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The Bet - Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 1 of 7)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 58 (Sunday – week 9 Part 1 of 7)

     Used!  And confused!  That was simply how she felt.  Confused… and used! 
     Ray and Derek were both there in her dream, lined up in front of her.  And Sissy was there as well, standing off to the side.  And now both Ray and Derek were demanding that she choose between them.  And she couldn’t.  But mostly, she couldn’t understand why they needed her to choose.  Why couldn’t she love both of them? 
      “I’ll show you!” Ray told her angrily.  He grabbed her by the hand and dragged her off to bed where he forced himself on her.  And when he was finished, she simply felt used.  Sissy was there then, consoling her, telling her that he understood how she felt.  But Sissy could offer no help. 
     She was back then, standing in front of both Ray and Derek.  “Now tell him that you choose me!” Ray demanded. 
      “No she won’t!” Derek yelled angrily.  “My turn now!”  And with that, Derek dragged her roughly off to bed.  He was rougher than Ray, less inventive.  And when he was done, she felt even more worn out and used.  And when Derek had left her, Sissy was there one more time, helping her to get up.  Helping her to clean up. 
      “Now tell him you choose me!” Derek demanded when she was again in front of the two men. 
     But she couldn’t.  She simply couldn’t choose between them… because she didn’t want to choose between them.  And she still couldn’t understand why they needed her to choose.  Why couldn’t they all just get along?  Like she did with Sissy.  Of all of them, Sissy was the only one who didn’t make any demands on her.  He was the only one who treated her with any kind of respect and tenderness.  He was the only one who didn’t make her feel… used!
      “Must I show you again?” Ray demanded angrily.  And before she knew it, he had grabbed her hand and was once again dragging her off to bed – where she really didn’t want to go.  She was too worn out and weak to resist his strength in any way at all.  And all she kept thinking was…  Not again.  Not again.

     He giggled!  He crawled around the living room, pacifier in his mouth, wearing super thick diapers… and a pink ballet costume.  There was a party of some type going on, but he was a baby, he had no reason to know what the party was for.  He simply knew that there were lots of people there to pay attention to him… or to give him a bottle… or to play with him… and very often, to laugh at him.  Or was that to laugh with him, because mostly, whenever anyone laughed at him… he giggled!  Which was often. 
     And then Robin looked down at him and asked sternly.  “When are you going to stop behaving like a baby and act like a man again?”
     He wanted to giggle like a baby, but he couldn’t.  Not to that question.  His happy dream suddenly had something to bother him, making him much less happy.  He thought about her question, but he had no answer.  He was a baby.  He had no idea when he would be an adult again.
     He crawled away from Robin and found Mel… or was it Mommy Mel?   “What do you want?” she asked.  He was going to tell her he wanted another bottle, but now that Robin had asked her question, the baby word for bottle wouldn’t come out of his mouth.  What did he want?  Instead of a bottle, the words “self-respect, friends, and a life” came to mind.  But he didn’t say them out loud.  Getting no verbal answer from him, Mel walked away… and he crawled off to a corner where there were less people around.
     And even in his dream he tried to make sense of what he really wanted. Did he want to be a baby?  Or did he want to be an adult?  Or did he just want… “self-respect, friends, and a life?”  But as a baby, he didn’t seem to be smart enough to figure any of that out. 
     Fortunately, he didn’t have to dwell on that long as something from outside his dream forced it’s way though.  Talking… a moment later, he realized he was listening to a commercial for one of the local car dealers.  As he concentrated on the words, his dream was completely lost.  Nothing of it remained in his mind as he opened his eyes and rolled off of his blow-up mattress.  He glanced at his pink clock-radio.  Right on time.  Perfect.  The only thing more perfect would be if Mel had for some reason come in last night and left him a note like she always did… no, like she used to.  As he struggled to his feet despite his super bulky and heavy diapers, he was somehow saddened by the fact that Mel would no longer be leaving him her little notes.  He had looked forward to them every day… despite how troublesome many of them were.
     He automatically went to his refrigerator to grab his usual three bottles, but when he opened it, all he saw inside was empty space.  Not one bottle.  Nothing.  He had drank the last of the bottles last night.  And even then he hadn’t really had as many as he was supposed to.  He figured that much of today would be devoted to making more of Mel’s lousy green tea. 
     Feeling oddly thirsty, he headed for his bathroom to start getting ready.  He shaved his face first – still wearing the massive bulk of diapers.  Those he wouldn’t remove until just before he jumped into the shower.  But as he shaved, he was still bothered by the fact that he hadn’t drank any bottles at all this morning.  He was bothered, and yet, for once he had a good excuse for not drinking any!  For once he might actually get away with it!  In fact, Mel probably wouldn’t even check!  But he still worried about it.  He really didn’t want to get punished for something like that.  No telling how many bottles Mel might force on him if she did find out… which still seemed like a remote possibility.  But still, he worried… and… he was oddly thirsty.
     It was only because he was thirsty that before he finally removed his diapers to get into the shower, he went back to his bedroom and found one of the used bottles from last night.  He took it into the kitchen and washed it out in the sink, then filled it.  He was thirsty, wasn’t he?  And he didn’t have anything else in the house to drink from… not even one glass or cup.  And all he had to drink was water.  So he would drink just the one bottle to get over his thirst and then go to Mel’s apartment.  He knew it was highly unlikely that she would find out about how many he had really had to drink.
     Taking his one bottle of water into his living room to sit in his one and only chair, he stared up at the wall of childish pictures in front of him and put the even more childish bottle to his lips.  He was only drinking it because he was thirsty!

