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The Bet - Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 4 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 57 (Saturday – week 8 Part 4 of 9)

     Unfortunately, the walk… waddle… was long.  Mel hadn’t been able to park anywhere near where the street performers usually set up.  Fortunately, the thick crowd of people around them kept them from moving faster than Chad was able to waddle.  Unfortunately, that same crowd of people and that same long walk / waddle gave all that many more people a chance to have all too good a look at him.  He sucked his pacifier furiously as he tried to stare down at the walkway in front of him so as not to have to see the faces of all the people gawking at him.  It wasn’t easy.  Living the dream usually wasn’t easy.
     By the time Andrea brought them to a stop in front of some speakers with very loud music blaring out of them, the inside of his legs where the crotch of his diapers were pressed tightly together were beginning to chaff and grow a bit raw.  He realized part of that problem was the fact that in the short time since Mel had put all those diapers on him, he had already gotten them fairly wet – especially down in that crotch area.  And cloth diapers stayed wet!
     He dared to look up at where they had stopped.  He saw a guy dancing on top of what looked like a piece of plywood.  The makeshift stage was more than most performers used, and the guy was obviously well used to performing on top of his wooden stage because he never came close to going over the edge – not that he would fall very far.  It was only about half an inch to the grass underneath.  The guy did have a nice music system though, and between that and his dancing, he was drawing quite a crowd.
     Mel handed Sissy’s hand off to Sandy and spoke briefly with Andrea.  Together they approached the stage and waited for the music to end.  As everyone finally applauded, Andrea and Mel stepped to the edge of the stage and the guy who had been dancing walked over to talk.
      “Remember me?” Andrea asked.
      “Sure lady.  You still want to use my spot?”
      “That’s the plan,” Mel replied for her. 
     The performer looked to Mel instead.  “You know what she promised me for you to use this stuff?” he asked.
     Mel held up a fifty dollar bill and the guy nodded happily.  Then Mel slid her fingers against the bill… revealing a second fifty dollar bill behind it.  “If…” Mel said, “you help us with the music.”
     The guy didn’t want to take his eyes off of the money in her hand.  “You got a disc or something?” he asked.
     Mel turned to Sandy who held up the music disk.  It was at that point that he finally noticed Sissy.  He had to blink his eyes and look twice.  “You got to be kidding me!” he said, unable to take his eyes off of the freak in front of him.
     Mel smiled and held the money up where he could see it again.  That quickly got his attention back.  He shook his head.  “It’s your show,” he replied as he reached for the money. 
     Mel pulled her hand back before he could grab any of the bills.  Then she pulled one of the fifty dollar bills off and handed it to him.  “You get the other one when we’re done.”
     The guy just smiled and held up the disk as he took it from Sandy.  “Whenever you want to start.”
     As the guy took the disk over towards some equipment off the back of his little “stage,” Mel grabbed Sissy’s hand and led him up onto the piece of plywood while Sandy headed over to tell the guy where on the disk he needed the music to start.
     Chad was sucking his pacifier furiously as Mel turned him around to look out at the large crowd that was in front of them.  Where had all those people come from?  And why did they have to stop here instead of somewhere else?  Was it possible for him to feel any more like a fool than he did just then?  But then he remembered… he hadn’t started dancing yet.
     Mel raised his hand up high in the air, which got everyone’s attention.  While the performer had a nice music system, she didn’t see a microphone anywhere around, so she spoke as loudly as she could.  “Ladies and Gentlemen.  We’d like to present for your entertainment pleasure, a different kind of dancing than you’ve been watching so far.  We’re going to move from street dancing to the beautiful world of classical ballet.  And to perform this ballet for you, I’d like to present our great big baby ballerina… Sissy!”  With that, she dropped Sissy’s hand and stood back and applauded… along with everyone else.
     Chad’s nerves started going crazy… if not haywire.  He wasn’t just embarrassed, he was downright scared.  Perform?  In front of all these people?  Stage fright couldn’t begin to explain how he felt.  He looked uncertainly at Mel, only because he didn’t know what to do anymore. 
