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The Bet - Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 3 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 47 (Wednesday – week 7 Part 3 of 8)

Chad hurried out through the hallways hoping that nobody would see him, or if they did, then they wouldn’t notice anything out of place about him. Or at least, not anything more out of place than usual. Without a bra or his girdle holding his breast forms up, they felt like they were flopping around inside of his dress. At least it felt that way because the glue holding the forms to him kept pulling over and over again at his skin. It was very uncomfortable to say the least.
He hurried to his car and grabbed his diaper bag – and stopped. He was about to carry his diaper bag into work with him. Everybody would see it! Well, maybe not everybody, but some people might see it and recognize it for what it was. But having no choice now, he pulled it out of his car and started back with it again, hoping that nobody would notice. He felt lucky as he returned, the few people in the hallways who saw him were busy and didn’t say anything to him at all. Breathlessly, he returned to Robin’s cubicle where the rest of his clothes were. His chest felt so irritated from his breasts bouncing around that he had to reach up and grab them with both hands and push them up for a moment to try to calm the irritation. Glued on breasts like his without a bra of some sort weren’t fun when you were running or even just hurrying somewhere!
Robin turned as he entered and saw him cupping his breasts. “You’re playing with yourself?” she asked with amusement.
“No, they were bouncing around so much that they hurt a bit,” Chad replied.
Robin almost laughed. “Just like real ones!” She now took a good look at the bag he had just carried in. She didn’t know whether to be surprised or not that it was the same pink bag she had originally thought was his “gym” bag – but which she now realized was exactly what she had originally thought it was the first time she had seen it – a diaper bag! Sissy had deposited the bag on the floor next to his things, but now he wasn’t doing anything. He was just standing there. “What are you waiting for?” she asked. “I want to see that thing.”
Chad once again removed his dress and his shoes, which left him in only his two diapers and his waist cincher. And then he paused again to look back at Robin who was sitting in her chair, watching him intently. She said nothing. He said nothing. He looked back down at his exposed wet diapers. And slowly, carefully, began pulling at the first of the tapes that held the top diaper closed. But slowly and carefully didn’t work very well when it came to pulling them open. He had to pull harder and rip the tape open. After that first one, the rest of the tapes went much faster and he discarded the wet outer diaper next to his pile of clothes on the floor.
Robin leaned forward and stared at his inner diaper. Yes, it was obviously very wet, but what she was looking at mostly were the slits in it where the material inside now bulged out. And then she saw him start to reach for the tapes that held that diaper in place, without realizing it, she was holding her breath.
Chad grabbed the tiny tab on the first tape that held his inner diaper in place, and he stopped again. Was he really going to do this? Was he really going to expose himself – totally naked in front of Robin like this? At work? He looked up at her briefly, hoping she would tell him not to do it. But she was watching him closely… waiting. Without pausing, he ripped the tape open which loosened the diaper enough that he could just slip it down his legs. Feeling so embarrassed, he stepped out of it and deposited it on top of his other one. He was now totally naked in front of her – except for his chastity device, oh, and his waist cincher which he didn’t really count. Slowly, he turned around to face her directly, and he prayed that nobody else would come around and see him like this.
Robin couldn’t believe it! He was standing totally naked in front of her! All because she had asked him to! A slight feeling of the thrill of power ran though her as she stared at his naked embarrassed body. But she ignored most f him – except for the plastic device that she now saw was locked onto his penis and encased it completely. Figuring she had the power, or right, to do it, she got up and reached out to touch it… feel it. It was hard plastic. The tiny lock on top was more than a simple luggage lock that could be picked easily. His balls were totally exposed and he was… totally hairless all around there – just like the rest of his body. She pulled on the device a bit. It seemed to be attached firmly enough. She saw him wince a bit as she did it. “Did I hurt you?” she asked.
“Not really,” he replied. “It’s just that… it has teeth inside of it that to prevent it from coming off. They also prevent me from getting any… bigger. Because if I do then they hurt… a lot!”
Robin looked closely inside the device. Yes, she could just see the teeth now. They looked like they could hurt. And she knew how sensitive her husband’s private parts were so she was sure that his were just as sensitive. “So you can’t get… harder or bigger at all?”
