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The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 1 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 1 of 7)

The clock was well on its way towards morning when she dreamed her final dream of the night. She was on stage, in her beautiful pink ballet costume, dancing for a huge audience in a grand theatre. But it wasn’t her as she was now, it was her as she was in high-school – the last time she wore that ballet costume. She was thinner, lither… younger. Not that she noticed that in her dream.
The music started and she danced. Beautifully! Fantastically! And the audience was quickly on their feet in appreciation. But it was a short dance, only a small part of her program for the evening. The music ended and she finished with a pose that left her gesturing towards the opposite side of the stage, where Sissy was, also in his pink ballet costume.
The same music started again, but this time it was Sissy’s turn to dance… the same dance. The audience was shocked. He was doing very well! Not up to her ability of course, but far better than any other man could do. Far more graceful and… feminine! And when he finished his portion, the audience cheered… not just for him… but for her. Because this evening wasn’t about her dancing, it was about showing the world how she had taught him… a mere man… almost an animal… how she had taught him to dance so well.
Then it was her turn again. Another short piece of music, another dance… followed by Sissy repeating what she had just done. Back and forth they went, her demonstrating how she would do it, followed by him showing the world how well she had taught him. And the audience was amazed!
They continued back and forth like that, until midway in one of her dances, midway in one of her great leaps, her alarm clock buzzed.
Oh hell!
She reached over and turned the annoying thing off. It had been such a nice dream. Why did morning have to come now? She sat up on the side of her bed for a moment before getting to her feet. Grabbing her robe, she headed out to her kitchen, following her routine of habit that made her think of nothing but a fresh cup of coffee to help get her going. Coffee! It would taste so good!

He was partially awake by the time the miserable loud blaring rock music crashed out of his pink clock radio, but that didn’t make it any less shocking. One minute he had been laying in bed, enjoying the peaceful relaxation, and the next he was in a state of panic, scrambling as fast as he could to roll off of his blow-up mattress and turn off his alarm. Empty baby bottles were scattered everywhere in the process as he quickly rolled out of bed. Silence was returned to the room instantly with the click of a button, but after such loud noise, the sudden silence was a shocking silence.
Still on his knees, he took a moment to catch his breath and calm down after his panicked activity. A moment later, his brain began to wake enough to take in other sensations – sensations that really felt all too normal to him now. His diapers were heavily bloated – as usual. Messy too – as usual. His bra was holding up the heavy breast forms that were strongly glued to his chest – as usual. And his pacifier was again in his mouth – as usual. Overall… it was all just the usual. His normal morning wake-up situation. Normal for him… now.
He climbed awkwardly to his feet, struggling a bit against the bulk of his overly bloated diapers, and waddled his way out to his kitchen to see if she had left him a note during the night. He could no longer say that she always left him a note, but she usually did. He was glad to see that the note was there again today. The usual. And it felt… comforting. Most of the note could have been copied from many of the notes before it, except for one minor addition today. When he went to her apartment, Mel wanted him to have his pacifier in his mouth again. She sometimes asked for it, and she sometimes didn’t. So very often, he left it out. His life was so humiliating all the time, that any tiny little things he could do to make it less so were always welcome opportunities.
He grabbed three baby bottles out of his refrigerator and carried them out to his solitary chair. He sat slowly and gingerly, afraid that his raw backside might still be as bad as it was yesterday. But while he could feel it, it was much more tolerable today. No problem. He mostly closed his eyes as he sat drinking bottle after bottle, because there was nothing he wanted to see. Certainly not the childishly colored pictures Mel had made him do in the restaurants a while back… and also certainly not the framed contract of the bet between them. That he didn’t want to see at all! There was also the design that Sandy had done – the design for his nursery – if he lost this bet. But while just the thought of a nursery like that sent thrills through his under-exercised sexual needs, it was also something that he didn’t want to see – because he had to win this bet!
As he drank bottle after bottle, he noticed himself peeing a few times. No warning, no anything. If he had been busy with something else he might not have even noticed he was doing it. So interesting! It was amazing how interesting such a feeling could be… or maybe it was more like, it was amazing how interesting the lack of feeling could be. Later this morning, after his body had a chance to rid itself of all the liquid he was required to drink before he went to work, then he would start working on his ability to hold back again. But doing it now would be a useless exercise. Too much liquid pouring into his system too fast. It was better to get let it out of him as soon as possible. It was the only way he stood a chance.
With his bottles finally finished, he got up and headed to the bathroom where he would finally remove his bloated and messy diapers – and get ready for the day ahead. Things had been bad enough with just Mel dominating him. But now he had Robin at work to worry about too. He remembered spending hours yesterday sitting in the dark corner underneath her desk, with his thumb taped firmly in his mouth so he couldn’t remove it, unable to leave her corner. He prayed she wouldn’t do that to him again! Yet at the same time, the very same thought thrilled him. But then, what else would it do, he was a sissy.

Mel stirred the pot of baby food she was cooking for Sissy and turned the heat off. She poured the contents of the pot into a colorful child’s plastic bowl and set the pot back on the stove again. Now all she needed was Sissy. She glanced at the clock… and heard him knocking at her door at the same time. Right on time! A few seconds later, she opened her door for him.
“Good morning Mistress,” Chad tried to say around the pacifier in his mouth as he curtseyed for her. But what came out was mostly unintelligible. He realized as he said it though that talking with a pacifier in his mouth had one very good result, he didn’t have to worry about using his new and improved sissy voice, because talking with a lisp was pretty much out of the question!
“Good morning Sissy,” Mel replied as she stood back out of the way and let him enter. As she waited till he stowed his purse and diaper bag under her table by the door, she started looking him over. A simple skirt and blouse today. Not overly colorful, but he looked acceptable. She had already noticed the wooden necklace he was wearing earlier. She waited till he stood up straight again before she started looking him over more carefully. His hair was curled acceptably. His makeup was… acceptable. She noticed the pink studs in his ears today which seemed to go well enough with the red in the pattern of the blouse he was wearing. Overall, he looked… fine. Especially for a man dressing like a woman. For that, she was sure he was probably a bit better than fine. But was fine good enough? She decided she needed to start looking for ways to make him look even better. The more she made him look less like a man… the better! It would be like denying him yet more of his masculinity. “Okay Sissy, climb up into your highchair.”
Chad worked his way up onto his highchair and waited while Mel put the tray in place and tied a bib around his neck, just as she usually did. A minute later he was trying to spoon baby cereal into his mouth from a tiny rubber coated baby spoon held tightly in his left fist – just as usual. The routine was becoming so familiar now that it had become almost comfortable. Not that he’d ever let Mel know that. She would undoubtedly make things worse! Somehow.

Robin sat on her bed. She was all dressed and ready to leave for work, physically anyway. She stared at the large bag she carried every day. She had packed a few more items in it today than she usually did. She also usually carried a stack of magazines and other things in case she might want them during the day, but that stack was missing today. She was fairly certain she wouldn’t need them.
Her problem was… Sissy. And her. Last night it had all seemed so simple. So easy. But this morning, after a night to sleep on it, and after another night to think about what she had been contemplating doing with him, well… she was having second thoughts. Grave misgivings actually. What should she do?
It wasn’t right! Not by any measure she could think of. It wasn’t her! Not at all! She wasn’t that type! It was all wrong! And the things she had planned for him last night… They were wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Especially at work!
So why had she thought she could do it? And why was she still torn over whether she would actually do it or not? She just didn’t know.
With a sigh, she got up from the bed and grabbed her bag. One bag. No pile of other things. If she didn’t leave now then she would be late for work. She was probably cutting it awfully close as it was.
What should she do?

Chad booted up his computer and waited while it went through the many processes it had to run every morning. Robin wasn’t in yet. He had even gone to go to her cubicle to check. He glanced at his watch, if she didn’t get here soon then she was going to be late. Not that anybody would notice… or care. Of course, he would notice. But did he care? Yeah. Somewhat.
Like a breeze, he more heard the saw someone passing his cubicle. “Robin?” he called. He got up from his seat to go see.
Robin had just set her bag down on her desk when he showed up at her cubicle. She didn’t know if she was annoyed by that or not. She also wasn’t sure how she wanted to handle him today yet… in light of her thoughts earlier this morning.
“I was getting worried about you,” Chad said sincerely in his girly voice.
Robin shook her head. “Why? I’m not late!”
“Not really, but you’re never usually this late getting here.”
Something about that bothered her. Or maybe it was more that he, a sissy, should be concerned about her. She realized it was wrong for her to be bothered by it, but it still irked her. “Don’t worry about me,” she said more angrily than she meant to. Then she stopped and paused to think a moment. It was only because she felt a bit upset at him that she said it, even though part of her knew she shouldn’t. “Say… aren’t you supposed to be curtseying every time you see me? Not to mention… aren’t you supposed to be using your sissy voice around me too?” He was trying to get away with something again… like a child… again. And despite her earlier thoughts it still made her angry… a bit anyway.
Chad actually blushed as he curtseyed and said, “Sowwy Wobin,” in his sissy voice – his old sissy voice. There was no way he was going to use his new and improved sissy voice around her… if he could help it.
Robin watched his little curtsey and apology. It was so ridiculous. A man curtseying! But then Sissy himself was ridiculous – in so many ways. Yet she found she still liked seeing the silly little feminine action. An idea struck her, but then she thought again. It wasn’t right! None of this was right! So she couldn’t! She wouldn’t! But the idea wouldn’t go away. Once it was planted in her brain, it seemed like such a good thing to do. Despite her misgivings! So should she? But it was such a little thing. Nothing at all really. Not at all like the things she had planned last night for him. Finally, she gave into temptation. “You know,” she said, “I don’t see any reason why you can’t greet me real nicely like that every morning when I come in. You could even be standing out in the hallway next to my cubicle, waiting for me every day, just so you can curtsey for me and say hello to me every morning.” She still had her misgivings about it, but really, that wouldn’t be too bad, would it?
She had surprised him yet again. But really, her request was nothing much, just greet her politely every morning. It was only nice. But the problem with that was that she wanted him to do it out in the hallway where anyone else might see him. He thought of something else. “What happens if you get her before I do?”
“Just make sure you’re here ahead of me,” she replied as she reached over to turn on her computer. “Now get out of here and leave me alone. Please!” she added, because she really was having second thoughts now about the request she had just made of him. It wasn’t right! She needed to figure things out! And having him anywhere around wasn’t helping.
She sat in her chair and stared at her bag while her computer booted up. But she wasn’t seeing it. She was too torn over whether she should be dominating him or not. It wasn’t right! But if she didn’t… And this morning as soon as she saw him she had been all too quick to start giving orders again. Despite the fact that she knew it wasn’t right!
So what should she do? She was so torn over the problem. It wasn’t her! She was nice! She wasn’t mean! She wasn’t a bad person… not really. At least she hoped she wasn’t.
With her computer now ready, she opened her email program like she did every morning and was surprised to see an email from Mel – already. Curious, she opened it, even though she was now having serious doubts about everything she was doing.

