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The Domination of Mister Mike - Chapter 22

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 22

     I had gone to sleep feeling like a major loser.  I woke up feeling pretty much the same.  How good can you feel about yourself when the proof of your place in humanity is written in the wet bulky diapers that you’re wearing?  And we won’t even discuss my new sex life.
     I wasn’t at all surprised that Ashley’s bedroom door was still closed when I got up.  She slept a lot later than I did.  I’m sure her mind was far more at peace with herself than my mind was. 
     As per old habits, I went straight to the bathroom where I looked longingly at the toilet.  I then looked longingly at the bathtub and shower nozzle.  Why had I bothered going in there?  Since I wasn’t allowed out of the bowling ball of a diaper I was currently stuck in, what was the use in even entering the bathroom?  Besides those damn five inch t-strap heels were still locked to my feet. It’s amazing that I was getting so used to wearing them all the time now that I could sleep all night and only wake occasionally from their discomfort.  Actually, I woke more often to pee since Ashley kept making me drink those darn baby bottles of water every night when I went to bed.
     I turned to the sink and washed my bleary-eyed face.  Then I shaved and brushed my teeth.  That much made me feel a little closer to being human.  The thick, heavy diaper I was stuck in took most of those feeling human thoughts away. 
     I went back to the bedroom and dressed in the same bra I had worn the day before.  I stared long and hard at that French maid’s dress Ashley had bought me, then gave in and put it on, finally tying the apron around my waist as neatly as I could.  I considered myself lucky that I didn’t have to lock myself into it…as far as I knew.  This was my uniform now.  My new uniform for whenever I was home.  My totally demeaning uniform.  I can’t tell you how much of a loser it made me feel like.  Especially when my diaper was that wet and bulky and I knew the bottom of it could still be seen below the skirt.
     Carrying my pacifier in my hand instead of in my mouth, I headed to the kitchen to make myself some coffee.  If I was lucky, I could drink it before Ashley even woke up, which meant drinking it from a cup instead of the damn baby bottle! 
     Ashley slept late.  I wound up drinking half that damn pot of coffee before I heard her coming out of her room.  And by that time I had already drank more than enough coffee, and the evidence of what I had drank it from was thoroughly cleaned up and put away.  The better part of it all was that I had been letting myself wet as often as possible, and my diaper was starting to leak down my legs on both sides. 
      “‘Morning Ashley,” I said as she settled herself in her living room throne…I mean chair. 
     She looked me over carefully with a broad smile on her face.  That dress is so perfect for you!” she declared.  “What are you?” she asked so fast it took me a moment to realize what she had said. 
     With a mental sigh, I replied. “I’m a big sissy and I want everyone to know it.”  Then of course I curtseyed. 
     She laughed, then her face seemed to light up even more.  “You’re leaking!”
      “Uh…yeah.  I was just about to bring that to your attention.  Can I change now?  It’s going to be awfully hard to do anything with my diaper this bad.”
     She laughed, then totally amazed me.  “Yeah, sure.  Go ahead and get a shower too.  There’s a pile of keys on my dresser,” she said, “bring them to me and I’ll unlock your shoes.”
     I didn’t have to be told twice.  I waddled as fast as my very high heels would let me into her room, found the keys, and brought them back to her.  She separated them and a few minutes later my shoe locks were off – but not my shoes.  Ashley wanted me to wait until I got fully undressed before I took them off.  But I had no problem with that at all.  At least I knew they were coming off.  I headed straight for the bathroom.
      “Mister Mike!”
     I stopped and turned.
      “Don’t you dare close that bathroom door!  I want to be able to check and make sure you don’t try to use the toilet while you’re in there.  And when you get out of the shower, before you get dressed at all, come out here first.”
      “Uh…okay,” I replied.  Not closing the bathroom door was more than a bit irritating.  I hadn’t even thought about it yet, but I’m sure I would have made very full use of that toilet while I was in there.  Now Ashley was fixing it so I didn’t dare.  And as to going out totally naked once I finished, that part had me a bit worried, but just then, the most important thing in the world to me was getting out of that miserable diaper and getting a good hot shower.
     I don’t know how long I took in the shower, and I didn’t care.  When something so simple feels that good, you take everything you can and savor it.  Not to mention that it was the first real opportunity I had to examine that chastity device.  I didn’t have to examine it long.  I figured out real quick that it wasn’t coming off…not that I’d remove it without permission. 
     Finally, totally naked except for that chastity device, I walked back to the living room to see Ashley.  She was avidly interested in some romantic movie on TV.  I waited off to the side, not bothering to interrupt her.  Actually, I was in no hurry to put another diaper on. 
     All too soon the commercials came and she looked over at me…and immediately turned her gaze on the chastity device her mother had locked in place.  “Get over here,” she ordered.  When I was close enough, she reached out and grabbed my locked up testicles, and took the time to have a real good look at that device.  Several times I felt her pulling and trying to manipulate it, but of course, it didn’t come off.  And then she said something that pretty much horrified me.  “Did my mother give you the key?”
     Huh?  “No,” I said, starting to panic.  “Didn’t she leave it with you?”
