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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 7 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 7 of 9)

      “You never talk about your family,” Ray said as they lingered over the last of their dinner.  “Are you close?”
     Mel shook her head.  “We were.  Very close.  Unfortunately, they were taken from me in an auto accident a few years ago.  I miss them both… horribly!”
      “I’ll bet,” Ray replied conciliatorily.  “And I’m sorry to hear that.”  He had of course, known it all along.
      “Thanks,” Mel replied softly.
      “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Ray asked next.
      “No,” Mel replied.  “I’m an only child.”
      “That must have made losing your family all that much more difficult!”
      “You have no idea!” Mel replied.
     Ray was cautious now because he would be moving into trickier territory.  “So what happened to their house?  You didn’t inherit anything from them?”
     A tiny warning flag was flying somewhere in the back of Mel’s mind, but she mostly ignored it.  “No, I just didn’t want it,” Mel replied.
     She wasn’t giving him much to work with Ray realized.  He kept pushing.  “How about your business?” he asked next.  “I think Gloria mentioned that you and your father used to work together?”
     Mel nodded.  “Yeah.  You have no idea how much I miss him… especially lately.”
      “And now you’re trying to handle all his clients as well as yours by yourself?”
      “Actually, when he died we lost most of our customers.  I hadn’t been out of law school all that long when it happened.  I struggled for quite a while.”
     That didn’t sound like rich to Ray.  But then, if she had been struggling, she probably had plenty of money to fall back on till her customer base could get going again.  “But you survived,” he stated.
     Mel looked at him and smiled.  “Of course I did!  I’m tougher than that!”
     Ray wasted no time in asking his next question.  “So did you inherit anything else?”  This was what he was really getting to.  The money!
     Mel shrugged.  “A few things,” she replied noncommittally.  “Most of it I just stuck in storage.”
     That was not the kind of answer Ray wanted.  “In storage?  Why don’t you use it?”
     Mel shrugged.  “What for?  None if it would go with what’s in my apartment.”
      “But you’re a successful lawyer… now,” Ray argued.  “I’m sorry to say this, but I’d expect you to have… shall we say… a fancier place.”
     Again Mel shook her head.  “Why?  I’m comfortable right where I am.  It’s close to work and I have no problem with it.”  She smiled shyly.  “I am hoping to get something better soon… if things pan out like I hope they will.  I’ll be looking for a proper house then.”
      “A house?” Ray replied, somewhat disappointed.  Her reply didn’t sound at all like anything a rich person would say.  Not one bit!  Maybe she wasn’t rich. But the tiger had said…  And somehow, he still believed everything that Gloria had told him about Mel.  Mel just wasn’t the type to tell anyone about her money.  Well, he was just getting started with her.  This was only their second official date.  There would be plenty more time for him to learn more later.

     Chad crawled back onto his blanket where he picked up a stuffed toy and sat holding it in his lap.  He saw Sandy carrying the bird figurine into the kitchen as if it was radioactive or something.  A few minutes later, she returned with it fully cleaned and replaced it where it belonged.  Then she turned toward him.  “You’ve been a bad baby, haven’t you?” she said as she walked over to his blanket.  “Are you leaking yet?” she asked.  She pushed him back onto his back to check his diaper, and not only noticed that he was leaking, but the blanket under where he had been sitting was getting soaked!  Exasperated, she scolded him yet again.  “Bad baby!  You’ve been leaking and you didn’t cry to let me know!”
     Cry?  Chad had been having too good a time to cry… and he still was!  He was a baby.  What did he care if he was leaking or not?
     Sandy got his diaper bag and changed him right then.  She checked the time again – and realized that once again he had been leaking far sooner than he needed to be.  She decided not to mention it to him though. 
     With him still on his back in front of her, she looked wickedly down at him.  “Okay Sissy.  Since you want to be that much of a baby…  I saw that you stuck my little girl figure in your mouth… and made a mess of it!  And you stuck the poor little birdie in your mouth and made a mess of that too!  So why then… didn’t you stick…” she held out her hand toward Cassie and waited till Cassie put the dildo in her hand before displaying it right in front of Chad’s eyes… “this in your mouth as well?  Huh?  You slobbered just like a little baby all over everything else… so why not this?”
     Chad was somewhat horrified.  He didn’t know if he should laugh or be scared.  Something told him that scared was probably more correct – so he said nothing.
     Sandy continued.  “Obviously a little baby like you would have no idea in the world what this thing is… would you!” 
     Once again, Chad refrained from making any kind of noise at all.
      “So I’m so very surprised that you didn’t play with this like you played with my other pretty things.” 