     Mel grabbed his hand again and led him just off the back corner of the stage.  “Start from here,” she said just loud enough that he could hear her.  “Pretend this is like where you came in from my bedroom like we practiced it.”  Then she left him to stand in front of the stage so she could watch.
     Chad was so nervous he couldn’t believe it.  How was he going to do this?  Having nowhere to go to get away from all the people, he figured his best bet would be to get the stupid thing over with so they could get out of there – he hoped.  Plus, by going ahead and dancing like Mel wanted him to, most likely everyone would simply think he was just another outlandish street performer.  They would all think it was nothing but an act where he was trying to drum up a little money.  At least he hoped that would be the case. 
     He took a deep breath to steady himself.  Then he put his feet into the position he was supposed to start from… or at least he tried to put his feet into that position.  His diapers were so thick that it was impossible to get his legs anywhere close to the right position.  Instead of having his feet turned outward and touching right in front of him, there was almost a foot of space between his feet that he couldn’t lessen no matter how hard he tried.  He looked up at Mel, wondering what he was supposed to do.  Naturally, she was giggling at his predicament. 
     Then he saw her look over to the guy who was running the music system and give him the signal to start.  A second later, the childish music was coming loudly out of the speakers and he had no more time to think about anything.  He was on.  He had to perform – like it or not!  It was his best course of action.  And before he knew what he was doing, his feet were moving him out toward the center of his plywood stage. 
     He wasn’t exactly moving like he wanted to move.  Instead of his legs going one foot in front of the other gracefully, the massive bulk of the diapers between his legs had him waddling and swinging his legs awkwardly instead.  He couldn’t help but hear everyone laughing as he tried to do the graceful classical movements… with a ton of diapers on.  It just wasn’t working!  But what choice did he have other than to keep going.  At least the upper part of his body was having no problems.  He could move his arms and hands just fine.  His head was fine as well – if you didn’t count the silly baby bonnet on top of it and the pacifier stuck in his mouth.  He had no doubt that must be quite a sight. 
     The dance called for him to go into a running movement across the stage, but he had only a few feet to move in.  Before he knew it, he was pulling up short and his momentum forced him to almost fall as he slipped the short distance down to the ground.  He stepped backwards, back onto the plywood stage and looked to Mel to see what she wanted him to do about it.  But all she was doing was laughing like everyone else.  From that point on, most of what Mel had made him work so hard to learn to do properly went totally out the window.  The stage simply wasn’t big enough.  But he did try.  And since he had to continue dancing, wherever possible, he tried to use what he had been taught, but much of it now simply had to be made up as he went.
     With every step he took, he was so aware of the annoying bulk between his legs.  He was also aware that the way it forced him to move was also making his overly padded backside swing around more than he would have liked as well.  But under the big flat tutu he was wearing, would anyone even notice that?  Yeah, he had no doubt that they would.  All part of the show, he told himself… but he only half believed that.  While he did his best to move his arms and the entire upper body fluidly and gracefully, his lower body below the tutu was totally the opposite.  And then he had to wonder how his upper body really looked – part of it graceful and elegant – while contrasted with the crazy baby bonnet and his pacifier.  Graceful… sandwiched between the absurd look of his head and the bizarre look of his lower body.  Graceful?  No, he dared not hope for that much at all.
     The music was getting on toward the end when it happened.  The one thing he had totally forgotten about.  And when it happened, he was so taken by surprise that every muscle in his body locked in place and he froze with the most distinct look on his face as he stood there sucking his pacifier more furiously than ever.  And the people watching the little motion of the pacifier in his mouth laughed like crazy at it.  They all thought it was part of the act.  In fact, it was a few moments before anyone realized that while he was frozen in place, his knees slightly bent and splayed apart, his arms held out semi-gracefully to the side, that all during that time, he had been filling the back of the bulky diapers he was so obviously wearing.  Eventually, more than a few shouts of, “Oh my God!” could be heard above the music.
     When it happened, Chad had been taken by surprise.  Totally!  Right in the middle of his dance, it felt like all three of the stupid suppositories that Mel had put up inside of him had decided to do their thing – and do it fast!  And all the food that Mel had forced him to eat last night, and this morning, and even for lunch today, all came out of him at the same time in a semi-liquid rush – despite how tightly his diapers were pulled into his backside by his leotard.  It was by far the biggest mess he could remember making in his diapers in a long time.  And as usual, he had no control over it at all.  Of course, with that many suppositories up inside of him, it came out in much more of a rush than he had felt in a long time now.  Maybe his system had gotten more used to handling one suppository, but three was definitely way too many!