Dear Robin,

Doing what you are doing with Sissy should always be on your own terms. I would expect nothing less. It still sounds to me like you are doing marvelously well and don’t really need much of my help. I did have one quick thing to mention, just in case you might be interested. Since you seem to like seeing him with his thumb in his mouth to help keep him quiet, in case you might need it, he should also have a pacifier in his purse too. Feel free to use that if you feel so inclined.

By the way, there is one other brand new development for him on my end. As of tonight, we’ve made a permanent change to his sissy voice. If you’re interested in hearing it, be on the watch for a lot of lisping and the use of other babyish words. Otherwise, it may sound much the same to you. But I definitely think the new things are an improvement.

As always, feel free to call or email me,

Robin couldn’t decide if she should care or not about the few things Mel had mentioned. She was more inclined right now to find a different way to deal with Sissy than to try dominating him like she thought she could. Something much… saner! But one thing did click in the back of her mind from Mel’s short email, what little she had heard out of Sissy’s mouth this morning hadn’t contained any lisping at all, so he was probably trying to hide something again… which still irked her even though she knew it shouldn’t.
Why should she care? She wasn’t that kind of person? It was all wrong! She was very tempted to march right over to his cubicle and apologize for the way she had behaved and to retract all her orders. But then what? She supposed she would just have to figure out how to work around him without getting angry. And probably without feeling totally repulsed by him too. And that wasn’t going to be easy. Not by a long shot.
Besides, she now had a different problem with him. Now that her eyes had been opened to what he really was, she was seeing different things about him that she had never bothered to notice before. Things that irked her terribly. He was so darn childish! In so many ways! And she couldn’t help it, because right now, it bothered her!
So… what the heck was she supposed to do?

Chad sat quietly at his desk, afraid to make the least little noise that might upset Robin. Once again he had nothing to do. Maybe he should start doing like Robin did and bring a bunch of magazines and stuff with him to look at. But he wasn’t really the magazine type. Besides, he could find everything he wanted on the internet.
He didn’t understand at all why Robin wouldn’t let him help with the project. It made no sense! But every time he had mentioned helping in the past, it only seemed to make her angry. So he said nothing and stayed as quiet as he could.
With nothing at all to do, he again opened up his internet browser. What should he search for? Today, he typed in the word ‘sissy.’

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The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 8 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 8 of 8)

After Sandy left, Mel changed Sissy’s diaper, noting as she did it that his backside was still a bit bruised. As always, she put him on another hour and forty five minute time limit. But instead of letting him get dressed again, she left him wearing only his bra with his diaper and nothing else. “Okay, Sissy,” she said as soon as she had him ready, “ballet time again.”
Ballet time? Ugh! It had been a few nights now since he had had to practice ballet with her. While he loved seeing her do the dance movements, he wasn’t all that happy about doing them himself. But he supposed it beat standing on his perch in the corner. He went through the usual warm-up exercises with her, having to pause between each exercise while she made him “guzzle” some tea from his baby bottle. Then it was on to the next movement. But after the warm-up was over, she began teaching him exactly the routine she wanted. Chad was quick to realize that this time there was a big difference in the way she was going about it. This time she wasn’t continually trying different things to see how they looked. This time she seemed to know exactly what she wanted him to do from beginning to end.

Robin picked her crying son up from where he was screaming on the floor and held him and kissed him. He seemed to like getting into trouble and grabbing things he shouldn’t! She had only told him no! But he was getting tired now and the least little thing made him not just cry, but scream. Well, it would be his bedtime soon. She found his pacifier and stuck it in his mouth and cuddled him a bit more. It took a minute, but he finally stopped crying. She set him down on the floor where he immediately ran off as fast as his newly learned ability to run would let him – which seemed amazingly fast to Robin. Worried that he might try to find more trouble, she followed after him, but much more slowly. There was no keeping up with him! She had visions of him becoming a great track star when he grew up!
She got lucky. When she found him again, he was in the family room where her husband was watching TV. Her son had found his big toy truck to play with. She knew he wouldn’t play with it long before he moved on to something else – probably trouble – but the truck did seem to be his favorite toy – at the moment.
She sat down next to her husband and watched him playing. She loved him so much. He was so beautiful! So amazing! She felt so proud of him! But unfortunately, her thoughts were led to Sissy. The jerk! He acted like such a child! And so far, she found that dealing with him like a child made her feel the most satisfied as far as punishing him. Maybe as far as everything else went too. She simply didn’t dare not see him as a sissy anymore, because even now, after all these days, she still got angry. And she didn’t really like staying angry. She was still trying to make it up to her husband after the way she had behaved last weekend.
So she needed to keep reminding herself of what he was. What he really was! A sissy! It was just hard to do when she saw him every day because she had known him so long. She supposed that the old saying that old habits are hard to break was probably true. In this case anyway. So at least for now, she figured she needed all the visual reminders she could get. Anything that would let her constantly see him as a sissy – and nothing else.
But what did that mean? Images of him sitting on her floor sucking his thumb came to mind – along with an image of him in a dress, looking so much more like a woman than he used to be that it was almost frightening. But even though the fact that he was a man wearing a dress was supposed to mean that he was a sissy, so she figured, she didn’t really associate it that way. That woman image of him she still associated with an adult image. Maybe a different kind of adult, but still and adult. But that adult figure didn’t really help her as far as seeing him as a sissy. At least not the way he was dressed for work every day. It just didn’t help. So what could she do?
Her son was looking around now for something else to do. Even at one year old he seemed to be all boy. He liked playing with trucks and cars… and boy things. But Chad… or Sissy… was trying to be more… female. Or at least that’s how he saw his sissy side… and she supposed so did she.
Her son spotted her watching him and put a big smile on his face – she could see it even under his pacifier… and despite the drool and slobber that now ran down his chin almost to his neck. She held her arms out to him. “Come here,” she called. Laughing, her son got to his feet and ran, crashing into her leg where he held on and hugged her. She reached for one of her ever-present rags and removed the pacifier from his mouth and wiped his face clean again before putting the pacifier back in. “Is it bedtime yet?” she asked. But the only answer she received from him was to watch him take off straight for his father instead. It was his usual answer! No, he wasn’t ready for bedtime yet. But then, he was never ready for that!
Her thoughts turned back to Sissy. She wondered if he had a pacifier. Probably. That woman, Sandy, had been teaching him baby behavior? So she figured it would be very likely. Maybe a pacifier stuck in his mouth all day would help. An image of Sissy sucking a pacifier sprang to her mind… and seemed to overlay itself with an image of her son playing on the floor. There were differences. Huge differences. But… maybe some of those could be overcome.
Since she had a few minutes before she would put her son to bed, she went into her bedroom to search around.

