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Mister Mike - Chapter 41 – Part 3 of 3

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 41 – Part 3 of 3

     Dinner that night was much easier to eat for both Ashley and I since we weren’t connected at the waist anymore.  It tasted a lot better too.  Joanna had cooked us a very good, and much needed meal.  But she said nothing at all during any of it about what had happened all weekend, and especially not about what had happened up at her house. 
     After dinner, Joanna didn’t even make us keep those darn pacifiers in our mouths.  She let us watch TV or do whatever we wanted.  Surprisingly, Ash and I said nothing to each other all evening. 
     I kept waiting for Joanna to go home.  I was sure she had to go to work tomorrow morning, but she didn’t.  She stayed and watched TV with us until nine o’clock.  “Okay, you two,” she finally said.  “I think it’s bedtime for both of you.”
      “Are you going home now?” I finally asked.
      “Not tonight,” she said.  “I’ve done enough driving today.  “I’ll leave very early tomorrow morning and go straight to work.”
     Oh.  That explained it.  I think.
     Ashley and I headed for the little mattress on the floor where we laid down together…much as we had lain together all weekend.  Joanna pulled a blanket over top of us, then she kissed her daughter goodnight.  She came over and kissed me.  “Michael, your work clothes are in Ashley’s closet so you don’t need to get into the other room.”
     They were?  And I didn’t need to go in there?  Why?
     She turned the light off in our room and left us.  I saw her walk back up the hallway to the bathroom.  She was back a little while later.  I saw her go straight into her bedroom.  Surprisingly, she didn’t close the door behind her. 
     Ashley and I laid there next to each other.  Since it was only a full size mattress, we had no choice but to be close together.  Ashley rolled over on her side to face me.  I rolled over towards her…and was surprised when her head reached up and kissed my lips.  Then she was gone again. 
     We laid like that for a little while.  I did my best to try to go to sleep, but there were too many strange things on my mind.  Things that had happened earlier that day.  I could tell Ashley wasn’t sleeping either, although like me, she was trying.
     She suddenly moved in closer to me.  Right up against me.  Cuddling as close as she could.  “Hold me,” she whispered. 
     Surprised, I rolled onto my side facing her.  I put one arm over her body and the other arm under her head as she wormed her way right up next to me and snuggled her head into my neck right beneath my head.  I felt her take a deep breath, then I felt her blowing it out against me in one very long controlled breath. 
      “Mmm!” she grunted softly.  I’ve been holding that forever.”
     I realized she had just wet herself.
     Her head tilted up a little.  “I haven’t been holding back at all today,” she said, “so I don’t know why I bothered to hold back then.  Between being so tired and having to pee so much, I haven’t bothered even trying to hold back.  I’ve just let my body go limp and relaxed down there and left it that way, letting it pee whenever.  It was sure a lot easier.”  Her head tilted back down again into my neck and she was silent for a moment.  “It doesn’t ever do any good to hold it back, does it?” she said into my neck.  “No matter how I try, in the end, I still have to let it out sometime.  And I’m always stuck doing it in my diapers.  I don’t want to do it at all that way, but now, thanks to Mom, I’ve got no choice.  I’m stuck.  She’s making me pee myself like a baby, day in and day out.  Every day.  Every night.  I don’t want to do it, but in the end, there’s no choice.  Holding back, never works.”
      “No,” I said, my voice barely above a whisper.  “As much as it…humiliates me, because it is humiliating, I don’t like doing it either.  I fight it sometimes, but more often I don’t bother anymore.  It’s…inevitable.  Sometimes I don’t even think about it.”
     I felt her head nodding, then she was silent.  I laid there holding her, her soft nearly naked body snuggled up against mine.  I felt her breathing slow and deepen, as if she had fallen asleep.  But her head suddenly tilted up a bit, then went back down.  “Hold me,” she whispered.  “Tighter.”
     I held her more firmly as she seemed to try to snuggle her body even closer up against mine.  I now noticed a definite tenseness in her body that hadn’t been there before.  I felt her head tilting up again.
      “If I tell you something personal, will you promise to not tell anyone else?  And I mean don’t tell anybody.  Not even my mother.  Especially not my mother.”
     That surprised me.  “Okay.  You know I won’t.  Not if you don’t want me to.”
     Her head tilted back down into my neck again.  She said nothing more, but I continued to hold her.  I was pretty sure she had decided not to tell me whatever it was she had been thinking about, so I closed my eyes and decided to try to sleep, but her head tilted up, then went back down again.  Her body seemed even tenser somehow.  I realized she was wrestling with something in her mind.  I just continued to hold her.  When she spoke, her head stayed buried in my neck.  Her voice was soft but clear.  And what she said wasn’t anything I ever expected to hear.
      “Years ago.  When I was fourteen.  I was at my friend’s house playing.  We heard her older sister talking about a party she was going to that night.  I got the idea in my head that the two of us should sneak out that night and go too.  The two of us talked about it and planned what we would do for a while, but in the end she decided she wasn’t going do it.”  I felt Ashley shaking her head.  “I already knew she wouldn’t go.  Her parents would never let her.  I’m not even sure her parents knew her sister was going to that party.”
     Her head tilted up again, then went back down.
