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Revenge - Chapter 19

By Karen Singer

Chapter 19

Monica sat on her couch and hugged her laptop computer that she had just rescued from Steve’s apartment like she was hugging a teddy bear.  What should she do, call the police and let them deal with it?  But the police had always proved useless before.  Her husband had beat her, and beat her badly, time and time again, and in the state where she lived, the police could do nothing at all about it.  All they could do was to tell her that they wished they could, and then tell her to leave her husband.  Monica had a feeling they would be no more help this time.
And then there was the Sorceress.  The darn woman – if it was a woman – had known all along who had robbed her, and had purposely tried to lead her away from Steve.  
Steve, Steve, Steve.  He was at the center of it all.  Why would the Sorceress be so interested in him?  What had he ever done to the Sorceress that was so bad?  Could it have been worse than what Steve had done to her? 
From what little she had heard, Steve was the darling wonder-boy of his department at work.  Evidently he could be brilliant at times.  But as to the rest of his life?  Obviously, he was incredibly stupid.  Ruth had once described him as someone who needed a woman’s strong guidance – very strong. 
Monica’s bottom line though, was that she simply couldn’t let what Steve had done to her go unpunished.  The police were useless.  If anything was going to be done, it would be up to her to do it.  But do what?  What would be an appropriate punishment for what Steve had done?  One thing she knew for sure, one way or another he was going to replace her diamond engagement and wedding rings.  She had held on to them because she might need to sell them someday as a last resort.  She needed that security back.  She also decided she was going to get a complete written confession out of Steve that she could hand to the police later…if she needed it.
And then there was the Sorceress.  She was angry at her for not telling her about Steve in the first place.  Should she just forget about the Sorceress now?  Obviously, she didn’t know who the Sorceress was.  Maybe that was a good thing. 
She got up from the couch and walked into her kitchen.  She set her laptop down on one of the counters.  There was a tiny smudge on the corner of the counter.  Without thinking, she got out a rag and began wiping the entire counter down carefully.  Then she began re-cleaning her already spotless kitchen one more time.  Since the break-in, she and become much more fanatical about cleaning.  She couldn’t help it.  Maybe she should have Steve come in and re-clean her apartment a few times.  It would serve him right!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan stared at her computer screen angrily.  She had just read Karen’s description of Steve’s day, which had been nothing but bad, bad, bad!  Everything that could go wrong had gone wrong.  Not only had Monica begun her little games with Steve again, but because of those games, Monica had discovered that it was Steve who had broken into her apartment.  The darn woman just couldn’t leave things well enough alone.
Now Susan was back to her same old problem, how could she get Monica to stay away from Steve?  The question was now more difficult than ever.
Monica was no longer just some woman that had been there during one of Steve’s escapades.  Monica was quickly becoming an opponent, someone Susan might have to match wits with.
She tried to compare what weapons she had against what she thought Monica might have.  Susan had Steve’s mental processes, and no small part of that was Karen – who could act as a complete separate entity.  But while Susan owned Steve’s mind, Monica had his physical body right there with her.  Susan lived many hours away.  Steve knew nothing at all about Susan, and consequently, all of Susan’s information got to her delayed.  On the other hand, Steve knew Monica all too well now and Monica knew everything that was happening as it was happening.
The contest came down to Steve’s mind versus Steve’s body.  The winner, she guessed, would get all of Steve.  Susan knew why she wanted all of Steve to herself.  The question now was, why did Monica want him?
It was time to email Monica again.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Monica read the email and nearly laughed.


Why can’t you leave Steve alone?  I’ve already punished him severely for what he’s done!


The crazy woman actually thought that what she had done could possibly satisfy the rage that she felt.  The Sorceress wasn’t the one who had been violated, she was.   

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan read Monica’s reply and got angrier with each word she read. 


Go away!  You weren’t the one who was Steve’s victim, I was.  I was the one who was violated by what he had done…not you!  Anything you did to him is not anything that will satisfy me.  I must be the one who punishes him and nobody else!

Go away!

