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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 6 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 6 of 9)

      “That’s a good baby,” Sandy cooed as she rubbed her sponge full of soapsuds all over Chad’s chest while he “chewed” on one of the plastic toys she had brought with her that wouldn’t get ruined by the water. 
     Chad let out a small string of nonsense sounds.
     She giggled.  It was so amazing to see how silly he was the more he acted like an infant.  And right now, she had him acting totally that way.  She worked her way down his body with her sponge, spending a few moments rubbing it around his chastity device.  That was one thing a real baby had no need of.  But then real babies didn’t get erections like a grown man would… and now neither would he.  She did wonder just how many times he had peed in the bath water though since she had put him in it.  No matter, she would rinse him briefly under the shower before she dried him off.
     She continued with her sponge, slowly going up and down both legs as if he was really a baby that she was taking care of.  A big baby, but like this, he was more of a baby than some real ones she had seen.  She grabbed a sponge full of bubbles and spread them out on top of his head.  She laughed at that… and with a big grin, so did he.  She couldn’t help it, she leaned over and grabbed his wet body with one arm and planted a kiss on his cheek.  This was so much fun!  And she would have a lot more fun later tonight with Cassie – she really couldn’t wait!
     She had kept him in the tub for a while now.  She wondered if Mel and Ray were finally gone.  “You stay right there baby,” she told him as if she was talking to a child.  “Don’t get out of that tub.”  She left him and opened his front door.  Looking around, she saw no sign of anyone.  She looked at the cars in the parking lot.  The Cadillac was gone now – so she figured Ray and Mel were gone.  Time to get down to other business now.
     Going back into Sissy’s apartment, she found his diaper bag and checked the contents.  The one big thing that seemed to be needed was disposable diapers.  There was a package of them nearby.  She grabbed a bunch of them and stuffed them into his bag.  Then she grabbed one more to use on him right away.
     She went back to Sissy in the tub and pulled the plug to start draining the water.  She stood him up and showered him off briefly, which started another spurt of pee escaping from his chastity device.  Keeping him standing in the tub, she took his towel and dried him off – again.  Like he had done earlier, she was very careful to not let the towel get anywhere he might pee on it.  And since he peed one more time while she was drying him off, she was glad she had taken that little precaution.
     Chad was actually enjoying himself.  It was easy pretending to be a real baby.  It was easy to sit there and let his mind go totally blank.  It was easy to just coo and make silly stupid noises instead of saying anything coherent.  And it was especially easy to enjoy the attention that was being lavished on him while he did it.  And most of all, it was certainly a lot easier than any of the other work Mel would have probably had him doing instead.  He had decided a while back to enjoy the dream while he still could.  This was certainly enjoying it – and then some!
     Once he was dry, Sandy grabbed the fresh disposable diaper and spread it out on the floor.  Mindful that he could start peeing at any moment, she said, “Okay Sissy, lay down here and let’s get you all nicely diapered again.”
     Chad stepped out of the tub and quickly laid down on top of the diaper.  Sandy reached to pull the diaper up between his legs, but the minute he spread his legs so that she could get her hand under him to grab the diaper, his darn chastity device started spurting again – right on her arm.  Frustrated and a bit disgusted by it, she said, “Sometimes I think you do that just to irritate me!”
     Chad, merely laughed like a baby.  Actually, he wasn’t totally sure what had happened, but he could guess.
     Once he was diapered again, Sandy checked her watch.  “I guess we better get you a bottle pretty quick,” she told him.  “Your hour and forty-five minute time limit has just started.”  She got up from the floor and went out of his bathroom toward his kitchen, but halfway there, she realized he wasn’t right behind her.  She saw him crawling out of his bathroom instead of walking.  She giggled as she continued on to his refrigerator where she removed one of the few remaining bottles from his now very limited supply.  A minute later, Sissy was sitting on the floor of his living room sucking on that bottle.
     While Sissy was busy drinking, Sandy went back outside and checked to make sure that Ray’s Cadillac was still gone.  Then she went back in to Sissy.  “Okay Sissy, we need to get your highchair out of Mel’s place before Ray sees it.  Besides, I think it will be nice to have it available at my apartment while you’re there.  So you need you to get up and walk now… and get me your keys so I can open things up for you.”
     With his bottle still in his mouth, Chad got up and fished his keys out of his purse.  He singled out the one for Mel’s apartment before handing all of them to Sandy. 
      “And where’s your pacifier?” Sandy asked.
     Chad went back to his purse and pulled one out.  He stuck it in his mouth, even though he was holding a baby bottle in his hand.
     Sandy took his baby bottle from him and grabbed his diaper bag, then she opened his door and checked the parking lot one more time.  With him wearing just his diaper and nothing else, she led him quickly over to Mel’s apartment where she had him grab his highchair and lug it back out again.  She locked Mel’s door, then led the way to her apartment where she unlocked that door. 
