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Revenge - Chapter 27

By Karen Singer

Chapter 27

“Hello?”  Just being able to say that one simple word Monday morning was a tremendous relief to Steve.  He didn’t know how the witches had accomplished it, but that curse of theirs had kept him behaving partially as a dog, and partially as a man all weekend – and much of the time it had been totally like a dog!  Especially while Diane had been there.  He still couldn’t get over that, not to mention all the kinky bondage gear she had.  He never had any idea!  She was…really wacked out!  But there was no doubt that her stay had also been one of the most epic love making events in history.  The woman just didn’t quit!
Once his shower had been taken, he faced his underwear drawer.  He didn’t even hesitate as he selected one of his new bra and panty sets and a lacy garter belt and stockings to go with it.  The damn witches had told him he had to wear them, and they were just too powerful to defy. 
Who would have ever believed they were witches?  And who would have ever believed how powerful their magic could be?  Not him.  Not anymore.  The things they kept doing to him absolutely defied belief!  And the part that worried him just as much, was the future, because obviously they didn’t act like they were done tormenting him yet.
But tonight….  Tonight after work, he was finally going to get his gun.  The gun he should have been able to get last Friday.  And once he had that gun…  Pow!  Pow!  Pow!  Pow!  Monica, Carla, Diane, and Ruth!  Four dead witches coming right up!  He was going to save the world from their evil.  Unfortunately, he realized that since he’d rather avoid prison, it would be better if he found some way to kill them without anyone knowing about it.  Which was a pity, because he was going to be a hero, and nobody would ever know.  Unless he just shot them all the first time they started messing with him again – which was not only what he had planned on doing, but was also most likely what he was going to do. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan had been on pins and needles all weekend.  She hadn’t heard a single word from Karen.  What had happened?  She had spent a good bit of time putting together her recommendations for Monica’s little witches spell ceremony.  Had something gone wrong with it?  What had been the results?  Had Steve somehow overpowered Karen?  Had he harmed those women? 
It wasn’t until Susan got up out of bed on Monday morning that she found an all too brief message from Karen. 

Fantastic weekend.  Total blast.  Completely exhausted.  More tonight.  We need to be careful though.  Steve is more determined than ever to get that gun that he bought, and he’s bound and determined to shoot Monica and the rest of the women too! 

That was all Susan got, but she felt very relieved.  She couldn’t wait now to hear the details.  But the part about Steve being so determined to shoot Monica was very troubling.  Karen would stop him of course.  There was no question there.  But what if somehow Karen couldn’t stop him?  As unlikely as it seemed, there were no absolute guarantees in this at all.  Susan knew she was going to have to hope for the best. 
So what had gone on all weekend that had Karen so exhausted and kept her from contacting her?  Having no answers from Karen, and knowing that most likely it could be later in the day or even later that evening before she heard from Karen, Susan did the next best thing, she emailed Monica and asked how things went. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

It was the middle of the morning by the time Monica got Susan’s email.  She immediately wrote back:


It all went great!  I don’t know how you did it, but we were all totally amazed by the results – especially poor Steve.  How do you do it?  How can you do what everyone knows is impossible?  What other things can you do to him?


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan got Monica’s email a short while later.  She wrote back:


What I have done to gain control over Steve is complicated beyond measure.  Everything I do with him on my end is very complex and takes a lot of time, thought, and effort.  I’m sorry, but I won’t tell you more.  Please just be aware that there are some things I can do with him, and many things I cannot.  As much as it seems otherwise, my powers are still very limited. 

This last weekend was my idea to give you some kind of demonstration of what I can manage.  If we’re sharing Steve, then it’s now your turn.  What would you like to do?  If you need me to do something on my end, please just be aware that I can’t make things happen immediately.  It usually takes me a day and sometimes more before I can set these spells in place on Steve. 

