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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 9 of 9)

When they got back to her apartment, she had him take his new dresses and slacks home and told him to bring back any dirty laundry of his that needed to be done – especially the things he had soaked last night. His new shoes and socks she put into her bedroom. Those she would need tomorrow!
For the rest of the day and into the early evening she let him work on his own laundry since he had already finished hers. But the entire time, he was forced to keep drinking baby bottle after baby bottle to keep peeing, because if he didn’t overflow his diapers within the two hour time limit, then she beat his bare bottom severely.
But the worst beating he got was after the first time he failed to have leaking diapers. Because since those beatings were always given on his bare bottom, she chose that time to punish him for the four demerits he had accrued earlier. Somewhere in the middle of that beating, Chad began promising himself over and over again that he would do absolutely anything at all to avoid getting another beating again. And after it was done, he cried for a very long time as he kept repeating that promise to himself. His bottom stung continually for what seemed like hours as he continued to work and drink bottle after bottle. He figured that it was a good thing that Mel didn’t let him sit down, because he was fairly sure that he couldn’t.
Shortly before dinner, she sent him out wearing just an overly soaked diaper and high heels to get the highchair back from Sandy. He wasn’t thrilled at all to have to go out that way, but he wasn’t about to argue with Mel. Besides, how could he argue when he was restricted to using only baby talk?
When he knocked on Sandy’s door, it was Cassie who opened it. She stood there staring at him for a moment. Chad felt very embarrassed because of the way he was dressed. He was supposed to get the highchair though. Would he be allowed to speak normally to her? Did he dare?
“Aren’t you supposed to curtsey to me, or something?” she asked.
Chad nearly died. If it got back to Mel that he hadn’t curtseyed, then he would get punished again for sure, and he certainly didn’t want that. It also answered his other question – he didn’t dare not use anything but baby talk to her. He quickly dropped a curtsey and mumbled more nonsense through the pacifier in his mouth.
She smiled. “Sandy told me about that. I guess Mel’s still got you restricted to the baby words. Has it been like that all day?”
How could he answer? He really had no way, so he let out more of the nonsense baby sounds. What he really wanted though was to get inside somewhere where he couldn’t be seen dressed as he was!
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Cassie replied.
Chad curtseyed without thinking about it as his affirmative answer to her question. At least she smiled after he did it.
“I take it that you’re here for the chair?”
Chad curtseyed yet again. At least that much was working well!
“Come on in, I’ve got it right here for you.”
Chad gladly walked into her apartment. Unfortunately, he didn’t have to go very far because the highchair was waiting right next to the door for him. He picked the bulky thing up and lugged it outside. As he started back to Mel’s apartment, he discovered that Cassie was walking right behind him. She followed him all the way back into Mel’s apartment.
“Hi Mel,” she called as she went through the door.
“Hi Cassie,” Mel replied, not all that surprised to see her there.
“Have you been having fun today?” Cassie asked as they took seats in her living room.
Mel rolled her eyes. “Some yes, some no.” Then she giggled a bit. “Okay, we had a lot of fun while we were out shopping today.” Her face darkened a bit. “But the rest of the day before that has been fairly awful.”
“Uh, oh! What happened?”
“You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to punish him for not doing the simplest things!”
“Like what?”
“Like not curtseying when he’s supposed to! Geez, is that too much to ask?”
“Sounds like he needs more practice.”
Mel considered that. “Yeah, I guess he does… obviously he does! You wouldn’t think it would be so hard though.”
Cassie giggled a bit. “Look what you’ve got to work with. He is somewhat of a baby after all. Isn’t he?”
Mel laughed. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. Maybe I better give him lots of practice tomorrow. In fact, maybe we better take things back to the basics a bit more - grind it into him instead of pounding it into him.” She glanced at her yardstick that she used to punish him. The yardstick certainly helped, but there were other ways too.
“Need some help?” Cassie asked.
“If you’re interested.”
“Sure, I might drop by for a while. Should be fun.”
“Don’t forget dinner tomorrow night too.”
“Don’t worry, Sandy and I are both looking forward to that – a lot!” Both women giggled.
“Hey,” Mel exclaimed, “want to help me for a bit? I need to glue his breast forms back on again.”
“Sure!” Cassie agreed happily.
Chad had carried the heavy highchair back into the kitchen, then while the two women were talking in the living room, he checked the clock. Time was getting short on his deadline to overflow his diaper again. He went to the sink and refilled one of his bottles with water, and kept drinking while the two women talked. He was nearly sick from drinking so much all day long, but he was determined to not get punished anymore. As he started drinking, he felt himself peeing yet again. Come on! Leak! But afterwards, his diaper just remained amazingly soaked. No leaks – yet. But he still had a little bit of time left.
He was actually a bit annoyed when Mel called him into the bedroom because it broke his concentration on trying to pee sooner. By the time he got there, he saw Cassie holding his breast forms in her hands and Mel was setting the glue down on her night table. The ropes to tie him to the bed were already out and in place. He saw a large towel also spread out on the bed to protect it. As wet as his diapers were just then, the towel was probably a good idea. He curtseyed to the two of them and mumbled a bit of baby nonsense. He didn’t want to get punished anymore.
“Up on the bed,” Mel ordered. “Lets get these things back on you.”
Chad wasn’t overly thrilled about having the breast forms glued back onto him again, despite the delicious feel from the humiliation of not being able to get them off. They were heavy and bulky, and there was just no getting away from them. But delaying the inevitable wouldn’t solve anything and would only lead to more punishment, so he climbed up on her bed and stretched himself out while Mel tied him securely in place.
Mel took one of the breast forms from Cassie and sprayed it heavily with the glue. Then, after handing it carefully back to Cassie, she sprayed the other one and handed that back to her too. It took a few moments for the glue to start setting up. Mel lightly touched the first one a few times till she thought it was tacky enough, then she climbed up on the bed and straddled Chad’s chest. She took the first one from Cassie and carefully set it in place, pushing down firmly all over, trying to seal it to him. Then she did the same with the other one. She climbed off of him and began untying one of his arms, Cassie helped with the other one. Mel grabbed his bra and put it over the forms on his chest. “Help me sit him up,” she said to Cassie. Together they sat him up while Mel held the bra to his chest. Cassie stuck his arms through the straps and fastened it tightly behind him. “There,” Mel exclaimed, sounding very satisfied. “That wasn’t so bad this time at all.” She began untying his legs. “Okay Sissy, go finish making my dinner.”
Chad got up from the bed. The breasts that were now attached to his chest felt heavy and awkward. Once again his arms kept rubbing against them as he moved, feeling very strange. He curtseyed quickly to the women, then hurried out to finish making Mel’s salad for dinner. None for him. He already knew what his dinner would be – baby food! As soon as he got back to the kitchen, he began drinking from his bottle once again. And with only minutes to go before Mel would punish him again for failing to make his diaper leak, he began peeing. Hoping against hope that it would start leaking, he hurried to find Mel. She was just saying goodbye to Cassie at the door. And as he stopped to wait for the two to finish talking, he did indeed finally feel the awful tickling sensation of something running down his leg. Elated, he curtseyed and spat out more baby talk.
“What is it?” Mel asked, annoyed to see him there.
Chad happily pointed to his leg and the pee running down it.
Mel smiled. “You just made it again. Good. Now get back to the kitchen – and hurry. You’re making a mess on the rug there!”
Elated, Chad hurried back to the kitchen, where the pee continued to run down his leg. It was an awful feeling, but since it also meant no punishment, it was a wonderful feeling. Mel came into the kitchen a minute later as he was drying up the mess on the floor along with his wet leg. Five minutes later, he was once again in a single dry diaper – with two hours to start leaking again.
While Mel ate her solitary dinner, Chad was forced to spend fifteen minutes standing on his perch in the corner where he would be out of the way. Chad was very relieved when Mel allowed him out of the corner so soon. But from being stuck in the corner, he went directly to being stuck back in his highchair again. Mel dumped several jars of baby food out on his divided dish and put it on the tray for him along with his baby spoon to eat it all with. Chad wasn’t at all happy with just baby food for dinner, but he knew that it was all he was going to get, so he spooned it as carefully as he could into his mouth. As usual, some of it dripped off of the tiny spoon either onto his chin or onto the bib she had but on him. The stuff tasted mostly bad, but not nearly as bad as the baby cereal he got every morning. When he was done eating though, even though he had already had way too many today, he couldn’t wait to get another bottle to drink – just to clear the lousy taste out of his mouth.
Two hours later, despite being so grossly wet that his diaper was threatening to fall off of him, Chad was subjected to yet another ten swats on his bare bottom for failing to make his diaper leak. He didn’t know what to do. He had tried so hard! His diaper should have leaked… but in the end, it hadn’t. He was getting physically sick from drinking so much. He was peeing every few minutes by then, not peeing a lot each time, but just peeing very often.
Chad felt so frustrated as Mel removed his soaked diaper for his punishment. Why hadn’t the darn thing leaked? As Mel ordered though, he bent over and grabbed the back of the chair in front of him, raising his bottom to make it a better target for her stick. Whap! Curtsey… Baby nonsense sounds… hands back on the chair, bottom up, ready for the next one.
Mel really hated doing it… especially after seeing how sopping wet his diaper had been. But rules were rules, and he had to know that she would enforce them every time without fail! She delivered the second blow. She loved seeing him curtsey. She almost laughed at his high-pitched baby sounds every time. There were already tears forming in his eyes. As he leaned over again, she could hear his crying sobs breaking loose. She swung again… whap! Again he stood up and curtseyed for her. His crying was so pronounced now that she couldn’t barely tell that the sounds he was making were baby sounds. They just sounded pathetic. No matter.