      “Don’t forget the rules!” she cautioned before they went inside.  “Once you’re in there, you’re a baby.  A total baby in every way possible.  And you stay a baby no matter what!  Got that?”
     Chad only nodded his head.
     Sandy pushed open her door and Chad carried his highchair over the threshold where he set it down, then got down to his hands and knees.  The hard work was over with.  Let Sandy deal with lugging the darn thing the rest of the way.  He was a baby.  Babies didn’t need to worry about doing any work like that.  Feeling somewhat mischievous, Chad happily crawled through her apartment to the living room where he found the blanket and his baby toys all laid out for him again. 
     What a life!  Just relax and sit back and enjoy it.  Let everyone else worry about the work.  All he had to worry about was… nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing.  He did have to worry about making his diaper leak on time… or perhaps worrying about someone coming over and seeing him… or worse, going out somewhere in his infantile state.  Yeah, those where definite worries.  But for now, none of them were a big concerns… he hoped.
     A few minutes later, Sandy was back with a bib that she tied around his neck.  That’s just in case you drool!” she told him, also reminding him of what she expected him to do.  Knowing it was totally stupid, Chad pushed a tiny bit of drool past his pacifier and let it run down his chin.  Sandy giggled and walked off.  Chad ignored the slight irritation of the drool and went back to thinking about how easy being a baby really was.

     The movie was at least enjoyable… even though it wasn’t much of a love story.  As soon as they were back in his car, Ray asked if she had any preference as to where she wanted to eat. 
      “Someplace simple,” she told him.  “I’m not dressed for anything else.”
     Ray nodded and suggested a family style place that he knew of. 
      “Sounds great,” Mel agreed.  A little while later, they were seated across a table from each other, each with fresh cups of coffee.
      “So what has you so busy lately?” Ray asked as soon as the waiter had left.
     Mel shook her head.  “I’m sure you’ve heard of Sunshine Corporation,” she said.  “Well they’re buying Green Growers United.”
     Ray cocked his head.  “Aren’t they the ones who own all those health food brands you see in the supermarkets?”
     Mel nodded.  “Yeah.  They’re mostly a conglomeration of smaller companies.”
      “And now Sunshine is buying them out?”
      “Not… exactly.  But that’s going to be the end result – mostly.  Green Growers wants all the board members to stay intact.  Sunshine would be more like a silent parent company.”
     Ray digested that for a few moments.  “Okay, I guess I understand.  So Sunshine is simply adding another company to its list, but won’t be managing it.”
      “Something like that.  Actually, Green Growers needs cash for some kind of big project they have in mind.  This is a means to that end.”
      “And Sunshine is really letting everyone keep their jobs?”
      “Mostly, they are insisting on representation on the board as well.  But that’s only to be expected.  Green Growers doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with that, as long as they get their cash… and they all keep their jobs.”
     Ray nodded.  “Pardon me if I don’t rush out and buy more stock.”
     Mel shook her head.  “I wouldn’t if I were you.  This could go either way with the stock value – of both companies.”
      “Well I can certainly understand why you might be busy.  It sounds like a big deal.  Will you make much money from it?”
     Mel didn’t like talking about how much money she made.  Instead she simply replied.  “I’ll get a small cut, but there are a lot of other people that the money is going to be spread among.”
      “No idea what you’ll make from it?” Ray pushed.
     Mel shook her head.  “I’m not going to discuss what I make from this deal or any other client I have.  So don’t ask – please!”
     Ray took the hint.  But his best guess was that she was going to get a lot.

     Chad rolled over on the blanket while he was still sucking on his bottle.  He didn’t know what time he was supposed to be leaking.  He didn’t have any idea what time it was now.  He did know though that he was already leaking.  He just couldn’t do anything about it.  He would have to wait till Sandy came by and checked on him.  Of course, he could start crying like a real baby – the way Sandy wanted him to, but for now, he was content to drink his bottle – and keep leaking.  He was a baby.  What did he care?  Another little bit of drool escaped from the corner of his mouth.  He ignored it just as he had done since he arrived.
     A few minutes later, his bottle finished.  He set it down, and automatically stuck his pacifier back in his mouth.  But he didn’t feel much like playing with his usual toys again.  He had been stuck on the blanket for quite a while now.  And Sandy and Cassie were not right in the room with him...  So…
     What would a real baby do in that situation?  Smiling behind his pacifier, he crawled off of the blanket.  From his diminished height, he couldn’t see much.  Hmm…  The apartment was certainly nicely decorated – since Sandy was a professional decorator.  He noticed that she had a lot of nice looking stuff displayed on her end tables.  And since he was supposed to be a baby…  And since a baby would certainly be drawn to stuff like that… 
     He crawled over to the nearest end table and sat his leaking backside down on the floor.  He reached up and grabbed a small ceramic figurine of a little girl that Sandy had “accidentally” left where his “little” hands could reach it.  It was certainly pretty – and colorful too.  Chad’s adult mind appreciated the detail that went into the girl’s face and her old-fashioned dress.  But his mischievous “baby” mind immediately removed his pacifier from his mouth and stuck the figurine in his mouth instead.  A few seconds later, he pulled it out again, totally covered with slobber.  He stuck his pacifier back in his mouth, kept the figurine in his hand, and crawled across the room to another end table – where he promptly deposited the little girl figurine and picked up a pretty glass bird.  Like the little girl, the small bird soon had slobber deposited all over it and was soon being carried in his hand as he carefully crawled his way back across the room. 
