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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 5 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 5 Part 2 of 2

Phillip was just glad to finally have his thumb out of his mouth again.  And he couldn’t help but feel very grateful to Vivian for that… even though he now knew that the problem had been caused by her in the first place.  As he drove toward one of the nicer steak restaurants in the area that Vivian had requested he take her to, his mind played back everything that had happened since Vivian had arrived at his house.  He remembered everything!  Everything!  He was sure of it.  And despite all the wild, weird, and just downright mean and ugly things she had said, he still couldn’t help but feel very grateful to her – just as he remembered she had told him he would feel while he had still been in the trance.  He wanted to feel angry with her again.  He knew he had to feel angry with her.  But right now, he simply couldn’t.  So he was taking her out on… well not on a date exactly, but out to buy her a nice dinner. 
They pulled into the restaurant, and despite the number of people there, they were shortly shown to a small table for two.  Vivian was delighted. It was nice to be out with a good looking guy for a change – despite what was going to start happening very soon. 
“What do you think of Marian?” Vivian asked, trying to start some conversation.
“The truth?” Phillip, replied with more than a hint of anger.
“Of course!”
“I’d like to kill her!”
Marian nearly giggled.  She made a mental note to make sure he wouldn’t ever be able to do that or hurt Marian in any way either.  She needed Marian right now. 
The waiter came and took their drink order and left again.  Phillip watched as Vivian studied the menu.  He didn’t bother.  He had been there before and knew they would have the cut of steak he wanted.  He usually ordered the same thing in these places anyway. 
He was still feeling grateful to Vivian for helping him get his thumb out of his mouth – very grateful.  But he was very distrustful as well.  He did his best to not say anything.  He felt like things were totally screwed up in his mind.  He knew deep down that he should feel one way about everything, yet at the same time, here he was feeling completely grateful to her.  And he knew it was because she had hypnotized him again.  He just couldn’t seem to find the ability to feel anything other than what he did.  And that worried him a lot.
The waiter came and brought their drinks, and took Vivian’s order – a small but very expensive steak filet with a baked potato and a salad.  The waiter turned to Phillip.  “And for you sir?”
Phillip intended on ordering a large steak with a baked potato, but instead he found himself asking, “Do you have a kid’s hot dog plate available?”  What?  He didn’t want a hot dog!  Yet he found himself unable to ask for anything else?
The waiter looked at him somewhat surprised.  “Um… yes, of course we do.  But… um… you want this for yourself?”
“Yes please,” Phillip found himself replying as he struggled with himself.  “With fries please,” he added. 
“Anything else?” the waiter asked.
“No, just the kid’s hot dog and fries,” Phillip told him… despite what he wanted to order instead.
The waiter nodded and walked away.  And Phillip stared after him with a stunned look on his face.  He turned back to Vivian.  “What did you do to me?”
Vivian giggled.  “Just something that I felt was more appropriate,” she replied.
“More appropriate?”  But the only answer he got in reply was Vivian’s slight giggle.  Fearing anything else that might come out of his mouth, he decided to remain as silent as possible.  Fortunately, Vivian’s salad came quickly so he figured he wouldn’t have to say anything to her while she ate.  But the minute he saw her put her first forkful of lettuce into her mouth, he was horrified to find himself bringing his thumb back up to his mouth to suck on it like a child again.  And once again, he couldn’t seem to remove it.  He saw Vivian giggle at him and raise her eyebrows at him, mocking him as she chewed. 
As he sat sucking his thumb, totally angry at her again, he realized that while he thought he remembered everything she had said to him while he had been hypnotized tonight, that obviously he didn’t.  Now he had to worry about anything else she might have stuck in his brain.  And from the delighted way she seemed to be looking at him while she ate, he was more worried about that than ever!
The waiter finally brought their dinners, pausing to stare for a moment at Phillip sucking his thumb, then he set the hot dog and fries down in front of him… thinking that it was probably appropriate for him.  He set the good steak with the baked potato down in front of the woman.  “Anything else?” he asked.
“Ketchup for his fries, please,” Vivian requested.  She saw the waiter nod before walking off and looking back strangely at Phillip one more time. 
“Thumb out!” Vivian commanded with a slight giggle.