     Pressed… and dressed!  That was what ran through his mind as he stood in front of the mirror attached to his closet door.  Pressed, and dressed.  Well, mostly.  He was missing his shoes.  He also had to stuff his bra with pantyhose since once again he didn’t have the breast forms glued on.  He remembered leaving everything at Mel’s apartment yesterday along with the uniform he wore then.  He never had a chance to retrieve them when Ray had shown up.  One nice thing about stuffing his bra with the pantyhose, they weighted a whole lot less than the heavy forms that were usually glued to his chest.  He had no illusions at all that he would go for long without once again being saddled with the heavy forms being fixed in place so he couldn’t remove them.  But he would enjoy what he could, while he could.
     So now, with the exception of the missing pieces, he was about as ready as he could get.  He grabbed his restocked diaper bag, the plastic bag now containing only two used baby bottles, and his purse.  He opened his door and went out.  It was still fairly early.  Early enough that it was unlikely that anyone would be around to see him.  Not that it mattered.  He was dressed far less humiliatingly today than he often was.  And hopefully, it was also early enough that Mel wouldn’t be up yet.  He didn’t knock, instead he used his key and let himself inside as quietly as possible. 
     Her apartment was quiet – as if there was nobody home.  He paused for a moment to consider that.  Was she home?  Was it possible she wasn’t even there?  She could have stayed at Ray’s apartment last night.  He dropped his diaper bag and purse under her table by the door, and creeping quietly in his stocking feet, made his way toward her bedroom.  Her bedroom door was wide open – no lights inside.  He stopped at the doorway and just listened.  Breathing!  He could just barely hear it.  She was still asleep!  Perfect.  Quietly, he tiptoed away and headed to the kitchen where he immediately started fixing her morning coffee.
     As he filled the coffee carafe with water, he noticed the large pot in the sink that she usually used to make his tea with.  He figured she must have left it there yesterday when Ray arrived.  Once the coffee was making, almost hating to do it, he opened her refrigerator and pulled out one of the last few remaining baby bottles.  He put it to his mouth to drink, only because he knew he still had a wetting deadline and that Mel would be definitely checking on that when she woke up… whenever that would be.  Besides, strangely, he was still thirsty.
     With the coffee making and his bottle in his mouth, he looked around for something to do.  His eyes again fell on the big pot in the sink.  He filled it with fresh water and set it on the stove to start boiling.  He figured he might as well get a start on it since he knew the job was most likely going to have to be done – whether he liked the tea or not.
     Now…  When was she going to wake up?

     Her body felt tired, yet wonderfully loose and relaxed – the after effects of so much sex last night.  She opened her eyes to the smell of coffee brewing out in her kitchen… and she smiled.  Sissy was there and her coffee was ready!
     Sissy!  Alarmed, she rolled over quickly in bed, and reached her arm out to the side!  Empty!  The bed was empty next to her.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she briefly remembered telling Ray sometime in the middle of the night that he had to leave… that he couldn’t be there in the morning.  She must have fallen back asleep before he actually left because for the life of her, she couldn’t remember him actually leaving.  At least, she hoped he had gone. 
     Suddenly worried about it, she nearly jumped out of bed.  She turned her light on so she could see better as she looked all around.  No sign of his clothes anywhere.  Breathing another sigh of relief, she wrapped her robe around her and headed directly to her bathroom, as much to make sure he wasn’t there as for needing it.
     Chad heard her bathroom door and ran out of the kitchen to look.  Her bedroom light was on!  He hurried to pour her a cup of coffee and started to take it to her bedroom… but he stopped.  Should he take it there?  She wasn’t in her bedroom right now.  Maybe he should just hold it and wait to find out where she would go.  Feeling like that was the better option, he stayed where he was and waited – fresh cup of coffee in his hands.
     Mel finished in the bathroom and opened the door – not knowing if she wanted to go back to bed, or simply get up and go into the kitchen.  But when she opened the door, she caught sight of sissy – her morning coffee already in his hands and waiting for her.  The sight of him in that maids dress ready to serve her sent a bit of a sexual tingle through her body... despite how sexually sated her body was from last night.  And when she saw him curtsey to her, that thrill doubled. 
     The coffee looked good.  The sight of Sissy there like that looked better… despite the fact that she now noticed he wasn’t wearing any shoes.  Then she remembered, she had hurriedly thrown them into her closet yesterday along with the rest of his uniform. 
     The coffee in his hands looked good.  But she was also still exhausted from last night, not to mention, wonderfully limp inside.  Sissy was her servant.  Much of a servant’s job was to simply wait.  Despite the smell of the coffee, she said, “I’m going back to bed.  Don’t wake me.”  With a smile on her face, she did just that.
     Chad was a bit stunned.  She was going back to bed?  But he had her coffee all ready for her!  Feeling a bit dejected, he took her coffee back to the sink and dumped it out.  Was she going to go back to sleep?  Or did she want her laptop?  Or…  He saw the faint light from her bedroom lamp going out.  Back to sleep!  Now what was he supposed to do? 
     He picked up his baby bottle and nursed on it while he checked the big pot of tea that was almost ready.  Almost ready, but not quite.  He would have sat down in his highchair like he did yesterday morning since he knew his diaper wasn’t close to leaking yet, but his highchair was obviously missing.  He figured he’d be collecting from Sandy’s apartment later.  He had seen it in the kitchen for so long now that it appeared to be a major hole in the room. 
     Not knowing what else to do, he carried his baby bottle out toward the laundry and started sorting.  He dared not make any noise by turning on the washer.  She had said not to wake her.

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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

Wishing you all the very best holiday possible.