So how shall we play with him next?
The Sorceress

Just before lunch, Monica showed Diane the Sorceress’s latest email.  They decided they should meet with all the women and discuss it after work…right after they had Steve show them what frillies he was wearing that day.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Steve “endured” two different underwear checks in the morning – from Carla and later Ruth, who was more concerned with finally seeing the underwear she had been told about since she hadn’t been there when Steve had bought it.  Later in the afternoon, Steve had to endure underwear checks again from Carla and Diane.  And after work, he found himself down in the shipping department, lowering his pants in front of all four women, while Diane took more embarrassing pictures of him.  But the entire time he was doing it, he had only one thing on his mind – getting his gun so he could kill them all. 
Steve’s latest humiliation in the shipping department didn’t last long however, and he was soon in his car heading straight to the sporting goods store.  He was very much afraid that somehow Monica’s magic would prevent him from getting the gun.  But he went into the store with no problem.  He picked up his gun permit with no problem.  And he walked out of the store with his new gun and plenty of ammunition with no problems at all. 
He went straight to the gun club to try out his new toy.  Two boxes of ammunition later, he was in love with his new gun.  As far as he was concerned, it worked like a dream…a dream of killing witches. 
That night, after Steve fell asleep, Karen was up and typing a lengthy email to Susan, describing in detail her entire weekend.  She also took particular care telling Susan that Steve now had his gun and that he was more determined to kill all four women than ever. 
After sending the email, Karen anxiously waited for an answer from Susan, telling her what to do about Steve.  It was nearly half an hour before she finally got something back.


I need to think about this situation more.  Are you sure you’re up to preventing Steve from hurting anyone, especially if he has that gun?  Please call me if you have even the slightest doubts. 

Karen was sure she would have no problem controlling Steve.  She had proved it many times in the past.  She just didn’t like guns.  They made her nervous.
She wrote back:


I’m sure I can control him with no trouble.  I just don’t like guns.  Even when Steve is doing the shooting, I’m still afraid of them.


--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

The next morning, when Steve left for work, he was wearing another of his new bra and panty sets, another of his new garter belts and stockings, and his new gun was hidden under his sport jacket.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

All night long Susan considered the implications of Steve having a gun now, especially in light of how determined he seemed to be about actually killing Monica and her friends…and that included Diane who evidently had spent a rather unbelievable time with Steve for much of the past weekend.  But even knowing that Karen felt she was completely up to the task of controlling Steve, Susan was still very worried.  Something could still go wrong. 
She absolutely felt she had to warn Monica and her friends about Steve.  She opened her email program, and was surprised to see a return email in her box from Monica.  But it was earlier in the day where they were than where Susan lived. 


We discussed what to do next with Steve last night, but couldn’t come to any conclusions.  We do have another question though that hopefully you will be able to answer.  Evidently, it was something you did to Steve that night he first took me out and I discovered what underwear he was wearing – and evidently he really did have no knowledge of it.  Like everything else you’ve shown us so far, it’s rather unbelievable, but now we know it must be true.  Since then, we’ve all noticed that except for this past weekend, you’ve attacked Steve by trying to make him more feminine, or as Diane says, more of a sissy. 

I’m afraid that I too have pushed Steve in this direction, mostly because I thought he was really interested in those things and I had wanted to use those inclinations to punish him.  I now realize that I was wrong in that assumption.  But still, we have all enjoyed teasing Steve with his new underwear and other things like that, and it still seems a perfectly logical direction for us to continue. 

Our question is this, is there a reason why you seem to prefer that direction for punishing Steve?

We wanted to ask and make sure before we reached any conclusions as to our next course of action here.

Thank you,
Witch Monica and her coven

Witch Monica…and her coven?  Susan actually laughed out loud.  Still, it was nearly as apt as she herself using the Sorceress.  Witch Monica…and her coven.  Her mind could just picture all the women standing around a witch’s pentagram, lit only by candlelight.  They would all be dressed in black, perhaps with pointed black hats on their heads.  She could just see poor Steve tied up in the middle of their pentagram while they chanted spells and curses around him.  It was so…so….
She went no further as an idea struck her.  She needed to get ready for work.  She would be late if she didn’t.  But she didn’t move as she tried to picture something…tried to figure out exactly what she was considering…and tried to figure out if she really was considering it.  Mulling all too many things over in her mind, she forced herself to get ready for work, but her mind never stopped working. 
If they actually did what she was considering, she felt it stood a good chance of preventing Steve from ever actually trying to harm anyone ever again.  It would be difficult.  It would be dangerous beyond belief.  But in the state she was somewhat sure Steve had to be in just then, she was also fairly sure that it really might work.  If…the witches went along with it.  And she wouldn’t blame any of them for saying no.  The danger factor was…unthinkable. 
She waited until she got to work before she emailed Monica back.  She waited, because she wanted to be absolutely sure she really wanted to even suggest such an idea to them.  But in the end, she did sent her email:

