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The McComber Switch

Yes, as I said in my last post, I will continue to post my stories – for now!  But please be advised that I am growing tired – and old.  It’s becoming more difficult for me, but I WILL try to keep going.  I’m also still struggling with trying to write on my wife’s tiny little computer, and I figure it will be Christmas before I can afford to get myself a new one to replace the one that lightning destroyed.  At least I’m hoping I can afford one by then.  I think it’s going to depend on whether I get a Christmas bonus or not. 

So as you know now, the next story is called:  The McComber Switch.  Before telling you anything about it, let me tell you what it is not!  It is most likely not the kind of thing that many of you want to read from me.  But I promise you, that if you do “attempt” to read it, you will probably find it hard to stop reading.  Some of you may remember how addictive “The Bet” was.  Well, in my opinion, this story is even more so.  Maybe much more addictive.  In my opinion anyway.

This story is NOT about diapers or any adult baby stuff.  There are no diapers in this story at all.  At least not for anyone older than eighteen-months of age.

This story does NOT contain “Femdom” – despite the fact that one of the characters would like it to.

This story is NOT about anyone who is a sissy – again, despite the fact that one of the characters would really like it to be.

And finally, believe it or not, this story is NOT about anyone who wants to switch their sex or who is even remotely transsexual. 

And yet…as many of you I’m sure have guessed, this is another twin switch story.  But I’m fairly sure that I can say that this twin switch story will be unlike any twin switch story you will ever read!  Yeah, I’m fairly sure I can say that.  Definitely!

So what is this story about? 

It’s about the McComber family.  It’s about children.  It’s about adults.  It’s about – LIFE!

There are characters in this story that you will probably dislike – only to turn around and find out later that you really love them.  There are situations here that you will probably say are wrong, wrong, wrong!  Only to later find that you agree whole heartedly.  And mostly, I hope, there will be characters here that you can find yourself identifying with, understand, rooting for, and loving.  I hope, at least.

So let me tell you just a little bit about the McCombers. 

The McCombers are a very close-knit family that live in northern Arkansas.  They are a clan with one foot rooted firmly in the past, while the other foot steps tentatively toward the future.  They care for each other and stick up for each other like very few families ever have.  They are an amazing family that I myself would be proud to be a part of. 

The McComber family is also a family that seriously values all of their many family traditions.  Traditions that have been a part of the family for generations.  Traditions that have seen the family through some very tough times in the past – only to make the family stronger in the end. 

The problem here, is that some of those family traditions are now being threatened – by of all things, two pre-teen twins…one who suddenly refuses to do what should be done, and the other who refuses to stop doing what shouldn’t be done.  And nothing seems to be able to sway the two twins to behave any differently.  And so the family finally decides to put the twins through hell.  But…it is a hell of the twin’s own design. 

There are a lot of characters in this story, so here’s a brief rundown of who’s in the McComber Clan (you may want to copy this and keep it for reference):

Jacob McComber - Grandpa                                                  
Rose McComber - Grandma                                                  
            Jed McComber - Jacob’s oldest Son - land and resource coordinator, hunting guide                       Valerie McComber - Jed's wife - works in family business office                                                                
                        Ethan - Jed’s oldest son - 18 years old          
                        Justin - Jed’s second son - 16 years old                     
                        Ashley - Jed’s daughter - 13 years old

Jane Mason - Jacob's oldest daughter - one of six teachers in the school      
            John Mason - Jane's husband - school teacher and principal, hunting guide                         
                        Hunter – John’s oldest son - 16 years old                  
                        Olivia – John’s oldest daughter - 11 years old                      
                        Lucas – John’s youngest son - 8 years old     

            Peter (Pete) McComber - Jacob's second son - Electrician, hunting guide
            Marcy McComber - Pete's wife - works with Valerie in family office
                        Elliot - Pete’s oldest son - 13 years old
                        Nichole – Pete’s daughter - 11 years old                   
            Clint McComber - Jacob's third son - Electrician, hunting guide
            Susan McComber - Clint's wife - works in office with Valerie and Marcy              
                        Tommy – Clint’s oldest son - 14 years old                
                        Jasmine – Clint’s daughter - 11 years old - twin to Jimmy                
                        Jimmy – Clint’s youngest son - 11 years old - twin to Jasmine

            Brian McComber – Jacob’s fourth son - Doctor, hunting guide                               
            Janet McComber - Brian's wife – Nurse, works at county hospital               
                        Allison – Brian’s daughter - 12 years old                  
                        Aaron – Brian’s son - 8 years old      

            Jessica Cumberland – Jacob’s youngest daughter - works in husband's store                       
            Jack Cumberland – Jessica’s husband - Owns huge sporting goods store (Only family members who don’t live on McComber land – they live near their store instead.)
                        Madison – Jack’s oldest daughter - 5 years old                     
                        Caleb – Jack’s son - 3 years old                     
                        Melody – Jack’s youngest daughter - 18 months old            

So now that you’ve had a brief introduction to who’s in the McComber Clan, and with everything else being said, starting with the next post, I will proudly present:  The McComber Switch.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Serious Decision For Me – And This Blog

 For many months now, I have been seriously considering taking a break from this blog.  There is a lot of tension and stress that I’ve boxed myself into here in order to keep posting and to keep ahead of you in the stories.  And I have many other projects that I really need to get back to working on – or other projects still waiting to be thought of and started.  Projects both for Karen and my real self. 

But this blog is my only real outlet so far for letting my Karen side exist.  And yet, as I’ve said, I’m growing tired of the stress and worry. 