     She shook her head.  “I didn’t think about it before she left.”  She looked up at my face.  “So neither of us has the key?”
     I shook my head.  “Not unless she left it somewhere, like maybe with the other keys I got from your dresser?”
     She immediately turned to the pile of keys now on her little table and started going through them, which took only two seconds.  “It’s not here!” she exclaimed.  “Go check your room!” she ordered urgently.
     I not only checked my room all over, but I went into her room as well and checked everywhere I could.  I even searched the kitchen where I already knew it wasn’t.  “I can’t find it!” I yelled, the panic clearly in my voice.  I went back to the living room and saw her texting someone on her phone. 
      “I’m checking with my mom,” she said.
     I waited, still stark naked.  But her phone didn’t ding signaling a reply had come in.  After ten minutes, I said, “Maybe I should get dressed?”
      “No!  I want to know if we can get you out of that thing first.”
     I went into the kitchen and sat at the table.  I was totally worried about this situation.  I mean, Joanna wouldn’t be back for an entire week!  I’d be…locked up…for an entire week!  I couldn’t even imagine that.  What the heck was I supposed to do when I went to work – tomorrow?  I wasn’t even sure I could pee standing up with the way that device was designed.  Could I even get it out of my pants?  Panic city!  Joanna had to leave those keys somewhere – in this house!  But where?
     I heard Ashley’s phone ding, and I hurried to the living room.  I saw Ashley’s eyes go wide as she looked up at me.  “Mom purposely kept the keys.  She’s not letting you out of that thing until next week!”
     Oh God!  What was I going to do? 
     Ashley was staring at me, seemingly just as horrified.  And then I saw her face change and she started sniggling with laughter.  “You’re going to be stuck in that thing for an entire week!” she said.  “That’s just too funny.”
     Not from my point of view. 
      “Hey!” Ashley said excitedly.  “Maybe we can put those shoe locks on you too, and then lock your dress on you, and then mail all the keys to my mother so you can’t get out of any of it…for an entire week!”  She started laughing hysterically.  I knew she was only joking about that one – fortunately.  At least, I hoped she was joking.  I was going to be stuck wearing the darn chastity device to work all week.  Fortunately, nobody could see it…I hoped.
      “I guess there’s no choice about it, Mister Mike,” she said.  “I guess go get dressed.  You know what you’ve got to wear.” 
     Yeah, I did know…not that I was happy about it.  I headed quite somberly toward my bedroom.  An entire week!  What the hell was I going to do?”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     We had company that day – of course.  Amanda came over with her boyfriend Jimmy.  And Chris came over as well…with his new girlfriend Crystal.  I was not only wearing my new maid’s dress for them, it was locked on, as were my shoes again. 
     Early on, I had to remove my diaper in front of all of them so they could get an all too close look at that chastity device I was stuck in.  I could just see each of them itching to touch it and examine it further.  Fortunately, none of them did.  That would have been very…disturbing…to me. 
     Once I was diapered again, the whole group followed Ashley into my room where she showed them my work shoes stuck in that clear plastic safe, and of course my new sex toy hanging from the ceiling.  And then I had to stand up to it and “demonstrate” sucking on that stupid pacifier glued to the top with my hands semi-bound behind my back – which brought about a lot of laughter from all of them. 
     It was while I was still standing there “demonstrating” sucking that pacifier, that I heard Ashley suddenly exclaim, “You know what we should do?” 
     Several of them asked what, and Ashley seemed all too interested in telling them. 
      “We should make him stand there sucking on that thing for the rest of the day!”
      “All day?” Amanda asked.
      “Yeah!  Why not?”
      “But why?”
     Ashley laughed.  “‘Cause I think it’s funny.”
      “Yeah, it is,” Chris agreed.  I knew there was a reason why I hated that kid.
      “But…like…we’re all going to like…sit here all day and watch him?” Crystal asked.
     There was immediate silence for a few moment.  Common sense had ruled out!  Hooray!  And as the silence continued to stretch out, I started waiting for the order to finally take my lips off that stupid pacifier. 
     But before that order came, ‘pain-in-the-neck’ Chris blurted out, “Hey guys, if you want, I can try something.”
      “What?” Several of them asked. 
     But instead of saying anything, he got up from sitting on the bed and came over to me.  “First of all,” he said, “let’s fix this problem.  I felt him grabbing the rope that held my hands behind my back, and a moment later, he started binding my wrists in earnest.  All of a sudden there was no chance of me getting my hands apart at all.  They were firmly tied together.  “Now,” Chris said, “I think all we need is a little more of this rope.”
     I couldn’t see him, since I was sucking up to that board.  But I could hear him doing something behind me, most likely with the lengthy amount of excess rope hanging from the wall.  And then he was suddenly back.  He took that rope and wrapped it several times around me and the board both, binding me tightly to it.  I couldn’t step away from the board if I tried.  And to make matters worse, he used that same rope and bound my neck to the board.  I couldn’t even tilt my head back away from that pacifier.  I was now stuck sucking on the thing, whether I liked it or not…which I didn’t.
