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The Bet - Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 3 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 3 of 6)

Chad was getting more and more interested in what he was working on in the project. When Robin had first denied him anything to do with it, he had nearly gone crazy from having nothing to do. But now that she wanted him to work on it again, it was like a special privilege. Tasks that he normally wouldn’t think of as interesting were now not only interesting, but rewarding.
About an hour after he got down to work, he started working on holding back too. Even though the bottle he had just finished made the task that much more difficult. As usual in the mornings, he wasn’t able to hold back hardly at all. But that would improve as the day went on.
“Break time, Sissy,” Robin’s voice called from the entrance to his cubicle.
Chad was a bit surprised. He hadn’t even been watching the time. He got up quickly though to follow her, but once again she was still standing at the entrance to his cubicle and wasn’t moving.
“What are you forgetting?” Robin asked with more than a hint of steel in her voice.
Chad hated this. It was so difficult to have to curtsey even in situations where it clearly wasn’t called for. But he dropped her a curtsey anyway.
“And what else?” Robin asked.
Now Chad was confused, he didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.
“Your thumb!” Robin ordered.
Chad stuck his thumb into his mouth and was surprised to see her turn to start walking down the hallway. Did she really expect him to go to the break room with it in his mouth? He couldn’t! He just couldn’t! Panicking a bit, he followed her down the hall.
“You can take that thing out of your mouth as soon as we turn the corner,” Robin said without bothering to look at him. “Unless you’re more comfortable keeping it there – which I wouldn’t doubt for a minute.”
Chad’s thumb was out of his mouth before he even started turning the corner!
After the bottle Robin had made him drink, Chad decided to not get any coffee at all. As Robin entered the short line to get hers, he stood off to the side to wait for her.
“What are you doing?” Robin asked.
“I don’t want any today,” Chad explained.
“Yes you do!” Robin ordered. Then she stood back a step and motioned him to get in line in front of her. Coffee was the last thing that Chad figured he needed today. When his turn at the coffee urn came, he only half filled his cup. But when he started to move on, Robin stopped him. “That’s not very much,” she noted.
Chad just shrugged. “It’s all I need.”
“No it’s not. Fill it! Completely!”
Chad wasn’t happy about it, but he finished filling his cup. Then he moved down the line and grabbed a doughnut. But as soon as he turned around, Robin was there and she took the doughnut right out of his hand. “Coffee you need… doughnuts you don’t!” She took a bite right in front of him before turning to lead the way to the women’s table. “And make sure you finish all that coffee or you’ll be getting another cup before we leave!”
Chad sipped at his coffee as he sat and listened to the women talking. He was no longer the usual center of attention. More often than not now, he was ignored. Once in a while, someone would ask him things, but instead of being teased about everything, their comments and questions were more down to earth. Usually.
He took his last sip of his coffee as everyone was getting to their feet to leave. Before he took two steps, he felt Robin grabbing his hand that was still holding his now empty cup. She peered in it. “Good,” was the only thing she said. Chad tossed the empty cup in the trash on the way out the door.
As soon as they were alone and had turned the last corner back to their desks, Robin said one word only. “Thumb!” Chad once again stuck his thumb back in his mouth. He expected to get back to work right away, but Robin made him follow her to her cubicle instead. She pointed at the floor again and said, “Sit!” As he was sitting, Robin again opened up his diaper bag and pulled out another bottle. She handed it to him. “Just stand up quietly again when you’re done,” she told him. Then she ignored him again and went back to work.
Chad was horrified by the amount of liquids she was making him drink. Did she have any idea how much Mel made him consume before he came to work? He had already had three bottles before breakfast and another one with his breakfast. Now this was the second one of the morning since he had gotten to work! And that wasn’t even counting the full cup of coffee he had just finished a few minutes ago. He’d be peeing like crazy till after lunch sometime! And he could already tell that his diapers were wetter than they usually were – already.
Robin only checked on him once while he was sitting on her cubicle floor with his bottle. The idiot! He deserved this! He wanted to be incontinent? Then she had no problem with Mel’s little request. And seeing him with the bottle in his mouth only further strengthened her resolve. Not to mention that it again helped her to see him as nothing but a sissy instead of… a real person.
She turned around when she heard him getting to his feet. She took the bottle from him. “Now get some work done!” she ordered.
This time, Chad didn’t think twice about curtseying before he left. Between the coffee he had just finished and now anther bottle of Mel’s lousy tea, he could feel himself peeing yet again with very little warning. It was really coming out of him before he had a chance to start holding back. Robin had no idea how difficult she was making things!
It was half an hour before lunch when Robin called him back to her cubicle again – and handed him yet another bottle to drink. He wondered what Cassie was going to give him when he got to the gym later. But he had no choice right now but to finish his third bottle since he had gotten to work. When he finished it, he stood up again and put his thumb in his mouth while he waited for Robin to turn around.
Robin heard him get to his feet, but she let him stand there for a minute while she finished what she was doing. Only then did she turn back to him. She was pleased to see him sucking his thumb. She was also surprised to feel a slight tingle of excitement in places that her husband usually stimulated instead. The idiot! Sucking his thumb like… an idiot! She got up and grabbed the now empty bottle from him and put it back into his diaper bag. Then she picked up the bag and handed it to him. “Make sure all those bottles are filled again when you get back from lunch,” she told him. “Now get out of here and I’ll see you later.”
Chad was horrified. She was actually going to make him keep drinking them this afternoon too? It would be way too much liquid! How was he going to work on holding back? He curtseyed and backed his way out of her cubicle before going back to his desk. This afternoon too? It was way too much to drink!

Chad got out of his car at the gym parking lot and did his best to feel the back of his skirt without being too obvious about what he was doing. He had been peeing so much that he was very worried about his diapers leaking. He didn’t feel any wet spots, but that didn’t mean that there weren’t any. He didn’t have a clue what he would do if his skirt was wet anyway. He grabbed his diaper bag and headed into the gym, wondering who was going to change him today.
“Good morning, Sissy,” Cindy said with a big smile on her face as he was still walking through the door.
Chad was tempted to simply say hello without curtseying, but he doubted it would do him any good. So he curtseyed as he returned her greeting. “Are you changing me today?” he asked.
Cindy’s face went into a big pout. “No. Cassie say’s I can’t today.”
Chad was elated to hear it. “Can you please get Cassie for me then?”
Cindy was looking for something else to say to him… or mostly for a way to tease him, but nothing was coming to mind. So she simply told him to wait while she headed off to find Cassie.
A few minutes later, Chad was again following Cassie back through the room full of exercising women, some of whom said hi to him along the way. Chad figured it was the easiest he had gotten past the receptionist in a long time!
Cassie grabbed his diaper bag and started going through it while he was getting undressed. She pulled out a baby bottle and was surprised to see that it was empty. She pulled out another one… empty too! Finally she grabbed one that was still full and breathed a brief sigh of relief. Then she noticed a fourth bottle in the bag. When she checked it, it was also empty. “Didn’t you take the bottles out from yesterday?” she asked.
“Robin’s been making me drink them all morning,” Sissy replied. “I’m sorry there aren’t any full ones left. It wasn’t my fault.” Cassie just held up the fourth and still full bottle instead of answering. Chad was surprised to see it. Mel had put a fourth bottle in there? He should have checked earlier. He finally realized that Robin was now acting under Mel’s orders to feed him the bottles. How dense could he be? He should have realized it earlier!
A few minutes later, he was lying on his back with the bottle in his mouth while Cassie started pulling his plastic panties down. “Goodness!” Cassie exclaimed. “There’s pee puddled inside of these things! If it wasn’t for your plastic panties you’d be a real mess!” Very carefully, she peeled them off of him. “God, you’re so soaked!”
Having to be more careful than ever, she pulled his sodden diapers apart. But the moment the cool air hit his chastity device, Chad realized he was going to pee again. He also knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it back for more than a second or two. With no time to warn Cassie, he quickly reached down to try to grab his diaper.
Cassie saw him hurrying to grab the diaper again and guessed what was about to happen. She too grabbed for the diaper she had just peeled back, but as fast as she was, she had no trouble seeing the pee starting to erupt out of the end of his chastity device. Fortunately, the diaper was already high enough to catch everything that came out. After a few moments, she carefully pulled it back again. He had finished, but now she noticed the pee that had just come out of him was puddle in the diaper. The drenched thing couldn’t hold any more. She quickly grabbed the two fresh diapers she had already prepared for him and slipped them in place under him instead. Now at least if he peed again, the diapers would hold it.
She quickly wiped off his front side, then ordered him to turn over. She was glad to see that the bruises on his backside had diminished greatly since yesterday. She had worried about that because she felt partially responsible for them. She cleaned him up, then grabbed the bottle of baby lotion.
Chad felt her spreading the lotion all over his backside again – and today she was rubbing it in again! His bruises hurt a little, but it was so slight now that it barely bothered him at all. The feeling of Cassie’s hands far outweighed any discomfort from the bruises.
“Are you going to scrunch your knees up for me again?” Cassie asked.
Chad didn’t even hesitate. He pulled his knees up under him, raising his backside up high for her to play with. And very shortly, he was holding his breath as her wonderful hands started to play with his tiny asshole. It felt so incredibly good! It felt even better when she stuck the tip of her toy against it a few minutes later. And a few minutes after that, he wasn’t thinking about how good it felt, he was too preoccupied with trying to pump himself back and forth against the thing… trying desperately to reach the orgasm he wanted so badly. It was possible! It had to be possible!
Cassie was holding onto her dildo once again for dear life as he worked himself so strenuously against it. He seemed so desperate. She couldn’t help but feel for the poor guy. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed him peeing again, but fortunately the diaper was under him and was catching everything. She had the impression that he was so worked up over what was going on in his backside, that he didn’t even know he was peeing. And before long, as usual, she saw him giving up. Again, she felt a bit sorry for him. He tried so hard, but in the end he always got nowhere.
She removed the dildo and while his backend was still up in the air, grabbed his jar of suppositories. But he wasn’t even turning around to look. She opened the lid – and screwed it right back in place again without pulling anything out. Then she stuck her finger way up inside of him again as if she really was inserting one of them. He didn’t know. It was obvious that he didn’t know. And hopefully, he never would.