So what do I do, continue writing and posting, or take a much needed break? 

After literally months of seriously considering this question, you’ll be happy to know that I’m going to continue posting – for now.  I will try to continue posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I will also try to not beat myself up over being so strict to maintain that schedule, or worry about posting so early in the morning (for me) – something that I know will be fairly impossible for me NOT to worry about. 

So yes, I will continue to write stories for you.  No!  Not for you, for me.  Everything I write, I write for me.  And then if I share any of it with you and you happen to like it, so much the better.  But If I tried to write for anyone other than me, I feel I would be doing you all a big disservice, and I would be doing myself an even bigger injustice.  So, I write for me, and only me.  I write what I want, and the way I want it to be.  And I’m happier with my stories that way.  The truth is, all too often, when I want something really good or interesting to read, I find myself turning to one of my stories instead of someone else’s stories.  I guess I like them more because they’re done the way I want them to be done.  They were interesting to me when I wrote them, and so they’re usually the most interesting things I can read later. 

So putting all that aside, and knowing that I will continue posting – at least for now.  That leaves the big question of what will be next.  Not just a good question, but an outstanding one.  So what will it be? 

The answer is that the next story will be something totally different again.  Just as “The Housekeeper” was vastly different than “The Bet.”  And just as “Hypnotized and Humiliated” was vastly different than “The Housekeeper.”  The next story is something vastly different again. 

Before telling you much more about it, I will tell you that while I was writing “Hypnotized and Humiliated,” I also wrote enough of this next story to fill about three complete books – so far!  And the story is a long way from being finished.  So right now I’ve probably got enough material for about a year or two worth of postings.  And the story is still growing and is a long way from the ending.  In fact, one of the problems in the story that I’m currently wrestling with, is to include another book’s worth of material inside of the story, or make that material another separate book.  I have yet to decide that issue, but I still have a long way to go before I get to the point where I must decide it.

I will also tell you this about the next story right now.  I hope I don’t get to post all of it here.  I hope I will post it for a while, and then stop posting it and pull everything I’ve posted on it off the internet – completely!  That’s because this book (although most likely I’m going to have to divide it up into several books) is something that I feel deserves to be published.  It doesn’t belong here and it doesn’t belong out on Fictionmania or any site like that for sure.  It deserves to be published and set where everyone can find it and read it.  To me, it’s that good!  That addictive! 

So don’t be surprised if someday I suddenly not only stop posting the story, but I remove everything I’ve posted on it so far. 

That’s about all I’m going to tell you in this post.  Next post I’ll tell you just a tiny bit about:

The McComber Switch

Friday, July 17, 2015

Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 33 and Epilog - The End

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 33 and Epilog

The late night call that Loretta had gotten from Samantha had soured Loretta’s stomach and kept her from sleeping well.  It was never good for a manager’s career when some of their people were about to be fired.  And it had happened all too often in the past.  She knew it was just something that went with the territory, but that still didn’t keep her from fretting over it.
Samantha hadn’t said much over the phone last night.  Only that it involved Phillip, which she could believe, Marian, which she couldn’t believe, and of all people – Vivian!  Vivian had been with the company for years!  And besides them, Samantha had dropped Heather’s name.  But evidently Heather had nothing to do with whatever the big problem was.  And unfortunately, Samantha hadn’t been very forthcoming with the details last night.  Not at all. 
The only thing Samantha had been clear about, was that she needed to call Marian and Phillip this morning and have them report to HR when they came to work instead of going to their office.  But why just Marian and Phillip?  Why not Vivian too?  Based on that, maybe Vivian wasn’t in any kind of trouble.  Maybe Marian had caused some kind of problem for Vivian. She had no way of knowing, and wouldn’t until she got to work and had a chance to talk with Samantha. 
And to make matters worse, Samantha had said they needed to go over all the work flow records together.  Ugh!  Nobody in their right mind looked over that stuff. It was all a major pain in the ass!
It was still early morning, but she had to reach Marian before she went to work.  And then she would have to call Phillip and talk with him too. 

“Marian,” Phillip said softly as he gently shook her shoulder. 
Marian’s eyes flew open.  She had fallen asleep.  Not surprising.  Neither of them had gotten any sleep at all.  There hadn’t been time.  She looked down at the milking machine still attached to her breasts.  But this time she was sitting on the couch instead of kneeling over that horrible tub in her stall.  “Is it done?” she asked wearily. 
“Yeah,” he replied.  “Since you were doing it yourself today, I didn’t know if I should take it off of you or not.”
“No,” she replied as her hand reached over and switched the breast pump off.  A moment later, she had it off her neck.  Phillip carried it into the kitchen for her.  “Just dump it down the drain,” Marian called after him.  “Let it help wash away those stupid pills I dumped in there last night.”  It was strange seeing Phillip walk off without Dolly.  But Dolly was now sitting next to her on the couch.  She had no doubt at all though that Phillip was still very attached to the doll, but at least he could leave her behind now…physically if not comfortably. 
She was annoyed to hear her phone ringing.  It was early, way too early.  But she was still expecting some kind of a call.  And she knew it would only bring more trouble.  She picked her phone up and saw Loretta’s name on the caller ID.  Yeah, trouble.  “Hello?”
“Hi Marian,” Loretta said.  “I’m sorry to have to call, but it’s come to my attention that there’s some kind of major problem, and I’m afraid you’ve been somehow implicated.  I’ve been ordered to tell you that you need to go straight up to HR when you get to work, and don’t bother going to your office at all.”
Marian had expected something like that, but expecting it didn’t make it any easier.  “I understand,” she said sadly.  But since Loretta was on the phone, she had something else to tell her.  “Listen, Loretta, Phillip and I are going to be pretty late this morning.  We’ve got something important we have to do before we can get there.  And trust me, it’s very important for us.  But we’ll be there.”
“Okay,” Loretta replied.  “Just don’t be too long.  I have to call Phillip next.  I’ll mention that it’s okay to be late as long as he’s with you.”
“Don’t bother calling him,” Marian told her.  “He’s right here with me.”
“Um…He’s there with you?”
Marian glanced at the kitchen doorway where Phillip was standing naked except for his wet diaper.  “Yeah, without a doubt, he’s here with me.”
“Okay,” Loretta replied.  “I’ll see you up in HR when you get there.  And Marian, I don’t know what you’ve done yet, but whatever it is, I’m very sorry.”
“Yeah,” Marian replied sadly.  “Me too.  I had hoped to avoid this.”  She hung up the phone and looked at Phillip.  “We need to go to HR instead of the office,” she told him. 
“How about…the other?” Phillip asked.
Marian smiled.  “That still has to come first.  I told Loretta that we would be late.”
Phillip smiled.  “Thanks.  I appreciate it.”