Witch Monica…and dear friends,

I can answer your question, but I also bring very troubling news, and an even more troubling suggestion.

First of all, to answer your question, I have gone this direction because for as long as I have known him, Steve has always been too full of himself.  He has always been too proud of his masculinity, and he honestly believes himself to be God’s gift to women.  All women!  He has always used that masculinity to his advantage, and I’m afraid, to the disadvantage of many others.

There is another reason I have gone this direction with him as well.  It is simply much easier to force him to humiliate himself this way than trying to make him do other things.  More on that I cannot say.  I’m sorry.  Simply trust me that it is so.  But in this direction, I believe we can do very powerful things with Steve.  And trust me, you don’t know how much it thrills me every time I can take Steve down a peg or two.

Now, I’m afraid I have some disturbing and troubling news.  I found out late last night that Steve did go and get his gun.  And worse, he is intending on shooting not just you Monica, but all of your “witch” friends as well.  Please rest assured that I have taken firm steps to make sure he can harm no one!  But as confident as I am of the measures I have put in place, I know there are no absolutes in life.  For this reason, I would like you all to be extra careful.  I do not wish to see any of you come to harm, especially not from the hands of a degenerate like Steve.

If you are interested, I have come up with a further plan to deal with Steve and his gun.  But please consider it carefully.  It is a dangerous plan for you no matter how you look at it.  But if it works, I believe we have a very good chance of completely preventing Steve from ever trying to pick up another weapon to use against someone again, or from ever trying to physically harm anyone in any way – ever!  I will detail my suggestions below.  If you are interested, then please remember that it will take me at least another day to arrange my end of things. 

Either way, as I said before, I AM fairly confident in the safety measures I have already taken with Steve.  He may carry his gun, but as to using it, hopefully he should find that to be nearly impossible.  I would simply feel better about things if we took this further step – to make sure he knows he can never do such a thing again.

Susan followed with a lengthy description of what she wanted to do, including reiterating all of her concerns.

