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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 18 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 18 Part 1 of 2

“Marian…” Phillip called softly to the woman who was sleeping on his couch.  “Marian…”  She had a blanket pulled over her but she was using an old sweater for a pillow.  He was just glad that for once she wasn’t playing with herself like most of the times he saw her lying there.  “Marian!” Phillip called louder, and then shook her a bit to wake her up.
“Moooo!”  Marian belched out the moo as she startled awake.  She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment then rubbed them before opening them.  She could barely see.  She realized that the only light in the apartment must have been coming from Phillips room.  “Phillip.  What is it?” she asked seeing him hovering over her.
“I need to take a shower,” Phillip replied.  “But every time I even think about trying to take this damn diaper off me, my arm starts to hurt.”
Marian was still trying to bring herself fully awake.  She remembered now that Phillip was no longer able to remove his own diapers… it was now her job to take care of all that business for him.  “Okay,” she said as she tried to wake herself up more so she could actually get up.  She hadn’t slept much all night.  And every time she did fall asleep she had suffered through nightmares about being milked like a cow.  Awful!  She threw the blanket off of her and dropped her legs to the floor.  Her arm automatically reached for the high heeled shoes she knew she had to get onto her feet before she did anything else.  A minute later, they were strapped firmly in place.  “Turn some light on please,” she said as she finished.  “I can’t see anything.”
Phillip turned the light on and headed back to Marian so she could remove his diaper for him. 
“Are you messy?” Marian asked.  “Or just wet?”
“Just wet,” Phillip replied.
With some relief, Marian reached out to grab one of the tapes on his diaper… but she stopped her hand just short as she remembered what had happened the morning before.  “Maybe I better not,” she said.
“Huh?  Why?”
“Because there’s no sense in me doing this before your shower… and then you mess yourself before we get out of here today so you’ll only have to take another shower.  Mess that diaper first and then I’ll take it off of you.”
Phillip was totally aghast.  “But…”
“Phillip… just do it!”  She grabbed her blanket, swung her high heeled feet up onto the couch again and said, “Call me when you’re ready.”  She mooed, and closed her eyes.  Maybe she could get a little bit more sleep.
“But I’ll have to milk you in a little while!”
Marian’s eyes flew open.  “What time is it?”
“A little after five thirty.”
Marian closed her eyes again.  “Then we still have time.  Just try to mess yourself before…”  But she couldn’t bring herself to say the final thought about being milked.  “You can take your shower while I’m… busy,” she added.  “Now let me try to sleep!”  With that, she rolled over and closed her eyes. 
Phillip rolled his eyes.  He wasn’t going to have a choice in this… like so many other stupid things in his life.  He went back to his bedroom and began bending and grunting and doing everything possible to mess his diaper.  Y… U… C…. K!

