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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 16 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 16 Part 3 of 3

Phillip was scared to death.  It had been a while now since Mistress Vivian had left, and now he was starting to feel the urge to pee.  Marian was still over by the wall, mooing away and playing with herself non-stop… and unable to have any kind of climax.  She looked an awful mess, but he’d rather be stuck in her position than the one he faced now.  Knowing he would have to pee soon, he walked over toward the bathroom.  But just looking into it scared him more than a little.  He got through the door and caught sight of the toilet, and his heart started hammering with so much fear that he quickly retreated.  He couldn’t even bear the sight of the toilet without becoming horribly afraid!  What was he going to do? 
Knowing he couldn’t even get into the bathroom just then, he went into his room and found his latest drawing pad.  Marian would be busy for a little while more.  What she was stuck doing was embarrassing enough.  He didn’t need to watch her and add to that embarrassment.

Marian was exhausted and sore.  Her throat was dry and parched as well from the constant mooing.  But the biggest thing she was feeling was the total despondent disappointment.  Vivian had put it all back into her head again.  Vivian had taken her deep into trance again – as deep as she had ever been, and refreshed every single last command.  She had been so close to breaking out… only to be faced with having a bigger lock put on the entire package.  It would be hopeless for at least a few more days.  She knew that without a doubt.  She would still be Vivian’s prisoner… Vivian’s plaything… for at least a few more days. 
The clock finally moved and she sank fully to the floor, tired, exhausted, and feeling nothing but horribly used.  And worse, she was so horny that it was almost debilitating.  She needed a good fuck!  She needed to get off desperately.  But no man was going to fuck her while she was laying there mooing away like a damn cow.  And worse, if any man did try to have sex with her, Vivian had fixed it so that she would feel only horrible pain. 
She had to get out of it!  She had to break free!  But right now, the chains that held her were heavier and more solid than ever.  But she would do it!  She would make it.  If not tonight, then soon!  Very, very, soon!  She had to!
Pulling herself to her knees, she finally forced herself to her feet.  She didn’t see Phillip.  What had Vivian done to him?  She didn’t have a clue, but whatever it was, she knew it was bad.  Very, very bad.  From what little she had seen of him tonight, he had been practically catatonic earlier.  She sincerely hoped that he was alright. 
Still naked except for her heels, she headed toward the bathroom.  She was a mess and she smelled horribly – like the cow that Vivian kept claiming she was.  Ugh!  Before going into the bathroom, she stopped at the door to Phillip’s room.  He was in there drawing.  Part of her wanted to see what he was working on, but it seemed that he was very private about some of that.  “I need a shower,” she said.  “Do you want to get in there before me?”
Phillip shook his head but said nothing.
“Are you alright?” she asked.
He shrugged as his only answer.
She didn’t know what his little movement actually meant.  She got the impression that he was alright, but not totally alright.  “Sure you don’t need to pee before I go in?” she asked again.
“I can’t,” he replied.
Strange answer!  “Okay,” she said.  “Hopefully I’ll be out in a decent amount of time.”
“Doesn’t matter,” he muttered.
She looked at him for a moment, then turned and headed for the bathroom.  A quick shower followed by a good relaxing bath were beckoning.

