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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 14 Part 3 of 3

By Karen Singer

Chapter 14 Part 3 of 3

Since Marian had driven to work, and now she couldn’t speak, Phillip was forced to get out of the car and go into the fast food restaurant to get some dinner for them.  He knew they needed to go grocery shopping or something, but they just hadn’t had the time.  He wasn’t looking forward to going home at all… but he also wasn’t looking forward to going into the restaurant either.  He didn’t have much of a choice.  The drive thru was totally out.  Not only was Marian driving, but her constant mooing wouldn’t let them use the speaker system very well.  So Phillip had little choice but to humiliate himself horribly by going into the place to get their dinner.
With his purse slung over his shoulder, the same arm that held Dolly, he nervously left the car and walked the short distance to the doors… and inside.  The moment he entered, he saw heads starting to turn in his direction.  He wanted to turn and run… but he stayed.  He had been brave earlier.  No doubt there would now be a lot of times in the future when he would have to be brave.  He headed for the counter where all three girls behind it were staring at him in wide-eyed amazement.  “Um… can I order something?” he asked when none of them seemed to move to help him.  It didn’t help when all three started laughing at him.  He felt his red face turning even redder. 
“Can I help you,” one of the girls finally said, although she was laughing even as she said it.  “That’s a real sweet doll you have there, by the way.”
Phillip did his best to ignore her and ordered what he wanted.  He also ordered something he thought Marian would like as well.  Fishing into his purse and trying to get his money out of his new wallet was a whole new bundle of humiliation for him.  But he managed it… eventually.  He had to wait for his order of course.  Fortunately it was late enough that nobody else was at the counter ordering anything.  The minute he could grab the bag of food and get out of there, he was gone!  He hurried back to the car, wishing he’d never have to go through that again… and knowing he would undoubtedly have to do it again… probably many times.
As Marian drove the short distance back to his apartment, he was dreading getting home more and more.  Since he had a feeling he wouldn’t be feeling much like eating later, he did his best to shove French fries into his mouth before they got home.

Marian was going berserk.  Since the moment Vivian had woken her up, she hadn’t been able to stop mooing.  As hard as she tried to fight it, she literally couldn’t go a full ten seconds without mooing.  It was getting very tiresome and irritating.  Like a cough you just couldn’t get rid of.  But there was no cough syrup she could buy to stop her mooing!  She tried and tried to fight it… but to no avail.  And each time she even thought about fighting it, she could almost feel the dark cloud of all that pain she would endure, lingering all too close.  It was still too soon after Vivian had deepened that trance and put everything into her brain again.  She had no choice but to keep mooing and mooing like… she didn’t know what! 
As she drove the short distance back to the apartment, she saw Phillip already eating some of the fries out of the bag.  She had heard what Vivian demanded that he do.  She didn’t know how he was going to manage that little feat, but she also knew that she was going to have no choice but to stand by and just watch the whole proceeding while Phillip did his best to continually hurt himself.  She felt very sorry for Phillip just then.  As bad as her punishment was, his would be that much worse!

