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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 3 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 3 of 9)

     His diaper had started leaking long before he finished eating, but then it should have since he sat there for almost an hour.  But just as she had threatened, Mel didn’t let him up until he had eaten everything she had given him. 
     Before Mel changed his diaper, she sent him into her bedroom to remove his uniform.  “Just lay it out on the bed so it doesn’t get messed up.  You won’t need it for a while.”
     Chad got to the bedroom just as someone knocked at the door.  “I’ll get it,” Mel told him.  “That should be Sandy and Cassie.” 
     Hoping that was the case, Chad continued to her room, partially closing the door behind him.  He was relieved to hear Sandy and Cassie’s voices as he removed his dress.  After taking it off, he saw how wet the back of his skirt had gotten while he was stuck in his highchair.  Having no better option, he laid it neatly out on Mel’s bed with the wet spot up so it could dry a little before he had to put it on again later.  Wearing just his very, very leaky diaper and nothing else, he nervously headed back out to the living room. 
      “There she is!” Sandy declared happily as he came into sight.
      “Look at that diaper!” Cassie exclaimed.  “I’d say it’s pretty much history!”
      “Okay Sissy,” Mel said from the bathroom door.  “Let’s get you changed and ready.”
     The word “changed” made him happy, but the word ready started making him nervous.  He knew they were going out somewhere.  He knew it was for him to dance his little ballet routine.  But not knowing anything else was the part that was making him nervous.  He had no doubt that Mel planned on this being very humiliating for him.  And once again, he feared the idea… while at the same time, he was looking forward to the humiliation as well.  Living the dream… and then some.
     Mel removed his disintegrating diaper, carefully keeping him covered since he was pretty much leaking pee constantly due to all the bottles she had forced on him.  She cleaned him up as best she could, then with a feeling of relief, fastened another disposable diaper on him.  “An hour and forty-five minutes,” she told him, although so far today, she had noticed that he was leaking every time in less than an hour and a half. 
      “Let me do your makeup again,” she said before he could leave the bathroom. 
      “Want me to do that for you?” Sandy asked from the bathroom doorway.
     Mel smiled back at her.  “Be my guest.”
     Chad sat on the toilet seat while Sandy attacked his face, using more pink colors than usual.  It didn’t take her long before she was satisfied.  “That should do it, I think,” she declared.
      “Looks great!” both Mel and Cassie agreed.
      “And I think it’s time we got out of here or we’re going to be late!” Mel added.
     Chad expected Mel to dress him in his ballet costume, but she didn’t.  Since he was wearing only his one diaper while they were all getting ready to leave, he was getting more and more nervous about it.  Finally he curtseyed and asked, “What do you want me to wear?”  Then he curtseyed again.
     Mel looked at him with a mischievous smile on her face.  “Just what you have on.  I think it looks perfectly appropriate to me.”
     Sandy cracked up laughing as she said.  “Oh… you’re so right!”
     Shocked, Chad couldn’t believe it.  She intended on taking him out somewhere wearing just his diaper and nothing else? 
      “Grab your diaper bag Sissy,” Mel told him.  “There’s no reason why you can’t help carry some of this.”
     Chad picked up his diaper bag, but going outside in just his diaper weighed heavily on his mind. 
      “We ready?” Cassie asked as she opened the door.
      “Hang on a second,” Mel said quickly as she fished in her purse for something.  A moment later, she stuffed one of his pacifiers into Sissy’s mouth.  “Now we’re ready!”
     Before he knew it, Chad was outside, barefoot, wearing only one disposable diaper, and sucking on a pacifier as he was herded down the steps and out to Mel’s car.  As soon as he was fastened in the back seat, Mel fished a baby bottle out of his diaper bag and handed it to him.  He didn’t have to be told what to do with it. 
     With Mel and Cassie in the front seat and Sandy sitting in the back seat beside him, they left the parking lot.  Chad just wished he knew where they were going.  Or… maybe he didn’t want to know.  Because wherever they were going, he knew it was going to be embarrassing.  Major embarrassing!
     It was a long ride to get there.  Chad had plenty of time to finish the bottle Mel had given him.  His pacifier was long back in his mouth when he started to get an inkling of where they were going.  And the thought made him even more nervous.  When they arrived at the crowded parking area and he saw all the cars and people his nerves really went on edge.  They were at the Riverwalk.  The large park-like area where people from all over came to just walk down by the river… and play on the grass… and view the art shows, and… watch all the street performers!  And since it was a really nice Saturday afternoon.  The place was jam packed!
     Mel had to drive around for a while before she found a parking spot.  Then she pulled out her cell phone and called Andrea.  “Are you here?” she asked.
      “Yeah,” Andrea replied.  “Where are you?”