 --- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Monica read all of the Sorceress’s lengthy email.  And it scared her.  If someone as obviously powerful as the Sorceress was concerned about Steve, then Monica felt she had a good reason to be concerned, if not downright scared as well. 
It was nearly half an hour before she found Diane and could show her the email.  At Diane’s suggestion, Monica called Ruth.  “Ruth, I’m sending you an email from the Sorceress.  Can you call Carla, and can we meet in your office right away.  This is important.  Deadly important!”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Steve was feeling better and more confident with each passing hour.  He had his gun hidden in his desk drawer for now, but he wasn’t planning on keeping it there.  With the boost in his confidence, he managed to concentrate on his work better than he had in days. 
None of the witches had bothered him even once yet that morning.  Of course, he had stayed at his desk working all morning, but that didn’t always stop any of them from stopping by and demanding to see what panties he had on that day. 
Just knowing that his gun was close by, ready for him to grab and use it at a moment’s notice, kept him confident and made him feel stronger and more in control than any time in the last few weeks.
--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Monica read the Sorceress’s email out loud – all of it.  Including exactly what the Sorceress had suggested they do. 
“We knew he had bought the gun.  Now we know he’s got it,” Ruth noted.
“But it’s the fact that he actually wants to shoot and kill all of us that has me worried,” Carla exclaimed.
“And me downright scared,” Monica added.
“Me too,” Diane agreed. 
“We’ve been playing games with someone who’s very dangerous,” Monica said to them.  “Much more so than any of us thought.  And I already knew he could be dangerous.  Look what he did to my apartment!”
“Okay ladies,” Ruth said.  “As of right now, we need to suspend all his underwear checks.  At least until we get this all sorted out.”  There were nods of agreement among all of them.
“And what about the Sorceress’s suggestion?” Carla asked.  “What do you all think?  She says she’s confident that what she’s done will be good enough to protect us.  What do you think?”
Ruth shook her head.  “I’m not sure what to think.  I only know I’ve seen her do some truly impossible things…and for the life of me I can’t figure out how.”
“That’s for sure!” Diane agreed.  “And like Carla said, she does seem pretty sure that whatever she did to him will keep him from hurting us.  But at the same time, she was still worried about it.  I’m not sure what to think, except that now I’m worried about it too.”
“I hate to say it,” Monica said, “but as strange as it seems, the Sorceress hasn’t yet done anything to steer us wrong.”
“It is possible though that this could be something she’s doing to…get rid of us all – permanently!” Carla suggested.
Ruth shook her head.  “I doubt it.  As Monica says, believe it or not, she’s been pretty straight with us so far.  And I have a feeling this Sorceress is a pretty smart cookie.  I don’t know what kind of job she has, if she has a job, but she seems to be pretty smart.  I’m wondering if maybe we shouldn’t listen to her.”
“Really?” Monica asked skeptically.  “Did you read that?  Did you see what she wants us to do?  What she wants me to do?  Because it would be more dangerous to me than anyone else!”
“Of course I read it.  I read it thoroughly before you all got here,” Ruth replied.  “But I also read the precautions she suggested we take.  And I think if we do like she says, then maybe it just might work.  You’ve got to admit, no matter what, it’s going to make one hell of an impression on him.  And I think the Sorceress could just be right.  Do that to him, and there a good chance he’ll never try to hurt anyone ever again – with or without the Sorceress’s magic.”
The room was quiet for a few moments as the women all considered that.  “You really think so?” Carla asked.
Ruth nodded.  “Yes.  I do.”
“So you want us to…and me to…do all that?”
Again Ruth nodded.  “I think it might actually work.”
Monica nodded.  “As much as I hate to agree, I think it might work too.  If nothing else, it should scare the hell out of him.  I’m just not sure if it will scare him more than me.”
Carla put her hand on Monica’s shoulder.  “You can do it Monica.  You’re strong.  Tough!  And one hell of a powerful witch!”
After a moment, her comment actually brought laughter from all of the women.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Steve got the call from Diane shortly before he went to lunch.  There would be no need for him to come down to the shipping department after work that day.  They were much too busy.  Steve was very happy about that.  Now if he could just keep them from bothering him with any more panty checks for the rest of the day.
He looked at his desk drawer where his gun was hidden.  It was almost a pity.  He could have shot them all tonight after work and then been done with them all forever.  But soon now.  He was sure of it.  Very, very soon.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan got the email from Monica just before she went to lunch.  It was on.  The women were actually going to try it.  Susan took a deep breath.  She had a lot to figure out between now and later tonight.  A lot! 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Late that night, after Steve had gone to bed, Karen was on the phone with Susan.  It was a long and instructional phone call.  A call that planted things deep into Karen’s mind.  But even longer was the time Susan spent planting things into Steve’s half of their shared brain.  Because the things she planted into Steven were far more critical than the simple things that Karen would have to know.
An hour and a half later, Susan hung up the phone.  She had done everything she could.  She had even come up with a new spell for the witches to chant and had emailed it to Monica.  Now it would all be up to Witch Monica…and her coven.

