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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 15

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 15

“Marian!” . . .  “Marian!”  Phillip shook the sleeping woman to wake her.  The apartment had been blessedly silent when he woke up.  He had fallen asleep very late listening to the constant mooing coming from the poor tortured woman in his living room.  He was very surprised that she had stopped mooing and had gotten any sleep at all.  “Marian!” he called one more time, shaking her again.
Marian startled awake, and her body seemed to wretch forward as she suddenly let out another loud moo… almost as if she was regurgitating it.  She laid back again in total misery as the urge to moo came over her again all too quickly.  She was amazed that she had fallen asleep.  Did she moo even while she was sleeping?  She hoped not, but managing to ask Phillip that was out of the question just then.
“I’m done in the bathroom,” he told her.  “I let you sleep as long as I could.”
She nodded, even as she mooed again.  She had fallen asleep with her robe wrapped around her.  She pulled it tighter as sat up and buckled her high heeled shoes onto her feet.  Only then did she make her way directly to the bathroom, mooing twice before she got there.  Her hand almost automatically found the place where it shouldn’t have gone the moment she sat down to pee, but she was so tired that the small effort did nothing at all so she didn’t waste any more time with it.
Her shower was the best thing she had felt in a while.  Her mooing became moos of pleasure for a few brief moments as the shower helped to somewhat revive her.  When she got out of the bathroom, she found Phillip again struggling with his bra.  This time he had it on over his shoulders and was struggling to fasten it behind him.  “Moo,” she said to him… even though in the midst of all her other mooing, it meant nothing to him.  She grabbed the ends of his bra and fastened it for him.
“Thanks,” he said.
Marin only mooed her acknowledgement as she turned to figure out what she was going to wear.
Thirty minutes later, she and Phillip had both finished the little bit of cereal that had been left in the box and Marian had consumed two glasses of ice water to ease her tired throat.  She helped him with his hair, putting a blue bow in it this time to go with the mostly blue outfit he had on – long pants today… even if they were women’s slacks.  She looked longingly for a few moments at the pretty black shoes he was wearing with the bow decorations.  Her new black high heels weren’t nearly so comfortable – even if they were a lot better than most of the shoes she was allowed to wear now.
She again drove them to work, her mooing catching the attention of the security guard who started to see if something was wrong.  Phillip fortunately waved him away as if it was all a big joke.  She mooed her thanks to Phillip, although she wasn’t be sure if he understood.