     Mel gave her their approximate position and Andrea said she would find them.  Then Mel turned around in her seat to look at Chad.  “Okay Sissy.  Time to get you ready.”
     Chad’s nervousness increased yet again.  But at least it meant that she was going to get him dressed so he wouldn’t have to walk around in just his diaper – he hoped!  When everyone else got out of the car, he stayed put.  He simply wasn’t ready to get out among all those people yet.  At least not while he was only wearing nothing but a diaper.  But as it turned out, Mel didn’t need him out of the car yet.  Good!
     While Cassie started pulling things out of the trunk, Mel told Sissy to lie back across the seat.  “We may as well get that diaper changed now,” she told him, “before we get you dressed for your performance.”
     Chad was glad that at least he was going to get to wear a fresh diaper before he got out of the car.  No telling how long it would be before he had a chance to change it again. 
     Mel untapped his now very wet diaper, but she left it in place.  She opened his diaper bag and pulled something out of it, but it wasn’t another diaper.  “Might as well take care of this little chore right now as well,” she said with a very wicked smile as she held up the jar of suppositories.
     Chad looked at the jar in total horror.  He had forgotten about his usual noontime suppository.  With all the food he had eaten lately, what would that do to him? 
     Mel pulled one of the little capsules out of the jar.   This was the one deviation she had decided to make in her plan for the use of the suppositories.  He didn’t know it, but he hadn’t had any at all in quite a while.  For just this one purpose, he was going t be getting them again – for real!  And with all the food she had been stuffing in him, she had hopes that the result would be much more than usual for him… if… her timing was right, and she hoped it was.  She had no way of actually knowing how long it took for those little bombs to do the job on him.  She was just hoping. 
     Very carefully and deliberately, she stuck not one, but three pills way up inside of him.  If that didn’t produce some decent results, then nothing would!  Then instead of putting another disposable diaper on him again, she started pulling out his super thick cloth diapers instead. 
     Chad was surprised when she pulled one of the soft cloth diapers under him and quickly pulled it over top of his leaking chastity device.  He was further surprised when she pulled out three more of the super thick diapers.  A few minutes later, she was struggling to securely pin all of them onto him.  It was a very difficult job under the best of circumstances, but doing it in the back seat of her car made it much more difficult. 
     Mel grunted as she fought with his super thick diapers and the diaper pins.  She was nearly shaking from the effort to get them all fastened on him by the time she finished.  Finally, the job was done though.  “Okay Sissy. Stand up.  We still have to get your plastic panties on you.”
     Chad was forced to get out of the car – which he did slowly and nervously.  But there wasn’t much room between Mel’s car and the next one so Cassie suggested they move over onto the grass to finish dressing him.  Chad wasn’t happy about that since he would be far more visible, but as usual, he didn’t have much of a say in the matter.  Wearing nothing but a super abundance of padding… and his pacifier, he was led waddling out in front of the car to the grass, right where he could easily be seen by everyone strolling by.  He couldn’t help but notice the looks of amazement on everyone’s faces the moment they saw him.  He felt nothing but total embarrassment!
     Mel grabbed a pair of his plastic panties and held them open for him to put his foot into.  With more people watching than he was comfortable with… of course one person would have been more than enough… he stepped into the plastic panties and let Mel pull them up his legs as if he were a child.  When she got to the incredible bulk of diapers he was wearing, she had struggle and stretch and inch the panties over the bulky cloth.  After a great deal of effort, she finally managed to get them in place.  The childish pattern on the panties was stretched tautly and the diapers inside of them were compressed more than a bit, but everything was at least in place.
     As Mel stood back up, Chad noticed how many people had stopped just to watch what they were doing.  He started to look around a bit, but he remembered the pacifier in his mouth and decided to look down at the ground instead.  Maybe they wouldn’t notice his pacifier so much then… as if it mattered.  He was standing there in front of them all in nothing but very bulky diapers!
     Sandy handed Mel the pair of white tights that went with his ballet costume.  Chad had to sit down on the grass on his super padded bottom as Mel started working them up his legs.  When she got near his diapers, he had to stand up again so she could stretch them over top of the impossible to ignore bulk.  At least the tights were easier to work over top of his diapers than the plastic panties had been.
     All day long Chad had expected Mel to reglue his breast forms onto him, but she hadn’t.  And now he found himself stepping into the pink leotard without even his bra on.  It seemed strange, but at the same time, he didn’t really mind all that much.  It would be far more comfortable without the bra and breast forms.  Easier to dance that way too.  Of course, not having them would leave him flat chested and looking all that much more like a child… a really big child, but still a child none the less.  Which, he guessed, was exactly the point. 
