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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 17 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 17 Part 1 of 2

Phillip actually slept fairly well.  His problem came when he woke up the next morning and had to pee.  He hadn’t worn a diaper to bed… just as he didn’t wear one the night before after he had purchased the damn things.  That is, he didn’t wear one until he needed to use it… and then he had only put it on briefly, struggled and forced himself to do what he had to, and then removed it again afterwards and thrown it away.  So just as he had done the night before, he put the diaper on, forced himself to pee in it, and then removed it again.  He pulled some pants on and carried the thing out to the trash can in the kitchen.  Marian was still sound asleep and he was as quiet as possible so as not to wake her.  The lack of mooing in the apartment was almost blissful as he headed to the bathroom to take his morning shower.
He paused just outside the bathroom door and stared at the toilet.  He hugged Dolly close to him as his heart began to hammer.  He peered all around. No snakes as far as he could see.  He cautiously slipped into the room, staying as far from the toilet as he possibly could, and again looked all around.  No snakes in sight… but then he knew perfectly well how easily they could hide.  You could be looking right at them and never even see one!  Still somewhat afraid, he forced himself to go to the sink… no snakes… and start shaving.  He was faster than usual shaving, and he was faster than usual with his shower – only because he was afraid of the snakes.  He didn’t bother shaving the bottoms of his legs, just so he could get out of there sooner.  Once the water was off, he grabbed Dolly and his towel, and hurried quickly to his bedroom.  He dried himself off in his bedroom where there was less chance of one of those snakes being around. 
From his bedroom he heard a mournful moo coming from the living room.  Marian was awake.  No doubt she was doing things to herself that he’d rather not witness.  “I’m out of the bathroom!” he yelled.
“Okay,” came the brief reply called back.  But it was still several minutes before he heard her entering the bathroom. 
Once dry, he donned a thin pair of women’s panties.  He grabbed a bra and somehow actually managed to fasten the stupid thing the first time… as if it was easy.  Ha!  Picking up Dolly from the bed, he went to his closet and decided on what he was going to wear – long pants today since he didn’t shave his legs.  The long pants were actually something he preferred over the Capri pants.  He felt like they hid more.  He wasn’t used to having any parts of his legs on display all the time.  With the side zip on the pants fastened, he pulled the colorful top on.  It had a row of ruffles down the front of it that he wasn’t entirely happy about… just as he wasn’t happy about any of the women’s clothes he was wearing.  He stepped into the black patent shoes he had.  At least they were comfortable.  More so than he wanted to admit.  It was all somewhat comfortable – with the one big exception of his bra.  So stupid!  He was tempted to undress and masturbate again, but he decided he’d better not.
Grabbing Dolly, he headed out to find his backpack.  As he passed the bathroom, he didn’t hear any water running, even though Marian had been in there for a few minutes now.  What was she doing in there?  Maybe it was better if he didn’t know!  He found his backpack and carried it back to the bedroom where he put several diapers into it along with the box of baby wipes that Marian had insisted he buy as well.  His plan was to only use the diapers as he needed them.  No use being uncomfortable… not to mention even more humiliated!
It wasn’t until after Marian finally got out of the bathroom and they had both finished breakfast that Phillip was faced with a major problem.  They would have to leave for work soon, and he was going to have to go to the bathroom again first… or rather, he was going to have to not go to the bathroom – because he couldn’t do what he needed to do there.  He was going to have to go in his pants again.  Ugh!  In his room, on the far side of his bed, he pulled a fresh diaper out of the package and set Dolly down on his bed.  He lowered his pants and panties down to his ankles and struggled with the strange protective garment.  He didn’t need to get it perfect.  He just needed it not to leak.  When he was ready, he forced himself to pee into the thing.  It wasn’t as easy as anyone would think, but after doing it twice before now, he was starting to manage it better. 
But once he was done, he thought about something else – something much more troubling.  What about having to relieve himself the other way?  The smelly way?  And worse, he knew already that he was going to have to do that – soon.  Faced with his current situation, it would be far better to handle that problem here at home than have it happen at work!  Seeing no other solution to his problem, he left the diaper in place and started struggling to take care of the horrible feat.  Having to piss in the diaper was nothing compared to the problems he faced with this.  He had to squat down a bit to make it easier, and when he did finally feel something coming out of him, it was like the worst feeling in the world… only to have that miserable problem compounded by the diaper itself holding everything back and preventing it from all coming out of him.  He grunted and struggled and wiggled around, trying to finish what he had started to do.
“Phillip, are you ready?” Marian asked as she waked into the bedroom to check on him.  She saw him all bent over with his face somewhat contorted.  “What are you doing?”
“Just… leave!” Phillip grunted.  “Please!”
Guessing what was probably going on, Marian backed out of the room.  She didn’t want to be anywhere around while Phillip was having to deal with that!  She glanced at the clock.  It was a good thing they had no actual set time they had to be at work… other than a lot earlier than everyone else.  She and Phillip were going to be a little later than they intended on being today.
Phillip hoped he was done.  He hoped that everything was completely out of him.  But now he had to find some way to deal with the mess… and he was dreading this part the most!  He was very worried about how messy his backside would be.  Since he couldn’t use a toilet like everyone else, just wiping a bit with some toilet paper was out of the question.  Besides, he was sure that his backside was too messy now to handle with just a little toilet paper.  He wasn’t sure he wanted to try to clean up that kind of mess with any of those baby wipes in his backpack either.  As far as he could see, there was really only one solution – he had to take another shower.
He pulled his pants and panties up above his knees and held them there with one hand while he grabbed Dolly with his other hand and headed for the bathroom.  He again paused just outside the door before entering so he could try to spot any snakes.   None in sight, but he knew they were in there!  Before entering though, he caught sight of Marian out of the corner of his eye.  She was sitting in the living room waiting for him… and he was just standing there with his dirty diaper totally exposed.  Embarrassing!  “I need a shower,” he told her.  She made no reply.  He took a chance and stepped cautiously into the bathroom again.  More terrified than ever of the snakes, he continually looked all around trying to spot one.  But like the last time he had been in there, he stayed as far away from the toilet as he could… he had no intention of trying to use it anyway.  He got the messy diaper off of him, not enjoying the smell or the sticky experience one bit, and he quickly got himself wet in the shower again.  It took him longer to take this shower than his first shower of the day, but at least he wouldn’t have to deal with that problem at work now.  Again, he grabbed Dolly and his towel and hurried out of the bathroom to dry himself off, leaving the smelly, messy diaper on the floor to deal with later. 
This time it took him three tries to get his bra fastened – so dumb… and he really did wish he had time to masturbate now.  As fast as he could, he got fully dressed.  He grabbed Dolly and his backpack and headed for the living room where Marian was still sitting on one of the chairs waiting for him… and mooing occasionally.  “Okay, I’m ready,” he said.
Marian shook her head.  “Not till you take care of all your smelly diapers and get them out of here.  And then I still have to fix your hair and put a bow in it.”
Ugh!  She was as bad as a henpecking mother!