Phillip sat up on his bed and sketched for a while.  But he finally had to put his pencil down.  His need to pee was starting to get really bad.  He got up to walk around for a while, hoping it would help relieve the need, and knowing it would be useless.  What was he going to do?  As he passed the bathroom door, he thought he heard Marian pull the drain on the tub so it could start emptying.  The sound of it almost made him wet himself.  This wasn’t going to work.  He had to come up with some way he could pee… snakes or not! 
He walked all around his apartment, fighting the need and searching for some kind of idea.  Mistress Vivian had strongly suggested wearing a diaper, but that wasn’t exactly a solution he was happy with.  His life was humiliating enough!  There had to be some other way!  In the kitchen, he spied the kitchen sink.  Knowing it was dumb, he pulled one of the kitchen chairs over by it and climbed up onto it.  He set Dolly down on the counter to free his hands.  The women’s pants he was wearing zipped up the back so he would have to pull them completely down to be able to pee.  He reached behind himself and started to unzip them, and what he had thought was just the electric cord for the toaster suddenly came to life as the rest of the snake started slithering out from behind it… straight for the sink he was going to pee into.  And as his eyes passed over the sink itself, there was another snake head trying to force its way out from the drain!  He was so scared he fell off of his chair.  Snakes!  Right in his kitchen… and he never knew they were there!  He desperately grabbed Dolly as fast as he could and ran from the room. 
Were they real?  They couldn’t be!  But they had sure looked real!  Real enough to nearly scare him to death.  He turned and went back to the kitchen doorway.  The chair he had stood on was knocked over on its side.  From the doorway he looked around carefully.  He didn’t see any snakes.  But he knew how well they could hide.  You could be looking at them sometimes and never even see them.  Masters of camouflage.  It might be a while before he could go into his own kitchen again!  One idea down… and no ideas to replace it with.  What was he going to do?  And his need to pee was getting extreme! 
He heard Marian moo again in the bathroom, and then the bathroom door opened and she came out with a towel wrapped around her… and wearing her high heels of course.  What was it like to have to wear high heels all the time?  He got the impression they were pretty uncomfortable.  But heels were not his big problem.  Peeing was!  If he didn’t figure something out fast, he was going to pee all over himself!  His one arm cradled Dolly of course, but his other hand was now down to his crotch, trying to grab himself hard enough to avoid an accident.
Marian just found some fresh panties and slipped her robe over herself.  Comfortable!  If you didn’t count having to wear high heels all the time.  She started to carry her damp towel back to the bathroom, but on the way, she saw Phillip dancing around in the living room, grabbing his crotch like he had to pee really badly.  “Phillip… if you need the bathroom, I’ve been out of there for a few minutes now.”
“I… can’t!” Phillip struggled to say between his clenched teeth.
“What do you mean you can’t?  Do you have to go?”
“Like you wouldn’t believe!”
“So go!”
“I can’t!”
But now Marian was smelling a rat.  A rat named Vivian.  She quickly headed for him.  “Phillip, what did Vivian do to you?”
“I… can’t… use… the bathroom… anymore,” he grunted out as he danced around holding himself.
“You what?”
“Can’t… do it!” he grunted with his struggles.
“I don’t understand,” Marian replied.  “What is it you can’t do?”
“Use the bathroom!” Phillip shouted, not at her though, it was the desperation of his situation that forced it out so loudly.
“You can’t use the bathroom? Why not?”
“Sss….  Ssss….”  He was having a hard time just saying anything let alone the word he was trying to get out.  “Snakes!” he finally got past his lips.
“Snakes?  What snakes?  Where?”
“In… toilet!” he replied all too loudly as his desperation and dancing around grew even worse.  But as he said it, his hand that was grabbing his crotch so hard felt his pants growing a little bit wet.  He was losing the battle!  “No!” he screamed.  But the more he tried, the more he seemed to lose.  He could feel himself wetting himself… and worse, he was doing it right in front of Marian.  He stood still finally, and removed his hand from his pants, the front of which was now very wet.  “Excuse me,” he said embarrassedly, “I’ve got to change.”
Marian had just left the bathroom.  She was more than sure there were no snakes in the toilet… or anywhere else in the apartment.  “Phillip,” Marian replied, “what’s going on?  What did Vivian put into that head of yours?”
“Snakes,” he said without turning as he continued on to his bedroom to change.
“Tell me about them!” Marian demanded as she followed him.  But she got no reply.  His pants were soaked!  What had Vivian put into his already confused brain that made him think there was a snake in the toilet?  “Phillip,” she said quietly as he was peeling his wet pants and panties off.  “What did Vivian do to you tonight?”  Her only answer though, was to see him briefly look up her before he went back to what he was doing.  She decided to wait.  She watched as he put a fresh pair of panties on, then went to his closet where he sighed in frustration at having no men’s pants in there before he pulled out a pair of women’s Capri pants and slipped them on.  He left his wet clothes in a pile on the floor right where he had taken them off.  With Dolly in his arms as usual, he headed right for the doorway she was standing in and pushed his way past her. 
“What’s going on?” she asked again as he went past.  But as before, he said nothing.  She followed him to his computer.  She was determined to get an answer from him one way or another.  “What’s…”
“Are you sure you want to know?” he asked as he hit one of the keys on his keyboard to wake his computer up.
“Yes!” Marian replied emphatically.
“You might not!” he mumbled as he sat in the chair. 
She watched over his shoulder as he brought up the search website and typed in ‘snakes in the toilet.’  Her breath caught.  Her chest tightened even more as she saw the long line of articles that the search had found.  She watched as he scrolled way down the list and finally clicked on one particular article.  Her head actually moved back an inch as the image of a large snake, its mouth fully open to expose the fangs as it was lashing out and striking, appeared to be coming out of the screen directly at her.  The picture alone was frightening.  Closer examination showed that the snake had been in someone’s toilet.  
“You shouldn’t have asked,” Phillip said as he quickly clicked with his mouse to go back to the list of articles.  “The whole time she was with you,” he said, “she made me look at all these pictures, watch all these videos, and read all these articles.  And before that, she told me that as I was looking at it all, I had to remember that what this was all about was what was going to happen to me from now on.” 