Vivian’s brain was working as fast as it could.  Ever since Felicia had phoned her last night and told her that she knew… and so did Heather… Vivian had been going crazy.  But other than a very brief rundown of what was happening, Felicia had refused to talk about it anymore last night.  If it wasn’t for the few things she had told her, Vivian wouldn’t have believed that she really knew anything.  How had Heather found out?  Had that stupid cow Marian somehow found a way to tell her?  And why Heather?  Or was it possible that stupid Sissy Phillip had told her?  That was more likely!  He sat right in front of her.  The two were probably in cahoots together somehow!  Well, she would show them both a thing or two!  Right after she had a good long talk with Felicia!  And Felicia was supposed to be her friend?  Ha!
She was early getting to work again, not only because of all her worry, but because she knew it would be better to stop Mooing Marian’s mooing before anyone else caught her.  The sound of Marian’s mooing from halfway up the hallway was nothing but music to her ears.  Such a beautiful sound!  And she hated cows!  Her damn Grandfather’s farm in Wisconsin had been loaded with them.  As far as she was concerned, they were all filthy, smelly, totally stupid beasts!  And her grandfather always smelled terribly of them… even after he had taken a shower.  Ugh!
She walked into the room, her entrance heralded by another loud moo from Marian.  “Have a nice evening?” she asked, all too pleasantly and viciously at the same time.
Marian slumped over toward her desk as the constant urge to moo finally left her.  Phillip unconsciously reached for Dolly and hugged her to his chest in fear as Vivian walked from the front of the room to her desk.
Vivian set her purse down and looked at both of them.  There was no doubt about the fear in Phillip’s eyes.  Marian simply looked worn out!  She turned her delight on Phillip first as she walked the short distance over to him.  “How would you like me to take that silly thing in your pants out for a bit and play with it?  Would you like that?”
Phillip gasped in fear as he tried to shrink back even more. 
“What’s the matter?  You act like you’re hurting or something!”  Phillip only nodded nervously… which sent Vivian into peals of laughter.  She headed for Marian next.  “And you, you stupid cow, you look like you didn’t sleep at all last night!  What’s the matter, not in the mooooood to sleep?”  She saw Marian roll her eyes at the joke.  Vivian just laughed again.  “You’re not saying much anymore Marian?  Do you need me to help you get into the mooood again?”
Marian shook her head.  “Please no!” she managed to get out.  While her voice wasn’t exactly hoarse, it did sound very tired.
“Hopefully, the two of you will think twice now about doing anything but what I want from now on!”  Vivian headed for her desk and booted up her computer.  And a moment later, two of the other women walked in.  Vivian wondered what would have happened if she hadn’t been early today and they had walked in to find Marian mooing away like crazy.  Of course Marian had been programmed to stop the moment they walked in, but they still would have heard her.  But Vivian did sort of like the idea of it anyway and was tempted to try it sometime in the future.  But doing anything like that right now was simply dangerous to her plans… and she had enough problems now with Felicia and Heather. 
She saw Heather come in along with a few of the other women.  She purposely tried to not pay any more attention to her than to the others.  Where was Felicia?  Damn that woman could be so late sometimes!  Her nerves were starting to get the better of her when Felicia finally entered, a good two seconds before she would have been considered late!  Vivian stared hard at her the entire time Felicia put her purse away and booted up her computer.  The damn woman was ignoring her!
A few minutes later, Vivian got an email from Felicia:  How did you do it?  Heather said she saw you hypnotize both Phillip and Marian.  She saw them both sucking their thumbs last night! 
Vivian read the short email.  Heather had actually seen her last night?  So it wasn’t either Phillip or Marian that was to blame.  Why hadn’t Heather said anything at the time?  Vivian typed back:  She actually saw me?  How much did she see?
Felicia’s reply was all too short:  From what she described on the phone, everything!
That didn’t sound good at all to Vivian.  She asked her next question:  Why didn’t she tell Management?
Felicia didn’t want to spend all day answering little questions about this.  She sent another quick reply:  She didn’t know who to go to so she contacted me for advice.  Stop asking about it now.  I want to talk about it with you after work instead.
After work?  Vivian wasn’t about to wait that long for answers.  No, I need to know now!
But Felicia’s only reply was the same thing:  Not till after work when we can talk alone somewhere!  Now stop emailing me.  I have work to do and so do you!
Vivian didn’t want to wait until after work.  That was a long time away.  Why couldn’t Felicia just answer her questions?  Hating the situation she started surfing the net again.  She had nothing better to do.

It was a very long day for Marian since she was so tired.  Over and over again she headed out to the elevators to relieve her mooing urge.  Occasionally she went nearly crazy when someone else was already in the elevator, but mostly they were empty. 
At lunchtime, she went out to get lunch for both herself and Phillip, but she made a side stop along the way at an office supply store where she bought a package of DVD labels and a DVD mailing envelope.  While they were eating lunch, she had Phillip address the envelope to her at her old townhouse address.  Using the office printer, she created a label for the DVD she had created and made ten copies of it.  One of those labels she attached to the DVD before putting it in the envelope and sealing it.  She glued what she hoped was more than enough postage stamps onto the envelope and carried it down to the mail room where employees were allowed to send out their personal mail as long as it was properly addressed and stamped.  With that taken care of, she could only hope that her idea would work.  Most of the women were back in the office by the time she returned.

Halfway through the afternoon, Vivian sent Felicia another email:  Where do you want to talk?
Felicia soon returned a reply:  How about your apartment?  It’s closer than mine.
Vivian quickly typed back:  Fine!  But I moved last weekend.  You’ll have to follow me to my new place.
That was news to Felicia.  It wasn’t like Vivian to not tell her something like that!  She typed back:  I can’t wait to see it!  She only hoped that it was better than Vivian’s last apartment.  That place was a dump!

By the time everyone left for the day, Marian could only think of curling up in a ball somewhere and falling asleep – for the next century or two. 
Eventually, everyone left to go home, and she and Phillip trudged wearily back to the office to keep working, but only for a little while.  “I’m just too tired,” Marian finally declared.
“Me too,” Phillip agreed.
Five minutes later, they were both heading home… stopping briefly at a fast food drive thru where Marian managed to order their dinner without mooing.  They both knew they should have stopped for some groceries as well, but neither of them felt up to it.  The two of them went home where they ate, and collapsed in front of the TV for a while… both of them doing their best to ignore the occasional mooing that Marian continued to do.