Obviously, Monica wasn’t going to leave Steve alone at all.  Everything that Susan had done to punish him was going to be ignored.  Since Monica wouldn’t leave Steve alone, she realized that there was now no way that she could allow Monica to do anything to punish Steve.  The battle over Steve was about to truly begin.
And her first line of defense was going to be Karen.  Quickly, she typed an email with instructions to the feminine personality she had created.  She only hoped that Karen would get the email before Monica could do anything first.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

But Karen didn’t get it first…

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

It was nearly quitting time when Steve sat at his desk and stared at the walls of his cubicle.  How had he gotten himself into this mess?  He honestly didn’t know.  And now he was more uncomfortable than ever, not just mentally, but physically.  The pantyhose he was wearing under his pants were hot and uncomfortable.  They made going to the bathroom much more of a chore.  And they kept slipping down.  Why did women wear the darn things?  And then there was the bra he had on under his shirt, it was not only uncomfortable, but he worried constantly that someone would discover it.  Consequently, he had worn a sport jacket all day to help keep anyone from seeing the telltale bra lines.  He had expected some odd comments about that, but strangely enough, his boss had noticed his jacket and had seemed to approve. 
Worse yet, Monica and all her friends now knew for sure that he was the one who had broken into her apartment.  That information alone could cost him his job, his career…heck, everything he held dear in his life.
The only fact in all of this that he was absolutely sure of, was that he was stuck.  Firmly, securely, and very thoroughly – stuck!  Whatever Monica wanted, he would have no choice at all but to go along with.  And as far as he could see, there was no way out.
The only saving grace to his day was that, so far, not one of the girls had stopped him for an inspection.  But he still jumped when the phone on his desk suddenly rang. 
“Oh Stevie….  Why don’t you come on down and see us.  We’re all going to be waiting for you.”
“Now?” he asked, filled with trepidation.
“Oh no.  Of course not.  Not until after work…which by my clock is in about two minutes!  So get down here Stevie!” Monica’s voice commanded.
What choice did he have?  He was stuck.  “Uh…okay, I’ll be there,” he replied.
He didn’t want to go.  He was afraid to go.  But he was also too afraid not to.  He delayed leaving his desk as long as he dared, but he knew now that you don’t dare cross a witch as powerful as Monica was.  When he arrived at the shipping department, the guys who worked there had just walked out the door.  He found Diane just inside waiting for him.  She led him back to their small office where he found all four women laughing together.  “There you are Stevie,” Monica practically purred as the others all looked on.
“Uh…hi,” Steve answered nervously.
Carla walked over to him and leaned in close to his ear.  “If it’s male and you’re wearing it, take it off.”
Steve’s eyes bulged as he looked around the room for confirmation.  Monica nodded.  They were all waiting.  Slowly, Steve began removing his shoes and socks, exposing the pantyhose on his feet.  Then came his sport coat, followed by his pants and shirt.  As he removed each item, Diane took it and threw it into the back corner of the room.  Steve felt very exposed and nervous standing in front of them like he was, just wearing his bra, panties, and pantyhose.  He looked around at all of them.  They all seemed to be looking at him with different expressions on their faces.  None of them looked truly happy though.  “Uh…can I get dressed now?”
“No!” Monica replied sternly.  “I want to know who took my wedding ring.  I know you didn’t break into my place alone.  Where is it?”
Steve’s jaw dropped.  “Your wedding ring?”
“That’s what I said.  Where is it?”
“I…I…don’t know.  I didn’t take anything.”
“Liar!  You took my computer.  And there’s some other jewelry I had that’s missing too.  I don’t care that much about the other stuff, but I want that ring back!”
“I didn’t take it.  I swear!”
Monica stared angrily at him for a few moments.  She finally spoke.  “Actually, I don’t care who took it, you or your friend,” she told him.  “Because as far as I’m concerned, you’re the one who’s responsible…for all of it!” she suddenly shouted.  Her voice backed down in volume again, but there was no doubt about how angry she was.  “And since you are the one who’s responsible, then you’re the one who I’m going to hold accountable for it.”
Steve wasn’t sure he liked what that could possibly mean.  “Haven’t you done enough to me already?  I said I was sorry.  I even sent you flowers!”
The menace in Monica’s voice was absolutely real.  “Steve, I…haven’t even begun to punish you for it yet.  I…haven’t even started.  And believe me, you have no idea how angry I am.  You have no idea how much what you did hurt me.  And you have no idea how badly I’d like to kill you right now.”  Her voice grew quieter, and the menace in it was even more.  “And you wouldn’t be the first man that I’ve killed in my life.”
Steve was shocked.  Not the first man that she had killed?  She had to be kidding!  In fact, most likely, it was nothing but an empty threat.  But still…. 