The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

     Ray watched as Mel went through yet another small orgasm.  He had lost count of how many he had given her now.  He had only allowed himself two… so far.  He was using every trick he knew of as well as some he had recently learned from Gloria on her.  When he was done with her tonight, he wanted her to know that there was nobody who could ever be half as good in bed with her as he was.  Nobody!  When it came to sex, he wanted her mind to think of him… and only him!
     As Mel came down from her latest orgasm, she felt Ray moving yet again… getting ready to do something else to her to drive her crazy.  But she was overly tired now and was definitely getting sore.  “Enough!” she finally declared.  He had been all too attentive, too insistent on doing things to her… more so than doing things with her since they had gotten into bed.  It had been fun.  Worlds of fun!  Amazing fun!  But enough was enough.  She simply couldn’t take anymore!  She was to the point now where becoming a nun would have sounded like a really good idea.
     Instead of doing what he had planned, which would have been the third time for that particular little exercise, Ray moved up and pulled her to lay against his shoulder instead, wrapping his arms around her.  “We’ll get a little rest,” he said softly to her.
      “A little?” Mel mourned.  “I’m totally done in!”
      “Then well sleep for a while and we can resume again in the morning.”
     Ugh!  More sex was the last thing that Mel needed just then.  And his arms around her… even the closeness of his body was beginning to make her claustrophobic.  She pulled his arm off of her and rolled away, finally sitting up on the side of the bed where she could be away from him. 
     He wanted to stay the night.  She got that much.  And she was tempted.  Really tempted!  But there were reasons she couldn’t do that… she just couldn’t think of them just then.  Her brain was still too scrambled from so much uninterrupted sex!  To regain her wits…  “I have to go pee,” she said without turning around.  Not bothering to cover herself in any way, she headed into the bathroom.  She spent a long time there… at least longer than usual.  She sat on the toilet for a while after she had peed, trying to get her brain to start thinking again, but it was about as worn out and useless now as the rest of her body. 
     He wanted to stay the night.  There was something wrong with that… other than the fact that she didn’t think she could take anymore.  The only problem was, for the life of her just then, she couldn’t think of exactly why it was that he absolutely couldn’t stay.  By the time she finally flushed the toilet and went back to him, her brain was working a little bit better, but only slightly.  And a few minutes later, she was back in his arms yet again.  Only this time, she insisted on no more sex, even putting a quick stop to it when he started playing softly with her nipples again. 
     So should she let him stay the night?

      “You’re the babysitter,” Cassie declared, “not me!  So you have to do it!” 
      “But I don’t want to.  Are you sure it’s really still necessary?”
      “Yes!” Cassie replied flatly.
     Yuck!  Sandy didn’t mind changing his wet diapers.  Not one little bit.  But shoving her finger up his rear end, even pretending to put the suppository up inside of him, was something she would rather avoid doing.  And Cassie was being too stubborn right now to help her out with it.  Darn it! 
     She finally sank down next to him to go to work.  He was just lying there, drinking yet another bottle that she had just given him.  She didn’t know how many she had fixed for him today.  A lot, that much was certain.   And just as Mel had mentioned, his diapers always seemed to start leaking in well under his time limit.  After the way he had mischievously behaved earlier though, she had started checking him often since he was still being bad and was refusing to cry whenever he started leaking.  Babies!  They could be so frustrating!
     Since he seemed to be wetting so much, she tried to figure out how many diapers to prepare for him.  She was fairly certain that two wasn’t going to even come close!  But would three be enough?  Or did she need four?  Five?  She would have asked him, but by her own rules there was no way he could tell her.  And he had been acting like such a total baby all day that there was no way she was going to break that spell now.  Of course she could simply put him in one diaper and send him home to diaper himself for the night.  Maybe that’s what she should do.  Let him figure it out.  He should know better than her anyway what he would need… baby or not.  Then if he did leak all over his bedding, it wouldn’t be her fault. 
     Her mind suddenly made up, she grabbed only one disposable diaper from his diaper bag and got it ready.  One by one, she pulled open the tapes on his soggy diaper, but didn’t pull it back.  He was staring up at her, bottle in his mouth, just like a baby would… a very large sized baby, but still so much like a real baby.  She found the jar of suppositories in his diaper bag and opened it and pulled one out.  Holding it up so she could examine it closely, she said, “I’m not overly fond of having to do this, but I guess we have no choice, do we?”  She looked back at him with a somewhat mischievous smirk on her face.  She noticed that his face had changed slightly.  He certainly wasn’t fond of getting the suppositories either… even though he didn’t seem to have a clue that he wasn’t really getting them.
     She pulled back the front of his diaper to see if he was wetting – he wasn’t.  Then she quickly grabbed his legs and with his help, swung them high in the air to totally expose his bottom.  Palming the little pill, she stuck her middle finger into him.  She was almost surprised at how easily it went in when she did.  But she kept pushing until it was totally buried inside of him.  Then she quickly pulled it out again and wiped her finger off on the fresh diaper she had at hand.  When she lowered his legs, she saw a bit of pee still coming out of his chastity device, she quickly pulled his soggy diaper back over it again, noticing as she did so the wet spot now on his chest.  Well, accidents like that couldn’t be helped she guessed.  She wiped the wet spot dry with the fresh diaper as well. 
     After carefully checking to make sure he wasn’t peeing again, she pulled his soggy diaper out from under him and stuck the new one in its place.  A moment later, he was totally and safely secured.
      “Time for you to go home now,” she told him.  “I’ll let you figure out how many diapers you’re going to need to get through the night.  And Mel wanted me to remind you before you went home that you have to be at her apartment early in the morning.  She said you’d know what that was all about.  She looked for a nod or something from him, but all she got was him looking at her while he sucked on his baby bottle.  Good enough, she figured.  She had done her part. 
     As soon as he finished his bottle, she removed his bib and had him crawl to her front door.  She opened it for him and pushed his diaper bag outside so he could get it as soon as he was allowed to stand up.  She set his keys on top of his bag.  “I guess you’ll have to come back for your highchair tomorrow,” she told him.  She looked down at him for just a moment more.  “You were really fun today,” she told him.  “Bad too!” she admonished… then giggled.  “So much like a real baby.  I hope we get to do this again.  Now get going… and have a good night.”
     Chad crawled out her door.  He looked back at her as he was getting to his feet.  She blew a little kiss at him and closed her door.  Dressed in only his diaper, he grabbed his diaper bag and keys and hurried over to his own door.  A minute later, he was safely inside.  And all he could think about was what a strange day it had been.  Strange, and terribly humiliating, and fun, and… stimulating in ways he had never expected.
     His one single diaper soon became four disposable diapers with plastic panties on top.  He went to his refrigerator and pulled out… his last two baby bottles.  He knew he was supposed to drink three, but two was all he had left and he was fairly sure he had none in his diaper bag either.  He checked just to be sure.  Oh well, he knew he could always refill one of them from his sink, but he had already drank so many today that he decided not to bother.  He would just have to hope that Mel would understand in the morning… or maybe, he could drink and extra one before she got up tomorrow and she would never know!  That sounded like a better plan to him.
     Carrying his bottles back to his lonely blow-up mattress, he laid down and put the first one to his mouth.  He was aware that for the second night in a row he wasn’t wearing his breast forms.  In fact, for most of the day he hadn’t even had to have them stuffed into a bra.  He had no doubt that that little luxury would come to a quick end tomorrow. 
     And tomorrow…  Tomorrow he would have to be up early again and be over at Mel’s apartment to make coffee and breakfast for her.  He would have to be her perfect maid again.  He made a little mental note to re-iron one of his uniforms in the morning before he left.  Thinking of that, he reset his alarm for ten minutes earlier to give him more time.  He smiled as he reset his pink alarm clock.  He had finally woken up to a much more sane alarm this morning.  And it was so much better than what Mel had set for him.  He was almost looking forward to it again tomorrow.  Almost, but not quite!
     As he laid down again and grabbed his baby bottle, his mind replayed much of his day.  The part where he had played baby for Sandy had been a good part.  A very good part.  Much of it he had enjoyed thoroughly and had actually had fun.  A very rare experience for him.  Even having to endure her crazy toy stuck in his mouth hadn’t really been all that bad at all.  At least she didn’t actually have her friend Jillian come over to beat him.  He wouldn’t have liked his day nearly as much if she had.
     And then there was his crazy ballet performance.  He didn’t know what to think about that!  Except that he had no doubt that he would be dreaming about it for a very, very long time!