Mel worked relentlessly with Sissy on his ballet, going over each of the mini-sections of the dance over and over again until she was satisfied with the way each one looked. She continuously had to stop to make him drink from his bottle, but drinking and making him keep wetting were her primary goal. Everything else she did was always secondary to that. It had to be!
She kept working with him until at one point during one of the easier movements, he seemed to pause as if he was confused. “What’s wrong?” she asked.
Instead of answering, Sissy looked down at his diaper and started feeling along the bottom of the leg band. “I think I’m leaking,” he replied in his new sissy voice.
Mel smiled as she glanced at the clock and noticed he still had a good ten minutes to go. “You’re getting better at this, Sissy,” she said.
Chad wasn’t sure if she was talking about getting his diaper to leak on time, or dancing.
“Maybe pretty soon we can see how well you can manage with an hour and a half.”
Ugh! Now he knew what she was referring to and he didn’t like that idea one bit!
Mel decided that they had done enough for one evening, although they didn’t really accomplish all that much towards his dance beyond the opening little bit she had planned.
But still, it was a good beginning. And the way she was working him, he was actually starting to look much better at what he was doing – in sections. Actually, much of what he was doing looked just plain silly, which was also something she was pleased with. “Okay Sissy,” she told him, “that’s enough of this for tonight. Go put something on my bed to protect it before we change that soaked diaper of yours.
Chad was glad they were done! He was starting to get really tired from all the exercise involved. And as much as Mel kept telling him that kids had no trouble doing all this over and over again, he wasn’t a kid! He was bigger, and the physical activity had taken its toll. He grabbed a stack of diapers that had been used before to protect either her bed or the floor and spread them out all over the top of her bed. Unfortunately, he knew the protection was absolutely necessary. When he was in this state, where he was on a constant time limit for leaking, he no longer had any control over where and when he was going to pee. It usually came as a complete surprise to… everyone.
As he was finishing laying out the diapers, Mel came in with a bunch of ropes in her hand and began fastening them to her bed frame. He wasn’t at all glad to see them, although he had to wonder why she would even bother. He wasn’t going to go anywhere, especially not when she was going to change his diaper for him.
As soon as Mel had her ropes ready, she had him climb up on her bed where she restrained him with his arms straight overhead and his legs spread-eagled. Then she pulled open the tapes holding his soaked diaper closed.
Chad expected her to just pull the wet diaper out from under him and stick a fresh one in its place, but he was surprised when she unlocked his chastity device instead. Now he knew why she had restrained him – to make sure he couldn’t touch himself down there while the device was off! Piece by piece he felt her removing it, till at last his penis was feeling the cool fresh air of the room. He was now so used to the heat inside the device and inability to feel anything down there that the sensation of the cool fresh air was almost a shock. Unfortunately, it was shock enough that five seconds after the air hit it, he started peeing again.
Mel had turned to the side to pick up all the pieces of his chastity device from the end table next to her bed so she didn’t see what was happening right away. It wasn’t till she turned back toward him with her hands full that she noticed what was happening. As fast as she could, she dropped the pieces on his stomach and pulled the wet diaper back up between his legs again. “I should know better by now!” she berated herself. “You can’t be left unprotected even for a second!” She smiled wickedly down at him as she picked up all the pieces to his device again before leaving to go clean them.
It was times like that, when someone caught him peeing uncontrollably, that Chad felt very humiliated… not to mention excited. Wasn’t that the feeling he had always dreamed of experiencing? He just wasn’t totally incontinent – yet. Not by a long shot. And with the short time-limit of this bet, he never would be. Too bad. But winning the bet was too important to him to even think about giving in.
Mel came back a few minutes later, most of the plastic pieces in her hands still dripping wet. She set them down on an out of the way part of the bed on top of one of the diapers protecting things. Then she took a good look at his tiny penis. Yes, it still appeared to be just as tiny as ever. Much more so than when they had first started this bet. She grabbed what little of it there was between two of her fingers and moved it around a bit to take a close look at it. As far as she could see, it looked just fine. No sign of any sores or irritation – other than the faint red marks from where the teeth from the device stayed in contact with his skin all the time.
She unfastened one of his legs and had him turn over so she could inspect his backside. As soon as he rolled over, she got a better view of the bruises still covering each of his rear cheeks. She could tell they had been heeling, but there were still places that were not only an angry red, but some spots were definitely still black and blue. And it looked like they might stay that way for a few days. She had no doubt at all that it still hurt him to sit down.
“Jillian did this to you?” Mel asked.
Chad was tempted to reply with “Yes Mistress,” in his sissy voice, but he opted to just say the word, “Yeah,” instead. The other way was much more humiliating and difficult because of all the S’s in it. Fortunately, Mel didn’t seem to notice.
“Maybe I need to have her give me some lessons in how to beat you properly!” Mel stated teasingly. It looks like she gives you a lot more to think about than I do. Obviously, I’m falling down on that job!”
Chad didn’t think so at all! But he said nothing for fear it would only lead to more trouble for him.
Mel carefully coated his bruised backside thoroughly with a cream to help heal it and to protect it from whatever else his diapers would press up against it. Then she pulled out her jar of suppositories and stuck one way up inside of him. He was getting less and less of them now, so every one she did give him seemed to be more important. Then she rolled him back over onto his back again where she heavily coated his penis with the same cream before putting his chastity device back on him and locking it shut.
From the position Chad was laying in, he couldn’t see what Mel was doing, but he could certainly feel it as she put each piece back into place. Each one feeling more and more familiar as the device was rebuilt. Till with one final click, the lock clicked home, securing everything and leaving him no way to touch or even feel that part of him. As used to it as he was, it was still very frustrating to him, not to mention that the sound of the lock still sent a momentarily twinge of panic through him. But all the manipulation Mel had just done with that part of him, and probably coupled with the shock of the lock clicking back into place again, suddenly made him pee all over again.
“Goodness!” Mel exclaimed as she quickly pulled the soaking wet diaper that was still under him back up over him again. This is becoming more and more difficult!” She looked up at his face. “Not that that’s a bad thing,” she teased. As soon as Mel was certain he was finished again, she pulled the wet diaper away and substituted a fresh dry one from a stack that she had already prepared.
Since it was still fairly early, Chad figured she would leave him in only one diaper again with another hour and forty-five minute time limit. But he was surprised when she started loading multiple diapers on him again – four of them! All followed by a pair of his plastic panties.
When she was done, she released him from the ropes. “That’s enough for tonight,” she told him. “I have other things to do tonight. Don’t forget to drink all your bottles before you go to bed.”
Chad got up from her bed and grabbed all his things, which fully loaded his arms. He tried to drop a curtsey for her, but with his arms so full, it was only an attempt. She didn’t seem to mind though. “Good night, Mistress,” he said in his new sissy voice, lisping the last part of the word mistress.”
“Good night, Sissy,” Mel replied, without bothering to get up from where she was sitting on the side of her bed.
She stayed there till after she heard the door closing. Then she headed back out to her kitchen where she started making a fresh batch of tea for him. While that was making, she again turned to her laptop to write to Robin. This time, she did have something to tell her. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Presidential Bid

I would like to formally announce that I will NOT be running for the office of President of the United States.

Although I am probably overly qualified for the position since I have never been elected to nor even run for any political office at all, the real reason I am not running is that I would make one, and only one, campaign promise – to piss people off! But unfortunately our world has somehow become so complex that people need more than that. They need details and promises that every politician is forced to make – and that they can’t in truth promise to keep. So in order for me to make and keep one promise, it would have to be that I would promise to piss people off. And I am sure that I could accomplish that with very little difficulty!

For instance, take the country’s economic situation. While congress is looking left and right for places to throw money – where it will do very little good in the long run, I would invest most of it in only one place – and surprisingly that would not be my pocket. What I would do is something so ludicrous that nobody in their right mind would consider doing it. And if that wouldn’t piss people off, then I don’t know what will.

First of all, I would put the money into oil. Don’t forget, it was the price of oil that precipitated this depression – and every other depression I can remember in my long lifetime. All regular gasoline sold at the pump would be priced at $2.50 per gallon. Not $2.50 and 9/10ths, but $2.50! And that price would include all federal, state, and local taxes – period! Diesel fuel for trucks would cost $2.75 – even though I understand that it’s cheaper to make.

Then the price of the fuel would be stabilized by law to remain at that exact rate for the next ten years. After that, it could only be raised by a very small amount and only by an act of congress.

So how is this supposed to help the economy? If you’re thinking of the savings to your wallet every time you pump gas you’re looking in the wrong place. Yes, you will realize savings – which will help a lot, but that’s not the bigger picture here.

With the price of fuel stabilized and relatively cheap, don’t you think that businesses would be very interested in moving back from overseas to build their plants somewhere where they can count on the price of energy to be stable? And don’t forget, the price of oil will also affect the price of electricity. Yes, the price of labor may be higher here than in other countries, but that would be more than offset by the stable cost of the power to run their business and the cost of fuel to ship their goods.

More businesses moving in, will mean more jobs for everyone – which will mean an improvement in the economy. It’s that simple.

Okay, that’s part one. Now for part two – and this will really piss people off! I would pass a law that in the next five years would require all brand new passenger vehicles sold in this country, including pickup trucks, to be required to run off of either electricity alone, or be hybrids that run off of both gas and electricity. This would help offset what congress would be losing by investing in oil and stabilizing the price. It would also drastically lower this countries dependence on oil.

Of course, I would also propose increased benefits and incentives for companies that produce alternative forms of electricity production. That would be a key part of the whole scheme too.

Then I would simply sit back and wait a few years and do very little else and let the economy take care of the economy. And of course, that would piss people off too.

So you see, since the only thing I can promise is to make everybody mad, I feel it’s better that I don’t run for office. Sorry, but that’s my final decision.

And I didn’t even start to explain how I would fix healthcare!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 7 of 8)

It was over an hour later before Mel had a chance to read Robin’s email. She read it through twice – carefully. Then she sat back to consider what she had just read. Basically, Robin was working with Sissy now on her own terms, but she would still appreciate any help that Mel could give her. On her own terms? Actually, Mel had expected nothing less. She chuckled a bit over Chad’s time-out predicament. Again, she wished she could be there to see it. It was getting late in the day now. She would send Robin a more detailed reply tonight or tomorrow – as soon as she figured out what she wanted to say. It still sounded to her like Robin was doing well enough on her own!
Her thoughts turned to Sissy and tonight. She had things she had to do with him tonight. Things that had been put on hold way too long. She smiled at that thought.

Robin turned off her computer and pushed her chair back. She glanced under her desk at Sissy, then she slipped her shoes back on again. He had only tried to move a few times in all the while she had made him stay under there, but it only took a little warning from her each time to make him be still again and settle down. Actually, she was impressed. She could never manage to stay in one place as long as he had. And an uncomfortable place at that! But then, she would never be stupid enough to put herself into that kind of position in the first place. The idiot!
She pulled her purse out of her desk drawer and checked her hair and makeup. She picked up the arm load of things she had carried in with her today but had never even looked at. “Good night Sissy,” she called just before she turned and walked out. “Don’t forget to turn off your computer.”
But as she left, the foremost thing on her mind was how she was going to manage to deal with him tomorrow. She couldn’t keep him under her desk all day again – not unless he really deserved it. So how did she want to deal with him? That thought plagued her all the way home.

Chad carefully eased his head backward from under her desk and fell flat on the floor. He breathed heavily for a moment at the relief it brought to his neck and back. His thumb was still taped to his mouth so it was more difficult for him to wiggle himself far enough out that he could stretch his legs again. Moving them was almost painful – but wonderful just the same. He rolled over and worked his way to his feet. First things first, he had to get rid of the tape securing his thumb in his mouth. He opened up Robin’s desk drawer and found a pair of scissors. One careful clip later, he felt a wave of relief as he was finally able to pull his thumb back out of his mouth. He pulled the tape from around his neck and wrist and threw it in the trash. As he walked back to his own cubicle, he stretched his jaw in relief and worked the kinks out of his thumb.
Somehow, he had managed to make Robin mad today. He promised himself that he would be more careful tomorrow! The only good thing about the situation he had been in, was that it was the perfect opportunity for him to work on his ability to hold back. Unfortunately, it had been too dark under there for him to see his watch so he had no idea at all how long he had managed. As he moved around now, he once again felt the urge building in him to pee. This time he had no trouble checking the time.