She watched as he bent over and grabbed the chair once again. He was slower this time in raising his bottom for her. Oh, but when he did it made such a perfect target. She almost laughed at seeing it – glowing brightly red across the places where her stick had already hit it. Whap!
He stood up and turned to her again, crying like crazy now. He started his curtsey, but that’s not what she was staring at. “Sissy!” she screamed. “You’re peeing all over my carpet!”
Chad looked down. Through his crying, he wasn’t even aware that he was doing it… but pee was indeed streaming out of him. He was so surprised that he didn’t even think about stopping it. He just stared at it streaming out onto Mel’s floor. Fortunately, it didn’t last very long and it tapered off and ended just as quickly as it had started.
Mel didn’t know whether to laugh, or be angry at him. Both she supposed because she was angry. “You better clean that up just as soon as we’re done here!” she ordered sternly.
Chad dropped another curtsey along with some baby sounds to indicate that he understood. Would she stop the punishment now? He was very hopeful.
That was the very question that Mel herself was considering. Should she continue, or should she send him to clean up the mess right away. Her carpet really needed to be taken care of quickly, but at the same time, it really wasn’t good not finish a punishment. Then there was the possibility that he might do it again! But the damage was already done, and in the end she figured her carpet could wait a few minutes. She could see the hopeful look on his face. She dashed that quickly the minute she pointed toward the back of the chair he was supposed to be leaning against. With a very crestfallen face, Chad resumed his position, and she resumed his punishment. It wasn’t till after all ten swats had been delivered and he was once again rediapered and counting down the next two hours that Chad finally was allowed to clean up the mess he had made.
Chad had to cut way back on the amount of liquids that he drank. His body was becoming too sick from too many bottles. But it didn’t matter, he had already had so many that he continued to pee a little bit every few minutes.
He managed to finish all his laundry. And started to take it home, but before he got out the door with his first load, Mel stopped him. She pawed through all of it, and pulled out every pair of pants that she could find. “When you come back,” she told him, “bring me whatever pants are still hung up in your closet that aren’t new today.”
Chad was shocked, and concerned. There was really only one other pair in his closet, the pair that had been too long for him to be able to wear. But if she wasn’t going to give him any of the pants back that she had just taken away, then he would be left with only two pair of pants for all of next week. Only two days that he would be allowed to wear pants and that would be it. She couldn’t really want that? Could she?
“I’m waiting!” Mel’s voice suddenly lashed out. Chad quickly came to his senses, and dropped a curtsey in acknowledgment. A bit more baby mumbo jumbo, and he was out the door carrying his laundry home. A little while later, when he stared at his restocked closet, feelings of worry, dread, humiliation, and excitement ran through him – all at the same time. His closet held only women’s clothes - still. But now there were more dresses in it than there had been before. And now it only held two pairs of pants – women’s pants of course. He would be spending an awful lot of time next week in skirts, that was for sure!
A little while later, Chad was elated when he suddenly felt pee running down his leg – a full fifteen minutes early! He ran to the kitchen immediately so that any more that got all the way to the floor would be easier to clean. But the leak was only a very minor one, just a few drips. Fortunately, Mel was pleased and happily announced that he had made it. Whew!
Even though it was getting late, Chad was now prepared for her to put him into a single diaper again and set the timer running on yet another two hours. So he was a bit surprised when she took him back to his apartment before removing his leaking diaper. This time, she let him remove it himself and clean himself up. Then she watched as he prepared three of his night diapers. But before he could start putting them on, she had him add a fourth to the stack. “You wet so much last night, that maybe an extra one would be a good idea,” she told him. It made plenty of sense to him.
Before he was allowed to diaper himself though, Mel shoved a suppository deep up inside of him. Chad hated it, but he was also so used to it that he didn’t even care for very long. The damn thing would do its job sometime during the night like they always did, and he would probably not even know it till tomorrow morning – when he could change himself quickly. Much better than the afternoon ones he got every day.
A few minutes later, Chad was feeling secure in his diapers for the first time in a long while. The extra bulk from the fourth diaper felt a bit odd, but he quickly got used to it. As if to celebrate the feeling of security, his body immediately let out another stream of pee, wetting the diapers almost before he got them fully on. Chad knew he wasn’t really celebrating, he just had to pee. He probably would be doing an awful lot of that during the night… all night!
Mel had him climb into one of his now clean onesies and helped him into bed. She left him and went to his kitchen. She pulled three baby bottles out of his refrigerator and brought them to him. He wasn’t happy to see any of them. He was still sick from all he had to drink already.
But Mel wasn’t giving him a choice. “I expect all of these to be finished before I come back later,” she said in no uncertain terms.
Chad didn’t reply. Being limited to baby language didn’t allow him to say anything useful anyway. He set his pacifier down next to his blow-up mattress where he could get it easily later – if he wanted it. He picked up the first of the bottles and put it into his mouth. Sucking on it was natural. It was normal. But the bloated feeling from his stomach wasn’t. As Mel stood in the doorway and turned out the light, he allowed himself to suck only very tiny bits out of it at a time. It was all he could do. He felt himself peeing yet again. He’d be awfully lucky if he didn’t leak again tonight. Three more bottles – before he fell asleep? How was he going to drink them? He could barely get any of the first one down.
He thought about his day. Awful! Awful! Awful! But then, weren’t most of his days awful? He prayed that Mel wouldn’t play her new stupid diaper game with him again tomorrow. He had definitely had enough of it. The baby language thing had been a bit much too. He could also do without that again.
He shifted on his bed and was annoyed by the breasts that were once again firmly glued to his chest. They were stuck tight again. Very tight. He could do without them too.
He happened to glance over towards his doorway. Mel was still there, watching him. Why hadn’t she left?
Mel saw him look at her, he seemed surprised to see her still there. She guessed she herself was surprised. She had ridden him hard today – very hard. But it was necessary. She felt a bit of remorse about it, but at the same time, she didn’t. It was necessary! She had to do it. And there would be a lot more coming.
He was still looking at her. She stood up straighter, it was time to go. She would be back later with a note for him and to set his alarm clock – even though tomorrow was Sunday. There would be a lot to do tomorrow too.
“Good night, baby” she said softly… almost lovingly. “Sleep tight.”

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The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 8 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 8 of 9)

Chad wasn’t happy. More shopping? For what? And his diaper was already awfully soggy! But Mel started wandering through the store, seemingly in no hurry at all. Chad was nervous about being seen in his maid’s dress, but that was nothing compared to wandering around with the pacifier in his mouth. Why couldn’t Mel just leave and go home?
Anytime he noticed anyone looking at him, Chad felt a major bolt of embarrassment and shame running through him. And every bolt of embarrassment seemed to reignite his huge sexual need, sending it into an almost physical frenzy. As he followed Mel around the store, he imagined he could actually feel Cassie’s toy stuck firmly up his backside, increasing his shame and his sexual pleasure with every step that he took.
Mel wandered around casually and slowly, taking her time to look over everything thoroughly. She was enjoying looking. She was also enjoying parading Sissy around the store where everyone could see him. She knew the stupid pacifier in his mouth had to be humiliating the shit out of him, but he had no choice but to endure it for as long as she wanted him to. And since they had taken her car, he couldn’t even leave.
As she shopped, she came across a few items that she liked that she picked up for herself. No sense in him having all the new things. But then she started walking through the underwear department. She looked at this and that for him, half searching for a proper corset, but she didn’t see one or anything else she was interested in – until she came to the socks. There, on a rack that displayed many different styles, were row after row of the frilliest anklet socks imaginable. Just perfect for his sissy dresses. She spent quite a while picking out two of the perfect pair to go with the two other dresses he didn’t have any for yet. Then, with a smile, she handed them to Sissy. “Here, you can carry these, since you’ll be buying them.”
Chad had watched her closely the whole time she was searching through the frilly socks. He just knew she would be buying them for him. And when she actually turned and handed him several pairs, he was torn between the humiliation and the excitement of it. Worse, he now had to carry the obviously overly feminine items around with him as she continued to wander slowly through the store. With the pacifier in his mouth loudly proclaiming him as the sissy baby that he was, he had even more reason to dread other people seeing him now.
Mel continued to wander slowly, looking at things here and there, but now her wandering had more direction to it. The socks had started a specific train of thought. She really wondered if the store might have what she had in mind. Probably not, but it was worth a try anyway. The department she was heading for was in sight now, but as she looked around at where they were, she suddenly stopped in one of the aisles. Nobody was really looking, although Chad probably wouldn’t realize that. “Lift your skit and let me check your diaper,” she ordered.
Chad’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head. Here? Now? She couldn’t mean it!
“I’m waiting!” Mel snapped angrily. “Shall I add another demerit? And just a polite reminder, I’m also expecting a curtsey before you lift your skirt.”
Chad was in shock. She did mean it! But he had already had enough punishment today that he would do almost anything to avoid getting any more. He quickly dropped a quick little curtsey as he mumbled more baby jargon. Then he grabbed the front hem of his skirt and feeling very foolish, lifted it up.
“Higher!” Mel demanded. I want to see your diaper clearly!”
Oh God! Chad pulled the hem of his skirt up as high as he could, totally exposing his soggy diaper underneath for all to see. He wanted to die of shame. He started sucking his pacifier furiously. Way past Mel, out in the aisle in the distance, he saw a woman stop and stare at them. What must she think? The answer to that was all too obvious.
Mel smiled. “Nice and soggy I see. Good! But no leaks yet.” She glanced at her watch, then pointed to it. “You’re running out of time. Better get busy!” Then she turned and continued her slow journey toward the department up ahead.