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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 8 of 9)

     Dinner had been… okay.  Ray had been nice company… mostly.  There were times there when she felt like a criminal being grilled as he asked question after question about her family or her business.  And now they were pulling into the parking lot at her apartment again.  He had offered to take her to his place instead, but just then, she didn’t want to be “trapped” there with no easy way home if she felt that way. 
     As they headed up the stairs to her apartment, her eyes automatically fell on both Sissy’s apartment door and Sandy’s.  She really hoped they had gotten that highchair out of her kitchen!  But she was fairly confident that the thing was gone now.  A minute later, she led Ray into her apartment. 
     She automatically set her purse on the little table by the door.  But when she turned back towards Ray, she suddenly found herself in his arms.  His head lowered to hers, and they kissed.  The kiss felt so good!  And when it ended, she let him lead her straight into her bedroom. 

     Chad was glad to have that stupid “thing” out of his mouth!  Although what was in his mouth now wasn’t all that good either.  He was once again sitting in his highchair – although for some reason Sandy had insisted that this time he keep his hands in his lap when she put the tray in place – making them totally useless.  With his hands stuck there, there was no possible way at all for him to escape from the chair – even if Sandy hadn’t put the seatbelt around him as well.  Something that Mel never did.  Not that he was really worried about getting out of the chair anyway, but the knowledge that he was pretty much helpless there couldn’t be avoided.
      “Open wide Baby,” Sandy said as if she was talking to a one-year-old.  Chad dutifully opened his mouth again and let Sandy put another small spoonful of baby food into his mouth.  At least he didn’t have to waste time chewing it.  He simply swallowed.  And soon another spoonful of mush followed.  He would really have liked a drink from his bottle – even of the baby formula that Sandy had been giving him, but since he wasn’t supposed to make any sounds other than baby sounds, he had no way of telling her that.  So he sat there and kept opening his mouth over and over again, like little bird being fed by its mother, as Sandy put miniscule bits of baby mush into his mouth… over and over and over again.  The only good news, if you could call it that, was that at least it wasn’t an overly large amount of food that she had gotten out for him.  Not like the last few meals he had eaten.  That had actually wound up being horrible – even the meal in the restaurant!
      “Here comes the choo-choo train,” Sandy said.  “Choo choo choo…”  Chad dutifully opened his mouth again.  “Good baby.”
     Between playing airplane and choo-choo and whatever else Sandy happened to decide on as she fed him, Chad was pretty much worn out by the time his dinner was done.  Sandy cleaned him up, then surprisingly, released him from his highchair to crawl back to his blanket in the living room. 
      “Put that thing back in your mouth,” Sandy told him as soon as he got there, “and I’ll be back with your bottle in a few minutes.”  The “thing” that Sandy had been talking about, was of course the very realistic, and large, phallic toy from their bedroom.  Not at all happy about it, Chad picked the stupid thing up and jammed it in his mouth.  Sandy nodded as if satisfied and walked back toward the kitchen.
     He had really enjoyed playing baby earlier, but having a big fake penis stuck in his mouth took all the joy out of that.  Of course, another small part of him was also enjoying the humiliation factor of it, so he supposed not all was lost.  But he had simply been having fun earlier – as a baby. 
     Their phallic toy wouldn’t have been quite as bad if the darn thing hadn’t been so big.  Already his jaws were getting tired because he couldn’t close his mouth at all.  He was glad when he saw Sandy finally return with another baby bottle for him – if only because it meant that he could get the nuisance object out of his mouth.  He’d much rather suck on the nipple of a baby bottle instead... even if the bottle did contain baby formula. 
     Sandy brought the bottle to him, but instead of just handing it to him, she got down on the blanket with him, having to moved several of his baby toys out of the way to make room.  “Lay back, Baby,” she told him.  “I’ll feed you this time.”
     Chad laid on his back, the stupid phallus still deep in his mouth.  He was ever so glad when Sandy grabbed the miserable thing and pulled it out.  After that, he eagerly accepted the nipple of the bottle she held to his lips.  His hands automatically reached to hold the bottle.  “No, Baby,” Sandy told him.  “I’ll hold it for you.  You just enjoy it.”  Chad wasn’t sure how much he was enjoying the baby formula, but it was a whole lot better than what she had just removed from his mouth.
     Sandy laid on her side next to him so she could watch him closer as she held the bottle to his mouth with one hand.  A grown man – acting like such a total baby!  It never ceased to amaze her.  And once again she felt the twinges of sexual stirrings inside of her. 
     As she watched him nursing on his bottle, she remembered that his bet with Mel was almost over.  This could be the last time she ever got to babysit with him again.  That was not exactly a happy thought.  Did she really want to see him win their bet?  No.  For selfish reasons, she didn’t.  But she had agreed to be fair about the judging.  But could she?  Could she really?  She had agreed but…  But she really wanted Mel to win just so she could continue to be amazed by what he did.  Besides, the way it looked to her for some time now, there was no way in the world that he could win.  He was so totally incontinent already that she didn’t think he stood any chance at all of regaining any of that back… not in two days at least. 
     But what if… what if he somehow could?  Could she be fair about it?  Would she be fair?  She really wasn’t sure… again, for selfish reasons.  She didn’t want to think that would be the case, but she knew deep down that it was.  She would try, she decided. She would really, really try to be fair.  But bottom line… she wanted Mel to win. 
     Cassie walked up and stared down at her feeding him.  “Having fun?” she asked.
     Sandy smiled.  “More than you know.   Why don’t you come down here and join me.”
     Cassie smiled.  Why not?  She wanted to lay next to Sandy, but there was a pile of baby toys there.  The only space left on the blanket was on the other side of Sissy.  So she got down and laid there instead, on her side, with her head propped up on her arm where she could see over top of Sissy to watch Sandy just past him. 
      “You’re too far away,” Sandy complained jokingly. 
      “There’s no room on your other side!  Too many toys!”  She reached out her hand and grabbed the bottle that Sandy was holding in Sissy’s mouth, her hand caressing Sandy’s in the process.  Sandy relinquished her hold on the bottle to her and caressed Cassie’s hand in return.  Their eyes locked over top of Sissy’s body.  Sandy closed her hand over top of Cassie’s and they both held the bottle together, still looking at each other lovingly across Sissy’s body as they did so.  After another minute, Sandy propped herself up further and leaned over top of Sissy. Cassie rose to meet her.  Their lips locked in a long and sensual embrace just inches from Sissy’s face.