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Revenge - Chapter 26

By Karen Singer

Chapter 26

“Oh Steeeeevieee,” Monica’s voice came over the phone line Saturday morning.
Just the sound of Monica’s voice made Steve feel sick.  And that was on top of how sick the dog food he had eaten for breakfast had made him.  So far, he had spent the entire morning naked and crawling around on the floor – with the exception of standing up to get his dogfood breakfast and sitting down on the toilet a couple of times – why he hadn’t been able to stand up for that, he didn’t have a clue.  Since Diane had left last night, he hadn’t been able to put any clothes on his body, and with only very few exceptions, he hadn’t been able to get to his feet.  He had even slept on one of the sofa cushions all night that he had pulled off of the sofa with his teeth.  Between bouts of playing with his squirrel dog toy, he had spent a lot of time thinking about his evening with Diane last night.  It had been – pretty darn amazing…despite all his problems.  And Diane only wanted to be kept helpless while he was free to do anything he wanted with her.  But the only things he had done to her, was to make love to her.  First softly, then increasingly stronger. 
“Stevie?  Are you there?  You could at least say hi so I know you’re listening.”
Steve barked.  The damn witch.
“Good boy!” Monica crooned as if she was talking to a puppy.  “I hope you had a good time at the club last night.  I know I did.  I just talked to Diane, and she said she had told you to go home.  I really wish she had asked me about that first.  But it’s okay.  As long as it was one of us that said you could leave, then I’m happy. 
“I hope you got a good night’s sleep last night, because Carla, Diane, and me have all decided this morning that you should really go shopping with us.  And, uh, Stevie, when I say shopping, I’m intending on you replacing that diamond ring of mine that you stole.  Of course though, we’ll probably go to some other stores as well.  Won’t that be fun?    Stevie?    I said won’t that be fun?    Answer me!”
Steve barked.
“That’s a good boy.  I expect an answer when I ask a question.  Remember that please.  Anyway, we’re all coming to your place about eleven o’clock or so to pick you up.  And Stevie, I’m thinking that besides some pretty panties, I’d kind of like to see you wearing your pretty garter belt and stockings again.  Be a good puppy for me please?”  With a laugh, she hung up.
The damn witch.  He couldn’t even tell her that he hadn’t been able to get dressed at all that morning.  Well, if she came around later to pick him up, at least he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere if he was still naked.  A moment later though, his body was doing things without his approval again as he found himself getting up and getting into the shower.  He was relieved – and he wasn’t.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Throw the squirrel, chase the squirrel.  Over and over he found himself chasing after the stupid toy squirrel, only to pick it up in his mouth, chew on it a bit to try to make it squeak – he wasn’t always successful – shake it in his mouth a bit, then throw it again…and of course, chase after it again.  Steve’s knees were starting to kill him, and he should never have decided to wear a nice pair of slacks. 
The doorbell ringing brought him a reprieve, but not from the stupid squirrel as he found himself answering the door with the damn thing still in his mouth.  Of course, the shocked looks from all three women at his door was something of a plus as far as he was concerned.  Unfortunately, the women didn’t go away.
“Why Stevie,” Monica said.  “You didn’t tell me you had some new toys.”
Carla reached out and took it from his mouth and squeezed it.  It squeaked.  “High tech toys too,” she said.  All three women laughed.  Carla threw the toy, and Steve found himself excitedly bounding after it – on all fours again.  By the time he got to it, all the women were inside and the door was closed behind them.  They all laughed as he grabbed the stupid furry thing in his mouth and took it straight back to Carla, who threw it again for him. 
Steve fetched the darn thing three times before Diane called them all from his kitchen.  “Hey ladies.  Come look at this.”  A moment later, she was pointing out two empty cans of dog food on the counter, and two bowls in the middle of his kitchen floor, one of them empty where the dog food had been, and the other one still half full of water.  The peals of laughter from the women was nothing but total embarrassment to Steve. 
“At least he’s eating well,” Monica said as she examined one of the empty dogfood cans.  “I think!”  Which only brought more laughter from the women.
“Okay, ladies,” Monica finally said.  “If we keep playing with the dog here, we’ll never get our shopping done.  And I want a new ring!”  She turned and left the kitchen, heading for the bedroom.  “Come along everyone.” 
Monica and Carla led the way, but before leaving the kitchen, Diane quickly grabbed Steve.  She whispered, “They don’t have to know about last night.  Okay?”
“Stevie!  Come!” Monica’s voice commanded.  Steve took off after her, still on his hands and knees of course.
In the living room, Monica looked down at him.  “How do we get you to stand up like a man…like a real person?”
Steve had no idea, he wanted to know that part too.  But amazingly, as soon as Monica requested it, he found himself getting to his feet.  He was more surprised by it than the women were.
“Okay ladies.  Let’s check his underwear.”  Carla went over to Steve and unfastened his pants.  Panties, and garter belt – check.  No fishnets today.”
“Okay,” Monica said.  “How about his bra?”
Carla checked that too.  “The bra’s there too.”
“Very good puppy Stevie,” Monica crooned evilly.  “I guess we’re ready then,” she said as she started to turn toward the door.
“Not quite!” Carla interrupted.
She started digging into her purse.  “I figured that since our friend Stevie here likes lingerie so much…and since he’s enjoying being a dog so much as well, then…well…I stopped on the way here and got him…this!”  He held up a bright pink dog collar.  The sight of it brought laughter and exclamations from all the women.  A minute later, Steve’s neck was “decorated” with the new bright pink collar.  From the back it wasn’t noticeable under the collar of the shirt he was wearing, but from the front, it couldn’t be missed.
“Perfect!” Monica declared.
“I love it!” Diane added.  “Good one Carla!”
“I just thought it seemed…appropriate,” Carla replied.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