Marian opened her eyes and let out another moo.  She had actually fallen asleep again!
“I… really… need out of this diaper now.”
The odor coming from Phillip’s diaper hit her.  “Yeah.  Sure,” she said as she tried to wake herself up again.  “I’ll get it right now.”  She threw the blanket off of her and swung her feet down from the couch.  “What time is it?” she asked as she yawned.
“Ten till six.”
Marian nodded.  She still had ten minutes.  Since she had no doubt at all that Phillip was messy this time, she didn’t think it would be a good idea to simply pull the tapes open while he was standing up.  “Lay down,” she said as she got to her feet.
“Are you sure?” Phillip asked.  “I’m afraid of it squishing against me and making even more of a mess.”
Marian looked at him for a moment while she considered that.  “Okay,” she finally said, “turn around and let’s get at this.”  No matter what, she had a feeling that this little chore wasn’t going to be pleasant.  It already wasn’t pleasant just because of the smell, and she hadn’t even started to remove his diaper yet.  Kneeling down, she reached around him and unfastened the tapes on one side of the diaper.  She had to support it in her hand so it wouldn’t fall off.  Very slowly, she let the thing move carefully down the one remaining leg that it was around, doing her best to keep everything that was in the diaper, still in the diaper.  Eeewww!  Once she had him step out of the diaper, she used a little bit of the non-messy part to clean his backside up a little.  “Where are your wipes?” she asked.
“In my backpack,” he replied.
“Go get them,” she said as she started carefully folding the diaper to keep the mess from getting anywhere else.  While Phillip was gone, she carried the diaper to the kitchen and gladly deposited the thing in the trash can.  Whew, the worst part was over with!  A minute later, she used one of the baby wipes to clean Phillip’s rear end a bit more.  “Okay,” she said.  “Good enough for now.”  She glanced at the clock. “Damn!”  It was nearly time. 
Knowing it was useless to resist, she shook her head and pulled her nightgown off, leaving her naked except for her shoes.  She mooed because the urge had hit her again… and a few moments later, she mooed again as she felt herself going into cow mooing mode.  She dropped to her knees on the floor where Vivian liked to see her and her fingers seemed to automatically head for where they could bring her the most useless pleasure.  And she mooed again like the cow that Vivian was teaching her that she was. 
Phillip hooked Marian’s milking machine up to her and turned it on… to the sound of several rather mournful sounding moos out of Marian.  He had never asked if the thing hurt her at all.  He hoped it didn’t… not that he could do anything about it anyway.  He watched the machine pulling at each nipple separately, back and forth, one and then the other, over and over again.  It was almost monotonous.  Marian was just kneeling there, playing with herself, and keeping her eyes closed.  “I’ll be back after my shower,” he said.  The only response he got was another moo out of Marian that was the same as all her other moos that came out of her at periodic intervals.  Her eyes were still closed.  He walked off to get himself cleaned up.
Marian had heard Phillip, but she was simply too depressed to care just then.  Keeping her eyes closed, she did her best to pay more attention to the feelings from her fingers down below… and less attention to the feelings from her already tender nipples up above.  A full half hour of this?  She’d never get a bra on later!

Vivian was possibly as happy as she could ever remember being.  Everything was simply perfect!  And now as she stared at her reflection in the mirror, everything she saw there was perfect as well.  Her new plum lipstick didn’t really go with her skin tones very well, but now that she had gone with all the purple accents to her outfit, she decided that it all kind of looked… wonderful!  She was sure the other ladies at work would be jealous of her outfit.  Well, they should be! 
Twenty minutes later, she strode grandly into work, ten minutes earlier than she usually got there.  “Good morning ladies,” she said to the few women who had already arrived.
“Hi Vivian,” Ashley replied as she looked Vivian over.  She quickly noted the purple accents of Vivian’s outfit, including her lipstick, which she decided was a bad color for the woman.  But Vivian always wore something different to the office and her choice for today wasn’t all that out of place for her… other than the bad lipstick color. 
Vivian noted the look of hatred that Phillip leveled at her.  Wonderful.  Then she spent a few moments taking in Marian as she dropped her purse on her desk.  For once, Marian didn’t seem… quite so perfect looking.  But she did notice Marian looking at her far more carefully than usual, which brought a grand smile to Vivian’s face.  “Like the outfit?” she asked as she turned around so Marian could see all of it.  “I had the idea to theme it today in with a plum color.”
Marian was actually amazed!  Totally delighted, and amazed.  “It looks… wonderful on you, Vivian,” she lied.  Well, she wasn’t actually lying.  While the lipstick color didn’t suit Vivian at all, seeing her wearing it was a totally delightful sight for Marian.  It meant that her fireplace video was actually working!  As she settled herself back into work, her mind was more occupied with the next steps she would have to take to get herself and Phillip out of the mess they were in.  A mess that seemed to be constantly getting worse and worse, especially for her.  She had to get herself out of it before Vivian really did turn her into a cow!
As the women were still coming into the room, Marian started forwarding the projects and assignments that were in their department email queue, something she did several times a day.  But this time, the work load she passed among everyone else was a bit more than usual, but only by one or two little projects so nobody would take particular notice of what she had done.  It was the only way she could see to arrange things so that she and Phillip could get home in time before she had to be… milked!  Ugh!