Mel opened her apartment door to the smell of dinner cooking, and it really did smell good! She saw him hurry out of the kitchen wearing his maid’s dress and drop his little curtsey for her. As soon as their greetings were over, he hurried back again. That was fine. He was cooking dinner for her and she wanted it to be just as good as it smelled.
She wandered into the kitchen after him. She watched as he stirred one of the pots on the stove one more time, then he turned the burner off and picked up the pot to carry it to the sink. “How long till dinner?” she asked.
“About ten minutes,” Chad replied as he held the pot over the stove, preparing to pour the excess water out of it.
“Put the pot down!” Mel ordered sternly as she hurried out to find her stick.
Chad quickly realized that he hadn’t curtseyed before speaking again, but he was clearly busy with something else! He was aghast that she would punish him that! But having no choice, he quickly returned the pot to the stove and nervously waited till Mel returned – which wasn’t long.
Mel swung her stick at his hip, knowing that she wouldn’t be hurting him at all – especially with a diaper on under his dress, but she also knew that it would get her point across. “When are you going to learn?” she asked as she swung her stick one more time.
Chad was very tempted to argue about it, but he knew it was useless. He curtseyed. “I’m sorry, Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice. “I’ll try to do better.”
“You’d better!” Mel replied as she turned to put her stick away. She was smiling to herself though as she walked away. Sometimes just picking on him could be fun! She headed over to her desk and pulled her laptop computer out. She needed to write Robin an email, she just didn’t know what she was going to say yet. She still had no idea what she was going to write by the time Sissy called her in for dinner.
As usual, everything was perfect and tasted fantastic. She banished Sissy to his perch in the corner again and said nothing at all as she watched him take a baby bottle with him this time. She watched as he climbed up onto his perch and precariously raised his bottle up so he could drink from it. He head looked to be at an uncomfortable angle. But that wasn’t her problem. At least he was still trying to keep wetting!
As she watched him, she wondered if it was more uncomfortable standing on the corner where he was or more uncomfortable under Robin’s desk. She was betting that standing on the perch was much worse for him… but Robin was certainly doing well! So what was she going to say to Robin?
She wasn’t quite done with her meal yet when she heard her phone ringing. Hating the bother, she got up and answered it. “Hello?”
“Hi Mel,” Sandy’s voice came back. “Have you heard it yet?”
Mel was confused. “Heard what?”
“His new voice!”
Now Mel was really confused. “What new voice?”
Sandy realized that Sissy hadn’t told Mel anything about what they had done last night. “His new sissy voice. We worked on it a bit last night.”
“You did?” Mel asked, totally surprised.
“Well, maybe we worked on it more than a bit, but I should have figured he wouldn’t tell you. Sorry.”
“So what did you come up with?”
Sandy paused. “Maybe I better tell you in person. Are you doing anything now?”
“No. I’m just finishing my dinner.”
“Then I’ll be there in a few minutes. Okay?”
“Great! I’ll be expecting you.” She hung up her phone. Sissy was finished with his bottle and his arm was back down at his side again. He hadn’t told her everything about last night… but then she knew that she had also made some assumptions. Evidently wrong assumptions!
She went back to the table and took another forkful of food without sitting down. So good! But with Sandy coming right over, she was finished now. She did grab her wine from the table though. “Sissy! Get in here and get up into your highchair!”
Chad carefully extricated himself from the corner. He had heard her on the phone but he didn’t know who she had talked to. Possibly business? Not that it mattered. He got up into his highchair and waited while Mel put a bib around his neck and put the tray back in place, locking him into the chair. He hadn’t picked out his own baby food meal this time because she hadn’t mentioned that he had to. But he watched as she went to the cabinet and started pulling out jar after jar. The knock at the door startled him and the usual fear ran through him.
“Don’t worry, it’s just Sandy,” Mel said as she went out to answer it.
Chad was relieved… somewhat. A minute later, he saw the two women come into the kitchen together.
“Oh hey,” Sandy said brightly. “It’s his dinnertime!” She turned toward Mel. “Can I feed him?”
“Be my guest!” Mel replied as she leaned back against one of the counters out of Sandy’s way. But she turned quickly towards Sissy. “And I don’t want to hear about it from you!” She saw Chad’s eyes go wide with surprise… or possibly fright, and he heard Sandy giggle.
As Sandy dumped jar after jar of baby food out onto his plastic dish, she started explaining. “Well, I guess I should tell you first about the beating he got last night for not leaking on time.” She looked briefly up at Mel. “Cassie told me that he was still red and sore when she changed him this afternoon.”
Mel looked over at Sissy sitting in his highchair. “That bad, huh?” She looked back to Sandy, “He told me about that this morning when he had trouble sitting in his highchair. He said they had some kind of paddle with holes in it and a whip.”
Sandy nodded as she put the last jar of baby food down and picked up his plate along with the tiny baby spoon she would use to fee him. “Yeah, they did. Actually, they have a bunch of stuff like that since they’re really into it… and last night, Jillian really seemed to be into it when she punished him for not leaking.”
Mel just shook her head. She felt for Sissy but… “But deadlines are deadlines. And in this case, he’s not allowed to miss one, no matter what the reason.”
Sandy nodded as she shoved the first spoonful of colored mush into Sissy’s mouth. “Yeah, and I did promise you last night that I would make sure that he either kept to his deadline, or we would punish him.”
“So he got punished.”
She nodded. “Royally!”
“Good!” Mel looked straight at Sissy. “Maybe it will help give him more incentive for the future! So what were you trying to tell me about a new voice?”
Sandy giggled as she continued feeding him. “Jillian didn’t think we had done enough with his sissy voice. Not by a long shot! So… she kind of made some suggestions and we tried them out. Actually, we were at it for most of the time we were there.”
“So what changes did you make?”
Sandy looked back and forth between Sissy and Mel for a moment. “Maybe it would be better for you to hear it. I don’t think I can really explain it all.” She looked at Sissy. “What’s my name?”
Chad was very embarrassed. He didn’t want to do this! But with Sandy and Mel right there, what choice did he have? In his sissy voice – his new sissy voice – he said Sandy. But what actually came out of his mouth was more like “Thanthy.”
Mel looked startled as Sandy looked around. She grabbed his baby bottle. “And what’s this?” she asked him.
Again, Chad felt very foolish. “Ba-ba.”
Mel just grinned as she watch Sandy handing him the bottle so he could take a drink. “I’m not sure I’m going to be able to understand him though.”
“I don’t know,” Sandy replied. “I think that once you got used to it, you’d have no problem at all. We managed last night pretty well.”
Mel shook her head. “I think I’ll have to hear more after you finished feeding him.”
As soon as his dinner was over, Mel and Sandy went into the living room where they sat on the couch together. Sissy had to come in and curtsey for them both as he stood in front of them. He wasn’t happy at all about trying to speak the way they had made him speak last night.
“Okay,” Sandy said. “I want you to tell us all about what happened last night.”
Last night? Ugh! And all in his ‘new’ sissy voice? He figured out where to start, then curtseyed before opening his mouth. He first explained how he went there to cook dinner for them last night. At first, Mel couldn’t tell much of a difference, other than the way he said anything with an ‘s’ in it – that kind of threw her a bit. But gradually, the more he talked… or tired to… the more subtle differences she found. He actually sounded more childish! Or maybe it was more like a much younger child than ever before. And at times, she almost laughed at the way he said things.
Finally, Mel got the whole story about exactly what happened all last night out of him, with Sandy occasionally adding to what he had said. And in the end, Mel could only laugh at the way he sounded when he spoke. “Okay,” she said as he finished. “I’m convinced! I love it!” She looked straight at Sissy. “This is how I want you talking all the time now… all the time! Everywhere!”
Chad only gulped. Wasn’t what he was already doing bad enough?
“Go clean up the kitchen now, Sissy,” Mel ordered. “Leave us alone for a while. And get yourself another bottle. Your deadline is almost here!”
Chad dropped a quick curtsey and hurried away. He was glad to get away from them. He didn’t like using the new… and improved… sissy voice at all! He quickly grabbed a bottle and started drinking as he tried to assess just how wet his diaper was. Very wet! Soaked! Fortunately. But time was still running out. Leak! Leak!
“It sounds like you had a lot of fun last night,” Mel said to Sandy.
“We did… kind of,” Sandy replied. “But to tell the truth, both Cassie and I were more worried about how badly Jillian was punishing him to really enjoy it all that much. We were both close to putting a stop to it several times. And the fact that he’s still so sore today… maybe we should have.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Mel replied. “I saw him having trouble sitting down this morning, but he didn’t seem to be hurting when he sat in his highchair a little while ago, so I think he’s probably okay.”
“Good!” Sandy replied. “Because I was a bit worried about it.” She paused for a second before continuing. “You know, I really do love his baby side. Completely! Well, let’s face it, I get off on it! Okay?”
Mel only chuckled. “I know.”
“Well, it’s just that… I really like it, but… I don’t think anyone else gets the same kick out of it that I do! I mean, you really like him better as your maid. And Cassie… well, I’m not really sure what Cassie thinks. Sometimes I know she feels sorry for him, but other times… well, I’m just not sure.”
“I think we all get a kick out of his baby behavior,” Mel replied.
“Yeah, I know. But not the way I do. I mean, I really do get off on it!”
“So? What’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing, I guess. It’s just that… I’d really like to figure out something I can do with him sometime to really show that side of him off. Something… that’s not really just inside of our apartment. You know what I mean?”
Mel nodded. “Something out in public.”
“Yeah. I guess.”
“So what did you have in mind?”
“That’s just it. I have no idea. No idea at all!”
Mel shook her head. “I don’t really know either, but if you think of anything, please let me know! I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself!”
“I’m leaking!” Sissy’s excited voice interrupted them from the kitchen.
Mel glanced up at the clock. He had made it, but only by one minute! “Did you curtsy?” she called back.
Chad’s reply was much less excited. “No.”

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Baby Bobby Story

For anyone interested, I finally posted my Baby Bobby story that I wrote several years ago to the Fictionmania website. It came out yesterday (Friday).