Chad knew he was running out of time. He also knew that the diaper he was wearing probably couldn’t hold much more – at least, he didn’t think it could. The diapers these days could hold so much that it was really impossible to tell what would make them leak. Then another thought struck him. Was that why Mel was going so slowly through the store? Was she waiting to see if his diaper could leak before they left? Unfortunately, he had no way to ask her since he was limited to just baby talk. How frustrating!
Mel led the way into the shoe section and began looking through the shoes seriously. What she really wanted, she was fairly sure she wouldn’t be able to find, but maybe they would have something else that might work. After searching briefly around, she knew that what she wanted wouldn’t be there, but she continued to just look to see what they had anyway. Besides, there were other people around and she was enjoying Sissy’s discomfort.
Then she turned a corner to look at one last aisle near the wall and her eyes locked onto a whole long row of shiny patent leather shoes. She smiled as she began looking through them closely. One pair quickly caught her eye and she headed straight for it. It was a pair of pumps similar to the patent leather heels that she owned only the heel looked even higher – if that was possible. She had once considered buying Chad a pair like the ones she had, but hadn’t gotten around to it. She picked up the shoe on display and looked at it carefully, but as she did so, her eyes caught sight of a shoe just a short distance away, and something in her head told her that it would be even better. The shoe was basically a variation of the mary-jane style but it had a very high heel and was shiny bright patent pink. A pair like that would not only go really well with his other sissy dresses, but she was sure they would probably embarrass him tremendously.
She picked up the display shoe and turned to look for a sales person, and that’s when she saw it. Way down near the end of the row of patent leather shoes, mixed in among a few more practical styles, was a pair that looked exactly like what she wanted. She hurried over to look more closely. Yes! Perfect! Black patent mary-janes with a perfect little-girl heel. Unbelievably! The pink high-heeled shoes might shout one type of sissy, but the little-girl style was exactly what she was looking for. Still… the pink high-heeled shoes seemed awfully interesting too. She made her decision. It was easy. She just figured what the heck! He was the one who would be buying them, not her. She’d make him get both! “Sissy!” she called. “Go find someone to help us!”
Chad’s knees nearly gave out. Find someone to help? She had to be kidding! And how was he supposed to talk to whoever he found? But Mel was staring at him, waiting. He quickly dropped a quick curtsey and turned to find some sales help.
“And I’ll be watching to make sure you behave properly!” Mel called behind him.
Ugh! It would be hopeless… not to mention how embarrassing it was about to be! He turned back around again and dropped yet another curtsey as he mumbled more nonsense through the pacifier in his mouth. What a situation!
Chad started wandering around looking for some help. He felt like he was now even more exposed than ever as he was forced to search among the women in the department for one who might be able to help them. But he wasn’t having much luck. In desperation, he finally headed toward the wall where he had seen a doorway heading back to the stock room. And there, coming out of the door, was a woman who was obviously attached to the department. Chad saw Mel watching him out of the corner of his eye. There would be no help for it. He dropped a curtsey to the woman and started speaking some baby talk.
“What?” the woman asked, obviously annoyed with him. “I can’t understand anything that you’re saying!”
Instead of repeating himself, Chad motioned desperately for her to follow him. And fortunately she did, all the way back to where Mel was waiting.
The saleswoman was obviously annoyed with Chad, but Mel didn’t care. “I’d like to see a pair of each of these for her,” she said as she pointed one of the shoes toward Chad.
The woman seemed to sigh a bit, but she checked the numbers on the shoes, got Chad’s size from Mel and went off in search of what they wanted. While she was gone, Mel had Chad remove the shoes he was already wearing. She checked her watch again. “You’re running out of time, Sissy.” It was all she had to say. Chad’s worry level went up another couple of notches. They had been in the store for a very long time now and he hadn’t been able to drink anything since the car ride here. He desperately tried to pee even harder.
When the saleswoman finally came back, she was carrying two shoe boxes. She set them down next to Chad and opened the top box. Inside were the pink high heeled shoes. “We had these in his size, but I couldn’t find a pair in the right size of the other ones, so I brought the largest size I could find. It’s one size smaller, but maybe you can make them work. Let me know if you need anything else.” And then she walked off to help some other customers.
Chad tried on the pink heels and Mel had him walk around a bit in them. He was guessing that the heels were about four inches high. Tall, but not a huge problem. The real problem was the color. The shiny pink absolutely screamed for people to look at them. They would be terribly embarrassing to wear.
“Curtsey for me in them,” Mel suggested as she stood back watching him. Chad did so and she smiled. “Yes, I like those a lot. They’re absolutely perfect for you. Okay, try on the others now.”
The low-heeled shoes felt very tight on his feet, almost too tight. But he did manage to get them on. Fortunately the rounded toes didn’t hurt him too much. The very low heels however felt awfully strange. The part that seemed to get to him the most though was how much they looked like little-girl shoes. That alone was embarrassing.
“Oh, I really like those too,” Mel said. “They’re another pair that’s perfect for a little sissy like you. And since you can still walk in them, I’m not worried at all about the smaller size. They’ll be good enough. In fact, I think I like them better in the smaller size since they make your feet look smaller. Maybe we should consider that for the other shoes too. Hmmm.”
While she stopped to consider the idea, Chad was horrified by the suggestion. The higher heels were already uncomfortable. Getting them in a smaller size would only make things worse!
“Tell you what,” Mel said, “before I have you go and find the saleswoman again, curtsey for me in those shoes too.”
Chad wasn’t exactly thrilled about having to find the saleswoman again, but he had curtseyed a million times already today. But just before he could drop another one, he suddenly felt himself peeing again. It startled him so much that he paused a bit too long.
“I’m waiting!” Mel said angrily.
Still peeing, Chad was galvanized into motion. He dropped into his curtsey, but before he could come back up again, he felt a strange tickling sensation on his leg. He froze! Then the sensation started continuing down his leg faster and faster. He couldn’t help it, it just came out. “Aaahhh!” he screamed as he looked down his leg. Pee was now pouring all the way down his leg, over the shoes he was wearing, and all the way down to puddle on the floor. He heard laughter and looked up to see Mel coming closer.
“You did it!” she said happily.
Chad would have curtseyed and mumbled more nonsense at her, but he was still too preoccupied with the pee that was still running down his leg, much slower now, but still there. He briefly looked around. Fortunately, it didn’t look like anyone had seen him, but now there was a small puddle of pee on the floor. Now what should he do?
Mel was looking around too now. It looked like nobody had seen. It was time to get out of there. “Change out of those shoes, quickly now,” she said. “And let’s get out of here.”
Chad was more than glad to comply. He was very careful as he unbuckled the new shoes and fastened his old ones back in place again. He didn’t want any more pee escaping out of his sodden diaper. But a little bit did escape. There was no way he could prevent it. Mel had him grab both boxes of shoes along with the frilly socks and they both headed for the checkout counter where they were holding the other clothes he was supposed to buy. As he walked, he figured it was a good thing he was wearing a dress with a skirt instead of pants. The skirt of his dress at least hadn’t gotten wet yet, as far as he knew. If he were wearing pants, the diaper leak would show for sure!
At the checkout counter, he had to pay for all his new clothes. He did so as quickly as possible so they could get out of there. As he signed the credit card receipt, he was struck by how much money he was spending on women’s clothes lately. An awful lot! But his other living expenses were very minimal so he had plenty of money. As they were walking out the door, Chad’s arms heavily loaded, Mel said, “That’s one more demerit for not curtseying and greeting the woman at the register! I didn’t tell you back there because I want to get out of here. But it’s still no excuse!”
Chad couldn’t believe it. Another demerit! Damn!
When they got back to Mel’s car, Mel had him dump all his purchases in the back seat, but she wouldn’t let him get into the car. “I don’t want you soaking my seats,” she explained. Chad wondered what he was supposed to do, run home? But Mel grabbed his diaper bag opened it up and pulled out another diaper. “Pull your skirt up,” she ordered.
Chad couldn’t believe it, was she going to change him? Here? In the parking lot? He was standing next to the car… actually between two cars. But still, anybody walking by would be able to see.
“I’m waiting!” Mel said sternly.
Chad slowly grabbed the hem of his skirt and pulled it up all the way.
“Now hold it there,” Mel instructed as she started removing his overly soaked diaper.
A moment later, Chad was naked from the waist down, out in public, holding his skirt up for all the world to see. He nervously looked around hoping that nobody would notice. What would happen if the driver of the car next to them suddenly came back?
Mel purposely took her sweet time putting the soaked diaper into a plastic bag that they kept in his diaper bag just for such things. Leaving him standing with his skirt up like that had to be humiliating for him. She looked up at his face. Yes, there was no doubt. “Aw, what’s the matter?” she teased. “Worried that someone might see you?”
Still holding his skirt up, Chad dropped another curtsey and mumbled more baby jargon.
“I don’t know what you should be worried about,” Mel continued. “As far as I can see, you’re just another baby getting changed. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.” She paused while a wicked grin entered her face. “Maybe next time we should just do it out in the middle of the store where more people can watch… baby.”
Chad wanted to die. And he was still standing there naked below his waist. Change him in the store? She wouldn’t! But then, he couldn’t believe she was actually changing him right here… out in the open… right where everybody parked their cars!
Mel finally rediapered him, making sure the new diaper was properly placed and nice and tight. She stood up and checked her watch again. “Okay, you’ve got two more hours.”