There were three very evident holes in the workforce when the work day started.  And those holes were even enough to take some of the “strain” away from Vivian’s latest outfit, despite the fact that Vivian herself was standing in the middle of the room, obviously wanting everyone to get a good look at her.  And look everyone did.  There was no doubt at all now that Vivian had totally lost her mind!  The tight leopard skin skirt wasn’t bad at all, even though it was made for a much younger and slimmer body.  But the leopard pattern on the skirt didn’t match the leopard pattern on her tights at all.  The two seemed to clash horribly.  And up above her skirt, peeking out from behind her jacket, was a bright pink and black tiger print blouse that she had accented with a wide alligator patterned belt.  Fortunately, the bright pink of her blouse was mostly covered up by the long sleeved faux snake-skin jacket she was wearing.  One earring was a silver monkey, her other earring was a gold giraffe.  Her necklace was cute bears and foxes and rabbits.  Her bracelet matched her necklace.  And on her feet…  One shoe was zebra print, and her other shoe looked to be giraffe.  And the heels on them didn’t even come close to matching in height!  Vivian had totally lost it!  But for Vivian, she knew without a doubt that the looks everyone was leveling at her were nothing but amazement – which was true.  Of course, Vivian also knew without a doubt that every woman in the room reeked of absolute jealousy!  And who could blame them?  Vivian knew she had come up with the absolute perfect outfit.  Now all she had to do was top it for tomorrow.
But despite the “success” of Vivian’s outfit, the three empty desks in the room had Vivian very worried – especially seeing which desks were empty.  Where was the cow?  Where was the sissy?  And where for heaven’s sake was that damn whore Heather? 
And then Loretta walked in.  “Good morning ladies,” she said brightly to the room.  Loretta nearly stumbled backwards as she caught sight of Vivian.  She was momentarily floored.  And oddly, Vivian appeared to be very proud of herself.  It took a moment to gather her wits after seeing Vivian before she could announce, “I’m afraid Marian won’t be here today.  Phillip either.  You’ll just have to make do without them.  But I’ll try to look in on you as much as I can.  Okay?”
“How about Heather?” Ashley asked, noting that she wasn’t in the room either.
“Oh Heather is here today,” Loretta told her.  “She’s downstairs right now working with another department for the day.”  She addressed the room.  “I’ll be back in a little while,” she told them all as brightly as she could.  Then she walked out…still trying to comprehend the awful outfit that Vivian was wearing.  What was up with that?  She shuddered at just the thought of it.

Samantha and Loretta were working together on the workflow logs. What they were finding wasn’t at all what they expected.  Their arduous searching though was interrupted by one of Samantha’s helpers when she poked her head into the room where they were working.  “Marian and Phillip are downstairs,” the helper told them.  “They’re with one of the security guards…and evidently Heather too.”
“Thank you,” Samantha told her.  “Please have them brought straight up.  Heather too I guess.”  Her helper nodded and left. 
“As bad as this looks for Marian,” Loretta noted, “it looks like she’s cranked out a ton of work.  Phillip too.”
“Yeah,” Samantha agreed.  “But have you seen anything at all yet from Vivian?”
“Nothing.  Not one little bit of work at all!”
Loretta looked at Samantha for a moment before saying, “Sam, I know I shouldn’t even mention this, and I may get in trouble for it, but I’m thinking that Marian might be smart if she hired a lawyer before she gets thrown out of here.”
Samantha shook her head. “Don’t even think such a thing.  This is a company problem.  We’ll deal with it here.”
Loretta only nodded and went back to the paperwork.