The two of them stared at each other for a few moments.  Then Monica finally looked away.  She pulled a piece of paper around on her desk to where he would be able to see it.  “Get your panty covered ass over here,” she ordered.  “Sign it!” she said as she set a pen down on top of it.
Steve looked at the paper and nearly died.  It was a confession that he had been the one to destroy Monica’s apartment, and he was the one who stole her things.  “I…can’t!” he said. 
“Sign it!” Monica ordered again.
But Steve just stood there and shook his head.  “I could lose my job.  Everything!”
“You’re damn right you could lose everything!” Monica yelled as she got to her feet.  “Of course, you didn’t care one bit about what I would lose because of what you did.  You didn’t care one bit about anyone…except your own stupid flaky self!”  Her arm lashed out pointing towards Ruth and Carla.  “They know you were the one responsible.  We all know you were the one who did it.  They’ll all back me up if I need it.  The only ones who don’t know, is the police!”  Her voice backed down slightly.  “And from prior experience, I’ve found the police to be mostly useless.”  She backed up away from him slightly.  “Now sign that damn confession, and you better hope I never have any reason from you to actually turn it over to the police.  Because you know I will.  I have no real reason not to!  The only reason I’m not doing it now, is because I’ve been less than happy with the police in the past.  But I have no doubt that you wouldn’t be happy with whatever they do to you if you don’t sign it now…or if you don’t do what we tell you to from now on.”  Her hand pointed to the document on her desk.  “Now sign it, damn you!”
Steve stared at her for a moment.  Did she really mean it when she had said she wasn’t going to turn it over to the police?  He could only hope.  But one way or another, he was screwed.  He leaned over and grabbed the pen.  He read the document briefly, then signed his name to it.  “There!” he said.  “Happy now?”
“Not really,” Monica replied, her voice obviously still very angry with him.  But she sounded somewhat calmer.
“Can I get dressed and go now?”
But it was Carla that replied instead.  “Why Stevie, of course not.  The party for today is just getting started.  We haven’t had any fun yet.”
Steve turned to her quickly.  “Fun?”
“Guess what we’re going to do?” Diane said as she reached into a drawer in her desk.
Steve’s fear went into overdrive as he saw her pull out a camera and hold it up.
“And you’re going to pose and act like you love it,” Monica told him menacingly, “or a lot of people are going to find out what you’ve been up to…including the police.”  Her voice positively dripped with menace as she added, “Now you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?”
“No!  Please…no…” Steve started to beg.
But instead of answering, the other women all got to their feet.
Diane opened the door behind him and peeked out.  “All clear she said, swinging the door open wide.  She grabbed Steve’s arm and pulled him out of the office into the large open room behind.
“You will smile and act like you like it,” Monica ordered as Diane began snapping pictures.
“But I don’t like it,” Steve protested.
“I know,” Monica replied, smiling evilly.  “That’s the point.  That’s why I want you to do it.”
“But I can’t…” Steve protested again.
“Stevie,” Monica replied.  “We’re going to be here till we get what we want, no matter how long it takes.  So the sooner you start cooperating with us and do what we want, the less chance there is of the police getting that confession you just signed for us.  Do you want the police involved?” 
Steve looked around the room and then toward the door.  The last thing he wanted was to be arrested.  Once again he had no choice.  Doing his best to put a smile on his face, he began posing for all the pictures while Carla and Ruth put him into various sexy positions to fully show off what he was wearing.  All the while, Diane kept snapping pictures and Steve prayed that no one would ever see that confession he had just signed.
Then Monica had Steve remove his bra, showing off the tan lines he had gotten in Saint Thomas.  More pictures were taken.
Finally, Monica decided that they had enough and Steve was allowed to get dressed again.  As he was dressing, Monica dropped another little bomb on him.  “Oh Stevie…I hope you don’t have any plans for this weekend, because I’m afraid you’re going to be rather busy.”
“I am?” Steve asked.
“Mm-hmm,” Monica nodded.  “You’re going to spend all weekend cleaning my apartment for me.  And I know you know where I live.”
“Oh,” Steve answered.  Thinking about it, he figured that in the end, that was only fair – considering how he had messed the place up.
Diane walked up behind him again, “And make sure you wear one of your sexy new outfits for us while you clean.”  She giggled. 
Monica looked back in surprise.  “I hadn’t thought of that.”
“No!” Diane suddenly corrected herself.  “Tell you what, I’ll meet you at your place in the morning and I’ll pick out what I want you to wear.  How does that sound?” she asked Monica.
“I love it!” Monica replied with approval. 
“See you in the morning then,” Diane told Steve as she turned and headed out the office door.
Steve had a feeling that his weekend wasn’t going to be fun. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