Chad almost fainted.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 7 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 7 of 9)

Chad wasn’t thrilled about having to do it… he wasn’t thrilled about having to do a lot of things… but by his own figuring, he had little choice but to pull one of the baby bottles full of Mel’s tea out of his diaper bag and start drinking it in the car. He had already had enough bottles today to float a boat, but if he didn’t keep drinking them, then he didn’t know how he could possibly manage to overflow his diaper in the allotted time left. And by now, he did want to make it leak. He had been punished, severely, so many times already today that he would do almost anything to avoid getting any more. So despite the fact that anyone who happened to look into Mel’s car would be able to see him sucking on the bottle, he put it to his lips and kept drinking.
He didn’t know where they were going. Mel had only said shopping, and he certainly wasn’t going to ask anything else. Besides, since she had limited him to only baby talk, he had no way to possibly ask her for more details. He was however only mildly surprised when she pulled up in front of the same store where they had shopped in the past for most of his clothes.
“Don’t forget your pacifier,” she reminded him as she got out of the car.
Chad wasn’t exactly pleased to hear that. Taking one last desperate pull on his baby bottle, almost as much for courage as for the liquid it held, he quickly slipped his pacifier back in his mouth, grabbed his purse and followed Mel into the store. Sucking on the pacifier out in public like that was extremely humiliating. And once again he felt all too plainly the resulting sexual charge coursing through his body because of it. A charge so great, he could almost feel Cassie’s toy sticking up into his backside as he walked.
Once again, Mel led him straight to the women’s clothing section he had spent so much time in before. As they walked through it, he was almost as concerned this time with trying to keep peeing as he was with paying attention to how many people might be looking at him. His desire to keep peeing was rewarded when a few minutes after they entered the store, he felt himself wetting his diapers again. Relief! Because every time he wet himself today, it not only felt good, but it brought him one step closer to not getting punished.
Mel spent a few minutes walking around searching – not for clothes, but for the same saleswoman who had helped them so much in the past. And eventually, she found her. The woman was surprised to see them. She gave Chad a quick glance, but since he looked pretty much the same as the last time she had seen him, her gaze didn’t linger on him for more than a second, except for the pacifier in his mouth. After greeting Mel warmly, she asked, “And what can we find for you today?”
Mel turned and looked back at Chad. “I’m afraid she’s lost a bit of weight and a lot of her clothes don’t fit anymore. She’s going to need two more pairs of slacks for work and I think a couple of dresses too. And this time, I think we should make the slacks fit a bit better. What do you think?”
The saleswoman grinned as she looked Sissy over more carefully again. “Definitely!” Then she looked a bit bewildered. “Is it my imagination, or has ‘she’ lost some weight around her backside too?”
Mel almost laughed. “I’ve got her in only one diaper today. So I guess we better plan on making sure there’s enough room for one or two more.”
The saleswoman nodded and said, “That’s probably a good idea.”
Chad soon found himself in one of the dressing rooms pulling his dress off while the saleswoman and Mel went in search of some new pants for him – something he was very glad about. He was just disappointed that Mel had specified only two pairs. He really needed more. He was waiting patiently in just his bra, waist cincher, diaper, and shoes, when the curtain suddenly opened. He jumped at the sudden intrusion, but he was glad to see the saleswoman there holding several pairs of slacks. He was very embarrassed to be seen by her in his wet diaper, but there was little he could do about it. He did notice however that she spent a very long moment staring directly at his diaper. She smiled at him before she took a step back and closed the curtain again. Whew!
As he pulled the first pair of pants up, he immediately noticed that they weren’t cut as full as the other pants that he owned. In fact, they seemed to fit much tighter – certainly not too tight, but enough that he noticed it. He knew that Mel would be waiting to see them, so he opened the curtain and stepped out. He stood where Mel and the saleswoman could see him perfectly and waited for their comments. The saleswoman was eyeing the pants critically, but Mel didn’t look as if she had even looked at the pants yet. She was staring at him, and moment by moment, the anger on her face seemed to increase. “That’s one demerit for not curtseying when you came out!” she said sternly. The saleswoman looked at her in surprise, and so did Chad. Another demerit? Ugh! Would there be no end to them? “And that’s another one for not curtseying now that I’ve reminded you!”
Chad got the point and immediately dropped a curtsey and mumbled a bit of apologetic baby jargon through his pacifier.
“What did she say?” the saleswoman asked.
“Who knows!” Mel replied like she didn’t care in the least. “Do you think there will be enough room in those slacks later, when she’s wearing more diapers?”
The saleswoman looked at the slacks Chad was wearing critically. “I’m sure of it. They’re really not all that tight on her at all. Most girls wear them a lot more fitted!”
Mel nodded. “I know. Unfortunately, for her, we don’t have quite that luxury. But still… Tighter might be interesting to see. Do you have some that she can try on, just to look at?”
“Of course! That’s easy,” the saleswoman replied as she hurried off.
“Go take them off,” Mel told Chad. “We’ll bring you some different ones.”
This time, Chad was careful to drop a curtsey before he went back to change.
Once again, the curtain to Chad’s dressing room opened all too suddenly. This time, both the saleswoman and Mel were there. The saleswoman had several pairs of pants in her hand, but Mel interrupted her before she could hand them to Chad. “Excuse me,” Mel said as she stepped inside the dressing room. “I need to check something first. Are you still wetting?” she asked Chad.
Chad was careful to drop a curtsey and mumble something in his baby language. He pulled his arms out of the way and let Mel see his wet diaper. Mel didn’t just look at it, she grabbed the front of hit and squeezed a bit. She smiled. “Keep at it,” she said as she backed away again. Relieved, Chad curtseyed once again and mumbled still more baby talk.
“I can’t understand anything she’s saying with that pacifier in her mouth,” the saleswoman complained.
Mel smiled as she selected one of the pairs of slacks from the saleswoman’s arms and handed them to Chad. Then she closed the curtain. “There’s a good reason why you can’t understand her today.” She then explained Chad’s new talking requirement for the day to the incredulous woman.
A minute later, Chad stepped out of the dressing room again, this time in some very tight fitting pants. This time he curtseyed as soon as he got out. He didn’t want to get any more demerits that would cause him any more punishments.
“I was careful to find some that weren’t low-rise,” the saleswoman told Mel, “just to keep her diapers a bit more hidden. Of course, I can’t guarantee that they won’t show at all, especially when she gets a little more… um… wet. And I think this pair that she’s got on is a bit stretchy too.”
“Are they stretchy, Sissy?” Mel asked Chad.
Chad dropped a curtsey and mumbled something stupid, thinking all the time that it was stupid for him to even try to answer. Nobody was going to understand him anyway.
“What did she say?” the saleswoman asked.
“I don’t know,” Mel admitted. “I just love seeing her try to answer.” Mel studied the pants critically. “I do have to say that I like them though, even though the front crotch doesn’t look quite as feminine as the ones that hide more. But still, that may not be such a bad thing either.” She turned back to Chad. “Turn around so we can see how they fit in the back.”
Chad wasn’t sure if he was supposed to drop a curtsey first before he turned around or not, so he dropped a quick one. But before he could turn around, Mel stopped him. “Wait a minute!” she said. “Before we see the back, curtsey again, and hold it.”
Chad was a bit surprised at her request, but he dropped into a curtsey and stayed in that position while Mel and the saleswoman watched.
“I’m thinking that they’re definitely the stretch pants,” the saleswoman said.
“Yeah,” Mel agreed. Even in that position they look pretty good. “Go a bit deeper,” she ordered Chad.
Chad was already getting tired holding the position. It wasn’t exactly an easy one to maintain. But he dropped a bit deeper and again held it. But as the women discussed the fit of his pants, he suddenly felt himself peeing once again. In the position he was in, he was praying his diaper wouldn’t leak, even though leaking wouldn’t be bad in another way.
“Okay,” Mel finally said, turn around for us now.
But Chad wasn’t finished peeing. He wanted to move, but he was afraid to even stand up yet. Mel saw the look of worry on his face. “What…” she started to ask, and then it hit her what was probably going on. She laughed. “Are you wetting again?” she asked.
Still holding his curtsey, Chad mumbled something while the pee finally finished and he stood back up.
“Good baby,” Mel replied with a slight giggle.
“I hope you’re buying those slacks,” the saleswoman said as Chad turned around so they could see the back of them.
“Don’t worry,” Mel replied. “They were sold the minute I saw her in them. She’ll take that pair and the first pair she tried on too.” The saleswoman seemed satisfied with that. “Now,” Mel continued, “how about some dresses?”
Chad sat in the dressing room with nothing to cover his odd underclothes for a very long time. At any moment, he expected Mel or the Saleswoman to open the curtain and hand him something to try on. But so far, he was forced to sit and wait. In desperation, he finally poked just his head out from the curtain to see if they were out there, but he saw no sign of them at all, so he went back and sat down again. The thought that Mel had abandoned him there started to run through his head more and more. What would he do? And should he get dressed in his maid’s uniform and go and find out if she had left him?
Knowing, or more like hoping, that she hadn’t left the store yet, he continued to wait. He even managed to wet his diaper once again while he waited. Afterwards, as he looked down at it, he was shocked to see how obviously soaked it looked – from the outside. He knew it was totally saturated on the inside too. He doubted… no, he hoped… that it couldn’t hold much more. But so far, there was no sign of it leaking. He didn’t know how much longer he had to go before his time limit would be up, but that deadline had to be approaching soon.
He finally heard voices outside his dressing room and the curtain was pulled aside abruptly by Mel. “Here,” she said handing him two dresses still on their hangers. “Try these on.” Chad didn’t even get a chance to do more than grab the hangers before she was gone, closing the curtain behind her.