     Chad barely realized that the bottle was still in his mouth – even as he continued to suckle from it.  His attention now was riveted on the amazing sight right in front of his eyes.  Sandy and Cassie kissing… and it was no innocent kiss, that was for sure!  He was so close that he could easily tell that tongues were moving between both mouths as the amazing kiss seemed to go on and on… as if they had forgotten completely that he was there.  His thoughts suddenly turned to wanting Cassie to play with one of her toys in his rear end again as his own sexual urges became stimulated.
     Their kiss finally broke.  Cassie sat up on her knees, still looking at Sandy – hungrily.  In one swift motion, she suddenly pulled her top off and threw it aside.  Chad started sucking harder on his bottle as she reached for the back of her bra and unfastened that.  A moment later, Cassie’s breasts were fully on display, right in front of his face!  As if to emphasize that point, Chad’s bottle started making noises as he sucked hard on it – but there was no more liquid left inside for him to get out. 
     Sandy glanced down at the bottle she was holding and pulled it out of Sissy’s mouth.  She tossed it aside.  A moment later, she had pulled her own top off and removed her bra as well.  Both women faced each other, naked from the waist up, with Sissy lying in-between them.  Chad couldn’t move.  He dared not move.  He was too mesmerized to move.
      “Get over here!” Sandy said to Cassie as she extended her hand toward her lover.  Cassie raised one knee and set her leg over top of Sissy to his other side, straddling him.  A moment later, the rest of her body was there as well.  The two women embraced and kissed again, their naked breasts seeming to mingle and make their own version of a loving caress. 
     Chad couldn’t even think about moving as he watched the two half-naked women right next to him.  His body did give a small shudder though when they broke their embrace and first Cassie, then Sandy started removing their shorts – right in front of him.  And still ignoring him completely, they were soon totally stark naked! 
     Cassie and Sandy both started shoving baby toys out of their way and off of the blanket.  As they did, Sandy picked up just one of those objects, and paying Sissy the only bit of attention either of them had shown him in several moments, once again shoved the big dildo right into his mouth.  Not saying another word, she again ignored him completely as she turned back to Cassie… and laid down on the blanket, her back to Sissy, her arms entwined in Cassie’s arms. 
     The lifelike penis now shoved deeply into his mouth again, was not the type of thing Chad wanted there as he lay totally stunned, watching Sandy and Cassie making out right directly next to him.   If Sandy hadn’t shoved the stupid thing into his mouth, he might have thought they had both forgotten that he was there.  Oddly, he didn’t even think about moving as they continued making love… right next to him.  He couldn’t look away… he didn’t even think about moving.  Mesmerized… stunned… and shaking inside with sexual need, he continued to watch… and suck on the damned penis shaped toy in his mouth.
     The two women seemed to separate slightly as Sandy rolled over onto her back and Cassie moved down between her legs.  Chad was granted a ring-side view of Sandy’s heightening sexual excitement… and her resulting orgasm.  A few minutes later, the two women were back in each other’s arms again, before reversing positions and Chad got to watch as Cassie now experienced what Sandy had just gone through.  And through it all, it was like they didn’t even know he was there!
     Cassie’s orgasm did not appear to be nearly as wild as Sandy’s had been, but he still had no doubt when it hit her.  He expected it to end then… or at least he expected it to end after they were again entwined in another embrace, but before he knew it, Cassie was back between Sandy's legs again and he was watching as Sandy’s still heightened need continued to drive her toward yet another tumultuous climax.  Only then did they lock their naked bodies together again and remain there, kissing, nuzzling, fondling slightly… winding down from their strenuous activity.  And all that time, he still seemed to not exist for them.
     It was a while before Cassie kissed Sandy one last time, then got to her knees… and finally her feet.  She looked down at Sissy who was staring up, wide eyed, at her.  She grabbed her clothes and still stark naked headed off to the bathroom.  Chad’s eyes following her as far as he was capable of watching.  When she was gone, he turned back toward Sandy and realized she was now kneeling next to him staring down at him with a big smirking grin on her face.
     Sandy found her top amid the jumble of her clothes just off the blanket.  She pulled it on without a bra while she was still kneeling facing him.  With only the top of her body covered, she asked, “Did you enjoy that Sissy?  But then you’re just a little baby.  Babies don’t know anything about what we just did.  Do they?”  She grinned at her own mocking statements.  “Babies like you don’t know anything at all about sex, do they?  All they can do is to watch like that and not understand it since they don’t get to experience anything like what we just felt.  Not at all.  Just – like – you!”  She giggled again. 
     She stared down at him for another moment, mostly seeing the strange dildo that was still filling his mouth.  It looked so strange, so out of place there.  “Did you enjoy sucking on that thing while we were making love right next to you?” she asked.  “I’ll bet you did.  Sissies like you always enjoy something like that, especially since it’s the closest thing to actual sex you may ever get to have.”  She leaned closer to him before saying.  “And that makes it all the more special, doesn’t it?”  She leaned over and quickly kissed him on the cheek before giggling again and getting to her feet. 
     Chad could still smell the odor from their sexual intercourse as she had kissed him.  Her face reeked of it.  But that was such a tiny thing next to the words she had teasingly spoken.  Or was it mockingly.  Either way, her humiliating remarks aroused him to the point where he was unconsciously sucking harder on the phallus in his mouth and rubbing his tongue all over it… and as the teeth inside of his ever present chastity device once again began digging into his ever so slightly swelling and under used male appendage – too small anymore to even be thought of as a penis.  The slight swelling didn’t last long as the irritating reminder from the teeth of his device took over.  But his sexual need and excitement didn’t abate one little bit. 
     He watched as Sandy, totally naked from the waist down, picked up her clothes and walked off.  Wow!  He still couldn’t believe it had just happened… right there… right in front of him.  And through it all there was nothing he could do to gain any bit of sexual stimulation for himself… other than to wish for it.  Helpless… like a baby.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Peace In The House

