope between us again.  Then she went to the other side where I was guessing she was tying it off.  I was also guessing that Ashley and I weren’t going to be able to stop holding tightly onto each other for a while. 
     Joanna came back and passed the rope around my waist and between us again.  I could feel her tying it in the same place where she had tied it before, then she went around Ashley and did the same, again passing the rope between us.  She came back and again did some more tying, only this time to Ashley. 
      “There!” Joanna said as if she was breathing heavily from exertion.  “You can let go of each other now.”
     I dropped my arms, and was almost surprised when the two of us separated easily.  Ashley quickly moved away from me, but not for long as all of a sudden my side jerked toward her and she was brought up short.  She quickly tugged again, trying to move away from me.  But she couldn’t.  I could see the panic in her rising as she realized what had been done to us.  There was now two layers of rope tethering us together.  It was tied to my left side, and the other end was tied around Ashley’s waist to her right side. 
      “Calm down Ash!” Joanna told her.  “This is just something different.  And I know it’s not hurting you.”
     I saw Ashley level an angry snarl at her mother, but she stopped trying to pull away…which was now impossible anyway.
     Joanna seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.  “For the rest of the weekend,” Joanna said, “you two are never going to be further apart than you are right now.”
      “What?” Ashley exclaimed angrily.
     Joanna however ignored her and started working with the rope now tied to both our waists.  My best estimate was that the rope that separated us was about eight inches long, and that was it.  And according to Joanna, we were going to be staying like that for the entire weekend?  How?
     Joanna started going around us and tucking the ends of the rope into the layers that were wrapped around our waists.  “There,” she finally said.  She stood back and looked at us standing side by side.  “Perfect!” she declared.  Then her face clouded.  “Or maybe not.  Just a minute.” 
     She left and went across the hall, when she came back, she shoved a pacifier into each of our mouths…and I jerked in surprise.  This pacifier wasn’t like any I had sucked on before.  It was much bigger.  If filled a good portion of my mouth, and I now noticed that it was so big that my tongue couldn’t even get around it.  A moment later, I heard Ashley grunting in surprise as Joanna shoved one of those big pacifiers in her mouth too. 
      “Much better,” Joanna declared.  “See that those things stay in your mouths, or trust me, I’ll have no problem tying them there.  And as long as they’re in your mouth, no talking!  In fact, I don’t want to hear any sounds of any kind from either of you.  Got that Ashley?”  She stared determinedly at her daughter for a moment, who was staring angrily right back at her.
      “Okay children.  Back to the kitchen with you now.  You two can set the table together.”  She walked out.
     Ashley and I stared at each other.  Words weren’t necessary…despite the big pacifiers stuck firmly into our mouths.  And don’t think for a moment that I missed Joanna’s use of the word “children” again.  The word that I had long ago figured out would bring us nothing but embarrassment.  We both tried examining the rope that now tethered us together.  Two times around each of our waists.  Two layers of it passing between us.  And all of it tied firmly to both of us with the ends wrapped further around the rope around our waists.  It wasn’t going anywhere, and we weren’t going far from each other.  Like it…or not. 
     Just moving from where we were standing to the door took some figuring out.  Like it or not, everything we did now had to be done side by side, together, with Ashley always on my left side and me always on her right.  We made it easily enough to the bedroom door, but then we had to go sideways through the door since we both couldn’t fit at the same time.  In fact, it was difficult for the two of us to get up that narrow hallway.  But once in the family room, we had more room and could walk much easier. 
      “There you are children,” Joanna said as we entered the kitchen.  I saw her looking us over, and I suddenly realized she was doing everything she could to not burst out laughing.  Yeah, we must have looked quite a sight together.  Two people tied together, wearing nothing but diapers – wet diapers.  Oh, and sucking on baby pacifiers.  What could she possibly have to laugh about? 
     Ashley and I went about the now arduous task of setting the table.  Not being able to talk to each other was a big hindrance.  It took some trial and error, and more than a few angry looks between the two of us, to get the simple job done.  Before we started, Joanna had us move the chairs so that there were two right together along one side of the table again.  Guess where we sat.
     To add insult to injury, Ashley and I had to sit there and watch Joanna eating, while we ate…nothing!  Silently sucking on our pacifiers, we had no choice but to watch as Joanna ate her entire dinner, and trust me, she didn’t seem to be in a hurry about it at all.  But once she was done, she all of a sudden got up from the table and walked out of the kitchen.  We, of course, stayed put.  She was soon back though and threw something onto the table in front of us.  And I died as soon as I realized what it was.  Bibs.  Baby bibs.  Fairly large baby bibs.  Matching baby bibs that each had pink baby bottles and rattles and said ‘A Baby Girl’ printed all over them.   

       “Put those on each other please,” Joanna instructed. 
     Put them on?  I was still trying to make sense of them being there.  But I saw Ashley reach for one…and then she giggled.  All of a sudden I felt her reaching around my neck with the straps from the thing and tying it in place.  She looked at me and giggled again.  Feeling silly, and embarrassed, I picked her bib up and tied it around her neck.  The bib was big enough to come down nearly to the tips of her naked nipples.  Again she giggled as she grabbed it and looked down at it.
      “Children…”  We turned and saw Joanna holding up her phone.  A quick click, and she had taken a picture of us.  Embarrassing.  Ashley giggled again.
     While I sat and watched Joanna dishing out our dinners, I was surprised when Ashley lightly grabbed my arm, then leaned over and put her head on my shoulder.  She stayed like that until Joanna pulled the plugs from our mouths and told us we could start eating. 
     Dinner was good, as it always was when Joanna cooked, even though Ashley and I kept bumping arms as we went about eating.  At one point, Ashley picked up her baby bottle of milk to take a drink, then all of a sudden changed direction with it and stuck the nipple of it in my mouth.  She laughed while I took a drink before pulling my lips away.  She put the bottle down. 
     What was up with Ashley?  All of a sudden she was acting like this was fun!  Question.  Was it?  I couldn’t help but recognize that there was that certain part of me that was really enjoying this new bit of humiliation.  It was that one part of me that was different from everyone else.  That part of me that was responsible for the humiliating position I was currently in.  But I wasn’t thinking of it as fun in the terms that Ashley seemed to be.  So should I just try to go with the flow and relax into it more like I suspected Ashley was trying to do?  Somehow, I just couldn’t do that.  I’m not even sure I would know how to do that.