The first dress he had to try on was a black and white, zebra print dress with a fairly low cut neckline. He stepped into it and struggled to zip it up the back. It hugged his body perfectly. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror, he thought it seemed to make his shape look even more feminine. He stepped out of the room to show it to Mel. Once again he curtseyed for them and mumbled some baby nonsense as soon as he got out of the dressing room.
“Oh, I like that one,” Mel said as he stood there. “It’ll be just perfect for her for work.”
A surge of embarrassment ran though Chad at her words. Wear it to work? Well, wasn’t he dressing as a woman there already? Why should he be so embarrassed by it? Besides, it was a really nice dress. He was thrilled to be just trying it on.
“Ok, the other one,” Mel instructed.
Chad curtseyed, then disappeared into the dressing room yet again. The second dress was hard to describe. It was all colorful splotches of varying shades of greens and browns and yellows and black, all run together. It had a wide gathered scooped neckline and like the first dress, came down to his knees. He went back out to show the women and quickly got the approval for it too. He was very relieved to get back into his maid’s dress once again because it meant that he didn’t have to try on any more clothes. Hopefully, they could leave and go home now.
He carried his new clothes out of the dressing room and handed them over to the saleswoman.
“That’s another demerit!” Mel’s voice angrily lashed out. “You didn’t curtsey to her or thank her for helping you!”
Ugh! Three demerits already. Thirty swats from her stick. Ouch! Once again Chad curtseyed, this time to the saleswoman, and he mumbled a bit more mumbo jumbo around the pacifier in his mouth. The way it was looking, Mel expected him to curtsey and greet absolutely everybody!
“You’re welcome,” the saleswoman replied to his baby talk… I think.”
“Can you hold these things at the register for us? We have a little more shopping to do.”
“Certainly, the saleswoman replied.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 6 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 6 of 9)

Mel kept a close watch on him as she worked on various things around her apartment. She had filled every empty baby bottle she possibly could for him. She also checked his diaper every half hour or so. And he was indeed wetting himself. At the rate he seemed to be doing it, she was fairly sure that he wasn’t holding back at all – which was exactly what she wanted. She just had to keep him doing it.
But the clock was ticking down, and so far, no leaks at all. She saw Chad keep glancing worriedly at the clock too. Well, he’d probably better be. It was a good sign. At least he was trying.
“Three… Two… One! Are you leaking anywhere?”
Chad looked down at his diaper and glanced frantically around at each of the leg openings. But so far, not a sign of a leak… anywhere! He looked up at her with tears forming in his eyes. He had tried. He really had! He curtseyed and let out more baby nonsense.
Mel stifled her smile. He was learning. She felt his diaper – it was certainly well soaked. Enough that she was surprised that it hadn’t leaked. But rules were rules, and the point here was to keep him trying to make them leak. It was the best way she had been able to come up with to make sure that he wouldn’t hold back and to try to break the incredible control he had evidently built up.
“No leaks,” she said. The tone of her voice carefully calculated to show him how disappointed and displeased she was. In truth, she really thought he had done fairly well. She wasn’t really sure if two hours was a fair test for his diapers. The exercise had to be made difficult so as to keep him constantly trying. But by the looks of things, he had almost succeeded. But the real point here was that she had to keep him doing it… And, he needed plenty of incentive!
“It looks like you tried… and it looks like you almost made it.”
Chad looked up at her hopefully. Did that mean that she wouldn’t punish him? He had tried to make the diaper leak, he really had!
“But almost isn’t good enough!” Chad’s heart fell. “You obviously wasted too much time before you wet it the first time. So now we’re going to have to teach you to not waste that time again.” She paused for only a moment as she put a sterner look on her face. “Go get your diaper bag and meet me at your punishment spot!”
Chad nearly jumped to do her command before he remembered. He curtseyed quickly and let out more of his baby nonsense. He was relieved to see Mel smile at him as he quickly went in search of his pink diaper bag.
Mel grabbed her stick and set it close by where she could reach it easily as Chad hurried back with his diaper bag. Instead of having him lay down to change his diaper, she simply made him hold the hem of his nightie out of the way while she untapped it and pulled the overly soaked thing off of him. She noticed that his penis, trapped inside of the chastity device, was still very small. She was stuck once again by how odd it seemed to see a man’s penis that small. She didn’t think it was possible before. It certainly didn’t look like anything a woman would ever find useful. She briefly wondered how big it could grow. Certainly a lot bigger than it was now… but it looked so tiny. There was no way that it looked like it could grow anywhere close to being an interesting size. She quickly put her weird stupid thoughts aside. They were in the way right now. She grabbed her stick. “Bend over!” she ordered.
Chad was surprised. She hadn’t rediapered him. She was going to beat his bare bottom! Having no choice though, he dropped his curtsey, let out his baby noises, and bent over. As he grabbed the back of the chair, he was all too aware of his naked backside as he stuck it up for her to hit. How many times would she swat him? She had never said. He prayed that it wouldn’t be very many.
Mel smiled yet again as he raised his bottom up for her to hit. Despite the diaper covering it earlier, it looked a bit red. Well, it was about to get even redder! Whap! Her stick connected solidly right on target. She saw his whole body jerk as it landed. And when she pulled the stick away, the mark that it made was definitely red. She waited.
Chad stood up, turned and curtseyed to her, and let out a short bit of baby language as the first tears began forming in his eyes again. Then he bent over once again, grabbed the back of the chair, and raised his backside up for her to hit once again. Whap!
Ten strokes. Ten curtseys. Ten bits of baby nonsense mixed with crying sobs. And a whole lot more than ten tears streaming down his face. Chad hated being punished. He especially hated it because he had tried so hard. And he thought he had almost succeeded. Maybe Mel had been right. He had wasted too much time before he wet his diaper the first time. Next time, he vowed he would try harder. He didn’t want to get punished again. And it looked like next time was coming all too soon as once again Mel only grabbed one single diaper from his diaper bag.
“Hold your hem up,” Mel commanded as she grabbed the front of him. Chad would have curtseyed at her command, but the way she had just grabbed him, it just wasn’t possible. “Spread you legs a bit more,” she commanded as she held the diaper up against his backside.
Chad was very surprised as she brought it through his legs and taped it in place while he was still standing. And by the feel of things. She had done a darn good job of it. The diaper actually felt fairly tight… all over.
“Two hours!” she told him. “And this time I better see it leaking!”
As Chad dropped another curtsey along with some baby nonsense, his thoughts immediately turned back to forcing himself to pee. It looked like it was going to be a very long day.
Maybe it was the fact that he was trying so hard to pee… or maybe it was the position she had diapered him in… or maybe it was the clean, dry diapers themselves… or more possibly it was all the bottles he had already consumed… but most likely, it was just bad timing! Because before Mel had even gotten to her feet again, Chad felt the sudden pressure from the suppositories she put up inside of him earlier starting to go to work. He knew from experience that there would be no way to stop them. And Mel had just changed his diaper. He had to warn Mel about it! He had to find some way to tell her! He dropped a quick curtsey and launched a desperate string of baby talk at her.
Mel was shocked to see him suddenly going crazy. She could see that he desperately wanted to tell her something, but the baby language wasn’t exactly getting the point across. “What?” she asked, knowing that he couldn’t tell her anything. But as quickly as he had started going crazy, he stopped again. His eyes went wide, his breathing became quicker… and he grunted with effort. And Mel knew exactly what was happening – right there in front of her.
She couldn’t help it. She absolutely couldn’t help it for the life of her. Because as his face turned red in shame… and the mess was still sliding out of him… and a tear started forming in his eye… she laughed. He was obviously so ashamed of what he was doing in his diaper just then, that she laughed. And as he moved around a bit, trying to help the unstoppable mess distribute itself inside his diaper better, she laughed even harder. He looked so funny! He wasn’t sobbing, but there were tears streaming down his face. He looked so much like a child… a very young child, struggling to mess himself. And it seemed to go on and on, longer than she thought it would. His antics settled down to an occasional wiggling of his butt, which amused her all the more. Still laughing, she had to tell him. “You look so much like a baby!” And then she laughed again as his face turned even redder.
After a while, he just stood there with a very forlorn look on his face. She almost felt sorry for him… almost. “Are you finished?” she asked. He looked up and she could tell he was about to launch into some more nonsense, but she quickly stopped him with a raise of her hand. “Tell you what. Let’s just take you back to your place where you can get cleaned up better and then get dressed.
Chad gratefully followed her outside, dressed just as he was, back to his own apartment. Fortunately, she had a key and opened the door for him. The mess in his diaper felt weirder than usual since his diaper was still dry. That didn’t last long as his overly bloated system let out another bit of pee. Why did Mel insist on still using the darn suppositories on him? To humiliate him further? That thought registered as the most likely answer to him. And it made the most sense.
Mel let him clean himself up and jump in the shower while she pulled one of his maid’s dresses out of his closet for him to wear. He had messed himself right in front of her. And it looked to her like he couldn’t control it either. And… he had done it with no suppository in his system. She had faked putting one into him earlier, but the results were the same – and very encouraging.
When he got out of the shower, she again put a single diaper on him and warned him that he had only two hours to make it leak. Then she pointed to the clothes she had laid out for him and told him to get dressed. “And hurry up about it. We’ve got some shopping to do. And don’t think that just because we’re out somewhere that you can get away with not flooding that diaper, because I will be checking constantly to make sure you keep wetting, and I will punish you if you don’t flood it two hours from now. So get as many bottles as you need for while we’re out and put them into your bag to take with you.”