     He had figured out that both Cassie and Sandy were in the kitchen – probably eating dinner.  So they weren’t watching him.  He crawled into their bedroom.  The little glass bird wound up on one of their nightstands… where he sat his leaky bottom down on the floor again.  His curious baby mind opened the drawer on one of the nightstands next to the bed.  And his “little” baby hand reached inside and pulled out…  What the heck?  Giggling to himself, he crawled back out of their bedroom, back into the living room and deposited a very real looking replica of a man’s penis right back in the spot where he had originally picked up the little girl figurine. 
     Since Sandy and Cassie hadn’t spotted him yet, he decided to go back to see what other “interesting” things he could find there. 
      “Where’s the baby?”  Sandy yelled as he had just gotten back into their bedroom.
      “What?” he heard Cassie reply from the kitchen.
      “Sissy!  Where is he?”
     He kept crawling, but he didn’t get far before Sandy found him.  “There you are!  Bad baby!  What are you doing in here?”
     Giggling, Chad took off crawling faster away from her.
      “What are you doing?  Get back here!” she yelled as she went after him. 
     But he just giggled out loud past his pacifier and kept going – even as she started chasing him.
      “Stop that!” she yelled as she tried to catch him.
     But he turned the corner around the side of her bed… and soon realized that he had gotten himself into a corner he couldn’t get out of. 
      “Gotcha!” Sandy declared as she finally caught up with him, straddling his body and grabbing his sides. 
     Chad, still giggling, rolled over onto his back and looked joyously up at her.  No doubt about it, sometimes being a baby could be fun!
      “Get out of here you bad baby!” Sandy scolded as she pointed back toward the door.
     But instead of moving, Chad simply let out a bit of baby nonsense from his mouth and stayed right where he was.  “I said move!” Sandy ordered again.
      “Trouble with the baby?” Cassie asked sarcastically from the bedroom doorway.
      “He’s being impossible!” Sandy replied as if she was totally exasperated.
     Cassie laughed.  “It looks to me like he being more of a baby than you bargained for!”
     Sandy looked at her… and a few moments later, she grinned… then giggled.  “He is, isn’t he.”  She looked down at Chad.  “Silly baby!”
     Chad only giggled. 
      “Okay Kiddo.  Out of here now.  Back to your blanket.”  She prodded Chad with her foot.
     This time, Chad rolled over and started crawling back out of the room.
     It wasn’t until Chad had almost reached his blanket when he heard Cassie exclaim, “What the heck?  How’d this get here?” 
     Chad reached his blanket and turned around, she was holding up the very lifelike dildo toy he had taken from their bedroom. 
      “Huh?” Sandy grunted in surprise.  “I didn’t put it…”  She stopped right there and turned toward Sissy.  “You’ve really been a bad baby!”
     Chad giggled like a baby again.  This was more fun than he thought!
      “Where’s the figurine that’s supposed to be there?” she asked Sissy.
     Chad wondered if she really expected him to answer… so he did – in baby talk!  Which only made Sandy all the more frustrated. 
     She glanced around the room and noticed the little girl figure.  “That doesn’t belong there!” she said as she went over and picked it up.  “Eeewww!  It’s covered in slobber!”  She held the thing away from her and carried it into the kitchen where she cleaned it in the sink and then dried it off.
      “Somebody’s been a little too busy!” she said as she carried the little girl back into the living room and set it exactly in place where it was supposed to be.  “Now, what did you do with my bird?”  She looked around the room but didn’t see it.
     Cassie picked up the dildo.  “I’ll put this thing away… till later!” she said as she walked off with it.  A moment later, her voice came from the bedroom.  “Sandy… I found the bird.”
     Sandy followed quickly into the bedroom.  It took but a glance for her to see that, like the little girl figure, this one was also covered in slobber.  “Somebody’s going to get a spanking!” she declared as she gingerly picked the thing up. 
     Cassie looked closely at the realistic dildo in her hand.  “Since he’s such a big baby, I’m surprised he didn’t put this thing in his mouth and slobber all over it as well.  I don’t blame him though,” she added as she opened the drawer and stuck it back where it belonged.
     Sandy stared at the closed drawer for a moment.  “You know… that’s a very good point!  He didn’t put that thing in his mouth, did he.”  She looked at Cassie with a mischievous smile on her face.  “Bring that thing back to the living room with you… please,” she said as she walked off to clean the little glass bird.

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