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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 5 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 5 of 9)

     Mel might have been a bit disappointed in how empty the drug store had been, but she wasn’t the least bit unhappy about how Sissy’s little ballet performance had gone.  True, she had really wanted to see him performing it “properly” – the way she had originally choreographed it.  But she had to admit the wisdom of Sandy and Cassie insisting that it was in truth – boring.  Major boring!  While she would have enjoyed seeing it – if only because it brought back so many wonderful memories from her own childhood, nobody else would have understood that – or enjoyed it like they did the way he “performed” today.  She giggled again as she remembered how totally silly he looked – and that was before he had messed his diapers on stage in front of everyone.
      She pulled her big pot out that she used to make him his supply of green tea for his bottles and started filling it from the tap at the sink.  Yes, his little ballet had gone perfectly.  She still couldn’t believe how lucky she had gotten in “guessing” when he would fill his diapers with the aid of all those suppositories. 
     Her pleasant thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone at the door.  She turned the water in the sink off and hurried to the door to answer it.  It was too soon for Sissy to be back yet… but then she remembered that he had left his uniform there this morning.  She was just glad that he remembered it now so he would look perfect when he came back later.
     She opened the door, expecting to see Sissy, and got a bit of a shock.
      “Hello gorgeous!”
      “Ray!” Mel managed to get out as she stared in shock at the big handsome man on her doorstep.
      “I knew I’d find you home eventually!” Ray replied with a somewhat leering smile.  He moved forward to come in… and Mel automatically moved backwards. 
      “Um… I’ve been busy,” she replied, still surprised to find him there.
      “Yeah, I know.  I stopped by earlier today and you were out.”
      “I just got back now,” Mel replied.  “What are you doing here?”
      “I just figured that you had to get free sometime.  Nobody can be that busy all the time.  So I stopped by to see if I could take you out to dinner now… now that you’re finally home and free for the rest of the day.”
     Mel realized right away that she hadn’t told him that she was free for the rest of the day… but still…  She was about to tell him how presumptuous it was of him… but still…  She wanted to tell him how busy she still was… but still…  She wanted to tell him that she had to stick to her plan and not see him till next week… but still…  She had other responsibilities that really had to come first – like Sissy!  But still…  Damn him.  Did he have to be so good looking?  And knowing him, tossing him out wouldn’t do much good either.  He just kept calling and asking – without letting up – no matter what she told him.  Maybe if she went out with him tonight, he would stop asking for a while.  Maybe.  Somehow, she actually doubted that.  But still…  Darn it!  She had been to bed recently with Derek – several times actually.  Derek wasn’t going to be around today.  Would it hurt to spend the evening with Ray… just this once?  But still…  She knew she shouldn’t!
      “Um…  Okay,” she finally replied… tentatively. 
     And then she remembered that Sissy would be coming back in a little while – in his maid’s uniform – and Ray knew nothing about what was going on with Sissy!  That was something she had to take care of and fast!  And then there was the other little problem – what was she going to do about Sissy for the rest of the night.  Ray or not, there was no way she was going to let him go the rest of the day without being put once again on his wetting requirements!  She absolutely had to take care of that!
      “Um… I’ve just got some… things I have to take care of first.”
      “No problem,” Ray replied politely.
     Mel looked around trying to figure out what to do.  “Why don’t you watch some TV for a little bit while I make some phone calls?”
      “Sure.  Thanks.” Ray replied.  He had no problem with that.  She had agreed to go out with him… and obviously, she really was busy.  As far as he was concerned, she could take all the time she wanted – just as long as she did go out with him again.
     As Ray sat on the couch and used her remote control to turn the TV on, Mel hurried into the kitchen while she tried to figure out what she needed to do first.  And as she turned the corner, the first thing she saw was Sissy’s highchair.  Oh no!  Why did she ask Ray to stay?  If he saw that!  She had to find some way to hide the darn thing.  Not knowing how to hide something that big, she went back to the living room where she pulled her cell phone out of her purse.  Her one and only thought for help with Sissy was Sandy. Would Sandy be able to help again tonight?
     With her phone in hand, she ran to her bedroom – where she saw Sissy’s uniform that he had left behind all laid out on her bed.  Grabbing it, she quickly threw it into the back of her closet.  At least now Ray wouldn’t see that if he came into her bedroom – which in the back of her mind she hoped he would – later.  She closed her bedroom door so Ray wouldn’t hear, and hoping that he wouldn’t get up from the couch and go into her kitchen, she dialed Sandy’s number.  She desperately waited for her to answer.
      “Hello?” Sandy’s voice finally replied.
      “Sandy!” Mel said rather desperately while still trying to keep her voice down.  “I really need your help!”
      “Sure, what’s up?” Sandy asked.
      “Can you please watch Sissy for me tonight?  Ray just showed up!”