Mel got back from lunch at her usual time. As she walked through the door, Andrea was already back from lunch.
“I need just a few more minutes to finish another contract,” Andrea told her. “Do you want the rest of the stack to sign now, or when I finish?”
Mel barely paused as she walked past. “When you’re done will be good enough.” She wasn’t that anxious to start reading through them anyway. She kept going all the way back to her office. With a few minutes to spare, she decided to review her plans for Sissy. Cassie wasn’t giving him any more of the suppositories in the afternoon. She hadn’t given him any at all yesterday either. So again, he would have missed the last three. She actually wasn’t too concerned over that issue because so far, all signs were good there.
She hadn’t heard back from Robin yet today about her request to have him drink more during the day. That part she was worried about. She really didn’t know what she was going to do about his holding back. Five minutes! It was impossible!
Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her telephone. “Hello?”
Hi Mel, it’s Cassie.
“Hi Cassie? What’s happening. Did everything go okay today?”
“Oh yeah, sure. I just wanted to let you know about how wet he was when I changed him today. When I pulled his plastic pants down, there was a lot of pee that had puddled inside of them. It was hard to keep it from leaking all over the place. I’m amazed it didn’t leak out to his other clothes.
“That much? Wow! I wonder why it’s so much more today.”
He said that Robin had him drinking bottles all morning. It’s a good thing you put four of them in his bag this morning because three of them were empty.
Mel was definitely surprised. “They were?”
“Absolutely. And Mel, the poor guy has almost no control left. He could barely hold it long enough for the two seconds it took to pull the diapers back up when he suddenly had to pee again.”
“That’s great, Cassie! That’s just what I want to hear.”
“Well, I just thought you might want to know about how wet he was. Really, if Robin is going to keep him drinking that much, then he may need another change – before he comes here at lunchtime.”
“Okay, Cassie. I’ll have to think about that. Thanks for letting me know.”
“Anytime, Mel.”
Mel hung up her phone. It sounded like Robin had come through after all! She didn’t know what she was going to do about how wet he was getting before lunch though, but that was something she could worry about later. Instead, she turned to happier thoughts – like his planned public ballet performance – if she could get it set up! Andrea’s knock on her door interrupted her thoughts. “Come on in.”
Andrea came in with her inevitable stack of papers. “Okay, here’s the latest. And I finished all the changes to the last one you laid on my desk too.”
“Great,” Mel replied. “That was fast work!”
Andrea smiled. “We aim to please!” she replied as she turned to leave. She was almost out the door when Mel stopped her.
“Andrea… You got a second?”
Andrea turned. “Of course!” She went back to Mel’s desk. She was a bit surprised when Mel pointed to one of the chairs across from her desk and asked her to sit.
“What are you doing this weekend?” Mel asked.
“Well, you invited me for dinner Sunday night. Is that still on?”
Mel nodded. “Definitely! But are you doing anything else?”
“Not really. Nothing special anyway.”
Mel thought hard about what she was about to ask. It was a big favor but… “I’m trying to plan something special for Sissy. Would you be interested in checking something out for me, and maybe making an arrangement of two if you can? I need to stick close to him at all times now and I don’t want to take the chance of him finding out what I’m planning.”
“Um… I guess so,” Andrea replied. “What did you have in mind?”
Mel spent the next few minutes explaining what she needed.
Andrea was more than a bit shocked. “You have ‘got’ to be kidding!” When the expression on Mel’s face didn’t change she added. “Really?”
Mel nodded. “Really!”
“Oh my God!”

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The Bet - Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 2 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 2 of 6)

Robin booted up her computer and opened up her email program. She had sent an email to Mel yesterday, but it had been fairly late when she sent it. She was pleased to see a reply from Mel waiting for her today.

Dear Robin,

Thank you for the wonderful picture you sent. You don’t know how jealous I am that I couldn’t be there to see it in person.

How did your chat with Gloria go? I hope she was able to help you. Gloria can’t talk to me about it because of her non-disclosure regulations. And she’s a stickler for those kinds of things.

You asked if I could send along a few items. The bib should be in his diaper bag today. Since I usually put his bottles in while he’s eating breakfast he probably won’t know that it’s there. I’m afraid that I don’t have the bow for his hair that you asked about. But my friend Sandy has lots of them for him. As you remember, Sandy is my friend who likes to teach him to be more of a baby. You two may have a lot in common there. I’m afraid I didn’t get a chance to see Sandy last night but I promise I’ll meet with her today to see if I can get one. If not, I’ll stop at the store and buy one this weekend.

I hate to ask, but now I have a request. And to me I’m afraid it’s a big one. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but Sissy doesn’t get to drink out of anything but a baby bottle very often. Even when he’s out in restaurants with me, I usually make him use one. Not only is it humiliating for him, but it also helps me keep track of how much he’s drinking. Would it be possible for you to see that he drinks a few bottles while he’s at work every day? Or if the bottle idea is out, I’d be happy with him just drinking from a glass. Either way, I really need him to drink more while he’s at work, especially in the afternoon. So if you can find a way, I’ve included a few extra baby bottles in his diaper bag as well. But please make sure you save one of them so that Cassie can give it to him during lunch.

I also have one more minor request for tonight only. Friday night is our usual nail salon appointment and it occurs soon after he gets out of work. This week I have something special lined up for him that he doesn’t know about yet. Since it’s probably going to take a bit longer, the salon has asked that I make sure he gets there on time. So could you please have him ready to go home as soon as work is over?

Thank you so much. And I promise that next week I’ll have a nice hair bow in Sissy’s bag for you as well. Please keep up the great work you’re doing with him.

As always, please feel free to phone or email me anytime you like.

It was by far the longest email that Mel had sent her. She read it through once noting Mel’s unusual request. Then she went back through it a second time. She was a bit surprised to hear that Gloria thought she couldn’t tell Mel what they had talked about. She hadn’t really thought about it, but she guessed that she simply assumed that Gloria would tell Mel about their discussion. She had to wonder though, why would a relaxation therapist be bound by non-disclosure regulations? Not for any reason she could see. It wasn’t like Gloria was a real psychiatrist. Or was she? Now that she thought about it, the way Gloria had talked to her had seemed kind of like that – not that Robin had any real experience with that kind of thing!
The bib she had asked for was in his diaper bag, wherever that was. But no bow for his hair. Oh well, that had just been a minor flight of fancy anyway.
By far the biggest thing that interested her though was the part about the bottles. He usually drank from baby bottles? Even in restaurants? That had to be interesting to see! And now Mel was asking that she give him some during the day? She thought about that and decided that as far as she could see, she had no real problem with it. She would work something out. Besides, watching him drink from a baby bottle in front of her would definitely help to remind her of exactly what he was!
And finally Mel had something special lined up for him at the nail salon tonight. Every Monday he came to work with his nails done differently. She wondered what Mel might have arranged. Unfortunately, she’d have to wait till next week to find out. Oh well.
After checking a few other emails, she opened up the project they were working on and got to work. Yesterday she had been unable to do much of anything on it. But today, with him sitting in the corner under her desk, only inches away from her feet, she had no trouble concentrating on it at all.

It was early, but not too early. Sandy grabbed her phone and dialed Mel’s number, wondering how long she would have to wait for Mel to return her call, especially when Andrea answered. “Hi Andrea. I don’t know if you remember me. This is Sandy, Mel’s friend…”
“Oh hi Sandy,” Andrea replied. “Of course I remember you. How are you?”
“Just fine thanks. Listen, can you have Mel call me when she gets a chance?”
Andrea paused. “Can you wait a minute? She just finished with a client and is heading back to her office now.”
Sandy couldn’t believe how lucky she had gotten. A moment later, Mel greeted her cheerfully. “Hi Mel. Listen, I hate to ask but… Is there any way you can give me Robin’s phone number? I keep thinking about that picture you sent me yesterday of Sissy, and I’d like to talk to her about getting together on something.”
Mel smiled. “I better ask her first to see if she minds. But I thought you two might find something in common when I sent that picture.”
“Yeah, it kind of looks that way. After last weekend… who would have ever thought?”
“My feelings exactly! I’ll call you back when I hear from her. Okay?”
“Thanks Mel,” Sandy replied.
Mel sent a quick email to Robin asking if she minded if she gave Sandy her phone number. Before she could get up from her desk to meet with her next client, Robin had replied.