Phillip couldn’t get his thumb out of his mouth fast enough.  “You just had to humiliate me!” he hissed.  “You just had to do it!”
Vivian giggled.  “I couldn’t help myself.  Are you enjoying your dinner?”
“No!” Phillip replied.  “And I don’t like hot dogs!”
“All the better,” Vivian replied with delight.  “Oh Phillip, don’t forget to tie your bib.”
Bib?  But as soon as she said that, Phillip found himself grabbing his large napkin off of his lap, and tying it around his neck as if it was a child’s bib!  Now he hated her more than ever!  The evil witch!
Vivian was enjoying herself immensely.  The power she held over him was amazing!  Absolutely amazing!  And she intended on only increasing that power.  She watched as the waiter returned with the Ketchup and spent more time ogling Phillip with his napkin now tied around his neck, before he walked off – most likely to tell the other waiters about Phillip. 
Before Phillip could grab the bottle of ketchup, Vivian got to it first.  Reaching across the table, she practically drowned his fries in the ketchup, then poured another overly large amount on his hot dog.  And while he was staring at his plate in disbelief, she grabbed his silverware and moved it away from him.  “Children don’t need things that can hurt them,” she said.  She couldn’t help herself, she laughed out loud.  The poor sap was now doomed to eat his dinner – a child’s dinner at that, with just his fingers!  And it was all covered in a huge amount of ketchup!
Phillip was cursing silently!  This was ridiculous!  Beyond belief!  He wanted desperately to pull the napkin off from around his neck, but he couldn’t seem to find the ability to even attempt to do it.  And now Vivian had soaked his entire dinner – a dinner he didn’t even want – in an overabundance of ketchup!  And worse, he found himself reaching for one of those ketchup soaked fries and grabbing it with his fingers and putting it in his mouth.  He looked at his fingers, even as they reached back down to his plate for another fry.  His fingers were already a mess – like a child’s – and he had just started eating.  He had no doubt that he was going to be an absolute mess by the time he finished eating.  And no doubt, with the mess he was making now, he was probably going to need his napkin tied into a bib!  Ugh!
Vivian’s steak was excellent, but she barely noticed.  She was too intent on watching Phillip make an absolute mess of himself as he ate… just as she had programmed him to do.  It wasn’t long before he had ketchup literally everywhere on both hands and most of his face.  And the napkin he had tied around his neck had quite a bit of ketchup on it as well.  And the best part was that even though he didn’t like hot dogs, she had commanded him to eat everything on his plate, one item at a time, and he wouldn’t be able to stop eating until he had finished.  So even though the restaurant had included a large quantity of fries with his hot dog, he was finished eating long before she was half through with her own dinner.  And as soon as he finished of course, the final straw she had programmed him with went into effect.  She watched as he brought his totally messy hand up to his face and stuck his ketchup covered thumb into his mouth to suck on – where he discovered that he couldn’t remove it again.  The look of absolute hatred from him did nothing but delight her even more. 
What power she had!  And as soon as they got back to his apartment, her main plan was to increase that power – by a lot!
Before she had finished eating, the waiter was back.  Vivian watched as he spent some time looking at Phillip, who was doing his best to level a look of hatred back at him… despite the thumb in his mouth. The waiter asked if they wanted any desert.  Since Phillip was unable to answer, Vivian simply told him no and asked for the check.  As soon as she had finally finished her dinner, she got up from her seat and walked over to Phillip.  “What a mess you are!” she scolded.  “Just like a baby!”  She giggled a bit again before commanding, “Thumb out!”
Phillip would have killed her… if he was capable of it… which he knew he couldn’t do.  He did remember her drilling those thoughts into his brain earlier.  And based on the things she had made him do so far, he knew that any attempt at anything against her would be all but impossible for him to even try.  But that didn’t stop him from wanting to do it.  He sat still as she took the “bib” from around his neck and used it to wipe each hand individually, as well as to wipe his face clean.  At least he hoped his face was clean, his hands still felt sticky.
The waiter brought the check and Phillip left more than enough cash on the table to cover it, and he and Vivian were soon back in his car and heading home.  “I’ve never been more humiliated in my life!” he declared angrily as he headed back to his apartment.
“No?” Vivian asked.  “Not even sucking your thumb at work today?”