Vivian walked into work a full two minutes later than she should have… to the wondering looks from all the other ladies. 
“We were getting worried about you,” Courtney exclaimed as she headed for her desk. 
“Sorry, just running late today,” Vivian explained.  Actually, she was late today because she had spent so much time searching for a particular color lipstick that she was fairly certain she didn’t have in the first place.  She would just have to buy some later today.  How could she properly manage her different outfits without all the right accessories?  But other than that, she had felt no particular rush at all to get to work anyway since she wouldn’t be doing anything particularly useful… as far as work went.  The last minute sale ads for the upcoming weekend would be hitting the internet today and tomorrow, and she knew just which stores usually posted those ads and when!  When it came to shopping, she prided herself on being one of the best!  She doubted anyone “saved” as much money as she did.
She noticed the angry glare from Phillip as she headed for her desk.  Was he wearing a diaper today?  She almost laughed out loud.  She had no doubt that he was.  After all those snakes he saw on the internet yesterday, he had to be.  She herself was being overly cautious about the matter after the little bit that she had seen.  The annoying stare she got from Marian only gladdened her heart.  The stupid cow! 
She sat down and booted up her computer.  As usual, one of the first things she did after booting up was to open her email program.  There were only two emails there.  One of them she forwarded immediately to Marian to handle for her.  The other email was from Felicia. 
“Did you do it?” Felicia’s email asked.
Vivian had a broad smile on her face as she wrote back – I had more fun with it than I thought I would!  I doubt Sissy Phillip will ever go near a toilet again for the rest of his life!
Felicia turned around and smiled broadly at Vivian.  “Thanks,” she mouthed.
“My pleasure,” Vivian mouthed back.  Then she turned to her computer again to see if any of those sale ads were out yet.