He shook his head. “I can… a little. But if I do, it hurts!” He felt so incredibly embarrassed, standing there naked in front of her… not to mention at work!
She giggled. She couldn’t help it. And then she gasped as a tiny stream of pee suddenly came out of the end of it. She had to jump back to keep from getting wet!
Chad was shocked at what was happening, but he quickly grabbed the wet diaper he had just dropped on the floor to cover himself with till the pee stopped. He looked down at the floor. There was a pool of piss and a lot of smaller drops all over the place from where he had turned to grab the diaper. He felt even more embarrassed. “Sorry,” he said as he pulled the diaper in his hand far enough back to make sure his flow of pee had stopped. Damn him! Why hadn’t he remembered to hold back while he was naked! It wasn’t too early to start working on it yet! “I’ll clean that up right away,” he told her. He looked around, but he didn’t have anything to clean it up with except his own clothes. He reached down and swapped the overly soaked diaper in his hand for the one that wasn’t as soaked.
Robin was still in shock. “Does that happen often?” she asked as she watched him getting down on the floor to try to absorb what he could with the diaper he was holding.
“Not too often… fortunately,” Chad replied. “It’s just that… this morning… it’s too early yet for me to have much control.”
“Too early? What does early have to do with it?”
“Mel makes me drink way too much before I come to work to be able to control myself very well. It’s better if I let as much of it come out as quickly as possible so that I can start working on my control when I have a decent chance.”
Robin thought back to the contract that she had read at Mel’s apartment last weekend. His control was what it was all about. “So it sounds like Mel is winning,” she said.
Chad shook his head. “She can’t. It can’t be done in only two months. Besides, I spend most of the day maintaining my control. So she has no chance.” He didn’t add that he was losing more and more of that control he had every day. At an alarming rate!
Robin didn’t reply to that. Clearly he thought he could win. But at the same time, it looked like he was losing. She wondered which one of them would be correct and actually win their bet. She saw him finish wiping up the obvious spots on her floor, but the floor now had large damp areas that the diaper couldn’t clean or dry properly. He couldn’t get that with the already wet diaper he was trying to use. Besides, she could smell it a bit too, and she didn’t want to go all day smelling that! “You better get something else to clean that up better!” she said. “I don’t want to smell it all day!”
“I will,” Chad replied somewhat frustrated with both himself and the situation. But he couldn’t go get anything to clean it up dressed like he was – in only his waist cincher. “Can I get dressed again now?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure,” Robin replied. She watched as he pulled two fresh diapers out and cut slits in one of them. She watched as he put them both on, making sure they were secure. She watched as he pulled the childish looking plastic panties up over top of the diapers, making him look even more ridiculous. They were followed by him struggling to get his girdle back on again – she giggled the whole time she watched that. She had struggled with enough girdles in her life to know how miserable they could be. His pantyhose came next, and finally his dress and shoes. “Is that what you wear every day?” she asked. “I mean, under your clothes.”
“Chad nodded as he finished getting his shoes on. “Yeah, whenever I’m at work.”
“So you dress differently when you’re not at work?”
Chad felt himself blushing a bit. He shouldn’t have put it the way he did. “Mel’s been making me wear only one diaper and nothing over it after work for a while now so she can see when I start leaking.”
“Leaking? Why don’t you change them first? I would think you would have the sense to do that at least!”
Chad shook his head. “I can’t. The leaking is the whole point. I have a time limit every night to make them leak so I can’t try to hold back at all.”
“A time limit? You mean she gives you a time limit to have leaking diapers?”
Chad only nodded. He shouldn’t have mentioned it! This was way more than she needed to know!
Robin tried to absorb that and figured she only partially got it, but it was enough for now. She realized it was getting late and they both had work that had to be done. And he had to clean her floor first! “Go get something to clean this up with now. We’ve got work that needs doing,” she said. She finally turned back to her computer as he hurried out. But instead of opening up any of the programs, her mind kept seeing him naked in front of her. Those weird breasts that were glued onto his chest so he couldn’t remove them, so much like real breasts. Those childish looking plastic panties covering his diapers. And two diapers! The outer one only showing the overflow from the inside one. He must have wet himself quite a bit since he had put them on. And then of course, there was the image of him struggling with his girdle. She chuckled one more time at that before bringing up her email program to check it.