“That wasn’t exactly fun either!” Phillip retorted.  “Why are you women being so cruel to me?  Just for the fun of it?  What did I ever do to you?”
“Not to us,” Vivian replied, this time with more than a hint of ice in her voice.  “To those other women!  And if you don’t want to make me even angrier, I suggest you shut up about it and don’t mention it again!  I’m already having a very good time with this and I intend on continuing to have a good time – at your expense!  So don’t make matters even worse on yourself.  Because as Marian has recently found out, and is probably going to find out more tomorrow, I can definitely make matters really, really bad for you!”
Phillip shut up about it, but he had to wonder, what other women?  What the heck was she talking about?  And what had she done to Marian as well?  She had said that it was Marian who was ultimately responsible for what he was currently going through, and he could somewhat see that.  But what had Vivian done… and why was she really being so totally cruel to him?

Vivian wasted no time.  The minute they were back in his apartment and the door was closed she said the magic words, “Phyllis sucks her thumb.”  This time, she watched as he went into his trance almost immediately.  She breathed a small sigh of relief and sent him to sit on his couch.  But she remembered how slow he had gone into that trance last time and so she took a few minutes to deepen it again and also to remind him of the trigger words.  For her own protection, she also reminded him that he could never do anything against her in any way at all.
With that bit of business done, she got busy.  She had thought hard about this for few days now and she knew exactly what she wanted to do to him.  “Phillip,” she said to him, “I want you to stay deeply in your trance, but you can take your thumb out of your mouth now.”  She saw a look of relief as his thumb came out… but there was no doubt he was still very much in his trance.  “Good,” she said.  “Phillip, I am your Mistress now.  I have the power to make you do anything at all that I want.  You will always remember that whatever I tell you to do, you have to do exactly as I want, and there will be no way you can’t do it.  No matter how much you dislike doing anything, you will never have a choice in the matter.  If I tell you to do it, then you must do it!”
Marian had linked her suggestions for him to the stupid anxiety thing.  She wasn’t going to mess with anything so trivial.  She wanted him to know the consequences if he didn’t obey her.  “Phillip,” she said to him.  “You will stay deeply in your trance.  Nothing that will happen now can bring you out of that trance.  You want to stay deeply in your trance and you not only want to obey me, you absolutely need to obey me.” 
She continued.  “Right now I want you to notice that your right arm is starting to hurt.”  She saw his face becoming concerned.  “The pain in that arm is growing worse and worse.”  She saw his face contort with the pain and he reached over with his other arm to hold his aching right arm.  “The pain is growing almost unbearable!”  She now saw the distinct agony on his face.  “And now that your right arm hurts so bad, the pain is growing the same way in your left arm too.”  She watched as he now held both his arms out, flexing them, trying to relieve the pain that wouldn’t go away.  “Both your arms hurt unbearably now, but now that pain is in your left leg too… and now it’s growing in your right leg as well.  The pain in all your limbs is unbearable, but you can do nothing about it.  Now your stomach hurts bad too.”  She watched as he bent over as the phantom abdominal pains wracked his body.  “And finally, now your head has such a headache you can barely think.”  His neck snapped back as he felt the pain now invading his head.  He was crying pitifully now.  Good!  That was what she wanted from him.
“Phillip,” she said, “I know you can still hear me.  You are deeply in your trance and you will stay in that trance… and you will continue to hurt until I take the pain away!”  His sobs of distress were nothing but pitiful… and wonderful to her ears.  This was the state she wanted him in.  “Phillip,” she said to him, “you will always remember this pain.  You will always remember how horrible it is.  You will always remember that it is the worst thing in the world for you.  Nothing in the world will ever be worse than the pain that you are feeling now.”  She paused to let that soak into his pain filled brain.  “Phillip, I want you to specifically remember this pain always, because it is the pain you will feel every time you disobey me, or don’t do exactly what I want.  Every time you don’t obey me completely, this pain will be back and it will get worse and worse each time.  Each and every time!  It will get worse and worse if you don’t obey me completely.  You will remember this pain if you’re in your trance, and you will also especially remember it when you’re not in a trance.  You will always remember and be afraid of this pain, and what will happen if you don’t obey me.”