      “Ray?  He’s there?”
      “In the flesh!”
      “And you just need me to babysit?”
     Mel smiled.  Sandy’s idea of watching Sissy was to babysit him – like he was a real baby.  “Yes,” she replied.  “Please!”
      “Sure,” Sandy replied happily.  “When?”
      “Open your door because I’ll be right there!” Mel replied just before closing her phone.  At almost a run, she left her bedroom.  “I’ll be right back!” she called to Ray as she grabbed her purse and opened her door.  “I just have to go a few doors down to talk to a friend.”
     Ray’s attention was focused on the game he was watching on her TV.  “Sure,” he called with a raise of his hand, barely turning his head. 
     Mel dismissed his attitude and hurried out.  By the time she got to Sandy’s apartment, Sandy did indeed have the door open and was waiting for her. 
      “Where’s Sissy?” Sandy asked.
      “I sent him home to get cleaned up and change.  He doesn’t know Ray is here yet.  And Ray doesn’t know everything about Sissy!”
     Sandy nodded.  “And you’d like to keep it that way.”
      “If I can!” Mel agreed.  “Things are complicated enough now that Derek knows.  I don’t want to make things any worse!  Come on, I’ll explain the rest at his apartment.  We’ve got to keep him from leaving there until Ray and I are gone!”
     Less than a minute later, Mel was opening Sissy’s apartment door with her key.  She was glad to hear the shower still running in his bathroom.  “No sense me disturbing him now,” Mel said, keeping her voice quiet.  “I’ll let you surprise him.  But there’s a few things you absolutely have to make sure of for me.”
      “First of all, he still gets an hour and forty-five minutes to be leaking.  That can’t stop!  And to tell the truth, he’s been doing it lately in closer to an hour and a half, but he still gets the full hour and forty-five.”
      “Okay, that much I figured,” Sandy replied, her voice equally as quiet.
      “Next, as soon as we’re gone, please get that highchair out of my apartment.  I don’t want Ray to see it!  I’d never be able to explain it properly without giving everything away.”
     Sandy giggled.  “I don’t think that’s going to be much of a problem either.  You know I can use it while he’s at my place.”
     “Good.  And whatever you do, don’t let him leave here till we’re gone!  I don’t want to take any chance that Ray will see him!”
     Sandy nodded.  “Sure.  I think I can manage that as well. Anything else?”
     Mel just shook her head.  “Not that I can think of right now.  I don’t know how late I’ll be tonight or what I’ll be doing later with him, so you may have to put him to bed.  Remind him for me please, that I still expect him to be at my place early tomorrow morning.  He should know that though.”
     Sandy wasn’t sure what was going on with that, and she really didn’t care.  “No problem.  I’ll take good care of him.  You know I will.”
     Mel nodded.  “Thanks Sandy.  You’re a lifesaver!”
     Two seconds later, Sandy watched as Mel closed the apartment door behind her.  Something inside of her felt happy and excited.  She was going to get to babysit with Sissy again.  There was just something about seeing him – a grown man – acting and behaving like a total infant.  She didn’t know why, but it simply fascinated her to no end… and turned her on. 
     She sauntered over to his bathroom.  The door was wide open since he had no reason to close it.  The shower was still running.  After the mess he must have made in his diapers earlier, she couldn’t blame him one bit for wanting a good long soaking.  She could see – and smell – his messy diapers still on the floor.  He hadn’t had time to deal with them yet.  Despite the odor, she did her best to ignore them. 
      “Hi Sissy,” she called. 
     Chad nearly jumped out of his skin!  Frightened, he quickly tore the shower curtain aside just far enough to poke his head out.  “Sandy!” he declared with some relief in his old male voice when he saw who it was.
     Sandy giggled.  She had noticed how he spoke – and she knew he wasn’t supposed to.  “Say it right!” she ordered.  “You don’t want to start the rest of your day off with a spanking, do you?”
     Feeling a bit sheepish, Chad repeated, “Thanthy,” in his high pitched lisping sissy voice. 
“That’s better!” Sandy said mockingly.  “Are you done in there yet?”
      “Yeah,” Chad agreed reluctantly.  “I’ll be right there.”  He pulled his head back again.
      “Make sure you’re clean!” Sandy told him before he turned off the water.  But the only answer she got back was the sound of his shower ending.  A moment later his head poked out from the corner of the curtain again as if he was waiting for something.  “You might as well open it all the way.  I’m going to see it all anyway, just as I’ve done many times before.  A few seconds later, she saw him blushing as his whole naked body was put on display… well, naked except for the chastity device covering his pretty much useless maleness.
     She watched as he grabbed a towel and dried himself off.  But as he dried himself, she noticed that he was very careful with where the towel was in relation to his body the whole time he was using it.  Before long, she noticed why as a small stream of pee escaped his chastity device.  He was trying to keep the towel from getting pee on it.