They took Carla’s car since it was the nicest of the three women’s cars.  Along the way they passed the store where Steve had bought his gun.  His gun…it was in there, along with the permit for him to buy it.  All he needed was the ability to go and get it.  Soon now.  Very soon.  And then these damn witches would never bother him again!  He’d make sure of it!
Carla drove them to the city’s new outdoor mall.  She tried to park her car as close to the big jewelry store as she could, but being Saturday, there were a lot of people around and no close parking spaces.  Once out of the car, it was a long walk to the store – for Steve.  He didn’t get the impression that any of the women minded at all.  They were all enjoying being out and shopping.  Steve, on the other hand, kept seeing all too many people looking at the bright pink dog collar he was wearing. 
Before entering the jewelry store, Monica linked her arm in Steve’s and said, “Okay dog boy, play your cards right in here and just buy me whatever I pick out, and no one should even notice if you don’t say anything.  Give me the least little trouble though, and I’ll have you playing fetch right in the middle of the store.  Got that?”
Steve wasn’t happy about it, but he nodded.
Monica shook her head.  “Didn’t I tell you that when I ask you something I expect an answer?”
Hating it, Steve let out a small bark.
“Very good,” Monica replied.  “Now don’t worry, I’m not going to be greedy.  I just want something comparable to what I had.”
Steve felt somewhat better, except he didn’t know what she had before.  He didn’t get much time to think about that as Monica dragged him into the store.
“How big was your other ring?” Carla asked.
“Oh, it was a beautiful round diamond.  One quarter caret.  Really pretty.”
“One quarter?  That’s all?”
“Hey, that ring cost us almost eight hundred dollars when it was new.  I figure it’s probably worth almost a thousand now.  If I need it, a thousand dollars could keep me going for quite a while.”
Carla shook her head.  “Girl, you’re aiming your sights too low!”
Steve was glad.  Eight hundred to a thousand dollars for a diamond ring didn’t sound too bad.  He figured he could live just fine with that.  Besides, after he shot her, he could always get it back and return it to the store for a refund.  That thought pleased him a lot.
It took no time for all three women to find the engagement rings, and only two seconds more for a store employee to offer to help.  Since Monica still had her arm linked though Steve’s, he realized that the store employee probably thought he and Monica were getting married.  Well, he would buy her a new engagement ring, but he wasn’t marrying her.  She was a witch for heaven’s sake! 
Diamond ring after diamond ring was pulled out and discussed by all three women.  Steve had no problem staying quiet!  He was happy that they were starting with the rings that were under a thousand dollars, but that didn’t last long as Carla kept pushing Monica to get something nicer.  Steve didn’t know how many rings Monica had tried on her finger, but by the time they left the store, Steve hadn’t had to open his mouth to bark even once, and his credit card had been charged with another twenty-five hundred dollars.  The damn witch!  She was going to drive him broke!  He really couldn’t wait to kill her and get that ring back now.
After the jewelry store, Monica kept the ring on her finger and her arm linked through Steve’s as they walked the busy sidewalk in front of the stores.  Steve wanted to go straight home.  Unfortunately, it was obvious that the women had other ideas. 
Diane, walking next to Carla and behind Monica and Steve, kept a close watch on Monica.  With that new engagement ring on her finger and her arm holding onto Steve that way, she felt jealous.  Why couldn’t they leave Steve all to her?  And why couldn’t Steve be truly interested in her?  After making love the night before, Diane had too many fantasies running through her mind.