She stepped back away from him for a moment to let all that sink into him… and to watch him writhing in agony for a few minutes.  Then she moved closer to him again.  “Phillip,” she said, “are you ready for me to take the pain away?” 
She heard him breathe a desperate, “Yes” through his sobs as he continued to writhe on the couch.
“Are you ready to obey me completely… no matter what I ask you to do?”
Again, she heard him whisper a desperate, “Yes” in reply.  He was hurting so much it was all he could say.
“Then as long as you are now willing to obey me, no matter what, then the next time I say the words, ‘pain go away,’ all your pain will immediately stop.  But if you don’t completely feel that you will obey me now, the pain will continue just as it is now.”
“Stop… it,” she heard him croak hoarsely.  “Please stop the pain!”
“Very well then,” she said.  “When the pain leaves your body, you will continue to stay deeply in your trance.  You will start sucking your thumb again which will help you feel more and more relaxed so you can go deeper and deeper into your trance.  Sucking on your thumb again will help you recover from the pain.  Here we go now.  Three… two… one….  Pain go away!”
The reaction in his body was almost as if he had just been shot!  His writhing in pain was replaced with a different kind of writhing as his body registered that the pain was no longer there, but it was still trying to recover from it.  He finally rolled over on the couch onto his back with his eyes tightly closed, and put his thumb in his mouth and began sucking on it again.  Vivian watched as his body seemed to relax more and more, until finally, a few minutes later, he appeared to be asleep.  So much asleep that she had to ask, “Phillip, can you hear me?” 
“Yes,” Phillip’s voice replied around the thumb in his mouth.
She breathed a sigh of relief and moved on.  “Phillip,” she said, “you know now what will happen if you ever disobey me.”  She saw his face momentarily contort at remembering the pain.  “All you have to do, is whatever I tell you to do, and you won’t have to worry about feeling the pain.  But you know now that the moment you slip up, all that pain will come crashing back at you.  And Phillip, remember that if you slip up too badly, I might not want to take the pain away again.”  She saw what looked almost like distress on his face beneath his hand with the thumb that was stuck in his mouth.  “You know now that you have to obey my every wish.  You know now that you have no other choice but to obey my every wish… no matter what!”
She paused to watch him for a few moments.  Then she said, “Phillip, I’m going to wake you up in a moment.  When I do, you will know that you completely belong to me.  You will know that I control you completely.  You will know that I am your Mistress… your Mistress Vivian.  And that is how you will always think of me from now on.  Disobeying me will bring on the pain. And only I, Mistress Vivian can take it away again.  Only me!”
She paused again to let all that sink into him.  “I’m going to count down from three to one now and when I reach one, you will come fully awake.  You can either take your thumb out of your mouth if you like, or leave it in since sucking on it will help relax you and take some of your stress away.  That will be up to you now.  Here we go Phillip.  Prepare to wake up fully and know that you belong to me.  Three… two… one….  Wake up!”
She watched as he opened his eyes and pulled his thumb out of his mouth.  From his position where he was laying on his back on the couch, he looked up at her… fearfully.  And she watched as his thumb seemed to find its way into his mouth again.  The two of them seemed to stare at each other like that for a very long time.  Mistress and… what?  Vassal?  Pawn perhaps?  Her plaything?  She didn’t know.  Only that he now belonged to her.  She hoped anyway.  She wasn’t an expert at these things.  She had no way of knowing anything for sure. 
“Who am I?” she asked.
She watched as he pulled his thumb out of his mouth and said, “Mistress Vivian.”  Then his thumb went right back into his mouth again… his eyes still locked with hers.
“And who do you belong to?” she asked.
“You,” he replied.
She nodded.  “Get up!”  She waited until he was on his feet.  “Get undressed.  Completely.  I want you naked!”
She could see the concern on his face over that.  He didn’t really like what she had asked him to do, but with his eyes still locked with hers, he slowly began undressing.  He wasn’t overly fast about it, but she didn’t care.  In fact, despite the look on his face, she found that she was rather enjoying the show of seeing him strip. 