      “There,” Chris said, sounding all too satisfied with himself.  “That should hold him right there.”
     I couldn’t see anything except that wide board in front of my face, but they all immediately came over for a good close look…not that I could do anything about it, I was thoroughly stuck to that board and I couldn’t get away from it.  I could take a step or two in almost any direction as far as the board would let me, but that’s about all I could do. 
     Ashley was laughing…naturally.  “That’s great!” she exclaimed.  Then she came over to me.  Her voice was soft but menacing.  “One of the things Chris and I used to argue about, was that he wanted to tie me up before having sex, and I would never let him.  He’s into that bondage stuff.  Like you like looking at your sissy humiliation stuff on the internet, that’s what he’s into.  I just don’t want anyone tying me down at all – ever!  I hate just the thought of it and it scares me too much.”
     She turned away from me and back toward the others.  “Let’s leave him here now.  We can check on him later.” 
     Not music to my ears.  But a minute later, that part of the house was totally quiet, and I was peacefully alone.  Except not so peacefully.  I started struggling to get loose.  I squirmed, I moved a few steps and pulled. I did everything I could think of.  I even tried sliding downward off of that board.  But darn Chris had tied those ropes too tightly.  I could literally do nothing but stand there attached to that board…in those five inch heels that I now hated with a passion.  And trust me, even though I wasn’t exactly sucking on that pacifier, there was still no way I could get it out of my mouth.  And only minutes later, I felt myself drooling.  Yuck!  I couldn’t even wipe my chin.  Totally awful!
     Chris was into bondage?  I could understand fully why Ashley argued about it with him.  But did she have to let him practice it on me instead?  That part worried me.
     I heard some of them come back to the room.  I hoped to be released, but I heard Chris say, “Still there,” and then they were gone again.  Shortly after that, I heard someone else come in…and a few clicks.  I was guessing one of them was taking pictures.  I could still see nothing but that damn board, and with that pacifier stuck in my mouth and my mouth stuck tightly up against that board, I couldn’t even ask anyone to release me…which I was more than willing to beg for.  And then again I was left alone.  I could have screamed.  In fact, I did try to call out.  But all that came out was a muffled moan. 
     I stood there and waited.  And I stood there and waited.  And I stood there and waited.  I moved around in a blind little circle, but I couldn’t really go anywhere.  That board that had brought me so much pleasure, was now bringing me all too much misery.  My feet were killing me of course, even though I was well used to wearing those shoes for long periods of time.  And now I had no choice but to stand in them – forever!
     And then my miserable life became far more miserable.  I had been standing there for what had to be hours.  How much time had actually passed was impossible to tell, but I hadn’t heard anyone coming into the room for what seemed like a very, very long time.  As I was standing there, I suddenly realized something new.  There was a very uncomfortable “pressure” building up in my bowels.  I hadn’t had a bowel movement since Friday at work, and it was now sometime Sunday afternoon.  My system was way overdue and more than ready.  I’m pretty sure that standing up all the time didn’t exactly help that problem either. 
     I fought it to be sure!  A few times I desperately thought I might have heard one of them come back to check on me, I tried to vocalize my problem.  But of course, if there was anyone there, they wouldn’t have understood anything except that I was tired of standing there.  I had peed into my diaper several times.  That was all too easy now.  I hardly thought about it when I did it.  But this wasn’t anything like that.  This was a real problem!  Not to mention a smelly one. 
     No surprise, I eventually had no choice but to fill my diaper with something far more solid than pee.  Something far smellier too.  Not to mention something far more uncomfortable.  And still I was stuck there.  And before long, even though my nose was plastered to that board, I noticed the strengthening “odor” in the room that I could never deny wasn’t coming from me.
     And still I stood there, now in a smelly diaper that was again starting to feel like a huge bowling ball stuck between my legs.  I needed changing – badly, but still they left me alone. 
     And then I heard noise.  Far more noise than I had heard in a while.  And suddenly I could tell that the room was full of people again.
      “Did you miss us, Mister Mike?” Chris asked.  I heard one of the girls giggling. 
      “Pew!” I heard Amanda exclaim.  “It stinks in here.”
      “I think someone really needed that diaper,” I heard Ashley laughing.
     I tried to say something back, but of course it didn’t exactly sound comprehensible.
      “You should have been there,” I heard Chris saying.  “We’ve all been over at my house playing video games, and I totally trashed everyone!  You should have seen how good I was, Mister Mike.”
     Games!  They weren’t even here?  And trust me, just then I didn’t care in the least how well Chris had played.  Again I tried to voice my displeasure, and again it brought me nothing.
      “Since we’re back, I guess we better untie him now,” I heard Chris say.
     Yes!  That was the best thing I had heard in like…forever!
      “Not to mention,” Amanda added.  “He really needs a diaper change.”