Their lack of sleep, coupled with the knowledge that they were on their way up to Human Resources to be fired, had both Marian and Phillip feeling fairly ill.  And that was despite the way each of them felt about other things.  She and Phillip were late because they had gone shopping for new clothes to replace what Vivian had demanded that they wear.  It was the first time in weeks that Marian was wearing pants like she preferred.  Actually, she had found a wonderful pantsuit and a blouse that went perfectly with it.  The shoes on her feet were still heels, but they were only half the height of the heels she had been wearing for some time now.  Oddly, the lower heels weren’t very comfortable for her, but she knew it was only because she had become so accustomed to the very high heels.
Phillip too was remarkable different.  He was also wearing a suit, but it was a man’s suit – men’s pants, a man’s shirt, a man’s tie, and a man’s jacket.  The male shoes on his feet were also brand new.  None of his clothes though had cost much.  All were bargain basement sale items – unlike Marian’s outfit.  But unknown to anyone besides himself and Marian, today could possibly be the one and only time he would be wearing that suit.  But he had wanted this opportunity especially.  He wanted to hold his head up high – at least somewhat, before he got fired.  Phillip was proud to be wearing the man’s suit again.  But underneath, he was desperately missing Dolly. 
They were escorted all the way up to their destination by both Jim and Heather.  Jim in his official capacity, and Heather, not only because Samantha had asked that she come up too, but because, well, she was just sticking with Jim.  The two were finding a lot of interesting things to talk about together.  Heather was thrilled that Phillip had shown up dressed like a man again.  And she had told him so several times already.
All the way up in the elevator, Marian had mooing in the back of her mind – despite the fact that she had overcome that particular problem.  She was proud of herself for that.  No moo would ever escape her lips again – in public anyway.  What might happen in the bedroom later was still to be determined.  When the elevator stopped, she and Phillip stepped out first, but the security guard was right beside them.  Marian felt like she had been arrested. 
They were escorted straight into the Human Resources office and straight back to the small conference room located there.  Loretta and Samantha were already inside, along with another man that Marian figured was most likely with security. 
Loretta’s eyebrows went up the moment she saw Marian and Phillip.  It was the first time in a long while that she hadn’t seen Marian not dressed…provocatively.  And also the first time in a while that Phillip was dressed as a man again.  Of course his hair was still styled fairly femininely but she didn’t know if he intended to change that or not. 
“Have a seat, both of you,” Samantha said in a purely businesslike tone.  She watched as Marian and Phillip sat down.  Neither one said a single word.  She looked up and saw Heather and her new boyfriend watching.  That wasn’t good.  “Heather, why don’t you wait somewhere else.  Just don’t stray too far.  We’ll call you if we need you.”
Heather nodded, and with Jim’s hand on her shoulders, she let him lead her away. 
Ed got up from his seat and closed the door to maintain the privacy that the matter required.
Samantha looked at Marian and Phillip.  She tried to smile, but it came off only half-hearted.  “We seem to have a rather major problem on our hands,” she said to them.  “And it seems you two are directly at the heart of it.  Last night, Heather talked with security and brought it to their attention that Vivian was somehow controlling you two…I guess through hypnotism.”  She quickly held up her hand.  “I’m not saying that’s true!  That’s what Heather told us.  We’ll get to your stories in a moment.  I just wanted you to hear what has been said about you.” 
Marian and Phillip said nothing.  Marian only nodded and Phillip shrugged as if it didn’t matter.
Samantha continued.  “According to Heather, her best bet is that Vivian has somehow fixed it to make things look like you, Marian, are completely responsible for the humiliating behavior that Phillip has been exhibiting lately, but somehow, Vivian is really the one behind it all.”
“Samantha,” Marian said, interrupting the woman.  “Instead of you wasting time with what you think happened, let me tell you exactly what’s been going on for some time now.  Everything!  And when I’m done, I have my letter of resignation here to give you.  But I don’t want to give it to you until I get a chance to do one thing first.  And it’s very, very important.  As soon as I do that, you can have my letter of resignation and Phillip and I will leave.”
“And what is it you want?” Samantha asked.  “What’s so important to you?”
“I need to confront Vivian and say something to her, and the best place to do it will be in the office where she’s working.”
Samantha shook her head.  “Confrontational accusations will not be condoned inside this company – especially not in front of the other staff.  Save it for afterwards…when you’re away from here.”
Marian shook her head.  “Then maybe I better start at the beginning and tell you everything, because since Vivian threw me out of my own home and made me live with Phillip here under the most arduous conditions…”
“Wait a minute!” Loretta suddenly interrupted her.  “Vivian threw you out of your own home?”
Marian nodded.  “She was evicted from her apartment, and she threw me out of mine and made me live with Phillip.  Although she’s been making me continue to pay all the bills – including some of hers.”
Loretta shook her head.  She looked briefly at Samantha, then back to Marian.  “I know Samantha doesn’t want me to bring this up, but Marian, I’m going to recommend that you get yourself a good attorney – right away!  Before this goes any further.
“This is a company matter!” Samantha insisted.  “We can handle everything right here.”
Loretta shook her head again.  “This has gone beyond that into criminal acts we knew nothing about, and those acts overlap the company boundaries.  They’re all related and legally need to be dealt with as such.”
Samantha rolled her eyes.  She clearly wasn’t happy.  She looked to Marian.  “Marian and Phillip, do either of you want a lawyer?”
But before they could answer, Loretta said, “I strongly urge you to get one.  And if you don’t have anyone you can trust, then I can make a recommendation for you.”
Marian looked back and forth between Samantha and Loretta.  “I hadn’t considered an attorney,” she said.  “I was just planning on trying to take care of business and handing in my resignation.”
Samantha breathed a sigh of relief.
“But since part of what I need to do today is to go to the police with all this, then maybe a good attorney wouldn’t be a bad thing,” Marian added. 
Samantha threw her pen down in disgust. 
Marian looked back to Loretta.  “You know someone who you think would be good.”
“I know the perfect lawyer for this,” Loretta replied.  “If…she’ll agree to take your care.  I understand she’s doing mostly corporate contract work now, but I think she still takes some other cases as well.”
Samantha stood up.  “I’ll be back then when you let me know if you’ve got a lawyer or not.”  She turned to Ed.  “Coming?”
Ed stood up too, but before leaving he added one thing.  “I think a good lawyer is definitely in order,” he told Marian and Phillip.  Then with a nod of his head, he walked out.
“So who did you have in mind?” Marian asked as Loretta was pulling out her cell phone.”
“Hold on a minute,” Loretta replied.  “Let’s see if she’s available first.”
Loretta found the entry she wanted in her cell phone and dialed the connection.  It was only moments until she spoke.  “Hello, Andrea?”