      “I had never been to a party with a bunch of older kids like that, and I wanted to go, so I snuck out of the house that night.  Believe me, it wasn’t the first time I’d done something like that.  But I knew that more than likely my mother and father would never know, and even if they did somehow find out, what were they going to do to me?  Not much…if anything.”
     She stopped talking for a while.  I can’t tell you how intently I was listening to the…silence.
      “I knew where the party was, and I walked there.  By the time I got there, the place was crowded.  It was mostly people…kids…that had been out of high school for a while, but I did notice some of the older high school kids there too.  My friend’s sister was there with some of her friends.”
     Again she paused, and again I mentally willed her to keep going. 
      “The party was…wild.  Loud music, and so much drinking.  I remember being surprised by all the smoke filling the house.  And it had a funny smell to it.  I kept expecting someone to see me and throw me out for being too young, but nobody did.  Nobody even stopped me from grabbing a glass of beer.”
     Her head tilted up again.  Then went back down.  “I got drunk.  Very drunk.  I don’t even remember most of that party.  But I do remember sitting on this couch with a bunch of guys who all seemed…interested in me.  I think one of them asked if I wanted to go somewhere with them.”
     Her head tilted up again.  “I must have said yes.”
     Her head tilted back down.  I felt her taking some big breaths.  Finally she spoke again.
      “They took me out to this van, and we all got in.  But the moment we got away from that party, two of them suddenly grabbed me and wrestled my arms behind my back.  They used tape to keep them there, then more tape on my ankles, and even tape over my mouth.  They pushed me down to the floor of the van and they kept their feet on me to keep me there.”
     Her head tilted up again.  “I can’t tell you how scared I was.”
     Her head tilted back down.  “I don’t have any idea how long we drove, but I remember it being a very long time.  We finally got somewhere, but I had no idea where it was.  Two of them carried me inside.  Then they carried me down some stairs.  They dropped me onto the cement floor, then left me there.  When they went back upstairs, they turned the lights out.”  I felt her shaking her head.  “I cried so hard.  I was so scared.  I tried to get free, but I couldn’t.  The tape was too strong.  All I could do was lay there, totally helpless, and cry.”
     I heard her sniffle a little, and realized she was crying.
      “I remember having to pee, and having no choice but to wet myself.  I had to lay there like that for…ever!  I kept waiting for them to come back, but it was like they had forgotten I was there.  I don’t know how many times I pissed in my pants before the light came on and all three of them came back down those stairs.  I remember them standing over me, and one of them kicking me in the side…then laughing.  They left again, and the light was turned back off.  I started crying all over again.”
     She sniffled again.  I heard her crying softly for a few moments.  Then she continued.
      “When they came back, it was with a lot of stuff.  And a lot of it was chains.  They left me there like that while they worked all around me.”
     I felt her head tilting up again.  “I saw them fasten chains to the walls all over the place.”
     Her head tilted back down again.  “One of the things they had brought in was a small bed.  They set that up with the end right up against the wall.”
     She suddenly let out a loud sob as her crying got far worse.  She didn’t speak again until a few minutes later, and I realized she was still trying to get her crying under control.  “When they were done, they came for me.  They took the tape off and stripped me naked.  I tried to fight them, but I was so weak…and there were three of them.  All they did was laugh at my efforts.”
     She cried for a few moments.  When she spoke again, I could barely hear her.
      “They carried me over to the bed and attached chains to each of my wrists.  They attached chains to my ankles and spread me wide open on the bed.  I got raped by them, and every one of them laughed.  And when I say raped, they weren’t exactly gentle.”
     I felt her breathing coming in gasps as she paused again.  I could tell she was trying to control herself, but I had no doubt that the effort had to be enormous.
      “Before they left me there again, they dragged me off that bed and chained me sitting up against the wall.  My hands were held right to the wall so I couldn’t move them.  One of them stuffed my own wet panties in my mouth and another one wrapped tape around my head so I couldn’t get them out.  Then they left me again…in the darkness.  With my hands fastened to the wall where they were, I couldn’t stand, I couldn’t lay down, I had to sit right there.  Naked.  Cold.    Afraid.”
     Her crying intensified and I felt her body curling up into itself.  I did my best to keep holding her tightly, letting her cry it out.  I had no doubt I would have cried even worse if it had been me. 
     After a while, she calmed down and started speaking again.  “In the time I was there, they raped my vagina…they raped my ass…and then they started teaching me to suck their cocks.  One of them put me on that bed on my hands and knees, and he stuck something up into my vagina with a rope going up through my legs and over my back.  He made me open my mouth and start sucking him off.  And every time he felt my teeth, or I slowed down and didn’t do what he wanted, he yanked hard on that cord and it was like needles being driven right into me.  I can’t tell you how much it hurt.  But it only took him a few times doing that to me before I tried a lot harder.  Trust me.”  She breathed heavy for a moment.  “Damn.  That thing hurt so much I can still feel it now.”  I felt her body shudder.