     I heard them all laughing.  Trust me, I was more than willing to change my diaper.  Just as I was more than willing to get untied from that board.  Chris and someone else, I was guessing Jimmy, untied my body from the board first, then one of them undid the rope holding my neck and head too tightly to the board as well.  I finally got my face away from the board, and that damn pacifier out of my mouth.  My mouth immediately started drooling again for some reason, but my arms were still bound behind me so I couldn’t wipe it off.  Chris untied my arms – finally.  I moved my whole body around trying to get the kinks out.  I wanted desperately to sit down to get the weight off of my aching feet, but I was even less interested in sitting down on top of that load in my diaper. 
      “Go get changed now, Mike,” I heard Ashley tell me. 
     Trust me, she didn’t have to tell me twice.  I grabbed a fresh diaper from the box in my room and was off to the bathroom like a shot!  I really wanted another shower, but locked up in my dress and shoes like I was, that option was completely out.  But at least I could get my smelly diaper off and change it for a fresh one.  Trust me, I was very, very glad to do that.
     I now had a whole new hatred for that board hung in my room.  It was indeed a double edged sword.  I could see now how it could bring me pleasure, even though it was a form of pleasure I’d rather trade for something better, and I could also see how it could bring me all too much misery.  But the worst of the matter was something far more worrying.  All that misery that it brought me, was also something that seemed to occupy my fantasies now.  It was yet another big something, added on top of so many other big somethings, that all continually kept me in a total state of sexual need.  And trust me, just knowing that I was stuck in that damn chastity device and couldn’t get it off was one of the biggest somethings now on the list. 
     Why did I have to be so perverted?  Why did I have to have such longings for such obviously demented and humiliating things?  Why did I yearn so much for the danger, the allure, the thrill?  And why should I be so turned on by being such a fool, a pervert, and a loser? 
     And why, oh why, had Joanna kept that keys and not left them here?  Ugh!  I could just scream!

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Mister Mike - Chapter 21 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 21 – Part 2 of 2

     Home sweet home.  Well, maybe not so sweet anymore.  Even my nice big master bedroom wasn’t mine anymore.  Home was just a place now where the public didn’t get to see my pathetic humiliating life – usually.  There were those times when Ashley had her friends over.  But as bad as that was for me, it was far easier than those times I was truly out in public.
     I had to change of course into my new “house uniform” before I could bring all the groceries in from the car.  Thank God we had taken my SUV and thank God for closed garage doors!  Joanna and I worked together to put everything away, then she said, “Mike, you go get started hanging that board while I start lunch.”
     The board!  I headed for my bedroom.  I had already dropped off the things I had bought inside.  I grabbed the board and carried it out to my workshop.  Ten minutes later, I brought it back again with a hole in the top.  I had to go out to the workshop again to get my step ladder.  Climbing that thing in five inch heels was a bit different, but not that difficult.  Strangely, it was the bulk of my diaper that was the most hindrance.  Too much pressure between my legs that made things all that much more awkward as I tried to go up or down.  But of course, Joanna would never allow something like that to stop me.  But the biggest thing on my mind just then was the incongruity of doing something I considered to be a very masculine job, while wearing a French maid’s uniform.  Positively weird!
     I enjoyed playing with my new toy – that stud finder.  Joanna showed me about where she wanted the thing hung in the corner of the room where it could easily be seen from the door, and I found the closest ceiling joist and marked the closest spot.  Joanna approved and headed back to the kitchen.  I started screwing that big eyebolt into the ceiling, but soon had to go out to my workshop to get a big screw driver to help give me better leverage.  Putting that big a screw into the wood of those ceiling joists took a lot of muscle.  I considered myself lucky when Joanna called me to lunch – before I had finished.
     Once lunch was over, I had to clean up the kitchen again before I could go back to that project, but when I did, Joanna came in and watched.  With great effort, standing on that ladder in those five inch heels, I managed to finish cranking that big eyebolt into the ceiling.  I can tell you for a fact that it wasn’t going anywhere!  After that, I got smart and grabbed my drill to help me screw that cabinet handle to the wall.  I climbed down from the ladder and tied one end of the rope to the board.  I ran the rope up through the eyebolt in the ceiling, then down and looped it through the cabinet handle mounted to the wall.  I pulled, and the board started going up.  Once the top of it was about head-high, I tied it off.  Most of the coil of rope we had bought had to be pooled on the floor.  “There,” I said, feeling satisfied with what I considered a job well done. 
      “Very nice,” Michael,” Joanna told me as she looked at the board hanging in mid-air.  “Now put your things away please.”
     I know it sounds dumb, in fact, it sounds downright perverted, but as I made several trips to carry my ladder and my tools out to the shed, all I could think about was whether or not Joanna would now have me try out that board, now hanging from the ceiling.  How the heck was I going to manage it?  In some ways I figured it would probably be easier than laying on the bed.  I’d have far more freedom of movement.  And why the heck was I so interested in it?  Was that because of the damn chastity device now attached to my cock?  I figured that had to be it.  There could be no other earthly reason why I would be so interested in fucking…a dumb board.
     Joanna and Ashley were both in my room discussing that board and waiting for me to finish cleaning up my things.  Ashley was sitting up on my bed.  “Are you done now?” Joanna asked me.
      “That’s it,” I confirmed, pulling the damn pacifier from my mouth to speak, then putting it back in again. 