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know that I posted my old story “Peace In The House” to Fictionmania ( and it came out this morning.  As I expected the nasty comments have already started, but that’s to be expected.  Wait till they see “Girlish.”  I just wanted to let you all know in case anyone is interested in checking it out.

Written back in 2003, “Peace In The House” was the 2nd story I ever wrote.  It became a fan favorite for many, even though it’s not my personal favorite.  Here’s the brief teaser I wrote for it:

Kate is a single mother with a seventeen year old son and a fifteen year old daughter who constantly fight like cats and dogs.  But Kate has taken a new job that requires her to be away from the house for most of the day, leaving the two kids alone with each other.  Since her son is the oldest, she puts him in charge.  But… who’s really the one in charge?

Check it out if you’re interested.

In other news, The Bet continues to march on… and on… and on…  I have now finished writing chapter 61 and have it totally in the can.  And chapter 62 has sort of been started as well.  It feels good to have somewhat of a cushion ahead of where you are in the story again.  For a while there you all were getting a bit close for comfort.  Working on chapter 62 and the end will be chapter 65.  I’m getting so close I can almost taste it!  And my mind is turning more and more to the next project.  But I have to finish The Bet first.  This thing has turned out to be such a monstrous undertaking that when I do finally finish it, for better or for worse, I will feel like I’ve accomplished something – something difficult! 

Have a super sparkly day!  And please smile once in a while,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 7 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 7 of 9)

      “You never talk about your family,” Ray said as they lingered over the last of their dinner.  “Are you close?”
     Mel shook her head.  “We were.  Very close.  Unfortunately, they were taken from me in an auto accident a few years ago.  I miss them both… horribly!”
      “I’ll bet,” Ray replied conciliatorily.  “And I’m sorry to hear that.”  He had of course, known it all along.
      “Thanks,” Mel replied softly.
      “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Ray asked next.
      “No,” Mel replied.  “I’m an only child.”
      “That must have made losing your family all that much more difficult!”
      “You have no idea!” Mel replied.
     Ray was cautious now because he would be moving into trickier territory.  “So what happened to their house?  You didn’t inherit anything from them?”
     A tiny warning flag was flying somewhere in the back of Mel’s mind, but she mostly ignored it.  “No, I just didn’t want it,” Mel replied.
     She wasn’t giving him much to work with Ray realized.  He kept pushing.  “How about your business?” he asked next.  “I think Gloria mentioned that you and your father used to work together?”
     Mel nodded.  “Yeah.  You have no idea how much I miss him… especially lately.”
      “And now you’re trying to handle all his clients as well as yours by yourself?”
      “Actually, when he died we lost most of our customers.  I hadn’t been out of law school all that long when it happened.  I struggled for quite a while.”
     That didn’t sound like rich to Ray.  But then, if she had been struggling, she probably had plenty of money to fall back on till her customer base could get going again.  “But you survived,” he stated.
     Mel looked at him and smiled.  “Of course I did!  I’m tougher than that!”
     Ray wasted no time in asking his next question.  “So did you inherit anything else?”  This was what he was really getting to.  The money!
     Mel shrugged.  “A few things,” she replied noncommittally.  “Most of it I just stuck in storage.”
     That was not the kind of answer Ray wanted.  “In storage?  Why don’t you use it?”
     Mel shrugged.  “What for?  None if it would go with what’s in my apartment.”
      “But you’re a successful lawyer… now,” Ray argued.  “I’m sorry to say this, but I’d expect you to have… shall we say… a fancier place.”
     Again Mel shook her head.  “Why?  I’m comfortable right where I am.  It’s close to work and I have no problem with it.”  She smiled shyly.  “I am hoping to get something better soon… if things pan out like I hope they will.  I’ll be looking for a proper house then.”
      “A house?” Ray replied, somewhat disappointed.  Her reply didn’t sound at all like anything a rich person would say.  Not one bit!  Maybe she wasn’t rich. But the tiger had said…  And somehow, he still believed everything that Gloria had told him about Mel.  Mel just wasn’t the type to tell anyone about her money.  Well, he was just getting started with her.  This was only their second official date.  There would be plenty more time for him to learn more later.