     One at a time, he stuck his arms into the sleeves of the leotard as Mel held them out for him.  But it wasn’t until both arms were in and she was trying to pull the thing all the way up and into place that he realized how much the thing no longer fit.  With the massive bulk of diapers he was wearing in his crotch, Mel had to pull and stretch the thing just to get it over his shoulders.  And once it was finally in place, the darn thing was so tight that Chad wondered how he was going to dance in it at all. 
     But at least with the leotard on he felt much more dressed.  And just for a moment, he actually thought that nobody could see his diapers anymore.  But while that was technically true, one glance down at the bulk around that area let him quickly know that one look and everyone would immediately know he was wearing diapers.  There would be simply no getting away from that with the amount of bulk that Mel had put on him!
     The crowd around them was quickly grown thicker… and closer… as more and more people drew nearer to watch.  By the time Mel started wrapping the pink laces of his toe shoes around his ankles, the people were pressed shoulder to shoulder just a few feet away from them all around.  Chad didn’t even want to think about how many people were now watching him all too closely.  And once again he remembered the stupid pacifier in his mouth and felt all too embarrassed and stupid about it – as if the rest of what he was wearing wasn’t bad enough!
     After his toe shoes, Cassie handed Mel the big flat tutu.  Chad stepped into that as well and a minute later it was fastened just above his overly thick diapers.  He could no longer see the bulk of diapers he was wearing, but there was no way that he couldn’t stop feeling them.   A feeling that was all too sexually stimulating.  His mind suddenly yearned for Cassie’s little toy that she used on him at lunchtimes.  Fortunately, that brief interesting thought didn’t last long. 
     Chad figured he was ready now.  He noticed that Andrea had joined them and was talking with Cassie and Sandy. 
     Mel stood back to check Sissy over.  She smiled.  So far, he looked perfect.  The huge bulk of his diapers couldn’t be missed – even under that big tutu he was wearing.  She had to wonder how he was going to manage to dance with that many diapers on him.  But then, that was part of the fun of it all.  He would try, but he would find it very difficult to do.
     She was more than surprised by the amount of people pressed tightly all around them.  If they had some way to play the music right there, they wouldn’t even have to go to the stage Andrea had found for them to use.  She supposed that they could play the disk on her car system, but the stage would be much better.  Besides, she wanted him to enjoy the humiliation of being paraded all that distance so more people could see him… and what he was wearing.
     Yes, he looked perfect now…  Well, almost.  The only thing missing was the crowning piece for his head.  Under the scrutiny of a surprising number of people, she went to the bag she had pulled his tutu out of and removed his head piece… and stuck her hand in it… and holding it up in front of everyone so they could see… she fluffed it all out.
     Running her hand over top of the big frills that covered every square inch of it, Mel proceeded to place the pink baby bonnet on Sissy’s head, spending more time than was needed adjusting it into place before tying the long ribbons into a very large bow under his chin.  She stood back and held her arms out toward him… and the crowd applauded and laughed.
     If Chad thought he felt foolish before, it was nothing compared to the way he felt now.  And now it felt like the silly frilly baby bonnet was drawing that much more attention to the pacifier he was sucking on.  But the more he thought about it, there wasn’t a single inch on him that wasn’t embarrassing in one way or another.  And as usual, he hated it… and loved it.  Living the dream!  And then some! 
     Mel turned around to address the crowd.  “Our little baby ballerina is going to be performing…” she turned to look at Andrea who pointed off toward the distance.  “Over there somewhere,” Mel finished as she pointed in the same direction that Andrea had indicated.  “Why don’t you all follow us over and watch.  I’m sure you’ll find it… very interesting!”
     As the crowd laughed, she had Cassie grab his diaper bag and made sure that Sandy had the music disc.  Then, after putting the rest of their bags back in her car and locking it, she grabbed Sissy’s hand and started following Andrea in the direction of the place where Sissy would be performing. 
     Chad didn’t walk… he couldn’t.  He waddled.  Trying to walk and move now in that incredible bulk of diapers was annoyingly crazy.  And his overly tight leotard was pulling all that bulk between his legs firmly up so he had no choice but to remain very aware of every bit of it.  One other little thing that he noticed now too.  His tight leotard pulling everything up, was also causing the bulk between his legs to sexually stimulate him.  He only wished he could react in some way so as to enjoy it more. 
     All that bulk!  How the heck was he supposed to dance like that?  He couldn’t even get his legs anywhere near each other.  And Mel expected him to dance everything perfectly?  Even the simplest of positions was going to be pretty much out of the question now!
     The fact that he was being led by the hand like a child wasn’t lost on him either.  Everything about him had been done in such a way as to overemphasize the childish nature of how he was dressed.  Well, maybe not exactly childish… babyish was probably a lot more like it.  It was obvious that he was meant to be a spectacle for everyone to laugh at.  And since this was a place where people often came to be entertained, he knew without a doubt that he was being very “entertaining.”  Like it or not… even when he wasn’t trying to be.

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