Marian was disappointed.  She had looked very carefully at Vivian’s face as she came in, but she didn’t see any sign of what she had hoped to see.  That fireplace recording had been filled with nothing but subliminal suggestions to get Vivian to like it and to keep her watching it so that she would get hooked on the thing.  But she had also included one other suggestion to let her know that the video was being watched – and listened to.  She had put the suggestion in there that Vivian would want to wear a plum colored lipstick to work for the rest of the week.  Unfortunately, she saw no sign of anything in a plum color on Vivian’s face today – which meant that either Vivian never bothered playing that DVD… or just as likely, the subliminal suggestions were having no effect on her at all.  And if that was the case, then Marian had no idea what she was going to do.

It was late in the morning when Phillip had to pee again.  He had held it off for as long as he dared, but now he couldn’t wait much longer.  Having little choice, he grabbed Dolly and his backpack and got up from his desk.  Every eye in the room saw him walk out with his backpack.  He knew that only Marian knew for sure what he had in his pack… well, probably Vivian too… but he was also sure that all those women were going to be wondering why he had to carry it out with him.  Well, let them wonder.  Who cared!  He wasn’t about to broadcast his latest problem.
As far as he could see, he had no choice at all as to where to go.  His one and only choice was the men’s room.  Well, he could also use the ladies room, but he never even considered that option.  He paused outside the bathroom door, trying to find the courage to go in and face the snakes.  “I’m not going to do anything I shouldn’t!” he whispered over and over again as he tentatively stepped into the room, his eyes constantly scanning around for the snakes that he knew were there… but hidden.  “I’m not going to actually use the toilet,” he said to the empty room. 
Very cautiously he dared to go into the furthest stall.  No snakes – so far!  He prayed they would stay away.  He pulled a diaper out of his backpack… and stared at the toilet.  He had come this far, did he dare?  He was very, very tempted.  He pulled his pants and panties down to his ankles and picked up the diaper.  No snakes… and the toilet was right there… so close… with no snakes that he could see.  Looking all around again and not seeing any snakes, he shuffled the few extra inches to the front of the toilet with the intention of using it, but just before he could let loose, the water in the toilet began rolling and just that fast a huge snake forced its way out from the bottom of the toilet – coming right up at him!  He was so scared he almost fell as he did his best to avoid getting bitten.  The stall door was closed behind him preventing him from getting away, He could see the snake now, still in the toilet.  Its head was just above the rim, its beady black eyes were glaring at him.  The snake opened its mouth exposing its deadly fangs.  Completely terrified, Phillip did everything he could to unlock the stall door and get out of there as fast as he could.  His pants and panties around his ankles tripped him up and he fell to the floor as he tried to get out of the stall.  From the floor, he watched as the head of the snake disappeared below the rim of the toilet where he couldn’t see it.  But it was in there – he knew it!
With his pants and panties still around his ankles, he cautiously reached into the stall and grabbed his backpack and pulled it back out.  He stood up, pulling his pants up to his knees where he hurried to the stall as far away from the one he had been in as he could get.  He checked carefully before going in.  No snakes – yet.  He went in and dared to close the door behind him.  Still no snakes.  With his eyes carefully on the toilet right in front of him, he lowered his pants and panties to his ankles again. He pulled the diaper in place and somewhat fastened it before he forced himself to pee into the thing as quickly as possible.  He got the diaper off again in almost record time.  He pulled his panties and pants up and was out of the stall before they were even fastened.  The wet diaper he threw into the trash, and as soon as he could, he was out of there. 
His heart was still hammering a bit as he carried Dolly back toward the office.  He had almost been bitten!  And he had no doubt that snake was probably poisonous!  Weren’t they all?