Marian and Phillip sat where they were with Loretta for over half an hour before a rather striking well-dressed woman was shown into the room where they were. 
“Loretta,” the lawyer said as she walked in and saw her friend.
“Hi Mel,” Loretta said with a smile as she stood up.  The two women hugged briefly. 
The attorney set her briefcase on the table and looked to the other two people in the room.  They were not what she was expecting to see at all.
“Mel, this is Marian and Phillip.”  She pointed at Mel.  “Guys, this is Melissa, one of the more prominent attorneys in the city.”
“Please just call me Mel,” the attorney said as she reached out her hand and shook Marian’s hand first, and then Phillip’s.  She turned to Loretta.  “You said that he’s been dressing like a woman.”
“This is the first time he’s been dressed as a man in a long time.”
“There’s a reason for that,” Marian said.
But it was Phillip who finished the reason.  He quickly leaned forward as he spoke.  “Mistress Viv…I mean, Vivian has forced me to wear nothing but women’s clothes since the beginning,” he told Mel.  And mostly little girl clothes at that.”
“But now you’re not.” Mel noted.
“Not since…this morning when we went shopping,” Phillip replied.  “I haven’t been able to wear anything but what Mistress…I mean what Vivian wanted me to wear, but last night, Marian spent nearly the entire night working on pulling me out from under Vivian’s control.  And I wanted this one opportunity to finally come in to work again, dressed as a man.”
Mel looked at him for a moment, then nodded.  She hadn’t missed any of the times he had used the word “mistress.”  “Under her control,” Mel said.  “Maybe you better start from the beginning.”
Marian did most of the speaking, but she laid everything out on the table.  From her first time hypnotizing Phillip and why she had done it, all the way to the night they had spent last night, working feverishly to get Phillip free from Vivian’s domination and how they thought that they had finally succeeded.  Mostly anyway.  Mel interrupted her countless times asking for more details and better clarification.  And one of the areas that she dug into was not an area that either Marian or Phillip was comfortable talking about, but under Mel’s constant digging, she finally managed to drag out the fact that Vivian’s hypnotic programming was so successful for Phillip because he already had inclinations toward the sissy side of life – particularly fantasies about being a little girl.  Phillip was nothing but ashamed as Marian told about it.  Especially with Loretta still there.
And then Marian got around to telling Mel about the fireplace DVD she had created to start fighting back against Vivian.  And finally she explained why it was so vital that she confront Vivian before she would hand over her letter of resignation.
Mel took it all in, and asked a few more questions.  When she was sure she had all the facts she said, “Let me have your letter of resignation.  I’ll hold it.  And if I think it’s warranted, I can hand it over.  But as I see it, we may still have a chance to save your jobs…if that’s what you still want.  I have no doubt however, that some changes will have to be made.  I’m afraid that’s inevitable.”
“Changes?” Marian asked.
“I think it will be in your best interest, and they would also be in the company’s best interest.  But we’ve still got to get the company to agree.”
“Are we ready to talk with the company about this?” Loretta asked.
Mel nodded.  “Yes, let’s get it over with.  And we’ve still got to contact the police.”
As Mel got up to call Samantha back into the room, Marian looked to Phillip and took his hand.  He smiled back.  Mel watched the two of them as she sat back down again.  Then she spoke to Phillip.  “So you’re still stuck in the diapers?” she asked.
Phillip could feel his face turning red as he nodded.  “So far.”
“It seems,” Marian replied for him, “that snakes have always been one of his biggest phobias.  It’s going to take a lot more than getting rid of all the hypnotic conditioning to overcome that one.  But we’ll work on it.”
Mel smiled.  “When we get out of here, I’ve really got to have you meet my husband Chad.  He’s really…quite interesting.  Not to mention remarkable.  But don’t tell him I said that about him!”
Samantha and Ed both came back into the room and sat down.  But it was Mel who conducted the business.  “I understand that my clients have not told you everything that’s been happening yet.  They were interrupted in the process by the suggestion of bringing me in – which in this case was absolutely vital!  Especially after hearing some of what they have told me.  So right now, I’m suggesting that they tell you everything they told me, right from the beginning and all the way to the end – just as they told me.  And after that, then we’ll discuss what needs to happen.  But I can tell you this, from what I’ve heard, we’re going to need the police in here as soon as we’re done.”