They stopped for lunch at a small restaurant with outside tables.  Since Steve couldn’t order, Monica ordered for him and bought him his lunch.  She figured it was only right since he had just bought her a new engagement ring that was worth far more than the ring she had lost.  They carried their lunches to the tables outside and sat down.  The women started eating and talking.  Steve could literally do nothing more than sit there and look at his lunch.  For some reason, his arms refused to come up from his lap.  He had a pretty good idea of what it would take for him to be able to eat something or drink something, and he wasn’t going to go there if he could help it.
Diane noticed Steve not eating first.  She leaned over toward him.  “Can’t eat this way?” she asked.
Steve nodded. 
“Thought so,” she replied quietly.  “Here, let me help.”  She got up from her seat, and to Steve’s horror, started breaking apart his sandwich into small bite sized bits.  Then she placed his entire plate down on the ground.  She removed the lid and straw from his drink and set it down on the ground next to his plate.  “There,” she said.  “All set of our good little doggie.”
Steve suddenly hated her.  Well, he had hated her before, but after the night before, he didn’t hate her as much as the others…until now.  And now all the other women were laughing loudly.  As much as he didn’t want to do it, he quickly found himself down on the ground on all fours, with his head in the plate of food, eating it like a dog.  Oh how he hated his life, and oh how much more he hated those witches.  Soon now.  Soon he would have his gun, and he was going to make very good use of it! 
Steve ate his lunch in angry silence, while the women laughed and way too many people pointed and laughed along with them.  He was very glad as soon as lunch was over and Monica told him to get to his feet again.  Before that, he hadn’t been able to.  But now that lunch was over, the women seemed to have more shopping on their minds.  And the first store they dragged Steve into was another lingerie store.  But the thing Steve was even less happy with, was that the only reason they seemed to be in there was to buy him more lingerie.  Not stuff for them, the real women, but for him.  And he couldn’t open his mouth to protest at all!
Not being able to have any say in the matter, the women eventually picked out three lacy matching bra and panty sets.  Three new fancy garter belts, and half a dozen pairs of stocking to go with those garter belts, including one more pair of fishnets – since the women had all noted that he seemed to be very fond of them before.  Steve’s credit card took another hit for things he absolutely didn’t want to buy.  Oh how he was going to get back at these women.  All of them!
They went into several more stores after that.  The women bought a few small things for themselves.  Steve was very glad they didn’t make him buy anything more for himself.  Finally, they headed home. 
Once out of the car, Monica grabbed Steve to talk.  “Thank you for buying me a new ring.  I hadn’t intended on getting one this expensive, but I finally figured you owed me that much…at least!  Especially after you robbed me and trashed my entire apartment.  But don’t think that I won’t still send that confession of yours to the police.  All this was today was for me to get my ring back.  That’s all.  So you’re still not off the hook.  Understand?”  When Steve made no reply, she said again, “Understand?”
Steve was forced to bark outside in his own parking lot.  He really hoped nobody that was around heard him.
“Okay,” Monica finally said.  “We’re leaving you now.  If that spell worked like it’s supposed to, then you should be back to normal again on Monday morning.  On Monday, make sure you wear one of your new bra and panty sets.  And don’t forget one of your new garter belts and stockings too.  We want to see something different for a change.  Got that?”
Steve barked, knowing he wasn’t going to have a choice. 
“Good,” Monica replied.  “Bye now, Puppy Steve.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”  She laughed as she headed off towards her car. 
Carla had already pulled out of the parking space and was leaving.  Only Diane was left.  She walked up to Steve.  “I’ll be back in a little while,” she said.  “Expect me.”  Then she too headed for her car.
Steve had no idea why Diane was coming back, but he wondered if she was going to bring some of her rope.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