Chad was totally surprised. They were going shopping? And the worst part was, that even while they were out, he would be forced to keep trying to wet himself. He now saw the genius of Mel’s new game. No matter where they were, or what they were doing, he would still be forced to keep trying to pee. And nobody would know it! Nobody would know it that is… until he did actually start leaking. What then?
Chad quickly dropped a curtsey, more baby language, then hurried to find one of his girdles to put on. The moment Mel saw the girdle, she stopped him. “No girdle today. You can wear your bra and waist cincher, but no girdle. No pantyhose either. Nothing that will cover up your diaper… except your dress that is.” She giggled a bit to herself as Chad dropped another curtsey and mumbled something around the pacifier in his mouth.
As Mel watched him struggling to put his bra on, then trying to push the breast forms into it again, she said. “That reminds me, we’ve got to glue them on again later.” Chad half curtseyed and mumbled something as he kept struggling to get the breast form in place.
A little while later, completely dressed as her maid again, his makeup and hair fixed, a pair of strappy three inch heels on his feet that Mel had picked out, and worried about what would happen because he’d be out with only one diaper… and no girdle to cover it, Chad followed Mel out his bedroom as they headed for his front door. Before they could leave though, she made him pull his skirt up so she could check his diaper. She was pleased to see that he had already wet it. But her diaper check reminded him of something else… something important.
Mel was surprised to see him desperately trying to tell her something again. Yes, he had curtseyed before he started. No problem there, but she still couldn’t understand anything he was trying to say. She almost laughed at his plight. “Now what?” she asked, knowing that he had no way of letting her know what his problem really was. But instead of standing there and letting loose with more baby nonsense, he ran back to his bedroom and came out a moment later with a large plastic bag. He dropped a quick half-curtsey, mumbled some more nonsense, then opened the bag and dumped it out. All the wet bed sheets along with his wet onesie tumbled out. He knelt down next to them, picked up a bit of girly material and mumbled more baby sounds, hoping that Mel would understand.
“You wet them?” Mel asked. “You need to wash them? Is that what you’ve been trying to tell me?”
The relieved look on Chad’s face told Mel everything, even though he did stand and curtsey along with some happy mumbling.
“You can take care of it later after we get home.” She smiled at him. “Very good by the way. Not only did you find a way to tell me, but I’m also happy that you wet so much last night that you soaked everything. We must be doing something right.” Chad dropped another curtsey and mumbled something else as she turned happily to the door. She had been right in restricting him to baby talk all day. What he had wanted to tell her earlier could wait. Easily. As she held the door wide for him to go through with his purse and diaper bag now over his arms, she cautioned him once again. “Don’t forget, only baby talk today… even while we’re out. And I’ll be checking your diapers even in the store!”

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 5 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 5 of 9)

As soon as they got back to Mel’s apartment, she closed the door behind them and turned to him. “Now don’t forget, you’ve got less than two hours to show me leaking diapers! I don’t care what you have to do or drink to make it happen, but they better be leaking when I expect them to. Understand?”
Chad knew she wanted an answer. And he knew she wanted it in baby talk. He let out a few nonsense sounds that he had practiced. But Mel’s anger quickly returned.
“Curtsey whenever you talk to me! Got that? You are never to talk to me without curtseying! In fact, every time you say anything I want you to curtsey as you say it!”
Chad was about to curtsey and repeat his nonsense words, but Mel thought of something else quicker.
“And that goes for whenever you talk to anyone! Got that? Anyone!”
Chad just stared at her. Was she finished yet? Should he answer now… and curtsey?
“Answer me!” she yelled.
Quickly, he dropped a polite curtsey and uttered his nonsense sounds again. Mel seemed mollified, but not by much.
“I can see my stick is going to get a lot of use today. A lot of use! Now get busy and stay busy! And don’t forget… two hours!”
Just to be safe, Chad dropped yet another curtsey and mumbled more baby sounds around the pacifier in his mouth. At least with the baby language, he didn’t have to be concerned with the pacifier making his words hard to understand, they weren’t meant to be understood in the first place.
He had two hours now to overflow his diaper. Just two hours. In a way, it was a bit like the bottle that she had attached to him before, only probably a lot more practical since he didn’t have to worry about it spilling or banging around. He wasn’t sure what would happen if he couldn’t overflow his diaper within the time limit, but he was sure that it wouldn’t be something good.
She had told him to get busy. He glanced at the laundry closet and it reminded him that he had to wash his soaked onesie and bedding. They were in his apartment. But he didn’t have a key to his apartment, he needed Mel to let him in. But Mel had made it perfectly clear that he could only speak baby talk today. How was he supposed to let her know that he needed to get into his apartment to get his wet things? He would just have to try. Maybe she would realize that he had a problem and allow him to speak normally, even just for a moment. She couldn’t really expect him to only talk nonsense all day.
He found her in the kitchen preparing to make more tea. Just to be safe, he dropped a curtsey, even though she had her back to him. “Maba go bal ik,” he said, trying to get her attention in the stupid high voice Sandy had been teaching him to use.
Mel turned her head to look at him. “What?” she said, none to kindly.
How was he supposed to relay his problem? He started making more baby noises, but she quickly cut him off.
“Didn’t I tell you to curtsey whenever you say anything? Now do it right!”
Chad was a bit frustrated. He had curtseyed, she just didn’t see it. But he curtseyed yet again and again tried his string of baby nonsense, hoping she would get the point and let him speak normally for a moment.
“I take it you want something?” she asked as she carried a large pot over to the sink to fill it with water.
“Ga baba,” Chad replied.
Mel dropped the pot in the sink and turned on him. “I just told you to curtsey whenever you say anything! Didn’t I? Why can’t you understand that?
Chad would have curtseyed and answered, but Mel was suddenly gone. Like a flash she darted into her living room and then darted right back again. This time with her stick in her hand.
“I guess we really are going to need the stick a lot today,” she exclaimed as she started swinging it at Chad the moment she got close. Chad tried to block some of the blows with his arms as she swung over and over again at him. “You’re going to learn to do whatever I tell you to, even if it kills you!” she screamed as kept hitting him. There were tears falling from his eyes by the time she stopped. “Now, you were saying?”
Chad stood there eyeing her. She still looked angry, and with the stick still held ready in her hands he dared not upset her in any way. He dropped a curtsey and uttered more baby sounds around the pacifier in his mouth.
“Better,” she replied. “Now, since I can’t understand anything you’re saying… and since I don’t care about anything you’re saying. Go get busy again! And wet those diapers!”
Chad hung his head in frustration and started to walk off, but he was suddenly being assaulted by Mel and her stick again.
“Don’t you dare leave me without curtseying and saying thank you! Do you hear me? Don’t you dare! Respect! That’s what we’re going to have to beat into you. Respect!”
With one last blow, Mel stood back staring at him, waiting again. Trying hard to stifle the sobs that were coming out of his mouth, Chad dropped a quick curtsey, mumbled something intelligible, and then backed out of the kitchen as quickly as he could. What had gotten into her today? He couldn’t take this!

Mel kept herself busy making tea for him. Lots of tea. He was going to need it. All the yelling and hitting was not fun for her. She hated doing it. But unfortunately, if she was going to win this bet, they were necessary. Chad’s life had to be turned around in such a way that he would be forced to adopt a completely different mindset – a mindset that would make him less able to fight against her and much more pliable. And the only way to do that quickly was to beat him into it. Later, much later, there would be rewards for doing as he should. But they were a long way from that point yet. For now, she needed him scared out of his wits.
The stupid baby language she was limiting him to was fun… awkward and frustrating… but fun. She wondered how frustrated he must feel having no other way to communicate other than the nonsense sounds he was limited to… and in the tiny baby voice too. That had been something totally unexpected. And she was loving it! In a way, it was like taking his male voice away from him… yet one more way to deny him another of his masculine traits.
The baby language was fun, but it wasn’t the least bit practical. She knew he wanted to tell her something. Indeed, by his behavior he must have really needed to tell her something. But whatever it was couldn’t have been all that mind-blowing important or he would have just come out and told her, in plain English… and damn the consequences. So she had denied him any chance to tell her… whatever his problem might have been. Besides, he had some important lessons to learn. And he was now learning them – she hoped. Otherwise, he was in for a lot more pain.
But the question still remained. She liked the new baby language she was making him use. It was fun, but it wasn’t practical. Was there any way to make it practical? Maybe throw in a few needed plain language words that she could understand? She wasn’t sure. She decided to think about that for a while before she made any changes. In the meantime, a day of just baby talk wouldn’t hurt him in the least. And she was already enjoying his predicament completely.

Chad mindlessly watched the clothes spinning round in the dryer. The washer next to it was filled with more of Mel’s clothes. He had things that needed to be washed, but they weren’t here. He needed to tell Mel about wetting his sheets last night, but there was no way he could. So, feeling more sorry for himself than ever, he stared at the dryer spinning round and round.
“Are you wet yet?” Mel’s voice cut across the room, breaking his spell of self-pity. She was walking straight toward him.
A moment of fear cut through him, but he was relieved to see that she wasn’t carrying her stick. “No, Mistress,” he replied. The instant anger on her face as she stopped dead reminded him of exactly what he had done wrong. He had not only spoken in English, he also didn’t curtsey as he said it. What was wrong with him? He instantly dropped a curtsey and let out a string of nonsense. But he had already messed up, and he knew it.
“Are you that thick-headed that you can’t remember something so simple from one minute to the next?” Her anger seemed to permeate the room. She quickly walked right up to him. Chad shrank back in fear. Her hand lashed out, not to hit him, but to grab the front of his diaper… hard. “You’re not even wet yet! Are you? I told you I was going to keep checking your diaper to make sure you keep wetting it. And now I find that you’re still completely dry!”