     Chad crawled back onto his blanket where he picked up a stuffed toy and sat holding it in his lap.  He saw Sandy carrying the bird figurine into the kitchen as if it was radioactive or something.  A few minutes later, she returned with it fully cleaned and replaced it where it belonged.  Then she turned toward him.  “You’ve been a bad baby, haven’t you?” she said as she walked over to his blanket.  “Are you leaking yet?” she asked.  She pushed him back onto his back to check his diaper, and not only noticed that he was leaking, but the blanket under where he had been sitting was getting soaked!  Exasperated, she scolded him yet again.  “Bad baby!  You’ve been leaking and you didn’t cry to let me know!”
     Cry?  Chad had been having too good a time to cry… and he still was!  He was a baby.  What did he care if he was leaking or not?
     Sandy got his diaper bag and changed him right then.  She checked the time again – and realized that once again he had been leaking far sooner than he needed to be.  She decided not to mention it to him though. 
     With him still on his back in front of her, she looked wickedly down at him.  “Okay Sissy.  Since you want to be that much of a baby…  I saw that you stuck my little girl figure in your mouth… and made a mess of it!  And you stuck the poor little birdie in your mouth and made a mess of that too!  So why then… didn’t you stick…” she held out her hand toward Cassie and waited till Cassie put the dildo in her hand before displaying it right in front of Chad’s eyes… “this in your mouth as well?  Huh?  You slobbered just like a little baby all over everything else… so why not this?”
     Chad was somewhat horrified.  He didn’t know if he should laugh or be scared.  Something told him that scared was probably more correct – so he said nothing.
     Sandy continued.  “Obviously a little baby like you would have no idea in the world what this thing is… would you!” 
     Once again, Chad refrained from making any kind of noise at all.
      “So I’m so very surprised that you didn’t play with this like you played with my other pretty things.” 
     Play with it?  Why in the world would he want to play with it?  Actually, he had played with it... sort of.  He had moved it from their bedroom and displayed it out in their living room.  That was playing with it, wasn’t it?
     Sandy rubbed the realistic toy lightly against his face.  “Such a bad baby.  You played with all those really breakable things, but this one thing that you can’t break, you didn’t play with like the others.  I wonder why that could be?” 
     Chad was starting to grow more nervous now. 
      “Since you picked out this one toy and didn’t play with it like the others… and since this is the only thing you did find that isn’t breakable… I’m going to give this to you to play with now.  In fact, I’m going to insist that you play with it… like you play with everything else!”
     To Chad, her voice suddenly seemed to drip with evilness!  And he was feeling every bit of that evil!  Play with it – like he did with everything else?  She had to be kidding!  He was suddenly sorry he had touched the thing!
      “So here Baby.  Take this thing in your hand and let me see you play with it… like a ‘good’ little baby!”  With that, she pressed the dildo into the palm of his hand until he grabbed it, then she sat back a little way so she wasn’t right in his face.
     Play with it?  She couldn’t be serious!  But unfortunately, she was all too serious!  But what was he supposed to do with the stupid thing?
      “Go ahead Baby,” she said.  “Let me see you play with it… just like you play with all your toys now… just like you played with my other things that you weren’t supposed to touch!”
     Chad had no doubt then that she was waiting for him to put the crazy thing in his mouth.  But should he?  He certainly didn’t want to.  And what would happen if he didn’t?
      “You know,” Sandy said when he didn’t move, “since you were such a bad baby and slobbered all over my pretty things, maybe I really should punish you.”  She paused then as if considering something.  “Or perhaps… you’d rather someone else punishes you instead.  Is that it?  Do you want someone else to punish you?”
     Chad didn’t want to be punished at all.  Besides who was she talking about, Cassie?  Or was she going to wait till Mel came home and she told her?
      “Would you like me to call my friend Jillian to come and punish you instead?” Sandy asked.  “Is that what you want?”  She looked sternly into his eyes.  “I ‘know’ you remember my good friend Jillian… and what she likes to do!”
     Chad remembered all too well the beatings he had gotten from Jillian – and her friend Stacy!  Getting punished by them again was the last thing he wanted!  But still, Sandy was only just saying that, wasn’t she?  She wouldn’t really call Jillian and Stacy, would she?  He was horrified, but at the same time, he didn’t exactly want to stick the all-too-real phallic toy in his mouth.  So he just sat there holding it in his hand, hoping that he was right.
     When he didn’t move, Sandy looked him sternly in the eyes again as she said, “Cassie, please get me my cell phone!”
      “But…” Cassie started to say.
      “Please!” Sandy repeated quickly.
     With a shrug, Cassie went in search of Sandy’s phone.  She came back a few minutes later and handed it to her.  Sandy punched the numbers, then once again looked Sissy in the eye.
      “Hi Jillian.  Yeah, it’s Sandy.  How are you?”
      “But…” Cassie started to say again.  But Sandy stopped her quickly with a raise of her finger.  Cassie just stood back and listened instead.
     Chad was really horrified now that Sandy was actually talking to Jillian on the phone.  Would she really ask Jillian and Stacy to come over and punish him?  He was suddenly afraid that Sandy would do exactly that!