Felicia didn’t know where Vivian was going, and following her erratic driving was somewhat of a chore.  She counted herself lucky that she managed to follow her all the way to a fairly nice looking apartment project – certainly a lot better than her last place.  But when Vivian turned away from the apartments at the very back of the area, Felicia was suddenly confused.  She was even more confused when she pulled up in front of a very nice looking townhouse a few minutes later.  She parked, wondering what Vivian was doing there.  She knew Vivian’s spending habits pretty well.  How could Vivian afford a place like this?  “This is your new place?” she asked the moment she got out of her car.
“Isn’t it fantastic?” Vivian replied as she took her key out and unlocked the door.
“How can you afford it?  I mean, there’s even a lake out back!”
“Actually,” Vivian replied, “it’s not costing me anything at all to live here.”
“How’s that?” Felicia asked, thinking she had heard wrong.
“It used to be Marian’s place.  Now it’s mine.”
Felicia was really confused now, especially since her eyes were raking everything in as she walked into the townhouse.  It looked really nice!  “Marian’s place?” she asked, not understanding the situation.
“I got evicted from my old apartment since they’re tearing the place down,” Vivian explained as she set her purse down.  “And I really liked this place.  So I moved stupid Marian out of it and into Phillips apartment with him.  And I moved into here.  And the best part of it is, I’m still letting her pay the expenses!”
Felicia was shocked.  “Vivian!  You can’t do that!”
“Well I did it,” Vivian replied proudly.  “And I think it’s worked out very well.  Want to see the upstairs?”
As Felicia tentatively followed Vivian up the steps, her only thought was that something major had snapped in Vivian’s brain!  She decided very quickly that she would get what she wanted as far as that shithead Phillip was concerned, and then she was going to do her best to keep as much distance from Vivian from now on as she possibly could!  Vivian was crazy!  Much more so than she had ever been!

The TV show ended, and Marian mooed again.  She was really tired of doing that.  It had to stop!  And she knew from experience now that stopping it meant that she would have to conquer the pain that Vivian had inflicted in her first.  And that part scared her!  The pain had been unimaginable and she wasn’t looking forward to dealing with it again.  Should she try to conquer it now?  Had it been long enough since Vivian had taken her so deeply into a trance and then instilled it all into her mind again?  Was she too tired?  She put off trying, only because she was simply too tired to try to deal with it just then.  Maybe later tonight she’d feel up to it more.  But one thing was for sure – the mooing had to stop!

“Now,” Vivian said as she and Felicia carried glasses of Marian’s wine out to the patio to sit in the lounge chairs there, “what exactly did Heather tell you?”
Felicia sat down and took a sip of the wine.  Then she did her best to relate everything that Heather had told her over the phone last night. 
“Damn!” Vivian exclaimed.  “She saw all that?”
“Sounds like it,” Felicia agreed.
“I need to figure out a way to shut her up!”
Felicia leaned toward Vivian a bit.  “I can handle that for you.”
Vivian was surprised.  “You?  You’re going to help me?”
“That depends,” Felicia replied.
“On what?” Vivian asked suspiciously.
This was the part that Felicia was waiting for.  “I want you to make that jerk Phillip do something for me.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love what you’ve done with him!  Believe me, I really love it!  It’s got to humiliate the shit out of him.  But I want him to suffer with something else too!”
“Something else?  Like what?”
“Look,” Felicia said, “I really love his new sissy look, but from the start, when he had to hold that stupid doll all the time and was sucking his thumb, I got it into my head that he’d make a really cute looking baby.  A big totally stupid looking baby.  But that’s not really what I’m interested in.”
“It’s not?” Vivian asked, completely unsure where Felicia was going. 
“Listen,” Felicia continued, “I just finished having to keep my sister’s two kids while she and her husband went away on a nice two week vacation – away from them!  Now I like kids… sort of.  I mean, they’re cute and all, but kids that young just aren’t a lot of fun for me.  Especially since they’re both still in diapers and can’t exactly go to parties or out for a drink at a bar or something.  I guess I didn’t exactly inherit my mother’s baby loving genes.  I had seven brothers and sisters and since I was the oldest kid, my mother made me take care of all the younger ones, including making me change all their dirty, shitty, pissy diapers!  And for the last few weeks I’ve been stuck doing the same stupid thing again for my sister!  And I can’t tell you how much I hate that!  I mean, to me, it’s always been the grossest thing imaginable.  Why do you think I left home so early in my life?  My mother was pregnant again and I didn’t want to have to play mother to yet another one!
“Anyway, I can’t think of a better way to get back at that shit head Phillip, than for him to be stuck in his own shitty diapers for the rest of his stinking life!  So what I want, is for you to fix it with him so that he won’t be able to go to the bathroom anywhere except in his own stinking pants from now on!”
Vivian blinked, and stared at her friend, and her jaw dropped a bit.  “Well,” she said, “I guess if you put it that way.  I guess I can come up with something.”
“Good!” Felicia said.  “That’s all I really want.  Make the little shit suffer like that!”
“And you think you can keep Heather from saying anything if I do?”
Felicia nodded.  “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can.  I’ll handle her.  You just deliver your part and let me worry about Heather.”
Vivian raised her wine glass in salute.  “I’ll work out something with Phillip then.  Give me a day or two.”
“Good enough,” Felicia said as she got to her feet.  “I gotta get out of here then.”  Now that Vivian had agreed to give her what she wanted, Felicia only wanted to get out of there and away from Vivian.  Vivian had taken Marian’s home and was forcing Marian to live somewhere else?  Vivian had gone way off the deep end.  She just wanted to get out of there before the police showed up!