She reached out and grabbed the front of his nightie. “I can see that you need more incentive!” Spinning quickly around, she began dragging him to the spot in her living room where she usually punished him. Chad’s horror and fear grew with every step. The tears were flowing by the time they were halfway there. There would be no running from his punishment… and worse, this time Chad knew that he deserved it. Why didn’t he remember to speak baby talk? Why didn’t he curtsey? It was something so simple! He had been doing it all morning. But he had forgotten! And so he was now about to get punished yet again. So far, this was turning out to be one of the most awful weekends of his life!
Mel grabbed her stick, then stared at him for a moment. “Don’t forget to thank me… and curtsey… for every swat that I give you! And you’d better do it properly!”
Ugh! Thank her? It was like adding insult to injury!
“Curtsey and tell me you understand! I don’t want to think you’re ignoring me!”
Chad immediately curtseyed and let out a string of baby language.
“Better!” Mel paused for a moment. “While we’re at it, I seem to remember that you got two demerits earlier too! We might as well take care of that business while were at it!” She raised her stick, and Chad cringed. But Mel paused again. Something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t exactly the way she wanted it yet. Then she got it. “Bend over. Grab the back of the chair and stick your ass up in the air!”
Chad started to move to do what she said, but then he remembered. He curtseyed and let out a short bit of baby nonsense. Then he bent over and grabbed the chair. He slowly pushed his butt up higher, making it a more inviting and perfect target for her stick. He hung his head down, waiting for the blow to come.
Mel smiled, he was learning. His diapered bottom was stuck up in the air for her to pound into nothing. The single diaper covering it wasn’t very thick, but it would certainly protect him. He might not even feel very much what she was about to do to him. But that protection was probably all the better. This was one of those cases where it was the thought of what she was doing that was more important than anything else. Knowing that his bottom was at least somewhat protected, she swung her stick at him. “One! Now thank me!”
Chad stood up sniffling as the tears continued to come down. The blow hadn’t hurt that much physically… well, it did, but not as bad as some of the beatings he had gotten. But what was hurting him the most was the fact alone that she was punishing him. And worse, he knew he deserved it. He immediately dropped a curtsey and let out a small string of baby nonsense. Then he bent over again and grabbed the back of the chair, making his diaper covered bottom an inviting target once again.
Thirty blows. Ten for each demerit. Plus and extra five for not speaking baby talk and not curtseying a little while earlier. Plus five more for not wetting his diaper yet. Chad was crying like a total baby, yet he accepted his punishment bravely. He was just very relieved when it was finally over.
Mel set her stick down. “Now I hope you’ll do a better job of remembering how I expect you to behave.” Chad had no intention of ever forgetting and messing up again. “Now go get busy… or if you’ve got nothing to do, then go stand in your corner. I don’t care which! But I’ll be back in just a few minutes to check your diaper again. And it better be wet! There are plenty of bottles in the kitchen if you need one, and I’m making more tea for you. So just grab whatever you need. Now get busy!”
Chad almost left her without curtseying, but he remembered just in time and let out yet another short string of nonsense words as he did it. The one main thought on his mind though, was that she would be checking his diaper again in a few minutes. He had to pee, and he had to pee fast! It was a lot like her other game where she attached the bottle to his chastity device. In some ways, it was exactly the same. If he didn’t keep peeing, almost constantly, then he was going to get punished. Could he really overflow his diapers in the time allowed? He wasn’t sure it was really possible. But one thing was for sure, Mel was forcing him to give it his very best try.
But first things first. She was going to be checking again soon. Fortunately, it had now been a while since he had peed, and all those bottles that he had been forced to drink at Sandy’s apartment were still in his system. It took very little effort to relax and discover that he could pee. The feeling as he did it was pure bliss. He even felt better now that his diaper was wet. Wet diapers always felt better to him. He didn’t know why, they just did. But now that that part was out of the way, he had to find a way to keep peeing. He headed to the kitchen and got himself another bottle to drink.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Bet - Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 4 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 29 (Saturday – week 4 Part 4 of 9)

As soon as Sandy was finished feeding him his lunch, Mel brought the bottle back so he could finish it. Chad couldn’t understand why she didn’t just free him from the highchair and let him hold the bottle on his own. But she kept him firmly a prisoner, right where he was.
As soon as the bottle was finished, Mel put a bright smile on her face as if she were talking to a real baby and asked him, “Are you ready to get out of there yet?”
Chad was definitely ready to be released! But he was also fairly certain that he still wasn’t allowed to speak normally yet. So he answered with more high-pitched baby nonsense. He just tried to make it sound as enthusiastic as possible.
Mel smiled at him for a moment more, then her eyes seemed to narrow and her face turned very stern. “Sorry, but you’re not getting out of that chair quite yet!”
Chad was surprised by Mel’s sudden change of attitude and he was totally bewildered as to why she suddenly seemed to be angry.
She pulled one of the kitchen chairs over in front of him and turned it around so she could sit on it backwards with her arms leaning over the back of the chair. She stared intently at him, like a lion staring down at its prey. Chad started squirming under her gaze. He realized he was wetting his diapers again, but that only added to his feelings of baby helplessness and humiliation.
“You’ve been bad.” Mel finally said. “You’ve made me angry.”
Chad was completely surprised yet again. He had been bad? How? He couldn’t think of a single thing that he had done even remotely wrong.
“You’re supposed to be a ‘Sissy!’” She had practically yelled the last word. “But the truth is… you’re not acting like one at all.”
He wasn’t? What was she talking about? What did she think wearing only women’s clothes all the time meant? Not to mention diapers too!
“In fact,” Mel continued, “I’ve discovered that you’re starting to act less and less like the sissy you should be. And… you’re starting to take way too many liberties and acting way, way above yourself!”
He was? It was all completely news to him? What was she talking about?
“Tell me,” she continued… “and you’d better answer in baby language, because nothing you say is going to matter anyway. What did you think you were doing when you refused to curtsey to the receptionist at the gym? Not just once, but twice now! Despite the fact that she begged you to do it!” Her anger was clearly building. “And those two customers at the gym the other day… why didn’t you curtsey for them? They asked you to do it… nicely! They waited for you to do it. But you outright refused! Rudely! Why?” She was no longer in her chair, but was now pacing back and forth in front of him. Chad was definitely afraid now. He squirmed in his seat trying to get loose, but it was a totally useless gesture.
“Do you think you’re better than they are?” Mel continued. “Do you think you’re better than any of them? Above them somehow?” She stopped her pacing to look directly at him. If Chad had been a plant, he would have withered away completely under her stare.
“Well let me tell you something… Sissy! You’re not better than they are! In fact, you’re below them completely. Not only that, but you’re below everybody! And I mean… everybody! A two year old baby has more rights than you do right now! In fact… if a child tells you to do something… or even hints that you should do something… then you better well do it! You’re a baby! A sissy! You’re nothing!”
Chad had never seen Mel so worked up. Just because he didn’t curtsey to some women at the gym? It didn’t make sense. But then women in general didn’t always make sense. The only thing he really knew for sure was that Mel was angry with him, and she now had him scared shitless!
Mel hardly paused for a breath. “But I don’t mean just children… I mean everybody! You take orders from everybody! If anyone asks you to do something… then you have to do it! Because if you don’t… then I just might beat you out of existence!”
Mel backed away for a moment and Chad took a second to catch his breath. He tried once again to free his arms from the confines of the highchair, but as usual he didn’t get anywhere. He was stuck there, completely at Mel’s mercy. He chanced a quick glance past Mel at Sandy. She was leaning up against the kitchen counter with her arms folded across her chest, obviously completely in agreement with Mel. No help there… as if he could even consider it.
Mel came back to him and got right in his face. Stuck in the highchair as he was, there was no way to back away from her. Her voice was totally threatening. “From now on, if anybody asks you to do something… or even makes a suggestion to you… you will take it as if it were an order from me… and do it! Got that? Sissy? Got it? Anyone! You do it!” Chad just stared up at her in fear. “Answer me!” she yelled.
Chad started to nod and say, “yes,” but she lashed out quicker. “In baby talk!”
Chad quickly got out some of the baby sounds he had learned, but Mel’s face turned even angrier.
“In your new baby voice!” she demanded.
Gulp! What was with her? She was so angry that Chad immediately complied and forced even more baby sounds out of his mouth, this time in the new high-pitched voice. Fortunately, Mel seemed more satisfied because she backed away again. Chad would have given anything to be able to suck his thumb just then… or his pacifier, which would have been even better.
Mel sat back down on the chair in front of him and leaned her arms over the back of it again. “And it’s not just curtseying for the women at the gym… we’ll get back to them later… it’s a lot of other things too. You refused to take your bottle at lunchtime yesterday, even though Cassie offered to fill it with water for you. You know you’re supposed to drink at least one bottle at lunch every day! You know it! But you refused! Well, there’ll be some changes there too.”
Cassie had told her about that? He couldn’t believe it. It was something so minor. And changes? What did she mean?
She leaned close into his face again. “I have to seriously wonder what other liberties you’re taking that you shouldn’t. I’ll bet there are a lot. Maybe little things that you don’t even realize. Things that you take too much for granted!” She was shouting again. “Well, we’re going to put an end to those things too!”
Chad really had no idea what she was talking about. And he was more than certain he didn’t really want to find out!
Mel leaned back and stared at him for a moment. “And now that I think about it… I’m not satisfied with the way you treat me either. Not enough respect! Not even close to the respect I deserve! You’ve become way too complacent there too. Well, that will stop too! Your whole life is about to change! We’re going to turn it upside down! Completely!”