     She was silent for a few moments.  Just breathing.  Then she continued.  “If I was good for them, if I did everything they wanted, they fed me…a little.  It was never much.  Most of the time I was starving.  They gave me water once in a while too.  And then they chained me back to the wall again somewhere.  Sometimes I was stuck standing.  Sometimes sitting down.  A few times they left me standing, then took one of my legs and chained that high up on the wall too…and left me there like that on only one leg.  Once, one of the guys raped me right there like that, then left me again.”
     My mind was going crazy trying to picture everything she had told me.  It was…beyond horrible. 
      “When they kept me chained up like that,” she continued, “I had no choice but to wet…and mess myself, right where I was.  I can’t tell you how miserable that was.  I think the worst was when I was forced to sit in it.”
     It was a few moments before she spoke again.
      “Eventually, they got me to the point where I was doing everything they wanted, much more willingly.  When they did, they stopped chaining me right up against the wall, but they gave me more room so I could stand or sit or even lay down.  I can’t tell you how much of a relief that was.  And they even gave me a bucket where I could relieve myself in, even though I had to do it in the pitch dark where I couldn’t see.  But the moment I did anything at all that they weren’t happy with, I got chained right back to the wall again…and I didn’t get fed either.”  She took a big breath.  “I learned real quick to do whatever they wanted.”
     I could only imagine.
      “I didn’t know how long I had been there.  I didn’t know what day it was.  I didn’t know what time it was.  I didn’t even know if it was day or night.  I only knew to wait for the light to come on and for one or more of them to come down and do whatever he wanted with me.”
     Again I heard her taking deep breaths. 
      “And then one day the light came on, and the police came down the stairs instead.  I heard them talking to me, but my head was so messed up, I couldn’t answer.  I couldn’t even look at them clearly.  It was a while before they could get the chains off me.  They wrapped a blanket around me, and a little while later these ambulance guys showed up.  I remember someone picking me up and carrying me up the stairs.  They put me in the ambulance and a little while later, I was in the hospital.  My head was still so messed up I couldn’t talk to anyone.  I don’t even think I understood what anyone said to me.”
     I felt her taking deep breaths again. 
      “I remember waking up in the hospital a long time later, and seeing my mother and father right there with me.  I don’t think it was until then that I realized I was finally out of that place.  I was finally free.  I had finally been rescued.”
     She was silent for a few moments again.
      “Mike,” she finally said.  “I couldn’t tell them what happened.  They kept asking me lots of questions about it, but I couldn’t tell them.  I couldn’t talk about it at all, because…well…I just couldn’t take it.  My mom and dad were even worse about trying to get me to talk about it than the police were.  But I couldn’t tell them.  I couldn’t tell my mom and dad, and I could never even tell the police.  I just…couldn’t!  So I never told anyone…until now.  Until what I just told…you.”
     She sighed deeply.  “Mom and Dad sent me to this therapist…for years!  But I refused to tell her either.  I…couldn’t.  I just…couldn’t!  You have no idea what dredging up those memories does to me…even now.  It’s all just….”
     She was silent again for a while.  Then I felt her tilt her head up again.  “So Mike, please don’t tell anyone.  Please.  Not anyone.  Not even my mother.  Please?  And Mike, for my sake, please don’t even mention it to me again.  It’s just…too hard for me to deal with.”
     It was the wrong thing to say.  Absolutely the wrong thing.  But….  “I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone,” I said.  “I promised I wouldn’t.  So I won’t.  I won’t even bring it up to you.”
     Her head tilted back down again.  “Thanks.”
     She buried her head in my chest again, and I held her tightly, as if my holding her would help ease the pain and memories that had to be driving her nearly insane.  Oddly, it seemed like no time before I realized she had fallen asleep.
     I nearly missed hearing it.  But the quiet sound reached my one ear that wasn’t on the pillow.  And that sound didn’t come from this room.  Ashley seemed to be firmly asleep.  I carefully extracted my arm out from under her.  She rolled over away from me, still sleeping. 
     I got up out of bed and left the room.  That sound.  The source of it was right where I guessed I’d find it.  Joanna was sitting in the hallway just a short distance away, her knees were drawn up to her chest, and her head was down on top of them.  And she was crying.  I knelt down and her head moved over to my shoulder.  I held her while she softly cried. 
      “She’s never told me any of that before,” she softly sobbed.  “She never told anyone any of that.”
     I held her like that for a few moments more, then I pulled her to her feet.  “Come on,” I said, my voice just a whisper.  “Let’s put you to bed.”
     She nodded.  I led her to her bedroom and pulled the covers over her myself.  I was about to leave when I felt her grab me.  She pulled me close, then pulled my head down to hers…and kissed me.  “Thanks Mike,” she said.  “She finally trusted someone enough, and told them.  And I’m glad it was you.” 
     She kissed me again, then laid there looking into my eyes.  I nodded.  “Good night.”
     I went back to bed with Ashley and carefully climbed back in.  I snuggled up against her and put my arm over top of her.  If she woke up and needed me, I’d be there for her.
     She had endured a horror the likes of which few people can imagine.  She had told me all about it, but I knew what little she had told me could never come close to everything she had been forced to endure.  She had dredged those memories up, and for some unknown reason, she had entrusted them with me.  Horrors that were unimaginable.  I would be there if she woke up…and needed me.