Marian was doing her best to brace herself.  She had no doubts about how difficult it was going to be for her… but it had to stop, and it had to stop now!  Phillip was standing by, watching her closely.  She had warned him about what she was about to do and had asked him not to do anything unless she started yelling her code word.  Then he was to step in and help – the only way he could. 
Since Marian knew that she had to conquer the pain thing first, instead of trying not to moo for a while, she needed something that would trigger the pain immediately so she could concentrate on just that instead of something else.  So she intended on removing her shoes instead.  If things got so bad that she couldn’t take it, Phillip would put her shoes back on her feet for her, which would eliminate the pain – hopefully.
In order to clear her head and not worry about her mooing problem, she let out a long loud moo.  Then she glanced at Phillip and tried to smile.  “Here goes,” she said.  She sat on the couch and reached to unbuckle her left shoe.  The pain hit her the moment her hand touched the buckle.  It was a horrible, debilitating pain.  She fought through it and somehow managed to actually unbuckle the shoe.  The pain continued to grow and get worse and worse with each second… growing and spreading throughout her entire body as she fought with it and somehow managed to kick her shoe off of her foot.  The pain exploded everywhere.  Her head hurt so bad she could barely think.  It was all she could do to not yell her code word right away!
It’s all in my head, she thought over and over again.  It’s not real. It’s just an imaginary construct of my mind.  It’s not real.  It’s not real.  I can beat this!  I’m stronger than the pain.  I won’t let it beat me.  Pain go away!  Pain go away!  But the pain refused to go away, it continued to grow worse and worse, stronger and stronger. 
Phillip watched her carefully, fearfully.  He didn’t want her to do this.  He didn’t really want any part of anything that went against what Mistress Vivian wanted.  But he respected Marian like he had never respected anyone else.  She actually seemed to care about him… even if that was most likely just an illusion caused by their shared situation.  But still, if she wanted so badly to do this, then helping her was the least thing he could do. 
He watched as her pain seemed to grow so bad that she was screaming against it.  She was crying pitifully.  He could almost feel her agony.  Could she even utter her code word for him to move in?  He could see how badly she was hurting and it was hurting him almost as much to watch it.  Should he go ahead and just put her shoe back on for her?  It was all he could do to stand there and just watch.
The pain got to the point where Marian couldn’t think anymore.  Thinking became nearly impossible.  It got so bad all over that she was horribly sick.  She tried.  She tried.  She tried.  But her exhausted and overly taxed brain finally realized that she couldn’t conquer the pain.  It was too strong for her… and she was too weak.  She just wanted the pain to end, but her horribly hurting brain found it difficult to figure out how to end it anymore.  It was only a tiny fragment of a memory that forced its way through.  She mooed.  She mooed loudly and strongly.  Then she mooed again.  She began mooing over and over again… and felt the pain let up only slightly.  But it was enough for her to realize through the pain that someone was holding her foot, preventing her from kicking around at the pain.  Phillip!  The memory of him reached its way into her pain soaked brain.  “Moo!” she said desperately.  “Moo!”
The moment Phillip heard Marian moo twice – the key word he had been desperately listening for, he went into action.  Her whole body was thrashing around on the couch like crazy from the pain.  Grabbing and holding her ankle wasn’t easy.  He grabbed the shoe she had managed to get off and carefully stuck it back onto her foot.  But she was still thrashing around, still obviously in terrible pain.  Buckling the shoe for her wasn’t something he had ever done before.  It took him a few moments, but the closer he got to actually getting it buckled, the less she thrashed around.  As he finally slid the strap all the way home, she was lying still, just breathing with her eyes closed. 
“Are you alright?” he asked.  But she didn’t answer.  He dropped her foot and moved up near her head.  “Are you alright?” he asked again.
Marin’s head was spinning.  She was exhausted.  The pain had been too much.  Way too much.  She had failed, and failed horribly.  She heard him, but she couldn’t yet comprehend the words.  And all of a sudden, she felt him lean over her and wrap his arms around her.  It was so unexpected!  And… nice… despite how awful she still felt.  His grasp seemed to pull her back somewhat.  “Thanks,” she managed to gasp… as her arms came up to lightly rest against his back.  She felt him start to pull away, but she pulled his head down to lay against her chest and just held him to her for a while.
“Didn’t make it,” she finally said.  “But tomorrow I’ll do better.  Tomorrow I won’t be so tired to start with, and it will be another day longer since she re-put all that junk in my head.”
It wasn’t what Phillip wanted to hear.  She had failed at breaking out of Mistress Vivian’s pain.  It wasn’t what Mistress Vivian wanted.  And he was still selfish enough to feel frightened for himself if Marian did somehow manage it.  “Maybe you shouldn’t,” he said.
She hugged him tighter for a moment.  “Don’t worry.  Tomorrow I’ll make it.  And if not, then I’ll manage it the next day for sure.”
Phillip nearly died inside.  She was so hard headed.  So determined.  And he feared for not only himself, but for her.