She was standing again. She backed away from him a few steps, then paused. “You think you’re a sissy? You think you know how a sissy should act? Behave? You think you know what it means? Well let me tell you, you may have thought you knew, but you’re going to find out just how wrong you were! I’ve got a new definition of the word sissy for you, and it’s a lot different than what you think it is. What you consider to be a sissy is nothing compared to what I have in mind. You’re about to start a whole new life here… like it or not! A new life… dedicated to showing the whole world just how much of a sissy you can possibly be. The whole world! We’re going to teach everybody what the true meaning of the word sissy is! Because you’re going to be that sissy! You’re going to be that sissy if it kills you! So get ready for it… because it’s coming! And it’s coming now! So welcome… to the rest of your life!”
Chad was cringing in his seat. Mel’s tirade was unlike anything he had ever experienced. He had no idea what she was thinking or planning, but he had no doubt that it couldn’t be good.
Mel was calming down again, collecting her thoughts. She sat back on the chair again, leaning over the back of it. Her voice dropped almost to a whisper. “And there’s one other thing that’s bothering me too. You’re the one who originally wanted to be incontinent in the first place. That was your idea. That’s what this whole bet was founded on. But are you working at it? Are you trying in the least way to make it happen? You’re the one who wanted it! But I’ll bet that other than having to wear your diapers all the time, you’re not putting much effort into it at all. Are you?” Mel had to be very careful about what she was saying here and how she was saying it. She had to make very sure that he couldn’t even guess that he had ever been hypnotized. But it was ground that she still had to cover.
Chad’s whole face changed to show his surprise at her accusation. How could she know? Or was she just guessing? There was no way she could know that he was purposely trying to hold back more and more every day. She was bluffing this time and he knew it!
Mel watched the changes registering on his face, one after another. She had hit a tender spot and she knew it. But as she had seen so many times before on the witness stand, the perpetrator still thought that he could deceive her. But she knew better. Let him believe he could keep fooling her for now. In the end, she would have the last laugh! She leaned closer still to him and dropped her voice even more. “Well let me tell you, there’s going to be some changes there too. From now on, you’re going to have to earn your privileges. If you want certain things, then you’re going to have to find ways to show me some progress. And believe me, I’m planning on making very sure that those things that you’re going to want, will be things that you really, really want. So think about it!”
Show her progress? How? Chad had no idea exactly what she was talking about. And what things could he really, really want? She was being awfully cryptic!
“Furthermore!” Mel continued. “I’m instituting a system of demerits. Anything you do wrong at all will earn you at least one demerit! And each and every demerit will cost you a minimum of ten swats from my stick! And I plan on being very liberal with handing out the demerits to you. Very!”
Ugh! Demerits? Each one would get him ten swats? That, he certainly wasn’t looking forward to. He just hoped he could avoid getting any at all, if possible. He had always tried his hardest to do everything right. What more could he do?
Mel sat up straighter in her chair and stared at him. The look of anger wasn’t nearly as evident on her face. Chad was very grateful that she seemed to be calming down now.
“Today, we’re going to be starting your training all over again. You’re going to have to do things better. You’re going to have to do things differently. So pay attention! Because I’ll probably tell you to do something one way, then change it! So you’d better keep up. I have no doubt that you probably won’t like a lot of the things I want you to do from now on… but tough! I don’t care! This is not about what you want... it’s about what I want. Remember, you don’t matter! Nothing you want matters. The only thing that matters is what I want!” Her voice got very quiet again. “Don’t you dare forget that!”
Chad was a bit confused. He had always tried to put Mel’s needs first – since this whole thing had started. As far as he could see, he was doing very well with it.
Mel got to her feet and moved the chair back under the table where it belonged. “Now, I’m going to release you in a minute. And for starters, I’ve decided that I rather like what Sandy’s been teaching you. So for the rest of the day… In fact, till I tell you differently, the only sounds I want to hear coming out of your mouth will be baby talk. Baby talk… and nothing else! Got that?” When Chad didn’t answer right away she yelled again, “Answer me!”
Chad’s body jumped as much as it was able while strapped to the highchair. He couldn’t speak normally to her so he again let out a small string of unintelligible high-pitched baby language. Fortunately, Mel smiled.
“I think that’s the most sense you’ve ever made with anything that’s come out of your mouth.” Sandy laughed in the background. Mel finally removed the tray from the highchair and unbuckled the safety strap holding him to the chair. “You can get down now, baby.”
Chad gratefully slid down off of the highchair. He paused on his feet for just a moment, but Mel’s withering stare reminded him to drop to the floor immediately. Mel was still staring at him. “The floor is a much more fitting place for you,” she said. “Where people can step on you easier. It should remind you that you’re only fit for others to walk on.”
Mel’s words sent shivers of fear and shame through Chad once again. What had gotten into her? He prayed that once they left Sandy’s apartment she would finally return to normal. Would they be leaving soon? He could only hope so. She was scaring him!
“Damn!” Sandy exclaimed. “I wouldn’t want to face you in court!”
“No you wouldn’t!” Mel agreed. “I’m even better there. In the court system I have a lot more practice.”
“No doubt,” Sandy replied, not knowing any other way to answer. She knew without a doubt though, that if she needed a lawyer for anything, Mel would probably be at the top of her list.
“I guess we better see how wet he is now,” Mel mumbled as she stared back down at Chad, who was now sitting up watching them with his thumb in his mouth. “More and more like a baby all the time.” She knelt down next to him. “Lay back, Sissy. Let’s check those diapers.” Chad laid back on the kitchen floor and Mel pulled his plastic panties down to his knees. Even without feeling anything, it was obvious that his diapers were completely soaked. “Nice and wet,” she said. “Good baby!”
“You want the diaper bag?” Sandy asked.
“Yeah, we might as well change him right now.”
Sandy went to get the pink diaper bag while Mel completely removed his plastic panties and began unfastening his diaper, right where he was. When Sandy came back, she set the bag on the counter and asked, “How many?”
“Just one.”
“That’s all. Oh, and hand me the jar of suppositories too.”
Chad was very surprised that she was only going to put one diaper on him. That was a first. He wasn’t ever allowed to wear less than two. Besides, two diapers kept him from leaking much better. He wasn’t the least bit surprised to hear her ask for the suppositories though. He just wished instead that she could have forgotten about them.
Mel pulled the wet diapers out from under him and slid the fresh one back under him. Then she opened the jar of suppositories where he couldn’t see it. She glanced up at Sandy and winked so that Chad couldn’t see her doing it. She only pretended to pull one of the suppositories out of the jar. Her plan called for him to get none at lunchtime today. And so far, that plan was working so she was sticking to it. “Raise your bottom,” she said to him.
Chad did so, even though he didn’t want the damn suppository stuck up his backside again. There was just no fighting the stupid things. He felt Mel’s finger invading him rudely, shoving the little pill up as far as she could, then her finger was gone again. He missed Cassie’s “special” attentions. Cassie made his lunchtime changes a lot more pleasurable.
Mel immediately began pulling the one diaper up and over him and then taped it in place. “Okay. That’s it.”
“No plastic panties?” Sandy asked.
Mel grinned. “Not today.”
Chad was trying to get used to the feel of just one diaper. It felt very strange, less secure – even while he was just laying there on his back. And now no plastic panties either?
Mel leaned over him so that she could get right in his face once again. “We’re going to try something new here,” she said in that all too threatening voice of hers. “You’ve got just one diaper on. And now you’ve got only two hours to make it leak! Got that? Two hours… and I better see pee running down your legs! I don’t care what you have to do to make it happen, but you better make it happen. Oh… and one other thing… I’m going to be checking that diaper continually to see how much progress you’re making. So every time I do, then it had better be obviously wetter and wetter! Understand? I said do you understand?”
Chad was still trying to fully absorb this new game she seemed to be playing. But with Mel right in his face and suddenly yelling at him again, he slipped and nodded as he pulled his thumb part way out of his mouth and said, “Yes.”
Faster than he could ever react, she lashed out and slapped his face… hard! “Baby talk! Didn’t I tell you I don’t want to hear anything out of you except baby talk? You’ve just earned yourself your first two demerits for that!”
Chad was totally surprised. He couldn’t believe it. His face stung where she had hit him… and two demerits? He realized that she was serious! As the situation sank fully into him, the tears started welling up in his eyes. The sobs began escaping from his mouth and his thumb found it’s way back in again.
“Now do you understand?” she yelled again.
With his thumb still firmly in his mouth, Chad attempted some more of the high-pitched baby sounds while he was still crying. Fortunately, Mel seemed satisfied because she climbed to her feet, leaving him crying on the floor.
“Well, that’s over with,” Mel said to Sandy as she checked the clock on the wall. She made a mental note for two hours from now. “Now we just have to see if he’s capable of learning anything.”
“Do you want some help with the highchair?” Sandy offered.
“Do you mind if I get it later? I need to get him back to my place now and get him busy.”
“No problem. Just call when you’re ready.”
Mel picked Chad’s pacifier up off of the kitchen counter, leaned down and pulled his thumb out of his mouth, and stuck the pacifier in place. “Another new rule. From now on, I better see something in your mouth all the time. Either your thumb, a pacifier, or a bottle. I don’t care what, but you better be sucking on something. Got it?”
Chad’s crying had calmed down… mostly. He let out more nonsense sounds around the pacifier now stuck in his mouth.
“Okay, crawl out of here,” Mel said as she gave him a small push with her foot. Chad got to his knees and started heading for the door. She looked up at Sandy. “Thanks, Sandy. You’re doing great with him. See you later.”