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The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 6 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 6 of 8)

Chad worked through the stuff that Robin had assigned him. But he quickly realized that the job that he thought should take about an hour, was now easily finished in half that time. Oh well, maybe now that Robin could see how quickly and diligently he gotten this done she’d give him something else to do. Quickly, he saved his work and went to see her.
“Wobbin,” he said in his sissy voice to catch her attention. He saw her turn in her chair and he quickly curtseyed to her. “I finished.”
“It wasn’t as much as I thought it would be,” Chad explained. “Do you have anything else for me to do yet?”
“Not yet Sissy. Go back to your desk and leave me be for a while so I can work.”
“But I can help!” Chad protested.
“I don’t want your help!” Robin replied.
“No buts! Now go!” Geez! It was like talking to a child! Again!
Reluctantly, Chad went back to his desk where he had nothing to do. He glanced at the clock. At least break time was coming up soon.
Robin worked for a little while more, then glanced at her clock. Break time… almost. Close enough for her anyway. She was ready for a break before she tackled anything else. She got up from her seat and walked over to Chad’s cubicle. She could see that since he had nothing else to do, he was just browsing the internet… it looked like he was looking at shoes – women’s shoes, naturally. “Break time Sissy,” she called.
Chad turned around quickly and smiled. He was ready for a break. Actually, he was ready to do something useful! He closed his internet browser and got up from his chair and started to walk out, but he didn’t get very far since Robin was still blocking the entrance. He looked at her quizzically. She looked like she was in deep thought over something. “What?” he asked.
“I’m trying to remember exactly what I told you about curtseying,” she said.
“You told me to curtsey every time I came into your cubicle and when I left it.”
Robin nodded. “That’s what I thought. I can see now that I made a mistake. Since I seem to need you to do everything possible to keep reminding me that you’re nothing but a sissy, I’m afraid you’re going to have to curtsey every time you see me – anywhere! And of course every time you leave me too.
Remind her that he was a sissy? Wasn’t the dress he was wearing enough? Wasn’t the sissy voice he was using around her enough either? But since he was a sissy and he really had no choice, he dropped her a curtsey.
Robin smiled. “I’m starting to see why Mel likes that so much.” She turned and started down the hallway. “Come along Sissy.”
Chad had to hurry to catch up to her. “How’s the project coming?” Chad asked as soon as he caught up with her. “Have you made any decisions yet?”
Robin briefly glanced at him as she walked. “I’ve decided that you ask too many questions!” Robin replied a bit testily.
“I’m only trying to help,” Chad replied.
“Well I don’t need your help!”
“But I’ve got nothing to do!”
Robin glanced briefly at him as they walked. “In other words, you’re bored.”
“Yeah,” Chad replied sullenly. “Something like that.”
Robin didn’t bother answering right away. He was just like a child. Why hadn’t she seen it before? Now he needed something to keep him occupied all the time? “Well,” she finally answered, “we’ll just have to find some way to keep you occupied later.”

They were early enough that they were among the first to reach the break room. They didn’t even have to stand in line to get their coffee so they were the first to sit down at the women’s table. None of the other women had even come in yet.
“Why won’t you let me help?” Chad asked as they sipped their coffee.
Robin wanted to scream. He was like a child constantly asking for something that you had already said no to. “Because I don’t want you to!”
“But we’ve worked together on projects before. Very successfully!”
Robin just looked at him. “That was… before! Before I knew what you were.”
It was a moment before Chad could reply. “What difference does that really make? I still have the same job. I’m still good at what I do.”
Robin’s answer was spoken almost angrily. “Because I can’t deal with you anymore like you used to be! Or at least like I thought you used to be. Every time I try to think of you now as anything but a sissy, it just makes me mad and upset all over again. Very upset! So the only way I can relate to you anymore is if I think of you as nothing but a sissy. Unfortunately, I still have to keep reminding myself of that! That you’re a sissy. You’re not a man. You’re not a woman. And you’re not even a man who’s trying to be a woman. You’re something else – a sissy! And from what I’ve learned, you need to be treated like a sissy. Heck, you even want to be treated that way. So for my own sanity, like it or not, that’s how it’s going to be!” Her voice softened, but only a little. “Like it or not.”
They were spared from further conversation by two other women arriving at the table.
Chad sat and brooded over Robin’s words as the conversation swirled around him. His biggest problem was that he understood how she felt. Completely. There was just nothing he could do about it. He was a sissy and that wasn’t about to change. Even if it could change, she would still probably never see him as anything else. Another thought occurred to him. What would happen between them after he won the bet… when he no longer had to dress like a woman when he came to work? How would she see him then?