     Play with it?  Why in the world would he want to play with it?  Actually, he had played with it... sort of.  He had moved it from their bedroom and displayed it out in their living room.  That was playing with it, wasn’t it?
     Sandy rubbed the realistic toy lightly against his face.  “Such a bad baby.  You played with all those really breakable things, but this one thing that you can’t break, you didn’t play with like the others.  I wonder why that could be?” 
     Chad was starting to grow more nervous now. 
      “Since you picked out this one toy and didn’t play with it like the others… and since this is the only thing you did find that isn’t breakable… I’m going to give this to you to play with now.  In fact, I’m going to insist that you play with it… like you play with everything else!”
     To Chad, her voice suddenly seemed to drip with evilness!  And he was feeling every bit of that evil!  Play with it – like he did with everything else?  She had to be kidding!  He was suddenly sorry he had touched the thing!
      “So here Baby.  Take this thing in your hand and let me see you play with it… like a ‘good’ little baby!”  With that, she pressed the dildo into the palm of his hand until he grabbed it, then she sat back a little way so she wasn’t right in his face.
     Play with it?  She couldn’t be serious!  But unfortunately, she was all too serious!  But what was he supposed to do with the stupid thing?
      “Go ahead Baby,” she said.  “Let me see you play with it… just like you play with all your toys now… just like you played with my other things that you weren’t supposed to touch!”
     Chad had no doubt then that she was waiting for him to put the crazy thing in his mouth.  But should he?  He certainly didn’t want to.  And what would happen if he didn’t?
      “You know,” Sandy said when he didn’t move, “since you were such a bad baby and slobbered all over my pretty things, maybe I really should punish you.”  She paused then as if considering something.  “Or perhaps… you’d rather someone else punishes you instead.  Is that it?  Do you want someone else to punish you?”
     Chad didn’t want to be punished at all.  Besides who was she talking about, Cassie?  Or was she going to wait till Mel came home and she told her?
      “Would you like me to call my friend Jillian to come and punish you instead?” Sandy asked.  “Is that what you want?”  She looked sternly into his eyes.  “I ‘know’ you remember my good friend Jillian… and what she likes to do!”
     Chad remembered all too well the beatings he had gotten from Jillian – and her friend Stacy!  Getting punished by them again was the last thing he wanted!  But still, Sandy was only just saying that, wasn’t she?  She wouldn’t really call Jillian and Stacy, would she?  He was horrified, but at the same time, he didn’t exactly want to stick the all-too-real phallic toy in his mouth.  So he just sat there holding it in his hand, hoping that he was right.
     When he didn’t move, Sandy looked him sternly in the eyes again as she said, “Cassie, please get me my cell phone!”
      “But…” Cassie started to say.
      “Please!” Sandy repeated quickly.
     With a shrug, Cassie went in search of Sandy’s phone.  She came back a few minutes later and handed it to her.  Sandy punched the numbers, then once again looked Sissy in the eye.
      “Hi Jillian.  Yeah, it’s Sandy.  How are you?”
      “But…” Cassie started to say again.  But Sandy stopped her quickly with a raise of her finger.  Cassie just stood back and listened instead.
     Chad was really horrified now that Sandy was actually talking to Jillian on the phone.  Would she really ask Jillian and Stacy to come over and punish him?  He was suddenly afraid that Sandy would do exactly that!
      “Listen,” Sandy said into her phone.  “I’ve got Sissy here playing baby for me again, and he’s being really bad!”  She listened for a moment.  “Yes!  I do think he needs to be punished!  But listen, he took some of my pretty breakable things and slobbered all over them…  Yeah, he did, in his mouth… just like a real baby…  Yeah, I know that’s kind of what he’s supposed to do but…  Well listen, he also went into our nightstand when we weren’t looking and pulled out one of our rather realistic looking toys, if you know what I mean?  Yeah, that one!  I think you’ve got one just like it.  Yeah, well anyway, that one thing that he picked up… the one thing that wasn’t breakable… is the one thing that he’s refusing to put in his mouth now and slobber all over like he did everything else.”  She seemed to listen again.  “No!  Like I said, I do think he needs to be punished.  Yeah, and I think he should be made to do it too.  Yes, that’s right!”
     As Sandy continued talking with Jillian, Chad was growing more and more scared, especially since Sandy kept staring him right in the eyes, threatening him, the entire time she kept talking.  Should he put the stupid thing in his mouth?  Would it save him from getting a beating?  He was tempted.  He looked down at the crazy toy.  But the thing was just too realistic looking.  And it was big… well, a whole lot bigger than he was… or used to be… or… whatever!  But something inside of him cowered away from actually touching the thing anywhere near his mouth.  It was just… too real looking!