Phillip hesitated before actually entering his apartment.  He was really dreading what was supposed to happen.  Was there any chance at all that it wouldn’t?  Any chance that he could fight it?  He seriously hoped so.  He cautiously took a step inside.  So far, so good.  He kept going, heading for the kitchen where he could put down the bag of food.  Marian was still mooing away behind him. 
He reached the kitchen just fine and set the bag of food on the table.  He set his purse down beside it.  He set Dolly down there as well.  And he immediately pulled the zipper down on the side of his red Capri pants and quickly dropped them to the floor.  There was just no stopping it… no fighting it.  He had to do it… he just had to!  His panties were lowered all the way only a second later.  His right hand was already beginning to manipulate his penis before he managed to get his panties all the way off.  He quickly glanced at his kitchen clock as he began to stimulate himself toward an orgasm.  Marian’s mooing seemed to suddenly turn more distressful. He ignored her as he now single mindedly went to work.
He knew every little thing he had ever done to himself before to achieve what Vivian demanded that he try for, so it took almost no time before his little penis started to grow.  And the moment it did, panic seemed to hit him.  He was suddenly searching furiously around the kitchen for something to punish himself with. 
“Mooo!” Marian bellowed, trying to warn him or stop him or something, but she discovered that she could do nothing but watch him… and moo.
Phillip desperately searched the counters for something… but he found nothing.  He began pulling drawers open.  And the first drawer he pulled out was the silverware drawer.
“Moooo!” Marian bellowed, fearful of what he might find in there to use.
Phillip was about to close that drawer, when his eyes fell on the knives from his silverware set.  He quickly grabbed one.  It was heavy.  It was solid stainless steel so it was very hard.  And he knew without a doubt, that it would hurt when he hit himself with it.  He hurried back over toward the table.
“Mooo!” Marian bellowed in alarm, trying uselessly to get him to stop.  But her mooing fell on deaf ears.  She watched in horror as Phillip set his penis right on top of the edge of the table.  The knife he held wasn’t sharp, but it still had enough of an edge to do some horrible damage.  And then she watched as he reversed the knife in his hand, holding it by the blade, and all too quickly, raised the thing up and even more quickly, brought the heavy metal handle down on top of his already flaccid and shrunken penis.  And there was no doubt at all that he brought that knife handle down hard!
“Aaahh!” Phillip screamed, tilting his head back at the pain.  But as he was bringing his head forward again, his hand set the knife on the table, while his other hand was already grabbing his penis to play with it again. 
It took longer this time, but not long enough before his penis once again started to grow.  And the moment it did, he found himself laying the thing flat on the table and pounding on it with the knife handle to make it soft again.  The pain was bad… very, very bad, he hit himself five times before he was fully soft… only to find himself immediately trying to make it hard all over again.  How was he going to endure two hours of this?
While Phillip was busy trying to make himself hard again, Marian had a small idea.  Not only was Phillip hurting his penis, the knife blade, as dull as it was, was hurting his hand.  She could see that as he flexed his hand a few times after hitting himself.  She couldn’t do anything to help him as far as him punishing his penis, but could she do something else to help him?  She chanced trying to grab the knife, and was happy to discover that she could.
“Don’t!” Phillip said as she took it.
She wanted some way to tell him she would bring it right back, but as usual, all that came out was another moo.
She grabbed his dishtowel and wrapped it around the knife blade… then thinking better of the idea, she stretched it out over the handle as well.  The dishtowel would keep it from hurting his hand… and wrapped over the handle as well should fix it so that it wouldn’t hurt him as badly.  She brought it back and set it on the table. 
“Thanks,” Phillip said gratefully as he worked away at himself.  It took him even longer this time before he started to get hard.  And the moment he did, he grabbed the towel wrapped knife… he hit himself once with the thing… and then he stopped.  His hands quickly pulled at the towel until the entire handle of the thing was once again exposed.  Then with the towel only protecting the blade, he brought the handle down again and again on his poor hurting penis, punishing it, punishing himself, for having anything at all to do with thwarting Mistress Vivian’s plans. 
Marian watched in horror as Phillip exposed the steel handle of the knife… and then brought it down on his penis again and again.  She tried to imagine the pain he was feeling.  She thought she could, but since she was a woman and didn’t have that particular organ, she could only imagine that kind of pain.  But she knew perfectly well how sensitive her late husband’s penis had been.  She also knew that she would go crazy if she ever hit her finger that hard.  So what kind of pain was he enduring… and continuing to endure?
She watched as each time he tried to manipulate himself, the process took longer and longer.  She was actually glad for that.  Watching him hit himself that hard was almost traumatic for her.  By the end of the first hour, he had been crying for a long while.  Tears of pain streamed down his face.  Yet he was compelled to keep at it.  It had been a long time now since he had hit himself.  A long time.  She was starting to hope that he could make it through the entire next hour without having to hit himself again.  His penis was all red and a little bit swollen.  But that swelling had nothing at all to do with sexual gratification.  She realized that the periods between his getting hard and punishing himself were getting further and further apart.  That alone was saving him… somewhat.
And then it happened.
Phillip was in pain.  Bad pain.  But he had no choice but to keep trying to bring himself to orgasm – an orgasm that he knew he’d never have because the moment his sore penis started to react, he would be pounding that reaction right back out of it again.  He felt the excitement starting to grow within him again – he both needed it and dreaded it.  The excitement grew and he watched his red and sore flaccid penis carefully, knowing that the moment it began to grow he would be punishing himself again for his part in what they did to Mistress Vivian.  But his excitement continued to grow… and his penis didn’t!  His heightened excitement only made him want that impossible release all that much more, but even without that inspiration, he wouldn’t have been able to stop manipulating his overly sore penis anyway.  His excitement grew and grew, and his penis didn’t.  His excitement finally reached that point where it felt like most of the muscles in his body locked up as his hand continued to pressure him over the brink… and he watched in amazement as his tiny, totally flaccid penis, squirted sperm all over the top of the table.  He had reached an orgasm, and his penis had not grown one tiny bit!  He looked up at Marian who was mooing at him in what he thought was probably amazement.  At least, that’s what he was feeling… not to mention the pain of his hand continuing to massage his very, very sore penis. 
Marian had never seen anything like it.  Phillip had actually climaxed, and his penis hadn’t done anything other than to spurt the sperm out.  And she was really, really happy for him.  She mooed over and over again her delight for him.  Now if his little penis would just stay that little for just a while more!  It was beginning to look more and more hopeful.
She started watching the clock more than he did.  The time was ticking down but his penis remained just as it was.  She could see Phillip though showing more and more stress.  She figured that his red penis had to be awfully sore from all that non-stop manipulation.  With still five minutes to go, she went to his refrigerator and pulled out an ice tray.  His refrigerator didn’t dispense crushed ice through the door like hers did.  It didn’t even have a water dispenser.  The cheap model only had old fashioned ice cube trays.  Her old refrigerator was something else that she missed a lot!  She found a zip lock bag and dumped the entire tray of ice into it.  She brought it back to the table and watched as he kept at it for the last full minute… his eyes never once leaving the clock. 
The minute the time was up, his hand left his organ, and she saw him nearly collapse.  She ran to catch him, but he had caught himself on the table.  She mooed and held the ice bag out to him. 
Phillip shook his head and waved the ice away.  “No,” he gasped.  “I hurt too much.”  The only reply he got was another moo.  And then he felt Marian grabbing him.  Pulling him.  He was too weak not to go with her.  She pulled him all the way into the living room where she sat at the end of the couch, one leg extended down the length of it.  She pulled on him… pulling him backwards and down onto the couch… into her lap.  He let himself go.  He was too tired to resist.  His damn penis was too sore to touch.  He just wanted to let the open air hit it for a while.
“Mooo!” Marian said to him, trying her best to comfort him.  She pulled his head backwards to lay against her shoulder.  And she was glad when he let her.  She held him with one arm, while her other arm brought the ice up to his sore penis. 
“No!” Phillip said quickly, his head coming back up and his hand brushing the ice bag away.
“Mooo!” replied Marian and she again pulled his head back and put the ice up against him.  This time he let her.  She held him, doing her best to show every bit of compassion for him that she could… despite the constant mooing she was doing.  She held him.  And hugged him.  And kissed the top of his head. 