After break, Chad walked silently next to Robin as they headed back to their desks. As he reached his cubicle he asked her one more time. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to help?”
Suddenly perturbed by his constant asking, Robin turned on him. “What do I have to do to get you to stop nagging me like a child? You’re just like a child in so many ways! I can’t believe I never saw it before. You try to hide things! It’s always half truths! You get bored easily! And it’s always nag, nag, nag! Just like a child! Do I have to treat you like one?” She stared at him for a moment, watching the surprise on his face as she contemplated her own words. “I guess I do.”
She stared at him for another moment before her next course of action sprang into her mind. “Since you like acting like a child, and I guess I’m stuck treating you like one, then we’ll deal with things one at a time. Since you can’t seem to stop nagging me, then we’ll have to deal with that the same way we did on Monday when you wouldn’t shut up and leave me alone. So you can stick your thumb back in your mouth again right now! That should keep you quiet!”
But Chad didn’t move since he was still shocked by Robin’s latest tirade and hadn’t had time to fully process what she wanted yet.
Robin saw him just standing there in shock and not moving. “Well?” she said. “What are you waiting for? Stick that thumb in your mouth and suck on it. Now!” She watched as Chad finally raised his thumb up to his mouth. She shook her head. “Just like a child. You’ve got to yell at them for everything. Over and over again! I said suck on it! Don’t let me see those lips not touching it – ever! Or so help me I’ll… I’ll glue that thing to your mouth!”
Wide-eyed, Chad sucked his thumb harder so she could see that he was doing it. The way she was speaking to him, she was actually frightening him.
Robin nodded her head. “Finally!” she muttered to herself. “Now I guess we have to deal with your other problems or I’m not going to get any peace this afternoon.”
Unfortunately, that was the exact point where Chad not only felt himself peeing uncontrollably again, that was also the point where the dumb suppository that he only thought Cassie had stuck up inside of him decided to go to work. Between being off-balance because of Robin’s attitude, and peeing uncontrollably because he was so distracted that he forgot to hold back, and now suddenly uncontrollably filling the back of his diaper too, his eyes got even wider as his whole face suddenly screwed itself up in distress. He moaned uncontrollably around the thumb in his mouth as his knees buckled under the sudden uncomfortable stress as his diapers continued to fill.
Robin was shocked as she watched him suddenly turn white, then seemingly go into mild contortions. “What’s wrong?” she asked quickly.
There were a few tears in the corners of Chad’s eyes now. He knew he wasn’t supposed to take his thumb out of his mouth so he left it there while he tried to talk around it, but the mumbled sounds that came out made no sense at all.
“Take that thumb out when you’re talking to me!” Robin ordered. “Now what’s wrong?”
Chad still wasn’t done filling his diaper as he was forced to answer. “I… I’m…” But how could he say it? He didn’t want to. Very embarrassed, instead of speaking, he put his thumb back in his mouth again and pointed at his backside instead.
Robin stared. Something about his bottom? What? And then it dawned on her. Incredulously she asked, “You mean… you’re… pooping in your diapers – right now?”
Chad could only stare embarrassedly down at the floor and nod his head a little. He felt like such a fool.
Robin shook her head. “God! I don’t believe it!”
Chad briefly removed the thumb from his mouth again. “I can’t help it!” he complained. “Cassie puts a suppository up inside of me every day at lunch, and then Mel does it again every night before I go to bed. She’s making sure that I can’t have any control over it!”
Robin stared at him, finding what he had just said hard to believe. “Every day?” she asked.
Chad stared back at the floor and nodded. “Yeah,” he replied. “Every single day! I hate it!”
“I wonder why!” Robin replied. “I guess we now know what you’re doing at the gym every day then. Is Cassie changing your morning diaper?”
Again, Chad only nodded.
“Well, that figures. So go deal with it then. Change yourself or whatever you usually do.”
Chad shook his head. “I can’t do anything. I have to stay this way till I get home from work.”
“You’re kidding?”
Chad sadly shook his head. “No.”
Once again Robin just shook her head in disbelief. Then the words just seemed to pop out of her mouth before she had fully comprehended the thought. “Serves you right! Idiot!”
Chad made no reply. What could he say? He just stood there staring at the floor with his thumb in his mouth.
“So you have to sit in it all afternoon?”
Chad’s nod was his only replay as he realized that what was happening down in his diapers was finally finished… he hoped. That alone was a relief. But now he had to deal with the mess like he did every day.
“So now what do I do with you?” Robin asked aloud, the shock of what had just happened had taken most of the anger out of her. Did she still need to do anything with him? He was bored, she remembered. And it was because of that that he had kept nagging at her. So she needed to do something! But she didn’t have anything for him to do. Besides, she was determined that he was going to keep that thumb firmly in his mouth for the rest of the afternoon. He behaved like a child! Images of something she had seen when picking her son up from day care flashed across her mind. “When the older kids at my son’s day care misbehave, they stick them in time-out for a while. Since my son is only one, I haven’t had to try that yet. He wouldn’t understand it very well yet. But you…” She stared at him for a moment again. Time-out? It would serve him right! But how could she do it? She suddenly grabbed his arm. “Come along, were going to my desk where I can keep an eye on you.”
Chad allowed himself to be dragged into her cubicle. Time-out? What was she going to make him do? Visions of himself standing on his perch in Mel’s corner flashed into his mind, but that couldn’t happen here.
Robin looked around her cubicle. When the kids at her son’s day care were put in time-out, they were made him sit on the floor facing the corner. But in her cubicle, she had no usable corners. Everything was taken up by her desk space. The only real corner in the room was… Perfect! She quickly pulled her chair away from her desk and moved it out of the way. She pointed at the floor where her chair had been. “Sit!” she commanded.
With his thumb still stuck in his mouth, Chad gingerly knelt down on the floor facing her. He could feel the mess in his diapers squishing into his bottom a bit more as it moved around.
“I said sit!” Robin commanded. “Indian style, with your legs crossed. And face the corner!”
Even more gingerly, Chad turned to face the corner under her desk and worked his bottom all the way down to the floor. The mess in his diapers along with the hard floor stung his still sore backside, but the mess was a problem he was long used to now so it didn’t bother him much. But since he was now sitting in front of her desk, he couldn’t figure out where she was going to work? His desk? That didn’t make sense.
Robin watched him sitting there for a minute, sucking on his thumb like she wanted him to. A thought occurred to her. She couldn’t trust him to not take his thumb out of his mouth when she wasn’t watching. She needed a way to make sure it stayed there. She looked around her cubicle and finally opened her desk drawer – and spotted… her roll of scotch tape! She grabbed it and bent over him and started wrapping it around the wrist of his hand that was up against his mouth. Then she started wrapping it all the way around the back of his neck and wrist, over and over again, pulling his thumb tighter and tighter up against his mouth. Finally she cut the tape and threw it back into her desk drawer. “There!” she said with an air of satisfaction, “that should keep it where it belongs.”
Chad’s thumb was pressed so tightly into his mouth that it felt like his thumb was completely filling the inside. And his teeth were digging into the skin below his thumb and hurting him. It was very uncomfortable.
“Now get yourself into that corner!” Robin ordered. “All the way in!”
Chad stared at the corner in front of him – under her desk! In there? It was dark under there. And his head wouldn’t fit! He tried to turn his head to look up at Robin to see if she was serious, but the stupid tape wrapped around his neck made that difficult. He suddenly felt her hand on his back, pushing him slightly. So she was serious! Reluctantly, he did his best to inch his way forward toward the corner, having to bend his head to the side a little to get it to fit under her desk. The constant sliding on the floor only made the mess in his diapers feel stranger. The skirt of his zebra print dress was gradually hiking up further and further too, fully exposing his girdle underneath.
“Keep going,” Robin told him. “I want to see both your knees touching the corner.”
Ugh! Chad kept going, still feeling her hand on his back as he inched along. The position he was in not only made moving very difficult, but it was horribly uncomfortable. His left knee finally made contact with the wall and he stopped.
Robin saw him stop and peered closely at him. It was a bit hard to see since there wasn’t as much light under her desk. She could see that his left knee was up against the wall, but his other one… “Both legs touching!” she ordered. Then she waited till he adjusted himself to her satisfaction. If he wasn’t all the way under the desk like that then he would be in the way while she tried to work. “Good!” she finally declared. “I think that should work just fine as a time-out corner for you. Now you just stay there like that for the rest of the day and contemplate how childish you are!” She stood up again and grabbed her chair and wheeled it back into place where she sat down in it. She moved herself into position to where she could work. He wasn’t in the way at all! She moved her legs out till they came into contact with his back. As long as she didn’t stretch her legs out much then she’d hardly know he was there. Perfect!
It was now almost totally dark under Robin’s desk since she was blocking most of the available light. He had felt her feet hitting his back briefly, then they had moved away. He moved his head from the side to straight forward but bent down a bit as the top of his head was against the desk top above him. He was stuck in a corner… again! Only this time he was sitting down instead of standing on his perch. But since his thumb was pulled into his mouth so hard and his neck was bent down at an uncomfortable angle, he couldn’t decide which corner was worse, this one, or Mel’s. And she wanted him to stay here for the rest of the afternoon? Ugh!
Robin pulled up their project to finally get back to work on it, but as much as she tried, she couldn’t concentrate on it at all. Her mind was filled instead with thoughts about what she had just done with Sissy… and what she had said to him earlier! Everything she had said back in the break room had been absolutely true. Every time she thought about Chad… the old Chad that she knew, doing the stupid perverted things that he was doing… well… it made her mad. Not just mad, but horribly angry. The idiot! The stupid, perverted, idiot! And now that stupid perverted idiot was sitting right underneath her desk, not a foot away from her feet, staring at a dark blank corner while he sucked his thumb. The stupid idiotic pervert! He deserved just what she was making him do!
A sissy? Yeah, he was certainly that! Even though she had only just come to realize what the term sissy meant. It still fit him perfectly. Well, he wanted it? Now he had it! As long as she continued to see him as only a sissy, then she seemed to have no problem being mean to him... or ordering him around… or just… she didn’t know what. Perhaps just dominating him. And as long as she only saw him as a sissy, then that was the way she would treat him. The only way. She had to. It was like payback for lying to her all these years. If only she had known!
So she would continue to deal with him. But she would only deal with him on her terms, and her terms only. Not Mel’s terms. And certainly not his terms. Her terms! It couldn’t be any other way, because every time she thought of him in any other way, she got angry all over again. So the trick, she supposed, was going to make sure that she only saw him as a sissy… a stupid childish sissy… and nothing else… ever! And she had a feeling that that wasn’t going to be all that easy to do here at work, because if anyone else ever found out what she was doing… well, she didn’t exactly want to get fired!
Her thoughts turned to Mel. She had asked for Mel’s help earlier. But Mel had been too busy to give her much of an answer. In light of how she felt now, maybe that was a good thing. Still, Mel had helped. Her idea to make him curtsey for her had been a really good one. So was her idea yesterday to make him use only his sissy voice around her. Both of those had been perfect to help her see him as nothing but a sissy. So she guessed she would consider any other advice Mel could throw her way. To that end, she guessed she owed Mel… something… even if it was just some consideration. She opened her email program and typed a rather long email to Mel telling her exactly what she was thinking – as well as exactly what she had done with Sissy.
When her email had been sent, she still didn’t feel like working. She moved her chair back to glance under her desk. He was still right where he was supposed to be, but then, he couldn’t go anywhere else. She slipped her shoes off of her feet and rolled her chair forward again. Then she walked her feet up his back and slipped each one over his shoulders to use him as a foot rest. She leaned back in her chair to relax. Finally, he was doing something useful!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 5 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 5 of 8)

Chad got out of his car with his pink diaper bag. He closed the car door and just stared at the gym door ahead. Yesterday Cassie hadn’t even been there when he got his diapers changed. The receptionist Cindy had done it all alone. And while she was doing it, she had played with him more than he was happy about. Was she going to change him again today? It seemed like Cassie was trying to take more and more of a back seat as far as that responsibility was concerned.
Knowing that he had to do it, he approached the door and went inside.
“Hi Sissy!” Cindy said brightly as he was coming in.
Chad looked around. He didn’t see Cassie today. He dropped his usual curtsey and said hello to her. Then he added, “Are you changing me today, or is Cassie around?”
Cindy’s face quickly lit up more than it already was. “Would you like me to?”
“Not if Cassie is available,” Chad replied.
Cindy pouted a bit. “What’s wrong? Didn’t I do a good enough job yesterday?”
“No, it was fine. It’s just that…”
“But if it was fine, why don’t you want me to do it again today?”
Chad shook his head. “It’s not that. It’s just that… I’d like Cassie to do it if she can.”
Cindy didn’t look all that happy, but she immediately came out from behind the long desk. “I’ll get her,” she replied sullenly.
Chad felt much happier about things. A few moments later, Cindy and Cassie came back together and Chad curtseyed and said hello to Cassie too.
“Let’s go Sissy,” Cassie said as she turned around to head back through the gym again.
Chad followed her back to the same room they always used and started getting undressed while Cassie began pulling things out of his diaper bag. “So how did Cindy do yesterday?” she asked.
Chad just shrugged. “Okay, I guess.”
“No problems?”
Chad shook his head. “Not really.” He paused for a moment before adding. “I didn’t really appreciate the way she played with me yesterday.”
Cassie stopped what she was doing and looked up at him seriously. “The way she played with you?”
Chad nodded. “I know she was just curious, which wasn’t so bad, but she didn’t have to bang on my chastity thing with the scissors!”
Cassie’s jaw dropped. “She did that?”
“Yeah,” he replied as he continued undressing again.
“Did she hurt you?”
“Not really. It’s just that… I didn’t appreciate it.”
“So does that mean that you don’t want me to play with you today… like I usually do?” she teased.
“No! Not at all!” Chad replied quickly. “In fact, I’m looking forward to it!”
Cassie just smiled. “I thought you might be. So what Cindy did wasn’t really so bad then.”
“I guess not,” Chad replied with a shake of his head.
While Chad laid back with his baby bottle in his mouth, Cassie undid his diapers. They seemed different today. “Hey,” she exclaimed. “You’re not nearly as wet as usual!”
Chad removed the bottle from his mouth so he could speak. “I had to change them at work this morning.”
Cassie was surprised. “You wet them that much? Were you leaking?”
“No, Robin…” But he didn’t quite know what to tell her.
“Robin? The same Robin that was there Saturday? What did she do?”
Chad realized that once again he had probably said too much. “She wanted to see my chastity device. So I had to…”
“And you let her?”
“I didn’t have much choice!”
“Why not?”
“She ordered me to show her. Mel has me kind of… following her orders the same as I do for Mel.”
Cassie was shocked. “And this is the same Robin who called everyone sick last Saturday?”
Chad nodded. “Yeah, it’s really weird. I never would have thought her the type.”
All Cassie could think of though, was Robin as she had been at their apartment last weekend. Robin had gone absolutely berserk over what they all were doing. And now Robin was dominating him too? “I never would have thought either,” Cassie finally replied.
She wiped off his front side, taking a moment to examine his chastity device closely for any signs of damage that Cindy might have done to it. Fortunately, everything looked just as it should. She had him raise his bottom up so she could swap the wet diapers under him for fresh ones. Then she had him roll over. “Goodness!” Cassie exclaimed as soon as she caught sight of how red and blistered his bottom was. “Is this still left over from last night?”
“Yes,” Chad replied. “It’s still really sore.”
“I can see why!” Very carefully she applied the baby lotion to his skin and started to gently spread it around. But because he was so sore back there, she didn’t massage it in like she would normally do.
Chad closed his eyes, hoping to feel the wonderful sensation of her messaging the lotion into his skin, but he wasn’t getting that at all today. Which he figured was probably just as well since he wasn’t sure he could stand her touching him any harder back there than she was.
“Do you want me to try to play with you again like I usually do?” Cassie asked. “Or are you too sore?”
But Chad really wanted it. Since he had managed to orgasm with Mel a few days ago, he couldn’t wait to try it again. “Yes, please,” he replied. A moment later, his body thrilled as he felt her fingers going in and out of him, lubricating his asshole in preparation for something… bigger.
Cassie dug into the desk drawer and pulled out her usual toy that she used on him. She put a little extra baby lotion on it to lube it up and then she stuck it up against his hole – and held it there. A moment later, he was trying to push back against it. She giggled to herself. He really wanted it! She only withheld it for a moment before she let him have it, a little at a time. But very soon Chad was pumping back and forth for all he was worth against as much of the thing as she dared let him have without losing her grip on it.
Every bit of Chad’s attention was focused on the delicious feelings of his backside. He wanted it, he needed it. But he also needed to orgasm again, and he tried harder and harder to get there. But he only got to a certain point, and nothing more happened. No matter how hard he pumped, no matter how hard he wanted it, an orgasm was simply beyond him. Had he really experienced it with Mel? He wondered for a moment. But he was sure that he had. So why couldn’t he orgasm now? Maybe it was too soon.
Frustrated and defeated, he slowed his motions and hung his head. He had tried. He had really tried. But once again, the impossible was just that… impossible!
“Wow,” Cassie remarked as he finally stopped and she could pull the toy out again. “You were really going at it there.”
Chad didn’t reply. What would be the point? As good as it had felt, it simply did nothing for him other than to further stoke his sexual need. But still, it had felt awfully good. He heard Cassie unscrewing the lid from the jar of suppositories. Ugh!
Cassie glanced at Chad’s head as she pretended to pull one of the little pills out of the jar. But he wasn’t even looking in her direction. She wondered why she was bothering to go to such lengths to disguise what she “wasn’t” doing. She pretended to stick the pill way up inside of him. There was no reaction from him at all as she did it. Not at all like when she stuck her other toy up inside of him. “Okay, roll over again. Let’s get you finished up.”