      “Good,” Joanna replied.  “We may as well try this thing out now and see if it’s going to work.”
     Why, oh why, was that music to my ears. 
      “Just take your dress and that diaper off Michael,” Joanna told me.  “Let’s see how this goes.”
     No lipstick like the night before?  No other special preparations?  I quickly removed my diaper, leaving me in just my locked on heels and my bra with the breast forms.  I stood there waiting to be told what to do.
     Joanna produced a key and unlocked the chastity device.  This was the best view I’d had of it so far, and I was sure I recognized the brand.  It was all one piece and made of relatively soft plastic so it was supposed to be comfortable for long-term use.  I could see through the clear plastic that there wasn’t much extra room for my cock inside of it.  My balls seemed to stick out from each side of the divider that held the tube to the back of the ring.  I only marveled that I hadn’t already felt the tight restriction from it if my cock had tried to get any harder.  It took a few moments and some rather painful manipulating, but before long that device was off of me.  Freedom!  I can’t tell you how much of a relief it was to have it gone.  I scratched briefly around myself down there.
      “We’re waiting Michael,” Joanna said.
     I approached the board, totally unsure of things.  The hole was a bit too low so I had to bend my knees a bit.  With my hands, I guided my soft cock into the hole.
      “Just keep it there like that,” Joanna said as she went over to the rope on the wall.  She untied it, and pulled.  I felt the board going up, and my knees with it. 
      “How’s that?” Joanna asked. 
     In those five inch heels, the height seemed to be just about right.  “Good,” I replied with that pacifier still in my mouth.
     She tied the rope off.  “Okay Michael.  Have fun.”
     Have fun!  Yeah right.  Making love to a piece of wood.  So why was I starting to get hard just thinking about it?  I grabbed the board and slowly started rocking myself back and forth, in and out of that hole.  Just slightly at first so I wouldn’t slip out of it, then more vigorously the more my cock grew.  I could hear both Joanna and Ashley giggling behind me. 
      “He’s doing it again, Mamma,” Ashley said.  “He’s screwing a dumb piece of wood.”
      “Yes dear,” Joanna replied.  “Totally perverted if you ask me.”
      “For sure!” Ashley agreed.
     My pounding in that hole became more intense, and as it did, the dumb pacifier in my mouth kept hitting the board over and over again.  Clack.  Clack.  Clack.  Clack.
      “Stop that!” Ashley yelled.
     I kept going.  Pounding hard on the bottom, and that damn pacifier still banging away at the top.
      “Stop!” Ashley yelled again.
     I forced myself to stop, even though I was getting close to cumming. 
      “Do you have to bang that thing so hard on your board?” Ashley complained.
     I turned around, my cock still in the hole, and looked at Joanna.  I shrugged. 
      “Just take it out,” Joanna told me. 
     I reached for the pacifier and started to remove it from my mouth.
      “No!” Ashley countered quickly.  “I want him sucking on that thing all the time.”
     Joanna considered the situation.  “Then I think we have a problem.  His face has to stay so close to that board that he can’t help but bang it against the wood.  Hmm.” 
     I stood there looking at her as she thought about the problem.  Then I saw her eyebrows go up momentarily.  “I’ll be right back,” she said. 
     She left the room.  I looked over at Ashley, but it was obvious that she didn’t have a clue what her mother was going to do either. 
     Joanna was back two minutes later.  “Get out of there, Michael,” she ordered.
     I pulled myself out of the hole in the board.  In truth, as strange as it sounds, I would have preferred to leave my cock in it.  Joanna pulled the pacifier from my lips, and then I saw what she had gone out to get.  She had found my tube of super glue in the kitchen drawer.  Ashley and I both watched as she put several drops on the back of the pacifier, then she pressed it to the board, right in the middle of all those lipstick marks from the night before.  She held it in place for a few moments, then removed her hand.  I watched as she grabbed the pacifier and pulled on it.  It was now stuck fast to the board.  I heard Ashley giggle. 
      “There,” Joanna said, sounding rather satisfied with herself.  “I think that should help that little problem immensely.” Once again, I heard Ashley giggle.  Me, I only stared at it in disbelief.
      “Okay Michael.  Wrap your lips on that pacifier, and get busy.”
     I couldn’t believe it.  I simply couldn’t believe it!  But I went back over to the board.  Grabbed it, stuck my face right up to it, and sucked that pacifier into my mouth.  I quickly pulled my face away though as I had to look down and grab my cock to see where to put it in the hole.
      “Wait!” Ashley exclaimed again.
     Now what?  I looked over at her.
      “Don’t use your hands,” she giggled. 
     I looked to Joanna and saw the surprised look on her face…and then that wicked sly look taking over.  She picked up the tube of super glue and held it out to me.  “Take that back to the kitchen and put it away Michael.  And when you come back, bring me a knife.  A sharp one!”
     Once again I had no idea what this demented woman had in mind.  But I took the tube of super glue back to the kitchen and returned with a sharp kitchen knife. 
     Joanna took some of the extra rope hanging from that handle on the wall and cut it off.  She tied a small loop in one end, then fed the other end through it.  “Turn around Michael and put your hands behind you.”