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Blank Mind Follow-Up

Someone asked if I could share my email address concerning the questions I posed in my last post - Blank Mind.

I'll let you put it together from here:


at ye old

and of course Miss Dottie Com

Please send me your ideas.  I'm fresh out and leaning toward doing nothing for a while.

Please smile today,

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My Mind Is Blank

My mind is blank.  Tired too.  And so I need your help.

Although none of you realize it yet, you’re almost at the very end of Mister Mike.  There’s just a few chapters to go.

And so, once I finish one story, I always start another one.  The problem though, is that I have no idea what to write.  And so I need your help.  The other problem, is that I’m getting really tired of trying to crank out these stories and keep to my twice a week posting schedule.  But we’ll leave that problem alone for now and just go with me continuing to write and post like I have been.

What kind of story would you like to see here next?  I need some kind of inspiration, or at least some element to build an idea around.  Send me a story idea or even just a small situation I can hang onto.  Maybe just a small possible scene for somewhere in the story.  Or you can even send me just a possible title that I might be able to figure something out from. 

Please!  Let me know! 

Also, what elements do you want me to write about?  What elements do you want the story to include?  Diapers, no diapers.  Transgender, not transgendered.  Bondage, no bondage.  Humiliation, no humiliation.  Other interests?  What? 

Please let me know!!!  I need a direction!

So anyway.  In other news.  I’ve decided to not wait until November to publish my next book, Satan’s Daughter.  Hopefully, I’ll have it available on Kindle sometime in October.  So look for it.  It’s worth the wait!

Be happy everyone.  Look in the mirror and smile at yourself, even if you don’t feel like smiling!