Vivian was bored.  She had checked and rechecked all the sales, but that only took a few minutes of her time… even though she did it throughout the day.  Her mind turned frequently to wondering if the things she had ordered for Marian would arrive today.  She certainly hoped so.  She was so looking forward to getting on with that little project.  She was going to break Marian if it was the last thing she did!  She knew she could simply hypnotize Marian and make her realize that she was nothing but a good-for-nothing smelly, stupid cow, but she wanted Marian to realize that without the hypnotism.  And she just knew that her idea was going to finally get that point across into Marian’s stupid brain. 
With her mind searching for something to occupy herself with, she noticed Sissy Phillip going out of the room with his backpack again.  Sissy Phillip… or Sissy Phyllis.  She nearly laughed out loud at just the thought of him.  She was forcing him to dress so ridiculously.  She was forcing him to carry that stupid doll around all the time.  And now the dumb sap was stuck in diapers all the time too.  Well, he certainly deserved it.  And she was having an absolute ball with him.  So much fun! 
But she was reminded that she had other plans for him – eventually.  And maybe it was time now to start working on those plans.  But how should she go about it?  That was her big problem.  She wasn’t overly knowledgeable in that area.  So once again she turned to the internet… that she rarely left all day long.
Eventually, Sissy Phyllis was going to be making money for her, and she had a feeling that someone like him could probably make a lot of money – if he was trained right.  She had major plans to pimp Sissy Phyllis and his talented lipsticked mouth out to whatever man or woman might be interested.  She had no doubt he could bring in a ton of money for her.  Possibly more than he was making here at work.  But first, she had to know that he could handle the male customers as well as she knew he was capable of handling the female ones.  And just the thought of that sissy twerp having to suck off some smelly man’s cock made her wet.
So what was the best way to train him?  Actual experience was probably the best.  But where would he find it?  How could he get it?  Her internet searching led her quickly to the web pages for dominant men and women.  Would one of them be able to train him?  No doubt they would at least have some ideas.  She remembered how she had found and actually managed to “chat” with Master George in an online chat room.  Were there any chat rooms available with dominant women… or men, who could train Sissy Phyllis?  Or could she at least chat with someone and get some ideas on how to proceed?
Finding the right kind of chat room was somewhat easy.  She read through this and that.  She actually joined into a conversation with several people who were on line at the time… both men and women.  But eventually she started chatting with a woman who called herself Goddess Gloria who was right there in the city… and who seemed to be very interested in Sissy Phyllis and what she wanted to train him to be able to do.  Vivian proudly told Goddess Gloria that Sissy Phyllis always referred to her as Mistress Vivian.  Goddess Gloria suggested that Vivian should bring Sissy Phyllis around to her dungeon on Saturday for a session with one of her own subs.  The thought thrilled Vivian – except for one thing, Saturday was Vivian’s primary shopping day and nothing in the world was going to keep her from it.  A few minutes later though, Goddess Gloria and Mistress Vivian had settled on meeting to get their subs together late the following evening… Friday night.  It was late enough that Vivian would still be able to do some of her early weekend shopping, just perhaps not all of it.  But for this bit of excitement, Vivian simply couldn’t wait!