Mel was at her desk working on paperwork when her phone rang. She saw from the caller ID that it was Gloria. “Hello?”
“You know of course that you’ve got two dates to tell me about now,” Gloria’s voice stated without even saying hello.
Mel laughed. “I sure do!”
“So how was it? I mean, generally, because I want the whole picture at lunch today! And don’t try to tell me you can’t make it!”
Mel laughed again. “It was… perfect!”
“I hate you! Why couldn’t it be me? Lunch?”
“I’ll be there.”
“And no Robin this time?”
“No Robin,” Mel laughed.

Ray sat back in his chair at work and took a moment to reflect on his date last night. It had been another good one. Expensive, but good. But Mel was a lawyer and even though she didn’t seem to have all that much money, he wanted to impress her with the money he made. He was fairly sure that after their last two dates he had done that, although he wasn’t sure why he wanted to bother. He might go out with her again, and then, he might not. He already had another date lined up for tonight… and tomorrow night too. But it was always best to keep them wanting more. That way he could get plenty of… loving!
It was such a shame that Derek wasn’t here. It was much more satisfying if he could rub it in his face. That of course was the real reason he had wanted to impress Mel and get her going out with him, and he guessed, keep her going out with him, because he enjoyed showing Derek that he could get the women when Derek couldn’t. And as usual, he had won again.
He smiled. Derek was such a push-over! His thoughts turned briefly to how he had set Derek up to give Sissy the wrist corsage last night. He laughed and turned his thoughts to the woman he would be going out with tonight. He had gone out with her before and she was great in bed. Lots of fun tonight for sure!

Chad squirmed in his chair, but only a little. Too much movement against his raw backside only brought more discomfort. But even just sitting still wasn’t exactly fun today. Jillian had really laid into him last night. He fervently hoped he’d never see her again!
He was finishing up the few little tasks he had left from before Tom had sent down the new project that he and Robin were supposed to be working on together. It was all he had to work on since Robin didn’t want him doing anything at all on the new stuff yet. But then, this stuff did need to get finished and out of the way.
He had already sent Mel an email detailing what Robin had put him through this morning. What had gotten into Robin? He never would have thought she would act like this! Yet… part of him was thrilled that he now had another person dominating him and making him do humiliating things. He guessed he should be grateful. But was he? He was, but he was also scared! Robin was dominating him here – at work! It was like there was no getting away from it. There was no place of refuge he could run to.
With a few last clicks of his mouse. He realized he had finished everything that he could. Now what was he supposed to do? He guessed he could look over the new project again, but that was kind of useless since he already knew everything there was to know about it and Robin had told him not to do anything on it yet.
With nothing better to do, he opened up his spreadsheet for keeping track of the bet. He noticed that there were still sixteen days left before the testing to see if he could control himself. Sixteen days. Not that much. Just a little over two weeks. That’s all! But… why did it still seem like such a long time?
He found yesterday’s date and moved to the column for how long he had held back. He filled in six minutes – proudly. It was a full minute improvement over the day before! And he had high hopes that today he would do even better. Of course it wasn’t even close to how long he had been able to control himself last week, but it was still pretty good. Wasn’t it? Six minutes had to be a lot better than five minutes! Yes, he felt much better about six minutes than five.
He glanced over at his column of reasons for winning the bet. He stared at his top three reasons: self-respect, friends, and a life. But for some reason, they didn’t seem as important to him today as they usually did. He closed the spreadsheet before anyone could see it. Six minutes. Better, but still not very good.

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