Mel returned to her desk, still thinking about her lunch with Gloria. She had really rubbed it in today about how great her date had been. Maybe too much? No, not really. Ray had been great. Totally! It was just that… everything had almost seemed so artificial with him.
But the one thing that was most on Mel’s mind was that Gloria had suggested that she give Ray her phone number. She knew that Gloria hadn’t been serious about it, but still. Why not? What did she really care if Ray went out with Gloria? As far as she could tell, Ray went out with every woman he came in contact with!
Figuring she was probably doing her friend a favor, she looked up Ray’s number and called him.
Ray’s phone rang and he answered it without looking at it. “Hi Ray,” Mel’s voice came though to him.
“Mel!” Ray replied as he stopped working and sat back in his chair with a pleased look on his face. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”
“What do you think?” Mel asked sarcastically. “You know I did!”
Ray chuckled. He always knew how to treat them! “So when would you like to get together again?” he asked. Always best to get the dates scheduled as soon as possible!
“That’s just it,” Mel replied. “I have this special favor to ask of you.”
“A special favor? Anything! Do you have something special in mind you’d like to do together?”
“Um… Not off hand. This is something else.”
Mystified, Ray asked, “What?”
“Uh…” She hardly knew where to start with a request like this so she just barged in. “Let’s face it, I know you go out with a lot of women, and I don’t go out all that often, so while I really can’t wait to go out with you again… I was wondering if… you’d do a special favor for me and ask a friend of mine out sometime.”
That surprised Ray. A friend? His first thought was what was wrong with her friend? Then he had another thought. “This friend of yours wouldn’t be anyone like Sissy, would it?”
Mel almost laughed. “Oh, no! Not at all. In fact, she’s really rather pretty, and very intelligent too. It’s just that the hours she works doesn’t let her get out and meet anybody all that often.”
“Oh? What kind of job does she have?”
“She’s a therapist. She specializes in relaxation therapy.”
Ray had never heard of it, but it sounded plausible to him. Besides, he guessed he could always enjoy a nice “relaxing” date once in a while. “And you’re sure this isn’t someone like Sissy?” he asked.
“Absolute not! Listen Ray, Gloria is my best friend!”
Ray felt a little more relieved. “In that case, why not? You said her name is Gloria? What’s her number?”
Smiling, Mel told him the number she had memorized years ago. “You’ll like her, I’m sure of it,” Mel added. “Just don’t forget, I wouldn’t mind going out with you again sometime too. But please, call Gloria first, okay? Do me this favor?”
Since Mel still wanted to go out with him, he was feeling much better about this blind date kind of thing. Mel wouldn’t ruin her chances of going out with him again by making him mad if Gloria wasn’t at least decent. “You got it!” I’ll call her today,” he told her.
“Thanks Ray, I really appreciate it. And, I appreciate our evening last night too.”

Chad still had nothing to do. He wished Robin would assign him something – anything! But so far, she hadn’t even talked to him this afternoon. He thought back to his time with Cassie a little while ago. He was so glad that it had been just Cassie today. And he was glad that she had “played” with him again. He had really hoped to have another orgasm but it just hadn’t worked. It was almost like there was something missing. Some missing ingredient. He just didn’t have a clue what that might be.
Having nothing better to do, he typed in “fashion” in his search page – and a few minutes later wound up searching for shoes.

Robin poured over what needed to be done on their project. She knew that Chad in the next cubicle wasn’t doing anything at all. But she was going to be in charge of this one – no if’s ands or buts! Besides, there was no real reason why Tom couldn’t have assigned the whole thing just to her. He could have easily found some other busy work for Sissy to do. She knew that they were supposed to be splitting up the work, but, well, there was no way she was going to let Sissy do anything except the most menial boring parts of this project. Of which, she knew there would be plenty. But of course, since she had just barely started, she had nothing for him to do right now. Well, he was sitting doing nothing right now, and he could continue sitting and doing nothing for a while more. It wouldn’t hurt him in the least!
Two minutes later, she came across something, part of which she would have put off till later. But Sissy was there and he could take care of it for her right now. With a smile, she looked up toward the top of the wall between them and called, “Sissy! Get in here!”
Robin calling him totally surprised Chad. He got up and hurried around the wall to her desk. “You called?” he asked.
Robin turned around in her seat to talk to him. “I need you to…” But that’s as far as she got before an odd thought intruded in her head. Something that Mel had said in her email earlier. She stared at him. He was just standing there expectantly... waiting to hear what she had to say. But that odd thought… “Say,” she started again, “I hear from Mel that she’s trying to teach you to curtsey pretty much constantly.”
Chad felt his face blushing. “Sort of,” he admitted.
“Sort of? That’s not the impression I got.”
“It’s just… mostly… when she speaks to me and before I leave again.”
Robin nodded. It was more than that and she knew it! She was a bit perturbed that once again he was trying to get away with only telling half-truths… like a child! But she wasn’t going to push that issue right now. She did want to try one thing though. “Well then,” she replied, “I don’t see any reason why you can’t do the same for me. Whenever you come in here, I expect you to curtsey immediately. And you can curtsey again before you leave. Got that?”
Chad wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he curtseyed for her. “Yes,” he replied. “I’ve got it.”
“Good! Now look at this. I need you to go through all of these and…”
As Robin talked, Chad realized it was all boring busy work, but it was work that definitely needed doing and he had nothing better to do. But as he listened to her going through what she wanted, his mind was mostly occupied with the fact that she was now requiring him to curtsey every time he came into or left her cubicle. It was like she was trying to do everything that Mel made him do.
“Okay, got that?” Robin finally asked.
“Yeah, got it,” Chad replied. “I should have it for you in a little while.”
“See that you do,” Robin replied. “Now get on it!”
Chad started to turn away to go back to his own desk, but he stopped himself quickly and curtseyed to her before leaving.
Robin giggled a bit at his curtsey. Yes, there were definitely parts to this dominating business that were kind of fun! Now she just needed a way to deal with his other childish behaviors! Some of which definitely irked her!

Gloria was between clients and was using her time to get caught up on recording the notes on several of her last sessions. When her phone rang, she thought nothing of it. She even continued to type with one hand while she picked up her phone with the other. “Relaxation Therapy. Gloria speaking.”
“Gloria?” Ray replied. “This is Ray, Mel’s friend. She wanted me to call you.”
Gloria hit two wrong keys and stopped typing immediately. She couldn’t believe it! “Ray? The Ray Mel went out with last night?”
“That’s me,” Ray replied proudly.
“Wow! I can’t believe it. She really asked you to call me? I was only joking!”
“Well, the fact that I’m calling now should answer that. Mel said that you don’t get to go out very often. So I thought maybe we could fix that.”
Gloria was still a bit in shock. “Um… Yeah, sure! Definitely in fact!”
“Well, if you aren’t too busy, then how about later this week? Thursday or Friday maybe?”
Gloria’s mood suddenly fell. “Well, that’s just it. I can’t. I do a lot of my business at night, after hours, when my clients can get here.”
That was going to be a problem! But Mel had mentioned that her business got in the way. “There must be some time when you’re off,” Ray suggested.
“Only on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday are really the only evenings I have off… unless you want to get together for a little while during the week after nine thirty or ten.
But Ray had only needed to hear Saturday! “How about Saturday then?” he asked. “I could pick you up and I’m sure we can find something fun to do.”
Gloria didn’t even need to think about it. “Let’s call it a date!” Two minutes later, Gloria called Mel’s number and was very pleased when she answered. Instead of speaking, she sang! “I’ve got a date with a very handsome man!” Mel only laughed.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 4 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 4 of 8)

Robin stared at the job requirements for the new project, but she wasn’t really seeing them. Her mind was instead on Sissy… and the fact that she didn’t know anything about dominating him. She had considered asking Mel for more advice earlier, but did she really want any suggestions from Mel? Mel wasn’t here. Mel didn’t work for this company. Mel only saw him outside of the workplace. Her views might be skewed from what was actually possible.
And then there was the real problem. Should she be dominating him at all? She only barely understood why she was doing it in the first place. She guessed it was because she was forced to see him as a sissy now and nothing else. And from what she had been told, dominating a sissy was the right thing to do. He needed it! He craved it! No, he required it! Or was it more like she herself required a way to keep him in his place? Either way, she needed a way to constantly remind herself of exactly what he was… and what he wasn’t!
So she was left with dominating him – like it or not. Her mind turned again to her first question, should she ask Mel? Finally, she figured, what could it hurt? Mel had far more experience in these matters than she did. She opened up her email program and began typing.