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Will This Blog Be Going Away?

Will this blog be going away?  The truth is, I don’t know.  I hope not.  But I really don’t know.  Why all the concern suddenly?  Because I got the following email on Monday:

Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content 
Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually 
explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity 
presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or 
where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking 
action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this 
policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified 
as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, 
but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the 
blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy 
change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this 
policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing 
blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any 
interruptions in service. You may also choose to create an archive of your 
content via Google Takeout 

For more information, please read here 

The Blogger Team

Since the email specifically talks about images and videos, I’m hoping that I can save it.  I’ve been hard at work trying to find any and all images throughout all my nearly 800 blog entries.  I’m deleting not just those images, but the entire blog entry they were in.  I think I’ve found most of them, but I’m sure there are still a few out there.  The only ones I’ll allow to remain now are the ones I post to go along with my stories, such as the few at the beginning of this story. 

I used to have a website.  That’s how Karen Singer was born.  But after a few years, a policy change deleted the website without warning.  That hurt more than you might think.  But Karen Singer refused to die.  And a few years later, this blog came into existence.  The purpose and contents of it have changed a bit over the years, but it’s still here.  For now. 

If for some reason, Blogger does decide to restrict the access to my content, then I will close the blog completely.  I hope it won’t happen, but that’s my plan if it does happen.  I currently average about 12,000 blog hits over each thirty day period.  If I post 8 or 9 entries a month, well, you do the math.  That still leaves a lot of people from all over the world who are reading my stories.  More than I ever imagined to be honest.  And I’m grateful for every one out there.  But I’m not going to continue this for the five or six people who will probably write to ask to be allowed to view it.  I put my work out there for anyone who is interested in reading it.  If it’s not freely available, then there’s no point for me.

Once again, let’s hope it doesn’t happen. 

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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 17 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 17 Part 2 of 2

Vivian was a little later getting home than she had planned on, but when she stopped to find some plum colored lipstick, she couldn’t help but browse the entire store to see if there was anything new.  The fact that she came away with only the lipstick was something of a miracle. 
She first noticed the box that was sitting on her doorstep the minute she pulled into her parking place.  With her spirits soaring, she got out of the car and hurried to her front door.  It had to be what she had ordered for Marian!  At least she hoped it was.  She had also ordered those diapers for Sissy Phillip, but she didn’t think they would get here that fast.  She carried the box inside before coming back out to check her overly stuffed mailbox.  Since she had forwarded all her mail to her new address, her mailbox was overflowing with advertising – the only mail she was really interested in.  But this time she found a small bulging envelope in with her mail as well.  She could only hope she knew what was in it. 
Carrying everything back inside, she quickly attacked the small bulging mailer.  She found a small bottle of pills inside.  Yes!  Perfect!  Ignoring the ads that she usually couldn’t wait to look through, she attacked the box next.  All thoughts of reviewing those advertisements went quickly out of her head the moment she saw what the box contained.  It was here!  Finally!  Not only that, both items she had ordered were here together.  How perfect could it be?  If Marian didn’t get it into her head that she was nothing but a stupid ugly cow after this, then she didn’t know what she would do.
Completely excited, she grabbed the box and the pills and headed for her door… and stopped herself.  Marian and Sissy Phyllis were most likely still at work.  Darn!  She would have to wait.  She set everything back on the table, turned the fireplace video on for “atmosphere,” and made herself some dinner, all the while, desperately watching the clock.  What time were they going to get home tonight anyway?
As she sat down at the table to eat, she grabbed her notebook first.  She mostly knew what she wanted to do with Marian, but now she took the time to write it all down so she wouldn’t forget.  From her seat at the table, she could see the TV where the fireplace was still burning brightly.  Just looking at the thing seemed to calm her down and make her feel good.  It really was… elegant.  And so relaxing to watch.  She wondered if a real fireplace would be that relaxing.  She finished dinner with thoughts of the plum lipstick she had just bought again on her mind.  She would build an entire outfit around it tomorrow.  It would be so much fun!