     Sandy saw him looking anxiously at the toy, but he still wasn’t playing with it.  “Anyway,” she continued into her phone, “I just figured that you’re a whole lot better at that kind of thing than Cassie and I are.  I mean, we’re both a bit too tender hearted to really go at him.  You know?  Yes!  That’s exactly what I’d like.  You and Stacy both?  You’re sure I wouldn’t be putting you out to do this?  No, that would be great!  You can come now?” 
     Chad could practically feel that miserable paddle that Jillian had… as well as some of the other implements of torture she collected.  He could almost feel the pain and misery he would soon go through.  Pain with no let up! 
     Whimpering, he raised the thing up closer to his lips.
      “Wait a sec Jillian,” Sandy suddenly said.  “I think he’s going to cooperate.”  But when Chad didn’t go all the way through with it and stick the thing in his mouth, she shook her head.  “False alarm, Jillian.  He’s still being stubborn.  Yeah, you want me to tie him up now?  Before you get here?  No problem, we can do that.”
     Chad well remembered the way that Jillian and Stacy liked him tied up for his beatings so he couldn’t move or get away.  He would have to suffer every single thing they wanted to do to him.  Every ‘painful’ thing they wanted to do.  Without realizing it, the realistic sex toy found its way closer to his mouth.  He suddenly reached out with his tongue and licked it a little bit on the side, far away from the tip.   
      “Wait again, Jillian.  He just licked the thing… although just barely.  Let’s see if he can do any better.”  She just kept staring at Sissy… waiting.
     Chad had no choice.  He really didn’t want Jillian to beat him again.  His bottom seemed to itch with false pain just thinking about it.  He licked the thing harder, but he still didn’t go near the head. 
      “Keep going,” Sandy said to Sissy.  “You can do a lot better than that.”
     Chad kept licking until all of the shaft except for the business end of it had been licked by his tongue. 
      “That’s a start,” Sandy told him, still holding the phone to her ear.  “But you know what you have to do with it.  And you’re not getting out of it, or… wait a minute.”  She looked down at her phone.  “No, he’s not really doing it right yet.  He still hasn’t put the thing into his mouth and really sucked on it.  No, don’t come yet.  Just hold the phone with me.  Let’s see if he gets any more willing.”  She stared at Sissy again… waiting again.
     With a sinking feeling in his stomach, not daring to actually look at the miserable thing, Chad kept staring back at Sandy as he rotated the toy in his hands and slowly brought the tip of it closer to his mouth.  He stopped it when it just touched his closed lips.  He saw Sandy’s head dip a bit as if daring him not to do it.  He parted his lips just a tiny bit, and the thing went in as far as the front of his teeth, which wasn’t much.  He kept it there like that for a moment as he and Sandy continued their staring match.  Then knowing he had no further choice, he opened his mouth a bit wider and pushed the toy in a little further.  Until the entire head of it was in his mouth.  He closed his lips around it and shuddered.
      “Further!” Sandy ordered.  “You’ve barely got it in your mouth.  Play with it like you’re making love to it for real!  You know what I mean!  Don’t pretend you don’t know.  I know better!”
     It might not have been visible on the outside, but inside Chad was shaking like a leaf.  He pulled it back, almost out of his mouth, then slowly pushed it back in again… a little bit further. 
      “Further!” Sandy ordered again.
     Chad did it again, this time pushing it in even more!
      “I’m still not satisfied!” Sandy told him sternly.
     Once again Chad pulled it almost out, then pushed it in even further.  The thing was in so far now that it completely filled the length of his mouth. 
      “You’re getting there,” Sandy told him.  “Keep working on it.”  She suddenly looked back down at her phone.  “Yeah, he’s doing it – sort of.  He’s got a long way to go though.  No, don’t bother, it looks like he’s going to try to behave – at least somewhat!” she added sternly for Chad’s benefit.  “No, I’ll call you if it looks like we’ll need you.  Thanks Jillian, I appreciate it.”  She hung up her phone. 
      “If you don’t want me to call her back, you keep working on that thing!” she said to Sissy in a tone of voice that let him know she was very serious about it.  “Don’t let me catch it out of your mouth.  And I better see you trying to take it further and further into your throat, or so help me…”  She held up her phone to emphasize what she would do.
     If it wasn’t for the horrible object filling his mouth, Chad would have gulped.  As it was, he simply sat there and moved the thing slowly in and out again… more for Sandy’s benefit than his. 
     Sandy stood up and handed her phone back to Cassie.  “Thanks,” she said as she moved further away from him. 
     Keeping her voice at almost a whisper, Cassie said, “I thought Jillian and Stacy were in Europe and weren’t bringing a cell phone.”
      “He doesn’t know that!”

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