It was a full hour later when Robin finally backed her chair away from her desk and peeked under it. “Are you ready to behave now?” she asked.
Chad slowly worked his way out from the dark corner and into the light again. With his thumb taped to his mouth, the task was a bit harder because he only had the use of his one arm. But finally he was out.
“Are you going to stop acting like such a child now?” Robin asked as he was still sitting on the floor.
The only way Chad could answer her was to nod his head.
Robin shook her head. “Somehow, I doubt that you will.” She grabbed her scissors and cut the tape for him and removed it. “Get up,” she told him.
Chad pulled his thumb out of his mouth and climbed gratefully to his feet. But he dared not say anything. He was really hoping that Robin would just let him go back to his desk now. But it seemed that Robin had other ideas.
“Where’s your diaper bag?” Robin asked.
His diaper bag? Why would she want that? “It’s out in…”
“Stop!” She waited while a very surprised Sissy stopped talking. “Curtsey first!” Chad curtseyed. “Now tell me where your bag is.”
“It’s out in the car,” Chad replied.
“Curtsey again so I know you’re done spouting nonsense out of your mouth!” She waited as he curtseyed, then as an afterthought she added. “And where does your thumb belong?” Once again she was rewarded to see him sucking on his thumb in front of her. Yes, that was a good thing! That alone helped to remind her of what he was – especially when he was dressed as he was. “Go get it!” She saw he wasn’t moving. “Now!”
Chad started to turn to hurry away, his thumb still in his mouth, but Robin’s voice stopped him I his tracks.
He turned back to her. “Curtsey before you leave!”
Chad curtseyed and started to turn away again, but again she stopped him.
“And don’t forget to curtsey when you get back. Now go!”
Not totally sure what to do, Chad curtseyed once again just to be safe, then he turned and hurried away, his thumb finally coming out of his mouth the second he got out of her cubicle and she couldn’t see him. His diaper bag? Why would she want that? He wasn’t really happy about her request at all. He didn’t know why, but something about it worried him. Was she going to make him strip totally down to nothing again? Like she had done before? Today’s little time-out under her desk was something she had done before too. He had a feeling she would be seeing his little chastity device again today. He just didn’t know why she would want to.

Robin’s phone rang as Chad was disappearing around the corner. She could almost guess who would be calling as she picked it up. “Hello?”
“Hi Robin. This is Sandy. You were at my apartment last weekend when you found…”
“I remember you,” Robin replied. But there was a hint of coldness in her voice. She really wanted to tell the woman what a demented crazy woman she was, but she bit her tongue – only because of what she herself was now doing with Sissy.
Sandy noticed the coldness in Robin’s tone, but she pressed forward. “Mel sent me the picture you took of Sissy yesterday. And I really, really loved it! I don’t know if you know it or not, but seeing Sissy humiliate himself as a total baby really does something to me. I’ve been trying to teach him to behave more and more like a baby for a while now.”
“Mel told me about you,” Robin replied – still coldly.
Again, Sandy was put off by Robin’s curt tone. She was starting to have huge misgivings about even asking to talk to her. But she was on the phone with her now, so… “Well, I just thought… that since you and I like seeing him more as a baby, that we might get together some time and discuss it. I’m trying to think up some really humiliating thing to do with him to display just how much of a baby he can be.”
Robin knew she wasn’t being exactly polite, but really, she simply couldn’t. Not to this woman. Her answer came quickly. “No! And the reasons I do things with Sissy have nothing at all to do with your reasons!” She was tempted again to tell Sandy just how demented she thought she was, but again she was forced to bite her tongue. She tried to put a bit more politeness in her voice. “Besides, I have a family to think of. Nothing I do with Sissy will ever happen outside of this office!”
Sandy was more than ready to get off the phone with her. “Okay,” she replied disappointedly. “I just wanted to ask. I understand.”
Robin berated herself for her tone of voice, but she figured she was lucky to have been as nice as she was. “I understand too,” she replied more kindly. “At least I think I’m trying to. But this isn’t easy for me.”
Sandy wasn’t at all sure what Robin meant, but all she replied was, “Okay. Thanks. I understand.” And she hung up, even though she didn’t understand at all. Scratch that idea. She’d just have to think up something to do with Sissy on her own.

Chad grabbed the bag out of his car and hurried back. His thumb went into his mouth just before he turned the corner into her cubicle.
Robin heard him entering and turned around. His thumb was still in his mouth – good! She seriously doubted that he had kept it there the whole time he was gone, but it was probably best if he didn’t. What they were doing alone down here was best kept secret! She wasn’t a bad person! At least she didn’t want anyone else to know it if she was. She waited as he set the bag down on a relatively empty spot on her desk, then he curtseyed.
Robin got up and opened his bag. She found the bib right away and pulled it out. She set it aside on top of her desk without unfolding it. She would see it later. She spent a few moments going carefully though everything else in his bag. Four baby bottles filled with… something. She wasn’t sure what. Juice of some sort? Plenty of disposable diapers. Extra plastic pants. Cleaning supplies. Baby lotion. Baby powder. A few empty plastic bags. A jar of… suppositories. She remembered that he got one of those twice a day. How could he stand it? She didn’t look any further and grabbed one of the bottles and handed it to him. “Start drinking,” she said. Then she closed his bag since she was done with it.
She sat down. He was standing there next to her desk, near the entrance to her cubicle, just now putting the bottle to his mouth. She didn’t like him standing there. “Sit! Right there,” she commanded and waited till he was sitting on the floor. “Just finish your bottle and let me get some work done.” She turned away from him then and opened up the project, trying to concentrate on it instead of him. Surprisingly, she somewhat succeeded.
Chad was definitely not happy about having to drink something else already this morning. He got way too many liquids in his system before he left for work every day. He might have to wait a bit longer before he started trying to hold back again.
Robin turned around in her seat every few minutes to check his progress. Watching him drink from the bottle was so weird. He was dressed like an adult woman. And the incongruity of it seemed all wrong! But the act of what he was doing also served to remind her of what he was. As he was getting near the end of his bottle, she said to him, “When you’re done with that thing, just stand up and be quiet till I’m ready for you.” Then she turned back to the task she was working on.
Chad finished and stood up, remaining silent. Finally, Robin turned around. “Why isn’t your thumb in your mouth again?”
Instead of answering, Sissy simply stuck his thumb back in his mouth again.
Robin nodded. “You keep that thing there whenever you’re around me! Now put your empty bottle down on the desk. She waited till he had done that. “Now curtsey.” Again she watched him going through the silly motion. “Now get out of here and get some work done! Now!”
Chad started to leave, but he quickly dropped yet another curtsey to her before hurrying out – and finally taking his thumb back out of his mouth. Why had she made him sit and drink another bottle – that he really didn’t need? More liquids at this time of day was only like throwing gasoline on a fire! He felt himself peeing yet again as that thought hit him.

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The Bet - Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 1 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 1 of 6)

He was wearing diapers of course, but nothing else – not unless you counted the plastic panties and the pacifier in his mouth. The diaper he was sitting in was messy too – it bothered him a bit, but there was nothing he could do about it. As he looked around him, the bars of the playpen he was trapped in seemed all too confining. All too high. There was no way out of it. He got to his knees and scooted over to the bars and grabbed hold with both hands. His chin just rested on the top rail of the bars. He was on his knees, yet for some reason, he couldn’t get to his feet so he couldn’t climb over the top. He couldn’t get out. Stuck, like a real baby in a playpen.
He released the bars and sat back in his messy diaper again. The floor of his playpen was littered with toys – baby toys. With nothing else to do, he rolled over toward the center where he could reach them better. A stuffed lamb caught his attention. He grabbed it. The material it was made from felt soft and fluffy. A moment later, he pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and inserted the back of the lamb instead – just to see what it tasted like… just to see what it felt like – in his mouth. But it was dry and uninteresting, so the lamb came back out again and his pacifier went back in.
He was aware that he was wetting himself again. But awareness was all it was, and he barely gave it another thought. He wet himself so frequently it didn’t matter. There was nothing he could do about it anyway if it did matter. Wetting his diapers was simply a fact of life. Messing them too, for that matter. He had no control of anything anymore – just like a baby. And here he was, just like a baby, in a playpen, with nothing but baby toys to occupy himself with. And he couldn’t get out.
The sound of someone at the door caught his attention. He saw Mel walking towards the door, opening it, letting in… a flood of people! They would all see him like this! They would all see what a complete baby he had become! And since he was trapped in this playpen, he couldn’t get away! He couldn’t hide – anywhere!
“Ooo. Look at the baby!”
He looked to see Sandy approaching with a big grin on her face. Robin was walking right next to her.
“Just what he deserves!” Robin said with a smirk.
“Doesn’t he?” Sandy replied.
And then Mel walked up with a baby bottle in her hands. “Come here, baby,” she said. He worked his way over to the bars and pulled himself to his knees, his hands clutching the bars, he chin resting on the top rail again. Mel pulled the pacifier out of his mouth and handed him the bottle. He let himself lay back on the floor of the playpen again as he put the bottle to his mouth to start drinking it. There was laughter from all the people on the other side of the bars, but there was nothing he could do about it. He was trapped – here where they could all see him. And there was no way out of the playpen.
He felt himself peeing yet again, but that’s all it was – a feeling. Nothing more. It didn’t matter. For all intents and purposes, he had become a complete baby again – in everything except size. He was big – adult size – but the only functions he was allowed were those of an infant. Nothing more. He had been totally reduced to this state. Completely. No more adult things – only baby things. He wasn’t allowed to walk. He wasn’t allowed to talk in anything except nonsense. He drooled continually. He now needed something to suck on all the time. He wet himself helplessly, and he messed himself helplessly too. The only things he was allowed to occupy himself with were all baby things, nothing more.
A baby. Reduced. No more say in any matter. No longer deserving of any respect. A thing of ridicule. Reduced.
Through the self-pity of his dream, he felt the familiar teeth inside of his chastity device digging in slightly again. But as usual, it was more of a background reminder. As sexually charged as he was, his tiny penis never dared get any bigger anymore – not as long as those teeth were there to make sure he never would. And they were always there!
In his dream, person after person laughed at him… told him he deserved just what he had gotten… that he would never be anything more than what he was now… a baby! And he had no way to fight back, no way to argue with anything other than nonsense baby sounds… and no arguments to counter what they were saying anyway. Nothing. He had been… reduced.
All he could do was to lay on his back and drink his bottle – proving that everything each one of them was saying was true. The only other expression his body was capable of making, was to pee again, further proving everything that they were saying.
No way out. Useless. Helpless. Reduced.
The sudden shocking blaring noise from his pink clock radio jerked him harshly out of his wonderful erotic dream… grating at his nerves, setting his teeth on edge. It was so shocking that he couldn’t move for several moments as his muscles were all locked. But as soon as he was able, he rolled off of his blow-up mattress, knocking over empty baby bottles in the process as he hurried to turn off the irritating noise.
Silence! He took a moment just to breathe and recover from the rude awakening. Tiny remnants of his dream, not much more than feelings, still lingered in his mind. But as odd as it seemed, those remnants represented a wonderful erotic experience for him.
He climbed to his feet, starting to take stock of himself as he did so. The three super thick cloth diapers that Mel had put on him last night were of course much thicker and heavier now. As usual, he had wet a lot during the night and as usual, he had messed in them too. He could feel how much they forced his legs apart. They had been hard to walk in last night so he knew without a doubt that it would be much more difficult now. His breast forms hung heavily inside of the bra he was wearing. And his pacifier was in his mouth again. He hadn’t bothered to put anything on over what he was wearing because it would only be something else he would have to wash eventually.
He stumbled his way wide-legged out to the kitchen to see if she had left him a note. She had! But when he read it, it was hardly worth the effort. The same as usual, with one minor note added at the bottom to make sure he had his pacifier again. No problem.
He grabbed his usual three baby bottles out of his refrigerator, noting as he did so that his supply was running low again. Well, it was Friday, so that was about normal. He put his pacifier down on the counter and carried his bottles out to the only piece of furniture that he owned – his one single solitary chair – that faced a wall of things he’d rather not look at. Closing his eyes, he put the first bottle to his mouth and began drinking. He immediately felt himself peeing again, but it was not anything he was going to do anything about. He was way too early to even think about holding back yet. And with all the bottles he would have to drink before he left for work, it would probably be late morning before he could even try.