“Beautiful,” she said when he was finally completely naked in front of her.  “Now we’re going to see if you really will do whatever I want.  Wait here.”  She left him standing there and walked through his apartment and into his bedroom.  She looked around as she walked into it.  It was still just as neat as it had been the last time she was there.  It was certainly a lot bigger than the bedroom in her tiny apartment.  She went over to the window that looked out at the grassy area behind his apartment and between the buildings behind him.  There was a street lamp mounted on a pole out there to shed a bit of light on the sidewalk that ran between the buildings.  She went back to him. 
“To show me you’re now willing to do whatever I ask of you, I want you to go outside now, just as you are.  Totally naked.  You’re going to run around to the back of your apartment and stand under that street lamp behind your building.  I want to see you doing ten jumping jacks when you get there.  Then you can continue the rest of the way around the building and come right back here.  Now go!  Get to it!”
He didn’t want to do it.  He tried to not go, but the moment he even thought about not going the pain immediately hit his right arm.  He took off running for the door, the pain only leaving him as he went out into the evening air.  He felt afraid out there, running around naked like a madman.  But he no longer had a choice in the matter.  He knew that for sure now.  There could no longer be any denying it.  If she said do it, then he would do it. 
Red faced, he ran past a group of women getting out of a car.  They all stared and pointed at him.  He heard a few laughs as he ran past as well.  He never paused, he only kept going.  He ran around to the side of the building and all the way to the back where he turned to run along the sidewalk that ran between his building and the one behind it, continuing on toward the one central light.  He stopped there and looked up briefly.  He could see her silhouetted in his bedroom window, looking down at him.  He started doing the jumping jack exercises… all ten of them.  Then he took off running again, hoping that nobody was looking out the back of their apartments at him… but knowing that someone most likely was.  He saw more people in the parking lot as he rounded the front of the building, but they were a distance away in front of the next building past his.  He didn’t even think of looking back to see if they were watching him.  Most likely, they were.
He ran up the stairs and headed for his door.  He had left it open, and fortunately, it was still open.  Panting for breath, he ran through it and closed it immediately… wondering all the time what kind of trouble that little bit of exercise was going to get him into.  Trouble?  There was no way anything could be worse than the trouble he now had with Mistress Vivian!  And where did Marian fit into that equation now?  He wasn’t sure he was ready to find out.
He hurried back into his living room and saw Vivian smiling broadly at him.  He only hoped he had done it right!  He remembered that bit of pain trying to hit him all too quickly for just thinking about not doing it.  That had come as something of a surprise.  Fortunately, it had gone away the moment he had gotten moving.
“Very good,” Vivian said with a broad smile on her face.  “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that little show.”
Phillip said nothing.  Anything he really wanted to say would only get him in worse trouble.
Vivian walked over to the chair where she had set her purse… and the doll.  She picked the doll up and brought it back to him.  “Do you remember this?” she asked.
Phillip looked at the doll.  “No.  Should I?”
Vivian wasn’t sure how to answer that.  “Well, yes and no.  Marian made you carry this thing around all day and you couldn’t even let go of the thing.  But then the damn bitch made you forget everything about it!  So I guess you probably shouldn’t remember it at all.”
Marian had made him forget?  Phillip now had another piece of the puzzle.  It was a tiny piece that he wasn’t sure where it would fit into the grand scheme of things, but he was grateful to know it.  But he quickly wondered something else, what else had Marian made him do?
“Hold this,” she said as she held it out toward him.  With grave misgivings, Phillip took the doll, but tried not to even look at the thing. 
“Turn it around and hold it in your arms like a child would,” Vivian instructed. 
He turned it so the face of the doll was turned out and he hugged it to his chest. 
“Good,” Vivian said with a smile.  “Much better,” she decided.  “That doll’s name is Dolly.  And Dolly is now your dolly.  You won’t ever call it just a doll, you will always refer to it as your dolly.” She had liked that part that Marian had stuck into his brain last time, so she had decided to continue it here. 
She knew she could do this next part without the trance now, just make him carry the thing around because she had told him to, but she felt that hypnotizing him with the instructions would make it stick that much stronger in him.  So once again she uttered the fatal words, “Phyllis sucks her thumb!”  She watched as he immediately brought his free thumb up to his mouth and started sucking on it as his eyes closed. 