Under Mel’s supervision, Marian told most of it again, from hypnotizing Phillip in the first place up to the struggle they went through the night before to both break free.  There were some private sexual things about Phillip that were left out this time.  Marian finally sighed.  “And that’s it,” she said.  “All except the fact that I’ve still got to trigger that suggestion I’ve been pounding into Vivian’s brain with those DVDs for the last few weeks.”
Samantha stared at the three people across the table from her, but it was Ed who spoke first.  “A lot of what you’ve just said has been corroborated by our records.  It seems there’s no work flow records for Vivian at all for some time now, and the records for both Marian and Phillip here show they’ve been working their butts off.  But the only thing we see from Vivian is non-stop internet usage.”
Samantha would have been happier if Ed hadn’t mentioned any of that.
“All the more reason why my clients should not be fired!” Mel insisted quickly.  “As I see it, despite their…handicaps, they’ve both done an excellent job of making sure your company’s business got accomplished.”
Samantha shook her head, “I’m sorry,” she said, “but I can’t allow them to remain.  Especially Marian.  She was the one who started this.  And she admitted herself that she influenced Phillip without his consent.  We can’t allow that to stand.”
Mel turned to Phillip.  “Phillip, you’ve said several times that Vivian made you blame Marian for everything, but it was all done under her hypnotic influence.  Phillip, do you still hold Marian responsible?  Do you want to press charges against Marian?”
Phillip was suddenly very uncomfortable.  “I do hold Marian here responsible, but only for that very first time.  And I’m definitely not pressing charges.  She may have hypnotized me that first time, but she’s done nothing but stand by me and try to help me ever since – despite her own really serious problems.  She even allowed herself to be hypnotized and go under Vivian’s domination, just so she could try to help me.  And yes, there were a lot of humiliating things that Marian made me do that were totally her ideas, but I’m still not blaming her for any of it.  And because of it all…” he briefly looked to Marian, then back at everyone else, “Marian and I have made an agreement to try to stick together for a while.”
“We’re going to continue to help each other,” Marian interjected quickly to explain things better.
“So based on that,” Mel asked Phillip, “do you feel that Marian should be punished by the company?”
Phillip shook his head.  “Absolutely not!” he replied.  “After that first time, she went out on a limb to do everything she could to help me.”
Mel looked to Samantha.  “Even Phillip here, the offended party, doesn’t want to see Marian punished in any way for what she’s done.”
Samantha shook her head.  “I’m sorry, but whether he feels that way or not, what Marian did was wrong, and we can’t let that stand.”
Mel smiled.  “Then let me suggest an alternative that should work out very well for both your company and for them.”
She talked for a few minutes, laying her idea out.  Marian and Phillip both had no choice but to add their input, adding their own preferences in the process.  The negotiations went on for some time, but when it was done, Samantha, Marian, and Phillip all came to a reluctant agreement.  Despite what it would mean for both Marian and Phillip, they both felt like they came off better than they should.  They had both planned on having no jobs at all.
Ed sighed at the end of the business.  “I guess that just leaves the issue of Felicia,” he said.  “She purposely went out of her way to make sure that Heather didn’t blow the whistle on what was going on sooner.”
“I’m afraid Felicia will be gone with Vivian in a little while,” Samantha told him.  “We’ve no choice.”
Mel nodded.  “I agree.  In fact, I suggest that when the police get here, you have them arrest Felicia too.  She knew what was going on.  She took an active part in making sure it would continue.  She’s guilty of being an accessory to a criminal act, and needs to be punished for it as well.”
“Works for me!” Samantha sighed emphatically.
“I agree completely,” Ed added.
“So if we’re all in agreement,” Mel said, “I suggest we get the police in here a soon as possible and get this business finished up.  We’ve been at this long enough and it’s way past my lunchtime.”
“Mine too!” Ed laughed.  “And everyone else should most likely be back from lunch by now as well.”