Marian turned out the lights in the office and walked out into the hall.  But Phillip didn’t follow her.  She turned back to wait for him.  “Coming?”
Phillip had Dolly covering his diaper in front and his backpack covering him from behind.  “Is the coast clear?” he asked nervously.
Marian looked up and down the hallway.  “Just us,” she replied.
Phillip nervously stepped out into the hallway.  Nobody around and all was quiet.  He left Marian behind as he hurried down the hallway toward the elevators.  But when he got to where he had to turn down another hallway, he stopped and stuck just his head around the corner to check to see if he could see anyone.  Nobody.  Whew!  He didn’t move though until Marian had finally caught up with him.  Why couldn’t she hurry like he was?  He wanted to get out of the building and out of sight as fast as possible!  “Can you please try to hurry?” he said as soon as Marian had caught up with him.  And then he was off again, praying that nobody would see him.
“Not in these heels!” Marian called after him.  She was hurrying, just not as fast as he was.
They made it to the elevator just fine… with the exception of having to wait an eternity for an empty elevator to come up for them.  Phillip was relieved the minute they got into the elevator… but all too shortly, the door opened again when they reached the ground floor.  Once again, Phillip carefully kept his backpack covering his diapered butt behind him and Dolly covering his front as he glanced out at the open lobby.  It wasn’t totally deserted.  He could see two of the security guards and several other people on the other side of the lobby just talking.  It was a moment before he realized that Marian had stepped out of the elevator already and he was being left behind.  Having little choice, he hurried to catch up to her, trying to keep Marian between her and the other people still in the lobby.  He could just feel everyone’s eyes on him, even though he dared not look back to see.  It was a long walk across the empty parking lot to Marian’s car.  Why?  They had parked so close to the building this morning.  Lunch!  He remembered that Marian had gone out and gotten them lunch like she usually did. 
He turned his head and saw a few people watching him from further away in the parking lot.  He left Marian behind and ran for her car, even though he had to stand outside of it before she finally caught up to him.  As soon as she unlocked the doors, he couldn’t get into the car fast enough.  Whew!  He had no doubt that there would be more humiliating rumors about him floating around the company now… as if there weren’t enough already!
Marian mooed as she started the car.  “How about if I just go through the drive-thru on the way home tonight?  Would you like that?” she asked.
“Sounds good,” Phillip replied.  “Just as long as I don’t have to get out of the car!”

How long should she wait?  Vivian was getting anxious to get on with destroying Mooing Marian.  Not knowing, she finally picked up her phone and called Phillip’s cell.  “Where are you?” she asked the moment Phillip had answered.
Phillips diaper was already wet, but it almost became even wetter the moment he heard Mistress Vivian’s voice.  “We just left work and we’re about to stop and pick up something to eat,” he replied.
“Forget it!” Vivian told him.  “Just get home as soon as you can.  I’ll be there in a few minutes!”
Phillip and Marian looked at each other.   Trouble was written across both their faces. 