The programming Marian had done to him about the doll had been really great.  But she knew there were all too many times when he couldn’t hold the thing.  But she didn’t see any reason at all why he shouldn’t have to continuously keep it very close to him.  So based on that, she decided to instill her own version of Marian’s instructions into his brain. 
“From now on,” she said to him, “you are to keep that dolly with you always.  When you go to bed at night, Dolly will go to bed with you.  When you get out of bed, Dolly must get out of bed too.  When you go to the bathroom, you will always have Dolly with you as well.  When you take a bath or a shower, you will keep Dolly as close to you as you can without her getting wet.  From now on, Dolly must never be more than an arm’s length away from you.  You can set her down anywhere whenever you need to do something, but she must always be within an arm’s length so you can get to her easily.  Always!  From now on! 
 “I’m going to count down from three to one now.  When I get to one, you will wake up completely,” she told him.  “Three… two… one….  Wake up!”
Phillip opened his eyes again and removed the thumb from his mouth.  He saw Vivian grinning at him all too broadly.  He remembered every word of what she had just instructed.  He could feel his stupid dolly in his arms, but he had no interest in looking at the thing yet.  He wasn’t exactly happy at all. 
“I’ll leave you two alone to get acquainted now,” Vivian told him with a devilish grin.  “Make sure you get plenty of rest tonight.  I’m sure you’ll have an interesting day tomorrow!”
And with that, she grabbed her purse and walked out laughing.
Still naked, Phillip turned the dolly around and looked at it.  It was an overly large cloth dolly.  The size of the stupid thing was going to make carrying it around that much more difficult.  He thought about putting the dolly down and trying to walk away from it, but he found that he didn’t want to put the dolly down.  He wanted to hold it.  He wanted to keep the thing right with him.  Oh great!  Just great!  How was he going to live his life attached to an oversized cloth dolly?

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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 5 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 5 Part 1 of 2

Vivian started laughing out loud before she had driven halfway home.  She not only had Phillip dancing to her tune, but now Marian would be under her thumb as well.  She hadn’t even considered the implications of what she could do with that. The old cow!  It served her right!
Marian now knew who was boss, and tonight Phillip would find out as well.  But with Phillip it was going to be an entirely different ballgame.  None of this not remembering crap at all!  And she didn’t intend to mess with him worrying about a little bit of anxiety.  Huh!  Laughable!  No, she had other plans for Phillip to keep him in line, and teaching him just how it stood between them now was her primary goal for that night. 
Her mind tried to picture what Phillip was going through right now… hopefully.  And she laughed out loud again.  She had allowed him to go all the way home today without his thumb in his mouth… but that was as far as he was going to get that way.  And then she had added some nasty surprises to his brain last night for when he got home.  Surprises that she was fairly sure would keep him home until she could get there.  Picturing it, she laughed out loud again.  Damn this was fun!
Pulling into one of the many empty parking places in front of her tiny old apartment, she got out of her car and hurried toward her door.  Thoughts of what she needed to do tonight were racing through her mind.  Twenty minutes later, she was back in her car again.  And so was the doll that she had bought for Phillip to hold a few days ago.  No use letting that go to waste!

Phillip had a problem.  A major problem.  And no surprise, it dealt with him sucking his thumb.  He hadn’t sucked the thing even once all the way home.  He hadn’t even felt any urge to suck it.  But the minute he walked through the door into his apartment, bam!  He had brought his thumb up to his mouth and he started sucking on it harder than ever.  So hard in fact, that he couldn’t get the darn thing out of his mouth.  It was as if it was glued there!  And he had been sucking on the darn thing extra hard ever since.  He tried everything he could think of to pry his thumb out of his mouth.  Nothing worked.  He couldn’t even pull his lips away from his thumb, it was as if they were completely glued tightly to it.  And now his mouth was starting to feel really tired and sore from sucking on it so hard.  What the heck did Marian do to him?  He thought about calling her, but how the heck would he talk?  He couldn’t!  Not only that, it was dinner time and he was getting hungry.  How was he supposed to eat?
The knock on his door frightened him.  Who could be there?  He couldn’t answer the door with his thumb stuck in his mouth!  Besides, how would he talk to anyone there?  Scared out of his wits, he didn’t move a muscle so as not to make any sound at all… hoping and praying that whoever was there would go away quickly and he could just get back to trying to figure out how to get his thumb out of his mouth again.