That night, Karen finally got the email from Susan with her new instructions.  As always, she did as she was told and phoned Susan immediately.  She spent a long time on the phone with Susan as Susan did some reprogramming to her personality, along with giving her some very detailed instructions.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Revenge - Chapter 18

By Karen Singer

Chapter 18

Steve hurried to the store at lunchtime to buy himself some panties.  His fear of Monica and her witch’s power were back again full force and he didn’t dare not do whatever she said.  And just as she promised, the panty checks resumed with a vengeance right after lunch.  It seemed like the frequency of them was more than ever before. 
As soon as he got home after work, he knew he had to find some place to hide all the new underwear he had just bought, so he gathered up every pair and hid them in his bottom desk drawer on top of Monica’s computer.  Since they weren’t in his bedroom dresser he didn’t think Monica would find them – if she looked.  Plus, they hid Monica’s computer that was still there as well.
His doorbell didn’t ring until well after dinner.  When he answered it, Monica was there along with Diane, Carla, and even Ruth this time.
“Nice place,” Ruth noted as she walked into his apartment and looked around.  “Nice and big.  Could definitely use a woman’s touch though.  Obviously you don’t do much with decorating.”
Steve shrugged his shoulders, he didn’t see anything wrong with his decorating.  “I like it this way.  It’s perfect.”
“Typical man,” Carla replied.
“What do you want?” Steve asked, trying to move things along so he could get rid of them as soon as possible.
“First things first,” Monica replied.  “Show us!”
Steve sighed, but he had been expecting just that.  He quickly undid his pants and pulled them open so they could all see the panties he was wearing.  “Okay?” he asked.  “Satisfied?”
“Pull ‘em down and leave ‘em down!” Monica ordered.
Steve rolled his eyes but complied and pulled his pants down to his knees. 
“Diane,” Monica ordered, “do your magic.”
Steve’s eyes bulged – her magic?
But instead of magic, Diane reached into her bag and brought out a long piece of rope.  Bondage was one of the things she enjoyed in her life.  She guessed it was why she had trouble finding guys that would stay with her.  Within minutes, she had Steve’s hands firmly tied behind his back, then she tied his ankles together while he was still standing.  She pushed down firmly on his shoulders.  “Bend your knees a little,” she said. 
Steve did as he was told and bent his knees slightly until Diane told him it was enough.  Diane tied the ropes around his ankles to the ropes holding his hands behind his back so he could no longer stand up straight.  It was a very uncomfortable and tiring position, but there was nothing he could do about it.
“Excellent,” Monica noted as soon as Diane finished.  Ruth and Carla were both chuckling. 
Carla walked over to him.  With his knees bent she was now taller than he was.  “Not so big now, are you?” she asked.
Steve said nothing.
“You know what I hate though,” Carla continued, “his shirt is covering his panties too much.  We can’t see them.  We should have made him take it off.”
“Too late now,” Ruth replied.
But Diane walked over to Steve and started unbuttoning his shirt.  “Don’t!” Steve cried in alarm.
“What?” Diane asked angrily.
“I mean, please don’t do that,” Steve replied much more contritely.
This time Diane didn’t answer but continued unbuttoning Steve’s shirt, then she pulled it open and back onto his shoulders.  The gasps of surprise from the women in the room were all Steve needed to hear to make his face turn very red as they all stared at his bikini tan lines.
“Well!” Monica finally got out.  “What do we have here?  It looks like you were doing more than just fishing on your vacation.  Tell me Stevie, what kind of vacation did you really have?”
“You know very well what I did,” Steve answered angrily.
His reply took Monica by surprise.  She wasn’t sure what he meant, but she wisely didn’t push the issue.  Instead she said, “Spread out girls, let’s get our search over with.”