Vivian nearly caused a major accident because her mind was more on what she was about to do to Marian and less on her driving.  In fact, she never even noticed the two cars she had nearly driven off the road.  She was about to totally destroy Marian, and she couldn’t wait!  As soon as she had parked, she grabbed the large plastic bag that she had put the box in and hurried up to Phillip’s apartment.  It was Marian who opened the door for her this time, but Vivian didn’t care who opened the door, just so long as she could get in and on with her business as soon as possible. 
Phillip was still displaying his diaper when she walked into the living room.  With the doll in his arms and the now very wet diaper, he was a total joy for her eyes to behold.  “That diaper seems to suit you more than I thought it would,” she said with a broad smile on her face.  “Maybe I should never let you wear anything over top of them.  Wouldn’t that be a scream?”
Phillip figured that if she did that, the only one who would be screaming would be him!
Vivian turned back to Marian.  “Get undressed – now!” she commanded.  “I want you in nothing but those darling high heels you’re so fond of.”
Marian’s hands were removing the jacket she had worn all day, almost before she knew what she was doing.  There was no use even trying to not do whatever Vivian wanted.  Vivian had been there just the night before and replanted everything all too deeply into her head once again.  She simply had no choice.  In short order, Marian was once again naked and standing up against the wall where Vivian seemed to like to see her.  She wasn’t happy to see the absolutely wicked smile on Vivian’s face.  Her eyes kept glancing worriedly at the bag that Vivian had brought with her. 
Vivian noticed Marian looking at the bag.  Her face screwed up into the most wicked smile Marian had ever seen.  “That’s right, you stupid cow,” Vivian said.  “That’s for you.  Since you can’t seem to get it into your head that you’re nothing but a stupid, smelly, ugly cow, then I bought you something that will help make that fact much more clear for you.  And I have no doubt that a stupid cow like you will absolutely love this!”
She reached into the bag and pulled out the box… and Marian nearly died when she read what was printed on it:  Double Electric Breast Pump. 
“Aren’t you excited?” Vivian practically crowed.  “I got you your very own milking machine!  And since I used your credit card to buy it, I spared no expense to make sure I got you the very best!  This thing will make sure you produce every last drop of milk that you can… and I have no doubt that those ridiculous huge udders you have will produce plenty!”  Vivian couldn’t help herself, she broke out laughing as the look of horror stayed on Mooing Marian’s dumb face.  Priceless! 
Vivian turned to Phillip who was looking on with his eyes nearly popping out of his head.  “Get over here Sissy Phyllis, I have a job for you now.”
It was all Phillip could do to keep his thumb out of his mouth as he fearfully approached Vivian. 
Vivian placed her hand on Phillip’s shoulder.  “Sissy Phyllis, you are now Sissy Farmer Phyllis.  And Marian here is your cow.  And since she’s your cow, it’s going to be your responsibility to milk her every day… twice a day!”  She heard a gasp and noticed the look of increased horror on Marian’s face.  Delightful!  “And since Marian is nothing but a stupid cow, you’re going to have to do it all for her.”
“Please…”  The desperate word just seemed to slip out from Marian’s mouth. 
Vivian immediately turned to Marian.  Marian moos like a cow!”
Just that fast, Marian mooed, and once again found that she could only moo and couldn’t say anything else. 
Vivian turned back to Phillip.  “Now then, since I expect that you don’t know too much about milking cows, then I guess I’m going to have to help you figure this thing out.  Now open the box and take everything out of it.”
Marian could only stand there and moo while she watched Phillip and Vivian pull everything out of the box and begin reading the instructions.  She was horrified.  Totally horrified.  Of all the stupid indignant things she could think of, this had to be about the worst!  Vivian was indeed doing everything possible to turn her into a damn cow!  And worse, she knew that given enough time, her udders… her breasts actually would start to produce milk. 
Marian watched as Phillip assembled everything under the watchful eye of Vivian.  And she listened as Vivian explained how she wanted Phillip to go about doing it.  It was all pretty bad, and it got worse when Vivian turned to her again. 
“Marian,” Vivian said, “down on your knees!”  She watched as Marian dropped to her knees.  “Now Marian, since you’re nothing but a stupid cow, there’s no sense in you learning how to do any of this.  It’s your farmer’s responsibility to take care of all this for you, so you re to never lift a finger to take care of any of it.  Ever!  Understand?  You don’t do anything except to kneel there and be the stupid cow that you are!”