It was almost an hour and a half later when Steve heard someone knocking on his door.  He didn’t want to answer it, but he found himself crawling quickly towards his door anyway, and barking before he reached up and opened the door.  Diane was there, along with a large suitcase.
“Hi Steve,” Diane said as she dragged her suitcase into his apartment.  “Since the others aren’t coming back, I thought I’d spend the night.”
Diane’s first order of business was to immediately strip all of Steve’s clothes off of him, with the exception of the pink dog collar that Carla had bought him.  “Much better!” she declared as soon as he was naked.  She leaned over him and spoke softly.  “I can be both dominant and submissive.  Take your pick.  Last night you took care of me – very well I might add.  Thank you very much for that.  Trust me, it was…epic.  But for the rest of the weekend, since you’re sort of…indisposed, I thought I’d return the favor and be the dominant one instead.”  She set her hand on her large suitcase.  “And I brought a few things with me for us to have fun with.”
Fun?  Steve had no idea what she had in her suitcase, but he was guessing he wasn’t going to like it.
Steve didn’t know what was in the suitcase, but Karen thought she did.  Karen had a very good idea since she was the one who had “enjoyed” cleaning Diane’s apartment, and she was the one who had seen some of the bondage things that Diane had. 
But the suitcase remained unopened.  Diane played fetch with him with the squirrel.  She watched TV with her feet up on the couch while he remained down on the floor.  At dinner time she herself filled his food bowl with dogfood and his water bowl with water.  She did everything possible to treat him like nothing but a real dog…until later that night.  The suitcase got opened, and Diane began having fun with all the different toys she had brought with her.  The moment Steve was securely bound the first way, Diane stripped off all her clothes.  With Steve naked, she had fun arousing him, and had even more fun forcing him to get her aroused too.  But she didn’t let it go further than that.  Then it was time to switch to some of her other toys.  Diane spent the entire evening, until late into the night, binding Steve in many different ways and with many different devices.  Sometimes they made love, Diane crashing over the top multiple times.  Other times the bondage was nothing more than foreplay.  But Diane kept it going for a very long time. 
Finally, in the wee hours of the morning, she pulled everything off of Steve but his pink collar.  She tied a length of rope to the collar, tugged firmly once and issued the command, “Come!”
Steve found himself being led along on her makeshift leash, not to the bedroom, but to his apartment door.  To his horror, she opened it and dragged him all the way outside.  She kept forcing him to follow her all the way downstairs, then down and around to the side of the building. 
“Okay,” Diane finally said, “Do your business.  Be a good dog and go potty for me now.”
Steve was totally aghast and mortified.  Go potty?  Outside?  Like a dog?  But even though he didn’t want to do it, he found himself no longer in control of his body again as he started sniffing around the bushes before he lifted his leg and peed on them.  Steve wanted to die.  “Good boy!” Diane’s voice crooned. 
She led him back upstairs to his apartment.  She left the rope attached to his collar and took him straight into the bedroom where she secured it to the foot of his bed.  Then she attached one of her spreader bars to his ankles, holding his legs far apart.  Even though to Diane he appeared to be stuck on his hands and knees, she had him lay down and she attached a pair of padded handcuffs to his hands and around the spreader bar so he was bent in half.  He now couldn’t get up, and it would be impossible for him to untie the end of the rope from the bed or his collar. 
Feeling much more secure and safe, she laid down in his bed and went to sleep.
The next morning, Diane started all over again, treating Steve like a dog, and letting him “enjoy” all the fun it could bring – to her.  She didn’t leave him to go home until late into the evening.  By that time, Steve couldn’t count the number of times or the many different ways they had made love.  He only knew he didn’t want to have any kind of sex for a very…long…time.  Diane had been insatiable, and he was exhausted.