Mel gave up trying to sleep and got out of bed. Her alarm would be going off in a little while anyway. She hadn’t slept well, and now that it was morning again, sleep seemed to be out of the question. She was too worried over what she was going to do about Sissy. She slipped her robe on as she headed out to make her morning coffee. But as much as she needed her coffee, her brain was already in gear and worrying about things.
Five minutes! How was she going to overcome that obstacle! It was the primary thing she had stressed over all night long. But along with that problem, she also remembered a few other things she had neglected to do last night. Easy things, but still things that needed to get done.
As soon as her coffee was making, she opened the drawer where she kept Sissy’s bibs. She pulled them out and started going through them. Finally she selected one that appeared to be perfectly clean – probably because it got used less than the others since it wasn’t one of her favorites. She folded it and set it aside for later. Then, since the drawer was open, she pulled out another one to use on him when he arrived for breakfast later.
She checked the coffee – as she expected, it was still making. She went to the living room and found her laptop and turned it on, then went back to the kitchen to wait till her coffee finished. Finally, with a fresh cup in her hands, she took a sip and headed back to her laptop where she opened up her email program. But what to say? Well, she would start with the obvious and go from there. Yesterday, Robin had sent her an email with a wonderful picture of Sissy in his diaper playing on the floor. Robin had sent a few tiny requests in the email. Now, she had a request for Robin. A big one!
When her email was finally sent, she relaxed a bit more than she had all night and took a bigger sip of her coffee. So good!

Chad stood in front of the long mirror hung on his closet door and checked his reflection one more time. Overall, he thought he looked pretty good – at least for a guy in a skirt. Make that – a sissy in a skirt. But skirts and dresses were the only clothes available for him now. Mel had removed anything remotely masculine from his apartment a long time ago. His hair was curled as femininely as he could for the length it was. He had applied his makeup as usual. The light blue crystal studs in his ears sparkled prettily. His cream colored blouse was fairly plain but the skirt he was wearing was colorful. His legs were encased in nude colored pantyhose and on his feet he was wearing tan strap-on heels. Of course underneath it all was his waist cincher, his all-in-one girdle, and of course his two diapers and plastic pants.
He looped the handle of his purse over one arm, and grabbed his diaper bag. In his other hand he grabbed the plastic bag containing all the empty baby bottles he had drank before he went to bed last night and again this morning. He paused just a second to brace himself for the day ahead. He had no doubt it would be another day full of humiliation. They always were. He opened his door and went out, heading for Mel’s apartment next door. He knocked and was rewarded by her opening it a moment later. He curtseyed. “Good morning, Mistress,” he said in his new sissy voice, lisping around the S’s.
“Good morning, Sissy,” Mel replied as she stood back out of the way. She started looking him over as he was walking in. As usual, her first impression was satisfactory. She waited while he stowed his things under her little table by the door, then she took a better look at him. Definitely acceptable. But he was without a doubt, a man under all the makeup and clothes. Again she wondered if there was any way she could feminize him even more… remove even more of his masculinity. But other than surgery, she had no clue what else she could do. But then, anything else would have to wait till after their bet was settled anyway, and there was only two weeks left to go. “Okay, Sissy. “Up in your highchair.”
A few minutes later, Chad was trapped in his highchair, a bib tied around his neck, eating baby cereal with a baby spoon held in his left fist.
While Chad was busy with his breakfast, Mel grabbed four more baby bottles from the dwindling supply in her refrigerator along with the bib she had gotten out earlier. She carried them to his diaper bag and put them in, removing the three bottles from the day before – two of which were still full. Those she could put back in her refrigerator for later. Even though he usually only used one of the three bottles she always sent, today she was adding one more. She closed his diaper bag up and went back to the kitchen to get a fresh cup of coffee and to watch him eating.

Chad got to the office before Robin. He knew because he checked her desk as soon as he got there. Yesterday she had suggested that he greet her with a curtsey out in the hallway every morning when she came in. But there was too much of a chance that someone might see him there. He wondered if he should actually do it. Yesterday she had been all over the place emotionally. There was a good chance she might not remember that today. Besides, what was the worst she could do to him if he didn’t? He stowed his purse in his desk drawer and booted up his computer.
Robin parked her car and got out. She was happy because she had left the house a few minutes earlier than usual so she could make a quick stop at the store before work. She had actually managed to get thorough the store fast enough that she wasn’t close to being late. She picked up the stack of magazines that she usually brought with her and grabbed her large bag that she carried every day and headed into the building. Would Sissy be out in the hallway to greet her like she has asked yesterday? She wasn’t at all certain that he would. A few minutes later, she turned down the hallway where her cubicle was located. There was nobody waiting in the hallway for her. It was empty… deserted. Was he here yet?
Her footsteps slowed and stopped as she reached his cubicle. She glanced inside. He was there checking his email. It looked like things weren’t going to bode well for him today!
Chad heard Robin stopping behind him. He turned quickly in his chair. “Hi Robin,” he said brightly in his old sissy voice.
But Robin’s reply wasn’t nearly as cheerful. “I know for a fact, that I asked you to be out in the hallway to greet me with a pretty curtsey every morning! I also know that I asked you to curtsey for me every time you spoke to me. Why is it, that you can’t remember those few simple little things?”
Embarrassed, Chad stood up and curtseyed. “Sowwy Wobbin,” he said contritely in his sissy voice.
“That’s not what I asked for,” Robin replied. “You were supposed to be in the hallway waiting for me to arrive. Now where are you supposed to be?”
With his head held down, Chad walked out to the hallway and stood near the entrance to her cubicle. He was about to curtsey when he saw someone walking across the hallway in the distance, so he just stood there for a moment and waited.
“What are you waiting for?” Robin asked.
Chad started to point to the woman who had been in the hallway a few seconds ago, but she was gone now. He curtseyed and repeated his greeting.”
Robin only nodded and entered her cubicle where she finally got to unload the armful of stuff she had carried in. She had to move the pregnancy t-shirt she had made him wear yesterday out of the way first. “This isn’t the way I had hoped to start my day!” Robin complained as she set her things down. “Obviously you thought I would forget what I told you to do.” She turned to face him, “Don’t deny it!”
Chad stayed where he was out in the hallway and looked nervously down at the floor.
Robin shook her head. “Once again you’re acting like a child and trying to get away with the least little thing!” She shook her head again. “I had planned for you to get some more work done this morning, but it looks like you may not get to it!” She paused for a moment before continuing. “I guess you need another time-out to help you remember!”
Chad’s eyes went wide! “No,” he replied quickly. “I’m sorry! I just didn’t… think.”
Robin pulled her chair away from her desk. “That’s right you didn’t think! Well I think… I think you better get down on the floor right now!” She pointed at the spot where her chair had just been – right in front of the corner of her desk.
Slowly and reluctantly, Chad went into her cubicle and got down on the floor preparing to go into the corner again. He started to push his way forward, but she stopped him.
“Where does your thumb belong?” she asked angrily.
Chad moved his thumb back to his mouth again, just like he had done before.
“Wait a minute,” Robin said, stopping him from moving again. She pulled her desk drawer open and again removed her roll of tape. A minute later, his thumb was again taped firmly into his mouth. “Okay, now you can get yourself in there. All the way in!”
Once again, Chad worked his way forward sitting cross-legged, till both his knees touched the walls of the corner. A moment later, what little light that reached under her desk got much dimmer as she sat down and pulled her chair into place.
“I think an hour under there should help you think about remembering things better!” Robin stated.
There was no way Chad could reply, not under her desk with his thumb completely blocking his mouth.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 7 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 7 of 7)

It was one of those evenings when Sandy could only meet with her client after work. It happened more often than she would like, but that was business. Her real problem tonight was that she was having a hard time concentrating on what her client wanted. Instead, her mind kept wandering back to the picture that Mel had sent. The note with it had been very short but it told volumes – “Robin has him drooling on her cubicle floor!”
Drooling! Why hadn’t she thought of that? But more importantly, a different thought kept running through her brain – she was the only one who seemed to really get off on seeing Sissy in his baby state. Was Robin another possible ally? Did Robin love it as much as she did? Everyone else wanted to humiliate a more grownup Sissy. She wanted to see him humiliated as a total baby. And now Robin had done pretty much the same thing with Sissy that she did.
As she listened to her client talking about drapes, her mind was instead thinking about the great t-shirt Robin had put Sissy in. Baby! With an arrow pointing down. Obviously a pregnancy t-shirt, but on Sissy the arrow now pointed at his diapers instead of a swollen belly. So perfect!
She had to talk to Mel! She had to contact Robin! She was sure that together they could come up with something great to do with him! Something really special!