Dear Mel,

I’m trying my best to figure out what I’m supposed to do about dominating Sissy, but I’m afraid I have no clue what that really means.

I hope you won’t be mad, but I did make him strip down completely when he first got here so I could see what he was wearing under his dress and also so I could see his chastity device. I must say, that was quite a surprise. I won’t be doing that again as I almost got peed on when he suddenly let loose all over my cubicle floor! He claimed to have no control over it because you make him drink too much before he comes to work. So are you winning this bet? He claims you’re not!

The reason I had him strip like that was because I had been trying to find out how he really lost so much weight. He still claims that it’s only because of the diet cooking he’s been doing. But most of it only looks like he’s lost weight because of the tight clothes he wears. I knew it wasn’t just the diet cooking!

So once again, I hope I haven’t done anything wrong and I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you,

With her email finally sent, she glanced at the clock. Break time! She got up from her seat and went over to his cubicle. “Let’s go, Sissy. Break time.”
The best part of break for Chad was that he wouldn’t have to use his sissy voice while they were around anyone else. His girly voice was also pretty embarrassing, but it was a lot better than his sissy voice. He got up out of his chair with a painful wince and followed Robin out into the hallway. It was all he could do to keep his hands away from his irritated backside and not rub it.
“I heard an interesting story about you at the gym last night,” Robin said as they walked.
Chad was instantly worried. “What did you hear?”
“I heard all about your little visit where you came dressed up so ridiculously and then you sang and danced for everyone like a little child – including making your diapers leak at the end!”
Chad could feel his face turning crimson at the thought. “Well,” he started to reply, searching for something he could add to make what he had done sound better. But there wasn’t anything. “I had to,” was all he could think to say.
“You had to?” Robin asked. “You mean, Mel made you.”
“Yeah,” Chad replied sullenly.
“Yet from what I heard, you loved doing it.”
“Not exactly.”
“That’s not the way I heard it.”
“I didn’t have much choice,” Chad replied.
“You didn’t?”
“No. Mel kept trying to take me here, to show me off at work instead! The compromise was that I had to convince everyone that I loved doing it.”
Robin laughed. “Now that would have been a sight! You dressed and acting like that right here.” Teasingly she added. “Maybe I should ask Mel to actually do it sometime. Give everyone a treat.”
Chad was horrified. “Please don’t! Don’t even tease about it! She still keeps threatening to actually do it!”
Robin only laughed again. “Then maybe I should really ask her,” she teased.
They were among the first to arrive at the break room. Chad followed Robin in line to get coffee, and being among the first, there were still doughnuts available. Robin grabbed one, but when Chad went to get one, she stopped him. “Ah ah! None for you. You’re dieting, remember?”
“No buts!” Robin replied with a grin as she turned towards the women’s table. Sometimes, dominating someone could be such fun. She found a chair and sat down, but when Sissy started to sit in his chair, she noticed his hesitation. Even more obvious was how slowly he sat, as if sitting down would hurt him. She smiled, perhaps it was hurting him!

Mel read Robin’s email through again and shook her head. Robin was asking for advice from her? Between the report Sissy has sent and what Robin had said here, it sounded like she was doing awfully well on her own. She only wished she could have been there this morning to see what happened. And he had almost peed on her! That was exciting news!
So Robin was asking for more advice on what she was supposed to do as to dominating Sissy. Well, she had offered to give Robin a hand, but right now she didn’t have much time since she was supposed to meet with her next client in a minute. So her return email was fairly short.

For once, Chad hadn’t had to say much during break as the conversation mostly centered around the ones with kids again. He was grateful. When break was over, he and Robin followed everyone out of the room and down the hallways. A few minutes later, they were alone as they made their way to their cubicles.
“I noticed that you were having a little trouble sitting down today,” Robin mentioned with an amused smirk on her face.”
“Yeah, kind of,” Chad replied sullenly.
“Kind of? It looked more like you didn’t want to sit down at all!”
“No, it’s just that…”
“That you would have rather not sat down!” Robin finished for him.
“Maybe,” Chad replied.
“Huh! So that means that you either got beat pretty bad last night or you’ve got diaper rash. I’m betting though that Mel beat you.”
“No, she didn’t.”
“So you’ve got diaper rash. Ha!” she chuckled. “Just like a baby!”
“No. I don’t have diaper rash. At least, I don’t think so. It kind of hurts like that though.”
“Mel didn’t beat you, and you don’t have diaper rash, but it still hurts like that?” Robin was puzzled. “What am I missing? Something must be hurting you.”
Chad wished he had kept his big mouth shut – again. Or at least he wished that he had just let her think Mel had beat him. “Someone else beat me last night,” he explained.
“Someone else? So Mel lets other people beat you?”
“Evidently,” Chad replied, not at all happy about that.
“So was Mel there at the time?”
Why couldn’t Robin leave it alone? “No. Not last night.”
“So who beat you?”
“A friend of Sandy’s.”
“Sandy? She’s the one who’s been teaching you baby stuff, right?”
“Why didn’t Sandy beat you instead?”
Chad just shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess because we weren’t at her place.”
Robin looked over at him. There was a lot more to this story that he seemed to be reluctant to tell her. “It’s like digging the details out of a child!” she exclaimed. “Now for heaven’s sake. What happened last night?”
Ugh! Chad did his best to explain as they walked back to their cubicles. He didn’t finish till long after they had arrived at his cubicle – where he talked standing up.

Robin was still inwardly chuckling over Chad’s story about last night as she returned to her desk. She immediately noticed that she had an email. A moment later, she saw it was from Mel.

Dear Robin,

I don’t have much time right now, but it sounds to me like you’re doing perfectly well on your own. And don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong at all. In fact, I really wish I had been there to see it! Sorry he almost peed on you. I’m finding that as we continue with this, I’m having to take more and more caution just in that event. And Sissy really has lost a lot of weight and is continuing to lose more. Of course lately I have him eating mostly baby food which is probably helping too.

I would like to say that I’m winning the bet, and I really hope I am. But the truth is that I have no idea. It’s something that’s too hard for me to tell.

The biggest advice I can give you quickly right now is to not be afraid of dominating him and to let yourself enjoy it. I’m just now getting to that point where I’m not afraid to have fun with it myself. So enjoy yourself fully and don’t be afraid.

Oh by the way, did you know that I’m currently trying to teach Sissy to curtsey constantly? I’m trying to get him to do it every time he opens his mouth, even during the same conversation. I also want him to curtsey before we talk and when he leaves too. Watching him curtsey is one of my greatest joys.

As always, don’t be afraid to call or email me,

Curtsey all the time? Don’t be afraid? Robin was a bit disappointed that Mel hadn’t been more forthcoming with details, but she understood that. A lawyer has to be awfully busy! And at least Mel didn’t seem to think she had done anything wrong earlier. She was glad… because it was kind of fun.
So, she was left mostly on her own. Oh well. Curtsey? Constantly? How ridiculous! But was it any more ridiculous than Sissy himself? Not even close! And Mel had mentioned that he was eating mostly baby food! Somehow that little fact had been left out of what Chad had told her. It was as if once again he was trying to get away with something. He was only telling half-truths. Like a child! With a sigh and a shake of her head, she finally forced herself to attack the new project.

Chad was bored! He had finished everything he needed to get done, but Robin still hadn’t told him what she wanted him to work on for the new project. Did he dare ask her about it? No! Lately, she had been finding out way too much about him whenever they talked. So until she told him to do otherwise, he decided to just sit and do… nothing. He opened his web browser and tried to think up something interesting to search for. Finally, he typed in ‘dresses.’

Gloria got to the restaurant long before Mel. She was anxious to hear all the little details about Mel’s date. Maybe she was too anxious, but she didn’t really care. A perfect date? She was so jealous! Why couldn’t things like that ever happen to her? Of course, because of the hours she worked, she wasn’t as free to date as Mel was. And then there was the problem that she couldn’t go out with any of her clients. That wouldn’t be a good thing at all. So she rarely got to meet new guys and she rarely got any dates. It was so depressing. So she was hungry for all the details that Mel could give her. A girl could always dream!
The moment Mel arrived and sat down, she leaned forward anxiously. “Start at the beginning, and don’t you dare leave one tiny little thing out!”
Mel laughed then did just that, not only telling her everything that happened during her date with Ray last night, but just for Gloria’s sake, she embellished a few things too, just to make it sound even better. They had both finished eating by the time she had finished – and she had only told her about last night, she hadn’t even mentioned the double date on Sunday.
“I need a new line of work!” Gloria exclaimed. “I’m so jealous I could scream. Why do you always meet all the good guys?”
Mel looked back at her with a skeptical look on her face. “I wouldn’t call Detective Grey very good! And he was the last date that I had in quite a while. I don’t go out very often either!”
“Maybe not,” Gloria replied, “but it’s still more than I get. So when are you two going out again?”
Mel’s face clouded. “I don’t know. I’m not even sure I want to go out with him again.”
Gloria was startled. “What? You said he was the perfect date!”
“He was! It’s just that… well… there was something missing in it all. Everything was too planned. Like he did it over and over again with every woman he goes out with… which I happen to know is a lot!”
“So what? What does any of that have to do with it?”
Mel shook her head. “I guess nothing. And I’m sure that if he asks, I will go out with him again. No, make that I’ll definitely go out with him.”
Gloria shook her head. “I have no idea how you can possibly be so picky!” She leaned forward. “If you’re not so sure about this guy, give him my number! I’m desperate!”
Mel smiled. She knew exactly how Gloria felt. She shrugged. “I just may!”