It was not the way the company preferred to get rid of employees.  They preferred that it always be done quietly and not in front of any other workers, but Marian had insisted, and under the circumstances, and especially with Ed’s agreement, it was decided to go along with Marian’s wishes.  Consequently, it was like a fairly large menacing parade heading through the hallways.  Several police, an army of company security people, Ed as the chief of security, Samantha as the head of Human Resources, Loretta as the section manager, Marian, Phillip, Mel as their attorney, and of course Heather, who was still sticking with Jim and nobody even thought about stopping her. 
In one fell swoop, they all descended on Marian’s…old…office and entered the room.  All business stopped immediately.  Samantha in the lead, went directly to Vivian.
Vivian couldn’t help but notice all the people come into the office, especially the uniformed police officers.  But her heart jumped when Samantha headed straight for her desk. 
“Vivian stand up!” Samantha told her in her most serious tone of voice as she tried to take in the totally unbelievable way that Vivian was dressed.
Vivian stood up hesitantly.  “What’s going on?” she asked.
But Samantha didn’t answer her question.  Instead she turned to the police.  “This is the one.  Arrest her!”  She stood back as the police moved in quickly and handcuffed her.
“What are you doing?” Vivian yelled.  “What’s going on?”
“Vivian,” Ed said, “you’re being arrested for criminal acts against both Marian and Philip.”
“And as of this moment, you are hereby fired!” Samantha added.
“But…you can’t arrest me!  You’ve got no reason.  Besides, two of the stores downtown are having sales tonight.  I’ve got to be there!”
Ed ignored her and turned to Loretta.  “And the other one?”
“Right in front of her,” Loretta told him.  She pointed to Felicia.
“Felicia, you’re fired as well.” Samantha declared.
Felicia was shocked.  “What did I do?”
“Aiding and abetting in a criminal act!” Ed told her.  He turned to the police, “She’s the other one,” he said as he pointed at her.  To the shocked amazement of all the women in the office, the police moved in and handcuffed Felicia as well.”
“This is all just because all of you are so jealous of my outfits!” Vivian suddenly exclaimed as she stood straight and proud.  “You’re all just jealous!”
“No Vivian,” Marian said as she stepped forward now.  “This is because you’ve forced Phillip and me to do the most horrible things possible for weeks now.  It’s because you’ve stolen my home from me and ruined both my life and Phillip’s life.  And it’s because you’re not just certifiably crazy, but criminally crazy. 
Vivian looked at Marian with nothing but hatred in her eyes.  “You can’t do this to me!” she yelled.  “I made sure of that!  You’re nothing but a stupid cow!  There’s no way you can do anything at all against me.  Beware the pain, Marian.  Beware the pain.  And I won’t make it stop!  You’re nothing but a stupid, stupid cow!  Too stupid for that job they gave you.  I should be the supervisor for this office not you.  I should be in charge!  But no they brought you in instead.  It’s not right!  I should be the one in charge!”
“You’ll never be in charge of anything again,” Marian told her.  “Never!”
“You stupid cow!” Vivian yelled.  “I’ll fix you!  Marian sucks her thumb!” she yelled quickly.
The hypnotic trigger hit Marian, and tried to have an effect on her, but she easily tossed it off.  “Blow it out your ass Vivian!” Marian replied.
Totally shocked, Vivian turned to Phillip.  Phyllis sucks her thumb!” she yelled at him.  Phillip actually had to fight against the command.  He could feel his thumb heading for his mouth to suck on, but he forced it down.  He cocked his head toward Marian and replied.  “What she said.”
Marian watched the total shock and outrage on Vivian’s face.  “Vivian,” she said.  “Face it.  The truth hurts! 
It was the trigger that she had put behind all those DVDs she had created – right from the very first one.  With as much as all the other commands had taken root inside of Vivian’s mind, this one was even stronger.  “I should be the one in charge here, not Marian!” Vivian yelled all too loudly.  “I was the one with the brains to figure out how to hypnotize Phillip and put him in my control.  I was the one who had the brains to forced Marian to go under my control.  I had the brains to do it all, not Marian.  Me!  I should be the one in charge!   And Marian was too stupid to let her stay in that beautiful house of hers, so I moved her in with the stupid sissy and took her house instead, because I’m the one with the brains to do it, not Marian.  She doesn’t deserve it, but I do!  That’s why I should be the supervisor here, not Marian!”
“Get her out of here!” Samantha told the police over top of Vivian’s yelling.  “She’s going to keep spouting off like that?” she asked Marian.
“She’s got no choice.  She’ll admit the truth and all of it, over and over again.  For quite some time most likely.  The police will have absolutely no trouble getting everything out of her.  As you can see, she’s going to be bragging about it.”
The room fell much quieter as Vivian and Felicia were dragged out of the room.  Vivian’s ranting finally disappeared so that none of them could hear it anymore. 
“What’s going on?” Ashley asked.
“Most likely,” Samantha replied, “a big reorganization.  Starting in here.”
“What’s going to happen?” Beverly asked next.
Samantha shook her head.  “We’ve yet to determine that.”
“Are we going to lose our jobs?” Lisa asked next. 
“Nobody is losing their jobs,” Samantha told them all.  “With the exception of Vivian and Felicia of course.  But it’s possible that you could all be split up and moved around to other sections.  But your jobs with the company are all safe.”  She noted the looks of relief on everyone’s faces. 
But Samantha was reminded of something she had to straighten out.  “As I understand it,” she said, “this all started because you thought that Phillip had somehow gotten Terry and Leanne fired.  But they weren’t fired at all.  They’ve been sent to the company’s management trainee school.  In fact, I understand that Terry should be back here very soon.  Phillip, at that time, was given a choice by me, either come in here to help you out, or be laid off for lack of funding in the advertising department where he was. 
“From what I’ve seen, this all came about because you all jumped to the absolute wrong conclusion.  And to be honest, you probably all need to be reprimanded for it – severely.  But the company did nothing to set the record straight and so I’m not going to make any mention of this in any of your company records.”  She could see relief in many of their eyes.
“And Maria?” Beverly asked.  “What happened to her?  She left the same day and the same way that Terry and Leanne did.”
Samantha shook her head.  “Maria was fired.  As I understand it, she’s likely to be in prison for some time for the possession of and for selling some very bad drugs.  Lots of them.  The police arrested her right downstairs in the security offices and took her out of here.”
“So that’s why Felicia said she couldn’t find her or contact her,” Beverly noted.
“Most likely,” Samantha agreed.
“And how about Marian?” Courtney asked.  “Phillip too.”
Samantha looked briefly to Marian and then Phillip before answering the question.  “Marian…and Phillip, won’t be here anymore.”