Gloria was worried that Mel and Chad were going to be late again. But she saw them driving up at the last minute. She got up and met them at the door. As she did, she noticed that Chad was carrying his pink diaper bag with him this time.
“We need a minute,” Mel told Gloria as soon as they finished greeting each other. “I want to change him before we start.”
Gloria had no choice other than to let them do what they needed to. Actually, she didn’t really mind all that much at all. For the first time in a long while, she had no questions of her own that she wanted to ask Sissy. So the only thing on her agenda with them was a little normal relaxation and just a little hypnotism for Chad to get the answers Mel wanted.
Chad didn’t think he was leaking yet, but he knew he was close. So he was surprised when Mel had said she was going to change him. Glad too. He didn’t know how much he would be able to enjoy Gloria’s therapy if he was leaking.
Gloria waited patiently while Mel changed him right on the floor. She was a bit surprised that she made him drink from a baby bottle the whole time she was at it, but the two of them seemed to be comfortable and familiar with the routine. She wouldn’t have said anything about it anyway. Five minutes later, she was dimming the lights as both of them were getting comfortable on her couches.
She started with her usual routines, telling them how to relax. Telling them what to relax. But she didn’t move into the key words that would put Chad into a hypnotic trance.
Mel was listening carefully to Gloria, but she wasn’t relaxing. She wasn’t interested in relaxing. All she was interested in tonight was finding out how long Sissy was able to hold back. And this time, Gloria seemed to be going on and on and forgetting about Sissy. It almost seemed more like one of her old sessions, from before she had started bringing Sissy with her. Wasn’t Gloria going to hypnotize him tonight? The longer things went on, the more she started fidgeting and opening her eyes.
Gloria tried to coax Mel into relaxing, but she could see that Mel wasn’t cooperating at all. She finally saw Mel raise her head and start jerking it in Chad’s direction. She sighed a bit and rolled her eyes. Mel was too worked up with worry about Chad to enjoy the therapy. She gave up and started speaking the key phases that would quickly put Chad into a trance. Since she had done this with him a few times now, she knew she could get him very deep, very quickly.
To Chad, it seemed to take longer this time. Not that it wasn’t wonderful. It was. But it was the complete and total relaxation that he was finally now entering that he really loved. He felt good there. And safe. Totally safe. He didn’t just want to be in that place, he yearned for it. And that wonderful place finally accepted him eagerly and fully.
As Gloria leaned close to Chad to talk with him more directly, she saw Mel sit up on the side of her couch to pay better attention. “Remember,” Gloria told Chad, “the truth is very important. You want to tell me the truth.” She looked briefly at Mel before continuing with Chad. Mel was paying rapt attention. She turned back to Chad again, “Remember, you’re in the one place where you can feel totally honest with yourself. The one place where you must be totally honest. You are safe as long as you are honest.”
She glanced back at Mel again. Mel was mouthing something to her but in the dim light it was hard to decipher. “Front and back this time,” Mel whispered. Gloria nodded. She remembered.
She turned back to Chad. “Chad, you told me last time that you are still working on holding back. Are you still trying?”
Chad, his face peaceful, his eyes closed, nodded. “Yes.”
“Good, Chad. Tell me, are you trying to hold back your bowel movements too?”
Chad’s face looked more troubled. “Can’t.”
“You can’t hold back?”
Chad shook his head. “Can’t try. They keep sticking suppositories up inside of me. I can’t fight the suppositories. No point. Most of the time it’s coming out of me before I know it’s going to. Better to get it over with as soon as possible.”
Gloria looked back at Mel. Mel’s face looked happier now than it did a few moments before. She turned back to Chad. “Okay Chad, now how about your peeing? Are you still working on holding back there?”
Chad’s only answer was simple. “Yes.”
“And how are you doing?” She was surprised when the expression on his face changed, but it was an expression she couldn’t read.
“I think I’ve been having a pretty good week… considering.”
Gloria heard a small sound of surprise out of Mel.
“Considering what?”
“Considering that Mel is still making it impossible for me to even try to hold back whenever I’m not at work.”
“I see,” Gloria replied. “And how are you doing?” She suddenly felt Mel come up right behind her to look over her shoulder. Gloria did her best to ignore her.
Chad’s face clouded a bit. “Monday was bad. It usually is. The weekends seem to take way too much out of me. No chance at all to even try to hold back all weekend.”
“And why can’t you try to hold back on the weekends at all?”
Mel was frustrated with the question, she knew the answer to that one. She only wanted to find out how long he could hold back now!
“Too much to drink!” Chad replied. “Way too much to drink. After work too. And especially because of the time limit. Impossible to hold back at all with the time limit. I have to keep trying and trying to pee constantly. Even then I don’t always make it.”
“Okay Chad. That’s fine. So tell me, how long are you holding back now?”
Mel actually held her breath.
Chad shook his head. “Monday I could only hold it for five minutes. But I really improved Tuesday and made it to six! Wednesday I was down a bit to five and a half.”
“And how about today?”
Chad smiled as if pleased with himself. “Five minutes. The same as I started the week with. It’s not six, but it’s still pretty good!”
“So you can manage five minutes now?” Gloria repeated.
Chad nodded. “Yup!”
“Thank you Chad. Thank you for being honest and telling me. Now I want you to just relax again and think of nice peaceful thoughts. Thoughts that make you feel good. Thoughts that make you feel safe and relaxed.”
Gloria turned toward Mel. Her face looked troubled. “Is that it?” she asked quietly. “Anything more?”
Mel only shook her head and sat back down on her couch. Five minutes! And he had gained once during the week! Nothing about it sounded good to her at all! Nothing! What was she going to do? Last week it had been eight and a half minutes. Eighteen minutes the week before! She was trying harder and harder to make him incontinent – and making very little progress! What was she going to do? What could she do? For the first time, she really felt like she was losing the bet. There were only two weeks left! The objective seemed impossible.
She suddenly realized that Gloria was speaking the phrases she usually used to bring Chad out of his trance – the phrases that would end their session. She didn’t bother to lay back on her couch again. She was too wrapped up in her turmoil. What was she going to do? It was impossible!
Five minutes!

Chad sucked on his bottle, closed his eyes, and relaxed as Mel was driving them home. He felt so good! But once again, it was obvious that Mel hadn’t gotten as much out of the session as he had. He wasn’t sure why she bothered other than that she really seemed to need it – more now than before their session.
As soon as they got back to Mel’s apartment, he was ordered to take his skirt off so that his diapers would be on display again. As Chad was removing his clothes, he got the impression that Mel seemed to be very distracted tonight. What had changed her during their therapy with Gloria? She hadn’t seemed this way earlier.
Mel disappeared into her bedroom for a few minutes then came back out wearing only shorts and a t-shirt again. “Time for ballet practice,” she announced as she headed toward her stereo.
Once again, Chad had to work on the new routine that Mel had started teaching him the night before. And just like last night, their progress was hampered by her making him continuously stop to drink from his bottle. As far as he could tell, they were making good progress tonight since Mel wasn’t stopping him as often to tell him to do something better. They worked at it for several hours, and Chad was surprised when Mel suddenly told him that what he was working on was the final finish to the dance. They had managed to go all the way through it! The only break they had taken, other than for Chad to keep drinking, was to change him when he started leaking.
Chad had been afraid that the ballet routine that Mel was teaching him would be something totally humiliating, but the further they had gotten into it, the more he realized that this dance was something serious. It was intended to be feminine and graceful and beautiful, but he knew he wasn’t any of those things. Still, feminine and graceful were the two key things that Mel seemed to be trying to improve in his movements over and over again. As far as he could see, there was nothing at all silly about this dance, other than the fact that he was doing it. And the very things that would make him look most ridiculous, were the very things she was trying to train out of him. So he listened and did his very best to dance the way she wanted him to.
It was getting late and both of them were getting really tired by the time his diaper started leaking for the second time. That was the point where Mel finally called a halt to what they were doing. Chad felt proud over what he had accomplished, but he could see that while Mel had driven him unmercifully, she still seemed to be distracted by something else. She just wasn’t giving him a clue as to what that was. But other than driving him hard with dance practice, she didn’t seem to be punishing him in any way. So maybe it wasn’t him… he hoped!
As he hoped, when Mel changed him, she changed him into his night diapers, three of her super thick cloth diapers this time that left his legs splayed wide apart, making it difficult for him to walk. Unfortunately, as always, she didn’t forget to insert the stupid suppository again. A few minutes later, he was curtseying goodbye to her for the night – as usual, with her usual instructions to drink three more bottles before he went to bed. He was ready for bed, bottles or not. After so much dance practice, he was exhausted.
Mel said goodnight and watched him leave. But the door closing behind him seemed to haunt her… bother her… as if he was leaving her… abandoning her… for good. She suddenly felt lonely, as if she missed him – already. She couldn’t lose this bet! She couldn’t! Because losing the bet meant… losing him. Her mind pictured her fancy new house, melting into nothing. She pictured herself in her old age… alone, unloved, uncared for.
She shook herself, bringing her out of the strange thoughts that were running through her head. She wouldn’t lose! She couldn’t! But five minutes… and only two more weeks. It seemed insurmountable. She had again faked putting the suppository up inside of him. He wasn’t even trying to hold back from that now. Not as long as he still thought he was getting the silly little pills. That much at least was working. But it was the other… the part that still had five minutes of control that she worried about. How was she going to conquer it?
Five minutes. And he had walked out, closing the door behind him. “Goodnight, Sissy,” she said to the back of the closed door. “Goodnight.”