Felicia had seen Phillip leaving with his backpack several times.  She had no doubt that Phillip was keeping his extra diapers in it.  She almost laughed every time she saw him come in or go out of the room with the thing.  The damn sissy!  It served him right!  It looked like crazy Vivian had actually come through with what she had said she would do.  But as the day went on, Felicia found herself becoming more and more curious about something.  Finally, she sent an email to Vivian about it:  Vivian, I’d love to be able to actually see Phillip in whatever diaper he’s wearing, but I don’t want him to know I had anything to do with it.  Any ideas?
After reading Felicia’s email, Vivian found that she was kind of interested in seeing the diaper on Phillip herself.  She guessed she could always have Felicia come back after everyone had left, blindfold both Sissy Phillip and Marian, then have Phillip pull his pants down so she and Felicia could see Phillip’s diaper.  But just before she began typing that reply, she thought of an easier way.  She typed back:  Would a picture after work be good enough?
Felicia read Vivian’s reply and smiled.  She typed:  That would be perfect!  And by that time, his diaper will probably be wet.  I can’t wait to see that almost as much.
Vivian typed back:  I’ll email you some pictures right after work.  She checked the clock.  Just a little while more.  Would Sissy Phillip be wet?  She hadn’t seen him leaving the room with his backpack for a while now, so it was a good possibility.  She would find out in just a little while more.
The clock ticked down the last few seconds, and everyone got up and began walking out.  Vivian chatted amiably with several of the women as they rode down on the crowded elevator together.  And ten minutes later, she walked back into the office again where Marian and Sissy Phyllis were just getting back to work.  “Sissy Phyllis!” she called as she walked into the room.  She saw the look of surprise and fright on his face as he looked up.  “Stand up and pull those pants down!” she ordered.
Fearfully, Phillip stood.  He grabbed Dolly for a moment, then set her down on his desk again.  He reached to the side of his pants and unzipped them.  Nervously, he pulled them down, exposing the thin panties he was wearing. 
Vivian was shocked and angry.  “No diaper?  I thought I made it perfectly clear that you were never to use a toilet again!”
“I’m not!  I can’t!” Phillip desperately replied as the fear in him built. 
“Then what the hell are you doing?”
“I just put the diaper on when I have to pee.  Then I take it off again.”
Vivian’s mouth hung open in surprise.  This had to be Marian’s idea!  She turned to Marian… and saw the same surprised look on her face as well.  “Did you have anything to do with this?” she demanded.
Marian shook her head.  “I had no idea.”  Inwardly, she was somewhat proud of Phillip for thinking of it, except that now she had no doubt it was going to get him in worse trouble. 
Vivian’s eyes narrowed angrily as she glared at Phillip.  “So, you’re not interested in wearing those diapers all the time!”  She gave the problem a little thought.  “Put one on now!” she ordered.  “Get those panties off and I want to see the diaper on you right now.  Hurry!”
Phillip was almost as afraid of Vivian as he was of the snakes.  As fast as he could, he pulled a fresh diaper out of his backpack and fastened the thing on himself.  But the moment he got it on, he heard Vivian utter those dreadful words.
Phyllis sucks her thumb!  Vivian watched as Phillip’s thumb went into his mouth and his eyes closed tightly.  Standing there with his diaper on display and his thumb in his mouth made him look more like a silly toddler than ever.  She couldn’t help herself, she laughed out loud.  She liked the sight so much, she pulled her phone out of her purse and took a picture of him just that way.  “Phyllis,” she said, “pick up your doll and hold it.”  She watched as Phillip opened his eyes, grabbed Dolly from his desk, and held her to his chest.  She took several more pictures.  “Positively delightful!” she exclaimed.
Marian watched it all from her desk.  She didn’t realize it, but she barely breathed through everything.  She was very afraid for Phillip just then, but her fear spiked when Vivian turned to her and said the magic words that sent her into her own thumb sucking trance. 
Vivian smiled.  She did so love playing with her two toddlers like this.  It was so delightful.  “Marian,” she said, “open your eyes and come over here next to Sissy Phyllis.”  She watched as the thumb sucking woman walked over to stand next to the thumb sucking sissy.  So delightful.  She turned her attention back to Phillip.  “So my little Sissy Phyllis, you don’t seem to like the idea of wearing those diapers all the time.  Well this is how it’s going to work now.  From now on, you’re going to be wearing diapers all the time.  No more panties, only diapers!  And to make sure you’re going to stay in them, from now on, you can’t ever take them off yourself.  No matter how smelly or messy they get, you can’t remove them yourself.  Ever!” 
She turned to Marian, “You Marian, from now on, you’re going to have to be responsible for changing his diapers.  And since he doesn’t seem to like them that much, then I want you to make sure that his diapers really need changing before you take one off of him.  I want his diapers to be close to leaking before one of them can be removed.  From now on!”
She turned back to Phillip.  “And Phyllis, since you weren’t wearing the diaper all day today, you can just leave it totally exposed all night tonight.  When I leave here tonight, your pants stay off – and that diaper stays exposed!  No pants or anything to cover it till tomorrow!” 
Vivian took a few more photos of both of them standing there sucking their thumbs, then she woke them both up… and delighted to Marian’s immediate moo.  Phillip kept his thumb firmly in his mouth, Marian looked at her with total hatred in her eyes.  Vivian smiled broadly.  Oh this was so much fun!  “Have a good night kiddies,” she called as she grabbed her purse and walked out.  She laughed all the way to the elevator.
Phillip, with his thumb still in his mouth and still hugging Dolly tightly to him, turned to look at Marian.  He felt like crying.  Marian felt for Phillip just then, but there was little she could do about his situation… either of their situations.  She wasn’t looking forward to having to constantly deal with Phillip’s messy diapers.  Ugh!
“Let’s do a little more work and then get out of here,” she suggested.
Phillip nodded with his thumb still in his mouth.  He picked his pants and panties up from the floor and stuffed them in his backpack.  He was constantly aware of his bare legs… and the occasional sight of the white diaper he was wearing… and the uncomfortable feel of that diaper… and the thought that the was going to have to pee again before too long.  “Maybe we better work a bit longer tonight,” he suggested.  “There’ll be less people around to see me when we leave that way.”
Marian nodded.  “Whatever you like.”


sarah penguin said...

Glad she discovered his loopholing! Much more fun this way :)

Melissa_cd05 said...

Horribly Delightful! Delightfully Horrible!
I can't wait until Marian is Sissy Phillis' full time wet nurse! (I hope!)
Keep it coming!


Anonymous said...

looking forward to rubber panties, and more humiliation for Phillis and Marian becomming his Mistress Mommy. Have him practice messing by oatmeal in his diaper during the day which he fills at work, more more more please


Love the fear of snakes continuing and 'sissy phyllis" thinking she was going to get bit.

Anonymous said...

I'd love it for Phillip to keep sucking his thumb for years while his teeth starts to look like that of a long term thumb sucker, open bite and bucked out obviously.