He scrolled to the top of the list and was about to click on the first article, but he couldn’t find the courage to see it again.  He shook his head and got up from his seat to walk away instead.  He stopped though with his back still to her and said, “You have no idea how many articles and pictures there are of snakes, and rats, and spiders coming up out of toilets.  No idea!  I had to look at so many of them that just thinking about it all scares me to death!  And then when Mistress Vivian came back, she made things impossible for me.  Totally impossible!”
Marian waited for him to continue, but he just stood there with his back to her.  She could see how troubled he was.  “What Phillip?  What did she tell you?”  The urge to moo was building in her again… but she didn’t want to let it out now.
He turned his head back toward her, then he looked away and down at the floor instead.  “I can’t use the bathrooms like everyone else anymore.  Any bathroom!  And it’s not just that, if I try to pee… or even poop anywhere except the one place she said I had to go from now on, then I would always get bitten by one of those snakes.”  He laughed a short little grunt.  “Huh!  I tried to pee in the kitchen sink a little while ago.  It was the most frightening experience of my life.  Not only was there a big black snaked coming out from behind the toaster, but there was another one coming up through the drain. I almost killed myself getting out of there!”
“But the snakes aren’t real Phillip. You know that!”
“They looked awfully real to me!”  He turned his head back towards her a bit more.  “You of all people should know that real or not doesn’t always matter.  They were real enough to scare me nearly to death!”
She put her hand on his shoulder, sympathizing with what he had just said.  “You’re right,” she said.  “I’m sorry.  It’s just that sometimes you have to fight your way past these things.”  She was fighting just then with her urge to moo.  And she knew perfectly well that there was no getting past it… yet.
“Were you able to fight past the pain last night?”
“No,” she replied sadly.  “I’m sorry.  But I will do it eventually!”
He turned his head away from her again and shook it.  “It’s no use.”
She finally mooed again, the forlorn echo of it seeming to emphasize the moment.  The two of them stood there like that together for a few moments.  Then she asked, “Phillip, you said there was one place that she told you that you had to go from now on.  Where’s that?”
He shook her hand off of his shoulder and turned around, hugging Dolly tightly to his chest with both arms.  “My pants!”  He turned and headed for his room.
“You’re kidding?” Marian asked.  But she got no answer from him at all.  She followed him toward his bedroom.  “What are you going to do?” she asked as she stood in the doorway.  He was climbing up onto his bed.
“Who knows!” he replied.  “Mistress Vivian suggested I start wearing diapers.  But…”
“But what?”
“But don’t I have enough humiliating things in my life now?”
There was a lot she could have said to that.  “Come on,” she said, “let’s go into the bathroom together.  Let’s make sure there are no snakes in there.  Maybe we can beat this thing right now.”
He looked at her dubiously.  “It won’t help,” he said.
“Who knows?  Maybe it will.  At least let’s try.”
He rolled his eyes, but he also rolled off of the bed.  She led the way and entered the bathroom first.  He stood outside where he couldn’t fully see into the little room.
“No snakes in here now,” she told him confidently. 
Phillip approached the door cautiously.  But the moment he was able to see the toilet, his eyes locked onto it and he couldn’t remove them.  His fear of it was instant! 
“See,” she said.  “No snakes here at all.  Now come in and see for yourself.”  She felt yet another moo coming on.
Phillip shook his head.  “No!”
“Phillip,” Marian said more sternly, “come in here and see for yourself!”
Phillip shook his head again.  “The toilet!” he said.
“There’s no snakes there.  I promise.”
But Phillip wasn’t able to believe that.  Marian didn’t know how well snakes could hide.  He shook his head again.
“Phillip!  You have to come in here… now!” The forcefulness of her voice also forced the building moo out of her too.  She did her best to act like it hadn’t happened.
Phillip ignored her moo and shook his head, still staring at nothing but the toilet.  “Close the lid!”
Marian looked at the toilet.  She had left the seat down from when she had been in there, but had left the lid open.  She looked into the toilet.  “No snakes!” she said.  Then she closed the lid.
Very cautiously, Phillip took a step into the bathroom, but his eyes never once left that toilet. 
“Keep coming,” Marian said as kindly as she could.  “You’re doing very well.”
He moved in closer, all the way to the sink, but his eyes still never left the toilet. 
“Now that you’re here, you probably should get cleaned up a bit more after wetting yourself like you did.  Want to take a shower?”
He shook his head. “No, I’ll get one in the morning.”
“Will you be able to do that?”
He nodded. “She said I could.  She said I would have no problem washing at all.  But if I tried to pee in the tub or anywhere else, then those snakes would be there and they’d bite me as soon as I tried it.  I should be good as long as I don’t have to pee… or anything else.”
Marian realized that Vivian had been smart enough to take care of things like that.  But she had obviously gone to great lengths to make sure that Phillip was going to stay away from all toilets!  She amended that thought.  She had gone to great lengths to make sure that he would only be able to go in his pants – and nowhere else!  The snakes in the toilet bit was more than a bit extreme.  What little she had seen on Phillips computer had already made her nervous.  How long had she made Phillip look at that stuff?
“What are you going to do about peeing?” she asked.  “You can’t just keep going in your pants.”
He shrugged.  “That’s the only place she said I can go now.”
“You don’t have that many pants, and you can’t keep wetting them and changing them!”
“Why not?”
“Phillip, you know better!” 
“So what am I supposed to do about it?” he asked.
It was a moment before she could answer.  “It sounds to me like she wants you wearing the diapers for some reason.”
“Who knows?  Who knows why she’s been doing any of this?  The damn woman is crazy!  She’s officially crazy.  She’s totally lost her marbles!”
“Huh!” he grunted.  “You’re telling me!”
She looked at him for a few moments.  “Come on,” she said.  “Let’s go find you some diapers.  You don’t want to be wetting the bed all night either.”
Phillip wasn’t happy about it, but he followed her into the bedroom. 
“I wouldn’t worry too much about it being humiliating,” Marian mentioned as she grabbed some clothes to put on.  “Lots of people wear diapers all the time – and nobody ever knows it.  There are lots of companies that specialize in making them for people who… um… can’t make it to the bathroom.  So it shouldn’t be too bad at all.”
Phillip grunted again.  “Huh!  That’s easy for you to say!”