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 6 of 7)

It was late in the day when Mel finally got to read Robin’s email. She laughed over the picture she sent. And this woman had asked for advice from her? Again, she was jealous that she couldn’t actually be there to see what she was doing with Sissy. She had to wonder again what Robin had wanted to talk with Gloria about. Maybe it had nothing to do with Sissy at all. She stared at the picture again and had a thought. A moment later, she had emailed the picture to Sandy. She knew Sandy would get a big kick out of it!
Robin’s little requests were nothing major, she could fill one of them tonight, but the other, well, probably, but she would have to see.

Chad was trying to hurry home as fast as he could. But it was one of those cases where the more he tried to hurry, the more the rest of the traffic seemed to slow him down. So he was getting nothing but frustrated in his attempts to hurry. Of course, the only reason he was hurrying was because Robin hadn’t even let him get up off of the floor until after she had left for the day. And then he still had to get dressed! He had even more of a reason to hurry tonight because tonight was relaxation therapy night – the one thing in his life that he really looked forward to every week.
He finally parked his car and hurried up the stairs to his apartment as fast as he could. He peeled all his clothes back off again and was finally able to deal with his messy diaper. But he had been doing that every day now for so long that he barely gave it more than a minimal amount of thought. A few minutes later, he was soaking his body in the shower to get himself clean at last. His shower didn’t last long though and he was soon phoning Mel to tell her he had just put his one diaper on again. He glanced at the clock. An hour and forty-five minutes till he had to be leaking. Why couldn’t Mel ease up when they were going out for the evening? It was such a major nuisance!
He hurried to get dressed again, for once glad that he would be only wearing one diaper and couldn’t wear the girdle or pantyhose that usually went over it when he went to work. He was glad only because the other items took time to put on and he was already running late. He had purposely tried to keep his hair dry in the shower so all it needed was a few brush strokes. Redoing his makeup took a bit longer though. He heard Mel entering his apartment and calling his name before he could finish.
“What are you doing?” Mel called as she closed the door to his apartment behind her. “We need to get going!” She found him in his bathroom still doing his makeup. “What’s taking you so long?”
Chad turned to her and curtseyed, and in his new sissy voice said, “Robin had me sitting on the floor in just my diapers. She wouldn’t let me get dressed again till after she left.”
Mel smiled momentarily. She had seen the picture that Robin had sent. “Just hurry up,” she replied as she walked out toward his kitchen. Most of the time, what Robin had done wouldn’t be a problem, not even tonight, but tomorrow night it would be a big problem because of their nail appointments. She’d have to remember to let Robin know about that later. She pulled a baby bottle out of his refrigerator for him and headed back towards his bathroom, hoping that he’d be nearly finished with his makeup.
Chad was just finishing his lipstick when Mel returned. He checked himself in the mirror. Hopefully it would have to be good enough for tonight. He turned towards Mel and curtseyed. “Good enough?”
Mel briefly looked him over. “Good enough,” she said impatiently. “Here,” she said she handed him the baby bottle. “Get started on it.”
A few minutes later, Sissy was sucking on the bottle in her car while Mel drove to their usual Thursday night restaurant that was located not far from Gloria’s office. As they pulled into the parking lot, all Chad could think about was the last time they were here – when he had wet his diaper so much that it had fallen off of him as they were leaving. He prayed things wouldn’t be as bad as that this week!
Unfortunately, when they got out of the car, Mel made Chad carry his baby bottle in with him since he wasn’t finished with it yet. The hostess recognized them immediately as they entered and this time didn’t even ask before she grabbed an adult menu for Mel along with a child’s coloring book for Sissy and a small box of crayons. “Right this way,” she said with a smile. In a way, Chad was actually glad that she had recognized them, he didn’t have to curtsey for her or use his stupid new sissy voice to talk to her.
The same waitress that had served them for the last few weeks was at their table as soon as they were seated. She immediately spotted the baby bottle that Chad had brought in with him. With a smile she asked Mel, “You want me to keep that thing full again?”
Mel nodded. “I’d appreciate it! Oh, and just coffee for me.”
The waitress checked his bottle and saw that it was still partially full. “Do you want that topped off now, or do you want to wait?”
Mel checked his bottle. “Bring me my coffee first. By that time she should be ready for a refill.” The waitress nodded and quickly left. Mel looked at Sissy. “I saw the picture that Robin took of you today.”
Chad blushed. He remembered her taking it with her cell phone. It was the circumstances he was in at the time that made it so embarrassing. He just hadn’t realized that Robin had sent it to Mel. He looked for some decent way to reply, but couldn’t think of anything. “I don’t know what got into Robin today,” he finally said. “She seemed to be in a lot of strange moods. One minute she was being nice and giving me something to work on, then later she didn’t want to talk to me, then later still it was like she totally exploded at me. And the next thing I knew, I was sitting on her floor like that, drooling around my pacifier, while I was playing with paper dolls. It was weird!
Mel nearly laughed. She could only imagine. Why had Robin ever bothered to ask her for advice? Maybe she should be asking for ideas from Robin instead! “Better keep drinking that bottle. I want it finished before my coffee gets here!”
Chad immediately picked up his bottle and put it to his mouth. As he did, he glanced around the restaurant, mostly out of the corners of his eyes. He saw a few people looking at him with shocked looks on their faces. He figured that by the time they left, there would be a lot more shocked people nearby.
When the waitress brought Mel’s coffee, she also carried a pitcher of iced tea as well. She set the coffee in front of Mel then took Sissy’s baby bottle and filled it. She was rewarded to see him put the crazy thing to his mouth and start drinking it immediately as soon as she handed it back to him. Something about it sent a small tingle into her sexual regions. Doing her best to ignore the feelings, she turned to Mel and asked for her order. As usual, Mel ordered for both of them – a kid’s meal for the strange one with the bottle.
“Don’t forget your coloring book,” Mel said as soon as the waitress had left, and don’t stop drinking either.”
Once again, Chad dumped the few crayons from the box out onto the table and started trying to color while the bottle was still in his mouth – obstructing his view of what he was doing. It wasn’t long before he felt like he was going cross-eyed again, especially since he had to hold the bottle up at an angle so he could keep drinking. And with only one hand to work with since his other one had to hold the bottle, the task was even more difficult. He seemed to be having to do all too many things lately with only one hand!
Mel watched him trying to color for a few minutes while he drank his bottle. He looked so ridiculous. She could see the other customers turning their heads occasionally to watch him. Some of them pointed. She was sure he was a major topic of conversation at most of the tables around. She briefly wondered how Sissy must feel about it – not that it mattered. Only what she wanted mattered. She was fairly sure that he was totally embarrassed about it, but as usual, he didn’t have a choice in the matter. The terms of the bet had seen to that – whether he liked it or not!
Before either of them knew it, the waitress was back again with her jug of iced-tea. She took the still half-filled bottle from Chad and filled it again, then handed it back to him.
“Don’t forget to say thank-you,” Mel prompted.
Chad wasn’t really grateful at all, but he dutifully complied. At least the words thank you in his sissy voice came out as semi-normal. He immediately put the bottle back to his mouth to continue drinking again.
“You’re welcome,” the waitress replied. But she didn’t leave. Instead she leaned over to look at the page Sissy was coloring. “Ohhh! Such a pretty picture,” she said. “And you’re coloring so nicely.”
Chad blushed. He knew he kept going out of the lines and red wasn’t the best color at all for someone’s skin. But he only had three crayons to choose from. It looked – childish!
The waitress turned to Mel. “You know, sometimes we take some of the pictures the kids color and hang them up on the wall over by the bar. If she does a really good job on it, I’m sure I can get it hung up with the others. You should put her name on it for her too though, that way it’s easier to tell who did what picture.”
Mel was delighted with the idea. She hadn’t seen the pictures since she never went near the bar in this restaurant. “Really? That would be great! I know Sissy will just love having her picture hung on the wall here. I’m sure she would feel honored! So many people could get to see it!”
“Before you leave, just give me the one you want to hang and I’ll take care of it.”
“Thanks, I will.” Mel replied brightly. As soon as the waitress left, she said to Sissy, “Wasn’t that nice of her? She must think you’re really doing a good job!”
Yeah right! Chad knew better. There was no way he could do anything remotely decent with only three crayons, one hand, and his baby bottle obstructing his view. Once again, his picture looked totally childish. And she wanted to hang it? She would!
Since Mel wasn’t letting him put the bottle down, Chad was forced to keep drinking almost continuously as he tried to color. The waitress came by and refilled his bottle twice more before their dinner arrived, and she refilled it again as soon as she had dropped their plates off. Even drinking continuously, Chad never had a chance to get the bottle much more than half way emptied. The only good thing about the situation… if you could call it that, was that by drinking only from his baby bottle, he was getting less fluid than when he drank from a glass.
Mel cut his meal up for him again into tiny pieces, then made him use only a spoon held as he usually did – in his left fist. As they ate, Chad asked Mel how her day was, figuring that hearing how her day went had to be better than talking about the embarrassing things he had to do. Once again, Mel told him what she could. How frustrating some clients were… and how dumb others seemed to be. She enjoyed telling him these things. It was nice to tell them to someone once in a while – someone who she knew wouldn’t be relaying her thought to anyone else.
As soon as they had finished eating, Mel looked at the pictures Sissy had finished. She selected one of them and carefully ripped it out of the book. She pushed it across the table to him. “Print your name on it. And make sure it’s big enough for anyone to read.”
Chad pushed his plate out of the way and grabbed a green crayon and started to put it to the paper.
“Wait a minute!” Mel stopped him. “You’re not drinking from your bottle.”
Chad picked up his bottle and once again started drinking before he signed the drawing. Now the task was that much more difficult. He barely made a mark with the crayon when Mel stopped him again. “Wait! Switch hands. Put the bottle in your right hand instead.”
Chad was a bit shaken by her demand. Switch hands? But the bottle soon went into his right hand and the crayon into his left. He started drinking again. His eyes started to cross the other way now as he had to look past the other side of the bottle. With the crayon in his left hand, it was difficult to just put it back at the end of the mark he had started making. But he managed it. He started to write the letter ‘S,’ but with his left hand, he started writing the letter backwards. He had actually gotten halfway though the top curve before he realized it. All he could do was to switch what he was doing in midstream and create the letter from where he had stopped. He heard Mel giggling across the table. He ‘S’ didn’t look very good at all, but he moved on. The ‘I’ wasn’t too bad, other than left handed it didn’t come out straight. But with only one hand he had to make the dot on top of it bigger than he meant to. Then he was faced with two more S’s. One handed, they came out crooked and childish looking too. Finally, he created the ‘y.’ Again, it was crooked and out of balance. The end result looked like a five-year old had signed it.
“Good job!” Mel praised as she took the drawing to look at it. I’m sure any kindergartener would be proud of it.
Chad felt so embarrassed! A minute later, the waitress dropped off the check, refilled Sissy’s bottle, and took the picture to hang on the wall. Chad wished she would just throw it away instead. When she came back, Mel paid for their dinner and left a very healthy tip. “Okay, Sissy. We better get going,” she said as she got up from her seat.
As Chad followed her out, he was aware that his diaper was very, very wet. But not nearly as bad as it had been last week. His only question now was, what would happen while they were in Gloria’s office. He had no doubts that he would be leaking very soon – which was good because his deadline was growing awfully near. And then he got a bit of a surprise, instead of going out the door, Mel went straight past it towards the bar area. The wall of pictures was easy to find, and so was Sissy’s picture. The waitress had started another column of pictures with his. So right at the top right side was Sissy’s picture – for all the world to see and appreciate.
“Oh,” Mel said delightedly. “I think that’s the perfect spot for it. Don’t you?”
Chad said nothing. He only noticed he was peeing heavily again in the midst of his humiliation.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 48 (Thursday – week 7 Part 5 of 7)