      “Does that happen often?” she asked, indicating that he had just peed.
      “More often than I’d like to think about,” Chad replied a bit sullenly.
     It happened yet again just as he was finishing with his towel.  There was a disposable diaper on the counter.  And she saw him rush out of the tub and grab it.  He started to pull it through his legs.  “Wait a minute!” she said, stopping him.  “I’m not sure I want you in that yet.”
     Chad paused, totally bewildered.  Still holding the disposable diaper between his legs for protection, he stepped back into the tub – where he still held the diaper in place. 
     Sandy smiled.  She knew she had to keep him here in his apartment for a while to give Mel time to get out of the way with Ray.  The only problem was, that stinky mess on the bathroom floor.  “Is there some way you can deal with that so we don’t have to smell it?” she asked.
      “I usually rinse them and put them into a big plastic bag as soon as I get diapered,” he replied.
      “And you can’t very well do that while you’re just holding that diaper on you,” she noted.
     He nodded.  “Not very well,” he replied.
     She shrugged.  “Tape the thing in place then and deal with your diaper.  Just don’t leave this apartment for any reason.  Ray is here now and Mel wants you out of the way.”
     Chad was shocked.  “Ray is here?  Why?”
      “How should I know?  He probably wants to take Mel out somewhere!  Mel just asked me to watch you and make sure Ray wouldn’t see you.”
     Chad was actually very grateful.  He didn’t need anyone else from work seeing what he and Mel really did. 
      “I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Sandy told him.  See if you can get this place smelling any better by then.  And don’t go anywhere near the door… or windows for that matter.”
     Chad shook his head.  “Don’t worry,” he replied in complete agreement.  “I wont!”
     Sandy nodded and walked out, being careful to not lock his apartment door behind her so she could easily get back in.  She went back to her own apartment.  Cassie was talking on her phone to someone.  She heard her mention the Riverwalk and knew what Cassie was talking about.  While Cassie was speaking with her friend, she got Cassie’s attention.  “We’re having company tonight,” she told her.  “We’re babysitting again.”  She saw Cassie’s eyebrows go up, then Cassie nodded that she understood.  A minute later, she was telling whoever it was all about Sissy’s dance.
     Sandy went straight to their bathroom.  It only took her a moment to find what she really came for, but she spent a few moments looking around for anything else that might be interesting.  Her search wasn’t totally unrewarded.  Then she went out and found the blanket she always spread out on the floor whenever Sissy was coming.  That chore taken care of, she found his bag of toys and dumped them out on his blanket as well.  Before going back to Sissy’s apartment, she selected a few of the toys from the blanket to bring with her.

     Chad hated cleaning messy cloth diapers.  Especially when they were as messy as the massive amount of diapers he was cleaning now.  Actually, only one of them was really messy, the rest were just pee soaked and easy to take care of.  Fortunately, the strong stream of water from the tub faucet quickly and easily rinsed the mess off and it all went down the drain in a matter of seconds.  He was just putting them into a large plastic bag he kept for that purpose, when he heard his apartment door closing again.
      “I’m back!” Sandy called as she came in.  She headed straight for his bathroom where she saw him sealing a large plastic trash bag.  She looked around, the room still smelled a bit but it was at least much better.  “Where did you clean those?” she asked.
     Chad just nodded towards the tub.
      “I thought so,” Sandy replied.  “Clean that, thoroughly, as soon as you’re done there.”  She held up a bottle of bubble bath that she had brought from her apartment. 

      “I’m finally ready,” Mel said as she came out of her bedroom.  She had changed as fast as she could into something totally casual to match what Ray was wearing, while still dressier than the shorts and top she had been wearing before.
     Ray looked up and forced himself away from the game on TV.  The smile that came to his face was no effort at all.  “Scrumptious!” he declared.
      “Where are we going?” she asked.
      “Oh, do we have to go anywhere?” Ray asked.
     Mel was a bit confused.  “You were the one who mentioned going out to dinner.”
      “But it’s not dinner time yet,” Ray replied with a leering look on his face, suggesting he had plenty of other ideas.
     It was early for dinner, but not by that much.  But Mel wanted him away from her apartment so that Sandy could safely get Sissy into her apartment – not to mention getting rid of the highchair!  “Um…  I think I’d kind of like to get out for a bit again,” Mel replied.  Another movie maybe… and then dinner?”
     Ray got the hint.  He was only mildly disappointed as he said, “Okay, whatever you like.”
     Mel was relieved, especially when she closed her apartment door behind her – loudly.  And locked it.  Fortunately, she saw no sign of Sissy or Sandy.  Had she gotten him safely into her apartment yet?  Not that it mattered.  Just so long as Ray didn’t see him.

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