Vivian was perturbed.  Phillip’s car was in the parking lot where it was supposed to be, but he wasn’t answering his door.  She knocked again – louder.  And waited.  Still no answer.  She knocked again even louder.  “Phillip!” she called.  Still no answer.  Where the heck was he?  A small possibility crossed her mind.  She knocked one more time.  “Phillip!  I know you’re in there.  Open this door right now… unless you want to keep that thumb in your mouth all night long!”
Inside, Phillip’s eyes went wide.  Whoever was at the door knew about his thumb, so he figured it must be Marian.  But it didn’t sound like Marian at all, it sounded more like Vivian.  Very cautiously, he went to his door.  Standing behind it, he opened it a crack to peer out… trying to keep his thumb sucking hidden.  Vivian! 
Vivian giggled at the sight of him.  She couldn’t see his thumb, but she knew he was trying to hide it.  “Are you going to let me in,” she asked, “or do you enjoy sucking on that thing so much you’d rather keep it in your mouth?”
Phillip didn’t know what was going on, but since she seemed to know about his thumb, he stepped back and let her in.  She walked right past him, only giving his thumb sucking a passing glance as if it was of no consequence at all.  He closed his door and locked it.  He remembered that she had been to see him last night as well, but he still couldn’t remember why she had been there. 
Vivian set her purse and the doll down on one of his chairs.  She was glad to see that the TV wasn’t on this time.  She turned to face him and study him.  There was no doubt that he seemed to be sucking on his thumb very hard.  “Can you pull that thing out?” she asked.
Phillip shook his head and managed to moan a small, “Mm, Mm!”
The smile on Vivian’s face grew broader.  “Let me see you try to pull it out.”
Phillip tried to say that he couldn’t, but only that same unintelligible moaning was able to escape his mouth.
“Try!” Vivian ordered.
Rolling his eyes, Phillip pulled his arm as hard as he could, but he couldn’t budge it one tiny bit from his mouth.  He grabbed his wrist with his other arm as well and pulled with that too, but the result was the same – no result at all!  He gave up and moaned again that he couldn’t… with a rather pleading look on his face.
Vivian was tempted to let him remove his thumb right then, but she thought better of the idea.  “Good,” she said.  “Maybe it will help keep you quiet so you can listen to me better.”  She pointed to the chair he had sat in last night, and waited until he sat down. 
“Phillip,” she started, “do you remember Marian hypnotizing you at all?”  She watched as his eyes went wide and anger seemed to cross his face.  He shook his head and made sounds that sounded like he didn’t remember it at all.  She nodded.  “Well, just so you know, Marian is the one who is ultimately responsible for your current predicament.”
Angry now, Phillip let out more grunting, trying to let Vivian know how angry he was.
“Don’t worry about it,” Vivian told him.  “I can get your thumb out of your mouth for you any time I want.”
Phillip tried to grunt that he wanted her to do it immediately.
“No, I’m not going to do it yet.  I want you to sit there and listen to me.  Because what I have to tell you is very, very important!”  She saw his angry wide-eyed stare.  He was definitely listening closely now.  “Marian is the one who is ultimately responsible for all of this, but I’m the one who made you suck your thumb all day today, including now!  Not Marian… me!  But because Marian had set you up first, she’s the one who is still ultimately responsible, not me.”
Phillip wasn’t exactly seeing it that way at all.  As far as he was concerned, they were both responsible.  And if he ever got his thumb out of his mouth again, he’d kill them both – starting with Vivian.  So why was she smiling so broadly at him?  Damn, she looked positively evil!
Vivian leaned over toward him.  “I know you’re probably angry at me.  Tough!  You can stay as angry as you like, but you won’t be able to do anything at all about it.  From now on, you won’t be able to ever do anything to hurt me or do anything against me in any way.  In fact, from now on… well, actually as of last night, you’re going to be doing absolutely anything in the world that I tell you to do.  And I mean… anything!”
Her words and that damn evil grin on her face were starting to scare him.  He had no idea in the world what she meant or what she was talking about, but from what little he had just heard, he already had no intention of doing anything for this bitch at all! 