The moo that Marian let out wasn’t meant to me a moo of agreement, it was just one of many that forced its way out past her lips.  Marian had to kneel there while Vivian directed Phillip in just how he should do everything.  The device had two units with bottles attached connected by a bar.  There was a neck strap to help hold it all up and plenty of tubing connecting everything to the electric pump unit. 
Marian could only watch and moo as it was all carefully assembled, but she nearly started crying when Phillip was forced to hang the unit over her neck.  She hated the way the damn thing felt as it bumped against her breasts.  Her trepidation increased as Vivian herself plugged the pump into the wall, but when Vivian directed Phillip to put the units up against her breasts and make sure they were arranged properly, the long mournful moo she let out was the closest thing to a plea for mercy that she could utter.  But of course, nobody understood.  And when Phillip, still holding the units against her breasts, was told to switch the thing on and it came to life, Marian, let out an even bigger moo.  Her eyes went wide as the darn thing seemed to grab tightly onto both her breasts as the strong suction went into effect. 
“Now see here, Sissy Phyllis,” Vivian said, “this thing has several different modes of operation.  Right now we just have it set on express, but I think that as a cow, Marian would much more appreciate setting it so that it cycles between her udders.” 
With that, Vivian pressed a button on the pump and Marian felt the suction change from being constant on both breasts, to a large increase on one and then a large increase on the other.  Back and forth, yet there was still suction on each breast. 
“And see here, Sissy Phyllis, you can even adjust the strength of the suction and the speed of the cycling.”
Marian suddenly felt the cycling between her breasts speeding up – much faster.  And as her eyes were going even wider at what was happening to her, she felt the suction increase.  She let out another loud mournful moo.  She was actually grateful when Vivian turned the cycling speed down to slow, but she noticed that she didn’t turn down the strength of the suction at all.
“I think that until your cow actually starts producing plenty of milk, Sissy Phyllis, you should keep it on a setting something like this to help her produce more milk as soon as possible.  I know you want Marian to be the best milk cow she can possibly be.”  With that, Vivian broke out laughing.  She backed away and watched as Marian, total horror still written all over her face, was forced to kneel there and be milked like the stupid cow that she really was.  It was priceless!  Absolutely priceless!
And then Vivian thought of something even better.  “Marian, since you’ve got nothing better to do with your hands. I want you to stick one finger from each hand into that cunt of yours and play with yourself.”
“Mooooo!” Marian bellowed as she found herself trying to get a finger from each hand into herself.  “Moooo!”
Vivian was laughing almost uncontrollably now.  It was perfect!  Mooing Marian was now and forever going to be nothing but a stupid ugly cow!  With the excitement racing through her like she had never felt, she pulled her pants and panties off as fast as she could and settled herself on the couch where she could perfectly see Mooing Marian.  “Sissy Phyllis!  Get your tongue over here right now.  And hurry!”  Her first orgasm came fast and it came strong.  She almost didn’t need Phillips tongue at all.  But it did make everything so much better.  And all Vivian could think was… “Oh God!  Life is so wonderful!”
Surprisingly, it was the constant mooing that was keeping Marian sane.  If it wasn’t for that, she was sure her eyes would be rolling up into the back of her head as the constant cycling of the pump pulled and stretched her nipples endlessly… and her fingers down in her cunt tried to do something that she knew would never happen.  And watching Vicious Vivian having orgasm after orgasm while laughing at her only wanted to make Marian crawl off somewhere and die.  But she was stuck right where she was, unable to move from the spot until Vivian decided to release her.
Finally she saw Vivian push Phillip away from her, but the vicious glee on Vivian’s face hadn’t changed much at all. 
“Having fun there you stupid cow?” Vivian asked. 
Marian could only let out another moo in reply, which only made Vivian laugh again.  Vivian picked up Marian’s blouse and used it to wipe herself somewhat clean before she dressed herself again.  Marian noticed though that she was taking her sweet time about just pulling her panties and pants on.  She had been all too quick to shed them earlier. 
Vivian watched Marian’s nipples being pulled out over and over again by the suction.  But finally, Vivian decided that she had to move on with things.  “Okay, Sissy Phyllis, shut that thing off for now, but leave it around her neck.” 
Marian was so relieved when the pumping ended.  Her nipples tingled horribly.  She had no doubt they were probably numb. 
Marian sucks her thumb,” Vivian said quickly, and before Marian knew what was happening, her thumb was coming up to her mouth and her eyes were closing as she relaxed into a trance.