     Mel was beside herself with glee.  She had only hoped that with all the food she had given him, and all the bottles she had made him drink, as well as the exercising he was doing as he danced about on that little stage, that the suppositories she had given him would go to work during his performance. And now to actually see it happen, she couldn’t believe she had managed it.  And what a perfect pinnacle to his little dance it was.  She had been totally mesmerized by the tiny movement of his pacifier as she watched the look of complete surprise and horror register on his face.  Perfect!  Perfect!  Perfect!  If he didn’t feel intense humiliation from that, then she figured nothing would get to him!
     It was several seconds before Chad could move again, and when he did, if he thought trying to dance with that many diapers on before was difficult, it was nothing compared to the trouble he had now.  Not only was the bulk greatly increased, but the awful feeling of what was now in the back of his diapers added greatly not only to his obvious embarrassment, but also to the awkwardness of his every step.  There wasn’t a tiny movement that he made now – with any part of his body that didn’t seem to make him feel what was now pressed tightly against his backside.
     Much more hesitantly – not to mention much more horribly – he continued trying to dance.  But he was only moving around on the stage now as his face still registered the horror of what he had just done in front of so many people.  He knew his movements were no longer even attempting to be graceful.  He knew he looked even more ridiculous… not to mention childish as he now jumped a little and bounced cautiously around on the stage.  And his new more childish style of moving was bringing much more laughter from the crowd.  It was with great relief that he heard the music finally end.  He had totally missed that the ending was even coming since he was still too preoccupied with the embarrassing thing he had just done.  Quickly he went into his final pose… at least somewhat.  Doing what Mel had made him practice so diligently was totally out of the question.
     It was over – finally!  Everyone was applauding and laughing wildly as he maintained his awkward pose.  Not knowing what else to do, he curtseyed to the audience – which again made him very aware of the nasty mess in his backside.  But the people were still applauding, so he turned slightly and curtseyed yet again… and again… and again.  By continuing to dance – through everything – the audience had simply thought he was another street performer.  Or so he hoped.  It was a few moments before he dared step back off of the plywood stage, hoping that everyone would leave now… and desperately hoping that Mel would take him home.  Fortunately, the crowd got the message and started breaking up. 
     Mel crossed the small wooden platform to where Sissy was waiting.  She couldn’t help herself, she grabbed him and hugged him the moment she got there.  “Oh, you were so good!” she declared happily.
     Chad loved the hug he got from Mel.  Unfortunately, he didn’t love the feeling from his messy diapers as she did it.  “Can we go home now… please?” he asked desperately.
      “Absolutely!” Mel agreed.  “I think you’ve had about enough for one day.  We just have to make one little stop on the way and then we’ll go straight home.”
     Chad was overwhelmingly glad to hear that.  He wasn’t sure what the one stop would be, and no matter what, it couldn’t be any more embarrassing than what he had just been through.  He just wanted to go home… and get cleaned up!
     After Mel paid off the owner of the equipment, they all started their long walk back to the car.  But for Chad, the walk was necessarily slower and much more uncomfortable than it had been when they were going the other way.  While he was still very embarrassed over his appearance, he was now also embarrassed over what he had done, not to mention the even more awkward way he was forced to walk, not to mention that so many people had just witnessed him making such a major fool of himself.  Basically, he was just glad it was over!
     When they got back to the car, Chad was really hoping that Mel would change his messy diapers before they did anything else – despite the crowd that was still around, but she just made him get into the back seat of her car – overly large tutu and all!  Well, at least he was a bit more protected from everyone’s view.  And sitting in messy diapers was something he had to put up with every day at work. 
     Before they left, Mel gave Andrea the copy of the bet contract she had brought with her… and Sandy gave Sissy another baby bottle to drink in the car – as if that would assuage his frayed nerves.  Actually it didn’t hurt.  Once Mel got the car out of the parking lot, he felt much less on display.  The only problem now, was that despite his plastic panties and everything else he was wearing, he was starting to smell a bit.  Okay, more than a bit.  Inwardly, he smiled as Mel cranked up the air-conditioning in response.  Served them all right!