Robin was actually getting things done when she happened to glance at her clock and notice the time. Break time! Finally! But she felt good about the work she had managed to accomplish. The only problem now, was Sissy. She was going to have to face him again and she still wasn’t sure how she felt about everything. She prayed he would just stay silent and not talk to her during break. Since she wasn’t really ready to deal with him yet, it would make things much easier.
As she got up from her seat, her eyes fell on the desk drawer where she had stowed her large bag earlier. Thoughts of what she had been thinking of doing with Sissy once again ran though her brain. But should she? Fortunately, it was break time. There were other things to do and think about. She went over to Chad’s cubicle and was glad to see that he was hard at work on the project and not goofing off doing something else. “Break time, Sissy,” she announced.
A minute later, the two of them were walking through the halls together. “Did you get a chance to look over anything I did yet?” he chanced asking excitedly.
For some reason, his question bothered Robin. “Some,” she replied, not wanting to really talk with him yet.
“Any problems with it?” he asked, hoping she could be a bit more forthcoming.
He just couldn’t leave things alone. He had to have approval for every little thing. Like a child trying to show off or win his mother’s praise. Since he bothered her, she said nothing in reply. Maybe he’d get the point and shut up! She was pleased when they actually made it to the break room without any more questions from him.
A few minutes later, they were both sitting at the women’s table listening to the gossip floating around the table. But Robin’s mind was more on Sissy. It had only taken a few minutes of being with him in the hallways to get her angry with him again. And once again he was showing her how much of a child he was. Why did he irk her so much? The discussion she had had with Gloria didn’t really help.
Once again her mind remembered the items she had in her bag for him. Was it cruel? Was she bad? She didn’t want to be cruel. She didn’t want to be bad. She wanted everyone to think nothing but good of her. She was a kind, loving woman. Not something out of a nightmare! No, she couldn’t do it! She wouldn’t do it! It wasn’t right! When they got back to their desks, she would apologize to him and do her best to deal with him in a normal – sane – manner. She suddenly felt a bit better about everything. She had made her decision!
As she took another sip of her coffee, she watched him sitting there, barely sipping at his coffee, listening to the other women talking, smiling and laughing occasionally at what was being said – as if he were another woman. But he wasn’t! She remembered him yesterday afternoon, right after break, when she had been talking to him… and he had suddenly messed in his diapers! The freak! She remembered making him strip down so she could see what he wore under his dress – and she had found his childish diapers and that… chastity thing underneath. The pervert!
He was pretending to be a woman! Pretending to be an adult! Pretending to be normal, like everyone else! But he wasn’t! Not even close!
She was aware of the anger building in her again just from looking at him. She didn’t like it, but she couldn’t help it. She was not a bad person! She was not cruel! She only needed to apologize to him. That was all!
The other women were suddenly getting to their feet to go back to their desks. Break time was over. Robin got up along with everyone else and followed them all out into the hallways – leading back to her desk. She would apologize to him. Just as soon as they were back at their desks and alone. She would do it! And it would be finally over. And she could no longer worry whether she was being bad or not.
“So you didn’t have any problems with what I did?” Chad asked again as soon as they were alone.
Why did he have to keep harping on it? Rather testily she replied, “It was fine!”
“Everything?” Chad asked, glad that she was at least speaking to him again. “How about where I changed the one form around.”
He was doing it again! Irritating her! Just like a stupid child! He had to have every little thing broken down so he could be praised for it. Well she wouldn’t! “It was all fine!” she replied even more angrily.
“You’re sure?”
Something inside of Robin broke then. She couldn’t take it. She couldn’t take his childish whining. His childish behavior. His childish attitudes. Her mind was now totally focused on her bag in her desk drawer and what was in it. Apologize? There was no way she could apologize to him now. He was nothing but a damn fool. A pervert! A stupid twisted child who never grew up. Heck! He even wanted to spend the rest of his life in diapers with no control over anything. Apologize? Not on her life!
Without realizing it, her pace increased as she continued back toward her desk. He tried to ask a few more questions, but she ignored every one of them, till finally he got the point and stayed silent. The idiot!
The moment she passed his cubicle, she stopped and turned. He was just about to go into his. She reached out and grabbed his arm instead. “This way,” she said as she turned and dragged him into her own cubicle. Once she was back at her desk, she released his arm. “Strip!” she commanded. “Right now! Completely! The only thing I want to see left on your body is your stupid childish diapers and those even more childish plastic pants!”
Chad was taken totally by surprise. Now what had gotten into her? What had he done wrong? Anything? He couldn’t think of a single thing. But there was no doubting the change in her attitude. She was definitely angry again about something. So once again he began removing his clothes in front of her.
Robin watched Sissy getting undressed for a few minutes, then she opened her desk drawer and pulled out her large bag.
Chad was once again down to just his diapers, plastic panties, and his waist cincher. Yesterday she had told him to leave the waist cincher on, but he wasn’t sure what she wanted him to do with it today? “How about this?” he asked as he grabbed the top of it.
“I said everything, didn’t I?” Robin replied testily. “Get it off!” It took a few moments, but eventually he was down to just what she wanted. “Finally!” She reached into her bag and pulled out something large and white. She threw it at him. “Put that on!”
Chad held up the garment she had thrown at him. It was a t-shirt – a woman’s t-shirt. And it was fairly big! But the worst part of it was what was written on the front. In big bold letters it said: “Baby” and then there was an arrow under that pointing down. It must have been something she had worn when she was pregnant – which also helped to explain why it was so extra large.
Robin watched as he put the t-shirt on, covering up the incongruous breasts that he couldn’t remove. She loved that fact that it said Baby on the front and the arrow pointed right down at his diapers… or it should have. The darn shirt was too long. She reached out and grabbed the shirt and knotted the bottom of it at the side. Then she stood back again. His childishly patterned plastic panties were now completely on display. She pointed at the floor. “Down!” It was the only word she figured she needed.
Chad dropped to his knees. Was she going to stick him under her desk again like she did yesterday? If so, then why make him take his clothes off?
“Now,” Robin said. “Where does your thumb belong?”
Chad brought his right thumb back to his mouth and started sucking on it like he knew she would make him. He just hoped she wouldn’t wrap tape around his head again today to keep it there. But the extra humiliation of his situation suddenly made him start peeing again without warning. He briefly berated himself for not watching more carefully for it so he could hold back. But he didn’t get to think about it long.
Robin nodded her head. “Much better! Now there’s no chance of anyone mistaking you for anything other than a pathetic stupid sissy! You can just stay there now and spend the rest of the afternoon playing like a baby on the floor.” She watched him staring wide-eyed back at her for a moment. “Oh,” she added. “We forgot to give you something to play with, didn’t we.” She reached back into her bag and pulled out a stack of papers she had printed from her home computer the night before. “I’m afraid this was the best thing I could come up with on short notice,” she explained as she removed the paper clip binding the papers together. She looked down at him on the floor with his thumb in his mouth, then at the papers in her hand. This wasn’t going to work out as well as she thought as long as he had to suck his thumb, but there was no way she was going to let him remove it! Still, she had to keep him occupied. She removed just the first page from the stack and handed it to him. No use giving him any more till he was ready for them.
Chad stared at the piece of paper she had handed him. Most prominently on it was a cartoon drawing of a little girl wearing nothing but some flowered panties. It took him a moment to realize that it was part of a cut-out paper doll system and the other pages Robin had were probably the clothes for the doll. He looked up at her questioningly. What was he supposed to do with it?
Robin opened her desk drawer and pulled out her scissors, but the moment she did, she realized that they weren’t right. You should never give a child scissors like that. They could seriously hurt themselves! But… it was all she had… for now. Reluctantly, she handed him the scissors. “Don’t hurt yourself with these,” she cautioned as if she was talking to a child.
Chad took the scissors with his free hand. He looked back at the paper in front of him and guessed that she wanted him to cut the doll out. He pulled his thumb out of his mouth so he could use two hands to do it.
“Keep that thumb in your mouth!” Robin ordered the moment she saw him pull it out.
Chad quickly replaced his thumb and looked up at her questioningly. How was he supposed to cut the doll out with only one hand – his left hand at that?
Robin smiled down at him, guessing the question that was going through his mind. “You’ll have to use just your one hand to cut that out. Maybe it will keep you busy for a while. Oh, and I suggest you try to do a very good job with it.”