      “Listen,” Sandy said into her phone.  “I’ve got Sissy here playing baby for me again, and he’s being really bad!”  She listened for a moment.  “Yes!  I do think he needs to be punished!  But listen, he took some of my pretty breakable things and slobbered all over them…  Yeah, he did, in his mouth… just like a real baby…  Yeah, I know that’s kind of what he’s supposed to do but…  Well listen, he also went into our nightstand when we weren’t looking and pulled out one of our rather realistic looking toys, if you know what I mean?  Yeah, that one!  I think you’ve got one just like it.  Yeah, well anyway, that one thing that he picked up… the one thing that wasn’t breakable… is the one thing that he’s refusing to put in his mouth now and slobber all over like he did everything else.”  She seemed to listen again.  “No!  Like I said, I do think he needs to be punished.  Yeah, and I think he should be made to do it too.  Yes, that’s right!”
     As Sandy continued talking with Jillian, Chad was growing more and more scared, especially since Sandy kept staring him right in the eyes, threatening him, the entire time she kept talking.  Should he put the stupid thing in his mouth?  Would it save him from getting a beating?  He was tempted.  He looked down at the crazy toy.  But the thing was just too realistic looking.  And it was big… well, a whole lot bigger than he was… or used to be… or… whatever!  But something inside of him cowered away from actually touching the thing anywhere near his mouth.  It was just… too real looking!
     Sandy saw him looking anxiously at the toy, but he still wasn’t playing with it.  “Anyway,” she continued into her phone, “I just figured that you’re a whole lot better at that kind of thing than Cassie and I are.  I mean, we’re both a bit too tender hearted to really go at him.  You know?  Yes!  That’s exactly what I’d like.  You and Stacy both?  You’re sure I wouldn’t be putting you out to do this?  No, that would be great!  You can come now?” 
     Chad could practically feel that miserable paddle that Jillian had… as well as some of the other implements of torture she collected.  He could almost feel the pain and misery he would soon go through.  Pain with no let up! 
     Whimpering, he raised the thing up closer to his lips.
      “Wait a sec Jillian,” Sandy suddenly said.  “I think he’s going to cooperate.”  But when Chad didn’t go all the way through with it and stick the thing in his mouth, she shook her head.  “False alarm, Jillian.  He’s still being stubborn.  Yeah, you want me to tie him up now?  Before you get here?  No problem, we can do that.”
     Chad well remembered the way that Jillian and Stacy liked him tied up for his beatings so he couldn’t move or get away.  He would have to suffer every single thing they wanted to do to him.  Every ‘painful’ thing they wanted to do.  Without realizing it, the realistic sex toy found its way closer to his mouth.  He suddenly reached out with his tongue and licked it a little bit on the side, far away from the tip.   
      “Wait again, Jillian.  He just licked the thing… although just barely.  Let’s see if he can do any better.”  She just kept staring at Sissy… waiting.
     Chad had no choice.  He really didn’t want Jillian to beat him again.  His bottom seemed to itch with false pain just thinking about it.  He licked the thing harder, but he still didn’t go near the head. 
      “Keep going,” Sandy said to Sissy.  “You can do a lot better than that.”
     Chad kept licking until all of the shaft except for the business end of it had been licked by his tongue. 
      “That’s a start,” Sandy told him, still holding the phone to her ear.  “But you know what you have to do with it.  And you’re not getting out of it, or… wait a minute.”  She looked down at her phone.  “No, he’s not really doing it right yet.  He still hasn’t put the thing into his mouth and really sucked on it.  No, don’t come yet.  Just hold the phone with me.  Let’s see if he gets any more willing.”  She stared at Sissy again… waiting again.
     With a sinking feeling in his stomach, not daring to actually look at the miserable thing, Chad kept staring back at Sandy as he rotated the toy in his hands and slowly brought the tip of it closer to his mouth.  He stopped it when it just touched his closed lips.  He saw Sandy’s head dip a bit as if daring him not to do it.  He parted his lips just a tiny bit, and the thing went in as far as the front of his teeth, which wasn’t much.  He kept it there like that for a moment as he and Sandy continued their staring match.  Then knowing he had no further choice, he opened his mouth a bit wider and pushed the toy in a little further.  Until the entire head of it was in his mouth.  He closed his lips around it and shuddered.
      “Further!” Sandy ordered.  “You’ve barely got it in your mouth.  Play with it like you’re making love to it for real!  You know what I mean!  Don’t pretend you don’t know.  I know better!”
     It might not have been visible on the outside, but inside Chad was shaking like a leaf.  He pulled it back, almost out of his mouth, then slowly pushed it back in again… a little bit further. 
      “Further!” Sandy ordered again.
     Chad did it again, this time pushing it in even more!
      “I’m still not satisfied!” Sandy told him sternly.
     Once again Chad pulled it almost out, then pushed it in even further.  The thing was in so far now that it completely filled the length of his mouth. 
      “You’re getting there,” Sandy told him.  “Keep working on it.”  She suddenly looked back down at her phone.  “Yeah, he’s doing it – sort of.  He’s got a long way to go though.  No, don’t bother, it looks like he’s going to try to behave – at least somewhat!” she added sternly for Chad’s benefit.  “No, I’ll call you if it looks like we’ll need you.  Thanks Jillian, I appreciate it.”  She hung up her phone. 
      “If you don’t want me to call her back, you keep working on that thing!” she said to Sissy in a tone of voice that let him know she was very serious about it.  “Don’t let me catch it out of your mouth.  And I better see you trying to take it further and further into your throat, or so help me…”  She held up her phone to emphasize what she would do.
     If it wasn’t for the horrible object filling his mouth, Chad would have gulped.  As it was, he simply sat there and moved the thing slowly in and out again… more for Sandy’s benefit than his. 
     Sandy stood up and handed her phone back to Cassie.  “Thanks,” she said as she moved further away from him. 
     Keeping her voice at almost a whisper, Cassie said, “I thought Jillian and Stacy were in Europe and weren’t bringing a cell phone.”
      “He doesn’t know that!”