“So let’s get this straight,” Vivian continued.  “I own and control you now – completely.  Nobody else!  Not even you has the control over you that I do now.  So get that straight.  I’m your… Mistress now.”  She was rather pleased with the term.  “And from now on, the only thing you will ever call me is… Mistress Vivian.  Got that?  Mistress Vivian.
“Now I know that you’re not exactly on board with all this yet, but trust me, in a little while, you will be.  And I’ve made plans to make doubly sure that you always will be.  So from on, here’s how things are going to work.  I… Mistress Vivian, will be pulling your strings – hard I’m afraid!  But you… you are going to continue to hold Marian responsible for everything I make you do.  You’ll know it’s me behind it, but you will still hold Marian responsible.”
Phillip was totally aghast!  What the heck?  He vehemently shook his head no!
Vivian laughed a bit.  “Don’t worry, I know you don’t like it, but that’s the way it’s going to be.”  She laughed again at him trying to tell her he wouldn’t do it.
“Now,” she said, “I’m hungry!  And I’m sure you haven’t eaten tonight either, so you’re going to take me out for a nice dinner tonight, and of course, like the gentleman that you are, you’ll be paying for it.”  She looked at him mockingly.  He was staring at her with a look of total anger on his face.  “Like it or not!” 
She backed off and watched him for a moment… and giggled a bit.  He looked so ridiculous sitting there sucking his thumb.  Just as ridiculous as he had looked doing it all day.  Childish – despite how angry the rest of his face looked.  Knowing she needed to do a few things with him before she dared go out to dinner with him, she said, “Phyllis sucks her thumb!”  His reaction wasn’t as fast as it had been last night.  She noticed that particularly.  It was almost as if he went into his trance in slow motion.  She wasn’t sure if she had done something wrong… or if something was wearing off… or if it was because he was so angry right now.  But at least he had gone into his trance and was now sitting there looking totally peaceful with his eyes closed… and of course still sucking his thumb, only not as hard as he had before.
She remembered then that Marian had taken the time to deepen his trance each time she had hypnotized him… and Marian had also refreshed his memory about his trigger phrase as well.  After seeing how slowly he had gone into the trance this time, she figured maybe she better take some cues from Marian. 
Remembering that Marian had linked his thumb sucking to his relaxation, she decided to do the same.  “Phillip,” she said, “sucking your thumb makes you feel relaxed.  Very, very relaxed.  The more you suck your thumb, the more relaxed you will feel.  Sucking your thumb makes you feel very, very good.  Very relaxed.  More and more relaxed.  And the more relaxed you feel, the deeper into your trance you can go.  You want to go deeper and deeper into your trance.  Every time you go into a trance, you want to go as deep as you possibly can.  The deeper you go, the better you like it.  More and more relaxed.  Feeling better and better the deeper you go.  Deeper and deeper into your trance.” 
She paused for a moment before continuing.  “Phillip, remember carefully, anytime you hear me say, ‘Phyllis sucks her thumb,’ you will immediately put your thumb in your mouth and suck on it, and drop into a very deep trance.  And as I told you yesterday, I am now the only one who can ever hypnotize you anymore.  Nobody, especially Marian, can ever have that ability over you again.  Only me!”
She didn’t know if that was enough or not.  She had no experience with these things.  Besides, he had still gone into his trance – despite how angry he had been.  But she was getting hungry now and it was time for him to take her out for dinner.  She let him keep his eyes closed as she spoke.  “Phillip, listen very carefully.  When you wake up, you will remember everything, but you will not feel angry with me at all.  As soon as you wake up, you will stop sucking on your thumb and take it out of your mouth.  You will feel nothing but very, very grateful to me for helping you with that problem.  And because of that, you will be nothing but very glad to buy a nice dinner for me, anywhere I want.”
She decided a few other little tidbits might be a good idea.  “Phillip,” she said, “no matter what things I ever make you do, no matter how you feel about them, you will never, ever be able to do anything at all to harm me, or even do anything at all that might be bad or even unpleasant for me.  You will only be able to do whatever I tell you to do.” 
She felt a bit safer now that she had planted those little suggestions.  She was about to wake him up, but her devilish mind couldn’t help itself… since he was already hypnotized.  “Phillip,” she said, “tonight, when we go out to dinner….”