     Nervously, I did.  A second later, I felt her slip that loop over my wrists and pull it tight.  I felt her start to wrap the free end of the rope around my wrists, but she stopped and unwrapped it, leaving just the loop pulled tight.  “Hold this rope in your hand…both hands,” she told me as she pressed the free end of the rope into my hands.  “Don’t let it go.”
     I realized that as long as I was holding that rope, the loop was essentially binding my hands together behind my back.
      “Now…” Joanna said.  “Let’s try it again.  Put that pacifier in your mouth first, and then we can watch while you try to figure out where that hole is for your silly cock.  Good luck,” she laughed.
     I heard Ashley laughing from the bed as well.  Now filled with a bit of trepidation, I cautiously approached that humiliating board.  I grabbed the pacifier with my mouth, sucking it fully in.  The board was now pulled right up against my nose.
      “Find your hole, Michael,” Joanna giggled behind me.
     I started grinding my cock around, doing my best to find where that hole was.  In five inch heels, the task wasn’t that easy.  I kept feeling the hole, but as to getting my cock into it, that was an entirely different problem, especially since I had become completely soft during all the commotion since the last time I had tried this.  The other problem was that every time I pushed against the board, it tried to swing away from me, sometimes trying to slip away to the side.  But perseverance won out, and I finally managed to slide my cock into that silly hole.  I was surprised at how proud of myself I felt for managing it.  I was also surprised at how good it felt against my cock.
      “Suck that pacifier,” I heard Ashley command with more than a bit of laughter.
     I sucked on the pacifier, and slowly started grinding my cock in and out of that silly hole.  The board moved.  It was hung from the ceiling so it took very little effort for it to move with my thrusting.  And when I pulled back, it didn’t come with me nearly as fast.  I had to be very, very careful, or I would slip out of it again.  Since I couldn’t hold onto the board with my hands, I quickly figured out that the only way I could control it…at least somewhat…was by sucking hard on that damn pacifier mounted to the top.  It took work and a lot of trial and error, but eventually I got the hang of it and started doing better.  But all too often, I literally found myself moving around and literally chasing the board to stay with it.
      “Oh dear!” I heard Joanna mutter.
      “What Mamma?  What’s wrong?” Ashley asked.
      “Nothing, dear,” Joanna replied.  “I think I like this.  It’s funny.  It looks like he’s kissing the board.”
     While the two of them laughed over that, I realized that it probably did look like that.  But what could I do about it.  I kept going, slowly and carefully grinding away, and slowly getting larger down there in the process.  With the board stuck to my face, and my hands stuck behind my back, the process was difficult, to say the least, but I kept at it, feeling nothing but total humiliation at what I was doing.  And trust me, fucking a stupid piece of wood and finding that it was fulfilling some kind of twisted sexual fantasies, is nothing but humiliating!  I worked at it and worked at it, and in the process I worked harder and harder at it.  At one point, I accidentally pulled back too far and my cock came out of the hole.  I desperately tried to poke it back in, continually poking it into the surface of the board.  I had to slow down and grind my cock against the surface of it to find the hole again, but once I did, I was quickly back at it. 
      “It’s absolutely silly,” I heard Joanna mention to Ashley.  “It has to be the most depraved thing I’ve ever seen.”
      “It is that, Mamma,” Ashley agreed.
     I agreed too, yet I was still doing it…and dare I say it, loving it.  It was so damn demeaning.  So humiliating.  And consequently, it was driving me on like nothing else.  All at once I felt myself coming in huge spurts as I rocked and poked my groin at that board as hard as I was able.
      “Look Mama!” Ashley proclaimed.  “You can see it hitting the back of the jar.”
      “Yes you can!” Joanna agreed.  “I think that’s going to work out quite well.”
     I slowed my pace as I heaved big breaths in through my nose.  I finally stood still, my eyes closed since I couldn’t see anything except that board, my breathing still fast as I recovered, and my mind going in circles from what I had just done…again.  I had fucked a board.  Nothing but a simple piece of wood.  With a hole in it.  How…demeaning.  How…degrading.  What kind of loser had I become.
      “Just stay there a moment, Michael,” Joanna told me. 
     I stayed, my lips still wrapped around that damn pacifier.  I opened my eyes, trying to see what was going on, but all I could really see was that big board plastered in front of my face.  The pacifier mounted to the board the way it was prevented me from turning my head much at all.  I heard Joanna moving around the room.
      “Get up dear,” Joanna told her daughter.  “I’ll get his diaper back on him.”
     I heard Ashley getting up off the bed.  “Wait a minute, Mamma,” she said quickly.  “I want to get him another bottle.”
      “Go ahead dear,” Joanna replied.
     Another bottle.  Something else to suck on.  Something I neither wanted nor needed.  Something I wasn’t looking forward to.  And I had signed up for this?  What a true loser I was.  I heard Ashley hurrying from the room.  Her plaster cast and crutch making plenty of noise in the process.  I could hear Joanna doing something, but I could still only see that big board in front of my face.