Tied up the way he was, there was no way that Steve could do anything to stop them, especially since Monica herself remained standing right in front of him, glaring at him.  Neither of them said a word for a while.  But just as Monica was about to ask if Steve really didn’t know that he had been wearing panties and stockings on their date a few weeks ago, Carla called her from the bedroom.  She left Steve standing right where he was, he couldn’t do anything else.
When Monica entered the bedroom, she saw a large pile of women’s clothes dumped out on the bed.  An empty suitcase was open next to the pile.  Ruth was carrying another smaller suitcase toward the bed.
“I found these in his closet,” Carla explained.
Ruth lifted the other, obviously full, suitcase onto the bed and opened it up.  More women’s clothes.  “My, my,” Ruth said, “it looks like he’s been busy.”
“I’d swear this stuff wasn’t here the last time we checked,” Carla replied.
“It wasn’t,” Monica assured her.  She reached into the pile on the bed and brought out a gold dress.  “Look at this stuff.  And so much.”  She reached into the pile again and brought out a tropical wrap-around skirt.  She held it up and stared at it – and nearly collapsed as the realization struck her.  She hurried back out to the living room.
Steve was kneeling down now to take the pressure off his aching legs.  He still couldn’t go anywhere, but at least he was more comfortable.  He knew that the women had found the suitcases in his closet.  Why hadn’t he thrown all that stuff away like he wanted to?
Monica stood in front of him, still holding the tropical skirt in her hands.  She stared angrily down at Steve for a few seconds, then she looked across the room toward Diane who was just beginning to search Steve’s desk.  “Diane, see if you can find a nice chair for our little friend here and stick him to it.”
Diane giggled as she pulled one of the kitchen chairs over behind Steve.  A few minutes later, Steve was much more comfortable in the chair, but he was tied everywhere imaginable to it.   
“Thanks, Diane,” Monica said as soon as Diane finished.  As Diane finally began searching Steve’s desk, Monica pulled another chair over and set it directly in front of Steve.  She straddled it and looked him straight in the eyes.  “So,” she began, “how was St. Thomas?”
There! The witch had done it.  Steve was almost relieved.  Monica had just practically admitted to him that she was the witch.  “You know very well how it was,” he replied angrily.  “You were watching me every second.”
“What’s he talking about?” Ruth asked.
“Shh!” Monica hushed, never once taking her eyes off of Steve.
But before Monica could say anything else, Diane interrupted all of them.  “Look what I found!”
All eyes turned to see Diane holding up a pile of men’s underwear that she had just pulled out of the bottom drawer of the desk.  She reached in again and pulled out another handful.  “Looks like he bought a bunch.”  She set it all on the desk and looked into the drawer again.  There was something else in the bottom of the drawer.  Curious, she picked it up and looked at it.  It was an old laptop computer.  She was about to put it back again when Monica stopped her. 
“Let me see that!” Monica said as she quickly crossed the room to Steve’s desk.  She took the computer from Diane and looked at it carefully, then she opened it.  “It’s mine!” she exclaimed.
All eyes turned back to Steve, but now they were all angry eyes.  Steve suddenly felt more afraid than ever.
Monica didn’t know whether to be angry or glad.  She was certainly angry at Steve, but she was also glad because now she knew for sure who had robbed her apartment.  She was holding the proof right in her hands.
Her first instinct was to angrily brain Steve over the head with her computer.  In fact she raised it over his head to do just that.  But the gasps of surprise from some of the other women made her stop and think better of that idea. 
She set her computer down on an end table and once again straddled the chair in front of him.  You could have heard a pin drop in the room as the silence built.  But Monica was suddenly at a complete loss for words.  What should she say?  What should she do to him?  The thief was right there in front of her, helplessly tied to a chair.  She could do anything she wanted to him and he would be helpless to stop her.  But the question remained, do what?