Phyllis sucks her thumb,” Vivian said to Phillip next.  And just as Marian had done, Phillip now sat sucking his thumb in a deep trance.
“Beautiful!” Vivian exclaimed.  “Now listen up you two.  From now on Sissy Phyllis, you’re going to milk your cow twice a day, every day!  No exceptions.  It’s dangerous for a milk cow to go without being milked.  So you make sure you do it every single day – twice a day.  I want you to milk her at six o’clock in the morning, and again at six o’clock every night.  You two are going to have to make sure you get out of work every day early enough to make sure that you stick to that strict schedule.  I want Marian milked for at least half an hour each time until she starts producing lots of milk.  And when she does start producing, you keep milking her until she’s completely dry – no matter how long it takes.  If she starts producing more milk than those little bottles can hold, you can change out the bottles and then start milking her again until she’s got nothing left.  With udders like hers, I expect she’s going to be able to produce a bucket load in no time at all!  She’s not to come off that machine until she’s dry, and at least half an hour has passed!”
Vivian turned more towards Marian.  “Marian, whenever it’s milking time for you, you won’t be able to make any other sound than to moo like the stupid cow that you are.  You will automatically go into mooing mode until you’re done being milked and Farmer Phyllis here has removed your milking machine from your neck.  You will always be naked except for your shoes and you will always be down on your knees when he milks you.  You can’t do anything at all to help or hinder Sissy Phyllis here from milking you!  You just need to kneel there and be the stupid cow that you are.  And since you’ve got nothing better to do with your hands during that time, then you might as well uselessly play with yourself like you did today.  I know how much you enjoy that!”
Vivian went to her purse and pulled out the bottle of pills that had come in the mail.  “Marian, since I know how much you want your udders to start producing milk, I also went and bought you some pills to help.  The drug is called Domperidone and it’s supposed to make you start producing milk really fast.  You will take one of these pills four times a day without fail until they are gone!  From what I read, you should start seeing results within a few days, but evidently it doesn’t take maximum effect for two or three weeks.  I got you a full thirty day supply of the pills so you should have plenty to get your milk producing up to full capacity.  And producing milk is the only useful thing that any stupid cow can ever do!”
She looked at her two playthings, still sitting on the floor sucking their thumbs like infants.  Infants with infant brains!  “Wake up!  Both of you!”
Marian opened her eyes and pulled her thumb out of her mouth… and felt something hit her.  She looked down to see a bottle of pills on the floor.  Vivian had simply thrown the bottle at her. 
“Make sure you start taking those things tonight!” Vivian ordered.  Then she smiled wickedly again before adding, “Have fun my little idiots!”  With her wicked smile still plastered to her face, she walked out to go home.
Marian slumped down onto the floor – and mooed.  Phillip stared at her for a few minutes before he crawled over to her and pulled the milking machine off of her neck. 
“Thanks,” Marian managed to say.  Her hands came up to her breasts.  Her nipples were so sore! 
“Can that really make you start producing… milk?” Phillip asked.
“Just like a cow,” Marian replied somewhat despondently.  “Even without those pills, it would eventually get my milk flowing.  But I’ve known some women who have used the pills so they could help nurse babies, and evidently, they work pretty well.”  She closed her eyes and laid flat on the floor as her hands cupped her tender nipples.
“Are you okay?” Phillip asked.
Marian rolled her eyes.  “I think I need a long hot bath!”
“Huh!  Take all the time you need.  I won’t be going in there.”
Marian did her best to sit up.  She looked at Phillip.  “Why don’t you let me change that diaper you’re wearing first?  It looks to me like you’ve wet it a few more times since Vivian got here.”

Vivian was in heaven.  She was positively delighted with herself.  She had done it!  She had finally come up with a way to put stupid Marian in her place – and keep her there!  Mooing Marian would soon be fit for nothing other than living in a barn!  She laughed at the idea of seeing Marian, naked except for her crazy high heels, living in a barn with a bunch of real cows.  Ha!  It would serve her right!  It was really all she was good for!
As soon as she got home, she turned her wonderful fireplace on again while she finally got around to checking the latest sales ads.  And that night she went to bed a very happy woman – where she dreamed all night long about putting her outfit for work together around the plum colored lipstick she had bought earlier.