      “Okay Michael,” Joanna said.  “Come lay down.  Let’s get a fresh diaper on you.”
     I gratefully let go of that damn pacifier…and board.  I let loose of the rope holding my wrists together behind my back, pulled against the rope, opening the loop, and let it drop to the floor.  She had laid out a fresh diaper on the bed for me.  At least it was a fresh diaper.  I had a feeling that if it was Ashley doing it, she would have put the same old used one back on me.  I laid down and heard Ashley clomping her way back down the hallway.  A moment later she was in the room, with a baby bottle.  I saw her heading toward me with it…and realized she wasn’t heading toward me at all but to that dumb board instead.  I watched in horror as she unscrewed that big jar attached to it, and then carefully dumped all my cum into the bottle on top of the water that was in there. 
      “There,” she said, sounding all too happy with herself.  She handed the bottle to her mother.  Joanna looked at it with a smile and stuck it to my lips.  I automatically started sucking on it as my hands came up to hold it.  Ugh!  One demeaning thing on top of another.
     Joanna left the room and was gone for a while, while Ashley watched me drinking the “liquid” from that bottle.  Joanna finally came back, and I was very surprised to see the things in her hand – a wet washcloth, shaving cream, and my razor. 
      “Just lay still,” Joanna told me as she went to work.  “It’s nice to see your body all  shaved now, but you’ve got a bit of stubble starting to grow again where it would be under your chastity device.
     Laying on my back, and especially with that bottle in my mouth, I couldn’t see what she was doing very well, but I certainly felt it.  I felt her cleaning me up.  I felt her applying the shaving cream.  And I especially felt her shaving my entire diaper area, front and back…including my balls.  It was quite an experience.  And surprisingly, one that frightened me somewhat.  But it was soon over and she again cleaned me up with that wet washcloth. 
     Joanna again grabbed the bottle of baby lotion and spread it liberally all over me, and especially all over my cock.  All too soon I felt Joanna fitting that damn chastity device back over my balls, and then struggling to shove my cock through that same triangular ring.  Once the base was firmly in place and she had made sure my balls and my cock were pulled as far through it as possible, I felt that darn tube being pulled over my entire penis again.  I heard the tiny click of the lock securing it all.  Locked up – again! 
     She grabbed the bottle of baby powder now and sprinkled it liberally all over.  Did that stuff have to smell that strong?  You couldn’t miss it!  Not that it mattered.  Anyone looking at me couldn’t miss the diapers I was wearing, even when I was out in public and wearing pants over them.  So what difference would the smell of a little baby powder make?
     Fifteen minutes later, I was dressed in my maid’s outfit again, including a new pacifier stuck in my mouth.  Ashley and her mother were “discussing” things out in the living room.  I had laundry to do and Ashley’s bathroom to clean.  I couldn’t hear what they were talking about…and to be honest, I was fairly sure I didn’t want to know. 
     Dinner came, and it was a welcome rest for me to be able to sit down for a change and eat.  My feet were beyond tired.  The only thing I could have really done without at dinner, was that darn baby bottle again.  Could I take the thing out of the house somewhere and hide it when nobody was looking?  Like maybe in the trash can?  But I knew that wouldn’t work very well, they’d just buy me a new one as fast as possible and I’d be right back where I started.
     I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.  I knew Joanna was getting ready to leave soon.  But while I was still working, she came into the kitchen with a bag in her hands.  She held it up for me to see. 
      “All your shoes that you won’t be needing anymore,” she told me with all too broad a smile on her face. 
     I watched as she carried the bag out to her car herself.  Just watching her do that had been a horrid reminder of the situation I was now faced with – wearing women’s shoes everywhere I went.  Thank God my workplace was out of bounds for that! 
     Joanna was back a few minutes later and when she came in, she went straight to that bag she had placed on the counter.  The one that held her cookie jar.  I stopped working to watch her open the bag and pull it out.  Except it wasn’t like any cookie jar I had ever seen before.  The bottom looked to be clear plastic, and the top was red with what looked like electronic controls on the top.  “That’s a cookie jar?” I asked.
      “Sort of,” she replied.  “I got it to help me stick to my diet, except that it didn’t work.  After a week, I simply ignored the thing and grabbed whatever sweets I wanted – whenever I wanted.  Come take a look at this,” she said. “I need you to learn how to operate it.”
      “Am I going on a diet?” I asked as I walked over to take a look.
      “Of sorts,” she replied.
     I took a closer look at it, and realized I had seen an advertisement for something like it before.
      “This is called a kitchen safe,” she told me.  “Once it’s locked, there’s no way to open it until the timer runs out.  You put whatever you want inside.  Put the lid on.  Turn the dial to set how long it needs to stay locked, and press the button.  Trust me, once it’s set, you can’t open it again until the time runs out.  It’s no wonder I gave up on it after a week.  I’m too weak when it comes to something I want to eat.  And that especially includes sweets.”
      “So why are you giving it to me?” 