Vivian slid the DVD that Marian had gotten into the player and turned it on along with the TV.  In moments, the same picture of the fireplace was filling her entire TV screen.  She stood back so she could see it better.  She decided that Marian had been right.  It was rather pretty.  And if Marian had thought that it added a touch of elegance, than she supposed that it did that as well.  She wasn’t really an expert in those matters.  She turned the volume up a bit, but all she could hear was the slight crackling of the fire on the screen.  So lifelike!  She was tempted to turn it off, but she decided she liked it playing. 
She went into the kitchen and poured herself another glass from Marian’s small wine collection.  Then she found all the advertisements that had come in the mail over the last few days and carried them all out to one of the chairs in her living room.  Curling her legs up under her, she started going through the ads while she slowly sipped at her wine. 
Forty-five minutes later, she happened to look up at the TV.  The fire of course was still burning, but it wasn’t burning nearly so brightly anymore.  Still, it was awfully nice.  She really enjoyed looking at it.  It really did add such a nice… atmosphere… to the room.  She went back to her ads for a few minutes, but the fire seemed to beckon to her.  Almost as if it was calling for her to watch it.  It was so… relaxing.  She was surprised to find that watching it relaxed her so much.  It was so nice.  So very nice.
She was so glad she had rescued the DVD from that stupid cow Marian.  What would Marian have done with it anyway?  Ridiculous!  She sipped at the last of her wine… and looked at the ads… and spent long wonderful moments just watching the fire burn further and further down.


erica said...

Great chapter, Karen. I love your work.

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Lots of fun and scary with the snakes still!

Douglas Marcks aka katarina nikki said...

Loved how Marian is becoming more forceful with sissy Phyllis and that s(he) is about to be forced to wear diapers from now on...are plastic panties next? BUT with Vivian watching that DVD how long til all her plans unrevel?