“Hi Felicia?  It’s Heather.”
“Heather?  What’s up?”  Felicia couldn’t believe that Heather, of all people, would be calling her!
“Um…” Heather started, searching for the best way to explain her dilemma.  “I kind of discovered something tonight and I don’t know what to do about it.”
“So why are you calling me?”
“It’s just that, well, next to Vivian, I think you’ve got the most seniority at work and…”
“Seniority?  What does that have to do with anything?  If this is something about work, why not go to Marian, she’s the Supervisor.”
“I can’t!  It’s about her… and Phillip… and Vivian too!”
Felicia’s head suddenly went spinning.  “Say what?”
Heather did her best to explain everything she had seen and heard.  Then she finished by saying, “I just don’t know what to do about it!  Do I go to HR, or security, or what?  I have no idea!”
Felicia was still too stunned by everything that Heather had just told her to know how to reply.  Vivian had somehow managed to hypnotize Marian and was now controlling her and Phillip. And she more than suspected that Heather was right about Marian’s high heels and now short skirts.  “Um… listen Heather.  Let me think about this.  This is pretty big and we don’t want to make any mistakes here.  You were probably right to call me about it.  Let me handle it from here and don’t say anything about this to anyone. Got that?  Mum’s the word!  To everyone!”
Heather was just relieved that she had done right and passed the information on to someone who could actually do something.  “Sure, Felicia. Thanks so much.  I just didn’t know what to do!”
“Well, I’ve got it now,” Felicia told her, “and I’ll take care of it.”  She said her goodbyes and hung up her phone.  What had crazy Vivian gone and done now? 
She actually had to sit and think about the astonishing things Heather had just told her.  And primarily on her mind, was that it was Vivian who was making Phillip do all those really humiliating things.  She didn’t care as much about Marian, and she had no idea what Vivian was doing with her, but she knew that Vivian shared her hatred for Phillip.  He should have never been moved into their department.  He was the reason that Maria had gotten fired!  She missed talking with Maria at work!  She hadn’t even been able to even call her since she had been kicked out. 
She didn’t know what part Marian played in any of this, but there was no doubt about one thing, if Vivian was getting back at that little squirt Phillip, then she wanted in!
She picked up her phone and called Vivian.
Vivian had just gotten home when she heard her cell phone ringing.  She had been out to another sale, but hadn’t found anything she wanted to buy… so disappointing.  She hurried to pull her phone out of her purse.  “Hello?”
“Vivian!” Felicia exclaimed.  “I just heard about what you’re doing with Marian and Phillip!”
Vivian nearly hit the floor!