     Oh how I hated it when she smiled those wicked smiles at me.  But instead of answering my question, she had me set the timer on the lid for one minute.  Doing that was easy enough.  I set it and pushed the button.  Joanna had me try to open the safe.  It took very little effort before I realized that it couldn’t be done.  A minute later, the safe unlocked itself and the top came off easily.
      “Um…I said.  “Is this for the keys to my chastity device?”
      “Nope!” she said all too delightedly.  “Something else entirely.”
      “Then what’s this for?”
     But again instead of answering, she said, “I’ll be right back.”
     I watched as she left.  A few minutes later, she was back, and my knees went week when I saw that she had the shoes that I wear to work in her hand.  “The safe is for these,” she said as she held my shoes up.  Instead of putting my shoes on the floor or even on the counter, she put them right down inside the bottom of the safe. 
      “Oh good, they just fit,” she said.  “It’s a good thing I got the large size so I could put a whole box of cookies in there.”
     I swallowed hard as she put the top on the safe.  Since the plastic bottom was clear, I could still see them inside the safe. 
      “Okay now Michael,” she said.  “We’re going to have to be very careful about this from now on or you’re going to have a big problem.  What time do you usually arrive at work every day?”
      “At work?”
      “What time do you usually get there?”
      “Uh…work starts at eight thirty.  I’m usually there by eight fifteen.”
      “And how long does it take you to drive from here to work?”
      “Uh…usually about fifteen minutes.”
      “Good,” she said.  “Now we need to figure out how much time between now and let’s say, eight ten Monday morning.  That should give you five minutes to get your shoes out of the box and go into work at your usual time.”
      “Eight ten?”
      “I told you that the only place you’re allowed to wear your old shoes from now on is at work.  So starting now, you’re going to have to leave for work wearing your usual women’s shoes, and I’m afraid that we’re going to be making sure that you drive home from work wearing women’s shoes as well.  All the rest of the time they’re going to be locked up here in this box where you won’t be able to get at them.  If you go anywhere at lunchtime on a workday, you’ll have to be able to wear your men’s shoes as well since I guess you’re usually with your friends from work, so we won’t count that time against you.  But all the rest of the time this box will make sure that you have no choice in the matter. 
     You’ll leave for work at your usual time, while the box is still locked.  If we do it right, it will unlock shortly before you get to work.  You can change into your shoes in the car and go into work.  Then after work, you can change again as soon as you get into your car.  You’ll put your men’s shoes in the box, set the timer for the next day, and lock it.  And Michael, I’ll want pictures every evening when you set the timer to make sure you’re doing it each time.”
     I was dumbfounded.  Totally dumbfounded. 
      “Now,” she said.  “Let’s figure out how long to set this for so it opens when I want it to on Monday morning.”
     It took a little discussion but between the two of us we decided that the correct timing for the safe needed to be one day, thirteen hours, and five minutes.  Joanna had me set the timer myself…and push the button to lock it.  Just that easily, my men’s shoes were totally denied me, no matter how much I might want them.  The only thing I could do with them was to look at them through the clear sides of that box.  And I could already tell that being only allowed to look at them was going to add even more to my humiliation.  My biggest concern now, was hoping that the timer opened when I needed it to – before I would be late for work on Monday.
     Ten minutes later Joanna took off.  I was still trying to come to grips with what she had done with my male shoes.  Locked them away!  Like my cock she had locked!  Like the shoe locks on my feet.  And even though my dress wasn’t locked on me just then, like my dress could all too easily be locked on me as well.  My life had gone from total freedom, to an ever growing series of locks.
     Later that night, after I locked up the house, I went back to my room.  That crazy board was still hung from the ceiling in the corner.  You couldn’t miss it as you entered.  You couldn’t miss it as you just looked into the room.  Anyone standing in the doorway would have a perfect view of it. 
     I got into bed with another baby bottle that Ashley herself had delivered to my room, and I turned out the light.  I could no longer see that board as easily.  In fact I could only see a vague shape in the corner.  But I knew it was there.  Big, and imposing.  Both physically, and mentally. 
     I automatically sucked on the bottle of water as my mind contemplated my day.  I had to pee and I let it out, barely noticing.  I had no reason to notice.  My mind was still more focused on all too many humiliating things in my life now. 
     I wanted my cock to get hard.  I wanted to roll over and hump the bed like I usually did.  But I didn’t bother even trying.  It would be useless.  I was used to getting myself off every evening before I went to sleep, and I did it most mornings as well.  Now…I couldn’t do it at all.  I had humped that dumb board earlier that afternoon, but I could feel my body wanting its usual nightly relief.  A relief I couldn’t give it.  Too many fantasies were running through my head.  Too many things that turned me on all too much, yet I couldn’t do anything about them at all. 
     I was stuck.  Joanna had seen to it.  She had put lock after lock on my life.  I was stuck and my only way out for the relief I knew I wanted was to do what Joanna wanted me to do – which was to fuck nothing but that dumb piece of wood.  Joanna had full control of me.  Ashley had full control of me. 
     I remembered walking through the stores feeling nothing but shame, doing it only because Joanna and Ashley wanted me to.  I was a fool.  I was pathetic.  And I couldn’t help it.  Some major part of me loved it all too much.