Steve was trying desperately to be brave, but it wasn’t easy.  Especially while Monica was just sitting there, staring at him.  Still, he didn’t say a word, just as Monica didn’t say anything either. 
It was Carla who finally broke the silence.  “What are you going to do?”
Monica shook her head.  “I don’t know yet.  I’m still trying to keep myself from killing him.”
Steve’s eyes bulged but he remained silent.
“Want me to call the police?” Ruth asked.
Monica seriously thought about that for a few moments.  She finally shook her head.  “Not yet.  In my opinion, the police are mostly useless.  We’ll wait on that for now.”
“So what are we going to do?” Diane asked. 
Monica sighed.  She was the one who had been robbed.  It was her party.  They were all looking to her for answers.  Answers she just didn’t have.  She finally got to her feet and went into the bedroom where all the clothes from the suitcases had been spread out all over the bed.  She sifted through it all, looking at this and that.  Finally coming to a small decision, she pulled a few items out and carried them back into the living room.  “Here!” she said as she threw the items at Steve.  “I expect you to be wearing them for your panty inspections from now on.”
Steve looked at the items that had bounced off him and landed on the floor.  There was not only panties, but a bra and some pantyhose that were still in their package too that he had never worn. 
But before he could say anything to protest, Monica was suddenly ordering everybody else to leave, telling them that she would see them all tomorrow.  All the other girls had grave misgivings about leaving Monica alone with Steve, but she assured them that she was all right and not to worry, she wasn’t going to hurt him and he wasn’t going to hurt her.
Finally it was just Monica and Steve alone in the room together.  Monica went back and straddled the chair in front of him.  She rested her head in her hands on the back of the chair while she watched him.  It was a shame he was such a jerk.  He was a good looking guy.  Someone she might have liked to get to know better.  But now….
“What are you going to do?” Steve asked.
“I don’t know yet.”
“Haven’t you done enough to me already?”
The question surprised her.  “Done enough?  I…haven’t even begun to do anything to you yet!” Monica replied testily.
“You call what you did to me in St. Thomas nothing?” Steve’s anger was clearly evident.
But Monica wasn’t biting.  “Who is the Sorceress?”
“The who?”
Steve had been caught off guard and was surprised by the question.  Monica realized that he clearly didn’t know.  She got up off her chair to walk around for a few minutes to think.
“Is that what you call yourself?” Steve asked.  “The Sorceress?”
“Not me, you idiot!  Someone else!  Who is she?”
“I don’t know anything about your witch games,” Steve shot back.  “But I wish you would all go away and leave me alone!”
Monica walked over to him and took his chin in her hand.  “I can’t do that now Stevie.  You broke into my apartment.  You hurt me more than you can ever know.  And for that, I simply can’t leave you alone.  I’m going to make you pay for what you did.  I’m going to make you pay, and pay, and pay.”
She released his chin and looked down at him.  The bikini tan lines stood out prominently on his chest.  The bra she had thrown at him was still draped across his legs where it had landed.  She had to ask, “So, do you really hate wearing women’s clothes?”
Steve looked up at her like she was crazy.  “You know I do!” he replied in no uncertain terms.  “It’s stupid!  Not to mention very humiliating.  What is this thing you’ve got for making me do it?”
Monica didn’t answer.  It had been the Sorceress that had started all that, not her.  But obviously, Steve didn’t like it.  And obviously Steve really did think she was a witch.  And just as obvious was that fact that he was very afraid of her.  That was an advantage she knew she couldn’t give up.  Her best bet was to use that somehow.  She just had to figure out the best way.
Finally, she untied Steve’s left arm so that he would be able to free himself once she was gone.  “Till tomorrow,” she said to him.  “Don’t forget, you’d better be wearing what you’re supposed to…or I’ll be even angrier.” 
She opened the door, took one last look at him, and was gone.