Marian held Phillip for a long time.  She felt his body relax more and more against her… letting the pain go… letting the tension and stress go as well.  It felt so good to hold someone again.  Very good.  It had been a long time now since her husband had died.  She was no longer holding the ice against him.  She had for a while, and then he had pulled it away and she had dropped it on the floor.  Now she held him with both arms, and did her best to moo softly, which was nearly impossible for her.  Her throat was starting to get sore, but she didn’t want to stop holding him.  So good.  So nice.
She finally felt him stir, and try to sit up.  She let him.  But even as the intimate contact was lost, she longed for it again. 
“I gotta pee,” Phillip said as he got to his feet.  He turned back to her.  He wanted to say his thanks, but he remained silent.  A moment later, he turned and headed for the bathroom. 
Marian watched him go.  She got up and found the drink Phillip had bought for her.  It felt very, very good against her overworked throat. 
Phillip came back to the kitchen, still naked from the waist down.  He pulled his panties on, and immediately pulled them away from his still sore and red penis.  “Damn!” he exclaimed.  He pulled the panties off again.  “I may have to go naked for a little while,” he told her.
Marian only mooed that she didn’t care.
Phillip nodded as if he understood.  And it was only then that his eyes fell to the table… where he stared in amazement at Dolly… who was still lying there untouched!  He had spent all that time in the living room – in Marian’s arms… and never once thought of Dolly.  But seeing the dolly suddenly made him yearn for it.  He reached out and picked it up.  Something inside of him felt better the moment he did. 
He stood there cradling Dolly to his chest as he looked at Marian and watched her mooing every few seconds.  “I wish there was something I could do for you,” he told her.  “Some way I could help you.”
Marian smiled the moment she finished letting out another moo.  She held her drink up, trying to tell him that the cold liquid was all she needed. 
Phillip wasn’t sure though what she was trying to tell her.  He had an idea.  “Wait a minute,” he said, “this is stupid.  I’ll be right back.”  He hurried to his desk and found a notepad and a pen and brought them back to Marian.  “Here,” he said, “try writing what you want to say.”
Marian shook her head vehemently.  And waved the pen and paper away.  She mooed again and grabbed his arm, trying to get him to follow her.  She headed for his desk and pointed at his computer, trying to indicate that she wanted him to boot it up and log into it.  Fortunately, he got the message.  The moment she could, she opened up the simple notepad program on his computer and began typing.

From now on, whenever we can’t speak normally, we also can’t write anything down where someone might possibly find it and read it.  From now on, we have to only communicate like this where we can delete everything that we say so nobody will possibly know!

“Why?” Phillip asked.

Because of Vivian!  We don’t want to take a chance on her knowing anything.

Phillip shook his head.  “I’ve learned my lesson!  I’m not going to do anything against her again!”

You’re not!  I am!  I’m going to destroy her in such a way that neither of us will have to ever worry about her again.

Phillip worriedly shook his head.  “I don’t like it.”
Marian tried to smile, but the effect was ruined by another moo.  She started typing again.

Don’t worry!  She’ll never know.

Phillip shook his head and walked away, heading back to the kitchen.  He was getting hungry.  He was glad though when Marian joined him a few minutes later.  He was very worried about more reprisal from Vivian!

Later that night, Marian did her best to ignore her mooing and also put whatever else Vivian had planned for revenge against her out of her mind.  She set up her computer and pulled up the folder titled, “Truth Hurts.”  The file name on the program she was working on bore the same name.  A little while later, she realized that Phillip was leaning over her shoulder, watching what she was doing. 
“Is there some way I can help?” Phillip asked.
Marian mooed again, then quickly brought up her notepad program and typed.

I thought you didn’t want to have any part in this.

Phillip shrugged.  “She’s hurting both of us… and you lost your entire house!”
Marian nodded… and mooed again.  And started typing.

I don’t know what you can do right now.

Then she stopped and waved her hand so he would ignore that. She quickly deleted what she had written and typed:

I just thought of something important. And I really need a man to do it for me!  I can’t do it myself!

 “A man?” Phillip asked.  “Do I still qualify?”
Marian smiled, and mooed, and typed.

You more than qualify!  What I really need is a letter written in a man’s handwriting.  I’m afraid my writing would never do.

“I guess I can do that,” Phillip replied.  “Who’s the letter to?”


“You?  You want me to write you a letter?”

You’ve got it.

“Okay, but it sounds dumb!”

Not at all.  And I’m even going to tell you exactly what to write.

A few minutes later, Marian typed out word for word what she wanted the letter to say.  And then Phillip carefully copied it in his own handwriting. 
“Are you sending this tonight?” he asked.

Not till tomorrow.  I’ve still got to finish here and then I need to do some things with it at work.

“And this is really going to take care of Vivian?”

This is just the start.  But hopefully it will work.  Actually, it’s one big crap shoot.  But it’s worth the try. 

“Why can’t you be sure that it will work?”
Marian considered that carefully before she typed her reply.

Lots of reasons!  But the biggest one is that I think that Vivian is totally insane.  And that alone is cause for concern, because Vivian is now capable of doing anything!  Absolutely anything!


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