With only one hand to use to both cut the paper and hold it, the job was impossible! Especially with only his left hand. But Chad had no choice but to try to awkwardly hold the scissors and set about the task. He propped the paper up against his leg as he sat on the floor and started working his way with the scissors into the paper. The task was extra hard because he wasn’t left-handed. As soon as the scissors touched the paper, it slipped off his leg and fell to the floor. He quickly realized that this was going to take him a long, long time. That is, if he ever managed to do it.
Robin sat down and watched him for a few moments. She felt very satisfied with herself. Maybe she was a bad person. She didn’t want to be, but maybe she was. Of course, there was the other thing that Gloria had suggested, that Sissy didn’t fit into the same little boxes that everybody else did. That he might not consider her to be bad at all. So was she bad? She didn’t want to be. But… there was no other way she could see to deal with him right now. So until she came up with something better, she would be… bad.
She almost laughed at the trouble he was having trying to cut that doll out. The task was pretty much impossible. She saw him look up at her briefly as he did it. In some ways, he reminded her so much of her baby son, sitting on the floor, playing, glancing up at her just to know she was still there… He did look so much more like a baby now. An overgrown baby to be sure, but still a baby. Nothing at all like a responsible adult – which he wasn’t! Now he was in his natural state – as far as she was concerned.
She turned away from him then to do some work, but working was once again out of the question. Instead she opened up her email program and began going through all of the emails she had gotten from Mel in the last few days, starting with Mel’s first one. She began taking notes on all the separate little things that Mel had suggested – which wasn’t much at all, but when added together seemed to amount to so much more. She already had him curtseying for her, but not every time he opened his mouth. She wondered how she could manage that one. She’d have to wait and see. She also had him using his sissy voice around her now, but Mel’s latest email had suggested that she had made some major changes in his voice that she hadn’t heard yet. She marked that one to check soon.
One other thing she took particular notice of was that Mel had told her in today’s email that he should have a pacifier with him. That was very interesting. She turned around to look at him. He was trying to turn the paper around to find another way to cut at it, but he was getting nowhere. Perfect busywork for him. But, would the pacifier be any better than his thumb? She did find it funny that he only had the use of his one hand. She decided that it couldn’t hurt to just try the pacifier – if only for a few minutes. “Mel says you should have a pacifier with you. Where is it?” she asked.
Chad looked up at her to answer and pulled his thumb out of his mouth. “It’s in…” But he got no further before Robin interrupted him.
“Wait a minute! Stand up!” She waited till he got to his feet. “Curtsey – and keep that thumb where it is!” She watched as he curtseyed. “Now take your thumb out of your mouth and answer me.”
“It’s in my purse in my desk drawer,” Chad said.
“Put your thumb back in your mouth again,” Robin ordered and waited till it was where she wanted it. “Curtsey again.” So darling! “Down!” She pointed at the floor. Something inside of her felt almost sexually stimulated by what she had just done with him. Hmm… That had actually worked out well!
She left him for a moment and dug his purse out of his desk drawer. She noticed as she went through it that it was as jumbled and disordered as her big bag usually was. Fortunately, the pacifier was easy to find. She put his purse away again and went back to him. “Here,” she said. “Stick this in your mouth instead.”
Chad was embarrassed over the fact that she had found his stupid pacifier and that he would now be sucking on it – in front of her – a work! But was it any better than his thumb? In his mind it was. The pacifier wasn’t part of his body, it was something made just for a baby. And now that baby object was where it was intended to be used – in his mouth. But at least he now had the use of both hands to cut out the doll. As soon as he saw Robin sit back down again, he started in on the task. So much easier!
Robin watched him playing on the floor. She saw him snip a bit closer to the doll. Then she watched as he lined up the scissors to begin trimming right around the outline of the doll. It was a tricky cut that he could never manage to do with only one hand.
She saw him look up at her again before he actually started cutting. Dressed as he was in just that stupid t-shirt which left his childish diapers and plastic pants on display, she was again struck by the resemblance between Sissy and her son – two babies that played on the floor. Of course, by now she’d be wiping the slobber off of her son’s face since he seemed to drool a lot – especially whenever he had a pacifier in his mouth. She sat up straighter and just stared at Sissy for a moment. So much like a baby! “Drool.” The word just seemed to pop out of her mouth.
Huh? Chad wasn’t at all sure what she had said. He looked up at her quizzically.
“I said drool! Like a baby.”
Chad wasn’t sure he heard her right. Drool? She had to be kidding. Not to mention, he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to go about doing it – especially with the pacifier plugging up his mouth.
“I said drool!” Robin repeated more urgently now.
But Chad still wasn’t sure what to do. And he still couldn’t believe her request.
“Stop swallowing whatever saliva is in your mouth and push it out through your lips instead. Drool!”
Chad was horrified! She had to be kidding… but she wasn’t!
“Now!” Robin ordered.
Chad searched his mouth for whatever moisture was in it, which was surprisingly a lot, and did his best to push it out between his lips with his tongue. But the pacifier made the action difficult. A little bit did escape though. It felt horrifyingly weird as it started to drip down the length of his chin. He automatically reached up with the back of his hand to wipe it and keep it from dripping.
“Don’t!” Robin ordered. “Let it drip. In fact, drool more. I want to see your chin covered in slobber!”
Chad was nearly shaking with humiliation as he did his best to let a little more drool out of his mouth without losing the pacifier from between his lips. Again, he felt the tickle of it dripping down his chin.
“More!” Robin ordered. “Lots more! I want to see tons of slobber dripping down.”
Very gradually, Chad did his best to try to push all the moisture out from his mouth. He could feel it starting to drip off of his chin now so he held one hand up under him to catch it.
“Don’t bother!” Robin told him. Just let it drip!”
The entire mouth guard around the pacifier in Chad’s mouth felt horribly wet and messy. His entire chin was wet now soaked. It felt awful. He felt – hugely embarrassed. And of course, that was the moment that the stupid suppository that Cassie had put up into him earlier decided to do its thing.
Robin sat staring at him, totally fascinated by what she had just made him do. So much more infantile – it was ridiculous! He was ridiculous! And then she noticed the embarrassed expression on his face change to something else. She saw him raise his bottom up off the floor like something was wrong. “What is it?” she asked.
All Chad could do was to look up at her from the floor, his slobber covered pacifier in his mouth, his chin dripping with drool. A tear was forming in his eye. He just turned his head toward his backside for a moment.
“You mean, you’re messing yourself – again? Just like yesterday?”
Chad only nodded and hung his head as he leaned his body forward to make it easier for the mess to get out of him. For some reason, it wasn’t coming as quickly or as forcefully today as it usually did, so it took much longer. But the results were still the same. A few minutes later, he was stuck with a load in his already wet diapers, and he was going to have to sit down on that mess. Ugh!
Robin laughed. Not out loud, but she still laughed. God, what a freak! She still couldn’t believe him! Such a pervert! There was no way at all that she could look down at the idiot sitting on her cubicle floor and see the old Chad or even Chad who she once thought wanted to be a woman. In fact, there was no way she could see anyone who she could consider an adult – or even deserved the respect of an adult… or another human being for that matter. What sat on her floor was… a sissy. It was the best description she could think of for him.
“You keep drooling like that!” she told him in no uncertain terms. “I don’t ever want to see your chin without fresh slobber all over it.” She laughed again at him. Well, he deserved it!
She tried to compare him again with her son. With his chin full of slobber, the comparison was more noticeable. But now she realized other differences. For one thing, her son was all boy. He loved playing with cars and trucks. Whereas Sissy, well, she supposed that sissy should only be playing with girl things. Hence, the paper dolls she had found for him. While not exactly a baby toy, they were the best she could do last night. Still, she really liked the idea. She wondered if there was some way to make him look a bit more like a girl than a boy. Maybe a big bow in his hair? She’d have to think about that one.
She thought of something else too. Her son was one year old now. He was not only walking, he was running – everywhere. She had already been thinking in the back of her mind about when she could start potty training him. She now made that decision to start tonight! She laughed again. Once her son was potty trained, he would be more of an adult than Sissy!
And then she caught a slight whiff of the odor from Sissy’s diaper. Without everything else to cover it up and keep the odor in, he was going to smell – like a dirty baby. That realization sobered her. Ugh! But no matter what, she was going to keep him on the floor just like that till she left to go home. The idiot! Ugh! Why didn’t she pack some air freshener in her bag this morning?
She pulled out her cell phone and asked him to look up at her. She snapped his picture. She was pleased to see that the camera in her phone had picked up all the details from the arrow on his chest pointing down at the childish print on his plastic pants, to the shiny slobber all over his pacifier and chin. Picture of an idiot! She emailed it to her work address so she could access it from her computer. A minute later, while he was still cutting out the doll on the paper, she was writing an email to Mel to send the picture… along with a few little requests.