     The ride home seemed to go faster than the ride to get there, but Chad still had more than enough time to finish the latest bottle he had been given.  He remembered that Mel had wanted to make a quick stop before they got home, but as they got closer and closer, he figured that maybe she had changed her mind.  It wasn’t until Mel suddenly turned into the parking lot of the drug store where he bought his weekly supply of diapers that he realized exactly what stop she had planned on making – and he realized that once again she was going to make him get out of the car and humiliate himself.  The only good part was that it was so late in the day now that those two girls he usually saw every week wouldn’t be there.  In fact, as he looked around the parking lot, the number of cars was far less than usual.  Maybe he had caught a lucky break.
     Mel parked the car – fairly close to the front door for once.  “Okay Sissy,” she said, “we didn’t have time to get your supply of diapers earlier, so let’s get them now.  I’m just sorry that it’s so late that you’re going to miss seeing your friends today. 
     Actually, Chad wasn’t sorry about that in the least.  He wasn’t happy about having to get out of the car and having to go into the store dressed as he was… not to mention the way he was starting to smell, but he knew that delaying would only make it that much longer before he could finally get changed.  He was actually disappointed when he stepped out of the car and his large tutu went right back into perfect shape.  So to most eyes, his ballet costume would appear to be perfect… if you didn’t count the baby bonnet on his head and the pacifier in his mouth… and if you didn’t count the massive amount of diapers that were bulging out underneath his tutu… and if you didn’t count the fact that he was a grown man dressed that way to begin with… he looked perfect!
     Everyone got out of the car.  As they did, Chad noticed all of them quietly taking in big breaths of fresh air.  He smiled once again to himself.
      “Can we just leave the doors or windows open while we’re in there?” Cassie asked.
     Mel was tempted.  “No, better not.  Not in this city.  We’re almost home anyway.”
      “It’s a good thing,” Cassie muttered as Sandy grabbed her hand and they followed behind Mel and Sissy. 
      “Oh come on!” Sandy replied quietly.  “It’s not that bad!  You’re gym girls usually smell even worse!”
      “Yeah, but what smells worse there is not the disgusting thing that smells worse here!” Cassie replied.
     Sandy said nothing to that as they walked through the doors.
     Like the parking lot, the store appeared to be empty.  Or at least mostly empty.  There were a few people shopping, but they were very few and were hard to spot. Sissy on the other hand, was not hard to spot.  Not by a long shot!  And every person who was in the store was soon very aware of the weird person who had just walked in. 
     Mel looked for their usual cashier, but she didn’t see her anywhere as they all headed to the back of the store.  With so few people there and no other distractions, they quickly reached the disposable adult diaper display.  Mel directed Sissy to grab three packages and Sandy and Cassie each helped him to carry some.  Then they all made their way back to the front of the store. 
     Mel was hoping for someone who would make a bit of a fuss over Sissy’s appearance, but the cashier turned out to be the same manager who had given them a bit of a fuss a few weeks ago.  She said nothing as she rang up the purchase.  But she did give them all rather nasty looks.  Mel paid for everything this time since Sissy didn’t even have his tiny sissy purse, and before long, they were all back in the car and heading home.  Chad couldn’t believe his good luck!
     Once they were home, Chad had to lug his diaper bag and the other bags up to Mel’s apartment while Sandy and Cassie went home.  But once that job was done, instead of changing his diapers there, Mel sent him straight back to his own apartment with orders to shower and get thoroughly cleaned up before coming back again.  “One diaper again Sissy – as I’m sure you know!  And make sure your uniform is clean and pressed!  I want you looking perfect all afternoon.  And I’ll be inspecting you when you get here!” 
     Chad was totally elated over getting to go home and take a good shower – he really needed it now.  He was so elated in fact, that he didn’t even think about the uniform he had worn earlier that morning – the uniform Mel had told him to leave laying out on her bed.  He just went straight home where he got totally undressed and treated himself to a very long hot shower!

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