Epilog – Six Months Later

Marian sat on one of her patio chairs and watched Phyllis playing in the sandbox out in their new backyard.  Playing in the sandbox was one of the activities he was allowed to do.  Actually, the truth was that he was required to do it.  It was a child’s activity, and therefore, he had to do it.  Of course, he was dressed appropriately as a child as well.  The short plaid skirt he was wearing, the red knee socks, the T-bar shoes, the top he was wearing with bunny rabbits on the front.  Even the sweater he was wearing against the chill of their new Denver home were all made for a little girl.  Because that was Sissy Phyllis’s life right now – that of a little girl, almost completely. 
And unfortunately, under his short skirt, he was still in diapers.  It was the one and only thing she couldn’t seem to be able to get him past since she had managed to break him out from Vivian’s hypnotic conditioning.  Strength had turned out to be the key that night.  Her strength was obviously stronger than Vivian’s since Marian had managed to break free on her own.  Over and over again Marian had hammered that fact at Phillip, forcing him to see that she was the superior woman over Vivian.  And convincing Phillip of that fact finally made Marian the stronger woman in his eyes.  It was the final catalyst to finally pull him out from under Vivian’s control…and put him tentatively under Marian’s control.  And when she had done it, she had managed to hypnotize Phillip very lightly only once, fixing things within him so that Vivian could never hypnotize him again, and also making sure that none of Vivian’s previous suggestions would remain in him.  Before she hypnotized him though, she had done so only with his permission, and only with the promise that she would never ever hypnotize him again.  And she intended to keep that promise.  But Sissy Phyllis was still too afraid of snakes, and somehow, what Vivian had done to him went far beyond the hypnotic compulsion she had placed in him. 
And now, in their new Denver home, Marian had still been trying to get him out of the diapers since that night when she had gotten them free.  She had even offered him the incentive to let him grow up some and be allowed to wear high heels and more grown up clothes, but not until he could get out of those stinking diapers.  And she knew Phillip wanted to try the new clothes.  She knew that despite his fascination with being nothing but a little girl, he also wanted some grown-up time as well.  But he just couldn’t get past the snakes.  What worried Marian the most about it though, was that she suspected that Phyllis was becoming all too used to those diapers.  She suspected that in reality, he didn’t mind them or even care about them so much anymore.  That would be a bigger problem to solve.  So in the meantime, he would remain a little girl, and not be allowed to be a grown up girl at all. 
Since they had left their last home, Sissy Phyllis had worn nothing but little girl clothes, and nothing but skirts and dresses at that.  Absolutely no male clothes at all for him – for any reason.  And no pants of any kind allowed – ever.  Under any circumstances.  When they moved, they had left what few things they had bought for him behind.  He had been forced to move to their new home as her little girl – despite what he obviously was. 
The agreement they were “trying” put Marian strictly and firmly in charge of him…totally.  And since his fantasies had revolved around the little girl problem, she had decided to give it to him – pretty much permanently.  He literally went everywhere now dressed as a little girl.  Marian always delighted in seeing him squirm whenever they were out in public – which was pretty much daily.
The legal affairs back home, their last home, had taken much longer than anyone anticipated.  Whenever they had to appear in court or for any “official” reason, Phyllis had always been allowed to go as a man, dressed in that suit that they had bought him.  But outside of those tedious proceedings, Phyllis had been forced into learning the role of the little girl – even back then.  He had been forced to learn that role…and other roles as well.
They had gotten together many times back then with her lawyer Mel…and also her husband Chad, or Sissy as he was just as often called.  Talk about a strange relationship.  They alternated periods of her being in charge with periods of letting him be his normal self.  And evidently it seemed to work very nicely for them.  During that entire time, Chad had been in one of those periods when he was being himself instead of his alter self – Sissy.  But that didn’t keep him from spending a lot of time with Phyllis, talking with him, helping him, and more importantly, teaching him.  Sissy Phyllis was really quiet adept now at keeping the entire house clean as well as making very nice dinners for them both before Marian got home from work.  Such a joy!
Marian wasn’t a supervisor anymore, she was just another worker in one of the departments at the company branch office here in Denver.  But at least the job paid well.  It wouldn’t have been worth it to accept the position and move otherwise.  And Sissy Phyllis?  He worked for the company still too, but he worked exclusively from home.  He again worked in the advertising division, creating beautiful ads and pictures for the company to use.  Marian smiled at that.  Phyllis was so artistically talented, and the bedroom / workroom they had created for him was really the perfect place for him to work.  Not to mention how totally divine it had turned out.  They had gotten the idea from seeing Chad – Sissy’s office back where they were.  His office had been created as a combination baby nursery and workplace – all in one.  So that’s what she and Sissy Phyllis had done with his bedroom.  It was a little girl’s dream bedroom – but with everything he could possible need to create his artwork and do whatever work the company required.  As far as she could tell, so far, things were working out better than either of them anticipated. 
And in return, she and Sissy Phyllis managed to spend lots of “quality” time in the bedroom together.  And Marian had grown particularly fond of him nursing at her breasts…which fortunately no longer produced an overabundance of milk…only a moderate, manageable amount.  And later, after his nursing, the other activities they shared together still occasionally brought forth some unbidden moos out of her throat, but neither of them cared about that in the least. 
No, she would never marry him.  Never!  But Marian was growing more and more fond of Sissy Phyllis each day.  But other than the bedroom, it was more like a mother and her daughter relationship instead of the usual man – woman thing…if you didn’t count their bedroom activities.  It was so strange. But then their lives were totally strange.  Yet so far, their strange lives were working out just fine for both of them.  At least they were both quite happy with everything now – despite how humiliated Sissy Phyllis felt every time he left the house – or any time anyone came to visit them – or any time the neighbors spoke to him over the fence.  But Marian knew he actually lived for those situations.  Deep down, he actually craved the humiliation.  It was why she subjected him to those situations as often as possible. 
She glanced at her watch.  It was time.  They had to go.  “Phyllis!” she called to him out in his sandbox.  “We’ve got to go now.  Hurry up!  And make sure the sand is brushed off you.”
She watched as he immediately stood up, leaving his toys where they were.  He briefly brushed off his clothes, grabbed Dolly, and skipped toward her with a smile on his face.  He was looking forward to this a lot.  And to tell the truth, so was she.  Mel and her husband Sissy were flying out to spend a few days visiting, and it was time to pick them up at the airport.  And evidently, this time Chad wasn’t allowed to be himself anymore.  This time he would be totally Sissy.  Marian couldn’t wait to see what Mel was doing with him now.  The things Mel had told her about their past had been hysterical. 
“Is your diaper wet?” Marian asked Phyllis.
“Not too bad,” Phyllis replied.  “It should hold for a while.”
Marian shook her head.  “I’m worried that you just want to show it off to Sissy as soon as he gets here.”  She hadn’t expected to see the broad delighted smile that lit up Sissy Phyllis’s face.  Yeah, no doubt at all.  Sissy Phyllis was looking forward to having a playmate for a few days.

The End