“Hi Heather, it’s Felicia.”
“Hi Felicia,” Heather said somewhat excitedly.  “Did you manage to talk to anyone?”
“Did I ever!  Listen, what the heck did you stumble into girl?”
“Huh?  What do you mean?  I told you everything.”
“I know!  And I guess it’s a good thing you did.  I went down and talked to Security right after work… and I’m just now getting home!”
“So what did they say?  Are they going to put a stop to it?”
“Not… exactly,” Felicia replied.  “Listen, I told one guy, who then brought me to someone else… who then made me sit there and wait… like forever!  And then this other guy comes in from… get this… from the FBI!”
“The what?  My God!”
“Yeah.  Tell me about it!  So anyway, I had to tell it all over again.  Don’t worry Honey, I left your name out of it… and you should be glad I did!”
“Heather, it was a mess!  A real mess!”
“So what did he say?  Is he going to arrest Vivian or something?”
“Not yet,” Felicia told her.  “It seems they’re watching one of them… but he wouldn’t say which one… real closely.  And they have been for a while now.  But even though they wouldn’t tell me which one they’re watching, I got the impression he was really interested in Marian.”
“Marian!  But it was Vivian…”
“Yeah, I know, but I got the impression he was more interested in Marian.  But like I said, that may have meant nothing since he wouldn’t come out and tell me which one they’ve been watching.”
“So they’re not going to arrest Vivian or even stop her?”
“Not yet,” Felicia told her.  “They made it very clear to me that I was to keep my big mouth shut and stay out of it!  Otherwise I’d be obstructing a government investigation.  Can you believe it?  And these guys were serious!  So Heather, take my advice.  Don’t tell a soul!  Not a single soul, no matter how badly you might want to.  And especially don’t let any of those three know that you know about it.  I think we better let the government men deal with it from here… no matter what happens in the office.  Got that?  You and me gotta keep our big mouths shut!”
“Yeah.  Of course, Felicia.  I mean, if the FBI already knows what’s going on, we wouldn’t want to alert anyone that they’re being watched.”
“You got it girl!” Felicia replied.  “So just remember, mum’s the word!”
“Yeah, for sure!” Heather agreed.
Felicia hung up her phone and smiled.  That was so easy!  And stupid Vivian… was soooo crazy!  More than likely, the police would have her in jail inside of a week!  But if she could just get that shithead Phillip screwed the way she wanted first… that would be perfect!


erica said...

Tremendous, Karen. Can't wait until Philip has to go to work in diapers and pretty plastic panties.

'Lil Melissa said...

Poor little Phyllis. First he has to pulp his willie and now he's going back to diapers. Cloth or disposable? And what could be on that DVD Marian dropped in the mail? Can't wait to find out!

sarah penguin\ said...

Oooh :)


Does Felicia realize she just put herself in as much trouble as Vivian IF someone actually reports it to the right people...

Also why did Marian send a DVD to herself? Wait a minute, that is going to Marian's OLD address, and because it is addressed to Marian, Vivian is sure to open and use it...